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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 26, 2011 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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a good week in new york city because it is fleet week. we have to celebrate and welcome members of the navy and other armed forces as those beautiful, ma jess stick ships make their way up the hudson river. we love it every year. great sight for the kids as well. new york city, fair, 68 degrees. a little bit later, partly cloudy, 82. plenty of good weather to enjoy for the week end. welcome to new york for all of you who are coming up the hudson river right now. that's very cool. >> that's going to wrap it up for us today. i'm carol costello sitting in for kyra phillips. police have finally arrested r rat ratko mladic. dominique strauss-kahn is under house arrest.
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the source says he has been moved to this luxury townhouse that recently rented for $60,000 per month. new unemployment numbers, 424,000 americans filed for jobless benefits for the first time. an increase in 10,000. in joplin, missouri, the heartbreak builds and the uncertainty grows unbearable. officials will release a list of people still missing from the tornado zone. many families are now entering a fourth day of agonizing questions and exhaustive searches. he still hasn't been found. we have been to every place, missing persons to the morgue and there back to here. we can't just stand by anymore and wait. >> i just want closure. i just want to know something, you know. i don't want to go back home hours away from here and not know where my father is.
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>> i have another son and a daughter to take care of. we need to have some closure one way or the other, to be able to move on. >> can you just imagine? cnn's jackie jair rest is in joplin. there is a lot to go through. there are 8,000 structures that have to be searched through in a grid pattern. look at all the rubble. each and every one of these individual homes and businesses has to be searched by rescue workers and dogs. they have to take all of this debris out of here. in addition to that, communication has been difficult among people as well as, you know, emergency personnel. they have come in and brought a mobile unit in. that communication is continuing to improve. it also takes a long time to help to identify some of these bodies. governor jay nixon yesterday heard the frustration of some of those people. he said, he is going to bring in
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an extra 20 state troopers to come in and help in terms of identification as well as helping people locate those loved ones. we have heard unconfirmed numbers of how many people may be missing or accounted for. that was up to 1500. yesterday, the city manager said that that number was elevated. it was lower than that. he didn't say exactly how much lower. >> i understand authorities are going to hold this news conference later this morning. what should we expect to hear? >> reporter: well, apparently, they are going to be releasing a list of the names of some of the accounted for. hopefully, that will help to let people know a little bit more what the process is going on. they are also going to tell us what kind of steps they are going to be taking in the upcoming days to help to hopefully locate some of these people. some of them, they think, could possibly be around the region, staying with relatives or possibly at other hospitals across the region. some of them possibly just haven't been located yet either. >> thanks, jacqui jeras,
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reporting live from joplin. of all the jaw-dropping video, this may be among the most memorable. watch as it buzzsaws into a semi head-on. it virtually disintegrates into a cloud of metal and debris. the driver survived. he actually talked to piers morgan. listen. >> i believe very strongly that if it is your time to go, it is your time to go and there is nothing to do. i held on to what i could. my words were, here we go. >> more son says when he first saw the tape, he was sure it was someone else's truck. only after getting a better look at the video, he realized just how lucky he is to be alive. amazing. today, there is a new measure of the high stakes and high emotions over one of the nation's most popular social programs. i'm talking about medicare. in a bit of political theater, the senate voted on congressman
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paul ryan's plan to privatetize medicare. it failed. five republican senators crossed the aisle and voted against it. it impassioned fierce of older americaned and how they may reshape the political landscape up to the presidential election. dana bash is on capitol hill. the sad thing is that this is something that really needs to be talked about in this country. this is worthy of serious conversation. it is now this ugly political fight? >> reporter: it is. democrats are eager to have it. that's why they had the vote in the senate yesterday, carol. they feel they have had so much success hammering republicans in the house for their vote for this medicare plan. they had a lot of success on tuesday in the sfegs election in new york. they wanted the republicans in the senate to get on record so they could hold it against them as well. former president, bill clinton, while he said publicly,
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yesterday, carol, that he does not think that paul ryan's plan which effectively takes medicare and allows people -- actually, forces people to get private coverage instead. he doesn't think that's a good idea. he has said he doesn't think his party should punt on the issue. listen to what abc news captured behind the scenes between bill clinton and paul ryan. >> i told before you got here. i said, i'm glad we won this race in new york but i hope the democrats don't use it as an excuse to do nothing. >> reporter: i talked to an annoyed source. he said the bill clinton in the 1990s would have thought differently. the reality is that both have used the mediscare tactics. it is sad but true, it is not looking like it is going to change. >> so is the issue dead in the water?
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why are we bothering to talk about it anymore? >> reporter: it is not necessarily dead in the water. even though all of these politics are going on, there are discussions that are happening. the vice president has meetings going on with republicans and democrats. they are broad discussions on how to reduce the deficit. they haven't gotten to the entitlement issue yet. they could possibly get to it. you know what? it is actually going to be pretty hard. republicans realize, carol, that they really bungled this message. the democrats so far have not released anything close to what paul ryan has in terms of the details as an alternative to that. the president has said that he wants to have some savings in medicare but harry reid, the senate majority leader yesterday said, it was hard to get him to answer a question on it. he also said that he this is democrats did this in the health care bill, they cut, waste, fraud and abuse and maybe that is enough. >> the same old same old. dana bash, live on capitol hill.
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many thanks. a big buzz in scottsdale, arizona, surrounding sarah palin. the possible presidential candidate. i think she did buy a home there actually, because we have a picture of it. jim acosta following the story from washington. what does all of this mean? >> reporter: what does it all mean? except perhaps she likes the dry heat, carol. that is the big question. "the new york times" seems to have the best reporting on this. they have confirmed through sources that would like to remain anonymous at this point that she has purchased a home. she and her husband, todd, have purchased a home in scottsdale, near phoenix, arizona. we have some pictures of it right here from an affiliate that went out to the neighborhood to take some pictures of the property. in this video, there appears to be an image of a couple that looks very much like the palins on the property. a couple of other affiliates in
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phoenix have captured images of vehicles going to and from the property with alaska license plates, sort of stirring the pot a little bit even more and making people believe that perhaps the palins have, indeed, purchased a home here. what does this all mean? that is a very good question. now, the speculation is that sarah palin is not running for president. she has not had a big presence in iowa or new hampshire. when you talk to republicans officials, they have not heard much from her. she is an unconventional politician and candidate. this could be a situation where she is looking at the field of candidates and saying, maybe i could come in late in the game here and perhaps do some damage when it comes for running. >> the reason she might have bought this house, "a," her daughter moved there and maybe they want to be closer to the daughter. "b," it is hard to get places from alaska.
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this house is closer to an airport. she can fly all over the country. that is mystery point number one. >> that whole anchorage to man chester connection i don't think is quite been established. >> there is wills this movie coming out next month which adds to the mystery aspect of this. >> that's right. this was just reported a couple of days ago by our friends over at real clear politics. they came out with an article confirming that a filmmaker has put together what appears to be a pretty slick production about sarah palin, a movie about sarah palin. the plan is to debut this movie in iowa next month. getting back to the fact that she is a very unconventional candidate, this would be the launch to show it in iowa. >> tell us what the movie is about. that is priceless. >> it is about her, her life. not a whole lot is known about the movie. it is going to examine one of
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her big beefs, the way the media has covered her. she has a big problem with some of the interviews that were done during the 2008 campaign when she was the vice presidential candidate for john mccain. it is supposed to delve into that a little bit. we have made contacts to that filmmaker. not a whole lot is known. just so you know, there is a new gallop poll out showing that palin doesn't do too badly. she is at 15% in this national gallop poll among republicans who they would like to see run for president. she is still poised and positioned if she wants to make a go, to enter the waters and do so. not out of the realm of possibilities at all. >> jim acosta reporting from washington. we will have your next political update in one hour. for all the latest, go to our website, cnn the man who might have carried ut o the biggest massacre in european sense world
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war ii is finally in custody. ratko mladic was a serbian military commander who oversaw the killing of 8,000 men and boys in srebrenica, bosnia. where did they catch him? >> this was a dramatic announcement by the serbian president. they caught him on serbian soil. what boris tadic said was that what needs to happen first is that the serbian security forces need to investigate the situation and only then they will tell us how it happened, where it happened and what exactly went down in belgrade today. the thing here to remember too is that this is a man who is wanted by the hague for genocide, crimes against humanity. he was able for years to hide in belgrade under everybody's noses. it is believed that he had a small hard core group of
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loyalists that protected him and moved him around. we are going to wait for more details about what happened. belgrade has been under a lot of pressure to find this guy and hand him over. carol? did the united states have any role in this, zane? >> the united states definitely has an interest this outcome. you are going to hear one word a lot today and that's sleb ber neat za, where a massacre happened of almost 8,000 men and boys in 1995 much the commander in charge was ratko mladic. the u.s. was getting all this satellite data. they realized what was going on in srebrenica. that's when the former president bill clinton decided to kick into action, went on a five-day tour to europe and insisted that the world has to take action immediately. there was a big nato bombing campaign. the u.s. was heavily involved in that. bosnian/sesh
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military targets. the u.s. had to send in something like 20,000 peace-keeping troops. it was a big deal for the u.s. many say it defined president clinton's legacy on a foreign policy platform. >> zain verjee, live in london, thank you. a federal judge has found the alleged tucson gunman mentally upfit to stand trial. what does that mean about justice? will it come quickly for the six people killed, the 13 people wounded including congresswoman gabrielle giffords. we will talk to a survivor who still carries a bullet from that january day and find out what she thinks about the judge's decision. 2011, at&t is at work, building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible.
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the man accused of killing six people and wounding 13 others including the arizona congresswoman, gabrielle giffords, might not face justice for a very long time. a federal judge has found jared loughner mentally unfit to stand trial. ted roe lands is in tucson. you were inside the courtroom and i understand there was a lot of drama. >> reporter: very dramatic day inside the court, not only because of the ruling but at one point, loughner was pulled out of the courtroom after he disturbed the judge. he yelled out for whatever reason, thank you for the freak show and started to continue to yell at the judge, two marshalls were on either side of him. they pinned him down on to the ground and literally dragged him out of the courtroom. he ended up watching the rest of the hearing via a television
6:18 am
monitor. the judge moved on. this decision he made was in conjunction of a couple of reports that had been done on loughner saying he didn't understand what was going on in court and couldn't help with his defense. the judge said at this point in time, he is unfit to stand trial. he has sent him to a medical facility in springfield, missouri and he will be evaluated and treated and brought back to see if his mental capacity has changed at all. at this point, the criminal proceedings against him on the federal level have been put at a halt. they haven't stopped entirely until september. >> it seems unlikely that his mental illness will simply go away in a couple of months. so might this mean that heel never face a judge. might it be years, weeks, months, what? >> well, you know, it is interesting. at first, you think, well, how is a guy going to change in three months sitting in a hospital in missouri? talking to court officials and lawyers that have dealt with
6:19 am
this before, they say that sometimes -- all they have to do is rehabilitate him to the point where he understands what is going on and can assist with his own defense. they say with basic drugs and therapy, they can change him and he can get rehabilitated to that point. that doesn't go to his potential conviction down the road. whether insanity will come into the equation, i'm sure it will, at that point. to get the wheels moving, people will say there is a fairly good chance he will be ready to roll in september or the judge could send him back for a couple more months after that. don't be surprised if he is found competent in the near future. >> ted rowlands, reporting live. six people were killed in that shooting rampage, congresswoman gabrielle giffords was one of the 13 wounded. she is now recovering from houston. just last week, doctors replaced part of her skull. mary reed was also injured. she was shot three times,
6:20 am
shielding her daughter from the gunman. one of the bullets still lodged in her back. she and her husband, tom, are on the phone with us. thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> you are welcome. >> you are welcome. >> mary, i want to show a picture of what happened to you that day. you pushed your daughter up against a wall and you can tell you had your douarms out and yo were shielding your daughter. you were shot from both arms and once in the back. i want you to tell folks how you are doing. >> i am recovering very well. i am a sturdy woman. i have issues because the bullet is developing scar tissue around it and i get phantom pain in my leg from that. other than that, i am recovering well. my entire family was there at the shooting. we are very close as a family. we are all working towards
6:21 am
complete recovery. >> can you have closure if jared loughner never goes to trial? >> i think we have to broaden our belief in justice to say that if somebody is mentally ill, a hospital setting is where they belong and that is justice for where they are right now. i am hoping that he is competent and we can go through a trial but if not, i will be at piece with that, yes. >> when you see that awful picture of him smiling and you hear about these strange outbursts he has in the courtroom, what goes through your mind? >> well, i think that a mentally ill person can't be judged by sane people's standards. you have to just believe that an illness of the mind is like an illness of the body and allow
6:22 am
them the treatment they need in order to come back and face what they did. >> some people, mary, might be listening to this and saying, you are such a kind person. i don't know if i would have it in my heart to be this reasonable and logical about it. where do you get that from? >> i believe we live in a country of law. in order for all of us to get along, we need to obey the law. i would hope and i'm glad that the judge is protecting loughner's civil rights as much as i expect mine to be protected. i believe the system needs to work and he needs to be able to help in his defense. if he isn't able to help, he truly is not competent to work within our system.
6:23 am
>> i have a question for you, we thought that all the vile political rhetoric would die down. do you think the country was fundamentally changed after that shooting happened? for a time, i believe the nation reached out and came together in shock over this event. i don't think it really has fundamentally changed how politics work or rhetoric and how people argue. at least for a while, with he were unified. >> at least for a little while. thank you both for joining us this morning. we really appreciate it. >> you are welcome. just ahead, disgraced imf head, dominique strauss-kahn is
6:24 am
living in a 6800 square foot town home in new york city with a private jim and a theater and eve p a bar and a spa. we will take you inside his new detention diggs. that some of the biggest names in the coffee industry are raising prices. details coming up. lean cuisine market creations steam meals. like new chicken poblano with tender white meat chicken, crisp veggies, in a savory cheddar sauce. new from lean cuisine. you want to keep your loved ones safe and secure. give them the gift of financial security from new york life. we've been protecting families for over 166 years. new york life. the company you keep.
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elizabeth smart comes face to face with her abduct tore in a utah courtroom. brian david mitchell was sentenced to two life sentences. smart says mitchell robbed her of nine mondays of her life. >> i told brian david mitchell today in court that whether he received his just sentence here on earth or after this earth life, that one day, he will have to be responsible for his actions. >> smart was just 14 when she was kidnapped. frightening moments for five passengers aboard this small jet in arizona. the plane skidded off a runway and over a cliff while attempting to land at a sa doe na airport. all aboardwalked away unharmed. some relief may be ahead for new york drivers. the state senate voted to eliminate the gas tax for three holiday weekends this year saving drivers 33 cents per gallon. the plan still has to pass the state assembly, something many doubt will happen. disgraced former imf chief,
6:28 am
dominique strauss-kahn has some lavish new digs and large. he moved into the 6800 square foot town home where he will wait for his sexual assault trial to begin. this three-story posh pad sits in new york's upscale tribeca neighborhood and comes complete with a spa, a gym, a home thee a fer and even a bar. deb feyerick joins me now from new york. it might be kind of hard for some people to see this as punishment, although this man has not been convicted yet? >> he is certainly not getting the sympathy vote, not from new yorkers. arguably, there were very few places for him to go. these luxury apartment buildings that would have taken dominique strauss-kahn in a heart beat a few weeks ago, don't want the crowds or negative publicity he brings. word came that dsk was on the move. he left his temporary digs looking almost presidential. the former french contender walked out surrounded by police and private security. he stepped into a waiting black
6:29 am
suv to drive him a mile north to trendy tribeca and that townhouse which normally rents for $60,000 a month. it boasts a huge living room with sky light framed by a roof top deck complete with grill. there are four bedrooms. the state-of-the-art in-home movie theater and a wet bar in the master bedroom in case he gets thirsty. great restaurants that deliver any kind of food you want. strauss-kahn was turned down by one building and kicked out of another. he is fighting the sexual assault charges against him and plans to plead not guilty at his next hearing, june 6th. if you add on the cost of home security, carol, strauss-kahn is now paying a quarter of a million dollars a month to live. that's not including food and the cost of his lawyers, carol. >> wow, this is kind of a strange twist to the story. prosecutors are loitering up? >> they had a prosecutor that handled all the preliminary hearings, the preliminary,
6:30 am
ministerial stuff, the logistics and details? >> the district attorney has now added some senior prosecutors to the team. not something that is usually done. the alleged victim, she has added lawyers as well in consideration of a civil suit. so everybody is sort of getting the power behind them. >> so the lawyers will be making lots and lots of money off this case, essentially, that's the bottom line. >> they do. the most wanted man from the wars in the former yugoslavia is finally in custody, accused of mass murder and genocide and extermination, one of the worst massacres since world war ii. apparently, his 16-year-run from justice is over. inside the mind of a stunt pie ott, what will they be thinking as they risk their lives with dangerous dives during those holiday air shows this weekend. we will ask one of america's best when he joins us live.
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serbian police have arrested a man believed to be behind one of the worst miss akerrs since world war ii. ratko mladic is accused offer leading this, an alleged war criminal, on the run for 16
6:34 am
years until now. cnn's nic robertson on the phone with us right now. nic, i know you have met this man. give us your thoughts on this. >> reporter: a huge moment in terms of taking out, if you will, out of commission, the people that have perpetrated the war crimes in bosnia. he is the last of the big once. it is believed that serbian nationists have been helping him stay hidden and protecting him from being picked up by serbian authorities for many, many years now. he is seen here with some of these nationalists. of course, he is responsible for tens, if not many more thousands of deaths of a quarter of a million people that were killed in bosnia. it was his forces under his command that stood on the hills around sarajevo for three years from the spring of 1992 until the end of the summer, 1995, barraging the city with morters
6:35 am
and tank shells. if anything was a worse who are roar, in the summer of 1995, he and the head of the bosnian sesh army, swept into the city, rounded up more than 7,000 men and boyce, carted them off and mowed them down at gunpoint hiding the evidence in mass graves. it is a huge moment for bosnia that he has now been picked up and will go to the tribunal. it will bring some closure for some people. it will never he'll the pain of all the families that did lose loved ones. we can expect to see this serbian authorities following the letter of the law in serbia to make sure he has no comeback for his extradition to the haig, the international criminal tribunal, cautiously making sure he has no legal loopholes to get out of the charges.
6:36 am
thanks. an hour and a half from now, officials in joplin, missouri, will release a list of people unaccounted for after sunday's tornado. the death toll stands at 125. the governor has ordered more state troopers to joplin to help with the search. at this time yesterday, we told you that joplin was in the danger zone for another tornado. consider this a near miss in scientific circles. the massive funnel cloud you see there appeared about 30 miles from the devastated city. th jobless numbers are up, 424,000 americanss filed for the first week of benefits. it is the seventh straight week that first-time claims have topped 400,000. fans who stayed for all of the reds/phillies game got their moneys worth. the game lasted into 19 innings. second baseman, wilton valdez came in to pitch. he hit one batter and retired
6:37 am
the other three and waved off his catcher once like a veteran pitcher. valdez becomes the first position player to be a winning pitcher in 11 years when jimmy rollins scores. you see it there. he scores the winning run in the bottom of the inning. the game goes six hours, 11 minutes. ending after 1:00 a.m. no time for rest, though. the two teams play again this afternoon. you this i 19 innings is wrong. we have a 23-inning game to show you. plus, the mavs punch their ticket to the nba finals. we will have more in 20 minutes. it is not the kind of jolt we would like to see. we are talking about prices and their rising. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. >> oh, how much. >> i know, i know. it is true. some of the biggest names, carol, they are raising their prices. for one starbucks, it is raising the prices on the package coffee that it sells at its stores by 17%. folgers and millstone, they are raising their prices about 11%.
6:38 am
dunkin' donuts coffee, they are raising prices of the coffee that is sold in the grocery stores. the same thing for green mountain. we are seeing it across the board. it is not stopping us from drinking coffee. coffee consumption hit a record last year. >> we have to get our fix no matter what the price. >> i have mine right here. the fifth cup. >> oh, my god. are you nuts? >> what's behind the increase? i am curious about that. i was just feeling sorry for myself for paying more. >> well, you know why we are seeing these prices go up. it is because supplies are tight. we are seeing poor growing conditions, bad weather in south america. as i said, demand is still strong. remember, coffee is a commodity. it is traded on the open market just like gold and crude oil. when investors see supply, demand. it is doubled in the past year. the retail price is up more than
6:39 am
50%. let me talk about stocks real fast, a flat open. reports on economic growth in the job market. they came in weaker than expected. carol? >> okay. thank you, allison. a holiday air show, stunt pilots risking their lives with twists and dives that bobble the mind. what are they thinking? we will ask one of america's best pilots after a break.
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for decades, memorial day air shows have been used to show the majesty of america's air power. expect the same on this, the 100th anniversary of the navy's aviation program on display at the popular annual air show in long island will be one of the nation's top arrow bat ticks pilots, lieutenant colonel john klat, he served three tours at a f-16 pilot in iraq. he joins us from farmingdale, new york. welcome. >> good morning, carol. how are you today? >> i'm good. so you have been a crazy guy for a long time?
6:43 am
>> i don't know how i got it but, you know what, i'm a crazy, lucky guy, that's for sure. >> you are not kidding. i want to show people just one maneuver that you do routinely that i would be -- actually, i would be excited to be a passenger in a plane that did this but i would also be quaking in my boots. when you do i amaneuver like that, what does it feel like? when you just roll over? >> well, you know what, it is exhilerating. it is really wonderful to represent the 107,000 men and women that make up the air national guard. it is a first class organization. for me to be able to perform these maneuvers that i love is wonderful, carol. this weekend here at jones beach has become one of our favorite weekends of the year. >> i am looking at a picture of you flying upside down, i just want to know what it feels like. i know i will never get the opportunity to actually do that. >> el with, carol, i will invite
6:44 am
you to come out and fly upside down any time you want. you have a standing offer. >> so do you realize you are flying upside down? >> i do. to are me to fly upside down over long island on memorial day weekend to honor those that have made the ultimate sacrifice, to represent all of our armed services and specifically, the international guard, it is wonderful to fly upside down. it is my way to connect with the people that come out to the air show this weaken. it is what i am passionate about. >> does the blood rush to your head? what happens to your body when you are flying upside down? >> it does. specifically, when i fly negative gs, sometimes it makes you feel like your helmet is going to fly off. all the blood goes to the top of your head. it can be an incredible feeling.
6:45 am
i get to fly day in and day out, so, for me, it has become common place. >> that's why you are crazy. so invite people to come out and tell them why this is important. >> i tell you what, everybody in new york and long island, they will be 500,000 people on the jones beach for the bethpage air show the ajones beach. i invite everybody to come out. why is it important? because we are celebrating 100 years of naval aviation and there is many things to do. the folks up here have found it to be a wonderful way to stay close to home. i heard you talking about gas prices earlier. i think a lot of people are staying close to home. this is a wonderful way to enjoy one of america's greatest pastimes. that's air shows. so much heritage, so much history. i tell you what, i'm happy to be an american. for all the men and women this
6:46 am
weekend that are in the armed services. deployed all across this world, i have to say thank you. thank you so much for defending our freedoms so that we can enjoy a day on the beach at the air show. that's what america is all ab t about. that's what the air shows are all about and the international guard is all about. >> i look forward to accepting that invitation. thank you so much. >> i look forward to having you out, carol. we will have you upside down shortly. >> awesome. thank you so much. > good-bye england, hello france. president obama's european tour is now in its third leg. you thought i was going to say something else, didn't you? president obama is in france with leaders of the world's eight biggest economies. we will tell you how their talks might affect the united states. building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity,
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president obama is in france right now for the g-8 summit. leaders of the eight largest developed economies are there to discuss global issues for the next couple of days. there is a lot to talk about. cnn's ed henry is in france with the president this morning. so, ed, tell us about those meetings. >> reporter: well, you know, a lot of people wonder how does what happens here really affect americans back home. one way would be what really
6:50 am
happens on the sidelines here when president obama has a chance to meet with some key leaders like president medvedev of russia. they met a short time ago talking about majors issues such as the war in afghanistan. russia has been helpful in moving so many american lives taken, so many americans still serving in afghanistan right now. they talked about libya. a lot of questions back home about how long will the u.s. be engaged in this military action with its nato allies. they talked about iran, the threat of iran potentially getting nuclear weapons. this afternoon the president will be meeting with japanese prime minister kan and they will be talking about the ongoing response that the u.s. has been helping on with the tsunami that was so devastating, impacting many of our viewers and their family that may be in japan. number one. and number two, the short fallout from that nuclear plant
6:51 am
and all the awful things that happened there and what lessons we can learn to take to the united states and our allies on,000 prevent something like that happening. >> ed henry thank you so much. the new york yankees, rivera does something that no american league pitcher has done before. sports coming up. car connection calls the xf,
6:52 am
yet an instant classic." with sports car styling and power, plus the refinement and space of a luxury sedan, the jaguar xf is a timeless blend of performance and craftsmanship. see how jaguar outperforms the competition at or visit your local jaguar dealer.
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6:54 am
today. house republicans unveil their growth agenda later this morning at 11:15 eastern. it's designed to revive the economy and encourage job creation. at noon eastern both former president george w. bush and condoleezza rice will speak at his presidential library in dallas. today's event is called early lessons from the middle east. at 2:00 eastern, rosslyn carter speaks before the senate council on agoing. at 4:00 eastern at arlington national cemetery the third u.s. infantry places new flags on the graves of soldiers in advance of the memorial day holiday. we're following a lot of developments in the next hour of the cnn newsroom. let's check in with brian todd who is in joplin. >> reporter: we're in joplin
6:55 am
where the process of finding those missing from the tornado and identifying bodies has turned very controversial. i'll have more on that at the top of the hour. >> i'm dana bash on capitol hill where democrats are giddy on putting republicans in the box on medicare. can anything get done to save medicare and keep it solvent? >> him zain verjee in london. a war criminal has been arrested in belgrade. i'll bring you details about ratko mladic. >> call it faith if you will. a young hot, inspirational singer turns to a rookie director for his music video. that rookie is a baldwin. corey lamb and steven baldwin join us in the next hour to show off their new video. beneful playful life. with real, wholesome ingredients like beef, egg, and even oatmeal.
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highly rated term life companies selectquote represents for your best rates. give your family the security it needs at a price you can afford. call this number or go to selectquote dot com. selectquote. we shop. you save. . the dallas mavericks made to it the nba finals. do they have revenge on their minds? >> five years ago they lot of to the miami heat in the nba finals. they could see mime again. now and the mask did it last night. he looked like a different player this post-season. he struggled big i'm in the '06 finals. dirk nowitzsky had 26 poise in
6:59 am
game five against oklahoma city thunder. a lot of help from shawn marion. the mavs going five games to one. nhl playoffs tampa bay, there's the goal. game winner. lightning force a game seven tomorrow night in boston. baseball arizona diamondbacks. the home run would have tied it, young can also order dessert, perhaps and an adult beverage because he had the game hoping hit. die monday backs pull off the 2-1 win. it's 10:00 on the west coast. 7:00 a.m. on the west coast.
7:00 am
joplin, missouri was in the danger zone for another tornado. but a near miss. a massive funnel cloud appeared about 30 miles from the devastated city. new pricey addition for the former head of the international monetary fun. dominique strauss-kahn is under house arrest as he faces charges of sexually assaulting a hotel maid. he's been moved to this luxury town home that recently rented for $60,000 a month. >> the winner of "american idol" season 10 is scotty mccreery. >> talk about building suspense. a new "american idol" is crowned and as you heard that's 17-year-old aspiring country crooner. today there's a new measure of the high stakes and high emotions over the nation's most
7:01 am
popular social programs. five republican senators crossed the aisle to help reject that controversial reform to medicare. house budget chairman paul ryan proposes the eventual creation of a voucher like system. it would help older americans pay for the private insurer that they choose. the reforms are so controversial they even helped democrats win a house seat earlier this week. one former president, we're talking about president clinton is warning his party not to lose focus. >> i told before you got here i said i'm glad we won this rays in new york. but i hope the democrats don't use it as an excuse to do nothing. >> there you go. dana bash is on capitol hill. dana, democrats have been successful in mobilizing seniors who are already worried about medicare benefits. how have they been able to do that? >> reporter: this is one of
7:02 am
the's the easiest issue to grab on to. democrats have been pushing with campaign style tactics against people who aren't running for re-election right now, using robo calls, ads saying that republicans simply want to take away people's medicare. the democrats saw the fruits of that message big time in the election where a democrat won a historically republican seat in new york this week. i think we have an ad we can show you. this is from an outside group. it shows you how intense this got. look at that. you see a picture of a man who is supposed to be paul ryan throwing an older woman in a wheelchair off a cliff. that's how politicized this has gotten. paul ryan knew from the beginning he said he knew this issue would be politicized, the republicans would hit democrats against it.
7:03 am
>> reporter: you handled the democrats the political handbook for 2012. >> if you want to scare seniors then you have a political weapon. they distorted this so much. our plan doesn't change benefits for a person 55 years of age or higher. >> reporter: republicans are admitting that they haven't done a good job in terms of getting the message out. what they have been trying to do is turn it a little bit and say okay democrats you want to hit us on our plan at least we started the discussion, what's your plan. we're waiting for a specific answer from democrats on that. >> dana bash, live on capitol hill, many thanks. in joplin, missouri the heartbreak builds and the uncertainty grows unbearable. in the next hour, actually, around 11:00 a.m. eastern officials will release a list of people still missing from the tornado zone. as many as 1500 people are still
7:04 am
unaccounted for. most simply have lost communication and hopefully will reach out to friend and family. next hour officials will focus on the case that appear more bleak. those families are entering a fourth dave ago nizing questions and more exhaustive searches. >> i called it all last night. i can't stop. i don't know why. i do. i sit up until 2:00 last night and that's all i did. >> call the cell phone. does it ring? >> it rings for the first day and a half and now it goes straight to voice mail. but just in case he gets it i want him to know his dad loves him. >> he's been searching for him since sunday. what's taking so long? royal well, carol, it's a pain staking process overall and the authorities seem to be as frustrated as some of the local people like that gentleman.
7:05 am
it's taking so long because there's a massive area of devastation. officials are combing through the wreckage and trying to find people still missing, people possibly even still alive and there's a certain amount of confusion and chaos surrounding the process of finding people who are missing but also getting people in to identify their loved ones. those processes are going hand-in-hand. you mentioned at the top of the hour we'll get a list hopefully of some of the people missing from this tornado. that figure that we've heard so often about 1500 missing, officials are kind of trying to tell us dial back on that a little bit. they are paring down that number but won't give you a specific number of the missing. they did set up a call in center where people can call in and report possible sightings and any information that they might have on people missing and we were there yesterday filming them doing some of that. also the city manager spoke about just the process of trying to cross reference some of that
7:06 am
information. >> we're daily gently working on this effort. we have nearly 100 people reviewing data and cross referencing various sources of information in regards to this information. we want to assure everyone this is a top priority and we continue to make progress but need assistance in terms of continuing that effort. >> reporter: and there is just a lot of frustration among the people we talked to who are looking for their missing loved ones saying the call in centers and other places aren't giving them the information fast enough. they kind of understand that it's very difficult to coordinate all of this and get it up and running so a lot of them are taking things into their own hands, moving around town on their own, making calls, asking the media to put out information about their loved ones. there's a process where they are trying to get to any local morgues to identify the bodies. they can't do that right now.
7:07 am
they want to search among the john does who are in the local morgues to identify the bodies of their loved ones but because there's chaos and confusion some mistakes were made early in the process. one victim was mistakenly identified. officials are being cautious not letting people into the morgues. that's frustrating them as well. >> we'll carry that press conference when it happens around 11:00 a.m. eastern time. brian todd live in joplin. if you want to help victims, we listed worthy charities that are providing aid. go to cnn/impactyourworld. the man that might have carried out the biggest massacre since world war ii is in custody. ratko mladic was in the warriors in the former yugoslavia. he saw the extermination of 8,000 muslim men and boys in
7:08 am
bosnia. zain verjee is in london. what do we know about his capture? >> reporter: we don't know the details. all we know is he was captured on serbian soil and the investigation lasted about three years. the president of serbia gave a press conference and said look, first of all, our security forces need to do their own investigation because they have to go through their own legal process and only then will they give us the details as to how this went down, what leads specifically did they have, was there any resistance, was he injured, what exactly went down just a few hours ago in belgrade. we also know that this was really water tight and some of the best journalists and our colleagues in serbia had no idea this was going down. it was very closely held to the chest. >> now that they have him in custody, what happens now? >> reporter: well, they are going to go through the serbian legal process. he's going to be held in detention. he may be arraigned later today or pretty soon.
7:09 am
what the international community, what the haig wants is him delivered asap. what they are saying they put a huge amount of pressure on serbia to make this happen. give us war criminals like ratko mladic and we'll let you into the eu. this is a real -- has been a real stumbling block actually for serbia to get into the european union. it's a significant day. very important for the united states too because the u.s. had a big stake in this. president clinton was galvanizeed into action because of the massacre. the u.s. was really involved too and nato air strikes, so there's a big interest here for the u.s.. >> zain verjee, live in london. thank you. turns out donald trump's new trick to make you rich is not so reliable. >> i thought that i'm going to be a millionaire. because donald trump is a
7:10 am
millionaire and they were offering the course for people to get rich. >> why some spurned students of trump university want their money back. that's next. and we'll tell you about a businessman's bright idea pay college students $100,000 to dropout and start their own business. would you have taken that offer? that story is next. your tick. 42 mpg and over 500 highway miles a tank. one of our 9 models over 30 mpg highway. fuel up, rock on. very well qualified lessees can get a low mileage lease on a chevy cruze eco for around $159 a month. or qualified buyers can get no monthly payments for 3 months. fuel economy based on epa estimates. deferred payments offer ends may 31st. just got more powerful. introducing precise pain relieving heat patch. it blocks pain signals for deep relief
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7:13 am
emanuel this, a scholarship for not going to college. one man is offering a handful of students a fortune to ditch school and start their own business. alison kosik is with us now. this man is rich. knees what he's talking about. why does he want kids to dropout of college? >> reporter: he's trying something new. this is a program that's for 24 kids who are under 20 years old. they will get paid $100,000 not to go to school for two years. this is the brain child of the co-founder of paypal. the catch here, because you know there's always a catch with something like this, they have to work on scientific and technical innovations because the goal here is to build the technology companies of tomorrow. he says it's good to put school on the back burner at least for a little while because it's all about timing. he was out talking to us on "american morning" today. he said not everybody takes the same path in life.
7:14 am
>> every moment in history happens only once and so in these technology inventions there's a right time and place for them. the facebook people that stayed in college for another two years -- >> maybe not have facebook. >> then things would have gone wrong. >> reporter: and facebook isn't the only example here. microsoft, apple, oracle, dell were all started by college dropouts. thiel is calling at it stopout not a dropout because these kids can go back to school later. take everything they've learned and be a stronger student. >> interesting. alison kosik live at the new york stock exchange. i don't know. i valued my college education. but for $100,000. >> not so bad. >> thanks, alison. >> they can still go back. >> very true. let's check on other stories making news. an arizona judge says tucson shooting be suspect jared
7:15 am
loughner is too mentally unfit to stand for trial. he'll undergo four months of treatment in an effort to render him fit for trial. earlier i spoke to one of loughner's victims. >> we have the kind of have to broaden our belief injustice to say that somebody is mentally ill, a hospital setting is where they belong and that is justice for where they are right now. i am hoping that he is competent and we can go through a trial. but if not, i will be at peace with that. >> frightening moments for five passengers aboard this small jet in arizona. the jet skidded off a runway and then off a cliff. all of those aboard walked away unharmed. and some relief may be ahead for new york drivers. the state senate voted to eliminate the gas tax for three holiday weekends this year
7:16 am
saving drivers 33 cents per gallon. it still has to pass the state assembly. donald trump says he can make you as rich as he is all you need to do is sign up at his university. but some students say his school is anything but and they want their money back. and now allan chernoff reports new york's attorney general is investigating. >> at trump university we teach success. that's what it's all about, success. it's going to happen to you. >> i didn't realize at that time -- >> reporter: it didn't happen to carmen mendez, a former school teacher who sank $35,000 into the trump gold elite program at trump university. she put the expense on three credit cards expecting trump's profit from real estate investing course would make her rich. >> thought that i'm going to be a millionaire. because donald trump is a millionaire. and they were offering the
7:17 am
course for people to get rich. >> reporter: this is the closest mendez got to trump during the course, a picture of her with a picture of donald trump. the three day course she claims was worth little. and her personal mentor she says never even met wither her. >> not only me. a lot of people were cheated from their money because you offer something and you don't deliver so you are stealing. that's the word, you're stealing from people. >> reporter: mendez complained to the better business bureau which last year gave trump university a grade of d minus, one step above an f. other student have also complained, which is why new york's attorney general is now investigating the trump school for possible consumer fraud and deceptive business practices. according to a source with knowledge of the investigation. last year donald trump got into trouble with new york's education department which wrote him, the use of the word "university" by your corporation
7:18 am
is misleading and violates new york state education law. trump university is now trump entrepreneur initiative. in a statement the trump initiative told cnn of the hundred of students that took our classes 95% evaluated the course as excellent and our national average is even higher. we look forward to cooperating with the inquiry. miss mendez says she wants her money back. the trump organization showed cnn an e-mail to miss mendez from december that offers her just that. she claims she never saw the e-mail. the trump organization says the offer still stands. allan chernoff, cnn, new york. kim kardashian has a diamond on her finger and it's big. late ear young inspirational singer puts faith in a baldwin. corey lamb and steven baldwin join us live to debut a new
7:19 am
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it came down to two teenagers last night on the american finale. both of them country and western artists. i bet you know who won. let's get more on this story from "showbiz tonight" a.j. hammer. >> thousands audition, millions voted and it came down to scotty mccre everyone ry and laura. >> the winner of "american idol" season ten is scotty mccreery. >> well, even though scotty got the title i got to tell you i have this feeling this is the start of a great r career for boston them. there were a lot of changes to this year's "american idol". new judges. it cal came together. it seemed network. once again idol if most watched
7:23 am
show on television. i watched it more this past season with the new judges than season past. >> i'm the only person in america who has never really watched. >> but there's always next year. >> i do understand that these finalists were pretty affectionate with each other. was there a love story? >> that's the big buzz. there's a little projection. i don't know if you saw it, the 16-year-old lauren planted a big old kiss on the 17-year-old winner after the announcement. "showbiz tonight" was back stage. here's what happened. >> when ryan said -- it was such an amazing moment for me. everything was coming back. all the memories i made over this journey. just an incredible, incredible journey. >> that's all he said? >> guess that's the moment we caught. at a minimum, they are pretty good friends at least it appears
7:24 am
that way and when you think about it they've been through an awful lot and right around the same age. >> we'll keep an eye on them. let's talk about a real love story. actually i want to see her ring, kim kardashian's ring. >> pretty big. pretty big. "people" magazine broke the news she's engaged to chris humphreys. the pair has been together for about six months. humphreys popped the question with a 20.5k arat ring. it cost around $2 million. considering humphreys is reportedly only taking home about $3.2 million this season i'm wondering what my buddy suzie orman who say about that situation a $2 million rock. >> they've only been going together for six months. are these people crazy? >> didn't want to place any judgment on that.
7:25 am
love is a strange and fickle thing. kim following in the foot steps of her sister who married a laker star. all i can do is wish them reality tv happiness in their marriage all around and you want to bet that this wed is going to wind up on tv or as big as a royal wedding given that ring size. >> bet you. thanks so much. want information breaking in the entertainment world, a.j. has it. coming up, a trend. first the political buddy team of george bush and tony blair and now our president, our current president and the new british prime minister acting very chummy. what's up with this america-uk promanassas anyway? [ female announcer ] splenda® no calorie sweetener is sweet...
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7:28 am
a bit of breaking news. a ruling minutes ago from the u.s. supreme court on the arizona law that punishes businesses for hiring illegals. cnn producer joins us now by phone. i guess this is a victory for arizona and a loss for the obama administration. >> reporter: it is. it's the first high court challenge to a variety of state laws that are designed to crack down on illegal immigrants. it's a real political lightning rod. in this case this is a law that's four years old, came out of arizona, allow states to suspend the licenses of businesses that intentionally violate work eligibility
7:29 am
verification requirements. there's federal database that's in place that allow businesses to check whether somebody they are hiring is here in this country illegally and the question was what if the state could step in and enforce it and punish those businesses that hire illegals. >> in essence this means states can punish businesses that hire illegal immigrants and, of course, this is just a warm up because the supreme court has yet to consider arizona's overall immigration bill, right? >> reporter: right. even more sweeping reform law that's working its way through the courts right now. that law out of arizona, among other things give local police a bigger role in arresting suspected illegal immigrants. that's even more controversial and the supreme court could take that up perhaps in the next year or so. >> i know you'll be keeping an eye on that. checking our top stories, president obama is in france for the g-8 summit. leaders of the eight large evident developing economies are there to discuss global issues for the next couple of days. a rebel tribe in yemen are
7:30 am
fighting government forces in the capital. the president is still holding on to power despite weeks of protest. dozens of people have been killed in just the last 24 hours. and jobless numbers are up. 424,000 americans filed for their first week of benefits last week. it's the seventh straight week that first time claims have topped 400,000. it is time for political buzz, a rapid fire conversation hitting the hot political topics of the day. each of our brilliant political observers get 20 seconds to answer three probing questions. will kane liens right. a political analyst. cornell belcher liens left and john admond is an independent. first question, recently sarah palin told a fox news audience she has the fire in her belly to run for the white house. is it just all talk? will?
7:31 am
>> you know, carol, when i first saw this question i thought it was kind of silly. the more i thought about it i think it is the operative question. does sarah palin have the fire in the belly to subject her ideas to debate and rebuttal which she sent a done since '08. i don't know the answer. i think it's the right question. >> cornell? >> look, with daniels out and huckabee out she's the only candidate who can speak to the grassroots tea party. if she runs i think her chances are as good as any. newt doesn't get them fired up. she could fire up the base of the party. >> john? >> cornell that's wishful thinking. talk is cheap and plentiful when it comes to sarah palin. it's actions that counts. if all else fails follow the money. sarah palin has done little or nothing to put together a presidential. campaign. her poll numbers are imploding. she has much more to lose than to gain. >> on to question number two,
7:32 am
bill clinton, no fan of the paul ryan medicare plan but he tells the congressman something. he whispered something in his ear that something needs to be done about medicare. listen. >> i told them before you got here, i said i'm glad we won this race in new york. but i hope the democrats don't use it as an excuse to do nothing. >> so, bill clinton appears to be open to talking about medicare. so should democrats reconsider congressman paul ryan's that front privatize medicare? cornell. >> st. paul would be the last two standing in the nomination. absolutely not. the plan that americans disagree with, plans that senate republicans are running from, the plan natural newt gingrich called too radical, yeah we should embrace that plan. >> john. >> look, bill clinton most honest politician in america? it's possible.
7:33 am
look democrats aren't going to embrace the ryan plan but clinton is making the point that mediscare isn't sufficient. democrats have to put forward a plan otherwise we won't solve the long term fiscal crisis. >> will? >> cornell you should embrace that plan. how about this. in lieu of that admit your own plan instead of putting it up to consumer choice admit that republicans don't want to throw granny over the cliff. medicare is dead. admit that. be honest. >> no. >> not in the spirit of political buzz. question number three, our buzzer beater time. we couldn't help notice the love a few years back it was president george w. bush and tony blair and now it's president obama and the new british prime minister cameron. what's with the british romance syndrome. john?
7:34 am
>> you could have done fdr and churchill. it's the special relationship for a reason. britain is our strongest ali. the world is a safer place because of it. >> will? >> i guess ever since we ran off cornwall we had that special relationship. it makes sense. >> cornell? >> look, americans are hot. people around the world -- our leaders are hot and powerful. >> our leaders are hot and powerful. i like that when it comes to romance. thank you for playing political buzz today. we appreciate it as always. political buzz will be back tomorrow. coming up next, radio host ed schultze is off the care suspended after calling laura ingram a slut. we'll talk about it after this.
7:35 am
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7:37 am
. msnbc host ed schultz is saying sorry after broadcasting some very nasty words about conservative talk show host laura ingram. ed schultz has been suspended. listen to what he said tuesday on his radio show while discussing republicans and the joplin tornado victims. >> what are the republicans thinking about? they're not thinking about their next door neighbor. they're just thinking about how much this is going to cost. president obama is going to be visiting joplin, missouri on sunday. but you know what they're talking about? like this right-wing slut,
7:38 am
what's her name, laura ingram? yeah she's a talk slut. >> that's just wrong. john, you've written extensively about the level of discourse in this country. but, it's just stupid to call her a slut because it makes your argument seem dumb. >> the larger problem is the rise of partisan media. they use hate as a cheap and easy recruiting tool. you can easily cross over the line. this is the down side of ed schultz on the left limbaugh routine. he was sincere in his apology. he realized he crossed the line. this is part of the larger problem we've seen. >> what makes that kind of thing slip out of your mouth anyway? just get carried away? what is it? >> no. i think it's the side effect of the drinking the kool-aid all
7:39 am
day. you demonize people who disagree with you. that's the conversation you engaging with your listeners and yourself. you say something that you regret. this isn't the first time ed schultz has said that sort of thing. there's dozens of examples on the right as well. during the health care debate he lied, he said they would rather see you dead. this is not responsible reasonable language. it's a problem with the rise of hyper partisan media. >> you wrote an interesting column recently about these kinds of talk shows and how they are diminishing in popularity. so, tell me how, how much? >> well, this is just the newest example. amazing. if you look at the new way talk show is measured through personal people meter it gives a more accurate reading. a lot of the hipper partisan talkers have intense fans that
7:40 am
over reported how much they list end to in the trial past. there's a reaction against this predictable hyper partisan of talking points. people are getting sick of it. they want a broader open debate. a lot of these talkers fall 30% in some markets. cut in half over a five year period. even during the hyper part of the election year in 2010 a lot of these major talkers saw their numbers flat line or decline. it's a hopeful sign that people are starting to demand something different. npr does very well because that's a thoughtful conversation that's broader. people are getting sick of it and demanding something different. >> thanks for discussing in a civil way. >> thank you. there are signs of a growing health crisis for americans between the ages of 24 and 32. a new study says nearly one in five of those young adults has high blood pressure. the study also found nearly 37%
7:41 am
were obese. the lead author of the university of north carolina study blames the bad numbers on young people feeling invincible and not seeing their doctors regularly. if you're going to use a rookie director to work on your music video why not a baldwin? that's the philosophy of the young and upcoming artist corey lamb. steven baldwin and corey lamb live next. [ female announcer ] experience dual-action power, with listerine® whitening plus restoring rinse. it's the only listerine® that gets teeth two shades whiter and makes tooth enamel two times stronger. get dual-action listerine® whitening rinse. building whiter, stronger teeth.
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steven baldwin, music video director? you heard me right. a song by corey lamb and called "break the cycle." listen to what the two men produced. ♪ i'll still be hungry for something right ♪ ♪ thank you for your >> good. joining me now is corey lamb who is back home in little rock, arkansas and steven baldwin who is in new york. welcome to you both. corey -- >> good morning. >> good morning. i'll start with corey. what was it about steven baldwin you wanted to take a chance on somebody who never produce ad music video before? >> you know, he's got such a great track record in acting and he's been in some really amazing
7:45 am
movies, and i just thought, you know what? why not? he seems fairly normal so i thought hey, let's give at it shot. it turned out amazing. >> steven, you seem fairly normal. what i would like to know, what is it about corey's message in that song that made you want to take a chance and to direct a music video? >> well, corey, first and foremost the song is killer so when the opportunity was presented to me it was like hey, corey's team is looking at doing this music video for a song that they are anticipating will do very well which by the way the single break the cycle is tearing up some of the charts right now and doing very well, and they said to me, listen to the song. we'll go back to corey's team and if you have the time, this, that, would you be interested in directing a music video. turned around and pitched it to corey, his team. they liked my vision for the
7:46 am
video which for the first time i heard the song "break the cycle" the video you see now is the video which played in my head which is pretty cool. i then went and did something a little bit different. i partnered with the florida state university film school and all of my crew and the dp, young man named patrick were all students of the fsu film school. that was kind of cool. >> that is cool. giving young people a chance. corey, something else that intrigued me. you call your music inspirational rather than christian. christianity seems to be the theme. why shy away from the title. why not say it's a christian rock song? >> you know, i kind of go with whatever title you want to call it. you can call it christian rock, inspirational rock, positive rock. it's whatever you want to call it. i don't want to put a liable on it. it's good music, good rock music. if you get a cool vibe or you
7:47 am
get the message i'm trying to send that's even better. >> steven, i know you're a born grin, of it this inspirational message in corey's song that attracted to you the project? >> sure. you know, where corey is coming from and where i'm coming from and i've been radically outspoken about my conversion, i'll be directing my first feature film and it's a faith-based project. bono sings about jesus in some of his songs but you wouldn't clarify u2 as a christian band. we don't want to exclude anybody with any label like christian. it's about corey and the music and the message is very positive. yes there's some symbolism that's christian and faith-based. i'm not shying away from it. obviously in the message what we're trying to say we're
7:48 am
christians, this is -- this is our artistic expression and however you interpret it it's up to you. but it's a positive message and we hope it impacts you positively. >> thanks to boston you for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. to see more, go to the blog. it took the phillies and the reds 19 innings to settle last night's game. philadelphia fans went wild when the second baseman wilson valdez came in to pitch. valdez hit one better. then he retired. he even waved off the catcher once. valdez becomes the first position player to be a winning pitcher in 11 years. jimmy rollins the winning run in
7:49 am
the bottom of the inning. a minor league game went 23 innings. jupiter and clearwater went so long there were three seven inning stretches. jupiter won 2-1. in closing out yesterday's game, yankees rivera marked his 1,000 appearance. 14 other pitchers have passed that milestone but rivera is the first one to do it with just one team and he's still pretty darn good. a new movie is coming out featuring sarah palin and there's speculation the former alaskan governor has a new address. our political ticker just ahead.
7:50 am
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7:52 am
stories making newslater today at the top of the hour authorities in joplin, missouri are set to release updated casualty figures from sunday's deadly tornado. at noon eastern both former president george w. bush and former secretary of state condoleezza rice will speak at the president's presidential library in dallas. today's event is called early lessons from the middle east. and at 4:00 eastern at arlington national cemetery the third u.s.
7:53 am
infantry places new flags on the graves of soldiers in advance of the memorial holiday. pakistan's former leader says president obama is arrogant and he called the mission to take out bin laden an act of war. listen to what musharraf told piers morgan. >> president obama said that if the same event arose again he would do the same and if it happens in the future with other known terrorists and al qaeda he would take the same action. so we have a clear flat point between pakistan and america. >> think this is putting the pakistan leadership and government under dock and it's not a very responsible statement. >> you think it's irresponsible of president obama to say that? >> yes, indeed. >> it implies that america has rights in terms of taking action
7:54 am
on sovereign soil as in pakistan with bin laden, it has a right to do that. you say it has no right to do that. >> certainly no country has a right to intrude into any other country. technically or legally, it's an act of war. so, therefore, i think it is an irresponsible statement and i think such arrogance should not be shown publicly to the world. >> you can watch that entire interview tonight at 9:00 eastern right here on cnn. >> coming up inside the mind of a stunt pilot. what they are thinking as they risk their lives with those dangerous dives. 2011, at&t is , building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible.
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at or visit your local jaguar dealer. elizabeth smart comes face to face with her abductor in a utah courtroom. mitchell was sentenced to two life sentences. smart said mitchell robbed her of nine months of her life. there may be a greater sense of insecurity in california after a computer glitch allowed for the inadvertent release of 1500 convibts pap third of them are classified as high risk for viles. getting ready for a big air show this weekend in long island, new york to commemorate the u.s. navy's 100 years of aviation history. i spoke to a stunt pilot.
7:58 am
>> for me to be able to perform these maneuvers i love is wonderful, carol. this weekend here at jones beach has become one of our favorite weekends the year. sarah palin is in the news for a couple of reasons today. like a new movie, conan o'brien is talking about it. >> a new documentary about sarah palin. called "the undefeated." the full title is the undefeated unless you call the 2008 presidential race. >> we'll talk about that movie in just a minute. let's talk about this arizona real estate deal. >> that's right. in her defense she was not the top of the ticket in that race so you have to give her that. carol, you know, a lot of people are buzzing about this. in scottsdale, arizona it's got the whole political world abuzz.
7:59 am
the "new york times" is reporting this morning that sarah palin and her husband todd have purchase ad $1.7 million home in north scottsdale and it's got a lot of people swek late as to whether or not this is a part of some kind of preparation for a presidential run. to throw a little bit of cold water on this, her daughter bristol has also purchase ad home in the phoenix area, so this may just be a way of her staying close to her daughter bristol. but, people are saying this would obviously make it easier for her to crisscross the country if there's a presidential campaign that is perhaps waiting in the wings. we'll have to see. >> i'm just wondering how does sarah palin rank with other republicans in a white house race? >> you know, it's interesting because, just a lot of people in washington have written her off as a presidential candidate. if you look at this new gallop poll that came out this morning, who do you prefer to run for president, mitt romney 17%. but sarah palin right behind
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