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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 28, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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experiencing right now. that's it for me. thanks for joining the conversation this week on "your money." we're here every week end. you can catch christine romance on "your bottom line" saturday morning at 9:30 eastern. stay connected 24-7 on facebook and twitter. -- captions by vitac -- you're in the cnn newsroom where the news unfolds live this saturday, may 28th, memorial day weekend. i'm fredricka whitfield. we begin with breaking news, the taliban is claiming responsibility for a suicide attack that killed seven people in northern afghanistan today. among those purportedly wounded, one of the highest-ranking nato officers in the country. we'll try to get more information on that story as it develops. meantime, rare morning
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explosions rocked libya's capital city today. a government official says one of the blasts hit a compound in tripoli belonging to leader moammar gadhafi. nato confirmed and bombed a vehicle storage area in a second strike nearby. egypt reopened its border crossing into gaza that opens the door to the outside world for palestinians. officials say hundreds passed through the border town of raffa today. israel worries that terrorists will now ship arms across the border. the egyptian government had supported an israeli blockade imposed back in 2007. president barack obama wants to make it easier for polish tourists and business people to visit the u.s. during a visit to warsaw today, the president said he supports admitting poland into the state department's visa waiver program. that program enables citizens of member countries to visit the u.s. for up to 90 days without getting a visa.
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>> our expectation is that by this change in the law, we can be in a position to resolve this issue in a way that is satisfactory to poland, but also meets the security concerns of the united states. we very much want you to shop on fifth avenue. and anywhere nels the united states. >> poland was president obama's final stop in his six-day european trip. more now on the breaking story about the suicide attack taking place in northern afghanistan. stan grant is in islamabad with more on all those that were injured including a high-ranking nato officer. >> reporter: yes, fredicka, it is marcus kanive, the head of nato forces for all of northern afghanistan which is where this attack took place. the suicide bomber targeted a high-level meeting that was taking place involving
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international and foreign troops as well. now, the general was injured, but we understand those injuries are not life-threatening. he has survived this attack. some of his troops, though, not so fortunate. also killed was major general -- or general dawud dawud, the head of the regional police in that area and also a leading former military figure in afghanistan. he was one of the leading commanders in the northern alliance which fought the taliban in the days ahead of the u.s.-led invasion in 2001. the taliban has claimed responsibility for this attack. they say they were deliberately targeting this meeting because the international forces and afghan forces have been planning a major offensive against the militants, and they wanted to disrupt that. and all of this, of course, complicates the picture in afghanistan. the u.s. is preparing to draw down some of its troops, nato looking at handing over security to afghan troops and afghan
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officials in the lead up to 2014 when they also will pull out. at the same time, there are talks under way with the taliban to try to reconcile the taliban with the government in the country. but a very complicated picture. one made even more complicated by this attack, fredicka. >> stan grant, thanks so much, from islamabad. appreciate that. now, back to this country. the famous blue angels are grounded for now because their commander resigned. commander dave kau says he didn't live up to the pre vision team's safety standards. they've canceled the next couple performances while a new commander takes over. the last of bernie madoff's personal belongings will be auctioned next week in miami. you're looking at some of that collection, wine collection, diamond jewelry and artwork, among many of the valuables up
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for grabs. the money raised will be used to pay off swindled investors. madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison for running his ponzi scheme. to joplin, missouri now, a city devastated by a monster tornado six days ago. the death toll has climbed once again, 139 people are now confirmed dead. the number of those still unaccounted for has dropped to 105. our paul verse men is in the middle of all the destruction. as people are picking up the pieces, they're expecting the president's arrival tomorrow. >> reporter: that's right, fredicka, glad to hear he's coming here. many people in joplin have expressed they want to make sure federal aid comes to joplin, missouri. as you look over my right shoulder, you can see people are going ahead an trying to clean up. this is a massive debris field here in joplin. it's going to be quite a task.
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one of the frustrations that many people expressed during the week was the fact that it was very difficult to identify bodies. there's a couple things at play here, not the least of which, don't forget in a tornado, unfortunately people are blown all around. one of the state officials expressioned it's more important right now to be accurate than to be speedy. >> i can tell you it's a very respectful process. i can tell you that someone is with a loved one every step of the way. it's a very scientific process. it's a very exacting process. so be it x-rays, be it dentedal records, be it other medical records, be it identifying marks, they're going through every process to make sure they have accurately identified that person in a very respectful way. >> reporter: so that's from the state of missouri. there are many people, fredicka who expressed they just couldn't get their loved ones back early enough this week.
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it was very frustrating for them because a lot of them said they wanted some sense of closure and they knew their loved one had passed away. there wasn't that opportunity to get them out of what one person frankly called a refrigerator. >> paul, there are also funerals and memorial services taking place this weekend, right? >> reporter: yes, there sure are. a number of people are being honored. one of the true characters, a man named dean wells. he had gone into his hoe depot where he was a manager and basically secured so many people to safety, that he forgot to take care of himself, a former crew chief on a black hawk helicopters. he was remembered today among the many. he was well known for whistling, quite a touching moment as they played him whistling at church. his daughters and mother and wife all laughed about what a character he was. they were glad to share some of his story with the world. >> paul, thanks so much. if you want to help people in the recent tornado outbreaks,
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you coffee lovers out there, before the break we asked how much starbucks was increasing their prices come july? the answer, almost in the middle, 17%. so more expensive coffee is hitting the cuban people right in their kitchen. cnn's shasta darlington explains from av vannah. >> reporter: cuban coffee, these days a little more bitter with less of a jolt. that's because beginning this month the coffee offered on the communist country's ration card is mixed with roasted peas, a combination that cubans thought they left behind in 2005. but the soaring price of coffee imports make the government change its mind. some, like this car park guard welcome the change. the first time i had coffee it was mixed with peas, he says. i liked it, and i'll keep on liking it. but most cubans are not nearly as complacent.
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undenybly the mixed coffee is inferior quality, he says. you don't have to be a scientist to know that. the quality just isn't the same for those who like to have good, poour coffee. the new mixture is only 50% java. the rest, roasted peas. president raul castro himself said the government would no longer pay $47 million a year to subsidize cuban's demand for imported coffee. while the global price of coffee is up 69%, peas have only risen 30%. on the bright side, the new four-ounce bag offered at ration card stores is only four pesos. but mylene says she has to mix it with expensive coffee. on its own it plugs up the coffee maker or just comes out tasteless. the only way to know for sure is to try it for yourself. i'm going to cook up a mocha pot
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here. this is what most cubans use to make their coffee. i've been told to be careful because peas expand a lot faster than coffee and these can explode. now for the real test. definitely very bitter. cafes and restaurants still serve the pure cafe sitos that cuba is famous for. but the caribbean island now imports more than half of its annual consumption. shasta darlington, cnn, havana. how about protecting online accounts from hackers? our financial gurus ken and darya dolan have four things you need to do right now before you take that summer vacation. building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity,
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this memorial day, one country music duo wants to remind you to honor our veterans. montgomery gentry traveled to germany, kuwait and iraq to entertain soldiers. "impact your world." >> hey, we're montgomery gentry. we can make an impact for our troops. >> we love to entertain our heroes and let them know how much we love them and miss them when they're overseas. this is the greatest country in the world. we can say and be and dream as
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big as we want to. we don't give it up enough for our american heroes. join the movement "impact your world" so sgl so there are many ways to impact your world. if you want to help people in the recent tornado outbreaks, go to and see the various organizations that will accept your donations. experts are still poring over data from the 2010 census, and they've come up with an interesting find about the institution of marriage. what do you think about all this? according to the 2010 census, married couples make up what percentage of all u.s. households? is it 78%? 68? 58%? or 48%? ♪
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asked about marriage. our question, married couples make up what percentage of u.s. households? the choices range from 78% down to 48%. so if you guessed 78%, you would have been right back in 1950. but over the past 60 years, the percentage has declined steadily, and according to last
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year's census, married couples accounted for just 48% of u.s. households in 2010. in other words, for the first time in the history of the u.s. census, if you're married, you're in the minority. what do you think? is it good, bad, what does it say about society and america? let me know what you think by sending me a tweet @twitter come/fwhitfield. hackers may have compromised defense department secrets. a source close to the investigation says the hackers broke into the computer networks of lockheed martin, the world's large of the defense contractor. it's not known what, if any, information was stolen. lockheed works on weapons technology used on the battlefield. this weekend sony will start to restore its play station network in asia. much of the online gaming network was shut down last month after hackers broke in and got access to customer information,
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possibly credit card numbers. sony says it is adding new security measures. so in the last two months millions of online records have been breached. before you go on vacation, make sure your finances are safe and sound. what do you actually do? what can you do. ken and darya dolan hasve the answers for us. to find out whether the account has been hacked, what are the first things people need to do? >> help! >> the really scary thing, fred, is that it's not even the middle of the year yet and over 9 million cases of these breaches have already occurred. that's before sony and lockheed martin. it's frightening. >> here is the problem, fred. as hacking technology gets more sophisticated, it's going to happen more often. none of this are you going to get hacked eventually or is it going to stop? it's not going to stop.
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our job here today is, if you find out it's happened to you, what do you do? >> the first thing you do is you contact the credit bureaus, ex-peer i don't know, ek fax and transunion. you have them put a fraud alert on your credit report. when you call them, it's an 800 number or go online. they say they alert the other two bureaus. i never trust anybody. guy to all three of them. if i call, if i go online, i go to all three of them. i put it there even if it comes in in triplicate. better triplicate than somebody that doesn't get the message. >> and the fraud alert will keep anybody from opening a new account in your name. here is what happens, they open up an account in your name, they change the billing address and so you're getting -- your name is getting whacked all over the place creditwise and you don't know it because you're not getting the bills.
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>> that's not fail proof, but it's better than nothing. >> you need to check your debit accounts. a lot of people are paying their bills online and you want to protect yourself. >> you really do. you need to monitor online every week after a security breach like this. your credit card statements, debit card statements and be sure that nothing unusual -- >> let me stop you right there because we're having with audio problems and you're starting to sound further and further away. we'll try to work that out and get back with daria and ken right after this. [ female announcer ] investing for yourself isn't some optional pursuit.
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a privilege for the ultra-wealthy. it's a necessity. i find investments with e-trade's top 5 lists. quickly. easily. i use pre-defined screeners and insightful trading ideas to dig deeper. work smarter. not harder. i depend on myself the one person i do trust to take charge of my financial future. [ bell dinging ] we had to work out the audio gremlins that took over the show with ken and daria dolan joining us from west palm beach. back to how you protect yourself
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against those who make a living hacking others. last point, you said consider credit monitoring services. in what way? >> we have lifelock. it's not a commercial, but it's one of many where, in fact, if there's a problem they will immediately alert you. it's not for free. it's $10 a month or less with discounts. when we get it every month saying they've been looking -- >> change your passwords periodically, whether you've been hacked or not. it's a good safety tip. >> ken and daria dolan, thanks so much. glad you could spend the holiday weekend with us. >> good holiday to everyone. >> ken and daria dolan always have so much to say. you can find them on twitter, facebook and their personal blo blog. check out their blog at time to check our top stories now. one of the top nato officers in
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afghanistan is wounded today in an attack being claimed by the taliban. major general markus kneip commands all nato troops in northern afghanistan. he was reportedly meeting with a regional governor and police commander when a suicide bomber detonated himself nearby. seven people were killed. the general is among nine others wounded. we'll keep you updated on this breaking story. members of the un nuclear watch dog agency are looking at japan's crippled fukushima nuclear reactor weekend. they're checking out the site and reviewing the safety there. the iaea team will report on what they findality next month's nuclear ministers meeting in vienna. not only is he out of power, former egyptian president hosni mubarak is about to be out of millions of dollars as well. a court has fined mubarak and top officials of his ousted regime $90 million for their roles in limiting communication
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during the country's revolution in january. mubarak will be required to pay $34 million of that. let's bring in the denver tower cam now. not everyone is having trouble with the late season heavy snow. aspen mountain is open for skiing. can you believe it? memorial day weekend, a lot of folks are trying to get to the beaches, to the pools. if you're in aspen, you might be able to get to the slopes because there is snow there in a very manageable way, whereas in many other states out west, there is way too much snow and it's getting in the way of a lot of holiday plans. our bonnie schneider will be along with us momentarily to give us an idea of just how severe this snowfall is and the snowpack is particularly in the western regions. do we have our bonnie schneider with us? almost? we'll get with bonnie in a moment.
11:29 am
barbara daye runs a business at colorado's echo lake lodge near the wyoming border, and all of this snow means that people can't get to her, hurting her bottom line. she's joining us right now on the phone. barbara, this should be a very busy weekend. but clearly there are a lot of destinations that people cannot get to because of this snowpack. have you experienced a lot of cancellations? >> hi, fredicka, actually no. our location is echo lake on mt. evans. and mt. evans road is open now to summit lake which is nine miles from us. they cannot get to the top at the moment. that is sort of unusual in the last few years because the roads usually open to the top. >> typically memorial day weekend, is this ever a problem? >> oh, sure. it has happened in the past. we're at 10,600 feet, so we're pretty high.
11:30 am
the road to us is fine though. >> very good. what about some of your neighbors or other businesses, are they being adversely impacted? >> i think everybody has been negatively impacted because the weather has been so unpredictable in denver and in colorado in general. we have had -- we have five feet of snow in the last two snowstorms up here. >> wow. >> so it's significant. >> oh, boy. how do you plan for this if at all, if this can typically happen memorial day weekend? >> well, you don't plan very well. it's impossible to plan. >> oh, my goodness. >> it's crazy. >> it certainly is. barbara day, thanks so much, joining us from colorado's echo lake lodge. all the best in your business this weekend and throughout the summer. >> thank you so much. thank you for talking to us fredicka. >> all the best. have a great weekend. >> you, too. i think now we can check in with our bonnie schneider and find out, boy, this is some
11:31 am
unbelievable snow in many western states. they're using words like epic to describe it. how serious is it really? >> it is very serious for two reasons, fredicka. the first one is, as the snow keeps on coming and that is going to cause some problems with road closures because of winter weather advisories across nevada. also in yosemite. temperatures have been at least ten degrees below normal. plus a series of blizzards come in past the winter. the danger with all the snow is the threat for flooding. the temperatures can't stay this cold too much longer now that we're going into the later part of spring. there's almost too much snow. in the short term it's going to cause some travel proubls. in the longer term in the weeks to come, the threat will be for flooding. from utah to wyoming, to
11:32 am
northern california there's too much snow. a lot of the flood areas is usually clear so the snow can melt freely and drift off, already filled with snow itself. there's too much snow there. that's going to cause a problem with flooding going forward. >> thanks so much, bonnie. appreciate that. i know a lot of folks aren't welcoming that news. everyone needs to be informed, right? >> sure. there are anchors and ships in new york harbor this weekend for fleet week. thousands of military personnel are spending the memorial day holiday in the big apple. they're also giving the public a chance to see some of their high-tech gear, tanks, specialized aircraft and helicopters on display there. fleet week runs through june 1st. there are many ways to honor the fallen this memorial day weekend. one young man is using his home computer to create an online database of the grave stones at arlington national cemetery. our sandra endo explains.
11:33 am
>> reporter: one by one, 17-year-old ricky gelleland keeps the spirit behind these headstones at arlington national cemetery alive online. you come here thinking what? >> well, it's sad because i come here and i look at the birth dates and the death dates and think these are kids that aren't much older than me. >> reporter: the computer whiz started documenting the 858 soldiers who fought in iraq and afghanistan and are buried at arlington. after he heard about the recordkeeping problems at the cemetery, he posted the information and pictures on his website called it's received more than a million hits since it launched in october. what do you hope for when people logon to your website? >> i hope they can go on and feel a little comfort in knowing that they're not just number of casualties or anything like that, they're actual people. >> reporter: an investigation by the army inspector general found 211 graves were miss labeled
11:34 am
here, and arlington cemetery has been under fire for keeping an antiquated record system of the roughly 300,000 men and women laid to rest here. >> we're in the process of modernizing our record keeping. it will make it easier to do sites like ricky's because it's all going to be available on our website. >> reporter: for gilleland, his project took on a deeper meaning as he learned more about one fallen soldier. >> what's special about this head stone in particular is it's the only one around it which has gold lettering. that means he's a meddle of honor winner. he was fighting, someone threw a grenade inside the humvee, he jumped in, put his body over the grenade and absorbed most of the blast. so he saved everyone else. >> reporter: we reached out to the maginnis family who had no idea about the project and
11:35 am
became emotional after seeing the site. in an e-mail mr. maginnis thanked gilleland for his work, describing into as a way to showcase the sacrifices of our nation's heroes. but there are still new sacrifices gilleland will continue to capture. sandra endo, cnn, arlington national sem tarp. american sons and daughters go to war and therapy parents are often left with more questions than answers. we'll tell you about a book written just for military moms and dads.
11:36 am
many college students go deep into debt to get their
11:37 am
education, but there are some schools where you can get a top quality education without any contribution from the family. where? how about harvard. cnn education contributor steve perry tells us who qualifies. >> i have to admit, when i first saw an e-mail that said that harvard was offering up a no-parental contribution for students whose families made under $60,000, i thought it was an urban myth. what's the likelihood of finding a student whose family makes under $60,000 who is going to post the scores and the gpas that harvard has? >> we have about 18% of the freshmen class this year who fits that category. we want to make sure that people can come regardless of their financial circumstances. >> reporter: alyssa mackey is one of those students. >> i was actually applying to schools and my father passed
11:38 am
away. that dramatically changed our financial situation. so that's why i'm in need of the assistance. when i applied, i didn't know about the financial aid initiative. i remember my mom opening the letter and thinking that there was a mistake because it said family contribution zero. >> there are many college presidents struggling with how to attract students from historically disadvantaged populations and what they can do. what is it you would say to them? >> we have to send the message to students that we want them and those of us who can support the financial aid programs like ours will do so. >> how has this program impacted your career decisions? >> if there was no financial aid initiative, there would be maybe a little more pressure to go into a field where i would be making a lot of money, maybe something that i wasn't all that passionate about. so next year i'll be teaching special education for elementary school students in new orleans. >> reporter: steve perry, cambridge, massachusetts. quick question.
11:39 am
how many soldiers are in the u.s. army right now? active duty and reserve. i'll tell you in a moment and show you about a pamphlet written just for their moms and dads. >> announcer: this past year alone there's been a 67% spike in companies embracing the cloud-- big clouds, small ones, public, private, even hybrid. your data and apps must move easily and securely to reach many clouds, not just one. that's why the network that connects, protects, and lets your data move fearlessly through the clouds means more than ever.
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a minute ago i asked if you knew how many soldiers were in the u.s. army today. the answer is about 675,000. that's active duty and reserve. so your son or daughter perhaps goes off to war. how do you cope? he or she is coming home. what are their needs? and how does a parent handle the worst news that their child was hurt or killed in action snp well, this pamphlet is a guide for parents of soldiers. it's called "your soldier, your army." the woman who wrote this book, vicky cody is with me now from washington. you're speaking in this booklet from experience. your husband a four-star general, the army vice chief of staff, two sons both commissioned officers. why did you feel like there was a need for this pamphlet, this guide.
11:43 am
>> well, i realized fredicka early on when the war began that there was nothing out there for parents of soldiers and at that point i had been an army spouse for over 30 years, and i felt we had done a great job preparing, educating, informing army spouses, but nothing had really been done for the parents of soldiers. and i suppose until i was a parent of soldiers myself, that's when it just hit me. i realized we need to do more. and i had one son deploying. he was already in the combat zone. our younger son was preparing to go. and i was answering telephones at the army hotline when the war began. and i realized most of the questions coming in on the phone calls were from parents of soldiers. so it all just kind of clicked, and i thought, i really need to put these ideas down in booklet form. it's also available on the internet, but i realized a lot
11:44 am
of families don't have access to computers. so i wanted an actual booklet that people could carry around with them. and i realized it was more than just about deployments. i wanted to give them some guidance on the army in general because this war, what happened was kids would join the army, and within six to 12 months they were deploying the the combat zone. that was unlike any other peacetime army than what we all grew up in. so suddenly think about a mom and dad, they have a son, daughter, joining the military, and within months, they're faced with a deployment to the combat zone and it was nothing for them. >> in fact, this booklet you compartmentalize it this way. you have a chapter that explains the deployment orders. perhaps your son or daughter didn't get a clans to explain to you what that entails. you break it down for parents in
11:45 am
that way. getting through the deployment, it's a matter of trust and actually helping parents of their sons and daughters try to also communicate and deal with the in-laws as well. how do you know this is working? how do you know these guideposts here are really making an impact on military families? >> well, it's been absolutely the most gratifying thing i've ever done. within weeks i was getting cards, letters, e-mails, phone calls from family members all over the country. moms and dads, grandparents, aunts and uncles. people responded to the book because i not only was guiding them and giving them information. i made it very personal and they realized i was going through exactly what they were going through. so i think that comfort that they got from my book, i would say that was probably the greatest gift that i could give them that i was giving them
11:46 am
comfort. but immediately the response was overwhelming, and then we printed it in spanish. it was translated into spanish. and the other -- i think one of the nicest compliments i've ever gotten about the book was from soldiers themselves. they wrote me even from the come bat zone, e-mailed me and said, your book finally gave me something to give my parents that explained why i do what i do, why i love being in the army. and to me i loved it -- i never thought about soldiers reading my book. i thought it would be family members. so i loved it that the soldiers responded to it also. >> vicky cody "your soldier, your army." folks can get this how? if they're not getting it from their soldier son or daughter? >> you can go on the website,
11:47 am you get free copies. they pay for all the shipping and handling. you can order one copy or a thousand copies. and i'm just glad for the opportunity to talk about it so more people can benefit from it. and if i could just say one last thing -- i know we're probably running out of time. do i have time? >> go ahead real quick. >> i just wanted to say i think each and every one of us as americans, we should thank these wonderful men and women that wear the uniform and defend our country and are so willing to sacrifice for our freedoms and for this nation. i can think of no other way than on memorial day to do something nice for a soldier or their family. >> fantastic. thanks so much. vicky cody, appreciate your time from washington. >> thank you. a group of teenagers made a huge sacrifice to help some alabama tornado victims, but it
11:48 am
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time for a cnn equals politics update.
11:51 am
keeping an eye on all the latest headlines. here is what's crossing right now. republican mitt romney is working to gain supporters in two early voting states, iowa and new hampshire. in des moines the former massachusetts governor promised to support ethanol subsidies, a big issue in that corn-producing state. next week romney will be in new hampshire to officially announce his presidential bid thursday. then just a few hours after that event, a potential gop rival will headline a gathering for a new hampshire republican party in dover. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani leads a new cnn opinion research poll of potential and declared gop candidates. vice president joe biden is focusing on jobs and the economy in the white house weekly address. he says the economy is growing and pointed to the rising auto industry as evidence of that. biden vows that he and the president will remain focused on
11:52 am
boosting american's financial security. for the latest political news, go to
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check out today, brought to you by transitions. memorial day weekend marks the unofficial start of summer. now you know exactly what that means. pool time. but before you jump in, you have to hear this. a new warning from the federal government saying that thousands of america's pools are not safe to swim in. alison kosic tells us why.
11:55 am
>> it's the kind of news no one wants to hear on a holiday weekend. the government is advising thousands of public swimming pools not to open this weekend because of a massive recall. one million pool drain covers were recalled a few days ago. pool drains have up to 500 pounds of vacuum force. that's why they need these drain covers so swimmers don't get trapped under water by the suction. it doesn't sound like a big deal, but it really can be. the cpsc says it caused a dozen deaths between 1999 and 2010. of of the recalled drain covers weren't rated correctly so they may not protect you. kids are most at risk which is why the cpsc is urging public kiddie pools and wading pools to respond immediately to the recall. in-ground spas are also at risk. the faulty covers have to be replaced or retrofitted. it could be an issue if you have a pool in your back yard, too. if you're a private pool owner, you can get more information at
11:56 am
866-478-3521 or hopefully everyone will have a safe holiday weekend. back to you. >> thanks so much, alison. after the horrific tornadoes hit the southeast last month, a group of tennessee teens donated all of the funds that they had for a beach trip that they were going to take to a family who lost everything. but our affiliate wsaz reports, it paid off in a very big way. >> reporter: these teens from south tennessee are being treated like rock stars. >> it's been amazing. it's been overwhelming. >> reporter: they welcomed the south pittsburgh high students with open arms. it was a welcome that almost didn't happen. the kids had given the money they saved for their trip to a family who lost everything in
11:57 am
last month's tornadoes. >> all those houses, there was no house that was left standing. >> just think about coming home to no home. and we was like, we could not do it. so why not donate our money to a good cause. >> reporter: people on tie bee heard hair story and donated money by those impressed with the team's generosity. >> everybody that was asked said yes. there were even people that had to be turned down. >> reporter: at the crab shack, the mayor proclaimed it south pittsburgh high day. >> their decision to assist this family who had lost their son in a tornado speaks to their selflessness and compassion and ser serves as an example of attributes we all strive for. >> each got a key to the city. >> when they saw somebody who needed it more than they did, immediately gave it away without a second thought.
11:58 am
i think that's fantastic. >> reporter: for some who had never been to a beach before, this was one trip they'll never forget. >> when you give, you also receive. >> after that dinner, the students were taken to a sunset dolphin cruise. they had a great time all the way around. if you want to help the victims of the recent tornado outbreaks, go to and see the various organizations that will accept your donations. we begin this hour with the florida murder trial of casey anthony. court convened for half a day today in orlando. anthony's mother, cindy, cried throughout her testimony this morning as she talked about the 2-year-old granddaughter. and her daughter who was accused of the killing. caylee anthony was last seen alive june 16, 2008 but wasn't reported missing for a month. >> after june 15th of 2008, did
11:59 am
you see your granddaughter caylee again? >> no, ma'am, i did not. >> when you left for work in the morning on june 16 of 2008, did you believe caylee to be in your house? >> yes, ma'am, i did. >> the court is now in recess. the trial resumes tuesday in orlando. computer hackers have apparently breached the security networks of some large defense contractors including lockheed martin. investigators are trying to determine what information in any was taken. the contractors have sensitive information about future weapons systems. fire crews are battling a southern california wildfire threatening about


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