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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 5, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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this part of the state. strong wind still coming through. they have helped all week to drive this fire. they are expected to continue to pick up throughout the night. they are also predicting a chance of lightning in the area. in its one week of burning, this fire has proven difficult to fight and very unpredictable. >> the conditions are so dry and the fire advances so fast that the fire will build a large plume on spot and move ahead three to five miles in a short time, a couple of hours. >> reporter: now around 1500 people have been evacuated from their homes in the different mountain towns in this eastern part of arizona right near the new mexico border. a number of other towns are on standby if the flames creep closer to their homes. don, around 100 people chose as they always do to stay home and try to defend their homes against these fires. much to the disappointment and chagrin of the local sheriff's
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deputies. so far no injuries to report, but this fire burning out of control, zero percent containment. >> you showed us and said you can usually see the mountains behind you. we can see the smoke, but it doesn't look like you are close to the front lines, why won't they let the media get closer, is it for safety? >> reporter: we are 15 miles north of the main fire, and several years ago a number of people died on a wildfire. since then access to the front lines of wildfires, at least in the national forestland, has been limited. so it is burning towards us, but they have set up a command post here about 15 miles north and are not letting anybody, us or homeowners, back into the firestone. >> jared, thank you very much. stay safe. i'm sure we'll be coming back to you as well. we'll get to our meteorologist jacqui jeras here in a moment to tell us about the weather conditions there and what to expect. but joining me now by phone is scott hunt, he is a state forester in arizona. so, scott, you heard the
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reporter there who said he's 15 miles away from the scene. obviously you can see it, how bad is the fire situation in your state right now? >> well, we are pretty busy right now, don. in my 35 years of working for the state, this is in the top five range. currently we have three large wildfires burning in the state. you just heard about the wallow fire. we have two others in the southeast part of the state, one is called the horseshoe fire. it is about 100,000 acres. and we have another one called the murky fire about 22,000 acres. so right now we have burned about 266,000 acres. if you put that in perspective, that's about 415 square miles or about the footprint of the size of the city of phoenix, so it's a good chunk of ground. we have a lot of residents that have been evacuated from homes. i'm very hopeful that the firefighters can start getting control of these so we can get
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the folks back home. >> hey, scott, this is don lemon here, but i want to bring in jacqui jeras here because i'm sure you can help me to speak to mr. hunt. look at the fires. you are looking at the video there and heard the report, you heard him -- the size of phoenix. what's the concern? don't go anywhere, mr. hunt, we are going to continue to talk to you. what's the concern when it comes to the wind and weather conditions there? >> there's been a will the of spotting, so the winds will blow embers and new fires will start ahead of that. mr. hunt, a lot of people when they think about arizona, we think about cactus and desert and sand, but that's very different in eastern arizona. can you kind of describe the topography here as well as all the trees in the area? >> well, eastern arizona where the wildfires are is a beautiful area. it is actually spruce, fur, forest, very high elevation. 8,000 feet elevation. and it is kind of the
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recreational ground for folks in the desert during the summer. and we get summer cooler weather. >> jacqui jeras, lightning and high wind are making it difficult for fire crews. jacqui will weigh in as the weather conditions are important for you. i'm sure you could use moisture, but are lightning and high winds making it difficult for the fire crews, mr. hunt? >> were you talking to me? >> yes. >> yeah, you know, we do have some dry lightning forecasts the next couple of days. and what dry lightning is when a thunderstorm comes in and just drops lightning without any precipitation. simply we usually get high winds. the vegetations are extremely dry. when the dry lightning touches the ground, there's a high possibility of starting wildfires. we had a lot of our local resources committed to the three large fires and are bringing in
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additional resources from out of state to alter our existing resources. you did mention the area up around the wallow fire as being forest, but we also have others that are country that are burning in the southern part of the state. those are more desert-like. they are burning a lot of grass down there. yesterday we just -- >> i hate to cut you off, i'm sorry. there's a bit of a delay here, but just before you go, injuries, fatalities, can you update us? >> you know, our firefighters are having a very good safety record on all the fires. it has been very minor-type injuries. we are doing pretty well there. >> scott hunt with the state forest there in arizona. i know you have a lot of work to do. jacqui jeras, you heard him talk about the dry lightning and wind, they have been lucky no to have any fatalities. if this continues it will get much worse for everyone. >> weather conditions will get worse in the next couple of
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days. gusty wind today with the weather extremely dry. this is the wallow fire and the one in the southeastern parts of arizona. if you look offshore of california, that's where the area of low pressure is. that storm is going to make its way up to here to the north of arizona which means the winds will be increasing and they will become gusty. and we don't think there's enough moisture to produce thunderstorms but we are likely going to see those dry thunderstorms he was talking about. so you get the lightning but you don't get any rain associated with this. so that's a real problem. in addition to that, we have had an ongoing drought across eastern arizona. just exceptional dry conditions here which has been that way for months. and let's talk about the terrain really quick on the google earth. we'll zoom into the fire to give you an idea of where the city of alpine is located where they are getting people to voluntarily evacuate. as we zoom in one more time, it will show you how hilly this is. so it is very, very difficult for firefighters to get a handle and climb and get into this area. so they have about 12
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helicopters there using fire retardant and water on top of the fires. >> jacqui jeras, don't go far. we'll cover this developing story throughout the evening here on cnn. we appreciate it. up next, mother nature turns a day of fun into a day of terror. winds blow -- look at that inflatable bounce house, up and over with more than a dozen kids going along for a very scary ride. and a music star's home catches fire with his children inside. if you have any questions and want information on the things we are covering here on cnn, you can reach out to us on twitter and facebook, and on as well. we are back in moments. kissed with real honey. and the 100% natural whole grain oats can help lower your cholesterol. you are so sweet to me. bee happy. bee healthy.
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call 1-800-sandals. oh, my god. oh, my god. >> oh, my god is right. a day at the soccer field on long island turned into chaos when three bounce houses blew away with the kids actually still inside of them. i want you to take a look how a gust of wind made one of the inflatables blow around like it was a plastic bag in the breeze. unbelievable. 13 people were hurt, but the injuries were not serious. it happened saturday at a tournament hosted by the oceanside united soccer club. >> the wind blew everything down. >> i was getting hot dogs and just happened to turn around and saw the slide blowing in the wind. and i just -- i couldn't believe
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it. it was like something out of a movie. >> no criminal charges are expected and the new york affiliate wabc is reporting there were ten bounce house accidents so far this year nationwide. country singer trace atkins lost his home to fire, but his three kids and their nanny managed to escape unhurt. it destroyed his 5,000-square-foot home in brentwood. he was on a plane to alaska when the fire started on saturday. his wife was driving a few blocks away and credits recent fire safety training at school for her kids' ability to get out. no word yet on what caused that fire. the president now in saudi arabia is getting medical treatment. a tribal leader waging war against the government has agreed to a truce with the country's interim. he is asking his fighters to evacuate buildings already seized and to halt all fighting in the capital.
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news that president ali abdullah sali left the country sparked celebrations. a senior u.s. official says the president had shrapnel wounds and severe burns to his face and chest from an attack on the presidential palace on friday. the government insists he'll return after undergoing treatment in saudi arabia. the israeli military is keeping a close watch on the golan heights border. syria claims 25 people were killed and more than 300 wounded. the protests marked the 44th anniversary of the 1967 six-day war. israel seized the golan heights from syria in that war. defense secretary robert gates is making his final stop in afghanistan and he gave the troops an emotional sendoff. gates told a group of u.s. forces he feels responsible for their well-being and noted that he signed the deployment papers that put them there.
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>> i just want you to know that i think about you every day. i feel your hardship and your sacrifice and your burden and that of your families more than you can possibly know. you are, i believe, the best our country has to offer. and you will be in my thoughts and prayers every day for the rest of my life. thank you. >> an emotional defense secretary right there. as for the plan withdrawal of the u.s. troops, gates expects it to be a mix of combat and support elements. in his words, i have confidence we'll strike the right balance. up next here on cnn, who are these republicans running for president? and can any of them defeat president barack obama? they could get some help from the sluggish economy? we'll talk about that. will cain and l.z. granderson. that's next. ♪ when the parts for the line ♪
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thank you. you're very generous. >> all right. the develop gop presidential field is taking shape but it is hard to tell if republicans are impressed. we'll talk about this with will cane, a cnn contributor. then l.z. granderson always causing trouble, a senior writer for espn and and a contributor to our own let's start with the
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republicans. listen to the names i'm about to run off, bachman, cain, pawlenty and as of tomorrow, santorum. can any of these people defeat president obama? >> yes. look, don, no president, no incumbent president has won re-election since fdr when the unemployment rate has been above 7.2%. so that would put the vegas odds pretty strongly against president obama, but are any of them mvps? no. i'm unimpressed. i expect the statistic i just told you to be contested with this election. >> thank you for stealing my question to l.z. i won't ask you that later, so this is your question. check out this poll, it is a cnn opinion research poll from late may. just 16% are very satisfied, 45% are fairly satisfied, 39% say they are not satisfied.
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so is there a winner in this group in your estimation, l.z.? >> i'm sure someone has to win the gop primary, i guess, but as far as the presidency, no. what you are seeing in those numbers is simply the fact that even there won't republicans recognized that no one is saying anything about having a concrete plan. they are criticize on obama but don't have a clear plan what they would do if they were in office. >> here's my question. this brings us to people who are not running, well, at least they say they are not running but then who knows, names like christie, daniels, huckabee, trump, who may still change their minds, even rudy giuliani who didn't go anywhere last time he ran. and then we have sarah palin. will these -- these are the big names here, why are they on the sidelines? is it helping or hurting? >> that's a great question. i know now why they pay you to ask these questions. look, you know, i would add names to that.
3:19 pm
congressman paul ryan, senator tom coburn, ex-florida governor john ryan. >> some of them have bigger name recognition and the ability to raise more money than the candidates in there. why aren't they running? >> well, we can look at a couple reasons. each of them sunshine -- paul ryan is new. co burn and christie have jobs. for some it is as simple as they don't want to put their family through it. that seems to be the issue with governor of indiana mitch daniels and possibly the same for jeb bush. maybe it is because they don't feel that they are an election possibility, i don't know why they aren't running. >> to will's question he asked earlier or that he answered earlier, i'm going to let you answer the question now. >> okay. >> we'll talk about the president. this week was brutal for the economy with the report that shows that manufacturing has declined, car sales down, housing prices still falling,
3:20 pm
the stock market took a tumble, and hiring slowed dramatically. that's depressing but that's a big mountain to climb for any incumbent president, lz. >> absolutely. first of all, i want to just tell will the reason no one is running is because of obama. that's the primary reason. even with the numbers you talked about, don, the simple fact is that he came into what we all know was the worst economic outlook of this country in many, many generations. and what he's done, yeah, the numbers have been slow but they have not stopped. we still have 14 straight months of job growth in the private sector. we still have 14 straight months in the manufacturing section. so yeah, it has slowed down but it has not stopped because of the policies he's implemented. that's why no one is running against him, they won't win. >> bold, lz, bold. >> i told you when i introduced him he's always causing trouble, so there you go.
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you can contest that next time. thank you to both of you. i have a quick reminder for the audience. i'm in new hampshire this friday to begin the coverage of the republican presidential candidates debate. look at that picture. i'll be reporting live and anchoring the show from there through the weekend, so make sure you watch and join us and make sure you watch the debate a week from monday. the republicans square off at 8:00 eastern live from new hampshire right here on cnn. all right. we'll move on now to talk sports. one of the most successful college football programs ever in shambles. its head coach out of there. its star quarterback, who knows. what happened at ohio state? sports illustrated senior investigative reporter john wartheim joins me next. but you'll find all 3,400 of them at every day. with your host, betty white. featuring lifetime aarp member, betty white.
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well, last sunday's indianapolis 500 was one of the most exciting ever for the fans. and it was even better for rookie driver charlie kimball. he's dr. sanjay gupta with today's human factor. >> growing up i wanted to race professionally. i wanted to race the indianapolis 500. >> he is 10.9 seconds behind the race leader. >> reporter: this year charlie kimball finally fulfilled his dream. in order to get here he overcame a big hurdle. four years he was told he had
3:25 pm
diabetes. so kimball took time to figure out how to cope with his diagnosis and figure out if he could race with diabetes. something indy car officials said was a first. to qualify for the races he now not only had to be fast but healthy. >> if i go too high, my reaction times slow and i'm not competitive. if i go too low, i get lightheaded, go low enough, i could pass out and cause an accident. >> reporter: his diabetes led him to a response. kindall's pit crew panicked and his doctor. he has to make sure his body is ready allow with his car which now has special equipment. >> i wear a continuous glucose monitor, which is a sensor i have on my body that reads blood glucose, wireless transmits it to a pager-like display that i velcro to the steering wheel. >> and he has a backup system
3:26 pm
designed by his father just in case. >> i've got a drink bottle mounted in the car. fill it with orange juice full of sugar. the tube runs into my helmet and without having to take my hands off the steering wheel i can drink that orange juice, bring my sugars up and i don't have to stop. how are you? >> kimball is determined to get the message out that diabetes doesn't have to stand in the way of your dreams. >> i'm living proof that you can do almost anything you want in life with diabetes. even drive a race car at a couple hundred miles an hour. >>. our stop story this hour, wildfires raging in the southwest. this is one of the largest ever in arizona and is out of control, 0% contained. and the casey anthony trial. the murder of a little girl. the prosecution's case against her mother. we are going in-depth with a team of guests in the cnn newsroom special report.
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all right. that's students and fans rallying in support of jim tressel forced to resign for covering up players getting money and other benefits. the buckeye star player now
3:30 pm
suspended and under further investigation, we'll talk about all of it. sports illustrated john wartheim, there's tressel on this week's cover. trestle is out but the investigation is not over so where do matters stand right now on the investigation? >> well, there's a star player that's under investigation, everybody is sort of waiting to hear what ohio state's fate will be. they are looking for a new coach. the interim coach -- they are looking for a new coach. a lot of who they get depend on how severe the punishment is. every time there's one of the scandals the ncaa says there's nothing wrong with the school, it is just rogue individuals. i don't want to get radical here, but i think this could be one of the cases that really changes the way we think about ohio state or college sports. ohio state's athletic department, nine figures in revenue, one of the colleges with $100 million revenue. you are bound to have corruption when you are not paying those who bring in the most of that.
3:31 pm
this is really typical college scandal. in a nutshell, you say this system is designed -- this system is so flawed it is almost designed for corruption. >> listen, feel free to go ahead and talk about this. i have heard this a lot, especially when it comes to college football. go on, why do you think you are being radical about this. many people believe the same thing you believe and have voiced the same concerns. >> college sports has gotten so big and the money is so great that it just isn't going to mesh. it is the economic 101. when labor is not getting paid and generating all the revenue, big surprise, guys may want a couple free tattoos in exchange for swag when they see the revenue they are generating from the school. we have been talking about this for a long time, but you just feel like it has become such a big beast now. something is bound to change in the notion that a college scholarship is fair tradeoff for ten -- sometimes hundreds of millions of dollars of ref new won't fly anymore. >> back to ohio state. the focus is shifting from
3:32 pm
tressel to terrell pryor and other players. are we likely to see further punishment for these players, john? >> well, terrell proyr pryor is already facing five games suspension. he could go to the supplemental nfl draft this summer. he's going to miss five games minimum. he won't win the heisman trophy as a result. he may do more time, but we are talking about punishing individuals for what's a systemic problem in my opinion. >> we'll move on to talk about the french open. i was tweeting and everyone says, don, stop tweeting we are watching the french open. rafael nadal beat roger federer for the sixth french title. is he moving through the ranks of the all-time tennis greats here, john? >> that's really the sentiment right now. i mean, roger federer has more grand slams now at 16-10, but nadal is younger and his record against federer is -- i mean, it
3:33 pm
is unbelievable. he's won two-thirds of their matches. he is 17-8 against roger federer. if he's the best of all time, how come he has a losing record against the second-best guy. nadal has made this a very interesting conversation beating federer again winning yet another grand slam. pete sampras was the best of all time. he doesn't hold that long before federer clips his hand and now all of a sudden nadal is coming on strong. right now feder e still in my bo book. >> thank you, john. appreciate it. we'll get the headlines right now. massive wildfires forcing thousands to flee their homes tonight. more than a quarter million acres have burned over the past week. one of the largest in state history is the wallow fire in northeast arizona near the town of springerville. the cause of the blaze which has
3:34 pm
scorched 180,000 acres is under investigation right now. yemen is celebrating the departure of their president and the possibility of a truce. a spokesman says a tribal leader agreed with yemen's vice president to stop the fighting. president ali abdullah saudi is in saudi arabia getting medical treatment after an attack on the palace, but the government resists rumors saying he won't return. an angry mob is trying to cross the border between syria and the occupied golan heights. syria claimed 300 were killed and thousands were injured. they were protesting the seizure of golan height's six-day war. one foreman is producing enough sweet potatoes to feed 4 million people, but not for the
3:35 pm
sweet potato capital of the world. tom foreman is telling us how this simple food is building up america. >> reporter: it is like watching a magic trick. a tractor rolls over the bear dirt cutting furrows. a planter drags behind. and there they are, the green shoots of sweet potatoes. there is no more wonderful sight for jerome vick. >> sweet potatoes are 50% of the income made from this farm. >> reporter: right now they are pure gold in the state. >> north carolina is the capital of sweet potatoes. >> reporter: the north carolina sweet potato commission says this year about 400 farmers will plant 60,000 acres of sweet potatoes worth about $182 million to the state economy. that's a record. >> we grow almost half the sweet potatoes produced in the united states. >> reporter: they are selling
3:36 pm
all over the world. sweet potato producers are cashing in on the healthy eating craze by aggressively advertising that this native american plant can help with everything from digestion to joint pain to heart disease. that's pushing demand for sweet potato fries, chips and pies. >> currently about 20% of the sweet potatoes produced in north carolina are being exported. and that looks to rise to even more. >> reporter: how much more? hard to say, but this year vick expects to grow enough on his farm to meet the sweet potato needs of 4 million people. >> you might as well say we have 4 million people eating at our dinner table. which is perfectly all right with me. >> reporter: and next year they hope to be breaking records again. tom foreman, cnn. all right. a little girl murdered, her own mother is accused. and the nation, the world, really, riveted to every single word. up next, a cnn newsroom special
3:37 pm
report. the casey anthony trial. a prosecutor, psychologist and former fbi criminal profiler who worked on the case is going to join me. ♪ hello sunshine, sweet as you can be ♪ [ female announcer ] wake up to sweetness with honey nut cheerios cereal. kissed with real honey. and the 100% natural whole grain oats can help lower your cholesterol. you are so sweet to me. bee happy. bee healthy.
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and now for our cnn newsroom special report. the casey anthony trial is one of the most talked about stories in the country right now. a little girl found dead months after she disappeared and her own mother accused of killing her and hiding the truth from her family and friends. we have a great panel of guests to talk about all of this for you. but first, vinny palatono in session on trutv on how we got here. >> there's something wrong. i found my daughter's car today and it smells like there's been a dead body in the damn car. >> here's a statement that says monday, june 9, 2008, between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. i, casey anthony, took my daughter caylee marie anthony to her nanny's apartment. june 16th is a big, big day.
3:41 pm
there's a lot of things going on. first, that's the day of 12:50 p.m. when casey's dad george says that he last saw his little caylee. then investigators have a bunch of phone records from that day. looking at these records, casey makes a ton of calls including eight calls to her mom, cindy. also, this is the day that casey anthony moves out of her parents' house, she leaves. then things get more interesting. later in the night around 7:54 p.m., at a blockbuster, there's surveillance video. you can see her then boyfriend, tony lazaro and casey anthony arm in arm walking in to rent a couple movies. what's noticeable about the picture, there's no caylee there. june 18th or 19th, this is when casey anthony's neighbor says
3:42 pm
she came over, knocked on the door to borrow a shovel, now according to the neighbor she needs the shovel to take care of bamboo shoots or something in the backyard. it is also on these days, and this is interesting, because the neighbor said he never saw casey anthony really use the garage, yet sometime during those days she uses the garage but doesn't pull into it straight. she backs her car into the garage. and this is where casey anthony worked as a shot girl. this is where casey an no thy is up on stage dancing with another woman in theic manytures, pictures. all that during the same timeframe when her daughter is missing and she is looking for caylee. >> holly hughes, former pros cure on the and defense attorney. windy walsh is in l.a., a human behavior expermit, and jim, a retired fbi special agent and an adviser writer for "criminal minds." he also worked on the casey anthony case.
3:43 pm
and drew is an orlando reporter for wbdo radio, he's been in the courtroom. leonard pitts is a syndicated columnist for "the mime haird." i'm going to start with you, drew. you have been in the courtroom and saw some of the drama there and vinny palatano was talking about that. what do you make of casey anthony and what's going on in this trial? >> well, it is almost a greek tragedy the way this thing has unfolded in court. of course, once the defense laid out the opening argument, basically, saying that casey was a victim all her life of sexual abuse at the hands of her father, that caylee had, in fact, drowned in the pool and the father and her covered it up. basically, that he knew about the death this whole time and played like he didn't. it really took a turn for the even more dramatic. i can tell you that lines to get inside the courtroom have been starting at midnight for court to get in the next day at 9:00. so, obviously, there's a lot of public interest out about this
3:44 pm
case. >> you are absolutely right. we have seen the people rushing to get a seat in the morning. i mean, really trampling each other to get a seat for the trial. what we are seeing on television, is it more tense inside of the courtroom, drew? >> you know, it really is. there's peaks and valleys. you know, when we had george and cindy anthony on the stand, of course, those were very intense cross-examinations by the defense. but today we heard from fbi experts and a crime scene technician, those are more technical aspects the state is laying out specific evidence that has to do with things found in her trunk, specifically a hair and some of the things found in the carpet in the trunk of that car. so there's definitely peaks and valleys but definitely some high peaks. >> holly hughes, a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor, i'm looking at your face as you are watching that. this angers you, doesn't it? >> this is one of the most horrific things we have ever seen because not only is this
3:45 pm
woman accused of murdering her 2 1/2-year-old daughter, she throws her family under the bus. it is a tank, okay? she has taken her father and her brother, who she knows didn't do anything to her, and she has julilied their reputation beyond belief. there are millions of people around the world watching this, don. this is not just the united states. i have people facebooking me from australia, down under, asking me questions about this trial. and she has taken her father and her brother and said to the world, they did this to me, just to get herself out of trouble. if it is really true, that this was an accident and that the baby drowned in the pool, why is it necessary to say anything beyond that? >> and casey's mom cindy anthony was the one who kick started the entire investigation calling police in july of 2008, 31 days after her granddaughter was last
3:46 pm
seen. >> i toll told you my daughter was missing. i found her today but i can't find my granddaughter. she just admitted to me that she's been trying to find her herself. there's something wrong. i found my daughter's car today and it smelled like there's been a dead body in the damn car.
3:47 pm
3:48 pm
3:49 pm
one of the biggest days of testimony we have seen in this case. >> a lot going on. a lot of emotional testimony by cindy anthony. >> the smell in the car was like something i had never -- it was pretty strong. >> the pontiac sunfire is the car that the prosecutors say they believe caylee was once in. >> her favorite doll was in the car seat. i sprayed the doll. and i sprayed febreeze all through the car. >> cindy anthony breaking down as the prosecution played tapes of her 911 calls. >> i found out my granddaughter has been taken. there's something wrong. it smells like there's been a dead body in the damn car. >> that's our sister network hln covering this. holly hughes, we'll talk about
3:50 pm
cindy anthony now. what does that tell you about the grandmother here? >> what it tells me right up front she knew something was not right with this story. listen to her words, don. my daughter tells me the babysitter took this little girl. my daughter says she has not seen her in 31 days but something my daughter tells me she hasn't seen her in 31 days. i found my daughter's car and it smells like there is a dead body in the car. right away she is keying in on the fact that this story doesn't make sense. i don't believe it. if she truly believed that little girl was off with the baby-sitter, would y would you mention the car? why wouldn't she mentioned dead body? she knew in her gut and she couldn't take it. >> when you hear her saying, and hear other people saying, that car smelled like death, does that tell you anything? >> yes, i think it is a very distinct smell that human beings act viscerally too.
3:51 pm
the other thing is the hair with postmortem banding, it can only come off of a dead body. not someone who died in the last 15 minutes but someone who started to decompose. it is very damning evidence. if you look at cindy's behavior, it is someone who is under duress, someone who just found out that something terrible happened. as opposed to when you look at casey's behavior an when she makes 911 calls, it is very matter of factually that she states things. it is not someone under duress that someone is wrong. >> i let you sum it up but i want to go to drew because he has been in the courtroom. when cindy anthony son the stand and when she broke down, take us inside the courtroom. >> that is really an emotional moment in that courtroom. this is what they played the third of three 191 calls of a casey tells her that her daughter had been missing for 31 days. that no one had seen her in 31 days. cindy anthony just basically
3:52 pm
puts her face into her hands and weeps only on the stand as the about three-minute call is played. casey anthony, tears are rolling down her face. she is wiping away tears. at one point the defense tried to play more of that tape, replay it, and cindy pretty much begged the tape ton play it because it was such an emotional tape for her to hear. >> so leonard pits, as the world is watching this, especially americans, ease you are doing commentary on this, what does it say about why people soar interested in this. cindy anthony's emotion, casey anthony's apparent lying on the stand, is it visceral that people are so interested in this. >> i think it is very visceral. there is an built to project yourself into the situation. frankly, the bizarreness of the circumstances, i think is also attempts to draw people in. but i mean, to pull back from
3:53 pm
this individual case for a moment, this sort of idea of the news is sort of a movie of the week, is not new or is not singular to the anthony trial. >> so the most dramatic moments in this trial came from casey anthony herself. the jury heard several, several hours of recorded jailhouse phone calls between casey and her family. next we go into the courtroom for casey's reaction it seeing herself and look at how the calls could affect the trial. >> do you think after this long she would still be local? >> there's a possibility. >> what is your gut telling you right now? >> that she's okay.
3:54 pm
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3:56 pm
>> i hoped in every way that i possibly can since the day i got here. >> you're the one that can control everything. >> no, dad, please. >> sweetie. >> i completely -- >> i'm not trying to get you upset. >> no, but i am upset now. i'm completely upset. one, the media is going to have a freakin field day with this. >> they are coddling her. they are coddling her. >> they are coddling her because this is a family who can't remember whose problem is whose. but in watching her listen to the recordings of those jailhouse phone calls, i see her
3:57 pm
eyes darting in a way that shows she is analyzing. what did i say? did i say something to incriminate myself? how am i going to answer to that. she is not a griefing mother saying, oh, my good flus, this is such tragic dii don't want to lear this. she is thinking, how i do get myself off. >> i agree. she is rethinking in the moment. not recounting something that happened before but recreating to sell the story to her parents. >> holly, you say it is almost like the usual suspects. >> that's exactly what it is, don. what she's done is take little tiny bits of her reality, you know, like jeffrey hopkins, that is a kid she went to grade school with. he takes the stand. now he is supposedly the one who introduced her to saturday find thatta. that's his girlfriend. and her little son, zachary, was baby sat by her. he gets on the stand and said, i
3:58 pm
haven't seen her since grade school. i don't know what you're talking about. i don't have a son. so she is crazy all right. not legally insane but crazy like a fox as you and i talked about earlier shp she takes a little bit of reality and weaves it in. that is what will cook her goose in this trial. >> she has created a fantasy and has chosen 20 live in it which is too bad. but i agree with your guest, that will not save her at trial. this will cook her goose. >> i want to know, grew, when you are sitting in the courtroom and you're watching the face answers she is watching herself, what are the expressions on people's faces? >> well, you know, there have been times that she just sits, stone-faced, and doesn't show any emotion. stair niece the computer screen. she is watching the videos playing on a monitor. it is almost as if she is
3:59 pm
looking through the skeen. i have spent a good amount of time watching the jurors reactions. early in the trial they focus on the judge and lawyers. but as they videos were played and monitors in front of them i notice them looking more up at casey anthony and trying to digest the two different caseys. the one she portrays herself in court and the one in videos where she is telling her dad, telling her mom that there is still hope that caylee is alive. all the while, the defense admits, she knew casey was dead. >> as holly says, she is crazy like a fox. so is there the possibility, i have to ask, maybe you can weigh in with as well, holly, of an insanity defense? is she insane? >> no. >> no. >> no. because her kind -- the kind of lying that -- the definition of the insanity is, an inability to understand what they did was wrong. but her lying is all about covering her butt because she clearly knew what she did


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