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tv   World One  CNN  June 7, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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a collapsed lung and 40% burns. the president of yemen is said to be in a serious condition as fighting conditions to rage in his country. hello, it is 10:00 a.m. it's 7:00 p.m. in sit any. i'm monita rajpal. an emergency meeting over the deadly e. coli outbreak. to be clear, the picture was of me, and i sent it. i am deeply sorry for the pain this has caused my wife and our family.
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>> a tearful apology by u.s. congressman anthony weiner, admitting he sent lewd at which time pics, but stops short of resigning. take a look at this, the motor race martial who got a little too close to the action. first, new details about the condition of yemen's president suggests his injuries are serious. u.s. officials say they've been told ab doom la salle lay suffered burns to nearly half his body when his compound was attacked. he's in osama bin laden where he was taken after the attack. he's also getting treatment for a collapsed lung. an arab diplomatic source says he has a shrapnel wound seven centimeters deep. the largest opposition block has vowed to stop him from returning to osama bin laden. the violence erupted monday
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night. cnn's mohammed jam june joins us from cnn abu dhabi. mohammed? >> these latest reports on the health of president allay abdullah saleh not engendering confidence in the government. one of the problems is that the yemeni government is continuing to maintain that president saleh is okay and will be back soon. we heard from the opposition there yesterday. they said they'll do all they can to stop that from hepg. that was before the latest reports from western officials and diplomats saying that president saleh had suffered much more extensive wounds than originally believed or that's what they were hearing. there's this real discrepancy between what all these other people are saying and what the yemen knees are saying there was a lot of question as to how much power the vice president would have, if he would be setting up a transitional government, how
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effective his leadership would be. everybody was saying the youth revolutionary movement, they were willing to give him a chance. but they wanted him to deliver on reforms they've been demanding the past several months. then you heard later in the day from the vice president himself who also stated the yemeni president saleh would be back soon. a very confusing situation there. you have to remember in yemen a lot of the power is still concentrated in the hands of the saleh family. his son commands the republican guard, his revenue commands the central security forces. this leads to questions about who exactly is in charge and how this will shake out in the coming days. monita? >> there are those who would say if mr. saleh does not return there could be this power vacuum in the country. he was probably the least bad option for yep men at this point, especially when you look at how other countries had looked to him, as i was saying, the least bad option in the country.
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>> well, that's true, monita. you have people saying if he doesn't come back, there will be a power vacuum. you have others who say there's already a power vacuum there. i've spoken to a lot of officials in the past two days who says there is no functioning government there. what's stoking even more fears is what's going to happen with al qaeda there. for months people have been worried, especially u.s. officials, that if saleh leaves, no matter if there's a demand on him, if he leaves, will al qaeda which has a hub in yemen, they eve been able to try to launch very sophisticated attacks from within yemen against other western countries. there were reports of more clashes between islamic militants and security forces in the city of singh gentleman bar. we're now hearing nine soldiers
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in total were killed, five shiv veilians from a security official there. that's adding to fears that more instability and turmoil will lead to more terrorist acts and al qaeda trying to deal with that turmoil. >> thank you so much for that. the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton has said any power shift in yemen should actually happen now. >> -- an immediate transition is in the best interest of the yemeni people because the instability and lack of security currently afflicting yemen cannot be addressed until there is some process that everyone knows is going to lead the sort of economic and political reforms that they are seeking. >> let's see what newspapers around the world are saying about this. in the uk, "the independent,"
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"yemen braced for power battle as president vows return." they have jubilantly celebrated his departure, but his exit has left a deep power vacuum that some analysts fear could ignite a broader conflict. in the united arab emirates, "the nshl," yes, ma'am it says what the protesters have suggested is yemen's future doesn't have to lie with one strong man but politically weaker ones. his depar tu may provide them with an opportunity to prove it. in australia, "nightmare scenario in yemen." it says "the challenges in yes, ma'am len could hard by be greater. amid the deepening since the start of the arab spring. one issue, many views, you can read all those articles in fool at dmfrnlthsn.
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emergency talks right now are being held about the e. coli outbreak which has killed 22 people so far. scientists in germany still haven't established where that bacteria came from, and now, as well the thousands of people infected, vegetable growers are suffering because many consumers are avoiding fresh produce. tests have shown no trace at a deadly bacteria at a sprout farm in northern germany. authorities say that doesn't rule it out as a source of the infection. officials say there's a direct link between the sproud company and people getting sick. cnn's fred ply kin is following developments for us. it's fair to say the test results are inconclusive at this point, only 20 of the 40 samples have been tested. >> yes. they're absolutely inconclusive. as you said, so far there are no stras is of that e. coli
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bacteria in the sprout form. authorities are saying they wouldn't be surprised if they don't actually find any e. coli traces in the sprouts there right now. they believe the sprouts in question, if indeed this was just one, if you will, bad batch of sprouts would have been produced about a month ago. all of that would, by this point in time, been sold off to restaurants and to private people as well. one of the things that the authorities say is what they have is very strong circumstantial evidence because what they did is they went to all the people who got sick. they talked to them and asked them what did you eat? they looked at what regions are affected. they said pretty much all the cases of people getting sick can be linked to them at some point having consumed sprouts from this company. it's very unclear whether or not they're ever actually going to find final proof, but they still believe they have a pretty strong case. however, that doesn't mean that germany has stopped its warnings for other produce. they're still urging people not to eat raw lettuce, tomatoes and
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cucumbers as well, monita. >> fred, is this still a europe-wide concern? or is it now just concentrated in germany? >> reporter: well, the concern, if you will, is pretty much concentrated to northern germany, but the fallout, of course, is europe-wide. as you said, we have this emergency meeting of the european meeting in luxembourg. one of the things they'll probably decide on this aid to european farmers, not just germany but spain, after demand flat lined after the german authorities suggested it might be spanish cucumbers responsible for all this. the german farmers union came out with a statement saying they believe german farmers have lost something like 50 million euros because of declining demand. but also because some countries, for instance, russia, are stopping the import of produce from europe. that's one of the things that one european commissioner said goes way over the top. he said that needs to stop. let's listen in to what he had to say. >> i would like to stress again
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that the outbreak is limited geographically to an area surrounding the city of hamburg, so there is no reason, as of today, to take such measures at european level. in the light of this and also the steps towards the identification of the source, we consider a ban on any product as disproportionate. >> reporter: so that's what the european commissioner had to say, and most probably the actual health effects are something that very much were locally induced around the hamburg area, as he said, around northern germany. if you talk to consumers here in germany and other parts as well, in berlin and other europeans countries, many of them are saying we're going to play it safe and eat no uncooked vegetables. that's something causing demand to seriously decrease and probably something that's not going to go away very soon, monita. >> fred, thank you. do stay with us here on world one for more on this continuialy
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developing story. in a moment we'll be talking to the hamburg medical center for the latest information on the e. coli outbreak. later on "world one," we reveal the pictures threatening to bring down one of the rising stars of american politics. what do an opera singer, a foreign american diplomat and dutch footballer have in common? only seth bladder has the answer to that. somewhere in america, a city comes to life. it moves effortlessly, breathes easily. it flows with clean water. it makes its skyline greener
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hello. this is "world one." our top stories this hour, new details about the condition of yemen's president suggests his injuries are serious. u.s. officials say they've been told ali abdullah saleh suffered burns to nearly half his body when his compound was attacked on friday. saleh is being treated treated saudi arabia. european ministers are holding emergency talks about the e. coli crisis. they're asking paying compensation to fruit and vegetable farmers for losses caused by the outbreak. tests on a sprout farm in northern germany found no trace of e. coli. officials say they suspect the farm was the source of the outbreak which has killed 22 people. so how long before the german authorities have an answer. yourg ber teen is a medical
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director at the medical center. as i was saying to you before, there are two angles to the story. there's the scientific and the health side. let's talk about the health side of this story. while they think they may have found the source -- and again that's inconclusive right now, what does that mean in terms of the health scare of this e. coli outbreak? >> we're sort of seeing the back end of this. so far we're seeing a lot fewer patients with primary infection systems. we're fortunately seeing a lot fewer patients, also, with the complication of the infection, the so-called hu syndrome. that's giving hope that the source of the infection seems to be quieting down, possibly no longer active. nevertheless, everybody is focusing on finding that source and quite honestly, i'm most interested in finding that source, also. >> is it twofold? on the one hand, yes, it's great
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news that this is perhaps breaking off or breaking away right now or tapering away. but does that make it more difficult then to find the source? >> that may make it more difficult because it may very well be possible that the food stuffs that are implicated at this point may no longer be present for analysis to actually occur. on the other hand -- >> sorry, sir. go ahead. >> it is just important, however, to also point out that this crisis is not over also from a medical point of view. we are still taking care of approximately 100 patients with the syndrome. about 30 of them are still in intensive care. while we have seen some improvement in their clinical status, the improvement is very slow and we simply don't know how this is going to play out long term. >> what we've learned about this bacteria, this strain is that it
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is virulent, it is rare. what else have you learned when it comes to the treatment of this bacteria? >> well, there's a lot of aspects about the pathogenesis of this disease that we don't understand. we have seen symptoms very different from previous infections. we are seeing patients with a lot more severe neurologic symptoms. when we do mra scans of these patients, we find normal brain. so there's a lot of unknown, not just with regard to the source of this infection, but also with regard to the pathogenesis of the difficult size as it's evolving. this is making it very difficult for us to see how this is going to play out. we have seen patients who have done significantly better. we've been able to discharge about 20 patients with the hu syndrome. we're still taking care of a lot
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of patients. >> doctor, thank you so much for your time, sir. it was deny, deny, deny. but that's turned into a whopping confession. the u.s. congressman who had to apologize for his at which time pic. "world one" will be right back with that. ♪ ♪ introducing purina one beyond a new food for your cat or dog.
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welcome back. you're watching "world one." there are reports coming in to
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cnn of a huge explosion around mao march gadhafi's compound in tripoli. dan rivers is there and joins us with more on that. dan, what do we know? >> reporter: well, in the last sort of half an hour or so we've had a series of very loud explosions coming sort of from roughly the direction of where colonel gadhafi's compound is. we don't know whether that is the target or whether it's something slightly closer or nearby. the number of explosions between eight and ten, it's a little difficult to be sure exactly how many. they sound incredibly loud, much louder than anything we've heard in the past few days. speculation possibly that they may be using large munitions in these latest raids, possibly bunker-buster bombs, that kind of things. all we saw is a huge big plume of smoke coming up over behind
2:23 am
these trees behind me and then that was followed up with a series of other explosions all within about the half half hour. >> dan, this is the first time we've heard reports of his compound being attacked. nato has said before that their focus, their targets have been military installations or anything that would be used as a military outpost or site for gadhafi's army. any indication as to why his own compound then would be attacked? >> reporter: i think i just have to stress we don't know what was hit. it was coming from that direction, but we don't know whether that was the target. they have in the past hit several times at some sort of target nearby there to the sort of north of a large kind of open area in the center of tripoli. that's being hit a number of times. it's really difficult for us to
2:24 am
know where we are exactly what was being hit. as you can see from the pictures we've just sent in, there was a big gray pool of smoke coming from that direction. but we don't know exactly what is there. as i'm speaking to you know, monita, we can hear again what sounds like either planes or -- again, you can hear a very large explosion behind me. i think that sound that we could hear, it sounded like a jet. in fact, we think possibly that is the sound of the rocket actually coming in. then you hear the reports of the explosion behind me. i'm beginning to lose count, i'm afraid, in all the excitement here. that brings it up close to ten explosions in the last half hour. >> certainly highlights the fact of the difficulties of reporting within libya, even within the capital of tripoli because often you're taken by the libyan government to these sites. it's difficult to even get
2:25 am
independent confirmation of what exactly is going on. >> reporter: yeah. we are completely controlled anywhere we go and what we see. and often when we are allowed out with our government minded it's carefully orchestrated. yesterday, for example, we were taken out to see some of the damage near the port on the seafront. they claim the buildings that were damaged were a library, a sort of charity building, a research center. we had a good wander around. they were fairly open in allows us to wander around. it's very difficult for us to say looking at a pile of rubble whether there was some sort of intelligence apparatus there or radar installation or whether it was, as the government claims, just an innocent building, very difficult for us to say. and as you mentioned, we are very tightly controlled in what we're allowed to see. >> dan, thank you for that, cnn's dan rivers reporting to us
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our top stories this hour. new details about the condition of yemen's president suggests his injuries are serious. u.s. officials say they've been told saleh suffered burns to nearly half his body when his bound was attacked on friday. saleh is being treated in saudi
2:30 am
arabia. in yemen witnesses say clashes on monday were the fiercest since anti-government protests began four months ago. european union farming ministers are holding emergency talks about the e. coli crisis. they're considering paying compensation to fruit and vegetable farmers for losses caused by the outbreak. tests on a sprout farm in northern germany have found no trace of e. coli so far. officials officials have said they suspect the farm is the source of the outbreak which has killed 22 people. a married u.s. congressman has admitted sending inappropriate pictures of himself to women he met over the internet. anthony weiner initially claimed the photos came from someone who hacked into his twitter account. he was forced to come clean when his story didn't add up. >> to be clear the picture was of me and i sent it. i am deeply sorry for the pain this has caused my wife and our
2:31 am
family. >> weiner who was expected to run for new york mayor in 2013 ap pom jazzed for sending the photos and for lying about them. he has admitted sending messages and pictures to more than half a dozen women, wu says he won't resign from the house of representatives. u.s. president barack obama will hold a state dinner in washington for german chancellor angela merkel. the president will award merkel the presidential med dell of freedom, the highest u.s. civilian army. back in germany, the debt crisis and change on policy on nuclear power have severely damaged the chancellor's popularity. the syrian government says it will deal with those it holds responsible for attacks against security forces in northern syria. reenforcements are being sent in after battles erupted over the weekend between anti-regime activists and syrian troops. state television reporting 120 members of security forces were
2:32 am
killed in several attacks including an ambush by armed gangs and dozens of civilians were wounded there are conflicting reports on who was involved. some websites say the soldiers were killed as they tried to defect. most of the international news media are not allowed inside syria making accounts of events there difficult to verify. cnn's arwa damon takes a look at how one video leaked onto the internet appears to support activists claims of a government-led campaign of misinformation. >> reporter: five bodies lie in pools of blood. the images so graphic we had to blur them. most appear to have been shot in the head. standing over them, syrian soldiers talking to the camera. one of the man jokes about the eyeliner on the face of one of the dead. cnn can't verify the authenticity of the video but a human rights group says the
2:33 am
killings took place in the end of april. at one point a voice says show me those weapons, put them there, and what looks like a gun is placed on one of the bodies. leave them there. they are the weapons the committee will come film, the man says. we reached an activityist from da dara by phone t. committee is from syrian tv. they come film and say these people were armed and they had to be killed. abazeed says planting weapons on victims is part of the strategy to paint protesters as terrorists. syrian state television claimed security forces were targeting. and aired this emotionalless statement. two of the dead men were his sons, two his nephews. there was a gunfight between the army and the group inside which included my children and my nephews, he says. and then adds, i saw them carrying weapons and killing and
2:34 am
shooting at the army. activists say he was forced to make the statement. abazeed says the men were unarmed and were responsible for food distributions during the siege of daraa. it shows how people came up with their own methods to distribute food across the battle zone, filling water drums with vegetables and other basics and using a pulley system to distribute them. they say the five men who were killed were using the same tech mean when security forces shot them dead. they killed them to starve the people he claims. they hope to break the will of the opposition. activists claim the regime is undertake ag deliberate campaign to smear the opposition, repeatedly using threats to force confessions and cover up their own crimes. they say this video is evidence of another atrocity in dara. and the syrian government has
2:35 am
not responded to cnn's request for a response. arwa damon, cnn beirut. quickly updating you on the story out of libya. within the last half hour a series of air strikes have been reported in the center of tripoli. at least ten loud explosions were heard in the libyan capital. large plumes of smoke are billowing over the city. jets can also be heard overhead. we'll bring you more on this developing story as we get it. we're taking a short break here on "world one." we'll be right back with more. somewhere in america, a city comes to life. it moves effortlessly, breathes easily.
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2:39 am
after he got married. he says he won't resign from the house of representatives. weiner had been described as a rising star on the democratic party and expected to run for mayor of new york city in 2013. the democratic leader in the house of representatives nancy pelosi is calling for ethics investigation to find out if the 46-year-old broke any house rules. cnn's jeanne moos has the story. >> reporter: the camera sounded like a firing squad. must have felt like one to anthony weiner. he took a last drink, but the water works that mattered came out of his eyes an his sniffling nose. >> i've done things i deeply regret. i am deeply regretting what i have done. >> reporter: sorry to the media for all the stonewalling he did. >> you would know if this is your underpants, right?
2:40 am
>> the question is -- appreciate you continuing to flash that at me. >> reporter: it was when pictures like this flashed out from the conservative website big government that congressman weiner's goose was cooked, pictures exchanged konsensly he said with women he met through facebook. >> i don't know what i was thinking. this was a destructive thing to do. >> reporter: some of the pictures were playful, flashing a sign saying me, with his wedding ring visible with a caption full of double meaning. when he bared his torso, it included family photos behind him. the owner of said he didn't publish the worst photo. >> if it's of an x rated nature. >> reporter: the person congressman weiner apologized to the most was his wife. >> i love my wife very much and we have no intention of splitting up over this. >> reporter: how things have changed since congressman weiner referred to his wife at the
2:41 am
congressional correspondents dinner just over two months ago. >> and she's lovely and elegant and brilliant and widely respected throughout this town. obviously opposites attracted. >> reporter: back then he cracked. >> i do the weiner groups. >> reporter: no everyone is doing them. even a sausage restaurant in brooklyn is advertising a special. >> anthony's weiners. >> reporter: two hot dogs on french bread drizzled with olive oil. the owner says it's given the new restaurant a nice boost. >> juicy and delicious. >> reporter: no juicier than the scandal itself. >> this was a very dumb thing to do. >> reporter: jean nye moose, cnn, new york. >> since congressman weiner's admission, plenty of people have taken to twitter to give therapy thoughts on weiner-gate.
2:42 am
let's begin with brad loekle. he says he's a bad husband, not a bad politician. if most of us could loose our jobs for infidelity, the unemployment rate would be hopi
2:43 am
rejuvinate the government body. he said henry kiss injer isn't the only celebrity to be a part of the panel. >> i have also contacted the spanish placido domingo. >> placido domingo is one of the names that might join the solutions committee. >> domingo, he will be part and he's happy, he's proud he's part -- >> talking now and having
2:44 am
finished on the losing side into very tight stanley cup final games, the boston bruins knew they had to try something different in game three against vancouver. whatever they came up with worked, a treat. not only did they win the game, but they absolutely thrashed the canucks at home on monday. tim thomas made 40 saves and allowing only one goal against vancouver. the turning point of the game was possibly aaron rome's brutal hit on nathan horton. knocked him unconscious and sent him to hospital. that was all the motivation boston needed to get even. no goals in the first period, but all that changed ten seconds into the second when andrew fairness hit the back of the net and that sparked an eight-goal avalanche to put the bruins right back into the series. boston skated to an 8-1 victory, most lopsided score line in the stanley cup final for 15 years. monita shaking her head. it's true.
2:45 am
the canucks lead by two games to one. a very lucky escape from the world of motor racing. a martial in japan had a run in with sebastian brim many. they were taking part of a charity event to raise money for the earthquake and tsunami appeal. quite what the martial was thinking we'll never know. he was vfr, very fortunate that he was coming to the end of the run and slowing down. that could have been a whole lot worse. >> a martial? hello. can we talk about the boston bruins? >> we can. >> can we? 8-1. >> great performance for button. the first two games were so tight, nobody would have expected that in the third game. >> they found something inside, deep inside. >> thank you very much for that. coming up, watching and waiting as tensions rise in yemen, british forces prepare for a deployment. we'll bring you the latest on that here on cnn.
2:46 am
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for a deployment. this is "world one" from london. if you want to spread the word and ending modern day slavery. we've been using paper planes as a symbol of paths to freedom. you can make your own carrying a message of hope for the people
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suffering and sprepd the message bypassing them on to a friend or stranger. a lot of ireporters already on board. go to one of the biggest wildfires in arizona's history got bigger on monday. strong winds are making it harder for the firefighters. jennifer delgado, i understand people can't even go outside their homes because the smoke is so overwhelming. >> absolutely. this is certainly a danger. anyone who has any type of health problems say asthma or even the elderly, when the temperatures get so hot and you get the smoke out there, potentially that is going to cause a lot of problems. for today, we are still dealing with a fire threat. we're talking about a critical fire threat for areas including parts of arizona, new mexico, even spreading over towards oklahoma. but the fire in arizona is one we're really watching right now. we're talking more than 200,000 acres burning across the region. go to some of the video to give you an idea of what it looks
2:50 am
like. you see the smoke out there and that's what monita was saying that residents are complaining about, the breathing quality -- the air quality is so bad there, thousands of people have been evacuated. and again, a widespread area, we're talking more than 230 acres actually burning right now. the problem is no rain out there. take you back over to our graphic. low relative humidity and also dealing with winds anywhere between 50 and 75 kph, roughly 30 to 45 miles per hour as we go through the remainder of today as well as through wednesday. in addition to that, talking about the severe drought. this is going to give you an idea of some of the fires that are burning. anywhere you're seeing in orange, this is the area hardest hit. thousands of people evacuatend it's going to take a while before they get this fire contained right now. they have more than 2,000 firefighters working on this. another big story, talking about the flooding happening in the caribbean. we're talking about hispaniola as well as puerto rico. let's go to some of this video.
2:51 am
if you remember last week, i told you we were watching the area of low pressure in the caribbean. this is massive flooding across parts of puerto rico. landslides, mudslides. this area of low pressure has about a 30% chance of becoming a tropical cyclone within the next 48 hours. let me take you over to the graphic and show you. it doesn't look very organized, you can see. notice where the clouds are, we're dealing with heavy rainfall, we'll continue to see that happening. it's also happening across parts of puerto rico. in addition to that, another area of low pressure spinning the the south of acapulco that has a chance of become ag cyclone within the next 48 hours. tropics very active. >> jen, thank you so much. want to take a look at what's trending only social media right now. number three, wayne rooney's hair, the england footballer is causing a stir online after tweeting a picture showing the results of his hair transplant. he says lit take a few months to grow. it's been a popular story
2:52 am
online. some fans are actually applauding him for being so open about it. as number two, tears over twitter. u.s. congressman anthony weiner is dominating online discussion today after admitting he sent inappropriate pictures of himself to women he met online. the married politician originally said his twitter account had been hacked. and at number one, peru's new president narrowly beat his rival in a run-off vote. the ex army officer has become a popular search term on the web. he will be sworn in to office july 28th. we take you to yemen where the situation is growing increasingly dangerous. it's hard to say how many foreign nationals can find themselves stranded there. many have followed the advice to leave. as for the ones that could
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