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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 7, 2011 12:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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that the deal was considered, federal officials threatened to stop flights to texas if the bill passed. now, really, would the federal government shutdown flights to texas if this passes? sure, other states have considered this, but we are talk talking asht texas, a major hub. but the tsa believes they have the power to shutdown airports in texas and anywhere else. and they say that tsa would be likely to cancel a flight or series of flights for which it could not ensure the safety of the passengers and the crew. sounds like hot air. the bill has passed in the house, but you can bet that if it is called back for the senate to consider, this could be bigger than the alamo. that is going to do it for me. "cnn newsroom" continues with brooke baldwin. >> i love that you can say doozy >> i love that you can say doozy with a straight face, randi kay. -- captions by vitac -- i am brooke baldwin and we
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will get to the day's drama of anthony weiner, but there are more important things happening with say meetings with world leaders. today, president obama hosting germany chancellor angel la merkel today. pthese are two countries on different pages when it comes to the global policies of afghanistan and libya, but today, it was all about accentuating the positive. >> there is hardly any global issue where we don't consult one another. i have said before, i always value angela's intelligence and frankness and approach to issues, and i trust her. and as she said herself, it is fun to work together. it has been again fun today. even as we have addressed some very urgent challenges. >> brianna keilar live there for the white house, and brianna,
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the things that president obama and chancellor merkel a agree on are the fun parts to quote the president are the easy part, but i want to talk about libya, because the chancellor, wanted five nations to abstain from the national security council's vote to abstain from the air strike, and is that an issue today is? >> well, the reporters tried to get at that in the press conference, but no way that we saw president obama and chancellor merkel airing any of the thorny disagreements even though germany did not vote on the resolution, as you mentioned, and also that germany has not had a strong military presence when it comes to the mission in libya. what you heard instead was president obama highlighting what germany has done saying it has freed up or had a further commitment in afghanistan to free up other countries for the libyan mission, and then you heard the chancellor and the president talking about areas of agreement, and namely that moammar gadhafi must go, and the
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vague commitment on germany to do some more politically and economically for libya once gadhafi does go. that is what merkel said. listen to some of the press conference. >> the chancellor and i have been clear. gadhafi must step down and hand power to the libyan people, and the pressure will only continue to increase until he does. >> translator: and in the future when we have further talks on this, we agree that germany will be showing that it is responsible and committed to the libyan cause. >> so not many signs of daylight between the two leaders in the press conference, but make no mistake, there is some there. >> and looking ahead to the night, brianna, there is a state dinner and chancellor merkel to receive the medal of freedom and give me a rundown of the events? >> this is the highest civilian honor that the u.s. government gives out, and really the reason that the chancellor is getting it is because she is not only the first east german to be the
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chancellor of germany, but the first woman. >> female. >> and brooke, i have the dinner menu, because you want to know. >> spill it. >> what are they going to be eating? a chopped salad and tuna tartar and petite fillet finishing off with apple strudel and american wine paired with each of the courses. we had some place settings set at the state dining, but what is special about this state dining is that it is taking place outdoors in the rose garden, brooke. >> but isn't it warm there in washington in the 90s? >> yes, and it is going to be mid- to high 80s in the dinner, so i hope there are some dinners or ice blocks. >> keep the apple strudel warm. brianna keilar live from the white house. and germany not involved as brianna pointed out in the nato mission, but german troops are
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serving in afghanistan and among the main contributors operating in the northern part of the country. for that i want to go to the pentagon and bring in chris lawrence into the conversation, and quickly, what is the state of germany's military presence in the state of afghanistan? >> well, brooke, they have 5,000 troops there, and they have been experiencing a lot of the same, and increasing violence that the american troops s have. they have lost four troops in the last four weeks, and the german commander who commands the isap troops in the northern part was wounded by a bomber, and they did kick in the extra 300 personnel to afghanistan to free up some of the other countries who had been in afghanistan to send some of the air power to libya. germany rejected a call to get involved in libya militarily, so they tried to make up for it by increasing a bit in afghanistan. >> okay. looking ahead, chris, you and i have talked about this in the past about president obama's
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choice for the next secretary of defense. we were just talking about yesterday about afghanistan and the outgoing secretary robert gates' final trip to afghanistan, and this is a big week for leon panetta? >> that is right. on thursday, leon pa nnetta wil be on capitol hill for the confirmation hearings, an unlike some nominees not a lot of opposition is expected to panetta, because he went through the confirmation process in the last two years to be cia director, and in fact, he has been meeting with some defense department officials here in the pentagon to go over things that he needs to know for those confirmation hearings as well as try to smooth away for a transition if and when he is confirmed. now, there is limits to what the pentagon can do, because technically, he is not a part of the department of defense yet, but leon panetta is in a unique situation that as cia director, he has relationships here in the buildings, and he has working
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and meeting with the pentagon officials for some time now. >> and of course, chris lawrence at the pentagon will be looking at that later in the week, thursday, as you pointed out. >> you're welcome. >> hide the video and preserve it? >> it was saved to the sim card and i p put it in my mouth. >> what does that video show and why does this man say that police in miami beach went so far to destroy it? you heard him say he put the sim card in his mouth. that is coming up. >> and still no word on the source of the deadly e. coli outbreak. so how worried should we be in the u.s.? that is next. and he says that none of the online relationships got physical, but could you call what congressman anthony weiner did cheating? we will be right back. i'll tell you what -- when we stop to fill it up. ♪ ♪
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all right. let's go, just into us on cnn, tiger woods says he will not play in this year's u.s. open and he says it is because of the troublesome knee, and achilles tendon. woods says he will listen to his doctors and sit this one out. let me read this to you in a statement here, the golfer says it has been a frustrating and difficult year, but i am committed to my long-term health end quote. the u.s. open starts monday at the congressional country club. and now the deadly outbreak of e. coli is now up to 23. people died after visiting germany and getting what they are calling this super toxic strain. scientists are still trying to figure out what caused this massive outbreak. meanwhile, back here in the united states, a lot of folks
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are starting to wonder, should i be worried? sanjay gupta has some answers. >> well, brooke, it ap peers in the united states people are not going to be at risk anymore for several reasons. first of all the first four people confirmed to have infections were people who traveled to germany. so you have something that being in contact over there as opposed to having secondary infections here in the united states. also, there is a lot more attention focused on this, and a heightened sense of vigilance and food being pulled from the shelves, so it is unlikely that we will see many more or any more infections whatsoever. we know that the rare form of e. coli is a particularly f lly na one. it is not the largest outbreak, but in terms of numbers of 200 people infected in six countries is because of the hemolytic uremic syndrome where your blood does not clot as well and your
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kidneys will shut down is what is leading to the deaths that we are hearing about. and also, the majority the of the people or most of the people are women both in terms of those who developed the complication and the infection overall and it is not entirely clear why. it could be because of the food choices. figuring out where this came from is a very difficult thing. i will tell you, brooke, we did some investigating on that ourselves regarding the spinach outbreak a couple of years ago, and simply tracing the steps from the farm to the fork can be a laborious task. you don't know exactly at what point the bacteria was introduced and it also relies on people remembering what they ate several weeks ago. you know, did you have sprouts? did you have cucumbers? what sorts of vegetables were you eating? that can be challenging for anybody to remember yesterday let alone a few weeks ago. so sometimes you never get an answer, a clear one, as to exactly how this all started. in the interim consumers who arer worried about this, you have to take the basic precautions we always talk
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about. washing your hands as frequently as possible, and washing your food although it is difficult to get the e. coli out of vegetables and making sure you don't cross contaminate the food. the focus is on all of the steps before it gets to the consumerings and trying to make sure that the food is as clean as possible and making sure that no further con taminations happen. and as we get more information, we will be back to you. >> yes, i don't remember what i ate a week ago let alone weeks ago. now this. >> i'm used to dealing with police, and i have is never had a view like that of an officer in my life. i am shaking thinking about it. >> she says that a police officer pointed a gun at her and her boyfriend after they witnessed this deadly shooting in the middle of miami beach, and they have video to prove it. we are going to tell the you what we are learning from that video next. [ male announcer ] nature valley
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last week we showed you this piece of video of a deadly police shooting in miami beach. the whole thing caught on camera and now another cell phone video emerging from the erllily morning and the man who made that video says he ended up with a gun pointed at his head. here is cnn's brian todd. >> reporter: you are about to witness what appears to be a chaotic shooting scene in miami beach. just before 4:00 a.m. on memorial day holiday, a car comes to an abrupt stop on
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collins avenue. this video on youtube shows the police surrounding the car and then firing. police kill the suspect raymond haris and the miami police say he had used his vehicle as a weapon this morning and struck and injured an officer with the car when the officer tried to stop him, but an eyewitness says that police used intimidation to cover up their actions. here you will see video from the eyewitness from street level. >> oh, my god. he got to be dead now. >> reporter: and then watch how police approach that eyewitness. one appears to have a gun drawn. we have the eyewitness and his girlfriend with us at the time at our miami bureau, and cnn has purchased the video from them, and narsis, can you tell us what the miami beach police said to you when they first approached you? >> they said get the [ bleep ] away from you and get back to your car, and that is what i did. i walked back to the car with my hands up. i turned around and the officer
12:18 pm
had a gun to my head. >> reporter: he says that the police got him out of the car at gunpoint and handcuffed him and made him lay face down and got his cell phone and threw it on the ground and stepped on it and placed nit in the back pocket. and then they took him into custody, and examine the phone again, and he said it was broken. >> how did you preserve the memory card? >> i put the sim card in my mouth. >> how did the memory card not get ruined in your mouth? >> i do not know. i do not know. >> what do you say about the behavior of the police officers and the way they behaved? >> they wanted the videos and that is all they were concerned about. >> reporter: after contacting them, a miami police official said that the department will not comment on anything that is possible civil or internal police investigation. but the official said that at
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the time that the video was shot, this was an active crime scene, and police were looking for additional suspects. miami beach chief carlos noriega said this about the shooting involving the man. >> i u consider this to be a situation involving deadly force. >> erica davis says this as she looks back on the incident. >> my mother is a police officer and i'm used to being around the police, and i have never seen a view of an officer like that in my life. i am shaking about it thinking about it. >> and brian todd, in washington, i can't believe he had the presence of mind to put the sim card in his mouth and it was not ruined. what a story. i know there were other casualties in the incident that morning, correct? >> there were, brooke. police official in miami beach said that four bystanders were shot in that incident which it could speak to maybe the police's motivation for wanting to control the crime scene at the time. we do have to remember though
12:20 pm
that the police say that incident, there were additional suspects they were looking for and that suspect they had shot had used his car as a weapon and very fluid situation, but you could see that maybe things got a little bit out of control with four bystanders shot and injured at the scene. >> and according to the two people, this couple that we just heard from, they say that the police tried to confiscate what other folks' phones as well? did the mistake any other action against any other people at this chaotic miami beach scene? >> well, the couple said that the police tried to take other people's cell phone and smash them. a miami beach official told me that is what he called speculation, and he is not aware of any complaints about that. but these two people are pretty sure of what they saw. they are contemplating some possible litigation, but they have not made a decision on that yet. >> let us know when and if they do, brian todd, and thank you for passing that along. >> thank you, brooke. we will not surrender, and those words from a defiant
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moammar gadhafi as nato air strikes hit his compound today. we will tell you what he said and where he was when he said it. and also, mitt romney versus president obama, and who would win if the election were held say today? we have the new results of a poll next. [ kimberly ] when i was 19, i found myself alone with two children and no way to support them. people told me i wasn't going to do anything. and i just decided i have more to offer than that. i put myself through nursing school, and then i decided to go get a doctorate degree. university of phoenix gave me the knowledge to make a difference in people's lives.
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checking some of the top stories here at cnn, i want to begin with libya, and moammar gadhafi pledges to say in the uncountry that he has been leading for a number of decades
12:24 pm
here if necessary fighting to the death. this is what the viewers of the libyan state television saw when gadhafi delivered the audio-only message today. it is the same day 35 different explosions rattled the city. nato says that the air strikes targeted the libyan military intelligence headquarters. how about this one? mitt romney beats barack obama. that is the outcome of a hypothetical presidential election if it were to be held today instead of 2012. this is a new poll conducted by the washington post and abc news. they asked the registered volters to choose between these two men head to head, and the republican front-runner romney edged out the president. the poll has a margin of error 3.5 percentage points which erases the gap. and today, in the casey anthony capital murder trial, jurors heard from a forensic chemist today who analyzed items in anthony's trunk. he said he found low level r
12:25 pm
residue of chloroform. and we heard yesterday from another analyst who said he detected shocking levels of chloroform. casey anthony faces seven counts and among them first-degree murder. and coming up, the question in the twitter world i want to pose to you, is it still cheating if it is just and online relationship. i want to talk to psychologist wendy walsh about why women stay with their husbands who do the exact same thing. as was trapped in rocks thousands of feet below us. technology has made it possible to safely unlock this cleanly burning natural gas. this deposits can provide us with fuel for a hundred years, providing energy security and economic growth all across this country. it just takes somebody having the idea,
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and that's where the discovery comes from.
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you could say that representative anthony weiner could have a new nickname on capitol hill, toxic tweeter. here is senate majority leader harry reid who spoke moments ago. >> can you tell us whether or not you think that congressman weiner should resign? >> i am not here to defend weiner. >> do you believe he should resign? >> i am not here to defend him. >> what advice would you give him if he asked you? >> call somebody else. >> ouch. republicans also taking advantage of the new york democrat's admission that he sent questionable photos of himself to women online.
12:29 pm
and they are saying he should give money back, and also one of the women that he is alleged to have a public relationship is now going public. watch. >> may we talk to you for a moment? >> man, oh, man, a lot of cameras chasing her. there is texan meghan broussard where she did speak about congressman weiner's online demeanor. >> he was eager about knowing if i wanted him or thought i was attractive or that sort of thing. >> how much of it was sex talk? >> well, he would attempt all of the time. >> what are we hearing from the democrats in d.c.? with the exception of harry reid, crickets except for the call of the democratic leadership for an ethics investigation, and a lot of people are wondering if he can survive politically here. i want you to listen to the man
12:30 pm
weiner had hoped to succeed as mayor of new york city. >> it is hard to believe given the coverage that all of the press has given this situation that any voters in his district aren't familiar with the situation, what happened or whatever. and they will have an opportunity to express themselves in one year and four months from now. >> what are the voters saying? here is am is aple. -- here is a sample. >> he is a very well respected politician especially in the area. i'm somewhat taken aback by this whole thing. >> actually, i'm glad he is not resigning. what he does on his personal time is his business. >> it is scary that a political person that we elected could do something like that. >> he should resign. >> and what anthony weiner did online should be voter scrutiny
12:31 pm
and ethics investigation, but we wondered on the face of this whole thing is it really wrong on a moral standpoint and where should politicians or anybody draw a line in the online world. let me bring in our expert, a family therapist, and expert on human behavior wendy walsh. before the break, i tweeted, what anthony weiner admitted to doing, does that constitute cheating? it is yes, yes, yes, and that sup to the wife, and we have to redesign cheating because of technology now. given all of that, was it cheating, wendy? >> i bet a man said that, we should redefine it now that we can get off with the keyboard. cheating is lying and betraying your spouse. you have a covenant. if the it is something that you would do in front of your spouse with your spouse's consent then it is not cheating, but clearly, and i read one of the very long facebook streams, conservation streams with the woman from las
12:32 pm
vegas that he had and online relationship with, and it was very graphic sexual encounters, but also the words, i have tom can to vegas, and i have to really do this to you, and her saying, yes, come on, baby, so this is foreplay for an affair as far as i'm concerned. >> and it is interesting that for your clients you see everyday those who have cheated or cheated upon, the litmus test is if you would do this in front of your partner and i would be surprised if folks would say i will send a picture of my underpants to somebody in front of my partner. what does it say that his wife of a year was not standing by him at the sheraton hotel nor in the room? what does that say? >> it is enough that she has broken her heart, and why should she be subjected to public humiliati humiliation, and why should she stay by his man and let us
12:33 pm
witness her humiliation. she may have him step in front of the press and weather the storm alone. but she may stay with him, because woman identify themselves through the relationships, and marriage is complicated, because maybe it will be an opportunity for them to grow closer if they get over the giant speed bump. >> it is an interesting point. let me go back to the person, and i don't know if this person is a man, and i will say, oh, my hot male, we will have to redefine cheating since there are more creative ways of doing things with technology that we have. so now, society has to catch up to technology and redefine what cheating is? >> brooke, don't let them tell you that. it is the same old story. some people are going to be unfaithful and have bad morales, but but they have new pathways and the internet provides new opportunities and weird illusion of privacy, and remember, boys and girls, everything that you type into the keyboard is set in
12:34 pm
stone on the internet forever or somebody's hands who now holds your private secrets, but the difference between say watching porn or lusting after a celebrity and then applying the fantasies the your own spouse at home is that with and online relationship, you have a real person at the other end. you are having a relationship together that's bringing up emotional and physical reactions. >> huge difference. final question, because i have heard from a lot of parents who have kids, and you know, parents right now are trying to get the message across to teenagers not to sext, and do this, and here we see this a seven-term congressman coming forward admitting to doing this, and so how do parents teach their kids not the do it? >> well, you know, i actually teach classes in netiquette and i teach the girls how not to get sucked into the lure of a sex and techniques at a sexting
12:35 pm
because at that age they could have full-on relationships without ever talking, but what has to happen with the kids that we need to see real consequences happen to the adults, and in the next few days my prediction is that this is not going to end and it will steamroll into more women coming out of the closet and potential real world evidence that something has happened and he has had an affair and the constituents are going to really lose faith in him, and when those consequences come out, that is the message to the id ckids, see what happens. >> you think there is more than six women? >> absolutely. my gut says this is a habit he has had all of his life, and the wedding because blip in it, and now he is back to it. >> wendy walsh, interesting conversation sand lot of people talk about this one today, the water cooler question of the day. coming up, i will speak to wolf blitzer and what this really means for congressman weiner's career and can he survive this? there was talk about totally
12:36 pm
eliminating his seat in the house, and we will explain how that is a mere possibility now with wolf blitzer coming up. and also coming up, our own ted rowlands out in toledo, ohio. ted? >> yeah, brooke, coming up, we are on a listening tour. we are at rudy's hot dogs and no better place to get a hot dog and no better place to get an opinion or two. we will talk to kathy and a couple of employees here after the break on what they think about washington, the economy and politics in general. stay with us. >> we are looking forward to it, ted rowlands. thank you. you are watching cnn theseroo"." we will be right back. ♪
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time now for cnn to go "in depth" and this week, we are on a listening tour. as we get closer and closer to next year's election and the next gop presidential debate, we want to hear what you have to say about the economy and politics and any other big issue on your mind. ted rowlands is live for us in toledo, ohio, right on the heels of president obama's visit there last week, and ted, you know, we heard from the president, and he talked about how jobs in the auto sector were so saved by the big auto bailout, and what are folks there at that diner saying to you? >> well, you know, mix of opinions as you might imagine, brooke. we are at rudy's hot dog place.
12:40 pm
it is abinstitution here in toledo and the president was here and made a surprise visit and had a lunch here with a couple of chili dogs, and right now donna is making a tuna on rye here, and you see him come and go, and you have your own opinions here, and give us a sense of what people in toledo are thinking about the economy and politics and what is number one on their mind? >> umnumber one would be the jo, the way that the state of the economy is. i would say that number two would be the war and just bring our troops home. that is all i'm asking. you know, that is not our fight. we went over there, and i don't know, i have very mixed opinions about it. and -- i really i just -- i don't agree with a lot of things. but i really -- i just want -- i want the troops to come home,
12:41 pm
and i want the jobs and the economy to get better. pick up. >> all right. thank you, dawn. kathy here is a long-time employee. >> yes. >> and she hears it all and says it all, but she promises not to use the foul language. and your opinion of washington, kathy, and what should, if you have the ear of everyone in congress and the president what would you tell them? >> well, first thing i'd tell them is that hopefully we can make some jobs for the younger folk, because i read in the paper the other day, that there are jobs that are not available for them, because the adults have taken them, because they have to take minimum wage, two to three jobs at a time to support the family. i think more funding for that. >> reporter: all right. perfect. brooke, it is interesting because a couple of have heard number one by far. and the other prevalence sense is they are sick of the politicians fighting among each
12:42 pm
other, democrats and republicans and spending too much time sabotaging each other than doing anything. and health care problems and lot of people say they do not want entitlements messed with even though it is a part of the budget discussion. so, the first day of the week-long tour across the country, and the listening tour, and we are getting a lot of opinions here at rudy's. >> well, i have been to ohio many times and the backbone of the middle-class and the manufacturing sector and we lost 5,000 jobs ale loan in that sector last month, and they are feeling it. ted rowlands thank you for listening and being part of the listening tour. appreciate it. coming up next, he survived combat overseas, but his brother is still blaming the u.s. army for his death. why? he blames overmedication. and so just how big of a problem is this? that is next, but first, free money help advice from the cnn money help desk. >> time to get answers to your
12:43 pm
financial questions. joining me is a financial officer and a financial planner. the first question comes from california. randy asks, our house is 41% under water, a and we will st g struggle to pay the $2800 a month mortgage when i retire in nine years, so what are the downsides to walk away now? >> well, there are a lot of downsides. first is the moral issue and the impact on the credit score if you are ever going to need to borrow money going forward. randy said he is planning to retire in nine years and i'm wondering about why to think about retiring when you have this situation. talk to somebody at the national foundation of credit foundation for counseling and find out what to do with the refinance or short sale or something to get to a position where walking away
12:44 pm
is not the only option. >> and terry from belvidere, illinois, if i retire at 62 and collect social security, i'm allowed to make $14,400 this year. and ki contincan i continue to contribute those $14,400 in earnings to my 401(k)? >> well, it is $14,460, and from that they take back two dollars for every one dollar over that for social security. the part of the question is that you can if your plan allows it. what that means is that you can absolutely put 100% of the income away up to the limits for people over 50 is $22,000 and wipe out the taxable income if your plan allows it. each plan is approved by the department of labor, and maybe your plan is old one where it allows 15% or 20% of the earnings and if that is the case, even though you should be
12:45 pm
able to, you may not be able to. if the plan allows for it, you can. but you have to get the summary plan description, the spd, and it is difficult to get, and you need to get it and it will tell you exactly what you can do. >> plan by plan. so do you have a question that you want us to answer? send us an e-mail any time to the cnn help desk at ♪ you love money ♪ well, you know i love it too ♪ ♪ you love money ♪ well, you know i love it too ♪ ♪ i work so hard at my job ♪ and then i bring it home to you ♪
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a combat veteran marine died back in 2008, not on the battlefield, but in his sleep, in the united states. more than 25 bottles of prescription drugs within his reach. this army marine's brother points the blame in one direction, the doctors who prescribeded all of those prescriptions. i want you to watch this piece by correspondent chris lawrence. >> reporter: gunnery sergeant
12:49 pm
survived the deployment to iraq and second tour to afghanistan. what specifically killed your brother? >> he stopped breathing. he died, because he mixed narcotic drugs. >>er he seas that by the time chris went back to iraq in 2007, he had changed. >> he was putting himself in situations where he was exposing himself to potential enemy fire, according to his commander. he was going john wayne. >> reporter: he had been hospitalized for anxiety, and they suspected traumatic brain injury from an ied, but sergeant bachus kept deploying. >> they kept improving the potency of the pills. >> reporter: a bomb could not kill this marine, but a bottle did. he died on base at camp lejeune. cause of death, multiple drug
12:50 pm
toxicity. the autopsy shows a mix of opiates and antidepressants in the system, and they found 27 bottles of pills in the room almost all prescribed by military doctors within the past 90 days. how could a team of doctors that are allegedly working together together prescribed all of those things together. >> reporter: a recent army report found that one-third of soldiers are taking at least one prescription medication. >> do you think that there's been an overreliance on prescription drugs in the army? >> i think in some cases, yes. >> reporter: general richard thomas says the army set a 30-day limit on prescriptions for the soldiers.
12:51 pm
>> there's a host of other things that we can provide to patients to take care of them right, other than narcotics. they may still have a role, but it doesn't have as big of a role. >> a former soldier himself, jerry says that his brother would still be alive if the medical system was not swamped by the hundreds and thousands of troops needing treatment. >> they are going to give me whatever i need to make me feel better and make me go away because there are 1,000 people that are standing behind me as i get off the bus. >> chris lawrence joining me live now. chris, you mentioned how sergeant bachus went back to two tours, iraq and afghanistan. 27 bottles were ultimately found. wouldn't that make someone ineligible for going back and fighting the war? >> well, in general, the answer
12:52 pm
could be no, brooke. the pentagon determined that there were very few prescriptions that would necessarily disqualify someone from deployment. in the issue of fairness, there are no good drugs out there that deal with the range of emotional and physical ailments that some of these troops come home with. so a lot of times the doctor is mixing and matching to deal with people who have very serious emotional and physical ailments. you know, add to that, the fact that some troops will go to private doctors so their prescriptions may not show up on their military record and what could be an even bigger problem, wounded soldiers and marines trading prescription drugs amongst themselves. >> i know, chris, that ultimately it is these troops who are the ones taking the pills themselves but is anyone else being held accountable here?
12:53 pm
>> well, you're seeing like we documented with the army, it's something that all of the branches are struggling with and trying to correct. the navy, for example, has a drug give back day in which they say bring your drugs back, no questions asked, because they don't want all of these prescriptions just sitting out there where people can amass a large collection or give them to other service members who may be in need. with the army, they are all trying on the fly now to try to bring this in somewhat. we have never seen this level of sustained combat over such a long period of time and the services, you know, are struggling to keep up with that. >> you make the poignant point in your piece, saying it wasn't a bomb, it was a bottle, probably bottles that claimed the sergeant's life. >> i talked to so many medical professionals that said that particular concoction, if you took it, you may be okay.
12:54 pm
>> really? >> but if someone else takes it, it may be toxic to them. that's what they are struggling with in dealing with this problem. >> thank you for bringing us this piece. chris, thanks. coming up, will it cost him his job? anthony weiner says he's not resigning but could he be forced out of office? wolf blitzer will weigh in on that one next. and then a surgeon pointing the finger at his old hospital. he says they trimmed the budget, lowered the standard and allowed dirty surgical tools and it led to infections. we're going to hear from him and then the hospital ahead.
12:55 pm
12:56 pm
12:57 pm
time for a politics update. wolf, let's talk about congressman anthony weiner. the whole story came out live about the whole twitter picture, pictures. i read today eric cantor is calling for him to resign? >> a few republicans are saying that he should resign and do the right thing. eric cantor, the republican national committee. democrats, by and large, are saying there is going to be a house ethics committee investigation. let's see what happens there. harry reid was uncomfortable discussing it. we did catch up with him.
12:58 pm
he was asked if he thought that anthony weiner should step down. listen to what he said. >> you didn't say whether you thought congressman anthony weiner should resign. >> i'm not here to defend weiner. that's all i'm going to say. >> what would you say if he asked you? >> call somebody else. >> so weiner is not getting a whole lot of support right now. newspaper editorials in new york are calling on him to resign. we'll see what he decides to do over the next few weeks. right now he's saying he'll cooperate with the investigation and will try to stay in the house of representatives and run for re-election a year from november. >> let's talk about re-election. we know that he had his sights on running for new york city
12:59 pm
mayor. not necessarily because of redistricting, because he may not even have a district. explain that. >> well, in new york state the population has been going down over the last decade. new york is going to lose two seats in the house of representatives and almost certainly one of those districts that will disappear will be in new york city. it could be anthony weiner's district. it would be another district. and apparently his district, ohio is losing its seat. it's unclear whether he is going to be able to run for re-election if he loses that district. you won't have to worry about it. >> so then you have back to the dens, leader pelosi, other democrats calling for this ethics investigation into weiner. >> you don't know where that is going to wind up because, as you know, once these investigations
1:00 pm
begin, they take on a whole life of their own. they start interviewing. they start going through computer records, cell phone records, phone records. some of the questions that we're looking at, did he use government provided computers or phones as part of the inappropriate behavior that he had with these young women. another question, was he doing it from his office? were any of the women under age? they say they weren't but apparently you can put up a facebook bio about yourself and lie about your age. i suppose that happens once in a while. they are going to look into all of this and were there just six women, more than six women? i don't know the answers to any of these questions. but there's going to be an investigation. now we understand why the whole up roar began. why not call for capitol hill. he said we don't need to make a big federal case out of it. now we know why he didn't want to make a big federal case out of it. >> now we know.
1:01 pm
wolf blitzer, thank you so much. also, interesting timing here, just a quick note, tomorrow i will be joined by a lawmaker pushing legislation, in all of places, new york, that will change the law for teenagers who get in trouble for sexting. now, top of the hour, watch this. are you safe in the hospital? one surgeon is blowing the whistle on his claims about supplies and infections are disturbing. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. >> barack obama has failed americans. >> a new poll suggests mitt romney is now beating the president. why the race in 2012 could come down to one issue. >> this is it right here on our left. >> a marine is dead after a s.w.a.t. team puts 22 bullets inside of him. officers call it a drug raid. some in the community call it suspicious. and now brand-new pictures inside this crime scene are raising more questions than answers. we have the photos.
1:02 pm
plus, revelations from the courtroom. witnesses take the stand in the casey anthony murder trial to talk about what was found in her car. >> when you first opened it, what was your reaction? >> one investigator calls the discoveries shocking. and going inside a funnel cloud. stunning new video of a tornado's sudden impact. welcome back. hour two rolling on here on cnn "newsroom." i'm brooke baldwin. i want to begin with moammar gadhafi. alive or dead? a statement from the libyan leader, speculation starts to swirl. and understandably since nato aircraft strike military and government targets, but moammar gadhafi took to the state run airwaves today telling viewers that bombs were falling as he spoke and promising to stay in his country fighting if necessary to the death.
1:03 pm
nato officials say they hit libyan military intelligence headquarters in tripoli today shaking that city. witnesses say they felt more than 30 explosions in tripoli, and that includes our own cnn's dan rivers. >> reporter: after his address that lasted several minutes, there was automatic gunfire across the city in sort of celebration to punctuate that speech, if you'd like. and all the while today there has been incredibly intense amounts of bombing. we've been counting the number of explosions. the most so far since the campaign began 3, 1 explosions so far. we've counted some of them very, very close in round indeed. rattling the windows of our hotel here. we've been told by officials on the ground that they have hit a number of military compounds and also the gam dauf fee compougad
1:04 pm
compound itself. there have been civilian casualties but it's very difficult for us to get out on the ground and verify this with the constant explosions echoing across tripoli. >> and now i want to bring in dan rivers for me live in tripoli. i just want to begin with the air strikes. before we get to moammar gadhafi's address. >> reporter: there's been a lull in the air strikes, brooke, for about the last couple of hours. it has been a day of absolute shattering explosions across the city. the most intense air strikes so far in this nato campaign. for now, though, it is fairly quiet. after moammar gadhafi spoke, there was gunfire in sort of celebration and defiance across the city. that, too, has subsided and it is calm. >> dan, we did hear from
1:05 pm
president obama. he's visiting -- he's hosting german chancellor at the white house and they spoke a little bit about their mutual belief that moammar gadhafi must step down. let's listen. >> chancellor and i agree that gadhafi needs to step down for the sake of his own people and with respect to the pace of operation and participation, i think if you look at where we were three months ago and where we are now or two months ago and where we are now, the progress that has been made in libya is significant. our goal there was to pro protect the libyan people against slaughter. we have done so. >> but, still, we hear that message from the white house and it's clearly falling on deaf ears in libya. we heard today, allegedly live,
1:06 pm
his voice, moammar gadhafi, vintage, defiant, gadhafi. >> yeah, i mean, he was completely defiant. he was coming up with phrases like, we will not surrender, not give up, a million times better than surrendering. and so on and so on. it went on for about five, six minutes, i guess. we're not sure where he was. his officials all along said he's still in tripoli. his compound, we understand, has been hit several times today. but we don't know if he is there or if he's elsewhere in the city. and just within the last few minutes he's actually appeared on libyan tv, greeting tribal leaders. again, we don't know when that was recorded, where he is, what is his current condition now. his spokesman is about to give a press conference in the next few minutes so we may get more details then. >> dan rivers, appreciate you out of tripoli.
1:07 pm
and now if it's interesting and happening right now, you're about to see it. rapid fire. let's begin with this story. congressman anthony weiner says he will cooperate with the likely ethics investigation hanging over his head. he vowed not to resign after he said he sent pictures online. his political future is in doubt. some high-profile republicans are calling on weiner to quit. fellow democrats are essentially saying nothing. voters who and elected him for seven straight terms are divided. coming up this hour, the water cooler question, is what anthony weiner did cheating? we have some new video here, a new angle on the tornado that ripped through springfield, massachusetts, last week. take a look at this with me. this is surveillance video of the parking lot. obviously not normal right there. but you can see the tornado. that is the tornado whipping through these cars. it's frightening, frightening stuff. more than 2500 firefighters are battling the out of control
1:08 pm
flames in eastern arizona. the wildfire is disrupting flights, forcing people straight out of their homes. >> i cried all the way to town. >> did you? >> it's hard. >> i can't imagine the smoke is now threatening the air quality. also disrupting flights there. strong winds are keeping crews from maintaining the fire. obviously we are taking calls and monitoring the situation there. to cleveland, jury selection is continuing in the accused killer case who raped and dismembered 11 women in a two-year period. you remember this? their remains were discovered in 2009 in and around his home. other women have come forward alleging that they, too, were victims of his attacks.
1:09 pm
he has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. this is right here on our left. >> a police s.w.a.t. team opens fire at a family's home. a marine is dead. his pregnant wife and family are demanding answers. and now we are seeing pictures from inside the house. there are new questions about the circumstances surrounding this apparent drug raid. i have the video and the pictures, don't miss this. ♪ hello sunshine, sweet as you can be ♪
1:10 pm
[ female announcer ] wake up to sweetness with honey nut cheerios cereal. kissed with real honey. and the 100% natural whole grain oats can help lower your cholesterol. you are so sweet to me. bee happy. bee healthy.
1:11 pm
an accident doesn't have to slow you down. introducing better car replacement, available only from liberty mutual insurance. if your car's totaled, we give you the money to buy a car that's one model-year newer with 15,000 fewer miles on it. there's no other auto insurance product like it. it's a better policy that gets you a better car. call... or visit one of our local offices today, and we'll provide the coverage you need at the right price. liberty mutual auto insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? we are getting this inside look, a story that we brought you last week. it's raised a lot of questions about how and when police use
1:12 pm
deadly force. what i'm talking about here is the s.w.a.t. raid in tucson, arizona, that ended with the shooting death of an iraq war veteran. first, look at the raid. this is the perspective from outside his house. this video was shot by a member of the police s.w.a.t. team and released by the pima county sheriff's department. watch this with me. >> this is it right here on our
1:13 pm
left. okay. so that is the perspective from outside the house. it's from the pima county sheriff's office. i want to show pictures released by the sheriff's department. this is a first look inside the house since the raid. you see, as we look through some of these pictures, these color markers indicate where 70 shots hit the wall, the medical examiner says iraq war vet was
1:14 pm
hit by 22 of those bullets. you can see dozens of them went through a wall, near his computer, near his computer chair. but the pictures and other newly released records raise more questions than they answer. interviews with s.w.a.t. team members show they thought that he shot at them first. but according to some of these pictures, the safety on his gun was on. also, the arizona star is reporting that the records also show jose was not the main focus of the lengthy drug trafficking investigation that led to this raid back on may 5th. it was actually for his older brother alejandro. but they searched his home the day after the deadly raid and according to these documents, they found guns, body armor, a dozen cell phones and a hat bearing a federal border patrol logo. can mitt romney beat president obama? one new poll suggests that the republican is already leading him.
1:15 pm
coming up next, once again becoming the biggest issue here in 2011. first, president obama meets with the joerm mgerman chancellor. 30,000 people answered this. here are the answers. number three funniest nationality, the italians. number two, it goes to the spanish and the number one, funniest country is us, americans. coming up, though, can you guess, no laughing matter, the top two least funny nationalities. think about it. we'll have the answers right after this.
1:16 pm
1:17 pm
1:18 pm
all right. i just asked you who could be the least funny national nalt? the russians. and the bigger of the least funny? probably, you germans, you get the prize. and a washington post abc poll puts president obama and mitt romney in this dead heat when it comes to a vote. i want you to look at this, among all americans polled for choice of president in 2012, they are tied with 47% each. however, when registered voters were polled with the same question, obama smalls behind. just by a smidgen but he does.
1:19 pm
romney takes the lead. one person we know that is not running for president, that is indiana governor mitch daniels. cnn analyst gloria borger joins me now. is it even meaningful at this point, one? and, two, i know you were in indianapolis yesterday and he would have potentially been a front-runner. i wonder what he thinks about how the gop could take on obama. >> well, first of all, this poll obviously we all know it's pretty early. but if you're mitt romney looking at it, you're thinking this is not bad news for me. i want a cautionary note here that at this point before the '96 election, bob dole was beating bill clinton. oops. so a little early on. and it reflects mitt romney's name identification. he's run once before. people like him. they are taking another look at him. as for mitch daniels, he's the
1:20 pm
candidate that lots of people in the republican establishment really want to run. they think he has a lot of credibility on issues regarding the debt, the deficit. it used to be george w. bush's chief budget fellow. but he believes, i asked him on a scale of one to ten, is barack obama beatable? ten being beatable? he said he's about a seven or eight right now and he thinks that the field is shaping up. he named romney as one of the people that he was looking at. the other two he named were pawlenty and huntsman. he thinks that the republican party ought to take the democrats right on the deficit issue and thinks the ryan budget could have included not only medicare but social security and tax reform. he thinks it should have gone even further. >> i'm sure some of those things most definitely come up on monday where we get our first shot at both of these guys and
1:21 pm
gals. >> yeah. >> at our cnn debate in new hampshire. what should we be watching for, gloria? >> i really think it's going to be great to see all of these people together on the stage interacting. and speaking of mitt romney, i'm looking to see how they all act towards mitt romney, because he is the puj tif front-runner now. let's start seeing whether they get him on issues like health care, for example, and whether republicans start dividing among themselves on what kind of issues they each want to emphasize. i guarantee you, romney will be a target. so it should be fun. >> we want to watch your interview tonight. >> 8:00. >> 8:00. >> interview with mitch daniels. it's funny how they like to talk when they say, i'm not running. >> they are not in it? >> right. >> maybe they are more grounded. >> pretty interesting. >> we'll watch for it, gloria
1:22 pm
borger. coming up next, you've been to the hospital? who hasn't really? it's any patient's fear getting an infection from the hospital. it's an issue many people are talking about across the country and one surgeon says his former workplace used dirty supplies which made several patients very, very sick. i'll be speaking live to the surgeon/whistle blower about what he saw and then we will have the hospital respond to those claims. stay right there. you need to hear this.
1:23 pm
1:24 pm
1:25 pm
so you check into the hospital and leave with a potentially deadly staf infection. you know it is an every day threat. a surgeon turned whistle blower is testifying in this lawsuit saying that is precisely what happened at the milwaukee hospital where he once worked because of budget cuts. that is when cindy patrick, one of the pash entsz here, had two hip replacement sur gees. she said that she was infected with mrsa during her stay. dr. james told the jury last week that doctors were using dirty surgical instruments and because of that more patients got staf infections. he blames cuts to the patrol program for lacks sterile procedures. he's been saying that for the last couple of years and now
1:26 pm
he's officially saying it in court. we're going to hear live from the hospital in just a moment. first, dr. stoll, i want to bring you in, welcome you, thank you for coming on how can you prove that this patient, her staph infection, came specifically from dirty surgical tools? >> i think what you do is you have to look at the whole processing information and you have to look at the statistical rate at which infections occur. this story goes back ten years to whej a second problem occurred and the problem basically went away. when those quality meshes were disassembled, they started creeping back and became quite evident that they really had a problem. >> let me go back to my specific question. how can you positively prove that she got staph from dirty
1:27 pm
instruments? >> i don't think anyone was there doing a swab. there's no way to say 100% for sure. there's rational reasoning that has to go into the thinking process. >> okay. but that s. just to be clear, what you are saying happened, that these tools were dirty? >> yes, i am. >> okay. second question, then. how can you link this budget crunch? there was a whole construction crunch, $400 million hospital facility. how do you link that to cuts in the hospitals infection control? you said that there were some questions, problems cropped up. what problems were you seeing and how can you link the two? >> well, in the testimony that was given prior to the court case, the chief operational officer testified that columbia hospital ran at the 90 to 95th percentile in costs per hour of operating room time across the
1:28 pm
system and one can presume that they were given instructions to solve the problem. so the problem was solved by eliminating the quality audit control feedbacks that were in place until 2005. >> help me understand what that means. eliminating quality control feedbacks. how does that affect patients and their likelihood of getting staph? >> like any industrial process, you want to look at the quality of the product that you're putting out. in an operating room you look at the instruments and whether or not they are properly processed. that requires taking instrument trays that are completely finished, pulling them completely apart off the shelf and making sure that they are cleaned, properly assembled according to the standards that we use. >> and you are saying that audit stopped? >> that stopped. >> let's talk about these cases that you point out in your
1:29 pm
testimony in four months, four cases of staph reported. they say mrsa is not a required reportable disease so we couldn't get positive idea on the uptick in mrsa. this is just your testimony. some are wondering, you were concerned about the hospital. were you just looking for someone, perhaps miss patrick, to prove your argument? >> no. i think as a doctor, we have to live in the community and live with the patients from the time that they get infected forward, for many times, decades of time. this is not the first time that i've participated in a quality improvement process like this. you do get to a certain point where you begin to understand that there are reasons that things can stop happening and sometimes someone has to step up to the table and say, this is not acceptable.
1:30 pm
>> okay. dr. stoll, this is your side of the story. i want to now hear the hospital's side of the story, surgeon, columbia st. mary's hospital. doctor, good to have you on. asking dr. stoll how he can prove that the staph infection came from these dirty instruments. where do you say her infection came from? >> well, brooke, let me just say that i'm not an infectious disease specialist. and to the best of my knowledge, neither does dr. stoll. but nevertheless, i would tell thaw the vast majority of infections that occur with patients that have clean wounds come with the patient. these are organisms that live on the patient's skin. and despite our best efforts of preparing the skin and using antibiotics, the experts will tell you and i think the expert in this case testified that the most likely source of this
1:31 pm
infection came from the patient's skin itself. >> i listened to the testimony from the infectious disease expert and that's precisely what he said. but could one ultimately say, yes, it was this person's skin or, yes, it was dirty instruments? can you figure that out? >> well, again, i'm not -- >> i understand. >> i don't have the expertise to do that. but i would tell you that the infection control process at columbia st. mary's, for as long as i have been there, since 1977, by the way, has been as good as anyplace that i have ever seen. we were one of the first hospitals to report the infections to the cdc and we have a commitment to patient care. and it's the ultimate quality control committee and we had reports on a regular basis about not only operational issues and financial issues but infection issues. >> well, we heard from dr. stoll because he is sayly, because of these budget cuts, the audits
1:32 pm
finished. so essentially you didn't have people coming in and cleaning thoroughly these instruments. i want to you respond to that claim and explain how, if at all, infection control at the hospital was affected. >> okay. so here's the main thing here. audits are done on a regular basis and once the audit shows that your processes are the way we want them to be, you tend to audit something he will. you don't keep auditing the same thing over and over again. in no case here was there any question about the sterility of the instruments. i had my hip replaced at kol bum bumpy columbia hospital. >> you know what it's like to be a surgeon. you handle these instruments.
1:33 pm
we talk a lot about being an empowered patient. what is the take away for people who either live in wisconsin or elsewhere, what do patients across the country need to do to lessen the risk of getting mrsa or getting staph? >> i think you need to talk to your surgeon, find out what their experience has been. i will remind dr. stoll that he did 150 cases in 2008 at columbia hospital. that would indicate that this is not necessarily a whistle blower. whistle blowers find a problem and it's proven to be true. this is more, he's a witness. i wouldn't call him a whistle blower. what you need to talk to your doctors and say, where would you have your surgery done and i could tell you that my hip was replaced at columbia hospital. >> i thank you both. this is something that a lot of people deal with. thank you. and, look, that's both sides to
1:34 pm
one story but the risk here of staph infections from hospitals. weapon want to help you protect yourself as much as you possibly can if you or someone you know is headed to the hospital for a stay, here are some tips from the nih, national institute of health. make sure you cover up coughs and sneeze's. so simple. stay current with your i am mu nye zagss and use hand sanitizer on a regular basis. follow guidelines dealing with blood or contaminated items and remember we want you to take care of yourself but don't panic. most staph infections are easily treated with antibiotics. and now to this. job openings dwindle and the race to find work is becoming a cutthroat competition. an emergency room for the unemployment crisis. the emergency room. that is straight ahead. also, tiger woods has just made a big, big announcement about his future.
1:35 pm
who the golfer says he needs to start listening to. nationwide insurance. talk to me. should i bundle all my policies with nationwide insurance ? watch this. on one hand, you have your home insurance with one company. and on another hand, you have your auto with another. and on another hand, you have your life with another. huh... but when you bundle them all together with nationwide insurance... ... they all work together perfectly-- and you could save 25%. wow... it's all in the wrists. ♪ nationwide is on your side
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well, we all heard the news last friday, only 54,000 jobs created last month. that paints a pretty grim picture for job prospects for the unemployed. cnn money visited a job center that describes itself as, what, poppy harlow?
1:38 pm
an emergency room for the job crisis? talk to me about this e.r. >> yeah, when you hear from these people, it is their personal emergency and it's the case for so many americans. we got that much worse than expected jobs report. the president, president obama, brooke, coming out today and saying, i'm not concerned about a double dip recession but i am concerned that the country is not creating jobs fast enough in this economic recovery. a lot of people questioning whether it's even a recovery. we went to this job center in new jersey to talk to folks about their situation. these are not the folks that you might think. some of them have college degrees, have worked for a long, long time. they really feel like the situation is getting desperate. take a listen to one. >> there are a lot of jobs out there but they are slowing down. i have 18 years of experience. but i have no degrees under me. i have my high school diploma. but there's no jobs out there when they can bring students in for 11, $12 an hour.
1:39 pm
>> and that was susan, just one of the people that we talked to. she was a former billing manager, brooke. and the frustration is not just hers. we've got 6.2 million americans who just like susan are the long-term unemployed. people out of work for six months or longer and the facts show us that the longer you are out of work the harder it is for you to find work. it's a horrible catch 22. >> uh-huh. >> so you went there and talked to these different folks. what seems to be the big concern for the more seasoned workers? >> sure. i think there's two. one is -- and this is what you heard from susan. one is that there is these younger people, graduates right out of college or high school that are willing to take the job, take much less money. and there's that concern that younger people are getting jobs for some of the older folks were
1:40 pm
getting before. the other concern really has to do with the fact that they say business as pulling back. they said n. the first few months of this year, we have seen a lot of hiring. companies are pulling back now when we thought there was a pickup, brooke. >> it's tough. like you said, it's the longer you wait, the more difficult it seems to find a job. >> the worse it gets. >> pop tea, thank you so much. just a short time ago tiger woods announcing he will miss the 2011 u.s. open. here's what we know from his website. golfer says it's time to listen to his doctors and focus on the future. apparently he's still having trouble with his left knee. woods says he hopes to return as soon as it heals. and now this. >> smell in this room and i've smelled that odor before. >> casey anthony's car trunk taking center stage in this murder trial under way. one investigator says he was shocked, his word here, by what
1:41 pm
he found inside and the evidence now giving us a hint of what the future of criminal trials might look like. sunny hostin is on the case. we're back in just a moment. stay here. an accident doesn't have to slow you down. introducing better car replacement, available only from liberty mutual insurance.
1:42 pm
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1:43 pm
theers are live pictures of the aftermath of an f-16 fighter
1:44 pm
jet crash over adams county. this is about 45 minutes ago or so. it's a routine training flight. the only person on board was the pilot and the pilot did eject, survived, and is being evaluated now. clearly things are still smouldering, bits and pieces of t we don't know if anyone on the ground was around, might have been injured. we're working to get information on that. now to this. the casey anthony trial. it's sounding a lot like the episode of csi or a chapter in path tricia cornwell novel. this is week three of the trial. there were air samples taken from the trunk of casey anthony's car. sunny hostin is on the case. so far this week, testimony is, like we said, sort of straight
1:45 pm
out of this novel, the body farm. give me the highlights here. what are you hearing? >> that's right. it's straight out of a novel, or like straight out of a novel. interesting enough, the doctor who testified yesterday as a forensic anthropologist who wor works at the body farm and chloroform found in the trunk of casey anthony's car. we also heard today from michael, an fbi forensic chemist. he also found and detected chloroform in her car. we've been hearing a lot of testimony from a cadaver officer and says that he's verifying his dog handling, says that these
1:46 pm
dogs are terrific at doing what they do best and that is detecting human decomposition odor and he says that they alerted at casey anthony's car as well as the anthony backyard. it really has been a csi week in the casey anthony trial. >> as you sit and listen, i know we have and at a little times dry and too sicientific? >> it can be. tp hasn't been the case for this trial. the prosecution has done a really good job of breaking down the science and i will say this. i think as a prosecutor or even as a defense attorney, you've got to be well versed in this and able to do it because of what i call the csi effect. juries want to hear about forensic evidence. they watch forensic files and have watched csi and they want to hear this kind of evidence.
1:47 pm
so my understanding in the courtroom is that they've been paying attention to this evidence coming in. >> i don't know about you. i'm fascinated at the fact that our science is how it is that we can take air samples out of a trunk and air is evidence. that's amazing. sunny, thank you so much. congressman anthony weiner called him for advice, what would harry reid say? >> call somebody else. >> more lawmakers are calling for this ethics investigation into the new york congressman and we wonder what americans are thinking. is what weiner did considered cheating? that's next.
1:48 pm
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1:50 pm
i'm getting all kinds of reaction to what i asked you earlier. is what anthony weiner did considered cheating? one said it's time to redefine cheating because of technology. wendy walsh, here's what she told me -- >> cheating is lying and betraying your spouse.
1:51 pm
you have a covenant. if it's something that you do in front of your spouse or with your spouse's content, it's clearly not cheating. i read one of the very long conversation streams with the woman from las vegas that he had an online relationship with and it was very graphic, sexual encounters but also the words. >> i don't know if this person is a man. yes, i'm going to guess on twitter it is because he says, oh, my hot male says we would have to redefine cheating since there's more creative ways to deal with technology that we now have. society now has to catch up to technology. redefining what cheating it s. >> brooke, don't let them tell you that. it's the same old story. some people are going to be unfaithful and have bad morals. they have new path ways. the internet provides them with
1:52 pm
new opportunities and provides them and remember boys and girls, everything you type into your keyboard is set in stone in somebody's hands who now holds your private secrets. but the difference between, say, watching porn or lusting after a celebrity and then applying those fantasies to your own spouse at home, with an online relationship, you have a real person at the other end. you're having a relationship together. that's bringing up emotional and physical reactions. >> and now it's wolf blitzer and where we will talk about something that you just blogged about. the topic is mr. weiner. >> are you talking to me, brooke? >> i'm talking to you, wolf blitzer. >> we have a blog, room. i wrote about anthony weiner a little bit. i made the point, sure, a whole bunch of politicians lie out there but most of the
1:53 pm
politicians -- and i've been a reporter for more than 30 years -- most of the politicians in washington, members of the house, democrats, republicans, they are honest, hardworking patriotic public servants who want to do the best they can under very difficult circumstances. unfortunately, some jerks come along and smear the reputation of so many others. but most members of congress, i can assure you, are working hard for their con city wents and hard for the american people trying to do the best that they can. and i can testify to that from my own personal experience working and covering so many of them over the years. i write about it. i'm curious what our viewers will think about what i write about. by the way, in "the situation room" today, herman cain is shaking things up in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina. we've got good questions for him. i think our viewer is going to be interested in getting to know
1:54 pm
this republican a little bit better over the course of the next two hours. >> also, wolf blitzer, because of course i follow you on twitter, another bearded man could be joining us. loved him and in "crazy heart." >> he's such a great guy. he's working hard to end hunger for children in america. it's hard to believe how many young kids go to sleep every night hungry and it's especially bad in the summertime because some of these kids, especially in urban areas and agriculture areas, you know where they get their food, their good meals? at school. in the morning or lunch or whatever. they have special meal programs and in the summer there's no school. they are not eating. it's a disgrace that here in the united states of america there are children who are hungry, millions of them in this country that it's inexcusable. jeff bridges is working hard to try to end that and i applaud him for that. he's also got a nice beard. so two guys with a beard were in "the situation room" earlier today.
1:55 pm
>> and you get cool points from me. wolf, thank you so much. look forward to watching that in a matter of minutes. in the meantime, before i let you go, as the weiner saga played out live, you may have missed this headline. one of president obama's closer advisers is quitting. that's next. was an archer drawing his bow. ♪ could that have also inspired its 556 horsepower supercharged engine? ♪ the all-new cadillac cts-v coupe. we don't just make luxury cars, we make cadillacs.
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1:57 pm
>> another member of the president's economic team is
1:58 pm
leaving, all of this at a time when a new poll suggests 59% of americans disapprove of the way that the president is handling the economy. joe johns here with that. goolsbee out? >> hey, brooke, yeah. austan goolsbee is the guy headed out the door right now. he's going back to chicago to teach. the president's statement calls him one of the america's great economic thinkers and helped steer the country out of our economic crisis and so on. when you think about it, this is not the only member of the obama economic team to take a hike recently, not by a long shot. before goolsbee there was christina romer, left and went back to harvard, peter orszag left the office of management and budget and went to citigroup. it's quite a few people leaving. >> something we took note of, worthy of passing along. the next question is, have
1:59 pm
republicans pounced on this trend yet? >> oh, absolutely. they are calling the job nobody wants. they claim nobody is leaving because the policies are failing. the administration didn't get back to us when we asked specifically the turn over issue and the goolsbee issue goes back to the position that they said many times. the economy is growing, the president's policies are creating millions of jobs and they are not talking about the possibility of plain old white house job fatigue. >> maybe they will be talking economics on the golf course. wouldn't you like to be a fly on that wall. we have the president and speaker boehner, it is on. june 18th


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