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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 12, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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weiner has already admitted sending lewd photos and texts to several women. and even before these latest photos surfaced, there were demands for his resignation. even from his own party. >> the statement i made speaks for itself yesterday. i think anthony weiner needs to resign so he can focus on his family, focus on his own well-being. >> it's my understanding mr. weiner has indicated he wants to take a leave. i would hope he does so. i hope he reflects upon whether or not he can proceed. it seems to me extraordinary difficult that he can proceed to represent his constituents in an effective way given the circumstances of this bizarre behavior -- >> you think he should resign? >> i think that certainly he's got to consider that option. i don't see how he can proceed and effectively represent his constituency. >> protesters held a demonstration outside weiner's district office in queens, new york, today. cnn's jason carroll was there. jason, weiner has already announced he's going to take a short leave of absence. is that good enough?
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>> reporter: well, i think for some of his constituents out here in queens, it is simply not good enough. evidence of that was at a protest, very small protest, we saw out here just a little earlier. just a small group of people came out to say it was time for the congressman to step down. and also a small fwrup of supporters also showed up. i want you to hear from both sides first. i want you to listen to what his supporters have to say today. >> what he did was disgusting, but i think he's done an excellent job. i support him. i would vote for him again. i think we need more people in the congress of the united states who will speak out for their constituents. >> he needs help. he's going for help now. when he comes back from help, he should be a full-fledged congressman back helping us. >> reporter: clearly not everyone feels that way, deb. i know you mentioned some of those pictures from tmz. copies of those pictures actually handed out during a protest today. a number of people out here
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simply say at this point the congressman simply cannot be effective as a leader. i want you to listen now to their point of view. >> i think he's been lying to us all along about a lot of issues that are really important for the american people, such as the economy, world issues, and i think that he's not really telling us the complete truth. >> this man has opened himself up to all sorts of illegal things. he's opened himself up to the fact that he could be bribed, they could hold this against him and it would sway him, sexual encounters, could be hiv, could be anything you want. all i can say is this is a man who needs extreme medical care. most of the studies have shown that sexual addictions cannot be cured. and i feel that this skews all his relationships. his family, his wife, his family and how he votes and how he conducts himself. >> reporter: well, i think it's clear that democrats want this story to go away. i'm sure the congressman wants the story to go away.
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one thing is clear, though, out here in his district. the debate is still ongoing. deb? >> jason carroll, thanks so much. weiner has said he's going to wait until his wife, huma abedin comes back in order to make any decision on whether or not he will formally step down. right now he's going to seek treatment. thanks so much, jason. the clock is ticking toward a major election event tomorrow night in new hampshire. republican presidential candidates will face off at the state's first debate. it's co-hosted by cnn and can be seen only on this network. our deputy political director paul steinhauser joins us live from the debates in manchester. paul, all day we've been talking about what's at stake for these different candidates. tomorrow night they're going to be making their plea to the american public for the first time. what about tea party favorites michele bachmann and herman king? >> reporter: let's start with michele bachmann, congresswoman from minnesota. later this month she's going to announce in her native neighboring iowa she's running for the white house. she's well known there.
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that state kicks off the presidential primary caucus calendar. what about here in new hampshire? she's not as well known. tomorrow night is going to give her a nice platform to reach out to new hampshire voters crucial in picking the next republican nominee and will also give her a chance to speak to the wider national audience. she's known, yes, among tea party activists. she's known very well because of her vocal criticism of the president. this is a chance for her to reach out to more mainstream republicans, i guess you could say. the same thing for herman cain. the former ceo of god father's pizza. also a radio talk show host. very popular among tea party activists. not well known among mainstream and other republicans. here's another chance for him to say why he's qualified to be president. i think you'll hear herman cain probably talk about his business pedigree as well in the financial world. >> all these candidates are going to have to show they present the best alternative when it comes to the economy and creating job growth. rick santorum, what's going to
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be his challenge? >> reporter: it's interesting on rick santorum. that's not one of the things he's been emphasizing. the former two-term senator from pennsylvania is beloved by social con serbtives because of his stances on gay marriage and abortion. there are very influential voters in the race for the white house but he's not very well known among all republicans. here's arn an attempt or opportunity for rick santorum to reach out to a national audience of republicans and others and independents and even democrats to tell about his proposals, his philosophies. he's also been emphasizing foreign policy because he was very experienced armed services committee in his tenure in the senate. he hasn't talked as much about the economy. i think we'll hear him talk about that as well tomorrow night. that, of course, the overriding issue with voters right now, deb. >> paul steinhauser, thank you very much. always interesting to see who starts and who actually finishes. like 500-something days to go. tomorrow night you can catch the debate, hear all their ideas, all their thoughts live from manchester, new hampshire.
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that's going to be at 8:00 eastern only here on cnn. today we're getting the first clear photos of congresswoman gabby giffords since she was shot in the head in january. they appeared on her facebook page this morning. the two photos show her smiling. one alone, the other she's seen with a woman who is her mom. she will leave her rehabilitation facility by the end of this month and begin her outpatient therapy. and thousands of americans are out of their homes this weekend, chased away by fires and floods. in eastern arizona, the second biggest wildfire in the state's history, it's still spreading. but there's some relief for evacuees in the towns of springerville and egar. they can now go home, but at their own risk. along the missouri river and its tributaries, extensive flooding. record rains have filled reservoirs from montana to missouri. the army corps of engineers is releasing massive amounts of water as you can see there to relieve pressure on those lakes.
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the flood could rival the 1952 flood along some stretches from omaha, nebraska, northward. let's check in now with alexandra steele with more on what's happening with the fires, floods, everything seeming to impact all various parts of this country. >> let's add some tornadoes, how about that in the mid-atlantic. you're flying today. a lot of people flying. we've had big impacts. we talked a lot about the mid-atlantic and severe weather and airports being impacted. a quick snapshot. some tornado warnings in northern maryland, hartford county until about 5: 30 tonight. south of washington, d.c., take a look at this red cell. what we're seeing, some isolated tornadoes and also we're seeing in addition to that in other of these smaller cells, hail, 1 1/2 inches in diameter and winds up to 70 miles per hour. mid-atlantic certainly being impacted. of course we're talking about the fires as well. and so much else happening weatherwise. certainly severe weather, we've certainly seen that. of course, critical fire. this could be and is on the
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precipice in so much of eastern arizona being potentially the worst fire season and the worst fire they have ever seen in the state's history. of course, also in terms of the winds and the direction which they're moving, they're taking these tiny particles of soot and blowing them now into the states that border them. causing some problems there. southwesterly winds, again, moving from arizona into m&m m&m just crossing the lines now of the state. certainly will impact western new mexico. and these winds have been strong and continue to be strong. they really had two days of some quiet weather in terms of the winds. now they're really kind of coming up robust as well now. we'll talk more about that, of course, and also the severe weather in the mid-atlantic. >> alexandra, thank you so much. the point you made earlier, that is that extreme is the new normal. thanks so much. a volcano goes boom in south america. that spells troubles for thousands of airline passengers. a whole continent away. details on that coming up. and imagine going through garbage just so you can find
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membership rewards points from american express. they're a social currency. with endless possibilities. [ male announcer ] want to pump up your gas mileage? come to meineke for our free fuel-efficiency check and you'll money. my choice. my meineke. some international headlines. fighting near misratah, libya, today killed at least seven people according to to a hospital spokeswoman there. among them a woman who died when a rocket struck her home. also today, a rebel spokesman says his fighters killed about 100 troops loyal to moammar gadhafi in fighting west of tripoli.
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new images today of gadhafi, libyan state tv has shown video of the libyan leader playing chess. it identifying his opponent as the president of the world chess federation. during the video the camera shows a tv screen displaying today's date. there's no word on where the video was shot. elsewhere in libya today, a rebel spokesman says they've confiscated a secret military document. he claims it spells out a plan to attack misratah with more than 11,000 troops and clear the city of opposition forces. cnn has seen the 15-page document but can't vouch for its authenticity. no acknowledgment and no comment from the libyan government. look at that plume of volcanic smoke and ash shooting high from the sky from southern chile. it's causing major problems as far away as australia and new zealand. airlines in both countries are keeping their planes on the ground for safety's sake. thousands of passengers are stranded.
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somebody or some group or something attacked the computer system at the international monetary fund. we're a little short on details and don't know yet what kind of attack, just vandals or something more sinister, but the imf says they definitely were hacked and they're seriously investigating it. from cnn international, really, what are we talking about here? are we talking about cyber spying? are we talking about a cyber war? an attack? what are we looking at? >> well, we don't exactly what we are looking at. but we know for sure the imf is saying that it was hacked, that information was taken, but it's not identifying a source. but imagine the imf. this is the international organization that manages the economies of the world and it organizes all the bailouts of all the economies that are in crisis. it has very sensitive information including secretive negotiations with countries and also it has information on countries we don't even know that could be on the financial
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brink. so basically some have described this as political dynamite, this information that could have been accessed, which could affect the global economy. but we still don't know the extent of the crisis and it is very, very troublesome. i even talked to a defense expert tony schafer who told me that he thinks this is a transnational organization or a nation state. and i asked him, he says he doesn't know who this is behind it. but i asked him about google. google, if you remember, pointed the finger straight at a nation state, china. that it originated in china, the hack attack that they had. china's government has vehemently denied this. here's what tony schafer thinks. >> frankly everyone i've seen, our center's research indicates china is way out ahead in doing this sort of thing as a mat ere of their own internal policy. of course they're going to deny
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it. everything i'm seeing is china is doing a superb job, although they're getting caught at times, of mapping the infrastructure. frankly the google hack was brilliant. they went after the amalgamated data in gmail and system information. the fact is this. politicians and policymakers like to have information they send to each other outside the government systems. china recognized that and went after it. that's brilliant. it doesn't change the fact we've got to do something now to recognize our own vulnerable blts and stop this bleeding of information to the chinese and frankly the russians, syrians, north koreans, iranians all have very superb cyber capabilities. >> i was shocked after i talked to him. basically he's saying the u.s. -- the world basically doesn't have a policy, a working policy to combat this. he's calling for people to focus on this. >> what's so interesting, before we move quickly to another point, that is that the imf took it so seriously they cut all connections to, i think, the world bank because, again, you
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don't know who's doing it, what their aim is, what their goal is and whether they want to bring down and ma fip late the system. the med of the imf, it's a woman who's a front-runner. she's making a lot of people very impressed. >> that's right. christine lagarde. she's the french finance minister, the first female french finance minister. she's broken a lot of glass ceilings. she also worked at a u.s./chicago-based law firm in their paris offices, became the first female executive officer of that firm. she's 55 years old, specializes in labor and antitrust law. and once famously said that the global financial cry sus was, let me see if i can quote her, caused by a male-driven, testosterone fueled culture and that needs to change. but she's quite an impressive candidate. definitely the front-runner. she faces two challengers, but she has more support than them. one is the mexican central bank chief.
2:17 pm
also a new central bank chief also of israel who just put his name in the hat in the very last moment before the nominating process ended. but she's definitely the front-runner. >> she really is, she's a fascinating woman and a fascinating philosophy vis-a-vis financial institutions and how they operate. of course, thanks so much. coming up -- >> i believe i can get back on the baseball field. all i have to do is keep on working hard every day, 9:00 to 5:00. keep getting stronger every day. keep continuing to make progress. >> a young man who should be an inspiration for all of us. a college athlete on the verge of a career in baseball paralyzed after a horrifying on-field collision. but the story does not have a tragic ending. we'll tell you his inspirational story in the chat room coming up next. [ nurse ] i'm a hospice nurse.
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britta olsen is my patient. i spend long hours with her checking her heart rate, administering her medication, and just making her comfortable. one night britta told me about a tradition in denmark, "when a person dies," she said, "someone must open the window so the soul can depart." i smiled and squeezed her hand. "not tonight, britta.
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not tonight." ♪
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this many of these boys and girls have dropped out of school. i decided that i had to do something for them. >> we tried to be as fully integrated as possible. there's a school tracking group of psychologists and a social worker. we worked with the family and the value of putting them in school. >> translator: any time we get a
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child close to school, it's a seed we are planting. >> you hope not to see the child on the street again. if he returns, we go after him. education is how we start to break vicious cycles. to give children a better future. i learn something from the children every day. to be happy even under very complex circumstances. >> and we always want to hear from you, so tell us about the heroes in your community. send your nominations to
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you know, it's just always amazing to see that video. time to enter the chatroom. alexandra steele is joining me now. our first story if you didn't guess is about michael jackson's "thriller" jacket going on sale later this month. what's amazing, michael jackson wore that jacket almost 30 years ago when that title album "thriller" came out. and so much has happened in those three decades. clearly, of course, he's passed on. but now we've got this auction and they're thinking it's going to bring in a lot of money. anywhere between $200,000 and $400,000. >> what's so funny, two years ago his famous white glove sold for $350,000. they thought at that time it was only going to get $50,000 and they got $350,000. the expectation now is between $200,000 and $400,000. you never know. if you're scared of the stock
2:24 pm
market this may be a good bet. you never know. >> what's also interesting about this jacket is that he gave it before he died to the two designers, the men who had created the jacket. and he signed it to them and so, again, i do think that that's going to increase the value of this jacket and what it is likely to get when it is sold. part of the proceeds, it's part of the whole charity and part of the proceeds go to an animal sanctuary where it so happens michael jackson's two tigers happen to be. but then there's another story, and this one's pretty incredible. >> it really is. i think this story is going to make you both smile and cry. last week, you may know this. two college baseball players were drafted into the major leagues. both those players, though, most likely will never play for their teams. both have recently been paralyzed. don lemon recently talked to one of the players and the texas rangers scout that got them there. >> the first day the coach ca called me, i didn't believe him for a minute.
2:25 pm
my trainer told me, too. oh, my gosh, i can't believe i actually got drafted after all i've been through. >> injury or no injury, he's a great baseball player. fun guy to watch. table setter type guy. could really run, play defense. i was happy to be the one that drafted him. >> really inspiring. it sends a larger message to athletes out there, those who are committed to the support, committed to the field that if you're good, there is hope even if there is this kind of strategy. kr you can still have a career in the sport. certainly heartwarming they would bring these two players on board. our last story that i want to get to, you have to wonder who designs certain things. franklin county judge warning women not to take the new staircase. why? not because it cost more than $100 million. because it's made of glass. if you're standing below the stairs, it's a little bit of peekaboo. >> $100 million.
2:26 pm
opened on monday. a litany of other issues before this issue. the judges and female lawyers who work there are told to not go up the stairs. before they begin to walk, excuse me, don't go up there right now. you can be exposed. lawyers and judges are worried about people going up with cameras, taking a picture of you as you're walking up. then you're on the internet forever. we're going to have to see what happens with this. the judge saying half the population not being, like, looked at and thought of, architects for this were men. >> it's hard to escape that particular point. alexandra steele, thank you so much. we're going to have a lot more coming back right after this break.
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>> announcer: this past year alone there's been a 67% spike in companies embracing the cloud-- big clouds, small ones, public, private, even hybrid. your data and apps must move easily and securely to reach many clouds, not just one. that's why the network that connects, protects, and lets your data move fearlessly through the clouds means more than ever. according to the national crime prevention council, 6 out of 10 teenagers see someone
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being bullied every day. some ignore it. some join in. but few try to stop it. a teen rock band is encouraging more kids to stand up and do something. cnn education contributor steve perry explains in today's "perry's principles." >> reporter: teen band radio silence nyc is making some noise about bullying wits first single, "renegade." ♪ get out, get out, hatred is the enemy ♪ >> reporter: you're starting to write our own music. bhen the wheels stop spinning how do you end up on bullying. >> we have this idea. let's make three lists. things we love. things that we kind of don't really care about and things that we really don't like. and we all wrote the word "haters" on the list of dislikes. >> what's that? what's a hater? >> someone who makes fun of you for what you like, your style. we're like, that's it. it's the song we want to write about. it's something that's affected us in our lives.
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>> reporter: how? >> we've all experienced it. but probably me the most because i've always been on the shorter side. so kids just, like, got a hoot out of -- out of their verbally, you know, picking on me or sometimes even physically. >> reporter: when i look at a band like the ramons and others, they must have been outcasts. tell me about that experience of being on some level by design outcasts. >> i guess you just have to try to learn that it's okay. you just have to be your own person and not care what other people think. >> reporter: to spread that message the band teamed up with, a nonprofit that provides tools for young people to create social change. together they spoke out and rocked out at several high schools in new york and new jersey this year. ♪ >> reporter: what do you want kids to take from this? >> we're trying to get kids to, you know, like stand up and say something to the bully. be like, stop that. it's not cool.
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♪ it's time to get the word out ♪ >> reporter: steve perry, new york. ♪ thinking about them. a couple decades ago, we didn't even realize just how much natural gas was trapped in rocks thousands of feet below us. technology has made it possible to safely unlock this cleanly burning natural gas. this deposits can provide us with fuel for a hundred years, providing energy security and economic growth all across this country. it just takes somebody having the idea, and that's where the discovery comes from.
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checking our stop stories, congressman anthony weiner's
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office has no comment on newly surfaced photographs. tmz reports that weiner took partially nude photos of himself in the house of representatives gymnasium and sent them to at least one woman. the website showed photos of a man who appears to be weiner taking pictures of himself in a mirror. cnn is working to independently verify that the photos were taken in the house gym. weiner has admitted sending lewd texts and pictures to several women. he is under extremely heavy pressure to resign. floodwaters are receding along the lower mississippi river in baton rouge, louisiana. levees that protect the city are open again. those levees are popular spots in the louisiana capital. the pedestrians, bicyclists and sight seers. today we're getting the first clear pictures of congresswoman gabby giffords since she was shot in the head in january. the pictures first appeared on her facebook page this morning. let's bring in cnn's lisa sylvester who joins us from washington. lisa, the pictures show a
2:33 pm
smiling giffords. they give us some indication that she's come a really long way since when she was shot meeting her constituents in arizona. >> deb, she looks absolutely terrific. gabby giffords on her facebook page, more than 800 people who have now posted comments sending her well biwishes. a sample of some of them. great to see you smiling. you're a wonderful inspiration. another one reads, same smile, same attitude, can't wait to see you back in congress. she continues to improve. she's walking more. her verbal and cognitive skills are coming along. now we have these pictures. and you can see some differences in the latest pictures. you know, her hair is darker. it's cropped short. she's wearing glasses. but the most obvious difference is the indentation on the left side of her head. there's a second photo that we have, by the way. her mom -- i think we've got that picture that we can put it up there. it's her mom actually in that pick hture with her. throughout this all she still has that gorgeous smile as you
2:34 pm
mentioned. these pictures were taken may 17th, the day before she had surgery to replace the skull bone. that surgery was to put in a synthetic bone and shunt. and her doctors said it went very well. so physically her condition has improved above and beyond what these photos show. and i spoke to her communications director by phone. he just saw her last week. he said she was talking about politics. she was talking about the mitt romney announcement and overall in really good spirits. i asked him how long before he expects her to be back and running the office. >> i don't know. hopefully it will be soon. if you look at the amount of distance that she's traveled so far and how far she's come, i think we're confident it's going to be soon. but, you know, if there's one thing we've learned in this whole process, lisa, that is the need to be patient. >> c.j. says the plan is to have her move from the houston rehabilitation center by the end of the month. and she'll stay in houston but she'll continue with outpatient treatment. deb? >> lisa sylvester, thanks so
2:35 pm
much. clearly everybody just empowered by the journey that she's taken to get where she is. thank you so much. appreciate it. well, some wonder if it means the end of the line for values voters. a new cnn opinion poll shows that a majority of americans don't want the government to promote traditional family values. those saying that the government should not favor any set of values is now 50%. that's the highest it's been since cnn started asking the question back in 1993. america has certainly seen its share of natural disasters this spring. find out how one relief organization is handling them all. what you can do to help. that and your forecast, coming up next. the hill? man: all right. we were actually thinking, maybe... we're going to hike up here, so we'll catch up with you guys. [ indistinct talking and laughter ] whew! i think it's worth it. working with a partner you can trust
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is always a good decision. massmutual. let our financial professionals help you reach your goals.
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well, there seems to be no end to the weather disaster we've been seeing all spring. in eastern arizona, the second biggest wildfire in the state's history, it is still spreading. there's some relief for evacuees in the towns of springerville and egar. they can now go home, but they're going home at their own risk. along the missouri river and its tributaries, extensive flooding, record rains fill reservoirs from montana to missouri. the army corps of engineers
2:39 pm
releasing massive amounts of water to relieve pressure on those lakes. let's bring in meteorologist alexandra steele with a look at what's happening with the fires, floods, weather, weather, weather. >> that's right. we've talked about this. i think extreme is the new normal. of course, global climate change. it doesn't mean global warming, everything's getting hotter. everything's getting more extreme. hots are hotter. colds are colder. tornadoes more severe. that's just what we're seeinging with right? every month it seems like another weather element is headlining the news. not just the weather section of the news. we're talking about the fires today. also the tornadoes. we do have and have had a tornado warning in northern baltimore. just north of baltimore earlier. that has expired. right now we are seeing some very strong storms around washington. mid-atlantic, this box, we do have a severe thunderstorm watch posted for the entire area. warnings there as well. a live look right now at beautiful washington, d.c. in and out of the beltway a slow go if you're driving, no question. clouds thickening, storms blasting through, blasting
2:40 pm
overhead. dropping south and east. kr you can see that. at about 25 miles per hour. 60 mile per hour wind gusts. that's the big picture. the whole area under the gun. as we hone in, here's the beltway. alexandria, fairfax county, in and around most of washington, we are seeing some hail, again, some strong winds at about 60 miles per hour. all of these airports being impacted. we'll talk more about the airports that are impacted and for how long. back to you. >> alexandra steele, thanks so much. we appreciate it. if you've ever been through a natural disaster, you remember the relief you felt when you saw the american red cross trucks coming. with the all the floods, tornadoes and wildfires this spring, the organization has set up disaster operations in 29 states at a cost of $51 mill kron. last hour i talked with laura howe, a spokeswoman for the red cross about what the greatest needs are for survivors and the
2:41 pm
organization. >> of course, food and shelter and some of those basic needs that people have are going to be the first things we want to bring to a community. then you've got things like the mental health that kicks in. because just from being in tuscaloosa and being in alabama, i can tell you that people there were traumatized. they saw their friends and neighbors hurt. they lost loved ones. so the need for people to be there to listen, to comfort, is great. then we come in, you know, in the weeks and the days later, and we're there with things like rakes and mops and shovels and tarps and clean-up supplies. and those things that people are going to need to get their communities back in order. we are concerned that our resources are stretched and we want to make sure that americans still know that we're out there working. the great thing about the red cross is that we have volunteers. we have chapters all over the country. we partner with all sorts of organizations that help us get the job done and help us help people. and so there's really never a disaster where we throw up our hands and say, we can't do this. we always look to the community
2:42 pm
and we look to the other people. we look to america as a whole to be able to help us. >> to find out how you can help, just go to the seven republicans have officially declared their presidential candidacies. but some gop voters want the field to grow even larger. we're going to tell you why after the break. membership rewards points from american express. they're a social currency. with endless possibilities.
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we're counting down to tomorrow night's republican presidential debate in new hampshire co-hosted by cnn. seven contenders will take the stage in man chest ir. as cnn's jim acosta reports, the men have yet to convince some they're up for the job. >> reporter: a ronald reagan bumper sticker is just the first sign. tammy's diner in virginia serves conservative politics right along with the country ham. it's a good thing the current list of likely gop candidates isn't on the menu. some of these republicans just might stick with coffee. >> i like a candidate who's a
2:46 pm
staunch conservative. stauj republican. >> obama is going to get elected again. none of these guys can beat him. huh-uh. not right now. >> reporter: there may be another reason why voters in round hill are looking for other options in 2012. a few big name politicians are acting like presidential teases. >> are you going to think about it? running for president. >> i'm going to think about it. but i think about a lot of things. >> reporter: texas governor rick perry is stoking speculation with plans to stage a national prayer event later this summer. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani keeps popping up in new hampshire. >> hi there! how are you? >> reporter: sarah palin not only has a campaign style bus, there's a pro-palin movie coming soon. >> what do you think the odds are that you will run? >> i don't know. i honestly don't know. it's still, you know, a matter of looking at the field and considering much. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie is headed to iowa for an education conference next
2:47 pm
month but insists he's not running. >> i made a commitment to the people of new jersey when i asked them for four years as governor. >> reporter: think of these republicans as specials of the day. not quite on the gop menu but not quite off. a new cnn opinion research poll shows republicans do want alternatives. two-thirds of gop voters would like to see giuliani jump into the race. a slightly smaller, though not too shabby majority, wants palin to run as well. another recent poll found nearly 40% of republicans are happy with their choices. >> if the election were tomorrow, it would probably be mitt romney. but that's -- that's only because of the lack of choice. >> reporter: back at tammy's diner, even the prospect of some new choices like palin don't sound too appetizing. >> are you going to get elected president and leave halfway through? give me a break. >> reporter: a sign that when it comes to the gop field these days, not every republican is a satisfied customer. while the field has its critics,
2:48 pm
it may also have a front-runner. mitt romney is leading according to to a slew of new polls. the only question is whether romney can fight off any new flavors of the month that are added to the gop menu. jim acosta, cnn, washington. now, more on the republican presidential debate in new hampshire tomorrow night. of course, there are seven white house hopefuls. all of them are going to square off in manchester. cnn's don lemon has been in manchester for much of the week. he's going to be live at the top of the hour. but right now he is joining us from the debate site to give us a quick preview of what we can expect. don, what are we looking forward to? >> reporter: oh, deb. we're going to take you inside the debate hall right here on the saint antone campus in manchester. quite an amazing transformation from start to finish. we're even going to talk to the moderator. you might know him. his name is john king. we'll get his take on the venue, voters and vying candidates on the gop side for monday night's
2:49 pm
big cnn debate. one day before the candidates take the stage some developing news on the big shift on what americans find important, deb. it's exactly what voters have been saying to us since we got here. stay out of their personal business. money and jobs trump values. >> i think the government generally needs to stay out of that type of business. it's a lot more important to get them back to work. they're so far removed from the common man it's almost laughable. >> reporter: one of the candidates campaigning on values had a few choice words on that subject and the media. take a listen. >> in all due respect, i think the media is fixated on trying to -- this is how the media works. they try to pigeon hole candidates. they're this kind. they fit this niche. they fit that niche. interesting, i think, in my candidacy is that i fit all the niches. >> reporter: so why is rick santorum so fired up especially at the media? we'll have that plus developments in the anthony weiner scandal that seem to be coming up every minute. that's coming up at the top of
2:50 pm
the hour, deb. >> don lemon, thanks so much. we'll look forward to watching you in just a short while. thanks so much. remember you can catch the new hampshire republican presidential debate live 8:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow only on cnn. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle -- 8% every 10 years. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time.
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it is do or die time for the miami heat. they play the dallas mavericks in game six of the nba finals tonight. the mavs have a 3-2 lead in the best of seven game series but neither team is taking anything for granted. the heat have to win the next two games on the home court to take the championship. and friday was graduation day for a 90-year-old man. that's right, 90 years old, in oregon. bob max well picked up his high school diploma. he dropped out of school to work on the family farm and says graduating is an honor. this man knows about honors. you can see the ribbon around his neck. that's the medal of honor he received for his platoon work during world war ii. and the latest unemployment numbers are pretty bleak.
2:54 pm
the number of people filing for first-time unemployment benefits stayed above the 400,000 mark for the ninth week in a row. earlier today i talked with valerie burton, the author of "where will you go from here." we looked a five ways to minimize the emotional toll of leaving or losing your job. >> a lot of times people think the biggest impact is losing your income, but the biggest research is that loss of social connection you had every single day when going to work. >> that's a big thing because obviously you know the people, you have some sort of a friend system, a benefit, then you have to start all over again. and it is different when you choose to leave or are forced to leave a little bit, no? >> that's right. there's a sense of loss that comes when you lose your job, but a lot of people don't necessarily realize what the impact is going to be. whether you are choosing to leave because you are tired of the job or people are tell
2:55 pm
commuting, there are a lot of reasons people leave their jobs. >> once you make the decision or the decision is made for you, it is important not to get stuck. >> right. you want to be able to reach out consistently. this is really important. you want to be able to reach out to some of the old bosses, coworkers, people around you that still give you that sense of emotional connection. >> all right. and another thing is that, obviously, you leave there's kind of the sense of i'm taking a vacation and will relax, chill, catch up on my life. but it is important if you have lost your job or are looking for a new one to stay active and busy. >> it is important to stay busy and is important not to reminate. why have i lost my job or someone has done something in a wrong way. you have to stop the ruminating thoughts because that can lead to depression. if you are thinking about leaving, being negative is not going to get you anywhere.
2:56 pm
you may end up sooner than you want to leave. >> it is important for those who lost their job to remember what they were so good at. not focusing on the negative. what about being social and keeping your network, how valuable is that? >> it is essential. find ways to get out to volunteer. if you are ruminating or frustrated, focus on helping somebody else. that's powerful. find ways to get connected outside. also, there's something real estate really interesting, a professor from virginia talks about the happiness hypothesis, finding the place you belong. if it is not in the work place right now, make sure to find the place of social connection, whether it is a sports league, a professional association, making sure you're staying involved and connected so that you feel a sense of a team or a part of something bigger than yourself is essential. >> absolutely because it is very easy to wallow in self-pity or just become lost if you have too much time on your hands. >> this is really about people not recognizing what the real impact will be. one of the greatest statistics
2:57 pm
is men who live until 95 work until they are 80 years old. the social connection is huge, the sense of passion for doing something every single day, that's meaningful. well, that will do it for me. thank you for spending part of your weekend here with all of us. cnn newsroom continues at the top of the hour with don lemon live from manchester, new hampshire. have a great week. stay with cnn. membership rewards points from american express. they're a social currency.
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