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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 13, 2011 8:00am-10:00am PDT

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and money feeds the process. then you're able 20 glo on to south carolina or new mexico, able to go on to florida, et cetera, et cetera. so new hampshire can very much shape the race. all right. the big debate. join us as the republican hopefuls face off, 8:00 p.m. eastern, only on cnn. two seconds to go, then suzanne malveaux takes over from here. >> kyra, are you going to watch? >> of course. >> of course. set your tivo or do the live thing? >> you know we always have to do it live. >> of course we do. i'm going to have a debate party. i'm that nerdy. you have to come over. we'll make a party of it. >> thanks, kyra. live from -- there are more photos surfacing in the scandal involving anthony weiner.
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weiner says he's taking a leave of absence to seek treatment, but over the weekend, more top democrats called for him to resign. the stage is set for tonight's showdown between republican presidential contenders. there are seven republicans squaring off in that debate in new hampshire. among them, congresswoman michele bachmann, who has not officially even launched her campaign, and mitt romney, considered now the front-runner. new protests are planned in california over the release of a former subway police officer who shot and killed an unarmed man at a train station in oakland. this was the scene on new year's day 2009. johannes mehserle says he planned to use his taser on oscar grant, who was laying facedown. he served 11 months of his
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two-year prison sentence for unlawful manslaughter. >> it was painful to us as a family, no accountability, no justice in that courtroom. >> he did less of the time that michael vick served for abusing some animals, so it's a perversion of justice. >> week 4 of casey anthony's capital murder trial could mark the end of the prosecution's case. now an evidence analyst and tattoo artist anthony visited following her daughter's disappearance are among the prosecution's remaining witnesses. over the weekend an insect expert said that flying in anthony's car trunk suggested that the booedy of her 2-year-old daughter decomposed there. anthony has pleaded not guilty to killing her child in 2008. firefighters now are making some progress, but it's happening pretty slow against the second largest wildfire in arizona history. it's now about 10% contained,
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and evacuees are being allowed to go back home, but at their own risk. >> we're thanksful it was still here and didn't look like it had been in a fire at all. >> several people injured and buildings damaged or destroyed after a series of earthquakes rattled new zealand today. three of them hit near christchurch in under two hours. that city was already on edge because a massive earthquake struck back, you may recall, killing more than 180 people. gas prices have dropped. that's good news. 27 cents a gallon since about a month ago. aaa says the national average is now $3.77. a month ago it was $3.97 analysts say the supply is higher and demand is weaker right now. more on a big story. presidential politics and
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tonight's republican debate. mitt romney is the leader of the pack form he has that status, making him a likely target. newt gingrich is trying to regroup after his senior staff campaign they all quit, and tim pawlenty and rick santorum will be trying to get out of think single digits in the polls. john king is the moderator of tonight's debate. he joins us live from manchester, new hampshire. i know this is an exciting moment, when all of this really begins to kick off. what do you suppose any of them can say or do this evening to stand out. what are you going to be watching for? >> it's a great quick, suzanne. good morning to everyone. there's two challenges to the candidates. mitt romney is the front-runner. you would have toll consider him the national front-runner. so the other candidates will be looking to say take another look, look at me. he wants to present himself as
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the candidate best suited to deal with the economy. the other republicans have to try to establish their credentials. they'll be trying to impress republican voters. they want to hear what you say about the social issues, talk about taxes and less government, but they also have this question, and that is electability, who can takes case tonight? i'm the guy or woman you want, in the case of congresswoman bachmann on that stage next october against barack obama. i'm a republican who can win in a general election. there's two audiences, your conservative base and the bigger mick turs. so a big kickoff event tonight. we're very excited. >> i remember co-moderating the epic debate between clinton, obama and edwards. there were some zingers there. do you think it will get personal tonight?
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>> reporter: it will be largely a policy debate. i don't expect any personal attacks here at all. that being said, there will be some sharp policy disagreements. we know already governor pawlenty just yesterday called mitt romney's health care plan, compared it to the obama plan. is that personal? policy? that's pretty tame, but a toughening line. look for a lot of that. they tend to like and respect each other, and remember we're early in the campaign, people are just starting to tune in. if you seem personal, nasty, that could turn more people off than it brings in. they do have significant differences. they have differences over taxes and intending. they also have some information differences over the foreign
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policy question. remember, one of these republicans, seven candidates on stage tonight, will likely be the rep nominee for president, in what's certainly to be a competitive election. people at home will be saying i heard your answers on the economy, maybe on the social issues, but are you a commander in chief? that's a threshold question. >> explain this to a lot of our viewers. why is michele bachmann in this debate if she hasn't even officially announced she's running. >> you are allowed to be in this debate if you're exploring a -- you have to meet 2% in either two national polls, and she crosses that threshold. that might possibly be one of the questions tonight, but she needs the eligibility test for they die bait and she wanted to come, so she's here. >> you just might ask that question, john? >> possible. >> okay. we'll see.
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we'll be tuning in for that. it should be very exciting. here's your clans to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. today's question -- what document to hear from the debate? carol costello is joining us from washington nice to see you. >> nice to see you. i had a great vacation and i'm raring to go. tonight's debate will be all about making the other guy look unpresidential. newt gingrich will have to address why he went on a greek vacation at the beginning of the run, and why romney was for a health care mandate. and tim pawlenty will have to own up to why he once believed in fighting climate change and notice does not. he'll also be likely asked about the google litmus test, you know, if you can find a service on google, the government shouldn't be doing it. what about jobs?
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as in creating jobs. we still need them. it's likely you'll hear a lot of this on that -- >> we're not proposing to cut taxes and raise spending, as ha happened in the past. we're proposing to cut taxes and dramatically cut spending as well. we need a pro-growth policy, get rid of this oppressive government. >> tax rates from here? >> absolutely. >> i think tax increases would likely stand in the way of that kind of positive economic growth that we so desperately need now. >> the question is, is that what republican votitious really want? at recent "new york times"/cbs poll said 55% of republicans said they want a tax high on the rich along with 74% of independents. what do you want to hear from the gop debate?, and i'll read some of your comments later
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on this hour. cnn will host the new hampshire presidential debate happening tonight, all at 8:00 p.m. eastern only here on cnn. here's a rundown on some of the stories we are following. more pressure now on congressman weiner to resign after a new set of revealing pictures. then an expedition to the north arabian sea for a california diving group. they are determined to find the body of bin laden. plus reevaluating california's prop 8 ruling. the sexual orientation of the judge who declared it unconstitutional is now an issue. and radiant first pictures of a post-surgery gabby giffords. we wish her very well. and finally republicans with serious presidential ambitions. they're taking a stage tonight in manchester, new hampshire. ♪ [car horn honks]
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i think he's been lying to us all along for a lot of different issues. >> i think mr. weiner hasn't been shown to have done anything illegal. disgusting, i believe, but he's done an excellent job, i support him, i would vote for him again. even as new pictures surface. 6r.
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according to tmz, they were taken in the house members' gym. congressman weiner says he's seeming treatment so he can become a better husband, a healthier person, but it is not enough for top democrats. over the weekend, the calls for weiner to step down intensified. >> i think anthony weiner needs to resign to focus on his own well-being. >> i think it's difficult for him to represent his constituents in an effective way. >> we want to bring in our congressional correspondent kate bolduan. kate conventional wisdom on friday was if he survived last week, he would be okay, but all of that changed over the weekend. >> reporter: it definitely was a significant shift. the top democrats in the house to explicitly say very clearly
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that they wanted the contingentman to resign. but we know he's taking this leave of absence, and let me read you a bit of a statement put out by his office in conjunction with this. the statement reads that he will request a short leave of absence from the house of representatives so he can get evaluated and map out a course of treatment to make himself bell. it goes on to say he takes the views of his colleagues very seriously and has determined he needs this time to get healthy and make the best decision possible for his health, he family an his constituents. according to a democratic source we spoke to, our darscha bash, he doesn't want to make any decisions about his future until his wife returns from an overseas trip. she should be returning on thursday.
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he's leaving more of a window open for resigning than before, but we just don't know. >> the last poll showed he had support still. how much does he need, his fellow democrats in congress to be successful. can he ignore their calls, stay and still be an effective congressman? >> reporter: pressure is a real thing. the top democrats in your party coming out to say resign, that's real. by definition, i guess he could ignore all of it, and try to continue on, but as mucher counsel said in the last hour, he said it would be a long hard road back. and i should note that one aide to nancy pelosi did point out this is the first time nancy pelosi has come out to call on a fellow democrat to step down. so this is a very big thing,
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even though they can't physically chuck him out of congress, but it is a big deal. we're talking about politics and image and how you work with other people is a big deal here. that says a lot going forward. >> kate, we're just getting word from our white house unit as well, the white house spokesman jay carney called weiner a distraction, so clearly not getting the nod from the white house, that certainly can't help making his case to stay on board. kate bolduan, thank you very much. >> reporter: thanks, suzanne. how speaker boehner get in on the jokes. during a commencement speech yesterday, he told the graduates that he knows what it's like when people make fun of your name. >> when you begin to go out there and ask people to vote, they protect won't vote if they could say your name. my name looks like beaner, bonner, boner -- thank god it's
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not weiner. sgloots weiner often made fun of his own name before the currents scandal broke. well, now it's time for you to choose the news. smuggled to palestinians living in gaza. a rare look at this illegal trade. your second choice here, these low-income students attending a private high school in maryland, they don't even have to worry about tuition. companies are footing the bill. see why it's a huge success. and third, saving the pink dolphin. why tour guides in hong kong say this beautiful species is now on the brink. so you can vote for your favorite story by texting 22360, text 1 for smuggling goods to gaza, 2 for page to go to
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checking the stories from affiliates across the country, this california man has launched a mission to retrieve osama bin
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laden's remains. bill warren says he has a pretty good idea where the body is in the north arabian sea. >> but i'm mainly doing it just to prove a point, you know, see if he's really dead. we would photograph, videotape and do a dna test, try to figure out what we're going to do with his body after that. and they are still cheering in dallas for the mavericks beat the miami heat tonight. they are the new nba champions for the first time in franchise history. in eastern arizona firefighters are still battling the second largest fire in the state's history right now the wallow fire is only 10% contained. it has burned more than 440,000 acres so far. that is more than half the size of rhode island. a lot of people are being allowed to go back home, but at their own risk.
8:23 am
>> the homes are built fairly close to the preserve, so there's probably maybe 10 or 15 feet the backyard grass off the pool enclosure and the fire is in the woods right behind. >> i couldn't believe it was up and down this entire road. just amazing. also something amazing. rob, i want to bring you into this, because the fire's impact is so big it's moving to the east to albuquerque? >> it's now beginning to touch the new mexico border. here's the resolution, showing the actual smoke from the fire here. here's the empowereder. the maps are showing that it's just now touching the new mexico border. not only is the fire approaching that border, but the smoke is having a huge impact on everybody nearly in new mexico, including albuquerque, where bad air quality has been an issue
8:24 am
and it would continue to be a problem going forward. they're not going to have a lot of help from mother nature. another day of critical fire danger across the fire zone into parts of texas. we'll see winds gusting, and humidity levels will be very, very low. tomorrow the winds will lie down just a bit, so maybe they'll get a handle at this. look at roswell, high of 107 degrees yesterday. midland seeing similar numbers as well. we have some thunderstorms moving through the midwest, and we're looking at a thunderstorm watch out for parts of missouri and south also, which includes folks just to the west of memphis, where it will be 95 degrees today, 93 in atlanta. here's what the radar looked like yesterday afternoon across parts of miami, and points just to the north, where we had a tremendous amount of hail. check this video out coming to you from south florida. it looks like a tropical storm
8:25 am
or hurricane, with the palm fronds blowing in the wind. this one had enough altitude to bring down bitty bits of hail. they'll take that cooling thunderstorm, even if it means getting hid in the noggin with a piece of hail, just to knock down the dust a bit. >> thanks, rob. >> you bet. a case against a judge who overturned the ban on same-sex marriage, his own same-sex relationship is becoming a case in court. i'll talk to jeffrey toobin. [ nurse ] i'm a hospice nurse. britta olsen is my patient. i spend long hours with her checking her heart rate, administering her medication, and just making her comfortable. one night britta told me about a tradition in denmark, "when a person dies," she said, "someone must open the window so the soul can depart."
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here's a rundown on some of the stories we're working on. next, opponents of same-sex marriage in california head to a courtroom to take on a judge, because he's gay. so how legitimate is their argument? i'm going to talk to senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin. then the republican presidential contenders facing off for the first debate. that's happening tight right here on cnn. i'm going to take a closer look at the official candidates, even though who haven't declared yet. in 30 minutes, new pictures are released of congresswoman gabby giffords, five months after she was shot in the face. we'll talk about sanjay gupta
8:29 am
about her progress. california's battle over same-sex marriage goes back to court today. this time the focus is on the judge who ruled that the state's ban on gay marriage was sun constitutional. now, the ban is known as proposition 8. backers argue that judge von walker should have recused himself because he's game. our analyst jeffrey toobin joins us by phone from new york. tell us about thinks arguments that are happening here. should this judge have recused himself in this case? >> the argument is not that judge walker should have recused himself because he's gay. the argument is that because he is gay and has had a long-term partner and could become eligible to get mar i had, he has such a personal stake in the
8:30 am
outcome that he should have recused himself. it's because of the nature of the relationship that he's had. >> that's right, because he has a strong interest in the outcome. it would have determined whether or not he could wed his own partner one day. is there any precedence for this? any legitimacy that they're finding in the argument that those folks are making? >> i think it's a very, very unlikely that he -- that judge walker will be found to have done anything improper. judges are human beings, they often have broad societal interests that are at stake in any case before them. you know, many african-american judges have sat on cases involving civil rights. many women have sat on cases involving women's rights. i think this is -- it's not a crazy argument on behalf of the proposition 8 supporters, and there is probably a good argument that judge walker should have disclosed this in
8:31 am
advance, but as for winning their motion and having judge walker tossed off the case and the decision overturned, i think that's extremely unlikely. >> jeff, to your knowledge, was there any requirement in california law that would have required him to disclose his relationship 1234. >> well, that's really what today's hearing is about, because the issue is, is this relationship he was in of a sufficiently important nature it should have been disclosed and should it have been disqualifying? frankly i think the answer is no. it's certainly not disqualifying. you might have an argument that she should have disclosed it, but that certainly is not enough to overturn a very lengthy meticulous trial that judge walker conducted. so i think this hearing will actually amount to very little, the case is now on appeal in the ninth circuit.
8:32 am
i think the appeal will proceed. i don't think this hearing will amount to changing the course of the case. >> jeffrey toobin, thank you very much. appreciate the update. tonight it's the big night, the first republican presidential debate in new hampshire, beginning at 8:00 p.m. eastern here. it's promising to be a game changer. so who's in the race, who's still on the fence? we're going to break it down for you. [ female announcer ] you've never had
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tough economy, less than stunning poll numbers mean president obama is far from a shoo-in for the presidential election. what does he have on his side? he has no often opponent. the field of potential candidates is wide open. here's a look at the competition. >> i'm announcing my candidacy for president of the united states. >> reporter: in this corner former house speaker newt gingrich, once a formidable foe, now abandoned by most of his campaign team just four days ago. >> there's a fundamental strategic difference between the traditional consulting community and the kind of campaign i want to run.
8:36 am
>> the conservative firebrand is trying to wage a comeback. >> we're going to return the responsibility and authority to the states for dozens of government programs. mitt romney with a strong showing in the polls, but handicapped by health care legislation hi passed. also in the ring, another former governor, tim pawlenty of minnesota. on mccain's short list as running mate in 2008. >> beer going to need a new and better president. >> making barack obama a one-term president. >> michele bachmann, the tea party superstart, making it clear she is ready. >> join the fight, join the
8:37 am
fight. >> former pennsylvania senator is coming occupy swinging, but as a tahj conservative, some question whether he'll appeal to the middle. >> this is round 3 for ron paul. while his fan base is loyal and growing, he faces the problem of being considered by too many as radical. >> the sleeping giant has awakened. >> then there's herman cain, the former ceo of godfather's pizza, attracting attention, but not enough yet to be considered a kenner. >> those are the wild cards. sarah palin, rudy giuliani, texas governor rick perry, jon
8:38 am
huntsman, chris christie and marco rubio, the young first-term senator from florida. it is a wild field of contenders, but tonight we could see the start of that thinning out of the crowd. guys, this is going to be an exciting evening here. wlor we watching? >> we're looking at mitt romney, just over is the border. >> mitt romney at 24%. look at who's in the middle. sarah palin at 20%, rude,giuliani at 12%.
8:39 am
there are several other candidates. we don't have poll numbers on him. paul? >> it's interesting. if we take giuliani and palin out of equation. while they're -- look at the next numbers. 19 points ahead of the field. it sells us he as the front-runner. why? mostly because of what he did in health care five years ago. that plan is conceived to be -- which is despised by republicans, so expect a lot of other republicans to go after mitt romney. >> i know a lot of folks are looking for newt gingrich, because they're saying his campaign is on life support. have you seen him?
8:40 am
do people there even still consider him in the game? >> yeah, look, newt gingrich has been a fighter. because he continues to fight, it shows he's still in the game. very high recognition. last night he was in los angeles. he made a passing reference to the fact that his campaign has run into serious problems. tonight there's a lot off line to newt gingrich who has to show he's not shaking. suzanne? >> mark, paul, you guys are looking good. we're anticipating a great debate. >> cnn will host the debate tonight all starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern, only on cnn. reporters hoping to find a bombshell in the thousands of pages of e-mails, they did not.
8:41 am
it showed palin involved in the routine work the governing. it provides glimpses of her occasionally butting heads with politicians, one shows her pushing exxon to pay for damages for the oil spill. the treasurer issued a statement, saying the thousands upon thousands of e-mail show a very engaged governor being the ceo of her state. photos of a member of congress that's actually going to make you smile. representative gabby giffords looking healthy and happy. our dr. sanjay gupta examines the post-surgery photos. yet an instant classic." with sports car styling and power, plus the refinement and space of a luxury sedan, the jaguar xf is a timeless blend
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there's still time to vote. vote for your favorites. text 1 for smuggling goods to gaza, how egypt's bed owin people are smuggling. and saving the pink dolphin, why this beautiful species is fighting for its life in the waters off hong kong. the winning story will air in
8:45 am
the next hour. finally some good news here. gas prices, they're starting to drop. now we're paying about 27 cents less, which is great. we have even more ways to help you save money. alison kosik has today's hot tip. we could by wasting gas and not even know it. >> if you're like me, my eyes pop out, i do the double take. if you're looking to ditch your gas guzzler, consumer reports just put out is list for best new cars for few economy. for subcompaction, the honda hatchba hatchback, the toyota corolla le, and ford escape hybrid, and toyota highlander hybrid.
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they also mean "consumer reports" requirements for safety, performance and reliability. if you want to stick with your current car, aa warns don't run your gas tank to empty. if you don't have the minimum level of fuel, so good rule of thumb, suzanne from aaa, always maintain at least a quarter tank of fuel. suzanne? >> i guess i'm guilty of that, actually. >> not good. >> none of us like to sit in traffic, but we all want to get there faster, aggressive drivers, speeders, i'm one of those too, but it might cost more in the end? >> i'm in that camp as well, but a word of warning to you and me, we're actually lowering or gas mileage by up to 30% on the
8:47 am
highway, and could be costing up to 1.25 a gallon of gas. when it comes to speeding, even though every car is different, at speeds above 60 miles per hour, your gas mileage actually decreases quite fast. for example, each five miles an hour you drive over 60 it's like paying an additional 32 cents a gallon for gas. >> wow, that's tough. i love to go fast. >> me too. i'm all about that. >> alison, we'll talk to you in a bit. if you're planning a road trip, we'll talk about how it can cost you more. ♪
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let's take a look at live pictures here. this coming from our affiliate, wls, our affiliate here out of -- this is chicago. this is a vintage plane
8:51 am
manufactured 1944, crashed after takeoff near chicago. the plane was carrying seven people. we understand all seven escaped this crash alive. the plane crashed about three to four miles southeast of the airport. this is our affiliate wls providing live ariels of the scene. all seven people onboard made it out safely. we want to go now back to the gas-saving tips with alison. alison, if you are planning a road trip this summer and you want to save money in some creative ways, i understand even packing, what you pack might save you a couple bucks, yes? >> exactly, because, you know, if you are packing up the family, get the junk out of the trunk. any unnecessarily weight can be a drag on your gas savings. i know you're laughing, but it's
8:52 am
true. carrying on top of the roof could lower the mileage. and the gas mileage stopped a considerable 6 mpgs when they drove at 6 miles per hour. 85% of drivers don't know how to properly inflight their drivers, and many have under inflated tires. and the owner's manual is what you should go by. when in doubt, contact your local repair shop for help. that's another way you can save bucks. >> we're all about saving bucks. thank you, alison. appreciate it. we're less than nine hours away from tonight's showdown between republican presidential contenders, which brings us to today's talk back question. and our carol costello is joining us with the responses. >> the talk back question today, what do you want to hear from
8:53 am
the gop debate? from tommy, he says promises of economic recovery, and oil speculation will be brought under control. i want all of this to be followed by phrases like i really, really mean it, and trust me and i won't let you down. and this from brian, tax reform that makes sense, and no democrat bashing. and this is from danielle, i want to see on paper what they're going to do. i want to pay your salary, can understand. and this from rick. nothing about weiner. more about tax reform and everything that ron paul aspouses. >> carol, you don't get to see it very often. i want to show you vice president joe biden having fun this weekend. he led an all-out water fight at his house with a super water
8:54 am
gun. he has a ton of grandkids and they all love him. he also invited reporters and their families to join what he called the biden beach boardwalk. they turn the vice president's ground into a carnival. they had a bungy jump. and i took my mom, and she would go up and run to the vice president. she was a little submiten, i think, actually. and he planted a big kiss on her cheek. it was nice to see another side of the white house folks. >> i swear, i thought you were going to say your mom went on the water slide. that would have been something. >> that would not be beyond her. if she had a bathing suit. if we would have brought bathing suits, she would have done it, believe me. >> if there is another barbecue next year, she should do it because she will make all the
8:55 am
blogs. >> she's crazy that way. she would do it. >> just like her daughter. >> she's crazier than i am. >> that's impossible. >> don't forget to choose the news. winning story will be shown the next hour. and then a rare look at how goods are illegally pushed through an underground tunnel. and then why it's worth to to pay for kids' tuition at a high school in maryland. and why a rare species is in a battle for its own life. take advil now... and maybe up to 4 in a day. or, choose aleve and 2 pills for a day free of pain. smart move. ♪
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8:58 am
this is a big step up from the leafblower. chevrolet volt. the 2011 north american car of the year. sad news today for bruce spring sting and members of his band. a member of his band suffered a stroke and is ill. clarence has suffered a series of health problems recently, and he is 69 years old. simply amazing. look at pictures of a smiling gabrielle giffords. they are the first pictures of the congresswoman since she suffered a gunshot wound to the head back in january. the photos are posted on her face book page, and sanjay gupta says we can learn a bit of how
8:59 am
far she has come from looking at the photos. >> she looks great. no question. making great eye contact with the family and a smile. things that pop out as a neuro surgeon. this is where the bone was removed that we talked so much about. if you look closely, can you see how the head is concaved in there. that's a result of the bone not being in place at the time this picture was taken. the bone substitute was put back in, so she will have a more normal contour. and look down here in her throat area. pretty classic envision, a scar from her trek tube. a great-looking shot done before she had her bone put in. and she probably looks better in the days since then. and now going to therapy. seems to be on schedule in terms of things. she has been in a rehab setting
9:00 am
now for six months. going to an out-patient setting, she will stay in houston and get her rehab in houston at the hospital, and you have a fully functional kitchen and your own bathroom and starting to conduct activities of daily living to make it easier. since the beginning, we know she has been able to understand speech, but her expressive capabilities, her ability to speak in one or two word sentences have been challenged. so she has a long way to go. again, important to see those great pictures of her, and she's smiling, obviously, and able to maintain that eye contact. a good sign. back to you. i want to get you up to speed. new pictures of a bear chested congressman, anthony weiner
9:01 am
surface in his sexing scandal. it was taken in the house gym. more top democrats called for weiner to resign. he says he's taking a leave of absence now to seek treatment. and then the showdown. seven republicans square off in the debate in new hampshire. among them, michelle balkman, and she has not launched her campaign, and mitt romney considered the frontrunner. from all of the flames and smoke, it may not look like it, but firefighters are making progress against the so-called wallo fire in arizona. it's now about 10% contained. we go to the front line of the wildfire. this is the second largest in state history. >> what's it like when your right up at the front facing a fire this big? >> this one, one of the things
9:02 am
that just amazes me is how fast this fire moved. >> several people were injured and buildings damaged or destroyed after a series of earthquakes rattled new zealand today. three of them hit near christ church in under two hours. and that city was already on edge because you may recall a massive earthquake struck back in february killing more than 180 people. they have also got problems in the air above new zealand. the volcano that erupted last week in chile is smil smoking and creating a massive ash cloud. particles in the ash can clog jet engines which could cause them to fail. thousands of people have fled their homes now in chile. protesters have been back on the streets of california to express outrage over the release
9:03 am
of a former subway police officer who shot and killed an unarmed man at a train station in oakland in 2009. he said he went to use his taser on 22-year-old oscar grant who was laying face down on the flat form floor. mez lure resays he used his gun by mistake. and then the same-sex marriage goes back to court. the judge vaughn walker should have refused himself because he's in a long-term gay relationship and may want to merry his same-sex partner. it's unlikely that the judge will be found to have done anything wrong. >> judges are human beings, and
9:04 am
they often have a broad interest that are at stake in any case before them. many african-american judges have sat on cases involving civil rights, and many women judges have sat on women's rights. and tonight seven gop cases have been facing off. mitt romney is considered the frontrunner heading into the debate, and that makes him a likely target. and we have don lemon live from the scene. there's a lot of anticipation. >> reporter: absolutely. i am right in my element. i feel like i am a debate roadie. and this is just a few cases, and it takes many more to take it together. it's like a big concert to put it together, and we take over the entire arena. let's take you inside.
9:05 am
hey, guys. this is a campus in manchester. they are still working on it. when we got here a few days ago, there was nothing here. we had a couple stages, a few things in place but nothing like this. look. doesn't it look beautiful? i will tell you, some of the big wigs here are getting it together. we're on live, and these are the c nchlt nchlnn hahn chose here. and there is where the two main cameras and the soupd and audio, and pictures, they are going to be controlled from there. and here's another big control room. let's walk this way. so they will be doing that. that's two of 11 cameras. these red seats. these are the lucky folks that get to ask questions during the debate. behind them will be members of the media. you see there, cnn news source,
9:06 am
and cnn ad sales and all of that. and now let's walk on the stage. feel like i'm walking the runway. and here are more cameras and more invited guests. as we go here. this is the important stuff. this is where the gop candidates are going to be. rick santorum gets the first spot, and newt gingrich here, and it's really beautiful. check this out. these are called the chandeliers. i think they are new here. i am like a real estate agent, i'm selling it. >> yes, i love that you are selling it. so a couple questions for you. >> reporter: over 60 -- real quick let me tell you this and then you can get a question. 60 are new, and we got them last
9:07 am
year. these are like 26 feet, 16 x 26 feet. this is for people asking questions from remote questions. i may have them backwards, but that's what the two giant m monitors will be for. >> you ran out of time. you don't get a question. forget about it. i was just -- >> reporter: sorry. i am excited. >> it's okay. having done these before, have you seen any candidates yet? are they just waiting around? >> reporter: we almost had to cancel the live shot, because the candidates are coming through. we kncan't do a live shot while they are here, because some don't want to be on and that's understandable. >> thank you for the tour there. appreciate it. and here is your chance to talk back. one of the big stories of the
9:08 am
day. today is question, what do you want to hear from the gop debate? and carol costello joins us from d.c. they are just beginning to show up, so a lot of folks will be watching and wondering what these guys have to say. >> yeah, let's get down to the nitty gritty, shall we? tonight's debate will be all about looking the others look bad or unpresidential. mitt romney will have to explain what an opponent calls obama care. and tim pawlenty will have to explain why he once was fighting climate change and now does not. we still need them creating jobs. and it's likely you will hear a
9:09 am
lot this on that. >> we're not proposing to cut taxes and raise spending as happened in the past. we are proposing to cut taxes and cut spending as well. >> we need to get rid of the oppressive -- >> tax rates from here? >> absolutely. >> the question is, is that what republican voters actually want to hear? at a cbs poll, 55% of republicans say they want a tax hike on the rich along with 74% of independents. so the talk back question for today, what do you want to hear from the gop debate? i will read your comments later this hour. >> thank you. and a reminder, cnn will host the republican presidential debate, and that is happening tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. and here are stories we are covering first. the grocery store's new dirty
9:10 am
dozen. we will tell you which of the fruits on this list is loaded with pesticides. and then firefighters battle the second worst wildfire in arizona history. and then the truth-o-meter. and then plus, the joy of owning a home fading quickly from the american dream. and then this. the girl's young voices pierce the air on what is an otherwise dismal existence. this is a old tobacco factory serving as a refugee camp. >> refugees fleeing syria facing a new reality in turkey. [ waves crashing ] ♪
9:11 am
♪ [ male announcer ] and just like that, it's here. a new chance for all of us: people, companies, communities to face the challenges yesterday left behind and the ones tomorrow will bring. prudential. bring your challenges.
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9:14 am
winning story is going to air at the end of the hour. okay. remember the food plate icon that the government unveiled this month. half your plate filled with fruits and veggies. but many of the foods have a lot of pesticides in them. so we want to go to our medical correspondent, elizabeth cohen. who are the worst offenders here? >> if you are not buying organic, that food uses pesticide. yes, the industry uses pesticides. unless you are buying organic. they look to government data to see which fruits and vegetables have the most pesticides on them and they came up with a list. we'll start near you. these are the five fruits and vegetables that have the most pesticides on them. spinach was number five.
9:15 am
and then we go with peaches. and then strawberries, and then celery, and then they say apples had the most pesticide. 92% of apples had two pesticides on them. >> really? >> what is wrong with pesticides? are they harmful? >> studies have linked pesticides to cancer and other problems. but the -- and this is a big "but," and they are at such low levels and will not cause you problems. >> can you rinse it off? >> you can rinse it off, and you will get some of it off. you will not necessarily get all of it off. there are a couple things you wanted to pay attention to. use lots of water. doesn't matter what temperature. use a scrub brush when appropriate. and throw away the outer leaves of the cabbage. >> should you end up buying
9:16 am
organic? >> if you don't want pres sides buy organic. and it's pricey. only buy organic for the ones that have the most pesticides. that's a strategy you can use if you want to save money. >> what are the best ones? >> and onions, corn, pineapples, avocados, and asparagus. if you want to see a list of more fruits and vegetables, terrific blog. >> frank: i wash this strawberry, can i have one. >> absolutely. i will wash it for you. >> thank you. we appreciate it. the violence in syria is continuing. refugees are flooding out of the country by the thousands. we will show you what life is like for people who have now been chased on it of their homes
9:17 am
by their own government. [ marge ] psst. constipated? phillips' caplets use magnesium, an ingredient that works more naturally with your colon than stimulant laxatives, for effective relief of constipation without cramps. thanks. [ professor ] good morning students. today, we're gonna...
9:18 am
9:19 am
thousands of flooded out of syria since the violence began there between protesters and the government. now the refugees are overwhelming the border with turkey. mr. damon is looking at what life is like for people eventually living life on the run. the girl's young voices pierce
9:20 am
of the air of what is an otherwise dismal existence. we're not allowed to film inside. this man and his family of eight fled for their lives friday as the military launched an assault against their town. we don't know what is going to happen. we don't dare go back to syria, says his wife. our conversation ends abruptly. >> reporter: now, somebody is coming out and is telling everybody to come inside. the authorities are trying to prevent the news media from talking to the refugees. thousands of terrified residents of the town and surrounding
9:21 am
villages already abandoned their homes and scrambled into neighborering turkey, hearing the massacre at the hands of their own military, and they keep on coming. >> joining us by phone from the boardser between syria and turkey. i know you're on the phone and you're not on camera because of the bad weather out there. how is that impacting what is happening with the refugees that are trying to flee syria? >> reporter: well, one can only begin to imagine what the situation is like inside the various tents and so those trying to make the way across the border, it's raining down sheets at this point in time. a lot of these refugees, even though they are inside turkey living under tents, can you imagine what it's like for them. and then there is a makeshift camp on the syrian side where they are living under tarps. most have relatives who have
9:22 am
gone missing and they're afraid if they come into turkey, they will lose all forms of communication. and we know that at least 600,000 have fled. >> that sounds horrific. >> reporter: it's turned into a mud field. and looking into the one refugee camp on the syria side, and people there don't have a solid ground underneath them. they have strung tarps up over vehicles, and they are sustaining themselves thanks to villagers who are bringing them bread and the bare basics. everything is being compounded by the weather conditions and the knowledge that not a single refugee that we spoke to has any
9:23 am
idea whatsoever of when they will be able to go back home. >> they are on the border and a crisis situation we are following very closely as well as the rest of the world watching, what is taking place there clearly, a humanitarian crisis. thank you. we're also following a big story. we're counting down to the first republican presidential debate. that's tonight, 8:00 p.m. here on cnn. who's in the race and who is on the fence? we'll break it all down for you up next. it's salonpas. this is the relief i've been looking for. salonpas has 2 powerful pain fighting ingredients that work for up to 12 hours. and my pharmacist told me it's the only otc pain patch approved for sale using the same rigorous clinical testing that's required for prescription pain medications. proven. powerful. safe. salonpas.
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9:26 am
here's a rundown of some of the stories we're working on. up next, seven republicans that want to be president face-off in their first new new hampshire debate. and we'll take a closer look at the contenders. then progress, fighting arizona's challenging wildfire. we will tell you what that means for the thousands of the state's homeowners. 20 minutes, truth and lies. we put politicians recent claims to the test in the truth-o-meter. it's a tough economy, and less than stunning poll numbers means that president obama could be facing an uphill battle in the 2012 presidential election. what does the president have on his side? there is still no oub vbvious opponent. here's a look at the competition. >> i'm announcing my candidacy for president of the united
9:27 am
states. >> in this corner, former house speaker, newt gingrich. now abandoned by most of his campaign team just four days ago. >> there's a fundamental strategic difference between the traditional consulting community and the campaign i want to run. >> he's trying to have a comeback. >> and we'll return it, and that will begin with a complete repeal of obama care. >> he has a strong showing in the polls, but handicapped by health care legislation he passed. critics say it's similar to obama law. >> obama said he designed obama care after romney care and made it obamny care.
9:28 am
>> we will need a new and better president. >> making barack obama a one-term president. >> and another from minnesota, michelle bachmann, the tea party superstar, who is not officially in the fight, but making it clear that she's ready. >> join the fight! join the fight! >> and rick santorum is coming you out swinging, but some question whether he will appeal to the middle. >> world history never seen the monetary inflation that we have seen in the last couple years. >> and this is round three for ron paul. the first time he ran for president, it was as a libertarian. while his fan base is loyal and growing, he faces the problem of being considered by many too radical. >> the sleeping giant has awakened. it's call we the people. >> and then there is her mun kaine, the former ceo of
9:29 am
godfather's pizza. attracting attention but not enough to be considered a contender. >> and then the candidates not declared yet, but game changers. >> for instance, former governor of alaska, sarah palin, and rick rer re, and crist kristi, a -- chris christie. we will talk about what we can expect in the campaign ahead. seven republicans facing off with mitt romney considered the leader of the pack. joining us from cambridge, massachusetts, david gergen. there is a new launch of a web video. it's called "bump in the road." i want to show our viewers a little bit of the ad. >> there's always going to be bumps on the road to recovery.
9:30 am
>> i'm an american, not a bump in the road. >> it has a feel of some of the reagan ads in the past. and the theme is believe in america. do you get a sense the voters don't have the same kind of optimism. do you think this is a message that will resonate with voters this go around? >> suzanne, i think the country is demoralized, and they would like to believe again. we saw that with the bin laden episode, that great adventure, which college students poured out of their dorm rooms and chanted usa, usa. and clearly there is an underneath disspirited public. there is a desire to come back and believe in america again.
9:31 am
i think barack obama, frankly, touched on that on the yes we can theme four or three years ago, and romney is trying to revive it. and just a few weeks ago it doesn't seem much difference who was going to win, because barack obama seemed destined to go on to victory. but things changed. the job numbers romney is hitting on, and the bump in the road response from the administration. the president is more vulnerable today than he has been in eight or nine months. and suddenly on the republican side, there is interest. >> imagine that all of the republican candidates are going to go off on obama on the weak economy, and most of them agree on the limited government and lower cuts, and lower taxes, rather, and spending cuts. how do they distinguish themselves? >> that's a very, very good question. that was similarly true back --
9:32 am
we were just talking about reagan. we were talking about reagan and that was similarly true in 1980. there were republicans who were running and talked from the same song sheet, but reagan sang it than anybody else. that's going to be a critical question for mitt romney tonight. can he distinguish himself as somebody who has the energy and the insight and a sense of i'm a business guy and know how to do this and create jobs, and can he convince people of that, or is he going to seem like a flip-flopper of three years ago. we will have to wait and see. i think there is a lot at stake tonight. more than i would have thought only a few weeks ago. >> who do you think will stand out in this group? >> well, michelle bachmann and cain are likely to stand out. michelle bachmann is becoming the second sarah palin.
9:33 am
i think that she and -- it's like a three-ring circus. romney trying to distinguish himself as the frontrunner, who you can believe in this time. and michelle bachmann and cain saying who will be the tea party candidate, and they will take on romney directly. i think some of the rest, you know, they are fighting for their life. and there will be interest in that. and ron paul is interesting, but he's not -- you know, we have been there before. >> quickly, on sarah palin, the wild card that will not be in the debate, in the new hampshire debate, but she released thousands of pages of e-mails that were released on friday,
9:34 am
and people poring through them, what did you learn from those e-mails in her term as governor? was there anything that stood out in your mind or anything that was interesting about her? >> i learned that what we have seen is what we get. she was the same sarah palin, if anything a little more interested in the life in alaska than we assumed. she was engaged in the governing of alaska there for a while. but there were no bomb shells. that's what the media was looking for. there was no instances of sarah palin looking awfully dumb. she is who she is. she has great followers, and she's also as you know, her negatives have gone up a lot. she could be an exciting candidate and would be an underdog if she were the nominee. >> thank you, and we'll watch the debate and it should be fun and interesting. thank you, david. >> a reminder to the viewers,
9:35 am
cnn will host the gop new hampshire debate tonight. that's only on cnn. [ waves crashing ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] and just like that, it's here. a new chance for all of us: people, companies, communities to face the challenges yesterday left behind and the ones tomorrow will bring. prudential. bring your challenges. 14 clubs. that's what they tell us a legal golf bag can hold. and while that leaves a little room for balls and tees, it doesn't leave room for much else. there's no room left for deadlines or conference calls.
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not a single pocket to hold the stress of the day, or the to-do list of tomorrow. only 14 clubs pick up the right one and drive it right down the middle of pure michigan. your trip begins at
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in eastern arizona, it's still quite a fight for control of the so-called wallo fire. so far the fire has burned more than 440,000 acres.
9:38 am
that's more than half the size of rhode island. residents of two communities who were evacuated last week are now being allowed to go back home, but now at their own risk. we're talking about the towns of springerville and eager. on the phone now is marshall reid. he owns a home in eager, arizona. thank you very much for coming back with us. we talked with you last week and the last time we talked you were trying to protect your property as long as possible and finally you had to run, escape from this fire. you have had a chance to go back home to check on your home, and i understand all the chickens that you left behind? >> caller: yes, ma'am, and we live in an area where we could not go back yet. my wife left medication, and we got the sheriff's department to let us go back and take care of the chickens. they were in good shape. we have two dozen little baby
9:39 am
chicks, and my wife broke down and lost it about them growing up without them being able for her to be there and grow up and watch them. they're doing fine and healthy. glad to see a human being. other than that, they're all right. >> were you able to take the chickens out of the home and back to safety, because you were just there for a little bit of time, is that right? >> caller: yes, ma'am. it was hard to evacuate 60 chickens. you have to have a lot of cages to put 60 chickens in and get them down the highway. it's just -- it takes a lot of time. it takes a lot of time and cages, and in an evacuation situation, it's not possible. when i left, the firefighters said they would keep an eye on them as long as they were in the area, and the sheriff's department has been keeping an eye on them. they let us go back and take care of them. they're doing all right. >> what was it like to go back to your home in i imagine with
9:40 am
all the smoke, it must have been hard to breathe or even see? >> caller: yeah, somewhat. it was not as bad as when i was there during the worse part of the fire when it was coming at our area. the first percentage of the containment, they got it around the subdivision. it wasn't too bad. it was a great relief to know that the homes were okay, you know, and not only mine but the neighbors. a lot of the fire in that area burned on the ground, so it doesn't look like i was afraid it might, like a moonscape, like a lot of this area will look like. so it was a great relief. >> we're very relieved for you, and that is very good news. very quickly, did they tell you when you can go back to your home for good, or no? >> caller: they are talking two
9:41 am
to four days, however, part of the conditions was getting electricity back up there and in alpine. we're told late yesterday afternoon they achieved that. i am waiting for the public meeting over here at the evacuation center to start now, with hopes that they will let us back in, and if not i will talk to the sheriff's department to see if i can get back and check on the chickens again. >> thank you for checking in with us as well. please let us know how it goes with your home and chickens and your family. thank you, mr. reid. politicians say a lot of things that they expect us to accept as fact. it's our job to call them out on it. the truth-o-meter is up next. c. it sure does. well, if it doesn't have to get there overnight, you can save a lot with priority mail flat rate envelopes. one flat rate to any state, just $4.95.
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9:44 am
call... or visit one of our local offices today, and we'll provide the coverage you need at the right price. liberty mutual auto insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? several recent comments have been put to the test on the truth-o-meter. good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> this is one from her mun cain, he said when i became president and ceo of godfather's pizza, it was supposed to go bankrupt, and what do we know?
9:45 am
>> we gave that one a mostly true to the truth-o-meter. we talked to officials that knew mr. cain, and he did reinvigorate godfather's pizza. it was not technically on the brink of bankruptcy, so we gave it a mostly true. and then ryan promised to, quote, end health care for our seniors. true or false? >> pants on fire. that's our lowest rating. we have heard the same claim from many democrats in the past few months who have really mis characterized ryan's plan. it would change the whole structure of the system but would not end health care for
9:46 am
seniors. she gets a pants on fire for that one. >> and you fact checked a claim by anonymous republican officials who were quoted as saying john bryson appears to support world government. >> we gave that a false. we did not false check unknown claims, and we did because this is often how falsehood starts, and they will put things out there attributed anonymously. and there's nothing to support what that claim was. it's true that bryson has talked about the role of the united nations in responding to climate change, but that's not the same thing that he supports world government. it's a far-fetched interpretation of his xhepcomme and that's a false. >> thank you.
9:47 am
what do you want to hear from the gop debate tonight? robert says something i have not heard for years, the truth. more responses up ahead. my doctor told me calcium
9:48 am
is best absorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal.
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zblinchsz jooish
9:50 am
more people are renting as homeownership looks like a bad investment. we outline the negatives stacking up against the american dream. >> if i own my own home, i would not have any of these amenity pz that. >> amenities aside, zander clark is at an age where many people consider buying a home. >> when i knew i was going to move to baltimore, i looked at properties, but i knew that in my line of work that i would need to be relocatable. >> and he sees friends who own homes struggling. >> it has been on the market for a year, and they're not getting the price they ask for. and that's scary that they have to keep lowering the price. >> and there is a downward trend.
9:51 am
homeownership is now at the level it was in 1998, and even those that have the money, and can withstand the tougher credit checks are opting not to buy but to rent instead. chris mayor researches housing for columbia university business school. >> even if i have the income and i have got the credit, is this really the best time to jump into the market? >> doug bify is president of the national housing committee. >> and some predictions are that housing prices will fall more. and there are others who are betting on the ability to change. >> with the jobless late of 9.1%, being able to pick up and go where the jobs are is critical. >> i prefer to rent. i like the flexibility that comes along with renting. >> the face of a new generation of renters and perhaps the future of home dwelling this
9:52 am
journal. >> there is a lot of evidence people need to have down payments. we need to have viable options for people in their lives not in a position to be owners. there's nothing wrong with that, and hopefully we will eliminate the stigma, and when people buy they will buy for good reasons. >> thank you. and it's their jobs that keep them on the move. mr. clark works at the human resources department at another large store and can see a move in his future. about seven hours away from tonight's showdown between republican presidential contenders, which brings us to today's talk back question. and we are joined with carroll. >> and this is from mike, why won't you ask the real question? why didn't their plan work under george w. bush when they
9:53 am
controlled congress? i would like to hear what they will offer that obama doesn't and how they plan to take care of the economic crisis of national debt and i hope there is not any mudslinging. and this is from joshua. i would like to hear them talk about education. eyewitness the skyrocketing cost of attending a university. start to focus on the backbone of america and tell us what you're going to do to make the american dream reachable. and this is from amanda. i would like to hear what each candidate thinks of obama, and what each candidate thinks obama has done well and what each thinks george w bush did poorly, and it would be nice to see one question that shows their willingness to do so. please keep the conversation going. thank you as always for your responses. it's nice to be back. >> nice to see you. thanks, and good to have you back. reminder, cnn will host the new hampshire presidential
9:54 am
debate. that is happening tonight. join us as republican candidates open to size each other up. it starts at 8:00 p.m. eastern tonight. and that's only on cnn. ♪ what do you see yourself doing after you do retire? client comes in and they have a box. and inside that box is their financial life. people wake up and realize. "i better start doing something." we open up that box. we organize it. and we make decisions. we really are here to help you. they look back and think "wow. i never thought i could do this." but we've actually done it. [ male announcer ] visit and put a confident retirement more within reach. [ male announcer ] visit
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got breaking news here. we understand secretary of state hillary clinton is cutting her trip short because of the volcanic ash and the troubles it's causing with travel. we will bring in jackie to see what the pattern is all about. >> right now hillary clinton is in ethiopia, and the actual volcano is here. she's down here. but she has concerns this could be disrupting air travel. right now it isn't. as we look at the satellite image, this is the plume we're talking about. it's moving up to the west northwest and expected to stay that way, but it could be a concern in the next upcoming couple days. rare and beautiful pink dolphins are becoming more rare in the waters off of hong kong.
9:58 am
our correspondent talks with a tour operator that blames a number of sources for the dwindling population. >> scientists call them the humpback dolphin. they are found as far as south africa, and even the western pacific. only the ones here in the river delta are pink. >> we're not sure why they're opinion income color. when they are dead they become white. we think the pink color may be sort of a blushing effect that that's how they regulate their internal heat. >> we set off to an area behind hong kong's busy airport which is built in dolphin habitat. as the anticipation builds, the tour guide says it makes her job harder. >> we probably would see three
9:59 am
to five dolphins in an average day whereas we probably would have seen six to eight ten years ago. >> reporter: but then a sighting, followed by many more. dolphins are very social creatures, and usually traveling in a small group. here they are often found near fishing boats trying to feed off some of the catch. the sightings are breathtaking. we have seen five to six individual pink dolphins, which is incredible given the fact that off the coast of the waters in hong kong, there are only 100 of these creatures. estimates put the figure the 2,500. these dolphins are gray when they are born and gradually become pink as they mature. it has been a successful outing, but the threats to these dolphins are very real. >> this was the ocean 15, 20 years ago, and so you are destroying fishing grounds and dolphin territory.


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