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tv   World One  CNN  June 15, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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people power versus the power of the markets. athens says more austerity is the only option for greece, protesters say they'll shut down it parliament. hello. it is 5:00 a.m. in washington. it's noon in athens. >> you're watching "world one" live from london. as nato missiles rain down on libya it turns out britain is showering gadhafi's government
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is tickets for the olympics. why has the leader's son gotten an invitation to the london games? they may have helped track down osama bin laden. now they're under arrest. pakistan's spoof on suspected cia informants. plus, what on earth is going on with the weather? storms and ash clouds are causing mayhem. we'll get your roundup. preparing for demonstrations and bracing forever deeper cuts. we begin with greece's gathering storm. you are looking at live pictures from athens where people are getting ready for a big day in the protest movement. we're expecting to see a huge effort to block a new round of government cuts. unions are staging a 24-hour general strike. the thousands are expected to march and they are saying they will surround the parliament build i building to stop lawmakers from getting in. this afternoon there's supposed to be a debate on the new
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austerity measures. the government says they are essential if greece is to get continued financial help. the country's eu partners met on tuesday but they haven't agreed yet on who will bear the cost of a new bailout which now seems unavoidable. we want to go live now via skype to athens. tell us about what these protesters are angry about, elinda. >> reporter: we do have the first demonstrators who are currently approaching parliament. we estimated about 7,000 people, union members. they're the first of the many protesters that we expect to gather outside parliament today. about the last 6,000 people are already gathered there. the idea is both union members and ordinary protesters will join forces to make sure that new measures, new austerity measures, are not in force. their debate goes to parliament for the first time today.
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the people are saying that with measures bringing in another 20% job cuts, tax hikes on just about everything including soft drinks, their living standard is going down and they cannot just sit there and take it. so they have asked everyone to gather to the streets today and make sure that these new measures just don't go through. >> elinda, adding on to that, paint a picture of what life really is like now for greeks who have to endure these austerity measures which the government says are necessary. >> reporter: well, the government says they are necessary because they're a request from greece's lenders saying that unless the new austerity measures go through then the fifth installment of the money expected from greece will not necessarily go through. so the government has little choice but to push through with the measures. the prime minister has said himself that he is prepared to
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take the responsibility for this. but at the moment the government is not doing too well for the first time since it came to power two years ago, it's trailing behind the opposition in the polls. there's also a lot of internal disagreement, the fact that yesterday another one said he will not be supporting the measures so that the government has a very tough job if it wants to make sure that these measures are voted in. >> it's a catch 22, the sense the country is stuck between a rock and a hard place. there's no austerity measure, that means no bailout no bailout means there's no money in the system. no money in the system means no jobs. so at the end of the day within this parliamentary debate that's supposed to happen, what can we expect to come out of this debate? >> reporter: well, it does seem impossible to tell at this stage but it does seem that the government will do its best to make sure that the measures go through.
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it doesn't really have much of an alternative. the finance minister has said not so very long ago that greece only has money until mid-july so as we understand unless the money from creditors comes through, then we're looking at a default or some other wording to be used in lack of anything else, some different form of default for greece. there don't seem to be many other alternatives between the two, i'm afraid. >> that d-word is the one no one wants to here. elinda, thank you so much. four months into the bombing campaign and talks with the british prime minister today. for many people concerns growing that the libyan conflict is heading for a stalemate. nato's already extended its mission there by another three months. it fired more missiles at government targets in tripoli last night but it has yet to establish whether moammar
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gadhafi can ever be forced out of power in this way. david mckenzie is live for us. why is the libyan government suddenly wanting to take you on a tour? soon you have this information on short notice. what can you tell us? >> well, generally the way it works is the government will announce short notice on the hotel and take us where they wish to proceed. obviously in libya right now, in government-controlled libya, the freedom is virtually zero. all you can do is get taken where you are told to go and get as much information as you can. certainly yesterday, zain, there were several air strikes by nato in the very early morning and in the late evening. an audible from our hoe it tell in tripoli. as you say the one concern right now is how long this is going to last. the head admiral saying if this lasts beyond september they may have to use access from outside
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of the british and toward libya hinting at the fact that budget cuts in various defense ministries have meant they aren't capable of the sustained lengthy campaign to try and meet this resolution which, in effect, is for them to protect civilians but, you know, others have complained that it's moving beyond that initial resolution. >> cnn's david mckenzie in tripoli. thanks, david. a volcano which has been billowing smoke and ash for three days is losing intensity. the volcano in eritrea was thought to be extinct. it rumbled back to life after a series of earthquakes. nasa released this satellite image taken on monday showing the volcano to the bottom right of the screen near the mouth of the red sea. the plume, which you can see is extending towards sudan, disrupted airline schedules.
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the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton cut short her visit to ethiopia to make sure she didn't get stranded there. meanwhile, in australia and new zealand airlines are still trying to clear a backlog of passengers caused by an ash cloud from a volcano in chile. jennifer delgado has more on that. jen? that was certainly a big disruption and for today travelers will still need to check ahead. the volcano is still erupting which means we will see the potential for more of that ash to be pushed over towards the east of chile. there is the site of the volume kay know that has been erupting. we are still dealing with the ash so with the winds coming in it's going to continue to push that ash over to the east. as i show you on the satellite imagery you can see how it spread over to areas including buenos aires yesterday and that's why we had those delays. so when you're dealing with volcanic ash like this, really just can't get too upset because it's all up to mother nature. winds will continue to come out of the west.
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we'll see the winds roughly around 70 will be very strong in the upper level so that's going to have the potential to carry it pretty far away and of course we talked about those delays through areas including australia as well as new zealand yesterday and that potential to go that far away is going to be very likely again today. now as for the volcano in nabro, we're not seeing any more ash but we are still seeing some of that being admitted there. the advisory area for the volcano, we're talking about over to the west. yesterday we had it up to the middle east. we're seeing some improvement there. now finally i leave you with some video out of the u.s. this is a bad day and actually that is not the video we're going to go to. we're going to talk about the video coming out of arizona. and that is video out of arizona showing you the wildfires that are burning through parts of eastern arizona and we now know
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it's actually the largest and it looks like firefighters will get a break with the winds today. now an area that's not been getting a break from the winds, i should say yesterday, this is coming out of wisconsin and it's going to show you a woman getting out of her car probably just not at the right time. look at this video, a woman being blown by strong winds yesterday. she said that she thought it was so strong that a tornado was coming through. in fact it was not but she did get hit with some blinding wind, rain, and hail and it was all captured, luckily, by surveillance camera. that is what you call a bad day. luckily she was not injured. you can see the force of those winds just really popping that door open. >> what a shot. >> you can't decide what's safer to stay in the car or leave. she's very lucky. >> wait it out. >> thank you so much. you're watching "world one" live from london. >> they may have helped capture osama bin laden and now are under arrest. >> we'll find out why when we come right back.
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here are our top stories. thousands of people are protesting on the streets of the greek capital to try to block new usausterity measures. the government in athens says more spending cuts are inevitable if it's to qualify for more overseas bailout money. live pictures. 7,000 people gathering in the greek capitol al of athens. on tuesday president obama sent a taped message directly to the leaders of sudan. he called on the north to end military action and what he called campaigns of intimidation. the sudanese voted to become an independent country but fighting has erupted in disputed areas near the border with the north forcing thousands of people out of their homes. in pakistan tensions with
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the united states seem to be growing. security forces there have arrested a number of people they describe as informants who helped the u.s. track down osama bin laden. we're joined by reza. why arrest them? >> reporter: it's not clear at this point. when you thought this relationship between washington and islamabad couldn't get more twisted and complicated pakistan's top agency says it has arrested several suspected informants who allegedly helped the cia before the raid on the bin laden compound last month. this according to two pakistani security officials. not a lot of details on the arrests. pakistani officials say that these informants, some of them, were at a safe house rented by the cia that served as a lookout for the bin laden compound. the "new york times" is reporting one of those arrested is an army major but one of our
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sources flatly denies any arrested is indeed an army major so details are minimal but when you look at the big picture on the surface, this is obviously a problem because if pakistan's spy agencies were part of the effort to look for bin laden and capture him and they said they were, you would think they would commend these informants and not the arrest them but they have arrested, some are not the happy with them. some intriguing developments, ones that muddy the question, is pakistan helping washington in the fight against militants or are they playing a double game, zain? >> what kind of an impact is this going to have on the already bad relations between pakistan and the u.s.? >> reporter: again, it's not clear why the individuals were arrested or if they will be charged with anything. if they are going to be charged with a crime, it continues to drive home the fact that pakistan/u.s. relationship is at a low point. there is deep suspicion,
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resentment, finger pointing. last week leon panetta came here to islamabad, reportedly showed evidence the pakistani military may be clueding with insurgents, the isi has kicked out most u.s. military trainers. they're not sharing as much intelligence. lawmakers are calling on funding to be reduced and the list goes on and on. the question is, what kind of solution is there for these two countries who need one another to improve their relationship? and at this point no one teams to be coming up with an answer, zain. >> cnn's reza sayah reporting from islamabad. inside the mind of a revolutionary, we'll take a look next. and in tennis serena williams tries to get back in the swing after a year on the sidelines. >> looking pretty good. >> she looks really good. fore! no matter what small business you are in, managing expenses seems to ...get in the way.
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student and he saw all these things that ended up shaping his political views. shaken but definitely not stirred, and luckily not injured. take a look at this amazing video. we can't stop watching it. see what happens to to this woman as she tries to get out of her car. she can't even shut the door there properly. she's 19 years old in the u.s. she got caught in the storm last week and she was literally, as you can see, blown away. she tried to run for cover. her name is dana. she is from wisconsin. she says she just left her car because she was so afraid she was actually in the path of a tornado. it turned out the winds were just really powerful. to germany now where a cucumber eating con it test in berlin has marked the end of a government warning against eating raw produce but it has been a bitter harvest for vegetable farmers hit by the effects of the e. coli outbreak. the eu approved more than $300 million in emergency aid for farmers. spain is saying that's not enough. >> zain, thank you very much for
2:22 am
that. lots happening in the world of sports but particularly do they call it a comeback? i don't know if you could call it a comeback but it would be a welcome one, wouldn't it? >> it was a comeback and very nearly a short one. we're talking about ver ina williams who has made her long awaited comeback in melbourne. having spent a year dealing with major health scares, the 13-time major champion returned to competitive action on the south coast of england. serena hasn't given herself much time to prepare for her wimbledon defense and it was obvious she'd been on the sidelines for 12 months as she lost the first set by six games to one. this wasn't how serena would have planned it and it was a different story in the second set. this is more like the serena we all remember, explosive speed, great baseline coverage and goes 4-2 ahead in the second set. the american took the set by 6-3 and set about finishing off her bulgarian opponent in the third.
2:23 am
by this stage williams was back in the groove. improving almost every point and she wrapped up the win by taking the final set 6-4. didn't take her long, did it? she still has a tough week ahead of her. she'll play the top seed next in the second round. >> i think i was anxious in the first set. i was nervous and felt a lot of nerves. and then i kind of just was like, okay, i have to chill out and kind of relax and just do what i can. my view is just one day at a time. i'm not putting any expectations on myself. just hoping to play better. and racing has been breaking the bank to try to defend their america's cup title in two years' time. what we're about to show you could cost them a few pennies. the champions showed off their state-of-the-art winged sail
2:24 am
catamara catamarans. a practice race didn't go to plan. during a practice race russell, the ceo of oracle racing, lost control of his ac-45, flipping it over in spectacular style and throwing crew members into the sea. grinder shannon pal con hit the wind sail and was taken to the hospital for precautionary x-rays. that is just incredible video in one of the most iconic parts of the world. not how you want to spend your dollars preparing for a race. >> they weren't wearing red. that's why. serena williams was wearing red. we're wearing red. >> we're all winners, is that what you're saying? >> we all got the red memo. >> sounds like i can't lose. >> that's what i'm saying. don, thank you very much. you're watching "world one" live from london.
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this is "world one" live from london. we want to show you live
2:29 am
pictures from athens, greece, where thousands are protesting on the streets the of the greek capital to try to block new austerity measures. the government in athens says more spending cuts are inevitable if it's to get more overseas bailout money. pakistan's intelligence agency has arrested five people who fed information to the cia before the raid that killed osama bin laden. the informants reportedly copied the license numbers of cars visiting osama bin laden's compound. the arrests are putting additional stress on the already strained relationship between pakistan and the united states. hundreds of tickets to london's olympic games in 2012 are being handed to libya. organizers say the passes will go to the country's national olympic committee, a body headed up by the son of the libyan leader, gadhafi. big protests over deeper budget cuts in greece. a little more analysis of what's
2:30 am
going on. that's like 7,000 people out protesting the austerity cuts. give it our viewers a sense of what the fight's all about. >> well, the fight essentially is surrounding one word, zain, austerity. and of course there's a mismatch between what the greek people would like to see their own politicians doing and what the members of the imf mission and the ecb that have handed greece some money want to see them doing. let's take a look at what they may do and what's going on today, zain, politicians in the greek parliament in athens will debate austerity measures yet more austerity measures for greece and these could include tax cuts, wage cuts particularly in the public sector which is a significant employer across greece and also privatizations that many of the greeks are worried could lead to further job cuts down the road. these are essential, though. greece is in the midst of talks for a second bailout and it won't get that money unless it
2:31 am
implements these measures. >> and what's the euro zone going to do about this crisis? >> we should talk about why this is important for the euro zone. greece shares the current currency along with 16 other nations and what the finance ministers can't afford to happen here is to allow this to undermine the safety of the euro as a currency. now finance ministers met to talk about a second package for greece in brussels earlier on this week. they haven't managed to decide on anything. what this really hinges on is two things. who is going to pay for the extra money for greece, will private bondholders shoulder some of the burden as some of the more fiscally prudent nations like germany and the netherlands would like to see happen and, also, will greece be given a little bit more time to pay off its massive debts? then again, a lot of investors think that sweeps the problem under the carpet. >> nina, thanks a the lot.
2:32 am
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the people want the fall of the regime. that's what these women are chanting. the video which has gone up on youtube purports to have been shot in the serial capital damascus. footage of another demonstration apparently in the city of hamaq shows supporters saluting turkey and calling for political reform. cnn cannot independently confirm the authenticity of either video. they're the images the syrian government doesn't want you to see. that's why foreign media aren't allowed inside the country.
2:36 am
despite that arwa damon saw the conditions inside a refugee camp. when you see what she saw, you may understand just how desperate these people are to escape. >> reporter: hunched over, this man tries to stay dry. all he has for shelter, a piece of tarp and branches. he is one of hundreds of syrians living in squallor and fear. just a stone's throw from the turkish border. so we're just right now on the very edge of this makeshift camp and you can see these crude tents people have strung up for shelter. it's just started to rain now. it's just a plastic tarp. cramped together six families. their feet caked in mud. mothers trying to provide their children what comfort they can. it was also raining last night quite heavily and they were saying that they had to spend the entire night on their feet
2:37 am
because the entire floor was just turned into mud. the women who don't want to be filmed simply asked is there anything left that we haven't been through? the families here bathe in a muddy stream where they also wash the few clothes they brought with them. illnesses are already spreading. "my biggest problem are the children," he says. i don't have the medicine for heart disease. he emptied his shelves as he fled setting up something of a field hospital. a child who was trying to treat returns. >> giving the child pills but he can't swallow them so he has to give him an injection and he's been going through everything that he has here trying to to figure 0 out what's suitable. the people here are mostly from
2:38 am
the town and nearby villages. they fled as the security forces closed in. but not before witnessing brutal destruction. "they set our fields on fire, e destroyed our homes," this woman laments. the military had started bombing as we left, she says. her family plans on crossing into turkey for protection. but others choose to stay here. hoping against hope they will receive news of loved ones lost in the chaos. some even dreaming of returning home. 26-year-old moussa tried heading back to his village. "i was on my friend's motorcycle and suddenly i saw the military advancing through the olive groves and they started shoot thing at me," he tells us. for now he and others watch and
2:39 am
wait. fe fearful that the government forces will hunt them down in this wretched corner of their homeland. arwa damon, cnn, jisr al shughour, syria. a string of cyber attacks on international companies, agencies and institutions. now there was a major embarrassment for the u.s. in the senate over the weekend when hackers broke into the senate's website and there were reports that said that they stole internal data. and then at the international monetary fund it was recently discovered hackers got into its computers. now it's investigating what is called a major breach of systems. and then sony affected as well. the electronics giant where hackers stole personal details of tens of millions of playstation users and google, too, also suffering from the same thing. the internet giant pointed the finger, though, at china when it was targeted by hackers.
2:40 am
google says attempts were made to access the g-mail accounts of human rights activists as well as government officials. let's bring in eddie william, an expert in online security who joins us via skype from brussels. thanks for being with us. who is behind all this? >> hello. excuse me, what did you say? >> who is behind this? >> well, i have several records of hackers. so what we have, for instance, amateurs that are still around and stu tried to, well, run around with everybody but the most important level of the hackers are the activists and the crackers. hack-tivists have a political motivation. on the contrary the activists, the crackers, are completely different. and they are after the money, so that's a complete different level. >> what do we need to do to stop
2:41 am
it? >> well, to stop it it's -- for us it's quite easy. for the normal guy on the street, if you have some anti-virus installed and desktop firewalls that seems to be helping with a lot of problem. social engineering. social engineering is something they tried it to get into your environment. they try to be somebody -- some friend of you and by doing that then they get around all security measures. they can also get around all the security arrangements inside the companies and that is the problem. it's certainly difficult to change that mentality. it's the social thing. >> right. where is the biggest vulnerability? >> well, the biggest vulnerability is definite thely a combination. i think it's always a
2:42 am
combination of a technical problem and also a combination of the human mentality. so it's a combination of the two things. and that's the problem at this moment. all the hackings we saw these days are just all problems related to something like a mistake or some kind of problem related to a technical thing and it's always a combination. >> how worried are you that it could cripple state agencies? >> well, that's a thing we have to look into very carefully. and it's also what a lot of state agencies are looking into, cyber crime units are looking into at this moment is how can we handle those hackings in the future? it's becoming a trend at this moment and as the strength is going on there are more and more
2:43 am
advanced techniques, of course, on the technical side which a implemented at the moment. >> online security expert eddy willems, thank you for talking to us. after months of delay, money woes and plenty of drama both on and off the stage, "spider-man" made its long awaited debut on broadway. stars turned out for the musical's opening night tuesday including u2's bono and the edge who composed the soundtrack. >> it's a hit meaning it's a hit in the hearts of people who leave the theater every night. >> former u.s. president bill clinton and his daughter chelsea also attended the premiere. so did matt damon. he was in the audience as well. what was a star-studded opening night. but did the critics agree? we'll take a look at newspaper reviews from the first official show. "usa today" says "spider-man" might just survive broadway after a myriad delays and
2:44 am
hiccups. "turn off the dark" opened with no reports of pigs flying or hades freezing over. it looks as if the $75 million underdog might just make it. while "the new york times," though, less forgiving. they say it is no longer the ungodly indecipherable mess it was in february. it's just a bore. and finally commenting on the musical's score produced by bono and the edge, the uk's "telegraph" says this is rock music at its most ponderous and overblown and now sounds well past its sell-by date. a lick to those reviews on our facebook page at 1cnn. >> you're watching "world one" live from london. inside the country this is what is happening. demonstrations are getting worse.
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2:47 am
welcome back. this is "world one" live from london. we're coming up on 6:00 a.m. in new york, noon in berlin and 7:00 p.m. in tokyo. let's get back to one of our top stories, libya. nearly four months into the nato bombing campaign its chief is in london for talks with the british prime minister, david
2:48 am
cameron. a fresh embarrassment blew up for british officials today when it came out that libya's olympic committee headed by moammar gadhafi's son was being handed tickets. yes, tickets, a few hundred of them, to next year's olympics in london. there could be a development on that, too. let's first start with the nato mission here. that's really a big issue. >> they're really trying to sell us on the fact there are absolutely no cracks in this alliance. this comes after gates' scathing remarks last week that we were expecting to do 300 sorties. now you're unable to deliver 150 a day. but of course all of this is coming under the huge austerity measures by the government, not just the british government but across europe. they mothballed their aircraft carrier just before this started. fundamentally no one expected to be carrying out sorties three months in.
2:49 am
admiral stanhope, head of the british navy, said we weren't expecting a military resolution and that's definitely not how this was sold to the allies in the first place. >> do they see the situation as a stalemate with gadhafi? >> the problem is that gadhafi is willing to take this much further than the anywnato allie are. when you're in tripoli you really do finally understand that he is more than happy to allow them to destroy tripoli around his head. he's not coming in anytime soon. and there really isn't anyone left that isn't outside of that very immediate, close family circle. so is nato willing to level tripoli around him, that has to be the question? >> and one question everyone is scratching their heads today over is what's the deal with the olympic tickets going to gadhafis? >> a bit after propaganda -- >> the international criminal court problems, the interna international -- >> they can't come but the older
2:50 am
brother, the half-brother, is not on any list. we just got this from the ioc that they are going to try a wait-and-see policy with libya's tickets. what's problematic here is the olympics were always meant to be it over and above any kind of politics. the only country that has ever been banned from any 0 offensive is ghana, weirdly. >> why? >> they've been accused of political meddling in the ioc, the local committees. if syria had applied they would have been fighting this on two fronts. >> they would have been obliged. thanks so much. monita? to yemen now, a country in the throes of sectarian fighting and chaos. its president of 33 years was wounded 12 days ago by tribesmen. the since then saleh has been recovering at a hospital in saudi arabia. yemen's official news agency
2:51 am
says mr. saleh is improving. he refuses to step down as president. the upheaval in the country of yemen is taking a heavy toll on the citizens, fuel, power outages and food shortages are part of daily life there. we're joined now by mohammed keeping tabs on what's going on in yemen. let's start with the new video that is coming in to cnn. describe what we're about to see. >> reporter: well, monita, we're seeing more and are more videos showing massive demonstrations in cities, two of the epicenters in yemen. hundreds of thousands of people that have been gathering and marching through the streets, both men and women, demanding not only the creation of an interim transitional and presidential council to really handle the power transfer so needed in yemen right now but also still demanding an end to
2:52 am
the regime of the president. you see women. you see men out by the hundreds of thousands right there in yemen at the epicenter of the anti-government movement where people have been fwaerg for months on end. they are out day after day to demand an end to the corruption they say is rampant in their government, asking for opportunity. they are asking for a new yemen. they want the world community to stand behind them. they're frustrated that talks between different government officials haven't really led anywhere and they're frustrated by the fact they keep hearing their president injured is insisting he'll be coming back soon. they just don't want him back by any measure right now. monita? >> and that frustration has something to do with this humanitarian crisis that is in yemen right now. we had talked earlier about the power outages, what else are you hearing? >> reporter: when i speak to members of the youth organizing committee there, the organizing committee that's trying to rally all the members of the youth
2:53 am
revolutionary movement, they talk about how difficult it is for them there right now to carry out the work that they feel so intent on carrying out. they talk about massive power shortages, electricity being cut throughout the day. they talk about fuel shortages. the that's something going on in yemen for months now but gotten much more dire in the past several weeks. i spoke to a citizen journalist and blogger who was telling me that while she is in her apartment in the dark trying to get information out online about what's going on with their movement and their revolution and she has no power and is working by candlelight, she looks across the street at parliament and sees there'srici. normal yemenese don't have the power the government does. they should provide more to give them food, fuel and aid. we're hearing reports within yemen there possibly could be a humanitarian crisis developing south because of the fighting going on with militants, that people are trying to flee by the
2:54 am
thousands to a city like ayden. people are worried in the coming days there will be a humanitarian crisis there. everywhere you look shortages, problems, strife, and it doesn't look like it's going to get better anytime soon. >> thank you so much, mohammed jamjoom. what's trending on social media right now. at number three libya's olympic tickets. we heard of that earlier. news the libyan government has been given tickets for the london 2012 olympics is sparking plenty of debate online. a london 2012 spokesperson says it is standard procedure and that tickets haven't been given to any specific individual. one of colonel moammar gadhafi's sons is head of his olympic committee which will hand out those tickets. at number two, the glitz, the glamour, the red carpet, the nerds. last night's webby awards celebrating the best of the web, social media, and even the best mobile phone game. that, by the way, went to hugely
2:55 am
popular angry birds. that's not the only way the webbys differ from other awards shows. the speeches are limited to just five words. i think zain was clapping at angry bird. can we say nerd? is that mean? okay. never mind. well, at number one hefner's heartbreak. playboy founder hugh hefner has been dumped by his fiancee only days before their wedding prompting much discussion about the reasons behind the split. hef announced the breakup on twitter and later added better now than after the marriage. zain? our top stories now, thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets of athens trying to block the greek government's new austerity measures. athens is saying more spending cuts are inevitable if it needs to get the overseas bailout money. lawmakers are supposed to cut -- debate the cuts today but protesters in the greek capital say they will form a human shield around the parliament to try to stop it. pakistani security forces have arrested five people they
2:56 am
believe fed init tell generals to the u.s. before the raid that killed osama bin laden. one report says the informants took note of license numbers on cars visiting bin laden's compound. the arrests are putting additional pressure on the already difficult relationship between pakistan and the u.s. and a taped message sent direct ly to the leaders of southern and northern sudan, president barack obama called for an end to air strikes and what he called campaigns of intimidation. that message comes during a rise in violence between northern and southern sudanese forces. the two regions voted earlier this year to split into two independent countries. and in just the last half hour the international olympic committee said libya will not be given any tickets to the 2012 london games until the situation in libya becomes clearer. earlier organizers admitted a few hundred passes had been given to libya's national olympic committee headed by mohammed gadhafi, the son of the libyan leader.
2:57 am
>> my mom will be upset that i called you a nerd. >> no, it's fine. i am. that's it from the team here on "world one." i'm zain verjee and i love angry bird. >> i don't know what you're talk ing about. thanks for watching. the divide widens between the u.s. and pakistan. sourceses telling cnn that the pakistani government has arrested five cia informants who helped the u.s. find bin ladosa laden. a live report from his islamabad ahead. the house speaker and the president in a showdown over libya, john boehner sending a letter to the white house warning president obama, the military operation in libya could be breaking the law. anthony weiner facing even more calls to resign. he may be listening because one of his new york colleagues says she's hearing he may be days from stepping down. plus the anchorman who landed an interview with the
2:58 am
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