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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 16, 2011 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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♪ looks like a friday shirt. it's thursday, right? it's thursday. >> my friday. and saturday and sunday. >> hawaiian shirts tomorrow for everyone. you're going on vacation. have a good time. >> field research in europe. our question of the day would you change your job if you could? only one person i would change jobs with if i could. c "cnn newsroom" kyra phillips. >> she has a lot of diapers to change! >> i would love to change my job with af. >> because he has no hair, he would think they are tripletts. >> that's not my bird baby. that is ali velshi.
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six a.m. out west and 9:00 a.m. on the east coast. thanks for joining is you. i'm kyra phillips. riots and tear gas and jumping police officers. canadian hockey fans go wild in the streets of vancouver after their canucks lose the stanley cup. casey anthony's lawyers trying to convince jurors she did not murder her 2-year-old daughter caylee. a new potential witness a new convicted kidnapper who may have known the little girl's grandfather. the number of americans filing their first unemployment claims falls to 414,000. a drop of about 16,000 from the week before. this morning, a new man in charge of the mission to kill americans. less than two months after the death of osama bin laden, his chief deputy is named al qaeda's new leader. cnn's nic robertson tells us
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more about ayman al zawahiri. >> reporter: al qaeda released its statement on several islamic web sites saying the general commander had met and zawahiri is officially taken over for osama bin laden and no surprise. he has been the number two in the organization since it was first formed. for him, it will have been a natural step he should move on to leadership and perhaps surprisingly taken so long an indication of perhaps of division within al qaeda that perhaps some people didn't want him to take on the leadership. he is seen as somebody divisive in the past. either people people like him or dislike him. he has been seen as the ideal as bin laden seen as the person with the charisma to draw people in so interesting to see the dynamic of al qaeda shift perhaps as a more divisive as not a charismatic person takes over. >> what exactly does this change in command mean to the impact of
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what al qaeda will have now on the region? cnn's zain verjee is joining us live from london. a lot of us wondering how it will impact the region and, therefore, how will it impact our safety in the states, zain. >> reporter: >> reporter: i spoke to a terrorism expert say it won't affect things that much because he has been calling the shots for a number of years. he has been the strategist behind al qaeda and things have been going kind of as he has planned over the past few years. he is seen very much, according to experts i've spoken to, as a micro manager. kind of like a control freak, kyra. he is obsessive in his personality and if you disagree with him, they say you are an enemy. as we have been discussing, he has been the strategist. he has come up with transitioning al qaeda from focusing on attacking arab regimes to focusing on attacking the united states. he has been the man in charge
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over the fast few years. he tried to overthrow the egyptian government and it failed. and everyone involved in that plot was killed. he was the only one who escaped. he' alloweded capture or being killed himself the past few years, too. he has been in many audio and tv video messages as well and he even actually, kyra, had a q&a web chat with his al qaeda followers. this is a man who has put himself out there as you have seen. he didn't really know that much, they say, about islamic j, ris prudence. >> zain verjee, we will follow, obviously, this story closely as we see what lies ahead. in libya, nato air strikes rocked the capital.
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the white house says don't let your ears feel you. this is not a war. that is the defense to a lawsuit filed yesterday by several lawmakers. they say the president actually broke the law by not getting congress sign off on the military action. brianna keilar is at the white house. you have your hands on the report. give us the headlines. >> reporter: yeah, this is the report. 32 pages yesterday that the white house sent over to congress, kyra. a big headline has to do with cost, because we hadn't seen exact figures until this went up to the hill. 715 million dollars, that's the cost so far, through june 3rd for u.s. military involvement in libya so that stands to reason it's closer to about 800 million dollars now. and there is a projected cost for going through the end of september. that would be $1.1 billion. the other big headline here, the president's legal rational for
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why he hasn't sought congressional authorization to have troops committed abroad as the war process the law says he must do within 60 days or pull troops off 30 days after that. they say because the u.s. military operations are distinct from the kind of hostile its contemplated by the resolution 60-day termination provision, so what they are really saying here this is a limited role. we don't have boots on the ground. so we're confident that we are okay, that we are within the we will m of nrealm of not having seek -- >> what do they say? >> we haven't gotten the reaction from the hill but you don't even need to get it to know this isn't going to satisfy a lot of democrats and republicans who have said that the president is plotting the wars revolution. a speaker says the creative arguments made by the white house raise a number of
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questions that must be further explored. certainly the speaker's office could have knocked president obama on this harder and they didn't. kind of saying we are going to look at this and see what is in. but a number of rank and file members, republicans who say the defense spending bill is on the floor next week. we may look to try to attach a provision that would defund u.s. operations in libya. so be sure this is not the end of this, kyra. >> no doubt. brianna keilar at the white house, thanks. republican presidential candidate tim pawlenty is planning to make a big push in iowa next month. cnn's paul steinhauser is hear with that story. >> reporter: why iowa? of course, iowa caucuses they kick off the race for the white house. the first contest. we're learning pawlenty is going to be spending about half of his time next month out in iowa in advance of a crucial straw poll in august. check this out. his campaign this morning sending out a mailer to
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republican voters in iowa basically introduces iowa republicans to tim pawlenty, the former two-term governor of minnesota. iowa is crucial for him. he is from neighboring minnesota. if he wants to win he has to win iowa. he has competition also from iowa, michele bachmann. >> what is this about barney frank giving mitt romney a little fashion advice? >> reporter: go back four years when romney was running for governor the first time. he had suit and tie on. this time around he is very casual. even when he announced on june 2nd in new hampshire he didn't wear a tie. romney 2.0, no tie. here is what barney frank told our wolf blitzer about all of that. >> apparently, he has spent so much of his money that he can no longer afford ties. poor mitt has not been seen in a tie in several months. i am taking up a collection to
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buy ties for mr. romney. he has cut you will his ties to past policy but i want to get him a tie to go around his neck. he kind looks a little bit underdressed. >> i hope barney frank was watching our debate. there is he wearing a tie. barney, it's okay. all good. >> does the tie make the man? look at paul steinhauser. look at you. no tie. >> no tie. i'm not running for president so doesn't matter to me. >> although i'd vote for you, paul. >> reporter: thank you. a reminder for the political news go to our website a loss in the stanley cup finals turns violent. overturning cars and looting downtown stores. take you live to van cure re with you is a thousands of e-mails from sarah palin. at least one really stands out because of its signature. she signed it "from god." we will talk about that in a few
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checking top stories across the country. arizona congresswoman gab e gabrielle giffords waking up in
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her own bed this morning as she was released from the hospital yesterday. high winds hampering the wildfire in arizona. the wildfire has scorched nearly 500,000 acres. new york state assembly approved a same-sex marriage bill. one new york giants receiver not happy with the move towards gay marriage. he says the bill's passage will be, quote, the beginning of our country sliding toward anarchy. he says marriage is the only relationship that actually mirrors the relationship with god. tyree is known for his catch for the giants super bowl win. the violence voled 4-0 loss to the boston bruins in the final game of the national
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hockey league. while boston celebrated its stanley cup victory, thousands of canucks fans took to the streets of vancouver rioting, flipping cars, and setting fires. >> very sad scene right now in downtown vancouver. we're hearing of more cars that have been overturned as well. >> reporter: people even posed for pictures in front of the fires. others broke through store windows. vancouver police tried to contain the unruly crowd that continually taunted and threw things at officers. some fans were even wrestled to the ground by police. one fan said he found the riots to be an embarrassment to vancouver. >> this is wrong for the city. this isn't the reputation we want. >> reporter: the canucks have been to the finals three times in their 41 seasons in the nhl but not once have they won the stanley cup.
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the canucks were seeking to become the first canadian team to win the nhl title since montreal won in 1993. okay. reporters were looking for that gotcha moment. instead, they got god. one of the thousands of sarah palin e-mails that were released last week, well, this is the one that we're talking about this morning. she sent it while pregnant with her son trig who has downs syndrome. it's new to all of us. it was left out of her book. it says, quote. >> now take a look at the signature. love trig's creator, your
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heavenly father. yes, the alaska governor writing from god's perspective. religion editor dan wrote about this on our blog and it has gotten a lot of clicks. >> it has really struck a chord. i think people at first are agast that someone would presume to write a letter to friends or family or an e-mail in the voice of god and then they read the thing and it turns out to be a very tender and thoughtful meditation on what to expect with a child with downs syndrome, how other people ought to treat him and really reassessing our entire notion as you read in that excerpt what makes perfection. it's winning people over. >> yeah. it's totally putting aside the traditional way we look at perfection, right? and taking a more sensitive and loving approach to, you know, how you see perfection and it can be in the eyes of -- it is in the iceeyes, rather, of this
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beautiful little baby. >> she wros in owner book a xup years ago she didn't release the full letter in that volume but why she wrote that letter in the voice of god. what she said she really wanted to turn around what is considered to go a negative, a handicap of somebody having downs syndrome and encouraging people to look at it as a positive. in her words, god doesn't make mistakes so it doesn't be viewed as a flaw. >> final thought. people love her, hate her. do you think this might have changed minds of those who didn't like her? >> i think by looking at the comments, yeah. it's amazing how entrenched opinions of sarah palin are. you either love her or you hate her and her negatives are actually quite high. i saw people in comments talking about, you know, i don't really like sarah palin, but there is nothing wrong with this e-mail. i think it's telling that the e-mail is written in april 2008, before she was picked to be john mccain's running mate. there was this tender moment
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before she got on to the national stage. i think if she would want to run for office again, she might want to return to that side of her and putting it out there. >> you go to any special olympics event and you see perfection right there. the kids are amazing. dan, what a great write-up. thank you. >> thank you. >> you can read dan's article. go to a new foreclosure filings plunged last month but read the fine print because it isn't all good news. we will explain. lunch for sale to the highest bidder. wikileaks is serving up its founder julian assange on ebay. find out how to share a little meal and a conversation. is all we humans get. we spend them on treadmills. we spend them in traffic. and if we get lucky, really lucky, it dawns on us to go spend them in a world where a simple
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well, dinner with president obama, lunch with warren buffett. some people are actually paying top dollar for a chance to dine with the rich and famous. those are just two examples. the celebs are offering themselves for the sit-down as well. let's see what is happening with zain verjee. >> reporter: would you have lunch with julian assange of wikileaks? >> maybe i might delve into a salad. >> reporter: good to know. good to know. well, it's been auction odd
6:22 am
ebay. about eight lucky people are going to have lunch at one of london's finest restaurant with the opportunity to dine and have a chat with julian assange and also the lucky people get a chance to attend one of his speaking event. the going rate is about a thousand dollars and basically being billed as a fund-raising event. then you can get dinner with president obama if you donate $5 to his re-election campaign. what happens is your name goes into a big bag and there is going to be a ravel and four lucky people will have a casual dinner and just discuss their ideas with the president. kyra, that includes flights to dinner in an undisclosed location. not a bunker, i'm given to understand. lunch, too, with warren buffett is not up for gabs arabs any mo. it was sold for $2.6 million and a winner gets seven of his or her guests to go along with lunch with warren buffett at the
6:23 am
steak house in new york at smith and wollensky. the money will go to help the -- take a look here. here is kyra phillips. >> what? >> $1 million to have lunch with kyra phillips and she will be taking you for lunch at houston's! you could do slightly better than that, kyra. anyway, just off peachtree road without the twins or the other baby, john. >> are you kidding me? the twins is what would make the lunch! that would be the most exciting thing. what i could do with a million dollars to my favorite charity, it's not a bad idea but i have a feeling i wouldn't get past five cents. thank you, zain. very generous. i love you. foreclosures are one of the biggest drags on the housing market right now. today a new study shows that foreclosure filings plunged 33% in may compared to may 2010.
6:24 am
sounds good, but alison kosik is here to tell us that that number isn't really all that it's cracked up to be. what is the story? >> reporter: you're right about that, kyra. you know what this is is all about? a paper work backup so it doesn't mean the housing market is getting any better. this is all about the fallout from that row bow signing debacle we have heard about in the past year or so when banks fr foreclosured on people that they shouldn't have. banks are dotting their i's and crossing their t's and banks are no no rush to repossess homes. they repo cessing homes faster than what they can handle. >> reporter: we have new numbers on the new housing reports. >> reporter: we got hopeful signs for the broader housing market. building permits which is a sign of future building they hit a five-month high. the big question in today's
6:25 am
rough economy is will those houses actually have buyers? we also got good news on jobs. new unemployment claims fell by 16,000 and stocks wind up -- future, rather, right now, flat on that news. we could wind up having a bit of a hangover from yesterday, though. the dow tumbled 178 points yesterday and we will see if wall street can kick some of those fears about the global economy. kyra? >> alison, thanks. the housing crisis has caused a lot of pain and hopelessness to one new jersey town. >> unless like something can turn around, we need a miracle. you know? >> a miracle? >> we need a miracle. >> reporter: ahead what is happening in hard-hit plainville, new jersey, where the banks own a big chunk of that city. on chill, money troubles may seem a world away. millionaires make up a big chunk of the house and senate. we are sifting through all of the financial reports. we will share the highlights with you.
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checking top stories. al qaeda names a new leader
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ayman al zawahiri. bin laden's second in command for many years. canadian hockey fans go wild in vancouver after their canucks lose the stanley cub. casey anthony is trying to convince jurors she did not murder her daughter caylee. a new witness, a convicted kidnapper who may have known the little girl's grandfather. you have a bunch of millionaires on your payroll. they are members of congress, actually. and they draw a handsome paycheck of $174,000 a year. but for most of them, that's just a chunk of change for the personal fortunes that they have amassed. cnn's carol costello has been thumbing through the financial disclosures and has been up all night and hat highlights of the biggest money amassed. amount of money. >> that's right. i couldn't sleep. those numbers made my head spin. are you ready, though?
6:30 am
>> we are ready! >> you're ready, okay. lawmakers are not like you because the majority of them have a whole lot more money. although that probably comes as no big surprise. according to the hill, congresswoman nancy pelosi and her husband had a net worth of $35.2 million in 2010 and if you're wondering how they made all of that cash, well, he's an investment banker. california's republican congressman darrell issa's net worth is $200 million. that makes my head spin. he made his money on car alarms. the l.a. times reports john boehner is nearly $2 million to $6 million and made most of his money in blue chip stocks. among the 87 new gop freshmen members, at least 30 had debt totals $50,000 or more in 2010. and that includes things like mortgages and student loans and credit cards. one example from the l.a. times, arkansas republican congressman
6:31 am
timothy grich reported between $45,000 and $150,000 in liability and from personal loans. perhaps he is one of the few kind of like you, sort of, maybe. >> kind of, sort of. i wonder if he is saying now that he is there on the hill, oh, it was all worth it! it's worth the debt. i'd love to know if that is the case. >> he still makes $174,000 a year and most americans would say that's a pretty good chunk of change to pay down that debt. >> darn right. carol, thanks. cia's one site appears to be up and running even though a group of hackers claim they took it down to show sport for wikileaks. here is what he said. >> i've often said a strong likelihood that the next pearl harbor that we confront could very well be a cyberattack that cripples our power system, our
6:32 am
grid, our security systems, our financial inspects, our governmental systems. this is a real possibility in today's world. >> online security expert is here. mu, the same hacker group took credit for bringing down the senate website, also pbs, sony, a number of others. what do you think? are these the kind of attacks that panetta is talking about? >> reporter: i think what you're seeing is hackers gone wild right now. you're starting to see the development of three different types of hackers. those who are doing it to taunt the government and can say your security is just not good enough so don't tell me it is. those who do it to support criminal enterprises, meaning g-mail bad hack or phish and thousands of passwords and e-mails were taken and that may be supporting criminal
6:33 am
enterprises for identity theft, for example. then, finally, social causes. pbs to a social cause. they ran a story anti-wikileaks and anti-julian assange. the message don't mess with giving information to people who want it and, therefore, they attack pbs to make a point. >> all right. sending a message, punking an organization. let's take a look, though, at the cia site. it's a public site. not the internal site. when you look at that hack job, how much of a threat is it really since it wasn't the internal site, but, rather, the public site? >> reporter: the reality is the cia is correct in the sense that attacking the public website is not in and of itself a threat. what the real worry needs to be here is that it's exposing the fact that there are vulnerabilities in the government's systems and if you're an attacker who wants to
6:34 am
do some true criminal damage or attack the security of the country, for example, an enemy foreign nation state that may be watching and they are all watching right now, that is the place to worry about and that is why the more secure defenses you have, the better it is to send a message, a real message that don't waste your time here, but, right now, that's not what is happening and not what people are hearing who are destined to do criminal things. >> hemu, good to talk to you about stuff like this. no gas, no money, no problem. bring your gun and trade it in for a tank full of gas. tell you where that is happening just ahead. a big change in how much time dads are spending with their kids. we're going to talk about dad's roles and also -- well, who better to talk to about this? jim boeheim, father of the year! syracuse hoops hero joins us live next. on
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a new pugh study is out in time for father's day and confirming what a lot of us already know, that dads are way more involved with their kids nowadays. and in just a few hours, the father's day council is handing out their father of the year awards. one of the big winners is jim boeheim. the legendary syracuse basketball coach. father of four, by the way.
6:38 am
father figure to hundreds of young men and also a cancer survivor and a champion for kids in need. no wonder you're getting this award. coach, good to see you! >> well, thank you. my kids were a little split on it. i think they voted 2-2 whether or not for me to come to new york to get the award. the tiebreaker, my wife likes new york, so i'm here. >> hey, we always know the happy wife is the happy life. let me ask you, coach. just considering this pugh study, do you think there is any difference or have you seen a difference between how your dad raised you and how you're actually raising your kids? >> i just think there is a difference with parents today. when i was younger, you know, our parents sent us out to play. now, we take our kids pretty much to play. the old, you know, soccer mom story now soccer mom, dad, baseball mom, dad, every sport.
6:39 am
i go to every event and every event i'm at, many dads there as are moms which i think is a difference, i really do, especially with young kids. the dads are very involved and should be in my history, kyra, the dads that have been involved with kids that i've recruited and brought to syracuse have made a big difference, i think, in their sons's lives. i think it's key for kids today. >> i totally agree. do you think that the three decades of coaching for you has made you a better dad, dealing with all of those young men' all of their problems and all of the drama? >> you know, i thought it did, but when the twins came and jimmy, our oldest, was 16 months, i was not prepared. there is no preparation for that and i've heard you have twins. >> i can testify. >> you can feel some of the pain, some of the pain, but it's
6:40 am
a great fun, too. >> it is. it is. it is the toughest job i've ever done, that's for sure, and i'm feeling you feel the same way. so let me ask you, you know, considering -- okay, coach, if you can hold on for just a second. i'm going to try to get back to you. i'm being told we have breaking news. let's get straight to the hill. dana bash, i'm wondering if this has anything to do with anthony weiner? >> reporter: it does. i spoke to democratic source who is knowledgeable about anthony weiner's plans who tell cnn that he does plan to resign from congress today. anthony weiner who has been embroiled in a scandal that has really angered his democratic colleagues here has forced them to push him to resign. they are getting what they want. they are getting his resignation according to one democratic source i spoke with. how this is going to come out and what exactly anthony weiner is going to say we are working
6:41 am
our sources to get that information. the headline we do expect anthony weiner to resign his seat. this is nearly three weeks after he initially sent that lewd tweet and started this whole issue rolling and started this big scandal. for somebody who has had a very promising career in the democratic party and certainly has -- has been in a very, very bad place, according to many democratic sources who have been talking to him the past few weeks because he is trying to keep his job but it looks like that is not going to happen. >> let's talk about reaction on the hill. who have had a chance to talk to? or have you even had a chance to talk with a number of people on both sides to get reaction here? >> reporter: not yet, because we are still working our sources. we had strong indications that this was going to happen. we should emphasize we have not heard from anthony weiner in his office yet. this is from people outside of his office, but certainly the reaction, i think, i can tell
6:42 am
you right now. at least from democratic leaders. people in his own party who has been pushing him to leave will be a sense of relief. they made a decision over the weekend inside the democratic leadership he is too much of a distraction and too much of a political problem and she decided to go public which is very rare to do with their own and say it is time to go. i will keep working my sources and try to get you more information but we have the headline right now. >> yes, you do. one more question, if you don't mind. there were a number of people coming forward there on the hill, even just americans responding to this story, saying what is the deal? what is taking him so long? why doesn't he just resign? all of these people calling for his resignation and her people coming forward. we got word he was waiting for his waive to get back. we got news they were expecting their first child. what is your take? do you think he was waiting for
6:43 am
her to come back and them to have a discussion about this? >> that's a great question. yes. absolutely. several people, who have spoken to him have told us he was waiting for his wife to return and she did that in the very early morning hours yesterday. he wanted to have a face-to-face conversation. one source told me he wants to look her in the eye and talk to her about this, because early on in this saga, what he was telling people is that she, his wife, wanted him to stay in office. that was part of the plea that he was making with his colleagues who were saying, you know what? anthony, you got to step down because he was really from every indication, every source i've spoken to, he was really trying to find a way to stay in office. he is somebody who has really spent his life in politics. he does not have a law degree, does not have a business degree which is something also talked about amongst his friends and colleagues, meaning that he doesn't necessarily have something that he can officially fall back on if he is not in congress. but definitely that conversation with his wife was something that everybody was kind of holding
6:44 am
their breath waiting for him to have to -- and giving h ttle space to have that to make his final decision. >> dana bash breaking the news at 9:43 eastern time, getting word through her sources that anthony weiner, the disgraced congressman, is set to make that announcement today. finally coming forward with a decision. we are told that he will resign. we will continue to follow this breaking news story right after the break. does that in one daily new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal. yet an instant classic."
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cnn, our dahna bash just broke the story and working her sources all morning. we are told now through dahna's sources that disgraced congressman anthony weiner is expected to step up to the mikes, possibly step up to the mikes to make the announcement he is going to resign. not quite sure if it will happen via a news conference, if his office will come out with a written statement, but sources telling our dana bash now that the disgraced congressman that has been caught up in this sexting scandal is going to resign today. we had gotten word that possibly that was going to happen since his wife has come back from her overseas trip. as you know, his wife, right hand woman to secretary of state hillary clinton, they had been on a trip overseas and that is when the news broke that she was also expecting their first
6:48 am
child. she came back to the states and our dana bash saying, more than likely, they had a discussion face-to-face about this and, now, dana bash sources coming forward and saying disgraced congressman anthony weiner set to resign today. we are working this story for you. take a break and request come back with dana bash and more on this developing story. . when an investment lacks discipline, it's never this obvious. introducing investment discipline etfs from russell. visit r a prospectus, containing the investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses and other information. read and consider it carefully before investing. can your moisturizer do that? [ female announcer ] dermatologist recommended aveeno has an oat formula, now proven to build a moisture reserve, so skin can replenish itself.
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welcome black. if you're just tuning in, our dana bash on capitol hill just broke the story. she is getting word that the disgraced congressman anthony weiner is set to resign today. it's been three weeks since the pictures were released. what started with one photo, as you know, over the past couple weeks has turned into a number of photos released. questions about whether he was taking the photos, whether he was using a government phone to distribute those pictures. our dana bash now hearing he will resign today. also, following this story has been our mary snow. she's been to weiner's district,
6:52 am
getting reaction from voters there. how will this impact new york? how will this impact the future of the congressman? mary snow is joining us on the phone. she's actually heading toward weiner's district to get reaction as this news is breaking. mary, it was just yesterday -- we were talking about how this story continues to develop. then just yesterday you actually talked about this former porn actress who had been exchanging e-mails and messaging with the congressman. so it seems like the longer this goes on, it doesn't seem to be getting any better for the congressman, so thinks critics saying it's about time, just get up to the mike and make that resignation. >> it was just adding to the steady drumbeat, kyra, the increasing pressure on anthony weiner, and keeping him in the headlines in terms of that news conference yesterday. you know, throughout all these
6:53 am
headlines, he still has a sizable portion of his district, his constituents, saying he should not resign. there were many people in that 9th district in new york, which encompasses queens and parts of brooklyn, who said they felt he could weather this scandal. of course, not strch felt that way. even this past weekend after he had said that he was getting treatment they were doing rallies in his district, some calling for him to step down. but, you know, in terms of what happens next, if he does resign, as is anticipated, there would be a special election in new york, and kyra, there was just a special election a short time ago. remember back in february congressman chris lee had resigned over a photo he put on
6:54 am
craigslist, and just last month there was a democrat who took his place in that district. there would have to be a special election. >> mary, just real quickly, we're going to get back to dana bash. we'll take her as soon as she's ready, to dana, give us the high sign. she is ready now. mary, stay with us. i can see you, dana, working the blackberry. you're on the phone. i didn't want to go to you too soon. you just broke this news, just announced that anthony weiner is said to resign today. what else do you know? >> just some information how the leadership found out about this. this is a source familiar with this conversation. that is that congressman weiner put a phone call into his colleague from new york, steve israel, who also happens to be chairman of the democratic campaign committee. steve israel at the time was at a white house picnic for members of congress, but anthony weiner
6:55 am
called him and gave him the news. this was last night, late yesterday, gave him the news he was going to resign and israel went over and told the democratic leader nancy pelosi of the news, and said that weiner should tell both of them. so i'm told obviously this is a big, big event at the white house where lots of members of conquer. i'm told they went to sort of a tree to have a more private talk, and he told both of them that he was planning on resigning, he would announce it today. he was described by the source familiar with this conversation as extremely remorseful, very clear, i was told in earlier conversations, he was quite upset and emotional. i'm told emergency conversation not, but very, very clear, and very sorry for the distraction he's caused. that's how the leadership here i'm told found out from anthony weiner about his plans. how he's going to make that
6:56 am
announcement today we're not exactly sure. our understanding is he is still in the treatment center or having treatment he said he would get, but we're not exactly sure where he is going to be. we are waiting to hear officially from his office at any time. we're going to go to wolf in a second as well. he's working the story alongside with you. dao we know if it's anthony in weiner's wife, huma abedin who has talked him into this. do we have any confirmation that she's the one who said, it's time. >> according to the source familiar with this conversation, anthony weiner did say that he had the discussion with his wife. he did say that they spoke face-to-face. whether or not she convinced him to step down, whether that was a mutual decision, that we don't know, but he did have the conversation that he was waiting for, we are told, with his wife huma. >> dana bash breaking the story
6:57 am
for us this morning. disgraced congressman weiner set to resign today. dana, quick work. we'll talk more after the break. wolf blitzer will join us also. stay with us.
6:58 am
6:59 am
we begin this hour with breaking news from capitol hill. our dana bash breaking the news for us. disgraced congressman anthony weiner has decided to resign. we're told an announcement could come anytime. as you know, he's been embroiled
7:00 am
in this sexting scandal. remember when he actually came forward and shocked us all with this personal mountains take that he talked about. >> it's just not something that can be treated away. this is my own personal mistake. >> a mistake, wolf blitzer, that just got more and more dramatic. it was several photos. as we saw mary snow report yesterday, now it's turned into thinks conversations, one even involving a porn actress. wolf, what do you think will happen today? >> i think it's going to be official. dana's sources are good. it's unclean whether it will be made personally or the form or speaker, nancy pelosi.
7:01 am
she has a news conference this hour, maybe she'll make the announcement on his behave. but clearly he made the decision together with his wife hum huma abedin, that it's over. he's giving up his congressional district. supposedly he's in remash right now. do we don't know where he is, but we know that his office for all practical purposes in capitol hill has been shut down. >> as we're getting word through your sources and dana bash's sources, what happens with the house ethics committee and its investigation, does it go away? >> they could still continue. i assume, if they want, but if he's out, the governor of new york will name someone to fill his district. i'm not sure if they'll have a special election or wait until the next election to fill that seat. that whole seat could be in
7:02 am
jeopardy, because they're redistricting in new york state. they're losing two states in the state, and one of those districts that might be gone would be in new york city, and his district in brooklyn and queens could be lost any case. andrew cuomo will fill in the member for the short term. what happens after that is very much in the air. >> wolf blitzer stay with us, please. let's go to dana bash once again on the hill, continuing to talk with her sources. you know, dana, what happened if indeed anthony weiner comes forward and resigns today, what's his future like? what does he do? what's the next step? >> that's a big open question. we are told by sources who have been talking to him over the past three weeks since this began, this saga, this scandal began, that is part of the calculation, not only about the fact that he felt that he certainly did things wrong
7:03 am
morally, but he didn't feel that he did things wrong technically or legally, if you will, in terms of the rules here in congress. the other factor keeping him there, we are told, is he doesn't have a law degree. he doesn't have a business degree. it may be very hard after this for him to get other employment. now, you know, there are people out there who are not employed who may not have a lot of simply hearing when that from a member of congress who's done what anthony weiner has done, but it's unclear what he can or will do, but his near future, his priority is to get treatment. >> and you have the issue that he's going to be a father, that his wife is pregnant with their first child. what is going to happen with his marriage? there's a lot of questions here about the family, the family part. >> reporter: oh, no question. there's no question that there
7:04 am
are a lot of questions, but i think to underscore the idea that we don't know what's going to happen to him, but the fact that the democratic leadership, his very own democratic leadership worked so hard to try to get him to resign really should be highlighted here. this is something we don't see very often on capitol hill. it's just not in the keeping with the culture with the way congress work, especially inside the democratic caucus. it took them a while to publicly come out and put the pressure on him, but it was the drip, drip, drip. it wasn't just one things that came out initially with that initial tweet he sent almost three weeks ago with him in his underwear to that college student in seattle. if there was just that, flab that could have been forgiven or let the committee do its work, but it was that, a bunch of other photos, and i think most importantly he didn't tell the
7:05 am
truth. wouldn't answer our questions. he flat-out didn't tell the truth to our wolf blitzer in an interview, so it was the continued story going on that really did force the democratic leadership. ultimately the president, not saying it explicitly, but making it clear what he thinks, you know, enough, you've got to you've got to go. >> dana bhash, you broke the story for us this morning. our brianna keel ser at the white house. brianna, any white house from the white house? >> reporter: no reaction so far, but certainly what we heard this week from the president and from the white house, the first on the record comment, first from jay carney, and then from the president himself really upped the ante on the urging that congressman weiner was getting. carney went on the record on monday saying this was a distraction. then we heard the president in an interview saying not that
7:06 am
anthony weiner should resign, but that if he were the congressman, he would resign, because this was a distraction that had gotten in the way of his job during a time when so much is going on with the economy and when democrats are really trying to promote everything they can to show the american people that they're doing stuff on jobs and on the economy. this became a distraction not only on capitol hill but over here at the white house. you saw the president weigh in this weeks. certainly that added to all of the pressure that congressman weiner was feeling from democrats. >> brianna keilar, following reaction, probably we'll hear at some point this morning from there. meanwhile, bringing you up to date, if you're just tuning in to cnn newsroom, our dana bash live on capitol hill breaking the story to us break. disgraced congressman anthony weiner set to resign today. john king also working the story
7:07 am
for us. john, still a lot of questions out there, how exactly does he come to this decision? apparently he is still in treatment. we don't know exactly where, and of course what does this mean for his district? what does it mean for him? so many unanswered questions. >> to the first one, he was pushed. he was nudged, then pushed, colleagues saying it was simply unacceptable for him to stay on. they knew from the beginning they wanted him too do. there was an effort to have some sympathy, to goif him time and space, but as the number of episodes expanded, it was clear to democrats this was beyond a personal embarrassment for congressman weiner, and becoming an embarrassment for the party. so he was pushed. i was in touch early this morning with one of the president obama's top advisers, as we began to get an ink lynn, and the view from team obama,
7:08 am
quote, he quits, it's over. and david axelrod last week said this would be over fairly soon, that's an indication it went all the way to the top. at 46 years old if you were having a conversation with somebody about anthony weiner three or four months ago, they would tell you he was most likely the next mayor of new york city. he was abrasive at times. he challenged his own leadership, publicly at times. that's one of the reasons this played out the way it did. anthony weiner does not have a close friend action say, in leader pelosi, does not very, very very close friends -- maybe personal friendships, but not deep political relationships with the leadership. because of his brusque new york city and sometimes abrasive way, and because he's publicly criticized their decisions over the years.
7:09 am
this was the last thing they needed. >> john, why does he still have supporters? >> well, he's a good politician. he has supporters in his district, because he's able to win elections there. his office is known for fairly good constituent services. there's somebody with a lot of supporters in the liberal community, because he goes on television and takes it to the republicans in an aggressive, assertive way. 4th built a following that ware, by going largely on cable television, and pulling no punches. he is who he is. in many ways those are strengths, this brusque, abrasive, com bootive behavior helped hipped gain attention. sometimes it leaves you lonely when howard in trouble, though. >> john, stay with us, please. dana you're getting worse now possibly what will -- >> reporter: we know the process. there will be, particularly in new york, there will be a special election.
7:10 am
that is determined by the governor of new york. we don't know when it is going to happen. remember, there was actually just recently a special election ironically for the seat vacated by chris lee. he sent a shirtless picture to a woman on the internet. this is a seat that is very different in terms of the demographics it is in new york city, and something that will have to happen in the short term for anthony weiner to be replaced, but sometimes it takes a while. if you want to talk about it, there's a discussion of whether his seat will even exist. new york is losing two congressional seats because of redistricting. one interesting subplot that's been going on here, is many of his fellow democrats from new york have not wanted to publicly
7:11 am
come out and say he should resign, because they stand to gain politically if he's not there, because it's easier to get rid of his seat if somebody like anthony weiner is not there. you hear it here first. our dana bash breaking the story, congressman anthony weiner set to resign today. we'll take a quick break and be right back. car connection calls the xf, yet an instant classic." with sports car styling and power, plus the refinement and space of a luxury sedan, the jaguar xf is a timeless blend of performance and craftsmanship. see how jaguar outperforms the competition at
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7:14 am
the new york democrat has been embroiled in a scanned alternate over sexting and lewd photos. our dana bash is the one who broke the story, and it was just a little over a week ago that we saw this tearful press conference from anthony weiner. >> i believe that everyone deserves an apology -- here's what -- >> reporter: where is your wife right now? >> i apologize to andrew breitbart, and to the many members of the media i misled. first and foremost i apologize to my wife and my family. dana, let's start with you. we were talking yesterday about what is the conversation going to be look among members of
7:15 am
congress on the white house lawn, as they were having an informal dinner/get-together, pundits saying they've had enough of weiner. they're going to talk about the economy and other things. little did critics know this is where it all started, this is where the news broke? >> reporter: little did they know that anthony weiner would be calling them white they were on the white house lawn. it does bear repeating, because it's a fascinating story. he put a phone call into steve israel. he is anthony weiner's fellow democrat from new york. he also happens to be in an important position politically. he's in charge of getting democrats elected in 2012. he called and said he's going to resign, he gave him the news. i'm told from a source that's familiar with this conversation, he went to nancy pelosi said, you've got to hear this, and the two went over to a tree to have some privacy, because, of
7:16 am
course, the white house picnic was quite crowded, and then weiner proceeded to talk to both of them. i'm told he said he would resign and that he apologized for being a distraction. i'm told he was very remorseful about what he had done to his family, to his colleagues, to the party, and, you know, kyra, i was told by several sources, many sources over the past few weeks, who had spoken to anthony weiner, that he was really, really emotional. one says he was in despair, the other said he was turbulent. i'm told in this conversation he was more clear-headed in quite some time, where he would resign. at that point i'm told he had not even told his staff. this is important to underscore, his leadership who had made clear publicly in a very important move, in a very rare move last saturday, that they
7:17 am
think he should go, were really trying to get him out. this was a conversation that they were hoping to get, a phone call they were hoping to get. >> dana bash, who broke this story within the last half hour. john king, i want to bring you in, still a lot of unanswered questions. is he in treatment? did he talk with his wife? did she encourage him to make this decision today? what happens to his future? his district? a lot of unanswered questions. >> and many will become personal questions. we do know he did talk to his wife. she's a top aide to secretary clinton. she's been back a little more than 24 hours. we do know they spoke. we know that anthony weiner publicly set at that press conference that his wife was among those who wanted him to stay and fight. so we know she was involved in the conversations in the last 24 hours or so. her advice, what she said, we
7:18 am
don't know and perhaps will never know. as they deal with the personal issue, you asked some political questions. there is a possibility that his district could be drawn out by the new york legislature. in the short term governor cuomo will have to schedule a special election. what will happens in the house of representatives, they were hoping this is simply over as a political issue, that it's now a personal issue for him to deal with, and that they can go about their business. that, kyra -- that's why this is horrible anyway, but it happened at a time the democrats thought they were gaining traction in the budget argument, about the medicare plan steve israel is charged with i having to get the house back in democratic hands. he's traveling the country raising money, recruiting candidates, trying to get people who are reluctant to run for congress to challenge
7:19 am
republicans. they don't want to run if they think the democrats will still be in the minority. steve needs to convince them, here is an environment, we need you to run. then along comes the weiner scandal. what does steve israel say to people who say, i don't want to run in an environment like this? a, it's kind of ugly, but b, the time us was just horrible for them. >> good point about the major distraction. wolf blitzer, it was a major distraction for his party for nearly three weeks. a lot of things were put on the back burner. so how does this change the dynamic if indeed he does resign today? can his party go forward discussing other issues that have been put aside because of this disregards? >> they certainly hope so, kyra. this has been a major distraction for the democrats. it came at a time when they
7:20 am
thought they were making head way especially on the issue of medicare, and paul reian's plans to rem medicare. then all of a sudden out of the blue, the anthony weiner sex scandal erupts. he flat-out, as all of our viewers by now know, he flat-out lied to the american public, to his constituents, to the news media. i think we have a clip. i sat down with him, and repeatedly questioned after question, we now know he lied, including when he said this. >> have you ever taken a picture of this like? >> i can tell you this. i have photographs everybody i don't know what photographs are out there in the world of me. i don't know what things have been manipulated and doctored. we're going to try to find out what happened. but the most important reason is to make sure that it doesn't happen again. obviously someone got access to my account. that's bad.
7:21 am
they sent a picture that makes fun of the name weiner. i get it. touche. at the time it happened i tweeted right away that i got the joke and continued on with my life. i think that frankly that's what i would encourage everyone to do. >> that was on june 1st in his office up on capitol hill. that office is now shut down. staffers left just a little while ago and locked the door as he gets ready for the official announcement, but he knew as he was saying that, kyra, he knew he was lying. he knew there had been no hackers. he knew he personally sent out those lewd photographs. he knew he was doing those direct messages. he acknowledged it a few days later. he came clean. i recently have gotten through that whole interview, and i think the only thing he said that was honest in that interview when i asked him, who are you trying to protect right now? i'm paraphrasing a bit, but he
7:22 am
hesitated, got emotional and said i'm trying to protect my wife huma. i think it's probably true, i think he was repeatedly lying, blatantly lying about all that stuff, because he was trying to protect his wife, his marriage that was probably the only honest thing during throws 20 minutes or so. >> his wife, his marriage and the fact she's expecting their first child. wolf blitzer, john king, dana bash, our best political team on television working the story. if you're just tuning in, dana bash broke it on the hill just about a half hour ago. disgraced congressman anthony weiner set to resign today. more after a quick break.
7:23 am
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only 14 clubs pick up the right one and drive it right down the middle of pure michigan. your trip begins at we have received word that anthony weiner is set to resign today. john king, let me start with you, nancy pelosi supposed to hold a news conference. it was already a scheduled news conference, but there had been talk possibly that she issed one that would announce this resignation, not anthony weiner himself. what do you think? >> that would be unusual.
7:26 am
whenever even president obama gave an interview, they nose that part of your precious time in politics, and in the case of the democrats you're usually trying to criticize the republican plans in the house of representatives. the first question, often the third, fourth and fifth question is about anthony weiner. it would be unusual for former speaker pelosi to announce it. it would be most normal for anthony weiner to put out a statement. certainly if she's coming to see reporters today, she knows full well that will be a serious and notice probably the dominant topic of discussion which against, kyra, is why the democrats wanted this to go away as fast as possible, so they can try to do their normal business. >> wolf blitzer, even if he does step to the mikes and announce
7:27 am
his resignation, it still will not go away. >> there will be a lot of interest in this story for time to come. there's so many elements. there's the political element, obviously, but the human element. a newlywed, and we learned that his wife is three months pregnant, maybe four months pregnant now. it raises all sorts of questions about what will happen to their marriage. he repeatedly said very emotionally he wants to save this marriage, and i know that when all the struggle broke out, she continued on her job, which is to travel with the secretary of state. they went to the united arab emirates, then several cunning in africa. they just came back yesterday or the day before. she's had a chance to sit down and look him in the eyes, talk to him. i don't know what's going to happen with that relationship. i don't know how they're going to make the announcement? will he go to the microphone and say something or release a piece of paper? will the former speaker nancy
7:28 am
pelosi just formally make the announcement at her scheduled news conference that's supposed to come up in about 15 minutes or so from now? i have no idea, but it's a sad story on so many levels, and we'll just have to watch it unfold t i suspect the fallout will continue. >> john king, i had asked you earlier in the hour, anthony weiner still does have support in his district, but is it going to be enough support to help him out? or is he just finished? kyra, that's a question we simply can't answer today. i think it's most important, there's parts of this story that should go away.
7:29 am
he should be allowed to try to make peace with his wife, rebuild his relationship, gets what you have treatment he believes he needs, there are political questions in the public domain, and those are the stories we should be covering. will he try to make a comeback someday? that's up to him, and then to see if he could rebuild support. he was planning to run for mayor. the polls show that a slight majority, somewhere in the area of 51%, 52% thought he should stay and fight. that is encouraging. as he resigns his seat, he could still that more than half of his districted wanted him to assistant and fight. he has other support in the democratic party. around the country, a lot of the people he had communications with online began to follow him on twitter, because they were impressed with something they saw in a nationally televised interview when he was making the
7:30 am
case against republicans. can he rebuild after this? there are many stories where politicians stumble and rebuild. we don't know the answer to the question. >> we'll keep the discussion going. thanks so much. you saw it first here on cnn, and our dana bash on capitol hill broke the story, anthony weiner set to resign today. more after the break. of fuel? the debate is over. ♪ lexus hybrid drive technology is designed to optimize any fuel source on the planet. even those we don't use yet. because when you pursue perfection, you don't just engineer a future-proof hybrid system. you engineer amazing. ♪
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7:33 am
if you're just tuning into cnn, breaking news. our dana bash on capitol hill breaking the story just about 35 minutes ago, that disgraced congressman anthony weiner is set to resign today. dana, let 'recap for those tuning in at the half hour. >> reporter: that's right, the story is, as you said, anthony weiner after being pushed publicly, very intensely business hi own democratic leadership, has decided to heed their call and give up his congressional seat. the call was he was too much of a distraction and that this story was really hurting the democrats politically and that it was time for him to go. it came after almost three weeks ago, kyra, that we know he sent this first tweet on twitter of himself in his underwear to a 121-year-old college student in seattle. he later admitted he accidentally sent that publicly,
7:34 am
and that is what came out and that is what started this whole scanned all that he was embroiled in. obviously this is a very tragic story, but what has been so frustrating for his democratic leaders here is had he maybe come out and explained the real deal, the truth from the beginning, that maybe could have made this not so bad politically, but the fact that -- and you've been talking to wolf about it, because he was a part of it, i was a part of it, ted barrett as well, the fact they put out a couple statements where they said he was hacked, which was not true. a pretty intense conference, where he wouldn't answer questions, and the interview with wolf blitzer, that he lied about this. that was the drip, drip, drip of the story, even though he admitted a week ago monday that this was something he did, more pictures came out.
7:35 am
the fact that that happened and this story continued to go, that is why the democratic leadership said, enough. this was all happening while, over the past couple weeks, we were told by many sources speaking with him, that he was very upset, very emotional, very distraught, but he was trying very, very hard to fight back and say he wanted to chemohis seat. he felt it was important for him to stay in office. we're told he was saying, look, he did things wrong morally, but tech dale didn't do anything to break the law or the rules of the house, but it became insurmountable after his own leadership, which doesn't take this lightly, decided it was time to push him out. they're hoping with this decision and this announcement at some point that that will help to do that and allow them
7:36 am
to get back to their agenda. >> nancy pelosi had a scheduled news conference. this is definitely going to change the dynamic of what she was going to talk about, no doubt she'll be getting lots of questions about anthony weiner and his future. usually this time every day we have our political buzz segment with our panel. on the left, on the right, down the middle, talk about the perfect story for the political buzz panel now. joining us cornel belcher, comedian pete dominick, and of course will cain. i guess first of all i want your reaction. cornel, let's start with you. >> i want to see the silver lining. it's a tragic story, but the boim line is, america, we can shame someone out of hot. this guy didn't do anything
7:37 am
illegal, however we shamed him out of office. you can't lie and do bad things in america and get away with it. i think that's a good story. >> will, what do you think? >> kyra, i'm kind of surprised. if you look at the analysis that he had to go through, on the one hand, i think if he had survived this, he might have been a lifer, much like charlie rangel, but now that he's resigned, what does he do? where does he go? i'm not saying it to be cute, but one of the likely outcomes is he ends up on cable news. i think many can tell you that does not come with the same kind of security. >> will had to go there. pete, step in. >> i think the problem with the story is we're actually interested. i think the most interested thing in the video today is he carries his own laundry. i get crept out watching him hold that blackberry, but
7:38 am
there's so many more important things for americans to be interested in, but we get distracted by the shiny objects and horrific images, if you will. hopefully this would be the end of it. stay with me. we have to get a quick break in. dana bash breaking the news from the hill. we'll have more after the break. it's water from the drinking fountain at the mall. [ male announcer ] great tasting tap water can now come from any faucet anywhere. introducing the brita bottle with the filter inside. oh, just booked a summer vaycay. ooo. sounds pricey? nah, with the summer sale, you can find awesome deals for places nearby. interesting... wow, i'm blown away. you look great. summer sale, save up to 30%. and get a free kindle.
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7:41 am
if you're just tuning in, anthony weiner is set to resign today. wolf blitzer once again, wolf, and john, wcbs, the affiliate out of new york there reporting 2:00 p.m. in brooklyn anthony weiner set to make the announcement. are you guys -- can you confirm that? what are your sources telling you? >> i can't confirm it, but it sort of does make sense. i'll be curious to see how nancy pelosi, the democratic leader in the house, discussing this whole issue in her news conference that. supposed to begin in about five other continue minutes from now. i'm sure a lot of people -- if in fact he'll be live from brooklyn, a lot of people no doubt will be watching, kyra.
7:42 am
>> what do they want to hear, john king? >> the leadership wants to hear him salve it himself. i was good to say i'm surprised he would you step in front of the cameras and do this, but in this case, i guess i'm not surprised. where he was not telling the truth and tried to defend himself, where he flat-out lied during the interview, he has decided to put himself front and center in dealing with this, so perhaps fitting he would personally go before the cameras. most time a politician would announce this through a press release, and maybe down the road take some questions. we'll see what he said today. we know he's had several long conversations with his wife. we know he started telling associates and his colleagues last night that he planned to do this, and we know he's said he
7:43 am
is planning to seek treatment. pete dominick was just talking about this. there are many who will want to watch this, and i think there are others who would prefer, mr. weiner, if you're going to resign, please step aside and take this sort of sordid saga out of our lives. >> and it began last monday. take a look. >> i haven't told the truth, and i've done things that i deeply regret. i brought pain to the people i care about the most and the people who believed in me. and for that i'm deeply sorry. i apologize for my wife and our
7:44 am
families, as well as to friends and supporters. i'm deeply ashamed of my terrible judgment and actions. he didn't tell the truth. wolf blitzer, he didn't tell the truth to you, either. >> he lied repeatedly, brazenly. a lot of people wonder with so many women with whom he had been in direct contact with twitter, e-mail, facebook, sending these lewd pictures, a lot of them have almost come out. i guess he thought he would get away with it. obviously that was a business mistake. dana pointed out earlier, if he would have been honest at the beginning, said i made a horrible mistake, here is what i did, maybe it would have had a different ending, but once he went out with that acrimonious exchange between dana and our producer ted barrett, and then the next day a series of
7:45 am
interviews with reporters, i think the hand writer was on the wall. obviously over the weekend when nancy pelosi and debbie wasserman schultz, and the democratic leaders said he must go action the president of the united states gave that interview to nbc's ann curry, where he said, if it were me, i would resign, it was obvious hi had only a matter of when, and it's today. >> i'm looking at the live feed coming in right now. i can see our kate bolduan there. i understand that nancy pelosi is in the room. as we mentioned, there was a scheduled news conference today, and then the news broke. our dana bash just about 45 minutes ago or so, telling us that her sources had confirmed that indeed anthony weiner was going to resign today. now we're getting world from our
7:46 am
affiliate wcbs that resignation could happen in front of the cameras in brooklyn at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. john king, while we are waiting for nancy pelosi to step up to the mikes, which i'm told could happen any second now, john, let me ask you. we've been talking a lot. it seems that everybody -- you kind of touched on this. what if he wouldn't have lied? there have been politicians, as you mentioned, in the past that have blatantly lied. the first one i think of is bill clinton. we saw the comeback that he made. is there hope for anthony weiner, that he could stay in politics in some way, shape or form? >> he would have held his house seat and told the beginning, maybe, but we don't have a definitive answer. if he had told everything, and
7:47 am
here's exactly what i did, and essentially the monday news conference where he said he had conversations online, had he do though out of the box, could he have kep his house seat? if his wife supported him and his leadership believed it was said and done, maybe. but it's very clear -- when you see leader pelosi here in a moment, you have to understand the longer-term politics. she is still bruising from handing that gavel off. she believes she can win it back. and here she comes into the room right now. >> she's getting ready to step up to the mikes. >> good morning. thank you for joining us again for our regularly scheduled thursday morning press availability. i as usual we're here to talk about jobs, about protecting medicare, and to protecting the middle class. if you're here to ask a question
7:48 am
about congressman weiner, i won't be answering any. i've made the statements i'm going to make. it's my understanding that later in the day he will be having a press conference, and after that i will have a statement available. i will tell you that up front. it is day 163, 163 days since the republicans -- >> all right. dana bash, i actually saw john king sort of grinning, maybe because he sort of expected that, and dana bash, you too on the hill. we thought that possibly nancy pelosi would take questions right away, considering the story, but it looks like, nope, she's going to start with jobs, the middle class, and then make a statement at the end of the news conference. >> that's right. as we were getting ready to go to the press conference, i was saying knowing her the way i do, i'll bet you she won't say anything. she wants to talk xw the
7:49 am
ajerchda, but also because he hasn't officially spoken. you know, although we know from very good sources that she has been informed that he's going to rye sign, he himself has not said that. there is still some, for lack of a better term, political decorum left among these folks. although most -- i would say the vast majority of democrats thought that this was just enough already, time to go. there are some democrats in the house, some of anthony weiner's colleagues, some of the people rank and file underneath nancy pelosi, who weren't that comfortable with the leadership saying that they wanted him to go, and with other members of congress saying they wanted him to go. there's an ethics investigation going on, and they said it's a matter for their constituents. that's why even though there's no question, there's a major sense of relief.
7:50 am
they also do feel that they need to tread delicately. >> and dana bash, our affiliate, wcbs reporting 2:00 p.m. out of that the congressman will make that resignation. a quick break, more after this. [ nurse ] i'm a nurse. i believe in the power of science and medicine. but i'm also human. and i believe in stacking the deck. is best absorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs.
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and if you're just tuning
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in, i want to bring you breaking news. we have confirmed that possibly at 2:00 eastern time today, out of brooklyn, new york city this is what our affiliate is reporting that that news conference will happen where disgraced congressman anthony weiner will resign. just to give you a timeline of how this has all built up to this point, you know, the scandal has been going on for about three weeks now, it you will actually started on may 27th when that lewd picture of a man's underwear was sent from his twitter account to a young woman in seattle. then the story started to pick up. weiner claimed forward, claimed the account was hacked, platenedly lied in an interview, and andrew breitbart wrote about it on his website. that monday the college student claimed she had never met weiner, and that she knew who the hacker was.
7:54 am
then on may 31st, weiner wouldn't deny that the picture was of him. he said he hired a legal team to actually investigate not the police, and then it was on june 6th, breitbart came forward, claimed he had more lewd pictures allegedly sent to young women, including a very graphic one. then "star" published sexually charged online chat that weiner had with young women. it was at 4:00 p.m. on june 6th that weiner held that news conference and admitted that he was in that initial twitter picture, and he had several inappropriate online relationships even after he was married, though he claimed he never met any of those women face-to-face. it was june 11th that he requested a two-week leave of absence from congress to seek
7:55 am
professional treatment. then 0912th, more pics surfaced, some allegedly taken at the house gym. it was then this past monday that president obama said that he would -- that he said -- actually the president weighed in on the resignation, and suggested that that should take place. yesterday weiner's wife returned from a trip overseas with her boss, hillary clinton, and then today the news broke that weiner will resign. he should be making that public statement once again today at 2:00 -- or 2:00 eastern time. wolf? john king, dana bash, joining me once again. that was a lot to remember, a lot to recite. basically people remember the photo came out, he lied about it, we found his wife was prey nan. now here we are, his future totally in limbo and set to
7:56 am
resign as congressman, 2:00 p.m. eastern time. dana, you brought us the news one the hour. it all came down last night, a conversation going on at the white house at this dinner with members of congress, and steve israel gets a call from anthony weiner. >> that's right. he got the call from anthony weiner at the white house picnic, saying that, you know what, he made the decision, he's going to resign. i am told that steve israel found nancy pelosi, and the two of them talked to weiner together, kind of moved near a tree to have some privacy, because there was such a big crowd i'm told he was very clear-headed, very remorseful, very apologetic about the fact that he had been a distraction, that he had hurt his friends, his family, but for the past
7:57 am
couple weeks i had been told that he was very, very emotional. he told the leadership and his friends that he wanted to stay, but at the end of the day, he couldn't. >> stay with us, our coverage will continue. it's about three minutes before the top of the hour, our suzanne malveaux will take it from here. we'll continue the breaking news coverage. the disgraced congressman anthony weiner set to resign, 2:00 p.m. eastern time today. stay with us. more after the break. ties. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans,
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