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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 16, 2011 12:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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welcome back to "cnn newsroom," everyone. i'm wrook baldwin. after a few weeks, a slow drip, drip, new revelations and increasing pressure from fellow democrats comes the inevitable today and in just the last few minutes congressman anthony weiner resigned from congress over the lewd photos he sent to him to women over the internet. >> i had hoped to be able to continue the work that the citizens of my district elected
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me to do, to fight for the middle class and those struggling to make it. unfortunately, the distraction that i have created has made that impossible. so today i'm announcing my resignation from congress. >> we also now have just this afternoon the first bits of reaction coming in from the people who sent him to congress in the first place. watch this with me. >> something wrong with him, and i don't think a person who has something wrong with him should represent us. >> he was doing an excellent job as a congressman so whatever he does in his private life really is none of our business. >> i don't think he should retire. i don't think anyone's personal life, whether mistakes they make in their private life, should have anything to do with their job performance. >> probably end up with a talk sh show. >> mixed opinions from constituents, also on twitter. let's go to mary snow fresh out of the now former congressman
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news conference that wrapped up minutes ago. last time you and i spoke on cnn when we saw congressman weiner in front of a media crowd, spoke 40 minutes, took all kinds of questions, this time four minutes, no wife, announcing his resignation. >> reporter: and an unruly crowd, brooke, i shouldn't say crowd, but there was a heckler in that press conference, and, you know, he interrupted anthony weiner several times, and in that room besides the press there were a number of senior citizens who were at this event waiting for anthony weiner, and they started, you know, telling the heckler to calm down and to shut up, and eventually a policeman came in and escort him out but, you know, they were upset saying that, you know, they felt that anthony weiner couldn't step down and resign in dignity, but this is a senior center that, as he mentioned, he
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launched his political career here, about 20 years ago when he first ran for city council and then congress eight years after that, so, yeah, a lot of anticipation. i've talked to some other reporters here who say they have never seen a packed room like the one we saw today awaiting for this press conference, and it lasted just about four minutes. he really kept reading that statement even though he was being interrupted several times. he kept going through it. >> mary and noticeably absent, his wife, houma abedin. she returned from her trip to the uae, africa yesterday morning. she was in washington and spotted with her husband earlier today outside of their apartment in queens. we know she's also pregnant with his first child. a lot of questions with regard to that marriage as well. >> there are, and, you know, brooke, we've been talking about this the past couple of weeks.
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everything that we know about her is that she is extremely private, so there's some people who are not surprised that she was not here today for this press conference, but certainly, you know, people that i've been talking to in his district anyway, have been talking about him on a very personal level. they say that they are sorry for him and his personal life, but some of them felt that he had no choice but to step down, and they felt he could not be effective. >> mary, you cover politics for us and i'm going to throw this at you and one of the questions is what about weiner's future? there was a special election in new york after chris lee vacated his seat after sending a shirtless picture over the internet and now presumably we'll have another special election, correct? >> reporter: that's what's expected, that the governor would call a special election for this house seat, but there's been a lot of talk since this all started unfolding, new york is slated to lose two
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congressional seats because of reapportionment and redistricting, so there has been a lot of speculation that perhaps his seat might be erased because the thinking is that there would be one seat up state and that would be a republican and one seat down state, and, again, this is all speculation, a very lengthy process, but there's talk that potentially that district could be carved up and given to incumbent members of congress. you know, again, it's a lengthy process, but that's what the speculation is at this point. >> mary schnorr for us there in brooklyn outside of a huge announcement, seven-term congressman making the resignation announcement and now listen to this. >> are you aware that he might resign from congress, sir? >> no. >> anthony weiner is on his way out, but first he must send an
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official letter of resignation. we'll tell you what's next in this process for the voters in his home district. >> this will be my final press conference as secretary of defense. would i actually like to take an opportunity to say a few words to the pentagon press corps. >> as he prepares for his life post-pentagon, robert gates tells us where he's leaving things in places like pakistan and in afghanistan, and then a little later this hour, we have a special live guest with me, and if you have any tweens in the house, gather them around. selena gomez will join me live.
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all right. new york democrat anthony weiner
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quit congress after a three-week scandal over the lewd pictures he sent to several different ladies online. >> i had hoped to be able to continue the work that the citizens of my district elected me to do, to fight for the middle class and those struggling to make it. unfortunately, the distraction that i have created has made that impossible, so today i'm announcing my resignation from congress. >> that was anthony weiner just a little while ago this afternoon. we're also getting more reaction now from the people who live in what was his congressional district, the ninth congressional district of new york. watch this. >> i'm happy he's resigning because we didn't really want him to represent us. >> he's actually a little bit, shall we say, off, or he wouldn't be doing this kind of thing. >> there are others in congress who have done even worse. >> for his constituents, it's a tragedy, it really is. you wonder if he hit his head somewhere.
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i don't know what happened to him. >> well, those people will get a chance to choose a new representative to represent them in washington in a special election to fill weiner's seat. let's go to senior congressional correspondent dana bash, all over this this morning, breaking the story. let me preface this. congressman steve israel will be joining you shortly. it was he who weiner called in addition to house minority leader nancy pelosi last night to share his decision to resign, so i want to say he'll be joining you, making some news. just shout when you see him next to you and we can have him hop in. the fact that the democratic leadership, worked so hard, dana, to get weiner to resign there. must be a huge sigh of relief there on the hill tonight. >> reporter: oh, there absolutely is a sigh of relief but it's definitely mixed with sadness. we're hearing from many of anthony weiner's colleagues that this was absolutely the right thing to do, that he had no choice, first of all, because of
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the lewd photographs that he sent and second of all because he didn't tell the truth at the beginning, and this story was going and going and going and did not stop and was a huge distraction to democrats who politically felt like they were getting some traction for the first time in a while on issues like the republican budget and medicare, and the things that they wanted to talk about were getting drowned out, so definitely a sigh of relief. again, i think it's important to underscore, sadness, too, because shea colleague. maybe not the most popular guy in the caucus but definitely a friend to many. >> anthony weiner, no law degree, no business degree. he would have been potentially the front-runner for mayor of new york city. that's out. took note when he was speaking he'll be looking for other ways to contribute my talents. what could be next for the congressman. >> reporter: who knows, you know. you never know in this country, especially in politics. i think -- i don't think you can count anybody else ultimately, especially somebody who is 46 years old like anthony weiner
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and who has spent his life in politics. however, he also made it clear, and i think it goes without saying, in the near term it's all about trying to fix his family and fix his personal life and fix the things that led him to do these kinds of things. >> dana bash, stand by for me. just mentioned steve israel, the chairman of the democratic national campaign committee, dccc. he spoke with weiner last night. stay with us. we'll be back in 70 seconds.
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as promised, i want to take you back to capitol hill and senior congressional correspondent dana bash who really broke this story this morning in anticipation of the resignation from congressman anthony weiner. she's standing alongside
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congressman steve israel, the chair of the democratic national chair committee, and i know he's one of the folks, along with congresswoman pelosi, who weiner called last night. dana, it's all yours. >> congressman, thank you very much for joining us. >> sure. >> reporter: first of all, the statement that you issued made pretty clear that you're obviously sad but you're relieved when it comes to the political distraction that this has caused. >> congressman weiner made the right decision for himself, for his family, for his wife and also the country and congress. last week the republicans introduced a bill to privatize social security and the american people deserve an undistracted debate on issues like that, like jobs, and we will return to that debate. >> reporter: people realized it's not a usual thing for democratic leaders like yourself to go as far us a went and publicly call for one of your colleagues to step aside, colleagues who, like you, are elected by your constituents.
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i mean, tell us what it got to get to that point and why. >> first of all, leader pelosi and i and other democratic leaders don't have a double standard. if a democrat engages in inappropriate behave as well as a republican engages in inappropriate behavior we need to express ourselves honestly. in this case we wanted to make sure that congressman weiner made the right judgment for himself and also the country and for corporation and there's no question that now that he's made that judgment, and he alluded to it in his own press conference, that this distraction should be behind us and the we can turn to the issues that the american people are relying on us to fight for, protecting medicare, protecting social security and creating jobs. >> but this wasn't an easy decision to get him to come to. i mean, the fact is you had to come out publicly. the president of the united states had to effectively tell him to resign. you had been speaking to him. what was he -- what was he saying? >> well, look, he was obviously
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throughout the process, the conversations i had did have with him he was very emotional. i'm not going to publicly comment on a private conversation except to say that last night when we spoke that he had reconciled on the decision, as clear and as firm as i had heard him in two weeks, and one of the things he kept stressing was the importance of getting this distraction behind him and getting this distraction behind us and moving on the agenda that is so vitally important in the united states congress. >> you know, he had been telling colleagues he was waiting for his wife to get back. was that the conversation that made the final decision for him? >> i can't tell you that. only he can tell you that, but the fact of the matter is his wife was out of town. he did express to me and to others the importance of being able to speak to his wife, and quite honestly i believe he had the right and the responsibility to have that conversation. >> thank you very much. appreciate you joining us. brooke, back to you. >> i found out that the congressman does have an ear piece in. my final question to you is this. look, new yorkers are a
12:17 pm
forgiving bunch, and he has represented this district in new york for seven terms. do you think there is any kind of possibility down the road that he could return to capitol hill? >> well, i can tell you absolutely firsthand that the only kind of recovery that anthony weiner is concerned about, based on the conversations that i've had on him is not a political recovery, it's personal. personal recovery with his wife ant baby they are expecting so i don't think politics is anywhere near in the equation right now for congressman weiner. >> congressman israel, we appreciate you coming on and dana bash, thanks so much for the extensive reporting really through the last three weeks, thank you. now to this. defense secretary continued his farewell tour today giving his final news conference. i want you to hear what he's said to reporters who have followed him to war and back. that is next. also coming up, game seven of the stanley cup final last night got, yeah, a little out of
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control. look at this. everything went downhill in downtown vancouver when some rowdy fans decided to be sore loses. but first, free money advice from the cnn help desk. >> we get answers to your financial questions. joining me this hour, greg mcbride, senior financial analyst and lynnette cox is founder of the financial advice blog ask the money coach. okay. here's the first question. ann in alaska, i have money sitting in a savings account. my bank wants to invest it in a commodities basket for five years. the gains over the last year have been 6%. the principal is fdic-insured is this a wise move? greg, take you this one. >> if you've got money in a savings account that's because you may need it for emergency or other unplanned expense. you don't want to tie that up in a commodity basket or anything else. it will limit your financial flexible. the other thing to keep in mind with commodity baskets or other linked cd products there's often an early withdrawal penalty that
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[ male announcer ] great tasting tap water can now come from any faucet anywhere. introducing the brita bottle with the filter inside. real quickly here. just gotten a statement from house minority leader nancy pelosi. and i'm quoting, today with the love of his family, confidence of his constituents, representative congressman weiner and the recognition of the need for help congressman
12:22 pm
weiner has announced he'll resign from congress. he exercised poor judgment in his actions and reaction to the revelations. today he made the right judgment in resigning. i pray for him and his family and wish them well. nancy please i. now to a story unfolding right now. we are learning more about the potential hit list posted on jihadist websites linked to al qae qaeda. according to the fbi american-born al qaeda member adam gadahn is including the list of attacks, and they have been informed and they are being targeted and police have been warned about the web-based threat. the fbi says the plot is not specifically outlined but it's very, very detailed. cnn's jeanne meserve will join us in the next hour with that. and cia website was
12:23 pm
attacked, they experienced a slowdown for a short time last night. the site is back to normal and there's nine prosecution or hacking of the website. the stanley cup is in bean town today. the boston bruins won the best of seven series for hockey's most prestigious trophy last night in vancouver. their sixth stanley cup win, but outside the arena, whoo, it was a different story. look at this. >> hate to be the driver of that pickup car. fans of the canucks vented their anger in the streets, fires. it took last night's 4-0 defeat in game seven obviously a little hard, overturning vehicles, setting them on fire. they even torched two police cars, about 2,000 police rioted there in the streets of vancouver. clouds of smoke choked some areas of downtown vancouver.
12:24 pm
look at this. the hockey championship that started off on a positive note with the canucks taking the home-ice advantage and winning the first two games. vancouver has been in the stanley cup finals three times in the last 41 seasons but have never won. the injury of a favored player in six game and a questionable goal in game seven, did you watch, may have been too much for the canucks fans, tired of seeing the game slip through their fingertips. >> even with those assets in place, our city was still vulnerable to a number of young men and women disguised as canucks fans who were actually criminals and anarchists. these were people who came equipped with masks, goggles and gasoline, even fire extinguishers, that they would use as weapons. >> i-reporter rob from vancouver sent us this video. he says he saw molotov cocktails
12:25 pm
hurled by the crowd. folks, we're talking about hockey here. tear gas canisters tossed by police in response with that, and with every challenge the mob just got angrier with police. our ireporter rob says h wants people t know that the actions of this crowd are not true representations of his city. two months later bin laden and al qaeda's number two now becomes the number one what. took so long and how did they go about choosing bin laden's replacement? former shaye covert operations officers mike bakeler join us coming. and big day for defense secretary robert gates continuing his farewell tour today giving his last conference. we'll share some of that with you next. just breathe. we know it's intimidating. instant torque. top speed of 100 miles an hour. that's one serious machine. but you can do this. any socket can. the volt only needs about a buck fifty worth of charge a day, and for longer trips, it can use gas. so get psyched.
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let's just go ahead and make a none too bold prediction. one of these days they are going to pin a medal on this day. robert gates, 30-plus years, and some of the toughest jobs in washington, including defense secretary. just a short time ago he gave his final briefing before bowing at the pentagon. i want you to keep in mind though, this is the guy who president bush brought in to clean up the mess in iraq, and also afghanistan, and now he's stayed on for two plus years under president barack obama. here is defense secretary robert gates speaking about an hour ago at the pentagon. >> one of the interesting challenges about this job has been a responsibility of waging two wars, neither of which i had anything to do with starting,
12:29 pm
and certainly i saw in 2007 and 2008 how unpopular what we were doing in iraq was, how unpopular the surge was. hi to ca-- i had to cancel a tr latin america in the fall of 2007 because it looked like republican support was crumbling and that we might end up with congressional action to stop the surge. so for me it is the reality that as a historian, i like to remind people of this, with the exception of the first couple of years of world war ii, there has never been a popular war in the united states, in our whole history. they have all been controversial. >> a couple years ago when you were asked i think the shortest question you were ever asked at a congressional hearing about
12:30 pm
iraq, whether at that point in your opinion we were winning in iraq, as you begin to wind down, i'd like to ask you that same question about afghanistan. you mentioned progress. you mentioned gains, but fundamentally do you believe right now we're winning in afghanistan? >> the one thing -- i have learned a few things in four and a half years, and one of them is to try and stay away from loaded words like winning and losing. what i will say is that i believe we are being successful in implementing the president's strategy, and i believe that our military operations are being successful in denothing taliban control of populated areas, degrading their capabilities and improving the capabilities of the afghan national security forces. those were three of the tasks that the president laid out for us in december of 2009 and i think -- and the other was reversing the momentum of the taliban. and i think in all four of those cases we are succeed iing.
12:31 pm
>> that is outgoing defense secretary robert gates, his final farewell. last briefing there at the pentagon. would not say we're winning in afghanistan. he did say we are succeeding. coming up next, get the camera shot, gang. this is selena gomez in her new move called "monte carlo." it opens up july 1st, and selena could be coming to a city near you, but guess what? not yet because she's sitting right here in my studio. we have a surprise for her next and here's a sneak peek of her. ♪ who says you're not perfect trouble, trouble ♪ ♪ trouble been doggin' my soul ♪ since the day i was born ♪ worry ♪ oh, worry, worry worry, worry ♪
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♪ i wouldn't want to be anybody else ♪ >> so that was actress and singer sealna gomez's new hit. she's known also for her series "the wizards of waiverly place" and voila. selena gomez joining me in studio seven. welcome to than thea. >> thank you. >> thanks for hanging out. >> thanks for having me. >> you're headed to the mall of
12:35 pm
georgia to meet your fans and talk about "monty carlo" and for fans who were concerned, you were in the hospital this week. how are you doing? >> it was just me needing to take care of myself. a lot going on. >> a little bit busy in. >> you have to take care of yourself is the biggest lesson i've been learning. >> "monte carlo," want to explain what the movie is about and your characters. >> yes. i play two characters. "monte carlo," kind of like a romantic comedy, really sweet, about three girls who travel to europe in hopes of finding a better life and ultimately in the end they realize their lives is basically that any girl can have. >> shall we watch. >> yes, go ahead. >> pep rallies imagining myself walking along the seine and standing on top of the eiffel hour. >> do you mind if we order? >> grace, go with meg and emma, have a great trip.
12:36 pm
>> paris, nobody pinch me. >> the junior ambassador suite. >> how long did you get to stay and film in paris? >> well, actually we shot seven weeks in hungary. >> hungary. >> and it kind of looked like paris so we were cheating a little bit but we shot in paris for four days. >> pretty good british accent. >> took a little bit and i'm still not confident with it. >> you go to the mall here and see the fans there and hop on your twitter page, 5 million plus fans there, constantly out and constantly in front of people. were you born in '92 so you're familiar with the internet, always had internet and cell phones and being connected. selena, is there any point in time when you just put that phone down and want to be just -- just disconnected? >> every day. every single day i'd like that. i think it's crazy. i love that i'm able to connect with my fans. i do think that twitter and
12:37 pm
facebook is real wonderful to be instant with your fans, but it's a scary thing. the internet is really scary for me so i kind of wish i could disconnect every day from it. >> when do you? you have to have moments when you just have time to yourself. >> i do, yes. i will -- obviously i'm excited about "monte carlo" coming out so i'm talking about it a lot. i do take those moments just to be by myself. >> you're about to be 19 in july. >> yes. >> happy early birthday. >> thank you. >> i'm just curious, are you voting next year, your first presidential election? >> the first time i've ever been asked in. the first time i would be. by a campaign when i was 16 basically saying that i wanted to encourage kids my age because we're the next generation coming up to vote, so i think it would be really fun for me to be involved with my family and have a say now which is now. >> and have a say, next year. >> yeah. that's crazy. >> you're old enough now, and when you think about the election, and i don't know if
12:38 pm
you ever have moments to start and educate yourself on particular candidates what, issues do you think you'll look for a? what issues face your generation and what issues do you want to hear from from some of the potential white house hopefuls? >> i would say education, and i would probably say global warming, and i think that -- i think we need to do a lot to help other countries, but sometimes i don't feel like we help a lot here in our country so that would probably be something that would catch my eye. >> i realize i'm just a little older than you, so i wanted to bring in -- we wanted to get inside the mindset of one of your fans. >> hi, how are you? >> this is ava's daughter, the daughter of one of our most senior writers so ava, this is your chance. what is your question for selena. >> i was wondering why are you moving away from disney channel? >> well, for me i'm about to be 19, so it's kind of a transition phase i guess you can say.
12:39 pm
i'm getting older and it's kind of like graduating high school. still have a close relationship with disney channel but i want to make cool movies like "monte carlo" for my other fans to see. >> do you accept that answer? >> i accept it. >> i know you have to go, but how is it that you're able to maintain this lovely persona. a lot of other gals have gone different paths, different directions, and you really seem, to you know, have it together for someone who is being pulled in so many directions and dating a guy all of us have heard of. you have a lot going on. how do you maintain that balance? >> i think that i have to surround myself with really good people our would probably go crazy. i'm 18 and i'm going to make mistakes and learn from my mistakes and who becomes who i'm supposed to be. that's my business. i don't think it should involve my fans or my connection with them so i try to be the best i can be for my fans and continue
12:40 pm
to be happy. >> let's talk presidential election next time. >> i'm excited, yes, let's do that. >> selena gomez. ava's daughter, nice job. >> selena will be at the mall of georgia if you're in the atlanta area tonight greeting fans, lots and lots of fans and taking questions and promoting her movie "monte carlo" which opens the first of july. ladies, thank you. bin laden's number two taking number one. what took so long, and how exactly did they go about picking bin laden's replacement? former cia covert operation mike baker will join us live. there he is in new york. be right back. you name it.
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it has taken al qaeda a month and a half, but now they have named a new leader, this guy. ayman al zawahri seen here with the late osama bin laden as was bin laden. he is believed to be hiding out in pakistan, somewhere along the pakistan boardy. ayman al zawahri, his longtime sidekick and number two. he is egyptian. age 59. he is considered to be a master of planning and a master of logistic. let's go to mike baker, former cia overs. al zawahri's wife and three of his daughters believed to have died in an air strike shortly
12:44 pm
after 9/11. my question, is this personal for al zawahri? >> well, yeah, you would assume it would be personal for anyone in those circumstances, no matter what the cause is. for him he's a real idealog who was given credit for radicalizing bin laden back in the mid-'80s when he was starting to finance the mujahadin and then from that relationship eventually zawahri merged his existing as a terrorist organization into al qaeda. he wasn't likely to take over the top spot but he's got too much stature for that not to have happen. >> let's talk about that. you make that point.
12:45 pm
reading comments about al zawahri. none of the charisma of osama bin laden and another one for philip mudd saying he's a difficult man to work, and he goes on, very poorly respected. so mike baker, bad rap? why -- why him? >> well, i don't think he's the only head of an organization who is either not well liked or, you know, not well respected. at the end of the day, you know, he gets the job done i suppose from an operational and strategic point of view. he's a very hard core individual, and, you know, regardless -- there's a lot of chatter that goes on in the world of punditry about al qaeda and about how the personalities blend and, you know, at the end of the day he was given also credit for in part operational planning of 9/11, the 2005 bombings in the uk, of even the african embassy bombings. he's been around a long time.
12:46 pm
has a lot of experience and whether they like him or not, you know, it's not a popularity contest to some degree in terms of al qaeda. you know, what they wanted also was they wanted continuity and, you know, not to make this sound too much a succession at a multi-national or fortune 50 company. >> that's exactly what it is. >> they are not unsophisticated. they know how, you know, the world works to some degree, and i think they did want this continuity keeping him out there. he's got a lot of exposure. he's done a large number of video and audio recordings. he's well known and needed to go with that. he's not charismatic, no doubt about it. he's not going to create that image around him that bin laden was able to do over the years. >> but like you said, he'll get the job done. >> right. >> we know -- as i mentioned, he's 59 and turns 60 this sunday. meanwhile down in yemen, you have, you know, the relatively young, potentially dangerous anwar al awlaki.
12:47 pm
might al zawahri see al awlaki as a potential rival? >> awlaki was one of them, and you talk about charisma and within that world of extremists, personally i don't see it, but he's thought of as being very charismatic and quite the recruiter of sources. that's important. >> but are they buddies, or are they rivals? >> i don't think they are buddies, but i don't think they are rivals either. they are in an organization where they just work to strive to the same goal which is murder, mayhem and terrorism. >> yeah. >> against the west and our allies, but i think that there were others, al adel and then the egyptian. >> the interim. >> the interim leader and chief of staff for bin laden works have been a logical choice if they had decided at some point not to go with zawahri, but i know there were several others
12:48 pm
as well supposedly in the running, but i don't think that we should be mistaking this for some sort of infighting that's going to continue. i think what they will be looking to do now is show as a group their relevance by planning and carrying out what they would conceive or perceive to be a successful major strike, so i think the danger here now that they have settled on him as their leader is that they will come together as opposed to splintering apart because they want to -- all at the end of the day they want to show their relevance, and they will be looking to perform some sort of operation that could be considered spectacular. >> mike baker, former cia. mike, thank you so much. >> sure, thank you. unless like something can turn around, we need a miracle. >> a miracle. >> we need a miracle. >> a small town is on decline in new jersey as houses are foreclosing faster than the bank can sell them. what is scaring away those buyers? i promise there is some good news in the story with poppy harlow. that is next.
12:49 pm
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12:51 pm
you know, at first blush it looked like good news on the horizon.
12:52 pm
realtytrac said foreclosure filings fell, and down a whopping 33% from a year ago. but which you start to dig a bit deeper, the same survey also says most of last month's declines were due to paperwork delays. these homeowners are still headed for foreclosure. poppy harlow visited one city where banks own about 1 in 10 homes. >> plainfield, new jersey may look like lots of small towns across america, but when you walk the streets and talk to the folks here, you start to realize something. the bank owns a big chunk of this city. >> i moved in three houses, and three of the houses that i've lived in have foreclosed and i was forced to move. >> of the roughly 9,000 homes in plainfield, nearly 900 are in foreclosure. that's almost three times the national average. >> it's terrible. my kids have to walk past these empty houses, and i'm afraid for
12:53 pm
them. >> you won't find padlox or boarded up windows, but it's not hard to find people thousands of dollars in debt on their homes. right here there are at least 25 homes in foreclosure. just down the way on berkeley terrace you'll find eight more. crime is now rampant in plainfield. the police spend time breaking up gang activity and determining which came first is a chicken-and-egg situation for the mayor. do you feel as though the amount of foreclosures, really the crisis in this city led to this increased gang violence? >> there may be a relationship in terms of certain areas in the city of plainfield where some of our residents have been laid off, who feel kind of hopeless at this point. >> reporter: the highest density is near the gang violence, 123 within a half mile. but there are hundreds more all over town. >> the town is going down, taxes
12:54 pm
are going up, we're suffering. >> reporter: today home prices continue to fall. there are layoffs in the schools, and the city has cut 50% of its workers since february. at rise & shine restaurant, the owner says business is slumping. >> ups and downs. some days are better, some days are slow. it's tough. >> unless like something can turn around, we need a miracle. >> reporter: a miracle? >> we need a miracle. >> you know, the mayor told me we need help from the banks, we need more mortgage modification, so we reached out to the two biggest lenders for mortgages in plainfield, bank of america and wells fargo. bank of america had no comments. wells fargo say they continue to work with borrowers to find alternatives. we asked both to come on camera and talk about the situation, neither of those banks agreed to
12:55 pm
come on camera. >> poppy, what about mortgage modifications. what are the banks saying? >> you know, they're not talking to us. they gave those statements. i think what's interesting, brooke, if you look at the ripple effect t. the mayor says they've seen hundreds of thousands of lost revenue for the city. when people leave the city, they get foreclosed on, leave the homes, they leave the school district. that means less funding from the state to the city for those schools. the schools have laid off staff. >> it's a domino effect. >> domino effect. the city has laid off half their workers since february alone. so this is one city, but these emblematic of the crisis that continues in the so-called recovery that these folks aren't feeling across america. >> it's a tough story, but it's important to keep it in the light, and happy to have you report on it. poppy harlow, thank you. >> you got it. if your net worth yaw in excess of, say, $200 million,
12:56 pm
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12:58 pm
time for your cnn equals politics update. let's go to mark preston live with the latest off the cnn political ticker. mark, what do you have? >> hey, brooke, a little non-anthony weiner here. a couple other stories. a bit of a family feud in the
12:59 pm
republican parties, specifically when it comes freedomworks, a conservative group, a tea party group in many ways, has said it will target senator orrin hatch, a republican from utah, they'll target him in the primary. they say he's not been conservative enough, in fact taking decades of bad votes costing the taxpayers millions. but in turn, orrin hatch's campaign has returned the fire and said why didn't freedomworks just focus on trying to defeat president obama in 2012. talking about 2012 presidential politics, mitt romney was down south, in fact in atlanta in smyrna, right outside. he is being endorsed by the attorney sam owens. i remember when he used to be the president of the east cobb civic association. he has become the attorney general, and considered a big get in the presidential race in
1:00 pm
georgia. earlier romney was down in florida, and picked up key endorsements. congressman connie mac, congressman tom rooney, congressman ander crenshaw, and state senator john this rasher, a former republican party chairman all said they would back romney for the nomination. perhaps in a bit of a comment romney wishes he might have taken back, he was talking to a group of unemployed folks, and he went on to tell them that he was unemployed, which got some laughter out of the crowd, but given the fact that mitt romney is worth just quite a bit of money, he might not have wanted to say that. so we've already seen democrats right now take after mitt romney for that comment, brooke. >> i man that did not sit well. thank you so much. here we go. hour 2 of "cnn newsroom" starts now.
1:01 pm
congressman anthony weiner sent lewd pictures from his twitter account to women, and then he lied about it, he even lied to our own wolf blitzer. now he's resigning. i'll speak to wolf. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. al qaeda introduces its new number one. [ speaking foreign language ] >> find out why ayman al zawahiri's hatred for the u.s. is personal. we've heard the accusations of widespread rape in libya. now there may be proof. >> after weeks of hearing of these cell phone rape videos, we for the first time have a copy of one. >> horrifying moments of one woman being assaulted. this is a cnn exclusive. some of the weapons u.s. troops use are being made with
1:02 pm
counterfeit parts, and they're coming from china. i'll speak live with one senator about why the chinese are refusing to help investigate. and -- the moments that really matter. >> i was hoping that we would make it home in time for father's day. welcome back. the feds have sent out a warning that terrorists could be targeting specific americans, including people from the government, people within business, members of the media even. we're gathering the facts right now. more on the potential hit list and who's behind it. first after the three weeks of the drip, drip, drip of revelations, growing calls to leave, the inevitable has happened. anthony weiner resigns for sending lewd pictures of himself to women he met online. the new york democrat made the announcement just within the last hour or two. in case you missed it, here is
1:03 pm
his statement. watch this with me. >> about 20 years ago i stood in this very same room, and asked my neighbors for their help to take a chance on me in electing me to the city council. i asked those same people in senting me to congress. there's no higher honor in a democracy than being sent by your neighbors to represent them in the united states house of representatives. it's particularly humbling to represent this district because the communities hand families are hardworking, they're patriotic, they're opinionated, they are authentic. i have never forgotten my neighbors, because they represent the same middle class store as mine.
1:04 pm
i went to public schools my whole life. my father went to law school on the giismt bill. i'm very proud of that. i'm here today again to apologize for the personal mistakesivity made and the embarrassment i have caused. i make this apology to my neighbors and my constituents, but i make it particularly to my wife huma. i had hoped to be able to continue the work that the citizens elected me to do. i want to thank my colleagues, but fundamentally we all agree, they're all patriots, and i will
1:05 pm
miss them all. i want to thank, of course, the many people who helped me, the people who have given me advice, many of my constituents who have offered me good ideas, and of course i want to express my family. to my brother jason, and of course to my wife huma, who has stood with me the entire difficult pertain and to whom i owe so very much. i got into politics to help give voice to the many who simply did not have one. now i'll be looking for other way toss contribute my talents to make sure we live up to the most new york and american of ideals, the idea that leaving a family, a community, and ultimately a country is the one thing that all unites us, the one thing we're all focused on. with god's help and with hard work, we will all be successful. thank you and good afternoon. >> there you have it. congressman anthony weiner, from
1:06 pm
just about an hour and a half ago. wolf, we just got some video in. i understand this is the congressman leaving that senior center in brooklyn heading home to his apartment. let me ask you your thoughts on the very quick four-minute statement he made. was this inevitable? >> it wasn't necessarily inevitable, but certain the democratic her, the minority leader now, but other democrats, including good friends of his, they were pressing him, saying you're really hurting the party right now. lied medicare, for example, and they pressed him really hard. there were suggestions not only would there be a full-scale
1:07 pm
investigation, but may they would strip him of america, remove all of his authority, all of his power there. the pressure was enormous although a lot of his stids, according to the polls, and with random -- they wanted him to stay. >> think appeared to be quite forgiving. when you hear some from members of congress, it wasn't necessarily the inappropriate pictures, wolf. it was the lying. it was the lying time and time again from congressmen. he lived to some of our folks on capitol hill, and lied to us to your face. i want to watch a piece of that interview and we'll talk about it on the other side. >> have you ever taken a picture like this of yourself. >> i can tell you there are photographs. i don't know what photographs are in the world. i don't know what things have
1:08 pm
been manipulated and doctor ed but the most important reason is to make sure it doesn't happen again. obviously someone got access to my account. that's bad. they sent a picture that makes fun of the name weiner. you got it. i continued on with my life, and frankly i think that's what i would encourage everyone to do. >> i know you've seen that a number of times. now that you've known the truth. when you watch that piece of video, what goes through your head? >> he was blatantly lying, as he acknowledges. there was no hacker. he sent that picture to the 21-year-old student in seattle, washington. he did it all himself. as i look back on that tape, the
1:09 pm
only thing i think he was telling the truth, i asked him, who are you trying to protect? he basically paused, got emotional, and he said, huma. they had been married for less than a year he later said, i lied, i lied through my teeth, because i was trying to protect my wife and family, and he's so deeply embarrassed. he told me the truth, he was trying to protect had you wife, but on everybody else he was lies. >> he was saying, look, no one knows what the future holds, but clearly his priority right now is not politics, it's personal. >> as it should be. >> yes, as it should be. thank you so much. happening and interesting right now, you're about to see it. rapid fire, let's go. computer hackers say they took down the public website of the cia. it's part of a group that
1:10 pm
supports wiki leaks. a spokesperson says they experienced a slowdown for a short period, but there was no intrusion our hacking of the web side. and alleged rape and theft suspects is in the doghouse. police asked the public to help identify him. >> can you please leave? how did you get in here? >> he, just so you know, the woman is okay. >> and of course you remember when lady gaga was wearing that meat dress? only gaga at the vmas. apparently it's now going to live in the rock-and-roll. it was made of argentinian beef
1:11 pm
and dried out and painted for the display. it's a special father's day for many families in colorado. o. 250 soldiers came home to a cheering crowd. this is ft. carson near colorado springs. so cute. like at that little guy. the troops have been in afghanistan for the past year. for many of them. the timing of the reunions could not have been more perfect. >> i was hoping we would make it home in time for father's day. that was the nervous part. i wanted to spend it with my son. >> some of these troops are making it back just in time for the very first father's day. loved ones welcome hopped sailors on the carrier that buried osama bin laden at sea. >> daddy! [ cheers and applause ] >> just like this little girl, the crowd was ecstatic to welcome home more than 5,000 crew members aboard the "uss
1:12 pm
carl vinson." the commanding officer says the crew feels good about the history-making mission. weeks after the u.s. killed osama bin laden, al qaeda names its new leader. for ayman al zawahiri, his fight against americans is personal. it involves what the u.s. did to his wife and his children. that is coming up. also up next, an explosive investigation reveals a serious problem in the u.s. military. the weapons and equipment that troops used apparently are being made with counterfeit parts, and they're coming from china. i will speak live with senator sherrod brown about why china is refusing to cooperate with this investigation. that's next.
1:13 pm
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1:15 pm
counterfeit good out of china, what do you think of? maybe dvds? not parts for u.s. missile guidance systems or mike roar processors used. folks those are just a couple examples that the government is now seeing. one problem is so bad it's affecting nearly 40% of the pentagon's supply chain. right now there's staffers on the ground in hong kong, and they're there, because they want to investigate. so far the chinese government won't let them in. this is senator sherrod brown. senator brown, thank you for coming on. i want to begin with what's happening right now in hong con. they're trying to get into china, what's the status. any success yet? >> not that we know of, but it's
1:16 pm
easy to blame the chinese for this, just like it's easy to blame them for taking our jobs, but we're letting this happen. the department of defense needs to pay way more attention to the whole supply change, the department of defense needs, when it has a contractor, just like when toys -- when we found toys american companies would subcontract with companies, and they would send back lead-based painted toys. the department of defense has to be more responsible and make the contractors -- if american contractors are going to allow these counterfeit goods in these supply chain, we say no more contracts until you fix that, until you get rid of these counterfeit kinds of xomants. at the same time -- go ahead. >> so the onus faums on china as
1:17 pm
we want as the department of defense. >> the department of defense, the american contractors using these products, and ultimately the chinese. in the supply chain. when an american contractor doesn't do that right, we want just slap them on the list. when we talk about these counterfeit goods, what specifically are we talking about? how have you seen -- how have the counterfeit items -- how affected are they? >> they can affect them, because it could mean a malfunction of parts, of equipment overall from one component in a missile, and some kind of important product
1:18 pm
that the department of defense uses. it could be something that jeopardizeses national security, who knows what one of these parts might have. and -- >> so that's the kind of risk you are talking, national security here? >> and also american jobs, because if the chinese are counterfeiting something and selling these, it means the products are not made in the united states by american workers. so it's national security, saved for our troops, and it's american jobs. that's why they contractors, the defense department needs to quit being in bet with these contractors, they need to say -- we're use american tack pair dollars, you better make sure they're american made, safe, make sure you're doing this right, if not, you're not contracting with us anymore. >> what kind of response have you gotten -- final question, what kind of response have you gotten?
1:19 pm
>> they're saying we're going to fix it, work on it, but i want to see better results. >> senator brown, let us know how it goes. >> thank you. we normally hear about terrorists targeting places and buildings, but now specific americans, many in their own homes. the brand-new warning about this hit list, next. with honey nut cheerios cereal. kissed with real honey. and the 100% natural whole grain oats can help lower your cholesterol. you are so sweet to me. bee happy. bee healthy.
1:20 pm
1:21 pm
1:22 pm
al qaeda has named a new leader, this is ayman al zawahiri, seen here with the late osama bin laden. and like bin laden, his number two, unlike bin laden who came from saudi arabia, he is egyptian, age 59. he is considered to be a master of planning and of logistics. i want you to hold that thought. cnn has obtained this newly distributed bulletin from the fbi. with more on that, let's go to washington. let's go to jeanne meserve. please explain. who is on this? >> that's what it looks like, dorgd to this intelligence bulletin sent out last week, there was a video made by adam gadan, an american, but also a propagandist for al qaeda. he sent this out encouraging
1:23 pm
individual acts of jihad. in response, an extremist web forum posted information on how to collect personal information. then the fbi says others posted the names of over 40 potential targets. people in government, industry and media with photographs of the 26 of them. they were associated with think tanks, u.s. contractors supporting the military. one postings even sited sending booby-trapped parcels to the residences. the fbi does say this all appears to be aspiration all in nature. they contacted the people whose names were posted out of due diligence, but no imminent threat or so it appears. >> aspirational, and where is adam gadahn? >> i'm sure they wish they knew specifically. i'm sure a drone would have
1:24 pm
found him by now. >> jeanne meserve, thank you so much. now this. >> tell it to the judge at this point. >> that's from my interview with dennis kucinich, after they sued president obama and defense secretary robert gates. there's still many, many questions left unanswered. that is ahead. also, apple is on the verge of some new technology that would automatically tun off your iphone in specific places. we're going to tell you what that place is. at the might make you a little angry. that is next. car connection calls the xf, yet an instant classic." with sports car styling and power, plus the refinement and space of a luxury sedan,
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1:27 pm
time now for your political update. before we go ahead to ed henry, i want to replay some of my interview with congressman kucinich. he and several other lawmakers, both republicans and democrats, believe president obama violated the war powers acts. watch what congressman kucinich told me. >> i want to back up and go back to my question about boots on the ground, again the white house saying no boots on the ground. the u.s. playing a support --
1:28 pm
>> it's a constitutional -- >> let me ask you, do you have information that perhaps the white house doesn't have with regard to u.s. forces in country. >> this isn't about footwear. it's about constitution of the united states. >> sir, i took at look at this 36-page suit. you specifically cite examples of different members within the u.s. -- >> i don't know where you are coming from, but we initiated a war against libya, no question about that. to say just because we don't have boots on the ground, it's not a war, huh? there's bombing that's occurred. we've had planes over there. we've got ships offshore that launched attacks. you -- you can't claim that this isn't a war. >> sir, i'm not claiming that. i'm reporting what the white house did and getting your perspective. >> well, i hope so. >> quite a conversation i had with mr. kucinich. i appreciate him coming on and joining me. ed henry, let's not do that back
1:29 pm
and forth. what is the news today from the white house on that front? >> well, this is more than footwear, to defend you there for a second. boots on the ground is a question about just how deep is the u.s. involvement in this conflict. the new information today is that the president's press secretary jay carney dug up this quote from 1999, where john boehner, the current speaker of the house said that the war powers act was constitutionally questionable. and so the white house is trying to say, look, it's hypocritical to start waving the war powers act. well, boehner's office responded by digging out a quote when then senator obama was saying when presidents fail to go up to congress to get this approval, you wind up with vietnam, or other big, big crises like that. i think the bottom line, though, is the whole legal argument that the white house has made, saying yesterday they didn't need
1:30 pm
congressional approval, john boehner today was very blunt, saying he does not believe it passes the straight-face test, you can't look them in the eye and tell them. he believes there needs to be congressional approval. i think the bottom line is all of this will continue to face just intense pressure and heat to come up to congress and give them yet more information. >> what about -- totally unrelated here, and i have to ask, anthony weiner, announcing his resignation there at the senior center in brooklyn. we hear the president weight in this week. any reaction yet? >> i asked jay carney about that as well. i asked, does it mean you can now go back to jobs? he said basically that we never stop focusing on job.
1:31 pm
it's also true that this has been a distraction for the democratic party, and they are breathing a sigh of relief, whether they want to admit it or not. >> sure, that's what dana bash, though met with some sadness as well. ed henry, thank you. >> good to see you. let me share this piece of video. take a look. so this is not the hockey, right? we showed that to you in downtown vancouver, last hour. this is greece, serious, serious, demonstrations there in athens. the company is in deep, deep debt crisis mode. they are protesting against the government austerity measures. i want to bring? alison kosik. alison, bottom line here, what is the main fear with regard to this crisis in greece? >> the main fear here is that the dead crisis in greece will wind up having a ripple effect right here to the u.s. this worry is ever-present for
1:32 pm
the u.s. markets. you know, if greece doesn't get its debt issues under control. citizens are rioting, because they're not happy with the austerity measures, the spending cuts that parliament is trying to pass. some of those measures would include a pay freeze, raising the retirement age, pensioning would be cut, they would see higher taxes. these are tough measures, but the fact is greece has a huge debt problem. they've already gone a $150 billion bailout, and they need another. so the spending cuts need to be a part of it, and the tough measures do as well. >> demonstrations day after day there in greece. secondly you have some news about new technology. i officially am an iphone user. >> congratulations. >> thank you very much, but now you're telling me there's new
1:33 pm
technology, apple could stop me from taking video somewhere? >> this would be for live events. they're working on this technology that would shut down your iphone camera when you try to report something like a concert. here's how it work. infrared sensors would be installed at the venue, say the concert hall or the museum, so when you hold up your camera, the sensors swoosh triggered, the cam radio would be shut down. it protects these concert organizers who have exclusive rights to the concert, at the museum, if there are exclusive rights to the portrait. it gives apple, you know, a few brownie points as far as they record companies go, get them on their side, could help them negotiate more favorable terms on the contracts with recording artists. you still have time where you can still record that livid i don't. no details on how or when this will be implemented.
1:34 pm
it's not just apple. these venues have to put in the inf insensor as well. >> come on, i want to tape my videos of the concert. don't do that. >> enjoy it now. >> alison, thank you. now this -- >> today i am announcing my resignation from congress. >> congressman anthony weiner resigns just this afternoon after this twitter scandal, but he's not the only politicians to step in front of the microphones. what's this option? that's new.
1:35 pm
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1:37 pm
anthony weiner was sending lewd pictures, and i have a reaction from a political wife, ex-wife of jim mcgreevey. she calls the resignation, quote, the first step in the healing and rebuilding process for his family. she goes on -- my thoughts and prayers are with his wife during this very painful chapter of her wife. randi kaye looks at some of the sex scanned always that brought down several politicians. >> reporter: he's hardly the first to be forced out of office. >> my truth is that i am a gay
1:38 pm
american. >> reporter: in 2004, new jersey governor jim mcgreevey was forced out after coming out, resigning from office with his wife by his side. a former love's threat of blackmail forced the resignation. former governor eliot spitzer shocked the country where the so-called sheriff of wall street admitted to having frequented prostitutes. >> to my senate colleagues, i would like to take a moment to apologize for what you've had to go there as a result of my actions. >> and senator john ensign, a republican from nevada, resigned under his own dark ethical cloud after claims he tried to cover up an affair with a staffer by paying off her husband. >> i want to tell you, detroit, that you done set me up for a comeback. >> reporter: thousands of text messages between kwame kilpatrick and a married city official led to a four-months sentence and resignation from the former mayor of detroit. still the list of survivors
1:39 pm
isn't short, either. >> to my wife and my family, i apologize for what i have caused. >> reporter: senator larry craig was at least able to fin out his term after allegedly trying to solicit sex in an airport bathroom. >> so the bottom line is this. i've been unfaithful to my wife. >> reporter: south carolina governor mar sanford stayed alive, even after going awol for a week and admitting to an affair with a woman in argentina. >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman. >> and then of course bill clinton, the ultimate survivor, despite an impeachment vote by the house, the president weathered perhaps the most famous sex scandal. clinton officiated weiner's wedding. >> randi kaye, thank you. and now this. >> after weeks of hearing about thinks rapes, we for the first time have a copy of one video.
1:40 pm
>> we've heard the accusations of mass rape happening inside libya, bud now there is apparently proof. sara sidener uncovers explosive evidence. you have to see this, next.
1:41 pm
1:42 pm
i want to warn you, the story you're about to see is disturbing and graphic, because
1:43 pm
it's about rape as a weapon in libya's civil war, and evidence of those assaults that rebels say is frequently found and captured on cell phones, as cnn's sara sidner explains, the videos are so horrific, even the rebels are trying to erase the evidence trying to avoid humiliating their families and victims. we have blurred almost all of the video to make -- the audio alone may be upsetting to some of you. >> reporter: on the frond lines of libya's war, rebel fighters say they are fighting more than weapons on captured or killed -- they say they have confiscated cell phones that that show them raping citizens. >> reporter: we for the first time have a copy of one. this was given to us by a source who does not want to be identified for fear of being
1:44 pm
punished. to be clear, we have been unable to verify its all then 'tisity. we don't know where it was taken or when or by whom. all we can do is watch and listen to it. in this video provided to cnn, in what rebels was say was a cell phone from a, they stand over a naked woman, bent over with the face on her floor. the man is sodomizing her with what appears to be a broomstick. i can't bear it, i can't bear it, she says. a male voice off camera says let's push it farther. no, no, that's enough, the woman begs. one of the man puts his sock-covered foot on her face. in this culture it's considered the ultimate insult. we blurred this video, because it's extremely difficult to
1:45 pm
watch. arabic speakers say the voices are distinctly libyan with clear tripoli accents. there's no date on the video, and the men are not wearing military uniforms. the victim's fay is barely seen. it's been extremely difficult to get anyone to talk about this video on camera because of the cultural sensitivities here. we asked abdullah al kabir whether rebels have found many of these kinds of individual i don'ts. his answer -- yes. >> translator: we were able to confirm that rape was used as a weapon of war, because it was systematic. >> reporter: the international criminal court in the hague says the allegations are credible. it is investigating, but in a surprising admission to cnn, spokesman al kabir tells us some of the evidence of war crimes prosecutors want may have been destroyed. >> translator: there was a commander here at the eastern front in misrata named muhammad
1:46 pm
al habus, he ordered all the fighters to give them the rape videos they found on cell phones. i heard they destroyed every video that he got. >> why would you destroy video evidence of rape that could be used as evidence of war crimes against your enemy, against the gadhafi regime. >> translator: because aside from being a heinous crime, rape is perceived here in our culture, damaging not only for the girl, but also the whole family. >> reporter: rape is such a taboo, even some of the victims' families would erase the evidence rather than living with the shame. sara sidner, cnn, misradda. misrata. now this.ta. misrata. now this. usually people riot in the
1:47 pm
streets when a team wins, but not so in canada. look at this. chaos, fire, wait until you see how ouch hand this got. rare video of triplets. we'll tell you where this happened, up next. eating right, whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios... five whole grains, 110 calories. discover aveeno positively radiant tinted moisturizers with scientifically proven soy complex and natural minerals. give you sheer coverage instantly, then go on to even skin tone in four weeks. aveeno tinted moisturizers.
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okay. you've got to see this. this is a set of snow leopard triplets. these are the three kittens with their mom in switzerland at the zoo. they are eight weeks old, have yet to be named. look at the little guy. he's camera shy. the snow leopards are very, very rare. there are only an estimated 3,500 to 7,000 left in the entire world, and they're usually found in the himalayas. the boston bruins riding high today, an emotional high after winning the stanley cup in game 7. the sixth win for them. outside the arena, anger and outrage. take a look at this video. fans vented their anger rioting in the streets. they took the defeat last night very, very hard, overturning vehicles. see the fire?
1:51 pm
setting a number of things on fire. in fact they torched two police cars. look at that aerial video. clouds of smoke choked some areas. police say they made some 100 arrests, and they're looking for more suspects involved in this. they blame the looting and the rioting on anarchists and with every challenge the mob just got angrier with police. glass shattered. rob says he wants people to know the actions of this crowd are not a true representation of his city of vancouver. here we are a couple minutes away from "the situation room" with wolf blitzer. wolf, i know you have an interview with senator dianne feinstein today taking specifically about pakistan or libya? she's telling me that she expects her excludings, chairman
1:52 pm
of the foreign relations committee, co-sponsors legislation that would finally get a resolution that would authorize the use of military force in libya. this is what so many house democrats are seeking from the white house, such a resolution. as you know, the white house shot back and said the war powers act does not apply to libya troops are not -- the u.s. continues to launch missiles and bombs from drones. the u.s. is involved in intelligence and reconnaissance. yes, no troops are on the ground, but this is obviously a military operation, and so many members of the house and senate want the president to comply with the war powers act. the white house issued a long 30-page documents saying it was not necessary. that will go along. she's also got strong views, by the way, on pakistan, what's going on right now.
1:53 pm
there's a new leader, and you've been reporting it, ayman al zawahiri, the number two of al qaeda is now the number one. she says if the pakistanis did what they could do, namely hand over information on the whereabouts, and let the u.s. go do what it needs to do with ayman al zawahiri, that would help improve that u.s./pakistani relationship. i think our viewers will be interested in this interview. >> all right. we'll be looking forward to it, wolf blitzer. thank you so much. >> thank you. casey anthony's defense opening its case today. did you hear what her lawyer asked a dna expert? whether casey's brother is casey's father? we have that answer. we'll be right back.
1:54 pm
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1:56 pm
the defense has bhe gun, sunny hostin is on this casey anthony case. sunny, the defense didn't start with its surprise witness we were talking about yesterday. we heard more about this csi-type temperature. why? what's the strategy in doing that? >> you know, there are two types of strategy. typically one sort of strategy is, the prosecution didn't prove its case, let me poke holes. the other strategy is the prosecution got it wrong, let me tell you what happened. and given jose baez' huge
1:57 pm
opening statement that caught everyone by surprise, the new theory, i think we all thought, that we would have that sort of case, that he would put on a new theory and he would put on casey anthony right at the beginning front loading. that hasn't happened. instead he's trying to poke holes in the prosecution's case. they giving somewhat of a different spin on their initial testimony, so i think we still may hear from casey anthony. i think we have to, if the defense is going to prove its theory, but you're right, it sort of started out with a bit of a fizz instead of a bang. i think we're all waiting to hear what comes next. >> not quite the bombshell that we heard from the prosecution. we heard about this paternity test. forgive me, i misspoke, conducting this dna for evidence. what did the defense specifically focus on? why the paternity test? >> well, remember the defense here is that the reason casey
1:58 pm
anthony acted the way she did is because she was sexually abused by not only her father, but also by her brother lee anthony. today we found out that the fbi tested dna to determine whether or not lee anthony was caylee anthony's father. very, very interesting testimony, important testimony for the defense, because they're getting in sort of through the back door these allegations of sexual abuse. the inference is, why would the fbi test for paternity if casey anthony had not been abused by her brother lee anthony? i would say that was really quite a bombshell. in the courtroom, brooke, the prosecution jumped up and down and objected, i would say the most strenuously we've seen the prosecution object so far in this trial. >> okay. we'll continue talking about that, and we're waiting for casey anthony to testify. this is a case that's all but fallen off the national
1:59 pm
radar because of what's going on in orlando, the trial of self-help guru james arthur ray. we know three people died from that sweatlodge ceremony in arizona. how long has this trial been going on? it's in its 50th day, brooke. the prosecution here, took, what, 18, 19 days for its case in chief, so a very long trial so far for james ray. >> what does the jury have to find in order to convict him? less than a minute. >> he's been charged with three counts of reckless homicide. the jury has to find he knew there was a risk of death when he put those people in that sweat lodge, and even though he knew the risk, he consciously disregarded it tough standard to prove for this prosecution. >> what do you think, quick prediction? >> i think itil


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