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tv   CNN Sunday Morning  CNN  June 19, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> ask nick, and he'll say that win or lose, he wants to give all he has every moment. a boxer would say, that's heart. that does it for nick charles, "lessons from the fight." i'm dr. sanjay gupta. thanks for watching. from cnn's world headquarters bringing you news and analysis from across the nation and around the globe. live, from studio 7, this is "cnn sunday morning" with t. j. holmes. good morning. wildfires across arizona, and john mccain blaming illegal immigrants for starting them.
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if you ever bought a ticket to see springsteen, you have seen this man, too. we say good-bye. this is "cnn sunday morning." we start this morning talking about explosions in need yoe. a government spokesman called the spokesman, quote, murder. i asked him what happened. >> weep have had a lot of propaganda from accusations from the gadhafi regime for the last few weeks. we are looking at the matter carefully, and nato was operating in tripoli last night. we identified a missile being
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used and we had to take that out because it was putting a huge risk on the civilians in the area. let's be clear. you can reduce risks in every day possible, but never make them zero in a campaign. >> well, it just can't get any worst. that's what one fire official is saying about a fire in southern arizona. the monument fire has burned 20 acres. it's the nation's one number priority. some residents have evacuated but have not lost hope. >> the land is still mine. so nobody can take that away
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from me. but i will -- i will go down and build another house. >> now, the monument fire is near the mexican border, and john mccain said that may offer insight into how the fire started. >> we're concerned about particular areas down on the border where there is substantial evidence that some of these fires are caused by people who crossed our border illegally. they have set fires because they want to signal others, and they have set fires to keep warm, and they have set fires in order to divert law enforcement agents and agencies from them. >> and here is what some civil right activists say about his comments. >> it's easy to fan the flames of intolerance in arizona.
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let me turn and say good morning to our reynolds wolfe. >> they can't catch a break. what they are getting, dry conditions. low humidity levels and winds that are fanning the flames. >> it's not only arizona. the really critical threat exists not just in arizona but in mexico and back into kansas, and oklahoma into texas, it will be a tremendous mess. there's nothing on the horizon for them. the windy conditions exists, and into the central and southern plains. we have those problems back into dallas and amarillo. and we had issue of fires in parts of georgia and of course into north florida. look at the temperatures in that region go into the 90s, with the high humidity, it will feel
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warmer. wrapping it up in tampa at 93 for the expected high. the possibility of severe weather could be across the northern plains. a shaud autopsy. one witness argued the cause of death cannot be determined because the medical examiner cannot cut open her skull. if casey anthony is convicted, she could get the death penalty. >> a child boss and child murderer came to the aid of amanda knox. the story told by the convicts did not match up.
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>> reporter: the legal teams for amanda knox and her former boyfriend insists this was an important day in their appeal to try and prove their innocence, they called on the testimony of men guilty of serious crimes. the first witness was a 50-year-old and says he became friends in prison with her boyfriend. mario says getto told him in prison that knox and her ex-boyfriend had nothing to do with it. and he told the court his friendship would not tell that
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version to authorities. mart yoe is serving a life sentence for the kidnapping and killing of a 15-month-old boy, and he said he was giving this testimony because he was committed to the truth. three other inmates were called to tell the same story, but the final witness of the day told a completely different story. this man is serving 16 years for mafia-related crimes, showing open contempt for lawyers in open court. he said the murders were committed by his brother. >> knox is serving 26 years for murdering her house mate, and
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th. to politics now that is wrapped up in new orleans. it was a chance where some of the presidential hopefuls could strut their stuff. ron paul won the straw vote taken at the event. 612 votes, and far ahead from john huntsman who is not a candidate yet. rick perry had not declared yet but sounded like a candidate. >> that mix of arrogance and audacity that guides the obama administration is a front to every freedom america and a threat to every private sector job in this country. >> former minnesota governor,
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pawlenty, skipped the project. he issued a warning about entitlement programs. >> we have to look the american people in the eye without scaring them and freaking them out but putting solutions to the problem, and we have to tell seniors and young people what it's going to take to fix social security. >> minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann also spoke to the group and said if she is elected she will appeal the health care program. turns out the two political rivals teamed up on the course against joe biden and the
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president and boehner got two bucks for winning on the final hole. they gathered for drinks afterward but nobody is saying what they talked about. a man impersonating president obama was ushered off one stage. >> black history month. michelle, she celebrates the full month, and i celebrate half. but not until after he got in a few barbs. 22-year-old rowy mcroy keeps breaking records. police say he got somebody else's tax return and spent it. we'll tell you what happened to him after the break. deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities,
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but i'm also human. and i believe in stacking the deck. i would like to wish a happy father's day to my dad in maple grove, minnesota. love you dad for all you have done for your country and all you have done for me and my family. love you, bye. 13 minutes past the hour. the big story at the u.s. open, 22-year-old rory mcilroy. we were talking about him yesterday. so far so good. >> looks like he's on his way to a title.
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watching the coverage yesterday on tv they cut to a shot of another golfer and another hole, and you could hear the huge gallery saying "let's go rory." and phil mickleson said he was the best player he has seen for a best performance. he is the first player in u.s. open history to reach 14 under par. they have been playing the tournament for 111 years. he starts with a monstrous 8-shot lead. the question is not if he will win, but how much he might be winning by. his father is there, and it would be a really sweet father's day gift to not only be able to
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have a father come out and accept a trophy but to see his name etched on the trophy at 22 years old. he only played in eight majors and has a big career. >> i read this, and now they're talking about him as the guy that can break jack mickelson's record. >> that's 80 majors or something. that's a lot of tournaments to be able to reach that record. >> you sold me on video yesterday. and it was great. now you're selling me on more video today. grannies in basketball? >> most senior citizen women are playing bingo or shovel board. and these ladies are playing the granny basketball tournament. 18 around the state of iowa,
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wearing the vintage uniforms and playing by vintage rules. you have 80-year-old women competing against each other for the right to be state champions and the state championship team goes on to play in the national granny basketball tournament. >> that's huge. some of them are 80 out there? >> yes. isn't that great? >> yep. good for you guys. waking up and getting warmed up. >> you delivered on this one, too. good stuff. we're 16 minutes past the hour. stories making news across the country. firefighters in new jersey are battling a fire that broke out three hours ago and has gone to a six-alarm. in florida, bond has been set for a flight attendant that
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stole the identity of another person. porter faces multiple counts of identity theft and forgery. in california, a man who got somebody else's tax return and spent it has been charged with grand theft. he claims to have spent more than half check. and then people took a lot of pictures and kept a safe distance, and the blaez bees eventually flew away. and music has lost a heavy hitter.
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clarence clemonds has died. he was a sax choice for a lot of artists. he suffered a stroke a week ago. a spokesperson by the band says he was surrounded by family members when he died. and bruce springsteen posted this. clarence clemens, the big man, 69 years old. a loft people talking about the end of the world. maybe you believe in it and maybe you don't, but if you want to survive, i have the place you have got to go. i will explain after the break. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes,
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and now we just had in may some people predicting the end of the world, and that didn't happen. and then some looking at the apocalypse for december of 2012. >> some believe the end of the world is coming. >> i want to survive it. what do i do? >> some stories you just can't make up. according to certain beliefs that a place in southwest france, it will be the place that will save you from the apocalypse. what you see now is what they call the sacred mountain. it's believed in the mountain there are aliens, some believe, that are going to save you. >> aliens are in the mountain right now? >> some people believe that now, t. j. let's look at the mountain. it's fascinating. you would have a older rock in
5:23 am
the bottom and then newer at the top, and so you have an anomaly here. there is of grave concern to the mayor of this little town, and many people go there to hike and see the orchids, and he's concerned people will converge on this little town. >> are they starting to do that? >> they are booking apartments and bed and breakfasts for this period of time. and a government agency in france sent us an alert this week warning people about sects. they may be susceptible to these kinds of cults, and that's a
5:24 am
concern here. >> are reasonable people starting to come in, or sit -- >> that is questionable. if you look on the internet, the concern by the french government agency is how prolivic it is, how many people actually believe it. >> they are taking it seriously enough to act or put out a statement? >> exactly. the mayor is going, i don't want my town to be full of lunatics and fanaticfanatics, and people concerned about the end of the world. it's quite controversial. interesting enough, this is the place where george burns spoke about in "center to the journey of the earth." a very beautiful place, but of grave concern right now to the mayor and french authorities. there may be a group of people taking this far too seriously and may influence others to take it seriously.
5:25 am
>> it is beautiful. aliens inside the mountain. >> yes, inside the sacred mountain. >> all right. i would say book your tickets, but that's what they don't want you to do, and -- >> we'll speak again on december 21st, on 2012. >> but will we speak on the 22 is the question. we have seen thousands of e-mails from palin recently. one stands out. because of its signature. see signed it from god. that is next. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today.
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morning" i am tv holmes. the libyan government reporting nine people dead and six wounded after what they claim was a need yoe air strike. nato has not confirmed the strike but say they are investigating. bad news for hundreds of firefighters working to control wildfires in arizona. forecasters say they could face some of the worst weather this season. red flag warnings are in effect for most of arizona. the u.s. forest service chief says fighting the fires is a number one priority. another massive cyber attack to tell you about. this one on a gaming company saga in japan. there was a breach that compromises e-mails and other information. they have sent out apologies.
5:30 am
reporters might have been hoping for some kind of gotcha moment, but instead they got god. sarah palin sent it while pregnant with her son who has downs syndrome. you have sr.ed the odd celebrities you celebrate as perfect on tv. you have noticed i make them all shapes and sizes. there is no perfect. now look at the signature. love, trig's creator, and that was her writing from god's
5:31 am
perspective. our guest is with me now. she didn't include parted of the e-mail in the book that she wrote. after you wrote about it, what was the initial reaction you got from people immediately? >> i think the reaction was surprising. when people first heard about the idea that palin had crafted this letter in the voice of god, you think that sounds rather presumptuous. and a lot of readers commented on this after reading the story, they read the letter and were taken by it. it's the medication on the son that she knows is coming and has down syndrome, and how people ought to see him and treat him, and he reassessing our notions of what makes people perfect. and it's tender and met a lot of people over. >> she was writing it to friends
5:32 am
and family and she writes a little bit about why she wrote the letter in her 2009 book "going rogue." she says the down syndrome diagnosis was being read as negative by friends and family and she wanted to turn it into something positive. it was a very intimate moment. it was not a letter that intended to be released to the public. >> i was telling you here in the commercial break, as i was reading through peoples' comments, and she's a polarizing figures. and some people were saying i cannot stand this woman or politics, but i was in tears when i read it. >> a lot of high negatives around here, and a lot of people that don't like her think of her as a culture warrior, and i was taken by a number of commenters
5:33 am
that said can't stand palin, and hated the idea that she was writing a letter from god, and even her enemies feel won over to her side. >> important to note when she wrote it? >> in april of 2008. this was about six months or so before she was plucked by john mccain to be his running mate. it speaks to the moment before she got to be the very divisive figure. if she decided to seek office again, that's the kinds of softer image she will need to cultiva cultivate. >> i want to share some of these, and i encourage everybody. i will send it to you and give you a link so you can read it. one says i feel exactly the same way, when i see her name in headlines i cringe, but this news is refreshing. and another from laura that says i must give sarah palin applause
5:34 am
for the acceptance of her son and to share the message who all would be part of his life. and then another from russ, and you hit on this, saying, oh, my god, and i lose the god part loosely. if you don't have a problem don't blame yourself, just say it's god's will. and then no creator could clean that up. we know already that he can, but -- some people still found a reason to attack her. and frankly, it is difficult to imagine somebody attacking her after you really read this e-mail, this letter, and its very open and honest about what you know had to have been a very difficult time for her. >> as the editor of the belief log on, it's always impressive how many atheists and critics of religion comment on our stuff. these folks are the most eager
5:35 am
consumers of religious news. but it's hard to remember sarah palin's story that brought around critics as much as this seemed to. there is the anticipation of the release of the e-mails was predicted to be as another gotcha moment, people were looking to pounce, and people are reversing. >> dan, good to see you again. our religion editor. go to and i will send this out to facebook and twitter so you will have the link. take the time to read it. president obama's re-election strategy, candy crowley talking to the point man behind that plan. that's after the break.
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well, the state of the union with candy crowley coming up at the top of the hour, about 20 minutes from now. how are you? >> good morning. >> you have a couple big guests today that can talk about -- well, one guy is outgoing, and the other guy is ramping up and getting busier, if you will. we'll talking about david axe rul rod. >> defense secretary gates is on
5:40 am
his way out and headed towards the freedom of private life. he has become even more out spoken over the past several weeks and certainly on this interview talking about what he thinks went wrong, how he thinks the military should be shaped going forward. it's clear he has had differences of opinions about the two on going wars now. he's quite free speaking at this point. and david axelrod, he is the president's top political strategists for 2012. two very different guys on very different subjects, but very interesting. >> they will shape the strategy. but have we seen signs of what the president's strategy will be for the president. sit stick with me, we're halfway through my plan and i need the other four years to implement it, is that going to be the sell? >> that's part of it. but i will tell you, all the talk now is the president isn't so much running against
5:41 am
republican nominees, whoever that may be, but against the economic figures. what they believe is sure, that's true, running up into the fall of next year, people will talk about the figures and economic figures, those are bad. they believe that come 2012, it really will not be a race of president obama and his record but it will be president obama and whoever the republican nominee is, and they have big files now on the various republicans already in the race. and axelrod was out spoken of the ways they may go after them should they become the nominee. >> candy crowley coming your way in 18 minutes and 30 seconds at the top of the hour with "state of the union." we will see you at the top cht hour. on this father's day, a look at a new film encouraging fathers in the african-american
5:42 am
community. from fatherless to fatherhood coming up next. first, we wanted to say thank you to a few dads around here. happy father's day. ♪ you love money
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like new shrimp & scallops alfredo, spicy coconut & citrus shrimp, or wood-grilled fresh tilapia. then finish with something sweet, all for just $15. right now at red lobster. i don't always have time to eat like i should. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes, which can help lower a1c. [ male announcer ] glucerna. helping people with diabetes find balance. this shotout is going to my dad in grand junction, colorado. hope you have a wonderful day. love you and miss you. >> on father's day it's good to remember some of the advice dad shares over the years. here are some of the favorites you have shared with us. there are only two things in the
5:47 am
world that nobody can take away from you your knowledge and integrity. and another reader said money won't buy you happiness, just gives you options. if you have advice to share, sends it to our blog. a new film to tell you about on this father's day that aims to generate discussions about fatherhood in the african-american community. we had an opportunity to speak to the producer of the film and a father that takes fatherhood to heart. >> father means a protector of his family, a provider, and gives lots of love and wisdom and knowledge. especially about god. that's what a father means to me. >> a new documentary from fatherless to fatherhood explores the role of the father in the african-american community. >> the purpose is to ignite discussion throughout the african-american community about
5:48 am
the importance of fatherhood and to let people understand, especially young people understand, in a lot of cases their situation is not unique. their lives are not determined by the absence of their father, that they can move beyond that and succeed nonetheless. >> the producer started this project two years ago. he said he gained insight from the many men and women he has met. >> we are bombarded with the stories of absent fathers. there are positive fathers out here and this project reveals who some are. >> this is one of those fathers. he's busy with a full-time job and runs a small business with his wife. but still he makes it a priority to spend quality time with his three active sons. ages 4, 5 and 6. >> it's a juggling act. that's the bottom line. but i do a lot of multitasking, and i am motivated to be an example of a good husband and an example of a strong worker and
5:49 am
good father. i want them to know and see work equals reward. >> he and his wife here. >> there is is no us without her. we have a great balance with our sons, and that allows us to, i believe, do an affective job. i am more of a friend than a disciplinarian. i look at my sons and see the best. one of the challenges is i have to know and realizing bringing out the best requires discipline and not just friendship. >> he is hopeful his presence in their lives now will help them to prepare for the future. i took three months, and see, michelle, she celebrates the full month.
5:50 am
i celebrate half. >> not everybody halving at this presidential impercent nater. i will tell you why. and then take a look at this. texas is having a tough time. more than a million acres up in flames. the story next. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say. ♪ [ male announcer ] what is the future of fuel? the debate is over. ♪ lexus hybrid drive technology
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"state of the union" coming up at the top of the hour, but first, an attack in a residential neighborhood in tripoli that killed nine people. nato takes the accusation seriously and is looking into the matter. clarence clemons on the sax. he died yesterday after suffering a stroke aweek ago. he is the sax of choice for a wide range of artists from aretha franklin and lady gaga. ron paul won the presidential straw vote at the republican leadership conference in new orleans. he had 612 votes, ahead of the number two man who is not a
5:55 am
candidate yet. he is expected to declare this week. there were a few uncomfortable moments at the conference. they came after comments by an impersonator. listen to this. black history month. michelle, she celebrates the full month, and i celebrate half. my father was a black man from kenya, and my mother was a white mother from kansas. so yes, my mother loved a black man, and no, she was not a kardashian. >> that got some people in the crowd laughing. but not a lot. try this one. >> the state of our union is not good. the dead is rapidly growing and
5:56 am
unemployment is quickly rising and people are being forced from their homes, and i feel their pain because in two weeks that could be me. >> that got a better reaction. but look at what happened when he took shots at the republican candidates. they came and got him. he was going to make a comment about michele bachmann. fires burning in arizona. we have more on the so-called monument fire. >> reporter: flames down streep canyons into tender, dry, grasslands near sear area vista,
5:57 am
arizona. fire officials say conditions could not be any worse. it has not rained since december. >> looking up at the mountains, very, very difficult terrain, steep, and a lot of canyons and elevation. they are very difficult to get fiery spots in there. and that's an air response area. as you come lower out of the mountains, you're talking oak trees and grassland, and once it brangz out into the grassland, there's nothing to stop it. >> more than 700 firefighters have come from all over the country to help battle the monument fire that started near the u.s./mexican border. so far 22 structures have been destroys. as for the cause of the fire, officials say it's still under
5:58 am
investigation. but they do say they know where and when the fire started. >> this video of a fire burning in groveton, texas. the texas forest service says they responded to 12,000 fires since fire season started last november. those firefighters have their hands full. severe storms are popping up in the midwest and south. rain and tornados are possible, and reynolds is covering that for us. >> some of the thunderstorms spawning other fires. here in georgia, we have video we can share. this was sent in by robby mills. look what happened. lightning is seven times hotter than the surface of the sun. and speaking of severe storms like we had in atlanta just
5:59 am
yesterday, we are seeing some pop up against the landscape, and now into tennessee. back into parts of kentucky. we see the strongest storms driving to the east, and bringing heavy rainfall. and it extends just north of nashville along parts of the 65 as we speak. some of the heaviest rainfall further back. one tornado -- no visual on this. we could see more develop today in parts of the central plains. and 102 in dallas, and 82 in new york, and 58 degrees in salt lake 70, and 72 in san francisco, and 64 in seattle. that's a quick snapshot of your forecast. back to you. >> we appreciate you, as always, buddy. thank you all for spending time with us here on this "cnn sunday morning" enjoy the day.


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