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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 25, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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special, as talented, as loving and as caring as michael jackson. i promise you that. michael is a gift from god. >> it's been fascinating. the book is a riveting read. thank you for sharing it with me. >> thank you. >> it's a pleasure to meet you finally. >> thank you. thanks for having me. -- captions by vitac -- good evening, everyone. i'm don lemon. tonight we begin with a development in the casey anthony murder trial. it's not what happened in court today but what didn't happen. discussing it all tonight and what this abrupt halt in testimony means, in session correspondent and attorney jean casarez.
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beth karas who is a former prosecutor and holly hughes who is also a former prosecutor. before we get to them, david mattingly reports on what happened in court today. >> casey anthony murder trial, the jury never got a chance to come into the courtroom. instead, the judge and the attorneys went into a closed door meeting, which is unusual because usually, they just go to a sidebar where they discuss whatever matters they need in front of everyone. this time they went behind closed doors with a court reporter to record the proceedings. what was said in there they would not reveal. but when the judge came out, he had this announcement for a very surprised courtroom. >> as both sides concur that a legal issue has arisen unrelated to the issue that we talked about, first thing this morning dealing with the doctor that would necessitate us recessing for today. >> what this legal issue might be no one is really sure because the judge did not elaborate, and none of the attorneys afterward would comment at all about this. but what we do know if it's something minor at the very least, it will push this trial further into the fourth of july weekend. the judge had hoped the jury
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would begin deliberating a week from today. that obviously now will probably not happen. but if it's something major, if it's something that could affect the outcome of this trial, it could be an issue involving one of the jurors. one of the witnesses. some of the testimony we've heard in this case. possibly even one of the attorneys. but we just don't know. we may have to wait till monday for any sort of elaboration on possibly what the effects of this delay might truly be. david mattingly, cnn, orlando. >> david, thank you very much. our guests tonight have been doing their own digging on the possible reasons. today's court session was abruptly recessed until monday. first let's revisit the key moments that brought casey anthony before the court, accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter. >> june 9th, 2008, is the day that casey tells investigators is the last time she saw her daughter. here's her statement right here. monday, june 9th, 2008. between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.,
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i, casey anthony, took my daughter caylee marie anthony to her nanny's apartment. june 15th, 2008. this is really where that 31-day period begins because caylee, and we've all seen these pictures with her great grandfather cindy's dad at the nursing home. it's cindy whose actually taking the pictures. investigators found these images on the anthony laptop. >> june 16th is a big, big day. there's a lot of things going on. first, that's the day at 12:50 p.m. when casey's dad, george says that he last sees little caylee. then investigators have a bunch of phone records from that day. and looking at these records, casey making a ton of calls
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including eight calls to her mom, cindy. also, this is the day that casey anthony moves out of her parents' house. she leaves. then things get even more interesting. later in the night around later in the night around 7:54 p.m., at a blockbuster, there's a surveillance video. you can see her then boyfriend tony lazaro and casey anthony arm in arm walking into that blockbuster to rent a couple movies. but what's also noticeable about that picture, there's no caylee there. june 18th or 19th, this is when casey anthony's neighbor says that she came over knocked on the door to borrow a shovel. now, according to the neighbor, she needs the shovel to take care of some bamboo shoots or something in the backyard. it's also on these days and this is interesting because the neighbor said he never saw casey anthony really use the garage. yet, sometime during those days she uses the garage but doesn't pull into it straight. she backs her car into the
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garage. and this is where casey anthony worked as a shot girl. this is where casey anthony's up on stage dancing with that other woman in those pictures. all that during that same time frame when her child's missing and she says she's looking for caylee. now to our panel of guests to talk about the case. "in session" correspondent and attorney jean casarez, and beth karas, a former prosecutor, and criminal defense attorney holly hughes who is also a former prosecutor. first to jean. i know you have been there, too, beth, as well. jean, what is the mood there now? we've had this abrupt halt in testimony. what's going on? >> a lot of speculation. i did speak with cheney mason tonight who is the attorney for casey anthony. and he is telling me that all of the speculation that the media is doing, that it is all wrong. that nobody has it right. so there is no plea deal as to what everyone is speculating to. he's very upset because he believes the speculation is made
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from wild imagination, not based at all, in fact. and he is also saying that the most recent thing around town here is that there is a polygraph that has appeared suddenly that is laughable. he says. >> beth, you're down there, as well. what are you hearing from the folks you're talking to? >> well, apparently it's not any fault of the defense attorneys what is going on right now. they know that at least at this point, the judge is not upset with the defense. he's been upset with the defense many times during this trial. he is not upset right now. i understand we may never know what it is that caused this delay. the record is sealed and it is unclear that we'll ever know. >> okay. thank you, beth and jean. holly, this is strange. i know you were waiting to go on television this morning. i was watching the shows and all of a sudden, everybody's sitting around talking with no testimony. no trial. what do you make of this?
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this isn't something small to have this trial halted. >> right. this is so odd, don. but once again, just when you think this trial can't get any weirder, and it is like "alice in wonderland." what did she say to the white rabbit, curiouser and curiouser. we have no idea. jean and beth nailed it. we don't know. it's been sealed. if they sealed it, yes, it's a big deal. anytime something has arisen, judge perry has managed to say you know what? we'll take care of it at the end of the day. we're still going to go forward with testimony. we're still going forward with testimony. whatever this was, was significant enough for him to say we have to come to a screeching halt. >> you're watching the judge, you're a former prosecutor. in his actions, if you're reading is body language and what he was doing today and saying, what do you see in that? >> i saw him angry. he got off the bench and he did something he doesn't usually do, don. of course, we're watching.
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beth and jean are in the courtroom. i'm watching on tv. but what i saw him do, was he strode through that courtroom and he was pumping his arms and he was moving like a man on a mission like he was mad about something. he had a purpose. and you know, beth is reporting he's not mad at the defense attorney, which is a little unusual because we've seen a lot of that going on this time. but i saw him just kind of moving with a purpose and very quickly out of that courtroom. and he just looked like he was angry. it's probably because he doesn't want to lose the day. he has to but he doesn't want to. he's done a great job of moving forward. >> its still much, much more to go. jean, my next question is for you. again, as we are watching this and paying attention and tower -- you're talking to folks there, and i know that you run into players every once in a while, did you happen to run into anyone at the court today who talked to you about what is going on behind the scenes? i know it is sealed, but every
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once in a while, you talk to folks that may have given you information? >> the only other thing that is on the record from cheney mason is that he believes this issue, he hopes this issue will be solved very quickly. and does believe the trial will continue monday morning. so that's what we have at this point. but it is sealed. this shows the judge does not want it public at this point. and so i think we're going to have to wait together and see it unfold. i do want to tell you that when attorneys left court today, the cameras, the microphones were right there in their face. and there was a little bit of an issue because the attorneys lost their files. their notebooks got opened, one of the paralegals lost her shoe. and the defense attorneys are saying look, you know, we're just trying to get back to our office. >> wait. what happened? was there a ruckus? what went on? >> the cameras and the camera did not show this because we do have video of the attorneys leaving the courthouse. the defense attorneys. but the cameras and the mics as they kept following the defense
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lawyers were in the face and in the way of their walking that cheney mason told me he almost lost his glasses, his files fell to the ground. his briefcase opened up and his paralegal lost her shoe. and the attorneys are saying, we just can't do this anymore. we are fighting for someone's life. and we don't need to be concerned about about our physical injuries. we're trying to get out of court back to our office. >> it has become a circus. usually you see the people fighting to get seats in court. this sort of behavior. thank you, beth, jean and holly. stand by. we'll talk about the testimony that did happen in court. coming up, the defense begins to make its case. almost immediately the tone in the courtroom takes a dramatic turn. is the prosecution's case in trouble? our legal team tackles that after the break. also ahead, it is the second anniversary of michael jackson's death. his father, joe jackson, shares his thoughts about his famous son in an interview you don't want to miss.
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many of you have been asking for inmore facing on social media. if you want to weigh in on the casey anthony trial or the michael jackson anniversary, reach out to us on lemon. and lrs my new book is out, and you can find it at barns and noble or any place books are sold. to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say. it's the at&t network... fore! no matter what small business you are in, managing expenses seems to ...get in the way. not anymore. ink introduces jot. a real time expense app that lets you track
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chloroform. >> yes. >> do you recall denying that you made any searches on how to make chloroform? >> i didn't look up how to make chloroform, but i looked up chloroform. >> did we cover whether or not you did a search for the word shovel? >> no, i would not need to look up the word shovel. >> do you recall denying that you searched for self-defense? >> yes, i did not search for self-defense. >> household weapons? >> di id not search for household weapons. >> neck breaking. >> i did not search for neck breaking. >> all right. now no the panel of guests talking about the case. "in session" correspondent and guest jean casarez, and "in session o session" correspondent and former prosecutor beth karas, and holly hughes, former prosecutor, and i have to be
10:15 pm
quite honest with you, what side is she on? there is a nickname for her. >> they are calling her spin-dy instead of cindy. >> you think it is spin? >> i think that this is her trying to save her daughter's life. >> what is she spinning? >> she is taking credit for the chloroform searches, and it was not her, and what is going to happen is that on rebuttal, they will say, two seconds before the search for chloroform, photobucket was up, and she doesn't know about that, because those were casey's accounts. and before the chloroform searches, it was casey's facebook page is in there, and so it is impossible for cindy to get in there and type something and slide out and casey slide in and type something up. they will get caught in it.
10:16 pm
>> beth, i have to ask, before cindy anthony was on the stand crying very believable. now that it is the defense's turn, is she a believable, credible witness now as you're watching people in the courtroom? >> i've always believed that cindy and the rest of the family are not going to help the prosecution any more than they did in the beginning. cindy was crying when the 911 tapes were being played. she didn't know when she was making those calls that her daughter was going to face murder charges. those were helpful calls. and some of the early statements to the police, early on in the investigation when they consent to everything being searched and the police didn't have to get search warrants, they didn't know where this was going. so that stuff is in the case. they're a part of it, and it's helpful to the prosecution and now they're going to step back and do whatever they can to save casey because they've already done enough. they're not at fault for doing what they did for sure.
10:17 pm
it was necessary. but right now, the only people in that courtroom speaking for little caylee are the three prosecutors at their table. >> okay. so this was a big week, beth, when it came to the brother and the mother. this is the brother and the mother's week. did they help their sister or daughter's case at all? >> yes. lee the point was to show, because he wasn't let in on the big secret, which was a big secret in plain sight. casey's pregnancy. he wasn't made a part of that. it shows, according to the defense, the dysfunction in this family, a family with deep dark secrets. that's the beginning of establishing what jose baze said he would show when he gave his opening statement on may 24th. and cindy, by talking about how much caylee loved to swim and those photos of her climbing up that ladder. >> yeah, showing she had access to the pool. >> yes, at the beginning. >> the same question. i'm up against a break here. did they help, jean? >> you know, we don't have evidence of accident yet in this
10:18 pm
trial. but if a juror wants to hang their hat on those photographs of little caylee almost getting into that pool by herself and lee testifying about a secret within that home that we may never know about, then i think that could help casey with the jury to not be convicted to first-degree murder. >> okay. same question to you. i got to go. but did it help. >> it will only help if it stands. i think the prosecution is going to bring people in on rebuttal and show that these are lies in which case, the jury's going to hold it against casey because the whole family is going to turn out to be liars. >> what did beth say, the only two people speaking for little caylee are the two prosecutors. >> the three, yeah. >> when we come right back, jane velez-mitchell gives us personal moments viewers have not seen behind the scenes of the casey anthony trial. don't go anywhere. then have salad and biscuits followed by 1 of 7 delicious entrees and finish with something sweet
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it is a soap opera, a reality tv show and a shakespearean tragedy all rolled into one. you can watch the casey anthony trial from start to finish on our sister network "in session" on trutv. if you want to find out what is happening behind the scenes then you you have to hear from our own jane velez-mitchell.
10:22 pm
i spoke with the host of "issues" on hln in orlando for the trial. and she dishes on what's happening outside the courtroom away from the cameras. >> i know you've had a chance to be in the courtroom, to be around all these people. what many people are calling a circus. if you can give us a personal moment, something you found interesting yourself that the viewer hasn't seen, i would really appreciate it and i'm sure the viewers would, as well. >> yes, i have a couple. after cindy's emotional testimony on one day, i rode down with the prosecutor, jeff ashton. i asked him for reaction. it was him and me in the elevator. he said they're torn he smiled ruefully. which i took to mean they don't want their daughter to be put to death. now, after lee's emotional testimony, i got in the elevator again. and guess who i'm in the elevator with, lee cindy and george and their attorney. and yes. cindy and lee are talking in a very animated fashion to each other which says that they are working together, if you know what i mean. and george is turned his face to the wall. i'm not talking about the door of the elevators, but i'm talk tact wall of theel va or the ee
10:23 pm
wall. reading his bible. i think george is really suffering the most. i have total compassion for him. >> i have never heard a moment like that. can you imagine what this family is going through. you said they're working together. but the dad, you say, is the one who is probably -- this is tougher on him than anyone. >> well, i always say that murder cases make for strange bedfellows. jose baze has accused this family of all sorts of things, especially george and lee by extension of molesting casey. and yet, outside court, you'll see cindy and jose baze chatting amicably with each other, so obviously, they would have aligned it would seem to me of the person who has accused them all of these things, but it is the same person who is trying to save their daughter's life. it is a very, very odd situation, and really, really bizarre and fascinating. >> absolutely right. i've never heard anything like
10:24 pm
the exchange you said in the elevator. that is great information. i'm sure everyone is fascinated by this case. jane velez-mitchell covering this casey anthony trial. we appreciate every night on hln at 7:00 p.m. make sure you watch "issues." >> thanks, don. when we come back, the day's other top stories, including this. history being made with new york being the largest state to legalize same-sex marriage. we could've gone a more traditional route... ... but it wouldn't have been nearly as memorable. ♪ [ male announcer ] what's so special about web browsing on the new blackberry playbook? ♪ flash! ah-ahh!
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a rare but potentially life-threatening condition, reported sometimes less than two weeks after starting plavix. time now for your headlines. a lot of celebrating in new york today. that's because last night, the state became the latest and most popular to legalize same-sex marriage. governor andrew cuomo wasted no time signing the measure into law. it is set to take effect in 30 days. six states and the district of columbia now recognize the right for gay couples to marry. tell her to hang -- yeah. >> investigators say at least two people were killed when a tractor-trailer rig hit an amtrak train near love lock, nevada. nevada highway patrol says there could be more bodies in two cars badly damaged by fire. krnv reports at least nine passengers were hospitalized including two in critical condition.
10:28 pm
the train bound from chicago for california was carrying a total of 218 passengers and crew. [ speaking foreign language ] a fresh wave of clashes across syria. anti-government protesters on one side is, police and syrian troops on the other. a human rights group reports at least ten people died in street fighting across the country friday. the government blames armed gangs for keeping the violent uprisings alive. we lost a beloved member of the cnn family today. nick charles was this network's first sports anchor. he died of cancer at the age of 64. nick was here on day one and was here for more than two decades covering everything from the olympics to the super bowl. but boxing was his blood.
10:29 pm
he loved it. it was in his blood. earlier i spoke to sugar ray leonard, one of the greatest boxers ever. >> it came as a shock to me. nick was such a proud guy and he was such a fighter himself. and he didn't relate all that he was ill. i didn't know the severity of his illness until recently. but nick was a class act. without question. and exactly two years ago on this day, the world lost michael jackson. the king of pop died on june 25th, 2009, before he could mount a comeback tour. the official cause was a prescription drug overdose. jackson's doctor, dr. conrad murray, will be tried for manslaughter in september. i got a chance to speak today to jackson's father joe jackson. he defended himself against rumors that he was too rough on michael and his brothers and sisters. >> everybody back in those days abused -- they didn't abuse the kids, they whipped the kids when they did wrong. now, you can't do that these days because if you whip a kid now, they call 911 on you. >> more from my interview with joe jackson later on in this show.
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north carolina's governor declared a state of emergency today in 29 of its 100 counties because of massive wildfires. the flames scorched more than 70,000 acres in the eastern part of the state, mostly in dare county. the state has also put 12 counties near the coast under a code purple alert meaning that the air is very unhealthy due to fires. record flooding in minot, north dakota, now threatens to wipe out a large part of the city. about a third of the residents have evacuated. officials say the city will have to deal with the high water for at least a week. we get the latest from cnn's jim spellman. >> reporter: it has been a heartbreaking few days for the people of minot, north dakota, as they watch their city fill with water. a few days ago, this was one of the busiest main intersections right here. and now it looks like a pond.
10:31 pm
a lake in the middle of downtown minot. 4,000 homes underwater, 12,000 evacuated. they knew days ago they couldn't stop the onslaught of water from flooding the bulk of the town. they've had to concentrate their efforts on saving vital infrastructure like this police station and city hall complex. so far the temporary dikes are holding, and there's already water seeping in to the other side and storm drains backing up. that necessitated them pumping water out like this. we've seen residents trying to peer into the flood zone and see if they can get any information about their own homes. so far they're finding mostly bad news. >> i had tears in my eyes this morning, you know? sickening feeling because i know when i come back, it's probably not going to be worth fixing because the house is almost 100 years old. >> reporter: don, it will be a long way for people like him to get back into their homes. it's going to stay just about at this same level through thursday and at least another week above
10:32 pm
record flood levels here in minot. it is a longf-term disaster for all of the people here and the authorities dealing with it. don? a woman is arrested for recording a police incident that took place in front of her home. was she interfering with police business or did police go too far? i asked her and her lawyer next. . i know how my body should feel. if i have any soreness, i'm not going to be able to do my job. but once i take advil, i'm able to finish my day and finish out strong. then when i do try other things, i always find myself going back to advil. it really works! [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] make the switch. take action. take advil.
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all right. this is a story that has all of you tweeting me. everybody's talking about it. a woman recording video of what looked like a police arrest in rochester, new york, eventually
10:35 pm
gets arrested herself. >> what in the world? i'm sorry. i was standing in my front yard. concerned about what was going on in my neighborhood and you're arresting me. what the hell is going on here? >> emily goode was in her yard filming a police traffic stop when an officer took her in for obstruction of governmental administration. she is to appear in court on monday. in an exclusive interview, good with her attorney explained why she was taping police in the first place. >> i was concerned about the racial profiling. i had just read an article that week in the local paper about racial profiling and how difficult it is to prove. and when i saw the lights coming through my window, i peeked outside and saw three white officers engaging with a black man and so i decided to film it. >> i'm allowed to stand in my yard.
10:36 pm
>> i'm going to ask you one more time. we don't feel safe when we're doing a traffic stop. i'm going to ask you to go into the house. >> what. it's my right to be in my yard. i'm sorry that you don't feel safe. all i have is a camera. i'm clearly wearing nothing. >> that does not matter. you're not listening to our orders right now. you're not moving even a foot further back. >> do you want me to move a foot further back. >> you're going to be under arrest. >> i is move a foot further back. i'm not going to go inside my house. i feel like i need the fresh air right now. >> i'm going to arrest someone for not following police orders. it seems very simple. >> i don't understand the order. >> i asked you to not stand behind us. >> you did not ask me to stand behind you. >> i'm not going to explain myself to you. you're going to end up going to jail. i'm trying to give you a warning. i think you're going to go to jail. this is not right. >> i want to get this straight. did you have something in your
10:37 pm
free hand that police may have been worried that you were carrying a weapon? >> no, i was carrying nothing. i was in bare feet and pajamas. >> so stephanie, what do you make of this? as an attorney, were the police, was it okay for the police to do this? do they have a legal right to do this in someone's front yard? >> our position is that ms. good was well within her rights to be on her front lawn filming a traffic stop of a public servant. what the officer may or may not have felt, i can't speak to. but, she was well within her rights and was not given a lawful order at any time. >> when an officer asks you to do something, do you feel you should do it and then ask questions later? >> if it's a lawful order someone should obey and if you're well within your rights, you're fine to assert your rights. >> the da will not comment but rochester's mayor said that the
10:38 pm
police chief sheppard has initiated an investigation to the extent that some form of discipline is appropriate. he will see that it occurs. i also need to be sure that we a are fair to the officers involved. i am not going to prematurely reach a conclusion. we're going to follow up on this one. a woman leaps into a moving car to stop thieves and it's all caught on tape. look at this. it's crazy. you got to see it. not only will you see it play out, but i asked her what she was thinking. wait till you hear her answer. that's next. mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say.
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i told the cashier do something. you know, they're leave. she couldn't do anything. i just told her, watch my purse. >> so police don't like citizens getting directly involved if they see criminal activity because it's really dangerous. but monique lawless, well, she was so angry when she saw three young men allegedly shoplift three cases of beer from a houston walmart where she was shopping. she leaped into action. there she is, literally. she chased them outside and jumped on their car before they sped away. dragging her for a second. they didn't get far before the police caught them. i asked her what was she thinking. >> i was just reacting really. i was mad.
10:42 pm
i saw these kids walk in there walking out with beer. you know, and i asked or told the cashier, you know, do something. do something. and you know, people are standing around me. we were all waiting in line to check out this they saw me pointing at them and no one was doing anything. so when it became obvious that walmart couldn't do anything, i just told her you know, watch my purse. and my basket and i took off after them. >> you weren't afraid they could have -- you could get hurt by the car, they could have beat you or would have had a weapon of some type? you didn't think about that? >> no, when i first saw them, they looked fairly young. i was thinking 19, 18 years old. my kids' age, you know. and when confronted by an adult, my kids are going to stop, yes, sir, no ma'am, yes ma'am where these kids had no fear whatsoever on any kind of authority or adult or anybody. they didn't care. >> we were just showing the video of them getting caught. did they drag you for a little
10:43 pm
bit? it looks like you got dragged for a second there. >> yeah, when i opened the driver's side car door, he took off then. i had ahold of the door and it pulled me forward and i did a face plant into the asphalt. >> that's where the black eyes came from. >> yeah. >> that's where the black eyes, the bruised nose, everything, yeah. >> you've got breaking news for me that you haven't told anyone else. that is? >> i received a facebook message from family members of the sylvester boys, and you know, they apologized to me from the family. they said, you know, we're really, really sorry that you had to go through this event, but we're thankful for what you did, and thankful for your actions and they deserve whatever punishment they get. they deserve to be in jail right now and pay for what they did. they were wrong. i told the family member, you know, thank you, thank you, thank you, because i felt bad, you know, i feel for the family.
10:44 pm
everybody is affected by this. your community is affected. their family, right down the line. and i want to say thank you to that family for reaching out to me and letting me know that they felt like i did the right thing. >> why does it mean so much to you to hear from them? >> because i'm not here to destroy these kids but i want them to realize that this is -- we're human beings. this is a society that we all want to live in safe and peacefully. we don't want to worry about our kids every time they run down to the park or to the store or to the movies. you know or our family, our elderly. we don't want to fear for our lives anytime, much less in the middle of broad daylight on a sunday, father's day at walmart, you know, in a small town. >> yeah. >> i want them to know that you can't do this. it's not right. get a job. >> yeah. listen, i've got to run here. just say yes or no. would you do it again? >> yes, absolutely. >> thank you, monique wallace. we appreciate people like you.
10:45 pm
good luck. >> thank you. god bless you. >> you as well, thanks. straight ahead, joe jackson, the father of the legendary michael jackson talks about his famous son on the second anniversary of his death. but first, all this week, cnn has been shining a spotlight on modern day slavery. in nepal, one woman has sought to save sex trafficking victims hoping to rescue more than 12,000 women and girls. that earned her the title of 2010 cnn hero of the year. >> in the west, america, europe, if someone comes and says, i want to make your child a prostitute, they would give them one slap or shoot them. but here families, they are tricked all the time. >> girls are brought from the villages by people who can lure them and tell them that they're getting a nice job.
10:46 pm
the border between india and nepal is the conduit point of trafficking. once they are here, there is no way to escape. i am anuradha koirala. it is my strong hope to keep every nepali girl from being trafficked. when we go to the border, to the exit points we are intercepting four girls to five girls per day. after the rescue, the girls are taken. we started this. survivors, trafficking survivors we take everybody. oh, good girl. the girls who come back from brothels, they are totally psychologically broken. we give them whatever work they want to do. whatever training they want to do. one day we will stop it. trafficking will end. these are all -- there is always a small scar that yes, one day i
10:47 pm
was trafficked. but today i am something new in my life. they are my strength. >> actress demi moore recently went to nepal to work with her and cnn's cameras were there. make sure you tune in sunday 8:00 p.m. to see "nepal's stolen children, a documentary." and join me an hour earlier when i talk to mira sorvino about the worldwide plague of human trafficking. >> let me tell you one fact. the war on drugs in one month spends more than all the money that has spent up to date by the united states government in all of its domestic and international programs on human trafficking. >> it's an important topic. watch our conversation sunday night 7:00 eastern right here in the "cnn newsroom." and lose their luster because washing in the bargain brand can leave dirt from the wash on your clothes causing your whites to get dingy. new improved tide plus bleach helps to remove the dirt in one wash to bring your whites back to bright.
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♪ all i have to say ♪ they don't really care ♪ about us the world lost michael jackson, the king of pop was a singular talent, a man who lived big and left behind a legacy of musical excellence. on this anniversary of his death, i had a chance to speak with his father, joe jackson, and asked him if he's been able to move beyond the grief. >> i'm fine, thank you. i'm glad you asked that question. you know, i'm still grieving over michael because i don't know. it's going to take me a long time to get over what happened to him. >> why is that? is it part of it the mystery surrounding his death? because i know you said that you believed that i guess some people conspired to kill him? is that correct? >> michael told his mother and he told his manager deeder weisner whose writing a book now the truth about michael jackson. he told him they were going to kill him for his publishing. he told his mother that and told deeder weisner that but he never did tell me.
10:52 pm
i didn't know that until after he was dead. >> do you know who those people are who wanted to kill him for his publishing? >> we got a great idea who they are, and there is a lot of other people know who they are as well. >> you won't say though? >> don, i didn't say that. i'm not saying, calling names right now, but you will know in the book. >> there's been a legal battle between your family and the executors of his estate. has that been resolved? >> no way. not yet. not yet. that's why we are striving for justice because there's more to it than what they're claiming out there. there's somebody else involved. remember the doctor was getting paid by somebody else and not by michael. >> yeah. so are you anywhere close to agreement with the executors, legal agreement?
10:53 pm
>> that's hard -- that's a hard question you threw at me there, don, because we're looking for justice. you know, that's very important. and justice has to be served because it's very important. michael was known all over the world behind all borders. and that's why that he was trying to build amusement parks all around the world. and that's what i'm trying to do, carry out his legacy. >> dr. conrad murray goes on trial in september, mon manslaughter charges. what do you think deserves to happen to him? >> what i hope happens is that justice is done. you know, the right way, the truth. >> more with joe jackson when we come back, including this. >> i don't care if it's a minute after michael's death. >> joe jackson responding to the criticism he received for something he said in an interview with me just three days after michael died. start with soup
10:54 pm
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10:57 pm
red carpet two years ago and then we'll talk about it. >> the last couple days, i know it's been really tough for you guys. >> and? >> yeah, it has. it has been really tough. remember, we just lost the biggest star in the world. but i want to make this statement. this is a real good statement here. marshal and i have -- we own a record company called. >> ranch records. >> right. >> distributed by blu-ray technology, and that's his next step. >> what do you think when you see that, mr. jackson? >> i don't think nothing about it because blu-ray, that company don't exist. it went out as soon as it happened. it went out of business. so it's no big deal to me. >> this was only three days after michael's death. that's what i'm asking. >> i don't care if it's a minute after michael's death. listen, i am the blu-ray does not even exist as a record company with the same guy that i was talking with, you know? that don't even happen.
10:58 pm
what i'm here now is promoting happy -- promoting the things that i'm doing now. >> what about the children? how are they? >> the children are fine. they are fine. they're going to acting school and prince has taken up martial arts and all that stuff. and blanket, he's just happy. he's a happy little kid. he wants to be a producer or something. but you know, they're fine. >> uh-huh. people have talked about your alleged treatment of michael jackson, some of the family members even him said that you were abusive in a sense, that you pushed them too far. >> don, don, don, i know what you're trying to do. i ain't going there. everybody back in those days abused -- they didn't abuse the kid. they whipped the kids when they did wrong. now, you can't do that these days because if you whip a kid now, they call 911 on you.
10:59 pm
but if you don't train them to be right towards people and how to conduct themselves when they are young, if you don't do that, you going to have some kids in prison. let's get you updated on the top stories now. a lot of celebrating in new york today. last night the state became the latest and the most populist of the same-sex marriage, and governor andrew cuomo wasted no time to sign the law and set to take place in 30 days and now they recognize the same sex couples to marry. and flames have scorched more than 70,000 achers in the eastern part of the state mostly in dare county in nevada. they have put counties near the coast under


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