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tv   CNN Sunday Morning  CNN  June 26, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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the rest much my time on earth and then i will be waiting for you up there, because i lover you so. >> ask nick, and he will say win or lose, he wants to give all he has every moment. a boxer would say, that's heart. that does it for nick charles, lessons from the fight. i am dr. sanjay gupta. thank you for watching. we knew it was coming, but it was still a shock. nick charles died yesterday, less than a week from his 66th birthday. he was at home looking at the santa fe mountains that he loved so much. he lived like there was no tomorrow because he was forced to and encouraged me to do the same.
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thank you to our sanjay gupta for that this morning. welcome to "cnn sunday morning" it's a big week for us all. president obama is meeting with senate leaders tomorrow to try and discuss the country's deficit. as you know, we are trillions of dollars in the hole. but now some people are making a stink over a few thousand dollars that congressional staffers were paid in bonuses. we'll take you to d.c. to get to the bottom of this. 4,000 homes under water in minot, north dakota. but the mayor says despite all the hardships, there is actually great news. we will explain. first, president obama will get in the middle deficit negotiations tomorrow. he has white house meetings schedule as he tries to break the stalemate over the debt ceiling. talks over the two parties broke down last week, and our correspondent has more on the
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disagreements keeping a deal from getting done. >> reporter: to the surprise of democratic negotiators, republican house majority leader, eric cantor, pulled out of bipartisan debt ceiling talks, which was a contentious meeting. he is abandoned negotiations, and cantor said democrats continue to insist any deal must include tax increases. john boehner publicly backed him up. >> i know the frustration that he feels when democrat members continue to want to bring tax hikes into the conversation and insist we have to raise taxes on the american people. >> reporter: behind closed doors, republicans insist on cutting medicare. >> yes, we do want to remove tax subsidies for big oil and tax breaks for corporations that send jobs overseas, and that list goes on.
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i don't know that's a reason to walk away from the table when we're trying to find a balanced approach. >> reporter: negotiators have been working for nearly two months on how to reduce the deficit by trillions of dollars, a gop condition on ragz the debt ceiling. if it's not done by august 2nd, the treasury department says america will default on its loans. >> we have to do something by august 2nd. but the republicans should stop playing chicken and pushing us too close to the line. it's not good for the country or the world. >> democrats claim cantor, one of only two republicans in the talks, did not want to take the heat for negotiating a deal rank in file republicans may not like. >> cantor nearly got spooked by how the final deal has to come together. >> reporter: in fact, in a quickly coordinated message cantor and other republicans said it's now time for president
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obama himself to do the negotiating. >> if we are going to meet the president's timetable to come to an agreement by the end of the month then he needs to engage. >> again, while they are bickering over billions and trillions of dollars, we need to talk about few million. money paid out to congressional satisfiers. our white house correspondent joins me from washington. good morning. how much money are we talking about? >> 6.1 million in bonuses that went to house staffers in the first three months of this year. this is a cnn exclusive. your viewers are the first ones hearing this. cnn spent three weeks going through 3,000 pages of house expenses looking for the bonuses and found 6.1 million of them. those bonuses were reported at a time when house members were
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debating a government shutdown and many congressmen have been calling for cuts to federal workers, but to their own staffers, they give bonuses, from $100 to up to $17,000 per person. and not understanding the reason for the bonuses is part of the problem, according to steve ellis for taxpayers for common sense. >> i think that lawmakers have to be very judicious about how they use the bonuses and cannot be writing checks willy-nilly. not to say that staff should not be compensated for -- >> but when it's in the millions of dollars? >> then you have to question is this a good use of the taxpayers' money. >> we did ask some of the lawmakers why we gave the bonuses, and this is from the democrat of south carolina, and he's well known and used to be
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the majority whip when democrats were in charge. my staff worked extremely hard including quite a few all mighters and many weekends, and i was fortunate to have a dedicated staff and rewarded them with a bonus that came from the remaining unspent funds allotted to my office. members of the house get an allotted amount of money they can spend but do not have to spend it. if they don't, that money means a lower deficit. >> in this money, $6.1 million in the bonuses, but how many staffers -- do we have an idea of how many of them got this money? how many people was the $6.1 million divided upon? >> we think it's hundreds of staffers. these documents are very vague,
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and that's why it took so long. we asked questions, and we were very careful in picking the 6.1 million. these are things that just look like bonuses. >> is this the normal, and we're haerg about it and talking about this now, but is this the normal on capitol hill to see it year after year? >> we have seen bonus for staff year after year. this is the first time we have seen this report go online when congress has changed hands like this. it's a relatively new form. used to be you had to go through expense reports page by page by hand, now we have it online but when they put it online unfortunately, they made the categories more vague. it's hard to see what they are doing so it's hard to compare to the past. we know there have been bonuses in the past and just unable to get an idea how big they are. >> and let's put this up.
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we can see some of the folks and averages of what they make on capitol hill. chief of staff, $136,000, and staff assistant can avenuage at $31,000, and some of the staff and local offices make less than that. some the bonuses equal $17,000. we appreciate you as always. and i will be speaking to the state of the union host, candy crowley, and we'll talk to the former speaker, nancy pelosi and jim demint on her show. mitt romney and michelle balkman is running neck and neck. romney in the lead with 23%, but
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the lead is only one percentage point over bachmann. she is supposed to officially announce her candidacy in waterloo, iowa tomorrow. that's her home tound. but at the same time she has already been running. herman cain is on the map with 10% of the vote. and tim pawlenty leads the first to have campaign ads in iowa. iowa is the first caucus state in the election calendar. and now, six people now have died after a tractor trailer slammed into a moving amtrak train near reno, nevada. take a look at the cell phone video that captures the scary moments right after this accident. >> are you okay? >> she's out there. >> tell her to hang and jump! tell her to hang -- there's somebody over there.
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>> now, some of the passengers, as you are hearing there, were trying to help other passengers, give them an idea of how to get out of there, and it was to jump out of the burning train. investigators have not found all of the people who were supposed to be on the train. the truck that tried to stop skidded 300 feet into the train and the driver died in the crash. more than 500 volunteers showed up to help search for a missing indiana student yesterday. her parents led the effort on what they call "find lauren day." the 20-year-old student has been missing june june 3rd. >> these parents deserve to know where their daughter is. we can't imagine what they are going through, so we wanted to come and be part of the search today. >> we'll keep going as long as we have the resources and can
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keep pushing and as long as we have volunteers, and there is a group of us that vowed to see it through the end. >> right now they say they have no leads. texans, one vote away from being able to have a confederate flag on their license plates. take a look. here is the specialty plate proposed by the sons of confederate veterans. the license board were supposed to vote on this, but they could not because one person died that was on the board. it was a tie when they voted back in april. nine states already have special confederate plates. also, they say a picture is worth 1,000 words. not really, it's about $2.3 million if it's in picture. this is an authentic photograph of, yes, billy the kid.
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it went up for auction yesterday and got $2.3 million. it was only expected to get around $400,000. but this is a 130-year-old photo. apparently billy the kid paid 25 cents to have it taken. you are wondering who maybe bought it? of course a billionaire, william coke is the name. 12 minutes past the hour and thousands of people forced from their homes in north dakota. gulf waters engulfed the city of minot. we'll have more on the disaster after the break. bination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say.
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14 minutes past the hour on this "cnn sunday morning." thousands of people in minot, north dakota, are out of their homes. homes they know they may never be able to live in again. the river is expected to crest today, several inches short of what was originally feared. and that's something that we have more of. >> reporter: it's hard breaking for the people of minot, north dakota, to watch their city fill with waters over the last couple days. this was once a intersection in downtown minot, with a train track and a tunnel under it, and now you think you're in a pond or lake or something. 12,000 people evacuated with very uncertain futures. they knew days ago they could
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not protect the whole city from the floodwaters and the dikes they had were too low. with the water coming fast and time running out they focussed on critical infra structures like this city hall and the police station complex here. they built these temporary dikes here that were higher. you can see only after a day of having heavy water against it, storm drains are backing up and they have to pump the water out of the dike. we have seen residents come back and get information about their homes and what they found so far is bad news. >> it's a sickening feeling, because i know when i come back it will not be worth fixing because the house is almost 100 years old. >> and we have learned from the national weather service today that they are estimating the water will stay essentially at this level through thursday and above record flood levels for
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another week, and a long-term disaster for the authorities trying to deal with the flood. >> thank you. reynolds wolf with me now. the mayor of minot, with all this going on he said there was great news, and he said the great news is the river will crest a few inches below what they thought it was but several feet still above flood news. >> it's great news because less water in the town is beneficial. going to help them. the problem is why you have a lower number or lower rise of number, is because there had to be a levee failure someplace that prevented the water from rising quite so. unfortunately are people up stream, it's not a good thing. regardless of what happens, and let's look at this behind me. t. j., and let me show you what
5:18 am
else we have. you kind of get lost in the verbiage of the numbers. look at the lines. you see this red stripe, this area right here. everything from there and above is -- well, actually from there and below is the major flood stage at 1,155 feet. forget about the numbers, because it's above sea level. and then the water levels last fright here above major flood stage expected to crest around 15.61. that's mind boggling. never in the history has this happened. and then tuesday, wednesday and thursday and friday, still above major flood stage. even as the water reseeds a bit, the problem will still remain. unfortunately, rain will be in the forecast. it does appear it will be through bismarck and to the
5:19 am
southwest of aberdeen. you have had heavy rainfall in bowling green, and heavy parts in back on 75 -- making the drive safe from cincinnati southward to back towards knoxville, you will have the heavy rain. be prepared for it and drive slowly. we have a lot more to today's story, and we'll share that in a few minutes. here we are at 19 minutes past the hour. a major league baseball team just played a home game thousands of miles away from home. would you believe youtube kicked them out of their own stadium. it doesn't leave room for much else. there's no room left for deadlines or conference calls. not a single pocket to hold the stress of the day, or the to-do list of tomorrow.
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♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ 21 minutes past the hour. now joined by our friend, joe carter, from hnl sports. first, don't mess with bono? >> yeah, this is very much why they basically kicked the florida marlins out of their own
5:22 am
home stadium and moved them 3300 miles to seattle. you see, originally u2 was scheduled to perform in 2010, and bono hurt his back. it takes four days to build this elaborate stage that bono and u2 get up and rock on. it's interesting. the stadium folks had a choice to make. have a marlins day, bring in 3500 people a game, or bring in -- >> that's embarrassing. poor marlins. you said you have good video. >> found this story under man
5:23 am
who loves his job. this is at the braves padre last night. he's a groundskeeper, and not afraid to get out on camera. and then vintage -- >> does he do this normally? or is this spontaneous? >> to my knowledge, this is spontaneous. he decided, it's saturday and it's time to get down, and you can hear the crowd cheering. >> good stuff again. still does not beat john waul's first pitch. >> that's what my producer said. the first lady, michelle obama, on her way back to the white house after a historic visit to south africa, and some say she was snubbed by an african leader while she was there. that's next. stay with us.
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25 minutes past the hour. and nadya is here with me. first lady wrapping up a trip to africa. some say she was snubbed by an african president. >> some say that, not meeting her the day she arrived was a snub. but he was not there. he sent his minister of correctional service and his third wife to meet her. >> when you say minister of correctional service, that sounds like the prison guy. >> a highly regarded person in prison. >> and the third wife? >> she was well received. but in defense of that president, they say this was not
5:26 am
a state visit. first of all, he was away. then when he could meet with her, she was speaking at a church so she could not meet with him. and the fact is, this is not a president or head of state and she's not a cabinet minister, so she was not obliged to meet with her. he said it was an opportunity. it was not a snub. but he missed an opportunity to meet with her. and then there is concern that there is a difference of opinion between what he thinks in the way nato has dealt with libya, and he would like the au to have been more involved. and today he is meeting with the african union to meet with libya. >> that's happening right now. but at the same time would that come into play when it's the first lady? aside from it being a state visit, the first lady of the united states is on your soil. >> it would have been nice to have met with her, but according to his spokes people he did try, and she was speaking and she is
5:27 am
not head of state, but michelle obama did meet nelson mandela. this was a highlight and this is what she said. >> the one thing that i told him, you know, i wanted to make sure that he understood how important his leadership and sacrifice has been to who i have become and who my husband has become, and in short i just said thank you. it's really hard to know what to say to such an icon. >> a beautiful meeting between the first black president of south africa and the wife the first black president of the united states of america. >> that's a heck of a picture. you can see the daughters were there as well. what a moment for them. we thank you. we're getting close to the bottom of the hour now. two of the men running for president are mormon. for some voters, that is an issue. but this morning in our faces of
5:28 am
faith, we will look at the question, do you know who the mormons are? do you know what mormons believe? that answer after the break. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say.
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deal! my money. my choice. my meineke. we're at the bottom of the hour on this "cnn sunday morning" welcome back, everybody. the river is beginning to crest in minot, north dakota. it's still expected to stay several inches below what they first thought. can you see what it looked like yesterday in minot. 4,000 homes under water. more than one-third of the stay evacuated. those that stayed behind were told to boil their water for at least a minute. and then look at this train
5:32 am
accident. some of the passengers jumped from the earning train. they have not accounted for auflt passengers. and then gay pride. this is on the streets of san francisco. the annual gay pride weekend kicked off yesterday despite a financial crisis within the organization over the past year. the nonprofit that produces the parade came up with enough cash and keep it running for the 41st year. well, two of the men running for president are mormons. former massachusetts governor, mitt romney, faced his faith publicly. and jon huntsman says he draws inspiration from other faiths although he is mormon. the official name of the mormon church, the church of jesus
5:33 am
christ of latter day saints. and ma'am, thank you so much for being here. i was talking to you in the break. you said if people were asked what mormons believe, most would say they have no idea. >> some of them will tell you that they don't believe mormons are christians. i think they group within the rubric their faith is chr chrisatity. >> joseph smith, who is the founder and the profit of mormonism discovered this book through an angel who he had a vision of in the forest behind his home, which now the mormons call the sacred grove, and he was directed to not far away from where his home was and
5:34 am
found golden plates that were trance plated through various ways, and that became the book of mormon, which is called another testament of jesus christ. >> book of mormon versus the bible, the mormon faith uses both. what is the difference and how do they discern which is which and when to use it? how does that work, the relationship between the two books? >> for christians, the bible is it. there's a piece of revelation that says nobody can add to the book. it doesn't end with jesus ascending to heaven, it ends with jesus coming to the americas to speak to the native americans about his message. this is what is different about the book of mormon, and it's used as a tool in mormonism, as christians think about the bible. for them it's a very important book. >> how is jesus -- you spoke of
5:35 am
joseph smith and referred to him as a profit. >> let me back up a little bit. before joseph smith finds the book of mormon, he has a vision of god, the father, which in mormonism is called heavenly father and jesus, and jesus is the son of god. he's not the way christians think about this as god himself, although in mormonism you can become a god but that's another piece of theology. you need to think of them as two different entities. god and jesus both have physical form. that's a very important distinction between mormonism and what i would consider to be mainstream christiananity. >> give us the differences between christians and the
5:36 am
beliefs of mormans? point out some of the key differences. >> first, mormons believe in a pre-existence life. you have a soul before you come to earth. you have made a decision whether or not to follow heavenly father. when somebody is born on earth that means you made a correct decision to follow heavenly father, and you found a plan to work out your salvation. you can go to one of three different heavens in the afterlife. with christians, you are born and you work things out, and you believe you can be saved or not, and then you have a chance of going to heaven or hell. and then in addition to the book of mormon, the books have other books, and there is a whole other canyon for mormons that is
5:37 am
different from christianatity. >> this is probably going to be a big part of the political campaign and this is a conversation we should continue to have. we appreciate your time this weekend. thank you so much. >> thank you. take care. for more stories about faith, you go to the belief blog. we have been telling you certainly a sad weekend here for all of us here at cnn and our cnn family. we have lost one of our cnn origina originals. nick charles died yesterday at the age of 64. he had been battling bladder cancer for the last couple of years. last hour i spoke with sanjay gupta who had a chance to sit down earlier this month. >> he was told in 2009 he had two years to live. what would you do with that information? what would you change about your
5:38 am
life? would you dream bigger, or get into little compartments? he did both. his dreams got grander. he has a 5-year-old daughter, so he wanted to plan for her life. a very inspiring guy. >> our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. nick charles, dead at the age of 64. see if we can "stitch" together a better deal. that's a hint, antoine. ooh! see what anandra did? booking your flight and hotel at the same time gets you prices hotels and airlines won't let expedia show separately. book it. major wow factor! where you book matters. expedia. [ lane ] here's the trouble with most anti-wrinkle creams. the cream disappears but your wrinkles don't. ♪
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all right. we are just 18 minutes from 35 seconds away from candy crowley and "state of the union." good to see you as always. >> i am good, and you sound
5:42 am
good, too. >> we're always excited at this point to talk to you and see who you will be talking to this morning. a key -- this is a big week, because the president is doing what some spae pull thought he should do, which is step in to some of the debt ceiling talks that broke down last week? >> yes, in politics and in policy, timing is everything. it's a pretty good time for the president. he's had this biden group, obviously led by the vice president with key republicans and key democrats, and they did what they could. everybody knew eventually the president and the speaker and the majority leader and minority leader on the senate side were going to have to get together and say what can you pass? what can you do? and how much do i have to give in order for you to get your guys onboard? it was always going to come to this. the question is when. the president can stay out of the nitty gritty, this program or that program? there's one big question to be
5:43 am
settled. will there be increased revenues, and some call them tax revenues, and some want to cult subsidies to big corporations, in particular, gas and oil corporations. >> and they are announcing how the servicemen and women coming out of afghanistan. got a lot of criticism from both sides? >> yeah, it did. too fast and too many troops going out or too few and not fast enough. the president frequently in the position likes to say, he must have done something right because everybody is bad at him. all you had to do was look at the latest poll where a vast majority of americans want to get out of afghanistan as soon as possible. and it's egg sanlger baited by the budget problems. you have people in washington going, you know, we will have to do something about medicare and
5:44 am
maybe something about social security, and meanwhile we're spending billions of dollars in afghanistan every day. so it just had to come to this. the president wants going into a presidential election year cycle, the american public to look and say we're getting out of after began stan. >> and tell me your guest list. >> mooing rogers, the republican chairman on the house side, and former speaker nancy pelosi, and also senator jim demint, he's a tea party favorite and caused a lot of problems for traditional republicans and looking to stir something upcoming up in the president deial election. folks, are you one of the tens of millions that is being scammed by your phone company? go grab your bill. you could be wasting hundreds and hundreds of dollars. for $15.
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ninja 2: ow vogeico. 15 minutes uld save you 15% or more on car insurance. you might be one of the estimates 20 million people being wrongly charged hundreds and hundreds of dollars possibly by your phone company. but right now you can stop it from happening. how? look at your phone bill, folks. our financial analysts joining me now. clyde, always good to have you with us here. this is something the federal communications commission calls cramming. explain what that term means? >> it's simple having unauthorized charges show up on your bill. that's it. >> it's key here that we are talking about land lines only. >> yeah, it has popped up in
5:49 am
cella lure cases as well. wireless companies have settled lawsuits in the past. >> what are we even looking for? sometimes we see stuff, and i assume that's what is supposed to be there. >> they see the charges and they look official, usage charge, and -- >> usage charge is legit, right? >> no, no, no. what happened was when fcc required people to start separating the bills, and in the past they did not have to do this. and they see charges, calling plans, and monthly fees, and other fees. we don't pay attention to things that say "other fees." >> what is that? >> they look official, right? it's really just the letters they are putting in there, the third-party companies are charging you and we are paying them because we don't want to take the time to call the company. >> you call the company and they say that's your service fee.
5:50 am
how do you argue that? >> they will say it's a third-party charge. if you feel it's the bogus charge, contact the fcc. a lot of time they will let you know if there is a third party vendor or not. >> they know what they're doing. some of these can accidentally charge you, and oh, that was not supposed to be on your bill. are they making a conscious effort to get at us? >> some are legitimate charges. what they are doing a lot of times -- >> no, this cramming thing, are they legitimately and consciously doing this? >> yes, and they are targeting you. it's a big business. 20 million people are being affected by this. you are talking about a charges that range $1.95. >> some smaller companies were fined, but are the big dogs doing this as well, the larger companies? >> i think we will see -- the fcc is working on something to
5:51 am
work with transparency. they want more disclosure and transparency to come out. in july we will see what they are talk about. so far, $11 million in fines for this kind of thing. >> there have been cases where people are going years of not seeing this, and you are costing yourself hundreds and hundreds of dollars. >> when you set up the phone account, a lot of times you are not using the services. >> i was looking for my bill before this segment, and i could not find my bill. i see a lot of those things on there, and i think, surely -- man, i'm a sucker. >> sucker no more. >> good stuff this morning. we appreciate you as always. thank you so much. listen to this now. a gunman holds off a s.w.a.t.
5:52 am
team for 16 hours, and he was updating his facebook status the whole time, but also get this, some of his friends were updating him on the whereabouts of the police. you'll hear the story next. annen of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say.
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5:56 am
the flood mark but several inches below what was predicted. more than 4,000 homes below water, and take a look at this cell phone video reported after a tractor trailer slammed into a moving amtrak train near reno, nevada. six people are dead, and some passengers have not been accounted for. the tractor trailer skidded 300 feet before it hit the train causing two train cars to catch fire. and then teaching. teaching about the incident on facebook. here is now the story. >> reporter: for the police, it began when a fugitive was spotted by an officer. >> he has a long-standing
5:57 am
violent drug and alcohol history with us. he is a long-standing gang member as well. when police made contact with him on the phone, he stated i'm not going back to prison. i have a gun and hostage. >> reporter: it was the beginning of a 15-hour standoff. police shut down the phone service but did not realize they could not block the data service. the situation took a strange twist. >> we were notified by somebody on the outside that he was coming up on facebook and discussing the negotiations and police activity. >> he updated his facebook status six times, quote, i'm currently in an stadoff. kind of ugly. i love you guys, if i don't make it out of here alive i'm in a better place. at one point he posted a picture of his hostage, and relatives say keep your head up and duty right thing. but some tipped him off to police movements.
5:58 am
fearing some might do more to help the fugitive, police considered shutting down his page. ultimately the chief said it was decided to keep it up and running. >> we were gaining more than losing by allowing the facebook activity to continue. >> another comment, quote, end this peacefully. it didn't happen. police eventually blew up the walls of the motel room. valdez fired off two rounds before turning the gun on himself. he is expected to survive but in critical condition. he will face charges when he recovers. >> he didn't want to go back to prison. >> that guy is a good dude. he helped me out a lot. >> the social media could have made it worst if the supporters could have came to the scene. other law enforcement should take note, if you have not seen it yet, you will see it.
5:59 am
start preparing now. >> he faces two murder counts, and one kidnapping charge. his facebook page remains active and public, and is drawing a lot of attention. let me give you a look at your sunday forecast. >> right now we're watching parts of the northern plains and into the midwest we have a chance of strong storms. maybe flash flooding and small hail and a few tornados that may pop up. keep in mind, there's always the chance. hazy, hot, humid. feels like summertime in the deep south. and then moisture coming in from the atlantic and the gulf. and rain in portions of the northeast. meanwhile, out west, dry for the time being. enjoy it while you can, because the next storm system will bring rain to the west coast into oregon and washington


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