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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 22, 2011 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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lunch and fill cooler with ice and camp out at the pool. if you don't have a pool, go to an apartment complex that has one and make a new friend. >> we will show you cool. you want to see the egg drop we just did when phil mickelson was here with that teacher? we didn't think it would look. oh, wow! >> okay. >> okay. >> oh, wow! >> co. >> okay. >> we thought this was never going to work. she did it on the first try! >> that is amazing. >> you know why we didn't think it was going to work? when you were here in the meeting, take all of this and work on live television. what are the chances? >> i like don lemon a lot but he has to work hard to top that! "cnn newsroom" starts right now with don lemon. >> i don't think we have to work that hard. what the heck was that? >> you know how live tv works,
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anything that can go wrong, would. we are working with toilet paper and a pie plate and broom and egg. >> great. it's 9:00 a.m. on the east coast and 6:00 a.m. on the west coast. i'm don lemon. in washington, lots of talk but no action on a deal to avoid a debt crisis with only about a week and a half before the deadline. the white house is shooting down reports that negotiations are getting close to an agreement. for millions of americans in the eastern united states, the ferocious heat wave hits its peak today. in some areas it will feel like 115. land mark day for the military. today the pentagon is expected to start the process of lifting the ban on gays serving openly. up first, will the nfl players vote for a new labor contract and save the coming 2011 football season? joe carter is in the middle of the action outside the owners meeting right now. joe, is today the day this ends?
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>> reporter: ah! i think football fans across the world are hoping we can say yes. i mean, football fans just want to get the simple answer, are we going to have football come september? and the short answer to that is -- maybe. in this deal, it takes two to tango. last night you got 31 of the 32 nfl owners saying yes to the new collective bargaining agreement. now, the ball shifts into the players' hands. from the owners perspective, this is a megadeal, a ten-year deal with no opt-out. the most lucrative deal the nfl has ever seen and especially, most importantly, this deal is one that will start the football season on time. here is creditor roger goodell moments after they agreed to this new deal. >> i think we have crafted a long-term agreement that can be good for the game of football. be good for the players, be good for the clubs, and mostly and importantly, good for our game and for our fans. we really are anxious to get
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back to football. >> reporter: all right. so with this new agreement to the cba, the nfl has laid out a very specific time line. the players have until tuesday to say yes to the new agreement. they also have until tuesday to re-organized or recertify as a union. if they do that, then training camp would open up on wednesday. regular season would start september 8th as planned. but, remember, this is not a simple deal. this is a very implicated issue. this is a very large document. the cba is said to be some 500 pages long, so you expect them to take a lot of time to look through this deal. it's a ten-year deal so they are not in a hurry to get the deal pushed through and don't want to have any games in jeopardy as we hope the nfl games start on time. simple terms. are we going to have football? maybe. it's in the hands of the players. if they say yes, it could open as early as tomorrow. >> joe carter, appreciate it.
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it's time to speed up the negotiations in washington on the deepening debt crisis. the government has just over 10 1/2 days to raise the debt ceiling or risk out of money to pay its bills. the white house is now pushing an ambitious plan that would cut $3 trillion in spending over the next decade but negotiations are stuck over the bush era tax cuts and whether to extend them. today the senate is due to vote on the cut, cap, and balance plan which has already passed the house but unlikely to pass the senate and it's doomed should it reach the president's desk. let's get the latest from the white house and cnn's brianna keil keilar. the white house is shooting down reports that the president and republicans are getting close to a deal. what are you hearing? >> reporter: don, they sure are shooting down those reports very much publicly. president obama, he met last night with vice president joe biden who, as you know, was engaged in these debt talks for months. they also met with top democrats in congress for about two hours. as we speak at this hour, house
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speaker john boehner is meeting with his republican conference, as he normally does during the week. we will hear from him about 10:00 a.m. this meeting last night came after word of a potential deal and a pretty big deal after word of a potential deal really stole the headlines yesterday afternoon and overnight. this would be, as i said, a pretty big deal. $3 trillion in deficit savings over ten years. and we only have a rough sketch of it. what is interesting, don, as you said, the white house is shooting this down. they say there is no deal. we heard jay carney shoot this down yesterday. the speaker's office is saying there is no deal but we have from congressional sources who are speaking on anonymity there is a framework. at 10:00 a.m. we will detail what the sources are telling us is in this potential agreement. >> only 10 1/2 days. thank you very much. we will be coming back to you throughout the day. among an already crowded field of gop presidential
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candidates, a new cnn/orc poll suggests that texas governor rick perry may want to throw his hat into the ring too. mr. paul steinhauser joins us live from washington. >> rick perry is thinking about jumping into the white house and could do it. stay tuned on that. the brand-new numbers ass this survey is out a few hours ago. a traffic jam there at the top. romney who is making a second bid for the white house at 16%. look at that. two wants behind is perry. followed by two people who aren't even in the race either. rudy giuliani and sarah palin. both of them flirting with running for the white house but not taking concrete steps towards forming a campaign and sarah -- i mean, ma shell
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bachmann. everybody else in single digits in our poll numbers. this is interesting about perry. last month early in june we asked republicans do you think perry should run for president? 50% said no and only a minority said yes. it's turned around. now they say yes we would like to see perry run for our party's nomination with only a minority saying they would not. i guess things have changes when it comes to rick perry. >> paul, thank you very much. your next political update in an hour. always get all of the political news 24/7 at cnn/ we know it's hot. you know it's hot. 55 different record highs recorded yesterday. the heat now causing the power authority in detroit to start rolling blackouts in parts of that city. the great lakes, ohio valley and northeast may see triple digit temperatures as the day goes on. a pretty rare occurrence.
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cnn's rob marciano live in the "cnn newsroom." we can call it severe heat center today. this is serious stuff. >> we are breaking records now. throughout the week, we have been talking about how this heat wave is more about the humidity and we haven't set a whole lot of record but set a lot of records the past couple of days, especially yesterday and today we will do it again. we are shifting now the heat a little bit further to the east. chicago, minneapolis, minneapolis has seen a break. chicago see the break today and later tomorrow with rain and cooler air. this is the core in through here all the up and down theeast coa. right now, heat indiceses over 120. it feels like 100 at 9:00 a.m. in new york city. when you couple the heat with the humidity. it feels like 107 right now in atlantic city. 103 in philadelphia. feels like 104 in baltimore and feels like that as well in d.c. you can just imagine as we get towards the lunch hour and afternoon, the temperatures will
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feel even hotter than that. here is what our computer models are saying. 104 the expected high heat index in d.c. 102 in new york. we are almost there. we could surpass the numbers easily. something to be concerned about. when is it going to break? not today and definitely not tomorrow. tomorrow in the 90s and up over a hundred. maybe as we get towards friday -- or towards sunday and monday, we will start to see -- so important to point this out. heat is the number one weather-related killer. more than hurricanes, more than tornadoes and more than flooding. this needs to be taken seriously. stay out of the heat, if you can, and look after your neighbors and the elderly and those that are ill. >> interesting, heat kills more than any other natural disaster. we don't even think about that. >> not in this day and times but it happens. >> stay cool and stay hydrated and in the air-conditioning. another rupert murdoch newspaper is stirring controversy. outrage really over an editorial cartoon that is being called shameless and offensive.
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we are following the story from london. monita? >> shameless, offensive, disgusting are some of the words being used to describe this cartoon which we are going to show you. it's basically depicting starving people in somalia with the caption, "we have had a belly full of phone hacking." this is in the "times of london" newspaper owned by rupert murdoch's news corp. it could be depicting the irony of the attention paid on the phone-hacking scandal which millions of people are starving in somalia and horn of africa. 4 million people are starving yet the headlines have been on rupert murdoch and his family over the phone-hacking scandal. again, there has been so much criticism and reaction to this cartoon which had the title priorities on it. some of the tweets that have been coming in. emma keller who is married to "the new york times" executive editor brian keller tweed anyone else wondering if this cartoon
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from today london times is part of the edelman strategy. he is hired by the mur docks to clean up their image, if you will, after this scandal that has engulfed their family. another tweet, jeff jarvis said, good god, murdoch troops, no bounds. another one, cartoon in murdoch's london times may be the most offensive thing they have done just yet. i mean, it could very well be just to raise the awareness or move the attention away from the murdochs and focus attention on more pressing issues the way they have done it, i think a lot of people are up in arms and really offended by this. >> started watching the story trend on twitter yesterday and still a lot of folks are outraged by this, to say it. all of the information the dmv has on you is private, right? always. it florida, it might be for sale. could the faa shut its doors tonight? a funding fight in washington
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could mean just that. what does it mean to you? every day, all around the world, energy is being produced to power our lives. while energy developement comes with some risk, north america's natural gas producers are committed to safely and responsibly providing decades of cleaner burning energy for our country, drilling thousands of feet below fresh water sources
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within self contained well systems and using state of the art monitoring technologies, rigorous practices help ensure our operations are safe and clean for our communities and the environment we are america's natural gas.
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take you across the country to check storiy in florida. if you thought your private personal information with the dmv was that private, well, it isn't. the dmv is selling personal information to companies that are willing to pay the price. it it made more than $63 million last year doing it. in new york now. a crash between a bus and a tractor-trailer overnight left
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one person dead and 30 others injured. authorities say it looks like the tractor-trailer hit the bus as it tried to move from the side of the road back into the highway. in san jose, california, a woman caught up in an internet hacking raid says she is not part of any hacker group, including the infamous anonymous group. tracy venezuela is one of 14 people arrested this week charged with conspiracy and damage to a protected computer. the group allegedly launched cyberattacks with wiki leaks. the fight over the debt ceiling isn't the only showdown going on in washington. a faa could be held up bill could be held up by the senate and lead to a partial shutdown of the agency midnight tonight. can you imagine the cause of the fight is a late edition to the bill. the funding by a house republican that cuts about $8
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million in subsidies to rural airports. what it means for the rest of us that air traffic controllers would still be on the job. we hope. thousands of mostly administrative workers could be fur flloughed and they select t $200 billion in taxes we pay. all air construction projects will stop if the bill is not approved. ray lahood is joining me in washington. thank you for joining me, mr. secretary. >> thank you, don. >> how did we get into this situation? a dispute between the house and senate over what you have characterized very well and summarized very well, whether small airports should get money and whether this labor should be included. the point, though, don, is that congress has passed 20 extensions of this bill without these provisions in there. they could very well pass a bill today, what we call a clean extension of the faa, so 4,000
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federal faa employees wouldn't have to be furloughed and all of these scrubbi these construction workers working on projects at airports today would be suspended tomorrow. one of the highest unemployment is in the construction trades. why do we want to layoff and suspend more construction workers and our 4,000 employees who do a lot of good work are also going to be suspended and, look. . they live on a paycheck and they have budgets to meet. and congress could quickly, today, and this is what they should do, come to work today, pass an faa extension without all this -- these other provisions and then get to a final bill. >> secretary, will that happen? >> well, that's what i'm asking congress to do today. i asked him them to do is yesterday. i've talked to members of congress about this. and i'm asking them to do this so that these projects won't be suspended so these employees won't be suspended, and so these
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taxes can continue to be collected on airline tickets. >> people are frustrated. they want to know why you guys, or our lawmakers can't work this out. does this, to you, appear to be the atmosphere in washington right now? it's my way or the highway, we got to cut, cut, cut, slash, slash, slash, draw a line in the sand? >> congress has passed 20 extensions. they need to pass this extension. they could do it today. i'm urging them to do it today for the benefit of construction workers and for the bep of the jobs that they hold and for the benefit of the 4,000 employees. this is easily done. they could do it very quickly and i hope they will do it for the benefit of these hard working people who need these paychecks. >> what is your contingency plan? >> the contingency plan is throughout today, today, to continue to talk to congress to get this done, but at midnight
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tonight, 4,000 faa employees will be suspended and all these construction projects around the country will be suspended and these construction workers who very hard in very hot temperatures are not going to be able to go to work on monday. this is not the way to run -- we have the best aviation system in the world. this is not the way to run it. >> secretary, thank you so much. >> thank you, don. next hour, i'm going to talk with mary sciavo what is going on at the faa. coming up, clint eastwood has picked beyonce to star in his remake of "a star is born." she calls it the biggest opportunity of her life. the latest "harry potter" movie, that franchise is now the top grossing in u.s. history. what sci-fi classic got bumped out of that number one slot for "harry potter"? i'll tell you next.
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>> come to die!
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time for your showbiz headlines. beyonce knowles says the biggest opportunity of her life. clint eastwood picks a pop star for his remake of "star the born." she tills reuters she never imagined getting the iconic role. there are reports that he wants leonardo dicaprio to play her correspond sta. mike judd says of it time
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for beavis and butt-head to return. box office take of the latest "harry potter" movie, it is now the top grossing in u.s. history. a lot of money there. now "star wars" has sold twice as many tickets as potter. but we are talking cash here. potter just slid past that sci-fi franchise breaking in over $2.2 billion so far. eye popping numbers like that we got to thinking what would it be like to follow in the boy wizard's foot steps? western the only one wondering. one group calculated how much it would cost to go to hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardy. our alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange with the details. how much would it cost? >> reporter: i have to say this. i can't imagine spending my time and figuring this out. i don't know.
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i can think of at least one or two other things i would rather be doing but that is just me. a bunch of economists at lehigh university in pennsylvania, they sat around with their thinking caps just to figure it out. you know what this really shows, don, how popular the "harry potter" franchise is. we see it, kids dress like harry and they are lined up in advance to get books and all sort of other things. there a big cult following. okay. let me answer your question. how much would a hogwarts education cost if there was such a thing? drum roll. more than $43,000 and only one year. tuition is the biggest chunk. remember, harry, he needs a unique list of school supplies. the usual textbooks and seven go for about $500 and three robes, another $500 and he needs a wand and gloves and a cloak and pointed hat. the group looked up these items on amazon to price them. now to compare, $42,000 is what it costs to go to columbia
6:25 am
university here in new york and it's more than a year at harvard. so just to send your kid off to become a wizard, it's going to price you out of the ballpark, i'd say. >> i say it costs zero because it doesn't exist. >> there you go! >> i could have done the calculations for you! it is interesting, them. >> reporter: i didn't do them. it is, if you're into it. >> that movie has made so much money. the franchise, really, i should say the series, the books. unbelievable. it's a whole economy by itself. >> it is. i have watched it go by and haven't watched one clip of it. can you imagine? >> you're not alone. i'll just say that. >> oh, good. >> here it is! now you can say you have seen a clip. >> okay. >> alison kosik, thank you very much. >> reporter: i saw a clip now. >> you are a wizardess? is that a word? indeed. >> reporter: it can be. coming up, after more than
6:26 am
two decades in the ground, the remains of a nazi leader are dug up and burned. also ahead on cnn, they thought it was a wonder krug and our dr. sanjay gupta looks back at the long strange history of cocaine. ♪ let me entertain you
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laes check your headlines right now on cnn. barack obama and john boehner set to meet again today pushing for some kind of progress on the debt ceiling. just over ten days now until the government runs out of money. today's forecast triple digit temperatures for parts of the northeast. this dangerously hot weather is blamed for as many as 24 deaths. the heat index, how hot it feels, could hit 115 in some places. it's looking better for the football season. nfl owners have approved a ten-year labor and money sharing deal with players. the players still have to vote on it, though. it was a covert op targeting
6:30 am
a war criminal in the dark of night. after they got him they sent him to a watery grave. guess what? i'm not talking about osama bin laden here. we are here with more on the exhumation of a top nazi official. what is this about, monita rajpal? >> we are talking about rudolf hess who was gutierrexhumed andd and scattered over a lake. what the town officials were saying, his marked grave site was being used as a shrine to some 7,000 neonazis who would visit that town, that grave site every year to pay homage to this nazi war criminal. he was, as i was saying, he was a confidant of hitler and had been dictated to by hitler in his book. the town officials were saying this has been in the talks for quite a while now. it's quite unusual for a nazi
6:31 am
war criminal or anyone who was found guilty during the nuremberg trials to have a marked grave site. many of those who were executed for being found guilty during the nuremberg trials, they were executed, their bones cremated and then scattered over -- into the sea or into a lake. so it's very unusual that he, himself would have a marked grave. we understand when he was given his life sentence and when he served his life sentence in prison in west berlin, he told officials he wanted to be buried in rosendale where his parents were buried. interesting story. something out of the history books and it could be made into a movie at some point. >> sounds like it. monita rajpal, thank you very much. today is likely the beginning of the end for the u.s. military's ban on gays and lesbians assemble openly.
6:32 am
bash asta barbara starr is live at the pentagon. what does today's certification mean? >> it looks like the obama administration, later today, will certify. you're going to their word certification a lot to capitol hill to congress that once and for all, they are ready to lift the ban on gays openly serving in the u.s. military. what this means is the president, the secretary of defense, and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, the top military officer, will notify congress they are ready for the ban to be lifted, that recruiting and retention of the force will be just fine. that there will be nothing, obviously, that will harm readiness of the force. that they have trained the force to be able to deal with this, they have educated people and rewritten any of the regulations they need to re-write. a major advocacy group has come out and applauded this. i want to read to you what they said. quote, we are glad to see three
6:33 am
weeks into his tenure as secretary of defense, he, obviously, leon panetta, is already confident that this policy change can take place with little or no disruption to military readiness. all of this, of course, begun under the last defense secretary, bob gates. but now moving forward rapidly, there still will be a 60-day waiting period and then it will be gone once and for all. don? >> barbara, does it mean the controversy is over, though? probably not. >> reporter: it's washington. the controversy is never over on anything, is it? on this one, it is not. still, the military struggling with some of the issues out there. will they allow wedding ceremonies, if you will, take place on military chapels and where civil union and same-sex marriage is allowed. what about some of those spousal benefits for people who are in those types of living arrangements. the key controversy, of course, is the federal defense of
6:34 am
marriage act, which defines marriage as being between a man and a woman, appears to supersede all of this at this point. still there will be some restrictions but once this is lifted, people, gays, lesbians, whatever, you know? no longer this sdrimgs. everyo discrimination. they will be allowed to serve openly in the military. >> i never thought about same-sex marriages performed on military installations. it's a new twist and something they have to figure out. >> a new twist and things a lot of people have to get used to. what the pentagon is making clear, they feel very strongly this some 17, 20-year-old ban is outdated and out of touch and they want to move forward and get this discrimination off the books once and for all. >> barbara starr at the pentagon, thank you. a group of hindus say they need to be flown to india to be cleansed after a restaurant
6:35 am
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if you want to learn something, listen to this next story. 16 hindus in new jersey want to be flown to an india town at the source of a river and wants a restaurant in edison, new jersey to pay for it. they are strict vegetarians and say they need to be cleansed after the restaurant mistakenly served them a meat dish like this one. okay? moneyy is from cnn wires. and she joins us now. a lower court said they didn't have a case and another court has reversed that. some leaders in the hindu community are angry with the
6:39 am
plaintiffs here. they are talking about somosas? >> yes. it's a popular indian snack. these indians went to an edison restaurant and served something else. they realized what had ordered and went back to the restaurant and sued them. they say now they have eaten consumed meat, which is forbidden for certain hindus. they have to go to india to cleanse their souls. >> that's what they feel they have to go to india. they can't go to a temple here? >> that is what the debate is about. a lot of hindus are angry for them what they say -- they say these people are taking advantage of american law. in fact, one of the indian leaders i spoke to yesterday in edison called it a hypocrisy of the law. they said they could very well go to a temple here. they are taking extreme measures. >> interesting because this sin
6:40 am
was committed in mistake. >> they didn't knowingly do it. they want to go to the river where the hindu religion start. >> veggie fries? >> they came french fries being fried in vegetable oil but the french fries themselves campaigned beef products and they had -- it was a dozen 10 million settlement in 2002. >> can you tell me why this is so important to devout hindus? >> they believe all animals are god's creature and you must not inflict pain or death on them. by consuming meat, you have done exactly that and committed a sin. >> do we know where this is going to go? >> we don't. it's a very interesting case because had it been an american restaurant, the restaurant owners might have been able to come back and say, look, we just
6:41 am
didn't know it was so important to you. but it's a compelling case because the restaurant is owned by an indian indue. >> there you go. thank you, moni. >> thank you. >> if you want to read her story, head to our belief blog at always great stories on the belief blog. millennials making millions. this is a story you want to watch. if you're a baby boomer with millennial kids born between 1977 and 1998, get them to the tv now so they can learn how to be the newest kind of moguls too and you should watch as well. because you need a 401(k), don't you? kareen wynter reports. >> reporter: they are some of the most successful entertainers in the world. they are not just leading but redefining their industry and all under 30. they are hollywood's millennial
6:42 am
moguls. young superstars with carefully crafted images and social media savvy. >> my generation knows how to embrace this new type that the consumer is getting from the artist. >> reporter: he would know. at just 25, he too is a millennial and the gm of adam factory, best known for managing lady gaga. he says today's young superstars owe a huge thanks to facebook, twitter and youtube. >> gaga interacts with her fans in such a loving way more than anyone. your fan won't connect to you unless they know that you're real like that they can reach out and touch you. >> exactly. a whole different generation. >> reporter: melissa victor believes. she is part of justin beb area publicity team. she says the biggest millennial success stories have a personal identity. >> i think it's talent and hard work and also knowing who you are and knowing what you stand for. that's really important.
6:43 am
>> at the end of the day, the fan -- the fan will respect, honor, and love that you stayed true to your crowd. >> reporter: likewise, both executives agree a strong network is also key. >> surround yourself with very -- very down to other grounded people who understand you still want to embrace and hold on to your morals and values. >> reporter: and ultimately these young moguls call their own shots. >> i don't think it's one person being a puppet. i don't think you could be really truly successful and be a puppet in this time and age, because the consumer is so savvy. >> i feel very lucky that i don't have to live my life based on anybody telling me what image to portray or what to do. >> reporter: so whether it's music or movies or fashion or gragg rans, the winning streak of these millennial fuelled by their fierce fans shows no sign of slowing.
6:44 am
kareen wynter, cnn, hollywood. new developments on the scandal that engulfed the murdoch media empire. one is in the united states where feds are reportedly expanding their investigation into conduct here. that story when we come back. members of the american postal worker's union handle more than 165 billion letters and packages a year. that's about 34 million pounds of mail every day. ever wonder what this costs you as a taxpayer? millions? tens of millions? hundreds of millions? not a single cent.
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the united states postal service doesn't run on your tax dollars. it's funded solely by stamps and postage. brought to you by the men and women of the american postal worker's union.
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this morning, there are a couple new developments on the scandal that engulfed the murdoch media empire. one is in the u.s. where feds are reportedly expanding their investigation into conduct here. the other in great britain. rupert murdoch's son is being challenged for claims he made to members of parliament. let's start there with atika
6:47 am
shubert in london. james murdoch said, as far as he knew, the phone hacking was a single rogue reporter. but two former executives are denying that. >> reporter: that's right. this all hinges on one particular e-mail. basically, "news veof the world said this was only limited to one private investigator and one reporter but an e-mail named another reporter. this showed that it was more than just an isolated case. now, at that time, james murdoch had also authorized a payment to a phone-hacking victim for a massive amount. it was a million dollars which is very unusual. what he said in parliament he had authorized this payment thinking it was the only isolated case. now, what the former lawyer for "news of the world" and the former editor are saying that's not true. in fact, they showed him that e-mail before he authorized that payment and it's important because it may show an attempt to try and cover up just how
6:48 am
widespread this problem was with news international. >> tell us about the allegations that murdoch family targeted families of 9/11 victims. >> reporter: this is one of the things that the fbi is looking into. that perhaps there is an allegation that news international may have been trying to hack into the phone mail messages of british citizens who may have been affected by 9/11 as they were in the united states. now, also, interestingly, jude law, the actor, has also claimed that his phones were hacked by "news of the world" when he was at jfk airport. is there a number of different scenarios that are now appea
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>> add midnight tonight. we'll ask if our air safety is at risk.
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we have to do sports right now. as we wait for the new labor agreement, the 131-day lockout has claimed its first victim. yesterday at the owners meeting the league decided to punt on the ceremonial hall of fame preseason exhibition game between the chicago bears and st. louis rams. it was scheduled for august 7th,
6:57 am
but due to the lockout and the delay of team training camps, it was canceled. the nba's three-week old labor lockout has some marquee stars looking for employment elsewhere even across the pond. in turkey there are multiple reports that kobe bryant is in discussions with a turkish team. have you heard of such a thing? china has been mentioned as another place to play while the lockout is negotiated. one more nba note for you. several reports say lawrence frank will be the new head coach of the detroit pistons. frank's previous head coaching experience was with the new jersey nets. he was there for five years. you know, it it seemed like a good idea to organizers, channeling all that anger over casey anthony's acquittal into a dunking booth at their fair. to a few folks, that didn't seem fair at all. jeanne moos reports. >> reporter: step right up,
6:58 am
folks, and dunk casey anthony. actually rngts don't bother. the dunking booth has already been shut down, but don't blame it on the casey anthony look-alike. >> did you hear the good news? i'm innocent. >> she knew how to taunt her formenters. >> there are tougher girls in prison than you. >> reporter: oh, yeah? the lip ons club in lexington, kentucky decided to give the casey anthony dunking boot a try for their bluegrass fair. >> i think it's going too far, because she's already suffering. god will give her the punishment. >> i think it's funny, and it it attracts a lot of people. it doesn't offend me at all. >> within a day they decided to ditch the dunking booth saying it was distracting from their mission of making money for charity. whether you think it's funny or takayuki, the dunking booth wasn't the only example of black
6:59 am
humor. ayode deli attracts attention w this sign, they say they're so good i feel like i'm getting away with murder. >> people love t. they take pictures of it and laugh at it it. >> the deli manager has been making signs linked to news and scandals for seven years. fans have compiled them on sites like flicker from charley sheen to prince william to rupert murdoch. >> the only thing he wants to hack into is one of our corn dogs and maybe he can choke on it it. >> he says the only complaints about the casey anthony sign came from two florida tourists. you don't feel tacky about it? >> no. i walk the line of taste on these signs. >> where in the world is the real casey anthony? we know one place she's not. there were rumors she was hiding on rivera's sailing vessel. >> she's not on my boat. she's not on my island. she's not in my home. >> but his wife came home telling him plans for their
7:00 am
daughter's birthday party were in jeopardy. >> three of the moms at camp said they'll center difficulty coming over if she's here. honey, are you buying into this ridiculous rumor? its preposterous. >> preposterous but not likely to be the last ridiculous rumor of casey anthony resurfacing. jeanne moos, cnn. >> that's the best you can do? you should be a florida prosecuto prosecutor. it's 10:00 a.m. on the east coast, 7:00 a.m. in the west. i'm don lemon. kyra is off today. here are some of the stories that have us talking this morning. in washington lots of talk and no action on a deal to avoid a debt crisis. the white house is shooting down reports that negotiations are getting close to an agreement. for millions of americans in the eastern u.s. the for her row shus heatwave hits its peak today, and in some areas it will feel like 115 degrees.
7:01 am
a landmark day for the u.s. military. today the pentagon is expected to start the process of lifting the ban on gays serving openly. in washington right now it's time to speed up the negotiations on the deepening debt crisis. government has just over ten and a half days to raise the debt ceiling or risk running out of money to pay its bills. the white house is pushing an ambitious plan that cuts $3 trillion in spending over the next decade. negotiations are stuff over the bush era tax cuts and whether to extend them. today the senate is due to vote on the cut, cap and balance plan that passed the house and it's unlikely to pass the senate. it's doomed if it reaches the president's desk. the white house is shooting down reports that the president and republicans are getting close to a deal. what's going on? >> reporter: that's right. it's very intriguing stuff, don. the white house insists, as is
7:02 am
house speaker john boehner's office that there's no deal. but let me tell you what we know. we know that president obama and vice president joe biden, who has been involved in these debt talks, they met with congressional democrats, democratic leaders last night. this morning the speaker has been meeting with his republican conference. this sort of potential deal is, i guess, how we're talking about it, don, congressional sources tell us that actually there is a potential deal, it would be about $3 trillion in deficit savings over the course of ten years. that's quite a sizable package, but again the white house is saying, no, there isn't a deal, and top republicans, the speaker saying there isn't a deal. all of this is happening at the same time there's this vote in the senate that you mentioned. check this out. fireworks on the senate floor this morning. >> as the saying goes, indecision becomes decision with time. our time has run out before this
7:03 am
gridlock, this refusal by the other side to move within an inch towards compromise becomes a decision to default on our debt. >> after spending last evening saying i'm hopeful we can come together and work something out, the well gets poisoned last evening by the majority leader and gets poisoned again this morning. those of us who have worked our tails off to try to get something done are told that this is a piece of crap. >> reporter: so potential deal, yes, don. congressional sources tell us you can see you still have democrats and republicans trading barbs there on the senate floor, and on the issue of this deal, it appears there are a lot of certainly very important voices, people whose opinions really matter about whether this would be a good idea or something that democratics and republicans could agree to. a lot are left very much out of the loop it appears, while the house speaker and president obama negotiate and keep this
7:04 am
close to the vest. >> oh, boy. brianna, it's going to be a long day for you and a long weekend for me. >> reporter: it's hot here, too, don. >> i know. thank you, brianna. >> thanks, don. next hour, president obama will talk about the debt talks during a town hall forum at the university of maryland. we'll check in on what he has to say and bring it to you. we're following a breaking story out of oslo, norway. a big explosion. we have all the details. what do you know? >> reporter: details are slowly coming in to the cnn newsroom in london this hour out of oslo in norway where we understand there could be as many as two explosions that took place in central downtown oslo potentially affecting the prime minister's building. it's a 17-story building. we understand according to local eyewitnesses and a local reporter and i'm watching our coverage as well in that the
7:05 am
windows have been blown out of several buildings in downtown oslo. again, as we say, it's unconfirmed whether or not it's the prime minister's office that has been affected, but we understand according to reports and the norwegian news agency that the prime minister is safe after the blast in central oslo. we understand that the people are on the streets bleeding. obviously, very scared about the situation. in other reports really coming in in terms of other casualties at this point. >> we have a picture, a twitter picture of the building that we're getting, and take a look at that. there are no reports, no further reports of injuries? but you said several hurt, right? >> reporter: yes, several people we understand are injured according to local eyewitnesses. they're seen on the streets bleeding. details are sketchy right now. there are several buildings within in downtown corridor in oslo, in central oslo, the capital of norway.
7:06 am
we understand that the government building and the prime minister's office is part of this group of buildings. there are other reports that it it could be housing. also a newspaper. again, we understand that there are as many as two explosions that have taken place in central oslo. other details are still sketchy at this point. we're trying to confirm as much as we can right now. >> as soon as you get more information we'll get back to you. in other news now, pro football and it's not a done deal just yet. the nfl's 2011 season still in doubt, despite team owners ratifying a new labor agreement yesterday by a 31-0 vote. that means team facilities could open as soon as tomorrow. free ago and player signings could resume next wednesday, but it's all contingent on the players reinstating their union and votesing for the owners approved agreement. we're live now on the story. joe, do we know when the players are going to take some action? >> reporter: well, don, we would
7:07 am
hope sooner than later. it's one of those things where it's a hurry up and wait game at this point. with the agreed proposal from the owners, they've laid out a special time line that says the players have until tuesday to say yes to this new proposed collective bargaining agreement. now, last night in atlanta, 31 of the 32 teams agreed to the new proposal, the new labor deal for the nfl, a deal that's going to last ten years. a deal that's very lucrative, unprecedented, a deal that really is going to take the nfl into another stratosphere. we spoke with dallas cowboy owner jerry jones about how grueling this it process has been for more than four months from now. >> at the end of the day, you do get roughed up. i don't mean it physically, but you do get roughed up. that's what the negotiation is about. we didn't get where drimed we could get to on some of these things, but we did some things
7:08 am
that will help grow this league. >> it allows for stability the sport. the sport is already so popular. this allows us to worry about football for the next ten years, how to grow the sport, how to make it safer, how to make it more fun. >> reporter: all right. so the players received the finalized new proposal from the owners late last night, and there was an immediate pushback from the players. the players and their reps said they're not going to be rushed or hurried into something. don, i ask you, would you buy a new home or car unless you knew all the terms of the deal? probably not. at in the point the players have until tuesday to say yes to this new deal. if it happens, football will start on time. training camp is opening up this wednesday. right now we're waiting to see if the players can read through the deal and agree to it like the the owners have. >> stand by. stick with it, joe. we need to know. joe carter from hln sports.
7:09 am
in the next half hour the nba three-week-old lockout has some stars looking to europe to play during the stoppage. that list reportedly includes lakers star kobe bryant. we'll talk about the economics and likelihood straight ahead here in the cnn "newsroom." we know it is hot. 55, 55 different record highs recorded yesterday. who knows what will be set today. the heat is now causing the power authority in detroit to start rolling blackouts in parts of the city. the great lakes, ohio valley and the northeast may see triple-digit temperatures as the day goes on. a pretty rare occurrence. rob marciano in the cnn severe weather center. as i said to you last hour, dangerous. we say it a lot, but this really is. >> we all think, it's just hot. no big deal. time after time as far as weather-related fatalities are concerned, heat is number one. more than hurricanes, more than tornados and more than floods. this needs to be taken seriously
7:10 am
and you need to do what you can do to stay cool and give those a break outside in the heat. heat advisories for a good 29 or so states. heat indices are up over 110 and 120 in some areas. with that we have temperatures dangerously hot. it's peaking across parts of the northeast. the i-95 corridor we see the bulk of the heat. right now we look at temperatures that feel like they're up and over 110 degrees. 111 right now is the heat index in atlantic city, 110 in d.c. not only do we see temperature that is feel like they're over 110 degrees today, but we'll feel them tomorrow as well. the heat will break on sunday. until then it's dangerously hot. the actual temperatures alone as measured in the shade, don, without humidity we could set all-time record highs in some larger cities. it's going to be a historic day. >> we both reside here in the great city of atlanta. 88 for atlanta and 103 for
7:11 am
new york. >> and during all of this we had some of our coolest weather this summer this past weekend. i guess those that get it on a day-to-day basis week after week in the summer they're getting relatively a break. these folks that aren't used to it are getting it right now. >> winter for a swim last night and got a little chilly. >> stop it. you'll upset some people. the faa faces a partial shutdown tonight over a funding fight in congress. we'll find out if our skies are still safe. the government sells its stake in chrysler. how did you, the taxpayer, fare in the deal? we'll tell you what got chicago's new mayor rahm emanuel to storm out of an interview with one of my former colleagues. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein! really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24.
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tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke. we're taking cross country right now. in florida if you thought your private, personal information with the dmv was just that, private, it isn't. you better think again. the dmv is selling personal information to companies willing to pay the price. it made more than $63 million last year doing it. in upstate new york, a crash between a bus and tractor trailer overnight has left one person dead and 30 others injured. authorities say it looks like the tractor trailer hit the bus as it tried to move from the side of the road back onto the highway. in san jose, california, a woman caught up in an internet hacking raid says she's not part of any hacker group including the infamous anonymous group. tracy venezuela is one of 14
7:15 am
people arrested this week charged with conspiracy and damage to a protected computer. the group allegedly launched cyber attacks in sympathetic with wikileaks. the fight over the debt ceiling isn't the only showdown in washington right now. a bill that gives funding to the faa could be held up by the senate, and that could lead to a partial shutdown of the agency at midnight tonight. it's over cutting subsidies to rural arirports. what it means to the rest of is that air traffic controllers will still be on the job, but thousands of mostly administrative workers could be furloughed. last hour i spoke with the transportation secretary ray lahood, and here's what he had to say. >> congress has passed 20 extensions. they need to passo) this today. i'm urging them to do this today for the benefit of construction workers and the jobs that they held, for the benefit of the
7:16 am
4,000 employees. this is easily done. they could do it very quickly, and i hope they will do it. >> okay. that was the secretary. now to mary, she's the former inspector general for the department of transportation and aviation attorney as well. what do you make of what the secretary had to say before we continue? >> the secretary is correct, but we need to put it in perspective. it has happened 21 times before. they've been fighting over the faa re-authorization bill since 2007, so the congress has been passing stop-gap measures. there are 47,000 employees in the faa, and 35,000 of them are air traffic control employees. they will stay on the job. they're deemed essential personnel. so of the budget what we're talking about here is there's a $16 billion, and 12 billion of that comes from ticket taxes or user fees. what we're talking about here is the smallest agreement over just a tiny program, essential air
7:17 am
service. i think they will work out the disagreements as they have 20 times in the past over this bill, but air traffic control st stays on the job. they're deemed essential. >> you're talking about $8 to $12 million a year but $200 million a week you're going to cut that off. isn't that like cutting off your nose despite your face? >> it's exactly that. remember as i mentioned $12 billion of the $16 billion comes from the ticket taxes and user fees. it's really important. if this bill lapses they can't legally collect them. we will have days, possibly a week or so because this has happened before. >> that happened with you, correct? >> pardon? >> it happened with you for a couple of days? >> yes, yes. i was in the government when we had to shut the whole government down a few years ago because of an issue very much like we're having now. no re-authorization. all the air traffic controllers stayed on the job. it was largely persons who worked in administrative,
7:18 am
research. they're very important, but they were not deemed essential. so yes, i had to shut the government down once before. >> all right. thank you very much. we've been talking about the looming deadline for the debt ceiling. we'll go to chiapitol hill. you see representative eric cantor speaking. let's listen. >> you heard from the speaker and the leader, and you might hear the same thing from awful us. this conference is very, very united. it's not just a republican conference. we've had a short opportunity for the american public to see what cuts, cap and balance is all about. you if you look at the cnn poll, when they look at the debt limit, they want a balanced budget amendment. there's a fundamental difference here. not only did we say what we're for, we voted for what we're for. that's a responsibility. some people can vote on what they're against, but you have to say what you're for. this is too big an issue for america to face. it's not just america watching. it's also the world. if we're going to continue to lead, you have to step up to the
7:19 am
plate. so the responsibility from the house once again has proven the course that not only will we say what we do, we back it up with votes and put it it on the floor and send it to the senate. the senate has an action to take. they do not like our actions, they have to say what they're for. >> all right. that was kevin mckart any from california speaking before him. eric cantor is speaking. they only have 10 1/2 days to get the debt ceiling raised, or the u.s. may start to default on their loans. also, a report on our breaking news from oslo of an explosion at a government building. we'll have it for you coming up after the break.
7:20 am
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7:22 am
time now for the seo bus headlines. beyon beyonce knowles says it's her biggest opportunity of her life. she tells reuters she never imagined getting the iconic role. there are reports he wants leonardo decap row to play opposite her. beavis and butthead returns to mtv. a huge box office take of the latest harary potter movie, entertainment weekly says that's the top grossing in u.s. history. now "star wars" has sold twice as many tickets as potter, but when we talk about cash here, potter just slid past that
7:23 am
sci-fi franchise raking in $2.2 billion so far. that is a whole economy bigger than some couldn'ntries wow. superheroes and converge in san diego. comic-con shines a spotlight. more than 1,000 it ticket holders rubbing elbows with celebrities, and right there in the middle of all it it he's the kato to my green hornet, the dino girl to my elecro woman, j.d. is here to help me give you a feel for this amazing event. i thought that superman, batman maybe a little bit about the green hornet, but that's where it ends. >> reporter: good morning, don. my goodness. why do you get to be batman? i want to be batman. you can be my robin. you're definitely batman and i'll be robin. over 100,000 tickets were sold.
7:24 am
they expect 130,000 people to walk through the doors of this convention center behind me over the course of this four-day period. i spoke with the mayor of san diego yesterday, jerry sanders, and he said this event is expected to generate revenues to the tune of $200 million for the city of san diego. that's the overall economic boost with about $60 million in transactions happening inside the convention center itself. in fact, it's such a big deal to the city of san diego, they fought hard to keep this convention here for the next five years. what they're going to do to make sure it works is add to the size of the convention center. so anybody listening right now out there thinking maybe i want a job in california, jerry sander, the mayor of san diego, said that this new convention center, once it's finished will add 8,000 new jobs to the city of san diego. let me tell you, the weather is pretty nice out here. why not head on over? the whole thing, don, is about comic books, comic entertainment and comic movies.
7:25 am
i caught up with captain america, chris evans. he was at a special fan event. the very first fans to see the movie a day early. i'm more curious about the next movie he's working on, the avengers along with thor and ironman and him, all the marvel superheroes coming together. out of this big cast, who is he most excited to work with? listen to this. what's your favorite part of filming avengers so far? >> coming to work every day with rodney downey jr. he's fantastic. nicest man in the world. so talented. filled with diz dom. it's an honor just being around the guy. >> reporter: because i have the hardest job in the world, right after that moment i headed on over to another event with another international superstar, hugh jackman from australia promoting "real steel" here.
7:26 am
i was curious. i talked about movies already. there's another big australian in the headlines these days, rupert murdoch and phone tapping. as a celebrity how did he feel about that? what if his phone was tapped, and what were his feelings on how it was handled? listen to this. >> i would not happy to have my phone tapped. i don't think anyone would be. i think mr. murdoch handled it it well, and that he was appalled and shocked and immediately took measures to denounce it, you know. we all deserve our privacy. >> reporter: so as you can see, he's a little sympathetic to his fellow australian there. said he's handled it well, and maybe a lot of people feel that way. i don't know. i think there's mixed feelings about that. a lot is being talked about here at san diego at the world's largest comic convention all the
7:27 am
the way from politics to movies and more. don, are you buying a ticket and heading on out here next year? >> maybe . it seems like it's a comic book thing for adults. i don't get it. it's awesome. that's what i hear. thank you. i appreciate it. coming up next, rahm emanuel gets up and bolts from a chicago tv interview. he says his kids aren't topics up for public debate. the government sells its stake in chrysler motors. how did you, the taxpayer, fare in the deal? that and a check on the markets straight ahead in "the cnn newsroom." [ male announcer ] the network --
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all right. so stand by. this is my first time as a host of the political buzz. it is your rapid fire look at the hottest political topics of the day. three questions. 20 seconds on the clock.
7:31 am
plague today, democratic national committee member robert zimmerman, sirius xm host pete dominick and dana losh. first question. a chicago reporter asked the new mayor where his kids will go to school. listen to what happened next. >> oh, maryann, let me break the news to you. my children are not in a public position. the mayor is. i look forward to our future interviews. i'm done. >> so i used to work at that station. maryann is conducting that interview. we'll see what happened. should elected officials be expected to send their kids to public schools? dana, you first. >> no, i think that he can send his kids whenever he wants to send them, but it's important to realize this is repudiation of his own policies.
7:32 am
as someone in the obama administration, i set forward policies that would deny vouchers to make schools competitive and they're in the pocket of the nea and we see how that works out with the atlanta public schools. it's a huge repudiation of his own policy. >> you're done. robert. >> well, don, that was a lot of misinformed partisan talking pointing in 20 seconds. very simply i expect public officials to be good parents, first. that's the bottom line. i give rahm emanuel for giving a lot of credit that his children's educational agenda comes before a political agenda. i'm glad he shut down that interview. i think it's a good lesson for other public officials. >> you beat the buzzer. does he win anything? is there a prize? no. all right. mr. dominick. >> hello. go ahead, pete. >> hello, don lemon. first of all, some people think that public officials should
7:33 am
have to send their kids to the schools that they're in charge of, but of course elitists like myself don't think public officials, kids should have to hang out with the losers they represent, don. >> that's it? oh, that's just rude. let's move on now. keep the format here. john hudson's campaign manager resigns. newt gingrich had a staff shake-up last month. which gop campaign is in the most trouble at this point. robert? >> john huntsman problem is that he appeals to independent voters, and that automatically disqualifying him from the republican nomination. i think realistically tim pawlenty is in the most trouble. when you attack michele bachmann over migraines, that's an excedrin-making moment. >> dana. >> i think pawlenty is doing incredibly well.
7:34 am
i think huntsman doesn't register well with anyone. i don't think he has a pulse. i don't think gary johnson is doing well. gingrich, johnson, huntsman is at the bottom. pawlenty is next unfortunately. i think he's a good guy. >> can i hear a buzzer just becau because? thank you. go ahead, peter. >> don, i think you should be in charge of the buzzer. i think gingrich never really got his campaign off the ground because he told the truth about palm ryan's medicare deal. i'm most worried now for michele bachmann, because rick perry will get in and take all of her heat away right away. i'm going to dekeep talking so u feel better with the buzzer. >> you're talking too long. you're not winning that avocado green drop-in range for you. >> listen, your buzzer beater, ten seconds each. texas governor rick perry not in
7:35 am
the race but already in second place in the latest poll. is the country ready for another texas governor as president? dana, you first. >> i don't see why not. texas has been doing pretty good despite the economic disaster. who knows? if he can do a good job, he can do a good job. i had time to spare. >> come on. let's hear it. [ buzzer ] >> i know. i like hearing the buzzer. go ahead, robert. >> is the country ready for another texas governor? yea, like cbs is ready for a new series by charlie sheen. the country is not ready for another budget-busting governor who produces a $27 billion deficit. the democrats are ready for it. >> go ahead, pete. >> well, if you care about education, you don't want to look to texas for that. he's done well with jobs. i don't know how good of jobs they are. more of this kind of texas governor thing, i mean, they're not exactly the same guy. but, hey, he's the president of
7:36 am
texas! he's the president of texas! >> you're done. zip it. you have to send me money. i like this. this guy makes -- >> don, you're a tough host. >> i know. alex trebek has nothing on me, huh? thank you robert, pete and dana. have a great weekend, okay? >> thank you. you, too. we go on to breaking news in and out of oslo, norway. we told you about an explosion at a government building. what do you have? >> reporter: we understand that as many as potentially two explosions took place in central downtown oslo. we understand according to some of the pictures we're receiving in cnn london and according to local eyewitnesses, many of the government building's windows have been blown out. that gives you an indication how powerful these explosions were. we understand there have been reports that the explosion took place also near or within the vicinity of the government building that houses the prime minister's office. that is yet unconfirmed, but we
7:37 am
understand that the prime minister is actually fine. he's safe right now. we, again, according to a local -- according to a reporter for reuters and i'm quoting here, this is information coming in. eight people are injured including two or three with serious wounds. there are people apparently you see on the street there bleeding, and again, obviously very shaken and scared. this happened in downtown oslo. oslo is a relatively safe place as you can imagine right now. this is really something that's unusual for a city like oslo in norway. so very -- again, no other information in terms of who claimed responsibility, and police aren't saying anything more right now in terms of clues they may have to what caused these explosions, don. >> thank you. following our breaking news out of london. we'll talk to an eyewitness to the explosion right after the break. before we go to break, let's get a check on the markets. the markets are down 54 points
7:38 am
right now. we'll have a full report coming up here on cnn and again breaking news. an eyewitness to that explosion in oslo, norway is coming up.
7:39 am
7:40 am
7:41 am
back now to our breaking news out of oslo, norway. two explosions going off there near government buildings, shattering windows and injuring people, injuring several people. we want to go now to someone who is in the area, an eyewitness whose name is nick subia. what did you see and hear? >> i just heard really loud explosions. i was sitting there having a drink with a friend, and we were just totally surprised. we actually went near to see what was going on, and we just realized that all the windows were knocked out. it was very frightening. >> we hear that building is a 17-story building, government building. you said all the windows were knocked out. can you describe that building to us? what did you see? did you see smoke or any of the injured being carried out or rescuers on the scene? >> the rescuers got there within a minute or two. i just saw windows here and
7:42 am
there knocked out. i don't know exactly where the explosion went off. it was so loud. i don't know where the central point was. windows even like 300 yards away when i was running away, they were knocked out as well. this was a very strong explosion. >> how close were you to it, nick? >> about 50 meters away just around the corner. >> did you feel it? >> oh, yeah. i felt it. it was -- i felt it. >> describe it. what kind of rumble? >> it was shaking, actually. >> what kind of rumble what? what did you feel? >> it was like getting hit by a truck or something. it was like a wind. it almost knocks you off your chair. it was unreal, and then we just saw black smoke coming up. we knew something was wrong, obviously. no idea what was going on. >> people screaming and running away from this explosion? >> i didn't hear any screaming. it was just confusion. people were just standing there,
7:43 am
and after a minute or twosome people were running down the street just to get away, i think. and i think some people were hit by flying glass. >> so, nick, real quickly, we hear two explosions. you only felt one, you said? >> i think they went off at the same time, because it was extremely strong. >> all right. nick subia is on vacation witnessing it saying he was around the corner having a drink with a friend and heard a big rumble and felt it. he said it was like a big wind was blowing, and then it started blowing black smoke in his direction. several people injured there. government buildings in oslo, no norway. more on our breaking news right after the break. [ jerry ] i'm a grandfather, a retired teacher, and i count on social security.
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breaking news out of norway. here's what we're being today. this went off, an explosion or two explosions in oslo, norway. the prime minister is okay right now. he is okay. the epicenter of that explosion was between his office and the oil and energy ministry right we're fold in the downtown area of oslo, norway. joining me now is linda reinhold. can you update our viewers, please. >> reporter: a very, very powerful explosion in the government building, the prime minister's building. it appeared to have happened -- the bomb appears to have exploded on the prime minister's helicopter landing platform in
7:47 am
the first stage of this building. the windows of the prime minister's office were blasted out, and you can actually see the curtains comes out of the window. so far one person is verified dead, and a number of people are hurt. >> okay. according to your reporting, one person is dead. that's what linda reinhold is telling us on the line now. do you have any idea of -- is anyone taking responsibility for this blast? >> reporter: we have no idea. what's happened, it's all kind of chaotic. we've never had an explosion like this in norway since the second world war, and all we know is that there's been a powerful -- very, very powerful explosion. weapon don't know if it's a bomb, if it's a gas explosion,
7:48 am
what it could be. we're all -- i'm working with the national broadcasting company right now, and we're all desperately trying to figure out what's happened. i can tell you it's really, really scary. everyone is really upset, and nobody knows what's happened yet. i gel calleds from all over norway asking me what's happening. >> it could be a disaster or gas or something else. unusual, though, for this to happen. linda, the prime minister is okay. tell us what hear about his condition and where he was. >> reporter: yeah. we've received reports that he -- well, it's been confirmed that he's okay. so he probably wasn't in the building, because i think anyone who was in that building must have -- well, it's a very powerful explosion. i don't think -- i think people in that building would have been hurt by this blast. >> linda is a reporter for nrk.
7:49 am
thank you for joining us now. back to london and cnn's reporter there following the story. do you have an update for us? >> reporter: we were getting unconfirmed reports according to norway's staid radio, they're reporting there's at least one fatality. this is unconfirmed by cnn, but according to the norwegian radio there's one fatality. another reporter there at the scene, a reuters reporter says there's at least eight injured people including two or three with serious wounds. it's a very fluid situation right now in downtown oslo where as many as two explosions took place. again, listening to the person you had on right now that was saying, again, we don't know if it was a -- if this was intentional or if it was a gas explosion. we know that it was powerful enough to shatter the windows of several buildings within this downtown core housing the prime minister's office. we understand that the prime minister is safe.
7:50 am
that's according to norwegian state television, but again, no other confirmation on whether or not this explosion was terrorist-related or otherwise, don. >> all right. thank you very much. stand by. i'm sure we're going to update this story. again, unconfirmed reports of one death in that explosion or explosions at a government building in downtown norway. oslo, norway. we're back with our breaking news in just moments. don't go anywhere. work faster and smarter so you can get back to playing "angry birds." it lets you access business forms on the go, fire off e-mails with the qwerty keypad, and work securely around the world so you can get back to playing "angry birds." it's the android-powered phone that mixes business with pleasure. so let's get our work done, america, so we can all get back to playing "angry birds." the motorola expert from sprint. trouble hearing on the phone? visit
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7:52 am
the breaking news is out of oslo, norway. an egs ploex or possibly two explosions in oslo, norway.
7:53 am
we want to go now to an eyewitness named eric lock. he was there and he saw it and felt it. eric, tell us about it. >> yes, i was walking down the main street in oslo, and suddenly got this big explosion. i saw some people throw themselves down on the street, and people were yelling. yeah, it was a real chaotic event. at the time i was not sure what happened. actually, i'm still not sure what happened, but it was a big explosion and then people started yelling. it was real chaotic here. >> eric stand by quickly. i want to look at this video, and i'll talk to you a bit more. stand by. >> yes, sir. >> all right. okay. we'll replay that for you. we're just getting that video into cnn, and eric lock is an eyewitness on the phone. some of the pictures i see, i don't know how close you got to
7:54 am
the government building, but it appears that parts of the the street sdaish do-- does it appe parts of the street buckled? eric. >> yeah. can you hear me? >> yes. in some of the pictures it looked like the street buckled. i don't know if i'm seeing it properly. is that what happened? >> well, there are some unconfirmed messages that it was some kind of car bomb, but it's not been confirmed. what i experienced was that when i went down to the big street, it was like a huge blow, a big explosion. you could sell something that i think smelled like gunpowder afterwards. but i didn't think at the time that it was a bomb. it's not -- these things don't happen in oslo, but it seems that it, indeed, may be the case. i also heard that some people
7:55 am
heard another explosion, but that has not been confirmed. some people saw the windows breaks, which could have been misunderstood as a second bomb. yeah, i'm not sure. it's a chaotic situation here now. >> eric lock, thank you. this is all confirmed and is just coming in. until we get official confirmation, we don't know if it was one explosion or two. again, there are unconfirmed reports of one person dead. this new video just into cnn. it was a horrific explosion, whatever the cause of it, and whether it was gas, whether it was someone who set it off with a bomb. we don't know exactly what it is. so, again, this is just coming in to cnn, these new pictures. an explosion downtown oslo, norway near government buildings there. the prime minister, though, was not there and is okay. reports now at least eight people injured and again an unconfirmed report of at least one person dead. more on our breaking news in the next hour of "the cnn newsroom."
7:56 am
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man on tv: ...rbis and 36 homers. swings at the first pitch and fouls it deep back into the stands. [ding] [fans whirring] announcer: chill raw and prepared foods promptly. one in 6 americans will get sick from food poisoning this year. check your steps at topping the political ticker this hour, chicago local media finding out what d.c. newsies have known for a while. current windy city mayor and former white house chief of staff rahm emanuel can get feisty. mark preston is live with some
7:59 am
proof of that. ij people in chicago, the reporters there are well aware how feisty rahm emanuel is. >> reporter: no question, don. you spent time in chicago as well, and the roertds out there are very good. they're not afraid to ask a tough question, and when they ask the the question where he would send his kids, to public school and private school. he got a little testy. look at his exchange with one of the local reporters out there. >> oh, maryann, let me break the news to you. my children are not in a public position. the mayor is. and i look forward to our future interviews. i'm done. >> there you have rahm emanuel who is answering a question there, don, about his children and what schools they're going to. he decided


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