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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  August 11, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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language that is being used, the fact that we've got young people, many young people that seem to have no real guidance, no real direction, i don't agree they don't know right from wrong. they do know write from wrong and that's the problem sir, we appreciate your time tonight. thank you. >> thank you. that's all the time we have tonight. hope to see you back here tomorrow. anders "anderson cooper 360" starts right now. >> john, thank you very much. candidates saying one thing and doing another. we're keeping them honest on that. we begin with breaking news. texas governor rick perry is running. jim acosta has the story. jim, this saturday in south carolina, rick perry is expected to make it official, although it might not be an afigures announcement throwing his hat in the ring. >> that's right. the texas government will throw his cowboy hat into the ring on
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saturday at the conference in south carolina. his speech expected to focus heavily on the texas economy, half of the jobs created in this country, in the last two years they were in texas. republicans are going to point to that as a success story. democrats say not so fast. most of those jobs are low wage jobs. democratic source told me earlier today, governor pair vee all hat and no cattle. but after the speech in south carolina, anderson, he heads off to new hampshire and he taped an interview with a tv station. he's making all of the moves of a candidate tonight. >> he's also headed to iowa this weekend but not taking part of the ames straw poll, is sne. >> that's right. this was designed to steal the show from the ames straw poll this weekend which is where all of the other republicans are. it's become a gop beauty pageant. sarah palin stepped on rick perry's story.
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now he is stepping on hers. welcome to 2012, anderson. >> yeah, just beginning. jim, thank you very much. the front-runner, former massachusetts governor, mitt romney, and his remarks on the campaign trail set off a storm. you can decide what to make of them. keeping them honest. boasting one thing and doing another. criticizing president obama for mixing the deficit with new revenue and when romney was governor in massachusetts, that's precisely he made the case to standard & poor's after they downgraded his state. bragging about spending cuts and tax revenues. governor romney is in iowa tonight for debate. he made headlines. listen. >> and if we are ultimately, not just this year but over the coming decades going to be able to balance our budget and not spend more than we take in, we have to make sure that the promises we make, medicare,
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soci social security medicare and medication are promises that we can keep. one is to raise taxes on people. >> corporations. >> corporations are people, my friend. >> no, they are not. >> of course, they are. it ultimately goes to people. where do you think it goes? >> well, you can make of that as you will. mitt romney was the first to criticize president obama when standard & poor's downgraded the credit. and restoring the aaa rating. he pushed for a no tax solution. the house gop cut cap and balance bill and slams the president as a tax raiser. watch. >> the president to agree to cut federal spending, to cap federal spending, and to put in place a balanced budget amendment. >> there are three mathematical
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ways to fix a deficit. one is, you can raise taxes a lot and for some reason that's what the president always thinks about. let's just raise taxes. instead of lowering taxes, he raised them. did you know that our employers pay the highest taxes in the world? >> come on, mr. president. you can, by yourself, cut the spending, agree to cut spending, cap the spending, and put in place a balanced budget amendment. >> so governor romney says he favors a plan to cut the deficit without raising revenue and it's not for us to say whether it's a good or bad thing. but keeping them honest, that's not the case he made back in 2004 when he was lobbying s&p to raise massachusetts credit rating. politico obtained 27 pages of confidential discussion materials and the governor staff gave to s&p. they say it's unclear whether mr. romney took part in show casing it but in april he said that he was proud of his role. >> the president really ought to personally sit down and meet
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with s&p. i did that the when i was governor. i met with the ratings agencies and talked about our future and tried to instill confidence in our future because how they rate our debt and our future as a nation will affect the interest costs that we end up paying and affect homeowners and borrowers all over the country. >> now, there's nothing unusual of a govern for trying to make their case. back then, boasting doing precisely what he's slamming president obama for advocating today. take a look at the governor's points in the demonstration. successfully managed revenue and expense positions in 2002 and 2003. increased tax revenue of more than a billion dollars a year. a tax amnesty worth $269 billion. the confidential discussion also highlights increasing fees, $271 million yearly starting fiscal
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year 2004. the irony is with the exception of the higher fees, the other tax items became law before mitt romney took office. that didn't stop him, though, from taking credit with s&p. also ironic, that makes taxes and spending cuts a credit upgrade. the one thing that governor romney benefited from back then, president obama is wrong to pursue now. joining us to talk about governor romney, governor perry, and the rest of the field, and eric eric son, editor in chief. how much will this flip-flopping hurt romney in the primaries given the other flip-flops that he's done over the years? >> eric knows his party and movement better. but i do think in the last 30 years the anti-tax position has become an article of faith, so much so that ronald reagan aide said to me, reagan couldn't make it today because he raised taxes as governor and as president. that's such an article of faith
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that flip flopping on that, when you flip-flop on abortion and other rights, i think it makes romney vulnerable. >> eric, what about that? does this tax record on taxes make it that much more difficult? >> yeah, it does. it's an accumulation of things. it's not just that. it's his health care position, flip-flop on his immigration position, abortion position, flip-flops on, you name it. he can say that most of the tax increases came in before he was governor and just being governor and saying what the governor had done. it's not going to buy him to the primary. he's gotten a lot of criticism for what people mockingly call the witness protection program the last couple of months and might should have stayed there for a few more weeks. >> paul, let's talk about rick perry. what do you make of him entering the race this weekend? what do you make of his entering the race? how does it change things on the gop side and for president obama?
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>> first off, good for him for going to eric's place. i'm all for sucking up and eric has a powerful movement. i have yet to agree with a single word on it. it is indes pensable and governor perry is showing the power in his movement. but i think as a texan, i knew him a little bit, a million years ago when he was first starting out. i think he brings three things. first, he can fire up that base, i think almost effectively as michele bachmann who i think has been the most exciting candidate in the republican party. he can raise money as good asmeas mitt romney. number two, he will do or say anything. 600,000 people dead in the civil war, he's flirted with succession and this is the most monster rouse thing. he's allegedly previd sided over the election of one of his
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candidates who was innocent. when that evidence came to rick perry, he ignored it, had that man executed any way and when it was being investigated by one of his own state words, he's accused of not removing from that board. >> he will do or say anything, are you saying that he's a pure politician, that he doesn't really have strong ideals that he stands up for? >> yeah. certainly very conservative and i don't think he's going to move off of those. i just -- he doesn't seem to have the kind of guardrails, left or right that most politicians seem to have. to me at least, i think that can be an effective thing as a politician. if i was mitt romney, i would quaking in my guccis. but there is something about him. a spinal tap when you turn the speaker up to 11. if you want a conservative who is a ten, he will turn that
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speaker up to 11. >> eric, what about that? for conservatives particularly in the primary, how will he do against the others in the field? >> i think he will probably do very well. he seems to be capped out of the quarter of the republican primary. you can't get much more sport than that nationally. maybe up to a third in new hampshire and a third other primary states but not much more than that. rick perry has the potential, because of a huge fundraising base from texas and being a popular conservative governor to consolidate the field quickly. i think the romney folks are fearful of that. i'll say this on his behalf. paul's dislike of rick perry has nothing to do with the partisan politics. it has everything to do with him being an agian. i can't blame him for that at all. >> i can't wait to root against him in my own conference. >> paul, do you see rick perry,
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though, change -- if rick perry got the nomination, how does he change in a general election? he just had a big prayer rally. do you still see him -- how does he change? to get independent? >> i think governor perry has less capacity to move to the center than a mitt romney does. and i think that he could be trapped on the far fringes of the right. but he has been astonishingly successful. he does not have that same flexibility as, say, a mitt romney, conservatives will see that as a good thing, as a more principle thing. but i've never been one to say that i choose the opponent. i'm a democratic. i'm advising a pro obama pact but i don't believe in like saying -- i remember the carter people when i was a kid saying, we want ronald reagan. by golly, we got him. so i'm more humble in that regard. >> if the issue is jobs and jobs
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creations, more than half of the jobs recovered were created in texas. he signed a balanced budget. he's got a flack for running a deficit but skilled back the sides and scope of the texas government and may give those to criticize him for what they could. le get credit for the same way that barack obama will get blamed for the national economy. >> eric ericson, thank you very much. liberals facing buyer's remorse? let us know what you think. follow me on twitter @andersoncooper. later, the wall street roller coaster drum bells back up the hill again. is your money along for the ride? ali velshi is joining me. >> the syrian dictatorship may have pulled forces out of hama
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but the military killing machine rolls on. in bloodshed and new victims. that and more when "360" continues. of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say.
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well, there is still a chance president obama would look his age but with the market mess all taking their toll not just on the president but on his supporters chls take a look at the headline, why the center left is fed up with obama. in it, miller says the recent string of bad economic news has made something in him in others snap. it's the sound, he says, of confidence in obama's leadership breaking. he writes that events keep screaming that president is weak and says that's the way it smells to him. the question tonight, is this one of those long, hot summers that has for meanted this president or something more? let's turn to paul and candy crowley in iowa as well. is this a real concern, there is some on the left talking about running a candidate against
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president obama in the primary. >> i can't think of a president that has been opposed and then went on to be re-elected. i don't see any signs of that. nhd, not happening dude. president obama is as strong as he's ever been essentially among democrats. now, there are thoughtful commentaries. matt miller is a smart guy. he used to work for president clinton as wilell. the truth is, his problem with voters is among independents, not among his liberal base. >> do you agree with that, andy? should the president have reached some type of a tipping point? >> reporter: listen, the folks that you've been talking about that are unhappy with the president have been unhappy with him for quite some time. we are now getting to a crucial point in the election cycle,
5:18 pm
this fall really does kick it off. maybe a year in advance but we are revving up. these people have been unhappy for some time to send a message. that's what this is. you are talking about basically poor democrats, they are not going to vote for a republican. so should he be worried? not in terms of will they not go and vote for them. you're talking about people that are going to go out and vote for mitt romney or michele bachmann or jon huntsman. they are going to vote democratic, maybe they won't put a sign in their front yard or they might not volunteer. but these are voters who are going to vote and vote for the president as unhappy as they are and they are sending him a message and that's what this is about. >> if you were advising the president's campaign, which you are not, what would you tell
5:19 pm
them to do? >> well, i would tell them, listen, candy, to throw a few punches. look, our colleague, my buddy, he likes nothing more than a threat from mars. the democrats will if obama and his team can focus on the republicans. if you were david axelrod, who i luch and admire, i would put a big picture of henny youngman who famously said every time how's your wife? compared to what? compared to what? right now it's compared to the dreamy expectations a few years ago. i would rather have it say, compared to what? that will bring the democrats back to president obama. >> so you say not make it a referendum on president obama. that would be a huge mistake.
5:20 pm
make it all about the republican candidate? >> right. that's easier said than done. every incumbent wants to defend their record. in truth, they will have to make a psychological shift, to make this choice and not a reverend doesn't and spend a lot of time talking about the other side. it's harder now because there's not a republican nominee but there's a clear field and they all have ideas different than the president's and they ought to be engaging them. >> i want to ask another question to candy. did you say that they were upset because president obama doesn't ride a unicorn and shoot jobs out of his -- >> out of his ears. i picked the right orifice. this is a family channel. ears, that's the word that i used. i sometimes slip. >> candy, it doesn't seem to
5:21 pm
materialize but do you think this is just -- do you think the white house sees this as a major problem? do you think the white house is as concerned as some on the left are about the state of affairs about where they think the president is? because it does seem like, in some of there's statements over the last couple of weeks, that they think this is just kind of like op ed writers, board in august coming up with stuff to write about. >> reporter: listen, i think you have to always be concerned a that the most ard dent members of your party are unhappy and doing so publicly. the left is going to come with him. they are not happy. they want him to be tougher and stand up against republicans and want him to not agree to things that they consider completely unacceptable. they hated the whole debt limit
5:22 pm
fight. he has held hostage, blah, blah, blah. but in the end, at the end of 2012, they are not going to vote for whoever the republican s are the independents who gave him the job in the first place, that's where his attention is. >> i want to bring in gary. is that for real? >> i think it's more washington and new york than it is north carolina. i think, anderson, democrats are like baseball fans. we're sitting up in the bleachers and the race is getting hot and our star player who was hitting 400 is in a slump. we want to see him get some triples and home runs. it's a frustrating time. but as everybody else has been talking here, a year from now, it will be august, republicans will have to pick an opponent and obama has been through this problem before where people had said that he was too weak. he always seems to rise to the
5:23 pm
occasion. he's sort of mr. october. and we're counting on that again next year. >> gary, how much of this could you think is the personality of the president in that he is not necessarily a political brawler? >> he's not. he just turned 50 years old and most of us, once we're 50, we are not going to change who we are. we are not a collection of red states and blue states. we're the united states. that's what appeal to people a lot. and he has stuck with that. and he may be the only person in washington who believes it but he seems to believe that washington, the two parties ought to be able to work together and solve this problem. you know, bless him for doing that and i hope he keeps trying. >> paul, has it -- i think you believe it's been a mistake for the president to kind of go for this bipartisan thip whship whe
5:24 pm
would argue that the republicans have been playing him. moving forward, how does he need to shift strategy, if at all? >> well, if he wants to keep his job, he has to move the needles on the jobs package. i heard earlier tonight, david axelrod ticking off good ideas of extending tax cuts for the middle class on the payroll tax. a patent reform bill and south korean trade deal. it's not enough. he needs a big, major jobs package and then defy the republican house to the to pass it and run against harry truman and say, i compromised a lot. why won't they pass it? and then you have the fight that the people want to see. >> paul begala, appreciate your time. candy crowley, thank you. michele bachmann will be
5:25 pm
candy crowley's guest on this sunday's "state of the union." still ahead, more turmoil in the stock markets. another day of wild swings. this time swinging upward. what is driving all of the volatility. we'll talk to ali velshi. and a young american woman vanishes in the same town that natalee holloway disappeared six years ago. an update on that. [ male announcer ] members of the american postal workers union
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well, we're following other
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breaking stories tonight. a lot of people are trying to make sense of what is happening in the stock markets. another roller coaster ride. the dow industrials jumping almost 4%. the two biggest gains of the year this week. also the biggest low of the year. today all of the major indices were back in black. encouraging economic news helps stocks recover. i spoke with ali velshi about it a moment ago. it's up, it's down, what causes the rally? >> people are taking a step back and looking at the heavy momentum of the selling the last couple of days and re-evaluating whether it's heavy buying into the last few days while people are moving into, you know, as we call a flight to safety, going into safer investments. getting back into stocks because a lot of people are saying that it's unreasonable. the stocks are priced so low that it's time to get back in.
5:30 pm
there are also rumors all day about some action that the europeans would be taking to ban the short selling of financial stocks. remember what happened back in here in the united states in 2008. it stabilized the markets so that means it will probably stabilize going into tomorrow. european markets and that continued into u.s. markets. >> you talk about it being irrational. the swings have been so radical every single day. >> they have. and i have to remind you, back in the spring of 2009 before we found a market bottom, this is what happens when there is this level of uncertainty. we trade by computers. there is something called high frequency trading. that's not the same as someone calling up their broker. it all happens fast based on where the market is going. it triggers more sales or more buy orders. so we're going to see this kind of activity. until there's some real leadership in this market, somebody convinced that the economies of the world and the united states is not as vulnerable as they appear to be
5:31 pm
right now, i think you're going to see a lot of the volatility. it's the new normal. >> the new figures, the number of people filing for unemployment for the first time since april, what does that mean for the overall economy? >> it's a pretty good sign. we got those numbers this morning and thought the markets were going to do well. and then we got this report. it's good to see fewer than 400,000 people filing for unemployment benefits in a week. it's a huge number but a sign that things might be stable on the job front. as you know, we got a better than expected jobs number for the month of july. we got that about a week ago. this is just further encouragement that it's not necessarily a double dip recession. everything's not necessarily bad. it was one sign and one sign that investors needed desperately that the economic significant thats that we've got are mixed, not all to the downside. >> some good news in that. ali velshi, thanks. >> my pleasure. and now to somalia. almost 30,000 kids have died in
5:32 pm
the last few months. as awful as that is, it's about to get much, much worse. the world food program is the world wood program for somalia. 600,000, 600,000 kids are on the brink of starvation and unless the international committee steps up. 600,000 little girls and little boys. this is more than just a big number. these are some of the children. each one has a name and a family that loves them. here's another number you need to know. $2.5 billion. that's how much the u.n. says they need to respond to the famine. it's a familiar anyone in the entire horn of after kachlt it's a drought. the famine is in southern somalia. so far it's received half of the money that is needed. today the united states pledged an additional $17 million. that's on top of $105 million it
5:33 pm
has already given. here's what secretary of state hillary clinton said today. >> every few decades the cycle repeats. and it would be easy to throw up our hands and blame it all on forces beyond our control. but this cycle is not inevitable. the food shortages may be triggered by drought. they are not caused by drought. but rather by weak or nonexistent agriculture systems that fail to produce enough food or market opportunities in good times and breakdown completely in the bad times. in other words, a hunger crisis is not solely an act of god. it is a complex problem of infrastructure, governance, markets, education. these are things we can shape and strengthen. so that means this is a problem that we can solve. >> she said, this is not an act of god.
5:34 pm
droughts may be an act of god, as bono said. an islamic group has prevented aide workers to give aid in the south where the famine is the worse. kids are dying of diseases that no child should die of. we said that about 100 million has been given from the u.s. to somalia. this is a massive area which has been affected by drought, the worst drought in 60 years. many of you have been asking to help in somalia and i don't like to tell you whether or not too give money. we've directed you to our impact your world website which is we checked in with some of the organizations and they said that they've seen an increase in donation over the last few days. go to just ahead, details of
5:35 pm
another young american woman missing in aruba, even staying in the same resort town as holloway. first, the 360 bulletin. >> in syria, activists said at least eight people were killed today in the ongoing crackdown. security forces reportedly arrested 200 people in one city. cnn cannot verify either report because we're not allow inside syria. david cameron said london police have admitted they took too long to arrest rioters and looters after four nights of mayhem. the losses are at more than 1$11 million. cameron promised them assistance. >> if you've had your livelihood and property damaged, we will compensate you. we are on your side. and to the lawless minority, the criminals that have taken what they can get, i say this. we will track you down, we will
5:36 pm
find you, we will charge you, we will punish you. you will pay for what you have done. >> doctors in boston have reduced the first pictures of charlotte nash who received a full face transplant in may. she lost most of her face and both hands when a chimp pan neez mauled her. she said her new face has brought her back to life. and the fastest aircraft ever launched failed for the second time. most researchers said they lost contact with the unmanned hyper sonic vehicle over the pacific. it was capable of gliding at mach 20, about 13,000 miles per hour. >> wow, that's surprising that that occurred. time now for a shoft a veteran returning from afghanistan, showing up at a baseball team to surprise his wife. take a look.
5:37 pm
>> as she bounces across the middle, congratulations to her. >> darla is throwing the ceremonial first pitch before a mississippi braves game. she thought she had been chosen randomly. she had no idea that her husband was the catcher. he missed his daughter's high school graduation. i love seeing these videos of the reunions, especially when dads go to their little kids' school for the first time. >> i showed more serious stuff, more serious stories ahead. a disappearance of a young woman in aruba. her name is robin gardener who disappeared in the same town that natalee holloway disappeared in. the man who reported her missing may have something to hide. casey anthony has been acquitted of her daughter
5:38 pm
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tonight's report, new details in the disappearance of robin gardener a. young woman from maryland missing in aruba. if your first thought is natalee holloway, you're certainly not alone. she was vacationing in aruba when she vanished and even visiting the same town. the 35-year-old gardener was
5:42 pm
last seen on a beach with her friend named gary, who reported her missing. but police say his story doesn't added a up. martin savidge is in aruba tonight and has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: the last time anyone saw robin gardener was here at this baby beach. this man says late in the day on august 2nd they were snorkeling together when she simply vanished. >> he couldn't stand any more and he signed him to let's go back and when he reached shore, she was nowhere to be seen. >> reporter: he called 911 and a massive search was launched. helicopters, a plane, boats, and divers. but days later, still no sign of gardener. >> the body goes outside a reef, it goes very deep. you can see it there. it goes under the water. the current will take it away. >> reporter: the island paradise is no stranger to disappearances. more than six years ago natalee
5:43 pm
holloway came to aruba after graduating from high school but never came home despite years of searching, her body has never been found and the specter of her disappearance still hangs over aruba. as for gardener, her friends are not convinced that it was a coincidence. >> she's more concerned about getting her hair messed up, face messed up, i can't see her snorkeling or get r going in the water much more above her waist. >> reporter: just hours before she disappeared, she left behind a cryptic message. this sucks. she had been vacations in aruba with a man that she met online, he has a criminal record online and is under scrutiny. >> it was a bit of a roller coaster friendship and some days he was nice and other days he wasn't. >> reporter: before he boarded a plane back to the u.s., he was
5:44 pm
taken into custody. the statements made by the traveling companion led to detain him for further questioning on the possible drowning of the woman. prosecutors said. his attorney says he's completely innocent and that he is cooperating with the investigation. >> they suspect for murder but there's no proof, to my knowledge, i don't see any proof. >> reporter: investigators are going through the couple's rental car forensic clee for clues as well as smartphones and computers. but since there were no witnesses who actually saw the couple snorkeling, they face a daunting task. trying to figure out what really happened to gardener. >> all i can imagine is that whatever was happening to her, she was screaming for me and i wasn't there. >> reporter: like natalee holloway, gardener came to aruba for what should have been a trip of a lifetime and now she, too, has disappeared without a trace. >> what's the latest on the
5:45 pm
investigation? >> reporter: well, right now there appears to be a very different change in the feeling for the prosecution. they say that giordano is no longer cooperating and that he stopped talking to authorities. his attorney is not talking to them and they now classify him as a suspect in this particular case and they are also publishing his photo and telling people on the island, hey, if you saw this guy, what was he doing and who was he with? we need to know more information about him. >> he's now an official suspect? >> reporter: it is. i mean, it's kind of odd. i don't know whether it's a language thing or just a difference in the judicial system. up until now they simply said they had detained him, which of course they picked him up as he was trying to leave the kourn tree. now in a press release they named him, they say suspect. they don't necessarily say prime suspe suspect or anything else. he was the last person with her when she disappeared.
5:46 pm
they still want to know more from him. they hope to get help from the federal government and the united states. the fbi getting involved may search his home and get information about phone calls and computer communications. >> and has natalee holloway's family gotten involved in the search at all? >> reporter: well, there is something called natalee holloway's foundation and, of course, it was started up with the help beth holloway but beth or anyone else is not directly down here. the foundation is helping to put out publicity in this particular matter. you know, one of the things you've got to see and i've heard beth as she's talked about this case is that, it has to bring up a horrible, horrible load of memories of her daughter and what happened here over six years ago and about the fact that her body has never been found. that case has never been resolved on this island. which is why this case brings back so much to so many people. >> yeah.
5:47 pm
martin, appreciate the update. the young man -- remember the man who went on a cross country crime spree and ended up down in the caribbean, stealing five planes and several boats, he's going to earn a big chunk of change. we'll tell you hoch. he won't be able to keep it, though. and tonight the ridiculous, the haters of paula abdul. the defense of paula abdul. the haters are in a spot of our ridiculous. we'll explain ahead. and cheer for our favorite team. we'll still go to meetings, make home movies, and learn new things. but how we do all this, will never be the same. [ martin luther king jr. ] i still have a dream that one day on the red hills of georgia,
5:48 pm
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back following some other stories with the 360 bulletin. >> a skating report on casey anthony. the 25-year-old "responsible for her daughter caylee's death," officials say anthony failed to prevent caylee from her action or lack of actions. and shot by police and arrested in colorado after a nationwide manhunt, the three are being held on a million dollars bond each. they face numerous charges. and remember the barefoot bandit? his cross country crime spree has landed a $23.1 million movie deal. the proceeds are going to his
5:52 pm
victims, anderson. what do you make of that. >> at least it goes to their victims. i thought the guy was making the money. i can't believe, obviously -- >> then you read the small print. >> yeah. exactly. coming up -- actually, let's take a look at what is on piers morgan tonight. piers? >> tonight i sit down with hollywood royalty, jeff bridges and he starred in crazy heart and true grit. what it is like to play a drunk without actually being drunk. >> i would do something like for rooster for this guy, a wild turkey or something. and that helped the other actors, too. but you don't want to get drunk. >> i wonder what that smell was.
5:53 pm
>> the magnificent jeff bridges at the top of the hour. back to you, anderson. >> piers, thank you very much. still ahead, a warrior and survivor and, in my opinion, a gift. who else, paula abdul and all of the people hating on her, they are landing on her ridiculous. we'll explain straight ahead. we'll explain straight ahead. r. we'll explain straight ahead. r. we'll explain straight ahead. ou. we'll explain straight ahead. r . we'll explain straight ahead. cos feel about your decision? they were the ones who were against ford. they were like they're a truck company. for the most part i am pretty sure i have changed most everyone's mind. krystal, you seem pretty comfortable up there, are you sure you haven't done this before? umm. . . i did 8th grade telecommunications class. energy is being produced to power our lives. while energy developement comes with some risk, north america's natural gas producers are committed to safely and responsibly providing decades of cleaner burning energy for our country, drilling thousands of feet below fresh water sources
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time for the ridiculous. it's the paula abdul haters.
5:57 pm
bad news for you haters. you are a bunch of coldhearted snakes and i'm looking into your eyes. it started with an issue of "us weekly." i like to ponder that old age question, demi moore or demi lovato. infamous insiders dishing on celebrities like madonna, jennifer employee pez, and, yes, paula abdul. any person who claims to be a hollywood insider probably isn't. i guess that's how the game is played. what i'm really annoyed by and don't annoy loverboy, this supposed paula abdul insider makes it sound like her demands are somehow unreasonable. for example, miss abdul's assistance are reminded that she's a warrior. she is nothing, if not a warrior. how doi know this?
5:58 pm
because paula said so. >> i get to the point where i don't care anymore. they beat me down. >> they are beating you down. >> they beat me down. well, i'm a warrior. can't beat a warrior down. paula abdul requires her assistance to tell her that she's a gift. i mean where, do they get this stuff? >> i'm tired of people not treating me like the gift that i am. it's hurtful. >> so basically, "us weekly" i had r insider could be anyone watching paula abdul's reality show. yes, i watched it. i liked every single episode. how about information, please? i mean t. seems like you're basing your criticism on random things she said and then taking them out of context. you should be ashamed of yourselves.
5:59 pm
i would never do that to her. >> have i ever told you guys, i really love velveeta cheese? >> the so-called insider who, let's be honest, is probably m.c. smack cat, tells us that paul laz assistants have to carry around a tape recorder. what reason would paula abdul have to not trust her own conversations? >> good morning, paula abdul live in new york city. >> good morning, everybody. >> what are you looking forward to this he's son? >> how about a lot of you coming in? it's a wild party where you are. >> what's even stranger about that, they put that on her reality show. now, haters, anonymous insiders, just know that miss abdul prefers to take the high road. >> any publicity is good publicity. you've got to learn to eat it up and embrace it.