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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 15, 2011 9:40am-10:00am PDT

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15,000. they have pretty unemployment rates. number three, solon, ohio. you know it for the cleveland clinic, that world renowned clinic creates a lot of jobs and brings a lot of folks to solon, ohio. they were voted the best school system in the entire state. and then number two, milton, massachusetts. outside of boston. population, 27,000. their unemployment rate, better, 7.6%. and their homes have not decreased in value too much, and you can barely say that for any city out there right now. they have a top notch school system. and the only downside is they have high taxes. it's all about jobs and
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education in these towns. >> yeah, usually school districts involved with towns that have not lost home value. what is number one? >> right. this is a place that i have never been, but it sounds beautiful. louisville, colorado. 18,000 people live there. their unemployment rate, 6.3%. a lot of jobs in tech, aerospace, and home prices have not been hit by the housing crisis. they have among the lowest crime rate in colorado. look at it. who would not want to live there? it's picturesque. it's near boulder, and it looks like a little slice of heaven to me, but i never see grass because i live in the concrete jungle. i want to point you to something fun that we have on the site. for the first year, you can see the whole list on cnn and people are taking pictures of their favorite local foods
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and then sending them in and people are voting on the best small town food. you have been sounding off on the "talk back" question, what does president obama need to tell middle america? carol costello is here with your responses. >> we're giving him a preview. this from toi. the truth. and another says he will do the country a big favor by not running for re-election. i realize he can only do as much as congress will let him, but at least we will know he has ideas and it will put an onus on his opponents to do the same. tyler says he needs to tell america what his plan is, and business owners can decide what their budget will be. please keep the conversation
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flowing. facebo and then will he convince voters in the key states he is traveling around in. the president, his interview tomorrow will be at 5:00 p.m. eastern with wolf. that should be good. well, she was stolen in guatemala, and brought to missouri by an adoption agency, and now her adoptive parents have to let her go. rafael romo has this little girl's heartbreaking story. on the red hills of georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood. i have a dream today!
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just a reminder, we're at a live event here. we're in cannon falls, minnesota. we will go there live. it's the first stop of the president's three-day bus tour. rafael, they gave me a heads up, it's a minute away or two, but we will try to get the story in about a little girl kidnapped by an adoption agency. now she is going home. rafael romo has that story. >> reporter: she broke down in tears after hearing the decision. for the first time the judge in guatemala, is giving her the possibility of seeing the daughter who was kidnapped. >> i have fought so hard for this, and it has been five years and the surprising ruling makes me happen. >> reporter: it happened almost
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five years ago. she arriving home with her three children when a woman grabbed her 2-year-old daughter and got into a waiting taxi. the girl who is now 4 years old was apparently sold to an international adoption agency, and eventually adopted by an american couple in liberty city. >> all i want to tell them is to return my girl. i don't feel anything against them, because perhaps they took my daughter without knowing she was stolen for me. >> she posted flyers and staged a hunger strike at one point. they say this is an emblematic case. >> it's an absolute tragedy. if something like this is what it takes for them to be real reform and oversight over the international adoption process, that portion is a good result. but i would never wish this on
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anybody. >> the american couple apparently had no idea the girl they were adopting was kidnapped. they had no comment when a local station in missouri asked for an interview. >> i would just have to think about, like, what if the situation was reversed and my own child was kidnapped. it's sad to know somebody in our community is going through that. >> and rafael joins me now. the adoptive parents had been quiet until now. >> very quite. a half hour ago the family spokesman issued a statement and the statement says the family will continue to advocate for the safety and best interest of her legally adopted child. they remain committed from protecting their daughter from additional trauma as they pursue the truth of her past through the appropriate legal channels. it's so tranlgic, because this family did not know anything about the girl's past. they trusted the adoption agency, and apparently the adoption agency somehow bought this girl after she was kidnapped and that's the
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problem, because you have a family in guatemala, who is in this situation. they did not deserve this. you have a family in america who is also brokenhearted because of this. >> what about the adoption agency? are their charges being pressed or an investigation going on? >> yes, there are a number of people already prosecuted in guatemala. guatemala has had many problems. adoptions have been suspended in guatemala because of cases like the one we're talking about. it remains to be seen how many other cases we see in the investigations. >> the judge says she has to be reunited within two months. what we don't know at this point is how legally binding his decision is in the united states.
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again, it's -- the international law, there's not a lot of precedent here. >> and got in the middle is a 6-year-old girl wondering who is my mom? >> exactly. >> thank you, and we appreciate that. there was a moment of silence to start the indiana state fair today. it happened after this over the weekend. if you had not seen this. it's incredible. a gust of wind from a thunderstorm bringing the stage down and crushing people and killing five people. our meteorologist, chad myers, is going to try and explain what caused this deadly accident. we will continue to follow the president as he will hold his town hall meeting. we will be back right after this. dle up with your soreness and give out polar bear hugs. technology. [ male announcer ] new bengay cold therapy. the same technology used by physical therapists. go to for a 5-dollar coupon.
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well, the most anticipated town hall meeting ever, it seems, is about to be held in cannon falls, minnesota, with the president. we're expecting it to start anytime we're told. it's the first stop on president obama's three-day bus tour of minnesota, iowa, and illinois. the indiana state ferry opened today with a moment of silence. >> please join in the moment of silence for all of those that were impacted. >> that was held as a memorial to the five people killed saturday night when winds as high as 70 miles per hour did this to a concert stage. structural engineers will try to see why the scaffolding collapsed. so far there's nothing we're told to indicate it was nothing but a freak accident.
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a witness said people ran towards the stands to help. >> a lot of the men, though, had rushed the stage and rushed the scaffolding to try and get it to lift it up. but there was almost nothing they could do to try and lift it. but a lot of people were just standing there in shock and were unsure what to do at that point. >> they knew the storm was coming and there were warnings signs ahead of the storm. and meteorologist chad meyers had a look at the wind gust. >> simply, the stage was not made for the 70-mile-per-hour gusts. there was so much weight on top of it it was unable to hold itself up with the sticks on the side. it came down because of the gust front. it was not raining. there was a warning, and clearly a severe thunderstorm warning out a few miles just to the west of here, and they had a 70-mile-per-hour wind gusts, and that 70-mile-per-hour wind gusts
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came out of the bottom of the thunderstorm and it's not unlike the exact situation that happened with the dust storm in phoenix not that many weeks ago, we showed you that dust storm video. rain comes down and wind comes down and hits the ground, and cannot go anywhere else, but out. it's like spilling a pail of water on the ground. it starts going down and out. the wind gusts was well ahead of the rain and that's the problem. the warning came out at 8:39, and the warning went to the stage six minutes later. maybe that's why you need to have an app on your phone that will give you the warnings on time and not have the six-minute delay. it was not even raining. i will give adot. right there, that was the stage. here is the storm well out to the west. you don't see anything on the rain, but now come over here on this side. i want to show you the same dot, and show you this is doppler radar, and it's why america
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spent millions, if not billions of dollars on doppler radar in the '80s. that line is the gust front. it's the air blowing out ahead of the storm making the wind gusts that knocked that thing down and killed those five people. >> chad, thanks a lot for the explanation. we're right about on top of the town hall meeting in cannon falls, minnesota. [ waves crashing ] [ martin luther king jr. ] i still have a dream that one day on the red hills of georgia, the sons of former slaves
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and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood. i have a dream today! [ male announcer ] chevrolet is honored to celebrate the unveiling of the washington, d.c., martin luther king jr. memorial. take your seat at the table on august 28th.
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we are going right out to cannon falls, minnesota, where president obama is talking. randi kaye has it after the president. >> there's nothing wrong with america that can't be fixed. what is broken is our politics. [ applause ] >> think about it. over the last six months, we have had a stri


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