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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 17, 2011 12:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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to the big ten-year memorial ceremony in new york that's upon us in just a couple of weeks. what is the city's reason for this snub? we're going to tell you about it and i'll talk to one of the first responders coming up. first, beginning with this a frightening discovery uncovered in tampa. police say they have stopped this alleged plot to bomb a high school on the first day of school next week. all of this is according to police here. this 17-year-old suspect wanted to cause more casualties than the 1999 columbine attack. a 17-year-old former student, identified as jared cano is in custody. he's accused of planning to bomb freedom high school next tuesday. police say they found explosive materials and this written minute by minute plan to kill about 30 student and two specific administrators. >> we will were probably able to
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thwart a potentially catastrophic event, the likes of which the city of tampa has not seen and hopefully never will. >> i want to bring in david mattingly who has been covering this for us all day long. i want to begin with the fact that i'm glad we're sitting here telling this version of the story. this could have gone a different direction. a lot of this is all in thanks to this unsung hero who we may never know who this individual is who tipped police off. what did the police ultimately find? >> what they ultimately found in the bedroom of his apartment where he was living, found bomb making materials, found shrapnel and wiring. they found things that you could definitely make an explosive device with, but they did not find anything that resembled a firearm. there were no guns there. that was a relief. no evidence whatsoever to suggest that there was anybody else involved. again, another source of relief. but he did have the materials there to make some device that is could be potentially deadly. >> not only that, as we
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mentioned, he had a manifesto. i want to get a little bit more on this. it was a minute-by-minute, essentially a play-by-play as far as where he would be going in the school, who he would be targeting. do we know what sent this young man off? >> we don't know. looking at the manifesto, police say they're describing what they see in there. that was something that started, he was going to do this on the first day of school. this was a school that he was expelled from last spring after he was picked up on a firearms charge of possessing a stolen firearm. that happened away from school. but school administrators say they're not going to connect those two events because he's a juvenile. they say that was the time that they decided that something happened off campus that they didn't feel comfortable having him in school there. we know that he specifically targeted two administrators at the school in the manifesto. police won't say who they are. the administrators know they were targeted and he was going to plant these explosive devices
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and carry out this attack beginning at 5:00 in the morning at that school on the first day of school next week. >> wow. as we try to learn a little bit more about this jared cano, he mentioned he was expelled and a great place to look is a facebook page. we jumped on the facebook page and let me read what we found. it said, under his college status, said he had been studying to grow weed at the university of marijuana, class of 2012. you have that side of it. at the same time, we're looking at his pictures. he looks like a regular kid. >> that's right. one of the pictures, the worst thing you see him doing is drinking malt liquor. his posts make him come across as a list less stoner. some kid with no direction. it wasn't until one of the posts on there posted shortly after monday. he said my life stays on repeat. it's getting old. we don't know what to make of that. he also posted something on tuesday about the same time, the police would have been coming to his house and he said, i just did the dumbest thing ever.
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>> wow. i know parents, according to police that i saw this morning, totally unaware of what was in his bedroom, they're talking yet? >> they haven't come public yet. police say look, they don't know anything about it, they're being cooperative. they're driving the point home that this kid was working by himself. they're not saying how far along he was to making this plan a reality. just having it in black and white and having those things in his room was enough to make a lot of parents today very relieved and frightened at the same time. >> i imagine those parents in tampa. david mattingly, thank you so much. if you learn more, i know we're talking next hour. i want to bring in maryellen eel i can't, the school superintendent of thillsborough county public schools. are you listening to the details and learning more and more and just -- have you wrapped your head around what could have been and thank goodness is not? >> well, i think there's no
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doubt that this is a very scary situation for all of us. we're so pleased that we have the kind of relationship with the tampa police department that this became a very proactive approach in taking seriously the information that they were receiving and acting on it immediately. so to them, i just want to say thank you and for all of those communities that are out there across this country, i think we have to be constantly vigilant on the kinds of things that can happen with students in this environment. >> so certainly thank you goes out to police but also a thank you out to this unsung hero who i know we know very little about who tipped off police. we don't know if this was a he or a she or a student. perhaps you do. what can you share about this individual? >> well, we know what you know. that is, that someone realized that it was very important that they share this information and that they help us address this
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issue and we, as you pointed out, i think it's very important that we make sure that people are aware that this kind of situation could occur anywhere, and it is by having relationships either with students or with parents or with adults in the community that they understand how serious it is and they support the efforts of both the school district and the police department in making all of our schools safe. >> certainly be astute, be vigilant. what more can you share about this 17-year-old, jared cano? as david mattingly mentioned, he hadn't been at the school for a year and a half. had been expelled. tell me more. i know you're talking to the principal and teachers and other students. what can you tell us about this young man? >> well, as you pointed out, the student had had difficulty and not at the school, but in situations outside of the school. and he had gone through a change of placement and left that school and had not been involved
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in our alternative program. so we know that that occurred and we also, as you are, we are finding out more information as this story unravels. but, again, i want to thank the tampa police department and all of the officers and investigators who were part of making this such a proactive movement to make sure that our children are safe. >> maryellen, what about other students? were other students involved here? >> we have been told that at this point, there is no indication that other students are involved. >> okay. maryellen, i thank you so much. hillsborough county school system in tampa. i'm glad we're having this conversation as opposed to a different one. thank you very much. coming up next a story you don't want to miss. hard to believe, perhaps. it has been about ten years since the september 11th attacks and new york is certainly planning a special memorial ceremony to mark the moment. president obama will be there,
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former president bush will be there. families of the victims will be there. but what about some of the heroes that day? the firefighters? the first responders? the men and women who risk their lives to save so many others on that day? they won't be there. were? because they weren't invited. coming up next. i'm going to speak to a man here, james ryder, retired from the new york police force and a 9/11 first responder. we'll see what he thinks about this. stay with us. yup, we had a good year at chevy. they gave us a consumers digest best buy award.
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here's one of those stories. people say you've got to be kidding me. this concerns the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. it will be here soon, less than a month away.
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new york city mayor michael bloomberg, his office confirmed to cnn that the city's first responders, the firefighters, emt's, other rescue workers, folks who risked their lives to save others on that day, they're not being invited to this ceremony. here's a statement from the mayor's spokesman. "we're again focused on accommodating victims' family members. goes on, given the space constraints, we're working to find ways to recognize and honor first responders and other groups at difference places and times. jaims ryder was one of the first responders with new york police. he joins me live. let's go back quickly. where were you on 9/11? what are you doing? >> i was home. got a call from my sister. turned on the tv and tragically saw the second plane. >> and you were part of the effort responding to ground zero, no? >> i went down there on day one and i was there for four years, absolutely. >> four years. so you find out, were you planning on going down to this
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memorial on 9/11 and at what point did you find out you weren't invited? >> i found out along with the rest of my members from the foundation that the responders were not going to be invited. it's tragic. it shouldn't be happening. we understand politics and we know that sometimes politics can be a little weird. >> you say politics. the city says hey -- it's for the victims' families. we don't have enough room. >> mayor bloomberg is an intelligent man, great mayor, done great things for the city. he figured out a way for a third term, i think he has the intellect to figure out a way to fit us in. >> what specifically, james, is political? why wouldn't the mayor and the mayor's office want to include the first responders in your opinion? >> i think he'll get that answer on september 11th when you all of the politicians down there. i would like to do a head count of which one of them was swapping buckets on 9/11 and the days after looking for pod is and survivors and how many of them weren't. the ones that weren't should
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step aside and make room for the responders. >> as i mentioned a moment ago, the mayor's office is essentially saying they're working to try to find ways to honor you guys, the men and women, the first responders. and groups, different places and times. have you at all been in contact with the city, are they providing an alternate venue for you that sunday morning or anywhere? >> the feel good foundation is easily found. you guys found us, everybody else finds us. i was on tv with swiss radio or on the radio with them a couple hours ago. we're findable. they don't want to find us, that's okay. butt let me say this. post-traumatic stress is a real thing and affecting all of us. support is important. we need that punch in the shoulder to get from our elected officials to let us know they're supporting is. i work -- why isn't the mayor supporting us, the governor and everybody else supporting us? why is there two mayors going there, governors senators and congressmen. there's room for us.
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>> i understand you say you're findable. but have you picked up the phone or anyone from the feelgoo d foundation and said look, we're not okay with us. we'd either like to be down there on 9/11 or provide us an alternate location? >> first responders are the first responders to war. that was a war. soldiers are the second responders to war. imagine the soldier calling up and saying, can i get my medal now? i don't need to make that call. they know where we are. if they want it recognize us in some way, which they should be, there's a lot of heroes that gave their life for this city and this country and for patriotism. they should be picking up the phone, not us. >> i got to tell you, i tweeted this out. it was on my facebook page. i've gotten, sparked a lot of discussion. i want to read two notes. a fellow firefighter says if room is an issue, that's poor planning on the city, the tenth anniversary is a huge deal. and something else. this is from phoenix racine. he said this. i want you to respond to this. if there is simply no room and
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they can only pick a certain number to go, do they now tell the family members that they can't go, the family members of the victims, they can't go because first responders are going. there's no way around this. without upsetting someone was his point. someone will be upset. >> i work in the new york city police department 20 years, i know how large ground zero is. there's room. room is not an issue. >> where will you be? where will you be? if you cannot go to that memorial, james, ryder, where will you be on that sunday morning? >> i will be with my family. >> james ryder. >> i will be with my family and i will remember my friends. >> and is that the most important point at all on that day, to do that? >> the most important thing is for the city to recognize and for the government to recognize that this is not a political issue, this is about patriotism.
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i can tell you as a staunch conservative that voted since i was 18, that this is not about politics. this is about heroes. >> james ryder, one of our own heroes. i thank you for coming on and expressing your opinion. let us know if you get that phone call from the mayor's office. thank you so much, sir. i appreciate it. >> thank you. come up next, the horrifying video told the story as that concert stage at the indiana state fairgrounds came crashing to the ground. now, new video shows what happened and what was heard moments before the collapse. we're going to play that for you. plus sugar land, the country music band that was supposed to perform on that stage that very night, they are now coming forward, speaking out. we're going to tell you about their special plans for those victims. also ha is to blame for the collapse? was it just a bad storm? was it something else? we'll be right back. for broccoli, say one. for toys, say two.
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when that high gust of wind hit indiana state fair over this past weekend, what did pharaoh physicians know about the weather and when did they know it? the warning indicated it was time to take cover immediately. that's not what this crowd heard that day. new audio tapes were -- you can hear what happened minutes before that happened. listen. >> as you can see to the west there are some clouds. we are all hoping for the best. that the weather is going to bypass us. but there's a very good chance that it won't. once the storm passes and everything is safe, we're going to try our best to come back and resume the show, which we have every belief that that's going
12:20 pm
to happen. >> so you heard that. now hear this. indianapolis tv station, wish, is reporting that officials with the indiana state fair admit they did not follow the fair's own severe weather procedures during the storm saturday night. investigators now looking into how fair officials responded and why they might have ignored their own policy. couple other items we're learning today from saturday's disaster. the band that was set to take the stage when those winds hit, sugar land, they have announced it is planning a private memorial in honor of the fans who died. no time, no date is set yet. but sugar land says they will wait until the families have had their own time to hold their own services and memorials for their loved ones. also, an amazing story of how the band narrowly missed being on that very stage when it came crashing down. the manager of the band made a last minute decision to not go on the stage, to form a prayer circle. that decision kept the band off
12:21 pm
stage for those few crucial moments and is now being credited with saving their lives. the stage collapse has forced the cancellation of other concerts at the indiana state fair. janet jackson, lady antebellum. both canceling their concerts following saturday night's tragedy. but a big mystery remains. although some of the dots are getting connected now. that being what kinds of winds did this kind of damage? some are now using the word gustnado. is that what they saw saturday night? chad myers i did digging. gut nad owe a ground-based wind vortex. explain and compare that to a tornado. >> we use the word eddie too. eddie is a spin of either water or of air. a tornado is connected to the storm itself. and because the entire storm spins, the bottom of the storm gets a wall cloud. then eventually the tornado falls out of the real part of
12:22 pm
the storm where it's really raining and maybe even hailing. a gustnado, not the same. a gustnado, actually is part of what we call this gust front. we know the gust front was to blame for this. the rain came down, the rain hit with air to the ground and then it pushed out. it was the wind pushing out ten miles ahead of the storm itself. here. but in front of this, where the wind is, you can get little spins, little eddies, little small, almost like dust-ups. if you think about an ice skater in the olympics, one foot on the ground, one foot here, bringing the arms in and that skater can spin pretty fast, that's a little bit of energy, momentum that you can get wind spinning faster than just this straight-line wind. let's go to this video. it's here. i'm going to show you what i see. >> some things look like it's twirling. >> there's something here. this dust is here. it's moving away. that doesn't mean it was there because the dust continues to come in from this direction.
12:23 pm
what i believe may have been more of the cause and this could cause a spin too. was that we have almost this wind tunnel effect which where this is where the grandstand is and the winds coming down the grandstand and just like being in new york city and standing between two buildings where the wind is much stronger compared to standing on the side, you can get a funneling effect. i think maybe some of that funneling came down here. we talked to all of the pharaoh physicians and they said you know what, nothing else was injured or hurt. we had ferris wheels in the sky. nothing else blew over. this was a localized event. that's why some meteorologists, one from accuweather has taken a look to try to find some spin. the weather service is saying yeah, we don't see it. this will be at least a little while. it doesn't matter what killed -- what knocked this down. the stage was not ready to be handling a 70 miles per hour wind or even a 50 miles per hour wind for that matter. if you are outside and a thunderstorm is coming, you must worry about yourself. don't worry about what anybody else is saying. protect yourself.
12:24 pm
>> the warning. >> protect your family. get to someplace safe. you don't want to be outside in your front yard. you don't want to be outside anywhere. >> you know those investigators. they're looking into it as we speak. who i have been. i still can't get over this video. thank you for that explainer. the warning labels, we talked about this. the cigarette makers, the ones they don't want you to see. labels that the government is forcing them to show. now big tobacco companies are suing. we'll tell you why. plus, yachts, jewelry, cash, even prostitutes. just some of the things allegedly provided to university of miami football players. the bombshell revelation that's rocking the world of sports today. back in a moment. ♪ [ female announcer ] we're rolling away misperceptions about energy independence. did you know that today about a quarter of all new transit buses use clean, american natural gas? we have more natural gas than saudi arabia has oil.
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so how come we're not using it even more? start a conversation about using more natural gas vehicles in your community.
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here we go with top stories now. president obama on the last leg of his three-day bus tour through the midwest. it extends with a town hall in alpha, illinois. we're also learning the president is putting together a specific plan to create more jobs, help the economy grow. get more on that in a couple of minutes here. also, several tobacco companies, they are fighting for their right to free speech. they are claiming the u.s. government is forcing them to use graphic new warning labels that may discourage people from buying their products. they say that violates their speech. the labels become mandatory come september 2012. some students grown about going back to school. parents, you know that well.
12:28 pm
not in joplin, missouri. at least not today. folks, it's the first day of school for students since that devastating tornado smashed the city in may, killing more than 150 people. the high school was among the many buildings damaged or destroyed. juniors and seniors are attending classes in a retrofitted shopping mall. other students are attending classes at a middle school. now, watch this. >> this is about a man and woman that went away on a vacation together and she didn't come back. >> right now, that's all authorities know. what really happened to this american beauty in aruba? today a new clue that could blow the case wide open. plus, a six-year-old girl snatched in broad daylight by a stranger who wrestles her into his van but the story, folks, has a good ending. wait until you hear what happened when someone saw it all go down and sprang into action. ♪
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sad ending to a tragic story
12:32 pm
of that missing three-year-old little girl out of missouri. investigators have now found the body of breeann rodriguez. they found her in a ditch. she was playing in front of her house when she disappeared more than a week ago. her neighbor and father of three, shawn morgan, has been charged with first degree murder. he confessed in this court document to suffocating her with this trash bag after he found her standing on a ladder near his pool. that's what he told police. he said he then stuffed her body into the bag, tossed it into a nearby waterway where it was found in a ditch after this intense search. the sheriff's office released a statement saying "we're saddened to confirm our fears but glad we're able to recover her remains for her parents." after days of searching here, days and days, finally a break in the case of that missing maryland woman in aruba. according to police, the man detained is the only suspect in this case. took out a travel insurance policy on robyn gardner.
12:33 pm
no word yet as to how much the policy was worth and who was named as the beneficiary. also a judge ordering giordano to be remain in custody a couple of weeks. he said they were out snorkeling in this area near baby beach. a place according to locals, not used very often for that. it's secluded and rocky. there are local reports, authorities found a bloody hand print on rocks near where the pair was said to be snorkeling and investigators plan to start a fresh search for her. martin savidge joins us once again live from aruba. martin, a lot to talk about today. i want to begin with this travel insurance policy. might this provide police with some sort of motive and how is giordano explaining this to investigators? >> reporter: well, you're right. up until this point, brooke, many people have said gary
12:34 pm
giordano says she was lost in an accident at sea on the very spot where we're standing by the way. this is where he said the snorkeling incident happened. but now comes the insurance policy that apparently gary giordano took out just days before they came on this trip. we've spoken to authorities about it. they say it is travel insurance. not life insurance. what they mean is it's the kind of policy you would take out if you were concerned you might become ill or have an injury while on vacation and you needed a flight back or medical treatment back in the united states. they do not tell us what the value would be. they would not tell us who specifically the beneficiary is. they learned about this from gary giordano himself. he told authorities during the initial time that he was speaking to them, they in turn got in touch with the fib and that's one of the things the fbi and the united states is checking out for them. they found the information, brought it back. aruban authorities have copies of those insurance agreements and are going over them right now, brooke. >> you also mentioned, you're standing on the beach where they
12:35 pm
were apparently snorkeling. they found this blood or a bloody hand print. do we know when investigators will be able o to link that to gardner and also, was anything else found in that same area? >> reporter: well, we don't know exactly where on this beach the blood was located. we do know that they are intensely working on trying to identify it. number one, you want to find out, is it human blood much there's a lot of fishing here. you can get blood from other ways. on top of that, is it blood that's related to gary giordano or robyn gardner. they've already taken a dna test from gary giordano, they can make a quick comparison that way. they found an unused condom. this is referred to as lover's lane. we don't know if the blood, the condom is directly related here. but clues that being found in an area that's already suspicious for authorities. >> martin savidge in aruba. thank you so much.
12:36 pm
lot of new details coming out today on that story. also, have you heard about this story. an albuquerque man is being called a hero today for springing into action when another man snatched a little girl off the streets, pushed her into a van. antonio diaz chacon, shaved the girl's life. he and his wife hopped into his truck, chased the man down. after chaotic running the van crashed into a pole, the suspect got out and chacon was worried garcia had a gun, but then chacon went up to the van, rescued this little girl and it was his wife who picked up that phone and called 9-1-1. >> we heard a man going hey hey let her go. we turned around, we were about to leave. we were in the truck. so the man came running to us and he said they stole a little girl. >> police later captured garcia. they say he tried to get rid of the tape and straps found near and inside the van. chacon says he doesn't consider
12:37 pm
himself a hero but as the father of two little fwirls, he did what any dad would do. his wife translates for him herement. >> we got into our truck and then we decided just to chase them and then that's when he dropped me off with the security people to call the police and stuff like that. that's when he left by himself chasing him. he says that when he dropped me off, he followed him for like 15, 20 minutes. they went through houses, through different streets. i guess the guy was trying to lose him. until he wrecked into a light pole and then that's when he was able to catch him or to catch up to him and then after that, that's when he crashed into, i guess, like the dirt sand do you know or something. that's when he fled. >> talk about being a vigilant citizen. good for them. garcia has been charged with kidnapping, child abuse and tampering with evidence. coming up next here, two stories a lot of you were talking about today, including the suicide of this real housewife husband.
12:38 pm
is the reality show partly to blame for russell armstrong taking his own life. some think so. plus this. >> me as a head coach, i want to know. i know our assistant coaches want to know. we want to make sure it never happens again. it shouldn't help. >> the head coach he's talking about, the coach for the university of miami football team. some of his players are now tangled up in this massive scandal. a scandal so bad it has my next guest's blood boiling. we'll be right back. i realized i needed an aarp... medicare supplement insurance card, too. medicare is one of the great things about turning 65, but it doesn't cover everything. in fact, it only pays up to 80% of your part b expenses. if you're already on or eligible for medicare, call now to find out how an aarp... medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company, helps cover some of the medical expenses... not paid by medicare part b. that can save you from paying up to thousands of dollars... out of your own pocket.
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12:41 pm
suicide. found dead in his home in los angeles. investigators didn't find a suicide note. so now, his lawyer is talking about what may have prompted it. take a listen. >> i'm 100% convinced and based on facts that this show led to his depression on a couple different grounds. one is that the show characterized him as someone that abused his spouse, it highlighted ancient financial negatives in his past. and put him in a spotlight that he wasn't coped to deal with. >> so this show is the real housewives of beverly hills. his wife taylor armstrong is in it, now devastated asking for privacy. the couple was going through a divorce and his lawyer says the sudden celebrity status was overwhelming the couple. the big question now is what happens to the show? the bravo network hasn't decided
12:42 pm
but released a statement saying this: "all of us at bravo are saddened by this tragic news". prostitutes, parties, payola, what are we talking about here? if you discussed collegiate athletics, i'm afraid to say you're right. you're talking about the university of miami. the school with the swagger, the diamond outlaw image. have you heard the story yet today? here you go. you have a well-healed former booster doing time for a ponzi scheme. said he lavished miami athletes with benefits banned by the ncaa. impeccable reporting by yahoo sports here. give them credit where credit is due. based on multiple interviews, potential violations included 72 athletes and seven miami coaches. there is a lot more to this story. but i'm going to stop right there and bring in stuart man dell. he's a senior write writer for
12:43 pm we received a statement from miami president saying she is "upset" disheartened and saddened by these allegations. it sounds as if this isn't just smoke here. this may be fire. is that how this rings to you? >> yeah. i mean give a lot of credit to charles robinson at yahoo sports. impeccable reporting. if you read the report on kra hoo, it's not just a story. they have links to other pages where you can see the corroborating testimony from the rogue booster in jail now, shapiro. financial documents, pictures, incriminating photos. this is about as much hard evidence as i have ever seen. it's also, we've had a lot of scandals in college sports the last 14 months or so. this one takes the cake in terms of the amount of people, the scope of the benefits allegedly given to these players. it just tops them all in terms
12:44 pm
of the possible severity of sanctions down the road. >> stuart, i want to read a quote. a quote from the great reporting from yahoo sports. quoting a girlfriend of shapiro, the imprisoned miami booster making the allegations. he said "he took care of them to give them cash to make sure they had stuff. he took care of them when they wanted to party and by getting them sex, whether it was sex, money, meals, a new tv, their mother needed something, if they needed a new ring or some jewelry, whatever they needed nevin would provide it. also, shapiro is quoted as saying he did all of this because no one was there to stop him. stuart, if this -- all of this is coming out is true, it sounds as though it was happening in front of everyone's eyes. >> i think that's really the important thing to take away here. there are obviously other stories involving other teams where kind of mysterious figures who wanted to cash in on the athletes did something maybe like this.
12:45 pm
but this was a guy who, because he donated to the university of miami, had direct access to that program, could be on the sideline during games, could lead the team out of the tunnel in fact. had a lounge named after him at one point before the ponds i scheme came out. >> wow. >> somehow for eight years he was able to keep doing this while at the same time being right there, being involved with the heavy hitters. there's a great picture in the yahoo story of the president, you mentioned her statement earlier, accepting -- smiling as she accepts a donation from him for the basketball program. it's a real egg on the face of everybody at miami. this could have gone on for so long and either nobody knew or even worse, we don't know yet, they knew and didn't do anything about it. >> what about the culture at miami? you know, i know miami has this kind of outlaw image over the years that's kind of cultivated. it's their brand. is it time for president donna chalet la and the administrators of the school to take a good hard look at that?
12:46 pm
>> i think 17 years ago sports illustrated put on the cover that miami should shut down the program. the coaches there, they did a lot to try to clean up the image of that program. the academic rates were up. far less stories about players getting into trouble and then you've got this one, you know, booster who clearly doesn't care about consequences, was held bent on breaking the rules, wanted to party with players. can bring down the entire program. she does have to take a hard look at the situation. with ncaa investigations, they tend to take a long time. wouldn't expect any immediate actions by her or anybody really at the school. >> we'll be reading yr columns and finding out what does happen. you and yahoo sports. what a story indeed out of miami there. while i have the attention of a lot of you men out there, i have a story for you coming up next that you definitely want to stick around for. in fact, i'm going to ask you a question and i'll have the
12:47 pm
answer for you right after the break. here is the question: what is the leading indicator of heart disease for men? think about it. see if you can guess. no googling. i bet you can't think of this. it's quite an answer. we'll be right back. whether it can be done safely and responsibly. at exxonmobil we know the answer is yes. when we design any well, the groundwater's protected by multiple layers of steel and cement. most wells are over a mile and a half deep so there's a tremendous amount of protective rock between the fracking operation and the groundwater. natural gas is critical to our future. at exxonmobil we recognize the challenges and how important it is to do this right.
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12:49 pm
you've been thinking about this over the break. i tweeted it. somebody guessed women? the question was what's the leading indicator of heart disease for men. it affects some 30 million of them. if you ask the average guy on the street. he would rather not talk approximate it. early diagnosis could head off the problem before it becomes serious. dr.
12:50 pm
for the heart but all the blood vessels in the body. the yz develops plaque build-up. you want to look for clues in certain places in the body that might tell you that a bigger problem is brewing. you know there's a lot of
12:51 pm
medications out there, you see the ads out there all the time. some of those medications when they're first developed, they were developed to treat heart disease, not ereck tile dysfunction. so there's been a correlation for some time. if you go to the doctor, if you're getting medication to treat your e.d., you may want to ask, is this an indicator i may be having problems with my heart as well. this is a message for both patients and doctors alike, i think. we're working towards the last heart attack and part of that have is trying to prevent these problems from developing in the first place. we were working on a documentary about diane nyad, one of the most inspiring people you'll r meet. wanted to swim from cuba to florida to do something no human has ever done, the way she's doing it. no shark cage. just complete exposure to elements.
12:52 pm
we 50'll also take a look at th cuban health care system. how does it work, what does it provide for citizens? and how do they do it at the low cost they're able to do it. brooke, back to you. >> what a story. also, just a reminder, former president bill clinton joins sanjay this sunday night to explore the signs in what they're calling the last heart attack. watch this special sunday night 8:00 eastern right here on cnn. now watch this. >> when i came into office, i knew i was going to have a big mess to clean up and i think it's bigger than many anticipated at is the time. >> the big question, the big weight on the president's joerlds, j-o-b-s. jobs. does she have a plan for more on
12:53 pm
that. we'll check in with cnn's chief white house correspondent jessica yellen next. on the re, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood. i have a dream today! [ male announcer ] chevrolet is honored to celebrate the unveiling of the washington, d.c., martin luther king jr. memorial. take your seat at the table on august 28th.
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12:55 pm
>> third and final day of the president's bus tour. the president spoke in atkins s atkinsons, illinois. he spoke to whiffls hybrid.
12:56 pm
i want to take the waffle family -- whiffles rather. excuse me. i haven't had lunch. i want to take the whiffles family. >> okay, waffles, whiffles. this is the president in morrison, illinois. he's talking again about the economy and the failure of washington, particularly the failure to come together to put folk together. standing by for us in washington with more on that, jessica yellen. i've got to ask you, we've got folks out there who are living week to week, paycheck to paycheck, trying to keep a roof over their heads. why is the white house waiting an entire month to unveil this
12:57 pm
jobs plan? >> right back, and that's what the president republican critics, even some of his frustrated supporter have been asking. the president's adviser thinks august just isn't the time to unveil a new legislative package since congress is out of session anyway. they can't act on it now if they wanted to. the white house believes it would get loss if they put it out at this point. so wait until this town is back in september. and let me tell you, washington right now is empty. the jobs package broke -- the yours truly idea is that it will be actual legislation from the administration with new proposals. the white house says this is not going to be a rehash of what we've already heard from the president. i'll warn you already, republicans in to congress, some of leaders are saying it should not include new spending at all. so great ready for a fight. >> so for the fast three days, we know the president has been out and about in the midwest, essentially accusing republicans
12:58 pm
of holding jobs hostage to politics. as long as the bhoel jobs campaign, it could work for him, though, couldn't it? >> politically? absolutely. either it passes and n which case it could spur job growth and they can claim winning or it doesn't pass and he can blame the republicans for blocking it. they believe his numbers go down when he's talking politics in washington and it goes up when he's out there talking to people. so this campaign around jobs, you have campaign style fight but on turf over how to get jobs growing, that's an issue they would like to fight for. >> i was talking to wolf blitzer about jobs and specifics, what the administration will propose. you know, sat down with them yesterday. do we have any ideas as far as
12:59 pm
the specifics. do we know what those proposals might be, when we hear the major policy speech next month? >> the president's economic team is literally working on it as we speak. they are continuing to work on it, we're told, through the president's vacation. so it is not locked and done. so there are no -- detailed specifics i can give you, but i can tell you that the kinds of areas they're looking at are targeted tax cuts and infrastructure. outside experts say increase the amount of money available to states, counties and cities to help infrastructure projects. you can increase the money they get or maybe a special tax cut for employers who hire new employees. give employers a tax cut, that could encourage them to create new jobs. those are kinds of proposals
1:00 pm
they could see. >> thank you so much. now as we are at the top of the hour, watch this. >> police say a teenager wanted to attack a school and wanted to kill more people than the combine shooters. we're hearing frf police how he wanted to do it and why he wanted revenge. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. while everyone ran out, they ran in. but ten years later, 9/11 first responders are not invited to the anniversary memorial ceremony. you will hear from one hero who is livid. after police officer's kindness caught on camera. but it's what happens moments later that makes this video so chilling. >> it changed my life big for the rest of my life. >> plus, while thousands gather to celebrate the pope, some are there to protest. and police say one chemistry student wanted to gas those protesters.
1:01 pm
find out what stress tor inves found inside this apartment. and two galaxies on the verge of a cosmic collision. we are going to space. welcome back. hour to two. a frightening discovery in florida. a 17-year-old former student is in custody, accused of trying to bomb a tampa school. here's what they say they found inside this man's bedroom. materials and this manifesto. a minute by minute plan of attack to kill about 30 students and two administrators. >> officers found material until his room that would be used for making devices, the experts.
1:02 pm
and they, in fact, said that, yes, the material that he had could be made into explosive devices and could cause serious injury up to and including death if they were to be detonated. >> david mattingly joining me now. she's sort of tipped off of what they found in his bedroom. also, who tipped them off to this? >> whoever that person was, there's a lot of people in the city of tampa who would like to thank that person. all we know is a citizen is all they're describing this person as. police immediately went to school officials and in no time they identifieded this 17-year-old and they were knocking on his door. when they went in there, they found bomb-making materials. they found an accelerant. they found tubing. they found things that you need to make a deadly bomb. and they say he had the material to make something that would kill a lot of people.
1:03 pm
>> not only that, they found this manifesto. starting at 5:00 a.m., next tuesday's plan of attack. >> they're not giving a lot of details about motivation or anything like that. but they are giving details of what he planned to do. starting at 5:00 in the morning, next tuesday, he was going to show up at this school that he was expelled from last year and he was going to carry out this attack using the bombs and specifically targeting two school administrators who were not named publicly, but we're told they have been told themselves they were going to be targeted by this young man. >> you mentioned he was expelled. he looked like a pretty normal kid. >> first of all, you look at, you're right, he looks like a regular kid down the street. but when you read the things there, he was really into marijuana, he loved pot, he loved g eting high.
1:04 pm
he bragged about how much he loved getting high and about marijuana. something unusual happened on monday. he said my life stays on repeat and it's getting old. >> this was just on monday around mid nighnight. and then yesterday, a few minutes, maybe an hour before police knocked on his door, he put up a note up there that said i just did the dumbest thing ever. it coin sisided with when polic came to see him. the thing that got him expelled, we believe, school officials aren't acknowledging this, but they say there was an incident that took place off campus away from the school, about the same time he was expelled, he was
1:05 pm
picked up on a charge where he was carrying a gun that he had stole opinion. >> ahh. now, this time they didn't find any gun, which was a huge relief. they also didn't find any indication that anyone else was working with him. so again, they're feeling like they stopped this before anyone could get hurt. the questions of why and how are going to have to be answered later. >> does it appear he was acting alo alone, acting with students? she seemed to think based on her knowledge he was acting alone. >> right, the police and the school administrators all saying the same thing. they're very satisfied, there was no other indication, no kid, no adult was involved with this. it was just him, just his ideas. the fact that he had the tools to carry it out is sending quite a shock through so many people right now. >> he wanted to cause more casualties than columbine. that's what police kept repeating today. what a wonderful ending to what could have been a hohn ren douse.
1:06 pm
>> yeah. dave mattingly, thank you very, very many up. let's begin with this good news. if you plan on taking a road trip on labor day. gas prices have dropped 13 days straugt. regular unledded fell to $3.58. that's still 84 cents higher than this time last year. so new york, police are looking for these three men, caught on camera, stole his cell phone, even his bible. police also suspect the same three men in a robbery earlier this year. a tornado levelled part of j joplin, but school started today on time. in fact, one veteran teacher even wrote a letter to teaeach his students letting them know things will be okay. >> see how things will turn out
1:07 pm
and how wonderful joplin has turned around. and it's pretty simple. you know it's going to be all right. >> the tornado damaged or destroyed ten schools. left more than a third of the students homeless. to western north carolina, an incredible helicopter rescue, a teenager who fell 50 feet off the scenic overlook. this young man thanking that crew today. luckily they just happened to be training in the area when this boy slipped and tumbled yesterday. there he is. heading up to safety. and we're getting more views of the thuggery that really went down in london and all those surrounding suburbs. look what happens when rioters train their sights on a scooter. not only do they yank the rider off his seat, they punch him. one rider takes the scooter. there he goes. joyride. a truck crashed through a
1:08 pm
building, leaving it dangling out of the building in the air. apparently the driver barrelled through the wall. you can see the damage it did. the crews managed to remove the driver from the truck. he was inside. here's another angle. new york officials now trying toing if you'to figure out how to safely get that vehicle out of the wall. days after this stage collapse killed five people, there is now word the indiana state fair may not have followed the rules. that is developing right now. plus a story you won't forget. >> it goes in slow motion like this. like i'm saying bye to him, like bye. saying bye forever. >> this little boy there describing a dream he's having. a police officer's act of kindness turns out to be the last thing that police officer
1:09 pm
ever does. we will tell you moments after this encounter. it will give you chills. stay right there.
1:10 pm
1:11 pm
what did fair officials know about the weather that particular evening and when did they know it. take a look. obviously the sky very ominous. blook look at that stage come
1:12 pm
crashing down. there was a warning, but that's not what the crowd word. you can hear what fair officials told this crowd minutes before this stage collapsed. listen to that. >> as you can see to the west, there are some clouds. we are all hoping for the best that the weather is going toby pass us. but there's a good chance it won't. once the storm passes and it's safe, we will try to come back and do the show. >> this indianapolis television station is reporting that fish officials admit they did not follow the fair's own severe weather pro-soed durs during the storm. the investigators are now looking at how fair officials responded and why they may have possibly ignored their own policy. and video of police officer's
1:13 pm
act of kindness. look at this, it just so happens to show jeremy henwood standing at the counter. with the kid asked him far dime because he didn't have quite enough money to buy three cookies. hands him the dime, asked him what he wants to be when he grew up. he said he wanted to be in the nba. and henwood replied that's going to take hard work. >> he took the time to have a conversation with my son. that means a lot he paid it forward just by two or three minutes and that's something he will never forget. why won't he forget it? listen to this. henwood was shot and killed four minutes after he sat into the police car, after going into the mcdonald's. his attacker was killed by
1:14 pm
another police officer. he survived three tours of duty in iraq and afghanistan. friends say henwood had such a generous spirit, he would have done the job for free. >> he loved the job and he would have done it for free. jeremy was an overachiever when it came to keeping the streets of san diego safe. >> i can't tell you honestly that he was always an angel, i'm sure he is now. >> thousands of members of law enforcement attended his memorial service and funeral. his parents say even in death, henwood is still saving lives. his organs have been donated to kidney patients. a trade, assaulted and neglected. that's how 9/11 first responders say they're feeling as they're not invited to the tenth
1:15 pm
anniversary memorial next month. you'll hear about one of them who's emotional about that snub. glap.
1:16 pm
1:17 pm
>> we talked about this before and the response is you've got to be kidding, right? have you heard about the story today? new york city mayor michael bloomberg, his office has confirmed to cnn the city's first responders, the firefighters, the emts, the other brave rescue workers, folks who risked their lives to say others say they are not being invited to that memorial
1:18 pm
service. we're looking to find ways to recognize and honor first responders to other places and times. >> why are there two mayors, two governors? there's room for us. >> i understand you say you're findable. have you called them and said you need to find an alternate location. >> imagine a soldier calling up and saying can i get my medal now? i don't need to make that call. they know where we are. there's a lot of heroes that gave their life for this city and this country. and for patriotism.
1:19 pm
they should be picking up the phone, not us. >> i feeted this out, it's on my facebook page. one said if room is an issue, that's poor plan on the city's part. if there's simply no room, did they tell the family members of the victims they can't go? there's no way around this without upsetting someone was his point. someone will be upset. >> i worked for the police department for 20 year, i know how large ground zero is. there is room. room is not an issue. >> if you can not go to that memorial, where will you be on that sunday morning?
1:20 pm
a. >> i will be with my family, and i will remember my friends. >> is that the most important point of all on that day to do that? >> the most important thing is for the city to recognize and for the government to recognize that this is not a political issue, this is about patriotism. and i can tell you as a staunch conservative who has voted since i was 18, this isn't about politics. this is about heroes. >> that was 9/11 first responder james ryder. coming up next, police foil a disturbing plot aimed at gassing people during a visit from the pope. find out what investigators found inside the suspect's apartment. also london apparently deciding who will keen up after last week's riots and what they'll be wearing. plus, she's still missing in paradise, but there is a new
1:21 pm
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1:24 pm
>> al, i understand that police in madrid have thwarted an attack ahead of the pope's visit for world youth day. tell me what happened. >> the 24-year-old mexican man in custody faces a court days. he had gone through the whole process and was arrested just as he was about to get their grien shirt. he's accused of trying to put some sort of the toxic gas, noxious gas against the pope's visit. the authorities have got him at
1:25 pm
this moment. brooke? >> you went to an andy pope protest last night. what did you hear there? >> this is act cwas actually th, brooke. it's going on at a plaza near where we're standing. between the anti-pope protesters and the pilgrims who poured in all over the world. they're expecting up to a million people to support the pope for this world youth day. many people are expecting once the pope arrives, there's talk about the cost, this that and the other and people will be swayed by the pope's presence. >> i'm hearing words in the millions, millions of these youngst youngsters, young pilgrim the expected to be right where you are. >> one school we went to,
1:26 pm
they've come in from 50 countries all over the world. these are if fervent young catholics, the money to get over to madrid, four days with the holy father, which will be the -- the top will be a mass to be celebrated at a military air base that's been creeded by the authorities to the church for sunday mass. there's a number of activetives, but some are against this visit. >> al, much appreciated. thank you. more big banks raising frees on your most common transactions. alison, i don't know if i like hearing raising and fees in the same sentence. >> and these banks, brooke, are lining up. it's wells fargo's turn at-bat. if you want to use your debit card, the bank is going to charge you $3 a month just to use your card. that is a pilot project in four
1:27 pm
states. suntrust is introducing a $5 a month debit card fee. what they're trying to do is try to make money in new creative ways, since the fed capped the fees that banks can make off of retailers. i guess it's just something we have to get used to. >> so if the banks want to make more money, that's one thing. and also it means americans will maybe get better at the swipage of the credit card, not doing it so much. i don't know. >> you know, you're right about that. you don't think about it as something good that came out of the recession, right? the delinquency rate is down. that's the number of credit card users behind on at least three months of paying their bills. and just 6 out of 1,000 credit card users are delinquent. you're seeing improvement there. and the banks are getting some of the credit, too. they're lowering the credit limit for users and being stricter about who gets the
1:28 pm
credit cards in the first place. a. >> well, i do have a credit card or two and i'm pretty good at this motion. >> thank you so much. i want to take you to london where paybacks for last week's riot may involve clean-up duty for the rioters themselves. >> well, brooke, prince charles and his wife camilla hit some of the worst areas of north london today as the debate is ongoing for prime and punishment. mr., nick klegg said he's proposing convicted offenders be made to face their victims and possibly help to clean up the streets of london. in the meantime, a british court has convicted and sentenced two men to four years in prison for inciting a riot via facebook, even though that riot never actually happened. prime minister david cameron made a statement on that
1:29 pm
particular case saying tough sentences were needed as a deterrent. >> i think it's right, we should allow the courts to make decisions about sentencing. you current sitting in the court, i wasn't sitting in the court. we didn't hear the evidence. they decided to send a tough sentence, a tough message .. i think it's good the courts were able to do that. what happened on our streets was absolutely appalling behavior. and to send a message that it's wrong and won't be tolerated is what the criminal jusz system should be doing. >> the judge said it's important to have a sentence to show that the riots had consequences. brooke? >> thank you. >> finally, i want to go to martin savage. investigate sors say they have new clues, possibly involving this missing woman in aruba. first talk to me about this insurance policy.
1:30 pm
>> up to this point, they have said what motive dutz jeer dan 2340e have to do towards robyn. well, now comes an insurance policy. this is called a travel policy. it's designed to take care of you if you were to suffer some sort of health malady. but a lot of them also have an accidental death clause in there. gary giordano told the authorities about the plan. they then made requests to the fbi and the fbi brought copies of the insurance plans here in aru aruba. one taken out for robyn, one taken out for gary. authorities don't talk about how much it will pay and they won't tell you who the beneficiary is, but it certainly has raised a lot of eyebrows and it's believed may have been one of the things that allowed for gary giordano to be detained for another 16 days. >> okay so h he's detained for that long. they're getting that information.
1:31 pm
maybe a possibly motive. aren't investigators also finding a bloody hand print down there? >> well, they found blood on the beach. some people who are close to the investigation describe it as a bloody hand print. it is blood. what we do not know and what apparently investigators are trying to determine very quickly is one, is it human? and two, if it is, is it a blood type that belongs to robyn gardner or gary giordano. if it is blood and it comes from robyn, it really does harm the excuse or the reasoning that gary giordano has given as far as a drowning. you don't often get blood related to something like that. but it's still too early to say. authorities will not comment only to say that it is interesting, when i asked them about the blood. they neither confirmed nor defied it. that could be very big. they already have gary jegiord o giordano's dna. and they have robyn's dna
1:32 pm
because they confiscated hair brush and toothbrush where they could get it from. >> martin savage, thank you so much. that's your reporter roulette. let's take some pictures out of illinois, shall we? the crowd getting ready for the president of the united states. he's on a three-state bus tour. set to address some of the voters there. we'll bring you news as it happens there out of his home state. we're going to take you live to new hampshire where one of president obama's newest republican opponents is making news of his own. rick perry not holding back of his criticism. and even republicans are blasting perry's harsh language. that's next.
1:33 pm
1:34 pm
1:35 pm
>> let's go to mark preson with the news fresh off the ticker
1:36 pm
purpose perry responded to wolf blitzer's interview with president obama, didn't he? >> he did. this morn rick perry, the texas governor was speaking before business leards this morning and, in fact, he fired back against president obama. the president told wolf blitzer that, you know, what rick perry should watch what he says on the campaign trail, he's running for president. rick perry said he didn't like being lectured by the president. instead, he fought back. >> the president said i nood ed to watch what i say. i just want to respond hp mr. president, k as speak louder than words. my actions are helping create jobs in this country. and the president's actions are killing jobs in this country. it's time to get america working
1:37 pm
again. >> tomorrow, rick perry will still remain here. he has some more events. we're going to hear the major policy speech when everyone is back in town. mark preson, thank you very much. and now this. minute by minute an attack
1:38 pm
in what they're calling a potential catastrophe. my next guest is there's a big sleeper in this case. plus companies are furious with the obama administration. they're now taking legal action over something the government is making them do. casey jordan is on the case. she's next. i realized i needed an aarp... medicare supplement insurance card, too. medicare is one of the great things about turning 65, but it doesn't cover everything. in fact, it only pays up to 80% of your part b expenses. if you're already on or eligible for medicare, call now to find out how an aarp... medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company, helps cover some of the medical expenses... not paid by medicare part b. that can save you from paying up to thousands of dollars... out of your own pocket. these are the only medicare supplement insurance plans... exclusively endorsed by aarp. when you call now, you'll get this free information kit... with all you need to enroll.
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1:41 pm
arrested for planning to bomb a tampa high school. you have a 17-year-old, former student expelled about a year ago. police say they found explosive materials when they searched his bedroom along with this manif t manifesto a man by minute plan to kill about 30 students and two specific administrators. i want to play what the police chief said about this today. >> they indeed found a manifesto written by jared 245 outlined what his actions were going to be. to include detonating explosive devices through the school. there were two individual ka faulty members that were specific targets. and then he also mentioned his desire to cause more casualties foolg r than were suffered in columbine. >> it's already been determined this teenager, 17-year-old will
1:42 pm
be tried as an adult in this case. is that unusual? >> no, not at all. i mean, the state -- every state has done that. if the nature of their acts is really tantamount to adult decision-making process. i'm not surprised at all. some unsung hero tipped police off to what he was planning. police won't say who this individual is. will that at all be an issue in this case? >> i don't know if it's of interest to me. whoever that tipster is is probably a friend of his.
1:43 pm
probably watched his facebook page. i'm going to place a bet that it's a young peer of jared. i'll bet that they were concerned enough to alert authorities. and that's encouraging because we know that that is probably the linchpin that kept this tragedy did i have from happening next week. >> absolutely. finally, though. defense attorney, how do you defend this 17-year-old? >> i have to say the number one thing people are kind of snickering about is he was found growing marijuana, with marijuana paparaphernalia, possession of marijuana and he's coming across as basically a marijuana abuser. he interrupts his own defense attorney today when he was charged. he wanted to say i can say what he want to and he started to say there was no plot. and his defense attorney was you be quiet right now. then she managed to be quiet.
1:44 pm
but he's going to come across as something of a dufus for lack of a better word. but he had broken into houses. he had filed the serial number off of the gun. there's a lot more to this guy. ff they had seen him coming they would have automatically known he was up to no good. >> absolutely. case number two, they're now making cigarette companies put gruesome warnings on cigarette actions for obvious reasons. they're saying hey, this is violating my freedom of speech? >> they're saying the government is sbruzing far too much into their ability to market a lawful product. we can sell it. who are you to tell us you have to have 50% of the front and 50%
1:45 pm
of the back of our cigarette packages be used for your governmental anti-spoking campaign. under law in other countries it's for more restrictive than here in the united states. >> canada as well. >> it's nothing new, just slocumbing to the united states. and frankly, if the cigarette companies want to be able to market their product, you think they would embrace the idea that the more consent the consumer has, theless liable they will be from lawsuits down the line. but so far they're not seeing it that way. >> no, they' not at all. coming up next, we're going to space. two galaxies are on the verge of a cosmic collision.
1:46 pm
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>> okay, we're a little excited about this story. look at this. this is so cool. we have got this stunning image of two galaxies colliding in space forming -- what does it look like? an exclamation point. it was picked up in the hubble
1:49 pm
telescope and shows two galaxies. vv-340 north on top and vv 340-south is the viral on the bottom. you don't often see exclamation marks in space, right? and two galaxies colliding. what does that mean? >> they are 450 million light years away. >> from each other? >> no, us. >> that are coming together and they will mesh. they may combine some gases. they may see some stars, especially some big suns, make huge explosions. there may be some black hole where is things get absorbed and go away and you'll never see them again. >> does this happen often? >> it's going to happen to us, but i think you're probably safe. a billion nears from now milky way and andromeda will eventually get together. >> let's put that back on the screen because i love looking at it. the fact that it's these two
1:50 pm
galaxies. that we can take that photograph. >> how long will this take? >> what take? >> for those two to merge. >> 100 million years. for those two galaxies to actually pass through each other, but more likely start to spin and do something completely different. but that's 450 million light years away. >> so we won't be here talking about it. >> it's already happened. it's already over. 350 million years ago. it took 450 million years to get to us. we're finally seeing the collision now. that picture is almost 450 million years old. >> before the dinosaurs. >> chad myers, thank you so much. and now, a quick check on what we've got coming up on "the situation room" with wolf blitzer. you're back in washington.
1:51 pm
you're whack in the belt way, off the road. great interview, by the way. >> got up very early this morning and flew from iowa to chicago. chicago to washington. it's amazing how airplanes can get you from midway through the country all the way back to the east coast. it works out really, really well. we're going to follow up on some of the newsy points the president made yesterday during my interview with him in iowa, especially this whole notion of a possible lone wolf terror strike coin siding with the tenth anniversary of 9/11. i know there's great concern inside the u.s. homeland security department aechb the intelligence community about something that al qaeda is seeking revenge for the killing of bin laden. we're following up on that part of the story. also looking at all the politics in this inkreeing war of words with some of the republican candidates, especially rick perry and the president of the united states.
1:52 pm
the chairman of the republican party reince priebus. >> i liked how you invited him into your situation room and he invited you into his but just without the cameras. >> although he did say to me off camera, he thought we had fancier technological stuff than his. they've got some pretty impressive things in their situation room. have you been to the one at the white house? >> i've been outside the door. i wasn't allowed to look in. but i've been in yours. yours is mighty nice. see you in a couple of minutes. still to come here, stephen colbert and his pac just lost a major player. its money man. but can you guess which republican candidate stole him away? joe johns has "the political
1:53 pm
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1:56 pm
treasurer for rick perry, he was working for the stephen colbert super pac, the political action committee. that's right, he was working at americans for a better tomorrow tomorrow pac. and now he's working for all people, rick perry. it's kind of amazing. >> it's not a joke. a lot of people think hang on a second, this has to be. . >> sure, you watch the show and they make fun of, you know, the fec, the whole federal election system. but he's the real deal. i mean, he handled money for mccain-palin, for example. he worked for the bush library. this is definitely a guy republicans trust with their money. the super pac is a total joke,
1:57 pm
but people in politics have to treat it seriously. colbert, brought into this, praising his former treasurer, we're not surprised. sal is, you can hear him saying this. sal is one of the best in the business. that's why we went with him. we're very happy for sal, and we're even happier that governor perry has clint a clear signal of which super pac he trusts to receive all that unlimited money wa waiting to pour in on his side. loud and clear, governor. loud and clear. >> wolf blitzer had a great sitdown interview yesterday, or was it two days ago. needless to say he was in iowa. yesterday, thank you eric hall. he talked about a lot of things. politics, contender, but he also had a nice little moment where he asked the president a
1:58 pm
question about his daughters when he wins. why don't we just listen to it. >> the last time you were elected you got sasha and mali a cute little puppy. what will you get them if you're reelectriced. >> when i'm re-elected, i'm going to get them a continuation of secret service so thats when guys want to date them they're surround by men with guns. >> you walk up, they asked ask if your i.d., if you don't pass a security check, you can't get in anyway. >> if i was sasha and malia, i would be afraid of the secret service. >> it's the guys who need to be afraid. >> yeah, i guess. coming to the white house.
1:59 pm
knock-knock. an albuquerque man is springing into action. he and his wife jumped into that truck, the van crashed. chacon rescued the girl. >> we were about to leave. the man said they stole our little girl. >> police later captured garcia, he's been charged with kidn kidnappi kidnapping, child abuse and tacherring with evidence. that's it for me. i'm brooke baldwin. now it's wolf blitzer back in washington.


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