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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 25, 2011 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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coming up with a working plan to restore production once the situation stabilizes. mary snow, cnn, new york. the cnn newsroom continues right no with randi kaye. randi. >> thank you very much. no matter how you look at eryan, it is a monster. potentially the biggest hurricane to hit the u.s. in six year. it's on track to slam coastal north carolina on sunday and maybe new york city late sunday. chad myers has the latest facts and figures, and we'll get to those in a moment. jim spellman is weathering the worst of irene right now in nassau in the northwest bahamas. how bad is it right now? >> reporter: hi, randi. it appears that maybe the worst of it has passed in nassau. still a lot of high winds and still some rains and high surf here occasionally coming over
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the sea walls, but i think the worst here is orr and it passed. amazing how well they've weathered this here. we have not seen any damage. just a quick ride through downtown nassau, and it seems that they've got lucky and their preparations really worked. some of the southern islands in the bahamas didn't make it well. we have reports of serious did he have tags in some of the settlements down there and even some of the biggest islands, cat island that are both popular tourist islands had just gotten hit there. still trying to get communications back up to get word and a look at damages on those islands as irene moves through. right here tentatively in nassau people are pleased that the worst didn't happen here and they made out relatively okay. randi. >> jim, we got reports of one community that was the 90% destroyed. are you hearing anything about injuries or even deaths?
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>> reporter: we haven't heard anything about injuries or deaths, but those communities in the settlements in the southern part of the bahamas, there's a place called lovely bay they're really worried about and having trouble getting communications set up. one of the first things that goes down in high winds are cell phone towers. these places are pretty remote. usually only gotten to by boat. we have in lovely bay there's about 800, 900 people that live there. at least half are currently displaced at least, and those are preliminary reports here. they hope to know by the end. day, but it's still really windy here. it's hard for them to really get access down there to see what's going on, and more importantly to help people that need it. it's a big problem down there, ran randi. >> we see the surf kick up behind you. i'm curious about tourists. this is a big vacation spot. are they trapped there? >> reporter: some are. first thing to happen was the cruises pulled out the night
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before last. that's a huge amount of people that come here. many people were getting out on planes before the airport shut down yesterday. some people that weren't able to do that are hunkered down. there were families staying at our hotel that were very concerned. these hotels, i'm impressed with how they're built versus other hotels i've stayed in during hurricanes. i couldn't hearing anything last night. despite winds like this pounding the place. i think the tourists made out okay, but the fear factor for people on vacation and got this unexpected visitor irene here was very real and tangible to those people. i think they'll all make out okay, randi. >> we appreciate it. try and stay safe there. thanks to your photographer for cleaning off that lens here. let's get to chad myers now. chad, so who really needs to be preparing for this right now? >> north carolina for the direct hit, and then up into new england. anywhere from literally new jersey and cape may over to
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boston. i can't tell you yet. it's still too far away for that. our jim spellman was right there, and the eye of the storm missed him by 50, 60 miles. that was great. the islands under that eye were literally devastate. we had wind speeds at 100 to 120. we had waves at 15 feet, and islands that are only 8 feet tall. so you have to understand that water and the fours of the water over the islands, lit rayly overwashing the island. you see something here in parts of florida. randi, i know you have loved ones down here. here's west palm and fort lauderdale and miami, one of the first outer bands onshore here. going toob thunderstorms and the potential for the storms to spin. this is where the eye is, way out there, hundreds of miles away. yet, the eye is nothing to worry about right now. it's still far enough away from the u.s. when it gets closer we worry about what's going on in the u.s. we will get huge waves, 10 to
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15-footers. waves you can't surf in. don't try. go out surfing on sunday and the waving will still be break. they will be formed perfectly. do not try to surf in this. you can't go in the water and can't be for that matter on the shore in some spots because the waves will come onshore and drag you offshore. it's called a rip current, and it's ugly. this is up through parts of carolinas by the time we work into saturday. there's still a lot of erosion up and down the east coast. thaepts not so much the issue. the issue across freeport and the carolinas is a direct landfall somewhere near possibly moorehead city. it could be right on the outer banks. with a wind speed of 120 and waves at 8 feet tall and even some spots 10 feet tall overwashing that barrier island, some of that island may go away. you don't want to be on that island. you do not want to be on the outer banks at all.
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then, this is worst case snaka- scenar scenario. i guess this storm if you follow the stre, if it follows the center and runs up the hudson, new york city is in a world of heart. power out for days and subways maybe flooded in some spots. we have a long wait for that, but you need to know that's possible and you need to start thinking about what you would do if that would happen. >> a lot could change. good warning, chad. we heard you with that one. >> you're welcome. to libya now where the battle for tripoli and the hunt for moammar gadhafi are converging. two days after they took over the compound, they say he and some of ms. sons may be pinned down in a cluster of apartment buildings nearby. they're fighting to hold onto the airport south of the capital. gadhafi has issued audio clips most recently about 90 minutes ago. a lot of his stuff is now in the
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public domain. we join you now from the airport with a rationalable case in point. what is that behind you there? it looks like a big rv. >> reporter: yeah, randi, what we have here is an rv that the fighters say that they managed to capture from gadhafi's farm around 15 minutes away, although there was a pretty intense firefight there that did kill one fighter and wounded number. let me show you this scene more for you. we have the rebels going through the rv, obviously marveling at the fact they do have access to some of the gadhafi's luxurious things that he did own. right behind you can see that thick plume of dark smoke, and that is as a result of the ongoing incoming artillery. this location has been pounded by shells, by rockets, heavy machine gunfire. it's still coming from multiple
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directions. over here we have two golf carts that the rebels say they got off of gadhafi's farm. they've been coming through trying them out. many stays therm siege gadhafi coming out of a golf cart similar to this one carrying his umbrella and giving one of his infamous speeches. being on the pharmacying the life of luxury the leader led at the expense of the people more than four decades makes them more determined to hunt down loyalists but more importantly to hunt him down as well, randi. >> it's amazing to see these opposition forces going through his personal effects. is there any way to take us inside? is there anything to see still left inside that rv? >> reporter: there is. can you try and go inside. i don't know if we have the cables to go all the way in. i do believe the door is locked, but i'll give it a shot. just bear with us.
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>> if not -- we don't have the cables to go all the way in, but we will feed pictures. >> what are these doing with these personal effects of his? are they holds onto them or destroy them? >> reporter: when it comes to the rv, the rebel commander that led the unit that began clearing the farm, he's been making pretty sure that the two back doors there still locked. so the people -- the rebels are coming in and out of it and have access to the front part, because he wants to preserve those items he found in it. the unit that took over this, they're from the south, and they've spray painted the revolutionaries on the side of it. they want to take it down to the city, and they want to preserve it as it is as best as they can. they want to show everybody else the type of life that their leader led. they've been going through and kind of grabbing everything that's in the front part. there's almonds and there's
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those plastic little containers of water actually from inside as well. there was a pair of glasses, an atlas, a road map. people are grabbing momentos of what was once material belongings, a person completely off access to them. >> incredible reporting. arwa damon at the tripoli airportment thank you. as we watch hurricane irene move closer to the northeast, we have to ask ourselves is new york city ready for a major hurricane? the answer to that question is actually pretty scary. we'll take a closer look, next. [ oswald ] there's a lot of discussion going on about the development of natural gas,
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emergency in advance of hurricane irene. right now there's an exodus of ships, trains and people in the northeast. the u.s. navy has ordered ships from the norfolk naval station to move out to sea to prevent damage to them, and amtrak is cancels train service south of washington from friday to sunday in anticipation of irene's arrival. on the eastern tip of long island, new york folks are preparing for possible power outages and flooding should iryan keep the track. they're keeping precautions as far north as new hampshire. people are being told to stock up on supplies because of the threat of flooding this weekend. michael blookberg is saying prepare for hurricane irene right now. he says don't wait until the last minute and have a plan in place in case evacuations are necessary. >> there are different ways to evacua evacuate. one is to suggest that people move. another thing is the mayor apparently has the power to
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issue an executive order and to force people to move, which we would do, i think, only in the worst of circumstances. we certainly would encourage people at this point in time, for example, if you have a car and live in a low-lying area, my suggestion is part it on top of a hill, not in the valley. it's those kinds of things. and then your house. start moving some stuff upstairs if you have a two-story house. take precautions now so if it gets to that, you'll have less to do. >> so the question is, are new yorkers really ready for a hurricane, a major hurricane? what exactly would happen if a major storm like irene hits new york city? john zarrella looks at the worst possible scenario. >> reporter: steve and debbie o'sullivan and their three children live in queens, new york. a trank will setting. >> we used to play out in them.
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>> reporter: what's changed? >> katrina. >> reporter: the o'sullivans, whose house sits one block from the ocean are thinking about stocking up on hurricane supplies. >> i really am seriously considering getting more supplies of water and dry goods. it is a worry for me. i mean, he's not as worried as i am. >> reporter: there may be good reason for certain. new york city hasn't experienced a big hurricane since 1938. wtd increase in hurricane activity combined with the law of averages, many experts believe another major storm may be coming and soon. >> is it going to be a slow rise? >> yeah, yeah, it's going to come up slowly b-the rate you fill a bathtub. >> reporter: coast algae gist in this case nick koch he believes
10:16 am
it could be cat strfk. >> the most dangerous thing in new york is the new yorker. the new yorker thinks they've been tested by everything, but very few noshgers have been in the eye of a hurricane and know how uncontrollable the energy is. >> reporter: national hurricane center computer models and comprehensive studies are chilling. the water is pushed into lower manhattan, steadily rising. seawater powers through the holland and brooklyn battery tunnels and jfk goes over an astounding 20 feet of water. water in the wall street system could be seven feet deep and the subway is knocked down. >> there's glass all over the street and through the air. it >> reporter: one study put economic loss from a category 3 at $100 billion. >> they have high population and very expensive properties. you throw a hurricane into the
10:17 am
snare jcenario and the results catastrophic. >> reporter: there's a plan in place to move 2.3 million people out coastal zones, but how many will go? delores orr heading the community board in rockaway. >> for those raised here, i hear them today talking that they're not going anywhere, and that's a concern. >> reporter: for the o'sullivans being prepared just makes sense, even here in new york where hurricanes as are unheard of as the yankees not making the playoffs. john zarrella, cnn, new york. >> isn't that the truth. well, the key here is to be prepared. you can get up-to-the minute info on irene's strength and location 24 hours a day with cnn's hurricane tracker at, and it is also available on your ipad and your iphone. so be sure to check it out. coming up, do you think dick cheney has regrets over the use of water boarding? you don't want to miss what he has to say about that and some of his former bush
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the former vice president takes no prisoners in the book titled "in my time: a personal and political memoir." according to the "new york times" that got an advanced copy he lashes out at several top bush administration oapproximate officials. he said secretary of state colin powell tried to undermine president bush by privately
10:21 am
expressing doubts about the iraq war and he says that condoleezza rice was naive in dealing with north korea. there are also some real bombshells. in an interview with nbc, cheney is asked about the bush administration's use of what he called tough interrogations of terror suspects which critics denounced as torture. excerpts of aired on "today" this morning and here's what he said about waterboarding. >> in your view we should still be using enhanced interrogation? >> yes. >> no regret science. >> no regrets. >> should we still be waterboarding terror suspects? >> i would strongly support using it again if circumstances arose where we had a high value detainee, and that was the only way we could get him to talk. >> even though so many people have condemned it and people call it torture, i think it should still be a tool? >> yes. >> another surprise revelation in the book. according to the "times" cheney urged bush to bomb a suspected
10:22 am
nuclear reactor site in syria back in 2007. bush put it to a vote among other advisers, and according to the "times" not a single hand went up. for condoleezza rice, she may get the last word. her new memoir is due out the 1st of november. turning to another bombshell of sorts, one triggered by natur nature. so far no reports of damage or injuries. the u.s. jgeological says it's n aftershock from the tuesday's magnitude 5.8 quake na shook washington and much of the east coast. the national park service has released new pictures of tuesday's damage to the washington monument. take a look at the cracks and the damage there. it says new cracks have been discovered in the top port of the monument. the picture shows other damage inside the structure. the monument is now closed to visitors indefinitely. these technologies can make
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we're keeping an eye on apple stock a day after steve jobs announced he's stepping down at ceo. take a look there. it's down about $4 or so at 371.98. apple stock had fallen 2% at the start of trading today following an after hours drop yesterday of 5%. before the break we asked who said this. these technologies can make life easier, can let us touch people we might not otherwise. it is steve jobs. cnn's poppy harlow looks at the legacy of steve jobs and the impact of his departure as apple's ceo. >> he resigned? >> yes. >> sim sorry to hear it, because he's so great for the company and so creative and innovative. >> reporter: jobs who has been on medical leave since january released a statement. i have always said if there ever came a day when i could no
10:27 am
longer meet my duties and expectations as apple's ceo, i would be the first to let you know. unfortunately, that day has come. >> it's really hard to overstate just how important steve jobs has been to business, to the economy, what he's done because he's really revolutionized so many businesses. >> reporter: computers, mobile phones, digital music, jobs' influence has been unparalleled. his latest product, the ipad, continues to break records. analysts say it's the fastest selling technological device ever. jobs co-founded apple in 1976 from his family's garage. nine years later a power struggle led to his exit, but jobs returned again in 1996, soon after becoming ceo and transforming the company into what it is today. one of the biggest corporations in the world worth nearly $350 billion. earlier this month apple briefly
10:28 am
passed exxon mobile as the stock market's most valuable company. >> an ipod, a phone. are you getting it? >> reporter: it's not only because of jobs' innovation. he's also a brilliant marketer. >> the secrecy and the kind of theater that apple brings to every product launch, every other company in the world, whether they're in, you know, electronics, consumer electronics or clothing or automobiles, they can learn from apple and what they do. >> in the only commencement address jobs ever game in 2005 at stanford university, he touched upon the secret of his success. >> the only way to do great work is to love what you do. if you haven't found it yet, keep looking. don't settle. >> poppy joins us now from new york. a lot of people are worried about steve jobs and his health, and a lot of others ask what it means for apple and apple
10:29 am
investors. >> reporter: absolutely. following the stock all day and looking at apple trading right now is only down 1%. this is good. this is a sign of confidence that the company had a plan. that plan was their chief operating officer, tim cook, who will become ceo of apple. this is a man who knows steve jobs inside and out. what does it mean for the company long term? that's the big question. you have to decide if you believe or don't believe that apple, the company, is bigger than one man. there is no question about it. steve jobs was a visionary. he's the man that started the company, completely turned it around and got it off its knees. is that vision embedded in the dna of the company or not? this is his third leave of absence since 2004, and what we have seen even when he's been way if the company and tim cook has been leading it, it has succeeded and denied to put out products that sell in record numbers around the world. as my colleague at fortune put
10:30 am
it, it was very interesting. he said steve jobs has the ability it to change and revolutionize an entire industry with the wave of a hand, and not many people can do that, randi. >> certainly not. poppy harlow, thank you very much. who would you choose to run against president obama? the revealing numbers that could turn the gop presidential race on its head next. what do you got? restrained driver...
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sir, can you hear me? just hold the bag. we need a portable x-ray, please! [ nurse ] i'm a nurse. i believe in the power of science and medicine. but i'm also human. and i believe in stacking the deck. time to check in stories you
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may have missed. hurricane irene carves a destructive path across the bahamas and has demolished dozens of homes. the category 3 storm now battling nassau. as irene makes its way stateside, amtrak is canceling train service for friday, saturday and sunday south of washington. service for the northeast corridor is not affected at this point, but amtrak says additional cancellations may become necessary. in the meantime, communities along the eastern seaboard are in full preparation mode in case irene is the first major hurricane to slam the coast in years. you're looking at the latest projected path for irene. emergency crews, state and city officials from the carolinas up through new england are dusting off their evacuation plans and, yes, getting those sandbags ready. we're also watching fast-moving developments in libya. the big question right now, where is moammar gadhafi? rebel fighters sent more troops to scour a cluster of buildings near gadhafi's compound.
10:33 am
rebels believe gadhafi, who has a $1.4 million bounty for his capture or death on his head, may be holed up nearby. meanwhile, rebel fighters and allied special forces encounter pockets of resistance across libya. they started to move the rebel base to the capital. back in the u.s. the battle for the gop presidential nomination has taken an interesting turn. texas governor rick perry is now leading the republican presidential pack beating out former front-runner mitt romney. according to this new gallup poll, perry is at the top. you see it there, 29%. republican-leaning independents say perry is their guy. that's a 12-point lead over mitt romney. paul is at 13% and michele bachmann has 10%. in los angeles dr. conrad murray who is to be tried for
10:34 am
michael jackson's death wants the jury cut off from media coverage. murray's attorneys say the doctor's trial will likely draw massive media attention citing the casey anthony murder trial. he's charged with involuntary manslaughter for michael jackson's 2009 death. the doctor's trial is set to begin next month. so you've heard location, location, location for real estate, right? well, apparently it also applies to your marriage. a new u.s. census bureau report found the south has the highest rate of divorce, and the northeast is the lowest. the report is based on data collected in 2009. the states you see here in blue are below the average rates, while the head states have above average states. of all those red states, arkansas had the highest divorce rate in the nation. you may be asking,s why that? the report is people in the south are married earlier, so more marriages equals more divorces. from an idea among friends
10:35 am
to the first monument on the national mall honoring an african-american. more on the new memorial honoring martin luther king jr., next. [♪...] >> male announcer: now, for a limited time, your companion flies free, plus save up to 65%. call 1-800-sandals. conditions apply.
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it all started as an idea among members of martin luther ki king's fraternity. now 25 years later a granite
10:37 am
statue sits on a prime spot at the national mall in washington, d.c. visitors are catching the first glimpse of the new memorial this week. it took more than 15 years and about $120 million to make it all happen. president obama will be on hand for the formal dedication of the memorial on sunday. it also marks the anniversary of the 1963 march on washington where dr. king delivered the famous "i have a dream" speech. as we get clorser, we want to look at the life and countless contributions of martin luther king jr. t.j. holmes took the cnn express on a journey to some of the places where dr. king made history. one of those stops, birmingham, where an attack on four young girls marked a turning point in the civil rights movement. ♪
10:38 am
>> reporter: can i step in here for a second? you hear about it, read about it, talk about it. but to be standing on this side of the bars where martin luther king was standing and was locked up writing a letter from a birmingham jail. i always remember the story ambassador young tells me about that letter. he had to write it on toilet paper and whatever he can find. he wrote it on the edge of a "new york times." they handed it in to the second, and she was upset. she was like, what is this mess? what is this chicken scratching from dr. king? because of that, she typed it up, threw it away. so the original letter we will never have, but to think it was behind these actual bars. this is not a replica. the actual bars. incredible. >> i had just got to about right there when the bomb exploded. i used to stand outside the church sometimes and just kind
10:39 am
of lean my face against the building where the bomb was, and sometimes i would just stand here and think for a long time. all of those girls were friends of mine. >> reporter: no, this isn't ebenezer baptist in atlanta, dr. king's church. even though ipts not dr. king's church, he certainly had an impact here and what happened here certainly had an impact on dr. king. so any journey you're going to take through dr. king's life, you have to make a stop here. >> in his funeral eulogy for the girls killed here, dr. king said to us, what has happened in birmingham, the death of these girls may well serve as a redemptive force for birmingham and for alabama and the rest of the nation. we saw this sort of revived all over the world. things changed with what happened in birmingham. things changed all over the world. >> reporter: it seems odd to say now after all that has happened,
10:40 am
but at that point he was just another breech preacher? >> yeah, basically. we reverenced the preachers. our preachers said this is what god said about you. everything about you is god. when the outside world said you were ugly, the preacher said that's not true. here's what god says about you. i think if they told us to try to walk on water, we probably would have tried to do that. >> be sure to join t.j. holmes along with candy crowley and soledad o'brien sunday morning for the live coverage of the dedication of the memorial commemorating the life and work of dr. martin luther king jr. that is sunday 9:00 a.m. eastern right here on cnn. an american held in a libyan prison for nearly six months is free. >> found it exactly the same as always. >> his mother and fiancee just
10:41 am
spoke with him for the first time about how he escaped with hundreds of other prisoners. i'm going to talk with them next and show you the new video we're just getting in of that prison escape. keep it here. an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement, available only from liberty mutual insurance,
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an american journalist who has been held in a libyan prison for nearly six months is now free. check out this video we're getting in that appears to show the prison escape matthew van dyke was a part of. this is from youtube. it does appear to show prisoners at tripoli's prison freeing other prisoners. look at that. that is what matthew van dyke has told us happened to him.
10:44 am
he's a freelance writer that disappeared in libya on march 13th, and yesterday after being held for nearly six months in solitary confinement was freed. he spoke to his mother a short time ago about his escape and what it was like to be held for so long. sharon van dyke joins me now along with matthew's fiancee lauren fisher. what a wonderful day. i'm sure you're both celebrating. let me begin with you, though. tell us what it was like when you finally heard your son's voice for the first time in so long. >> well, since we realized in march, late march that he had been captured, i've waited almost six months to hear him say, hi, mom, and that's what i heard yesterday when he was on the phone. so it's just an unbelievable feeling. it was joyous. it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. you get that queasy dpefeeling
10:45 am
your stomach, and it was wonderful. >> did he tell you how he managed to get out? >> he said that he heard men in the outside of his cell, but he thought they were actually coming to either execute him or torture him. when they were at the cell telling him to come, at first he said no because he thought were guards were in back of the prisoners to grab him. then they used something to break the lock off of the cell, and then he went -- he went out with the prisoners who were mainly the rebels. he said, hundreds of them left the prison. they went to a mosque first and were given some libyan money so they could get cabs or get transportation to leave the area. he walked with three or four of the prisoners that he actually didn't know until the time of
10:46 am
the break because he was in solitary confinement, and they started walking. a libyan man who had a very nice home in a compound actually took them in. >> wow. that's amazing. >> harbored them and fed them. >> lauren, i can't imagine what the last six months have been like for you. here you are trying to plan a wedding, and your fiancee is in solitary confinement all this time? >> yes. we didn't know that was the case until kwled yesterday. we knew he was in prison and didn't know who he was with or any of the circumstances until yesterday. >> how worried were you about him, and what did he tell you it was like to be in prison like that? >> of course, i was very concerned. i was worried, you know, from the beginning. he's traveled in other countries. he's been embedded with u.s. troops, so, you know, i knew -- i had confidence that he knew how to handle himself, and that made it easier for me. in terms of what -- how he
10:47 am
described it, he was fed. he had water. he said he basically stared at wail for six months. >> sharon, do you know how he ended up there and why he was taken to prison? >> he's not sure exactly what he was charged with. he was in brego when gadhafi's forces captured the town. he doesn't remember what happened. he apparently was hit on the head and was unconscious and came in and out of consciousness over a couple of days when he believes he was in prison in sitr. he awoke to the man above him in a room being tortured. >> do you know when he's going to be home? >> we're working on that. it should be soon, though. >> is there any plan? any wedding date set or in this case like that? >> no. we'll work on that tooshgs. >> i'm sure. i certainly hope that matte tu gets home to both of you soon. i'm sure you have a couple of
10:48 am
big hugs waiting for him. we appreciate you sharing the good news with us, and best of luck to all of you. >> thank you for the time. we appreciate it. >> of course, we'll continue to stay on top of any breaking libya coverage. up next, bulletproof skin created with spiders and genetically modified goats. no, it is not the next marvel comic, but you do need to see this. tiihs top safety pick and you... well, you gave us your approval. so we thought, why not give a little back. the chevy model year wrap up. get in on our greatest model year yet. and now, very-well qualified lessees can get a low mileage lease on a chevy cruze ls for around $169 a month. our greatest model year yet is wrapping up. two of the most important are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world.
10:49 am
a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for our country's energy security and our economy.
10:50 am
busy news day here at cnn so let's update you and check some of the stories that you might have missed. hurricane irene is carving a destructive path across the bahamas. it's demolished a number of homes. it's battering nassau, the popular cruise ship port, and as
10:51 am
irene makes its way statewide amtrak is cancelling train service for friday, saturday and sunday south of washington. service for the northeast corridor is not affected at this point, but amtrak says additional cancellations could become necessary. meantime, communities along the eastern seaboard are in full preparation mode just in case irene becomes the first major hurricane to slam the coast in years. take a look at this. you're looking at the latest projected path for irene. emergency crews, state and city officials from the carolinas up through new england are dusting off their evacuation plans and getting those sandbags ready. we're also watching fast moving developments in libya. the big question right now is where is moammar gadhafi? rebel fighters have sent more troops to scour a cluster of buildings near gadhafi's compound. they say gadhafi who has a $1.4 million bounty on his head for capture or death may be holed up nearby. meanwhile, rebel fighters and allied special forces are still encountering pockets of
10:52 am
resistance across typically. rebel leaders are working to consolidate power and are moving the rebel base in libya to the capital. back here in the u.s., the battle for the gop presidential nomination has taken an interesting turn. texas governor rick perry now leading the republican presidential pack, beating out former front-runner mitt romney. according to this new goalup poll, perry is at the top with 129%. republican leaning independents say perry is their man. that's a 12-point lead over former massachusetts governor mitt romney. representative ron paul comes in third at 13%, followed by michele bachmann, 10%. in los angeles, dr. conrad murray who is to be tried for michael jackson's death wants the jury in the case to be cut off from news coverage. murray is making a request to sequester the jury today. murray's attorney says the doctor's trial will likely attract massive immediate why
10:53 am
attention. he's charged with murder in michael jackson's death. the trial is set to begin next month. you've heard location, location, location, right, for real estate. it also applies to marriage. a new u.s. census bureau found the south has the highest rate of divorce, the knee of the lowest. the report is based on data collected in 2009. the states you see here in blue are below the average rates, red states have above the average rate and arkansas has the highest rate in the nation. the reason may be ascisms as more people in the south get married earlier so more marriages equals more divorces. two of the biggest names of the administration of george w. bush are putting the finishing touches on their newest books. joe johns will bring us all the details right after the break. i want to focus on innovation. but my data is doubling. my servers are maxed out. i need to think about something else when i run.
10:54 am
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like the leap of faith you never took. but there's one opportunity that's too good to miss. the lexus golden opportunity sales event. see your lexus dealer. let's check in now with joe johns on a couple of very interesting political stories that we are watching today, joe. what's this about these competing political memoirs? >> reporter: yeah. it almost sounds like duelling memoirs, doesn't it? we'll know more. let's just start out with the woman who was the source of endless fascination in the bush administration. talking about condoleezza rice
10:57 am
here, the former secretary of state. her memoir chronicling her time in d.c. is scheduled to hit bookstores around november 1st. it's called "no higher honor, a memoir of my years in washington." handled by crown publishers. rice is expected to tell her story as both national security adviser as well as the time when she was secretary of state in the george w. bush administration which means quite naturally she's going to have to get into things like the september 11th terrorist attack, things like her testimony before the 9/11 commission and all the rest, of course, will all be very interested to see what she says about the administration's internal debates, we were heard were contentious as the country moved towards war with afghanistan and especially iraq. this will actually be condoleezza rice's second memoir. the first one told of her upbringing in segregation era
10:58 am
birmingham, alabama, which was a pretty good read in itself. >> and there's also, of course, word that dick cheney has his memoir coming out. >> yeah. >> boy, not to be outdone, of course, he is spilling the beans. >> reporter: absolutely. well, yeah, i mean, this would -- the always understated former vice president dick cheney, as we like to say, already we do know one of the headlines from cheney's new book because he has done, number one, an interview with nbc. he's also got an article about this book in the "new york times." i think they may have gotten ahold of an incorrected proof or something. cheney says that when the united states found out about a suspected nuclear reactor site in syria in 2007, cheney says he advised that we ought to blow it up, but president george w. bush wouldn't go along with it. now, remember, and sort of put it in context. this was 2007, years after we went into iraq and afghanistan.
10:59 am
cheney said other presidential advisers, hint, hint, were reluctant because the u.s. had previously gotten bad intelligence information on suspicion of weapons of mass destruction in iraq, but in the end it really didn't matter because while they were doing all this talking, the israelis went and bombed the location in syria later that very same year of 2007. >> yeah. >> sounds like it's going to be some very interesting reading here. interestingly enough, condoleezza rice has already said she's not going to comment on dick cheney's memoir, but that doesn't mean we can't talk about what's going on behind the scenes here. >> yeah, because, of course, as she's mentioned in that, at least according to what we've seen in the "new york times," that he calls her naive in some of her dealings with that, but she isn't commenting. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. totally fascinating, you know, that they obviously knocked heads. there was this issue of whether president george w. bush ought to apologize for the infamous 16
11:00 am
words in his state of the union address talking about yellow cake uranium in niger, and apparently, according to what we're hearing, condoleezza rice actually thought the president perhaps ought to say something about it, might have to apologize, in other words, but cheney didn't want that to happen, so that's the kind of conflict it sounds like we're getting, but we all want to read and hear more about this. >> i'll have to figure out which one to read first, cheney, condi, we'll figure it out. >> you bet. >> joe, great to see you. thank you very much. it's 2:00 p.m. in the east, and irene is coming. barring some unexpected turn, this will be the biggest hurricane to hit the u.s. in years. just into the cnn newsroom, maryland governor martin o'malley declares a state of emergency in advance of hurricane irene. irene is on track to slam or at least skim coastal north
11:01 am
carolina on saturday and maybe new york city late sunday. our chad myers has the latest facts and figures, of course, and we'll join us live in just a minute. let's go first to cnn's jim spellman in the bahamas where the end of this storm is finally in sight. though, jim, it doesn't look like the weather there has really improved much in nassau. >> reporter: well, you know, it's all comparative. it's a lot better than it was three or four hours ago, and especially the rain has died down, and i think there's a real sense here that the worst is over and that they -- to use their phrase, dodged a bullet. people are dropping by to say hi. people have been out and about and saying they have seen a few downed trees, a few downed power lines here but they were really bracing for some of the worst. some of the southern bahamas islands did get worse, settlements all but destroyed. waiting for word from cat island and eleuthera, two of the bigger
11:02 am
islands where irene passed through just a couple of hours ago. but here, for now anyway, things are definitely calming down a little bit, if you can come this calm, randi. >> i've seen some traffic, a little bit of traffic, a few cars behind you and seeing the surf splashing up, so people are out and about, it seems? >> reporter: yeah. people are starting to come out. they have been cooped up since yesterday afternoon. they are coming out and taking a look around to see if there's any damage. somebody earlier dropped by and said that's what we do the in bahamas, we drive around after the storms. i guess that's true just about everywhere. the thing that always gets me is the folks walking out right along on some of these piers here with the water splashing, just don't do it, you know. it's not worth getting -- even after the worst is over, right now, it's still high winds, and as you mentioned big surf. i hope nobody does anything silly. for now it seems like there's no major damage.
11:03 am
>> what's the situation in terms of power and electricity for folks like tourists who may be stuck there? >> reporter: no problem so far. localized power outages from trees hitting lines. all the major hotels here on paradise island, all of them kept power through the whole thing and remarkably even cell phones kept working right through the heart of the storms. they really have built the island's infrastructure to be red for stuff like this. they know it comes on a regular basis. they don't want to lose business and don't want people to be scared to come here, and i'll tell you so far, our hotel, so impressed with how solidly it was built. they are prepared for it. i think they will make out just fine. >> jim spellman there in nassau, bahamas. jim, thank you very much. get inside and get dry. now let's take a look at the big picture from cnn meteorologist chad myers. chad, i want to ask you who needs to be worried, but maybe the better question is who
11:04 am
doesn't need to be worried? everybody needs to be worried at this point. >> west coast of florida, you're okay. tampa to naples, won't get over to you. for a while, three days ago it was possible the cone was still over there. the cone isn't there anymore. the bahamas now getting cleared, although freeport and really the abaco island areas still under the gun. still 100 miles per hour, maybe 115. i've been looking at the hurricane hunter aircraft, probably around 100. they don't like to fluctuate up and down very much. kind of like to keep one solid number unless there's a big low ring of pressure or raising of pressure. right now it's now. the eye is reorganizing, and it will turn into a much bigger storm. it will get it that category 4 as it gets away from the islands. what we're seeing and are going to see are the outer bands of rain that come onshore here. you may get a spin, just enough of a twist to get a tornado with some of that, but you'll certainly get an awful lot of wind and wave action here along the east coast, and then the
11:05 am
potential for the landfall. the landfall somewhere between will mickton and also cape hatteras. now, there's a little bit of a chance that it misses north carolina all together. that would be nice because it would be 115-mile-per-hour and the forecast is right over the islands, right over cape hatteras and right over arc coke. you can tear up an island, cut a portion of the island right in half where you have to build a bridge to get over it. cape may, into the dell march ark, doing damage up and down to ocean city to luce ferry and even up into new york city. worst case scenario it drives right up to coney island pushing water into the hudson and push water to where the statute of liberty is and up the battery and up the hudson river and up the east river, and then you could start filling in some of these areas with water, including parts of the subway, maybe parts of some of the tunnels and then you lose power. oh, my goodness. if you can imagine what an 85 or
11:06 am
100-mile-per-hour storm in downtown new york city could do to power and how long it will take to get this restored this. won't be over by monday. they say this storm is long gone by monday, you might not be able to go to washing for days if that happens. it could turn right or left but the worst case scenario right now is right where the middle of that cone, is and we'll have to watch t.north carolina you're next, but new york city, all the way to boston, maybe as far west as the delaware water gap, you're under the gun right now. >> wow, chad. that sounds like it really could be bad. could be as bad as bob and that was 1991 and people were without power for weeks. >> we although continue to check back with you. >> get up to the minute info on irene's strength and location and see where the storm is headed 24 hours a day with cnn's hurricane tracker at it is also available on your ipad and your iphone so you can check it around the clock. well, it is 8:00 p.m. in libya, and rebels once again think they know where moammar gadhafi is. two days after taking over the longtime dictator's compound,
11:07 am
rebels say he and some of his sons may be pinned down in a cluster of buildings nearby. that is where they are focusing their efforts, but they are also fighting to hold on to tripoli airport just south of the capital, and they are savoring their newest conquest, tripoli's notorious be au salim prison. doors are being shown broken down and prisoners freed. cnn's arwa damon is at the airport and there are reports that an empty plane was just destroyed there. is this a missile strike that we're talking about? >> reporter: yeah, randi. this location has been bomb boarded relentlessly by artillery and by ground rockets and on the tarmac, you can't really see it because it's dark out, but there is a plane that's on fire. we were just out there, and we had to go up into one of the guard towers because the rebel fighters were telling us that there was a sniper in the area
11:08 am
that had been targeting them, but the plane up in smoke. number of the incoming artillery has been targeting the tarmac and targeting the aircrafts that are there. on the other side of the tarmac there is the remains of a plane that was hit last night, and the rebels are saying that the focus on this is for a number of reasons. on the one hand, senior commanders believe that gadhafi loyalists are trying too-to-clear some sort of a route for gadhafi to potentially either try to escape from tripoli or move through the area to the east that the rebels do not control, or they could also be trying to bog the rebels down here to distract them from what is happening elsewhere, but at the same time the rebels say that they believe that gadhafi loyalists are employing a scorched earth policy, trying to destroy every bit of infrastructure that they possibly can, and the rebels are fully aware of the fact that this is a critical complex, an airport very important. they want to try to preserve it
11:09 am
for the next stage of libya, they say, but gadhafi's incoming artillery, the rockets, really have just been pounding this location. it was quite intense when we were out there. some of the explosions are so big. i don't know if you can hear them now, but they are actually shaking that watch tower that we were in. >> arwa, i know you've had some pretty incredible access there at the airport. there's some rvs. you were actually inside that. that's gadhafi's rv? >> reporter: yeah, that's right. the rebels managed to get up to gadhafi's farm around 15 minutes away. they have begun trying to clear it. there was an intense fire fight there as well. one rebel fighter was killed. they have spray painted the side of it. inside the back part of it is locked up right now. the rebel commanders are trying to prevent some of the others from literally taking everything
11:10 am
that they possibly can. we've seen them in the past climbing through and looking around and also over here you have these golf carts that were also taken from that same farm, and the senior commander was telling us that he could remember gadhafi coming out of one of these golf carts raising his umbrella, giving one of his infamous speeches on state television. and this, the rebels say, is evidence that they are making gains, but they will also point to this of evidence of a luxurious life that gadhafi led at their expense, and that makes them even more determined to go out and to try to find him. >> arwa damon with incredible access at tripoli airport. arwa, thanks very much we are keeping an eye on apple stocks today. so far the numbers are down a day after steve jobs announced he is stepping down as ceo. jobs has suffered from a number of health issues, and he says he can no longer handle the day-to-day operations. he brought apple from near bankruptcy to one of the largest and most innovative technology
11:11 am
companies in the world. apple chief executive officer tim cook will now take over as ceo. texas governor rick perry now leading the presidential republican pack. according to the new gallup poll perry is at the top. 29% of republicans and republican-leaning independents say perry is their guy, a 12-point lead over former massachusetts governor mitt romney. representative ron paul comes in third at 13%, followed by michele bachmann at 10%. new englanders are nervously eyeing hour cane irene with big cities like boston in its direct path. what history reveals and the preparations under way. we'll have it for you next. met an old man at the top asked him if he had a secret and the old man stopped and thought and said: free 'cause that's how it ought to be my brother credit 'cause you'll need a loan for one thing or another score 'cause they break it down to one simple number
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conditions apply. well, concern is growing quickly along east coast as hurricane irene gets closer. the governors of north carolina, virginia and new jersey and now maryland have declared states of emergency in advance of irene. mid-atlantic and new england rarely see hurricanes, especially major category 2 and 3 storms. cnn's anderson cooper takes a look back at some of the big hurricanes that have slammed the northeast. >> reporter: you're watching pictures of the last major hurricane to hit the northeast coast exactly 20 years ago. this is hurricane bob back in august of 1991. the eye of the storm passed over rhode island before making landfall as a strong category 2 with winds of 115 miles per hour. bob was blamed for over $1 billion in damage in 18
11:15 am
storm-related deaths. two months later hurricane grace also threatened as a category 2 storm before being absorbed but an unusual weather system that led to the halloween nor'easter of 1991. later called a perfect storm. this storm lashed the east coast of the united states with pounding waves and coastal flooding, causing significant damage in massachusetts, maine, new hampshire and new jersey. nine people were killed in the storm which produced 100-foot waves, equivalent to a ten-story building. it inspired the novel by author sebastian younger which later became a movie. and then there's the so-called storm of the century. hurricane gloria in september of 1985 recorded winds of up to 150 miles per hour. gloria made landfall as a powerful category 3 storm in the outer banks of north carolina before rapidly moving up the east coast, making a second landfall on long island and then another in connecticut. it caused significant damage up
11:16 am
and down the east coast and eight storm-related deaths. hurricanes in the northeast are rare, but as hurricane irene approaches, meteorologists warn it could turn northward, threatening much of the east coast with another potentially dangerous storm. anderson cooper, cnn, new york. >> as powerful as hurricane irene is right now, the national hurricane center says irene could still grow into a monster, monster category 4 storm. you're looking at irene's projected path. it is forecast to slam or at least sideswipe much of the east coast, including large parts of new england. even if the hurricane doesn't make landfall, heavy rain could trigger flooding in some areas. you can see boston could take a direct hit. so let's bring in don mcgaw from boston's office of emergency management. don, what preparations are under way right now in boston to keep the people safe there? >> well, randi, as you can imagine, we are at this time very closely monitoring the storm. we're looking at the track.
11:17 am
we're assessing all of the different contingencies and looking at the potential implications that we could have here in the city of boston, and at this time mayor menino has directed city departments to not only closely monitor it but to start to put in preparations so that they are ready to respond to any type of flooding, wind damage or other things that we could see here in this city. we're not only monitoring and preparing ourselves for the city, but we're also asking our residents to do the same thing, make sure that they keep a close eye on this storm, and they do some of the little things that they can do to make sure that they are prepared. >> you have a lot of boaters in new england and certainly around boston. what about your harbors and boats? what are you doing to protect that? >> sure. as you know, you know, boston's a great port city. at the same time we need to make sure that we're taking precautions in the harbor. we're in close communications with the united states coast guard and a number of our port partners and in with some of the city agencies. they are taking preliminary measures to make sure that they are prepared to get their own
11:18 am
vessels including the boston fire and boston police protected in the event that the storm comes and impacts our harbor, and we ear asking the general public to do just the same thing. >> are you getting what you need from the federal agencies and the state agencies? >> we are. we've enjoyed a great partnership with the federal and state agencies. we've been in regular communications with the national weather service. twice a day we've been holding conference calls with them to make sure that we have the latest possible information so that we can make the best decisions that we can make, and we're also in communications with our state emergency management agency as well as faema and department of homeland security, so i think we have in place a great partnership, and that's what's going to get us through that >> i went to college in boston, and i always took the "t" and i'm curious what's your plans because you have public transportation there, and even if you don't get a direct hit, you're going to get some pretty heavy rain, it appears. how do you handle that in terms of the underground system?
11:19 am
>> absolutely. so as you well know, we have a transit system in boston that's several years old, the oldest in the nation, and from time to time when we experience flooding, there are certain areas that are impacted more so than others, so we work very closely with the massachusetts bay transportation authority. we make sure that if there are any disruptions to the transit system we have appropriate alternatives, and they do a good job in making sure that that's the case. >> new york city, our chad myers was telling us, new york city could be out of power for days, maybe even weeks. are you prepared for something like that if it comes to it? >> absolutely. we are at this time making sure that all of our backup generators are topped off with fuel. we're certainly anticipating that there will be some significant power outages, and that's why we're making sure that we have all of our backup systems in place, and we're able to support our emergency
11:20 am
response and our primary essential functions that we perform for the people of boston day in and day out. and at the same time we're asking the public to be prepared for outages and make sure that they are doing things, getting the flashlights, the batteries and other things, so that they are prepare just in case. >> don mcgough, sounds like you have it under control. hope you don't get a direct hit, but do keep us posted. thank you very much. >> thank you, randi. >> and you can get up to the minute info on irene's strength and location and see exactly where the storm is headed 24 hours a day with cnn's hurricane tracker. can you find it at, and it is also available on your ipad and your iphone. with all the economic storms out there, should you buy gold now? ali velshi and richard quest tackle that very subject in this week's "q&a." that is next.
11:21 am
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11:23 am
gold prices are down again today after falling more than 5% yesterday, but they spiked above $1,900 earlier in the week. investors have been flocking to the metal as global economic concerns have weighed down riskier assets such as stocks. in this week's "q&a," ali velshi and richard quest discuss whether you should go buy gold now. quest means business and so does my good friend ali. we are together in the cnn newsroom, and, of course, around the world. a good day to you, sir. >> and to you each thursday, richard. we come to our viewers around
11:24 am
the world, talking business, travel, innovation. nothing is off limits, so today we're talking about gold. >> indeed. we got this question from one of our viewers who sent us via twitter who wrote, please tell me how to deal with my wife who insists we should buy gold now. ali? you go first. 60 seconds. give this gentleman some advice. >> any opportunity to use gold again, and, richard, since you've barred me from using this on the screen, here is the other side of the coin. there is nothing wrong with keeping a certain portion of your portfolio in prescious metals as long as it's based on your own personal risk tolerance. don't go buying up the bling now just because you're feeling uncertain about the economy. remember, gold trades, too. it can go up, and it can go down. it happened with silver back in late april.
11:25 am
prices tumbled 30% in just four days, and silver actually gets used for stuff, so it's possible that gold has plenty of upside. some analysts seeing it going to $5,000 an ounce or higher in the next few years. could go the other direction, too, so if you want to keep gold or buy a mutual fund with exposh you're to gold as part of your portfolio it's a reasonable bet any investor can make, but if you're looking for a golden ticket, there are no guarantees in the commodity world, and this coin could end up taking a bite out of your hard earned savings. >> oh, the old -- the old props are the best. all right. yes. here we go. three, two, good, sir, your wife is getting excited because the price of gold is up sharply, more than 50% since the beginning of the year. 150% over the crisis, and for good reason. gold is a commodity that has always been prized because it is
11:26 am
so rare. for centuries it's been used as a hedge against inflation. if you happened to invest in gold in 1991, you would have gained more than 200%. the stock market would only have given you 150%. central bankers have been buying gold and taking your wife's advice, thailand, mexico, russia, all believe to have added to their reserves as debt makes paper money worthless. but warn your wife. gold is not the be all and end all investment. timing is everything. in the '90s, the prices roared up only to collapse later in the decade. ultimately what your wife is really asking for is one of these. a nice piece of gold necklace rather than any other sort of gold. buy the gold and she will be smiling. >> touche. i didn't know you were allowed to stabbed up and use visual aids. i didn't know that is in the
11:27 am
rawls. it's not about that, rich, about my props or your visual aids, it's about what we know. let's bring that voice in to separate the men from the boys. hello, voice? hello, gentlemen. let's jump right in. question number one. according to the world gold council, which country produces more gold. is it, a, australia, b, ghana, c, russia, or, d, the united states? >> richard? >> yeah. it's australia. >> that is correct. australia tops this list, producing the third largest amount of gold in the world, but south africa leads the list. in fact, half of all gold ever produced has come from south africa. question number two. to meet the good delivery specifications set by the london bouillon market association, what percentage of gold must a gold bar have? is it, a, 99.5%, b, 97.5%, c,
11:28 am
95.5% or, d, 100%? >> a, 99.5, 99.5%, a. >> that is correct. as any good financial expert knows, good delivery bars are notable for both their large size and high purity. we're all tied up. let's go to question number three. in the '80s, a song titled "gold" was a top ten hit in the uk, new zealand and the netherlands as well as a top 30 hit in the u.s. the song contains the longest held note by any male vocalist in any song released in that decade. who charted this single in 1983? was it, a, terrance trent darby, b, aha, c, rick astley or d, spandau ballet?
11:29 am
richard? >> spandau ballet, that is correct. "gold" was their second biggest hit, followup to their biggest hit, a little ballad called "true." this much is true. we are done for the week. congratulations, richard. >> thank you, voice. richard, that was an unfair advantage because i wasn't born yet. >> oh. i'm not even going to go to that particular point. ali, that will do it for this week. remember, we're here each week thursday, quest means business, 1800 on the gmt scale. >> and in the cnn newsroom, 2:00 p.m. eastern. keep the topics coming, by the way, on our blogs. tell us each week what you want to talk about. see you next week, grandpa. >> oh, good-bye, kiddo.
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time now to check in on some stories that you may have missed. hurricane irene is carving a destructive path across the bahamas and has demolished dozens of homes. the category 3 storm has battered nassau, the popular cruise ship port, and as irene makes its way state side we're learning maryland's governor has declared a state of emergency following north carolina, virginia and new jersey. amtrak is cancelling train service saturday, sunday and friday south of washington. amtrak says additional cancellations may become necessary. in the meantime, communities along the eastern seaboard are in full preparation mode just in case irene becomes the first major hurricane to slam the coast in years.
11:34 am
you're looking at the latest path for irene, at least what's projected as of now. emergency crews, state and city officials from the salinas up through new england, are dusting off their evacuation plans and getting those sandbags going. an american journalist who has been held in a libyan prison for nearly six months is now free. take a look at this rue tube video. it shows the escape matthew van dyke was a part of it. cnn can't confirm its authenticity but it does show prisoners at the prison freeing other prisons and that's what matthew van dyke says happened to him. we spoke with his many and girlfriend earlier. >> since we realized in march, late march, that he had been captured, i've waited almost six months to hear him say hi, mom, and that's what i heard yesterday when he was on the phone. >> it is still unclear when he'll be able to travel home to the united states. casey anthony reported for
11:35 am
probation last night in florida after an appeals court ruled that she had to return to serve a year of probation for check fraud. that's not all. a number of law enforcement agencies including the sheriff's office want anthony to repay what it cost them and taxpayers to investigate her daughter cale yae's death. court records show the bills total more than $375,000. do you know what a helicopter parent is? how about a bromanc sneh have no idea what i'm talking about you are in luck. those are just three of the 150 words being added to the new edition of merriam webster's collegiate dictionary. if you're wondering, helicopter parent is defined as a parent overly involved in their child's wife and a bromance, a close non-sexual friendship between men. the term tweet, social media and fist bump have also been added. a disturbing look inside the
11:36 am
compound of moammar gadhafi. we go there in today's "globe trekking." ♪ machines have a voice. ♪ medical history follows you. it's the at&t network -- a network of possibilities... committed to delivering the most advanced mobile broadband experience to help move business... forward. ♪ even if you think your mattress is just fine...
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11:39 am
over gadhafi's compound, they say he and some of his sons may be pinned down in a cluster of apartment buildings nearby. that's where they are focusing their firepower, but they are also fighting to hold on to tripoli airport just south of the capital. inside tripoli, cnn's dan rivers has been exploring the former gadhafi compound. what he found there is disturbing and difficult to watch. bodies of when appear to be prisoners tied up and executed. because of some technical difficulties in the field, will you need to listen very carefully to hear all of dan's report. all right. no we don't have that story for you right now, but we'll bring it to you as soon as we can. we can also tell you today there is another apparent audio message from moammar gadhafi. the speaker is imploring his followers to fight back and not surrender tripoli. now, back in this country, a legendary college basketball coach now diagnosed with early dementia. i'll speak with "washington post" columnist sally jenkins about her special relationship
11:40 am
with coach pat summitt. that is next right after the break.
11:41 am
11:42 am
pat summitt is a legend in her own time. she is the winningest coach in college basketball, men's or women's. but as the coach of the university of tennessee for over three decades, summitt has been much more than a coach. she's an inspiration and a fighter. we told you earlier this week that she has been diagnosed with early onset dementia. here she is breaking the news to her ut family. >> earlier this year the doctors at the mayo clinic diagnosed me with an early onset dementia, alzheimer's type, at the age of 59. i plan to continue to be your
11:43 am
coach. >> longtime friend and "washington post" columnist sally jenkins wrote movingly this week about summitt's reaction to the news and the incredible impact that she has had on college basketball and the young women that she's coached. jenkins says that when the doctor advised her to retire immediately summitt responded, quote, do you have any idea who you're dealing with? that hard-nosed resolve has marked summitt's long career. he her remarkable record includes 1,037 victories and 8 national championships. sally jenkins joins us now from knoxville. sally, thank you so much for coming on the show today to talk about your friend. how is she doing? >> she's great. i mean, the thing is, any time i feel upset about this, all i have to do is look at her and talk to her. she's doing terrific. she's in a team meeting right now working with her team. she's doing what she loves to do, and it makes everybody around her feel okay about this. >> what you shared about her reaction to the doctors when she was told maybe she wanted to think about retirement says so
11:44 am
much about her, doesn't it? >> yeah. well, she wanted to drop the doctor with one punch. the first doctor that told her she had this, she really can say she just about punched him in the face, so, you know, pat is a fighter. she's -- she will fight this the way she's fought every battle in her whole career and it's why her friends love her and why her players love her. you know, she puts the fight in the rest of us. that's what she's always done. this is very much an extension of what pat is teaching through the years at the university of tenness tennessee, the way she's going on. >> what made her go to the doctor? what kinds of symptoms was she showing? was she forgetting things? >> she was. i was here last summer in a social visit and noticed a few things and i said, pat, do you feel lake you're forgetting things? she said sometimes i feel like i draw blanks. her son tyler noticed she had to ask two or three times what time is the team meeting or what time is practice? pat summitt loves practice more than anything in the world, and for her to not be able to hold on to what time she had to be
11:45 am
there was a profound difference actually, and so i think that at the end of this season, you know, pat knew something wasn't right and knew she had to get a full evaluation. they went out to the mayo clinic, pat and die ter together, and she got this diagnosis. >> did you see some signs of forgetfulness in the time that you spent with her recently? >> you know, vee minor. it's very early. what's -- you know, there's such tiny little things it's hard for her friends to accept the diagnosis at times, but i think the people closest to her, her son, her coaches and her players definitely saw signs of things that were very uncharacteristic. you know, again, they are so minor to the rest of us, you know. as tyler says, she will lose her car keys three times in one day instead of just once, you know. she has a terrible habit of losing her car keys and cell phone because she has so many obligations and responsibilities and when it was three times a day instead of once a day, that was the tipoff for tyler, but
11:46 am
she has a plan. she's very organized in how she's going about this now. she's got a plan, and she's doing great and she's working her plan >> you mentioned tyler her son a couple of times. how is he dealing with this? because a lot of times this can be harder than the family than it is actually on the person who is suffering from it. >> well, of course. tyler is her rocket. tyler is a 20-year-old student here at the university of tennessee, and i don't think he'll mind my bragging on his grade point average. pretty close to a 4.0. on track to graduate in three years. he's a brilliant young man and wonderful young man. you know, as a friend i will go home feeling so much better because i know what kind of support and what kind of person she's got in her son, and in her assistant coaches and players. you know, it's very -- it's re- re-reassuring for someone like she when parachutes in from out of town to be able to go back home now seeing all that she has around her. >> what's been the reaction on campus there from the folks at the university?
11:47 am
>> oh, i think the reaction here has been stunned, just absolutely dumbfounded, and, again, part of the difficulty in accepting the announcement is that pat is very much around. she's in the community. she's making public appearances. the night before she made this announcement she was out at the airport greeting two of her kids who had come back from playing overseas. she looks great. she talks great, and so there's no real significant profound outward appearance of this. it's just very small, minor signs of this, and so i think that the community is probably reacting very much like her friend are. they feel terrible about it until they see her, and then you feel better about it. i personally have a lot of faith in pat and in her strength and in her ability to fight this fight. >> well, it sounds like she's certainly trying to -- i understand, she's working on some mental exercises to try to keep the brain fresh. >> yes, yes. she's doing puzzles every day, all sorts of brain teasers. she's got an ipad which if you know pat is a remarkable
11:48 am
occurrence. she's never been the most technologically savvy person, but she loves her ipad. is on it in the mornings and evenings, again, working on brain teasers and puzzles, math problems, crosswords, whatever she can do to stay sharp. she's working out her brain the way you work out, you know, a body. she's always been in great physical shape, and she's approaching this as if she's in training with her mind. >> yeah. >> and she's going to see where that gets her. >> i know your friendship goes back about 15 years or so, so, sally, i'm sure it's nice to have the two of you -- you can be there at her side and help her through this along with many others and show your support. we appreciate you coming on, and i would recommend to anybody who gets a chance read sally jenkins' article in the "washington post" about pat summitt. it was a nice read. >> thank you. as you've probably heard steve jobs is resigning as the ceo of apple. next, a close look at what some
11:49 am
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♪ [ country ] [ man ] ♪ gone, like my last paycheck ♪ gone, gone away ♪ gone, like my landlord's smile ♪
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♪ gone, gone away ♪ my baby's gone away with dedicated claims specialists... and around-the-clock service, travelers can help make things better quicker. will your auto and home insurer... be there when you need them most? for an agent or quote, call 800-my-coverage... or visit we are keeping an eye on apple stock a day after steve jobs announced he's stepping down at ceo. if you take a look there, can you see it's at about $374, down about $1.84. meanwhile, apple stock had fallen 2% at the start of trading today following an after-hours drop yesterday of 5%. cnn's dan simon now joins us to
11:52 am
look at the legacy of steve jobs and the impact of his departure of apple's ceo for today's "taking the lead." you're outside of apple headquarters in cupertino, california. tell us what the mood is like. >> reporter: well, i think the announcement caught everybody off guard. one apple employee told me this really came out of left field. look, if you were ever going to leave a company, regardless of the reason, now is certainly a great time to do it. apple has never been stronger from a more influential point of view, from a profitability standpoint and also when it comes to market share. if you look at how apple is doing, you know, when it comes to tablets, a category they basically invented. now at 74% market share on tablets, about a third of the smartphones in use are now iphones. they have $76 billion in cash. they are the world's most valuable technology company, an they have proved that time and time again, randi. >> and jobs will still have a hand in this company as well, right?
11:53 am
>> he's going to remain chairman of the board, but, look, you're going to lose a lot of intangibles with steve jobs leaving. you know, he was really so involved when it came to product details. i have a couple of props here, and i just want to show you this because it's fascinating. i read that steve jobs actually had a hand when it comes to this little clasp on the head phones for the iphone, this little clasp that keeps the wires together. he actually had a hand in designing the power brick for the laptops, so those kinds of things you're not going to get with steve jobs anymore. they have a terrific product design person, a guy named jonathan ai, probably the best in the world at what he does, but you also had a ceo so involved in all of the el monks when it came to design, and you're not going to have that. >> certainly that's what you call hands on. dan simon, appreciate it, thank it. president obama may be away with his family, but a president is never truly on vacation. dan lothian joins us to break down the briefings that have
11:54 am
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to libya now where the battle for tripoli and the hunt for moammar gadhafi are converging. two days after rebels took over gadhafi's compound, they say he and some of his sons may be pinned down in a cluster of apartment buildings nearby. that's where they are focusing their firepower, but they are also fighting to hold on to tripoli airport just south of the capital. inside tripoli, cnn's dan rivers
11:57 am
has been exploring the former gadhafi compound. what he found there is disturbing and difficult to watch. bodies of what appear to be prisoners tied up and executed. now because of some technical difficulties in the field, you will need to listen very carefully to hear dan's report. >> reporter: so this is the house of resistance, a symbol of gadhafi's stand against the west that has now been completely overrun by his enemies. it's difficult to tell what has been destroyed recently and what was left as a monument to the air strikes. so you can see everywhere here there are these huge rounds which we think are coming from the anti-aircraft guns that they have mounted on the back of pickup trucks and 34 mil is what
11:58 am
we're being told, but you can imagine how much damage they do. we've been brought here to an intersection where there are just lots of rotting bodies which is awful to see and smell. the hands have been bound. i've counted 12 bodies here. don't want to move much beyond this small area. it's a grim, grim scene and just revealing of how fierce the fighting is here. we don't know what happened here, if the people were executed by the rebels or what. it looks like some of their hands were bound anyways, looks like they were prisoners of some sort. now the big question is can they not only hold this area, this central compound, but move further south from here to try to flush out the remaining gadhafi loyalists? dan rivers, cnn, tripoli.
11:59 am
and no doubt the events in libya are dominating much of president obama's vacation. dan lothian is in martha's vineyard traveling with the president. hi, dan. >> reporter: hello. the president is finding some time to relax. in addition tock out on the golf course, which we've seen over the last few days, he's out at the beach right now with his family, but before he went out there, he did have at least three different briefings starting out this morning with his counterterrorism adviser john brennan, briefing on the latest development in libya. the president also convened a conference call with his emergency management officials and others to get the latest information on the hurricane and make sure that the federal government is coordinating with state and local officials, and then finally the president also had a conference call with treasury secretary timothy geithner and others on his economic team to get a broad view of the economy but also the updates on the jobs proposal that the president will be rolling out when he returns. now, while all of this is taking place here on the island,


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