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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 28, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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i had only one thing to say... sign me up. call the number on your screen now... and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan. you'll get this free information kit... and guide to understanding medicare, to help you choose the plan that's right for you. as with all medicare supplement plans, you can keep your own doctor and hospital that accepts medicare, get help paying for what medicare doesn't... and save up to thousands of dollars. call this toll-free number now. tropical storm irene. i'm randy kaye in atlanta. >> i'm martin savidge. the federal government has begun mobilizing response to deal with hurricane irene. emergency aid will be critical
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to countless communities where irene, now a tropical storm, is causing catastrophic flooding this is margaretville, a small village in the catskill mountains, about two and a half hours south of the city. within the past hour president obama addressed the government's response to this natural da disaster. >> i do want to underscore that power may be out for some time, perhaps days. i want to make sure dhs, fema and other agencies are doing everything in their power to help folks on the ground. >> reporter: irene is now over central vermont and moving north at 25 miles per hour, it's still got plenty of juice to make life miserable with 50-mile-per-hour winds and torrential rains. some of our best images have come from you, our ireporters.
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fred moore took this video of irene as it washed over west haven, connecticut. all up and down the coast we are seeing the impact irene has had. more than 15 people have lost their lives in the storm, more than 4 million homes and businesses are without damage. wind damage alone totals more than $1 billion. chad myers, of course, is in the cnn weather center with the latest for us what is the latest at this hour? >> the rain just has not stopped for the northern half of new york, vermont, new hampshire and maine. finally, though, i think we are getting a slight break, drier air coming in. major flash flooding in vermont, new hampshire, new york and pennsylvania. that's the flash flooding. this is flooding just in general. some river, some creek out of its banks. almost every county, from maine,
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the tip of t down to the carolinas with flooding going on now. we even know of significant breaches or potential breaches in dams in parts of new york, maybe even vermont. we just talked to the emergency manager there. new hampshire. water has swelled every reason up there in the northern half of those states. even down into massachusetts, parts of connecticut. all of that water has to get down to long island sound or back into the atlantic ocean somehow. that will not happen without an awful lot of time for it to run off and also with a lot of damage. you think it's over, this thing has not even started. yesterday, we said this will not be a windmaker this will be a floodmaker. that's what this storm is now. the amount of water that came down on top of saturated ground, and we still have winds at about 40 miles per hour knocking down trees. last number i heard, more than 4 million people without power. that may take weeks to put those power lines back.
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this sounds like quite a project. chad, thank you very much. as you heard, the urgency at this hour is vermont. a state that ordered no mandatory evacuations. look at the fury the state is facing. an emergency official tells cnn that flooding is everywhere and conditions are awful. joining us by phone now is the vermont resident who took that video, david cadran from battleboro. you shoot that footage between 2:00 and 3:00 p.m. tell us the situation now. >> it is still just as bad up here. the water is still going. i just talked to a friend of mine who said they saw an entire house go down battleboro, and the town was worried it might take out the bridge. >> are people leaving the area? those who aren't, are they
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getting help? are rescuers getting to them? >> have been some mandatory evacuations of downtown areas, particularly residential areas around that brook as it runs down through the entire valley before it meets up with the ket caught river. we heard things are far worse in town west of here, particularly wilmington. people are stranded on rooftops and emergency personnel are trying to figure out how to reach them because ton towns ha been cut off from the outside world. >> chad, is there something specific about vermont that creates the kinds of conditions here? >> topography. mountains, you have valleys, you have rivers, a steep -- almost steep cliffs taking water and putting it into the creeks and streams? >> are you safe where you are right now? i don't want to take you too long on the phone call.
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david, are you okay? >> yeah, i'm up outside of the valley. >> david, i'm wondering, how do you think vermont has handled this situation so far? we understand there were no mandatory evacuations. >> no. initially there weren't. you know, we've always had this attitude with hurricanes up here, oh, this is the mountains, we're so far inland, nothing will happen. people took some precautions, they bought water, batteries, but none of the businesses are prepared. they are scrambling to get as much inventory out as they can. people trying to get stuff out of their houses before it is swept away down this brook. >> david, we're looking at this -- >> my mother said she remembers when hurricane andrew came through, she said this has been worse. >> as we watch this water rush through, we can only imagine what it's carrying with it.
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what preparations did you make? do you think that others there just thought it wasn't going to be this bad? that they didn't get that warning? >> well, honestly, i made some preparations. i got some water. mostly just snacks. we were preparing to stay inside all day for a rainy day. nothing big. some of these people with their houses along that brook, i don't think they could have been prepared for this. nothing could have prepared them for whole houses being swept away down the brook. >> chad, so i understand this this is flash flooding, correct? >> yes. the rivers could go up 12 feet in two hours, and back down 12 feet in two hours. it depends on how rainfalls on the plain, the area north of where you are, or higher elevations to where you are. north, of course, in this city and the state of vermont.
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let's go to more video, this is equally as compelling. this is a babbling brook pouring over this low water dam, and under is a bridge that the photographer is standing on. this is what every single creek and stream looks like in vermont, new hampshire, parts of maine, massachusetts, even connecticut, northern rhode island, but really, again, even into parts of central new york, the catskills and adirondacks due to the topography. see that back there? that's the hills. the hills eventually hit them, the rain was on top and rushed down into the valleys. people will be in trouble tonight if they try to move around. if you're in a valley and you are in trouble, you need to get out, of course. but if you are going to go outside and do something at night, don't do it. you can't drive and see this water in time to stop your car.
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it's time to be inside and stay there. if you have to evacuate, that's another completely different thing. know where you are, if you live by a creek or stream and if it's going up. >> let's talk about what's being done to help these people, let's talk with mark bosman. can you tell us what's being done here to connect with these people who might be in trouble? >> we have several swift water rescue teams deployed throughout the state. they've been going from the southern part of the state up north. the vermont national guard was activated with high water vehicles that cans will be used for rescues. and there are people who are just having to wait it out because frankly we don't have the resources for the people who are stuck because the flooding here is so massive. >> so which areas are you focusing in on? >> we've had folks on the entire
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state. usually it's isolated in vermont, but because of the storm track we had a lot of chevy rain. it's moving its way north now. and there are reports -- the reports are coming in geographically. first thing this morning it was southern vermont, then central vermont and now northern vermont. i'm looking out the our emergen center here, the field behind us is flooded and approaching our building. >> has the rain stopped up there, mark? >> no, it's still raining. the national weather services says we have a couple more hours to go. that was one of the scary parts this morning when we got the first calls of flooding. we knew the heavy rain had not even started yet. heavy rain being a relative term here.
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>> and when you look, mark, at this rushing water, not sure if you're at a television, but we are showing this rushing water from one of our ireporters, what concerns you most about conditions like this. >> you know, we are always focused on public safety. we want people to stay safe, stay clear of certainly waterways like this, but any time you encounter water during a flood, even if it's on your road, you shouldn't drive over it, shouldn't try to cross it we had a young woman swept away by floodwaters today. she has not been found. she's feared dead. >> mark, any idea how long you will have to deal with these kinds of conditions? >> we expect the flooding to last through the night. of course we will be in line for another round of recovery. we got hit pretty hard with some floods in areas around the state
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this spring. just as we were starting to get back to some sort of normalcy, we got hit again. so, we're going to be in the recovery phase for quite some time on this one. >> mark, it's chad myers here in the weather center. do you have the resources that you need tonight? are you getting what you need from the state or the federal government? do you have enough men? >> absolutely. we have fema liaisons here. we have 120 fema employees who were already staged in vermont for the flood recovery. and, of course, our governor declared a state of emergency yesterday that availed us to the services of the national guard. they have proven invaluable today in their helps with the rescue efforts. >> mark, thank you. we know the national guard had a helicopter rescue not that far from schenectady new york earlier today when rivers were rising there.
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rivers are rising all across new england and people have to be aware of this for not only tonight but tomorrow as well. >> david, you're still on the line with us? >> yes, i am. >> you might have a question for mark, since he's out there firsthand. >> hello? >> i'm not sure if mark is still with us. mark, are you with us? >> sounds like he's gone. david, thank you very much. the footage is extremely compelling. what are you going to do now for the next 12 hours or so? >> well, i'm at my friend's house now. we went out, bought some beer and we've got some food and we're going to hang out here and ride out this storm. >> well, we wish you and everyone else who is in vermont very good luck. we hope the waters recede soon for you. thank you very much. we'll stay in touch. thanks, david. >> those are tough conditions there. also some tough conditions actually in virginia where there is major power outages.
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>> let's get out of here. let's get out of here. grab the mike. certainly scary moments trying to cover hurricane irene.
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for millions of people along the east coast the priority now is getting the lights back on. paul koonz is ceo of dominion power where at last count 1 million people are without electricity. tell us, where are your customers without power and what is being done to return power to them? >> thank you very much. right now we have about 780,000 customers without service. that's out of a total impact of this storm of about 1.2 million. we restored service to a number of customers but have a lot of hard work ahead of us. >> what was the main reason for the lights to go out? was it water getting into power circuits or tree limbs coming down? >> it was a lot of tree limbs and tree damage. this storm entered our service territory at about 10:00 p.m. friday evening and did not exit until about 4:00 a.m. yesterday -- this morning.
3:18 pm
so this storm sat on our service territory for about 30 hours. both the wind and the rain did damage to our system. >> what's been the greatest challenge in getting to these people to help them? >> today, you know, the number one challenge is to make sure we provide for public safety, make sure we don't have downed power lines that could come in contact with anyone. so, that was our first priority. following that we want to make sure our backbone system is up, and working. then from there we just start the restoration process. all of those things have been done. but you know with a lot of downed trees and limbs, getting around the state has been a challenge. the virginia department of transportation has done a terrific job making the roads passable so we can do our work.
3:19 pm
>> what did you do to prepare for this? you obviously knew you would have a problem. >> we sure did. we have a long checklist of things that we do making sure that we have the proper inventory, the materials, making sure we have the staffing appropriately sized for the different parts of the state. there are some things we can do to take facilities and reconfigure them so when we bring them back we can bring them back more quickly. this was a big storm. and we planned for it and irene didn't disappoint. >> no, she certainly didn't. paul koonce of dominion power. thank you very much for your time. best of luck. >> he is right. it's a big storm. we want to check in with poppy harlow, she is in milburn, new jersey where it's not the lights that's a concern but the flooding. how bad is it? >> it is bad. every single small business i
3:20 pm
can see here has been hurt a lot from significant flooding. the reason is there's a river over there, very close to these businesses. it crested, rose more than six feet. came over, poured over the street and flew into the businesses. tinga eatery got hit. guys, if you look down here. the floor was literally lifted up by the water. tell me how you would assess the damage here? >> i'm trying to look on the bright side. the bright side is all of the stuff that's hard to replace, the decorations, the murals, it's not destroyed. so it's basically the basement is completely flooded up to the ceiling. it's a lot of stuff. >> we'll see the basement. if we can look at floor here, it's full of mud. a lot of sewage, grass, leaves flew into the restaurants. this stuff with be cleaned up, but what dana was telling me earlier t will take about a
3:21 pm
month and the concern here is that oftentimes flood insurance doesn't cover basements. can you imagine that? wait up until you see this basement and you'll see what we're talking about. look down here. dana, how many feet down does that go? >> that's about 10, 11 feet. >> so you have 10 feet of water in there. >> it's up to the ceiling. the office, the walk-ins, the food is gone. >> all of it? >> yeah. >> guys do you have any questions for dana and the folks in millburn? >> where was dana and his crew when all of this was happening? >> they're asking where were you when all of this was going on. i know you own a number of restaurants across new jersey. where were you? >> i was at home, battening down the hatches in my own house. it's a two-family, so there were tree limbs blowing, windows
3:22 pm
smashing. i tried to get over here and the roads were closed. then i got into an accident. i spent the whole day trying to get here. >> we were here at about 5:00. we saw the damage, didn't want to come inside without the owner here. right at 5:00 dana showed up and he walked in and seen the damage for himself. i give him credit, you handled this so well. you take it in stride. it's not as bad as the damage that was done in 1999 with hurricane floyd. >> the stuff that's hard to be replaced has not been damaged. within a month hopefully tinga will be back. after the storm coming the cleanup. we will check in with general
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welcome back. we want to take you to providence, rhode island, where kate baldwin is standing by. how bad was the storm surge?
3:26 pm
>> reporter: i think as you heard from many other places on the east coast, many people are breathing a sigh of relief to use the now overused phrase, randi. here in providence, rhode island and throughout rhode island, they moved into cleanup and recovery mode. as you can see, the rain has tapered off. if you came to me five minutes ago i would also say the winds subsided, but they kicked up significantly in the last five minutes. on the tail end of this storm we may get some significant gusts, a reminder of where the damage we have seen really was coming from. now we are hearing crews are out on the streets having to work with a lot of debris that we've seen as we have been driving through providence. there's downed trees, significantly large trees down as well as downed power lines. but it appears the focus is getting people back online. the local power company, the national grid, the last update is that they're working on
3:27 pm
trying to get half of the state that has been without power, so some 257,000 customers are still without power. some restrictions they had in place, particularly warwick. they had a travel restriction in place saying only emergency vehicles can be on the road because of the downed power lines and the conditions. that has been lifted as of:00. you can see the gusts we are getting here. people will keep an eye on high tide, which will be coming in between 7:00, 8:00. all in all people are breathing a sigh of relief. one of the local businesses here, the local waterfront business, they are up and they are oepen. they have quite a few customers out here considering they are working off generator power it seems a lot of people needed to get outside and they are on the
3:28 pm
waterfront enjoying these gusts of winds that we are getting again. we're watching this closely. as we heard from other people, they seem to be breathing easier knowing we are getting the tail end of this storm and it's moving north. >> i'm sure, with the downed power lines as we head into the evening hours and darkness comes, are they concerned about people being out and about like that thinking it's safe? >> reporter: i will tell you that's a concern of some of the local officials, especially when they say after all the rain we have seen, all the saturation of the rain already here in rhode island and then the storm and the gusts we are experiencing, they are concerned that some of the trees, as they called them, weakened trees we could see more damage and more trees going down. that's why the governor as well as local officials continue to say even though it seems that the worst has passed, they are
3:29 pm
asking people to stay off the roads, stay in their homes and stay safe. that's the advice they're giving and the request they're making. >> that's kate baldwin, reporting to us from rhode island. you could probably tell there's a huge delay. but it is not the technology that matters, it's the information. thank you very much, kate, for that appreciate it. >> yes. excellent point. coming up next, you do not want to miss this. we have a cnn exclusive for us. nick robertson catches up with the libyan man convicted of the 1988 pan am 103 bombing. a programming reminder, dr. sanjay gupta and former president clinton look at "the last heart attack" tonight at 9:00 p.m. and you... well, you gave us your approval. so we thought, why not give a little back. the chevy model year wrap up. get in on our greatest model year yet.
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we are staying on top of all the latest developments for tropical storm irene, but we want to let you know about other events outside of that, including libya. the transitional council announced today it will not extra date al mel grahi to the united states. >> he may be the last man alive who know who authorized the 1989
3:33 pm
libyan bombing. here is nic's exclusive report. >> reporter: we found the villa in an upscale part of town this is al megrahi's house and where he has been living for six years. w we will knock on the door and see if we can get any answer. after six months, nothing. >> i'm not sure if they heard me, so let's try a last-ditch means. hello? hello? all of a sudden someone comes. nothing prepares me for what i see. megrahi in a coma. his aging mother at his side.
3:34 pm
>> his body is weak. >> reporter: he had been expected to die almost two years ago. the convicted pan am bomber lives, only just. this wasn't the way he looked when he was released from a scottish jail almost two years ago. he came home to a hero's welcome, freed on compassionate grounds because doctors said he would be dead in three months. almost immediately he began renovating this palatial house. money no object. it doesn't take long walking around this building and looking at the marble here, to realize that megrahi was being paid offhand somely for all those years he stayed in jail. >> since the two decades since the pan am explosion over lockerbie that killed over 200 passengers, crew and townspeople, it seemed the secrets of the attack would die
3:35 pm
with the bombers. megrahi always maintained he was then. just a month ago, moammar gadhafi had him literally wheeled out for a pro-government rally. i'm seeing him now for the first time in two years. he appears to be just a shell of the man he was, far sicker than he appeared before. has he been able to see a doctor? >> no, there is no doctor. and there is nobody to ask. we don't have any phone line to call anybody. >> reporter: what is his situation right now? >> he stop eating, he's sometimes in coma. >> reporter: he goes unconscious? >> yes. we just sit next to him. >> reporter: all that is keeping him alive, they say, oxygen and a fluids drip. i ask about demands he return to jail in scotland. >> my dad, if you send him to
3:36 pm
scotland, he will die by the way, here or there. >> reporter: do you know how long he has left? >> nobody can know how long he is staying alive. nobody can know. >> reporter: it seems i've arrived too late. he's apparently in no state to talk. whatever secrets he has may soon be gone. ni nic robertson, cnn, tripoli. coming up, we'll go to maryland and they are watching the waters rise.
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>> these waves are scary. if jimmy -- i'm with jimmy coto, our photographer, don collins behind him holding him back because of the wind. >> some challenging times there trying to cover this hurricane. >> there are some moments, yeah. >> we are learning of more deaths from irene as new england feels the brunt of it right now. four deaths now blamed on irene in pennsylvania, bringing the
3:40 pm
total to 19 people dead in seven states. irene is now a tropical storm with winds reaching up to 50 miles per hour, but flooding is the main concern now. irene is now over central vermont moving north at about 25 miles per hour. the storm is creating widespread flooding up and down the east coast. some of the most striking images are coming to us from our ireporters. we've been showing these to you throughout the hour. look at these floodwaters rushing through brattleboro, vermont. while irene has weakened since it first hit the u.s., conditions are still dangerous. more than 4 million people are without electricity now and it could be a week before everyone gets power back on. estimates from the wind damage alone total $1 billions so far. president obama is promising a quick response to victims from irene, but warns this event is not over yet and recovery will take weeks or longer. one of the 15 deaths from irene happened in maryland.
3:41 pm
the woman was not outside, but in her home in queenstown. that tree crashed into her chimney which then crushed her. now that the hurricane has passed, maryland is cleaning up and watching for the waters that may rise. chris lawrence is live there. chris? >> reporter: you mentioned it, and i think people are breathing a sigh of relief tonight. you mentioned that one death, what we've heard from talking to people here is how close other people came. though today they're saying, look, this wasn't as bad as we thought. we came out of it okay. it really could have been down to one decision. like the man we spoke to who had a tree literally fall right on top of his house, the only reason that he was able to avoid it was because the power went out just a few hours earlier and he went downstairs looking for something to do. >> they say things come in threes. we had the earthquake tuesday, this, and now god knows what
3:42 pm
else. hopefully nothing else will happen. god just helped me that i wasn't in that room. i would have been killed. >> reporter: just an amazing story. right now what we're seeing out there, not too bad. damage hasn't been that extensive, but some trees are down blocking some of the roads. some power lines are still down and there's about 800,000 people without power here in maryland alone. a lot of people we have been speaking to say that's their big hope. they want to get the power back on. some of those trees cleared out so they can get back to their homes and make sure the damage is not more extensive than they initially feared. >> the weather looks dramatically improved. it looks very nice. >> reporter: it's an absolutely beautiful day. that's what a hurricane does. it has so much energy, it sucks all the weather out behind it generally the day after a hurricane, the sun comes out. it's a beautiful day.
3:43 pm
here, it's amazing when i look around. where yesterday i was looking at the water up on top of the pier, the waves crashing into us. today we're looking at the beach, which we didn't even see dry land down here at all yesterday. so, dramatically big difference. i think a lot of people down here are breathing a sigh of relief because they were not so concerned about the wind, but they sure were concerned about some of that storm surge and how much water could have been flooding into this area. what happened was the winds were such a way that when the hurricane came through, it more sucked the water out of this area, pulling it the opposite way instead of pushing it right up on shore. >> all right, chris, thank you very much. we are glad for them, too, that it did not turn out as badly as many might have feared. thank you very much. there is some good news, by the way. it looks as though some of the new york city airports will be reopening tomorrow. that's very good news. laguardia will be reopening.
3:44 pm
we'll tell you the latest on the other airports as well. tropical storm irene leaves shoulder-high waters in pennsylvania where four deaths are now reported. we'll take you there live next. longest-lasting , full-size truck on the road or because heavy duty made motor trend's 2011 truck of the year. no, it was good because you told us so. consider this a thank-you. the chevy model year wrap up. get in on our greatest model year yet. right now, combine the all-star edition discount with other offers for a total value of $6,000. our greatest model year yet is wrapping up.
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>> welcome back to our special coverage of hurricane irene. we have updates on the new york area airports. according to the faa, they are telling us newark airport will reopen tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. jfk international will also reopen at 6:00 a.m. monday morning. and laguardia as well will open monday morning once again at 7:00 a.m. we have newark 6:00 a.m., jfk at 6:00 a.m. and laguardia at 7:00 a.m. it's interesting. apparently they have to get the planes back. they sent them all away. they have to bring them back in which is why it takes time before they can start the flights. >> i think it's gone. they got them away fast. getting to the airport could be another challenge depending on how you plan to travel. in pennsylvania, we have learned in the last hour of four
3:48 pm
deaths in that state. that brings irene's total death count to 19 in seven states. the flooding is now a major concern for pennsylvania. look at this ireport of a stream that dramatically overflowed its banks in the poconos. the land has been saturated with previous rains which makes the problem worse. and in the philadelphia area, some neighborhoods have water reaching street signs. sarah hoye is there. philadelphia's mayor lifted the state of emergency around noon what is the situation there now? >> reporter: that's right. that state of emergency was lifted. guys, what a difference a day makes. if you look around me, the sun is kind of popping out over my shoulder. when we were coming to you earlier this morning and last night we were getting pounded with rains and winds. the winds really have not died down. i'm standing here in center city, smack dab up the street from city hall, it's windy. you can see it come through gusts here and there. people are holding on to
3:49 pm
jackets, umbrellas that they have taken down from the rain. but in this area, if you just got here today, you would have been tardy for the party and you would not have thought irene had come. up the street a bit there's been good flooding. like you said, the water is up to street sign levels in some areas. the effects are still being felt in philadelphia, guys. >> what is the hardest-hit area? >> the hardest hit area downtown is near the schuylkill river, near city hill. the water had crested around 2:00 and come over. they have shut down some major areas of roads. so, near downtown would be some of the hardest hit areas, in terms of flooding. however those areas do have a tendency to flood any way, so it was kind of expected. they did have people evacuate. right now people are getting back into their homes. >> sarah, that's a positive look
3:50 pm
at a storm that's had a major impact all across the east coast. thank you very much. of course we have been getting so much incredible video, many pictures coming in from many of you. we will share with you the best ireports coming into cnn within the last 24 hours when we come back. hi, we're looking to save some money on our car insurance. great! at progressive, you can compare rates side by side, so you get the same coverage, often for less. wow! that is huge! [ disco playing ] and this is to remind you that you could save hundreds! yeah, that'll certainly stick with me. we'll take it. go, big money! i mean, go. it's your break, honey. same coverage, more savings. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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all weekend cnn's ireporters have helped fill the gaps and provided extraordinary images of photos, videos of irene's wrath at every stage. >> and josh levs is here to highlight some of the very best ones. >> hello to you. these pictures have been coming in all day, all last night. finding striking images. we've jut gotten new video we'll open for you right here coming to you out of connecticut. take a look at this one first. okay. we just jumped over -- this one
3:54 pm
is also out of connecticut. let me tell you about it as we're seeing it. from robert cavanagh who says the building is moving. at first i don't know how you're supposed to believe that. until -- look at that. the water's gushed up so far on land it got underneath that building that was apparently a store. over to west connecticut. another one we were looking at. a powerful video that shows you irene's wrath. fred moore sent this. the atmosphere full of curiosity as local witnesses gathered to watch irene's wrath pass by. believe tore not, after the video, some people were actually taking a dip in the sound. you can see what appears to be a restaurant that is apparently very popular and usually very busy and what is a busy commercial area there turned into -- geez, look at that -- absolute gushing for hours on
3:55 pm
end today. then over to far rockaway. another one taken throughout the day. folks, this is a part of new york that officials can concerned about in advance. there were some evacuation orders in that region and rear not spreez esurprised to see so flooding in this area. still, when you look at the pictures, it came up in some cases pretty high, affecting homes. and we've been seeing damage from some places along irene's path throughout the day. one more thing i want to show you now. jersey city. take a look at this and listen into the beginning of it. >> as we look at this i want to remind everyone, part of the sound that you hear, it's not obvious when you hear this, is what happens when wind hits the microphone of whatever is being
3:56 pm
record recorded. adam rice took this in jersey city. one thing i check before i show you any ireports. see if we can go back to that. i want to make sure nobody was denying evacuation orders. there were only evacuation orders for the first floor of the building. he was not refusing evacuation orders by being in this area. some curious people did step out to see the waters as they came gushing in, in jersey city, right there. back to my screen. everybody wants to know about open story. doing an unprecedented job of telling the story here. on the main page of ireports are telling you what is happening throughout the path of irene. if you take a look everywhere that you see an i along here, we have gotten and approved ireports that show what irene has been up to. click on any one of them and it instantly brings you over to some of these images.
3:57 pm
right here, atlantic city beach with the waves crashing on to the beach. i'd like to jump over and tack you through some of these here. every time you take a look at any one of these pictures you see another place. another place with boarded up windows. seeingality of that. it keeps going and going. if you click way up here, i zoom you up to event pictures we've been getting. look at has. in bronxville, new york nap car submerged under water. one more here. south beach sea wall. in connecticut. this was a sea wall all along here. boom. it's been turned into crumbles of giant rock. you can just see irene's power right there. we're not only following your ireports also your twit pics and bids. everything you're sending in on facebook. you're reaching out to us on every which way pup got me, @joshlevscnn. we'll share those next hour. back to you. >> thanks, josh. our coverage continues right after this break.
3:58 pm
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