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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 28, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> heart disease could be as rare asthma lair i can't if we put into practice what we already know. >> it's possible to keep everybody from having a heart attack with education, with knowledge, with information. now the question becomes are people going to do this? >> reporter: i hope i have given you food for thought today? if this makes you want to overhaul your diet, especially if you are a heart patient, talk to your doctor. look, we have a long way to go in this country. i hope you will join me. together we can work for the last heart attack. i'm dr. sanjay gupta. thanks for watching. irene is not done yet. today was some of the worst we have seen all weekend. in a word, it has been a deluge.
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all day heavy rains from tropical storm irene overwhelmed creeks and rivers across new england. quaint main streets became muddy torrens. this is a little village north of new york city in the catskills. just look at the force of this water at woodstock, vermont. those are propane tanks picked up and carried away. nothing can escape the current once it falls in. not even cars. trapped in the raging waters this sedan was batted around like driftwood. fortunately no one was in the vehicle. >> whoa! get out of here. grab the mic. >> that's a reporter with wcbs
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at ashbury park, new jersey. she and the crew thought they were far enough away from the water, but they were wrong. on long island large sand berms to protect the life guard station worked for a while. but in the end the building smashed into the pier. hello. thanks for joining us. i'm martin as a savidge. don lemon is off tonight. irene may have lost hurricane status but as a tropical storm it's been just as menacing. it made landfall again this morning in new york city as a category one and in recent hours has been sweeping through new england with nonstop wind and rain. now the center of the storm is at the u.s./canada border near mount pelier vermont. irene's impact is deep and widespread and won't be forgotten. at least 18 people lost their lives from florida to new england. power is out to about 4 million homes and businesses.
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it might not come back for days. along the east coast, many people are thankful irene didn't live up to expectations. in vermont, it appear it is opposite is happening. people were caught off guard by the onslaught of the flooding from irene. the state ordered no early mandatory evacuations. now rescue teams are scrambling to save people. it looks like the worst may have happened with the report of a woman missing. much of the action is happening in vermont where cnn's gary tuchman is in brattleboro. gary? [ no audio ] >> reporter: unfortunately, mar marty, throughout vermont there is a lot of chaos and confusion. there are hundreds of creeks and brooks like this. this is the wetstone brook but it now resembles the colorado
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rapids. throughout the state there have been reports of people who have gone missing. at least one person is presumed dead after falling into a brook like this. what happened here is startling. i want you to see over here. this was a narrow brook. now the land has eroded. you can see this blue building is an art studio. there are yoga studios and offices inside. it is about to collapse. the ground underneath eroded because of the water that's gone into the brook. at any time this building could collapse. you may see lights flashing inside. there is an alarm going off. we were talking to someone who has an art studio inside the building. he 's ter bli sad. he said his office is the fourth window from the right on top. he wanted to go inside to recover his belongings. i advised him not to. this building could collapse at any time. the authorities have just arrived on the scene. this state is not used to hurricanes and tropical storms.
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last time they had a hurricane here was 1938, 73 years ago. that was a terrible hurricane that killed 60 people in southern new england. also -- actually it was 600 people killed and 1700 injured. these brooks and creeks flood when nor'easters come but so much water fell in a short time in vermont. this is what they are dealing with. they expect more problems tonight in northern vermont including in the capitol of montpelier. this building could be soon plunging into the wetstone brook which is now rapids. marty? >> thank you very much, gary. we asked vice president's governor why he ordered no mandatory evacuations as others did. he said nearly everyone in vermont lives near water. >> the problem with vermont is
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all of the downtowns are in the low lands. our population centers are near rivers and streams. you can't get away from it in a little state like vermont. we are a state of mountains with rivers flowing through them. it's not like a mid western state or some of the big southern states where you have huge areas of dry land. we don't have that here nor does new hampshire. >> more than 100 roads are closed in the state due to flooding. let's get the latest now on where irene is. for that we turn to chad myers at the cnn hurricane head quarters. >> it's a wide storm. like it hasn't been the whole time really. we have 40 miles per hour winds in boston. we have 30 miles per hour winds in new york city and we had winds in montreal, canada, tonight strong enough to blow buildings out of a downtown building. it's the nightmare new york city was fearing. it happened 300 miles from where
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the storm made landfall. most of the convection is. the flooding is already happening. it's already running off. this will be a storm that we see tomorrow. you're going to say, wow, how did that happen? we have flood warnings from maine to delaware. nearly every county that did pick up rain has hit something flooding at this point in time. there are many dams that are very close to failure across parts of new york, vermont, new hampshire and maine. if at any time tonight you live in an area where you hear sirens or hear the police saying get out, it's time to get out now, something very bad happened up river or upstream. these dams are being over topped with water going down. some being eroded.
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this is the real threat tonight, especially now that it's dark. don't drive around in it. you can't tell how deep the water is. don't try to get around until tomorrow when daylight comes up. it's very dangerous out there. >> thank you for the update. when we come back, we'll go to new jersey where intense flooding is now the major concern after hurricane irene and later, we visit the man convicted of the 1988 pan am 103 bombing. ustomers are getting five percent cashback bonus at the pump... and at many of the places their summer plans take them. it pays to switch, it pays to discover.
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we're going to show you the view of bratt lerks leboro, ver. that's where gary tuchman is. new jersey has been hard hit by irene. the storm has moved on but intense flooding is a concern not just along the coast but inland. poppy harlow is standing by in millburn now. what do you see? >> reporter: it's died down in terms of the chaos on main street. what you still see bemind me is workers around the clock trying to clean up their businesses that have been decimated by the flooding. we had massive flooding. look at this mexican restaurant. take a close look inside here. it is full of mud and dirt. it was flooded with water.
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the basement has ten feet of water in it. you've got all these small businesses on main street trying to recover. they went through this ten years ago in hurricane floyd. they know what it's like. we haven't talked about the residents today. we have steve and fran here. what's upsetting you is it will be a long time before power goes back on. tell me your situation. >> the power went off last night. they're telling me it will be seven days before power is back on. next sunday afternoon we'll have power. >> reporter: how does that make you feel? i know you work from home. how difficult is the situation for you and your neighbors? >> it's hard to live that way. the neighborhood is black. the street lights don't work. power lines are down. you will run over live power lines. it's impossible to live like
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that. i have called psg & e, pleaded with them to repair the lines and they said, no, you have to wait your turn. >> reporter: they don't have the resources. >> they don't. >> reporter: your house is really damaged in the major blizzard we had this winter. you just got through fixing that. >> everything. >> reporter: now what? >> my back room, my family room that was repaired is down. a big tree branch hit it and the new roof is gone. on the other side of the house we had massive flooding. no power. i have three dogs. my next door neighbors have two premature twins on apnea monitors and no power. >> to explain what's going on here, the water has receded from the road and here in places like
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middleburn new jersey, people are feeling it. it will last for the next seven days unless something changes. this is what we are now feeling from the storm. it's here for a while. >> we hope that things improve faster than they are predicted to. thank you. in pennsylvania officials blame irene for the death of four people there. now the waters are rising. residents describe shoulder high water on the streets of philadelphia where the mayor lifted the state of emergency around noon. 50 miles to the northwest in the lehigh valley one of our ireporters came across a small lake at center valley parkway and route 309. farther north in the poconos another ireporter came across a stream that drastically broke its banks. heavy rains saturated the ground which made things worse. hurricane irene took a swipe at new york, but it could have been a lot worse.
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at this hour, all eyes are focusing on this small town of vermont, brattlesboro and the critical hours expected in the early morning hours of monday morning. we'll watch development there. a building clearly in jeopardy. new york city is sogier tonight because of hurricane irene. most of the city is relieved it
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wasn't worse. carter evans is in manhattan with the latest. new york is beginning to get back to normal. this area where i am, battery park was under water. it flooded this morning. it was also under evacuation but now people are back in their apartments. you can see the lights on. how's this for a sign of resill yans for new york city? that's the new world trade center under construction now. construction workers will be back on the tower tomorrow morning. >> i went by the world trade center site this morning. all the cranes, some were taken down. all was secured. back to work tomorrow, i hope. the memorial will be open for 9/11. >> reporter: getting back to work is a different story. the subway system isn't back up and running.
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according to mayor bloomberg they have to inspect the tracks and run empty trains over them first. buses will be running tomorrow. the staten island ferry is operating and all new york city airports open again tomorrow morning. for everyone else they have to drive into the city and imagine what the traffic would be like there or battle with 14 million other new yorkers here in the city for one of 30,000 taxis. it will be a difficult commute. carter evans, cnn, new york. >> that's not going to be pretty. it's been 40 hours since hurricane irene made land fall in cape lookout, north carolina. how did the states do in their preparation? could they have done more? retired general russell honore joins us now. what did they do right? >> the communication was excellent. governors, mayors throughout the
7:20 pm
threatened region came on television, put their reputation on the line and said evacuate. this is what it looked like based on science, based on the weather report. every time they brought in the national hurricane center to give their best estimate. that was excellent. for the people in the affected area. the other thing is all the government working together. that was a beautiful thing to see. hopefully it will work that way every day. and taking it into consideration we have people in hospitals that could be flooded. get them out early. easy to get them out and you will save more lives if you get them out before the flood as opposed to taking a risk, hoping it doesn't happen. >> that's good news. where is the area that needs improvement? >> we have four million people without electricity. many of those people will have claims because they have property damage from trees.
7:21 pm
i think before the major disasters the government might want to communicate more with people while they have power, while they have the internet up and say, hey, if you have damage, this is what you need e to do, this is where you need to go. tomorrow will be chaos. people have roofs off, where do they go? what paperwork do they need? it's frustrating. the other thing we have to get at some point in time is a conversation with the american people about tree maintenance. >> that's true. trees bring down power lines and that's why everybody waits a week or more. >> everybody is into the green zones but we have to have a balance between how we manage the trees and many of them leaning over power lines. people love the trees, but they cause enormous disruption to the economy and the amount of money it takes to put them back up. we have to fix that.
7:22 pm
>> let's talk about going forward. what's your major concern? >> getting the power back on. getting food distribution to people who live in isolated areas. in the back roads of virginia and throughout the midatlantic and even up in backcountry new york where people are isolated. they can't get out and the food and water supply, where will they go? another thing we could have done more is tell everybody in every county where the distribution center would be so they know where to try to get to tomorrow if they need food, water or medical care. >> general, thank you for your insight. >> thank you. >> the outer banks of north carolina took heavy damage. some 2,500 people are now cut off from the mainland. next, an aerial tour of the damage. then good news for air travelers and your monday commute. airports will be open. we'll have the details ahead. wh.
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you know, all the focus on hurricane irene, now a tropical storm. you may not have thought vermont was taking the heaviest but that's where we were focused. this is jacksonville, vermont. also in the capitol they are under an emergency tonight where the waters there flash flooding
7:26 pm
expected to crest in the early morning hours. irene may not have hit new york as badly as people feared but in long island they caught the brunt of the storm. susan candiotti, how are things looking now? >> reporter: you know, this area was supposed to be in the crosshairs of irene. two things were predicted and came true. there was flooding. montauk, boats sweeping away and some homes were flooded. others experienced localized flooding. power outages? more than 400,000 customers remain in the dark on long island. one million customers throughout new york. at this hour, as you can see, the cleanup work is continuing at this hotel which is a few feet below sea level. consequently the lobby was
7:27 pm
flooded with sand and muck. tonight they have been sweeping out the mud from the first floor lobby, but they didn't lose power. late in the afternoon, governor cuomo showed up and congratulated new yorkers for being prepared. >> if we had to do it again we would. i'm sure there was an economic consequence to it. we couldn't afford that. we couldn't afford it more than a loss of life, significant property damage and i think because we acted the way we acted we sustained much less damage in the long term. >> reporter: certainly the damage isn't as bad as many worried it would be. everyone glad irene is over with.
7:28 pm
well, almost. there is still some cleanup that's continuing. back to you. >> we wish them good luck on that. appreciate it very much. hurricane irene cancelled thousands of flights, but we have good news for the monday airline commuters. your travel outlook is ahead. meanwhile, the news isn't so good tonight in brattleboro, vermont. there is a building in jeopardy and probably not the only one as flash flooding threatens most of the state. in here, everyone spes the same language. ♪ in here, forklifts drive themselves. no, he doesn't have it. yeah, we'll look on that. [ male announcer ] in here, friends leave you messages written in the air. that's it right there. [ male announcer ] it's the at&t network. and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say. [ male announcer ] it's the at&t network. we share.
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union, new jersey, today after hurricane irene passed through town. the video sent in by ireporter michael ramas. irene just won't quit. right now it has weakened to a tropical storm and moving from the u.s. into canada. drenching rains flooded areas across the northeast. and the danger is far from over. at least 18 deaths now blamed on irene so far. floodwaters are rising in many areas. more than four million homes and businesses without power and it could take days to get electricity flowing to everyone again. president obama is warning many americans aren't out of harm's way. he's promising swift federal assistance to victims from the storm. irene is more of an
7:32 pm
inconvenience for some. airports will re-open monday morning and new york city will restore subway service at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. it could be days before major cities like washington, philadelphia and new york running ton normal transit schedules. al kpa alexandra steel has a look at the commute. >> who's getting back on track and who's still off track? travel beginning to get its legs back. you may need a pen or pencil for this. if you're flying in or out of new york city, chicago is good. boston has flights in or out today. new york didn't b but they will tomorrow. laguardia, the flight is taking you in or out tomorrow. both arrivals and departures tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. jfk and newark, arrivals at 6:00, but departures commence at
7:33 pm
noon tomorrow. that's the deal with airports. 4 million people a day in and around new york city take the subway. ultimate shut down unprecedented to say the least. trains will re-open tomorrow. the one through seven open tomorrow, the first online. after that the remainder, we'll see at the earliest at 3:00 in the afternoon. so you heard the governor of new jersey saying if you don't have to go to work you can see why. this is the tip of the iceberg. in terms of bus service, 2 million every day. big numbers. limited service has begun. restoring service and they are doing the bus service in this arena and this manner. manhattan first, the bronx, queens and picking up brooklyn. also in terms of the staten island ferry, it's open today and will be tomorrow. holland tunnel as well. and the trains, number one thing off track is amtrak.
7:34 pm
really philadelphia is the dividing line. philadelphia north to boston, cancelled, no service tomorrow. philadelphia south to washington where there are a lot of commuters, you are up and running and good to go tomorrow. so that's just a little bit. a pencil or pen would have been a good idea. i'll do a cheat sheet online for you. >> thanks. much more on the damage caused by hurricane irene still ahead. first, our nic robertson tracks down the libyan man convicted of the pan am bombing in 1988. it's a cnn exclusive in two minutes. if i have any soreness, i'm not going to be able to do my job. but once i take advil, i'm able to finish out strong. it really works! [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] make the switch. take action. take advil. [ male announcer ] make the switch. discover customersl are getting five percent cashback bonus at the pump... and at many of the places their summer plans take them.
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♪ oh we are staying on top of the news with hurricane arna but today the national council said it will not extradite megrahi. jut minister insisted, quote, we will not give any libyan citizen to the west, unquote. megrahi may be the last man alive who knows precisely who in the libyan government authorized the bombing. nic robertsson tracked him down and joins us with this exclusive report. nic? >> reporter: it was relatively
7:38 pm
easy to find him. we went to the neighborhood where we thought he was, asked store keepers and found it. we found his villa in an up market part of town. at least six security cameras and flood lights outside. this is where he's been living for the last couple of years. let's knock on the door, see if we can get an answer. hello? for 15 minutes or so, nothing. i'm not sure they have heard me so we'll try shouting over the wall. hello? then all of the sudden someone comes. nothing prepares me for what i see. megrahi apparently in a coma, his aging mother at his side.
7:39 pm
>> we just give him oxygen. nobody gives us advice. and some food by injection. >> reporter: mm-hmm. >> if you see, his body is weak. >> reporter: he'd been expected to die almost two years ago, the convicted pan am bomber lives. only just. this wasn't the way he looked when he was released from a scottish jail two years ago. he came home to a hero's welcome, freed on compassionate grounds because doctors said he would be dead in three months. almost immediately he began renovating this house. money no object. it doesn't take long before you realize looking at the marble here on these expensive fittings that it appears megrahi was being paid offhandsomely for all the years he spent in jail. in the two decades since the bomb exploded over lockerbie
7:40 pm
killing 270 passengers, crew and townspeople it seemed the secrets of the attack would die with the bombers. megrahi always maintained he was innocent. a month ago in a rare public citing moammar gadhafi had him wheeled out for a pro government rally. i'm seeing him now tr for the first time in two years. he appears to be a shell of the man he was, far sicker than he appeared before. has he been able to see a doctor? >> no. there is no doctor. there is nobody to ask and we don't have any phone line to call anybody. >> reporter: what's his situation right now? >> he stop eating and he sometimes is come in coma. >> reporter: he goes unconscious? >> yeah. we just sit next to him. >> reporter: all that's keeping him alive, they say, oxygen and
7:41 pm
a fluid drip. i asked about demands he return to jail in scotland? >> my dad, he's still in the house. if you send him to scotland he will die by the way here or there. >> reporter: do you know how long he has left? >> nobody can know how long he will stay alive. nobody knows. >> reporter: it seems i have arrived too late. he's apparently in no state to talk. whatever secrets he has may soon be done. there may be a few former government officials around who may know the details of what gadhafi's involvement was, who made the decisions, but megrahi has maintained his innocence. many people have seen him in libya as a fall guy for moammar gadhafi's enterprise in bringing down the aircraft. so potentially, he would be perhaps one of the only people who at this stage had nothing to lose. now that gadhafi is gone he
7:42 pm
doesn't have to fear him. nothing to lose by pointing his finger at those he believes were responsible. marty. >> why won't the national transition council extradite megrahi to the uk? >> reporter: the reason they are giving is they don't have an extradition treaty with any country. the fact is with britain they do. one was agreed in 2009. a special one. but there are perhaps bigger reasons here. the reason gadhafi had megrahi brought back to the country, to libya, is because megrahi is from an important and large tribe here. a tribe that gadhafi needed to support him. now it's a tribe that the national transitional council wants to win away from gadhafi and bring to their side. if they would have sent megrahi out of the country they could forget support from his tribe. they need it now to build the
7:43 pm
government. a lot of the country in the south is still tribes favorable to gadhafi. there is a lot to play for here by the national transitional council. >> a very powerful report. nic robertsson, thank you very much. 270 people lost their lives on that day in 1988. many of the family members and loved ones felt betrayed when scotland freed al-megrahi. how will they feel knowing he's close to death? on the phone with me a man who lost his brother in the bombing and led an organization. you probably saw the report there. what did you think? >> i'm happy that megrahi, as far as i'm concerned can't die soon enough. whether he dies in libya or comes back to the united states or scotland, at this point is irrelevant.
7:44 pm
>> the fact that the ntc says they will not indict him, does it bother you? >> no. this all changed, martin, a couple of weeks ago. as i have been saying over and over when people asked me, the big fish is gadhafi and his sons. as long as gadhafi and his sons are eliminated or arrested we could try gadhafi for the bombing of pan am 103 p. we have to stay focused and have gadhafi and his sons eliminated. if we do, my brother and the other 269 people didn't die in vain. >> do you think there is a doubt that al-megrahi is as ill as he appears in nic robertson's report? >> yeah. i think when he was released two years ago i villified the obama administration, the scottish government. it was ludicrous to say he would be released on compassionate grounds, a man convicted of massacring 259 people at 31,000
7:45 pm
feet. it was obvious he was released for oil. we were proven right on that. two years later here we are and i have to praise obama. he has stood by the nato process. i'm angered with the politicians, in particular the republicans who said we shouldn't be in libya. if there is anywhere we should be it's libya. not iraq, not afghanistan. we went into iraq with false pretenses. we are supporting a corrupt government in afghanistan. but in libya, the man who massacred americans at 31,000 feet that's where we should be. >> how important is it for you and other others to hear someone in the libyan government own up to this? >> it's critical. there was a foreign minister in the last month or so who said
7:46 pm
gadhafi did order this. people in the scottish police told me again and again, if either of them are found guilty you have terrorism. there is no question in our mind gadhafi was involved. >> do you think you are being cheated out of the death of al-megrahi if he dies soon? >> no. i remember when i met with president bush in april 3, 1989 i said to him then and i maintain it that this never should have been in the criminal arena. this was a political act, an attack on the american flag. we didn't have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. the british government, the german government never wanted to have the truth be told. here we are 23 years later and i think that we're going to finally see justification with
7:47 pm
gadhafi eliminated. >> bert ammerman lost a brother on that flight. thanks for joining us this evening. >> thank you. >> next hour, more on the end game in libya including a look at the flamboyant and sadistic lifestyle of moammar gadhafi's family including son hannibal and his wife in a mansion. a woman who worked as a nanny. hear how she was tortured for failing to keep a toddler quite. that's ahead on cnn. when we come back, we'll look at amazing images taken by you. first this programming note. he had the most powerful job in the country but his toughest job was saving his own life. tonight at midnight, dr. sanjay gupta and former president bill clinton look at the signs, tests and lifestyle changes that could
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all weekend we have been receiving incredible photos and videos from our ireporters. josh levs looked at them all and picked the best. >> our ireporters have been doing a tremendous job telling the story. this map shows we have been
7:51 pm
receiving ireports from throughout the path of irene when it was a hurricane and a tropical storm. let's look at the video right here. this powerful video comes from brattleboro, vermont and says this is usually a vermont brook that flows quietly through town. look how it changed today. now west haven, connecticut. that's a restaurant area, busy street with the tables outside. my goodness. look what happened when irene came gushing through. obviously the area was mostly evacuated aside from people around. he said some people were there out of pure curiosity who wanted to see what irene did. he was among them. you can see it there. some of what irene has done.
7:52 pm
now over to jersey city, new jersey. this was taken by adam rice at the waterfront. there were evacuations but not for him. only those on the first floor of his building. you can see the waters come gushing in early sunday morning as irene came barrelling through. look at this picture from north carolina. you can see the devastation in north carolina. that one's from chad stewart in nagshead. to see any of the pictures yourself you can go to open story at click on any of them to see images. you can see pictures from all over the region. this is from bronxville, new york. a car poking out over the water, just a little bit above. one more picture here. south beach sea wall in connecticut. there was a sea wall here now
7:53 pm
you can see what happened. it's dissolved into giant crumbles of rock. join the story at send your photos, videos and story. we'll share them right here. back to you. >> vermont is the state that did not order mandatory evacuations but ended up feeling the fury of the storm. these are live images. we'll have a live report ahead. if something is simply the color of gold, is it really worth more? we don't think so. chase sapphire preferred is a card of a different color.
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the view from my second floor. it is completely under water. probably five feet under water right now. it's everywhere. it's all the way back in the woods, as far as you can see. there's garbage in the yard in front. my truck is under water up to the hood. so that's ruined. we'll check back later. bye. >> that's irene in the backyard of nags head, north carolina sent by chat stewart. on hatteras island, the storm washed out the highway in several places. now some 25 people are cut off from the mainland. brian todd is with the national
7:57 pm
guard. he joins us from north carolina. brian? >> reporter: martin, we got the aerial tour and then landed on hatteras island. we got exclusive access. the only way to get there is by chopper. we went in with the national guard and saw highway 12. this key section of the highway was destroyed. not only destroyed. it looked like an earthquake hit it with the hurricane. the road was chopped to pieces by the storm surge. there are downed power lines and now the ocean is running over it. this is a key section of highway 12 which connects hatteras island to a northern island of the outer banks which can connect to the mainland through bridges. hatteras island is cut off. 2,500 people are stranded at least temporarily because of that. they decided not to leave. they ignored the mandatory evacuation order. we talked to some of them and we'll bring you some reports later. the devastation at least in the
7:58 pm
key section is significant. that leaves 2,500 people stranded at least temporarily. we saw a lot of flooded out roads, a home that was burned as well as being hit by the hurricane and is ashes now. people on hatteras island feeling the after effects now. now they have isolation to deal with. >> how long do you think the isolation could last. >> reporter: that's interesting. they will have an emergency ferry for food and supplies starting tomorrow. there may be a couple of ferry services but they are slouchlt they have a limited capacity to take in supplies. the governor and staff told people to have at least three days of supplies ready. people we talked to did have that much but we are almost two days since the hurricane hit
7:59 pm
them. they have another day and then have to rely on the ferried supplies which will be very slow. >> we'll check in with you again in about 20 minutes. lots of water and little power. those are the challenges rhode island is facing this hour. still the governor appreciates how well his state avoided major flooding. kate? >> reporter: as irene heads north the focus is cleanup and recovery. the big problem continues to be power. lots of damage sunday and throughout the state. at its peak the national grid said half of the state was without power. state officials warn this could be, in their words a multi day


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