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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 4, 2011 8:00am-10:00am PDT

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let's get you up to speed for tuesday, october 4th. new jersey governor chris christie will announce his decision on a presidential bid two hours from now. john king has just learned christie will not run. christie had resisted repeated calls to jump into the race, but agreed to reconsider last week. cnn will have live coverage at 1:00 eastern time. american college student amanda nok is on a plane right now, that's her at rome's airport today. heading to seattle for the first time in four years. raw emotion in an italian courtroom. an appeals jury overturning the murder convictions of knox and her boyfriend. the pair was convicted in the slashing murder of her roommate, meredith kercher. prosecutors sensationalized the crime by portraying its as a combination satanic ritual sex orgy gone back.
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kercher's family is backing the prosecu prosecutor's plan to appeal the case. they say justice would have been served if the jury followed the evidence, not the media hype. >> you can't forgive somebody if they haven't admitted something, so what would they be forgiving. if as was decided yesterday they are innocent, then we say fair enough and all try and move on in that respect. >> a third person convicted in kercher's death in a separate trial is serving a 16 year sentence. knox's haurs suggest that man was the sole killer. michael jackson's doctor will be face to face with old girlfriends in an l.a. courtroom today. prosecutors hope to establish a time line when conrad murray's manslaughter trial resumes. phone records show murray talked with three girlfriends the minutes before and after jackson stopped breathing.
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jury selection begins in detroit today in the terror trial of umar farouk abdul thattal lab. prosecutors say he tried to detonate a bomb in his understand wear as a northwest understand wear flight descended in to detroit two years ago. he's acting as his own lawyer. >> the epa say tests show the air around a plant in dallas are safe. a school, college and apartment building were evacuated. >> i was at home asleep and we had a maintenance guy come over and bang on our door telling us to hurry up and get out and i had to grab some clothes and just grab our dog and leave. >> that plant produced ammonia gas. it is clear and odorless and easy inhaled or absorbed by the skin. california police want to
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talk to this man about a shooting spree. he opens the car that witnesses say was involved in the shootings. police say someone in that car shot at four vehicles and hit three including an ambulance. one motorist was wounded. police say hers baffled the shooting does not fit a road rage pattern and appeared totally random. hank williams jr. snking about running for a u.s. senate seat, but he found out politics isn't always as easy as a country song. espn yanked williams' opening theme for monday night football because williams said he didn't like the house speaker and president acting buddy buddy. >> come on, that would be like hitler playing golf with netanyahu. okay? >> williams now says he was misunderstood. cnn in-depth, our mobile society, two hours from now,
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apple is widely expected to unveil its latest iphone. hardcore apple geeks claim the new device is faster and shaped like a tear drop and get this, some bloggers say the new device may not be called the iphone 5 after all, but the iphone 4-s. we'll know more soon. new jersey governor chris christie ends all speculation about his political plans. a gop source says christie has decided not to run for the republican presidential nomination. he'll make an announcement at a news conference in less than two hours. jim acosta is on the phone now headed to trenton. christie said no at first but then he kept us guessing. what do you think were the deciding factors? >> reporter: well, i'm on the train right now heading up to trenton, so forgive me if this call drops in route. but sources are telling multiple
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news outlets, including cnn, that governor christy has decided not to run for president, so let's just put that out there first. but having said all of that, remember this is chris christie that we're talking about here. he has scheduled this press conference at 1:00 this afternoon. i think we probably ought to wait and hear what the the governor has to say. he is a very unpredictable politician and he doesn't play by normal rules of washington conventional wisdom. he has said repeatedly that he's not running for president. and then at the reagan library seemed to change things. all the emotional pleas from the and you had urging governor christie to run. but now it appears if the sources are correct that governor christie is indeed not getting in to the race and there's a new abc "washington post" poll that came out this morning that might give some indications as to why. he does not rank that high in the latest poll.
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romney is solidly out in front followed by rick perry, herman cain and then chris christie comes in fourth in that poll. so he didn't poll all that strongly and perhaps people in christ christie's world who are not talking at all about what's happening at this press conference, perhaps those folks are saying to the governor, look, look looks like it's just not there this time around. >> about a third of the respondents thinking he should not run. one thing that has been cited as a possible factor in accelerating his decision have been external forces, specifically republicans in florida moving up the time line on their primary which sort of upsets the whole apple cart. were you feeling or hearing that chris christie was feeling increasing pressure because of the calendar? >> yes, absolutely. i talked to an iowa political
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contributor yesterday who has been waiting for chris christie to make this decision one way or the other and he said he and a group of other uncommitted donors had been told to wait until wednesday. and at that point, they can go ahead and start committing themselves to other campaigns. so there was pressure being put on christie by donors around the country. as you know, money is the currency of our mole ticks right now and governor christie had to make things or at least at some point as to whether he was going to get in the race. florida leapfrogging south carolina and south carolina leapfrogging florida in terms of setting these dates -- >> that's jim acosta on the train on his way to the news conference. so he'll be there hopefully for
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that news conference. again, our reporting is that chris christie will not run for president of the united states. christie has been under tremendous pressure to run for president and paul steinhauser joinings us live from washington with that side of the story. what you can tell us? >> and we've seen this push all year. and i t. went into kroefr drive just about two weeks ago. it seems rick perry kind of stumbled at that debate in orlando, florida about two weeks ago and then some other incidents, as well, over the last two weeks and that accentuated the calls for christie to jump in from activists and top fund-raisers who had not fallen in love yet with any candidate. so that was the signal here that maybe republicans still even this late into the process, into the cycle, were not tootally in love with any of the frontrunners. you were talking to jim acosta
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about that poll. one of the questions, and this is republicans only, do you think christie -- you would you like it see him as the nominee. 42% say yes, 34% say no and about one in four were not sure. here is the interesting part. go to the next poll. they asked the same thing about sarah palin. republicans overwhelming there, two out of three say no, they did not want to see her run. and one other thing before skji dropped off, you were asking about that speeds up of the process. and i think that is part of the equation here. with iowa and new hampshire going right after the new year, for chris christie to form a campaign and get people in the early states by the end of this year, that's a tall task. >> absolutely right. one of the things that we've talked about again and again is the notion that tea partiers have been driving a the lo of the issues, a lot of the stanl
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stances. was that a factor for him in deciding not to run? >> you got it. you and i were talking about this just yesterday. and, yeah, let's talk about that. illegal immigration. we've seen the push back against perry about his stance. in the past, christie has supported to a degree a pathway to citizenship for some. that would be a tough issue if he decided to jump in. let's talk about social conservatives who are so influential. guess what, christie in the past has supported to a degree civil unionses for same-sex couples. that would be a tough one, as well, if he jumped in. so on some of these issues, chris christie could be too liberal. and we heard herman cain say that just the other day on the sunday talk show. >> of the people in the race, who do you think is breathing
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the easiest hearing thesechr chp in? >> maybe a mitt romney because he would have gone after the same moderate republican that it seems romney is going after rather than the social conservatives that maybe a perry or a bachmann or ron paul or others are going after. >> paul steinhauser, our deputy political director, thanks so much. we'll be checking back with you as it develops. we'll bring you governor christie's news conference when it happens. now here's a rundown of some of the stories ahead. in a couple hours, we'll find out about apple's latest smart phone. then a woman springs into action when a bear follows the family dog inside and attacks her husband. also, pay back for some homeowners. federal regulators plan to he radio view millions of
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our cnn in-depth today, is our moeshl society. apple is expected to unveil the newest version of the iphone. this is the fifth incarnation of apple's wildly successful smart phone, a phone that has sold an average of 82,000 a day since it first hit the market four years ago. christine romans has a preview. >> reporter: the last time we saw a new iphone was june 2010.
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>> we're introducing iphone 4. >> reporter: it was an enconstant hit. apple sold more than 1.7 million in its first three day. an lists now predict sales of its new version to shatter that selling 1.7 million in just one day. rumored to be called the iphone 5, the only official hint we've had from apple is the invite to today's announcement with the words let's talk iphone. while apple remains tight lipped, they did have an all-too familiar slip up in june. >> an apple employee once again appears to have lost an unreleased iphone in a bar. which is just pretty much what happened last year. >> reporter: since then the buzz around the newest iphone has exploded. so what do we know or think we know? expected to go on sale later this month, the new iphone is rumored to cost around 200 bucks with a between year service contract. only verizon and at and t vlt
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iphone now, but the "wall street journal" reports that sprint has reached an agreement and will buy $20 billion worth of iphones over the next four years. the blog reports the phone will be skinnier, shorter and wider. it may also have a tear drop back meaning it's fatter at the top than the bottom. there's also talk of an upgradeded camera, new voice recognition software and apple unveiling not one, but two iphones. the second being a cheaper phone with less storage. but we do know whatever apple announces, die hard apple fans will line up in droves to open their wallets. christine romans, cnn, new york. so how will the new iphone change your life once it hits the stores later this month? joe brown is editor and chief of the tech website he joins me via skype. why are you and all the techy
8:17 am
guys so excited about this new phone some after all, it's number five. >> well, it keeps getting better every time. so a lot of people have maybe waited to get the new iphone when they were on contract and some hasn't gotten the impt phone yet and they started seeing the huge mass roll sought, decided they wanted one. and then there are people hike us who just love the newest greatest things. >> so what can we do with the new phone that we couldn't do with the iphone 4? >> you'll still be able to make calls. hopefully you'll make more and better calls with the new iphone with an up graded antenna. and hopefully you'll anabbe abl take advantage of the ios 5 operating system. and it basically takes your internet and puts it in the phone like no other phone has done before. it's all about november indications that don't interrupt your phone using experience.
8:18 am
instead of thought bubbles that interrupt whatever you're doing this, will have a more subtle drop down elegant notification system. >> so we really don't know what this thing looks like at all. they've kept it a good secret or not? >> they've done a good job of keeping what may be the ipho ip5 out of the public eye. we've seen some leaked cases that suggest there might be a more sort of tapered profile of the phone, a little bit like the ipad. and we've seen some renderings that have come up based on these that would make it look like an advanced design. the iphone 4 is very industrial. this may seem more polished and user friendly. but that said, usually by this time we've seen more than just leaked cases. and you'll we've seen is from a about brazilian factory. so some are saying that it's just going to be upgraded internals with the same design. and while others are saying
8:19 am
apple has kept it really good and secret and there will be a cheaper iphone 4 that will look like the old iphone 4 and then an iphone 4-s or iphone 5 with the upgraded design. we are to wait until today to see, though. >> we've all sorted associated apple with steve jobs but now that he's stepped down as ceo for medical reasons, how important is is this roll out for the new guy, tim cook? >> it's important for apple as a whole. tim cook has been at or near the helm for years and years. he's the reason that apple is so profitable. he's the financial genius and he may not have the same vision as steve jobs did, but that remains to be seen. he has actually released a phone before for apple when steve jobs took medical leave a couple years ago. you in-veiled it and stock went up and everybody was very happy with his performance. so he's been on the big stage before. he's not going to have the same showmanship as steve jobs, the
8:20 am
same flare and twinkle in his eye, but i'm sure he'll do a great job. >> thanks so much for that, joe brown, editor of and we'll be watching with you to see what the phone looks like. san francisco's new cell phone law went into effect this week. it's the first in the country requiring retailers to display cell phone radiation levels. the information must be on a poster next to the phone and the retailer has to provide fact sheets on radiation risks to customers who ask for them. san francisco's mayor pushed for the law after a two year fight. some expertses say the way cell phone radiation is measured is simply unreliable. retailers have until the end of the month to comply with the new law. now for stories across the country. a pennsylvania couple is recovering after a too close encounter with a bear inside their home. that's right. the bear had followed the couple's dog in to the house and
8:21 am
went straight for the man. >> i saw him being attacked right here in our living room floor and i tried to distract the bear. i don't know that i jumped on him or whatever, but whatever i did was must have to make the bear turn and jump on me. >> the bear hit her going out, drug her outside. i went outside to see the bear on top of her. i dove on to the bear to get the bear off of her, of course, and that's when the bear started tearing the back of my head up. >> wow. that bear is still on the loose. rush hour in las vegas was challenging to say the least yesterday. heavy rains flooded a number of streets and a number of driver found themselves stranded or in the middle of a chain reaction crash. forecasters say expect more of the same all week. how many of you have run a marathon? jeanine just did at the age of 83. the minneapolis woman says it was all about celebrating life.
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federal regulators may throw a lifeline to homeowners facing foreclosure. millions of their cases could be reviewed for possible errors. so what does this mean and how do you get your case reviewed? we'll get answers from the new york stock exchange. e trees ♪ ♪ all laugh when you walk by ♪ and the neighbors' kids run and hide ♪ deep inside you, there's a person who refuses to be kept deep inside you. ♪ but you're not ♪ you're the one be true to yourself. what's healthier than that? two of the most important are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project in canada,
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we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for our country's energy security and our economy.
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millions of homeowners facing foreclosure may have a shot at getting compensated. federal regulators are planning to review their cases to check for errors or to see if they were misled by banks. alison kosik is standing by live at the new york stock exchange. when can they expect their cases
8:25 am
to be reviewed? >> so the new program that you're talking about could be announced within weeks. this coming from the wall street journal. and what's exceptionally goi le essentially going to happen, if you were foreclosed, don't expect to get your house back. but the reality is some people could get some of their money back. it may come with strings attached for instance like you wouldn't be able to sue the bank later on. so this would only involve people who were foreclosed on in 2009 or 2010. the "wall street journal" says that adds up to more than 4 million americans. these reviews that would happen would really be happening on a case by case basis. so everybody wants to know how are you going to know if you're one of those cases. so what will happen is federal regulators are expected to launch this big campaign to get out there and notify people. tell's send out mailings,
8:26 am
they'll put up a website, a toll free number. and just because you get reviewed does not mean that you'll be compensated. you'll have to wind up need to go demonstrate that you've incurred some sort of financial injury. let's say if the bank charged you too many fees, if they miscalculated your mortgage payments or foe foreclosed when you were in a modification program. >> the s&p 500 on the verge of falling in to bear market territory. give us an idea of what this means and how the markets are performing today. >> bear market 101. it means that the stock market is in an extended downward trend. could really be an indication of where the economy is headed. the more ghon definicommon defi the market down 20% from the recent highs. in this case the s&p 500 down 20% from its recent highs in april. and it's really a response to
8:27 am
our slowing economy and the debt problems in europe and the worries that those problems could spread here to the u.s. as for the for the broader market, the dow is down 137 points, but we're off our session lows. benl bernanke is on capitol hill testifying. he said that growth in the second half of this year will be better than the first half. so those were calming words that gave investors a reason to step back and kind of take a breath. so seeing the market come back a little bit. >> thanks so much. new jersey governor chris countrity oig ends the guessing game. a source says he will not run for president. we'll talk with a political insider about the decision and what it means for the republicans in the race. [ male announcer ] it's a fact: your nutritional needs can go up when you're on the road to recovery. proper nutrition can help you get back on your feet. three out of four doctors recommend the ensure brand
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up next, a republican source tells cnn new jersey governor chris christie will not run for president. he explains why in a news conference scheduled for 1:00 eastern. we'll bring it to you you live. then president obama has built a solid track record of fighting terror. but is the tanking economy and high unemployment making it all irrelevant? and later, the sun in stunning detail. nasa unveils new views.
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a republican source in new jersey says governor chris christie has decided not jump into the 2012 presidential race. christie holds a news conference in about an hour and a half. we'll bring to you live. joining us to talk to us about christie's decision and what it could mean for the republican race is robert it traniff from comcast met work. good to see you again. >> good to see you. >> christie's announcement will end months of speculation. and i think we just need to get talking about how all of this got started. is this the kind of thing that was media driven or did christie drive the speculation? >> i don't think christie drove the speculation. i think it was the republican brass cops as i call them, the organization heads, the top fund-raisers that were not happy with the republican field right now. recall they tried to get mitch daniels into the race, they
8:32 am
tried to get haley barbour into the race, and chris christie despite him saying, no, i'm not ready, i'm not interested about so that i don't think it was chris christie, i really do believe it was those brass tops people. >> does his not running leave avoid for the people looking for a mod ral rat, if you will, to lead them and weren't happy with the things the other candidates have said? they'll go book and scratch their heads and reass is the current field and as says who do they think they can whip. at the end of the day, they see that the the presidented is very vulner only and they want someone that not only can win but can obviously win the general election this time next year. so whether that's rick perry or
8:33 am
mitt romney. >> of those already in the field, who do you think gaps the most by christie not jumping in? >> i think it's going to be mitt romney. this would be an interesting debate after the debate about that chris tig "is very intel xwept, he says what he means and means what he says. romney so far has dawn very well in these debates and the horsepower has not been there yet as it relates to rick perry. so i think romney is the one from the philosophical standpoint and practical standpoint and financial standpoint that benefits. >> what is it that influenced christie's decision? >> first his heart. he's on record as saying i don't think i'm ready for this. i should get my head examined if in fact i run for president. this is not something that is in my heart of hearts. so i think that really drove the
8:34 am
decision. coupled with this is late in the game. i hate to say this, but i'm sure a lot of americans saying i'm not even focused on politics. but political insiders know that in order to run for president, it really is a three year marathon. so if chris christie to get into the race this late in the game from a financial standpoint, from a staffing standpoint, it would be very, very hard for him to climb that mountain. >> and we're still more than a year out from the election, but it is very late. thanks so much. talk to you again tonight. >> thanks for having me. we'll bring you the news conference when it happens at 1:00 p.m. right here on cnn. president obama scoring some big wins on the war in terror, be i man be feeling like rodney danger field. why his national security suck sis seems to be getting him no respect.
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president obama has racked up a string of victories on the war on terror, but he's struggling in the battle to improve the sluggish economy, the unemployment rate is stuck above 9%. millions of americans out of work. but on the national security front, the president has pulled the trigger on some of the world's most wanted terrorists from osama bin laden to anwar al awlaki. jon stewart put it this way. >> he told me at the beginning of the obama presidency that his clearest legacy would be not closing gitmo or green jobs or manufacturing jobs or any kind of job really. but would in fact be his ability to rain targeted death from the sky? i mean are we even allowed to do that? >> yes, we can! >> oh. i was just asking. >> back with robert. i mistakenly said good-bye to
8:39 am
you a little too soon because this was the thing i wanted to talk to you about in the first place. the trouble with the economy overshadowing the president's national security successes. where is the disconnect here? the president seems to get rid of these terrorists, but he doesn't getted credit. >> all americans want to be safe. all americans want justice to be had when it comes to september 11th. and that's important. but what's also equally important is a good paying job. so i'm not living paycheck to paycheck and i'm not in constant fear of being laid off. i think that's what most americans are concerned about. at least that's the every day reality for them. they hear about saddam hussein, they hear about a osama bin laden, and that's important to catch them, but at the end of the day, it's something that's far, far away. it's not something that is in their every day life as it
8:40 am
results to paying a bill or making sure they have food on the table. >> to what extent does a president really have the power to improve the jobless rate or whatever? is he simply powerless or is it something the president is doing wrong? >> historically it's always been a hard vote on row when it comes to the tide of economic you been certainty and most presidents have had to tackle that. we saw that with roosevelt, with clinton. it's very tough. so what the president can do is to create a business culture environment where people feel like they can incentivize, companies feel like this is on solid ground where they can hire people. but on a day to day basis, they really can't do a lot unfortunately. >> he has been pushing his jobs plan pep.
8:41 am
has he been able to shake off some of this criticism that he's too timid? >> yes and no. i think it depends on who you ask. i think a lot of democrats, gay as well as african-american democrats, they're saying wait a minute, why are you yelling at me, why are you telling me i need to start marching. i've always been marching. so don't yell at me. i'm trying to help you here. so saying don't yell at us, yell at republicans. raise your voice at them, show some spine as it relates to the debt ceiling, as it relates to guantanamo bay, on the principles we elected you for. so i think it 2k3e7ds depends who you ask. some say we're dealing with jello because he's staptsly shifting his position. so he's pretty timid and we're going to negotiate out of strength because the president is negotiating out of fear.
8:42 am
so i think it depends on who you ask. >> the president got asked about the sagging poll numbers in an interview with abc. let's listen. >> are you the underdog now? s >> absolutely. given the economy, there is no doubt that whatever happens on your watch, you've got -- >> you embraced that pretty quickly. >> i don't mind. i'm used to be an underdog and i think at the end of the day, though, what people will say is who has a vision for the future that can actually help ordinary families recapture that american dream. >> an incumbent president with the power of the bully pulpit calls himself the underdog. is he trying to lower expectations? >> yes. and he reminds me a lot like george h.w. bush and chris christie. a little bit too honest for their own good. a little bit too philosophical as it relates to running for president.
8:43 am
presidents don't say that. presidents are optimistic and upbeat. i remember when george w. bush was asked will you win in 2004, without any hesitation, he said absolutely and the reason is because i believe in america and so forth and so on. i didn't see that in president obama's statement a few moments ago. and that's a cause for worry for democrats especially. >> very interesting stuff with a lot more to talk about here. and this time, i think i am going to say good-bye to you at least for the day. we'll talk soon. >> thanks, joe. the judge is about to call court back into session for the trial of dr. conrad murray. today's testimony focuses on what he was doing in the minutes before and the hours right after michael jackson died. we're live from los angeles. fr u booked our room right? not yet, thanks for reminding me. wait, what? fret not ma'lady. i have the app so we can t a great deal even at the last minute.
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we're learning more about the day michael jackson died and from some unlikely sources. we could see some of dr. murray's girlfriends on the stand today. let's get to ted rollins. why is the prosecution calls these women to testify? >> reporter: well, quite frankly, because they are a part of this in that they were talking to murray at the time that jackson was up responsive. we're expecting first up we'll hear from anding. this is a houston cocktail waitress that was on the phone with dr. murray, he called her from michael jackson's bedroom and she will testify that they
8:47 am
were having a conversation and all of a sudden murray was gone and she thought she heard chaos in the background. she couldn't get a hold of him after that. we'll also hear from another girlfriend, alvarez, a person take lives in los angeles and murray had all of tpropofol shipped to her home. a very key witness. >> so i would assume that the purpose of putting them on the stand is not to be, if you will, tawdry or sensational list tick, it's about establishing a time line. >> reporter: absolutely. and the judge has been very firm with prosecutors to tell them do not go there. they're not supposed to bring up the romantic links between alvarez and murray or for all the girlfriends. we heard from one yesterday, too. now, that said, prosecutors yesterday they said you had a relationship with mr. murray,
8:48 am
you met him at a gentleman's club. so it's clear jurors will get it. but the judge will be on the prosecutors to make sure they don't go too deep into the relationship factor. >> they seem to be moving pretty quickly through their witness list, all thouabout 15 testifyi already. how long is the list if we know? >> reporter: they had 22 witnesses and they're adding a few more and they'll add a couple medical experts here which will drag things out at the end of this week and into next week. but they are moving at a quicker pace than a lot of people anticipated. the judge told jurors be open until the end of october. but the way things are moving, things could have sped up a little bit. so you're talking about mid october. still a long way to go, though. >> have you been able to keep an eye on the way dr. murray has been reacting during this testimony, any sense of his facial expressions or demeanor? >> reporter: he's taking notes
8:49 am
constantly and he seems dialed into the witnesses. he doesn't look at jurors very often. he's more focused on the witnesses and's seems to be taking notes. whether taking thonotes or doo e doodling, i can't he will. >> ted row lands, thanks so much. we'll keep a close eye on that trial. next hour, attorney holly hughes joins us with her unique take on the case. now check this out. it's the sun like you've never seen it before. and chad myers can't wait to tell us more about it. tech heads can't wait to see the newest version of apple's iphone. expected to be unveiled an hour from now. can you believe it's already been four years since the first iphone hit the market? 128 million sold since then. how many iphones do you think are sold every minute? i'll have that answer for you in
8:50 am
just a moment. ffrs inking about them. a couple decades ago, we didn't even realize just how much natural gas was trapped in rocks thousands of feet below us. technology has made it possible to safely unlock this cleanly burning natural gas. this deposits can provide us with fuel for a hundred years, providing energy security and economic growth all across this country. it just takes somebody having the idea, and that's where the discovery comes from. (rawhen an investmentrsation) lacks discipline, it just takes somebody having the idea, it's never this obvious. introducing investment discipline etfs from russell. visit r a prospectus, containing the investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses and other information. read and consider it carefully before investing.
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8:52 am
so we know apple has sold 128 million i phones since 2007. if you do the math, how many is that per minute? the answer, 57 per minute. that's not bad sales, do you think? everyone who thinks the sun is bright yellow? raise your hand. no so fast, chad myers, you have been looking at stunning pictures and talking about them all over this building. >> never look at the sun directly. you shouldn't even know it's yellow. >> right. >> it hurts your eyes. the nasa solar observatory is up there in space taking amazing pictures and they are not all in
8:53 am
yellow. there's some in different colors. some of them are ultraviolet. some are -- they want to see what this thing does. this is an 865 million dollar observatory. it began in 2010. the coolest pictures so far out of this thing and you can go to and go on nasa, the coolest things are these big giant solar flares. $865 million, we're going to figure out what the sun is doing, how the magnetic field sends radiation out and what the solar wind means. this is one that came out last year. the ee jeks came out of the sun and particles splashed back down on the sun. we had this on tv a couple of days after the pictures came in. this is an earth observing satellite that actually sends the signal back down to earth from the satellite, about 22,000 miles in space, very cool
8:54 am
pictures here. here's another one. this is an m-class flare that happened a couple of days ago, september 25th. that is what we couldn't ever see before. now the atmosphere isn't in the way and the pictures are being taken from space and there you go, that's what this guy looks like right there. solar observatory -- >> that's incredible. >> and they just started. i can't imagine how cool this stuff will be in five or ten years. >> the question is how far into deep space can they actually see. >> they are only looking at the sun. we talk about the solar flares and they could bring down satellites or interrupt our power grid. they'd like to know that that happens b be that happens and turn the power grid off and not harm things and turn off satellites because light travels faster than solar wind. >> that's a good use, good reason to take a telescope or whatever and look. >> trillions of dollars it could save in damage. >> exactly. great, chad. >> here about this football team? >> yeah, we're going to have to get to that in a minute.
8:55 am
cnn in depth, what will apple's new i iphone look like when it's we have a preview in just a few minutes. [ male announcer ] it's a fact: your nutritional needs can go up when you're on the road to recovery. proper nutrition can help you get back on your feet.
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nor details on one of the other big stories, amanda knox spending her first full day of freedom in four years. she's headed home to seattle after an italian jury overturned her murder conviction. after a brief return to at the time prison she started the long journey home where family and friends are waiting for her. >> reporter: amanda knox has left italy, she boarded this plane in rome and took off for london. her final destination, seattle. >> i just want to get her home. i want amanda home with her family. >> tears of joy from seattle to italy as family and friends learned amanda knox is finally a free woman. knox wore a determined look on her face as she appealed for her freedom in court but broke down
8:59 am
when she heard after nearly four years in prison, she would finally be able to return home. >> we have ordered the immediate release from prison of knox amanda. >> reporter: knox was clearly overcome with emotion as guards let her out of the courtroom, the jury cleared the 24-year-old and her former boyfriend raffaele sollecito of the killing of meredith kercher in 2007. knox's sister calls it justice long overdue. >> we're thankful to the court for having the courage to look for the truth and to overturn this conviction. >> reporter: while knox's family celebrates her long awaited homecoming, kercher's family believes it is no closer to getting justice for meredith. >> it feels almost back to square one and the search goes on to find out what truly happened. >> reporter: after spending her first night of freedom with her family, knox is now preparing for the journey she has dreamt about for four long years.
9:00 am
>> the prosecutor in italy says he plans to appeal the ruling overturning knox's conviction to the country's highest court. top of the hour, i'm joe johns, let's get you up to speed. new jersey governor chris christie has made his decision. a gop source says cristie will not seek the republican nomination in 2012. republicans unhappy with the current lineup of candidates had urged chris christie to jump in. we'll have the announcement live from trenton an hour from now. michael jackson's doctor will watch a parade of girlfriends take the witness stand. it is set to begin any minute now for day six of testimony. prosecutors wants to use the women to establish a time line of events surrounding jackson's death. records show murray was on the phone with three girlfriends in the minutes before and after jackson stopped breathing.
9:01 am
american college student amanda knox is on a plane right now. that's her at rome's airport today heading home to seattle for the first time in four years. raw emotion in an italian courtroom when an appeals jury overturned the murder convictions of knox and her boyfriend. the pair was convicted in the slashing death of her roommate, meredith kercher, prosecutors sensationalized the crime as categorizing it assatanic rit ooul. they say justice was done only if the jury put the evidence ahead of the media hype. >> first of all, it was a very long difficult day yesterday. and ultimately while we accept the decision that was handed down yesterday, respect the call the italian justice system, we
9:02 am
do find we are left looking at this again and thinking how a decision that was so certain two years has been so radally overturned now. a third person convicted in a separate trial is serving a 16-year sentence. his conviction was upheld on appeal. knox's lawyers suggest that man was the sole killer. the transportation security administration is rolling out a test program today designed to speed certain travelers through airport security. the program is called pre-check. if you caqualify you get to use fast lane in airport security. they are giving it a try in airports in atlanta, detroit, dallas ft. worth and miami. two american scientists, one from australia win the nobel prize. they were honored today for the discovery about the universe. scientists have long theorized
9:03 am
it has been expanding since the -- they say it is getting faster andalai lama canceled a trip. he wanted to attend the 80th birthday celebration for desmond tu tu, they say the government caved to political pressure from china, its biggest trading partner. the louisiana super dome is going corporate. bobby jindal will noungs the home stadium will be the mercedes bens super dome. it means taxpayers will not have to sub siddize the saints. the next is set for 2013. the guessing game has gone on for months. will he or won't he? well, new jersey governor chris
9:04 am
christie appears ready to end all of the speculation about his political plans. the gop source in new jersey says christ ie has decided not to run. he holds a news conference in the next hour. with us, gloria borger is in washington d.c., jim acosta is on the phone headed to trenton, new jersey. gloria, what are you hearing from your sources about christie's decision? >> i'm hearing the same thing john king reported earlier today when he confirmed that chris christie would not run. people close to chris christie have been playing this close to the vest. but obviously, the large question i'm told that was out there was is he ready to be president? it's a question he had asked publicly himself. and there was a lot of talk that this is somebody who understands domestic policy, but also on national security, wasn't ready, not a lot of time to get caught up on that. and also organizationally there would have been some real
9:05 am
problems because the four early states really require an awful lot of organization to get traction. then there's a third thing. he had been out there for months saying he wasn't ready to run, he couldn't run, he needed to tell everybody to stop asking him this question. if you want to run as an authentic real person, it's very hard for you to turn around and say, oops, never mind. it kind of hurts the brand. i think all of those three things combined sort of led them to the decision that this wasn't chris christie's moment. >> jim acosta, what do we expect to hear from governor christie at the news conference if you know? any leads or clues? >> not at this point. you heard gloria sum it up very well. this is a tough question for chris christie obviously. the emotional pleas that came to him he reagan library gave him
9:06 am
reason to pause and consider this. all indications are that governor christie is going to say an hour from now that he is not running for president. we're standing inside the statehouse in a long line of reporters trying to get into this conference room where the governor will be making the statement in about an hour from now. you can certainly say that chris christie circus has arrived in trenton. you say perhaps it will end the speculation. i'm not so sure it will end all of the speculation. keep in mind, you have months and months, almost a year now before the republican national convention in florida. if the republican party is not happy with folks like mitt romney and rick perry, you'll see perhaps republicans going back to chris christie and asking him to reconsider. i don't think that's out of the question. i think it's safe to say we'll hear another round of marko rubio speculation after this
9:07 am
announcement today. i talked to my producer and i talked to a social conservative group earlier this morning that is generally dissatisfied about the field. they concerned rick perry can't win. they are concerned mitt romney has been going for this for too long, that he is just not a credible kond date to a lot of republicans. there's a lot of dissatisfaction and that what fueled the speculation for chris christie to run. looks like he'll be disappointing a lot of people. >> it's a good point, it's not over until it's over. gloria, what does this mean for the republicans who are running? who benefits? how does it affect the field, the fact that christie is no longer someone to considerate least for today? >> at some point the republican party has to start focusing on barack obama. it's very clear that tea party conservatives are not happy. and they've always been kind of skeptical about mitt romney.
9:08 am
but i think he's kind of like the guy your parents are trying to fix you up with and you didn't want to go out with him and dated the entire field and turned around and said maybe he doesn't look so bad. i think that's exactly what the republican party is going through right now. the last thing starting out that republicans wanted or thought they wanted was an establishment candidate, somebody who's turn it was to become the nominee. that's the way the republican party has always done things in the past. but it may turn out that in order to beat barack obama you need to find somebody more acceptable to those undecided independent voters and it may end up the person standing all along might be the person they marry. >> jim, we'll be watching for your reports at this news conference. stay with cnn for the announcement at 1:00 eastern. we will bring it to you live. here's a rundown of some of the stories ahead. first cnn in depth, apple's new
9:09 am
iphone. what can it do for you? our sill con valley correspondent has a preview. a north career i can't expose on the son and grandson of kim jong il. our continuing coverage of the trial of michael jackson's personal physician. we're live outside the l.a. courtroom and -- >> we're locked in basically now. we're just waiting outside. can you unlock the door, please? >> a cnn reporter tracking slave laborers is suddenly locked up. with wanchai ferry? e you can make it in just 14 minutes. mmmh, orange chicken. great. i didn't feel like going out anyway. [ male announcer ] wanchai ferry. restaurant quality chinese in your grocer's freezer.
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9:12 am
cnn in depth, our mobile society. mobile technology has changed all of our lives in amazing ways in just a few years, case in point, the iphone. about 45 minutes, apple is expected to reveal the newest version of its smartphone. apple has sold 128 million iphones since it was introduced in 2007. joining me now from apple headquarters is our correspondent dan simon. what do you expect from this announcement at 1:00 eastern? >> reporter: well, joe, first of all, i don't think there's been this much buzz for the new iphone since well, the last iphone. in terms of what we're expecting today, i'm going to step out of frame here. you can see the invite for this event behind me on building four here at the apple campus, let's talk iphone. i could be wrong about this, joe, but i think there are some
9:13 am
clues in that sign. i think in this new iphone there's going to be voice command capability and that's why it says let's talk iphone. i think there's some clues in that. i think for gps for example, you could say an address and all of a sudden it will pop up or for research purposes you could say a topic and then it will pop up on the phone. i think that is going to be the significant feature of the new iphone. in the last one you had video chat capability with face time, that was the signature feature for the iphone 4. i think will be voice command capability. we'll see what happens in 45 minutes. >> this is the first news conference since steve jobs stepped down from his position as ce oext for medical reasons. do we know whether steve jobs is going to be there and who will do the reveal, if you will? >> reporter: well, it's a great question. there's been a lot of speculation about that. i don't think he'll be here today. but you know, he has surprised
9:14 am
us before. tim cook, the new ceo is expected to do the unveiling. there will be a lot of scrutiny in terms of his performance, he's following the master, if you will. but i'm sure he's very well rehearsed and gone through this a bunch of time. we'll see how tim cook does but there will be scrutiny on the performance. >> when will we be able to buy these things and which cell carriers are going to have them? >> reporter: i think it will be available in the next few weeks, certainly in october. of course, it will still be on at&t and verizon but there are reports that sprint is jumping into the game. it has been lagging behind in part because it doesn't have an iphone, a lot of people have jumped ship. sprint apparently vetting the farm plunging down $20 billion over the next four years to get an iphone on its roster. we'll see how that does for
9:15 am
sprint. we'll see what comes our way here in about 45 minutes, joe. >> dan simon, tracking the rollout in california for apple. thanks so much for that. a rare look into north korea's secretive first family via facebook. what members of the kim dine asty are probosting on facebook pages. on what time do people spend more time on face book than any other, india, u.s., auz tr austr singapore? the answer in just a minute.
9:16 am
9:17 am
so facebook fans, did you
9:18 am
get this right? what country spends the most time on facebook? if your answer was b, united states, you're wrong. the answer is d, singapore. michael holmes got it right. users in singapore average 38 minutes per visit each time they logon to facebook. in the u.s. we average 25 minutes on facebook which seems like a lot to me. but whatever. facebook provides a window into so many lives, including now rare look into north korea's secretive first family, the eldest son and grandson of kim jong il have facebook pages that have been exposed. michael holmes is here with details about the post. congratulations on getting singapore right. >> you got it right too. we both went with singapore. >> first we want to talk about kim jong il's song, kim jong nam, considered the outcast of the family. >> he's been a naughty boy.
9:19 am
that is true. he has been on the out for a little while. what happened is he expressed his bitterness of being passed over as the anointed successor of the north korean throne. he posted insults of his half brother, who was anointed heir instead. he was meant to be succeeding his father. he had a falling out with the family back in the 1990s after telling officials within the regime that he was actually going to if he took over implement some reforms and of course they are not big on reforms in north korea, are they. >> not so far anyway. >> he's been naughty in other ways too. this was pretty funny coming from a regime like that. he was caught trying to enter japan on a forged passport, actually a dominican passport in '01. >> a dominican passport. >> you mean the dominican republic?
9:20 am
>> yes, exactly. trying to get into -- wouldn't have set off any red lights, would it? to go to disney land in tokyo. >> what else would you want to do? >> since all this happened in the falling out, he's not actually in north korea, he's in beijing, that's where he's been reportedly in exile if you like. >> let's talk about jong nam's son, a teenager, seals to be behaving, i guess. what is his facebook page tell us? >> his name is kim han sol, 16 years old, also going by the name of kim chol getting a lot of fashionable poses, looking pretty trendy like most teenagers, wearing a suit and horn rimmed glasses and posing with a young lady and the caption was i'm going to miss you so much and she replied with
9:21 am
i, i love you too. another photo he has beach blond hair. what's interesting about this, he may share of some his grandfather's anti-american sent. s because he had this exchange on a blog he was doing as well, another user called nikki american and expresses disgust for universally shared american characteristics, not the nicest ones either, be fat, stupid and eating cheeseburgers, his words. >> some of our favorite things. >> exactly. he's actually going to go to a boarding school in bosnia. and it was posted on their website and that's how the media got hold of it. interestingly he posted a survey asking his friends if they preferred democracy or communism and he said he preferred democracy. so -- >> really? >> that will land you in a prison camp if you were back home in north korea. >> that's a real problem. both of these have been taken down, no longer able to -- we can't and friend them. >> no, you can't friend them
9:22 am
anymore, i'm afraid. the son had a twitter page and that's gone as well. the thing that strikes me, what were they thinking? nobody would find out? >> it's public but then -- >> facebook, there is no privacy. >> a lot of people have been surprised by that. >> exactly. it was a nice little window into that side of the family, if you like. and also i guess it's also the social media at work again. >> in some ways all families are alike. >> be careful what you tweet. >> the trial of michael jackson's doctor is in day six and the witness list is getting more interesting. holly hughes joins us to talk about the prosecution strategy.
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
next, the girlfriends much dr. conrad murray prepare to take the stand to talk about the day michael jackson died. then a republican source says new jersey governor chris christie will not run for president. but what will christie say in a news conference in 30 minutes. we'll carry it live. women sold into slavery, an eye-opening investigation into modern day slavery.
9:26 am
what was dr. conrad murray doing right before and after michael jackson died? prosecutors hope some of his girlfriends might be able to shed light on that. holly hughes is with us, a criminal defense attorney. calling girlfriends on the stand while you have somebody dying in front of you. what's up with that? >> this is critical testimony. a lot of people think it is a character assassination against dr. murray. it's not. what it is, it's showing his state of mind. that's why the prosecution is putting these ladies on the stand. they are not going into the relationship with dr. murray, all they are doing is nailing down that time line. dr. murray is on the phone nonstop with different people, one of the girlfriends at the time, we can assume he discovers his patient in distress because she says the phone goes dead, i can't get him back. then while his patient is being transported to the hospital in the ambulance, he's calling another girlfriend on the phone. so basically what the
9:27 am
prosecution is saying is that this is his state of mind. this is where he is. his patient is not his priority and that makes the standard of care so bad that he should be criminally responsible. >> and one of these girlfriends apparently received some of this propofol, the deadly drug, in the mail. does that create criminal exposure for the girlfriend? >> not for the girlfriend because what they would have to do is prove she was part of that scheme or that plan, that she knew. and when this all first came to light a few years back when michael first passed and the investigation started, the dea actually got involved and looked into all of the background of this because to order that much gallons of propofol and then to lie because dr. murray told the pharmacist, and we might hear from him today. he might be on the stand, tim lopez, he told the pharmacist, this is my clinic, go ahead and mail that to my clinic. turns out it is one of girlfriend's houses which makes conrad murray in trouble but not
9:28 am
the girlfriend. i'm sure she had no idea. >> if it's found he did that, it's against the law to send a controlled substance like this to an address? >> to a private address? we might see additional charges come out depending on how the testimony goes. what they figured is, we've got a death investigation, we're going to proceed first with that, see how that pans out, what turns out from that and make the decision whether or not it's worth it to proceed with any further investigation. >> so standard of care is the issue, also you've got criminal negligence aallegations in there. >> absolutely right. >> there's also this question really of dr. murray's professional competence and character. >> right, and all three of those things, the standard of care and negligence and professional competency is all tied together, joe, because you can't have one without the other. if you are professionally competent, you're not negligent and are maintaining the standard of care. basically what the state has to prove to the jury in order to carry their burden is that
9:29 am
doctor murray acted so negligently that another medical provider, another health care person, in that same situation would have acted differently, would not have been calling up his honeys while his patient is dead in front of him, would not have been leaving him alone hooked up to propofol when there's no resuscitative equipment there. >> what the defense need for reasonable doubt? >> they have to poke holes in the credibility of the witnesses because all of the witnesses that have come up so far, what we've seen ed chernoff doing is pulling out tid bits from each one. you didn't tell the police you were cleaning up bottles the first time you talked to them? wouldn't that have been important? then saying to the chef, you didn't go upstairs, you obviously thought something was wrong but you didn't rush up there. by the way, didn't you accept money for interviews about this whole thing? what is your motivation for being here? and what he's doing is pulling something from each witness and
9:30 am
all they can do is go after the credibility because they are stuck with the facts, the fact that michael jackson is dead and their client was the doctor on duty at that time. >> no good for the defense. >> not looking good. >> thank you, joe. >> we'll bring continuing highlights to you from this trial. if you want to see gavel to gavel coverage, you can tune in to our sister network, hln. new jersey governor chris christie holds a news conference at the top of the hour. he is expected to announce he will not run for the presidential nomination. we'll bring you his news conference live at 1:00 p.m. eastern. it's welcome news to any workers, you're getting a raise. some states are boosting their minimum wage. we'll tell you when and where it's expected to happen.
9:31 am
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♪ take the fixodent 12 hour hold challenge. guaranteed, or your money back. ♪ and for guaranteed freshness, try fixodent cleanser plus scope ingredients. aspercreme breaks the grip, with maximum-strength medicine and no embarrassing odor. break the grip of pain with aspercreme. a lot of workers could see a boost in their paychecks because some states are planning on raising their minimum wage. alison kosik joining me again. what states are we talking
9:34 am
about, alison? >> you'll see minimum wage go up in eight states beginning next year you're going to see these increases ranging from 28 cents to 37 cents an hour, sure, it doesn't sound like much but it actually works out to a pay rise up to $770 a year. if you're a full-time worker on minimum wage. this is all happens because minimum wage in these states is pegged to inflation so these raises are automatic when inflation heats up as it is doing. joe? >> you know, there's a lot of unemployment out there and every time you have an increase in the minimum wage, somebody says this is not going to help reduce unemployment. tell us what the argument is here. >> yes, so you're talking about the critics to minimum wage. they say, joe, that it's going to limit hiring because higher minimum wage means more money out of employer's pockets. they'll have to shell out more money to pay for employees. proponents say a higher minimum
9:35 am
wage is really exactly what the broader economy needs at this point because most jobs that have been created this year are low paying jobs, below $15 an hour. so the idea is that you can give people bigger paychecks and they are going to spend more and spending is one of biggest drivers of economic activity. in turn, employers may wind up hiring because of that rising demand. so proponents really wind up saying that raising minimum wage is a backboor way to help the economy. >> the s&p 500 entering bay market territory now. what does that mean? >> it's essentially an extended down it is turn for the market. we saw the s&p 500 hit it this morning for a few hours. it was stuck in bear market territory. it's come back quite a bit. when it does hit bear market territory it's down 20% from its recent high hit in april. we've seen stocks come back quite a bit. the dow is down 91 points and
9:36 am
the nasdaq is in positive territory after a report saying that greece has enough money until november to pay its bills. so what you're seeing is greece buying more time to hopefully get its act together with the debt issues. >> alison kosik, thanks much for that. modern day slavery, we'll take you to cambodia and malaysia for a cnn exclusive look at how fakry workers become forced laborers, virtual slaves with no way out except to buy their freedom. but, first, some free money advice from the cnn help desk with carter evans. >> time for the help desk where we get answers to your financial questions. john us himer at, manisha. >> he has three different portfolios, an 80/20 index fund.
9:37 am
should he be aggressive or is it better off being more conservative? >> i'm thrilled at his age he has three different portfolios. that's wonderful. in the retirement account be aggressive, i love 80/20 mix. and assuming that third account is a taxable account. in that act, if he has funds that he may need to spend in the next one to five years, with those funds he would want to be a little bit more conservative and not take a lot of risk. we're talking cds, money markets but that gives him flexibility to be uber aggressive with the balance. he has enough in his savings account to pay off his credit cards, but should he pay off the cards or keep the money in his account. >> you're paying way more interest on those credit card balances than you're earning in the savings account. i would suggest, take enough money out of the savings account to fund a sufficient emergency fund, six to 12 months of
9:38 am
expenses in case he loses his job and take the rest and pay off the credit cards immediately. he has no savings because he's giving it away to the credit card companies. >> if you have a question you want answered, send us an e-mail any time cnn help desk at help desk brought to you by ally bank, no nonsense, just people sense. log on to for more answers to your questions about personal finance. and pick up the latest issue of "money" magazine on news stands now. you can't change the way banking works. just accept it, man. free ? doesn't close at five ? try nature. it's a bank. what do you want, a hug ? just accept it. hidden fees, fine print, or they'll stick it to you some other way. stay with the herd, son. accept it. just accept it. accept it. just accept it. accept it. if we miss this movie, you're dead. if you're stuck accepting banking nonsense, you need an ally. ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense.
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we continue to keep our eye on the trial of dr. conrad murray, the manslaughter trial relating to the death of pop superstar michael jackson. taking the stand right now is one sade anding, a cocktail waitress from houston who happens to be one of the girlfriends of dr. murray. she testified in january that she was on the phone with dr. murray when he suddenly stopped responding to her. this was just before michael jackson died. we'll be watching that trial and bringing you the highlights. following the trail of modern day slave laborer, cnn exclusive investigator report, dan rivers tracks a supply of chain of bonded workers from cambodia to malaysia. here is part one of the three-part series on factory slaves.
9:42 am
>> reporter: in the lang id heat of rural cambodia, we're crossing the mighty mikong river to come to meet a group of women who say they were modern day slaves. we're more than two hours from the capital of cambodia. this is fertile recruiting ground for unscrupulous recruiting agents who promise the earth who people who have almost nothing. it's exactly what happened to these four women. they told me their employment at an electronics factory in malaysia turned into a nightmare. they say their passport was confiscated and they worked 12 hours a day, seven days a week receiving only $100 a month after deductions.
9:43 am
the only way they could leave was for their family to pay about $1,000 in fees and airfares to the agency which had arranged the job in first place. i meet the mother of a girl who we're calling chanari to protect her identity. chanari is still working at the factory. she's already sold her small parcel of land to free one daughter and is desperate to free the other girl who's just 22. so we decide to approach the employment agency concerned down a back street of the cambodian capital. >> we want to talk with someone. >> reporter: after first they seen unwilling to let us inside. but then staff abruptly usher us in and told us to wait for their boss. we saw a number of young woman. i tried to talk to one wondering if these were the workers about
9:44 am
to leave for their jobs abroad. as she started to speak, another made it clear she should stay quiet. before we arrived, a local ngo had told us workers are often isolated and detained at that compound during so-called predeparture training. >> sometimes their cell phones are being confiscated by the company. family members are being asked to pay what we call ran some for those to receive medical treatment outside the company. so we've had reports about under nourishment in these countries, they are being run like a prison. >> we're locked in basically now. after a few minutes we also felt like inmates. can you unlock the door, please? on the walls, photos of people holding wads of money, suggesting the jobs this agency provided were well paid. but with staff refusing to let us out, we were becoming
9:45 am
increasingly concerned for our safety. >> sit down. >> reporter: padlocked both doors basically. i'm worried when the boss comes up they will confiscate our tapes or camera, bearing in mind that the person that owns this recruitment agency is the sister of the deputy police commissioner of cambodia. >> we feel like we're a prisoner, can you unlock this door, please? can you unlock the front door? we'll wait for your boss on the street. can you unlock, please? we'll wait outside. no problem. finally they unlock the gate and to our relief we wait on the public street for the boss to arrive. when her car pulls up, staff immediately lounge for our camera. >> we're going, we're going. >> reporter: but staff tried to stop us from leaving. >> we haven't done anything wrong. take your hands off me.
9:46 am
we finally pull free. the boss seen here trying to grab our camera initially agreed to a subsequent interview request but then changed her mind saying we'd have to speak to the ministry of labor first. they declined to talk to us. the episode left us with many questions. chanari is the first part of a complex chain linked to the recruitment agency. but we wanted to know who was next in that chain, where was chanari now and who was she working for? we were more determined than ever to find her, the young woman in the photo working debt bonded far from home. dan rivers, cnn, cambodia. >> tomorrow you'll see women who work extremely long hours and make barely enough money to feed themselves. they tried to escape but were caught by the police. that's part two of dan's
9:47 am
three-part series on factory slaves. if you'd like to be a slave-free consumer or find out more on modern day slavery, including how to help end it, go to our website, a school district in nebraska links catholic roseries to gang members and using a girl in sixth grade to stress their point. you can't miss this story.
9:48 am
9:49 am
a sixth grader from nebraska is fighting for her opportunity to wear a rosary at school. you know, what happened?
9:50 am
did this sort of cross some line between church and state or are we talking about something else. >> that's the first thing i saw, you immediately think it violates some sort of the school rule but not being able to wear religious garb. what's interesting is the superintendent at the free mont school district is saying, this is about student safety. he had been in touch with law enforcement and found several places around the country gang members had been wearing rosary like necklaces to symbolize their affiliation with a gang. his school put the rule in place saying you cannot wear a rosary and a lot of people might be looking at this and saying this is a sixth grade girl, how could she possibly be a gang member? it comes down to this, if you make a rule for one, you make a rule for all. and our affiliate spoke to a local archdiocese to get his opinion on this. >> i don't think christians should have to forfeit what is a
9:51 am
symbol of the love of christ for us and our commitment to be a dissiple because people want to misuse that symbol. >> the one thing i want to point out, rosary bans have taken place from oregon to texas. there have been a number of kids who have been sent home from schools because of similar rules in place. some cases they have been suspended for not removing rosary like necklaces all for same concern. >> it's about safety and there's still a first amendment and runs up against that notion of freedom of religion. how do they balance act? >> exactly right. what's interesting is where the supreme court has come in on this. they have ruled that students do not give up their first amendment rights to religious expression to speech, when they step on a campus but those lights are more limited in a shopping mall. what the supreme court wanted to do was give school administrators the latitude to prevent any sort of speech from their education. there are going to be folks to
9:52 am
say how is a rosary worn by a sixth grade girl a distraction in education? the answer what the superintendent would tell you, if gang members are wearing this in other places it is indeed a distraction and therefore no rosaries should be allowed. >> that's really just a fascinating case. it's the kind of thing you would expect people to get really up in arms about. especially if you believe in the right to wear your own rosary or whatever. >> absolutely, joe. in defense of the school, they have it spelled out clearly in the dress code and the girl says she'll continue to wear shirts with crosses on them and bracelets, leading us to feel that's not part of the dress code. as far as the dress code is concerned, that is something she's able to do. >> real interesting story. just a reminder, new jersey governor chris christie holds a news conference at the top of the hour. christie is expected to announce he will not get into the race for the republican presidential
9:53 am
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9:56 am
and she nailed it. she seems to be taking it all in stride. >> it's definitely different but they are so nice to me, treat me like one of their teammates, not sexist at all. they all said i could do it and they encouraged me and i went in. i'm getting credit for it which i don't deserve at all. it doesn't make a difference, we're all wearing the same pads, well kind of, i don't have the cup but that's it. >> her team, the pirates, won 9-7. cnn newsroom continues right now with wolf blitzer in washington. hey, wolf. >> thanks very much, joe, we've got lots going on right now. we're awaiting a news conference a statement from the new jersey governor chris christie, he will announce he's not going to run for the republican presidential nomination. you'll hear it live. we assume he's not only going to make a statement but then answer reporters questions and there will be many questions, why did
9:57 am
he decide that this was not a good moment for him to seek the republican presidential nomination when there were so many republicans out there, a lot of the so-called established republicans who were anxious to see him throw his hat in the ring. he has decided that it's not a good time for him. he's been saying it for weeks, if not months that he's not really ready to be president of the united states, he doesn't want to run. but there was enormous pressure on him especially over the past few weeks as rick perry, the governor of texas as his standings seem to fall as a result of shakingy performances at republican presidential debates. gloria borger is here and john king watching as well. as we set the stage for this announcement, there will be republicans out there and you know this, john, who will be deeply disappointed that chris christie is not going to run. >> he has dealt with the economy and budget issues that will dominate the debate. a lot of republicans dissatisfied. they wanted this guy in there, which is why fundraisers and
9:58 am
financial people in new york and new jersey earthed him to run. and businessman urged him to run. a woman stood up in the audience, please reconsider, your country needs you. there is a space for another candidate in the republican field however the clock is ticking. with the exception of sarah palin, this is the last no. why did he decide not to run? i'm told he truly believes it in his heart, he's not ready. just elected governor a couple of years ago. one of principle arguments against president obama, nice guy, wasn't ready to be president. how do you have a guy on record saying i'm not ready carrying that torch. he did reconsider, reromanced heavily. can you raise enough money, build the organization? they thought probably. then they looked at it from an issues portfolio. he's on the record saying illegal immigrants should get a path to citizenship in a comprehensive immigration reform bill. that won't sell in the tea party. some gun measures would be a tough sell.
9:59 am
does it mean he wouldn't be formidable? we don't know that. we decided let's be governor of new jersey and see what the future brings. >> some of those other issues like global warming, not necessarily on the side of the conservatives who question manor woman's role in global warming. >> he wasn't a shoe-in by any stretch. abc has a poll out today showing among rpz he was only at 10% with mitt romney leading the field with double that. i think that they had to look at all of this. they had to look at their organizational shortfall. you have four states early on that require an aux lot of organization and by the way, he would kind of hurt his own brand. he had been out there for months as you point out saying he wasn't ready to run in his heart. he didn't feel like it was the right thing to do. what was he supposed to do, say, oops, never mind? i didn't mean all of that. those things were all a part of this and the issues as john points out, somebody said to


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