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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 5, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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than $5 million for the rights to show it on fox. they cannot make enough advertising money to cover that. that's why they want the money to come down. what is tricky about it is that in reruns they throw off a tremendous amount of cash and if the simpsons are canceled, the fox studio that produces the simpso simpsons" could make more money because they could probably sell them to cable. this is from another generation of television. they were made in the 1990s. new deals that could earn a lot more in the future. >> i want to read a statement from century 21 fox. we are hopeful to get and audience with the original episodes for many years to come.
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do you think they are going to find a deal? >> i think they are asking the cast to take a $200,000 pay cut. it's hard to walk away from that kind of money, especially when you don't have to even put on clean clothes to go to work. >> must be nice, don't have to deal with makeup or nice clothes or anything. steve, thanks so much for coming on. here we go. hour two, i'm brooke baldwin. city and the military gets polled and a lot happening in the west. time to play reporter roulette. alison kosik, let's start with you. we've been talking about the debit card fees and now checking fees? explain? >> we're being feed to death between the air lies and the banks.
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city bank is now jumping on the bandwagon. if you don't carry a $60,000 in your banking account, it will cost you $20 a month the regulations are tighter on banks and making it tougher for them to lend money. some senate democrats are saying, switch if you don't want to pay it or go to the credit unions as well. that's another option for you as well. >> are there more fees to come, dare i ask? oh, yes. this is not going away any time soon. and they are saying that they have to raise other fees to pay for the costs, like payroll, they have to pay for their employees, technical networks.
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regulators say, wait a minute. there has to be consumer protection, especially after the financial crisis. but we are being nickelled and dimed to death for our banking, brooke. >> alison kosik at the new york stock exchange, thanks. next, on reporter roulette, how do the men and women in this country really feel about the wars that they are fighting in iraq and afghanistan? the answers are in this new poll. barbara starr, do tell. >> brooke, you always hear that the troops support the war but about one-third of american troops have a lot of questions about the war, whether it's been worth it over the last decade. look at these numbers. the americans think that the war was not worlt it, just slightly over half. this poll is the most downbeat
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ones and the public opinion for ten year, most sustained period and people concerned about the job and economy as are the veterans who are coming home. so people, by all indications when you look at these numbers have pretty much had it with wars overseas. brooke? >> barbara starr, thank you. chad myers, talking about another dust storm in arizona. this time, one person has died. we'll play the video. >> the bigger sand storms that we talked about pieces of sand and small pieces of dust and when it blew across the roadways, cars did not know it. trucks did not stop in time. >> look at those images of it
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crossing across the highway. people just stopped. they didn't know what to do. >> i-10 completely shut down near tucson. another accident a couple miles up the road and then 100 miles up the road in chandler, which is not far from phoenix t was the valley of the dust yesterday. this will happen again today and tomorrow. it will happen in the same spot until we get enough rain to settle this dust. this is dirt finally ground and not that the stand will sandblast but this is going to happen in new mexico, colorado, nevada. we have some rain in l.a. right now. that rain is going to move into the inland empire. that will settle dust in california. >> so heads up if you are driving in the united states today? >> yes. >> chad, thank you very much. now to a story that certainly got our attention. perhaps it's an understatement. if you're looking for a sperm donor, all you might need is the
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i'm brooke baldwin. if it's interesting, it's happening right now. beginning with live pictures here, week number three with the wall street protests in lower manhattan. still without a leader. the protests spreading to other cities today. other civil unions have joined the protests against corporate greed and big companies. in seattle, for the first time in four years, amanda knox
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is spending the day at home with her family. she got in just last night after her murder conviction was over dls turned from the 2007 death of her roommate, meredith kercher. listen to what she said just as she arrived back home. >> they are reminding me to speak in english because i'm having problems with that. i'm really overwhelmed right now. i was looking down from the airplane and it seemed like everything wasn't real. what's important is just to say thank you to everyone who has believed in me i just want -- my
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family is the most important thing to me right now and i just want to go and be with them. so, thank you for being there for me. >> she's certainly spending time with her family but also facing media frenzy. if it leads to a book deal or interview, it could help her family who mortgaged everything to help defend her. gary giordano says that they went snorkeling and never came back. this picture probably doesn't do justice for the size. no one is sure and last friday a forest service spokesman said that trees in this area are between 1500 and 2,000 years old
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and about 245 feet old and all of this happened yesterday and cameras on the train show the truck crossing into the path of the metro. 15 people -- here's the inside. 15 people taken to the hospital and the driver of the dumptruck included. bernie madoff's cheated victims get their checks today. he ran the largest ponzi scheme and the slice his victims get today is more than $300 million in total. they are set to get more when more funds are recovered. now this?
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>> jurors heard new recordings from michael jackson himself in the conrad murray trial just within the last hour. more of that audio coming up. but, next, cheap, private sperm donation, a good, safe idea? it's cheaper than a sperm bank but could cost you more money later. apparently it's a growing trend. more on that, next.
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have you heard about this? some people are possibly breaking the law to get and give free sperm donations at unusual locations. newsweek broke the story on this
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nontraditional method by bypassing sperm banks. people are saving hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars in insem nation costs. people may have a more difficult time adopting, be it same-sex couples and it's raising all sorts of ethical and red flags. let me begin with this. how exactly without too many details does this work for wishful parents? is it simple as googling free sperm? >> you register with a donor and screen them yourself, meet with them, get std tests back from them, and then you have a rendezvous for the exchange of a specimen, for lack of a better
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term. and that could happen in a starbucks bathroom, happen in your home, in your car. the donor essentially hand over a cup of himself and you use the old turkey baster method or there are some variations on that to self-inseminate. >> how often is this really happening? >> it's a growing, growing community. because there are scandals in the traditional sperm bank industry driving people to this alternative market. you may have heard or read recently traditional sperm banks that have cluster of kids, 150 kids that cling around a donor. plus, astronomical costs. for lesbians, it's often difficult to get a donation. even if you're a traditional couple, you pay fees to the tune
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of thousands of dollars. they are not desperate for a child so much as a child that is not met through the normal channels. >> yes, i would want a baby, if i can't, what are my options. i would imagine that a big issue would be fear of disease and i know you've talked to a number of people, you talk about this couple and i know you said they have std tests, et cetera, but how do you know if these people are safe? >> well, what women told me is, they trust themselves. if you meet with a free donor, you meet the person, look them in the eye and get a sense of them. you are not just going into a sperm bank where you don't meet the person, you ever a booklet that you flip through maybe and rely on the bamnk to check the person out.
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and they trust themselves to make a decision and a safe decision. >> you've pointed out that this is a much cheaper way to do things but i guess the sperm banks, the would-be fathers don't want to be i.d. down the road and this would be difficult for a child to introduce herself to the father. >> right. that's a huge issue. the u.s. is one of the only major countries that have not done away with anonymous sperm donations. uk has done away with it and norway don't allow them to be anonymous. it's in the best interest of the child to one day be their know who their father is, what he looks like. donor kids cannot do that in the u.s. >> i also found one line from
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this article, you say, describing the site, far from being overrun by sex crazed sperminators and desperate girls most of what i found was mundanely human. what's their motivation? >> well, the women just want to have a child and they choose this because they believe it's the best one for them. the donors are a mixed bag. some of them are honorable and doing it for altruistic reasons. some do it because they want a lot of kids and they do what is necessary to have those kids. it's sort of a sexual satisfaction, a caveman response to the notion of having lots of kids like them out there. that's what i've heard a lot.
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>> the governments ascrambling o figure out wll it's legal or not. opponents would say it's no different than going to a bar and sleeping a a stranger. these men are handing over a cup of sperm. it's fresh. how is that different legally speaking than receiving sperm in some other way? and there's actually a very interesting test case on this in california. >> the fda rated the bedroom of one of these donors and has determined that he's essentially a one man sperm bank and he's illegal. normal body function as he speaks, it's illegal for him to function and he's appealing that ruling that he's essentially a
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central partner. he's arguing that it's plain old sex. >> it's fascinating. it's fascinating. thank you so much for coming on. if you haven't seen it, it's the cover of "newsweek." let me know what you think. send me a tweet at brookeb@cnn. coming up, the political ticker next. [ male announcer ] are you considering a new medicare plan?
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right over the phone. don't wait. call now. time now for america's politics update. jim acosta, live in washington, i see him laughing historically out of the kor nern of my eye. i won't ask. >> they asked me how i was getting back from trenton after covering the chris christie
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conference. i didn't want to go into details. >> we won't do that on live television. paul steinhauser, walk away from jim acosta. what comments did herman cain make with regard to the wall street protesters? >> he made interesting comments about the protesters making a lot of news lately and herman cain doesn't mince words and he talks about what he thinks and basically he said, what is the big deal here? he said, quote, i don't have the facts to back this up but i believe the demonstrators are planned and orchestrated to distract from the failures of the obama administration. don't blame wall street.
12:26 pm
don't blame the big banks. if you don't have a job and you're not rich, blame yourself. and he said it in typical herman cain speech. so for all of the talk out there, people writing these kids off on wall street not having much effect on the candidates. they got the president talking about them which may raise their profile a little bit. >> okay. jim, thank you very much. >> you bet. nba fans, the first two weeks of regular season will be canceled if they cannot reach a
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deal. the main sticking point is how to divide basketball-related income. ♪ there's a fire starting in my heart ♪ ♪ it's bringing me out to dark >> love her. fans were so sad to hear that adele has canceled her ten city u.s. toor because of a hemorrhage in her vocal cords. i apologize from the bottom of my heart, i sincerely do, she says. in april she had to cancel because of layer rin jit tis. now this. colors seem real bright to me now. women are real good looking. 25 years behind bars for his wife's murder. now this wrongfully convicted man is free. you have to see more of that reaction from him. that's next. also, the defense making its case why a second man should not
12:28 pm
get the death penalty for a deadly home invasion in connecticut. back in two minutes.
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michael warner has been in a texas prison for 25 years after being convicted of his wife's death. all along maintaining that he did not do that. new dna evidence helped prove his innocence. he walked out a free man. >> thank god this wasn't a capital case and i only had life. colors seem real bright to me now. and women are real good look in. >> this is one of the happiest days of my life and we're so thankful for it. >> we're so happy that the truth came out. >> dna evidence linked his death
12:32 pm
to a known violent offender. also on the case, a new witness in the trial of the two men that killed will yet petit's wife and two daughters. we're talking about joshua komisarjevsky. >> he was there. he was in it. what the defense is trying to say is that steven hayes was the mastermind. he was the one in charge and that this particular defendant, who's on trial now, and i won't even say his name because i won't give him that kind of dignity and air time. they are saying that he did not do it. he was under the control of steven hayes. >> the same tactic as last time, throwing him under the bus. >> right. >> you know why it won't work?
12:33 pm
>> why. >> because he's the one who let steven hayes go out to the bank with mrs. petit, one of the victims here, and get the money and come back. now, if you were not in charge and in control, would you let him take the money with it? no, because he's going to take the $15,000 and take off. you send your lackey out because you know that you are in control. not only does he give a statement to police but he has horrible journals and writing the most hateful things. he's calling dr. petit, who we know is the oinl survivor here. and let me tell you something, brooke, this man may be alive
12:34 pm
but his life will never be the same. his wife and two beautiful young daughters were not onlily sexually assaulted but they were brutally murdered. the girls were burned alive. the evidence is that gasoline was poured over their body and then burned alive. dr. petit is alive but will absolutely not be the same. and when this animal is writing this out, he calls him a coward. he says, this man had an opportunity to save his family. i gave him all kinds of chances. >> so given the evidence, given the journals were wondering would he testify? would he testify? >> absolutely not. i think they are trying to save his life. they know if he gets on the stand, he is going to revert to the ego maniac where he calls dr. petit a coward, i gave him a chance to save his family. that's a god complex. that's, i'm in charge. that come bats the argument that steven hayes was in charge. i think the attorneys are going
12:35 pm
to say, don't do it. but if a client insists, brooke, the client calls the shots. >> case number two, the prosecutors in the conrad murray try play a tape recording of ma michael jackson. we're going to listen to that. >> he didn't have a childhood. what impact might this audio recording -- we heard a little bit about this on day one. what impact will this have? >> it shows that dr. murray should have known that this particular patient had a problem with some type of drug or drug
12:36 pm
addiction and alcohol abuse. we don't know what it is specifically but when you hear michael jackson in this type of state, you don't have to be a doctor under the influence and his client was, again, recorded. dr. murray thinks it's important enough to record. and he leaves his patient who we clearly knows has a problem with access to drugs and propofol and l ligdocaine and all of the stuf that was there. that shows that this doctor is careless. you do not walk away and leave a man who is that far behind. >> so should dr. murray take the stand? >> he has to.
12:37 pm
he should insist that he did not deliver that propofol. he has to. >> holly hughes, thank you. >> thanks, brooke. chances are you've been seated next to someone who's baby was not in the best of spirits. and it looks like the ipad without the ipad price tag, we'll talk about the device that some is calling the world's cheapest computer. we'll be right back. or no collars. we are business in america. and every day we awake to the same challenges. but at prudential we're helping companies everywhere find new solutions to manage risk, capital and employee benefits, so american business can get on with business. ♪
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we came across this story from portland, oregon. we thought we'd bring it to you. it has to do with the mother of a young child getting kicked off the bus at night because the child was crying. listen to what the witness explains what she saw that night. >> the baby was crying, like not screaming. just fussing. tired baby. and nobody else minded or even noticed. some people around me were saying, it's not bothering us, why is it bothering you? and i spoke up and said, she's a baby. babies don't work that way. you can't just turn them off. when she came back to the front, the woman got off the front and i said, you can't kick a woman off with her baby at night in the middle of hillsborough. she said, if you don't like it, get off the bus. >> this story is getting a lot of you talking. my twitter page heated up over this. most of the passengers sided with the woman and the baby. all you have to do is check the
12:41 pm
blog and twitter to see how much people get angry about crying babies in a small space. wendy walsh is here and she's one of the co-hosts of "the doctor." great to have you back on. first, reacting to the story, what is your first reaction? >> my first reaction is as a mother of a baby who cried for the first three years of her life, i am shocked. but there's another piece. because she's a woman and the interesting thing is, they are saying it's a safety issue. we have to remember that men and women have different capacities to select out for sound. we all know, we've had a boyfriend or husband who doesn't
12:42 pm
hear a word of what we're saying, right? and we are likely to get more flooded. women are far more likely to get flooded. >> on the side of the bus driver, she will say that she's distracted and thus stopped the bus and will say that it's a safety issue. a lot of people could side with the bus driver. awe're seeing more against children because it's adult only. but i want a nice glass of food and wine and how is this possible? airlines are talking about having adult-only flights. and i think the more and more that we keep family life and children away from general society and culture, the less accepting we are of them. and i think we need to see more integration of it all, not separation. >> but some people say, wendy walsh, who don't have babies and they are sitting on that plane
12:43 pm
and have a big meeting coming up in a couple of hours and trying to do their work and they hear a screaming kid knocking on their seat, from those people they say, let's have child-free zones. but is that really possible? >> we have to learn what we are doing. we're warehousing babies in day wear and warehousing old people. where does it stop when you stop saying, oh, no, not in my space. i don't want to be disturbed. families are the backbone and everybody that is complaining about mr. adult on the way to his meeting probably wants to kick somebody else's seat. we have to be much more for giving as families. >> wendy walsh, thank you very much. now, where in the world can you get a computer for less than
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snoop yand setting off. india is setting off the world's cheapest computer. less than $50. sarah has all of the details. sarah? >> brooke. >> were a lot of kep particulars on this one. they did not believe that india could pull it off but it has. a compute every tablet for less than $50. earlier we got our hands on one and tried it out. take a look.
12:47 pm
india has come up with the world's cheapest computer and this is it. we got a sneak peak at this little gadget. it's about seven inches and it's smaller ann ipad and has two usb ports and also has an hd screen. so and what the ministry has done is uploaded applications in here so that you can watch, for example, a lecture. this is a lecture from one of india's most prestigious schools. students can use it for anything that you can do on a computer, typing your notes, sending an e-mail, you can do this on your little gadget. the screen is nice because you can watch different things, including movies if you so like on the computer. you have to have wi-fi in order for it to get a signal, in order for you to get online.
12:48 pm
so that's one thing that people might have a bit of an issue with. the other thing is that the touch screen technology is a little bit difficult. it's a little more forceful, not as sensitive as an ipad. we're talking about a device that does just about everything that a computer does except for the fact that it's only $50 initially the ministry says that it will be given out to students as a textbook. it will be something that and eventually and it will be so inexpensive that technologies will pick it up and try to sell it. it's a cool gadget and the cost of a smartphone and it's such an
12:49 pm
inexpensive price, will it force other companies to access something like this. is it perfect? no. but the government is waiting for feedback on this ee wiand w continue to improve over time. the company that helped make it says they will try to make it available to every day folks in november. for now, it is only students that will get ahold of these tablets. all in all, for less than $50, for someone to never have a computer and never imagine a 41 is a pretty amazing advice. brooke? >> i agree. sara, thanks. coming up next, wolf blitzer in "the situation room." i understand you have simon, the u.s. attorney for amanda knox? >> yes. he's going to be telling us how amanda knox is doing on this, her first full day back in the united states in seattle. she arrived last night, night a
12:50 pm
been spending a lot of quality time with this young woman who is now back with her family and friends. he'll update us on what's going on in amanda knox's life. we'll also talk about some of the legal issues that she could still face if, for example, the italian supreme court overrules this earlier decision this week, if there's a formal extra decision request to send her back to italy. we'll go through some of those legal issues with ted simon as well in the next hour. that's happening in the 4:00 p.m. eastern hour. in the following hour, we'll speak with republican presidential candidate newt gingrich, the former house speaker. he's always got a lot to say. we'll go through a lot of those issues. he'll join us live in the 5:00 p.m. eastern hour. two good guests and a lot of information in "the situation room." >> coming up here, guess which gop presidential contender is a big fan of "the hangover?"
12:51 pm
i'm talking about the movie here. joe johns will tell us next in "political pop." 2 [ babbles ] [ laughs we would do anything for her. my name is kim bryant and my husband and i made a will on legalzoom. it was really easy to do. [ spits ] [ both laugh ] [ shapiro ] we created legal zoom to help you take care of the ones you love. go to today and complete your will in minutes. at we put the law on your side.
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he'll be playing in his first tournament since the bga championship. daniel radcliffe stars in a beneficial performance on broadway. a portion of every ticket sold of how to succeed in business without trying will go directly to the trevor project, the partner of the its gets better campaign to help lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender teens. before we go, i have a friend here, it's curan. this is my best friend's daughter. it's such a treat to have her in the studio. do you want to say hi mom? >> hi, mom. >> let's do "political pop" together. she's going to take my job one day. >> hi, karen? >> hi, joe. >> does she have ifb on? >> no, not in her little ear. let's talk first, joe, michelle obama hosting this event at the
12:55 pm
white house. what's she doing? she's in the garden, right? >> this is the time of year you have the circleville pumpkin festival in ohio, you have octoberfest, squash festivals. the white house has this fall harvest festival. you know the vegetables mrs. obama planted in the garden, now they're harvesting them. you have local kids in the yellow shirts out in the garden helping pick all these thing up. this is that place where a whole bunch of white house ideas come together, if you will. the first idea is about the first lady's anti-obesity initiative called let's move. and then the whole fresh veggies idea goes along with that. the second idea is expansion of white house work on social media. this is what so many different campaigns, if you will, around the country, both democrat and republican are focusing on. garden harvest is also going to mark what they call the first
12:56 pm
ever let's move tweet-up, opportunities for followers on twitter to come to the white house sort of virtually and tour the kitchen, garden and so on. >> so the kids there today weren't part of the tweet-up, per se, these were local elementary kids. that's for another time? >> exactly. local elementary kids. who knows how many americans and their family, if they wanted to, could actually sort of access this by way of the internet. >> okay. let's talk movies. you like movies, right? i don't know if you've seen this one. i can hear your mom saying no, she hasn't, "the hangover." >> she likes smurfs. let's talk "the hangover." somebody has seen it many times. >> oh, my gosh. this is a movie that's become an instant classic. "the hangover," of course. hard to imagine a true social conservative getting much of a
12:57 pm
laugh out of it. you've got the nudity, the tiger, mike tyson. the drunkenness, the excess of las vegas all wrapped into one. i love that movie. a lot of people, though, might be offended by it. >> kind of hilarious. >> right. "the concord monitor" reporting the former speaker of the house and his wife calista have watched "the hangover" seven times. gingrich is quoted as saying the movie is totally stupid, which it is, but we can't help oufr selves. >> sometimes we like stupid things. >> that's why i went to the movie. i laughed and laughed and laughed. i'm totally socially inappropriate. it was very funny to me, and a lot of other people. >> it was wonderful seeing you in person. come back soon to atlanta, mr. johns. >> i can't wait to. where is your friend? >> poof. >> future news anchor. >> she's not very far at all.
12:58 pm
curam martin. hope you enjoyed that moment. we just learned reverend fred shuttlesworth who helped lead the civil rights movement has died. shuttlesworth seen in an interview from back in 2002 challenged segregated busing in birmingham, helped found the southern christian leadership conference with reverend martin luther king junior. king once called the reverend the most courageous civil rights fightr in the south. shuttlesworth was 89. one more thing here. back by popular demand from last year, i want to show you video of a different kind of crash in the uk. police say a man went on a wrecking spree after stealing a front-end loader. he rips through the graveyard,
12:59 pm
hedges, farm fields, causes about $25,000 in damage. let's just pause and watch this. >> see him coming down the street. steals this front-end loader, careens on by. this happened in july. police just released this aerial surveillance. you see the police coming up on the front-end loader. by the way, the man is doing 4 1/2 years in prison. he was apparently paid to steal industrial vehicles, also involved in 16 similar thefts since 2010. and that does it for me here in atlanta. thank you so much for watching. wolf blitzer has a jam packed show coming up ovethe next o hours. we hope you join him. stay right here. "the situation room" with wolf blitzer starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- happening now, keep the red ink from


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