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tv   CNN Sunday Morning  CNN  October 9, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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parasites toneffect the body. malaria's always been a huge killer in that part of the world so it is this evolutionary adaptation. but the same mutation can lead to this debilitating disease. that does it for this "sgmd." thanks for being with us. time now to get you back into the "cnn newsroom" and t.j. holmes for a check of your top stories making news right now. from the cnn center in atlanta, georgia, this is your cnn sunday morning. hello to you all. i'm t.j. holmes. coming up, it is going to be a huge week in washington. a showdown on the hill is expected between republicans and president obama. and the stakes couldn't be higher. the president's $447 billion jobs bill. also, we are standing by to talk live with the civil rights icon john lewis. he showed up to support and occupy rally in atlanta. but demonstrators refused to let him speak.
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also, take a look at this. it is the cheapest computer tablet in the world. and before you even ask -- no, you cannot buy it here in the u.s. that story ahead as well. let's start with the fight over the president's jobs bill. the senate is expected to vote on the plan in a matter of days. the measure could cost an estimated $447 billion. the president said, hey, it is paid for. $453 billion, he said, would come from his proposed tax on millionaires. the bill calls for new and extended tax cuts along with additional spending on roads, bridges, infrastructure projects, job training and help for those with housing problems. republicans, as you might imagine, don't like the president's plan. that's not stopping the president, however, from pushing ahead, especially with the tax on millionaires which republicans call class warfare. >> some see this as class warfare. i see it as a simple choice.
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we can either keep taxes exactly as they are for millionaires and billionaires or we can ask them to pay at least the same rate as a plumber or a bus driver. and in the process we can put teachers and construction workers an veterans back on the job. >> the president just today either will say or has already said at least put this jobs bill up for a vote so that the entire country knows exactly where every member of congress stands. i hope the majority will respond to the request of the president that we give everybody a chance to go on record on the second stimulus bill. >> a little later this hour i'll talk to our chief political correspondent and "state of the union" anchor candy crowley talking about the president's jobs bill, the tax on millionaires and the presidential race. ron paul is getting another straw poll victory in his race for the republican nomination. he was the top vote getter at
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the values summit in washington. herman cain came in second with 23%, rick santorum in third, rick perry came in fourth and mitt romney was sixth. both perry and romney were in single digits. just past the top of the hour here now. let's talk about these angry americans. you might be one of them but a lot of them are now out in the streets demonstrating. what began as the occupy wall street rally in new york, these are spreading all over the country. take a look. these occupy protests have been going on for about four weeks now. demonstrations happening in a number of places. a lot of people upset about the lack of jobs, the perceived corporate greed, anger over government leadership. more than a dozen states and several cities we've seen these things. among those we've seen this weekend in the nation's capital. demonstrators in sacramento, california yesterday were chanting a theme you might keep hearing over and over at many of
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these protests. listen to this. meanwhile, a rally in atlanta. kind of interesting back-and-forth that took place there. a few hundred people turned out. it was in a downtown atlanta park. one of the people who turned out was civil rights icon and georgia congressman john lewis. he wanted to speak to the crowd, but first protesters wanted to put it to a vote. listen to how this back-and-forth played out. >> he has fought for the freedom and the dignity and respect of countless lives. >> of countless lives. >> however -- >> however -- >> the point of this general assembly is to kick-start a democratic process in which no
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singular human being is inherently more valuable than any other -- >> what you're hearing there, the crowd around him repeating what he was saying. that's just so everyone out there could actually hear because he didn't have microphones. kind of how they did their process out there. lewis, meanwhile, told reporters he was not disappointed that he wasn't allowed to speak. even said it reminded him of some of the early days of the civil rights movement. >> in another time, in another period when i was very young and head of the student non-violent union, we participated in a similar process. we would discuss, we would debate and until we reach consensus. so this is not something strange or out of the ordinary for me. >> are you disappointed that did you not get a chance -- >> no, not at all. not at all. >> onwhat does that say about ts process? >> it will work out.
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it will come of age. >> congressman lewis joining me now live on the line. congressman lewis, good morning. you hearing me okay? >> good morning. how are you? >> i'm doing all right. we appreciate you giving us some time. let me ask you first of all about this rally. why did you go in the first place? >> well, the rally was less than a half a block from my office in downtown atlanta and i came downstairs and walked across the street to lend my support and to encourage the people because i support their efforts all across america and i didn't really ask to speak or request to speak. other people wanted me to speak. but they wanted to finish their business and i could speak later. but i didn't have the time to wait around. i had another engagement across town. so after some debate and a vote
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and they said after they complete their business, then i will be allowed to speak. but i had to leave and so i left. so i was really not denied a speaking chance. it would have been much later and i just couldn't wait. >> were you surprised or maybe even disappointed at how it kind of played out? we saw you standing there on the side and as this crowd of folks were debating about whether or not you should be allowed to speak. but were you surprised by that or even disappointed that you were not able to -- >> no. because during the '60s we went through similar efforts as participants in the civil rights movement. we went through a period where we called freedom high. who made that decision. and it was a whole struggle to get consensus. it is the essence of a democratic process. i've been down this road before. >> well, what is your sense of
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what they want? do they want to be heard or they would like to have a conversation? because a lot of people took it as if they didn't want to converse with you, they just wanted to talk at you and make sure you could hear them. what is your sense of actually what they want? >> well, they want to be heard. they want to be heard and at the same time they want to speak to america, speak to people in power, to officials of the american government but also to the business community, especially wall street, to corporate america, to bankers. they're saying, in effect, that we bailed out wall street and now it is time for wall street and corporate america to help bail out the american people. people are hurting. they're in pain and they're looking for jobs. they want us to humanize the american government but also humanize corporate america. >> will they at some point --
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there are so many people involved, there are so many cities and different groups kind of popping up. does it do them justice or an injustice to not have a very clear message and almost a clear set of requests or demand from their government? >> well, i think it is important to have a set of priorities and we did it under the civil rights movement during the early '60s, mid '60s. we had our one, two, threes, we had our abcs. when we marched on washington 48 years ago we marched for jobs and freedom. but we spelled it out. we said we wanted a civil rights bill. we said we wanted that bill to contain a ban on discrimination and public accommodation and employment and we got it a year
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later. but these individuals all across america are saying, in effect, that the banks and other other businesses are holding millions and billions of dollars and they need to invest in the american people. they need to put people back to work. >> sir, what does -- does do them a disservice as well when maybe some of the people who stand out in the crowd maybe get some of the attention or maybe an incident like the one that happened with you gets attention or the incident that happened with charlie rangel up in new york where he was kind of booed and in some ways run out of there. does the attention given to some those incidents do harm to the movement? >> well, people should see some of us in the congress, we're on their side. we're their friend. we're supporting them. and they need to realize that as we are not enemies. >> you get a sense last night or this weekend when you were there that they felt like you were a friend or the enemy as a member of congress? >> oh, no. the great majority of the people
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supported my being there. they were happy to see me. when i walked up they started cheering. so, no. they know my history, they know my record. >> all right, congressman lewis, we appreciate you hopping on the line with us talking to us about these protests. always good to talk to you. i know i'll talk to you again soon, sir. thanks so much. >> good to talk to you. 11 minutes past the hour now. that incident i was talking about there with charlie rangel. this is how it played out. let's let you hear how it played out when he tried to go to a rally and show his support to the protesters up in new york. >> go home! go out of here! go home! boo! boo! boo! boo! >> now after this incident, representative rangel said he wasn't sure if he was the target of that heckling but said if he was, then he certainly
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understands. >> and occupy wall street, we have an economic elites accountable! >> the occupy wall street protests now in day 23 despite the growing crowds and momentum, we have been seeing at the demonstrations, not everybody a fan, including new york city mayor michael bloomberg suggesting protesters may be doing more harm than good. and he said, and i quote, if the jobs they're trying to get rid of in this city, the people that work in finance, which is a big part of our economy, if those go away, we're not going to have any money to pay our municipal employees or clean our parks or anything else. coming up on 13 minutes past the hour now. we turn to libya where fighters loyal to the new government suggest their nine-month-old
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civil war may be nearing the end. rebels say they are in the final stages of taking control of the town of sirte, the hometown of moammar gadhafi and one of the few remaining areas loyal to the former dictator. we will have more on this story a little later when we talk live with our nic robertson who is in the region. still to come this morning, a sixth-grader ban grd wearing her rosary to school. coming up in a half-hour, i'll tell you why school officials want her to leave it at home. but first, a huge loss in professional football. one of the game's legends. legendary owner al davis has died. al davis' contributions to oakland and the nfl coming up. also this morning, lebron james and dwyane wade face off on the court. yes. an all-star game hosted by the players themselves. stay with us on this cnn sunday morning.y than many other allergy medications.
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17 minutes past the hour. want to turn to libya where fighters loyal to the new government suggest the nine-month-old civil war may be nearing an end. the rebels say they're in the final stage of taking control of the town of sirte. sirte, of course, the hometown of former dictator moammar gadhafi and one of the few remaining places still loyal to gadhafi. nic robertson is in the capital of tripoli. he joins me now. nic, does this look like this could be the beginning of an end? >> i think it is the beginning of the end of the gadhafi loyalist resistance in sirte but it is still not clear how much longer the new transitional government forces are going to take, the rebels, if you will, are going to take to fully get control. they did launch a better coordinated offensive on friday, more fight in the east an west and south. they have made some gains in the city but still they say a key hospital in sirte is still
5:18 am
holding out. there are civilians. they're worried about causing casualties there by going in too hard and it does seem that gadhafi's loyalists are still holding on, according to the transitional government, they lost ten fighters last night. they lost at least 26 since friday into saturday. so this has been a very, very intense battle that has been going on, this battle for sirte in earnest has been going on the last three weeks but they say they believe they are in the final stages. >> nic robertson, thank you so much. 18 minutes past the hour. let's say good morning now to our hln friend ray d'alessio here. really talking about one of the biggest personalities and forces in professional sports, not just the nfl. al davis has passed away now. >> yeah. t.j., i'm one of these people that has done this. when you think of al davis, anybody who follows the nfl, you
5:19 am
think of more or less the controversy that surrounded al davis, his outspokenness, his relationship with coaches, how he fired them, retired them. but what people forget is that al davis was truly iconic in the way he helped shape the nfl. of course he was a key figure in helping merge the old american football league with the nfl back in the '60s. he broke barriers. he was the first to hire an african-american head football coach in the nfl. he was the first to hire a latino head football coach in tom flores and during his days with the afl he also was the first -- with drafting the first african-american quarterback. he really did so much more for the league than what he's known for in recent years. as far as his product on the field, under his tutelage the raiders won three super bowls, five conference championships. his big slogan -- commitment to excellence. back in the heydays they were the dominant team to beat. >> it is good to look back and remember. past several years at least with
5:20 am
the controversy you talk about but it is good to remember and remind motion of what he meant to football. from football to basketball which i'm told is not going on. >> there is basketball going on? >> there is basketball. not necessarily nba basketball, but nba players are playing. >> last night the big three, dwyane wade, lebron james hosting an all-star charity game in miami. players say they will continue to keep holding these games for as long as the nba lock-out continues. day 101. afterwards the associated press reported the players got together after this game, they met and the message there was basically, what, don't agree to anything. don't agree to anything until you know what you're agreeing to. don't concede to anything. obvious lit big sticking point right now, owners want a 50%-50% share of the revenue. players want 53% of that.
5:21 am
in all likelihood we expect tomorrow the league will cancel the first two weeks of the regular season. >> this game was broadcast locally. >> yes, it was. >> now is there some relevance to that or is there any sign or showing that we can actually organize this ourselves? >> i don't know. i really don't think so. i think the players and owners realize they need each other. it was just like the nfl. they realize they need each other so eventually -- we saw this back in 1999. the same thing i believe when the season was shortened down to 50 games during the shortened season there. eventually they'll work things out hopefully. i don't think we'll lose the season but it is just going to take time and somebody is going to have to make concessions. >> you're more optimistic than a lot of folks are. 21 minutes past the hour now. people in denver already getting out snow shovels? last week they were still running around in shorts and tank tops. what happened? our reynolds wolf will be along in just a moment.
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>> also this morning -- when turkeys attack. yes, a wild turkey chases a california news crew and that's not the only person this turkey's been chasing. stay with me. [ beep ] [ mom ] scooter? the progresso chicken noodle you made is so good. it's got tender white meat chicken. the way i always made it for you. one more thing.... those pj's you like, i bought you five new pairs. love you. did you see the hockey game last night?
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now. in maryland, a walmart store had to be evacuated after two women got into a fight. you might be thinking that must have been a heck of a fight. well, authorities say they started going at it but weren't just throwing fists. they started pulling bleach and ammonia off the shelves and tossing it at each other. now one of the women had to be taken to jail, the other had to be taken to the eye doctor. two other people had to go to the hospital. a hazmat team had to be brought in to clean up the mess and we still don't exactly know what started this fight in the first place. actor ja ja gabzsa zsa gabo the hospital. she's been unable to walk since a car accident in 2002. also in a california enabled it is the attack of the turkeys. yes. wild turkeys are chasing folks down in the street. people who are jogging and
5:25 am
pushing a baby or news crews out there shooting a story about wild turkeys and this happens. reynolds with being makes you long for the days of local news, doesn't it? >> it really does. >> this happens to all of us. >> i can't count how many times i've been chased by a turkey. it is insane. you know what's unreal? in parts of the southeast the wild turkeys are one of the most elusive animals if you are a hunter. this one seems to be role reversal, hunting for people. it is the makings of a great horror film. seriously. when turkeys go awry. >> wow. yeah. they have a problem in the neighborhood. >> there goes that neighborhood, seriously. they got the wild turkeys. speaking of turkeys, it feels like we've got frozen turkeys falling from the sky in parts of colorado. snow has been pretty impressive.
5:26 am
let's show you video we have not far from the mile high city of denver, nice touch of snowfall coming down. just beautiful to see, unfortunately not great to drive in. snowplows are keeping roadways clear but still there are going to be fender-benders. on radar, heavy rainfall through austin, san antonio. before the weekend is out some of these places could see up to ten inches of rainfall. for today though, two to five in the texas hill country, possibly four to seven around austin. we're going to talk more about that and potential flight delays coming up. for now, back to you. we're getting close to the bottom of the hour now. look at what they have come up with in india. a new innovation that's going to make life easier and it is quite inexpensive. a fully loaded tablet computer. how much, you ask? try $35. that story coming up in our "morning passport." also this morning -- michael
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jackson's children make an appearance on stage at a concert in their father's honor. we'll show you this moment. ♪
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[ female announcer ] new fiber one 80 calories. yes, you can actually love breakfast. ♪ aspercreme breaks the grip, with maximum-strength medicine and no embarrassing odor. break the grip of pain with aspercreme. bottom of the hour on this cnn sunday morning. i was just taking a little survey, the whole crew asking about these tablets. >> yes. at $35 you'd buy us all one for christmas, right? >> i couldn't get you all ipads. really, we talking ipads for $500? all these -- talking about $300, $400 at least. kindle fire, that's $200. people say that's a great price but you can't beat $35. >> but $35?
5:31 am
unfortunately, not available commercially -- >> yet! >> -- yet. but this is only available to students in india. there's actually a company called data wind. indian government ordered 100,000 of these tablets. the order is going to be for 10 million. and on wednesday of this week very poignantly, the very day that steve jobs died, the indian government gave 500 students one of these $35 tablets. a couple of things. it only has a three-hour battery life, but i did speak to the ceo of data wind and he says it does have a solar panel so that's hopeful. but the reality is that in about november, the tablet will be available for around $60 in india, however. >> tell people how though. how are they able to sell this thing -- or make it so cheaply. >> couple of things. it is just volume. then they're going to look at applications, advertising, subscriptions at the end of the day is what is going to make the
5:32 am
money. also this company manufactures a lot their own parts so they cut out the middleman completely. but again the idea was let's break the digital divide, the digital have-nots. let's give them an ipad -- not an ipad but in this case the tablet. but the fact is that you need internet access and a lot of these rural villages don't have electricity so this particular tab pllet is for students and is going to be more where they can use it on campus where wi-fi is available and also think about how smart this is. it gets them hooked on the technology. once they're hooked on the technology, subscriptions, advertising,ed applications. but yes, it is available to students. $35 provided by the indian government. >> commercially for $60 in november in india. you talked to the owner of this company. any plans to try to bring something like that over here. >> i think that's his vision
5:33 am
ultimately. but it will also have a phone modem. >> guys, you're going to get great christmas gifts this year -- well, not you, you're leaving us. >> as long as you get to india. >> my floor director's leaving me. he's been here with a year. talk more about him in a second. his last day with us today. we'll get to that in a second. >> our morning passport. thank you. coming up here, in our "faces of faith." a school district in nebraska links catholic rosaries to gang members and they're using a girl in the sixth grade to make their point. that story next. stay with me.
5:34 am
5:35 am
we are at 34 minutes past the hour now. a 12-year-old girl in nebraska has been told she can't wear her rosary-style necklace to school because it violates a ban on, of all things -- gang symbols. the freemont public school district has banned rosary necklaces because some gang members were wearing them as a symbol of their gang affiliation. our affiliate ketv with our "faces of faith" this morning. >> reporter: 12-year-old elizabeth kerry hopes her wardrobe makes a statement. >> i'm wearing a cross necklace and a cross t-shirt and a cross bracelet. >> reporter: this outfit and necklace from "the buckle," both with special meaning to the sixth-grader. >> i'm thinking about how jesus died on the cross and how he
5:36 am
gave up all his sins for us. >> reporter: officials here at freemont middle school say elizabeth's necklace resembled a rosary like this one so much that it violated the dress code. >> principal said i couldn't wear my necklace at all because gangsters were wearing it. >> reporter: according to freemont middle school's dress code, rosaries are not to be worn. it is a policy the district implemented last school year. superintendent dr. steve sexton says it is for the student's safety. is there we had information from law enforcement that there were documented instances of gang activity in the area and we also had information that stated that the rosary was being used as a symbol of gang affiliation. >> reporter: rosaries used as gang identification symbols are a growing trend around the country. oregon, arizona, texas all have
5:37 am
reported cases. disheartening news to omaha catholic archdiocese chancellor -- >> i don't think christians should have to forfeit what is a symbol of the love of christ for us and our commitment to be a disciple because a few people want to misuse that symbol. >> reporter: he says the corruption of something as beloved as the rosary disgusted the catholic church. >> one ought to be able to figure out whether or not she's really trying to promote a gang and if she's not, then again why would she be punished for what ought to be her right of religious freedom and religious expression? >> reporter: elizabeth, upset she was punished for wearing what she thought was a necklace. >> it makes me feel like i want to scream really bad. >> reporter: the sixth-grader says she doesn't know what a gang is. the policy shocks her parents. >> i'm just floored. we're not gang people. >> reporter: but elizabeth says this won't keep her from showing her faith. she'll continue to make a statement with her wardrobe with
5:38 am
cross necklaces and shirts like these. >> i'm deciding to stand up for jesus and do whatever i can to stop this. >> if you'd like to share your thoughts on the story, join the conversation at some of the comments coming in already on this story. nathan saying so pretty much what the school district is saying, gangs can pick any symbol they want and the school district will ban it. what about the red cross? what about the american flag? vinnie -- i'm stunned the archdiocese is disappointed about there. a rosary is not jewelry. you cannot adorn yourself with it because it is blessed. it is a catalyst for prayer. another comment from someone saying, really? you need to remember that freedom of religion is what our country is based on. no one is being harmed by a sixth-grader wearing her rosary around her neck. 38 minutes past the hour.
5:39 am
looking forward chatting with candy crowley. she'll be here in a few minutes to give us a preview of what's coming up on "state of the union" at the top of the hour. new jersey governor chris christie had to make it official again that he's really not running for president. seriously this time, folks. we'll chat with candy about that and the effect on the republican race. stay with us. or creates another laptop bag or hires another employee, it's not just good for business. it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities. that's why we extended $7.8 billion to small businesses across the country so far this year. because the more we help them, the more we help make opportunity possible. your nutritional needs can go up when you're on the road to recovery. proper nutrition can help you get back on your feet. three out of four doctors recommend the ensure brand
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42 minutes past the hour now. sometimes it's not the most flattering thing when you're spoofed on "saturday night live." sometimes they really make fun of you. but still, if they are using you as a character, then you must be doing something right. mitt romney found that out last night. >> the deadline for candidates to file to be primary eligible is october 31st. >> um-hmm. yeah. that's right. >> would you be in favor of pushing that deadline back to give the party more time to find a viable candidate? >> well, obviously i think i'm a viable candidate. i mean i'm not just a guy who runs for president because i can afford to. >> oh. okay. >> yes. you.
5:43 am
>> this tuesday governor chris christie announced he would not seek the republican nomination. have you considered calling him and trying to convince him to run? >> why would i do that? >> he's a great candidate? we were all going to vote for him. right? >> how do write-in votes work. if we all wrote in chris christie and he won, he would have to be president, right? >> oh, heck it all. heck it all to fudge. >> hey, easy, everybody. >> oh! look at this! i didn't realize there was a meatball convention in town! >> i get that. >> okay. now listen up. you have to start showing governor romney some respect. i mean how do you think he feels? watching you like everybody more than him? >> governor christie, we don't want to stay with him. we want you to run. >> it's not going to happen. i know you want me to run, but this -- this can't go national.
5:44 am
>> candy crowley is here with me now. they really hit on something here, candy. how many more times does -- i was surprised that it was breaking news that he came out and said he's not running. he's been saying the same thing for two years. >> that's right. you know, we're trying to not take "no" for an answer. listen, in the end what's so brilliant i think about "saturday night live's" political skits is that often they hit the mark at so many levels. first, the press corps's interest in a great story. somebody new getting in, that's always like a new story. it's better than writing about romney's 28-point plan if all of a sudden you have a new person in the race. i don't think it's peculiar to chris christie, but sarah palin, we saw a lot of these little boomlets as we went along so they spoofed that but they've also spoofed what's been the problem for mitt romney not necessarily from the press corps but from republicans in general,
5:45 am
they're not quite locked in to that. i think if you talk to any political pundit or most political pundits at this point they'd say, look, it's certainly romney's to lose, which it always has been kind of from the beginning but he hasn't been able to click in. now that it looks as though we're not going to get any new people into the race he might be able to do that. but the whole idea of people fantasizing about someone else in the race i think has really kept romney up to this point from clicking in and being the formidable front-runner instead of what we always call them which is the weak front run person. >> at the same time, you talk about the media liking a new story, a new name, a new person into the race, is this part of what's really fueling herman cain, is that he's different, he has energy, he'll say something you won't hear the other candidates say and people -- and maybe the media -- are starting to really like this guy. >> well, in herman cain's case there are numbers to back him up at this point. i think what you've seen with the herman cain boomlet -- because now he's polling second
5:46 am
in some cases tied with romney for first in some polls -- is what you have seen is michele bachmann won that iowa straw poll, everyone thought, okay, michele bachmann is really vying, she's the not-romney candidate. next thing -- or that very day, in comes rick perry, the texas governor. boy, his -- suddenly he's number one in the polls. everybody's looking at him. and then he has some bad debates and along herman cain starts to rise. what that is i think is more the conservative side of the republican party, the tea party types, who are fueling the primary race, looking for a candidate that they have gotten cold feet about rick perry. it's not terminal yet but nonetheless, they have moved from the tea party folks have moved from michele bachmann to rick perry, and now rick perry's tripping up has really benefited herman cain and the question is can herman cain hold on to that. >> herman cain will be with you
5:47 am
here in just a few minutes. he's your guest. >> as it happens. >> top of the hour. all right, we'll stand by for that, candy. always good to talk to you. candy crowley, "state of the union," 9:00 a.m. eastern, 6:00 a.m. pacific, top of the hour. right here on cnn. her live guest herman cain at the top of the hour. stay here. i want healthy skin for life. [ female announcer ] improve the health of your skin with aveeno daily moisturizing lotion. the natural oatmeal formula improves skin's health in one day, with significant improvement in 2 weeks. i found a moisturizer for life. [ female announcer ] only from aveeno.
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we're about ten minutes to the top of the hour. you need to listen to this one. you won't believe the debate going on in florida right now over something some call a horrible bar game. others get a kick out of it. it's called dwarf tossing. florida outlaws this practice to help keep little people from getting hurt. but one florida lawmaker says the law should actually be repealed. let's pick up this story now from our affiliate wkmg in orlando. >> reporter: whether you approve of dwarf tossing or not, florida
5:51 am
shouldn't be telling little people what they can't do, according to state representative rich workman of melbourne. >> i'm just glad that the politicians are focusing on the really big issues. >> reporter: danny black with with short which is a national talent agency for little people. he says his community welcomes more opportunity. >> what we are opposed to is any group or organization that tries to restrict employment of an underemployed population. >> reporter: but the original law was passed to prevent injuries to dwarfs and some people find the whole activity in poor taste. >> that's kind of crazy. i don't think you should toss the little people around. >> reporter: workman says he's getting criticized for trying to legalize what some believe is degrading. >> we're offended by it. i get it. it has nothing do with whether or not i think it is a cool thing to do. the reality is i think it is ridiculous. however, it is not the role of government to say it shouldn't be done. >> reporter: some wonder whether the issue should even be addressed at all.
5:52 am
>> doesn't rich have better things to do with his time than worry about dwarf tossing with all the other economic issues we got to worry about here in florida? >> this is really happening, folks. violators can be fined up to $1,000. could also lose their liquor licenses. a lot of bars, this is popular in a lot of bars there. well, the little people of america organization opposes the repeal of that law. we're about eight minutes to the top of the hour now. you've been hearing about the michael jackson tribute concert taking place in wales? well, his children made an appearance on stage. despite a lot of the pre-show controversy, the crowd there seemed to just love it. loved the concerts. burgers and soup. did you hear him honey? burgers and soup. love you. they're cute. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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five minutes of the top of the hour. "state of the union" with candy crowley coming your way at the top, herman cain is her live guest. also a look ahead to the manslaughter trial of michael jackson's doctor. jurors will hear the rest of a taped interview police did with dr. conrad murray. last week they heard this in murray's own words.
5:56 am
>> but recognizing michael jackson -- i was trying to wean him off. >> he said he gave michael jackson propofol every single day while treating him but he says he tropd three days before jackson died. half-way around the world, a sell-out crowd of 50,000 michael jackson fans attending a tribute concert for him in wales. cnn's erin mclaughlin reports. >> reporter: a show fit for a king, or so says michael jackson's mother. those were katherine jackson's very words in the build-up to tonight's concert, a four-hour show meant to honor a man many still regard as the king of pop. and according to the fans we spoke to, it lived up to royal standards. >> we thought it was absolutely fantastic and the fact that his children were there, it was
5:57 am
absolutely amazing considering the time that it is and it was one of the best concerts i've ever seen. >> it was pretty good. >> amazing. >> yeah. >> best tribute ever. >> i thought it was absolutely amazing. i thought that it was christina aguilera blew the roof off. hands down. i thought it was amazing. >> reporter: the concert very much a family affair. all three of michael jackson's children made an appearance on stage and latoya jackson performed for the first time in 20 years. >> in the beginning i just immediately said i don't know if i really want to do this. come out of retirement after all these years. then i said i have to, it's michael, you have to do this for him. he would do it for you. of course i did and i enjoyed it. it was definitely worth it. i enjoyed it. >> reporter: and what would a family affair be without a family rift? janet, jermaine and randy jackson publicly opposed to the tribute because of the concert's timing. it comes as conrad murray is on
5:58 am
trial for michael jackson's death. for some tonight's tribute is an important counterpoint to the events half-way around the world. >> i actually wish it was in los angeles so it could really counteract the trial so that people could have a positive image in their head about what's going on with michael rather than what's going on with the trial. >> reporter: michael forever has had its fair share of setbacks. concert promoters didn't actually have the rights to play any of michael jackson's recordings so instead they relied on artists to cover his music. and plans to broadcast the sthoe paying facebook fans were canceled a day before the tribute. but for the performers and tens of thousands of fans here tonight, it was all about the thrill of the music and the memory of the man. erin mclaughlin, cnn, wales. >> let's check in one more time with our reynolds wolf keeping an eye on the rain totals.
5:59 am
>> it is all about the rain. that's the big story. yesterday we had impressive rainfall in parts of state of florida. some places well over five inches of rainfall. now we're seeing rain begin to pile up in spots like wichita falls and sweetwater, texas. all stemming from this frontal boundary from the u.s.-canadian border down through central texas. rainfall will be impressive especially into the afternoon hours. already rain has caused a little bit of flash flooding. we've had warnings scattered throughout much of central texas, back in the hill country and along parts of the i-35 corridor including travis county where we could see four to seven inches of rainfall just through today. the next 48 hours or so there is a chance we could see in some spots closer to ten inches of rainfall. take a look at this. out towards dallas, same thing. oklahoma city, even wichita, rain is going to be the issue. this is also going to be the spots where you'll have all your delays today. dallas forth


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