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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 11, 2011 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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this is what the first stimulus bill should have been. an investment in america. it certainly beats the republicans' plan of throwing money at mill yinairs and corporations and hoping they'll create jobs. this from laura, time to flood the phone lines in congress, again. 75% of americans are for the jobs bill passing. what's there to debate? start lisening to the american people that voted you into office and whom you represent. >> oh, my goodness. kyra, i think you are going to take over the news because my two 4-year-old co-anchors here. somebody spelled enemy as enema and that's it. >> how do you say that in french, ali? see you guys tomorrow. the nba season is rapidly disappearing, folks. the first two weeks of play canceled the entire season could be lost. that's a big bummer for fans. but it could mean even harder
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times for people who aren't rich players or owners. take san antonio. the spurs are the only major pro sports team. some 4,000 people depend on them for a living. and then cities like sacramento, orlando, portland, salt lake city, the nba is the only major pro sport in that town. we'll see the economic impact there for sure in those cities. so, let's talk more about this with mike pesca from mpr. mike, it's a complicated money dispute, no doubt. what is the main sticking point at 9:01 eastern time on this tuesday? >> money. lots and lots of money. the players get 57% of all basketball relate under come and the owners get 43% and the owners are saying just not a high enough percent for us to have this be a viable business. inowners are saying 22 of the 30 teams don't make a profit. they're willing or at least publicly saying they're willing
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to blow up this system. nba players are very well paid. the best in professional sports in the world. their average salary is between $5 million and $6 million. the nba players association will point that out, but the median salary between $2 million and $3 million. the problem is when your clarification is the median is only $2 million or $3 million, you don't have the sympathetic stance that will rally behind. >> billionaires and millionaires caught up the scenario. this has to be a pr nightmare, as well, for the nba. >> i reported on a number of work stoppages and sports disputes over money and the fans usually do come back and the senate would say it's because they're suckers. but, really, i think the nba is our entertainment. if it's there, you'll find it entertaining. why punish yourself. a hollywood strike for a while, but people aren't going to watch movies. maybe the most essential thing to life of fans but if it's
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there, sometimes the commitment and all that is required of you you'll watch a game on a national cable station and the miami heat's on and you're interested in them and you watch. why would you say, oh, i'm never going to watch again. >> can the battle here be justify would ratings and with attendance? is it that good to say, hey, i deserve millions and millions of bucks? >> the players do definitely deserve millions of bucks because they're generating millions of bucks for the owners. the question is, how many millions? this is a highly, highly profitable industry with very few workers. you know, it's so different from the rest of the economy, as we know. there are very few strikes in america. last year i think there were nine strikes in companies with over 1,000 workers. here look at the nfl and nba, they're having work stoppages and they're unique because they're lockouts. the owners were saying it is better financially for us to do nothing and not pay you than to have to keep paying these salaries. that's at least their stated position. who knows. you could do a lot of cooking the books and making money in
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ways that don't show up on the balance sheet. >> mike, always great to wake up and listen to you as i'm driving into work. you gave us a great segment today. thanks. >> bye. well, in baus on toston the anti-demonstrations. police tussle and arrest 60 people here. meanwhile back in new york, protesters there are going to expand their reach today and march on the posh neighborhoods that house billionaires and c ceos, the very people they blame for corporate greed and corruption. kiran, you have been down there on wall street since the protests began. how has the atmosphere changed within the week? >> well, kyra, yeah, i've been coming down here every couple days since it started about three weeks ago and the support for this movement.
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right now i'm sitting in the park and i'm surrounded by a sea of what looks like sleeping bags with people inside of them and i'm told that a recent head count shows that 400 people spent the night in this relatively small park that incompai encompasses in manhattan. i saw a sign that is new today that said we're here, we're unclear, get used to it. yesterday was columbus day, so, the number of people down here grew a lot. kanye west made an appearance. reverend al sharpton did his show here and lots of celebrities and newsmakers, as well, coming in to take a look and support the cause that has been growing not just here in new york, but around the country, as you mentioned. >> as you follow those protests into the neighborhood of ceos and big businessmen, you call into us, we'll follow those protests throughout the day. kiran, thanks. all right, the republican
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presidential candidate debate tonight and a lot has happened in the week since they last met. paul steinhauser joining us now. four candidates have the most to gain or lose tonight. lay it out for us. >> yes, i think they do, kyra. 19 days since the last presidential debate, that was in orlando, florida. tonight they meet again in darmouth college. new hampshire the first state to hold a primary in the battle for the gop nomination. let's start with rick perry. he needs a break-out performance because at that debate he had a pretty uneven performance and basically freefalling in the national and state poles and rick perry needs a big performance tonight. he was the frontrunner and then perry took that from him and now the frontrunner in the national polls and most of the state polls. when you're on top, they're gunning for you. mitt romney, expect that tonight. herman cain, the former godfather's pizza ceo, jumping in the polls the last couple of weeks and now number two in a lot of the national and state
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polls. expect more scrutiny for herman cain and his 999 plan. finally jon huntsman the former ambassador to china. why does he have a lot at stake? he is spending all his time up in new hampshire. he needs a breakout performance tonight. >> paul, paul, paul, just when you thought he went away. joe the plumber, who is not a plumber, back in the spotlight, i guess you could say. >> maybe he will become joe the candidate for congress. maybe. let's rerack three years ago. it was 2008, the fall of 2008, then senator obama was in ohio campaigning for president when joe, the plumber, whose real name is samuel, he questioned obama about his economic plans and proposals and whether they would work. well, john mccain, who was running against obama immediately, immediately kind of embraced joe the plumber. we heard about him in the debate and he was on the campaign trail with palin and mccain. back to present day. he announced yesterday he is
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thinking about running. he'll decide by the 25th of october whether he's going to run in ohio for a seat held by the democrats, but he did take steps yesterday to file papers. kyra, stay tuned. maybe more to come on joe the plumber. >> i'm so excited. thanks, paul. well, mitt romney seems pretty reluctant to talk about the pastor who called the mormon church a cult, but the other mormon presidential candidate isn't holding back. former utah governor jon huntsman says voters should leave religion off the table calling the controversy a side show. listen to what he told our wolf blitzer. >> the fact that some moran can stand up and make a comment like that. first of all, it's outrageous. second of all, the fact that we're spending so much time discussing it makes it even worse. >> well, it begs the question, do mormon candidates have an extra hurdle to clear in the eyes of voters? we asked richard land who heads the ethics and religious liberty commission.
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if it comes down to obama and romney, will evangelicals vote for romney? >> i think the vast majority will, yes. because, first of all, they h e have, they understand that when you're voting for president, you're not voting for someone to be theologian in chief. you're voting for someone to be commander in chief. >> richard land talks more about stirring the line between church and politics. that's coming up in just about an hour. your next political update in about an hour and a reminder for alle the latest political news, an iranian actress and filmmaker learns her faith. max is here with the details. let's start with the back story here. what was the big deal about this movie? >> it is called my tehran for sale and in it the actress actually plays an actress. it's an actress who is being
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banned from working in iran and she tries to escape. let's just have a quick look at the movie for a moment. now, clearly, the government didn't like this movie, but she didn't write it, she didn't produce it or direct it, but she's ended up in prison and sentenced to 90 lashes. getting very little information on this, kyra. we don't know what the charges are based on. but, also, we heard from the international campaign for human rights in iran. they have spoken to her husband and her husband is, obviously, completely worried about this. he's saying, why should my wife be punished for the producers and directors who really should be punished here. a bad reaction both inside and outside the country. that's what her husband is saying and certainly a few people in agreement on that around the world right now. >> what was she actually convicted of? >> we just don't know.
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we're not getting that information. the website we're relying on cannot get that information. seems very odd and human rights lawyers are very concerned about that and it just says so much about freedom of speech, freedom of expression in iran right now. >> sure does. we'll follow it, thanks, max. it's your money, but you're paying more to get your hands on it. the fees lurking that neighborhood bank as part of our week-long look at the extra charges that americans keep discovering. plus an attempted robbery turned into a pretty dramatic gun battle. hi honey, what are you doing? just having some chicken noodle. starting my progresso soup for lunch plan, huh. nope, just having some tender chicken and some tasty noodles. let's see... south western vegetables... 60 calories, oh beef pot roast... ...ya' know those jeans look nice. they do? yup.
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slashing service, and want to lay off over 100,000 workers. the postal service is recording financial losses, but not for reasons you might think. the problem ? a burden no other agency or company bears. a 2006 law that drains 5 billion a year from post-office revenue while the postal service is forced to overpay billions more into federal accounts. congress created this problem, and congress can fix it.
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checking stories across country now. in texas an attempted robbery is caught on tape. watch as you can see the two suspects actually running into the houston gas station, opening fire on the clerks and in just a second here, you'll watch the gun battle break out. one man was arrested and the other one got away. in polk county, florida, 150 people are stranded after heavy rains just washed out portions of a resort road. it's under more than seven inches of water. to make matters even worse, it's the only way in or out of that area. and in pennsylvania, 4-year-old shane comes to the rescue saving his entire family from this house fire. take a listen to him as she describes every detail. >> and i got everybody out because i was telling mama that there was a fire. and then there was smoke and everything. >> oh, shane's family is so
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grateful of this little hero. however, firefighters couldn't save their home of 30 years. today a special focus all day right here in the newsroom on the fees making so many of you angry because they're popping up everywhere. for americans, they're already feeling the pinch of a lousy economy. like death by a thousand cuts. alison kosik outside a branch of bank of america. taking new heat for its newly announced fees. >> oh, you said it. you hit it right on the head there, kyra. you know, these fees upon fees are really getting americans furious. they're fed up and they're frustrated, but the question is, will they actually change banks? a lot of people say they will, the question is, will they actually go ahead and do it. the latest one to really cause the outrage is bank of america. we're in downtown manhattan right now in front of one of the bank of america branches. bank of america beginning in january will charge $5 a month if you use your debit card to make purchases. now, if you just use your debit
6:16 am
card let's say just for an atm, you will not pay charges. also if you keep what is known as a premium account with bank of america, which means you have a higher minimum balance, you could also escape the fees. but the majority of americans who have accounts with bank of america are going to be dinged this $5 fee every month. you know what, bank of america is not the only one. putting these fees into effect, look at citibank. citibank is putting into effect checking fee physical you don't keep a certain minimal balance. get used to it. look at how the trend has been going. back in 2009, 76% of noninterest checking accounts were free. guess what, this year that number has gone down to 45% of checking accounts. so, yes, this is something we all will have to get used to, unfortunately. kyra? >> we'll talk more about it all morning and how to try and avoid those, negotiate those and do whatever it takes. alison, thanks. at 9:30 we'll lay it all out for you and see where they pop out
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and did you know you could actually sget popped for returning your car rental early? just one of the shocker in all these fees. we'll talk about airline fees, peanuts, pillows it all adds up. new bank fees and what congress is doing about it. netflix is backtracking. customers aren't the only ones to respond. so is wall street. we'll go there for an update on what happened to netflix shares. plus, a happy day for somebody. fonz's motorcycle about to be auctioned off. what do you got? restrained driver...
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let's get to your "showbiz headlines." hank williams, jr., hassan't lo his way with words. ♪ we know what we need we know who to blame ♪ ♪ united socialist states of america how do you like that name ♪
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>> keep the change is his official response to everybody involved in last week's controversy. he slams espn for dropping him and fox news hosts for twisting his words around. he is referring to that oba obama/hitler golfing analogy. a special bonus, a movie star in the audience on "dancing with the stars." as promised, cher came to watch her son, chaz. the judges gave him 21 point out of 30, same as hln's own nancy grace, by the way. remember the fonz? he was all about the bike. that piece of "happy days" history is going on the auction block next month. the 1949 triumph has seen better days. it hasn't actually run since the '70s. the cliffs of england's southwest coast, that's beautiful scenery. thousands of tons of cliff collapsing right in front of you. that's breathtaking.
6:22 am
well, a geologist with some good timing and a good camera actually caught it on tape. max foster joining us from london. quite a scene, max. >> this was one lucky geologist. say that, kyra. just the back story. a jogger going along this cliff path. stunning scenery, as you say. noticing a crack developing and the police tell the counscil an this is the scene he manages to capture when he arrived there. he literally just turned on the camera. reports of some falling rocks and the whole cliff falls into the sea. not unusual, but, he wasn't expecting this. he said he's been working in geology for 28 years, kyra. this was the most exciting moment of his life. he never used a video camera before. first moment, just then. >> the first on both fronts then. do we have any idea what led to this?
6:23 am
is he saying what exactly he is going to study since he witnessed this and are localed concerned this might continue and get worse? >> it is coastal erosion but there is a sense it's happening faster and faster. it's important to monitor the loss of england. it's disappearing fast. >> max foster, we'll watch it. all right, stocks rallied big-time yesterday, but today the focus is europe as an important vote gets under way. right, right,. >> karina? >> so far 16 european nations have approved it. today the final vote, one country has to vote in favor and that's sovoccia. we could wait a while before it gets approved. that is causing jitters on wall street today. amazing to think a small country like that could have a huge impact on the world's number one
6:24 am
financial market, but just goes to show you how globally intertwined we are. what happens when you have too many cooks in the kitchen. in the meantime, european leaders are recommending they get an out but the outlook for greece is still terribly weak. you did not have a market that is very confident today. time for a pull back today. the dow has gained 800 points in just the past week. kyra? >> we talked yesterday about the embarrassing flip-flop over netflix. what is the stock reaction then? >> like the flip-flopping at netflix its stock price is all over the place. netflix pops 10% and that followed the company's announcement that it would not spin off the dvd business. it makes up a third to a half of its sales. also this move to keep everything under one division could bring back some customers who abandoned the company. netflix ended down nearly 5%
6:25 am
yesterday. why is that? well, just too many big changes recently and raising some concerns about netflix leadership. also, it did not roll back that big price hike to the tune of 60%, which really upset customers. kyra? >> thanks. the president awarding the purple heart in scrubs. the marines family was so overwhelmed that they posted it on youtube. we'll show it to you right after the break. inspect your bills. pour over your receipts. the surprising charges and how to avoid them. mary? what are you doing here?
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♪ checking top stories now. president obama $474 billion jobs bill faces its first vote today in the senate. no guarantee the bill will get the 60 votes it needs, though. the accused underwear bomber goes on trial today in detroit. umar faroouk abdullmutallab is charged with trying to blow up an airplane on christmas day in 2009. the entire nba season may be in jeopardy thanks to the labor dispute. the commissioner canc leled the first two weeks of the season. owners and players are still far
6:29 am
apart on every issue. dressed in scrubs with four purple hearts in hand, president obama travelled to walter reed medical center to lift up warriors. u.s. marine struck by an ied in afghanistan losing parts of both of his legs. his family posted this video on youtube of the commander in chief presenting him with the award. chris lawrence is here with a lot more. they were overwhelmed. there's a young doctor coming in to meet with my son. oh, my gosh, that's the president of the united states. >> yeah. no kidding, kyra. i have been reading the family's blog this morning. just their account of it and a family friend said the family was sort of in disbelief. here's the president of the u . united states in white scrubs standing in a hospital room with your son. this is extremely rare. the commandant of the marine
6:30 am
corps would present these awards. to get one from the president, again, very, very rare. i want you to take a look, again, at what the president said to this young corporal justin crab as he presented him the purple heart. >> to grant you with a well-deserved purple heart. >> the president of the united states of america has awarded the purple heart corporal justin crab for wounds you received in action. >> this is the testimony to the high regard and honor the entire country feels towards you and your service. >> it sort of trails off. again, this is youtube video,
6:31 am
not some official white house release. this is what the family shottop certainly does deserve it. he was on patrol in afghanistan about six weeks ago looking for ieds when his unit was caught up in one. the explosion took off both of his legs just above the knee. he also lost several fingers. so, the young man has a really long road ahead of him in terms of several surgeries and like that his family says he's incredibly upbeat and positive, but, again, a lot of work. we always, we look at the ceremony and we see these, but you got to remember all the work that these families have to do behind those ceremonies, as well. >> pretty heartwarming to see that video. you don't often get a glimpse like that. chris, thanks so much. >> you're welcome. today a special focus all day in the newsroom on the fees making so many of you pretty angry. they seem to be popping up anywhere. next time you buy a ticket online or pay a bill, inspect the receipt. all fees and charges have crept into our lives and those nickels
6:32 am
and dimes add up. poppy harlow live in new york. these fees are lurking everywhere. >> they are a product of the great recession. companies trying to make money. consumer reports did a study a few years ago and they found hidden fees were at the top of the list of americans everyday annoyances. we want to show you fees that aren't necessarily hidden but you probably don't know you're paying them. if you buy tickets to a sports event or concert you expect to pay a shipping charge, if you print them at home, should you pay for that? well, you are. stubhub, they charge $4.95 for a delivery charge and ticketmaster and say some vendors charge for you to print your own ticket at home. got to believe that one. the second one. early car rental return fees. you're always rushing to return your rental car, right? don't rush too much. what we found out is that some big rental car companies in this
6:33 am
country are going to charge you more, if you return your car early, not late, early. some examples they gave us, first of all, if you were to say return a car early in florida during peak season, not enough room on the lot. another example if you rent a car for a week and get a weekly rate and you return it a day early, you'll be charged the daily rate. more expensive. i brought in my own cable bill. i checked this. hd channels. all the major networks broadcast in hd. if you want to receive an hd image, you'll likely to have to pay for it. directv, comcast, time warner all told us there could be fees for hd service. you're likely paying it. bottom line, you have to go through those bills and call and complain and do something about it you're being charged these fees. it's happening and it's a product and companies saying they're not making enough money and passing it right down to the consumer, kyra. >> we'll talk about what we can do about it.
6:34 am
it seems like these companies have their hands in your wallet in every single turn. joining me more to talk about this. before we get into some specifics, you and i were talking about this. i've done it before with my credit card bill, i've called and challenged the fee, and i've been a good customer and paid my bill, why are you charging me this and they always take it off. >> communicate with them. call them. that's the first thing you need to do. talk to the next person and talk to a manager and let them know and plead your case. >> so, why don't we start with, you should see this list that clyde gave me. everywhere where they're hosing us. i don't know how to pin it down. let's go with debit cards and credit cards. >> we had the big talk about the debit card fees that have been added on, especially bank of america. from $3 to $5 that they're charging now just for used the debit card. we got that in place. credit cards charge you a dormacy fee for not using the card. you can pay up to $100 for not
6:35 am
using the card on an annual basis. >> you can't challenge a debit card fee because -- >> they have certain parameters in place. depends on the type of customer you are. if you keep a certain balance in the account. some people decided not to use the debit card. it is hard to fight that. >> how about cell phones? we get our bills and it's like a list of a number of language -- >> we have to read the bills. that's the first thing. when you get these bills, you have to read them. you have to understand that there are things that are hitting the bills, especially now, now in this time and day, people are still paying for text services and they're getting charged overages. you need to look into it and see if you're ready for a plan for your text charges. they have these charges on here and they'll put charges in there that you didn't authorize. >> are these so-called package deals always the better deal? >> not always. you really want to look and make
6:36 am
sure. you have to challenge them sometimes. sometimes making millions of dollars off people who don't read their bills. those $1 and $2 add up. >> when do you reach the point where you say, forget about it, i'm dropping this company and going some place else? >> at the point you see a pattern. or you're seeing these bogus charges continue to occur. also if you realize that you haven't authorized stuff on there. that's when it's time to challenge this and say, look, i'll take my service and my dollar somewhere else. >> clyde, thanks. you're atoutough. next hour, we'll talk about the place where the fees run wild. the airline industry. now, remember, when checked bags and food and pillows, well, they were all free, we know those days are over. what's next? airlines charge for the reading light? well, guess what, we're going to talk about all the things that could possibly happen. forget the fear of flying, people better fear l.z. granderson. he's been thinking a lot about what he calls the ridiculousness
6:37 am
of airport security. we'll talk to him right after the break. scientists in japan looking at data from march's earthquake and tsunami. they found something that might be able to help predict major quakes in the future. we'll tell you about it in just about ten minutes. to future g. at northern trust, we know what works and what doesn't. as one of the nation's largest wealth managers, we can help you manage the complexities of transferring wealth. seeking to minimize taxes while helping maximize what's passed along. because you just never know how big those future generations might be. ♪ expertise matters. find it at northern trust. it's pro-cool technology releases armies of snowmen masseuse who cuddle up with your soreness and give out polar bear hugs. technology. [ male announcer ] new bengay cold therapy. the same technology used by physical therapists. go to for a $3 coupon. exclusive to the military.
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if you're packing your carry-on right now getting ready to jam to the airport, don't forget to leave your snowglobe behind. leave it to our own l.j. granderson to write about the latest tsa warning all in the name of security. snowglobes not allowed through this security checkpoint. l.z., come on, let's be fair. a liquid filled snow globe could be the perfect ruse. >> this is the insanity that has happened since the tragic 9/11 attacks, right. because we're now on trial with a guy who tried to blow up his underwear, we have to look at
6:41 am
snow globes as a possible weapon. it's true, the liquid could be replaced with something dangerous. at the same time, it's a snow globe. where do we draw the line? >> the tsa is trying to make changes. it's letting kids keep their shoes on now, prefer flier program. do we need the cut the tsa little slack? >> no. do you know they actually tried to frisk my dred locs. i walked into security. i am like, i know a woman that got her afro patted down. at the same time, i'm getted frisked because i may have a bomb in my hair. i'm not cutting tsa any slack with this. we're getting too far out of sense here. >> well, you make the point that the security situation is getting pretty crazy and it masks the much deeper problem. you say it's a dysfunctional government. bottom line.
6:42 am
>> well, absolutely. if you think about the fact that so many of the firefighters who died because they could not be warned by the police department that the building was actually getting ready to collapse and that telecommunication problems still exist today because of the bureaucracy of washington. you know, that's what is really frustrating and actually impetus of me writing the piece. the reality is we have a lot of problems with our air travel and we need it be more serious about it. once again, it's washington. >> we're up against some pretty serious threats since 9/11. we don't want to see that happen, again. lz, thank you very much. . data for march's earthquake and tsunami in japan is providing scientists with tantalizing clues. for starters, the possibility of
6:43 am
being able to predict major earthquakes in the future. our jacqui jeras explains right after the break. a self-appointed superhero tries to save the day, but wind up in jail. tell you what happened when we go across country, next. good. you like trees. well, i like climbing them, but i've never been one. good point. ( captain ) this is your captain speaking. annie gets to be the princess. oh... but she has to kiss a boy. and he's dressed up like a big green frog ! ewww. ( announcer ) fly without putting your life on pause. be yourself nonstop. american airlines. [ tires screech ] [ crying ] [ applause ] [ laughs ] [ tires screech ] [ male announcer ] your life will have to flash by even faster.
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hey max, would it kill you to throw a guy a warning bark? [ dog barks ] you know i wanted a bird. [ male announcer ] e-trade. investing unleashed. checking stories now across country, let's start in seattle. well, a self-appointed super hero is caught on tape using pepper spray to break up a fight. only it wasn't a fight says the woman who you see hitting him with her shoe.
6:46 am
she was just dancing with her friends after a night out. in colorado, two men are caught on camera conning a gold store out of thousands of dollars. the man is seen right here switching a bag of tested gold with a fake stash. the owner's mother noticed the difference soon after they left the store. and if you're a clean freak, move to michigan. holland was voted the most tightight tighty tidy city. they ranked the highest in all categories that ranked a city's beauty. you can predict a hurricane, what about an earthquake? scientists in japan say they might have figured it out. jacqui jeras here with more on the research. >> imagine, kyra, if 40 minutes ahead of time those folks in japan had that time before the earthquake and the stsunami hit? 40 minutes. that would have been enough to get them to higher ground away from that water and got them out of unstable buildings and into a
6:47 am
safe place. undoubtedly, that could save thousands of lives. well, researchers at a japanese university now have found a relationship between powerful earthquakes and waves that happen in the highest level of the earth's atmosphere. let's put this in perspective for you. all the weather that happens is in the lowest layer of the atmosphere. airplanes fly 30,000 to 60,000 feet. in the stratosphere we see and you see satellites. so, they looked at information from gps systems and they found disruptions between the transmission of the receiver and the satellites way up here in space. now, the problem with that is that they're only seeing this with earthquakes of magnitudes of 8.5 or above. it has to be a biggy, but, of course, those are the most
6:48 am
catastrophic. one other problem what also happens is that solar storms can make the same kind of changes. they need to figure out, kyra, exactly what's causing those waves to develop in that area and also the difference business between that and, say, what solar storms do. they saw this in the chilean quake and they saw this and this could be the beginning of what could eventually be earthquake prediction. right now scientists say they can't predict them at all. >> imagine all the lives that could be saved and the impact. that could be pretty incredible. thanks. >> sure. the only theng you can't really predict the time when a big, fast antelope is going to crash into the mountain biker ahead of you. how is that for a transition? sports, coming up.
6:49 am
6:50 am
6:51 am
. some stories making news later today. 1:50 eastern time the president will make his pitch for the jobs plan in pittsburgh after meeting with union workers and less than one hour later, first lady michelle obama launches a program forfeitness. more than 1,000 people will do jumping jacks. eight republican candidates will take part in the latest presidential debate. it will be the first one focused on the academy. the next hour in the newsroom, let's go ahead and start with our political director paul ste steinhauser. paul? >> a lot of change in the gop nomination. i'll tell you who has to gain or lose tonight coming up at top of the hour. the senate is scheduled to
6:52 am
hold a key test vote on the president's jobs bill today. what are the chances it will pass this procedural hurdle and what are the politics behind it? i'll have more at the top of the hour. i'm elizabeth cohen in atlanta. a pencil goes through a four-year-old boy's eye socket all the way through and he lives and sees to tell the tale. i'll have the information about his incredible surgery, keira, at the top of the hour. >> guys, thanks so much. this week we're getting to the root of school bullying. >> the research is showing there is so much aggression on a day-to-day basis. it doesn't necessarily mean it's always an extreme situation but that every day a significant percentage of kids are engaging in aggression. >> so why are so many dealing with this aggression and where is it coming from? around cooper digs deeper, just ahead.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
. big drama in baseball playoffs. >> you know, we saw something we've never seen before in baseball players. it was a great ending to game 2. extra innings between the rangers and the tigers. 3-3 in the 11th and there is nelson cruz. his second home run of the night, that is a walkoff grand slam. it's the first walkoff grand slam in post-season history. the rangers went 7-3. they now lead the american championship series two games to
6:56 am
one. albert pujol didn't do much. the cardinals beat the brewers 12-3. one game apiece. monday night football, the lions, first time in a decade taking on the bears. matthew stafford, calvin johnson, 73 yards on the touchdown and they also got help from running back jovin best. the longest run in franchise history, the crowd going nuts watching the lions win 24-13. detroit is 5-0 for the first time since dwight eyisenhower ws president. they're one of two and five teams in the nfl. check this out. the guy on the bike has no chance. he's racing in south africa.
6:57 am
watch out for the antelope that just tebowed him. thank goodness it wasn't a lion or that the antelope was running from a lion. thank goodness man and beast are okay. >> i was just going to ask that of the there's your answer. >> you can just see the antelope going, i'm going to get this guy. one more time. that's not an accidental collision. the antelope, seriously, was just waiting in prey. the occupy wall street resistance movement has been making headlines for weeks, but the protestors aren't just using their voices to get their message out. here's cnn's jeanne moos. >> they are the protestors, flut ter fingers, playing on thin air
6:58 am
but saying what? this is silent applause, the sign of approval. on the other hand -- >> to show that we don't like what we hear. >> to show that we don't like what we hear. >> and if you're wondering why the occupy wall street protestors keep repeating themselves -- >> we use this human mike. >> we use this human mike. >> it's because they aren't allowed to use amplifying equipment, so -- >> we amplify each other's voices. >> we amplify each other's voices. >> and you constantly hear them saying -- >> my debt. >> my debt. >> it warms my heart to see all of you here. >> but what does silent applause save on? time spent waiting for the crowd to settle back down so everybody can hear. and guess who else does the same signal? it's used by the deaf to signify
6:59 am
applause in american sign language. other protest or hand signals to signify a point of order at protestor assemblies, though not everyone is up to speed on the proper direction. some of the signals could be misinterpreted. when michael moore suggested those who brought down the economy should be -- >> in handcuffs. >> in handcuffs. >> he inadvertently used the protestors' most severe hand signal. >> it's a block which means you have some moral or ethical disagreement. >> not quite as confusing as the conflicting hand signals sent to a batter in "a league of their own." protestors take pride in not having a manager. the police have their own signals. >> keep walking this way. >> one officer ended up on facebook giving that age-old signal. >> peace. >> on a police blog, someone suggested maybe the cop is
7:00 am
putting in his order for coffee. yeah, two sugars. actually, the protestors' hand signals remind us of the ones used by the financial markets. >> we do this. >> we do this. >> jeanne moos. >> jeanne moos. >> cnn. >> cnn. >> new york. it's the top of the hour. welcome back. we begin a look at tonight's presidential debate. all the candidates are focusing on just one topic, the economy. and most americans are feeling its sting, maybe no one more so than president obama. he could lose his job over it, and today he hits the road to sell his jobs plan. they may be facing a dead end where it counts most, capitol hill. paul steinhauser pre viewing the debate, christine rowans on fixing the debt and fixing it
7:01 am
fast. it's been less than three weeks since the last gop debate and tonight it's jobs and the economy. >> yeah, and so much has changed since that last debate in orlando, florida, but you're right, tonight's debate in new hampshire, dartmouth college in new hampshire and it's going to focus entirely on the economy. it continues to be the top issue with the voters, and the debate is going to happen most likely just a few hours after that big debate on the jobs bill in the senate. i think you'll hear a lot about that tonight, kyra. >> who do you think has most to lose tonight, paul? >> the most to lose, possibly rick perry, the texas governor. remember, he stumbled three weeks ago in that last debate. since then he's been in a freefall in that last debate, so he needs a miracle to change the dynamic. mitt romney, once again the front runner in the national and state polls. and someone else in the spotlight tonight as well, herman cain, the former god father's pizza ceo.
7:02 am
with that comes more scrutiny, so expect that as well, kyra. >> companies releasing their earnings reports. it was a bright spot earlier this year, but the news for the past quarter, not so bright. christine romans to explain. christine, this is a sign of the economy slowing down? >> this is where you take a look at what happens to stocks and the overall economy, what happens to companies. companies did very well after they emerged from the recession. they managed to grow their profits quite nicely for eight quarters in a row. now that profit growth appears to be slowing and this week's slate and they can week's slate corporate earnings are going to give us a real temperature of how companies are weathering this. they've been keeping a lot of cash on the sidelines and that's been good for them, and now if earnings are slowing, it gives them less incentive to hire and deploy that cash. aluminum prices have been pulling back. we'll see if companies like alcoa are having slower growth.
7:03 am
we're going to hear from pepsi and a lot of different consumer-related companies. this week and next week, we're going to hear from the banks. everyone is talking about bank fees, kyra, but the story from everyone watching the banks is a weak economy and exposure to europe. what is going on for the investment banks, what's going on for the banks? is that a potential weak spot for the u.s. economy? that's what we'll be watching for, what these reports tell us about just how tentative any kind of recovery in this country is right now. >> how many jobs do we actually need to start being able to say, okay, we can make a difference in this economy? >> we need 400,000 new jobs every month for three years to get back down to 6% unemployment which is where we were before the recession began. that's not going to happen. you said something interesting when you were introducing all of this, you said how are we going to fix the economy and fix it fast? two very well known economists who are completely apolitical, they say fixing the economy fast
7:04 am
is impossible, that we have emerged from a horrible, horrible travesty in economics that took 25 years to make and it will take a while to wring itself out and that mistakes that politicians make right now are the biggest problem. quite frankly, as they move for political points and not move for what's best in the overall economy. so we're still in very dangerous territory here, i'll be honest with you. >> so clearly no one can argue against creating more jobs but congress is still divided and there may not be opportunity to vote on the obama jobs plan. kate with that angle. where do things stand, kate? >> as you mentioned, the president is hitting the road today, heading to pittsburgh to try to continue doing what we see him doing over and over again, trying to sell his jobs plan, but all eyes are here on capitol hill as the senate is set to vote this evening. this is not a vote on final passage, rather it's a key procedural vote that this bill needs to pass in order to get to that final passage. it's not expected to reach the
7:05 am
60 votes needed to overcome this hurdle, and here's why. there is broad republican -- there is broad republican opposition to this bill. there really is no one to think that any republican is going to support this this evening. they're calling it another round of stimulus spending. and also they're wondering how democrats want to pay for this. on the other side, democratic leaders are predicting an overwhelming majority to support this, but they don't expect it to be all democrats to support this. there are some modern democrats, especially those up for reelection, that have taken issue with this millionaire surtax, among other things. i think what you can expect, once this vote happens, and it is important to watch for this vote, both side will use this to their political advantage in the bitter battle we're going to see going forward in jobs and the economy. reporters coming out to say, look, the president's bill couldn't pass here and didn't
7:06 am
even have support of the democrats. democrats will try to paint republicans as an obstructionist and will simply say no rather than offering a useful alternative. so we'll be keeping a close eye on this this evening, kyra. >> we're standing by. thanks. the nba is rapidly disappearing. they're cancelling the first two weeks of play and now there is word the whole season could be bye bye. >> we remain very, very far apart on virtually all issues. >> we're not at a place where a fair deal can be reached between ourselves and the nba, and, you know, at this point we're not sure how this will proceed. >> commissioner david sternall says for now no new talks are scheduled. a month after her movie role, an actress is learning her
7:07 am
fate. give us the back story on the situation and tell us what the big deal was about this movie, max. >> sirkyra, it's called "my teh for sale." >> i assume that the government doesn't approve of this film because they've set the actress, mazia vladimir, to jail. she's also been sentenced to 90 lashes. even if there was a problem with the film, you can't really blame the actress. she's just doing what the director has told her to do, but nevertheless, she's ended up in prison. her husband is talking and saying, why should my wife be punished for them, what the director and producer have been doing? these arrests have had a bad reflection both inside and
7:08 am
outside the country. it raises so many questions, kyra, about what happened here, and we don't know the charges. and that's the problem here. the human rights laws are trying to get to the bottom of it. >> we'll follow up for sure. max, thanks. mitt romney's fate as they rate mormonism a cult. do evangelical voters even care? we're talking god and the white house with richard rand. a flood has more than 100 people stranded in florida right now. the road has more than 7 inches of water. we'll take you cross country next. trust -- one of the nation's largest wealth managers -- makes all the difference. our goals-based investment strategies are tailored to your needs and overseen by experts who seek to maximize opportunities while minimizing risk. after all, you don't climb a mountain
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7:11 am
stories across country. in texas, an attempted robbery is caught on tape. you actually see the two suspects running into this houston gas station, and in just a second here you'll see them fire on the clerks and then a gun battle breaks out. one of the men was arrested, the other one got away. in polk county, florida, 150 people stranded after heavy rains washed out portions after a resort road. it's under 7 inches of water now, and to make matters worse, it's the only way in or out of the area. and pennsylvania, four-year-old shane comes to the rescue saving his entire family from a house fire. take a look at him as he describes every detail. >> i got everybody out because i told mama there was a fire. and then there was smoke and
7:12 am
everything. >> well, shane's family is so grateful to the little hero, but firefighters couldn't save their home of 30 years. mitt romney's mormon faith earning as many headlines as his policy this week, all thanks to a prominent dallas pastor who calls the mormon church a cult, and robert jeffries won't back down. look what he told his congregation. >> part of a pastor's job is to warn his people and others about false religions. islam, hinduism, judism and mormonism are all false religions, and i stand by that. >> he heads the ethics and letter either commission, richard rand. would you hear jeffries saying again and again saying these are
7:13 am
false, they're cults, do you think he's turning this race into a religious debate versus a political one? >> no. look, he's a pastor, and i was a member of that church. it's a great church. when you ask a pastor a theological question, you're going to get a theological answer. he was asked the question after he finished introducing governor perry, and he said mormonism is a cult. >> can you see where that's offensive? >> i can, but you know, sometimes the truth is offensive. i think the problem with mormonism is that when we use the word cult, that's a theological definition of a movement that claims to be within the confines of the christian faith and clearly is not within the confines of the christian faith, it is a new religion. it is another religion.
7:14 am
and the problem is when we hear the word cult, we think branch da individu davidians, we think the jones cult. these are moral, middle class people. they are anything but a cult in a cultural and social sense, but they are -- >> that's not how americans are taking it. when they hear cult, they're thinking the worst possible case scenario. it's not a positive term. it's us versus them, there is no conversation, there is no understanding. that's not the christian faith, right? >> that's why i don't use the term to describe them even though it's theologically accurate within the context of theology. i say that perhaps the best way to describe mormonism is that it's the fourth abrahamic religion, judism being the first, christianity being the second and islam being the third, mormonism being the fourth with joseph smith playing the role that mohammad plays
7:15 am
within islam and the book of mormon playing the role that koran plays. >> how about religious law? >> jesus, the founder of christianity says i am the way, the truth, the life, no man come under the father but by me. so by definition of the founder of the christian faith of whom i am a follower, then all other religions are false religions. that doesn't mean they should be disqualified from participating in the civic life of the country, it doesn't mean they should be disqualified from running for president or any other office, they shouldn't be dig -- disqualified. but when you're talking about the christian faith, the christian faith has true fames. christianity believes they are the true faith and other faiths are not the true faith.
7:16 am
>> when it comes down to obama or romney, will evangelicals vote for romney? >> i think the vast majority will, yes. because first of all, they understand that when you're voting for president, you're not voting for someone to be theologian in chief, you're voting for someone to be commander in chief. they're going to look for someone who agrees with them on policy issues, and even pastor jeffries said if it came down to romney or obama, he would vote for romney because romney has policy views that are closer to his than president obama does. and coming up, he may have lost his monday night football gig, but hank williams, jr. hasn't lost his way with words. more on his new song that slams some former friends. plus, it will be a happy day for someone. the fonz's motorcycle about to
7:17 am
be auctioned off. details next. fo
7:18 am
7:19 am
. a 20-year gig and hank williams, jr. just won't drop the subject. corinne joining us from l.a. just a week ago the country singer was sacked from espn, but hank williams, jr. is back already. >> of course. his song isn't being heard on monday night football anymore, but that doesn't mean hank willia williams, jr. is staying quiet. he just released a song blasting espn. ♪ this country shouldn't be
7:20 am
going down the drain ♪ ♪ we know what we need, we know who to blame ♪ ♪ united states socialists of america ♪ ♪ how do you like that name >> it's called "keep the change" and he fights back about where he made his controversial comments where he compared president obama to hitler. he dropped his "are you ready for some football?" from his iconic football comments, and he's not going quietly, is he? chaz bono got some support from mom last night on "dancing with the stars." >> he sure did, and so many people were anticipating her big appearance. of course, we're talking about cher. there was an extra diva in the house on last night's "dancing with the stars." all eyes were on cher who came
7:21 am
out to support her son, chaz bono, in week 4. it was family night for chaz. that's because the stepmom married bono. she was also in the audience. chaz picked "rocky" as his favorite movie and performance. didn't do too shabby there. how is mom reacting to all this dancing? >> it was so great to have her there and to have my whole family there supporting me. it was awesome. yeah. just -- you know, just how proud she was, how nervous she was and how proud. >> look at that proud mama. well, chaz, of course, standing there with his partner, lacey schwimmer. it earned him the title tied with nancy grace, second to last
7:22 am
place. if you're wondering about nancy grace, she had a teeny, weeny slip at the end. we'll have to see what beyonce has to say about that in tonight's show. >> she pulls it off. she just moves right on. she'll continue to sail right through. happy days are here again, shall we say, but for a price this time. people might to want buy a little bit of fonzie's cool. >> no one really knows where fonz got his mystical power of coolness? how was he able to power up jukeboxes or have the perfect hair? the fonz's 1949 triumph will be auctioned off november 12, but
7:23 am
it reportedly has a smashed speedometer, it's a little rusty, the seat is sagging and it hasn't run since the 1970s. the free auction estimate is 60 to $80,000. not bad for a junker that hasn't run for 40 years. even though it hasn't run, though, it could be kind of cool to own a teeny tiny piece of american history. >> don't you call it a junker, now, you're going to offend a lot of big cyclists now. >> i know, i know. all those motorcycle experts out there. >> thanks, corinne. if you want any information on what's breaking in the entertainment world, just check out a.j. hammer. he's got the details every night, "showbiz tonight" on hln 11:00 p.m. eastern time. joe the plumber talking taxes in 2008. our panel dishes on what it would take to get him elected.
7:24 am
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. the accused underwear bomber goes on trial in detroit. he is charged with trying to blow up a plane on christmas day 2009. he says he will represent himself in court. the occupied wall street movement on the move. they say they're going to leave the financial district and head uptown today. they want to go to the areas where billionaires and ceos live. the commissioner has canceled the first two weeks of the regular nba season. he says players and owners are still very far apart on pretty much every issue. political buzz, your rapid fire look at the best political topics of the day. three seconminutes, 30 seconds e clock. patricia murphy and republican strategist sherry jacobis.
7:28 am
tonight's presidential debate in new hampshire, is it a do or die moment for rick perry? robert? >> the good news for governor perry and his team are that the expectation levels are so low and if he doesn't fall off the stage, they're going to declare a victory. the reality is after so many policy statements and political missteps, he's really lost credibility. the real challenge is to watch the presidential candidate's team. when another republican audience cheered over people who died without health insurance. >> sherry? >> i don't think it was a right wing party, i think that was a gross misrepresentation of what happened at the debate so i would urge people to go back and take a look. what i think will happen tonight is they have to do very, very well and beat expectations, particularly since he's come out with a very nasty ad against mitt romney which hurt perry as
7:29 am
well as romney. i think it's possible that romney can look very, very good. herman cain can do well. newt gingrich could look good but he's not going up in the polls. i think prerry has a problem, ad i think he knows it which is why he came out with a negative but effective ad. >> perry has to do well tonight. he has lost all his momentum entirely because of his performance in the last debates. he's stumbling over his words, he's not finishing his sentences. he can fix those problems tonight. he also has a position on immigration. i don't know if he is able to get it right tonight. he'll make it to iowa, but if he doesn't impress anyone tonight, he certainly won't get his momentum back. >> herman cain surging in the polls and he will be right there next to mitt romney. is herman cain ready?
7:30 am
sherry? >> i think he's a very different candidate in that we don't associate him with a strong political background but we associate him with a very strong business background, so this unique thing that he brings to the table, i think he has something to play with and can kind of redefine it. obviously he's doing well as a candidate and is doing something the others aren't. i think he has to maintain that strength and show that he's ready. he's also a very successful businessman and so successful in other areas of his life. you don't think those people will be the good communicators, but he's also been a talk show radio host, so he's learned to communicate. i expect him to be very strong. >> robert? >> i don't expect the premise that herman cain is surging. i think his political campaign is living off viagra. just to kill the metaphor, his rise is artificial, just like rick perry's rise saul the excitement about sarah palin. and ultimately because of that, he has yet to define himself as having a credible campaign and a credible organization.
7:31 am
>> patricia? >> i'm a little distracted by his answer. >> sorry, patricia. >> robert talking about viagra. oh, boy. >> refocusing, i will say that herman cain is ready. he is great at these debates. you talk to his activists, they love him because of his performance in the debates. the question is are the other candidates going to take him seriously? he's sandwiched between romney and perry, but romney said, i don't care if you vote for herman cain. that means they don't take him seriously, they don't think he's a viable candidate. if we see other candidates attacking him, that means they think he can win this thing. most republicans don't think he can. >> can we take him seriously? joe the plumber filing papers to run for congress in ohio. what does he need to say to get your vote? robert? >> any plumber that shows up on time, does the job and comes in at the estimated cost, that
7:32 am
plumber deserves credit and my attention. and look, tlhere are a lot of great craftsmen, workers in america who deserve public office and are involved in their community and show great leadership. joe the plumber, unfortunately, has not demonstrated any of that. >> sherry? >> i would disagree with that. joe the plumber doesn't need to have republican talking points because president obama gave him the talking point saying he wanted to redistribute the wealth. i think joe the plumber represents so many men and women in this country that are trying to create jobs and small businesses, and he needs to run on wealth and creating jobs, and compare that to the democrats' message of just redistributing the wealth of the one more thing, women with small businesses in this country create more jobs than all four companies combined, so that would be a good target for him. >> patricia? >> joe the plumber would have to move to georgia so i could vote for him, but since i don't think he's going to do that, don't count this guy out.
7:33 am
if others can be congressmen, don't count him out. that's all i have to say. when a kid is bullied, the impact of it is often devastating. it can lead to eating disorders, depression, even suicide. our anderson cooper learned that these same victims are bulli bullied -- bullies themselves. we sat down with anderson to explain. >> this whole notion of social combat, it kind of defies conventional wisdom. explain what it means? >> it's about climbing the social hierarchies and kids are doing mean things to each other, and sometimes in quite cold-blooded fashion, so they're doing it on line, and it can be quite strategic. it's not necessarily always a sort of emotional reactive kind of aggression that i think people are sort of used to -- >> so it's not just necessarily
7:34 am
something that's coming out of their home life or family life or some emotional disturbance in their head, it's actually a response to where they are in the social order and they're trying to move up by putting somebody else down or by knocking somebody else down who is a little higher up than they are. >> absolutely. we see both kids. we see the kids who have severe psychological issues and they do take it out on the vulnerable kids in school, the kids who have violated some sort of social code. but the much more common in our research, at least, the much more common pattern is this more tactical aggression occurring in kids who are quite popular. not necessarily the most popular, but just right in the middle of the social hierarchy. >> so much of this is indirect aggression. it's beneath the radar and there is a culture of victimization, day-to-day vic ntimization that doesn't rise to the level of bullying. >> a cultural thing.
7:35 am
>> right, and research is showing there is so much aggression on a day-to-day basis. it doesn't necessarily mean it's an extreme situation, but every day a percentage of kids are engaging in aggression. >> it's really tragic. these kinds of behaviors, these small incidents we're talking about, actually do have long-term consequences for victims. they increase their depression, anxiety levels, they lose attachment to school and they become more marginalized. >> it's also true this behavior peaks around eighth grade, and that's so important to talk about. an eighth grader is so desperate to fit in developmentally. you're obsessed with fitting in, and we have to take that into account when we talk about intervention. >> all this week, 8:00 p.m., anderson cooper taking a look at the bullying crisis. you mention airline fees and some people get pretty mad.
7:36 am
some fees are as much as a ticket. coming up, we'll take a look at those fees people really love to hate. a superhero tries to save the day but winds up in jail. i'll tell you what happens when we go across the country. ♪ and the flowers and the trees ♪ ♪ all laugh when you walk by ♪ and the neighbors' kids run and hide ♪ deep inside you, there's a person who refuses to be kept deep inside you. ♪ but you're not ♪ you're the one be true to yourself. what's healthier than that? consumers er wanchai ferry orange chicken... over p.f. chang's home menu orange chicken women men and uh pandas... elbows mmm
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[ male announcer ] wanchai ferry, try it yourself.
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cross country now, let's start in seattle. a self-appointed superhero caught on tape using pepper spray to break up a fight. only it wasn't a fight, says a woman who you saw hitting him with a shoe. she was dance ingwith friening after a night out at the club. he conned a gold store out of thousands of dollars. he is actually seen switching
7:40 am
fake gold with cash. if you're a clean freak, move to michigan. holland was voted the tidiest city in america. they ranked the highest in all categories that project a city's beauty. today a special focus all day in the newsroom on the fees that make so many of you angry because they're popping up everywhere, like airline fees. we're nickel and dimed for almost everything these days spoofed brilliantly in the southwest airlines ad. >> hi. >> we pay for checked baggage, we pay for food, you want a pillow for your nap, pay up, we pay extra, and god forbid we have to change our reservation.
7:41 am
george george, not a lot of kudos for the airlines right now. >> you could find yourself paying just as much for fees as you paid for the original ticket. there's $25 for the first bag up to 150 for the third with many major carriers. we found customers here fed up with the fees. >> whatever you pay for your ticket should cover everything. i mean, they don't give you anything anymore. they make you pay fr a pior a p a blanket, food. you have to bring your own food on now. it's ridiculous. then they want you to pay extra for baggage. it's absurd. >> a lot of frustration, but airline experts tell us two things. first, the fees, they say, are necessary for an industry that was hit hard first by 9/11, then by rising oil skprisz thprices y
7:42 am
the recession. they lost $50 billion in the last decade and they are going to eke out a 7% profit, barely enough to keep the doors open. second, they tell us the fees we use are optional. we don't have to buy the $4 water, we don't have to bring the extra bags, and at least their fees are optional. kyra? >> what do you think, any end in sight to these airline fees? >> reporter: from the research we did, we found probably not the case. in fact, the fees are part of the business structure. we even found some carriers in europe that charged for the use of your debit and credit card per person or to just print your boarding ticket. so just some of the fees we found, and likely more on the way, kyra. >> all right. not good news, george. thanks. coming up, drama at dior. the famed french fashion house still without a head designer months after the first guy got himself arrested.
7:43 am
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a month after john galliano got himself sacked, it's still a big mystery. who will be the next head designer at christian dior? david tak >> reporter: this carousel fashion on display by marc jacobs could have been a nod to him. galliano's remarks got him fired
7:47 am
back in march. in the horse race to replace him, marc jacobs is in the lead. >> he is very human. he is very human. >> you know who has magic hands is marc jacobs. >> i heard that. >> magic hands. what do you say to that? >> no, i have normal hands. i have five fingers on each of them and one doesn't work very well. >> have you made a decision? can i ask you that? >> the people who knows aren't talking and the one is talking and not knowing. >> christian dior founded his fashion house in 1946, introducing flowers and voluptuous shapes. when he died, his assistant took over, launching his career. but it was john galliano in the '90s that brought glamour back to the house of dior. for 23 years, he worked with his right hand, bill gaten, now
7:48 am
creator of galliano's own label. >> how does it feel to be thrust in the limelight, as you have been? >> it was alarming at first because it was unexpected. it was a shock to everyone, but getting used to it quickly. great learning curve. >> and marc jacobs? >> marc jacobs has a tremendous following. he's got the cool, he's also got the experience. >> in addition to his successful namesake label, jacobs has already revitalized another brand, louis vuitton. >> the brand exploded because it was on the right people, people wanted to look that way, it was on the models, on the actresses. >> reporter: the fashion world believes jacobs could do the same for dior. he reportedly wants $10 million a year. but if ever there was a tryout, insiders say he nailed it with this collection for vuitton.
7:49 am
backstage it was emotional. one top editor called it a sweet farewell and a fashion moment to remember. don't miss the special, fashion: backstage pass from paris. it airs this saturday, october 15th, 2:00 p.m. eastern time. a four-year-old boy is on the road to recovery after having a pencil stuck in his eye socket. we'll tell about you the amazing surgery right after the break. i'm really glad we took this last minute trip!
7:50 am
you booked our room right? not yet, thanks for reminding me. wait, what? i have the app so we can get a great deal even at the last minute. ah, well played get the app.
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7:52 am
four-year-old keegan is one lucky little boy. he fell off a chair and ended up with a pencil lodged in his eye socket. that white spot is the lead of the pencil. doctors performed surgery, took it out and say he could have died. keegan's parents were on "america this morning." >> we kept calling our mom and she kept telling us it was a tip of a pencil, and we couldn't figure out exactly what was in his eye. none of the doctors knew. then you see how far it went down in the skin and you get nervous because it's right by the brain. >> liz cohen to talk to us about this. how long did the surgery take? >> what's funny about this surgery is it only took half an hour because it actually didn't get to his brain. the tricky part of the surgery, the one tricky part of it, kyra, is that this pencil came within a millimetre of his internal carotid artery.
7:53 am
if it had struck that, that's how he could have died. the surgeon, the tricky thing he had to do was remove it without poking that artery. >> that's incredible. what's his prognosis. >> his prognosis is very good. he has to have surgery because that eye now focuses out. and his vision isn't terrific in that eye. you know when you go to the eye chart and you have that big e on the top? that's all he can see on that, but they think his vision is correctable at this point and a lot of people wear contacts or glasses. >> he's a lucky little boy. >> what's amazing is it didn't hit anything vital. it went right through here and went through his eye socket, and it didn't hit anything absolutely crucial. that's just amazing. >> a good surgeon and a guardian angel. >> you need both. coming up in the newsroom with suzanne malvo, imagine having a stroke and not being
7:54 am
able to call 911. she was desperate for help, now she's talking to cnn. [ male announcer ] if you're only brushing, add listerine® total care for more complete oral care. ♪ it works in six different ways to restore enamel... strengthen teeth... freshen breath... help prevent cavities... and kill bad breath germs for a whole mouth clean. so go beyond the brush with listerine® total care, the most complete mouthwash. now get all the benefits... without the alcohol. new listerine® total care zero. why does my mouth feel dryer than i remember it to be? there are more people taking more medication, so we see people suffering from dry mouth more so. we may see more cavities, bad breath, oral irritation. a dry mouth sufferer doesn't have to suffer. i would recommend biotene.
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7:56 am
. let's check some stories making news later today. at 1:50 eastern, the president
7:57 am
is going to make his pitch on the jobs plan in pittsburgh. michelle obama launching a record-breaking promotion for fitness. get this, more than 20,000 people performing jumping jacks for one minute each in order to set a record. eight republican candidates at 8:00 eastern will take place in a debate. the tea party patriots have a few words for the occupy wall street protestors. mark preston, do tell. >> hey, kyra, good morning. the tea party is trying to distance themselves from the occupy wall street movement that we've seen come forward in force the last few weeks. the protestors put together a statement this morning saying tea party is less about government while wall street is more about government. let me just summarize it very quickly. tea party patriots note they can find no reports of tea partiers
7:58 am
being arrested. they don't even litter. what we're seeing here is two movements from the opposite ends of the political spectrum who are fighting for some relevancy right now as we head into the 2012 election. >> and mark, the big gop debate tonight in new hampshire, and they're saying beware of the polls. >> no doubt. this is actually a very timely editorial. there will be a debate up there tonight where the candidates will take stage to talk about the economy. but the new hampshire leader is saying, you know what? we've seen all these polls that came out the last couple months and they show mitt romney in the lead. the fact is we haven't seen any votes cast yet, and they note that these polls are not always indicative of what we're going to see happen on election day. so they're saying to the national media folks like ourselves don't always buy into the polls. the new hampshire voters actually have to take a vote.
7:59 am
kyra? for all the latest political news, you can always go to our web site, we'll be back here bright and early, 9:00 a.m. eastern time. do you want to chit-chat for 60 seconds? i don't want people to change the channel. live from studio 7, i'm suzanne malveaux. i want to get you up to speed for tuesday, october 11. president obama is in a showdown with republicans over jobs. he's about to land in pittsburgh to pitch his $447 billion package. senator republicans hope to block the measure when it comes up for a test vote that happens today. paying for the jobs bill, that is the big sticking point. democrats want a surtax on folks that make more than $1 million a year. republicans are calling that


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