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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  October 11, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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i am going to have so much fun with this i can't thank you enough. jack, you have made my decade. all right, grande ma. let's have a conversation. congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> seriously, i couldn't be happier. extraordinary encounter with this family and now, anderson cooper starts right now. breaking news, new details
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continuing to pivot of the current tax code will not lose this economy. 9% corporate business flat tax, 9% personal flat tax and an 9% national sales tax, and it will pass because the american people wanted to pass. >> one thing i would say is when you take the 9-9-9 plan and you turn upside down, i think the devil is in the details. >> unlike his plan which does not pass because how many people here are for a sales tax in new hampshire, brazier hands. that is how many boats you'll get in new hampshire. rick perry's starkist shaking.
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he needed a strong showing tonight and that romney is the front runner which made him a punching bag tonight is will. hours before this debate, mitt romney won the endorsement of chris christi. he says it makes him the right candidate to lead the republican ticket. gloria you get crossers denied the pending 9-9-9, how did he did? >> okay. you know, he didn't get specific other than saying he really wanted to get rid of the tax code that it was clear that from a bunch of republicans, they believed they would never be able to keep a personal tax rate at 9% and also, a national sales tax is regressive and something
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they don't like. rick santorum, as you just show, made a good point. and many people in the state of new hampshire will vote for 9% national sales tax? the republican party doesn't like to talk about that, no matter how much from the cane does. >> it is not just the sales tax that is tough to sell, even conservative analysis says the federal government would lose 10 to 20% of its current revenue. how is he so that, that would make the spending cut choices even tougher nbc washington can't get that done as it is. >> unless you accept herman cain's argument that a different tax would produce democrats in the economy, not a bad argument made. but one thing herman cain needed to learn to night and didn't is that these debates are like parking your car on the hill. either you keep moving forward or you slide back in tonight, we may have learned herman cain's pin code for his bank card but we didn't learn anything new
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about herman cain. >> bronte had a great debate tonight. and newt gingrich. >> hang on. one thing -- hang on, dana, we need to know whether rick perry was ready to play after 2 criticisms, how can he handle criticism on the debate stage. the central issue was the economy. here is rick perry on his jobs plan. >> bronte care has driven the cost of small-business insurance premiums up by 14% over the national average in massachusetts. my question for you would be how would you respond to his criticisms of your signature legislative achievement? >> we at the lowest number of kids as a percentage uninsured in any state in america. you had the highest. i am still speaking. i am still speaking. we have less than 1% of our kids that are uninsured.
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you have a million kids uninsured in texas. and made his career under president bush, the percentage of uninsured went down. and your leadership, it has gone up. >> we will get to the jaws plan and the man appeared dana lash right there, going at it, did he turn and a stronger performance tonight to turn down the daughter's? >> no, he did not. i was waiting for this question to be asked center. i thought it would appear earlier in the debate and then rick perry asked him and i thought finally someone is going to ask mayor ronnie about this and it has an effect on business in massachusetts. he fizzled out. i don't exactly know what happened. he didn't call it. it wasn't aggressive within the question itself wasn't even framed in an aggressive management. one policy was we didn't raise taxes in massachusetts. we are able to implement this health care system. that is not entirely untrue because of the runoff costs that
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taxes had to go up after it was implemented. something that perry didn't follow up on and i was waiting for him to show everyone that he and fire in his belly, that he wants to run for president. i didn't see that from an tonight. and now i am beginning to wonder whether or not he is serious about this. >> that is important criticism. what should be perceived met ronnie weakness, that is one thing to put on the table. let's listen as he puts in a jobs plan. >> the present and particularly with the plan i will be lying out of the next three days and i will not let out for you tonight. irani has had six years to work on a commitment. i have been an ad for eight weeks. >> is that enough? this will be pakistani a, b. maybe he has more details been given his sleep in the polls, ask the questions of whether he can handle himself in a debate,
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is that enough? >> it didn't seem like it here tonight. i think obviously his campaign decided we're going to simplify things for our candidate. give him one idea, and we will let him be quiet the rest of the time and get through the debate that way. the last debate, the excuse was made he was standing up the whole debate and the entire. this should have been his because he was sitting down. the next time you get a mattress because there was no energy, no fire and it was way too simple. >> you know, instead of seeming like an aggressor, perry almost seems like a bystander and he really could not afford to do that. he just put out a brutal web at against mayor ronnie which attacked him on being a flip flops and on his massachusetts health care and then tonight, instead of building on that aggressively, he seemed to be more passive or a lot more passive than i thought he needed
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to be. >> if that is the case- >> wanted to raise a quick point. >> i want to add to that. to gloria's point, that is exactly how, sorry about that. to her point, that is how rick perry as 1 campaign is. he has never won because he is articulate or because he is the brightest and select. key always wins campaigns because he sticks a fork in the eyeball of his opponent and he has enough money in the bank and then-super and out there, i would expect to see some very tough ads from it. precession and the boston and i whoa media markets. >> dana, if herman cain didn't defend his plan, if rick perry was a no show, does that mean by default met ronnie 1 tonight or did someone else deal today? >> not necessarily. one of the things i was going to
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say was during the debate, the camp was sending out e-mails the things he should have been sitting in this debate on t.a.r.p. i thought that was odd and they did that pretty consistently. something they should be talking about in the debate. a great opportunity to distinguish themselves from these other candidates. their butts defending t.a.r.p. shocking. i don't think that ronnie wins by default. while he is a good debater and be as great rhetorical skills, his answers if you judge them by conservatism londell pass the smell test. because of semantics and he is an artful did there, he comes out on top. it being ratio is as well because he just choose everybody up and spits everybody out and is able to refine any debate that he is in. bronte comes out on top banking bridge comes out topic came did well but perry did not. >> let me close with this. cnn has a debate one week from tonight.
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if rick perry is 0 for 3, that is do or die. >> that is important. republicans need to believe that they're going to nominate somebody, this person can stand next to barack obama on the stage and go at him and do well at it. and if he cannot do that in a debate, with his republican contenders with the other republicans, he will have a hard time against barack obama. that is what people are looking for and he has not shown it yet. >> gloria, dana, alex, appreciate your insights. the cnn debate one week from tonight. just ahead, more breaking news. new details on the terror plot uncovered here on u.s. soil as with ties to, get this, iran. a murder for hire scheme to kill saudi arabia's ambassador to the united states. also for the first time, jurors hear dr. conrad murray's full
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saudi arabia's ambassador to the united states, manssor arbabsiar is his name. according to court documents the suspects talked about killing him with explosives, possibly at a crowded restaurant in washington. a naturalize u.s. citizen appeared in court today. in a moment details on how they caught him, how long he has been held and who was tracking him and another member is of the revolutionary guard. iran is blasting the united states saying it has no ties to this suspected plot. the spokesman for mahmoud ahmadinejad said "i think the u.s. government is busy fabricating a new scenario and history has shown the u.s. government and the cia have a lot of experience in fabricating scenarios and this is the latest one. i think their goal to to reach the american public they want to take the public's mind off of the serious domestic problems they are facing these days and scare them with fabricated problems outside of the country. robert mueller said there was no fabrication.
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he said elements of the iranian government were ready to spend $1.5 million to hire what they believed was a drug cartel hit squad for mexico. >> this case illustrates that we live in a world where borders and boundaries are increasingly irrelevant. a world where individuals from country sought to conspire with a drug trafficking cartel in another country to assassinate a foreign official on united states soil. it reads like the pages of a hollywood script, the impact would have been very real, and many lives would have been lost. >> this new fallout just this hour, congressman king, the chairman of the house homeland security commit see says iran with was planning an act of war on u.s. soil and chairman king says everybody should be left on the table, everything. as for the saudi response, they released this statement, the royal embassy of saudi arabia would like to express its appreciation to the responsibility agencies of the united states government for
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preventing a criminal act from taking place. the attempted plot is a despicable violation of international norms, standards and conventions and is not in accord with principles of humanity. joining me with new insight on the alleged plot is former homeland security adviser to george w. bush fran townsend and fbi supervisor agent. with us tonight, cnn contributor, tom fuentes and bob baer. what are your sources telling you. >> he said it is like a hollywood plot and as we got additional details it is not only that but an incredible example of the sophistication and success of the fbi and law enforcement agents here. we know manssor arbabsiar flew in to mexico and was denied entry. it turns out we learned from
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senior counterterrorism officials he was denied by design. you would think he then flew to new york. you may ask yourself why didn't he fly to texas? that's where he and his family were living. because federal officials in the united states understood that under texas law he may not have been able to be held to do an intelligence interview. he was flown to new york. unbeknownst to the defendant, on the flight were federal agents. they took him in to custody and to a secret facility where he was held from september 29th until today. that's 12 days, john. each of those days he was interviewed by federal agents. each of those days before the interviews began he was given miranda warnings and told he was entitled to be presented on charges before a federal magistrate and each of those days he, in writing, signed a waiver. the reason he was presented today, the defendant was tired
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of talking to federal agents. during those 12 days they not only got a confession from him and we see that in the complaint but also dozens of intelligence reports and leads. those reports are being gone through across the agencies trying to find additional links. the interesting thing, john we know there are direct links to the irgc, the revolutionary guard. senior counterterrorism official tells me they have not yet found a direct link to the supreme leader or to president mahmoud ahmadinejad but that's what they are going through these reports looking for now. >> let's go through the process. ali i want to come to you first because you are familiar with the interrogation tactics. what does that tell you, 12 days of talking and i'm done. the feds decide to go to court. what does that tell you about the suspect and the process? it tells me the individual has been cooperating and that the government was probably taking advantage of his cooperation,
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getting as many intelligence as they can get. this is a very sensitive case. it has regional and national implications and the government needed to dot every "i" and cross every "t." i believe the fbi agents needed everything they could get from him and eventually after his cooperation ended or maybe it ended from our side, he was presented and appeared in to court. because the subject, the defendant, has a right to ask for an attorney and has a right to appear in court anytime he wants. just the fact he stayed more than 12 days, being interrogated by the fbi, that indicates to me that there was a level of cooperation going on. >> so, tom, fuentes, if you read this complaint and now we understand what happened in prison, it does read like a hollywood novel. if i you presented this in hollywood they would probably throw you out. but the key adviser to king abdullah. what is the goal.
10:20 pm
why would iran want to do this and why here? >> well, i think one thing that iran has an advantage is when they make the rest of the world mad at them and either create a situation where the united nations starts hearing evidence against them, or other statements are made, then that unifies them politically and internally. someone like mahmoud ahmadinejad can gain national power internally if it is iran against the world and that could be one reason to have an attack like this. >> iran against the world. bob, how unusual is it for foreign government? if this is we believe this. the republican guard of iran outsourcing an assassination to a criminal drug enterprise, a drug cartel? >> it uses proxies to to make attacks. it could go on and on but they always use reliable proxies. i've never seen them go to drug
10:21 pm
cartels, sit down in a meeting like this, send money through new york. it is sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. this is not characteristic of the force at all. it makes me wonder if there isn't somebody is losing it in teheran. it is a terribly risky operation and has been said by the department of justice it is an act of war. how can we not respond this? what i can't figure out is why they left so many clues, fell in to the trap. it is not their modus operandi. >> thank you for your help tonight. let us know what you think. we are on facebook or follow me on twit wither. herman cain's controversial comments on race and racism in america. and one week after republican new jersey governor chris christie said he won't run for
10:22 pm
president he announces which gop candidate he thinks should get the job. >> john, for the first time we hear dr. conrad murray's full story. what he says happened the day michael jackson died. more audiotapes of his police interview were played in court today. you will hear murray talk about how the singer's children reacted to the news their father was dead. [ woman on radio, indistinct ] ♪ bum-bum ♪ bum-bum, bum-bum, bum-bum ♪ - ♪ ai, ai, ai - ♪ bum-bum - ♪ bum-bum, bum-bum - ♪ [ ice rattles rhythmically ] ♪ bum-bum, bum-bum, bum-bum ♪ ♪ [ imitates guitar noise ] ♪ [ vocalizing up-tempo heavy metal song ] ♪ [ vocalizing continues ] ♪ [ all singing ] from honda.
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gop presidential hopeful herman cain under fire for his comments on racism in america. cain said today that many liberal democrats in the black community are, quote, racist, for questioning his political
10:26 pm
ambitions as a black conservative republican. his remarks came in an interview on a radio show. and there's more. over the weekend, the former executive of godfathers pizza, pillsbury and pizza den say that african americans who remain economically disadvantaged have only themselves to blame. watch. >> they weren't held back because of racism, no. people sometimes hold themselves back because they want to use racism as an excuse for them not being able to achieve what they want to achieve. >> that comment, along with some others he made recently, outraged a number of african-american leaders who argue cain is out of touch with reality. among his critics professor cornell wells who said the republican candidate needs to get off his, quote, symbolic crackpipe and harry belafonte who called cain a bad apple who didn't represent the african-american community. last night, cain fired back at his critics on fox news hannity. >> people like harry belafonte,
10:27 pm
professor west and others who attack me they don't want black people to think for themselves. this is why they are so upset with herman cain, who's now moving up in to the top tier for the republican presidential nomination and that people are listening to me. they don't want me to wake people up and get them to read the fine print and think for themselves. >> cain also had this message on fox news for those speaking out against him. >> i left the democrat plantation a long time ago, and all they try to do when someone like me -- and i'm not the only black person out there that shares these conservative views, the only tactic they have to try to intimidate me and shut me up is to call me names and this sort of thing. it just simply won't work with. >> comments like that help or hurt his presidential campaign? joining me now joyce watkins, founder of
10:28 pm
and do you first, herman cain says some of his critics are racist. you believe he's a racist. that is a heavy indictment. stick by it? >> yeah. i think herman cain, to some extent, is the perfect racist. because racism is most effective when it has a black face. a lot of people think that being black means you can't be racist but we have black people who have problems with dark skinned black people, black people who have problems with poor black people, et cetera. you even have women that will sit on a jury during a rape trial saying her skirt was too short or she shouldn't have been out that late. so women that hate women or people that promote an agenda not created by them but is accelerated by the color of their skin. remember, no other republican candidate could really get away with talking about race as much as herman cain has. to some extent he's at risk of turning his campaign in to a political gimmick. you see hannity and guys like
10:29 pm
him using him to say those things that maybe they are afraid to say themselves. >> ken, blackwell, is herman cain a racist? >> i don't think that herman cain is a racist. i don't think that harry belafonte is a racist because he says herman cain is a bad apple. i think race is being used in this instance all around the table to repress differences of opinion. when race issues to repress dissent, it is wrong on all sides of the table. look, herman cain as a republican, he's conservative. he believes he has a prescription for growing the economy, creating jobs and providing opportunity for all americans, inclusive of black americans. >> when it comes to -- >> i think the name -- john, john, i think name calling has gone too far. >> you are saying name calling
10:30 pm
has gone too far. we have known each other a long time and your involvement in ohio politics including being the secretary of state. you are among the african-american republicans trying to build support in the african-american community. is the language helpful to that effort to have more blacks join the republican party or hurtful? >> i think mr. cain's prescription for growing the economy is helpful. i think when he says that folks who differ from him have been brainwashed, that is not constructive. i don't think that calling him a bad apple or saying that he's on a symbolic crack pipe is helpful either. look, people want -- it is as if the african-american community was drowning 50 feet off shore. they don't want somebody to throw them a 100 foot rope and drop their end to find something better to do or a 25 foot rope saying a swim will do you good. they want someone that will hold 50 foot rope and hold on to their end. that's what we have to get back to. >> boyce, what about the
10:31 pm
argument, about the lack of ideological political diversity in the african-american community and many lib rap african-americans criticism conservative african-americans saying they are somehow abandoning their community. >> one of the best-kept secrets in america is that many black people are very conservative. i'm the from the south and a lot of people in my family want to like herman cain. some of his values are in perfect alignment with their own. i think what mr. cain might want to pick up on is this simple word called dignity. you have to run your campaign with dignity. you can't make ridiculous statements one after another and allow people to use you as a racial fire ball. colin powell was a conservative also. many people loved and respected colin powell. to this day, many people respect him. i know i do. there's a big difference between a way a conservative like colin powell would run a presidential campaign versus herman cain.
10:32 pm
this idea of gimmicks and turning yourself in to a black male sarah palin or a black male rush limbaugh, that might be great for selling books or getting a radio show, but it's not what people will look for in a commander in chief. i would argue he is acting more like a court jester as it stands today. >> is that fair, court jester, ken? >> that's youth outside of the pail of talking about human dignity. here's a guy that grew up in a low-income family, went to school, did well, created jobs and hired black and white folks and latinos. he, in fact, has lived the american dream. and basically to say that he is -- i have seen him depicted as sambo by the left s. that promoting human dignity? no. i'm saying both sides have to get back to what people are looking for. they are looking for leaders who inspire hope and create
10:33 pm
opportunity and pull i us together to get something done and i think i have heard herman cain over the last 20 years. he can be that sort of leader and i think he in fact needs to invent his program and say this is what i'm about. >> boyce watkins, ken blackwell, appreciate your voices tonight. and the president demanded a vote on the jobs bill and he is getting it but it is not turning out the way he hoped. in his own words, jurors in the michael jackson death trial hear dr. conrad murray's version of what happened the day jackson died. and kids tell us what it is like to be bullied and the toll it takes long after the bullying stops. >> it starts to build up and bad things start to happen. whether you start cutting yourself, you kill yourself, you develop a eating disorder. it is obsessive. it becomes obsessive. cars, plee . for convertibles, press star one. i didn't catch that. to speak to a representative, please say representative now. representative.
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crime and punishment. another emotional day in the dr. conrad murray trial. they showed jurors a photo of michael jackson on the autopsy table. we are not going to show it to you. >> what was the cause of death. >> the cause was acute propofol intoxication. propofol, of course, is that powerful surgical anesthetic that dr. conrad murray, jackson's personal physician said that jackson was addicted to. the prosecutor asked the medical examiner this.
10:38 pm
>> what was the manner of death? >> the manner was homicide. >> homicide. homicide. dr. murray pleaded not guilty to manslaughter. his lawyers say that jackson gave himself the final and fatal dose of propofol. but today the medical examiner shot down that explanation. >> the circumstances, from my point of view, do not support self administration of propofol. >> now, that's his professional opinion, as a medical examiner. the real drama came when dr. murray described what happened in the final hours of jackson's life. prosecutors played a recording of an interview murray gave police just two days after jackson died. here's ted rollins. >> for the first time jurors heard the story of what happened in the hours before michael jackson died. directly from the doctor blamed for hi death. in a two-hour interview recorded by police, dr. murray recounted a sleepless night for jackson
10:39 pm
who was desperately looking for rest in order to prepare for his upcoming tour. >> he was wide awake. and then he complained. i i've got to sleep, dr. conrad. i have these rehearsals to perform. i must be ready for the show in england. tomorrow i'm going to have to cancel my performance. i will have to cancel my trip because, you know, i cannot function if i don't get the sleep. >> murray said he gave jackson a series of sedatives, but nothing worked. timely at 10:40 a.m., he says he gave in to jackson's pleas and administered 25 milligrams of propofol. , which jackson referred to as his milk. >> i then decided to go ahead and give him some of the milk.
10:40 pm
because i cared about him. i don't want him to fail. i have no intentions of hurting him. the time line 0 of what happened is under dispute by the prosecution. >> i monitored. i sat and watched him for a long enough period that i felt comfortable. and then i needed to go to the bathroom. so i got up, went to the bathroom. then i came back to his it bedside was stunned in the sense that he wasn't breathing. i was gone maybe two minutes. his body was warm. there was no change in color. so i assumed that everything happened very quickly just about the time that i went there and back. >> murray said he was away from jackson for only two minutes but phone records show that murray spent 45 minutes on his cell phone before he discovered that jackson had stopped breathing. still the audiotape may work in
10:41 pm
murray's favor. the jury heard murray say repeatedly he loved jackson and wanted to help him. >> mr. jackson was my friend. i loved him. michael jackson may have had dependency to a substance. i was trying to wean him off. >> he talked about consoling jackson's daughter paris at the hospital. >> i tried my best and she said, i know that, dr. murray. she said i know you tried your best. i know you tried your best but i'm really sad. because i will wake up in the morning and won't see my daddy and she cried. >> the audiotape maybe the only chance that the jury has to hear murray's story, as it is not expected he will take the stand in his own defense. ted rowlands, cnn, los angeles. >> a lot of powerful evidence for the jurors. joining me to success is attorney mark gary goes. and sunny hostin.
10:42 pm
who does it help more, the prosecution or the defense? >> i think it clearly helps the defense. you don't have to think back too far to the rob effort blake case where the prosecution played the barbara walters interview. he didn't have to take the stand. he wasn't cross-examined. he was able to get his story out. here you have him expressing the his love for michael jackson and everything else. i'm a little mystified as to what the gain was for the prosecution at the risk of putting in all of this evidence. if i can tell you, kudos to your network, unlike some other networks for not showing the autopsy photo. it is inexplicable to me why that is being played by other networks. >> let me ask you this question, why do you think -- we're not going to show it. we will have some standards here. why do you think the prosecution decided to bring it in to evidence?
10:43 pm
>> i think they wanted to -- i think the shock factor. i just can't imagine what the probative value was. this is not a case where there was a stabbing or a shooting and where entry or exit holes are going to matter or where it will make one difference to how he died. how he died will be based on the toxicology reports and medical testimony. looking at his body on a gurney doesn't give the your any value whatsoever. i don't understand number one why they introduced it. number two, i don't understand why the lawyers didn't ask for it to be sealed. if they did, i don't understand why the judge allowed it to be out to the media and lastly, i don't understand why certain networks have lowered their standards to show it. >> sunny do, you agree, shock value is the only reason to introduce the photo and do you agree the tape is not as damaging as the prosecution hoped? >> i disagree with mark. he should know in every case that is based on a homicide you
10:44 pm
have to show the autopsy photo. you show the lifeless body. they only show two pictures. i think it is probative, relevant and appropriate. as to the tape recording, i would agree with mark on that. i think there's no question that it certainly helped conrad murray a lot. now his story is in front of the jury. i think he sounded cautious, reasonable and he's not going to testify because he doesn't have to. he will not be cross-examined but his story is out there. i think mark and i have a 50/50 split but i don't think that people should be showing the autopsy photo. >> i don't disagree that in almost every homicide case they show one i but in almost homicide case it isn't a situation where you are talking about toxicology. you are usually talking about 99% of the homicide cases i do, 99% of them time it is a bullet or stab wound. >> mark, one thing that it was, an and also on the tape you hear dr. murray saying michael
10:45 pm
jackson never told him he was seeing other doctors, never told him the medication those other doctors were giving him. what's the impact of that? i'm assuming the defense says we are not culpable. >> that's what the defense is. they previewed in the opening statement that there was this lethal combination of drugs, unbeknownst to doctor murray, michael had been doctor shopping. that was the defense's opening statement was. now i anticipate they will bring in a laundry list of prescription under a laundry list of name and that will be in evidence and they will say, look, this lethal cocktail was that killed michael is not from dr. murray administering it. he didn't cause the death even if he was not rising to the level or standard of care in a doctor in this situation. he didn't cause the death and that is what they are going to argue is going to cause a not guilty. >> mark geragos, sunny hostin, appreciate your insights tonight.
10:46 pm
how a few brave kids and maybe even yours can make a huge difference in bullying. >> it get mess angry when i see somebody picked on. >> what makes you angry. >> the kid don't anything to deserve the bullying so i want to stop it. i don't want to see anything escalate. yeah, over 100 years worth. okay, so you mean you just ignore the environment. actually, it's cleaner. and, it provides jobs. and it helps our economy. okay, i'm listening. [announcer] at conoco phillips we're helping power america's economy with cleaner affordable natural gas... more jobs, less emissions, a good answer for everyone. so, by reducing the impact of production... and protecting our land and water... i might get a job once we graduate. a we don't go lower than 130. ts a room tonight for 65 dollars. big deal, persuade him.
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>> lots of students are caught up in billing. doctors call it social compact, a constant battle to be part of the in crowd. victims are often police themselves, a vicious cycle that researchers say we can stop. the solution might be easier than you think. here is anderson's report. >> it starts to build up and bad things start to happen. whether you start cutting yourself, you kill yourself, you
10:51 pm
develop a eating disorder. it is obsessive. it becomes obsessive. >> "360" teamed up with sociologist robert faris and diane feltly to see how serious the issue is here at wheatley. why kids bully and how to stop the problem. 700 students took a survey four times over the semester. what we discovered was shocking. 56% of all students had engaged in aggressive behavior, been victimized by bullies or both. and out of all incidents 80% were never reported to an adult. perhaps more alarming to parents -- >> in the survey 74% of students said they don't think that telling their parents about an understand dent would be helpful. does that surprise you? >> no. >> most people say that telling your parents -- parents will most likely say just ignore it.
10:52 pm
you can't ignore it. it will stick to you and you will think about it at the end of the day. >> after you get bullied you internalize it. i think of my day over and over and what everyone said about me and you start to think about it yourself. >> they have anti-bullying programs from kindergarten to 12th grade. the principal feeney? >> it breaks my heart when they keep that inside and we're not aware of it. our goal, of course, is to try to reach our students. we're not always successful but we will certainly continue to try. >> our studies show the main reason kids bully is to climb the social ladder. in a key finding, the it found most of the time bullying doesn't work. kids who bully don't actually gain social status. >> we find by and large, on average, the more aggressive you are, it doesn't have an effect
10:53 pm
on how likely you are to climb the social ladder later on. >> reporter: that could be a breakthrough. educate kids not only that bullying is destructive but why they bully is misguided and let that message spread. >> there's also the possibility that positive behaviors can also spread through social networks and kids may be more likely to intervene in bullying situations if they see their friends stepping in to stop things. >> getting kids to intervene a is crucial and these are the students on the front lines of the fight. they were ranked not as bullies or victims but the ones that step in and try to stop it. >> do you feel bullying is a big problem? >> yes. >> for andrew it was his experience as a victim that makes him stand up to bullies. >> do you think the fact you were bullied when you were younger you know what it feels like and makes you want to intervene. >> definitely makes me angry when i see somebody getting picked on. >> what makes you angry about it. >> the kid didn't do anything to
10:54 pm
deserve the bullying so i want to stop it. i don't want to see something escalate. >> according to think research, these students could be a key to stop bullying. >> the bystanders are the heart of the school social life. they have the numbers and they really hold the power to prevent this behavior. if it really is about jogging for status, then it won't work if those kids, those bystanders are actively disapproving of it or stepping in to prevent it. >> valuable lessons there. this study is part of "360's" effort with facebook and the cartoon network and "time" inc. to stop the bullying epidemic. we will have more each week and join anderson for his town hall, bullying, it stops here. it is october 14th at 8 and 10 p.m.
10:55 pm
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erin burnett "out front" is ahead. we will talk to peter king and see what he thinks of the act of terror, is it an act of war or not and we will talk to menendez on the relations committee and see how locked up the u.s. case is.
10:59 pm
that is on "up front" next. other stories we are following. we have the 360 bulletin. as expected the senate did not pass president obama's jobs bill. 49 senators voted against it leaving democrats ten votes short of moving the bill forward. u.s. attorney general eric holder says he will comply with subpoenas when they are issued by the congressional committee investigating operation fast and furious. they will reportedly cover justice department personnel and communications about the failed gun running operation. occupy wall street took its message up town with the backing of several union groups. new york's financial districts to the upper east side. some of the cities won't -- including several well known media and financial executives. one way to bolster tourism