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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 13, 2011 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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this from jory, we should see some indisputable proof of the iranian government's role in this fiasco. we shouldn't be saying things like act of war until the proof is readily available to u.s. citizens and we certainly shouldn't resort to something more than sanctions without the sound support of congress. thanks for your comments. i appreciate it. that does for us. "cnn newsroom" with kyra phillips starts right now. good morning to you. we begin this morning in the presidential race and a new reminder of how volatile this election may prove to be for the third time in a month, the republican field has a new frontrunner, herman cain. he's a political newcomer who was virtually invisible just a few weeks ago. paul steinhauser, cnn deputy political director. does this say more about cain or maybe how unenthused republican voters are right now. >> good points right there. this has been one wild ride in the battle for the gop
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nomination. let's look at this poll everybody is buzzing about. nbc/wall street journal. it came out last night. on the top, herman cain former godfather pizza ceo. mitt romney the former massachusetts governor at 23% and rick perry you can see dropping down to 16% in this poll. now, kyra, one thing about this poll that was done before the presidential debate the other night and cain's advantage there, that four-point advantage that is within the sampling era. another poll came out last night. this is by reuters and this indicates pretty much a tie at the top. romney at 23%, cain at 19%. again, it's within the sampling error. herman cain catching fire in the polls national and state one reason is 999 that tax plan he has been talking about nonstop. he was the star or at least had the most attention at the presidential debate the other night. another debate, our own, coming up next week, kyra. >> also, paul, it's been a rough
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stretch for the president. so, what are we hearing from his re-election campaign at this point? >> they have some numbers they're bragging about, no doubt about that. that is their third quarter campaign numbers. if you look at this, the president and the dnc raised $70 million in july through september period and that is a little bit more than they predicted. the president's campaign taking about $43 million of that. why does campaign cash matter? those big bucks, they can pay for campaign commercials and get out the vote efforts and that kind of stuff down the road next year when the president is fully running for re-election. if you take the republican candidates and their money together, it looks like the president still has more. >> paul, thanks. tune in opportunity for primetime interview with herman cain. he will appear on "erin burnett out front." right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. paul mentioned it live on cnn the republican candidates for president gather in las vegas to debate the issues and try to
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sway those voters. the western republican presidential debate on cnn tuesday night 8:00 p.m. eastern. while herman cain pitches his tax plan, billionaire warren buffett increases his support for reform. got a chance to speak to buffett about his nations to reform the nation's tax code. hey, poppy. >> it's interesting, we're hearing this increased drum beat from warren buffett. the white house has named their tax proposal the buffett rule after the billionaire investor but what's interesting is the back story. we obtained e-mails, an e-mail yesterday which was the correspondence between a republican congressman, tim from kansas and earlier this month sent a letter to buffett and asked him to release his tax returns. we heard this before. and he said, if you, mr. buffett, do that, i'll release my tax returns. warren buffett wrote back and said, i will be delighted to release my tax returns if you can also get some of the wealthiest americans to do the
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same. so, let's take a listen to what warren told me about why he is saying that. take a listen. >> i'm delighted. i would be delighted to get my return along with the others of the ultrarich and then we can just see exactly why the tax system produces these huge tax inequities that result in me and the ultrarich paying a much higher tax rate than probably you pay, poppy, or for that matter, that the congressman pays. >> also some news he made also yesterday to us, kyra, what he made. you can see it right there on the monitor next to me. $63 million, that's what he brought in in 2010 alone. he paid roughly 17.4% in taxes. his argument here is that he says he is paying less than those in his office and less than americans. i spoke to him in depth yesterday and he also issued
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this statement. he said, "mr. buffett still refuses to release his tax returns. what he does disclose may be accurate, but it is incomplete and fails to explain how he shelters millions of dollars in income. it is unprecedented that we would write an entire law based on one man's anecdotes without actual proof, kyra." so, you can see more of his statement and full interview with buffett and i know you and i will dig into this later in the next hour. >> we sure are. poppy, you will join me just more than an hour from now. the republican congressman that request that buffett release tax returns will join me live. 10:15 eastern time. poppy will be a part of that interview, as well. the cost of bad decision in a lousy economy. tuesday night a u.s. city declared bankruptcy. local lawmakers in harrisburg, pennsylvania, say that the city is buried under almost $500 million of debt. alison kosik is in harrisburg with more. what happened to plunge the city
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into so much debt? >> as you know, anyone who is in deep financial trouble, this doesn't happen just overnight, the same thing goes for harrisburg, pennsylvania. these financial problems, they've been brewing for a long time. you know what, things really reached a boiling point earlier this week. this as the city sits on $3 $3 million of debt it can't pay. what was this boiling point? the harrisburg city council actually filed for bankruptcy. guess what the financial tipping point was for this city. the trash incinerator. many people saying that it wound up burning more cash than trash. it was more of a money pit. these financial problems for the incinerator really began to pile on when it was renovated because the hope was that revenue would wind up making up for the financing, the cost of renovating it. that, obviously, not panning out. so, obviously, not hurting the budget situation in harrisburg. now, city councilman that we talked to earlier today said that the political dysfunction is heating up now that the mayor
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of harrisburg is challenging this bankruptcy filing. listen to what he had to say. >> i'm up for eelection in four weeks. this is the popular or practical thing to do. sticking my neck out there. if it was popular or practical, i would have kept my mouth shut. nobody sticking up for the people of harrisburg, not the bond holders or lobbyists and i would vencher to say this administration because we have to make our city better than it was and better than it is right now in five years and down the road. >> herringberisbering's mayor s it's illegal to file for bankruptcy. ultimately up to a judge which side is right. but at this point, harrisburg is sitting here with a balance sheet that is yet to be contended with and it continues, obviously too, be exacerbated. its financial problems are exacerbated by what all cities are finding a huge issue. high unemployment, which means fewer tax receipts coming in. kyra? >> alison kosik, thank you so
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much. is your blackberry working yet? if you're chained to it for work or pleasure, this could be another very long day. dan simon joining us from san francis francisco. dan, where do things stand right now? >> well, according to r.i.m., the maker of blackberry, they're based in canada. they said they had this situation under control. we'll see. this started as a core switch problem in europe and they feel like they finally got a handle on this infrastructure, but like a bad global virus, you can see how this thing spread from country to country before finally hitting the united states yesterday. i want you to listen to the ceo and founder of r.i.m. who put this statement on youtube just a little while ago. take a look. >> since launching blackberry in 1999, it's been my goal to provide reliable, real-time communications around the world. we did not deliver on that goal this week. not even close. i apologize for the service outages this week.
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we've let many of you down. but let me assure you that we're working around the clock to fix this. >> well, there are really two problems here. there's the outage problem and then there's the problem to the r.i.m. brand and i would suggest that the public relations issue is worse than the outage. this could not come as a worse time for blackberry. they've seen their market share decline each quarter. google has now overtaken r.i.m. and apple has beaten them. now firmly in third place. this was a category they dominated a few years ago and the fact they're having these issues really could not come at a worse time, kyra. >> dan simon, thanks. we're talking about 70 million blackberry users around the world, not knowing what to do. and, you know, john, some people were saying, you know what, it was a nice break. it gave me an excuse to say, okay, i can't get back to you right now. sorry, i didn't get the e-mail. >> that little box of plastic and chips runs our lives.
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we had a break from it for a while. >> people around the world were noticing what was going on. 70 million people is a lot of people. a newspaper called "the national." this wasn't an opinion piece, but they are calling this a death sentference the blackberry. they quoted telecom who said the three-day failure of blackberry service could become a death sentence for the maker of the device. they're picking up on what dan was saying. but despite the service problems this week, blackberry ranks as one of the most popular smartphone brands in the region. despite the iphone and despite the android, everyone seems to have one. the "toronto star" heads, is it over. the service disruptions are the worse since an outage swept north america in 2009, but the landscape has changed since then leaving research in motion more vulnerable to criticism on social media sites like facebook and twitter. finally, "the citizen" in south
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africa says, have a raspberry. the heck with it. strange to tell, there was life before the cell phone even before the landline phone. people survived. it's not the end of the world. and, you know what, get a life. it's just a blackberry after all. >> hey, you know, it just forced people to communicate either face-to-face or via, as we used to say, landline. >> what a concept. talk to people. >> exactly. john, thanks. coming up, young hollywood is resting a little easier today. the guy suspected of hacking into their e-mail accounts and stealing sexy pictures is busted by the feds. dumping bathrooms to make room for more seats. that's what one airline want to do. cost cutting move that is certainly upsetting a lot of people.
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quick look at news across country now. people in seal beach, california, say they know who went into a hair salon and killed eight people now. another victim was critically hurt. the suspect is cooperating. exercising your first amendment rights can be messy. tomorrow the city of new york will clean the private park where the occupy wall street protesters have been basically living for the last four weeks. the park's owners were worried about unsanitary conditions and wear and tear. airtran will always do what southwest does. that policy takes effect in march. southwest bought airtran last year. scarlett johansson topless, christina aguilera clothed, but
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barely. these are a few of the celebrities exposed online by a hacker. the feds have been working the case now for a year and just made an arrest and it's this man. 35-year-old christopher cheney charged with a couple dozen crimes from identity theft to wiretapping to hacking into e-mail. >> the indictment alleges that mr. cheney set the victims' accounts to automatically forward all of their e-mails to his own e-mail. by using these methods, cheney stole not only private and personal photographs of the victims, he also took financial information, movie scripts and conversations that the victims believed to be private. >> u.s. attorney andre joins me live from los angeles. how did he access the passwords? >> good morning, kyra. we believe he was able to access the passwords, quite frankly, in
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somewhat of a guessing game. many of the information that he was able access that allowed him access into some of these e-mail accounts. >> how did he guess the passwords? >> well, unfortunately, in this day in age, information is a commodity and people troll the internet to try to get information about individuals and particular celebrities and at least we believe that he was able to guess some of the passwords. unfortunately, many people know people like to use names or passwords that are easy for them. whether it's their dog's name their best friend's name, their street address or town that they grew up in and people take random guesses to see if that is, in fact, the password. he was successful in accomplishing that. >> how did he add the new victims. we were talking about more than 50 celebs and others in the entertainment industry, right? >> yes, unfortunately, once he
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was able to get access to a particular celebrity by accessing their e-mails and their e-mails to other friends, he was able to then hack into friends and other celebrities' accounts. >> now, he's apologized for this, he'sed a milt ed this, he'sed a milt a this, he'sed a milt ed this, he'sed a milt dmitted th done it and he says he's sorry. do you think he's done it? what do you think his motive was? he just became addicted to just learning all these things about stars and seeing pictures. do you believe that? >> well, it's interesting because we have no information to suggest that he received any financial gain from this. nevertheless, quite frankly, the motive in this matter doesn't really matter for purposes of the indictment and prosecution. >> andre, forgive me. i got to breakaway. we will stay on the story, follow up. i want to get straight to the president of the united states. live pictures now of the first lady, michelle obama, with the president there.
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you can see the white house pretty much rolling out the red carpet for south korea's president. he's arriving for an official state visit. ♪ ♪
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>> all right, you're watching live pictures now as the president and first lady greet their south korean counterparts right there on the south lawn of the white house. this visit comes just a day after congress approved a free trade agreement between the two countries. they are expected to hold a joint news conference. we will take it live when it happens. if you're flying ryanair. they want to get rid of some bathrooms to make room for more seats. paula deans ranks maxim's hottest chef. 5-year price lock guarantees and consistently fast speeds. ♪
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your "showbiz headlines" two little girls singing a nicki minaj song led to an appearance on "ellen" and then nicki minaj showed up. and it gets better because then the trio sang together. ♪ >> she said that 8-year-old sofia grace is a star in the making. lifetime is remaking "steel mag noelious" with all black cast and shot in louisiana. no word yet on who will be in that. finally, "mackm" magazine's list of hottest tv chefs food
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network's paula dean but instead of using her picture maxim put in a stick of butter saying, and i quote, just imagining the slippery, sloppy -- exactly my thought. okay. well, we're going to go from one real talk story to another. sorry for the segue. well, i think we can say the same thing about your story, really, no bathrooms? ryanair. >> if you hate to fly, the cheapest, low-cost carrier that ireland ever produced has a brilliant idea to save money. it's going to cut the number of toilets on its planes from three toilets to one. so, imagine, 200 people on a plane an hour, two hours, three hours. their longest flight is 4:25. >> that's ridiculous.
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>> it is ridiculous, but here's the thinking. take out the bathroom and add six more seats and six more seats and bring the cost down for everybody. do the math, some people are saying, well, if you had a $63 ticket, that would make it $60. so, $3 to spend the whole flight with your knees pressed together. ryanair is saying it's a good way to save money. only do it on the short haul flights to begin with. here's the thing that gets me, the ceo says, "we very rarely use all three toilets aboard our aircraft anyway." maybe they don't use all three, but every flight i have been on, there are always people lining up. this is going to be a very particular form of punish lt. ryanair making a lot of money and paying per bag or paying to get a boarding ticket printed show up here. so, be warned. three toilets down to one toilet and, by the way, it's entirely heel. nothing anyone can do to prevent it. if boeing will approve the six
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extra seats, ryanair is the last place you want to go after you visit the airport. >> they won't be paying for drinks. >> that's for sure. careana hubert with a quick check at the markets. >> shifts away from europe and not focusing on the job claims because they were relatively flat. jpmorgan chase was the first to come out with their numbers. a accident quarter with both profit and sales beating estimates but, of course, kyra, that should be taken with a grain of salt because the company lowered its expectations in recent month. their shares down 2% because the company issued a cautious outlook about what's ahead. overall, a lot of concern about the banking sector. banks have taken a hit in september and august and that is a sector to watch. one of six african-americans
6:27 am
is out of work, one billionaire says he has a plan to turn the tide and he's asking america's biggest companies to pitch in. coming up, we're talking live to b.e.t. founder robert johnson. herman cain is the new republican frontrunner, according to a new poll. the big question, can he keep up the momentum?
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♪ a refrigerator has never been hacked. an online virus has never attacked a corkboard. ♪ give your customers the added feeling of security a printed statement or receipt provides... ...with mail. it's good for your business. ♪ and even better for your customers. ♪ for safe and secure ways to stay connected, visit
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checking top stories now free trade deal with south korea, columbia and panama are heading to president obama's desk. congress passed the deals last night. supporters say they will create jobs in the u.s. people on mexico's pacific coast are dealing with destroyed homes and flooded out roads thanks to hurricane jova. the flood waters and mud chased some people to their rooftops. more people have died after eating tainted cantaloupe. the death toll is now 23. remember cantaloupes were found to contain the deadly listeria
6:31 am
bacteria. herman cain is now the man to beat in the republican presidential race. according to one new poll, a new "wall street journal" nbc poll puts him on top with 27% of the vote. mitt romney comes in second, followed by rick perry and ron paul. but a reuters poll from the same time frame scrambles those four and romney lands on top. cnn political analyst rolland martin and will kaine joining me live now. another day, another frontrunner, is this a sign of cain's strength or romney's weakness? >> neither. this is an irrelevant poll. listen, we sit here and those of us who cover politics, we go back and forth. new poll. there are about 5,000 polls out here. ppp, nbc, cbs, you name it.
6:32 am
everybody has a poll. >> you don't think cain is resonating at all? >> look, he's resonating because he is a simple message. he's speaking directly to tea party people. when you break down this poll, they say we like his plain talk and he's not a politician. at the end of the day, are these polls meaningless until you actually have both. it is also a state-by-state race. a national poll serves no purpose right now. >> well, is it meaningless? >> no, roland makes good points. we can't just look at these polls and say herman cain is going to win the nomination. it is a real appetite for what herman cain is delivering. this guy has a biography that is unmatchable on this stage. this guy's daddy wasn't a chemical titan. he's the son of a chauffeur. this guy is impressive and on top of that, he has a bold plan. 999 that i have substantive
6:33 am
disagreements with. he's not tinkering around the edges. he is saying we have a real problem, which everyone agrees with the tax code. roland agrees with that and i agree with that, at least this guy has a bold plan. that poll reflects he is resonating and should be. >> again, when you start looking at this particular poll, again, what he speaks to is people really paying attention, the crazy, political folks who follow this stuff. i mean, every up and down. when you begin to go into november and december and when you begin to have that first election, first of all, we have no idea these days if new hampshire might be voting by thanksgiving. so, all of a sudden, the field wide widens. then people say, are you electable? also, right now in the gop field, you can appeal to a sliver of the populous and then you can be in the top tier. so, when you look at 15, 18, 20%, that's really what it is all about. this is more about a fractured
6:34 am
gop field as opposed to one person, cain or romney somehow resonating across the field. >> then, will, when are republicans going to settle on a candidate. we have seen the frontrunner fluctuate. >> will? >> you can't disagree with a lot of what roland is saying. we will decide on a candidate when the voting period comes. he is being too dismissive of someone who is resonating. this is too inside the beltway. too inside the beltway talking about which polls matter and roland is from texas and i'm from texas and i talk to people and herman cain's name comes up over and over. the point is, this guy is resonating and i want to say this, roland's right. this doesn't matter until january when the primaries roll around. i will say, do not dismiss herman cain. i think come january a decision between herman cain and romney. >> last thought, ro. >> at this point, barack obama down 20 points to senator
6:35 am
hillary clinton. it all matters when people actually vote. you can resonate in a poll, but when they go into the voting booth, that's the real issue. so, i pay no attention to polls before people actually vote. that's where elections matter. >> we're going to leave it there, guys. >> i just want to sarx all i'm saying, distinguish herman cain from michele bachmann and rick perry, i don't think you're seeing the same boom and bust. that's what's happening here. >> guys, thanks. everyone is talking about it. no matter what you think, everyone is talking about it. next tuesday night on cnn, the republican candidates vote to debate the issue and sway the voters. the western republican presidential debate, cnn tuesday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern. we talked about the black unemployment crisis but one billionaire says he has a solution and it starts with a challenge for america's biggest companies. just ahead, i'm going to talk live with b.e.t. founder bob johnson. and commitment is not limited to one's military oath. the same set of values that drive our nation's military
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are the ones we used to build usaa bank. from free checking to credit cards to loans, our commitment to the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. ♪ visit us online to learn what makes our bank so different. usaa. we know what it means to serve. delivering mail, medicine and packages. yet they're closing thousands of offices, slashing service, and want to lay off over 100,000 workers. the postal service is recording financial losses, but not for reasons you might think. the problem ? a burden no other agency or company bears. a 2006 law that drains 5 billion a year from post-office revenue while the postal service is forced to overpay billions more into federal accounts. congress created this problem, and congress can fix it.
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one in six african-americans is out of work according to the labor department. 16% unemployment rate, 7% higher than the national average. the black workers that do have full-time jobs earn 80% of what white workers make. america's first black billionaire has a plan to fix that. bob johnson joining me from washington, d.c. great to see you. >> great to see you, too. >> you're asking america's biggest companies now to interview, at least two black candidates for every open senior position. why? >> kyra, i got this idea from the nfl's rooney rule. the rooney rule simply says that owners of nfl teams must interview one african-american when there is a vacancy in the coaching position or gm position. as a result of that rule, the number of coaches in the nfl jumped from about 3 to 8 and the number of gms up to 5 and two of
6:40 am
those coaches in the nfl went on to take their teams to the super bowl. which says african-americans, if given a chance. companies who are seeking to hire vps or above or issue contracts to businesses would voluntarily, i stress voluntarily agree to interview at least two african-american qualified candidates before they fill that position or qualified african-american small or minority business before they hire or sign a new contract. and, to me, that will create opportunity and more than likely it will create success. >> but, bob, and the nfl rule did get criticized. you know, people came forward and they're going to probably criticize this, as well, saying, look, this is discrimination. why not just interview the most qualified candidates no matter what their ethnicity. what do you say to the critics? >> well, i would say this.
6:41 am
the concept like the rooney rule is not discrimination. no mandate to hire anybody. it simply -- it's what i call best practice enhance commitment to diversity and inclusion. you simply say to a hr person or a contracting person, before you fill that vp position and above, at least interview two qualified candidates. if they're not quailified for that job, maybe there's another job. it's simply best practices and particularly at a time when african-american unemployment is approaching 18% and many of those 18% harvard graduates, stanford graduates who would do well in corporations and they simply don't have the opportunity. and i know they're out there because i employ a lot of them in my various businesses. >> all right, let's stick with jobs and economy now. you know, you've come out really tough on president obama. you slammed him and attacked his economic policies. you don't mince words.
6:42 am
if you could sit down with him today, bob, what would you ask him to do? >> well, first of all, i haven't slammed him. >> tough talk, is that fair? tough talk. >> i would say it is a recognition that you can't convince people to be supportive of your objectives by, in some ways, accusing them of not being involved and trying to solve the problem. every entrepreneur i know, every business person i know wakes up every day trying to create value, trying to create opportunity and when they do that, they put people to work. what business people are looking for -- >> what would you tell the president to do? the two of you, one-on-one? >> first thing i would tell the president to do is get his jobs council or ask his jobs council to help more african-americans get opportunities both in business and employment. the second thing i would do, ask him to recalibrate his argument that there's something negative
6:43 am
about being able to fly a private jet or being able to generate wealth and talk to us in terms of how did we create business? how did i go from being from a family of ten to become successful in creating black entertainment television and recently successful in taking my hotel company public and now proposing to encourage companies to hire more african-american. these are things i believe in. not a public policy agenda. not a re-election agenda, but an agenda to try to use my talent and my energy and my entrepreneurial skills to help people to work. talk to us in that vein, i think then we will respond. >> in your opinion, is obama doing enough for the african-american community? >> in my opinion, i think he can do more. and he is certainly doing everything he can for the general population and i think he believes that if you get america in the broad sense back
6:44 am
working, it will have an impact on african-americans. unfortunately, historically, that's not the case. that's why white american unemployment is at 9.1 and african-american, kyra, if you want to know the truth, is probably closer to 20 plus. so, there's a disconnect between making and creating jobs for the general population and creating jobs and opportunity for african-american. that argues from my standpoint that somebody has to go an extra mile and i think the president and the congress both sides, i'm not picking on one or the other. they need to go the extra mile to increase opportunities for african-americans. >> will you vote for president obama? >> i sacertainly will do that. >> what do you think of herman cain? >> it's not so much herman cain. i know of him and i know of his background, but the thing that really says to me is the way the republican party is embracing
6:45 am
herman cain. the conventional wisdom is that the republican party is negative to african-americans. i think it's great because my basic philosophy is, kyra, it's better for african-americans to have both parties seeking our support. too often sometimes i feel the democratic party takes us for granted and the republican party ignores us. so, if herman can drum up more support for african-americans in the republican party and president obama head of the democratic party, it could really mean that african-americans are now being looked at as voters that people should court. i welcome the republican party enthusiasm for herman cain as a potential republican nominee. >> b.e.t. founder, robert johnson. bob, great talking to you this morning. thanks so much. >> we'll see you, kyra. >> you bet. expert witness in the trial of conrad murray paints a damaging picture of the doctor's treatment of michael jackson.
6:46 am
>> when you monitor a patient, you never leave their side, especially after giving propofol. it's like leaving a baby that's sleeping on your kitchen countertop. >> that story, next. i have to be a tree in the school play. good. you like trees. well, i like climbing them, but i've never been one. good point. ( captain ) this is your captain speaking. annie gets to be the princess. oh... but she has to kiss a boy. and he's dressed up like a big green frog ! ewww. ( announcer ) fly without putting your life on pause. be yourself nonstop. american airlines.
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[ boy ] hey, i thought these were electric? uh, it is, yeah, it's a chevy volt. so what are you doing at a gas station? well it still takes gas to go farther. but you're not getting gas. true. not this time. uh, don't have to gas up very often. so you have to go to the bathroom? no. yes you do. thought these were electric? yes, it's a uh, a chevy volt. so what are you doing at a gas station?
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as the prosecution nears the end of its case to the case of conrad murray. at issue is evidence that murray left an ailing michael jackson alone for at least two minutes.
6:49 am
ted rollins takes a harder look at it. >> reporter: in a damaging day of testimony against dr. conrad murray, an expert for the california medical board concluded that murray's actions directly caused the death of michael jackson. dr. steinberg, a cardiologist hired by the prosecution called murray's behavior, bizarre and listed multiple examples of his deviation from medical care. >> is the use of propofol as part of a doctor's practice to treat insomnia gross negligence? >> yes. it is not for sleep. >> reporter: according to steinberg, not only did murray administer a dangerous drug to jackson, he did it without the proper equipment. >> first, you need a pulse oximeter with an alarm. dr. murray's machine did not have an alarm. the next thing you need is an ekg monitor.
6:50 am
he did not have an ekg monitor. the other thing you need is a bag mask and you need to know how to use it. dr. murray had a bag, but he did not use it. >> reporter: another deviation, murray's failure to call for help immediately. >> it's basic knowledge in america, you don't have it's ba america, you don't have to be a health care professional, that when someone is down, you need to call 911 for help. dr. murray should have known that, so instead of that huge 20-minute delay -- 20-something-minute delay, he could have gotten help that he needed within four minutes. >> murray told police he was busy trying to resuscitate jackson, which is why he didn't call 911 right away, but steinberg said murray didn't even follow proper procedures in trying to revive the singer. >> his cpr was poor quality. he should have put mr. jackson on the floor and done cpr on the
6:51 am
floor with two hands. >> previously, the jury heard a two-hour recording of a police interview with murray. on the tape murray described monitoring jackson after giving him propofol until he felt comfortable enough to leave the room. murray said he was only gone for two minutes. >> when you monitor a patient, you never leave their side. especially after giving propofol. it's like leaving a baby that's sleeping on your kitchen countertop. >> the defense now says they'll drop their theory that jackson had swallowed extra propofol without murray's knowledge. instead they will argue that jackson administered the fatal dose himself through a syringe. steinberg said his method of admitting propofol was
6:52 am
dangerous. >> you can see the live testimony of the conrad murray court proceedings on our sister network, hln. so why did the marathon runner look so well rested at the finish line? you would, too, if you took the bus for the last leg of the race. sports is coming up. well somewhere along the way, emily went right on living. but you see, with the help of her raymond james financial advisor, she had planned for every eventuality. ...which meant she continued to have the means to live on... ...even at the ripe old age of 187. life well planned. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you.
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6:54 am
a look at stories making news. later today at 11:30 eastern, the conrad murray trial resumes. prosecutors may call their last witness today. 12:15, president obama will hold a news conference in the white house rose garden. and president clinton will meet
6:55 am
at 4:15 eastern with the hikers freed from iran. >> what's considered a fourth rate presidential candidate, herman cain is now surging in the polls. i'll have that at the top of the hour. i'm allison kosik reporting live in pennsylvania. i'm going to talk about a bank failing not because of the economy, but because of a trash incinerator. coming up. i'm dan in san francisco. do you have a blackberry and is it working? is there going to be lasting damage to the brand? we'll have those stories coming up at the top of the hour. >> all right, guys, thanks so much. also ahead, schools allowing classroom questions about homosexuality. some say it's more understanding and less bullying. we'll go inside the classroom.
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
all right. it's like a repeat from yesterday. baseball playoffs. >> they go on but they are exciting. the rangers needed some bonus time to take down the tigers in game 4. just like game 2, it went to 11 innings, and just like game 2, nelson cruz was the big hero. last night, a three-run shot. the rangers win 7-3. they lead the tigers 3 games to 1. texas now one win away from
6:59 am
going back to the world series for the second straight year. the cards using the power of the rally squirrel against the brewers. they both had big hits and jason lott knocked things down with one win and a loss. game 4 tonight. this has been tried before, kyra, and it didn't work. a man running a marathon in britain hopped on a bus at mile 20, hopped off at the finish line and then raised to the finish line to take third place. nice try. people saw him get on and off the bus and go through some bushes to get back on the course, so no, nice try. you may remember rosie luis took a shortcut to the try to finish first. she was stripped of her title. >> how do they think they're not going to get caught? >> at some point you realize you couldn't do it, and you think,
7:00 am
maybe i should cut a shortcut to make it happen. the guy in fourth said, i could have sworn i was finishing third. >> thanks, jeff. so if you're waking up at the top of the hour and you're looking at your blackberry and wondering, okay, what's up? well, you may be chained to it for pleasure, for work, it could be another very long day. the good news is the company says it's slowly but surely getting users back on line, however, the global outage that impacted millions of people cannot be fixed that quickly. we've got a team coverage of the story. christine roman is going to tell us why this is pretty bad news for rim, the company that makes blackberry. we're starting with dan simon. he's in san francisco. we've seen the rim ceo apologizing profusely for this. what's next? >> well, that's a good question. i mean, the bottom line here is they think they got this problem fixed, but look, you had three
7:01 am
days of no service across the globe. i mean, that is a problem of the highest magnitude for rim. they feel like they got this problem under control. this was an in ffrastructure problem, something with their switch, as they call it. i want you to lyisten now to th ceo of rim who issued this. >> it has been my goal to provide reliable, realtime communications around the world. we did not deliver on that goal this week, not even close. i apologize for the service outages this week. we've let many of you down. but let me assure you that we're working round the clock to fix this. >> well, you still may be experiencing some problems, but the bottom line here is your e-mail should be restored. you might have some internet problems if you're trying to access the mobile web through your blackberry, but for rim this really couldn't have come at a worse time, kyra.
7:02 am
they're now entrenched in third place. this is a category they dominated just a few years ago, now they're in third place behind google and android system and behind the iphone, and tomorrow the iphone 4s goes on sale, so a pr nightmare. if you have a blackberry and you're thinking about upgrading, you might be thinking twice and that's the problem rim faces today. back to you. >> that will impact people worldwide, dan. thanks. christine, tell us more about rim. their people have been in damage control mode for a number of hours now. >> yeah, and, you know, there is some criticism they weren't out in front of this quickly enough and weren't explaining exactly what was wrong quickly enough. i asked a uk managing director steven bates earlier today about exactly if they fixed the problem, why are we still having problems in the u.s., and here's what he said. >> we expect some customers to still see a little bit of delay in the messaging and browsing.
7:03 am
this is due to the backlog of messages we have to clear in the system, so due to the time this has htaken to solve, there is te backlog to work with. we do expect some customers to still see a delay due to this backlog of processing of messages. >> so that's why even though you hear from the company they figured out what the problem is, you still might have a backlog issue. there is a webcast with the company at 10:00, so we'll hear more about that backlog. customers are ticked off, but shareholders in this company are really ticked off, too. the stock is down more than 60% so far this year, exactly for the reasons dan was pointing out. it has struggled to keep up with the increasing popularity of other smartphones like the android, and, of course, the apple product, and it has just been one of these companies that has a reputation for outages and for delay and for not being as cutting edge as its competitors,
7:04 am
and that was before this particular outage, so it is definitely trouble for shareholders. it's a public relations nightmare, really. >> we're going to see how this outage actually impacts that technological part of the story. christine, thanks. all right, let's talk about the presidential race now, shall we? for the tired time in a month, herman cain is a candidate who was virtually invisible a few months ago. does this say more about cain or more about how unenthused republican voters are right now? >> probably a little bit of both. i was in the bag gauge area, and herman cain was next to me, we had a little bit of a discussion, but nobody knew who he was at that time. the poll shows that herman cain
7:05 am
is on top at 27%, then mitt romney, rick perry, ron paul and newt gingrich. it is within the margin of error, but it does say something that republican voters right now, kyra, are not that enthused about the field and they haven't rallied behind mitt romney. >> over the last few weeks we've seen rick perry surge to the top and fall off the cliff, so how likely is cain going to hold onto his front runner status. >> highly unlikely he'll stay at the top. i think this race is still between mitt romney and rick perry. you'll start to see donors spend tens of millions of dollars to prop up the candidacies of mitt romney and rick perry. we haven't seen that on herman
7:06 am
cain's side. if you look at these numbers, herman cain does not match-up well against barack obama. mitt romney does. so the big question is will the republicans decide to vote for somebody who can defeat barack obama or vote with their heart someone like herman cain? the mayor told new york city protestors to leave for a little while so they can clean up the mess. his challenge to release his last tax return. he does, however, release the data. we're going to talk about his battle with buffett. i'm really glad we took this last minute trip! you booked our room right? not yet, thanks for reminding me. wait, what? i have the app so we can get a great deal even at the last minute. ah, well played
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7:09 am
that's personal pricing. quick look now at news from cross country. new details on that salon shooting near los angeles. police at seal beach, california say a man's ex-wife was killed. they were locked in a custody battle over their son. exercising your first amendment rights can be messy. tomorrow the city of new york will clean the private park where the wall street protestors have been basically living for the last four weeks. park's owners were worried about unsanitary conditions and wear and tear. and airtran airways will do what southwest does when it comes to large passengers. they will make passengers of size buy the seat next to them if they're flying coach. that policy takes place in
7:10 am
march. homosexuality. some say it's a matter best left outside the classroom. others say it's best to discuss it, understand it and ultimately there will be less bullying. criswehris welch takes us to a l district that actually adopted this policy. >> we do not bully others. so let's think of ways we can be kind to each other today. >> reporter: that's the start of the school day for this 7th grade class. >> sometimes it's not what you say, it's like how you say it, the tone of voice that you use. >> reporter: that's just one of the themes discussed on any given day in the classrooms of the minneapolis public schools, where five years ago they started aggressively incorporating anti-bullying messages into daily life. >> i think the whole lesson is about empathy because you need to understand a person's point of view. >> reporter: that person could be anyone, but in particular, this district is unabashedly
7:11 am
showing its pride for lesbian, gay, by sexual and transgender issues. >> kids don't learn well if they don't feel safe. they can't learn at all. >> reporter: in february, the school board passed a mandated resolution that all bullying be tracked. it also adds lgb components to sex education as well as an elective class on gay history. high school junior jared says the new provision will only enhance an already supportive environment. >> we're going to read a book that is all about a bisexual person living in paris and it hinges on his relationships. there are a couple other books that deal with lesbianism. >> the district is only one of a
7:12 am
handful to elect an lgbt education. >> it's not right that people who perceive to be lgbt get bullied, it's just hopefully we've moved far enough as a culture that we're starting to sit up and take notice. >> all this week, anderson cooper on cnn brings attention to the bullying crisis, and on saturday night, watch t"the bullying: it stops here." hollywood is resting a little easier today. the man accused of posting pictures is busted by the feds. they didn't use paula deen's picture for the story. find out what they used instead.
7:13 am
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lights let's talk about billionaire warren buffett and his drumbeat for tax reform. he's stepping up the beat to raise tax initiatives on people like himself. buffy joins us for more. buffy? >> buffy, i love that. here is the latest. we know that warren buffett had that offer in the "new york times" in august basically saying to washington, increase taxes on the ultra rich in this country and we need tax reform. he's stepping up and stepping up that drumbeat on that note. very interesting what happened just this last week. republican congressman tim hulenscamp sent a note to warren
7:17 am
buffett asking that he release his tax returns, saying he is on t the reform for tax reform. buffett said he would be happy to release his tax return as long as other ultra rich americans would as well. i spoke with buffett on the phone about this yesterday, and i asked him if he had asked his ultra rich friends to release their tax returns. he said he had not, but perhaps the congressmen should ask them to release those tax returns as well as asking buffett. take a listen to part of our conversation. >> the wall street journal also suggested that i release it. maybe the wall street journal can get their boss, rupert murdoch, you know, he's one of the ultra rich like i am, he's a friend of mine. i'd love to have his return
7:18 am
published with mine and people can see what we're paying, and they can see whether they reguaregard that as the proper system or whether we should pay more. i'd love some input into this. >> he said, a lot of congressmen will get educated on just how equitable the system is. i want to release a statement his office said on this. they said, mr. buffett still refuses to release his tax returns. what he does disclose may be accurate, but it is incomplete and fails to explain how he shelters millions of dollars in income from taxation. it is unprecedented that we would write an entire law based on one man's an he can doets without actual proof. >> congressman, i'll just get right to it. why do you want to see buffett's
7:19 am
tax returns? he's already disclosed how much he paid in taxes last year, 6.9 million, and how much he made last year, 62.85 million, so why is that not enough? >> mr. buffett was claiming he paid a greater or smaller percentage in income tax compared to a secretary, and that's why we said, well, let's show his tax returns. but i think what we've learned by the information he gave us, and again, he still refuses to release his tax returns even though i offered to show him mine if he shows me his, but what we found out, i think, is that he has given apparently a lot of money to charity harksz lot of capital gains and a lot of americans don't understand that capital gains have already been taxed at the corporate income tax level, and that's probably what he's hanging on. and also apparently he's giving away millions ask mind millions dollars to avoid paying federal income taxes. >> you say buffett is sheltering thousands of dollars from
7:20 am
tax-free giving. we're talking about charitable giving here, so why such strong language? >> that's perfectly legal, but i think buffett is saying we should raise taxes on someone else. if you look at his tax returns, i don't think he paid a single dollar more than he was legally owed to pay, and he is able to pay that, he is able to pay any more than he would like to do that, and i think we should lead by example. if he wants to pay more, send the check in. >> poppy, you weigh in, please. >> michelle bachmann, republican presidential candidate, also said that buffett should do that. if he wants to pay more taxes, like he said he's willing to do, he should send a check. buffett told me that's just not a realistic system for taxpayers. he admitted even if we have all the wealthy increase their
7:21 am
taxes, that's not going to fill the gap that americans are facing in the debt crisis. i would like your response to that. do you really think it's a realistic call for the ultra rich that if they want to pay more taxes to do that. is that realistic, or do you think, sir, that we need comprehensive tax reform in this country? >> well, the house republicans have passed a comprehensive tax reform proposal in our budget. we're the only entity in washington that actually has something on the table. we need comprehensive tax reform. we also need to deal with spinning. it is a spinning crisis and mr. buffett knows you raise taxes on all his super wealthy friends, you raise taxes to all the super wealthy donors, that's only going to raise money. the issue is spinning. >> he said if i make money with money, that's capital gains.
7:22 am
but if i make money with labor, then i'm taxed at a higher rate. my question to you is, when it comes to capital gains in this country, do you think they need to be taxed at more than 15% when this country is facing such a debt crisis? >> apparently i agree with the president from last year where he said the last thing you want to do is raise taxes in this recession. the last thing you want to do is raise taxes on people who create jobs. the last thing you want to do is raise taxes on investment. that's capital gains. that's why we reduce the tax rate, because we don't want to raise taxes particularly on things that generate and create jobs. >> congressman tim heulskamp, poppy, thanks a lot. he could go to prison for releasing pictures of stars like scarlet johanssen. corinne winter has the details. let's talk more about the suspect's arrest. >> hi, kyra. first of all, this is a huge
7:23 am
break in the case of what authorities have been talking about operation hackarazzi. the feds, kyra, announced wednesday they arrested a 35-year-old man named christopher cheney. he's from jacksonville, florida, for hacking onto computers, other electronic devices belonging to more than 50 people, including some big stars here. christina aguileraguilera, event johanssen. it was part of this investigation. cheney allegedly took financial information, movie scripts and private information from the stars' devices. he's charged on 26 counts which include identity theft, illegal wire tapping. this is a big story when this happened. all those photos were leaked, and you can bet the stars breathing a huge sigh of relief on his arrest.
7:24 am
>> when we talk about entertainment headlines, it was a potentially embarrassing moment for hilary swank wech. we talked a little about this yesterday. >> she's doing a little back pedalling after a pr disaster. she is being blasted for a at a big multi-million-dollar birthday party for the leader of chechnya. she is one of the stars who attended the lavish bash. jean-claude van damme was also in attendance. it's not unusual to attend parties like this. human rights watchers called swank's appearance shameful and demanded she return any money she received with this leader. hilary is now apologizing and her rep just released a statement. here's what she's saying. i deeply regret attending this
7:25 am
event which has thrown into question my long and deeply held commitment to the protection of human rights. i would never intentionally do anything that raised doubts about such commitments. there you have it. >> so do we know or not that she received money? >> i don't. that may come out. she hasn't stated, of course, in that statement, so we'll have to see what happens. usually when this happens, kyra, a lot of stars don't want to talk about the dollars, but sometimes it comes out. >> something that is out there, a big stick of butter. that's what we're talking about -- oh, my goodness. this quote is just classic. >> i'm so happy i'm talking about it with you because you're going to help me get through this. get ready. a pleasant surprise, it seems like the maxim named a southern woman wielding a stick of butter. oh, gosh. that vision in my head. the magazine has bestowed food network star paula deen with the title of hottest tv female chef.
7:26 am
the 60-year-old beat out the likes of top chef padma malak shrks i. she came out number two. while some may find deen's caloric fare to be dangerous, they find her to be a turn identiturn-on. i'm going to leave it at that, kyra, because i'm speechless. i'm going to toss it right back to you. >> those at maxim magazine know exactly how to promote their cause. >> i think you're right on the money. >> if you want more information on frankie and the entertainment world, a.j. has always got it, or corinne, who is part of the showbiz team. it airs every night at 11:00 eastern.
7:27 am
is herman cain just the flavor of the week? our political buzz weighs in. i'm not a number.
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checking top stories now, is your blackberry working? rim said it has fixed the problem and it's restoring service. the problem now is the backlog of e-mails and other messages that got clogged up in the system. columbia and panama now heading to president obama's desk. congress passed the deal last night. supporters say it will create jobs in the u.s. a propofol expert will testify next in the prosecution of dr. conrad murray's trial. he might be the prosecution's last witness. yesterday a cardiologist testified that michael jackson would be alive today if murray had called 911 sooner. your rapid-fire best political topics of the day. cnn contributor will cain, robert zimmerman and patricia murphy. first question, guys. herman cain on top in a new poll and he says he's got the staying power. take a listen.
7:31 am
>> will i be the flavor of the week? well, the answer is an emphatic no! because black walnut tastes good all the time. >> is this a threat to mitt romney and does romney need to worry about this? well -- >> well, kyra, in our discussion of herman canaan hour ago, i was told i was very passionate, so i'm going to be very subdued in my answer this time. >> no, don't be subdued, please. it's much more exciting when you're passionate. >> i don't think mitt romney think herman cain is a real threat. at times it seemed like he tried to elevate him, saying, vote for me or vote for herman, whatever you think. but he's the anecdote of everything romney isn't. he's blunt, has strict policy proposals. i think when you combine that with his biology and charm, he could be around for a couple months.
7:32 am
>> robert? >> since patricia and i met him last tuesday in our panel, i'll bring you up to speed. i made the point that herman cain's political campaign is running on political viagra, meaning it will be short-lived and temporary like we saw with michelle bachmann or rick perry. the bottom line is he's no answer to any of the above. his numbers have not changed from 23% this past august. he still has not made a deal with the extreme right wing of his party, which is running the operation. >> patricia? >> mitt romney needs to be very, very worried about these poll numbers we saw today. first of all, herman cain is an outside the box, outside of washington, totally unpredictable candidate at a time when this electorate has picked out of the box a totally unpredictable candidate. he's totally the answer to what these activists are looking for. if you dig around in these poll
7:33 am
numbers, it's the 77% who don't want him, who aren't looking for him are highly he had indicated motivated and highly likely to be the voters for him in the primaries. david letterman's top 10 list takes aim at chris christie's endorsement. take a listen. >> number 3, miss took mitt's repeated by-partisan references to mean two kinds of cheese. number 2, movie star good looks? who could resist. and the number one reason chris christie endorsed mitt romney, the only other options were the nutjob, the crackpot, the pizza dude and newt? >> he will be a strong person on the ticket, the problem is he's
7:34 am
too mainstream for the parties today because he believes in science and he thinks the earth is round. the bigger issue is going to be when you choose a vice president, the first rule is do no harm. that and who has an organization to deliver? that's why governor bob mcdonald, governor nick hailey of south carolina and mark ruby are bringing a far right to his ticket. >> is there a question you could ask robert that he doesn't have something negative to say about the republican party? i don't know, republicans don't believe in science. at least robert has some names right there. the goal is to pick a non-white guy from a gravel state. nicki hailey, but the main two would be mark aruba in florida.
7:35 am
ohio and florida are two very important states. >> patricia? >> i hate to beat up on the white guys, but someone like mark a ruruba, you'll hear his e over and over again. he has an incredible life story, his parents are immigrants from cuba, and he would be very refreshing. but a great white guy that i think they could and should go for, bob mcdonald, most popular governor in the country, 62% approval rate. he has the strongest economy in the country. it would be hard not to put him on your very ver, very short li. >> 20 seconds each on this one. millions of blackberry addicts coping with withdrawal this morning. how should they fill their time, robert? >> here we go. actually, what americans should be doing is trying to complete real sentences by talking to each other and avoiding
7:36 am
initials, but i think unfortunately they'll be on line trying to buy alternative phones. lol. >> go ahead, will. >> flip on your tv and watch the texas rangers march through the american champion series to their second world series in two years. >> patricia? >> get on line. if you find a computer, you can't do it on your blackberry. buy an iphone. i joined the cult six months ago, and you can buy it its own outfit. >> she used the word cult. that's a buzz word nowadays. you have to be careful guys. thanks so much. next tuesday night live on cnn, the republican candidates gather in las vegas to debate the western presidential debate on cnn, tuesday night, 8:00 eastern. two more deaths to report now from those cantaloupes from
7:37 am
listeria. th this is the deadliest outbreak of food-borne illnesses in more than a decade. the tainted cantaloupes have been traced back to a colorado farm, and health officials say they should now be off the store shelves. still ahead, a u.s. city drowning in debt files bankruptcy. but this desperate action may be just the beginning of a whole new set of problems. and nearly 20 years after he was executed, several of john wayne gacy's victims are being exhumed. we'll talk about that when we return. [ male announcer ] if you're only brushing, add listerine® total care for more complete oral care. ♪ it works in six different ways to restore enamel... strengthen teeth... freshen breath... help prevent cavities... and kill bad breath germs for a whole mouth clean. so go beyond the brush with listerine® total care,
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7:40 am
news cross country now. last week's helicopter crash in new york city has claimed a second victim. she's the partner of the other victim who died when the chopper plunged into the east river. an aide of serial killer john wayne gacy's victims have been exhumed in the hopes they can finally be identified. in ohio, several amish men have been indicted in a pretty unusual kidnapping case. they're accused of bursting into an amish home forcibly cutting the residents' hair and beards. facial hair has significance in the amish faith. now the cost of bad decisions in a lousy economy, harrisburg, pennsylvania has filed for bankruptcy. local leaders say the city is buried under almost half a billion dollars of debt. allison kosik is there.
7:41 am
allison, what plunged the city into so much debt? >> well, kyra, i tell you what, the financial problems here at harrisbu harrisburg, pennsylvania, they run deep but they really hit a boiling point a few days ago when the city council actually filed for bankruptcy because the city is essentially sitting on $310 million of debt it can't pay for. you would think it was the slowing economy or the recession that pushed the city into this mess, but it was really a trash incinerator that really got harrisburg into this financial mess, because this big trash incinerator was very technically advanced and it was thought it would bring in a lot of revenue for the city, but it really didn't. and upon that, they went ahead and updated the incinerator, plugging even more money into what many call a money pit at this point, but it really just has not delivered. it led the city council to take this vote earlier this week and file bankruptcy. it was not a unanimous vote. one of the city councilwomen, patty kim, she voted against it.
7:42 am
she was not happy about this decision. here's what she had to say. >> those attorneys from our state, our creditors are going to sue us out of the wazoo even before we get to bankruptcy court. that is not a good plan for residents. >> and the mayor of harrisburg, linda thompson, she's challenging this bankruptcy filing saying it's illegal, so it may essentially be up to a judge to decide whether this goes through or not. but you take this more broadly and you look at how cities across the country are doing, and this really could be any city and kind of a case study on public projects gone rong am a very tough economy. kyra? >> allison kosik, thanks. two weeks of the nba season are lost. the whole season could disappear now, but our loss could be europe's gain. we're going to talk about that coming up in sports. but first, money magazine's list of the best jobs for parents. >> parents looking for the perfect career might want to try
7:43 am
physical therapy. money magazine ranks this as a top job for moms because it has great flexibility and you can average about $76,000 a year. physical therapists say their job is rewarding, but it isn't easy to break into. entry level candidates are now required to have a phd. [ male announcer ] there's just something about werther's caramel
7:44 am
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7:46 am
the new york stock exchange, stocks selling off. >> not a good day for wall street. jp morgan chase, bank of america, goldman sachs. some of it a good old profit taking and a bit of a pullback yesterday when bank stocks rallied, but it also has to do with jp morgan's earning results. profits and revenue beat estimates but they had to lower their expectations, so it's nothing to get too excited about. at the same time jp morgan's ceo jamie diamond says the bank is being extremely cautious. he also called the economic environment challenging. that's putting it mildly. and in general, wall street has been worried about banks, of course, because of europe's debt
7:47 am
crisis and the volatility here. jp morgan and saying it basically shares in those worries. we have trade data in china and that doesn't help matters. that's why we see the dow dropping 100 points. could the season actually be salvaged? stay tuned. meanwhile, we'll bring you don r rundell from london. you might be having some very tall americans playing in the atlantic. >> this might be described as one of the most overblown stories in the lockout. the lockout has been going on for four months. we lost the first two weeks of the nba season. we may be losing even more, but if you look at the numbers of nba players that have gone to play overseas, we're only talking about 64 players of the 100 that play in the nba.
7:48 am
of the 65, already any of them are household names. we know tony parker is going to france, but beyond that, a lot of these are guys you wouldn't have heard of. i think there is a reason to say that it might not result in a massive pool of nba stars going overseas, partly because the european season is already under way, and i think european teams, while they would like to have a couple stars on their roster, they're not going to muck up their roster to drop everything for these big stars who, to be honest, would have to return to the united states the moment the lockout was resumed. so i don't think these teams really want to take the risk. there is also a lifestylish u. do these nba players really want to go over to a country where they don't know the language and where they're not going to be paid really anything compared to the fortunes there in the nba. it will be an interesting thing
7:49 am
to watch. i don't think we'll see that many players coming up, but we'll see. >> i hear you're quitting your job and joining nascar? >> i would love to quit -- no, i wouldn't love to quit my job. >> careful what you say. >> is the boss watching? i'm very fortunate, as you are, kyra, that we get to meet many heroes and people we respect, and i was very lucky to be taken for a spin by a racing driver who is very well known. he's a professional over here. that's me trying to get my race suit on. i'm a tall guy, kyra, i'm 6'3". they don't have very many tall drivers, and as you can see, the suit didn't fit me. this car can go up to 300 miles an hour. >> and how fast did you go? >> well, this is the thing. i don't know how fast i went, because if you look down at the speedometer, you'll probably crash. you don't want to take your eyes off the road. so it can go 300 kilometres an
7:50 am
hour. i don't know how fast we were going, but i tell you what, it was an absolute thrill and it was exhausting. i've got a lot more respect for these guys now than i had before. >> you're an adrenaline junkie like me. i'm jealous. thanks, don. for full disclosure, i have no idea how to say this designer's name. does anybody know? louboutin. apparently these red-soled shoes are popular? celebrities are flocking to get them custom made, and guess what, we have a rare glimpse inside the designer shoe lab, so stay tuned. i'm not a number.
7:51 am
i'm not a line item on a budget. and i'm definitely not a pushover. but i am a voter. so washington... before you even think about cutting my medicare and social security benefits... here's a number you should remember. 50 million. we are 50 million seniors who earned our benefits... and you will be hearing from us... today and on election day. ♪
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7:53 am
the shoe designer to the stars whose red soles became red hot after they were spotted on "sex skplt ciand the city" and a marina cho has a backstage pass to the shoe factory. >> made famous by "sex and the city," kristin louboutin is the shoe maker to the star. he doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk to those
7:54 am
red-soled shoes. they're on oprah, beyonce, and the first lady of france. this year alone, he sold 700,000 pairs of shoes. but don't call this comfortable. >> if comfort were to come out of the design, i would be happy. >> what are you fighting for? >> beauty. >> beauty doesn't come cheap. louboutin's shoes can start at $3,500 and can skyrocket to 6,000, more if they're custom made. >> this is almost 6,000 u.s. dollars. why? >> why not? >> this is his laboratory. each season louboutin sketches 400 to 500 styles. about 150 are produced. each pair is carefully handmade, taking anywhere from a day to a
7:55 am
ye year. m mademoiselle. >> louboutin is celebrating 25 years in business with a book and a lawsuit against another one that came out with, you guessed it, a red-soled shoe. >> i own a red lacquer sole on the back of my shoes. >> just how did he come up with the idea for the red soles? louboutin says an assistant who happened to be painting her nails. >> i polished the sole which immediately became red. it was like a pop top. >> but run at your own risk. >> it's not a good thing to run
7:56 am
for life. >> appreciate shoes, beautiful shoes. >> well, don't miss alina's special back stage pass this october 15th, 2:00 p.m. eastern. [ male announcer ] succeeding in today's market requires decisive action. i go to e-trade and tap into the power of revolutionary mobile apps to trade wherever. whenever. life isn't fully experienced sitting idly by.
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neither is investing. [ birds chirping ]
7:58 am
well, with altogether talk about the republican candidates, president obama and the democrats have been quietly raising millions of dollars. let's check in with political director paul steinhauser. he's got the numbers for us. paul? >> there's some big bucks we're
7:59 am
talking about here, kyra. the presidential candidates announcing that between them and the democratic national committee, and they're teaming up for this fundraising, they pulled in $7 million. that's a good chunk of change. they did that in the third quarter, which is july, august and september. it's not as much as the 86 million they brought in in the second quarter, but it's more than they said they would do. why does all this matter, kyra? two reasons. first, the money can be used down the road for the president in campaign ads when he's out there stumping and getting out the vote assets. you can invite all those republicans and they're not up to the president. that's why we keep a close eye on campaign cash, kyra. >> you keep an eye on everything, including the fact that we're hearing another state is considering moving up its primary date. >> here we go again. we talked about this last week. now new hampshire is threatening to move their primary. they're always the first in the nation when it comes to the primaries. they're threatening to move it to december. it's nevada that's the


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