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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 15, 2011 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, everybody. welcome to a special live split edition of cnn saturday morning. i'm t.j. holmes on the las vegas strip. this is where the republicans who want president obama's current job that are going to be facing off in just a few days, next tuesday, for the cnn republican debate. let me say good morning to my
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good friend and colleague, alina cho. >> and i must say, t.j., that's a spectacular back drop. i'm jealous you're out there. good morning, everybody. i'm alina cho at the cnn headquarters in atlanta. i know you, t.j., and there's a lot to talk about there. >> there is a lot to talk about. and many in the republican gop are giving us even more to talk about. now, of course, you think nevada and you're sthig about fabulous nevada, you're thinking about fabulous las vegas and the las vegas strip and what happens in vegas stays in veg crass. you know what they're thinking about here, know? they're thinking about the unmroit rate, one of the highest in the country. 147 of 2% unemployment. we are hearing from a lot of people here who are hurting. they have a message for you. annoy, i can give you statistices and tell you a lot of that, but a lot of them, they
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can tell you bet just by looking at the strip. also, something happening right now on the other side of the country we want to tell you about. reverend al sharpton is leading a march on washington. they're actually there, calling this the march for jobs and justice, calling on congress and the federal government to do something about the neigh's high unemployment rate. it's taking place right now, said to get started. of course, alina, they're talking a lot about the unemployment right there. >> of course they are. and, t.j., you know i'm just back from a trip to paris. it was a really exciting two weeks for me. one person i talked to is a shoemaker to the stars, the man behind those eye tonic red soled shoes. we're talking about, t.j., a manual like very well. but for now, i'm going to send it back to you. >> all right. alina, thank you so much.
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well, we told you, we do have the republican debate coming up, cnn hosting from the venetian here next tuesday. one of the republican presidential candidates has dropped out, says he will not be showing up to our debate. how dare he. he says he has good reason for it. we're talking about jon huntsman is boycotting the debate. this happened after the nevada republicans moved up their primary date. now, they have their reasons for that, as well. they're doing it on the 14th. that remains problematic for new hampshire. we'll get into that more in a second. but this city, las vegas, relies heavily on you across the country, your dollars, your tourism dollars. but a lot of americans right now can't afford to take a trip, much less take a trip where you have to spend money on the flight and the hotel and you're expected to walk into a casino and blow cash. no one can do that right now. unemployment in las vegas, it is one of the highest in the country. 14.2%. that is the highest in the
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country among metro areas that have at least a million people. now, who do we talk to about the employment issue? not a state official, not a city official, not an economist. we talked to a cab driver. >> living here, locals, we don't go up to the strip. we don't bother with it. >> what was your hay day as far as driving a cab here? you've been doing it nine years here. when was it just at the height where you were raking in cash? >> 2004, '5, '6. >> when it's good in vegas, it's good. >> oh, yeah. it's so good that i gave my daughter a debt free education on hr bachelor's and her masters. i bought her a new car, with took a four year loan out on it and paid it off in 19 months, paid my regular bills and still saved money. that's how good it was. >> you did all that driving a cab here? >> that's how good it was. >> do you think a lot of people outside of las vegas and maybe even people in vegas, we have this impression that, oh, that's america's playground. people go out and just blow
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money. surely, they are awash this cash. >> 60% to 65% of the job market is the strip and local construction. the recession kicked in, the strip got slow and they laid off thousands. they thousands couldn't find work, they started losing their homes. these people lose their homes, construction starts slowing down. these people start losing their jobs. they start losing their homes. foreclosures have gotten so bad, it's now one in every seven homes in the state of nevada. >> do you think people don't get it sometimes, how bad you hurt? >> oh, they don't. the strip will be busy to them. we know it's not. i'll use an example. we had one new year's eve, i tell them, if you came here and you saw a quarter of a million people, would you think it was busy? they say yeah, it was jam packed. i said the year before, it was 320,000. you're talking 70,000 cuts. that's a lot. >> now, in a move that is going
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to throw the presidential contest calendar into political turmo turmoil, they're threatening to move the state's primary into december, before christmas, unless nevada now backs down on its promise to hold its caucuses on the 14th of january. now, i talked to the nevada republican party chair woman amy tartaine just a little while ago and had to start by asking, is there any chance that it's even on the table of you moving your caucuses? listen to her answer. >> we're going to stick to our state. our state is working really hard in finding their location. we worked together with the states to make sure that we coordinated and communicated. the new hampshire gop has been fantastic, very support i. it's the secretary of state who has the end stay in this situation. but we reached out to him and he did not return our calls. we did have the governor reach out to him, as well. during that time, he said he did not have his date picked and he
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said he was going to wait on us. we did exactly that, picked the date. >> you had to have known what your date was going to set off. you're familiar with the new hampshire law. why can you all not go three days later which will allow them to take the 10th and still be within their law? >> we want to have ours on a saturday because it's a caucus, it's not a primary. it's a state meeting, if you will, not an actual full blown election. we picked that date. they knew in advance. and it's set. >> don't you understand the predicament they're in that it's really nevada their, first in the nation primary, it's not fair for them to have the be squeezed between iowa and nevada? >> sure. but they also asked us to pick a date, so that's what we did. i feel for them and i know that their gop is struggling. but he asked us to pick a date and that's what we did and i don't think it would be fair for nevada to shuffle once again.
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>> paul steinhauser, our deputy political director joining me here now. i asked it as directly as i could. she answered it directly. not a chance, it's not even on the table. so now, candidates are boycotting the caucuses, at least they say they are. we also have a candidate boycotting our own debate, the cnn debate next week. >> that's jon huntsman. he has said icees not going to be here for us caucuses in january and not here for our debate on tuesday. for huntsman, he's basically placing all of these chips on new hampshire. he's not really a player out here, so i can see why he's trying to be in solidarity with new hampshire republicans. but huntsman, santorum, gingerich and bachmann say they won't participate out here unless they move them. one thing, she said we have to hold identity a weekend. you know why that's weird?
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iowa has been holding their caucus us on a monday or wednesday. >> first of all, they their caucuses at the high school. also they say people work. this is an all-day event. >> no, iowa does it during the evenings, during the week when you get out of work. i think this is far from over. i've asked our producer to check with the secretary of state so maybe we'll get a little bit of a reaction later this morning. but he has said he may not decide or determine a date for new hampshire until november. four years ago, he didn't decide new hampshire's date until november. >> this could have us in new hampshire around the holidays or before the holidays covering a primary. paul steinhauser, we'll check in with you throughout the morning. tuesday is when we will have that republican debate, the western republican presidential debate coming up right here from the venetian, on the vegas strip
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hosted by our own anderson cooper. alina, right now, back to you. >> 16 states part of that western conference. it's abdomen important one. t.j., that you can so much. back in washington, president obama is praising americans and republicans for reaching a deal on free trade agreements. but in his weekly address to the nation, he expresses frustration that both sides are so far apart on how to get americans back to work. >> congress act on a bipartisan way on something that will help create jobs at a time when millions of americans are still out of work and need them now. but that is why it watts so disappointing to see senate republicans obstruct the american jobs act. even though a majority of senators voted yes to advance this jobs bill, we can't afford this lack of action. >> republicans, on the other hand, say the gop is actively engaged in jump starting the economy. here is house majority whip kevin mccarthy.
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>> we agreed about the american people, no more promises. the american people deserve the right to know the truth. that's why we support a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. >> the president takes his job plans back on the road monday, a three-day bus tour through north carolina and virginia. the occupy wall street protests are getting bigger and gol going worldwide. some big names are showing up. wikileaks founder julian assange is among them in the middle of the cloud today in london. assange is living in eastern england and has to be home by 10:00 tonight to meet the terms of his curfew. he is wanted for questioning in sweden over claims of sexual molestation. protester are he'sing up in italy. the black smoem you see there is from cars that were set on fire by demonstrators in roam. they're furious about how politicians handle the economic problems in italy.
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reuters is reporting about 100,000 protestsers are expected to rally in rome. crowds are gathering in washington at this hour. they are marching for jobs and justice. and it's led by reverend al sharpton. we're going to take you there live, next. [ tires squeal ] an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement, available only from liberty mutual insurance, if your car's totaled, we give you the money to buy a car that's one model-year newer with 15,000 fewer miles on it. there's no other auto insurance product like it. better car replacement, available only from liberty mutual. it's a better policy that gets you a better car. call...
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ask your doctor about high cholesterol... plaque buildup... and if crestor is right for you. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. a cashier at a mcdonald's in manhattan is charged with felony assault for beating two unruly customers. the video is graphic. police say it started when two women argued with the cashier who questioned a $50 bill they gave him. one of the women cursed the cashier and slapped him. well, big mistake. she climbed over-the-counter. police say the cashier grabbed a
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metal object and started beating the women. they were injured and taken to the hospital. both women also face charges of criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct. the restaurant's owner says the cashier, well, she's no longer working there. you think? a federal appeal escort temporarily blocked key parts of alabama's tough immigration law, at least until whether they decide the law is constitutional. the move stops public schools from checking the immigration status of students, but police will be required to check someone's immigration status when they are stopped or arrested if that officer suspects the person is in the country illegally. we want to head back now to las vegas and my good friend, t.j., who is out there ahead of the gop presidential debate. t.j. >> of course, alina, the economy, jobs is going to be a big part of the debate coming up on tuesday. and it's so relevant and so timely for this area. an area that has the highest unemployment rate in the country, nevada.
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13.4%. that is tops in the country. on the other side of the country, taking place right now is a march on washington for jobs and justice, specifically trying to bring down the unemployment rate in this country which stands at 9.1%. rev rant al sharpton is heading up that march today, just getting under way. i spoke to him this morning about what exactly he is hoping to accomplish. >> well, absolutely, because marching as in the time of dr. king and the generation ahead of me, marching was never designed to solve the problems. they were designed to expose the problems. if no one supposes the problems, they would never be solved. you would not have had a major march like this around jobs particularly in the aven african-american community until today. maybe if we drama advertise it, people will see that the masses want to see some legislation passed like the president's
8:17 am
bill. >> and our athena jones is there in washington. good morning again. are they under way? >> good morning, yes, they are under way, t.j. they've been speaking, having a preprogram for the last half hour or so. several hundred people are gathered behind me at the stage, a few hundred yards back there. lots of union support, lots of excitement in the crowd and a lot of fiery rhetoric. i don't believe reverend sharpton has taken the stage yet in the last few minutes. but this is all about jobs. it's about putting pressure on congress to do something to bring down the unemployment rate. of course, this is also to honor the legacy of dr. martin luther king, who was about fighting for economic justice. and so i spoke with the reverend al sharpton earlier. he said while this jobs bill, the full package got stopped in the senate and now they're going to be having to put it forward, he wants to see action on infrastructure spending and money to rebuild schools to
8:18 am
skraet kaet jobs. this is part of all that, t.j. sglalt of people will look at that and they hear reverend sharpton's name and the organizations that are a part of it, it sounds like a left leaning group & who is there to support the president and the jobs bill. would that be a statement? >> certainly they would support the jobs bill. in many of these organizations, you have teachers unions, you have service employees unions, fdiu westbound all kinds of unions are out here. and a group from gay and lesbian groups set the stage earlier. this are all groups that want to be action on jobs. they still want to see action and this kind of event, they're hoping to have 25 more -- more than 25 cities around the country.
8:19 am
t.j. 37. >> athena jones for us in washington, d.c., thank you, as always. for now, i'll hand it back over to my sincere friend and colleague, alina cho back in atlanta. >> thank you so far. most of you can't make it to the martin luther king jr. memorial dedication ceremony tomorrow. we'll help you feel like you're there, next. gary... he hung up. ...why do we have so many a's in our name? so we're listed first in the phone book. ya know, gives us an edge. you know fedex can, give us an edge. how? well, fedex ships auto parts from factories around the world, they clear em through customs, and that'll help us fix cars faster. great idea. you know you got a bright future here at aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... [ male announcer ] supply chain solutions. fedex. solutions that matter.
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21 minutes after the hour,
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after a hurricane delay for several weeks in a campaign stretching back decades, the martin luther king jr. memorial will finally be dedicated this weekend. fredericka witfield spoke with two of dr. king's children about their father's memorial. here is what reverend bettrniec king had to say. >> they hoped this location between the lincoln and yefrson memorial would help embody the true spirit of dr. king. do you feel that spiritual presence there? >> well, i mean, when i was there, i certainly felt that presence. you know, anytime you're talking about our father, for me, and i guess because i'm the one that's in the ministry, it invokes that whole spiritual essence. you're talking about him, and so it's hard for me to go to that memorial and not connect with who he was as a spiritual
8:23 am
leader. and, you know, i had an opportunity to just observe people who were coming to the monument. and i think for many of them, some of them were pausing, with some of them, there's a few places that you can sit. >> even if you can't be at the dedication ceremony and most of you can, you can visit the memorial online right now in some new ways. our josh levs is here. swrosh, just how good is this virtual tour, is it pretty good? >> it's fantastic. we have something brand new here. let's take a look at this screen here. this is an image of the memorial itself. i'm going to show you how you can look at it. what i can do, and this is the first for a u.s. history in monument, i can show you the creation of this memorial. this is it as it was happening. let me tell you a little bit about it as we watched it. this was made out of 159 granite
8:24 am
block. what they did was they basically put up the structure and then came in and did the fine carving led by an artist who did a fine carving of the image of dr. king, ending up with this image right here. now, the symbolism to what they ended up with, it's made this three pieces right here. what you have in the background is this monument, this mountain, rather. here you have the image of dr. king itself. there's a reason why it looks like he emerged from that mountain. and the reason, it's something we just saw on the video is the inscription on the side. out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope. this is a quote from the speech that he gave. so they designed the monument to be him as the stone of hope emerging from that mountain of despair. i have a virtual video we can jump into. let's take a look at that to get a sense of what the whole area is landscaped like.
8:25 am
it's akroz four acres. organizers says the whole thing is designed to evoke the memory and spiritual presence of dr. king. lots of inscriptions and speeches from his writings, as well. i want to jump over to google earth. google earth has added to its own memorial. dr. kidnapping was standing there on the steps of lincoln memorial. he looked out to his right, boom, he would have seen where the memorial now stands. we are hearing your opinions on this. you're weighing in at facebook, twitter sxwb alina, next hour, i'm going to be along with some of the views that our viewers are expressing about what this memorial means to them. >> all right, josh levs, thank you very much. coming up, when you receive a bill, do you break it down to see if there are any mistakes or do you just look at the section there that says amount due? i'm going to tell you why you need to look very closely at
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8:29 am
looking at it. last year, it was about $100 billion in billing errors in health care bills. you have to look at this. you could be looking ott money that you don't need to give out. >> on health care. that's interesting. how do you go about fixing that? >> there's a right way to do it. a lot of times emotion gets in the way. what we need to do is calm down, pay attention to the billing. realize that most people don't call for these errors because they don't know about them. and women are less likely to call because they don't like the confrontation. >> interesting. >> also there's a language barrier or for senior citizens, they don't want a confrontation. >> what's interesting to me is you say there are buzz words, words to use, words not to use. what words would you use? >> you want to use words like thank you. can you please help in the me? and you don't want to throw insults out. you don't want to go in there excited and angry. and you want to make sure you're talking to them politely. you want to say, can you look at
8:30 am
me bill, i think there may be something wrong with my statement. >> i say you can always say or ask anything, it's how you say it and ask it. and things not to say? >> the things that you don't want to say is you guys made a terrible mistake. i have a situation i need to be resolved. how are you going to do it? you don't want to go in there and throw it around and say, hey, you need to help me. you guys messed up. you screwed up my bill. you don't want to do anything like that. make sure you're calm. you don't want to take no from someone who can say yes. >> once the bill is paid, once they have your money, what incentive do they to give it back? you need to go in and have your documentation together. have your bill statements. put it in writing. send it certified mail or registered mail and make sure you get a return receipt, as well. you have your documentation. documentation is crucial. make sure you have that in front of you when you're talking to
8:31 am
them so you can talk intelligently about what is going on? >> and what are the most common mistakes? >> we see health bills, phone bills, we've talked about that before. any kind of statement, sometimes it's an overcharge, sometimes it's an oversight. you want to make sure that you're looking at it. sometimes you may have a charge on your account and it's not even your charge. >> interesting. wow. this morning, not caught up yet? after the break, we'll reset the clock and get you caught up on the world's top stories. stay with us. [ charles ] when you can make a person smile
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34 minutes after the hour. checking your top stories, the son of an war al awlaka is dead after a series of drone strikes last night in yemen. that's according to a u.s. security official. a drone strike last month killed the elder al awlaki. the defense ministry says friday's attack killed seven other expectant mill at that points including the group's chief media officer. the occupy wall street
8:35 am
protests have spread around the world. protester are taking place today in 82 countries. and similar scenes in london where protesters marched and rallied near the heart of the british capital financial district. in fact, wikileaks founder julian assange was one of the speakers at that protest. crowds have gathered in washington this.hour for a jobs and justice march under way right now. the rev rant al sharpton is leading the march to the martin luther king jr. memorial ahead of tomorrow's dedication ceremony. participants are calling on congress and the white house to work harder to solve the country's high unemployment rate. speakers include martin luther king jr. iii and his dedication secretary, arne duncan. welcome back to the las vegas strip. we continue our live coverage here leading up to next week's
8:36 am
hosted republican presidential debate. cnn hosting that debate, of course. it will take place here at the venetian hotel and casino where i am. now, when you think of las vegas, there a good chance you think of casinos and the las vegas strip. there's much more though think about. most of the las vegas strip doesn't even lie within the city limits of las vegas. las vegas is actually its own community, its own city, it's city with a little downtown. they say many will tell you it will take that downtown in a thriving downtown to help this entire area come back. it's not just about the casinos on the strip. there's one company you know with a name you know oh, so well that's about to help vegas make a come back. >> the things that we've lacked in las vegas is the place that feels like our home, that's ours to control and not necessarily design to make money. i think there's a disconnect between the sense of community.
8:37 am
the rest of the las vegas valley is home to nearly 1.6 million people who crave connecting with other people. >> so this is fremont street, which is the original strip. we have a vision for creating a very vibrant, connective community in downtown las vegas. >> what's in it for you all from that standpoint? >> so i think we had an opportunity, when we were thinking about where we were going to move our company, we needed more space and we had an opportunity to create a closed in campus that had coffee shops, restaurants, videos, gyms, all the things we would want to offer our employees. we also had an opportunity to move into a community and help invest in the same things but managed by people who are passionate about things like yoga. i think that the most important thing we can do as a community
8:38 am
is really focus on creating the elements in downtown las vegas that serve the community and not sort of fall into the trap that the strip is, such as we need to serve the tourist community, we need to make sure it works for them first and the locals second. for us, the community and the locals are first and if we happen to create something that's really, really xhooupt cool for the community and they want to come visit, that is awesome. we would love that. >> now, the mayor of las vegas is certainly excited to have to play a part in the town. she stopped by with me earlier this morning to sell her city. >> how key is it to get visitors coming back here, the economy improving, because people can't afford take a trip already. how difficult of a cell is your city, the strip? >> i think the stipulate is very, very healthy. we just had a bike ride of 1500
8:39 am
going by. this is a 4-hour a day place where you can get a carton of milk, go out in the middle of the night and get a breakfast if you like. it is the entertainment capital of the world and that is coming back. we've had 17 months of increased tourism and, in fact, this past month it was up 4.3%. >> are they spending money? >> they are spending money. because the tax that we get on the hotel room is how we operate most of the entity make us very, very healthy. downtown, this whole arts district is coming through. >> and we thank them for having us here in their city and looking forward to putting on the debate next week, the western republican debate hosted by cnn taking place here on the strip at the venetian hotel next tuesday, 8:00 eastern time president don't miss that. it is a pivotal day in the occupy wall street protests.
8:40 am
there are protests going on in 82 countries around the world. organizers are calling on people to unite and get out there and fight. barbie nedeau is a news reporter in rome. she is joining us by phone now. barbie, thanks for joining us by home. tell me, what do you see where you are right now? >> barbie, are you there? >> i'm sheer. >> tell us what you're seeing in rome right now. >> well, right now we've got a situation of extreme violence, a standoff between police and a group ooh around 500 anarchists. this is a main square and a main point for gallery dem vacations here. this voice was largely expected. but there he had no idea that
8:41 am
this number of an arguists would be coming here. they've been violent against some of the peaceful protesters who came here to be part of the global demonstration. well, we're only a couple hours into the scheduled demonstration. they have until 9:00 tonight to carry out this message of demonstration and how they're going to clean up this violent mess to get these people out of here remains to be seen because there's still a lot of fighting going on. the protesters are using knives and baseball bats and molotov cocktails. the police are using tear gas and cannons right now. the situation is very, very dangerous. >> barbie, i have one again for you. we see the cars burning there and people obviously extremely upset. when you look at these protests around the world, if each country, people are upset largely about the economy.
8:42 am
what are they so mad about in rome? >> it's interesting, because the actual demonstrators who came here with legitimate gripes against the government, against the economy, against job cuts, especially against education cuts, the students in italy have been protesting for months, again sylvia berlusconi's win yesterday. those people are not the problem. it is this group of anarchists who have taken over the demonstrations, who have hijacked it who don't have any particular gripe except anti-everything, basically, and they're the ones causing the problems right now. it is not the italians who came here to demonstrate people. >> interesting to point out, barbie nedeaux, thank you very much. we're back after this. there's a big reason to lower your high cholesterol...
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8:46 am
>> oh, i'll stick around for that. >> richard herm i can't know will be around, as well. we have a lot to talk about legal cases. including, have you heard about the case of a georgia teacher a couple years back, 2009, she put some pictures of her vacation on facebook. apparently it led to the demise of her job. she is now suing the school district to say i want backpay, i want you to cover my lee fees because i received pressure to resign. so our legal adviser res going to weigh in on whether the school district will have to respond to that or legal hi how would they respond? and then, bon jour. welcome back. we're going to focus in the 2:30 eastern hour on your fashion back pass, backstage pass. how did it go? >> we had a great time. as i was saying in the break, we had the benefit of doing
8:47 am
research early. we got the name of the man behind those iconic red soled shoes. we have to say, we have a lot of work. >> we're excited to profile that at 2:30 eastern time today. we look forward to that. >> thank you. and then, as we move on into the 3:00 .4:00 eastern hour, dr. phil lloyd is going to be along with us, as well. it's an awkward position a patient might have, i'm not sure if my doctor is giving me the best health care. how do you break up with that doctor? a, how to identify it that there's a problem and that you do need to move on. sometimes you're just not communicating well. >> sometimes these doctor-patient relationships go on for decades. it's probably not an easy thing to break up. >> it's not, it's not.
8:48 am
wee got movies, as well today. we're going to be talking about what to see. >> i'm heading back to my hotel room and talk about what to see. >> you're not going venture out to the movie theaters? >> probably not, at least not today. >> we have a lot to keep you informed today. >> all right. thank you so much. good to see you. >> good to see you, too. t.j. is coming back with a special guest. get ready to laugh. >> one of my favorites. at adt, we get financing from ge capital. but they also go beyond banking. we installed a ge fleet monitoring system. it tracks every vehicle in their fleet.
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8:51 am
well, welcome back. special edition on saturday morning. special guest today. you're laughing already. >> i'm enjoying life, man. >> the legendary -- can i call you legendary comedian. >> you can call me the new mr. vegas. >> modest man. >> welcome you to las vegas. what a beautiful city we have here. god bless you. >> it is. it has some issues. do you sense that over the past several years vegas and the economy and -- >> hell yeah, i'm broke, not making what i made two years ago. unemployment, when i was talking to the president this morning, got a lot of new jobs coming, he says he's going to help us in
8:52 am
the construction injury, a lot more unemployment offices. that's going to work out well. >> talked to the president this morning. >> talk to him every day. i love it. he's the first black president, i'm going to be two. you're going to see billboards all over america saying george wallace for president. >> how is he doing? >> he's doing good. it's a tough time. congress, nobody is helping now. they should be able to come together and get something done with these jobs. we need new roads, airports, bullet trains. you need me in charge of this country. i could run this country. you're looking at me laughing. >> i'm not laughing. >> i know how to save money. to balance the budget, we could have a garage sale. sell some stuff, sell west virginia. >> come on, it's a beautiful state. >> i know it's a beautiful state. we don't need two. >> the carolinas, too. >> i'm going to run this country. you're laughing. no foreign aid when i'm in charnl. nobody give us anything.
8:53 am
for two years -- ain't nobody giving nothing. we still giving money to bosnia -- as a matter of fact, if we can't pronounce your name we're not giving you anything. >> some republicans are going to be here for the debate. are you coming first of all? >> i have to go, if they let me in. they know i'm a comedian. they don't know if i'm republican. i could put on a mustache and go as herman cain. >> could he be president? >> i'm paying 39% tax, don't you think i'd love to pay 9%. 9-9-9, when i first heard it, i thought it was pizza, nine toppings, nine bread sticks, nine sodas for $9.99. >> you told me you watched every debates. part of that you're interested and involved. also, it's part of your
8:54 am
material. you get material from that stage, the republican debate. >> who gives me most material for everything is cnn, the comedy news network. if you're a comedian and you don't want cnn -- i'm getting a lot of laughs for rick perry. he invited me to the rampbl anci told him i don't think so. herman king. mitt romney, i love that man. i wouldn't vote for him. you know why? he paid $40 million of his own money for a job that pays $400,000 a year. he's not going to run my budget. >> we look forward to seeing you, cnn, not comedy news network. >> okay. >> cnn, we look forward. maybe they come by if they let you in. >> people yelling at me. a pleasure being here. birmingham, alabama coming to the comedy club october 29. cnn family come on down, welcome you and your whole crew come over to the fabulous flamingo at 10:00 and get in free.
8:55 am
i have a new program no child left behind, all college students for free. i like to give back. everybody's job to give back. >> you heard it here. mr. las vegas. you new mr. vegas. good to see you here this morning. quick break on the strip. we'll be right back. ♪ changing of my mind ♪ it's just how we're gonna do it ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] turn your world upside down with gillette fusion proglide because you can shave against the grain with comfort. fusion proglide's microcomb guides hair for its thinner blades to cut close effortlessly. get against-the-grain closeness comfortably with gillette fusion proglide. whose non-stop day starts with back pain... and a choice. take advil now and maybe up to four in a day. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. way to go, coach. ♪
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just about two minutes before the top of the hour, want to get a quick check of the weather with bonnie schneider. hi, bonnie. >> we're clocking strong winds in michigan. we just got this, gusts are soaring 56 miles an hour. forecast calls for strong winds to persist throughout the day today. that will impact your travel and also possibly cause damage because winds are so strong we could see power outages. forecast calls for strong winds in the new york area, straight through the midwest as we go through the next few days. anticipating airport delays to all the cities you see here. that will stretch from the midwest to the northeast because the winds will persist in this region as well. in terms of your forecast for the rest of your week, as this area of low pressure dissipates, the next big story is a temperature drop. now we're moving into the latter part of october. while the highs are in the mid-80s across the south, a big change by tuesday.
8:59 am
cold air will plummet to the south. that brings highs into the 40s for parts of the great lakes and into the 60s here in the south. even cities like dallas, texas, will see highs in the 60s by tuesday as opposed to today's highs in the mid to upper 80s. big changes on the way. we're tracking it here. definitely feeling more like fall, which is your favorite season. >> it is my favorite season as much as i like summer. bonnie schneider, thanks so much. thanks for joining me today. i'll be back again tomorrow morning. be sure to tune into my special at 2:30 eastern time fashion back stage pass from paris. for now i hand over the baton to my friend. >> i love it au voir. >> thank you. voices of protests heard around the wall. occupy wall street movement has gone global from toronto to tokyo.


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