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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 15, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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the back of my shoes. >> reporter: how did he come up with the idea are to the red soles? >> he said an assistant who happened to be painting her nails. i grabbed her nail polish and polished the sole which became red. the minute it became red, it popped out. >> reporter: throw them on but run at your own risk. >> it is not a good thing to run through life. appreciate life. >> reporter: appreciate shoes, beautiful shoes. on a personal note, take a look at one of my most prized souvenirs from my time in paris, this signed sketch from christian louboutin, cnn. finally, the most unlikely of designers in paris, music icon, kanye west, debuted his ready tsh to-wear collection. the critics weren't kind. famed fashion editor, suzy
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mankus said, it did not inspire the fashion crowd to tell him to give up his day job and a celebrity tag does not cut it in paris. here is what did inspire. my top five picks from the paris collections. this road-colored actual dress from lanvin this navy eyelet coat from louis vuitton. this colored coat from haider ackerman and this printed coat from ackerman and this goal for sarah burton from alexander mcqueen. we are so glad you were with us for this special edition of "fashion: back stage pass." thanks for watching.
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wormd worldwide protests against government greed. they are blaming an archists for setting government buildings on fire and torching cars. more from rome in a minute. a very different scene in london where thousands gathered near the heart of the city's financial district. unlike in rome, the london protests remain peaceful. financial protests are going on in at least 82 countries, rallies against corporate greed, grinding poverty and government cuts. it began last month in new york's financial district. civil rights leader, reverend al sharpton is urging washington to get america working at a march today. he called for congress and the white house to enthe gridlock and do a better job of reducing the unemployment rate. right now, it stands at 9 poichb 1%. sharpton backs the president's jobs bill and wants congress to pass it. american con bat troops are
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heading to central africa to help hunt down the leader of a notorious rebel group blamed for thousands of rapes and murders. president obama says they will not fight unless necessary for self-defense. the next republican candidate debate is set for tuesday in las vegas. you won't see former utah governor shljon huntsman on the stage. he will hold a town hall meeting on the stage. he is skipping the debate out of deference for new hampshire locked in a political fight with nevada over primary election dates. a new chapter is being written in the ongoing catholic priest abuse scandal. a grand jerry has indicted a bi bishop for not telling police about suspected child abuse. >> the state of missouri has charged robert finn and the catholic diocese of kansas city, st. joseph. in count one, failure of
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mandated report or the failure to report suspected child abuse. so the grand jurors of jackson county charge defendant in the first count is robert finn, bishop finn that committed the class "a" misdemeanor, a failure to mandate it reported. >> our jim spellman is in can says city with the latest on this investigation. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: it is a very troubling story. we are here at st. patrick's catholic church was having computer problems. an i.t. technician found inappropriate imageings of a little girl on his computer. brought that to the church. the priest a couple days later attempted to commit suicide. he said he hoped god would forgive him for what he had done. the church then according to the indictment didn't go to the police. instead, they relocated the priest to another facility and the priest then for months was continuing to do this, according
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to these documents, continuing to take inappropriate photos of girls in his church. that's what has led to these charges. it wasn't until may of this year that bishop finn finally went to the church. for survivors, a bishop being charged is huge news. i caught up with one of them who was abused in an unrelated case. he had this to say, it is about time. take a listen. >> reporter: do you think these new charges against the bishop might start to create real transformative change with the church? >> i hope that it does. this is why. it is just proving that there is no priest, bishop, cardinal, the pope, no one should be above the law. they are not above the law. it is going to take the grand jury, other victims to speak out, principals to report it, teachers, deacons, whoever you are, to report it and join forces and to prove that no one is above the law and that things can be done to protect these
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children. >> reporter: take a look at this, fredricka. the church itself put together their own view of what went on. amongst their recommendations was this flow chart on how to report and deal with cases of misconduct. it has many options here -- the first hint of anything inappropriate with children should equal a call to 911. that's what they are saying. >> jim spellman, thanks so much. we apologize. we are having some audio problems. it is not your television set. we, indeed, are going to try to work that out. thanks so much. in the meantime, the archdiocese of kansas city issued this response saying.
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our avery friedman is going to be here. he is, in fact, here in the atlanta studio with us. we will have more on his take of the legal obstacles and hurdles that may be ahead for the kansas city diocese. now, back to those protests in rome. italian police fired tary gear and water cannons on police. a group of about 500 took over the protests setting cars on fire and smashing shop windows and torching a government building. last hour, i talked with news week roarer, barbie nadeau. she is covering the protests in rome. >> you have pockets of these anarchists who are causing problems. we have a video of a germany train station which looks like it is getting a little bit violent. there is still a lot, a dozen, they are saying, right now of these more violent anarchists in
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the area where the bulk of the violence was earlier. those protesters are still battling with the police. the police using tear gas, water cans, trying to get around them to cart them off. dozens of these protesters have been taken into custody at this point. dozens of injuries reported. lots of police officers injured. lots of the peaceful protesters are injured. >> this may be a global protest today. it began last month in this country as "occupy wall street," take a look at the live pictures from new york's financial district where protesters have been gathering since september 17th. they plan to hold a rally in new york's times square a few hours from now. can a city file for bankruptcy? our very own avery friedman is here in the studio with us. he is going to tackle that issue when we come right back.
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with td economy in the tank, american cities are becoming increasingly cash strapped. pennsylvania's capital city of harrisburg is so broke it can't pay its bills. they voted to file for bankruptcy protection. in this is ka, the economy is not to blame. this is. take a look. a trash incinerator built on boroughed funds. it put the city in the hole $310 million. pennsylvania says the city council's vote to file for bankruptcy is illegal. on friday, lawyers for the state and harrisburg's mayor, asked a federal judge to throw out the
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chapter 9 petition. very complicated case. that's why we have our avery friedman here. it has sparked a whole lot of political debate as well and, of course, a legal debate. helping us through and navigating all of this. civil rights attorney and law professor, avery friedman has promised right here. good to see you. this is very complicated because the city is in trouble financially. >> yeah. >> usually, when an individual or an entity is in trouble, they want to file for bankruptcy. why is it the case that it could potentially be illegal? at least that's what the state is saying. >> in the last day of the legislature in harrisburg, the state capital, they passed a law that said the cities can't file bankruptcy. the state is saying, no, this is illegal. you can't do it. the question is, does the city, like a person, have a federal right to exercise bankruptcy? that's what's going on right now. federal bankruptcy judge will have to answer that question. >> how is that kind of legal
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road going to be paved? >> a complicated one. a complicated one because on the one hand, the mayor, linda thompson, is saying, we don't want to file bankruptcy. we will just raise taxes. we hear that a lot and also we will stave off the predators. the predators don't want to be staved off. they are saying, pay us now. they can't do it. the city council, 4-3. the four of them voted to hire their own lawyer, brought suit, filed in bankruptcy court and are saying, in fact, what's interesting about bankruptcy law, the second you file is the second all your debts are held up. >> so once you file, everything kind of frozen. nobody can touch you. there is that bankruptcy protection, et cetera. does it apply here? >> it applies instantaneously. >> even while it is being argued whether it is legal or not. >> judge france who is the federal bankruptcy judge said i am going to have a hearing on monday, this coming monday and invite the city to file documents much the city says, we
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want this done right now. the federal bankruptcy judge is saying, i will take the response from the four members of council in late november. we have a long way to go. >> you have to wait and see when there is availability on the docket, on the calendar. usually, it is later rather than sooner. >> even though bankruptcy is being argued by the city, by the mayor, we don't want this to happen right now, you have to do something. judge is saying, well, we are going to sit back and take a look. >> this is really just tip of the iceberg. >> those legal questions about tip of the iceberg investigation might be applied to the other case we are going to talk about the next hour with the kansas city diocese and whether that is the tip of the iceberg. we will see you again on that one. thanks so much. >> many of america's most iconic companies were founded, at least in part, by immigrants. levi straus, google, yahoo! just
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to name a few. the new group that advices president barack obama on created jobs says immigration rules su hould be changed in a g way. ali velshi takes a look in this week's fortune brain storm. >> what do companies want? >> they want to be able to according to this particular report they are venturing into the sticky area of immigration reform. they want highly skilled workers to have more highly skilled workers and automatic work permits for any foreign student that graduates from an american university with a degree in science, technology, engineering and math. we have lots of programs in place including one that anyone wants to invest, an entrepreneur that wants to invest 500,000 to $1 million can immediately get some kind of permit to come to the country and do that. there are a lot of different work permits. this comes at a time when you
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have 1400 people unemployed and 27% under employed. >> let me bring this in from a global perspective assuming you are not in a recession. companies and government have to prepare for those days when times are good and we are going to be competing for workers around the world. >> that is exactly the would point. lord help me, i am agreeing with ali velshi. you don't make public policy for just one year or two years. for instance, if you look at the highly qualified visas, the cap that has been on there for some years, year after year after year, industry in the u.s. has butted against that cap and demanded more highly qualified visas. this year, they are not going to. they haven't even reached the cap yet. they are okay on this year. the stem visas for education, that's a really interesting one. the fear here is that with every diploma that you give, you will
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hand out an h 1 v or some sort of green card university. the prestigious universities will be doing it in an honest, bonafide way, this could be a back doorway to i don't want to say wholesale but blurring of the rules. >> you brought that point up. if you are going to do something like this, whether you agree with it or not, there have to be safety checks in place so you don't start giving births to schools that exist to get people visas. >> that's a very important point. i think another point is to separate the h-1b, a guest worker, a temporary nonimmigrant visa versus a green card. i favor increasing green cards. i don't think the proposals that have been on the table, which is stapling the green card to every advanced degree is a good way. i think we should bring highly talented professions in things like broadcast journalism and
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offer them green cards. i think we have to be careful about disentangling the temporary guest workers visa versus green cards. very different animals. in gaming and gadgets, the new iphone is on sale. is it worth it? >> our tech expert will be telling us all about it.
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time for our gaming and gadget segment. tech expert, mark salts man, is here to discuss the top tech, the apple iphone 4-s. i think you had it before it was available in the stores because that's how you roll. so what do you like about it. >> we all know it has a dual core processor, much faster, a better wireless radio technology, fewer dropped calls, faster downloads, a better camera. by far, the killer app, the feature everybody is buzzing about is siri, best described as a personal assistant that's voice based. you can ask a question. i would love to give you a couple of demos. you can get a humanlike response back. >> message, kelly saltzman, i am
12:22 pm
going to be late for dinner. see you soon. she is going to open up a message to my wife. here is your message to kelly saulz man. it showeded what i said, transcribed it into text and then you can verbally confirming that -- you can verbally confirm to send it or not. it is very powerful. you can say, find me an indian restaurant in miami. it goes on line and talks to the service. so you can tap on the one that has the highest rating. let's have a little bit of fun with siri? >> what's the meaning of life? >> life, the condition that distinguishes animals and plants and organic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity. >> sometimes you get a xrchlt
12:23 pm
hiki answer like, it is a movie. in this case, she gave me a literal description. on that note, you can ask a dictionary, what does a word mean and it will show the different dictionary definitions? >> very powerful. it can change how we interact with phones. >> it is going to change the way we interact with one another. i can see so many situations where your hands are not available, driving, holding a baby. this is going to come in handy. let's talk about another feature called the imessage. what's that all about? is this new? >> that debuted on wednesday for all iphone, ipad touch and phone users. it is a free update that adds 200 new features to the platform. imessage can best be jibds a blackberry message program, bbm where it let's people chat for free with text or you can send files and broadcast a group
12:24 pm
message all for free and quickly between users of iphone, ipad and itouch. if you give a tween an ipod touch, it will feel like their own cell phone. >> that other hand held device/smart phone that people just can't separate themselves from, blackberry. boy, did it have big problems with that major outage that meant millions of people were disconnected. what happened there? how is that making sort of the investors of rimm, the company that owns blackberry feel? >> fortunately, things are back on track. by far, it was their longest an most widespread service outage. it began on monday with problems in the middle east and africa and europe with a server that
12:25 pm
went down in the ku uk and then wear was a domino effect. it was not a good week for research in motion. they vowed to turn things around. they have three days later. interestingly, their stock is pretty much unaffected. it cled osed on friday at about4 a share. similar to what it was before the week. a far cry from $140 or whatever it was back in 2008. so the company is -- there is rumors of buyouts as per usual but at this point, it seems like their stock is pretty unaffected despite all their p.r. problems this week. >> lucky them, following a streak of a lot of bad luck. >> thanks so much. mark saltzmann, appreciate that. >> thanks. thanks fredricka. for more high-tech reviews, go to and look for the gaming and gadget tab. some high-tech help allows
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live from las vegas. paul, could this fight really push some caucuses and even primaries into december? >> reporter: it could. you are absolutely right, fred. we have a fight brewing between nevada and new hampshire. here is how it all started. let's go to the calendar of january. i will explain what happened. nevada announced they were going to hold their caucuses here on january 14th. a couple days later, iowa, we think, announced that they are going to put theirs on january 3rd. this is a problem for new hampshire. all the first primary in the nation. it has a law it has to be seven days before any other contest. they are kind of boxed in by nevada and iowa right now. they are asking nevada to move back a couple of days. otherwise, they are threatening to move to december as you mentioned. so, the chair woman of the nevada gop was on cnn earlier this morning. she spoke with our t.j. holmes. here is what she said. take a listen. is it even an option, is it even on the table for nevada to switch its caucuses from the
12:30 pm
14th back just three days to the 17th? is it even on the table? >> no. it is absolutely not. we are going to stick to our date. our state is working really hard in finding their locations. >> reporter: that's the chair woman of the nevada gop. you heard her say, no, they are not thinking about moving it. 5:00 presidential candidates say if nevada doesn't work in deference to new hampshire, they are not coming hooer fere for t caucuses. michelle back mon, herman cain, newt gingrich, jon huntsman and rick santorum. huntsman is going to go one step further. he is not coming to the venetian on tuesday night. he is going to stay in new hampshire instead. >> it is going to be quite contentious from this point on, stnt? >> yes, it is. washington is bracing for quite the crowd tomorrow for the dedication ceremony for the
12:31 pm
martin luther king memorial. earlier, i spoke with two of his children about how they felt when they first saw that granite tribute. >> was there a point when you thought, this isn't going to happen? you didn't necessarily believe it would come to fruition, that there would be this moment? >> from my personal perspective, i think there was a specific time when we began to focus on, this is really getting ready to happen. i want to add one additional thing, because what is most remarkable is in the midst presidents and war memorials, we now have a man of peace. >> this took less time than most of them, if not all of them. i think that speaks volumes that we were able to move it along in that time period.
12:32 pm
the irony is that his life span in terms of impact in this world was just about 14 years. there is some kind of parallel to the work that he did as well. >> hurricane irene delayed the original dedication services back in august. organizers say the memorial is designed to evoke the memory and spiritual presence of dr. king. his kids say that was achieved. >> tune in tomorrow in the 2:00 eastern hour for more of my hour with bernice king and martin luther king iii. even if you can't be at the dedication ceremony, you can visit the memorial online right now in some new ways. josh levs is here. josh, how close is this virtual tour to the real thing? >> it is actually very close. it is really impressive. for so many people who can't be there, you can visit it online. as fred was just saying.
12:33 pm
take a look here from the website of it. mlk it shows you this 30-foot likeness. i haven't gotten to show you this yet. this is really impressive. this is a time lapse video. you watch this with me. you are now going to see the actual creation of this memorial within seconds due to the magic of time lapse there. as we see it, i will tell you what they did. they took 159 granite blocks and assembled them. once they were all up, the artist came in and did the fine carving in order to achieve that likeness of dr. king. you are also seeing this, the section in the front, dr. king's likeness and the second in the back that is a mountain. thereby is a reason for that. it is actually symbolic. i am going to show you what the symbolism is of that. there is a famous quote from his "i have a dream" speech that this refers to. we are going to zoom in to the
12:34 pm
inscription right on this part. it will tell you. it is not going quite close enough. let's go to the video and i will tell you about it as we are looking at the video. there is an inscription on the side that refers to a line that said, in his i have a dream speech, out of a mountain of despair, i have a stone of hope. emerging from the mountain of despair, emerges the stone of hope. going back to 1996. 15 years later, it is in place. i want to show you some google earth to put it in place in washington next to the other memorials. take a look at this here. it is right up against the tidal basin. that's the lincoln memorial where he gave the "i have a dream" speech. if he would have looked out to his right, he would have seen this, the memorial itself.
12:35 pm
he is looking out to the horizon. they tell me he is looking to what has been created as hope for the future. you can see it online. i linked it for you. josh levs, cnn. >> it is primo real estate, one of my favorite parts of the mall near washington. a favorite for a lot of joggers and people that just go therefore a stroll or just to enjoy the cherry blossoms. that's going to attract a whole lot of people. they are going to be moving now very quickly and then they are going to stop to take that in. >> this is a statement to the country and to the world about what the united states is all about. that's how big this moment is as this appears. >> josh levs, thanks so much for that view. >> you got it. it is october. you know that. there are plenty of fall festivals, haunted houses and even scary movies to enjoy right now.
12:36 pm
>> somebody was attacked. >> it seems everyone is fine. >> either someone miraculously healed themselves or someone is not who they say they are. >> movie critic matt ackerby will be joining us to review "the thing." ♪ hundred pounds of makeup at the makeup store ♪ ♪ and a ticket down to spring break in mexico ♪ ♪ but her folks didn't know 'cause her folks didn't go ♪ ♪ to free-credit-score-dot-com hard times for daddy and mom. ♪ offer applies with enrollment in™. ♪ [ female announcer ] the road is not exactly a place of intelligence. highway maintenance is underfunded, costing drivers $67 billion a year, and countless tires. which drivers never actually check because they're busy, checking email. this is why we engineered a car that makes 2,000 decisions every second.
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two movies, one common denominator, remakes but are "the thing" and "foot loose" worth your box office bucs. here to talk about it is matt joining us from los angeles. good to see you. >> let's begin with "the thing" taking the audience all the way to antarctica. >> let me show you why you flew 10,000 miles. >> this has been here 100,000 years. >> i am going to take a tissue sample. >> do you really think that's a good idea? >> yes, i do. >> was it creepy and thrilling and scary? >> it was good. i really like this movie. >> really. >> it is a little difficult to talk about this movie without talking about the 1982 john carpenter "the thing" starring
12:40 pm
kurt russell. this new one is a prequell to that. it is set in the days before. it is a really solid film. it is essentially the same movie. it is a shape-changing alien that can disguise itself as people and take out the crew of this base one by one. you don't know who you can trust. it is essentially the same movie. it is pretty well made and i enjoyed it. >> you gave it a great grade. >> i gave it a good great. i gave it a "b." i have to warn you, it is not for the squeamish. there is plenty of gore in this film. >> you want to be able to scream. did you scream? >> i didn't scream but i did jump a few places. >> you don't want to go to a scary movie with me because you will leave deaf because i'm a screamer. >> that's awesome. >> let move on to another popular remake. it was a popular movie in the '80s and now it has been remade. i am talking about "footloose." take a look at a little clip.
12:41 pm
is it worth all that attitude. >> you want to see something. >> first time for the police. >> what, you can't keep up? ♪ ♪ i take my feet off the ground." >> what, am i grounded, do you got to go to prison? >> what am i going to do with you? >> there is nothing to do, daddy. this is it. >> everybody remembers the premise, dancing is forbidden but this young lady whose dad said you are really not going to do this or else does it anyway. was it holding true to the classic of the '80s or was it a modern? >> a lot of people loved the 1984 movie that starred kevin bacon. you know what, this one is a better movie. >> it is a better one? >> actually, this is directed by craig brewer who brought us
12:42 pm
hustle and flow. this was the movie that inspired him to get in directing. he co-wrote the script and made some good updates to make it more emotionally involving. i had a great time at this movie. it is a lot of fun. there are a couple of holes in it. it gets a little cheesy at times. i think if you are a fan of the original, you are going to be satisfied with this. if you weren't a big fan of the original, this is the better version. i really recommend seeing it. >> is it better in your view because of the dancing. dancing is so particularly popular because of dancing. >> the dancing is really, really good. it is definitely an update from the original. the performances are better. i think the story overall is a better film. >> your grade? >> i give it a "b." i really recommend it. >> okay, two bs. that's pretty good. we had a good little, i guess, preview for the rest of the month. so now everything else is going to have to hit the same mark,
12:43 pm
right? >> yeah, especially considering that these are remakes that people get so upset about remakes. you actually got two really good films this weekend. >> matt, thanks so much. thanks for bringing us some good reviews. have a good weekend. >> meet a cancer survivor that teaches soccer and life skills and one of the top 10 cnn heroes of 2011. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8.
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all year we have been introducing you to everyday people changing the world. we call them cnn heroes. i would like you to meet one of ten. after being diagnosed with cancer, he dedicated his life to helping children in haiti. his nonprofit youth soccer program gives equipment, coaching and food to hundreds of kids. he is joining us right now from port-au-prince. congratulations, patrice. >> yes. >> i am wondering how being named a cnn hero has changed, improved this program for you. >> can you repeat the question, please? >> how has being named a cnn
12:47 pm
hero changed your program? >> how do the cnn heroes? >> has it made your program better, more popular? >> oh, yes, to are sure. i would like to say hi and thanks to cnn. really, since the nomination, i have had a lot of small contact. more people are calling me about my work and i think it will be benefit for the kids, for the underprivileged kids in the village. it has been a lot of change for us now. >> how has this program changed the lives of these young kids? >> what? >> how has your program helped the children? how has it changed their lives?
12:48 pm
>> my life, the nomination. >> for the children that you are helping, this has improved their life, hasn't it, the soccer program? in what way? >> you know, i don't hear you very well. >> okay. well, we are wishing you the best. congratulations on being named a hero. congratulations on being a top ten. everyone will be watching and many people rooting for you. patrice millet, thanks so much. go to cnn heroes to the dom could vote for the cnn here roe that inspires you the most. all ten will be nominated on sunday, december 11th. it is that old -- age old question that we face each fall. do you need a jacket if you are heading out? you are going to want to sdtick around for the forecast to find out. big deal, persuade him.
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is it wise to allow a perishable item to spoil? he asked, why leave a room empty? the additional revenue easily covers operating costs. 65 dollars is better than no dollars. okay. $65 for tonight. you can't argue with a big deal.
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all right. you know we've got a lot going on out here. we're having a good time. >> that's right. your son's going to be a shark, jagger's going to be aurora. she's in the princess phase. >> it's so much fun. >> we've seen with the wind and
12:52 pm
the rain, this is the worst recipe for apple picking, pumpkin picking and the fall foliage. >> oh, no. >> the saturation of the ground. now the gusty winds, the winds are incredible in the northeast, midwest today blowing off those beautiful leaves off the trees. >> oh, darn. >> and a lot of places right at peak foliage. >> give us good news, then. >> all right. let's talk about it. of course, i want to show you this. this is what's kind of cool. a nice snapshot of the atmosphere in the northeast and the midwest. of course, this is the radar, that's where the rain is, the light blue, the green the heavier rain. but also, incredible winds 20, 30-mile-per-hour wind gusts, part in parcel to what we've got going on. high pressure coming in, and that's called the pressure gradient and that's what we're seeing, this incredible pressure gradient causing the winds. really we'll work through the next couple of days. 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts. you know, to give you a little perspective of how the winds work with the water. on lake superior because of the strength of these winds, we've
12:53 pm
got 40-foot waves. so very windy day today. we'll see the winds, here's the wind forecast. just so you know, the yellow and the green, 20, 30-mile-per-hour wind gusts. but the blues and pinks and purply color, looking at 20 to 30-mile-per-hour wind gusts, as well. toward the next couple of days, even into monday we'll see strong, gusty winds in the forecast. we'll see a bit of a drier day in the northeast. that is the good news for tomorrow. looking at the big picture, sunshine, a little bit more, that's for sure in the northeast, new england, and western new york, tomorrow then today. but also, the story south of these fronts, we've got incredible warmth out there. how about flirting with some records tomorrow? take a look at this. phoenix, arizona, 101, could break the record from 1991. tallahassee, florida, 90 could break your record from 1990. little rock, atlanta, georgia, mid to upper 80s the forecast for tomorrow. look at this dating back to 1897.
12:54 pm
>> i was so cold this morning, i walked in with boots. and tomorrow i should walk in with flip-flops. >> and a bikini. >> we won't go there. maybe i'll be bold with the flip-flops only. >> i'll wear flip-flops too instead of high heels. >> thanks so much, alexandra. tonight in los angeles, a boxer makes his professional debut at the tender age of 52. bazella waited a long time for this chance, waiting 26 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. his conviction was overturned two years ago. well, despite over a quarter century of unjust incarceration, bazella is not bitter. >> it hurt. don't get me wrong. i went through a lot of stuff with this. it wasn't easy. but it made me a better person and made me understand the value of freedom and also made me understand the value of other people. >> bozella fights against 46-year-old bernard hopkins, the oldest boxer ever to defend a world title.
12:55 pm
all right, the trial of michael jackson's doctor, lawyers are getting close to wrapping it up. one of our legal guys thinks there's reasonable doubt. ♪ kingdoms and queens ♪ they all bow down to you ♪ ♪ branches and ranch hands ♪ are bowin', too ♪ and i've taken off... [ man ] we could have gone a more traditional route... but it wouldn't have been nearly as memorable. ♪ here comes the sun again
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12:58 pm
in los angeles, the prosecution is wrapping up its case against dr. conrad murray. he was hired as michael jackson's private physician and was with jackson when he died. earlier today i talked to richard herman about testimony in this case. >> the judge will instruct the jury at the end, even though someone is deemed an expert, the jury has the right to either accept or reject the testimony. some jurors, fred, there's going to be some juror nullification in this case, that tape recording of michael jackson showed what kind of shape he was in. some people, many people believe he was a ticking time bomb, it was just a matter of time before he died, and they're not going to blame conrad murray. >> but what is at the root here is negligence. >> gross negligence. >> defense has to come up with either a good explanation to counter all that they've heard, or in addition actually put conrad murray on the stand.
12:59 pm
they don't have to. but do they need to at this point? >> that's one of the big questions that ultimately no one knows the answer to. to be honest with you, i think it would be suicidal to put that guy on. when you've heard the kind of things we've heard from the emergency technicians, from the security, on what conrad murray did, put that guy on the stand, i think it would be crazy. on the other hand, if we don't have some explanation about why he did these things, i don't agree with richard. i think we're looking for a conviction, i think that's what's going to happen. >> and so, richard, reasonable doubt? i mean, you know, the jurors are left with that potentially if they don't hear from conrad murray? >> well, fred, first of all, there's no way conrad murray's going to testify now. they've played his version of the events, that's his testimony. the question's going to be, are jurors going to believe that the prosecution proved beyond a reasonable doubt that conrad murray gave the lethal dosage of propofol. if they believe


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