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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 15, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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the diversity of america is a strength of the country and i don't think that we use that. we don't talk about our strengths. i mean, having so many diverse people in this country from all aspects of all over the world and we don't use that. i think we should talk about who we are, that melting pot that we've become. >> well, words of wisdom there, steve. i think barack obama should read your book. >> thank you very much. >> it's a fascinating read, and you make a lot of sense. thank you for coming in. >> yes, sir. hello, everyone, i'm hala gorani at the cnn headquarters in atlanta. don lemon is off tonight. here's what's making news. the occupy movement in new york now and throughout the day going global. it began as a public demonstration in a small park in lower manhattan on saturday, spread to cities around the world. tokyo, london, rome, sydney, hong kong, toronto, jakarta and indonesia, to name a few.
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it was a worldwide display of sympathy and solidarity with the protesters of occupy wall street. most were peaceful, though some arrests were reported. rome got ugly, throngs of peaceful demonstrators fled as anarchists began throwing moltov cocktails. an unknown number of people were hurt. and you see there from the images fires burning, including our government building in one case. shop windows were smashed, riot police moved in. occupy participants were upset by the outbreak of the violence saying their demonstration was hijacked. here in the united states, prosecutors call it a first of its kind indictment charging a bishop and a catholic diocese for failing to report suspected child abuse. bishop robert thin in st. joseph, missouri, deny the offense which is a misdemeanor. the jackson county prosecutor
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says finn did not report for five months that a priest in his charge had child pornography. and among the more off beat stories, a mcdonald's employee in new york city is charged with felony assault after confrontation with two female customers. this is youtube video showing how one of the women cursed, and hit him and then jumped the counter. the cashier beats the women to the horror in some cases of other customers and employees. the women were hospitalized and charged with menacing, trespass and disorderly conduct. it all started when the cashier questioned a $50 bill one of the women gave him. let's go back to our top story, everyone, and take a look at these images. today from the occupy wall street movement in the united states.
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dozens of arrests were made tonight. a large police presence moved into times square to clear out thousands of occupy demonstrators who had packed the site. what is the situation now? we're in times square, new york, with susan candiotti. so i understand about 70 people arrested, about 40, 42 people in times square. tell us what happened. >> reporter: well, at this hour, it's pretty calm here in times square. there are some protesters in the distance behind me, over my shoulder. but earlier tonight and around 8:00, there were, as you mentioned, 42 people arrested mainly on one of the streets that shoots off times square here, it's 46th street, heading east as police were moving people off the street because they said they wanted to clear that street and that intersection. they said for the most part all the protesters tonight were orderly, but those 42 people were not.
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they said they were not following orders to get themselves off the street and off the sidewalk and some protesters all along were chanting, the world is watching, the world is watching, wall street, wall street, and some of them urged fellow protesters to sit down. they did, on the street and on the sidewalk, and that's when police moved in, some of them wearing riot gear, to arrest them. we didn't hear of any injuries to any of the protesters. they were picked up, some of them smiling, and then carried away. however, a couple of police officers did suffer injuries. one to the head and one to his feet. they were taken to the hospital for injuries. at this hour, hala, the main event or action seems to be going on in greenwich village where there are other protesters moved down there and deciding whether they're going to camp out all night. if they do, that could be a problem, because there's a midnight curfew. >> if i understand you correctly, there is a bit of
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background noise. we are having a little bit of trouble hearing you and making out your words, but some protesters have peeled off and might stage a sit-in in another neighborhood in manhattan? another part of manhattan? tell us more about that. >> reporter: hala, a little bit hard for me to understand you right now, but we were in the thick of it on that street, 46th street, getting jostled around as people were walking shoulder to shoulder and we heard and witnessed the police asking people repeatedly to get off the street, to clear the street. we stayed just ahead of it so we could see what was going on and to avoid being arrested but did see some people taken down and arrested, many of them. we counted at least 20 of them of the 42 that were picked up and taken away. >> susan candiotti is in times square, of course there's background noise there, making it hard for her to hear me and in some cases for us to hear her, discussing there the 70-plus arrests that took place tonight in the occupy wall
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street movement and these protests that took place not just in times square but in lower manhattan as well today and perhaps a little bit later in another neighborhood, a sit-in in new york. we'll keep on following that. now, there were also protesters demonstrating in las vegas, the site of the next major test for the republicans battling to be the next president. cnn is hosting a debate on tuesday with the western republican leadership conference. t.j. holmes is standing by live in vegas for us right now. so, t.j., first of all, let's talk about these occupy movement demonstrators today in las vegas. >> reporter: well, we were here, as you know, we have the debate coming up next tuesday and we started hearing rumblings about occupy las vegas, and they were going to be doing something today, and also we found out they have a plan to do a demonstration at our debate next tuesday. today they focused on downtown las vegas today. still a local area, more so with
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locals than tourists. you get some tourists down there, but they were loud, they made their voices heard, and just like a lot of the demonstrators around the country, they have a lot of anger directed toward the federal government, but hala we know a lot of anger and local problems to be upset about, given the unemployment rate here at 14.2% and the vegas metro area, number one in the country among areas with at least 1 million people, and this state, nevada, 13.4%. it is the highest of the 50 states. so i -- it's very peaceful still. loud voices, you have families out there as well. kind of some typical stuff you're seeing and the typical complaints you have, but once again, another peaceful and calm, yet loud, occupy rally. >> you mentioned nevada and how brutally it's been hit economically since the crisis a few years ago. let's talk about the controversy over when nevada republicans have chosen to schedule their caucus. >> reporter: yeah, this should be an easy thing.
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you would think. but they say it's all because of what florida did. florida decided to move their primary up to january 31st. so that means everybody had to go a little earlier. well, the problem we run into now is that nevada republicans, the gop, has decided to have theirs on the 14th. iowa, tentatively has scheduled theirs for january 3rd. there's not enough room in between those for new hampshire to go. if they follow their state law. so new hampshire now threatening to do theirs in december some time, maybe before christmas. well, i asked the head of the gop here in nevada, could you just move it back three days, play nice, everybody gets along and problem solved. listen to her answer. is it even an option? is it even on the table for nevada to switch its caucuses from the 14th back, just three days to the 17th, is it even on the table? >> no. it's absolutely not. we're going to stick to our date. our state is working really hard in finding their locations. >> okay.
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i asked her several times and she was direct each time, said this is not an option. we're staying on the 14th. now, to our viewers, they might be wondering why is this a big deal? who cares when it is, what's the point who goes first and so on and so forth. well, the point of this is, voters will have less time with the candidates, first of all, moving up all of these primaries and caucuses. also, the candidates get less time to sell themselves as well. but now you have real repercussions in that five republican candidates said they will boycott the nevada caucuses if nevada does not change the date. and we have at least one candidate, jon huntsman, who said he's going to boycott the cnn debate as well. he has some political reasons for doing it, but the dominos are starting to fall, and who's going to lose out, actually, the voters. >> okay. t.j. holmes in las vegas, nevada, live. thanks very much. so who will be the big winner in this cnn republican presidential debate?
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join us tuesday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern. cnn's anderson cooper will be asking the questions. coming up next, actor samuel jackson takes on history, playing a less flattering side of dr. martin luther king jr. critics say he's wrong for being too real. and ahead, why some people can't get enough of zombies. secrets from the set of "the walking dead." and commitment is not limited to one's military oath. the same set of values that drive our nation's military are the ones we used to build usaa bank. from free checking to credit cards to loans, our commitment to the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. ♪ visit us online to learn what makes our bank so different. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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the 30-foot statue honors the civil rights icon, we know. but a broadway play that just opened shows a king we don't know. what the man could have been like behind closed doors. cnn's don lemon has that story. >> reporter: samuel l. jackson and kenny leon are masters of make believe. leon is a director of stage and tv, honored with tony, golden globe and emmy nominations and is a star of this gathering in atlanta, celebrating his induction into the georgia music hall of fame. >> thank you. >> reporter: jackson is a high desible film actor, famous for his roles in the star wars movies, iron man and his term in
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"pulp fiction." together the men are taking on real life history. the assassination of martin luther king, jr., to the broadway play, "the mountain top." >> because i've been to the mountain top. >> reporter: the title comes from his last speech, the day before his assassination. the place setting? the hours after he just spoke these words to hundreds in memphis. >> i've looked over, and i've seen the promised land. >> reporter: jackson plays king. tired, in his hotel room. angela basset is king's maid. the mountain top is about their conversation. a fictional take on what king was like when he was away from the podium and some criticize the play for the way it humanizes the civil rights icon. >> you know, when i talk to 18, 19-year-old kids and they say things like, dr. king, that's
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that civil rights dude, right? you know, that's disappointing. so i want them to come and see the man in hopes they would see him as a human and say, wow, i want to find out more about him. >> reporter: you play him. you don't look -- you barely look like yourself in the play. >> oh, that's great. >> reporter: yeah. as an actor, you like that, right? >> on purpose. i spent a lot of time digging through archives and finding interviews that he did on television talking about the vietnam war and talking about other things. >> reporter: listened to his voice. >> fortunately i went to moore house during a time there were a lot of people still like him at moore house teaching us. >> reporter: what do you mean? >> as a way of speaking and carrying yourself that's very southern ministerial in a specific kind of way. >> reporter: how do you think dr. king would feel about today, the current situation, the
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current climate. >> disappointed. >> reporter: the president. >> it would be totally disappointing. young people graduating from college, what is their hope? >> the haves have more. the have nots have less. i think it's time that we hear a work of art speak to that. >> reporter: don lemon, cnn, atlanta. and a quick programming note, look for "the new promised land, silicon valley," a black in america special hosted by soledad o'brien sunday november 13th at 8:00 p.m. eastern. when we come back, activists accuse police in yemen of spraying gunfire on innocent protesters. we have dramatic pictures from the scene in sanaa. stay with us. ♪ ♪ a couple years of up all night ♪
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ten people were killed in clashes in the yemeni capital of sanaa, according to witnesses. a medic called it a sad day for the revolution, as tribal fighters battled yemeni security forces. activists said snipers sprayed the crowds with gunfire trying to end the demonstration. protesters are demanding that the president step aside. meanwhile, security officials
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said drone strikes killed seven suspected militants, including the son of this man, anwar al awlaki. the so-called osama bin laden of the internet was himself killed in a u.s. drone strike last month. it's a smaller coffin than usual, prodemocracy advocates say security forces opened fire on a funeral for a 9-year-old boy, killing one person. five others were wounded. 15,000 protesters turned out for the demonstration, according to witnesses. they stood their ground as mourners carried the body to the graveyard before, they say soldiers opened fire. the united nations believes more than 3,000 people have died in the anti-regime protests. cnn is unable to confirm events on the ground.
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we have been prevented from reporting from syria. all right. now for something completely different. one of tv's hottest and goriest shows finally makes its long-awaited return sunday night. >> i thought you were going to bite me and then you were going to have to -- somebody's going to have to kill me. >> but it would just be weird, i would just be a person biting another person. >> yeah. we're taking you to the set of "the walking dead" on the eve of the season two premiere. stay with us. endless shrimp is our most popular promotion at red lobster. there's so many choices. the guests love it.
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i tell you what i can spend. i do my best to make it work. i'm back on the road safely. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing. season two of amc's hit "the walking dead "premieres sunday night. it is one of the most anticipated events of the fall tv season. so for all you fans, here's don lemon's report. >> action. >> reporter: i thought you were going to bite me and then somebody's going to have to kill me because i'd be infected. >> i'd just be a person biting another person. >> we need herschel. he'll know what to do. >> we need rick.
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>> i make a lot of choices in season two. >> reporter: do you choose a man? or do you choose to tell? what's the deal? >> i mean, i think that's sort of the story of the second season. >> what do you think? >> what if it was carl? >> who is able to keep lori safe and more importantly, who's able to keep carl safe. and what would be a very simple decision starts to be more and more complicated by these things. >> i just had a long talk with shane. >> he's led by a very strict moral code, seemingly, but he ends up braining zombies. yet you kind of find yourself with him because he's so -- there's a certainty about him that is so kind of righteous. >> i think he loves rick, and i think that he believes in rick, and he wants to follow rick, but there's a whole lot of other stuff, you know, going on. >> i think she legitimately loves both of these men and doesn't wish them harm. but i love working with them. they're amazing actors.
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we're having a ball. >> camera, and action. >> reporter: this is a show people want to be involved in, i'm sure. >> yeah. >> reporter: why? >> you may not like the gory stuff but you're pulled in by the love triangle. or the dramatic aspect of that may not appeal to you but you get a cool monster or two here and there. >> reporter: you're shooting season two, right? >> right. season two. we're at herschel's farm, which is this beautiful farm right now. >> reporter: they're shooting a scene over there. >> that's our camp site. this is herschel's house. he kind of won't let us in the house. >> did he also give you the impression of my consent? >> reporter: why are you so angry? >> darryl's sort of like -- he's like somebody that really needs a hug, but if you try to hug him, he'll stab you. >> ugly skank. >> darryl gets a lot of kills. i think i'm going to start a petition for more evened out kills. >> reporter: we'll start a facebook page. >> they should have a running tally who gets the most kills.
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>> reporter: what's a secret nobody knows about, either the characters. >> yeah okay. shane, john who plays shane, is really into fashion. high-end fashion. really high-end fashion. >> reporter: you're joking, right? >> yeah. >> doesn't matter. just act. >> isn't it? is it? >> no, it's not. >> reporter: what can you reveal? >> i can reveal glenn gets a love interest. >> her name is maggie green. >> this is the pe teacher. >> how are you doing, brian? >> i'm good. >> boy, right after lunch, too. >> fist bump, and we're out. >> i'm hala gorani at the cnn center in atlanta. "pure evil, the killings in connecticut" is next.
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