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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  October 19, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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obviously a nice tangy tomato sauce and i like a lot of italian sausage on it. but i like a lot of meat >> piers: a bit like you, fiery? >> yes. >> piers: emotional? >> yes. >> piers: passionate? >> matty. >> piers: bursting in meat and substance. >> substance. thanks, piers. a pleasure. i have enjoyed it >> piers: that is all for us tonight. "ac 360" starts now. piers, thanks, good evening it is 10 p.m. here on the east coast tonight. one man's obsession with wild animals, his dying act that unleashed his collection of predators on the public and the deadly force taken to stop what could have been a lethal feeding were enzi, it all adds up to a very ugly picture. we have to warn you, you be the picture of a tragedy that never had to happen, endangered animals, some nearly extinct, now lying dead in ohio farmland, including 18 of the rarest bengal tigers. >> can you imagine 18 running around in the neighborhoods this morning? i mean, i don't even want to -- i won't sleep for a long time
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even thinking about that. >> jack hanna talking about what he says is the saddest day of his life. hear more from him later tonight about those animals, the animals that never should have been kept where they were and whose lives never had had to end the way they did. you will hear as well from the local sheriff whose deputies became reluctant hunters in the name of public safety. er are live on the scene later this evening. we begin however tonight keeping them honest, holding the people who want to be president to their word. >> you wouldn't hear a lot of shape-shifting nuance from me. i'm gonna gift american people a huge big old helping of unbridled truth. >> texas governor rick perry today promising to be a truth term, suggesting his gop rivals are not. keeping them honest, last night, a number of incorrect statements made at the republican debate. let's look at some of the statements made and how they fit the facts. >> over the last several years, 40%, almost half jobs created in texas, were created for illegal
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aliens, illegal immigrants. >> that is an absolute falsehood on its face, mitt. >> you have 30 second, governor perry. >> that is absolutely incorrect, sir. >> take a look at the study. >> there's been a third party take a look at that study and is absolutely incorrect. >> well, the study in question was upon don by the center for immigration studies, a third party did question how cis got into 40% figure. what's more, even the cis -- even cis admits that looking differently at its to own data could give a much lower percentage. here is governor perry on mitt romney's job creation record. >> mitt, while you were the governor of massachusetts, in that period of time, you were 47th in the nation in job creation. during that same period of time, we created 20 times more jobs, as a matter of fact, you created 40,000 jobs total in your four years. last two months, we created more jobs than that in texas. >> in fact, texas has created more jobs than massachusetts but that's largely because the state so much bigger around the population grown so much faster.
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according to figures from the labor department and dallas federal reserve bank, governor perry is wrong about that last part the last months. the fed numbers are 3,000 short. the lane department's are about 20,000 fewer. governor romney is flat-out wrong about this. americans are hurting across this country and the president's out there campaigning. why isn't he governing? he doesn't understand -- he doesn't have a jobs plan, even now. >> keeping him honest, you can say that president obama is in campaign mode, traveling the swing states around the country. you can't deny what he is thought campaigning for. >> last month, i sent congress a piece of legislation called the american jobs act. don't just applaud about it. vote for it. vote for it. i want you to send a message to congress that this is important. let them know -- and this shut bill that congress needs to pass. you should pass right away. you should pass it right away. pass this jobs bill now. pass this had bill. we need to pass this bill.
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and everybody will be better off if we pass it. pass the jobs bill. they should pass it right away. i'm ready to sign a bit. i have got the pens all ready. >> president obama campaigning for the jobs plan that mitt romney says the president doesn't have. other candidates layed into governor romney for the health care reform he instituted in massachusetts. >> blown a hole in the budget up there and authored in obama care which is going to blow a hole in the budget of this country. >> actually that is not true a recent report in the new england journal of medicine shows employers, government and individuals, pay approximately the samele proportion of health coverage costs after reform as they did before the law went into effect. the other hand, fact found the governor went too far when he said the government insurance didn't play a role in his plan. some of the newly insured did qualify for state-provided medicaid. others, as mr. romney said, either got state help in buying private insurance or paid for it all themselves. governor romney fired back and said rick santorum over the
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t.a.r.p. bank bailout program which president bush created and president obama continued. >> the problem is, in the first place, several people up here, the "business people" support the t.a.r.p., support the bailout. >> at issue, a letter, sent as congress was debating t.a.r.p. from the chairman of the democratic and republican governors associations joe manchin and rick per tricksed reads, and i quote, as leaders of of our respective organizations we don't always see eye to eye on policy but we come together today with one clear purpose. we strongly urge congress to leave partisanship at the door and pass an economic recovery package." the same day, governor perry issued this statement, going a free market economy, government should not be in the business of using taxpayer dollars to bail out corporate america." governor perry was for congress doing something when the only thing they were considering was t.a.r.p. the governor was on record opposing that same one thing congress was considering. keeping them honest, cnn and other nonpartisan fact checks found problems with herman cain's claim that mild and working class people would not
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pay more under the 9-9-9 plan. and another false claim, rom any saying perry was al gore's campaign chairman in 1988. perly had no leadership role in the campaign. finally, keeping them honest, the moderator, me. congressman bachmann, you said at the last debate that everyone should pay something. does that mean that would you raise taxes on the 47% of americans who currently don't pay taxes? i said it during the debate and the discussion afterward, i was plat gnat-out wrong what i knew and meant to say was 40% of americans do not pay federal income tax. they do pay plenty of other state, local and federal taxes including federal payroll taxes, gasoline tax, on and on and on the i made a mistake last night and i apologize. no corrections or apologize needed for the panel, erick erickson of joins us, gloria borger and james carville. james, i didn' to you last night. what do you say about last night? >> when newt gingrich makes more sense than everybody else put together, you probably got a
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problem. the truth of the matter is, any people up there being a chance of nominee that is perry and romney, to text that accident, maybe per ski help. >> you think herman cain, surging in the polls. no chance -- i can say that because i'm a contributor, you can't, you are an anchor no chance of being a republican nominee? >> you are saying that -- >> no chance. just no chance. >> no chance. i wish he works but he doesn't have a chance. >> you made your point there erick erickson, i didn't talk to you last night, i read a lot of your tweets, you liked what you saw in governor perry, or at least that he came to basically came moder bear on stage. >> where is this guy been? they said they wanted to get him off script, could you see there were a couple of times he had scripted answers, like his
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response on the reverend jefferies matter and flubbed the script. he went off script, did he well. i think he bought him safe lifeline last night. look, mitt romney is captain, the clear politics average, average the polls together, never gotten above 25%, voters asking for an alternative and the pounding that he got from santorum and gingrich and perry, he went off script several times, including that one moment yes said that he called the lawn service company and said i can't have illegals for pete's sakes, i'm running for office that buys right into the far this vattive so many conservatives have of him, he is just there to run for office. >> anderson, when you think about it rick perry is doing the same thing that barack obama is doing on mitt romney, trying to remind people why they didn't like mitt romney, why they didn't nominate him last time around and that is exactly what barack obama is doing sornlgts in raising the lawn company issue with illegal immigrants, he is raising that issue again, just to remind people that you know what you think i have
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problems on immigration policy, well, he is not totally clear on it either. so, i think you're going to see him continue to go back to a lot of the 2008 scenarios that mitt romney doesn't want to go back to >> seems david axelrod, the obama team focusing on mitt romney. way to the to go? >> makes sense. lodge clirks he has got beat a favorite, you know what the republicans just don't want to vote for him and if perry can do anything this guy is a bad candidate they can't put perry on fox, how thank is how bad he is. >> why do you say's bad candidate? >> he can't give a speech, can't.debate, didn't county do an interview, can't do an ed board, he can't do anything them can't put him in a situation where somebody might ask him a question. at some point, he is going to have to do that. >> that is the problem with getting in late. when you are a candidate who has actually run one time before or to you get in early, you kind of
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learn on the -- on the job. rick perry doesn't have enough time to do that. >> how has he got than far if he is so bad? >> he went to -- he can raise money, okay? and he was the governor of texas, went to 30% now, he is at 9%. i mean, maybe he will come back, maybe he will get better, grow, some incremental -- at least last night, he went in with a purpose. it was to hit romney and obviously, that was successful and everybody jumped in and helped had him. but they -- it was kind of odd that he still -- he doesn't have a thought out sort of way that he can do things. he is not very good on his feet. he gave a terrible speech to the values summit voters. you know, and just amazing how of the skills that people are supposed to have how few of them that he possesses. >> eric, do you agree? >> no, i don't really. i see where james is going with. this he is not good in the debates, he hasn't been great on the stump, hasn't found his footing yet, part of the problem
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with getting in late. this is a man elected governor of texas more than anybody, he has been in politics since 1992. you can't -- even in texas, going back to 1992, you can't get as far as he's gotten and be a horrible politician but he cross is to grow on the campaign trail and last night, i think we are probably seeing a pulse of that growing. >> look at -- >> i'm sorry, go ahead, gloria. >> it is a whole different issue set though. you're governor of texas, these one thing this is a completely different issue set. mitt romney is a very, very tough opponent here. republicans are divided, not quite sure who they want so it is a whole different sort of audition that you've got going. it is a completely different arena. >> if rick perry is going for a flat tax, seems the indication is he is, will that take away some of had herman cain's thunder on 9-9-9? >> very well could. already seeing steve forbes come out, full disclosure, i have gotten hints of the plan myself and looks to be a very
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compelling plan he is going to trot out. i think people will get it in the sense that it's looking at the income tax. like newt gingrich said last night in the debate, he applauded herman for his plan but said we probably need to build any reform on the existing foundation which is the way perry is going, so we are not going to have this debate on a national sales tax under the plan t will completely refocus debate on perry. but to james' points, he is going to have to be ready for the questions of his plan. >> i think it is smart politics for him to do this but he has been -- this guy is -- like the world series on tonight, a .350 hitter in aaa that has got smoked by every curve ball he has seen. kent do anything. mabel he will get his footing and maybe he will -- there is a reservoir of skill somewhere, a little energy plan, add little bit of a debate, he has got his flat tax thing coming out and got to go out and sell it, defend it, because believe you me, distribution table is going to come out, that's going to come out, he has to think on his feet. >> anderson, i have to say i'm disappointed that james used a baseball analogy, like tennessee
7:13 pm
playing lsu. >> when this flat tax comes out, people are going to say are you going to eliminate my home mortgage deduction? you know, he is going to -- he is going to be besieged with questions about a flat tax, just like steve forbes was when he ran. >> got a couple weeks before the next debate. so -- gloria borger, erick erickson, james carville, thank you very much, appreciate t poll me on twitter at anderson cooper. shock in ohio, menagerie of wild animals let loose from a farm by a guy who then killed himself, talking bears, lions, wolves, tigers, most animal nous dead in what a sheriff calls senseless killings and a closer look at how and why that happened. i will be talking with that sheriff and jack hanna in a live report from the scene. the michael jackson death trial, jurors in the conrad murray trial seeing dramatic video the defense calls terrifying and inflammatory. what it showed coming up. first, check in with isha. isha? >> tear gas and anger in the streets of athens, we will tell you what has demonstrate source fired up.
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dependability. yeah. activate dog. a bigger dog. [ male announcer ] introducing the reinvented 2012 toyota camry. >> tear gas and anger in the it? ♪ well, the terror is now over in rural ohio but the sadness, the shock and outrage is just sinking in.
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dozens of dangerous animals and endangered species cut loose by their suicidal owner, a man named terry thompson. 56 animals in all were roaming the rural country side. this is how they ended up. if you love and respect animals, this is heartbreaking. lions, bears, grizzlies, tigers, hunted down and killed in the name of public safety. shot down. one animal, a monkey, may be unaccounted for. although, as you hear tonight, it may have already died. there's so many questions. why did so many have to be killed? why would any private citizen keep such a collection? why was he allowed to do it at all? in a moment, you'll hear from the sheriff that was involved in the case and jack hanna who arrived on the scene. the latest from zanesville, ohio. first of all, you spoke with someone who got within feet of a bengal tiger? >> reporter: yes.
7:18 pm
it was really sad. that's the way the director of wildlife at the columbus zoo described it this morning. it was one of the last animals that was actually out on the loose, a bengal tiger. there's been so much debate going back and forth whether you tranquilize these animals or whether you take them down. she had a perfect example. she came within feet of the bengal tiger and actually tried to tranquilize it, hoping that it would take the drugs and roll over. unfortunately what happened, anderson, the case, as with so many animals, the dart went into the animal, the animal reacted and then lunged at her and sheriff deputies had no choice to take the animal down. a lot of people think it's like in a movie, you shoot it with a dart and it immediately collapses. but with a wild animal, depending on its size and weight, it could take a while for that drug to take effect and that's just one of the things
7:19 pm
that folks out here had to deal with trying to deal with the animals on the loose. >> you listened to some of the 911 calls. what can you tell us about it? >> reporter: yes. 911 calls started happening around 5:30 last night. people calling in saying, i see a lion on my property, i see a bear, i see a wolf on my property. the official were familiar with terri thompson. the sheriff deputies knew exactly where to go. take a listen. >> 911, what is your emergency? >> that's a lion right out in front of me and was standing there under the street light. >> we just saw the a lion that is missing. >> you saw it on mount prairie road? >> yeah. >> about how far off of 40? >> about half a mile. it was going west. >> it's going west? >> it was heading west in a hurry.
7:20 pm
yep. >> all right. we'll get somebody out in that area. if you see it again, don't approach it, okay? >> i'm far from there. i was driving. >> reporter: and obviously, anderson, that lion had to be taken down a short time later. the big question now for investigators is why terry thompson, a man by all accounts from everyone i spoke to, loved these animals, why he set them free and opened the cages and then took his own life. >> a short time ago, i spoke with sheriff lutz. mr. lutz, what's the status of the animals? >> right now, we believe we have one animal unaccounted for. that animal could be missing or could have perished in one of these incidents with the lion eating it. >> that's the monkey you're talking about? >> yes, the monkey. >> so there was also a wolf
7:21 pm
earlier today on the loose. was that wolf put down? >> yes. it was actually shot last night. with everything going on here -- it had crossed a road from the property that it came from. deputy mary was able to shoot that wolf last night. however, we just did not recover it in time to include it in the count. >> do you know how many animals total were killed? >> we had a total of 56 animals. we have one missing, which took us down to 55. we had six that were transported to the columbus zoo and we had 49 that were killed and buried today. >> obviously, there are people who are going to question, could darts have been used, could tranquilizers have been used? it seems to me, you didn't have much time. i mean, your deputies, obviously, aren't normally carrying around animal tranquilizers. >> we don't carry tranquilizers in our cruisers. if this had been a 9:00 or 10:00 incident in the middle of the day, odds are high that we may
7:22 pm
have been able to surround the area and keep everything contained, but our biggest problem we had in this whole thing was nightfall. we had about an hour, hour and a half of good light. we had several animals roaming free on this property going into darkness and we just couldn't take this chance. >> what do you know about this guy, terry thompson? i understand he was well known -- i don't know to you personally or to law enforcement in the region who had visited him before. >> yeah, i'm very familiar with terry. i was very familiar with him personally. we've been to his had house on numerous occasions on investigations. terry has done some local jail time in our jail for animal violations. and we knew of him and his situation. >> so authorities had been out
7:23 pm
and checked the permits and monitored the situation? >> yes. the moderation of this complex, he was not using it for an attraction to show people or took for pay. the bottom line is we had several different officials out there and several inspectors to inspect things and nobody could ever order him to shut him down. >> i know it's been a long 24 hours. i appreciate your time. thank you. >> thank you. >> well, we frequently talk to jack hanna when the subject is animals in the wild. some people don't understand that taking care of animals in the wild is a totally different experience. never in our experience or his have we seen anything like that. jack hanna is director emeritus of the columbus zoo and arrived on the scene early this morning to try to help out. i spoke to him earlier tonight. so, jack, have you ever seen anything like this is?
7:24 pm
>> you know, anderson, i won't forget this for the rest of my life. i'm trying to picture what this is like. in between here, noah's ark crashes and the result of it, we have 30 something, 42 animals, i don't know the exact number. thank goodness no human life was lost. i can tell you this, anderson, if these animals were not put down last night, this is a sight you would not have wanted to see. 18 bengals, bears, wolves, probably the largest escape ever. the veterinarian got within 20 feet and actually shot the animal. what did the animal do? comes exploding right towards the veterinarian. what would anybody else have done? >> that was just today. even though this tiger had been hit by a dart, it still lunged for the veterinarian? >> yes.
7:25 pm
see, anderson, it takes anywhere from three to six minutes for a tranquilizer to beginning to take effect. that animal is full bore for three to six minutes until it takes effect. did it hit the muscle? did it hit the bone? we have the great medicine and rifles and all of that stuff -- you are not 100%. >> so even today, that guy shot the animal within 20 feet with the dart but immediately, the animal leapt, so the authorities put the animal down? >> exactly. but can you imagine, we only have four tranquilizer guns. who would imagine that we would need darkness was coming within 30 minutes to an hour. >> basically, you had deputies having to respond to this immediately trying to stop these animals from spreading out further. they are not armed with tranquilizers, because under normal circumstances, why would
7:26 pm
sheriff deputies be armed with tranquilizers? you're saying that they did what they had to do. >> very good point, anderson, first one to bring it up. these deputies are not trained -- they had to use their weapons, their pistols. can you imagine sitting right there in front of them? these deputies hadn't been trained of this. those officers saved some human lives. >> i heard a report of a farmer who saw, i think it was a lion, going after one of their horses on his farm. >> i've heard that. right now, one bear was found next to interstate 70. 70 is here next to mend there is the property. that bear was about to go across interstate 70. that bear was -- one cat was hit by a car, a cougar, a lion, not sure what it is there. that's why the interstate has big, red signs. exotic animals loose. call 911. right now, anderson, it looks like everything is taken care of. we found a carcass of the monkey. we found a carcass of the
7:27 pm
monkey. we don't know if it was eaten and that might be the monkey we're looking for. we took four leopards to the columbus zoo, a grizzly bear and three primates left there. we will check them out, make sure that they are happy and everything and cared for and then legally figure out what to do. >> what are you hearing about the man at the center of all this, this man who killed himself but not before opening up these gates? unsecuring these gates? >> well, this man was a pilot. this man loved motorcycles. the condition was filthy, uncalled for from my people that went up there. he just got out of prison, from what i understand. his wife left him. the animals were in filth. he says, that's it. he cults all the cage wire, opens the doors, goes in there lays down and shoots himself. to his life that's great. but to us out here, 18 bengal
7:28 pm
tigers lost their life, anderson. i will never forget what this is. bengal tiger, 1400 left in the world, 18 gave their life today. lions, bear, saw this carnage laid out up there, that is why they are buried right now, buried them about an hour ago, took them up, dug a big hole and buried there. >> what's that like, you've spent your whole life saving animals and teaching other people about animals, to see the bodies of these animals laid up like that? >> i'm a pretty grilled person, anderson, but what really got me was the wife came back when she heard this. right now, nothing is left, except for the little primates and a few cats. she said, my husband is dead, he killed my whole family. she was shaking violently. i saw a defeated person. it was wrong, but what was i to do about it? they said she was mad at me so i
7:29 pm
was getting ready to have maybe a confrontation. you know what i did? i started crying. that may sound corny to you. i can understand her love for animals. there's a love for animals but they don't understand what you're doing. she said, you're taking my children. i'm not taking your children. i'm taking them to the columbus zoo to give them a proper home now. that's what i'm trying to do for you. i don't know what's going to happen to her. she has lost everything. you can see the carnage left over after the terrible mess. yes, i cried when i was with her. >> a lot of people love animals but loving an animal, that doesn't mean that you can care for an animal nor should that mean that you should buy or house an animal that shouldn't be in someone's private home. >> you're right. you're buying a bunch of loaded guns is what you're doing. and you're waiting for them to go off. that's what happened out here today. >> jack hanna, i know it's been a long day and night for you. thank you. we appreciate it. >> thanks, anderson. >> very sad. up next, secretary state clinton stopped in afghanistan.
7:30 pm
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and in crime and punishment, the prosecutors in the michael jackson trial are wrapping up their case. first, isha is joining us for this news bulletin.
7:34 pm
>> secretary of state hillary clinton landing for an unannounced visit in unannounced visit in afghanistan amid tight security. she's meeting with president karzai to discuss the commitment there along with afghanistan's relationship with pakistan. violent clashes outside of the parliament in athens as lawmakers prepare to vote on budgets cuts that could mean thousands of job losses. officers fired tear gas and there were dozens of demonstrators. apple employees paying tribute to steve jobs. apple stores across the country closed their doors to take part in a webcast remembering the company's co-found. no doubt a very emotional day for amle employees. anderson? remember michael winslow as officer jones as the man of 1,000 voices from the "police academy" movies?
7:35 pm
maybe not. he appeared on a norwegian talk show to prove that he can do led zepplin's "a whole lot of love." that is pretty incredible. it's all him. >> i think it sounded like a whole lot of noise. >> you're not impressed? >> i'm not impressed. but then again, i was sitting here thinking, i don't think i know any zepplin songs. >> well, i got that sense as well. i got that sense as well. >> don't worry, i grew up listening to bugs fears. >> the what? >> bugs fears. >> excuse me? >> it's a group from england. >> i don't know if i clearly
7:36 pm
heard what you said there. >> google it. >> this should be kept clean. it's a family show. >> i'm trying. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> i'll get you a clip. >> okay. making me nervous. >> go ahead. serious stuff straight ahead. conrad murray's lawyer is starting to make their case but not before prosecutors call one last witness. tell you what he said about what could have done to save michael jackson's life. and lindsay lohan is back in handcuffs. what a judge said she didn't do that got her in trouble this time. whoa. whoa. how do you top great vacations? whoa. getting twice the points on great vacations. whoa! use chase sapphire preferred and now get two times the points on travel, and two times the points on dining and no foreign transaction fees.
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crime and punishment tonight. an emotional day in the michael jackson trial. prosecutors calling their last weekend witness to the stand, an anesthesiologi anesthesiologist. the doctor that took the stand today questioned conrad murray's practice and his priorities. >> when dr. murray agreed to treat insomnia with propofol, he thought about himself, not about michael jackson. >> reporter: taking the stand today, the leading anesthesiologist that said propofol is an outstanding drug and if in the right hands, would not have caused the death of michael jackson. >> i'm asked every day i'm in the operating room and i'm asked, are you going to give me the drug that killed michael jackson? i get that question daily. this is a fear that patients do not need to have. >> reporter: dr. steven shafer presented this video to the jury
7:41 pm
to demonstrate how to administer propofol safely. >> the first thing you do is the preparation of the room. dr. huang is doing a review of the machine, checking the equipment and making sure that everything is in the proper place. there is emergency airway equipment that's available. it's not surprising that we're starting our setup with airway equipment because the single most important aspect of anesthesia, ever, is continued movement of air into the lungs. >> reporter: this photo shown earlier in the trial is michael jackson's bedroom, where dr. murray says he administered a small dose of propofol to jackson on the day he died. prosecutors say that murray had none of the necessary equipment to monitor jackson while under sedation or to revive him in an emergency.
7:42 pm
shafer used his video to make the point that quick action is needed when the patient goes into cardiac arrest. >> the heart has stopped beating, the patient is not breathing. this is a cardiac arrest. again, you have to respond instantly. and i cannot emphasize enough the first response to an emergency. those of you who have taken a cpr course may remember the instructions for cpr. you find a person who is unresponsive, what's the first thing you do? call for help. >> reporter: according to the prosecution's timeline, murray didn't call for help until 12:22, more than 20 minutes later. >> the facts in this case, in my view, suggest that virtually none of the safeguards for sedation were in place when propofol was administered to michael jackson.
7:43 pm
>> reporter: shafer said jackson's life could have been saved if murray took the necessary precautions. but the bottom line, according to shafer, murray never should have given michael jackson propofol in the first place. >> if dr. murray had acted as a doctor, the very first time michael jackson said i need propofol to sleep, a doctor would say, you have a sleep disorder and you need to be seen by doctors who specialize in sleep disorders, not by having me show up with propofol. >> reporter: the defense is expected to start its case friday. they will try to convince the jury that michael jackson accidently killed himself by administering that fatal dose of propofol. the jury could possibly get this case for deliberation some point next week. >> let's bring in mark geragos, criminal defense attorney, who once represented michael jackson and sunny hostin from our sister network trutv.
7:44 pm
mark, dr. shafer says that dr. murray was more like an employee for michael jackson, not a doctor. taking orders from the patient. pretty damaging stuff. >> well, it is for the evidence of gross negligence. and the prosecution has done a whale of a job proving he was grossly negligent. the problem they've got is in order to convict dr. murray, they still have to prove that his gross negligence caused the death. and i don't know that they've made that burden. their burden is beyond a reasonable doubt that the propofol and the administering of it is what caused this cardiac arrest. that is what the jury will be wrestling with. it's the idea of causation. >> sunny, do you think they have enough evidence by not having the equipment in the room? >> i don't know what trial, mark, you're watching. the bottom line is, not only has
7:45 pm
the prosecution proved that conrad murray did not have the proper monitoring equipment, they proved that he shouldn't have been putting michael jackson to sleep with propofol. but for those actions, michael jackson would still be alive today. witness after witness after witness has testified to that. >> do you know what the problem is? when you do these packages, and i don't mean to condemn cnn, i love cnn, and all you do is show the direct testimony with the prosecution's case -- >> they haven't done anything on cross-examination. >> exactly. and that's why -- wait until tomorrow and they ask one question of this doctor. i predict that the question will be, aren't all of your conclusions that you just testified to yesterday based on an i.v. drip? and when the doctor says yes, then you're gonna say, this wasn't an i.v. drip? right. so, where are we left? >> that's not how it's going to happen. >> that's the problem. this is not espn doing an nfl -- this is -- i'm just going to tell you something. you can't look at a trial as if it's an nfl football game. he is presumed innocent.
7:46 pm
they have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt and you have to wait until all of the evidence is in. so i'll tell you, so far, i don't think they have met their burden on causation. >> it's interesting, sunny, he could be facing four years in prison but there's a new law in california that might mean he may not serve any time in prison. >> that is right. the maximum jail sentence is four years but there's a new law in california that is sort of intended to relieve this prison overcrowding. so, if you're a nonviolent offender, this is your first conviction, you get to serve your time in the county jail and your time is cut by 50% and then the rest of your time could be served at home on house arrest. but the bottom line, if he gets convicted, he will lose his medical license. owe not only loses his liberty but his livelihood. >> even if he is found guilty, we are a long way from that, but even if he is found guilty,
7:47 pm
chances are he would not see any jail time? >> what you have been referring to is called the alignment. just took effect october 1st. exactly what would happen is he falls under this provision that, number one, even more realignment, he never would have done more than two years actual, even if the judge maxes him out. and he could be eligible for the electronic monitoring. but i've told you before, anderson, he caught the biggest break in the world when prosecutors did not charge him with second degree implied malice murder. right now he's kind of playing with house money. >> mark geragos and sunny hostin, thank you. up next, say it isn't so. lindsay lohan is back behind bars. [ dr. banholzer ] every once in awhile
7:48 pm
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will be giving awayu? passafree copies of the alcoholism & addiction cure. to get yours, go to more ahead, first, a bulletin. turkish troops are striking back in northern iraq, they are moving into the area and vowing revenge after 24 of their fellow soldiers were killed by kurd i shall rebels known as the kerg stan workers party. those rebels are on the u.s. state department's list of designated terrorist organizations. turkey's president has a tough message for the killers. >> those that think they will weaken our state with these attacks or think they will bring
7:52 pm
our state into line, they will see that the revenge for these attacks will be very big and they will endure it many times over. >> here in the u.s. you can the fda says bad sanitation at a cantaloupe packing facility in colorado may have contributed to the listeria outbreak that has been linked to 25 deaths. jensen farms recalled the cantaloupes last month. lindsay lohan was led out of a courtroom in handcuffs today after a judge revoke herd probation. lohan hasn't been showing up for her community service at a women's center. lohan said it wasn't "fulfill willing." the judge ruled she now has to do community service at the l.a. county morgue and has another hearing in two weeks. an incredible discovery in the scottish highlands. 1,000-year-old fully intact viking grave. british archaeologists found the grave of a viking warrior buried along with a sword, shield, spear and axe. french president nicolas sarkozy and his wife, carla bruni, welcoming the birth of
7:53 pm
their new daughter a close family friend says the new mother is doing well. this is the couple's first child, though president sarkozy has three from a previous marriage. now back to anderson. erin burnett "outfront" is ahead. what is next? we will talk about a flat tax, last night in your debate, rick perry said we have an economic plan by the end of the week and today, said it is going to have a flat tax in it. does a flat tax work for america? we do the math, get to the bottom line and get the numbers. then talking about what could be done to making the republican ticket exciting for republican voters. a lot of that might have to do with the vp part of it and one of the men con tension is republican governor bob mcdonald. come "out front". because harry bell tonighty's eyes happened to be closed doesn't necessarily mean he was sleeping on live television. what's the difference between the fusion and other hybrids? the look.
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time now for the ridiculous. it's kind of a bedtime story, featuring harry bontafone and watch what happened when it came to talk to the morning news team at kbka in bakersfield, california. >> good morning, harry. harry, wake up. harry? wake up, wake up. okay. this is your wake-up call, harry.
7:58 pm
>> um, indeed. this is a classic journalistic dilemma. it's early in the morning, the celebrity you are about to interview is all miked up, you have your questions ready and what is a news team to do? >> i have been doing this for quite some time now and i have never seen that. >> come on. >> let's just say this. the way this works is they do a lot of interviews -- early morning, a lot of them -- and perhaps, obviously, if he could hear us he -- >> i don't think he could really hear us. >> in the business, we like to call this technique stretching, just basically talking until the thing that was supposed to happen actually happened. sadly, it does not always work. >> does r.e.m. sleep? he was just -- >> yeah, he couldn't hear. he couldn't hear. he couldn't hear. oh, and he's taking a nap over there. >> it's r.e.m. sleep.
7:59 pm
>> well, harry was never asleep. he was not sleeping. in what is the most awesome statement ever, here is his publicist said. his ear piece wasn't working so he decided to take the the time to meditate before his rest of his day-o. mr. belafonte is 84 years young and sharper and more awake and i agree it is quite beneficial. i definitely feel my best when i can meditate seven to eight hours a night. here's vice president biden meditating during a speech president obama is giving. if you don't meditate enough at night, youed me tate at inopportune times. here's a little puppy trying to meditate on a set of stairs. there are even times when news anchors meditate live on the air. >> that lovely stretch where we -- >> hello? >> half of our ice.