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tv   AM Wake Up Call  CNN  October 24, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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good morning, it is monday, october 24th, this is your a.m. wakeup call, i'm ali velshi joining you live from new york. a frantic search for earthquake survivors under way in eastern turkey. a powerful 7.2-magnitude quake hit near the border with iran yesterday, killing at least 217 people and injuring some 350 others. it was centered near the city of van. hundreds more are believed to have died in what's said to be the most powerful quake to hit turkey in more than ten years.
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rescue workers used everything from their hands to shovels to cranes, to reach trapped survivors crying out for help amid the rubble. a reporter in van describes the scene there. >> let me tell you, it's really, really cold, it's zero celsius degrees, literally freezing. and there's no electricity in most of the city. no natural gas. i mean the survivors are now trying to survive the cold weather at the same time. >> turkey is especially vulnerable to earthquakes because it sits on major geological fault lines. an autopsy confirms that moammar gadhafi died if a gunshot wound to the head. the following images are very graphic. what doctors didn't reveal is whether the ousted libyan leader was shot in a cross-fire or
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killed by rebel who is captured him last thursday. the u.n. is calling for an investigation into his death. meanwhile people lined up over the weekend to view his corpse. the family wants his woddy handed over. as the international community asks more questions, many libyans are celebrating gadhafi's death. declaring freedom from the dictator they feared and hated. celebrations in benghazi. cnn's nick walsh was there. >> reporter: in a speech he called on libyans to remember their history. told them -- clearly a sign he needs to appeal to the goodwill of individuals there to begin on the hard road ahead to reconstruction and trying to create some kind of post-gadhafi
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world where high expectations and the like, held by ordinary libyans will somehow be translated into improvement in their normal lives. the ruling national transitional council said it will hold the first elections in eight months. they're counting votes in tunisia, the country where the arab spring uprising ten months ago, held the nation's first free elections today. people flocked to the polls for a new constitutional assembly. thousands of individual candidates competed for 218 seats, the first results are expected on tuesday. the revolt that toppled tunisia's long-time president triggered similar uprisings across north africa and the middle east. president obama is shifting gears in a bid to jump-start the economy. "the new york times" reports the president will propose executive branch actions to tackle such
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problems as housing and education during a three-day western trip, which starts today. the first stop is las vegas. the "times" says he'll push for new rules for federally-guaranteed mortgages so more homeowners with little or no equity can refinance and avoid losing their homes to foreclosure. in denver the "times" says mr. obama will announce policy changes to ease repayment of federal loans by college graduates. 32-year-old shark attack victim is being remembered by family and friends as unique and one of a kind. george thomas wainwright of texas was killed while scuba diving in western australia, near a popular tourist spot near perth. they said the bite marks on wainwright's body indicate a great white shark probably attacked him. his sister spoke with a cnn affiliate wnbb. >> i think it was the wrong place, wrong time. he was very wise, i would trust
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him with anything to do with being on the water. i always had complete confidence in his skills. >> he was an extraordinary person, he was one of a kind. and he, you know, like my sister said, he's more than just a quick news spot. he was our brother. and we loved him. and he will be missed. >> wainwright's death was the second fatal shark attack near perth in the past two weeks. let's go 0 our friend, meteorologist rob marciano in atlanta. what are we expecting in terms of flight delays. >> a little bit. a weak storm moving across the great lakes and what's shaking in the tropics, still hurricane season. so what's happening down there is certainly of concern to us, we may something that's going to be making its way in our direction. first off, the travel delays like you wanted, atlanta, low clouds, detroit, cleveland, some thunderstorms in the morning and afternoon wind. and some showers possible in miami, some fog in memphis, not
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a terrible big deal. but the front that's moving across and developing through the plains, that not only is going to bring colder air, but may drop temperatures from denver from 78 to the 30's by the end of the week. here's tropical storm rina, off the coastline of honduras and nicaragua, expect it to become stronger through the next couple of days, eventually becoming a hurricane as it gets closer to cancun by the end of the week. that has us worried if it gets into the gulf of mexico. watching that very carefully. also watching this or done watching it, i should say. we've talked about this other satellite that was going to come crashing back to earth. this one a german one. and it did so, saturday night. sometime between 9:45 and 10:15 eastern time. took about 15 minutes to hit the ground. there it is, about two tons' worth of it. they think it broke apart into about 30 pieces and fell
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somewhere over the indian ocean. or potentially in mainland, china. and some of the city there is are very populated. it's possible that some of the debris came down there. but they think if it hit anybody, we would have had reports by now. and we haven't seen that so satellite number two has gone, come and gone and has hit the ground hopefully to nothing big as far as damage is concerned. >> we haven't heard anything about any damage or injuries as a result of this thing. and no more satellites on the docket that will be crashing back to earth. >> very good, my friend, rob marciano in the weather center. late-night comedians are saying good-bye to gadhafi in their own special way. here's your morning punch line. >> of course with this sort of event, there's always the question of proof. >> there's a photograph that has been published from the news agency, afp, i want to warn you about that, it's quite graphic.
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>> now, gadhafi's death was difficult to confirm, since every living picture of him could be confused with a death photo. nation, i say we need to stay vigilant here. gadhafi with a "g" may be gone, but we still have not captured gadhafi, and the others. >> all right. steve jobs, the genius you didn't know. a new biography sheds light on the co-founder of apple. it's a very interesting story. we'll have details of that coming up. but first our quote of the day, quote, we are sick of you criticizing us and telling us what to do. that's one what one world leader said to another. find out who was on the giving and receiving end of that quote. in 90 seconds, it is eight minutes after the hour. her loves your new progresso rich & hearty steak burger soup.
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the vending machine on elm is almost empty. i'm on it, boss. new pony ? sorry ! we are open for business. let's reroute greg to fresno. growing businesses use machine-to-machine technology from verizon wireless. susie ! the vending machine... already filled. cool bike. because the business with the best technology rules. it is ten minutes after the hour, this is your "a.m. wakeup call." back to the quote of the day. we're sick of you criticizing us as telling us what to do. that was french president, nicolas sarkozy, diplomats say he directed that at british prime minister, david cameron, during a european union meeting over the weekend. the leaders gathered to try to solve the european debt crisis. steve jobs, we know him as
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the driving force behind all things apple. but what was jobs like as a person, as a boss, and as someone who lost the battle against cancer? walter isaacson provides some revealing answers in his new biography titled simply "steve jobs." when jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer seven years ago, he put off surgery for nine months, much to the dismay of his doctors and family. asked why, he told isaacson that he didn't want his body to be opened. isaacson talked about the jobs he came to know in an interview in "60 minutes." >> he was very petulant, he could be very brittle, he could be very mean to people. he could just -- really, just go at them and say, you're doing this all wrong. it's horrible. and you would say, why did you do that? why weren't you nicer? and he would say, i really want to be with people who demand perfection.
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and this is who i am. he was raised in a place that was just learning how to turn silicone into gold. it had not been named silicon valley. you had hewlett-packard, and the defense industry, and the counterculture, the bay area. the entire brew came together in steve jobs. he was sort of a hippie-ish, rebel kid, loved listening to dylan music and he loved electronics. he was not the world's greatest managers. he could have been one of the world's worst managers. he was always up-ending things and throwing things into turmoil. this made great products, but it didn't make for a great management style. >> steve jobs, as you know, died of cancer on october 5th. he was 56 years old. gas stations in space, nasa is taking a good, hard look at the idea. of course, nasa calls them propellent depots, nasa
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engineers will be in washington to talk about it and how it could make missions in outer space more feasible. a just-completed six-month study is adding more so-called fuel to the discussion. with his jobs bill going nowhere in congress for now, president obama hits the road today with a new mantra. just ahead, how he's now saying he's going to confront the economic situation that is facing america. which provided for their every financial need. [ thunder rumbling ] [ thunder crashing ] and then, in one blinding blink of an eye, their tree had given its last. but with their raymond james financial advisor, they had prepared for even the unthinkable. ♪ and they danced. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you. whoa. whoa. how do you top great vacations? whoa.
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for president obama to those who want his job, late-night comedians just can't get enough of the political headlines, here's the morning punch line. >> herman cain said today of his rivals that he had the greatest admiration for mitt romney and newt gingrich. i thought that was nice, yeah. the former pizza executive said he respects mitt romney as a businessman and newt gingrich as a customer. so -- [ laughter ] you remember the story, enter was a truck filled with president obama's teleprompters and it went missing? well the stolen truck carrying president obama's teleprompters has been recovered. but one of them is still gone. yeah, meanwhile joe biden's teleprompter has taken its own life. shot itself. >> time now for your political ticker with tim farley. host of "morning briefing" on sirius xm. live from washington, good to
2:16 am
see you. >> good to see you, ali. >> president obama heads out west a week after his east coast tour. and he's hitting the road, with a brand-new mantra, probably one we're going to hear for the next year or so. your thoughts? >> well, yeah. it's got tweeted out by the white house yesterday. we can't wait is going to replace, pass this bill. perhaps because "pass this bill" didn't work. and a couple of pieces of the bill went up in the senate and down to defeat. the house is here, but no action on the president. so why not? this visit, ali, i think when you look at it closely, is all about money and the latino vote, the hispanic vote, that the president carried so successfully in 2008. and they don't want to go back to 2004, when george w. bush got about 44% of the hispanic vote. clearly the president is going to be talking money. there's, we look at today, there may be something on the mortgage markets here. as you well know, nevada is just in the toilet when it comes to mortgages, that's one of the things i think he's going to be
2:17 am
focusing on today, too. >> i think for the average viewer who doesn't follow politics as closely as others do, it's unclear whether these trips are campaigning or whether they are as the president said, in his speech to the joint session of congress, this is him taking his message to every corner of the country. i guess the bottom line is, are these kind of trips necessary for policy? or do they just give the gop more ammunition to say that the president is out on the hustings when he should be governing. >> the president is the president wherever he is. i guess it depends how well it's presented. the big, big fundraisers are going to be behind closed doors. he's going to be having dinner and a voter's house and will smith and jada pinkett smith's house, no cameras allowed. people will see the president talking about substantive things and pushing republicans and it does sort of fit in with policy. this is what every president has to deal with when he's running
2:18 am
for re-election. >> i know that these primary and caucus calendars are remarkably important. nevada has pushed back of the date of its caucus. it does seem to be one of those things for the audience that thinks that they want to hear about policy and decide who to vote for for the president, this seems to be whole lot of insider process. but where do we stand now on these primaries and caucuses? >> and to your point about the number of people, 20 million people have launched the debates, about five and a half million, the cnn debate alone last week. there are some people engaged in this. and the people in iowa and new hampshire are very engaged. the 3rd of january and the 10th of january. in those states, we're going to see this campaign unfold rather quickly i think you'll see, probably mitt romney try to win in new hampshire. he's more or less favored to win there. and iowa may be a rick perry state or it may be a herman cain state. it sort of depends on how it shakes out. the thing is, once we get
2:19 am
through january we'll see who has the money to continue. >> if after these four, tim, we don't have great performances by beginning grish, by ron paul, by michele bachmann. by rick santorum, are they out? >> i believe they are. if they can't be out by the end of january, they'll have a tough time making it through february, because there are no contests there. i think you're probably right. that will thin the herd. >> right. all right, tim, always great to see you thanks very much for joining us again as always. tim farley, the host of "morning briefing." remember all the debris from the tsunami that hit japan? some scientists are saying it could reach hawaii's shores sooner than predicted. but first, a special suggestion as you pack your lunch today -- throw a slice of
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after a visit from the u.s. secretary of state, the afghan president is raising some eyebrows on pakistani television. let's go around the world with my good friend, monita rajpal who joins us from london. >> good morning, ali. you remember secretary of state clinton visited the afghan leader. now president hamid karzai has some pretty strong words that just don't seem to favor the united states. on a broadcast this weekend on pakistani gotv network karzai
2:24 am
said quote, god forbid if any war took place between pakistan and the united states, we will stand by pakistan and he went on to say, if pakistan is attacked and if the people of pakistan needed afghanistan's help, afghanistan will be there with you. now, the odds of a war between the u.s. and pakistan aren't particularly high. it is believed that these words were to soften some statements he had made earlier. and angry comments he made over pakistan's support for afghan insurgent groups, a bit of a surprise, but after what has been considered a successful visit last week with the secretary of state. ali? >> very interesting comments. let's talk about the trash, the debris from the earthquake and tsunami that hit japan. we've always known that it's heading toward hawaii. but there's some news it might be getting there substantially faster than we expected. what do we know about this? >> a lot sooner than was
2:25 am
predicted. kind of wave that hawaiians probably aren't used to. we've seen the video of wrecked fishing boats, furniture and other debris. headed towards hawaii. according to some, it's coming a lot sooner than expected. the debris washed out to sea after a tsunami roared ashore in japan last march. now as much as 20 tons of trash, 20 tons is floating in the pacific ocean. and researchers are saying the currents are carrying it toward hawaii. one of the reasons for the adjustment is that this russian ship, it reports that a few weeks back, it came across some debris,ic bottles, even tv sets and refrigerators. it's moving faster than they predicted and it may arrive at midway island next spring, but it's nearly there already. they could see the debris wash up on their shores in less than two years. >> you see, as you said, boats,
2:26 am
cars, trucks, i saw an airplane and a helicopter. it will be interesting to see how much of that survives, how much of it doesn't sink by the time it gets there. that will be quite a bunch of stuff to see wash up on the shores. new video may help crack kaes of a missing 11-month-old missouri girl. a closer look at this surveillance video. also, week five of the michael jackson death trial. is the defense ready to defend dr. conrad murray? we'll tell you on the way back. it's 26 minutes after the hour. that's a recipe for failed investing. open an e-trade account and open doors, seize opportunities, take action with some of the most powerful yet easy-to-use trading tools on the planet all built to help you maximize the potential of every dollar you invest. successful investing isn't done by throwing ideas against the wall and hoping. it's done by lowering your costs and raising your expectations by using unbiased research and powerful screeners
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good morning, it is monday, october the 24th. this is your "a.m. wakeup call"
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i'm ali velshi joining us live from new york this morning. it's 30 minutes after the hour. one of the two men charged in an alleged plot to kill saudi's ambassador to the u.s. will be arraigned in new york. he's accused of giving an undercover informant a $100,000 downpayment for the hit. federal investigators say the alleged scheme is tied to iran's secret force. the second suspect remains at large. it's day 20 in the search for an 11-month-old missouri girl and now new video may help crack the case. this surveillance video shows an unknown person walking on the road about 2:00 a.m., about two hours before lisa irwin was reported missing, and two miles from her home. police have been searching that home after cadaver dogs picked up the scent of a body there. a family lawyer said the suspicions around the parents are distracting. >> it really breaks your heart
2:31 am
that we have been looking the wrong direction. and as a result of that, we might not get the happy ending that we want. that's what i'm sad about. >> sunday, the girl's parents joined a candlelight vigil outside their home. in arizona, relatives of a missing 5-year-old girl are planning to march on the state capital today. they're hoping to draw national attention to the search for jesse shockly. she disappeared two weeks ago. according to reports, her older siblings were supposed to be watching her when she wandered out of the family's suburban phoenix apartment. emails from a lawsuit filed by victims' families reveal concerns that the pilot in a new york plane crash couldn't properly fly that aircraft. the 2009 tragedy near buffalo killed 50 people. the emails show colgon air officials had doubts about letting the pilot into the cockpit because he had not advanced far enough in his training. the ntsb ruled the pilot, marvin
2:32 am
renslow was at fault in the crash. today the much-anticipated steve jobs' biography goes on sale, less than three weeks after the apple co-founder's death. jobs game former "time" magazine editor, walter isaacson more than 40 interviews for the book, simply titled "steve jobs." isaacson said jobs told 60 minutes things be done even when they couldn't be. >> when he was creating the rick nal macinto be. he would could many in and say, we need to have this done by next month. and people would say no, you can't possibly do that and he would say yes, you could it that. in the end he would not take no for an answer and he would make a dent in the universe he wanted to. he would bend reality and they would accomplish it. >> the book was initially supposed to come out in november, but when jobs died on october 5th, the publisher pushed up the release date. when you switch phone
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companies, you can keep your phone number. we know that. what happens when you switch banks, generally speaking, you get a completely different account number. which makes it kind of unappetizing to switch banks, even if you don't like you bank. we'll tell you the rest of the story, coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the peace of mind of owning a 2011 iihs top safety pick. the all-new volkswagen passat. new splenda® essentials™ no calorie sweetener with b vitamins, the first and only one to help support a healthy metabolism. three smart new ways to sweeten. same great taste. new splenda® essentials™.
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the big money story today, the euro debt crisis. isn't that kind of the big money story most days. it appears that europe's leaders are getting closer to coming up with a deal. let's go to carter evans, live here in new york. carter, are you live or is this a taped replay of something you've said before? i feel like we've had this discussion. >> i think we've had this discussion many times. >> prove you're live. >> i'm going to pull my ear right now. does that prove it? >> go ahead. >> here's the thing, we've been hearing about the euro zone debt
2:35 am
plan for a long time. and leaders over there have been on the verge of one for a long time. but they've got a lot of different countries that have got to agree on a very uncomfortable plan for a lot of them. they say they made some real progress over the weekend. but they're not quite there yet. that's kind of what we expected to happen on friday. so this is where we were on friday. now it's looking like wednesday is the big day. on wednesday, european finance lieders say we will know what their solution is to the debt crisis over there. they say it is very intricate and complicated plan and they'll be ready to talk about on wednesday. so to be continued once more. >> okay. the next story, i don't know how i feel about this, largely because i feel like i'm not sure we need to regulate something that's going to cost the banks more money. that results in us paying more money. but there's something enticing about the idea that i can change my bank account, and keep the same bank account number. >> well, look, nobody wants any more regulations. that's for sure. you know, just creates a bunch of hassle. but i think when you feel like
2:36 am
you've been taken advantage of so many times, a lot of people feel like they may need new regulations to kind of stick it to the banks or to keep the banks from sticking it to them. this is an idea that's been introduced as a bill before congress to allow you to basically take your bank account number with you wherever you go. kind of like you do your cell phone number. the idea is, to make it easier to change banks. right now, it's so difficult. you have to change all your direct deposits, all your bill pays, all your automatic payments, those sorts of things, it can be very, very difficult to switch a bank. that kind of puts the favor on the bank's side when they're raising fees and doing things like that. you're looking at these fees and saying, maybe i am willing to pay a little bit more, because it is such a big hassle to move. the idea is to bring your account number with you to make easier to move. the banks say it will make it more expensive to us, and that means we're going to pass it on to the rest of you. >> you know what i would do, aside from the regulation, if i were a good bank, and there are some, i love my bank.
2:37 am
that charges virtually no fees and has really good service and really long hours and really nice people, i would just say -- we'll set up a system where if you transfer to us, maybe you don't get to keep your same number, maybe you do. but we will just make it really easy, we'll take over everything in your account and make it easy to transfer everything. because i think it is next to impossible. the reason people don't change their bank accounts is it's such a pain to do it. >> i think there is room within the private sector to do this as well. someone could come up with a plan and say, we're the only bank in the u.s. that you can come here instantly and say everything will be set up for you. >> carter, you and me, have a little capital on the side, we'll start up the bank of ali and carter. see you in about 20 minutes. set to be another big week in the trial against michael jackson's doctor. what you can expect, when we come back. but first, my favorite part of the show -- time for to you get smart. it's our get smart question of the day. we're aweek away from halloween. so better start thinking about
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y'all are not a very creative bunch, it's 40 minutes after the hour. this is your "a.m. wakeup call." here's your answer tour get smart of the day. i would have been entirely disappointed in you if it were a ghost. it's not, the answer is b, angry birds. real really? and "black swan" the natalie portman character from the movie, was second on the list. i hated that movie.
2:41 am
that was two hours i'm never getting back in my life. third most searched-for costume was the blayboy bunny. i'm going to totally win the halloween costume contest this year. it's week five of the michael jackson death trial. the prosecution is wrapping up its case and dr. conrad murray's defense team will begin calling its own witnesses. cnn's ted rowlands is in los angeles with more. >> when court resumes, dr. steven schaeffer will still be on the stand. he testified last week for the prosecution this is the prosecution's most important witness. they're just finishing up with him. what he's been able to do is establish for the jury what the prosecution believes happened the night that michael jackson died. after he's off the stand, the defense will start its case in chief. and we expect to hear among others, from some character witnesses. these are going to be dr. murray's patients from las vegas and houston. they will come in and tell the jury that he's not such a bad
2:42 am
guy. in fact that he's been a fantastic doctor for them. then the most important witness will take the stand for the defense, dr. paul white. he's basically the counter, to the prosecution's expert on propofol. white and dr. steven schaeffer, they are colleagues. and white is going to be paramount for the defense. he will have to answer the questions that were raised by schaeffer in the prosecution. we expect he'll take the stand wednesday or thursday. and we expect that he will be the defense's last witness unless, we don't expect it, they bring dr. conrad murray to the stand. the bottom line, the case should end up, if murray doesn't take the stand, at the end of the week. >> and of course we'll keep following that on cnn. now to today's sports headlines, another tragic accident during a race. this time, it was an international motorcycle star. marco simoncelli was killed in a race in malaysia.
2:43 am
his helmet was knocked off. he lay motionless. simoncelli was given emergency treatment at the track, but he didn't survive. that deadly accident comes a week after the death of indy car driver, dan wheldon. a memorial was held for wheldon in indianapolis, the 33-year-old was killed after a fiery wreck in las vegas on october 16th. other drivers remembered wheldon for his charm, sense of humor and devotion to fans. >> i like you guys, i'm grateful for the time we got to spend with him on earth. and all to that bit of time is done, our time together, is not over. we have our memories, we have our feelings, and one day we'll be together again. >> wheldon was a two-time indy 500 winner. he leaves behind a wife and two children. in other sports news, a pitching gem by a young arm helped the texas rangers even the world series at two games. derrick holland pitched eight
2:44 am
and a third innings of a two-hit ball. he struck out seven batters. didn't give up any runs to the potent cardinals lineup. josh hamilton hit an rbi double in the first and that was all the rangers needed, they win 4-0. game five tonight in texas. check out green bay's charles woodson, good interception, it's what happens after this that got our attention. the packers are playing on the road in minnesota. but he spots a young green bay fan, take a look, he hands her the ball. check out the smile on her face. add that to the tv time she got. safe to say, she'll be a pretty popular girl at school today. plus the packers won to improve their record to 7-0. rescue crews are moving as fast as they can in hopes of finding more survivors after the powerful earthquake that hit turkey. live report from the quake zone coming up next. but first this day in history, as you walk out the door for your eight-hour shift, think back to october 24th, 1940. that day was the start of the
2:45 am
standard 40-hour work week. the fair labor standards act was signed into law by president roosevelt two years earlier. it also established a federal minimum wage, overtime pay and child labor laws, so thank that date for 9 to 5. whoa. whoa. how do you top great vacations? whoa. getting twice the points on great vacations. whoa!
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good morning, it is monday,
2:48 am
october the 24th. this is your "a.m. wakeup call" in for carol costello. the time is now 5:47 on the east. this morning, it's a frantic search for survivors in turkey. sunday's 7.2-magnitude earthquake ripped through the eastern part of the country near iran. it killed 217 people, injured 350 more at least. the death toll is expected to rise. die nanna magne is in ercis turkey. we understand that getting to villages to help those in need has been very difficult. what are the problems? >> hi, ali, this is a remote part of turkey. ercis, where i am, i've just been visited by the interior minister, saying 169 people died here, 95 in the sort of regional main city of van, which is about 100 kilometers away from me. they do expect the death toll to rise. but interestingly he said it
2:49 am
wasn't rising as fast as they had feared. there are supplies coming into the area, there is food, a little bit of food. they are trying very hard to rebuild the electricity supplies to get water flowing again. but that hasn't happened yet. he said the biggest problem is actually getting tents and accommodation for people. but that this evening, the red crescent would be distributing 7,000 tents that will hopefully be able to give some kind of shelter to all the people made homeless tonight. ali? >> the issue of course continues to be the temperature. whether there's rain in the forecast author those who did survive, getting the tents will be helpful. but it's going to be cold. >> it is extremely cold at night. and many of the people here who have been waiting for news of loved ones were out throughout the night. as the search and rescue efforts continue and as you can see behind me, they are still going, they've been using dogs, they used the sound technique to listen out in silence and see whether there are any knockings and any sounds coming from
2:50 am
within the rubble. but since day broke, certainly in the two or three sites that we have visited, for this, while the search and rescue keeps going, they say they haven't heard any noises. and also of course, what made the nighttime searching far more difficult, ali, was the fact that there were numerous aftershocks, one man said he felt at least 16. which of course, hampers the efforts to find people. ali? >> diana, thanks very much. an autopsy confirms that moammar gadhafi died from a gunshot wound to the head. now we want to warn you, the images you'ring about to see are very graphic. what are doctors didn't reveal, was whether the ousted libyan leader was shot in a cross-fire or killed by the rebel who is captured him last thursday. the u.n. is calling for an investigation into the circumstances of his death. with his jobs bill a no-go
2:51 am
in congress, president obama shifting gears in a bid to jump-start the economy. "the new york times" reports the president will propose executive branch actions to tackle problems like the housing and education problems during a three-day western trip. that starts today, first stop las vegas. "the new york times" says he'll push for new rules for federally-guaranteed mortgages so that more home owners with little or no equity can refinance and avoid losing their homes to foreclosure. in denver, the "times" says mr. obama will announce policy changes to ease repayment of federal loans by college graduates. congresswoman gabrielle giffords is set to begin intensive rehab today in north carolina. she arrived in asheville yesterday, to continue her recovery from being shot in the head. back in january. giffords' office said her therapy sessions will last until november 4th. let's go straight to meteorologist rob marciano live in atlanta. good morning, rob, how are flights looking this morning? >> so far, so good. little bit of a cluster of thunderstorms heading across the great lakes right now.
2:52 am
i want to show it to you on radar. we'll get cranking through the rest of the country. there you go, heading into the toledo and cleveland area, through detroit. those are the spots that will see delays, at least this morning. fairly fast-mover, so in the afternoon, wind behind it may cause some problems. showers in miami and fog in atlanta and patchy areas across the mid south. a couple of fronts to speak of, one of which will develop into a decent storm as we get towards the middle and later part of the week. that will drop temperatures significantly from say 78 in denver to well into the 30s by the time we get towards the weekend. as far as what's cooking with tropical storm rina, winds of 40 miles per hour, and the forecast track brings it towards cancun, potentially becoming a hurricane by the weekend it would bring it closer to the gulf of mexico. we'll have to watch this one carefully. hurricane season as you know, through the end of november. we had thunderstorms across texas over the weekend. some damage video coming in through north texas just outside the dallas area. there you see the thunder and
2:53 am
lightning. came in around 1:00 in the morning. and even some cows from a local -- chick-fil-a. they were closed and had time to pick up the pieces before they opened this morning. >> i wonder when you're going to tell me that that part of texas gets normal weather. it's not a crazy storm, it's not dry. >> it's part of the fun of living in texas. that's what makes the people who are from texas so proud. >> they're hardy folk. all right, rob, thank you very much. a risky idea for people struggling to pay their mortgages, now two georgia lawmakers are under fire for even bringing it up. the story and a live report from the nasdaq market site when we come back. but first, let's take a look at the word of the day, it is du-qu. find out what it means. and why you need to know it, right after the short break. it is 53 1/2 minutes after the hour. coffee doesn't have vitamins... unless you want it to.
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57 minutes after the hour, this is your "a.m. wakeup call." time for the word of the day. it's du-qu, the latest sophisticated computer worm. designed to copy keystrokes and steal information from machines that are infected with it researchers are frustrated by this worm. they're not sure what it's targeting. here are three things to put on your radar today, nato is expected to decide this week when to end the military operation in libya. since gadhafi was killed last thursday. right now, nato forces are on stand-by until the end of the month. u.s. leaders are set to meet with north korean leaders in
2:58 am
geneva, switzerland it could be an step toward restarting negotiations over an end to north korea's nuclear program. and tonight, game five for the texas rangers and the st. louis cardinals, battling for the world series title. right now, the best of seven series is tied at 2-2. let's go to carter evans for a look at your money this morning. he joins us live from the nasdaq market site in new york. another big week for the markets expected. >> another big week for the markets, big reports, but not today. coming up later this week. we're going to get a report on home prices tomorrow. we're also going to get the first reading on our third quarter gross domestic product on thursday. today we're going to hear from netflix, we're goes to hear from caterpill caterpillar. those will be some interesting earnings reports. in the meantime, people focus on europe and the possible solution to the debt crisis there. that we're expected to get from european leaders on wednesday. >> netflix is curious, because we want to see what effect those changes had on its consumers who, its customer who is left and of course, caterpillar, always an indication of how construction is going around the
2:59 am
world. is it weakening or strengthening? and the gdp reading is very important to see whether we're at a turning point in our economy or not. here's something that worries me a great deal. these two georgia congressmen, who are coming up with an idea that allowed you to take your retirement money and pay your mortgage if you're behind. i mean these are very serious problems. i worry about this concept. >> i had the same feeling. so hear me out here. this is what these two congressmen propose. basically, they're saying, why don't you allow people to use money from their retirement accounts to pay down their mortgages. they're suggesting that you would be allowed to withdraw up to $50,000 from your 401(k) and then you wouldn't have it pay the normal 10% penalty. you would still have to pay the income tax if you were younger than 59 1/2. here's the thing -- this is really dangerous territory. yes, you can bring your mortgage back under control. but this is very risky. you're gambling with your retirement here. and the critics are saying, who are the people that going to benefit from this imme


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