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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 26, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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p.m. on cnn. top of the hour now, i'm brooke baldwin and you're watching cnn. this is the border of washington and oregon. we are waiting for the big boom, chad myers. what is the purpose of the demolition? >> well, it was going to cost $33 million to take it out and $138 million to revamp it. and they've taken them up in the past couple of years to allow them to swim up the stream and now new fish have new grounds that eventually in three our four years will spawn. >> do me a favor. we're going to move along and
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bring it back to this live picture. chad myers, now to this. the rich are getting richer in america. new video of a baby rescued from the rubble and twitter war with the taliban. time to play reporter roulette. the new report contains the top 1% making more money and that's not the case for middle class. where does it come from and what does it say? >> you're absolutely right about that. this came out of the congressional office. it looked at how much income here in the u.s. has grown from 1979 to 2007. you know what it found? that the wealth gap is big but it's getting even bigger. you look at the top 1% of the population. incomes grew 275% for the middle class. incomes grew only 40%. in dollars and cents, what does this mean?
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if you earned $43,000 back in 1979 when gerald ford was president, in 2007 you only earned $60,000. that's not much of an increase. pretty sad, if you ask me, brooke. >> so why the disparity wean the rich and the middle class? >> that's a good question. and for one, the rich have higher paying jobs. think about it. they are executives, bankers, sports and enntertainers. capital gains and dividends are taxed at a lower rate than income. it's one of the big reasons why we're seeing this fiery political debate this season about overhauling the u.s. tax code and most analysts say the plat tax that is being proposed, the 9-9-9 from herman cain, those proposals that the analysts would only say they favor the rich. brooke? >> thank you. diana is still in eastern
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turkey. the earthquake is has caused 471 deaths? diana? >> reporter: 471 deaths and over 1600 people injured. a 27 and 18-year-old were pulled out of the rubble on wednesday. forgive us for interrupting that. but you hear the horns? chad myers, perhaps the horns are harbingers of what is to come? >> they will blow a hole in this dam and be an 18-feet wide hole. there's 50 feet of silt behind this dam. so the water that comes out of there is going to be very turbid. if you live along the columbia river, you will see this turbid water for many, many days. >> let's just listen.
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[ horns blowing.] . >> i suppose the horns are a warning, get the heck away. >> this did make hydropower, by the way. it was a 14 megawatt dam. that dam provided power to homes. now the fish can swim back upstream and make more fish. >> apparently it's the yakima indian tribe that has been saying for years they want them to blow this dam up so the not just the salmon but the trout can swim upstream. >> they will have 33 more miles to swim upstream and some of the white salmon will have 15 more miles to swim upstream. see the waterpipe? that's going from left to right.
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that's the water that used to come out of the dam that goes into the turbine. it would turn and make power for the 7 thourngs homes. th 7,000 homes. this was built in 1913. this dam has seen its better day. we're talking 100 years already and the fight for this dam has been over 20 years to get it cleaned up and move away. since the beginning of this -- taking out the dam and letting the fish swim upstream, this will be 1,000 dams that they have removed. a lot of them smaller and 10, 20 feet high. this is 120 feet high from top to bottom. that's 125 feet and from where the camera is to the other side, that's 400 feet. they are only going to blow a hole in the bottom and that will allow the water and the pluj to come out from behind. there is a lake behind there. >> there are were a couple of different pictures. we weren't switching it but they were switching it. >> there were people with
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lakefront property. they are not going to have lakefront water any. they are going to have riverfront property instead. >> i was reading the seattle times article. they were saying this is the second tallest dame in the countdam in the country to be exploded. i'm sure it will happen as is murphy's law. again, remind us, the dynamite how many pounds? >> 800 pounds. >> the cool thing about this is that they knew that there were no fish upstream and they let them respawn up the river so now new fish have new places to swim
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after they will go down to the river, down to the ocean, and swim back up. they will be going up this river. i think this is the real one now. this sounds more serious. >> yeah, let's listen in. [ horns blowing ] [ horns blowing ].
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>> okay. so she says in less than a minute. less than 60 seconds. that is the good word from the folks at the condit dam, that this thing will explode. >> we've seen so many buildings come down. blowing up a dam is pretty cool. >> i think blowing up a building is pretty cool and blowing up a dam. quite stunning pictures. this is along -- we hope -- thank you, angie. this say long the oregon-washington border. it's been around for a century. it's quite tall. 125 feet. 800 pounds of dynamite at the base per chad myers. >> it will take six hours for the lake to completely drain away. they are hoping that the top left part stays and only the water will be coming out of the bottom that will help the drainage, the silt.
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200 million cubic yards of silt that has to eventually wash down to the ocean. there will be new sand bars from this. >> that's a pretty careful dynamite job. >> right. >> there we go. wa-la. >> they do know that it may take two careers for all of the fish to come back. because clearly now that this rush of water, there are fish being swept under but the best part about this is how it will regenerate the population of the
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fish. i would say that's a success. >> that was the white salmon river, yes? >> yes. >> and now you can see the water getting a little clearer. a lot of the turbulence, the mud coming out of the bottom. no fishing, no water, no boating in this now new river up above it for two years. maybe next fall, they are hoping, but there will be so much land that will eventually tumble into this river. it's going to be very difficult and dangerous to be in that area. this is like when i watched -- when they took the colorado and opened up the flood gates down below the hoover dam to make a potential flood, it was a natural flood happening because of the dam but they opened it up and put billions of gallons of water down river, this looks like it. now they can't close this back up. this is done. >> all right. and there we have it. the condit dam explosion.
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>> the top stayed like it was supposed to. >> yes. >> completely successful. >> thank you, chad, for that. let's pick up where we left off. barbara starr at the pentagon. you're learning how american commanders are fighting the taliban with social media. is this a flu technique? >> well, it's really been evolving over the last few months. this comes from charlie who started looking into all of this. when we noticed that the international security systems force in afghanistan was twittering and their goal was to twitter against the taliban who had been using a lot of social media for some time. what we saw was every time the taliban would twitter, suddenly the military, the coalition would think about it and often respond. let me point you, for example, to one tweet. the taliban apparently communicated that they had brought down a helicopter. our team looks into it.
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they keep back and say this. quote, we have no reports of any missing helos. this is both sides going against each other without the bombs and bullets. how effective is it? the u.s. military gets its message out but do the people of afghanistan really see it? very few people in afghanistan have cell phones, access to computers. how would they even see twitter in some of these remote towns and villages? so it's still kind of an emerging kind of twitter warfare. but it's growing. brooke? >> twitter warfare. is the whole pentagon getting into the whole twitter verse? >> oh, my goodness. where to start? everybody is tweeting these days. i recently found on one of my own twitter accounts that one of
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the senior officials said in a news report about the timing of the leaving of iraq and i said given a couple days in my report turned out to be right. >> we have to all watch what we're tweeting, saying and tweeting, don't we, barbara starr? >> exactly. >> by the way, you can read more about the twitter war with the taliban. go to our security clearance blog at that is today's "reporter roulette". still ahead, sex ed getting really graphic. this has so many parents outraged. now the so-called super committee is going live to capitol hill. also, this -- >> did you love this child? can you answer that question, if you love this child? this couple wrote a book on how to train kids which involves hitting them. well, a little girl has now died
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and investigators say her parents were fans of this book. cnn investigates this. also, the truth behind amy winehouse's death. we now know what killed her. as we go to break, the moment of explosion in washington state. endless shrimp is our most popular promotion at red lobster. there's so many choices. the guests love it. [ male announcer ] it's endless shrimp today at red lobster. as much as you like any way you like, like new sweet and spicy shrimp, all for $15.99. my name is angela trapp, and i sea food differently.
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you are about to see rapid fire, let's go. hurricane rina is bearing down on mexico. these are pictures coming out of colorado. up a foot of snow fell in overnight parts of the state and ski resorts are hoping to take early advantage of it. a remarkable protest. this is yemen. many women publicly protesting on anti-government protesters by burning their veils. this takes place after a cease fire and brutal attacks on women. >> amy winehouse died and she
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struggled with drug and alcohol abuse for years. her death came two years after her latest relesion from the stint in rehab. and aerosmith front man, steven tyler, missing a couple of teeth. he fell in his hotel room shower in paraguay. he was suffering from dehydration brought on by food poisoning when he collapsed. first ever world population, put it in percent speblg tif for you, there are more than 1 bhil general people for you than back in 1999. that's like adding india to the world. now this -- >> mr. williams -- >> we have no comment today. >> can you testimony us what happened to your daughter?
12:19 pm
>> you can key me, sir? >> no comment. >> how to train children. the problem is, it involves hitting. now a little girl is dead and investigators say that her parents took advice way too far. gary tuck man is on this. also, news from the super committee. we'll tell you what some members have proposed just this afternoon. live on capitol hill, next. or hires another employee, it's not just good for business. it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities. that's why we extended $7.8 billion to small businesses across the country so far this year. because the more we help them, the more we help make opportunity possible. ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 what every trader needs. ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 like streetsmart edge, ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 the intuitive trading platform that thinks like a trader. ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 access dozens of workshops and webinars
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got a developing story for you. kate bouldan is talking about a proposal being floated. do tell.
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>> reporter: brooke, according to republican and democratic sources, during a closed door meeting yesterday, tuesday, they proposed an offer of deficit savings of up to $3 trillion of part of an agreement and they have been behind doors for months now trying to hammer out a deal to do just that. but this offer will be quickly rejected by republicans in the room as republican source tells me that they have called it a nonstarter and largely political postering on the part of democrats because, as part of this offer, it would call for significant new revenue. 1.2 to $1.3 trillion in new revenue. as you well know, republicans in that room and outside of that room on capitol hill are very much against tax increases. this deal would also call for significant cuts in entitlements, medicare, and
12:23 pm
medicaid, which democrats say is a major concession on their part, a major concession for their party. so this is significant at this moment because, for the first time after months of behind closed door meetings, we are hearing for the first time of an offer from members in this room kind of coming out to offer a proposal to reach that solution. democrats are saying that they are putting it out there. republicans, of course, disagree with that. does this mean that negotiations have entirely broken down, brooke, i would say no. but they are running out of time, as you well know. their deadline is november 23rd, fast approaching. as you can see chatter and talk negotiations are ramping up and significant movement as we're now hearing some details of at least this first offer coming out just now, brooke. >> kate, thank you. you mentioned the deadline, essentially thanksgiving. if they do not reach agreement by then, the so-called trigger
12:24 pm
mechanism is hit including what? >> this would hit domestic programs, really especially defense spending. these would be $1.2 trillion in across the board cuts and put in place as the ax over the head of this committee to make them act because it would be cuts that no one wants. they would go in place in 2013 if they don't reach their deadline. there is some talk and theory out there that this gives a year to find additional savings before this ax would fall come 2013. >> got it. kate bouldan for us, thanks. game six, tonight, chad myers, it's a no go? >> i think that the rain will be done by 9:00 or 10:00. they don't want to start that late. they want to put this back until tomorrow.
12:25 pm
it's raining right now. i can show you the radar. and there's rain all across i-70 from columbia and coming into st. louis. i believe dry air works its way in there and dry to dry out. don't start at 10:00 and finish at 1:00 or 2:00 -- you don't want to go to extra innings at 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. >> chad myers, thank you. the author writing this book, "hitting children" is having deadly consequences and is dedemanding answers. it's really dark around here. when i got off the bus my mom wasn't here and i miss her so much. >> a 5-year-old girl left home alone. what she doesn't know was that her mom was at the hospital and what the girl does next prompted that 911 call. we're going to play it for you in its entirety.
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spin on the movie home alone a 5-year-old girl comes home to an empty house. she waits, she waits, no mom. so what's a 5-year-old to do? she grabs mom's key, hops in the car, starts it and throw it is in reverse top find her mother. she can't reach the brake. remember, she's 5. the car lands in the neighbor's yard across the street. again, what's a 5-year-old to do? so amelia picks up the phone and calls 911 to please put the car back in the driveway. >> somebody moved it. i smile because just wait till you hear the next little bit.
12:30 pm
obviously she's fearful. but watch as reality sets in for little amelia. >> so it turns out, a mix-up left amelia home alone. her mom was rushed to the hospital and her dad didn't know that she was supposed to be picking her up at school. he who spares the rod hates his son. he who loves him is careful to discipline him. proverbs 13:24. but two parents may have taken that biblical guidance way too far with tragic consequences. >> reporter: larry williams is the husband, carrie williams is the wife. together they were the parents of 8 but now it's 7.
12:31 pm
the daughter they adopted from ethiopia is dead and if the allegations are true, some parents that the parents are hell. >> did you love this child? can you just answer that question, if you loved this child? >> reporter: the question is, did hanna die in the name of god? the williams lived in a large piece of secluded land in washington. the mother told investigators she found 13-year-old hanna face down outside the house with mud in her mouth and not breathing. but there was so very much that she left out. >> the date of her death was not the first day that she had been struck. >> reporter: here's what the affidavit says. hanna had a large lump on her head and several fresh red bloody marks on her hips and niece and face and when they performed the autopsy, they declared that she was abnormally thin and there was a swollen bruce and abrasions in the right
12:32 pm
and upper left pelvis area and there were patterned contusions on the legs. investigators claim that came as biblical teachings. she was often left outside in the cold as discipline because she was rebellious. authorities say it was more than she could take. listen to the initial 911 call from the mother to the police. look who she blames for her child's death. >> what's your emergency? >> yes, um, i think my daughter just killed herself. >> why do you say that? >> um, she's really rebellious. and she's been outside refusing to come in and she's been throwing herself all around and then she collapsed. >> if you didn't stand exactly where you were supposed to stand, that would be considered rebellious. and you could be punished for that.
12:33 pm
>> in the affidavit, hanna's 9-year-old brother told detectives that people like her dead sister got spankings and they made their son stop talking to authorities. we met with larry after that. >> can you tell us what happened to your daughter? what do you think god thinks about this case, sir? >> among the evidence found in the house, a variety of books and videotapes by well-known fundamentalist christian authors, including a book called -- >> to train up a child. >> it advocates kor pral punishment of children from infant on up and it's guided by the teachings in the bible. >> it says if you spare the rod, you hate your child. but if you love him, you chase him timely. >> reporter: i interviewed the pearls this last summer because of a chillingly similar case.
12:34 pm
kevin and elizabeth are in prison after pleading guilty to killing their daughter, adopted from africa. also taken from their house, "to train up a child." >> what do you think influenced the schotz to beat and terrorize their child? >> reporter: be both by miss pearl. >> you explain what he's done is violent and that's not acceptable in society and it's not acceptable in our home and then i would take him somewhere like into his bedroom and i would tell him that i'm going to give him 15 licks. >> with what? >> probably on a kid that big, a boy, probably a belt would be handy. i might use a wooden spoon or a piece of like plumbing supply line. >> reporter: a plumbing supply line. one of the pieces of evidence that larry williams give to
12:35 pm
sheriff deputies after authorities said he acknowledged he and his wife used to strike their children. >> do you like the book "to train up a child". >> we have no comment here today. >> can you tell us what happened to your daughter? do you still say that she killed herself? >> no comment today. >> reporter: larry and carrie williams are out on bond. they have pled not guilty and ordered not to talk to their surviving children who are now in fos officer homes. >> i don't use the word hitting. >> reporter: what's the word? >> spanking. >> reporter: prosecutors have no plan to pursue charges against the pearls. they say that the book rejecting losing out of control. >> you're not to blame? >> absolutely not. >> and it's the same sentiment against hanna williams in washington 689 their facebook says, we share in the sadness over the tragic death of hanna
12:36 pm
williams. what her parents did is opposed to in "to train up a child" and the presence of the book makes it no more responsible for their obesity. larry and carrie williams are charged with homicide by abuse. the prosecution is just beginning to methodically go through the evidence, and that includes reading "to train up a child" cover to cover. gary tuck man, cnn, mt. vernon, washington. >> larry and carrie williams have pleaded not guilty in the death of their young daughter. coming up next, investigators want to interview lisa irwin's brothers, and they are young kids. there is a delicate line there into plus, find out how the parents responded when they asked to interview them separately. and peta says that whales at
12:37 pm
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in the case of missing baby lisa irwin, authorities plan to interview the 11-month-old girl young brothers. both boys were in the irwin home the night that baby lisa disappeared from her crib. sunny hostin is with us. how will this work? the boys are young. they are 5 and 8 years old. >> that's right. my understanding is that child specialists will be interviewing these children. not necessarily detectives. it really takes a particular training, a specialized training because they are very suggestible. you have to be extremely careful when you want to get facts from them. my understanding is that they were in bed with their mother the night that baby lisa were missing. authorities are hopeful and hoping that they will get some information from them, something
12:41 pm
about what happened. they are also expected to take dna samples so they can rule out some of the samples that they have taken. this will be not the first but the sect time that they've had an opportunity to speak with these young boys to get additional information about missing baby lisa. >> so does this then mean that police are still focusing even more closely on the family here? >> well, i think it does mean that. they have given every indication that they are following a lot of leads. they have received over 900 so far. but the fact remains that the baby was in the house. this family must know and be able to give some additional leads and information to investigators. so they are very much still the focus. not necessarily the target of the investigation but still trying to get more facts from this family. >> okay. case number two, people for the ethical treatment of animals, peta, accusing the marine park as treating their whales like
12:42 pm
slaves. ex blaine this. >> it's a little tough to explain. they certainly are going to file this lawsuit in federal court against sea world and wait for it, brooke, the i've orcas are the plaintiffs here. they are saying that their constitutional rights have been violated. the problem is, last i checked, brooke, animals don't have constitutional rights. so an uphill battle certainly for peta but they are known for trying to stir things up in the area of animal rights and i believe that's probably what they are trying to do now. >> glad you know the constitution. okay. so what is sea world saying with regard to this lawsuit. >> well, we certainly did get a statement from sea world. they say it's baseless and offensive. sea world is among the world's
12:43 pm
most respected institution and say that there's no higher priority than the animals entrusted to our care and certainly they are defending themselves vigorously. i think they do have a hard way to go, peta, because one of these orcas is tillicum. he's the one that draggeded it trainer under water and killed her. not necessarily the most sympathetic plaintiff and a nonhuman plaintiff at that. >> okay. sunny hostin, thank you very much. coming up, this -- bean bags, flash grenades, tear gas. tensions escalating in the tensions against wall street in oakland. also, a night after police arrest dozens of protesters in atlanta, the mayor is speaking out that he's under pressure to
12:44 pm
do something. george how well will join me next. that's next. i'm not a number.
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chaos breaks out in oakland, california. in total, 500 demonstrators were marching through the plaza 24 hours after police dismantled this occupy oakland camp and it wasn't too long before this situation got out of control. police say some of the demonstrators threw a number of items at the officers firing grenades and tear gas into this crowd and all kinds of people rushed for cover. >> apparently it was the tear gas going off and then you want to throw up and your eyes are stinging and i ran a couple of blocks out of the way.
12:47 pm
>> i want to take you now to atlanta where police arrested 53 people overnight. unlike oakland, the atlanta action was peaceful. george how well just came back from the park and spoke with the atlanta mayor. what did he tell you? >> he said it was a very difficult decision for them because he respects the safety hazards that made him change his mind. >> my feeling was that this was escalating and escalating out of control. and then after the weekend's events on a tuesday, we had a gentleman with an ak-47 who was accompanying what appeared to be the leader of the organization, a mayor that i had met with personally around the park. he had an ak-47 assault weapon.
12:48 pm
>> reed says that there was an issue with a hip-hop concert that was supposed to hold in the park and then aligned itself with the occupy atlanta group and were going to hold it anywhere. he said there could have been a public safety hazard and people stuffed hangers into electrical sockets to try to get power. threatening remarks were made to his stab as they entered the park. the arrests were peaceful and police moved in late last night over two weeks of arrests. 53 people total were arrested and are all in the process of being released on bond. and that's according to the mayor spokesperson. at this point we're still waiting to see what happens as they people get out of jail.
12:49 pm
>> so 53 people arrested last night. how exactly did it go down? >> well, it was peaceful. >> okay. >> there were no problems as far as making the arrests. they are still in the process of bonding out of jail. they were supposed to hold a press conference. that didn't happen. they are still waiting to get out of jail. >> george how well, thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up next, a firestorm is abrewing over sex ed. new york city introducing this new curriculum that introducing 11-year-olds to everything. we're talking everything from multiple partners to techniques. so how graphic is too graphic. many parents are up in arms about this. don't miss this.
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12:52 pm
out this week, steve jobs' biography. in fact, it was jobs himself who sought out the author who met with mr. jobs some 40 times and he's sitting down the piers morgan tonight. >> he's a deeply, deeply, intensely emotional person and when people talk about wasn't he hard to live with, wasn't he hard to work with, yes, but how many people have marriages like that, that are incredibly tight, faithful, in which they really sort of fit together. both the sensible side and the poetic side. >> what kind of woman is his wife? >> trained at business school, lived in florence. she has a art in the business connection. comes out to stanford business
12:53 pm
school. meets steve jobs when he gives a talk. he falls madly in love with her in just that one talk and they have what is a lasting, faithful relationship. she's very creative and innovative. >> piers morgan tonight, 9:00 eastern time. until then, stick around because you've got to watch wolf blitzer. what do you have coming up? >> right at the top of the hour, we're releasing poll numbers. a new cnn "time" magazine poll on republicans and who they like in the republican race for the white house, but state. iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, florida. those four states, the first four states to have voting starting january 3rd. we've got new numbers. all the political news junkies out there, everyone will be interested to see who comes up
12:54 pm
on top, second, third, fourth fifth. brand new poll numbers. how excited are you just thinking about what we're about to report at the top of the hour? >> i don't know how i will contain myself in the course of the next seven minutes. but i will -- >> should we get that countdown clock on your show? seven minutes, the new poll numbers, iowa, new hampshire, south carolina and florida. how's mitt romney doing? how's rick perry doing? herman cain, newt gingrich, you're about to find out. new york city in the middle of a sex ed battle. the reason, the parents say this curriculum is too graphic. want to watch my interview, go to my blog. you can see my whole interview with the spokesman for the group who's up in arms over this.
12:55 pm
still ahead, chris christie. not running for president. he's made that very clear, but he is making plans for 2013. joe johns has the political pop on this one. he's next. [ male announcer ] some prescription drugs may lead to constipation. fortunately... there's senokot-s® tablets. senokot-s®. for occasional constipation associated with certain medications. now you can save big on senokot-s® tablets! go to colace® capsules stool softener helps ease straining to make going easier. try colace® capsules for effective, comfortable relief from occasional constipation. now you can save big on colace® capsules! go to
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12:57 pm
time for "political pop." we have some super protesters
12:58 pm
today, also, chris christie announcing the big race coming to the streets of new jersey. joe, let's start talking what, super committee and super heroes? >> right now it's big for dem vegases. we've got the occupy movement. arab spring. it's almost surprising it too so long to get to super heroes protesting. if you think about it, it's a natural. normally, this type of street theatre doesn't work so well in washington, d.c. unless you have thousands upon thousands. >> is that the grim reaper? >> and maybe they have puppets or something, but this was an antipoverty demonstration representing the west front of the u.s. capitol today, people making their presence known as the super committee held a deficit reduction hearing today. nice, fun, safe stuff.
12:59 pm
red capes, blue capes. >> only in washington, d.c., joe johns. we haven't talked chris christie in a while. apparently, he's quite the formula one fan. >> he is and he made this big announcement they're going to bring formula one to the state of new jersey for all those christie fans who have been hoping for him to get into the race, this is not the race they were talkinging about, but this is an eye towards bringing a lot of tourist money to new jersey. about 2013. apasparent apparently, there is going to be a state-of-the-art road course if you will, that's going of the new york city skyline in the background, which sounds like it's going to be quite the exciting -- there in about two years. >> and who foots the bill for this? >> well, it's chris christie, so you can counter the fact that the taxpayers are not


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