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tv   AM Wake Up Call  CNN  October 28, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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big plans for occupy wall street in new york city. protesters say today they will march to some of the city's major banks and they're planning to make a delivery. we'll explain. live pictures right now from vandenberg air base in california. in about 45 minutes nasa launches a satellite that's designed to help us all. what a night the word unbelievable may come to mind when talking about game six of the world series. the st. louis cardinals down to their last strike, they pull it out against the texas rangers.
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we'll bring you all the highlights. good morning to you. happitry, it's october 28th. this is your "a.m. wake-up call." i'm carol costello in new york. you're waking up to some of the best news in recent memory. gdp up 2.5%, nearly double the rate of last quarter. we have gains on thursday, up 340 points. the dow is heading for its best month in 24 years. the broader s&p, october could close as the best month since 1974. cnn's erin burnett asked pete kenny for his take. >> are you optimistic. >> i am. the drivers that we've been getting are positive, surprisingly positive given weakness in some of the sectors of the economy but also the eu,
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toe as you had mention there's a lot of work to be done, it still takes a lost risk off the table, particularly for the financials. on a day like today, you've seen tremendous leadership by the financials, that's a good indicator that there's room left on this move up. >> right now european markets are all looking up. the ftse, the dax, all with green arrows. you can see it there. same story in asia, u.s. futures are down but just barely. let's get you up to speed on the occupy wall street movement. this morning in new york, protesters plan to march on the headquarters of five major banks to deliver "quote, angry letters from the 99%. they plan to deliver them via paper airplane, singing telegrams and bicycling pirates. they'll have to be out by 8:00 this morning. a group leader says they have offers to set up on a private piece of property.
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the oakland mayor has apologized for tuesday's clashes that put an iraq war veteran in the hospital. cnn's affiliate reporter scott olson -- affiliates report scott olson is in fair condition. the mayor is planning to meet directly with occupy leaders while asking protesters to stop overnight tamping on property. 24 wounded rebel fighters will be transported from libya to a hospital. it's a gesture of support and partnership with the libyan people. that's officially on monday, the mission of nato. the council promises to address concerns about the number of arms remaining in libya and reports of reprisal killings. post-election violence has broken out in tunisia. it happened after election officials said they found campaign finance violations and promised to eliminate the seats won by several candidates.
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this video purportedly shows demonstrators attacking the office of the islamists and another party. the moderate group won the most seats in the election, capturing 90 of the 207 seats in the new parliament.s rallied outside as well. dr. paul white is testifying on behalf of dr. conrad murray. the prosecution argues that jackson died after murray injected him with propofol but dr. white testified that jackson may have accidentally killed himself. >> i thought that there were questions if in fact murray had administered the drugs that he described in his conversations with the police department and in doses that he described, i would not have expected michael jackson to have died. >> closing arguments are expected to begin next week.
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fans are calling game six of the world series one of the most exciting games ever. the texas rangers were trying to win their first world series title and they came oh, so close. the cardinals were down to their last strike twice. but never gave up. didn't stay up for the unbelievable finish? don't worry. here's what's happened. bottom of the ninth, cardinals down to their last strike and down two runs. david freeze, the guy hits a shot into right field. two runs score. game tied. remember that name. extra innings now. texas scores two in the top of the tenth. the bottom half, lance berkman, two outs. he was down to his last strike. he singles to center field. that ties up the game again. the cards scored in the got o eighth, ninth and tenth innings and then in the bottom of the 11th. david freeze again, a solo shot to center field. cardinals win, 10-9 and extend the series to a winner take all
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game seven. that's tonight in st. louis. wow. i'm exhausted after that. let's head to atlanta and check in with rob marciano. >> i tell you what, your tigers didn't make it, my yankees didn't make it. i couldn't turn it off. i turned it off in the sixth inning last night. that was a poor decision. >> you shouldn't have. >> got to get up to make the doughnuts this morning. should be a good night for game seven. a batch is moving across the southeast. here it is on the radar scope. take a look at it. all right. take a look at rina. the clicker has gone m.i.a. rina's circulation is over
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cancun. as far as that radar scene i was talking about, memphis, in the rainfall heading towards atlanta, might see delays there. new york metros will see delays as well. the bigger story will be the next snow event that will probably come towards the northeast tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. winter storm watches have been posted for interior parts of new england. let's go to outer space now and show you pictures from the international space station. this is -- they've been taking these shots for the past couple of -- i guess we don't have the tape. anyway, there you go. at night. there you go. you see the lights of the cities, this thing traveling about 17,000 miles an hour. that's a ride. another spacecraft set to go for a ride. in less than an hour, carol, i think you mentioned it already, the npp, this is a new weather and climate satellite that's going to go up in this show at 5:48 eastern time. we will carry it live for you, just minutes away.
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carol? >> there will be no technical glitches, i'm sure. >> no. hopefully. >> i hope you find your clicker. >> got it. >> thanks, rob. we just can't seem to get away from the 99 versus 1%, even when talking about handing out candy for halloween. here's comedian jay leno with your punch line. >> according to the "usa today," 74% of americans plan to hand out candy this halloween although president obama thinks it should be just the top 1%. >> when blackberrys around the world went down for millions of users, plenty of people were frustrated. no, they were angry. one man is taking action. saying an apology and some free apps, not enough. facebook rolls out a new option. they're comparing it to you giving someone the keys to your house. i don't know about this. but first our quote of the day. there's harsh comments aimed at republican presidential candidate michele bachmann. here it is, this is a quote,
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the peace of mind of owning a 2011 iihs top safety pick. the all-new volkswagen passat. it is ten minutes past the hour. this is your "a.m. wake-up call." back to our quote of the day. there's harsh comments aimed at republican presidential candidate and congresswoman michele bachmann.
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this is it, quote, she's a back-bencher and has been a back-bencher congressperson for years. this is not a serious presidential campaign, end quote. that's matt robins, the executive director of the american majority, the tea party group. the group is asking bachmann to drop out of the presidential race, accusing her of riding on the tea party's coat tails. kind of surprising. ba bachmann's campaign has not commented. other tea party groups remain positive about her presidential run. remember that blackberry outage that affected users all over the world? one outraged user has definitely not forgotten. let's head to hong kong and kristie lu stout for a check on today's tech headlines. somebody is threatening to sue blackberry for the indiaconven e inconvenience?
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>> that's right, representing many user. they are suing research in motion for that days long outage. on wednesday, a lawsuit was filed on behalf of all u.s. blackberry owners active at the time of the outage. and accuses research in motion of three things, breach of contract, negligence and unjust enrichment. the lawsuit was brought by eric mitchell of sherman oaks and it says from october 11th to the 14th, he was unable to use e-mails and other communications, quote, in realtime without delay, reducing and interfering with his productivity and causing him damage and loss of money. the u.s. plaintiffs are seeking damages, including cash compensation for service fees along with legal expenses. carol, it has come to this. >> wow. on the subject of facebook, let's talk about this, because this kind of surprises me. facebook actually wants you to give someone else your password? >> yes. they're calling this a new feature, you know, funny.
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facebook is offering users new security options including this one, it's called trusted friends which lets you give three to five friends on facebook a special code to unluck your account in case you forget your pass word. it all raises the question, why? why would you give family or friends your facebook pass word? there is potential for abuse. and some pretty good pranks. carol, what do you think? do you have three friends you would give your pass word to? >> i probably have two friends i would trust with my pass word. but -- >> that's pretty good. that's great. no offense to my friends and family and nearest and dearest, i don't think i would hand over the keys to them but then begun i've never been locked out of facebook. >> i have. i've had to change my pass word a million times. i can understand why. interesting. kristie lu stout, live in hong kong, thank you so much. happy birthday to the statue of liberty.
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125 years ago today the iconic landmark was dedicated. webcams have been installed on her torch. they will allow viewers to look out at the new york harbor and read the tablet in the lady's hands. a naturalization ceremony is being held today to welcome 125 brand spanking new citizens. hillary clinton for president in 2012. it seems like voters really like that idea. we'll break down a new poll that shows her trouncing the gop front-runners. what does it say about president obama? plus, a live look as nasa gets ready to launch a new satellite this hour. this comes with a twist. one hint, it might come in handy when you're planning your next vacation. [ beatboxing ] ♪ i help pay the doctor ♪ ain't that enough for you? ♪ there are things major medical doesn't do. aflac! pays cash so we don't have to fret. [ together ] ♪ something families should get ♪
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it's 15 minutes past the hour. welcome back to "a.m. wake-up call." michele bachmann's campaign is seeing signs of trouble. her new hampshire staff has quit. no laughing matter unless of course you're jay leno. here's your punch line. >> starting to thin the hertd a little bit. michele bachmann's entire campaign team has quit, saying it was rude, unprofessional and dishonest and at times cruel. that's what they said. one person even used the term bitchy. they were talking about her husband, marcus. had nothing to do with her. nothing to do with her.
2:17 am
>> time now for your political ticker with tim farley, host of "morning briefing" on sirius podus. >> politics is a cruel business, is it not? >> i don't know who would be crazy enough to run for president although i can name some of them right now, right? >> yes. >> let's talk about those crazy people who want to serve their country running for president. several reason presidential candidates are stumping today, not one, not herman cain. michele bachmann is in iowa, newt gingrich in south carolina. herman cain is attending a tea party event in alabama. >> didn't that the strike you as odd? i was looking at the schedule and said it makes sense to be in iowa. it's the first primary spot, a caucus state. new hampshire will be a very big, important event. you see newt gingrich is in south carolina. herman cain in alabama. what up? he's going there and then he's going to a football game
2:18 am
tomorrow in alabama. now i understand alabama's a wonderful state and birmingham is a beautiful city and god love the people of alabama. but when you are campaigning for president of the united states you have to get in front of people. you have to shake hands and kiss babies. herman cain is not doing that. whether he says it's going to be because he has the unconventional campaign is -- his spokesperson, mike block, who is on that weird and odd tv video that we saw smoking the cigarette, there's allegations out today, too, that he is engaged in voter suppression in his past and a few other shady thi thing. the biggest thing right now, is he serious about running for president or is he on a book tour? that's the thing a lot of people are asking. >> the weird thing is, he comes in second in most polls, in iowa, in south carolina. does he really have to be there? >> is it about that or people
2:19 am
are looking for someone other than mitt romney and he's the most attractive alternative at this particular point. i think that will fade quickly when we see people getting to the polls and the money run dry. it seems to be the trend we're seeing. >> we'll see. let's talk about the democrats now and hillary clinton. many democrats are call for hillary clinton to run for president in 2012. check out this time poll. this is a "time" magazine poll. if hillary clinton were the democratic nominee she'd trounce the gop front-runners. she leads romney by 17 points and herman cain by 22 points and rick perry by 26 points in a hypothetical matchup. this might be an eye opener for president obama who has a much smaller lead among those candidates. can the republicans take advantage of this because there's just no way hillary clinton is going to run for president in 2012. >> i think you're absolutely right. i don't think they can take
2:20 am
advantage of it. it goes to voter enthusiasm. that is is it on both sides? there is a lot of that lack of enthusiasm on both the republican and the democratic side for their candidates, president obama has, according to a new ap survey lost a lot of the donors he had in 2008. these are the smaller individual donors. and hillary clinton fills the void right now. she's done an extremely credible job as secretary of state, both republicans and democrats look to her as being a successful leader in their role. it's obvious she has not had to take ownership of any of the problems we've had in the country for the past couple years which the president had to do. that said, there are a lot of people that were wishing that. it's a counterfactual, a what if that will never happen, as you said, carol. i don't think republicans take advantage of it but it's not going to help the president that people are thinking it would be nice if somebody else were to run for president, wouldn't it? >> although in fairness, hillary clinton has not had to deal with the economic problems as
2:21 am
president obama has. >> exactly. >> she's sort of been removed from the fray. it's a lot easier to be popular when -- >> right. she's not had to take ownership for the problems in the country that existed over the last several years. that's the president. it's on him. she hasn't had to deal with that. >> sometimes people don't think about that. >> that's true. tim farley, host of morning briefing on sirius potus. what the transitional government says will happen to anyone who may have played a role in killing moammar gadhafi. wee dales just ahead. are you a choc-a-holic? it is national chocolate day. grab your favorite chocolate and enjoy every single bite. it's 20 minutes past the hour. at aviva, we're bringing humanity back to insurance and putting people before policies. aviva life insurance and annuities.
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it is 24 minutes past the hour. as nato ends its mission in libya, now that moammar gadhafi has been killed, there are some who want an investigation into how he died. let's head to london and check in with zain vergee. good morning, zain. there aren't a lot of tears over the former libyan leader's death but there are a lot of questions. but there's something new about to happen. what are you hearing? >> there are so many questions about the circumstances of his death. even though we've all seen the gruesome video of some of his
2:25 am
final moments, there's a question still being asked by the ntc as to who specifically killed him. now, what they're looking for, carol, is some kind of an investigation into what exactly happened. they're saying that whoever was responsible for killing him should go on trial. that having been said, officials in the ntc say that they want to move forward. it's important to have some sense of reconciliation within the country. many analysts i've spoken to really point to one thing that can be worrying. they say if ntc officials can't control different militia groups, revolutionary fighters, what does the future of libya look like? but this is the situation right now. they want to investigate and put on trial those who killed him. >> on another topic, st. paul's cathedral in london closed when occupy protests were demonstrating out front. they plan on re-opening the cathedral today. what's next for the city? what action will they take next?
2:26 am
>> the mayor boris johnson said that essentially he's going to call for new laws to prevent tent cities from popping up in the city of london and anywhere else in the country so that legal action can be taken against protesters. boris johnson said they actually erupt like boils is the way he put it across the city. st. paul's cathedral will be opening today. that's a big deal if you consider this cathedral didn't close, the last time it did was actually world war ii. you can see video of the protesters still out there. one senior cleric, though, carol, actually quit his job because he said he actually supported the protesters. we'll see what happens today, though. >> zain vergee, live in london. thanks so much. just ahead, i have some good news to share with you about the economy. plus, republican senator marco rubio. his name has been mentioned as a
2:27 am
possible vice presidential pick but his family's past may get in the way. and nasa getting ready to launch a new satellite in just about 20 minutes. we'll show you the launch, live. ring ring hello, progresso. it fits! fantastic! [ woman 2] ring ring progresso. they fit! awesome thank you ring, ring [ man ] pro-gresso they fit! okay-y... okay??? you don't understand. i've been eating progresso because there's... 40 flavors 100 calories or less and now my favorite old okay
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and good morning to you. happy friday. it is october 28th. this is your "a.m. wake-up call." i'm carol costello joining you live this morning from new york. it is 30 minutes past the hour. you're waking up to some of the best economic news in recent memory. i'm serious. consumer spending helped lift third quarter gdp in the u.s. 2.5 points, nearly double the rate last quarter. this morning, the major indices start with gains from thursday, up 30 points. the dow is heading for its best
2:31 am
month in 24 years. the broader s&p, october could close as its best month since 1974. so should be, i don't know, should we be living la vida loco? >> ask the question with more optimism, carol. you did not sound optimistic. everything you read should be read with more gusto. the dow up 3% yesterday, all the major indices. possibly the best month on the broader s&p 500 which looks like your 401(k) -- what did you say, 24 years? >> will it last? we hear the good economic news. >> here's the thing. why is the dow up? why were the markets up the way they were yesterday? two reasons. one is the one you talked, gdp growth, gdp is the biggest measure the economy that we have. all of the value of everything
2:32 am
that we produce. and it was up 2.5% from the previous three months. we read gdp every three months. 2.5% is not gang busters, particularly when china is around 9% and india is 8. it's certainly not 0 for negative, which is recession territory. 2.5 was not a terrible number and "b" it was actually what we expected. that's a very, very big deal. the second one is what's the greatest daunger of sending us into a recession? it's europe. we found we got the deal in the euro zone. those two things added together gave us a strong market day, probably not even going to last today. now everybody is off the high and they're looking closely at this european deal thing. is it enough, is it really going to work? when markets go up sometimes they don't standstill. this last month has been tremendous. it ends on monday. we'll see what happens today and on monday. that's a 13% gain in one month. you'd be lucky to get that in an
2:33 am
entire year. smile. give me a big ear-to-ear smile. >> is that good? >> very good. >> i'm keeping all of my fingers and toes crossed, too. >> good. >> as well as smiling. >> see you in an hour. >> a new twist to the story of the man who set free a bunch of exotic animals in ohio. his widow says she wants the animals that survived, she wants them back home with her. you're looking at live pictures. there it is. nasa is launching a new satellite mission just moments from now. how is will benefit you, just ahead. there's a moment where everything comes together. where there's magic. and you now understand what nature's been hiding. ♪ at dow we understand the difference between innovation and invention. invention is important. it's the beginning. it's the spark. but innovation is where we actually create value for dow, for society, and for the world. ♪
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2:35 am
order which means the animals will stay at the columbus zoo right now. when asked if the property was safe enough for the animals, this is what jack hannah told anderson cooper. >> there's no way, over my dead body, which might happen soon, you know what they'd think of the state of ohio, of the zoo? are we crazy? >>. health officials in north carolina say eight cases of e. coli have been confirmed in the state and now 13 more possible cases are being investigated. four of the confirmed cases are children. they're being treated in hospitals for kidney failure. the source of the e. coli is unknown, officials believe that most of the victims attended the state fair that began on october 13th. and students at st. mary's college in maryland will be
2:36 am
cruising through the rest of the semester, literally. starting on monday, 240 students will be relocated to a cruise ship because the school is dealing with a mold problem. >> florida senator marco rubio has been eyed as a potential vice presidential candidate. could questions about his family history get in the way? you're looking again at these live pictures, nasa just about to launch a new satellite mission, minutes away that thing will blast off and we'll show it to you live. first, time for your get smart quef the day. president obama unveiled his plan this week to try and help people pay off student loans. the price of higher education continues to rise. which state school system had the highest tuition hike from last year to this year, "a," new york, "b," arkansas or "c," california? we'll have your answer in two minutes. it's 36 minutes past the hour. no idea. let me see that. that's a honus wagner autograph...
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38 minutes past the hour. this is your "a.m. wake-up call." back to our get-smart question of the day. which school system had the highest tuition hike from last year to this year, was it new york, arkansas or california? the answer is "c," california. according to information from, the goldest state increased tuition by more than 21% to more man $9,000 a year. there are those within the republican party who hope senator marco rubio would make a terrific choice as a vice presidential candidate in 2012. his resume is raising questions as in his family tree. jim acosta explains. >> reporter: during a series of events in florida, marco rubio admitted what is now widely known, that he botched the details of his own family story. his parents did not come to the u.s. after fidel castro seized
2:40 am
control of cuba in 1959 as his senate web bio once stated. it came in 1956 as his corrected site states now. >> does it change anything? absolutely not. >> i was raised by exiles. >> reporter: a democrat leaning political action committee called american bridge 21 cst century says the dates do matter, suggesting in this video rubio is not really a cuban exile because his parents left the island before castro took over. rubio referred to his family as exiles in this cnn interview last year. >> it's hard to be a political when your exiles are raised by exiles. >> reporter: the senator insists his parents are exiles because they couldn't go home. >> they spent the rest of their lives, my mom is still alive, separated permanently from the nation of their birth. that makes them exiles and immigrants. >> we hold republicans accountable. >> reporter: this was revealed in an exclusive interview with cnn, his group wants to do more than just set the record straight. does it have anything to do with the fact that he's being talked
2:41 am
about as a potential vice presidential candidate in 2012? >> oh, yeah, i think it does. i'm not making any bones about that. that he is a -- >> reporter: you trying to knock him out of contention for 2012? >> i this i what we're finding here -- >> reporter: answer the question. >> what? >> reporter: are you trying to knock him out of the question for 2012. >> when he ran in -- >> reporter: just answer the question. he finally did. >> we think that marco rubio is someone being talked about. >> reporter: for 2012? >> yes, more by the media to be vice president. >> reporter: this was a consideration? >> yes, it was. >> we have one junior senator that made it to the white house. do we have a second one here? >> reporter: despite pleas from republicans, even in his home state, rubio has ruled out being on the tick net 2012 but that hasn't stopped the chatter in washington. top republicans believe a vice presidential nominee rubio could take florida away from president
2:42 am
obama who won the state by 200,000 votes in 2008. american bridge has plenty of money to go after rubio, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars from unions and big california donors. like j.j. abrams, the director of the new "star trek" movie. these phasers aren't -- according to republican congresswoman illeana ros-lehtinen. >> many entities want to destroy his reputation. >> reporter: rubio is fighting fire with fire. his own political action committee put out a plea for donations that accuses liberals of, quote, coordinating attacks on the senator. jim acosta, cnn, washington. as europe basks in the afterglow of their debt deal, the french president raises eyebrows saying it was a mistake for letting greece into the euro zone in the first place. more details on that just ahead.
2:43 am
nasa is launching a new satellite mission. it's about to take off in five minutes. we'll show you the launch. that's also next. first on this day in history, on this very day in 1965, a 630-foot high monument with a unique shape was completed. the gateway arch in st. louis took two years and nine months to build and cost less than $15 million. about 4 million people visit the arch each year, including me. i was just there in august. it's fantastic. it's 43 minutes past the hour. and i get my financing from ge capital. but i also get stuff that goes way beyond banking. we not only lend people money, we help them save it. [ junior ] ge engineers found ways to cut my energy use. [ cheryl ] more efficient lighting helps junior stay open later... [ junior ] and serve more customers. so you're not just getting financial capital... [ cheryl ] you're also getting human capital. not just money. knowledge. [ junior ] ge capital. they're not just bankers... we're builders. [ junior ] ...and they've helped build my business.
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good morning to you, happy friday. it is october 28th. this is your "a.m. wake-up call," i'm carol costello, joining you live from new york this nortmorning. it's 45 minutes past the hour. nasa is launching a new satellite. it will launch in about three minutes. what is it carrying to space. >> this has the best of both worlds. we have a weather satellite that's going into orbit. this is different from our everyday satellites with our g o geosynchronis. this satellite will be polar orbiting. it will be closer to the ground. it will be moving faster and not
2:47 am
geosynchronously. this will give us temperatures, both sea and land and every day variable data that will help us with every day predictions. it has a sounder, it has five instruments that will help in all of those cases. this is an exciting day not only for nasa but also for weather enthusiasts as well. we're "t" minus one minute out. this is the bellwether of satellites that go into orbit. this thing takes these payloads routinely and goes up and has got some solid rocket boosters as well and takes it into orbit. >> the satellite itself is the
2:48 am
size of a mini van. it weighs 4,500 pounds. >> yes. >> it's amazing. >> it has not just one but five instruments. this has been a long time coming for nasa and noaa and the entire science commune. it will give us a better eye in the sky as far as where our climate is going. >> we have t minus 15 seconds now. let's listen in. >> nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, main engine start, one, zero. and liftoff. of the delta ii with the npp satellite, blazing away, new technology for climate research and weather forecasting. >> pressure in the main engine, good temperature in the two burners and chamber pressure on all six motors.
2:49 am
20 seconds into the flight, pressure beginning to trail off as expected. coming up on the 33-second mark, mark 33 seconds, mock one. >> how about that for a friday? >> you never get tired watching these things take off. it's unbelievably amazing. >> it is. and a night launch nonetheless. the last one we covered, carol, was a day launch. they're both spectacular. that's something to see there. you never get tired of that as well. npp, the national polar orbiting operational environmental satellite system preparatory project. there you go. heading into orbit to give us a better eye in the sky for climate and weather prediction. >> awesome. thank you, rob, we appreciate it. it was great commentary. in the news this morning, french president nicolas sarkozy says allowing greece into the european union was, quote, a mistake. that's head round the world with zain vergee. she's live in london. ouch! >> the best undiplomatic comment
2:50 am
of the day, carol. yes, french president nicolas sarkozy says no, they should never have let greece into the euro zone and yes, it was a huge mistake. he said this, greece came into the euro with numbers that were false. as you know, greece has been really crushed by a debt burden, all of europe has been worried that this will engulf them, countries like italy and spain and european leaders struck a very important deal in order to save the euro and protect it. but i mean, greece is getting knocked hard by the french president today. and the question is, even though they're reaching out and trying to save greece and they've helped reduce its debt burden, greece is still going to have to push through some very painful austerity measures. the question is, are they going to be able to do that? they have to. >> they certainly do. as far as the global economy is concerned we hope they do. zain vergee live in london.
2:51 am
thanks. let's get you up to speed on the occupy wall street movement. this morning in new york, poe he protesters plan to deliver angry letters from the 99%. they plan to deliver them via paper airplane, singing telegrams and bicycling pirates. in georgia after getting evicted from a downtown park, occupy demonstrators are now at atlanta's king center. but they'll have to be out by 8:00 this morning. a group leader says they have offers to set up on private property. the oakland mayor has now apologized for tuesday's clashes that put an iraq war veteran in the hospital. cnn affiliate reports scott olson is now in fair condition. the mayor is promising to meet directly with occupy leaders while asking protesters to stop overnight camping on public property. a key defense witness is expected to return to the stand today in the trial of michael jackson's doctor. dr. paul white is testifying on did he half of conrad murray who is on trial for involuntary
2:52 am
manslaught manslaughter. the prosecution argues michael jackson died after murray injected him with propofol. the defense argues that jackson may have accidentally killed himself. fans are calling game six of the world series one of the most exciting ever. the texas rangers were trying to win their first ever title and same oh, so close. the cardinals were down to their last strike twice but never gave up. didn't stay up for the unbelievable finish? don't worry, here's what's happened. we'll pick it up in the bottom of the ninth inning. cardinals down to their last strike and down two runs. david freese, a shot to the right. two runs score, the game tied. remember that name. we go into extra innings now. texas scores two in the top of the tenth and the bottom half, lance berkman at the plate, two outs and now he's down to his last strike. you saw that. he centers into center field,
2:53 am
tieing up the game again. the cards score in the bottom of the 8th, 9th and 10th and in the bottom of the 11th, david freese again, look at that there. he hits a solo shot to center field. the cardinals win 10-9 to extend the series to a winner-take-all game seven. that take place tonight in st. louis. it's been an awesome series. new information this morning about what medicare recipients can expect next year. and it does involve a bit more out-of-pocket expense. we'll have detail s in a live report from the nasdaq market site. the word of the day, tebowing. it's 53 minutes past the hour. find out what it means coming up. kidding me. yeah, this is good. vamanos. vamanos. vamanos. gracias.
2:54 am
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it's four minutes till the top of the hour. this is your "a.m. wake-up call." back to our word of the day which is what i was laughing at. it's tebowing. it's not in the dictionary yet. we're doing it anyway because it's trending all over the web. this is what it means, to get down on one knee and start praying, even if everyone else is doing something different. it even has its own website. it's named after the nfl quarterback tim tebow. he's a vocal christian and was down on one knee praying after leading a come-from-behind victory last week. hey, it worked for him. maybe it will work for all of us. we just can't seem to get away from the 99 versus the 1%. even when we're talking about handing out candy for halloween.
2:58 am
here's comedian jay leno with your punch line. >> well, according to "usa today," 74% of americans plan to hand out candy this halloween. although president obama thinks it should be just the top 1%. let's head to the nasdaq market site and carter evans is taking a look at the numbers for us. good morning. >> good morning, carol. as far as what we have coming up, we have reports coming up on personal income, personal spending withen, consumer sentiment. it's a light day on the earnings calendar. let's revel in these numbers. this is great. so much of the uncertainty was removed yesterday. the economy is growing, not great but better than expected. the nasdaq by 3.3%. 3.4 for the s&p 500. the dow down about 28, the nasdaq off 4, s&p off about 3.5. markets around the world today
2:59 am
are up. >> i think like. i like the sound of things so far. tell us about the changes in medicare. >> a lot of people were worried about this, because it will eat up the increase you'll get on social security. this is the story on today. for the most part, it's only going to go up by $3.50. the premium that is. and that will leave it right below $100 a month at $99.90 a month. for medicare part a, the deductible will go up $24 to 11.56. there is good news for 12 million younger or higher income medicare recipients they'll see their payments decrease by $15.50 a month. they used to pay a lot more because of the higher income or just entered the program. now it will even it all out. some people will pay a little more, a few people going to pay li


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