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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 28, 2011 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> and they found the remnant of a plastic bag. >> here is a plastic bag that's been knotted. evidence of the plastic bags in the jars. >> we're going to open up these fish and see if they're ingesting our trash. >> he brought us three lantern fish. >> right there. that's plastic. >> we searched their stomachs and found not plastic bags, but bits of plastic garbage in two of the three fish. >> you can see more of amber lyon's plastic wars on cnn presents this sunday 8:00 p.m. eastern. four in-depth stories hosted by our soledad o'brien and dr. sanjay gupta. "cnn newsroom" continues right now with randi kaye who is in los angeles. hello, everyone, we begin with news just in to cnn coming out of south carolina. our affiliate wyff reports ten schools are on lockdown and a shooter is on the loose in the city of greenville. this follows a gun battle
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between a police officer and a man being followed for having a license plate that did not match his vehicle. the officer was not injured. police are now putting up road blocks to try to stop the gunman. we'll keep an eye on this and bring you developments as they happen. and now the deal that set off the rally. the details have stopped it. a day after stock prices soared around the world on hopes that europe had finally dealt with its debt crisis, they're back down to earth as we learn more about the breakthrough. blue chips on wall street are more or less flat. and the same goes for europe, though asia had a bit of a catch-up rally. speaking of asia, we find the head of the eu bailout fund that's set to grow to $1 trillion euros. it wasn't clear yesterday where the new cash would come from, but now it's more than clear that europe wants a big chunk from china. beijing isn't making any promises beyond ordinary trade and investments in european bonds. now, let's get back to wall street where believe it or not this is shaping up to be a great
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october, isn't that right, alison kosik? >> it's really an absolutely awesome month when you look at it. look how the s&p 500 has done in october. it soared 13% this month. and this is what your 401(k) tracks. the s&p 500, in fact, is having its best month in 37 years. and the dow, it's not far behind either. all of this, of course, coming after we saw steep declines in the markets in august and september, investors, how could we forget, were rattled by those european debt problems and the worries about another recession here in the u.s. but yes, what a difference a month makes. so now we've got less uncertainty and those recession fears have been put to the back burner. also we found out yesterday that the u.s. economy grew at a faster pace. still, though, bringing it back to reality, there are a lot of unanswered questions about what happens next in europe. we still don't have details of the european debt deal and while it does look to get a handle on its debt, it didn't help to boost economic growth in the
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european region. what you get here today is the market trading in a tight range, investors kind of catching their breath after a big run-up that the markets had yesterday. randi? >> so, alison, are investors second guessing the eu agreement? >> i think there is a little bit of seconds guessing going on. i think a lot of skepticism. you know, as i mentioned, there really is nothing in this plan that helps europe grow. it basically is plugging the debt hole that greece has. there are lots of questions of who's going to pay for it. you mentioned china. is china going to write a check? are private investors going to be part of it too? there are a lot of lingering questions as to how this plan is going to be paid for and how the implementation of it will be moving forward. but at this point, you know, when you look at the u.s. markets, how the reaction is, it is pretty quiet today because once again, the run-up was pretty hefty yesterday and you've got investors reassessing what that european debt deal means. randi? >> appreciate that.
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and other stories we're developing at this hour, appliance maker whirlpool was slashing its workforce by 10%, cutting 5,000 jobs and closing a refrigerator factory in arkansas. it also cut its earnings forecast. declining demand for refrigerators. aggressive low prices from overseas competition and the overall weakness in the economy. the job cuts are expected to happen in north america and europe. the ft. smith, arkansas, factory is expected to close by the middle of next year. firefighters fanned out across occupy new york's epicenter to remove generators and propane tanks. that could raise the stakes there. generators and propane tanks are fire hazards and against the law. in oakland, california, the mayor apologized for violence that left an iraq war veteran in the hospital. scott olsen is in fair condition after being hit with a tear gas canister tuesday night. across the pond in london, city officials in st. paul's
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cathedral may e jikt protesteev protesters by force. >> we're disappointed to see them take the legal route. -- the money lenders from the temple and now we see this system cooperating with the money lenders to evict people from the doorstep. occupy london protesters say they're preparing their own legal response. colorado is issuing the nation's first state-level business licenses for medical marijuana. the "denver post" reports 11 licenses have been issued around the state, seven other operations have reportedly been told they're likely to receive licenses. when the first one was given to a denver business called dr. jay's on wednesday, the presentation received a standing ovation. unless you stayed up really late last night, you missed one of the greatest world series comebacks of all time. by now, you've probably heard about the st. louis cardinals'
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epic win. and david frese's 11th inning walk-off homer. but now we're learning about the man who jumped the fence, grabbed the home run ball, then reportedly shoved it down his pants. a local affiliate reports dave hoyat and a friend were sitting in the bleachers, well, after the game both ended up in the cardinals' clubhouse. frese gave him a signed bat and another ball signed by the whole team. pretty cool. seven railroad retirees, two doctors accused of taking tens of millions of dollars that was not rightfully theirs. that story next. but first, give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. that's what this gal has been doing for 125 years as of today. she looks pretty good for a centenarian, doesn't she? for you decades of standing tall at america's doorstep, lady liberty, you are today's rock star. ♪
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i tell you what i can spend. i do my best to make it work. i'm back on the road safely. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing. for as long as there have been benefits for disabled workers, nondisabled scammers have tried to jump on board. today in face time, all aboard. seven retirees from the long island railroad and two doctors have been charged with faking disabilities at a cost of well over $100 million to the federal agency that handles those benefits. it could top $1 billion if paid out in full. defendants include gregory noone who collects $105,000 a year in
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early retirement and disability pain. he claimed severe pain in his knee, shoulder, and back. but the fed says he plays tennis several times a week and played golf 140 times. 55-year-old steven gagliano said to collect more than $76,000 a year based on claims of severe back and leg pain. but prosecutors say in 2009, he was fit enough to go, get this, on a 400-mile bike tour of new york state. joseph rutigliano is a former union president who retired in 1999 on disability, but in his last yearen o on the job he worked 500 hours of o.t. he allegedly was playing golf twice a month. now you get the picture, you get the idea? the investigation was prompted by a series of stories in the "new york times" in 2008. and "times" reporter joins me now with the twists and turns in
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this. william, this is fantastic reporting. start, if you will, by telling us what makes the long island railroad so uniquely susceptible to this scam? >> well, i think that the pension system, the railroad retirement board, the federal pension system that funds these pensions is probably where things began. that's the agency that issued the pensions, and that essentially failed to notice that pretty much everyone who applied for a disability pension from the railroad was getting one. >> and is there something to be said for -- from what i understand, there's an early pension, which is much less than the regular pension so maybe something was going on to try to make up for some of that difference? >> well, i think that the railroad, the long island railroad allows its employees to retire at 50. you know, how much of an impact that had, i'm not sure. i couldn't tell you. >> i'm just curious because
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something that really struck all of us in some of the reporting and tell me if i have your reporting right here, virtually every career employee of the railroad was applying for and receiving disability payments? how is that possible? >> well, that's a very good question. i mean, that's one of the reasons why walt, one of the reporters who wrote the story that led to this investigation centered or zeroed in on this. i mean obviously the nearly ubiquitous nature of these -- of the approvals caught walt's attention. and he put these stories together with his class of graduate journalism students at columbia. that was back in 2008. >> and if so many people are scamming, why are these relatively few being charged? >> well, what prosecutors said yesterday is that putting together the evidence that would
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allow them to prepare a case that they feel they could prove beyond a reasonable doubt is quite challenging. one of the things that makes it so challenging is that much of the million assessment is viewed as subjective. these are soft tissue injuries, doctors have a fair amount of discretion in making their findings. and that -- i gather is making the prosecution more difficult. >> well, it's really some great reporting by the "new york times." william rashbaum, thank you for your time today. >> thank you. one man, 39 wives, 94 children, and 33 grand kids. it may be the world's largest family. how they live, and a look at the world's population as it nears 7 billion. but first, a look at the top videos you're watching on
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he is one man with dozens of wives, dozens of children, and dozens of grand kids. it is an amazing story that we think has been under covered that you should know about. this man's family may be, in fact, the biggest in the world. they live in the village in
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northeast india which is on course to overtake china as the world's most populous country. where 76% of the people live on a mere $2 a day. he says it's god's will. here is a firsthand look. >> reporter: an army of workers. chopping, plucking, roasting. but this is not a military canteen. everyone here is a wife, child, or grandchild of one man. i am the eldest son, he says. my mother is the 26th wife, she says. ziana has 39 wives, 86 children, and 35 grandchildren, making his family very likely the biggest in the world. all 360 family members live here. a four-story mansion with 22
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bedrooms in a tiny village in mizaram. the state has only 1 million residents, one of the lowest counts in the country. that may change if the 69-year-old has his way. i believe god chose us to be like this. those who are born into this family, they don't want to leave and they follow this tradition so we just keep growing and growing, he says. this is the nerve center of ziona's household, the outdoor slaughtering and barbecue area. for every nonvegetarian meal, 30 chickens are plucked and one giant pig is roasted. add in carbohydrates, and 40 kilos of potatoes are required for every meal. dinner time is sufficient exercise. some women of the house cook while others set the table, still others clean. and ziona remains the all-powerful patriarch.
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he first got married when he was 17. >> i loved him, so i married him, she says. he treats us all with so much love, she says. his oldest wife is 70, and the youngest is 31. ziona's father founded this christian sect promoting polygamy as god's will. i never wanted to get married, but that's the path god has chosen for me, he says. it's not my wish to keep marrying again and again. with a following of 400 families, ziona is now the caretaker of the self-reliant sect. they raise their on livestock and grow their own crops while children go to a nearby school. everyone seems to get along. >> do you fight amongst your siblings? >> never. >> no fighting? >> no fighting. >> reporter: india is set to overtake china as the world's most populous nation by 2030, but the infrastructure doesn't
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seem to faze ziona and his family. since we're used to living in a big family, when we go outside, we feel very lonely. the family isn't listed in the guinness book of world records because ziona doesn't want the publicity. but as word gets out, the village may not remain isolated for that much longer. cnn, mizaram, india. in a couple of days, the world's population will reach 7 billion. this cool website lets you enter your birthday to see where you fall in the count. clearing conrad murray's name. a key witness back on the stand. can he get the job done? the latest from the michael jackson death trial. but first, on this day in 2005, vice president dick cheney's top adviser, lewis scooter libby resigned from
10:21 am
office. libby resigned because he was convicted of lying about his involvement in a cia leak investigation. that's when robert novak revealed cia officer valerie plame's identity in the "washington post." libby was not charged with giving her away, but instead for lying about it over and over and over, not only to the press, but the fbi and the grand jury. it was a blow to the entire bush administration, and that is today's "this shame in history."
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in a little more than an hour ago, round two in the battle of the propofol experts entered its final stage in the trial of michael jackson's doctor right here in los angeles. the defense's last witness, anesthesiology expert dr. paul white is on the stand today. he's expected to counter conclusions of prosecution expert dr. steven shafer who testified that jackson could not have self-administered propofol and that dr. murray is directly responsible for the singer's death. joining me now for crime and consequence, former jackson
10:25 am
defense attorney, thomas mesereau. my take is that you listen to it and so much of it is science-based. how can he explain to the viewers his take on this -- not to the viewer, but to the jury? >> well, i thought dr. shafer for the prosecution was very clear, he used illustrative aids, used video, did a good job of explaining it in a good way. i don't know if this witness is going to do the same. but what the defense is doing in my opinion is i don't think they're going to try to use this expert to justify all of the things murray didn't or did do, they're attacking the causation issue. saying even if he deviated from the standard of care, he did not cause the death of michael jackson or the prosecution can't prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he caused the death of michael jackson. it's a focused surgical attack. >> because the prosecution's expert, he had said that michael
10:26 am
jackson could not have done this to himself. but the defense is claiming that michael jackson may have actually used a syringe to inject himself. how can they prove that? >> i don't think they can prove that. but if they can get expert testimony to raise the possibility and make that a strong possibility, they're going to argue in their closing argument that the prosecution has not proven their case beyond a reasonable doubt, that that's the legal standard. you must follow it, there's a doubt about exactly what caused the death, and they're hoping it'll work. >> let's listen to just a little bit of dr. paul white. he was on the stand again this morning. let's listen to what he said. >> i think the point you're trying to make, and i think the important point in this case is that minimal sedation as was provided by dr. murray to mr. jackson would expect to result in a normal response to verbal stimulation would not have an effect on the airway, would not affect spontaneous ventilation or cardiovascular function.
10:27 am
so in essence, it would produce a reduction in anxiety and mild level of sedation or sleepiness. >> what do you take away from that? >> well, you have to believe conrad murray is telling the truth about minimal sedation. and the problem is he didn't talk candidly to the paramedics, didn't tell the truth to the police, didn't tell the truth to the hospital personnel who were trying to save and revive michael jackson. and there's a pattern of lying here that i think might cause a problem when it comes to whether or not there was minimal sedation. >> and in the end, when he did talk about it, when he did admit he'd given him propofol, he said he gave him 25 milligrams. so the prosecution learned from the defense just today that they're going to get a day to prepare to cross-examine this expert. is that unusual? >> it's actually not unusual. because both sides have a right
10:28 am
to investigate throughout the trial. if they find something in the middle of the trial that must be produced to the other side, they have to do it quickly. but these things do happen. >> and any prediction for us on when we might have an end to this? >> you know, i think you're not going to see this get to the jury until the end of next week. i suspect that the prosecution's cross-examination of this witness may take a while. i think mr. walgren's going to go through every point he's proven, try to turn him into a prosecution witness. there may be a rebuttal case by the prosecution, they may call one or two witnesses in rebuttal. thing i'll there'll probably be a day off to prepare for closing argument, and to prepare jury instructions. you may not see closing arguments until the end of next week. >> it's certainly going on longer than we thought. we hope to see you next week, as well. have a nice weekend. hillary clinton is moving on up, at least in a new poll. would she be a better presidential candidate next year than barack obama? that is fair game and it's next.
10:29 am
but first, our political junkie question of the day, which first lady was the first to high a press secretary? the answer when we return. for their clients' futures. never taking a bailout. helping generations achieve dreams. buy homes. put their kids through college. retire how they want to. ameriprise. the strength of america's largest financial planning company. the heart of 10,000 advisors working with you, one-to-one. together, for your future. ♪
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before the break, we asked you which first lady was the first to hire a press secretary? the answer, jackie kennedy. she had a fashion style like none before her and the demand for her pictures and appearances became too much for the white house to handle. just look at her. so they hired someone to do it for them. kennedy's also the reason the white house hired a permanent photographer. time now for today's fair game. back in 2008, they were called the dream team. then presidential candidate
10:32 am
barack obama and his former primary foe hillary clinton. many democrats thought the two would be unstoppable as running mates. the primary fight had been a fierce one. in fact, things had gotten so nasty, some clinton supporters refuse to vote for barack obama. in the end, though, everyone rallied behind the candidate from chicago. still, though, many wonder what could have been, what would have been if clinton were president. well, if new polls are any indicati indication, the democrats would be in better shape heading into 2012. if clinton ran for president against republican mitt romney, she'd win by 17 points. but a match-up between obama and romney shows barack obama with just a three-point lead. joining me now, cnn contributor will cain and ed espinosa. nice to see you both. let's start with the most obvious question here. i mean, is there a chance, will, that president obama will ask hillary clinton to be his
10:33 am
running mate? and would she even do it? >> yeah, there's a chance, definitely. will she do it? i think she'll do what she's called upon to do. if the democratic party and president obama want her to take up the vice presidential ticket, i think she'll say yes. >> ed, what do you think? >> we haven't seen a vice president switch on a national ticket since gerald ford. he said it was one of the worst mistakes he ever made. if obama and clinton didn't join forces in 2008, they're not going to join forces now. clinton is really popular because people know she's capable, they know she's experienced, and she can do the job. but she's also had the benefit of being above the fray from all of this domestic debt arguments. anybody who hasn't been involved in that is going to be pretty popular right now, but joe biden's been a good president -- >> whoa, whoa, president? >> i've got my joe biden -- anyway, the bottom line is this, if dan quayle can't get kicked off a ticket, nobody can get
10:34 am
kicked off a ticket. we're sticking with obama and biden. >> all right. >> let me -- will, i'm going to let you weigh in there. >> i was just going to say i agree with ed. the appeal for hillary clinton is she has been able to be above the fray. i want to use the same catch phrase there. she hasn't had to get mired in partisan fights and she hasn't had to be attached to this economy in any way. that being said, she brings these positives to the ticket. and i've got to ask you this, i don't understand why it's so out of the question. what does joe biden bring to the ticket? what benefit? what positive does he bring? i don't think when any voter goes into the voting booth and go, well, he does have biden. in fact, i think it works the opposite. biden is a net negative to obama. >> well, i disagree. and i tell you why. because you're right. i don't think people consider a vice president when they're voting for a president in the same way that i don't think it drags down the ticket. biden is an expert in foreign policy.
10:35 am
he has deep congressional relationships that go back 30 years. this is a benefit to the ticket and when it comes down to a decision we're going to make, it's going to be based on the team we've got versus the team that is presented to us. the best presidential pairings over the years for vice president and president have been people who have good relationships and good working environments. president obama and vice president biden have a good relationship. >> let me run just a quick little sound bite here from hillary clinton talking about this possibility and how she stands on it. >> if the president is reelected, do you want to serve a second term as secretary of state? >> no. >> would you like to serve as secretary of defense? >> no. >> would you like to be vice president of the united states? >> no. >> would you like to be president of the united states? >> no. >> why not? >> because i have the best job i could ever have. >> hillary clinton talking with our wolf blitzer. so, just very quickly, yes or no, will she change her mind?
10:36 am
>> regarding vice presidential nomination? yes. she just said no to four things in a row, including she said no to keeping her job. kind of odd. hillary clinton, she'll do whatever's asked of her. i'm not saying she's a follower, i'm saying the democratic party is much more cohesive than anyone would like to pretend. >> ed, very quickly, yes or no? >> no means no. just like chris christie, i think she's going to stick by her guns, as well. >> well, you never know. we'll see. we will see. ed espinosa, have a great weekend. that is fair game. >> talk to you tonight, ed. coming up in "globe trekking," one of the centers in the fight against terrorism. it's a nuclear power and has fought three wars with its neighbor which also has nuclear w weapons. extreme poverty causes some
10:37 am
people to take extreme steps to help their desperate families. where are we? the answer coming up.
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time now for "globe trekking." before the break, we told you about a country at the center of the fight against terrorism, but it faces another devastating problem that critics say has received little attention from the government, extreme poverty. where are we? pakistan. that's where one man's desperate cries for a job so he could feed his family fell on deaf ears. what he did to draw attention to his plight was tragic. reza sayah is in islamabad with details. >> reporter: no one listened to his desperate cries for help, his family says. so with all hope apparently lost, the 24-year-old out of work father and husband took the most extreme measure imaginable. he doused himself with fuel and lit himself on fire. this is where he set himself on fire. the pakistani parliament here in
10:41 am
islamabad. the government that sits inside failed him he said. police say he left behind a note saying he was tired of despair and poverty. medics and police rushed him to the hospital, but severe burns over 90% of his body were too much. he left behind a grief-stricken father, a wife, three sons, one of them delivered the very day he passed away. for six months he had searched for that job so he could feed his family, relatives say. his last-ditch effort across country journey to the gates of parliament where he made his final futile plea. his story is very similar to the tunisian fruit seller who set himself on fire. but he was widely credited for sparking the people's uprises in tunisia that led to the arab spring. but in pakistan, his death is getting very little media attention. this despite 40 suicides a week
10:42 am
prompted by abject poverty according to the human rights commission of pakistan. >> suicides are happening on a daily basis. >> reporter: human rights activist blames the lack of attention on the media's focus on militancy, a crisis, she says, but one that has nowhere near the impact of joblessness and poverty. >> poverty is, i think, the single biggest problem that the government of pakistan has to face, but has not addressed in its 3 1/2 years of existence. >> reporter: but in pakistan, not everyone is silent. and some have been inspired by the growing occupy movement in america. the protests are small, but a sign perhaps that at least some pakistanis have heard his cries for help. reza sayah, cnn, islamabad. the movie "jaws" stirred up shark paranoia, was the truth is, humans are more of a threat to sharks than sharks are to people. we dive deep to get a look at the shrinking shark population.
10:43 am
but first, remember this guy? florida pastor terry jones is back. he's actually announced that he's running for president of the united states. listen up, pastor, it's over, you're never going to be president of anything. roseanne barr had a more serious campaign when she announced on the "tonight show." the 15 minutes you officially should've had is up. o0 or visit a museum without art. then why rely on health care coverage that's missing something, too? with medicare alone, your coverage could be incomplete. so call now to find out about another way to get medicare. aarp medicarecomplete insured through unitedhealthcare. you may get your hospital, doctor visits, prescription drug coverage and other medical services in one complete package.
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and now, hundreds of generic prescription drugs cost as low as $2 for a 30 day supply, with many local and national pharmacies to choose from. the annual enrollment period has been changed to october 15th through december 7th. so call unitedhealthcare now. and don't pay more. just get more. you don't have to be an aarp member to enroll. so call unitedhealthcare today. or visit ♪ three deadly shark attacks in three weeks in western australia. the thought of an encounter with a shark is horrifying to most people. but here is a reality check. given how many of us go to the beach for sun and fun, these kinds of attacks are extremely rare. drownings are far more common. sharks themselves are much more
10:46 am
vulnerable to us. overfishing are killing them off. we should warn you, you may find some of the video in this report disturbing. >> reporter: shark populations are crashing around the world. millions die by finning to feed the growing demand for shark fin soup in asia. roughly a third of all shark and ray species face some threat of extinction. without them, the marine food web could start to unravel. this marine biologist is on a mission to protect sharks. we met up in the bahamas. >> actually, the marina we're in right now is one of the first shark-free marinas in the bahamas. >> reporter: they are an apex predator, at the top of the marine food chain. they grow slowly, maturely, and produce few young, making them
10:47 am
vulnerable to overfishing. >> we're supposed to have a certain number of sharks to be able to control these animals below them. so we take out that apex and we allow a lot of other fish to breed underneath them. they basically annihilate everything below them, and then we don't have healthy ocean systems and we won't be able to pull food or product from there anymore. >> the bahamas banned commercial shark fishing, and that's helped lure more divers and tourist dollars to the islands. >> come back with all ten of these. >> reporter: luke and i jump in to see sharks up close.
10:48 am
>> wow. they're right there. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: but outside sanctuaries like this one, sharks remain at risk. >> wow. kaj larsen joins me now to talk about this. i'm amazed you were brave enough to go down there without a cage. what was that like? >> shark diving, no cage, it's the new black, randi, everyone's doing it. >> not me. >> so i spent my whole life as a surfer in the ocean trying to avoid sharks, and now all of a sudden we're getting in there and actually trying to see sharks. it's really eerie, you don't know their intentions, but luke is an expert, and he claims he can sort of read their behavior and know they're docile at that point. >> do they come close to you? were you nervous at all? >> i was nervous every time they came close to me. i don't have a death wish. but what i was trying to do is draw attention to the plight of sharks which you mentioned at the top are being severely
10:49 am
overfished. and we're taking as many as 70 million sharks a year out of the ocean. and that has to affect the marine environment. >> they must have been just beautiful up close. >> they're incredible creatures. almost 400 million years of evolution. they are the top predator in the food chain. they're majestic, and they're totally in peril right now. >> that is really something i really look forward to your report. and i think what he's doing is fantastic to try to save them. kaj, thank you very much. and don't miss cnn presents "predators as prey." we'll also track a priest accused of child abuse in "predators in plain sight." a and the play "the mountain top," that is cnn presents sunday night 8:00 p.m. right here on cnn. well, every day on this show, we call out someone who has to put it bluntly, screwed
10:50 am
up. tmz caught usher in his hoodie being verbally assaulted in atlanta. he arrived late to a halloween parade in atlanta complete with giant elvis in costumes. usher grabbed the most convenient parking spot. problem is, that reserved for the handicapped. usher didn't seem to have a problem with that but one woman certainly did. the woman rushed him, tried to grab his hoodie and screamed until her husband got her away. tmz says that usher did finally move his car. but, usher, you never should have parked there in the first place. you may be on the top of the billboard charts but this puts at the bottom of my billboard. it's time for you to the face the music. ♪ private eyes, they are watching you ♪
10:51 am
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10:54 am
museum in 1999 and the museum refuses to give them up. the museum has filed a suit and while the paintings will be auctioned off today, they will not be delivered to the winning bidder until this dispute is settled. tonight's show with sugarland is honor of the seven people who died back in a storm when the stage collapsed. now to a historic missing church bell that has been found. it was found near a scrap yard about 20 plimiles away in oakla. the bell was found sitting on two beams covered by a tarp. no arrests have been made in connection with this caper. and finally to athens, ohio, where a group of college students wants you to think twice before choosing your
10:55 am
halloween costume. where a culture, not a costume posters are going up all over the place. joining me now to talk more about the campaign, secretary of stars, the student group that started it all. i see that you have some friends with you there. let's talk about. this this is great what you are doing. why do you think this is so important? >> we feel this is very important because a lot of students are unaware that dressing up or posing as a different culture is very offensive and we want to bring awareness to not only athens but to all over the world where people can stop making this mistake and start respecting all ethnicities. >> which costumes are you focusing on? what crosses the line for you? >> well, we had one that represents black and that
10:56 am
crosses the line because black face was a way of representing black people and very stereo typical which is offensive and then we also have one of an asian and this is offenseful because it represents the sex appeal that they have and we think that it needs to be focused on who they are as a person and that they are generalized. >> i realize as we look at these posters, you had quite a social media campaign. how has that been received? >> well, their president put up the posters on tum bler and that was a big hit. there were 50,000 hits and then we made it our facebook profile
10:57 am
pictures, which spread quickly. and we put up the picture after it hit the social media. >> and other universities are requesting them as well? so this is really spreading. >> not only universities, but teachers from elementary schools, high schools, as well as just people interested in having them for their companies. it's been all over the world. not only educators, but professional workers who are wanting to spread the word as well. >> i know that you believe strongly in what you are doing but there are those that think you are being a little too sensitive. what do you want to say to those critics? >> i think that when we came up with the campaign we knew that people were going to think that we were being too sensitive and that's why we decided to do this. we feel that the people -- most of the people who do think that we are being too sensitive are people that probably haven't been discriminated against and haven't felt the hate and the anger that is being attached to these costumes.
10:58 am
so we just want people to know that we are not trying to take the fun out of halloween. we go to a university and halloween is a big deal here. it's not that we are being too sensitive. we simply want to let people know that this does offend people and although you may not be offended, you may not be aware of that. >> what are you going to dress up as this year, karissa? >> i'm actually be a mime. >> thank you for what you do and thank you for coming on the show today. >> thank you. >> what a cute bunch. republican presidential candidate herman cain says despite all of the laughs, he is in it to win it. paul steinhauser is joining me with more on this. cain has major cash on hand for all of this, doesn't he?
10:59 am
>> he sure does. he made those comments, randi, in alabama. we're 67 days away from the votes in iowa. alabama does not vote until march. as you mentioned, $3 million. that's how much herman cain has pulled in since october 1st. one other thing i want to share with you, gary johnson, former governor of new mexico, also running for the nomination, he had a little oops moment. he forgot today was the last day to file. he jumped on a red eye last night from phoenix into new hampshire, filed this morning just in the nick of time to get on the ballot in new hampshire, randi. >> wow, that's some dedication there, taking the red eye. paul, thank you. have a nice weekend. >> thank you. as always, i'd love to know what you think about the show. continue the conversation with me on facebook or on
11:00 am
twitter @randikaye@cnn. >> hi, don. >> i thought your show was great. i loved it. have a great weekend, randi. brooke is off today. rapid fire, let's go. we have more on the breaking news out of south carolina. a gunman is on the loose and ten schools right now are on lockdown after a shooting in greenville. here's what we know. police say an officer tried pulling a guy over but then he took off. when they finally found the car, the suspect started shooting. >> it's very dangerous because the fact that he will open up on an officer who was you can luke looking for a car that had an expired tag. we don't know what the individual is thinking or what he has done to get him to this
11:01 am
point. >> police are calling the attack an ambush. we're monitoring the situation. we'll have more as we get it. also developing right now, the search for answers after a gunman opens fire on the u.s. embassy in bosnia. we're told that he fired several rounds and hit a guard in the kneecaps. this is the picture of the 23-year-old. there is he right there. there are records that he's from serb bee yeah. updates as we get them as well. wintry weather bracing for winter weather. colorado and parts of new mexico are already seeing the storm. this is from amarillo, texas. and now the northeast, mid-atlantic bracing for a snowy weekend. big sections of the east coast
11:02 am
under a winter storm watch. several areas could see several inches of snow. what go up, must come down. the dow up just a bit after stocks soared more than 300 points. still considered the market's best month in decades. investors are apparently taking a breath. the dow is at 12,000. now the dow is back to reality. right now two men are trapped after a wall collapsed at a kentucky coal mine and we're told workers were in a truck when the call came down on them. rescue workers have not been able to contact the men that are trapped in that rockslide. >> moammar gadhafi's son is a wanted man. this is a week after his
11:03 am
father's violent death a week ago. they are having informal kmpgss about saif gadhafi turning himself in. a former high school teach ner ohio has been sentence to four years in prison for having sexual encounters with five of her students. a mother testified that he lost his faith and no longer sees the good because of stacy. >> these young men may appear as tough guys but in reagent they are truly hurting. as he begins his freshman year in college, he should be looking at great life and happiness. she has stolen his innocence. >> and we should tell you this. she pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity but the judge said he couldn't make that magnificent leap. recognize these rappers?
11:04 am
well, their fans are now considered threats to america. that's right. threats to america. at least according to the fbi, which is listing followers of insane cloud posse as a hybrid gang. we're told they like to deal drugs, steal, and assault people. the rap group, you'll notice, is famous for clown makeup. three, two, main engine start, one, zero, and liftoff. >> nasa's new $1.5 billion mission heading to space carrying a new satellite designed to help forecast weather and predict climate change. nasa is calling the launch absolutely perfect. we have a lot more to cover in the last two hours. watch this. >> hundreds of people killed so far. >> thousands running for their lives as floodwaters rise in
11:05 am
thailand. and today they are speaking. a woman says that he raped her to teach her a lesson of being a lesbian. what some are doing to speak out against homosexuality. >> i can't imagine what he was thinking or going through. >> parents slapped in cuffs for giving away their 2-year-old daughter. neighbors say that they are crack addicts trying to get clean. did they do the right thing? mike. michael douglas reveals, one doctor missed his cancer. hear the candid interview and what you should know about getting a second opinion. [ woman 2] ring ring progresso. they fit! awesome thank you ring, ring [ man ] pro-gresso they fit! okay-y... okay??? you don't understand. i've been eating progresso because there's...
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11:08 am
the stock market is taking a breather. alison kosik is joining us. hi, alison. >> hi, don. >> i think what you see happening here is after the european debt deal came out, investors sloufed on it. they are processing it. and now some concerns are coming out about the deal. for one, who is going to pay for it? how is it going to be implemented? there is the realization that what it does is plug the debt hole for greece. it doesn't boost growth for euro zone but a quiet day may be good for the huge run-up. the fact is, the market is not swinging wildly. they are holding on to these gains. the s&p 500 is up 13%.
11:09 am
it's having the best month in 37 years. of course, we now have less uncertainty. the recession fears have been put on the back burner. the question is, can this run-up be maintained? >> let's talk about this euro debt deal, now that they have gotten over a huge hurdle. what is next for the markets? do we know? >> guess what? we get to go from one debt problem to another. analysts say what you're going to see happen is the focus will shift back to the u.s. debt debate happening in congress right now. it's involving the super committee and the deadline is less than a month away and its job is to cut at least $1.2 trillion in debt. if there's no deal done by thanksgiving, automatic spending cuts kick in. they are going to happen. they are not easy for anyone to take and everybody has to come together and get to an agreement at this point and that's wh.
11:10 am
>> we don't know what's going to happen. >> right. >> let's talk about unwelcome news from one of the best names in home appliance. what is happening with whirlpool? >> everybody knows whirlpool. i bet you have a washing machine or a dishwasher that is whirlpoo whirlpool. they are getting hit with a whammy. shares are being slammed. whirlpool shares down 13%. today that's really a sign of weakness because it's not optimistic about the future. it's going to make less money than this year and they are blaming the economy and analysts say that's not a good enough excuse. whirlpool shares getting hit hard today. >> alison kosik, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> sure. speaking of occupy wall street, rallying to five major
11:11 am
banks and financial services in a month. they have taken gas cans and propane cans because they say it's a fire hazard and against the law. this move leaves protesters facing cold days ahead. in california, police moved into occupy san diego camps earlier today and kicked off protesters, about 50 people were arrested and in oakland, the mayor's apologizing for this week's crackdown on occupy oakland. i am very deeply saddened about what happened last tuesday. it clearly didn't turn out the way we wanted it to. people were hurt. and i am the mayor so i take responsibility and i apologize to those who are hurt. >> some developing news when it
11:12 am
comes to that. iraq war veteran scott olson was hurt. he was hit by a tear gas canister that fractured his skull. he's hospitalized and in fair condition now. in tennessee, more than two dozen occupy protesters were arrested in the middle of the night. they refused an order to clear out of the downtown plaza. the eviction and arrest came hours after the state of tennessee imposed a new curfew, closing the plaza from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. and occupy atlanta, protesters here or where i am are on the move after being kicked out of a city park. they spent the night outside the martin lawsu martin luther king center. joining us is cnn's barbara starr with new developments that come from the oakland protest and it involves that service member that i just mentioned.
11:13 am
>> absolutely, don. the country's largest organization of military veterans from the wars in iraq and afghanistan is now calling for an investigation into the incident on tuesday night in occupy oakland in which that former marine, scott olson, young man, suffered such a serious injury after being hit in the head with a canister. the largest group of the veterans in the country have just put out a statement. let me quote it to you. their director saying, "we expect to see a full and complete investigation into the circumstances of this incident. it's what scott and all americans deserve." he goes on to say that the injury of any veteran is a serious concern to the broader veterans community, especially when it happens on american oil. it's a very mainstream group of
11:14 am
veterans. they are very large. they are very diverse across the country and work very hard. their key issues are veterans unemployment, veterans health care, treatment for veterans suffering after coming home from the war, they have a pretty good beat on the veterans community. they are very well known and now they are getting into all of this saying they want to see an investigation into what happened to this young man, a veteran from the war in iraq. >> barbara, thank you. have you seen the weather in the northeast? have you lived through it? it's seeing snow in places that don't normally see it this early in the season. it's going to get worse before it gets better. could be looking at 15 inches of snow before it's all over. into plus, the weather is crazy on the other side of the world, too. thailand getting hit with more floodwaters. a report from bangkok in two
11:15 am
minutes. and a horrific story out of south africa. lesbians being raped allegedly to make them straight. that story this hour. a little bit later on on cnn. [ male announcer ] it's true... consumers er wanchai ferry orange chicken... over p.f. chang's home menu orange chicken women men and uh pandas... elbows mmm [ male announcer ] wanchai ferry, try it yourself. and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes, i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ keep on going in this direction. take this bridge over here. there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] write your story
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11:17 am
we have got a developing weather story for you. a little unexpected trouble in the northeast. chad myers, let's get to it. chad, is that correct? i said 15 inches possibly in some areas? >> that's true. in areas that still have leaves on trees, don. this is the big deal. winds up to 50 miles per hour. this is different than anything you've heard all day. i hate to be chicken little
11:18 am
about this because they say how come you didn't forecast it when it didn't happen. but let me show you how the models have changed. i believe places west of new york city, the higher elevations, bergen, down into philadelphia, western sections of philly, bethlehem, could pick up to 15 inches of snow. the closer to you get to the water, i-95, it's going to be mixed with all rain. the snowfall amounts are going to be significantly lower and the higher elevations are going to be snowing all day but the temperature at the surface is going to be 35. it's going to be melting all the way down. the branches may still have a few leaves and they are going to go down and the power lines are going to go down as well. let me show you new york city because this is going to change
11:19 am
for the city that may get a couple of inches on the grassy areas. if you get back to the west of wes chest sister and up here towards northern young customers and the higher elevations, there's bergen county. that is 10-inch snowfall. and that's in new jersey. everywhere has the potential for that much but the precip that is going to happen along new york island and along i-95 will be mixed so much with rain that there will raindrops and will get a little bit of snow but not much. go play in the grass. that's about it. but west of new york city, this is 30 miles from the city, 30 miles from the amboys, up and down, very close, west of i-95, that's where the heaviest snow is going to come down.
11:20 am
you heard me right. 15 inches. we could see a million people without power because of all of these branches that are going to fall down and the heavy snow and wind. these winds will be, some spots, as much as what we saw with irene, 30 to 50 miles per hour. >> it is october. >> it is. almost november. >> just a few days. almost halloween. thank you, chad. appreciate it. >> you're welcome. halfway around the world a coastal city of eight million people is waiting on a high tide from the sea just as floodwaters rise. here's the latest from inundated bag kok island. >> reporter: we're in the eastern part of bangkok. this is where the government has told them to evacuate. you're starting to see them do that. they were supposed to evacuate earlier but we're seeing more and more people leave. this lady has told us that she has run out of money. she's afraid for the safety of
11:21 am
her animals. these are her dogs. she's got a few rabbits there and she's just trying to get them to higher ground. she's starting to get very, very worried. that's what is happening in a lot of this area. the elderly people are getting into trucks that the army has brought and jumping into there because their homes are inundated with water. take a look at this water here. this water is about calf-high on me. but as you walk further into this neighborhood, and let me take a turn here. as you walk further into this neighborhood, just over there you see a home, it's green and blue, the water is inches ever closer to the window level. it's about up to my hips here. so very, very high water. it doesn't seem to be receding much here. this water has come in and flown in partly from a canal that has overflowed. the government is also concerned about central bangkok.
11:22 am
we saw when the high tide happened, we saw it coming into china town, right there in the middle of bangkok. but then it quickly receded. it seems that the drainage systems were working quite well. so the middle of bangkok, the business district, has been dry over the last day. but there is another big concern that he is, there is another high tide. the highest tide is coming within the next 24 hours and people are bracing for that. the government now opening nine evacuation centers so that people have somewhere to go if the water gets too high. sara sidner, cnn, bangkok. >> head to for more. new developments in the case of missing baby lisa irwin. investigators were going to interview the two brothers and now the parents have gone against it. an ohio couple is arrested, accused of giving away their child. they apparently gave their
11:23 am
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11:26 am
all right. >> lisa irwin's parents have decided not to let the police interview their baby's two young brothers. what is happening here? >> reporter: investigators want to reinterview the parents without conditions and want to interview them separately from each other. they haven't spoken to police meaningfully in over two weeks. they want to interview these two boys. the night that this baby went missing, deborah irwin says that she was drinking possibly passed out drunk. but these two boys were in the house. police have not interviewed them since that night. since then, they have learned a lot more and want the dna to match that in the house so they can eliminate some of that dna and try to narrow their search on that front.
11:27 am
these are all tools that investigators tell us every day that they need to be able to find baby lisa. the family, though, is not agreeing to this and every time we think they've made progress in thawing this relationship, something happens. the main thing being they were comfortable with the circumstances, specially trained social workers were going to do the interviews. it was all set and then late last night they said that they were going to pull the plug and reschedule for possibly sometime next week. meanwhile, et investigators have searched the ponds and it's very difficult to move forward without cooperation from the parents. >> let's slow down and go back to something that you said. that they were possibly going to do it again, i'm sure there is negotiating going on. the possibility of interviewing the boys at a later time, right? >> reporter: indeed. the attorneys tell us that it's not canceled. it's postponed until a future date. but honestly, don, it's been so
11:28 am
confusing dealing with the attorneys and having an investigator based in new york but he's been in italy and then they had a local attorney. she said this morning she's no longer associated with the case. so getting clarity from them has been very difficult. obviously police are ready to do those interviews any time and they have the specially trained social workers. it's not even going to happen in a police station. it's going to be safe and it's not going to be like an interrogation. the family had said that they were comfortable with those terms and they were going to move forward. i'd like to say that we know reliably it's going to be postponed until a certain date but it's been so chaotic dealing with the representatives here that it's really hard to say that, don. >> chaotic dealing with the representatives on both sides or from the police? the family is saying that we're not comfortable with the police. are they saying that the family is stone walling them a little bit? i need a bit of clarification here. >> sure. what we heard from the family,
11:29 am
via their attorneys, is they didn't want to put the boys through a potentially damaging interview. finally they came to these agreement, where it would be more like a house than a police station. they were happy with those terms and that -- weigh the boys' needs with -- >> i got that. >> reporter: police tell us the same thing every day. >> i got that. everyone has their representatives. are the family members not speaking directly with police? is it like, you have to call this person's representative in order to talk to -- i mean, there's a missing baby here. >> that's exactly how it is. and investigators say, look, we want to find baby lisa but they have to speak through attorneys. and nobody begrudges them the ability to have the attorney but police say they just want to get these questions answered, that they are happy to work out accommodations that will please everybody but they need to ask
11:30 am
these questions. it's become this stalemate. and it's getting worse. >> sounds like you're saying, they say, i'll have my people call your people. again, there was a search yesterday in the lake. nothing? >> reporter: nothing. they had cadaver dogs out there and even one in the boat that can smell human remains through the water. that wasn't based oj new tips but with a lack of solid leads to pursue, they have just been expanding the perimeter of their search and that's sort of the next thing that you get to to investigate out of this neighborhood, don. >> jim spellman, thank you, sir. up next on cnn -- >> these guys are full of anger and it was not a guy that i was coming with. the guy who understands lesbians. >> so what happens next? it's happening all too often in south africa. they call it, corrective rape. corrective rape. that's men attacking women to
11:31 am
cure them from being gay. up next, you'll hear the haunting story of one woman and how she's pushing her case to police. including hidden camera video of her confrontation with investigators. stay right there. you'll want to see this one. i'm not a number. i'm not a line item on a budget. and i'm definitely not a pushover. but i am a voter. so washington... before you even think about cutting my medicare and social security benefits... here's a number you should remember. 50 million. we are 50 million seniors who earned our benefits...
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11:34 am
you know, there's a first time for everything. first time i've ever heard anything like this and probably the first time you have, too. they call it corrective rape. men sexually assaulting lesbians to leach them a lesson, to cure them. it's happening in south africa and one victim reveals what happened to her in haunting interview with our cnn reporter. >> reporter: it was december 2009, a night that she will never forget. >> i went to see my friends at
11:35 am
one of the pubs. >> reporter: after drinking at a local bar, she says a man tried to ask her out. >> i said i was a lesbian and i don't go out with guys. he says, i understand that, i have good friends that are lesbians. >> reporter: he was nice to her so she trusted him, a little more than a shack. his mood shifted. >> his eyes were full of anger and he was not the guy that i came with, the guy that understands lesbians. >> reporter: she says he left the room briefly and came back. >> he said, you know what, i
11:36 am
hate lesbians and i'm about to show you that you're not a man. >> i said, no, i'm not a man. i am a lesbian. then he said, now i'll show you that i am a man and i have power, more than you. so it came to me. came to me as i was sitting on the bed and opened my trousers and take it off and then raped me. at that time the only thing was to just kill myself after it. >> well, the case is still
11:37 am
pending and there have been in arrests here. and then cnn follows her as she confronts police. watch as she hides the camera. >> reporter: in more than a year since her case was opened, she's heard nothing from the police. we go with her as she looks for answers. she's determined to confront her investigating officer. the third assigned since she reported the rape. from room to room, building to build, she's forced to recount. finally, an answer. the sexual offenses unit is stationed 30 minutes from her home. despite the sensitive subject, they investigate her in a wide-open office. no privacy here. another police officer joins in
11:38 am
as she reveals details of the case. her investigator goes through the file and admits no statement was ever obtained from the iwitne eyewitness who was the man's friend. and then a stunning statement. >> so in south africa, gay rights are supposed to be protected by the constitution but the justice system does not recognize these hate crimes. lesbians are speaking out and are getting angry. this is all part of the fascinating special report.
11:39 am
you'll meet these women and hear their stories tomorrow night on cnn international. don't miss world's untold stories. check out world's untold stories on i have a question for you. why is one tea party group asking michele bachmann to get out of the presidential race? we'll go live to wolf blitzer? and a dramatic deer rescue in d.c. they had to use a rescue specialist armed with a lasso. and a man is caught in a tree. he's stuck inside the tree. he is literally stuck inside of the tree. two minutes away. [ male announcer ] tom's discovering that living healthy can be fun.
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a six-point buck is not exactly a trophy, but it was quite a catch in morning in washington's tide dal basin. the deer somehow slipped into the water and could not get out. they safely lassoed the exhausted animal and got him back on land. the buck is expected to be okay. let's head now to laguna hills, california. a beautiful, beautiful area. someone, there you can see, he is inside a hollow tree. but it's not a keebler elf. firefighters spent 90 minutes trying to free a man who crawled into a trunk. why? who knows? the man managed to get his arms and head out but he was
11:43 am
literally stuck inside of the tree. rescue workers were alerted by his screams for help. can't get enough of that video. let's talk politics. michele bachmann used to be a tea party favorite but now that relationship is in question. let's go to cnn's wolf blitzer who joins us for america's 2012 politics update. that's a mouthful. wolf? michele bachmann, she won the iowa straw poll and now what? are they turning against her sor it one group? >> one tea party group making it clear they want her to drop out of this presidential contest. the group is called american majority. they say it's time for michele bachmann to go and outlined various reasons why he thinks michele bachmann should simply drop out. her campaign issued a statement
11:44 am
and says no single leader speaks for it. mr. ryan, the statement from michele bachmann's campaign says supports texas governor rick perry. ryan came out with a statement saying that he doesn't necessarily support anyone. even though he liked rick perry's tax policies that were released earlier in the week calling for a modified flat tax. another official directive said, these are very strong words when you think about t i think it's pretty obvious that michele bachmann is about michele bachmann. let's face it. she's a back bencher and has been a back bencher congresswoman for many years. this is not a serious presidential campaign. strong words. i'm going to be speaking live with michele bachmann. she's got her own economic plan coming up. there's a lot to talk about with her as well. so it's always lively out there in the world of politics as you
11:45 am
know, don. >> yeah, i'm going to be watching that. very interesting to hear what her reaction is, again, as we keep saying, tea party favorite. >> one tea party group. there are a lot of tea party groups out there. this is an influential one. >> yes. and then this group as well. wolf, you mentioned rick perry. what is he saying? >> he's leaving the door now and participating. earlier ray sullivan said on "john king usa," listen to this phrasing. >> i don't know whether we're going to forego any debates or not. i may get to be a good debater before this is all done and over with. >> sounds like to me that he's thinking about participating. he needs to participate in the debates. that's one way a lot of the
11:46 am
pundits out there are suggesting that he may have a chance to come back. he still has several million dollars. he's got the cash and the money and he shows that he can compete with this fellow republican candidates because he's got to reassure a lot of republicans out there, not only can he debate a mitt romney or herman cain, but he can also down the road if he were to get the republican nomination debate president obama. that's president obama as we know, he's a pretty good debater. i moderated four democratic debates including the final debate and barack obama was pretty good in those debates and he was pretty good in the three presidential debates he had with john mccain. so if you want to run for president, he's a fundamental fact of life, you have to be a good debater. not an adequate debater but a good or excellent debater. >> he said maybe i'll get better at it.
11:47 am
wolf blitzer, we'll be watching. >> you know how you get better doing anything? >> keep doing it. >> practice. >> yeah. >> if you want to be a good tennis player, you practice, if you want to be a good cnn anchor, you've got to practice, practice, practice. that means doing a lot of debates. >> yes. and wolf blitzer, you're always on. so you are the perfect anchor. thank you for lots of practice. we appreciate it. let's move on now and talk about legendary michael douglas is now speaking out about his throat cancer diagnosis. he sat down with fellow actor alec baldwin and talks about a possible miss diagnosis and the announcement that he had stage 4 cancer. we'll play that for you in two minutes. not white collar or blue collar or no collars. we are business in america. and every day we awake to the same challenges. but at prudential we're helping companies everywhere find new solutions to manage risk,
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11:50 am
turning now, throat cancer survivor michael douglas, he's opened up in an interview with actor al electric balance win. this is michael douglas describing the very moment that a doctor discovered his cancer. >> he literally opened my mouth and took a tongue depressor and i will never forget that moment that he looked up at me and looked back down, i knew. >> so joining me now, dr. amy chin of emery university. she's followed the actor's case very closely when michael douglas underwent chemotherapy and radiation. as far as you know, cancer-free? >> as far as i know, yes. i'm not his treating physician but it's not unusual to have
11:51 am
scans and so far he is cancer-free. >> he had been seeing a doctor for six months and worried about his throat and they thought maybe had he strained his vocal cords or whatever you. if something like this happens, what should you do? but listen to what michael douglas said about it. >> the reality is, with all the doctors that i have here in new york, if i had been checked back in january for head and neck cancer, this could have all happened a lot early. and the thing with cancer is, you want to get it as early as you can. >> so, doctor, how do you miss that? is it common to miss something like that? >> well, i think some of his symptoms that he described are very nonspecific. all of us can get a sore throat, get some difficulty swallowing. the problem is when the symptoms don't go away, signs don't go away, attention needs to be
11:52 am
addressed and further examination needs to be done. i'm not familiar with that part of the case but unfortunately, it's not too uncommon to see patients present with advanced cancer because the symptoms have not been addressed. >> so persistent. if the symptoms are persistent, how long are we talking about? we're not just talking about the normal sore throat, the scratch cheeness, depending on the length of your cold a. couple of weeks, correct? >> correct. everyone is going to get a sore throat. but if the symptoms last longer than two to three week, it's best to go ahead and get an exam. if the person does not like what the doctor says or feels like there's further treatment that needs to be done, then the individual can automatically seek more treatment or more evaluation from a specialist. >> there may be people sitting there at home and who may be watching us saying, ifr have a sore throat. but there could be people sitting there and they might. that's a real possibility.
11:53 am
>> right. >> if you have a sore throughout, it doesn't necessarily mean that but what should you do? go and be checked out any way? you shouldn't go to get checked for cancer every time you have a sore throat, right? >> correct. however, some common signs and symptoms are ear pain, difficulty swallowing, sore throat, a luck in the neck region which doesn't go away after two or three weeks should be addressed by a physician. >> two or three weeks? >> yes. >> but that still can be a cold or some sort of infection or something. >> correct. >> basically, it's the trend. if the symptoms are getting worse, are not being relieved with usual medications that you have taken in the past for colds, or if the mass is getting bigger, if you're losing weight, those are all signs and symptoms that need to be addressed more seriously. >> yeah. and men don't like to go to the doctor. can the ladies look after them and say, hey, you're losing
11:54 am
weight? what is the lesson in this? men don't like to go to the doctor. >> well, women can get this as well. men and women need to work together as a team. >> i'm talking about this in the case of michael douglas. women are better at getting checkups. it may go unnoticed in a man for a longer period of time. >> right. and for men sometimes it's luckier because some men tend to shape more on the neck and they pick up the masses more on the neck than a woman. however, if a woman notices that the neck collar or change in the size of the shirt is different, the woman should -- around them should encourage them to get checked out. >> thank you, doctor. we really appreciate you coming in and sharing your expertise. >> you're welcome. thank you for having me. let's move on to ohio. a 2-year-old covered in flea
11:55 am
bites is covered in bites and now the parent is facing child endangerment. >> that's what concerns me the most, is what she went through and why should she have to go through that. we're going to hear more from the child's grandmother and neighbors who took in the child. coming up in about two minutes on cnn. make sure you stay with us. [ sniffs ] i have a cold. [ sniffs ] i took dayquil
11:56 am
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11:58 am
two parents thrown behind bars after police say they gave away their own daughter and their apparent reason for doing it? it involves crack, apparently. and here's melissa reed from our affiliate wjw. >> reporter: meet 2-year-old navea. police say she was given away by her parents, 23-year-old courtney followay and gavin of cleveland. ten days later, she's in the arms of her grandmother. >> i can't imagine what this child was thinking or going through at the time and that's what concerns me the most is what she went through and why should she have to go through that? >> reporter: charged with child endangerment and cruelty, the couple is addicted to crack. >> i wish there wasn't a drug in this world, really, that they could get hooked on.
11:59 am
i wish they would quit making it or quit making the chemicals that they have made it with. it's destroyed my family. >> reporter: it was inside this home that they found an emaciated pitbull and the carpet was infested with fleas. >> reporter: so where was navea for the past ten days? at her parent's friends house. >> i was feeding her and watching her. >> reporter: followaw and aldridge dropped her off contingent on one thing. >> they were trying to get clean and they brought us their daughter because courtney's mother wasn't -- you know, hasn't been in the child's life for three months. >> reporter: when they handed her away, she had bites and eyes crusted sh crusted shut. >> she had


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