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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 29, 2011 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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thanks for joining us. i'm alina cho, t.j. holmes is off this hour. a halloween weekend surprise for millions of people from the mid-atlantic to nudge. more than a foot of snow is expected to bury some areas. millions of people could be left in the dark. also, student loan debt is now higher than credit card debt in the united states. president obama has a plan to ease the burden. but will it work? we'll hear from a financial expert. and a rags to riches story in india. the son of a poor farm worker becomes the country's real life slum dog manage heillionaire. but first, the top story. at least 13 american service members are among those killed in a nato convoe attack. it happened in the heart of the capital city of kabul. what happened, nick? >> it appears that a suicide
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bomber drive ago vehicle, perhaps a red toyota car we hear from afghan police drove this load of explosives into a nato convoy. pictures of the aftermath show what appears to be a rhino nato bus. 13 of their military personnel was killed in this explosion. cnn's barbara starr learning at the pentagon that these are all american personnel. >> nick, this is the single largest american loss since august when a helicopter crashed and killed navy s.e.a.l.s. there was another explosion regarding a female and a suicide bomber. what happened there? >> a woman wearing a berka in the northeast of the country detonated the device in the afghan intelligence services
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injuring more people. but a more significant attack happening in the south in which a man in an afghan military uniform turned his uniform on two soldiers who were apparently training him. seven other people were injured during that attack and of the two dead, which has been confirmed that did happen, were australians. all of these attacks that we're hearing about today come on the heels of a relatively calm period, i must say, nick, in the region. now that we're seeing more and more attacks on nato forces, is there any explanation of why this is happening now? >> well, it was a bad summer. it's been a bad last six months according to a new u.s. report. in the last month. the fourth coming month is a very important political season here in a series of conferences abroad and in kabul in which the afghan nato organization is
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going to try to explain the future, schan the happenedover to security forces and hopes to explain what kind of role the insurgency may have in the future and how will they're doing get against it. so a possible uptick in violence, particularly in the most secure areas. but the capital area could be the insurgency. if they can slowly bring their troop numbers down here and hand over to afghan forces. >> nick paton walsh, thank you very much for that report. from the mid-atlantic to new england, a rare october surprise. a powerful snowstorm could paralyze parts of the region this halloween weekend. hard to believe, but it's true. in preparations for the storm already in full swing, among the big concerns, power outages. and, of course, travel delays. it's snowing in parts of new york, massachusetts and other states across the region. some areas are expecting more than a foot of know.
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alexandra steele is tracking a big storm for us. what do we have in store? i'm afraid to ask. >> power outages, check. allegheny electric reporting already 20,000 without power in maryland and pennsylvania. already have snow in white plains. the flurries have begun. you know, it's been 59 years since m m had measurable snow. that doesn't mean flakes of flurries. at least a tenth of an inch. since records have been kept by the national weather service, only three times in october since the 1800 he is, but not unprecedented because we have seen it. you can see where we are, new york, philly, washington, boston. the white is snow, the green is rain. look at the delineation right along the i-95 corridor. it's just east of i-95. philadelphia reporting north and west of philadelphia.
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we have snow. philadelphia has snow and islty 39 degrees. one other interesting thing, here is the area of low pressure. this is in nor'easter, but it is moving. a quick hitter. this is already the backside. washington, d.c., between 2:00 and 4:00 today, it will be done deal for you. boston, you'll have the flurries in the morning and then it's over for you. but this is moving quickly. there's the radar perspective. i wanted to give you a service map perspective and show you a couple other things. how rare it is. i think maybe the calling card with this, maybe we'll have something really crazy, big time totals. but it's the power outages. the snow is heavy, it is wet. add on the winds, 30 miles per hour. so that really will be a story. here is the mountain in terms of totals. you can see the pink delineating at least 10 inches of snow. so all the big cities, we're going to see a few inches there. not double digits, by any means. philadelphia, a few inches for you. look at allentown. these are the models.
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this is the output for them. poughkeepsie, 13.3. hartford and springfield, mass, you, too. this inner area in the speshg shires, you will see the biggest of this. >> it will be a distant memory tomorrow afternoon, but misery between now and then. >> yes. >> travel delays have already begun and this is just the beginning of them. >> alexandra, thank you very much. the weather is impacting the occupy wall street protesters. but protesters are vowing to ride out the snow expected this weekend in the northeast. here is how filmmaker michael moore described it to our anderson cooper. >> the snow in the winter is not going to stop the collective anger of tens of millions of americans who have suffered as a
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result of the economic policies of corporate america. if you think a little bit of snow or bad weather -- i mean, i think it will only harden people's resolve. >> yesterday, authorities in lower manhattan removed propane tanks and generators in the park saying they were unsafe, but given the impending storm. there you look live at the situation in new york where the rain is falling right now. smoke is expected later today. given the impending snowstorm, many of the protesters are questioning the timing of this. some sports news to tell you about. the st. louis cardinals are waking up today as world series champions. look and listen to the final out of game seven against the texas rangers. >> in the air to left field, back, what a team, what a ride! the cardinals are world champs in 2011.
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>> and then the pileup. you could call the cardinals the comeback king for baseball. they were down to their last strike twice in thursday aerps memorable game six which they are calling one for the ages. now the club is one with 11 world championship titles. there's the trophy. basketball fans won't like this one, but it seems like nba owners and players were on the verge of a deal, but those talks broke down. now all of the game through november 30th canceled. both sides are battling over a new collective bargaining agreement. the players want higher salaries. the owners want a bigger share of revenue. so far, no deal. in thailand, flooding like they haven't seen in a half a century. we'll get a look at some of the latest in bangkok when we return.
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welcome back. parts of thailand are at the crisis stage. much of the high water is in bangkok and in suburbs. >> reporter: high tide in bangkok's china town. water pours in from the swollen river. just on the other side of these homes and businesses. despite the severe flood warnings and this reality, residents who stay put were far from panicked here. children, even delighted in the murky water. the drainage system of the system pumped it out immediately. and that is why it's not heavily flooded here. i am not worried, this resident says. in this riverside neighborhood, the flood waters came in kwiekly
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and receded quickly. >> the water used to come out from the topiary first and now it slows down because of the flood. >> reporter: this was a day the government warned could be the worst for central bangkok. but much of bangkok's commercial district remained dry. not so in the northern, eastern and western parts of the city. high floods waters have remained for weeks in parts of the city, ruining homes, shutting down factories and discouraging tourism. people are moving through it. a public health crisis could be the next day of trouble. the government estimates these floods have caused about $6 billion worth of damage so far. its impact to the economy here so much. the bank of thailand has revised the economy's growth from 1.4% down to 2.4%.
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we asked you before the break, what do you think the average student loan is that's being carried by the average graduating class of 2009? we're talking about four-year nonprivate colleges. the answer? $24,000. that's right. that's according to the institute for college access and success. now, paying back all that money can be tough these days, but president obama wants to make paying back stoonts student loans just a little easier. >> we can't wait for congress to do its job. so where they won't act, i will. >> so what's the actual plan? i sat down recently with a financial expert who breaks it down. what does the president's plan do and who does it help? >> what the plan does, it says if you've taken on these students loans, they will give you more time for repayment and after 20 years, you could potentially have your loans forgiven. and right now it's ten years.
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>> it's ten years. what they're saying is 10% of the income is the max. 10%. before, it was about 15%. now identities they're saying, let's cut it down to work for you. let's look at an opportunity to forgive the debt after a certain period of time. >> these kids are getting out of college. a lot of times they can't get a job and if they do, they're low paying jobs. >> it's going to help some people. some it isn't. it is pushing in the right direction. a lot of people want total forgiveness. that's not going to happen. but, again, a lot of people are hurting right now, so it's hard for them. they say you shouldn't take on more than 10% of the income that you're going toef after graduation from the job you're going to have as far as loans. it's crucial to know what you're going to school for. >> it's difficult in practice for a lot of people. a lot of people are trying to make ends meet.
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it's impossible to avoid. >> you have to weigh out your decisions right now. this is a time when it's crucial. is it time for me to go to college? can i afford to go to college right now? and what kind of job is waiting for me on the other side? >> great tips from collide anderson. to families in argentina and children in south africa. this year's cnn heroes are reaching people all over the world. josh levs is here with a preview. >> absolutely. they're all inspirational. folks, whoever you choose as cnn hero of the year will have the chance to do something really, really big. i will shoal you how to vote, right after this. t. [ male announcer ] it's endless shrimp today at red lobster. as much as you like any way you like, like new sweet and spicy shrimp, all for $15.99. my name is angela trapp, and i sea food differently.
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welcome back. they go to great lengths to help people in need and we help shine a light on their amazing work. it is time to vote for your hero of the year. josh levs is here to show us how to do that. there are some changes this year. right, josh? >> absolutely. and we're going to talk you through all of this. now is the time to get those votes coming in that will ultimately make a big difference for our folks of the year. let me introduce them to you. the ten honorees. they're helping military widows, people living in hunger and many others in need. here is one of them. >> i'm a refugee. now i help people fight disease.
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you have some soap for me? this is great. the issue is not soap, but the issue is cost. can they afford it? >> he gets them soap from hotels, unused amounts of soap. in all of these cases, you see amazing ideas. every time i talk on air about cnn heros, i show you a different one of our top ten heroes. so everybody is getting airtime. all our ten heros this year is getting $50,000. whenever you choose to be our cnn hero of the month, you get $250,000. at, choose your hero of the year. i'll open unone. this is bruno cerato. he is getting meals seven days a
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week to more than 300 children in anaheim, california. after you've learned about all ten, click on your vote. pretty self-explanatory there. and here is what we've got set up for you. when you're here, select who among our ten heroes you would like to be the herr hero of the year. highlight that person and that person's photo would show up in mid box right here. i would do it for you, but i don't want to place a vote. hook it up to your e-mail or your facebook. what's great about that is you can them share that information about your vote with everyone that you want to in a really easy way. also what we have going this year is that you can, for the first time, vote on your mobile device. go over to the browser. you can vote ten times per day per e-mail address or facebook account. so the sooner you start, the more votes you can get in. the deadline is december 7th, midnight pacific time and here is where the announcement will be at the big event. it will be cnn heroes, an
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all-star tribute, saunt december 11th at 8:00 eastern, 5:00 p.m. pacific on cnn. i showed you a lot of stuff. find it at all my pages,, facebook and twitter. alina, i know you're well aware how this works. you served on one of the committees. >> i did. and i have to say, when you read through the applications and the stories, and i mean this sincerely, it is so hard to choose because they are all so wonderful in what they're doing and many of them, as you see, are so inventive in their ideas. josh, thank you for highlighting that for us. >> you're welcome. thank you. coming up, some occupy atlanta protesters are talking to us. hear what they say, next. the employee of the month isss...
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checking our top stories, one of the deadliest days ever for u.s. troops in afghanistan. at least 13 service members were killed today when a suicide bomber ramped into a nato con y
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convoy. it happened in what was believed to be a security area in the capital city of kabul. troops were being taken from one base to another. a rare october nor'easter is hitting the northeast. among the big concerns, power outages and already there are travel delays. alexandra steele is tracking this storm for us. it's snowing. >> new york city? >> it is. but as a meteorologist, i have such exciting news where the snow is in new jersey, in caldwell, new york, morristown. so yes, also in white plains. let's take a live look at columbus circle and show you beautiful new york city. look at that. mama mia, it's christmas. look at that. isn't that pretty? what's so fascinating, it is so incredibly rare. it's been 59 years since there was measurable, not a flurry or
8:30 am
a trace, but measurable, meaning at least a tenth an inch of snow, it's unbelievable. since records have been keld kept since the 18 00s, it's only happened three times. in boston, it's happened four times. this is just coming to you in new york city, but it's saying good-bye the washington, d.c. here is the radar picture. what i'm finding interesting is the white, the snow, and the green is the rain. that delineation between the rain and snow is the 95 corridor. at the airport, we have sleet and rain. as you look at this, this is the backside already. this is the end of it. washington, d.c., between about 2:00 and 4:00, it will be a done deal. it will be over. with this storm, it's all about the temperatures and getting to that freezing mark. here is a look at what we're going to see. temperatures tonight, certainly warm. warm tomorrow, warm tonight. as we head through tonight, we'll drop down into the 30s cold enough to support that snow. so really quite rare.
8:31 am
nos not unprecedented. but it's coming to fruition. but thing is, it's a quick mover. heavy, wet snow will be a done deal tomorrow. >> let's hope so. i didn't realize it was such a big deal for you. >> of course it is. >> all right. thank you very much. the occupy movements have fought tear gas, arrests and even getting dragged through the streets. now protesters in some areas have another battle. yeah, that's snow. we'll be watching occupy camps across the street where bad storms are set to hit later today. in atlanta, police arrested more than four dozen protesters this week. an atlanta mayor is defending the city aelz's decision. >> i think we acted in a manner that's reflective of our best values. with regard to criticism, that's comes with the job. >> we also brought in the other side, a voice from occupy atlanta. and here is what he told me
8:32 am
earlier this morning. >> we talked to you when the protests first started in atlanta. you heard the mayor of atlanta speaking there. what's your response who what he said? >> well, i think the occupy movement at large is really more than just what's going on in atlanta and some of the other occupations that have had this issue. i think occupy wall street is about crime. when the top 1% has seen the increase in their income from 1979 to 2000 go up 275% and then we watch everyday working people see their incomes fall, people are losing jobs here in atlanta, we led the nation in job loss last year, occupy is about people all across this country speaking out and saying that our political system is broken and the wall street crimes are
8:33 am
unacceptable and that our political leader ves failed to do anything and we're speaking out about it. >> and i hear you saying that and talking about that. what that saeps says to me is, yes, that all sounds good. it's pretty general. we've been hearing about the 99% protesters being so mad at the 1% at the top. but what's the solution, then? >> well, it's pretty general. there is a democratic movement. i'm not a spokesperson. i'm just a person involved. >> what got you so mad that you wanted to get involved? >> there is a great need for everyday citizens to get back involved in the political process. i mean, every day people are coming together, they're networking, building skill sets and learning to engage others and start that discussion about
8:34 am
how we begin to reform this. >> and you were a high school dropout who recently decided to further your education at the age of 30, you said? >> 31. >> so you're back in college. you're also loading trucks for u.p.s. when you can to make some money. what is it about your personal situation, or is there something about your personal situation, that really inspired you to get out there? >> well, i mean, i look at some of my coworkers who are getting up at 4:00 in the morning, loading trucks for a few hours and then they go to their second job. they're playing by the rules, they're working hard and they're struggling. i've been privileged with an opportunity to go back to school. i've been privileged with good benefits because i'm in a union. and the fact that, you know, some of my cohorts at school are being swallowed whole by debt at 19 and 20 years old and have no jobs to go out to. so i think that, you know, those of us who are privileged to get involved and have some extra
8:35 am
time to try to engage everyday people are able to give something back. >> how about this for a reversal? two of the nation's largest banks, jp morgan chase and wells fargo are backtracking on plans to charge customers for using their debit cards. and now bank of america may soften its stance, too. just last month, it announced it would begin charging customers for $5 a month for using debit cards. now bank of america may offer options for customers to avoid the fee. health officials in new york north carolina are looking into whether the state's fair is the of an e. coli outbreak. officials with the fair say they are cooperating with state health officials. watch where you put your hands. there's a new study at what's goog being called highly contaminated places.
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gross. 70% of all gas station handles have those bad germs on them. next, corner mailboxes, escalator rails and atm machines. the take away? wash your hands often or else you could get sick. doctorty hands are booek being blamed at a school in south carolina. health officials are blaming it on a bacteria that can be spread easily on water fountains and doorknobs. they say the best drchbs is wash your hands frequently. the herman cain campaign is raising eyebrows with a new smoking ad. have you seen this yet? of what . ♪ the accident could have been my excuse to quit. i made it my reason to go even harder. ♪
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dr. murray's defense team is trying to convince jurors that jackson caused his own death by injecting his himself with the drug propofol.
8:40 am
>> it's hard to believe it potentially could have leeth yapal consequences. >> why is that? >> because you're rapidly administering a bolus dose of propofol on top of a high concentration of a diazalam. you have drugs that have additives or even synergistic effects and i think the combination affect would be very profound. >> are you saying this combination -- >> right there. that's potentially lethal? >> precisely. >> prosecution will cross-examine that witness, the defense's time one on wednesday.
8:41 am
several of the candidates have made headlines this week, among them, perry. earlier, i asked cnn political contributor and democratic strategist maria cardona and republican trat gist lenny mccall sister to weigh in. >> of course he wouldn't be saying this if he were doing better in the polls and he did better at debates. he's looking at the fact that he's won every election he's been in this and of these elections down in texas, he refused to debate his opponent. now he has to get on the national stage and has the debate and he hasn't done well debating these folks. he is making himself look worse and worse. he is basically sinking in quick sand. he's trying to figure out a way to break the himself from the stumbling, bumbling candidate. the problem is this. if he's running for governor of iowa, it's okay to campaign with the people in iowa and not touch the rest of the country. however, he's running for the presidency of the united states. he needs to speak to the
8:42 am
american people as much as possible. the fund-raising is going to be a national phenomenon. and if he shuts himself out of being in these debates, he's going to limit himself once again. it looks like he's retreating. and let's be real, texans and american presidents never retreat when it's game and the crisis is on the line and we need leadership. this is not a good thing for him to do. >> maria, let's talk about michele bachmann. she's being urged now by one tea party group to quit the campaign. she's sort of blaming rick perry supporters and saying they're behind the move. what do you make of all this? >> you know, if i was michele bachmann, i would just completely ignore that, alina, because she just should stay focused on her message and, frank frankly, i think and a lot of conservatives think that she has been the best messenger for the tea party's issues and ideology. much better than rick perry. so i wouldn't be surprised if rick perry is behind this, but i
8:43 am
do think it's risky for her to go out and make an accusation if she has no proof because that's not going to help her. yesterday, i think i said this on the air yesterday, i will tell her she should stay in this race and not let anyone tell her what to do. >> it makes things interesting, but it doesn't hurt her any more than she's already been lurt in the polls. lenny, let's talk about herman cain. who hasn't seen this ad out seeing his chief of staff puffing on a cigarette pep says the ad is hilarious. what do you think the impact so his campaign? >> you know, he's been doing things unconventionally this whole time. this isn't a surprise. and honestly, these are one of the types of things that endear the tea party folks to herman cain. but at some point in time, he's going to have to look more
8:44 am
mainstream. again, this is great for the primary voter. but if he's going to be the mainstream guy that's going to win the presidency next november, he has to get out of this. he has to start speaking to a wider base of people. and this is part of the reason why, michele bachmann has fallen off. this is part of the reason why rick perry has fallen off and i think this is going to be a reason why herman cain will fall off. you have to speak to a diverse america if you're going to lead a diverse america. so far, most of these candidates in the republican field have not done the best job of doing that. from rags to riches. an im positivished clerk becomes a real life slum dog millionaire in a game show win that has everyone buzzing. we're going to talk about this story when we come back. we're america's natural gas
8:45 am
and here's what we did today: supported nearly 3 million steady jobs across our country... ... scientists, technicians, engineers, machinists... ... adding nearly 400 billion dollars to our economy... we're at work providing power to almost a quarter of our homes and businesses... ... and giving us cleaner rides to work and school... and tomorrow, we could do even more. cleaner, domestic, abundant and creating jobs now. we're america's natural gas. the smarter power, today. learn more at sun life financialrating should be famous.d bad, we're working on it. so you're seriously proposing we change our name to sun life valley.
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do we still get to go skiing? sooner or later, you'll know our name. sun life financial.
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welcome back. dreams come true and not just in the movies. a real life slum dog millionaire is inspiring people across the world. how about a billion dollar home that is sitting empty? >> this week, in india, he won a
8:48 am
million dollars in the indian version of who wants to be a millionaire. and this is a guy in his mid 20s. he's a clerk. he's an administrative assistant earning very little. and he now has a million dollars. there he is. you're going to see him shortly one of india's most famous actors. there they are. .suddenly famous and very rich. but i wanted to tell you that there, doesn't he look happy? smiling away. but another story in india that has been called out, as you said, this billion dollar home which is empty. and it is owned by a petrochemical billionaire, akesh embarni. >> apparently they throw parties there every now and then, right? >> they are not living there because, reportedly, the hindu version of feng shui is not correct.
8:49 am
you are looking at the 27-story building. it's much more complete than some of these pictures. >> with all due respect, it cost $1 billion and that's what it looks like? >> it doesn't look like that now. you're seeing it in construction. a couple of things they're saying about the shots not being correct is it's supposed to face the sunrise and there are not enough windows on the east side. and the whole idea is to have directional alignment, how the laws of nature affects a human dwelling and you have to capitalize on the air flow. >> they didn't figure that out ahead of time? >> but, here is the scoop. here is the real story. the real story is his father died, leaving the fortune to him and his brother. apparently he won't move into the 27-story home until his mother does and his mother is not going to move in until both her sons reconcile. >> so it's not a fight about the money. >> but right now, they're living in a 14-story much more modest
8:50 am
home because the 27-story is going to have three helicopter pads, floating gardens, endless ballrooms. >> we all need three helicopter pads. you never know. >> exactly. so whenever they do move in, hopefully we'll get some of the pictures of the gold fittings and the marble staircases. >> i can only imagine what it looks like on the newsroom continues at the top of the hour with fredricka whitfield. we've fallen into high school girl talk when we sit on the couch today. good to see you. >> our legal guys are going to be here, and we have a special treat. richard herman is here in the house. a couple of months ago we had avery freeman here. we're going to talk about, holy smokes, this guy who wears this batman outfit on a regular basis, but he got himself into some trouble because not only was he wearing the batman out fit but apparently he was
8:51 am
carrying some weapons as well. now he's banned from wearing the outfit. it's a very sorted, strange, kind of halloween -- >> he thought he was a real superhero. >> no long can he wear that. >> you're talking about the economy. >> the government has come out with an incentive for people whose homes are underwater. it doesn't apply to everybody. it might apply to you if your home is underwater, and you've been making all your mortgage payments. there's incentive to keep your moem and keep your finances in check. with our healthy living segment, dr. bill lloyd is along with us. insomnia can be a real disruption in your life if you can't sleep, but it can be a serious health matter and cause serious health matters as it pertains to your heart, heart attacks. he's along to tell us all what we need to do and how to get our sleeping in check, keep our hearts healthy and all that. >> then i'm sure he'll make a mention or two about diet and probably didn't include the sour
8:52 am
patch kids i ate this morning. >> that's right. a lot of time when is you don't sleep well, you don't eat well because you get up and start snacking and all that stuff. we'll keep you in check from your health to finances and how to stay out of trouble this halloween. >> okay. good. all right, fred. great to see you as always. >> you, too. keeping kids safe this halloween, there's an app for that on your smartphone. we'll show you what's out there next. he
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
there's a new barbie on the scene, and this one is causing quite a buzz. take a look. it's called toky doaky barbie. you see tattoos on the neck and arm, and yeah, that's what is causing all the buzz. some wonders why an iconic doll would promote body art. does it send the right message to kids? to be true it is quite a departure from the classic barbie. that's the original one there when the little plastic woman came off the assembly lines back in 1959, but it isn't the first time she had tattoos. a couple of years ago you could get stick-on tattoos for barbie. at the time some stores pulled it because of complaints. same happened with harley-davidson barbie who had
8:56 am
tattoos. mattel may have a hard time dumping the latest one since its pretty much sold out. this halloween many parents are looking for ways to make it fun and state of for their children. the answer may be as close as your smartphone. earlier i talked with tech analyst daniel seidenberg and st facebook app that allows you look up registered sex offenders by teepiyping in your zip code. this is a new product they put out, but not the first time they can do this thing. on a national level go to you can do a similar thing. type in juryour zip code and fi out who might be living in your neighborhood. the information varies depending on your jurisdiction. not every state releases the same type of information. it may not be as up to date as
8:57 am
you like, but at least it's an option for parents knowing you're in a particular neighborhood. an interesting app here. this is called trick or tracker. this is for android phones. the idea is you've got two android phones, one for your child and one for the adult. use a pin code to connect those phones so they talk to each other. you can track where your child goes in a particular neighborhood and see it on a map in real time. >> i love this app. >> you can set a particular neighborhood, area where they can't go out of, and it will send you a text message to tell you they've wandered off somewhere. you can get it to send a text message every 15 minutes to watch where they are. a lot of kids these days do have smartphones, especially teenagers and maybe the parents aren't with them. this is peace of mind. it's about $5, but it's free through halloween. >> that's nice. that's a nice little promotion. probably well worth it for trick or tracker. let's talk about the fun. there's lots of good apps out
8:58 am
there to help you with costumes, with pumpkin design. what have you got there? >> yeah. there's all sorts of themes, wallpapers for the smartphones. this is about finding the best cost fume for your child. this is a dilemma for my wife and i at the moment. we don't know what our daughter will wear. she's not quite a year. you can see a whole list of different costumes here. once you decide, maybe you want to check one out, e-mail the choice to friend or family member to get their opinion on it. you can order it right there on the website. they do say that it's guaranteed delivery by monday, which would be critical to have your halloween costume. lots of choices there. just a fun way to sort of see what might work for your child. thanks so much for joining us on "cnn saturday morning." i'll be back tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. "cnn newsroom "the "continues with my good friend fredricka
8:59 am
whitfield. we have a busy day aheld and pick up where you left on, that tragedy taking place in afghanistan. this is now considered one of the deadliest days for u.s. forces in that country. at least 13 american service members killed in a suicide attack on a nato convoy. these are pictures taken right after the attack, which happened in the heart of the capital. nick payton walsh is in kabul. what is nato says about this attach. how did this unfold? >> reporter: well, nato here in kabul confirming that 13 of their personnel have died. barbara starr heard from a u.s. official in the pentagon all 13 were, in fact, american. it appears that a suicide bomber drove a car he was driving. we hear from kabul police it was a red toyota corolla loaded with explosives into this nato convoy. now, i understand that the


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