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tv   24 7 Pacquiao Marquez  CNN  October 30, 2011 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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when a bomber strung an armored personnel carrier. taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. it was one of three in afghanistan on saturday. coming up next, it is the return of 24/7, the popular hbo series is back with another big fight on the way. man i pack can i you makes his return to the ring on november 1th against juan manual marquez. 24/7 starts right now. following is a presentation of hbo sports. in every corner of the world, the quest for supremacy in some form is evident. men seek power over one another.
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power that begets wealth, influence and in its strongest forms, immortality. a guarantee of being remembered long after one's greatest days have passed. this stage was created for the express purpose of determining supremacy. but sometimes in extraordinary circumstances the results inside differ starkly from realities that evolve far beyond. seven years ago two men found themselves pitted against each other in the ring. and 12 exhilarating rounds of boxing revealed only how even a match they were. so a few years later they met again. an evening that yielded a victor but also an echoing quantity of dispute.
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two bouts that hardly determined who was superior. but in the time that's passed since while both have remained world-class fighters only one has risen to a standing that transcends his place in the sport, global icon. but inside these ropes both men know in its purest of forms supremacy remains very much unresolved. >> i have to prove in this fight that, you know, he's wrong. >> from the philippine islands, the mountains of mexico city, to the california coast, to where it all started, a boxing ring on the las vegas strip, this is "24/7: pacquiao-marquez." ♪
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300,000 people live in baguio city, the official summer capital of the philippines. and on a recent rainy day downtown many of them knew exactly where their most famous part-time resident was spending his afternoon. on the gilliam road inside the cooyesan hotel and plaza at the shape up boxing gym, where the walls inside are a tribute to him. manny pacquiao is many things to many people. for now he's a prizefighter in the midst of a ten-week training camp for the 59th bout of his professional career. >> i always having fun in training, in boxing.
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and i think it's because boxing is my passion. >> everything in manny pacquiao's life is because of boxing. and he knows that, and he understands that. and it's still what he does best. and he hasn't forgot that. >> manny has a way different edge in the training camp so far. the way he started training camp early and what he is doing so far, i see a different manny pacquiao. >> it is an intensity already apparent in today's sparring session. >> good work.
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[ applause ] >> afterwards as the work day winds down, another sparring session offers something of a diversion, two pacquiao subordinates gloving up for better or worse. >> we have mike tyson look alike, and we have a assassin. >> there are only four of us who have a job in the entourage, but that entourage is 50 deep no, and their job is to entertain manny. >> when i say break, break, okay. box! >> this is manny's world. he is the referee, the matchmaker, the promoter. >> come on, come on!
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>> i want them to feel how hard boxing is. their punches came from other planets. >> hey, the fight is over here, man.
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nearly 9,000 miles away from the philippines, you will find the political, financial and cultural center of mexico. and the largest metropolitan area in the entire western hemisphere. but in mexico city's iztacalco neighborhood you'll also discover a small tight-knit group that comes to work every day at the romanza boxing gym to
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help juan manuel marquez train, which is just the way he likes it. ♪ [ speaking foreign language ] >> they are a group of men with faith in one another, as well as conviction that a long-awaited third bout with manny pacquiao will at last deliver the right result.
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[ speaking foreign language ] >> seven years ago, when they first met in las vegas, they were the two best featherweights in the world. high action was expected. high drama ensued. >> he iced him with that first shot. you think the fight's over.
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>> third knockdown of the first round. and i'm not sure juan manuel will be able to get up. >> we go to the third one. right? now the fight's definitely over. but he just refused to end it. >> marquez had found a way to survive the storm. he soon was able to recalibrate his counterattack. >> i'm amazed because after a few rounds he fight back and you know, he was still strong. >> fire against fire. down the stretch. pacquiao's left, marquez's right. >> they had seemingly exchanged punches without pause for 12 straight rounds. and when the violent showcase concluded, the scorecards rendered a draw. >> a rematch wouldn't occur until 2008.
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but once back in the ring, marquez and pacquiao immediately picked up where they'd left off. >> left hook for pacquiao. marquez to punctuate the second round. >> he caught me in the second round. but i can handle his power. >> down goes marquez! on a straight left hand. perfect shot by pacquiao. >> down he goes again. and i was surprised that he'd get up? no. we've seen this guy before. so we know he has no quit in him. >> pacquiao trying to search and destroy. marquez trying to shock him with counterpunching.
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one more right hand for marquez. one more combination for pacquiao. they trade shots down the stretch. >> hell of a fight. i'm calling it another draw. >> you know, if you go ask 100 people who won that fight, you might get 50-50. you know, i felt my guy did enough to win the fight, and i thought the knockdown was the icing on the cake. >> the winner on split decision manny "pac man" pacquiao! and as philippine flight 102 touches down in los angeles, there is no more telling display
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of what manny pacquiao's life is now than the scene that greets him in the terminal. p he announced his flight number on twitter, and hundreds answered the call to be part of the arrival to be a signal of the fans and the fighters that pacquiao-marquez is fast approaching. [ gnome ] awwwwwwww. i just feel bloody awful. she told tiffany, stephanie, jenny and becky that she was coming to a place like this! but somebody didn't book with travelocity, with 24/7 customer support to help move them to the pool daddy promised! look at me, i'm swimming! ♪ [ gnome ] somebody, get her a pony! [ female announcer ] the travelocity guarantee. if your booking's not right, we'll help make it right, right away. from the price to the room to the trip you'll never roam alone. what's vanishing deductible all about ? guys, it's demonstration time.
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two of the decades best.
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>> and as he is led into the third bout with pacquiao, the trainer has determined that the opponent is now a more refined fighter in the ring, and a development that he feels might actually give marquez an advantage. [ speaking foreign language ] manny pacquiao and freddy
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roach have long been celebrated as the premier pair in boxing, but along the way, a third man has played a part of the success. strengthening coach joined the team after pacquiao's second bout with manuel marquez when he said that night he felt his body was starting to betray him. >> you know, i felt after the fight, what i feel is that my legs cramping in that fight. i don't know why after the fight, i'm looking for a good conditioning coach. that is why i hired him. >> i explained to him, you know, if you want to take yourself to the next level, you have to do things differently. you can't do the same things over and over again.
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when freddy finally gave me the job of training manny, he said i have one request, don't mess with the speed. >> the move paid immediate dividends as pacquiao began a march up in weight, and dominating larger opponents, and the results have made him a indispensable member of the team. >> well, the last two fights were too close and now he is a completely different person. i don't see marquez as having any kind of shot aside from divine intervention. i would be surprised if this thing goes three rounds. >> juan manuel marquez considers himself a man of faith, but in training he relies on more than a higher power to prepare for a fight. as such, days in mexico city begin in a local track before sunrise.
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[ speaking foreign language ] >> time can be a curious factor in the lives of fighters. while careers can last decades, legacies are generated by just a handful of nights over that span. seven years have passed since manny pacquiao and juan manuel marquez first exchanged blows in the ring and three years since they last touched gloves separated by a few numbers on the scorecards. now, suddenly, just three weeks remain. until one more night in the ring, again, puts their legacies up for review.
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>> i feel confident in myself. [ speaking foreign language ] >> another close decision is not going to be satisfying to me. i want manny to knock this guy out and shut him up and close the book on this. stay tuned for another episode of "24/7:pacquiao marquez." ♪
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the word dynamite derives from the ancient greek term for power, and in boxing, power can come from a variety of sources. there is the combination of
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strength and adrenaline and also intangible elements like the pursuit of vengeance alongside victory. vengeance is what the fighter called dynamite is seeking. power is what he plans to use in the ring to attain it. at the romanza gym in mexico city, another day of sparring is in for juan manuel marquez. they want to spotlight a skill that has been crucial for the gh


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