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tv   24 7 Pacquiao Marquez  CNN  October 30, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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career. [ speaking foreign language ] >> marquez' previous two meetings with manny pacquiao came at lighter weights and with the upcoming bout fought at 4 pounds, the challenge is to bulk up while not sacrificing quickness. [ speaking foreign language ] >> a knockdown in sparring may draw a buzz from the crowd, but his trainer is uninterested in such modest feats.
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>> at age 38, speed is supposed to be hard to come by. but the idea here is that resolve can override nature. it is jose luis verigos' job to replace bag, but he has noticed that the very foundations of the
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apparatus are beginning to show crack, and it appears that an augmenting combination of speed and power is to blame. for successful individuals of all types, multitasking can be a critical skill. in the spring of 2010, manny pacquiao was elected a congressman in the philippines, and for his fight the following fall against antonio margarito, confusing the roles of legislator and boxing star proved to be demanding proposition. >> during the margarito camp, he was all over the place being a congressman to him. it was not a joke to him. he was not going to be manny pacquiao the boxer who became a congressman, he was going to be manny pacquiao, congressman. >> when i was elected
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congressman, it was hard to balance back to be a congressman and it is better now when i am in training that i can focus on the fight in training. when i'm in congress, i set aside boxing and focus on being a congressman. >> so when pacquiao's battle on november 12th concludes, another will resume. taking place thousands of miles away and fought on behalf of the half million citizens of the impoverished province of seringani. >> about 6,000 households live below the poverty line. >> it explains life before when i was young, so whatever success i have in my life, my heart is always the same as when i was young.
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>> if you listen and ask the people around the province, he is known as being successful in his job and trying to uplift and provide opportunities for the people of the province. >> any progress that the congressman has gotten is commendable, but it is his cattle industry that has provided a source of income for them, and also advances for fishermen like these men who after years of rowing the rivers of sarangani bay, thanks for the congressman can get motorized riggers like this one for the
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water. [ speaking foreign language ] >> i gave them the first livelihood to have income to everyday buy food and survive everyday. i am satisfied what i have done being a congressman, but i have a lot of things to do, and it will take time to accomplish that. >> the loftiest of objectives on the agenda is the province's first ever medical center, and still a simple set of walls around this classroom offer doses of progress for the future of the people of sarangani and in the corner is one of the most successful athletes in the world. in the middle of a gym in hollywood, california, he works to master focus without letting the people of sarangani stray far from mind.
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♪ roughly 500 years ago, the aztecs built what is now mexico
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city, in the middle of a lake they call texcoco, and in those times the citizenry travelled from place to place by boat. and now with the lake long ago dried out the only vestiges of the past are the canals of xochimocho, a tourist destination and a cruel reminder for the locals that there was once another way to go about town. mexico city traffic is said by many to be the worst in the world. 20 million residents constantly jockeying for limited road space, and fruitlessly lamenting the consequences. >> in recent years the government has established a restriction program to combat smog and congestion and permitting only certain cars to travel on certain days. juan manuel marquez however has plenty to go around. >> there is one vehicle that
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marquez has not been able to add to the impressive fleet although he is on close terms with the owner. the cars may make life more pleasant on the road, but at home, there is no desire to escape the routines of parenthood. even in training, marquez finds time to help his children with
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their homework. [ speaking foreign language ] >> on evenings like this, nacho beristain has kids to at the end to as well. tonight, he goes to a local venue to watch a group of his young romanza fighters in the ring. [ speaking foreign language ] >> and when 21-year-old vanessa santiago encounters trouble,
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beristain shows his respect in the only ways he knows how, in the corner. >> a six-round decision gives santiago her third victory in four pro fights and offers him victory tonight. [ speaking foreign language ] >> manny pacquiao began his career fighting in boxing halls in the philippines. then, when he was 22, he took a journey across the pacific ocean that changed everything. >> my first time in the united states, we came to san francisco. we decided to ride a bus going
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into l.a. when we get into l.a., my manager is looking for a gym that we can workout. and somebody told us that, oh, there is a gym there, a wild card gym. we went to the gym and we met freddy roach that day, and after that, that is the beginning. >> since that meeting a decade ago, the wild card boxing club in hollywood has been manny pacquiao's base of training. they said that tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays are set aside for sparring here. by camps' end, the fighter will have completed 120 hours of combat. >> manny will not give you everything in sparring, but 50% or 60%, and he will save the good stuff for the fight. >> those on the receiving end of pacquiao's punches however might have their own take. ray beltran has been sparring with manny pacquiao since 2004.
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he was preparing for his first bout with marquez. >> you can lose your mind, because he will drive you crazy. he is in and out, right. and hitting there like with a lot of speed and power. >> i put it on slow motion today. i told him, slow motion. >> californian david rodilla is a main stay having spent 12 camps sparring with the champ. >> they warned me, he is on a good day. i knew i was in trouble. and then when i felt the first left, i knew i would be in trouble.
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>> davie cavenaugh was named the boxing prospect of the year, and now his education is given a hard lesson like this one three times a week. >> usually he comes in to just do his work. he comes in and does his work and gets out, and it is pretty awesome, but today, i seen him different like, he is a bit more, you know, venom, and he seems spot-on. >> you want this fight? >> yes. >> the way he is right now, we are just perfect and he fought 12 rounds hard with three guys, a and if he had to fight tomorrow, he would be ready to go. i wish it was tomorrow in fact. >> i feel good, man. i feel like i could spar more. >> you can spar more?
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>> yes. >> you look like it. you are ready to go, to fight tomorrow, you know what i mean? ready to go. >> the fight is 18 days away.
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♪ as instinctual as violent action can be for men like juan manuel marquez, optimizing the body for combat is hardly a simple task. a wide range of training methods make up the difference, including those of the makeshift variety. [ speaking foreign language ] marquez has fought as a welter weight only one time in his career, two years ago against floyd maywether, and part of his undoing was because
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of the weight he had to gain to prepare for the fight. >> maywether pitching an absolute shutout. [ speaking foreign language ] >> on the current mission up the scale, the fighter has brought a new strength and conditioning coach into camp, 36-year-old angel hernandez, a graduate of the texas a&m science program who believes his state-of-the-art techniques will
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better prepare the boxer's body to handle the extra weight. >> there are a lot of things that he has never done, and today, he is doing a lot of different things and strategies, and he is really, really acting positive on it. >> i learned about drills and focusing on the speed for the hips and the arms and the shoulders and so we activate more muscles now. >> the overhaul of the fitness regimen includes to marquez' delight, the discontinuation of one of his best known and peculiar training practices, he no longer drinks his own urine. >> when days break in los
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angeles, the winding roads and steep terrain of griffith park are traversed by a familiar company of men. it is a morning training ritual that manny pacquiao has been completing for a decade, a decade during which he has risen to the top of the boxing world. and earned the ability to obtain virtually anything in the world he desires. ♪ >> what the hell are these? lights? >> yes, those are the l.e.d.s. >> like his opponent, pacquiao likes cars and today, michael konz is making a purchase for
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him, a ferrari 458 italia, and sticker price is $400,000. >> your car will be there by 4:30. thank you, boss. >> a little present for manny for the fight, good luck. knock him out. >> and in the afternoon he relaxes in the apartment. watching one of his favorite philippine movies starring manny pacquiao. at 12:30 as promised the salesman james dellposo accompanies him to the apartment to deliver the keys and the package. >> this is my movie.
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♪ >> after watching the film to the conclusion, pacquiao heads to the garage to check out the new purchase. >> you like it? >> i know you won't go anywhere and if you step on the gas, it won't do anything but rev the engine. he'll christen the car with a drive to the training.
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when he arrives, his team is waiting outside of the door, and curious for a glimpse of the champ's new ride before work begins. >> all right. >> to the left? >> yes. all right. [ phone ringing ] >> again. >> fame and wealth have forever transformed his life. but inside of the boxing ring, he is still the same fighter who wandered into the gym on vine and hollywood a decade ago. >> his lifestyle may have changed, and his bank account
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may be bigger, but you know what, when he comes through the doors of the wild card, he is still the same guy. he has a whole country on his back, and if he loses, he has let the whole philippines down, and he is not prepared to do that at this point in his life. >> all right. fall away. okay. good job. again. >> it would be understandable if everything that they have achieved led them to grow tired of what carried them here. it would make sense if they decided they'd had enough of fighting for a living.
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they have all of the money they will ever need. all of the toys they will ever want. the affection of those they hold closest. and the adulation of so many they will never meet, and yet alongside so much, the one thing they started with still propels them further and higher than ever. >> the pride of the philippines. ♪ -- captions by vitac --


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