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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 4, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PST

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donations from its alumnae that added up to $47.1 million. now the school is up and running and working to attract students by offering full tuition scholar "showbiz flashpoint"s. each is worth about $106,000 per student. and you're looking at the first pictures of the far side of the moon. these are from nasa's grail mission which shot back the js from the moon's south pole. the reason it's called the far side of the moon is because of the way the moon rotates. -- captions by vitac -- from the cnn center this is "cnn saturday morning." it is february 4th. great to see you. i'm susan hendricks. right now the u.n. security council is meeting about the deadly violence exploding in syria. we'll bring you a live report. also, chaos, confusion, and grief. long lost jfk audio tapes allow us to hear what happened right after kennedy was shot.
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we will listen to some of those recordings. and you'd better check your fridge. a massive hard boiled egg recall is under way in 34 states. >> today the nevada caucuses, the first contest in the west began about an hour ago. voters are concerned about widespread foreclosures as you can imagine in nevada, high unemployment rates. mitt romney is expected to sweep the mormon vote. political editor paul steinhauser is at a caucus site in las vegas. paul, wa kind of activity are you seeing out there? >> reporter: good morning again, susan. we're at becker middle school in the northwest part of las vegas. things are just getting under way here. just a couple of minutes ago, the volunteers who will working the caucus site were briefed by state and local party officials. about an hour from now the real action will get going. the real caucuses will get open and people will speak for the candidates they're supporting, and then there will be a vote. that's the picture right here. what about the big picture? we've got 28 delegates in the
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state here in nevada. it's proportional. unlike florida which was a winner take all state. it's proportional. and unlike florida, it's only open to registered republican voters. 125 overall. and unlike iowa, remember in iowa all those caucuses started aet the same time in the evening? herite is different. it varies by county. here in clarke county, most of the caucuses are in the morning. some are going to be in the and and there's one evening caucus as well. the first results will begin at 8:00 eastern, 5:00 local, susan. >> could there be any surprises here? we're seeing in the polls mitt romney is going to come out ahead. what about ron paul? are we counting him out? >> reporter: ron paul came out ahead here and there's a strong libertarian front in the street. listen. it's almost like home field advantage. you mentioned the mormon vote. he is a mormon and he swept that vote four years ago.
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take a look at this. this is the most recent poll. there's mitt romney up top, 20 points ahead of newt gingrich. you can see paul and santorum further down. gun gric gingrich, nothing at all like romney. as for paul and santorum, paul spent some time here, but they've both moved on. paul in minnesota and santorum in colorado. more activity, more volunteers getting ready. guess what? there's also a rummage sale outside of the school. so you cannot only vote in the caucus but check out the rummage sale. >> as the day goes on, the activity will increase. a program note. join fredricka whitfield every sunday afternoon for a special hour dedicated to the presidential contenders in the 2011 election.
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tonight our expanded coverage starts at 6:00 prime minister with a special edition of "the situation room" and join wolf blitzer, anderson cooper and john king for all of the results. right now the u.n. security council is meeting about the deadly violence exploding in syria. the details are horrific from what we've heard. women and children affected as well. while that is happening a wave of protests going on there as well. in syria, anti-government activists say the military is randomly bombing residential neighborhoods in homs. activists say as many as 260 people have been killed in one day. cnn has not independently confirmed the results. here's what one activist told our anderson cooper last night. >> they're bombing this area for like three hours. they've been bombing with mortar
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shells and tank shells. civilians went down to welcome the syrian army. they bombarded it randomly with mortar bombs and tank shells. in the first half hour we've got 40 people dead. now we've got about 200 dead all around homs. there's no people underneath the destruction. we can't move them. all the buildings are full of bodies, of human beings. there's kids den, women dead, men dead. we can't get medication in. we're trying to get medication in there. we can't help them. now it's happening all around homs. they're bombarding us. they're trying to move bodies out on the street. people are getting killed just to move a body from the street. just to move the body so they can bury them and they're getting killed for moving the bodies. that's bravery. no one's helping us. u.n. isn't doing anything about
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it. the arab nation isn't doing anything about it. people are sitting here and they're dying. the syrian people are not going to stop. they're going to kill millions. we will remember no one did anything about this. >> it is chilling to hear that account. that's danny on "360." joining us now is senior correspondent richard roth. as you hear from that account, danny is saying the u.n. is not doing anything about it. what are their options, and, really, what's on the table today? >> well, if i could make that cheap segue, the odds are all over the board right now on whether the security council will indeeding at this morning in new york regarding syria. the russiaens are really, depending on your viewpoint either stalling or asking for a more balanced resolution. the russian ambassador entered along with many other ambassadors for the security council for a rare saturday session. they ee ail behind closed doors
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but russians had late amendments to the resolution. the key thing that the ambassadors are considering is that this arab league came to the new york security council table and said we need you to back our peace plan with president assad giving up control to a deputy. now that was dropped from this resolution. but still in the resolution really is the heart of the plan, endoshsment of that plan. if the russians don't really want to go along with that because they're a main assad ally, then there could be a russian veto and for the second time in three or manpower months it could go down in flames. the u.s., the french, the german ambassadors furious beyond patience now. they say it's time to act. the russian foreign minister, susan, in munich today said, look, we just want a constructive approach by the security council and we don't have a problem with the resolution. some say this is just stalling tactics, so we're going to find
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out. could be some real furious words over the security council table in a few hours. they're right now still discussing for about an hour and a half this resolution yet again. back to you. >> we'll see what happens. richard roth, thank you. thousands of demonstrators braved frigid weather in moscow to rally prime minister vladimir putin. there's also a pro-putin rally going on in moscow. these demonstrations are seen as a test for putin with just about a month to go until he runs for president. in washington the occupy d.c. camp is being raided right now by police. that was earlier today. they're in full hazmat gear, checking tents at a downtown park near the white house. police told the crowds that i were not there to evict protesters but to check for compliance to the no camping laws. the move comes after a federal judge tuesday rejected an only
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pie d.c. demonstrators' request to keep park police enfrom enforcing a ban on two parks. >> a group of hackers known as anonymous, they're at it again. this time they secret lid recorded a phone call between fbi and scotland yard discussing the investigation into hacking a i tacks. a law enforcement force tells cnn this is basically vandalism. the fbi is now investigating. if you're enjoying hard boiled egg this morning, consider this. a minnesota company is recalling around a million precooked eggs that went to 34 states. you see them in yellow. the states could be tainted with listeria. none of the eggs went straight to consumers. most will i they went to grocery stores anned other stores so you may find it in egg salad and other prepared salads. for more information go to israel warns time is running out for iran to abandon its
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nuclear program. will the u.s. intervene? we'll take an in-depth look next. om ferrari to develop its suspension system? or what if we told you that ferrari borrowed technology from cadillac to develop its suspension system? magnetic ride control -- pioneered by cadillac, perfected in the 556-horsepower cts-v. we don't just make luxury cars. we make cadillacs.
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there is a growing chance israel could attack iran over a nuclear weapons program. u.s. defense secretary leon panetta is suggesting that they could take more action against iran. cn's chris lawrence reports. >> they tell us the u.s. is navigating a very fine line, trying to convince iran that military action is real and something to be feared, but at the same time trying to convince israel not to attack until to h toughtoug
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tougher sanctions have time to take effect. thousands shouted their support for iran's supreme leader friday as he issued a direct threat to americans. >> translator: they say all options are on the table, including war. the war itself will be ten times detry menial to the u.s. >> on friday, defense secretary leon pea in ta stood firm saying again the u.s. is, quote, prepared to respond if iran doesn't abandon their nuclear program. but israel says time is running out. >> translator: dealing with a nuclear iran will be more complicated, dangerous, and expensive than blood and money in stopping it. whoever says later may find later is too late. >> even son former diplomats say iran is full of hardliners who may not back down from sanctions. >> so i'm worrying that the overall strat jir of racketing up the pressure and iran will somehow say "uncle" is not based on a good reading of the iranian
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government. >> a senior congressional official says the relationship with israel right now is the strangest he's seen, and he's convinced the israelis aren't going to tell us if they strike iran. former defense secretary bob gates told cnn ice john king what would happen if there was any attack on iran's nuclear facilities. >> i think most american senior officials believe iran will in fact retaliate and not just narrowly but across the entire region. >> the highest ranking official to try to tell israel to give sanctions more time p. but a source says when he visited washington it was primarily to gauge what the u.s. would do if israel struck iran. just this month iran started enriching uranium at 20% at their facility in qom.
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it's an easy jump from there for 90% weapons grade. u.s. officials are taking iran's threats very seriously. one told me iran has been improving its capabilities just for this moment. so it would be able to mind shipping lanes an raid oil tankers, destabilize iraq, and go after american embassies and soft targets all over the world. susan? >> chris lawrence, thank you. coming up, it is a double whammy. if you're unemployed, things are probably a little rough already, but don't forget the tax man. coming up, you still have to pay your share, but we still have advice for you. uits, dessert and choose one of 7 entrees. four courses for only $15. offer ends soon. i'm jody gonzalez, red lobster manager and i sea food differently. that is better than today. since 1894, ameriprise financial has been working hard for their clients' futures.
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some good news from the unemployment front. the economy added nearly 250,000 private sector jobs last month. that drops the unemployment rate down to 8.3% from 8.5% in december. according to chief business correspondent ali velshi, it could be recovered by election day. the president is stressing, though, cautious optimism. >> these numbers will go up and down in the coming months, and there are still far too many americans who need a job or need a job that pays better than the one they have now. but the economy is growing stronger. the recovery is speeding up.
8:19 am
and we've got to do everything in our power to keep it going. >> here are the groups that saw the biggest gains. we're going to break it down for you. african-american unemployment still the highest of any ethnic group, but it came down more than two full percentage points in january. hispanics dropped a half a percent and white men over 20 dropped 0.3%. those jobs numbers had a profound impact on the market. take a look. the dow jumped more than 150 points to finish at its highest level since the economy started to tank in 2008. the nasdaq soared hitting it highest in more than a decade. i hate to spoil all the news but i want to talk taxes for a moment. it's that time of year and before you know it, the tax time will be here. if you're out of work, that does not exempt you from paying taxes. i spoke with clyde anderson who said the unemployed can qualify
8:20 am
for some special deductions. >> so only some of these thing can write off, the things you do for a job search, the coaching, mileage, printing of resumes. >> so if you're unemploy and looking iffer a skrob, those steps that you're taking to look for a job could be rinne off. >> there you go. >> so you could get coaching. cell phone you were mentioning. >> you can write them off. as long as you're using them to get a job. if you move, the location expenses can be deducted. >> and if you think about the stress, we know the numbers of unemployment. they're up there. it's the number one issue during the presidential caucuses, debates. what will do you for us financially. so many people out of a job, and if you think about the stress, can you actually file for an extension if you're unemployed? >> yes, you can still file for
8:21 am
an extension. it's actually a wage replacement. so they are wages you're earning so it's a wage replacement. that's why you're paying taxes on them. >> it's very easy, clyde, to get down when you think about it, peoples out there, we've seen it happen before, they're out of a job. they get discouraged. what advice do you have for them in terms of just continue to keep looking? >> yeah. you've about got to keep going, keep pushing. right now it's the new normal. it's interesting out here. also you have to try other things. maybe it's not the field. explore new fields. there's credits out there. things you can get deductions on if you learn a new skill or get continuing education. learn more and keep pushing. i know it's hard, but you have to keep pushing. >> that's a good point. if it's outside your field of expertise, you may want to branch out. you can also write it off. >> you can write it off as well. people are also becoming
8:22 am
entrepreneurs. use your gifts and talents and tap into something row can do while you're looking for a job as well. just don't stop. >> some good vice there. adviertisers pay big money for the super bowl, which is tomorrow. we'll check the figures after the break.
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it is spoul weekend and everyone is trying to cash in on the hype and advertisers are trying to show case their products. will that actually help sell their goods? we take a look. >> hi, susan. these days advertising on tv isn't enough. it's all about the internet. a lot of sunday's commercials are already on line trying to generate buzz. we spoke to marketing expert mark stevens. he says advertising during the super bowl is a popularity contest and does little to sell a product. for example, one ad set to air sunday from has a guy with two heads talking to a dealer about buying a car while his smaller head since -- ♪ let's get those keys and drive ♪ >> it's a little weird. mark stevens claims it's a waste of money sniet h. >> it has nothing to do with cars. nothing to do with cars. it's bee vis and butthead of the
8:26 am
'80s. businessmen would never, ever give their own money to it. that to me is the acid test. >> steven says you need a strong message that resonates long after the super bowl ends and you need to make sure the product is the thing people remember, otherwise there are probably better ways for a company to spend its ad dollars. unless, of course, that company is one that advertises every year, like coca-cola or budweiser. it's almost as if it's not the super bowl without a good commercial from one of those guys. these companies have deep pockets, large ad budgets, and can afford to spend millions of dollars on a flashy ad. stevens says that's fine, but the primary purpose of the ad isn't to boost sales. >> there is a place for advertising. you know, well rounded company like anheuser-busch, budweiser is a very well managed business. they don't rely on the super bowl to be their primary drive
8:27 am
over success. generally speaking from what i've seen, and i've studied this, they do not return the investment. it's really an investment. it's a cost. they don't return the cost of the super bowl commercial. what it does, however, is make the company or the advertising agency feel good. it's a pride factor. >> the real winner from the marketing standpoint is the nfl and the network airing the game. they continue to get huge audiences. that means the networks can keep raising ad prices. price this year are $3.5 million to $4 million for a 30-second spot. susan? >> looking forward to watching those. patricia, thanks. new recordings from the moments after the jk assassination hidden away for decades. now offering a rare glimpse into the confusion after the president's murder. hear them for yourself next.
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11:30 on the east coast. checking top stories now, reverend al sharpton and his national action network are holding a tribute right now for "soul train's" don cornelius in
8:31 am
new york. he's remembered for finding silent and giving them a chance. he was 75. champion bicyclist lance armstrong says he's gratified that they're dropping an investigation that claims he was using performance-enhancing drugs. the justice department is not explaining why it dropped the case. for the first time, relatives of a teenager who survived this fiery pile-up on the i-75 in florida are speaking out on camera. 15-year-old bidiama como is hospitalized. sadly her parents, uncle, and sister all died in sunday's crash. members of her church say they're afraid she could be deported back to brazil. >> if i have to move to brazil, i will move.
8:32 am
whenever we can have our family together will be the best place. whether it's here or there, i'm sure she'll survive. she's an american girl. >> it's so heartbreaking. u.s. immigration officials say she is not facing deportation. voters in nevada are choosing their gop presidential candidate at caucuses across the state today. the poll numbers showing mitt romney getting 45% of the vote. it's not ore yet. only registered republicans can take part in the caucuses. so what about the weather on caucus day in nevada? reynolds wolf is here with that and the rest of the day's forecast. pretty nice this time of year? >> yes. technically nevada. >> nevada, nevada. >> france, france. it doesn't matter how you say
8:33 am
it. the weather there is going to be great. we can expect some temperatures to be mainly in the 40s. nice and dry for you. plenty of sunshine. just the opposite of what you e-file on the gulf coast, especially in parts of louisiana. let's take the maps. you see it there. the top half of the screen, when you get down to the gulf coast, the situation is all together different. how different is it? it's about this different. take a look at this. you've got this area of low pressure that's going to be moving across. we're going to have flash flood watches and warnings in parts of louisiana, and as this system crawls its way to test oorks we're going to see snow pile up in the northern plains. the question is how much snow are we going to see? in some places we're going to get a foot or so. don't see a whole lot in indianapolis, but you'll see it in nebraska and back toward only ha where y -- omaha. as you get into monday, that's certainly the good news. what's left behind is it is going to be a lot of work for people in the central plains.
8:34 am
some places 8 to 12 inches. winds 15 to 30. whiteout condition s there. also limited visibility to portions of the dakotas. we can expect parts of i-90 will l be tough driving, no question about it. i would say today as people go out to vote, conditions are going to be nice for the most part. on the nippy side. but after all, it is winter. >> a lot of delays in colorado because of the airport and interstate has shut down in certain areas. how does it look today? is it clearing out? >> it looks to be clearing out. dryer, better, beautiful conditions. still a lot of snow on the ground, no question about that. so the clean-up continues. >> nevada, nevada. you taught me a lot. >> good and good. >> reynolds, thanks. we're getting a glimpse of one of the darkest days in american history thanks to the audio tapes hidden away for 50 years. cnn's brian todd has revealing new details sunday srrounding t
8:35 am
assassination of john f. kennedy. >> reporter: they were among the most anxious gut-wrenching hours in american history, the chaos following john f. kennedy's assassination. everyone was scrabbling for official information. new audio tapes offer fascinating insight into the confusion and government response. listen to the phone call from white house physician who was in dallas to army sergeant general heaton on where to take the president's body. >> we are planning on anniversary the president's remains taken directly to walter re reed. probably mrs. kennedy will also be going out there, but we will clarify that later. >> oh, all right. >> reporter: but it wasn't clarified. just minutes earlier secret service called another official with the president in dallas saying the remains should be taken to another military
8:36 am
hospital. >> arrangements have been made for a helicopter for the bethesda naval medical center. >> reporter: the president was taken to bethesda. for decades critics say his autopsy was incomplete, mishandled, maybe part of a conspiracy. i listened to the tapes with historian matt holland who has a different take. >> there was no protocol. something no one ever thought would be necessary. they were completely unprepared. >> reporter: the tapes were discovered by the raab collection. they were then donate fod the national archives. the recordings were made by the white house communications agency and include radio traffic from the president's plane, "air force one." part of the recordings which are not new are still riveting like when a distraught lyndon johnson and his wife get on the phone to
8:37 am
console president kennedy's mother. >> i wish to god there was something i could do. i want to tell you we're grieving with you. >> thank you very much. thank you very much. i know you loved jack and he loved you. >> mrs. kennedy, we feel like we -- >> yes. >> we are glad that the nation had your son for as long as it did. >> yes. well, thank you, lady bird. thank you very much. good-bye. >> reporter: it leaves us all wanting to hear more. but some of these reporting we may never see. officialings say at least two hours are still missing. brian todd, cnn, washington. the tapes are still face nating. a new study sheds light on an epidemic. obesity is striking pets like never before. >> anxious to get more exercise? what do you think? >> our josh levs has information
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as many americans struggle with their weight, our pets'
8:41 am
waistlines, they're expanding too. a new study finds obesity on the rise among cats and dogs across the country. our josh levs got some advice for pet owners. >> he's the veterinarian and founder for the association of pet obesity prevention. we're talk about the growing problem of obesity among pets in the united states and a new report shows more than half the pets in the united states are overweight or obese. i have questions from our ireporters. is that okay? >> great. >> here's one from elizabeth gutierrez. one cat takes the food from another cat. >> a food bowl cat bully. one fat cat, one skinny cat. make sure you've about got plenty of space between two bowls. give them enough space. simultaneously feed them. put down the food at the same time. >> this is from another one of our ireporters, jennifer smith. she's asking about what about the addition of human food like scraps to a dog's diet. even if it's a small amount,
8:42 am
does it play a role? >> where we make the mistake is we give them junk food. we're having pizza, we share it with a dog. hamburger, here you go, buddy. all the bad foods we wind up feeding pets, that's where the problem is. >> some say they know their animal needs to exercise but they won't do it. what do you suggest? >> talk to their veterinarian. very few cases have i encountered that i couldn't train to walk on a leash. it takes a little bit of work. you have to be the boss. take control of the leash. get them out and start walking. >> that dog right there, his name is dodger. he doesn't look obese. sew how do you know if your pet is? >> some of the animals, you can take a look. >> you know with some of those cats. >> those are some real fat cats. dodgers, we met the last half hour, i took a look at him. he doesn't look obese to me. the thing is the weight on a lot of sthees animals is not in the
8:43 am
width or the face. it's in the belly getting lower and lower to the ground. the veterinarian took one look at him and said, oh, yeah, he's obese. it's adore tobl see these animals but they're facing serious health problems. diabetes, kidney failure, in some cases cancers. animals are dying two, two and a half years younger than other animals because they're obese. it's a serious problem for all the millions and millions of people out there, one in three homes who have a dog. >> they look cute and cuddly but they're going to be around longer if you do what's right. it's telling to give them treats all the time. >> this is interesting. he said if you're going do treats, make them healthy treats. he told me part of this is americans are becoming obese and feeding the animals the same way. h told me in his years of experience he has seen a correlation, and when he sees an obese animal, he says it's a harbinger for an obese child in the same home because in general
8:44 am
people aren't eating well enough and getting enough exercise. you can ask more questions and getting answers. he's answering questions on my facebook and at the blog. we want to empower you all with information. help keep those animals and everybody else in the household as healthy as possible. >> josh, thanks. >> something as simply as a poster is igniting some long dormant racial feelings in south after from kay. we'll talk about the controversy coming up. fois back.e seafood t get soup, salad, cheddar bay biscuits, dessert and choose one of 7 entrees. four courses for only $15. offer ends soon. i'm jody gonzalez, red lobster manager and i sea food differently.
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south africa has made great strides on the racial front but a poster create by a student has created a lock of backlash. >> there it is, this beautiful man and beautiful woman in an embrace. well, it has caused major controversy on all sides, so all they wanted to do was say to people, let's have a tolerance in south africa. the actual motto was in the new south africa, you wouldn't look twice if you saw these two people embrace. >> they knew it would cause some
8:48 am
sort of stirring but maybe not this much of a stir? >> i think they really did it to say, let's be toll rant, let's be racially embracing, and that was the idea. they had no clue about the amounts of controversy would cause. white sue prem sichlts are saying why are two people toektd in this way and there's backlash from the international congress that says it shows a male in a dominating position of white supremacy with a black guy mail. i thought it was very beautiful and looked like a calvin klein ad. >> people are overanalyzing this. ed in wra, we see images like this every day but it's still controversial in south africa. >> doesn't it also show you create an ad with your best intention but you can never be sure how other people will interpret it given their perception. but the chair of the organization said, we have engaged south africa in a very
8:49 am
frank debate about tolerance, and as far as she was concerned, the ad had been very worthwhile and very successful because of all the debate around it. and newsroom continues at the top of the hour with fredricka whitfield. fred, what do you have for us? >> the legal guys. >> they're always fantastic. this time, a warning. be careful what you tweet, especially if you're planning to fly. we're going to delve into the case of a couple flyers or at least they were hoping to be passengers on board a flight. they tweet add few things, the tsa raised a few eyebrows, and they were unable to board. we're going to discuss that case. and then, you know, you might be able to identify. sometimes you take the stresses from the workplace home. >> yes, you do. >> apparently that happens more often among women than it does men. valerie burton is going to be along, lifestyles coach. what do you need to do to try to
8:50 am
defuse some of that stress. that's coming up later on today at 2:00 eastern hour. today in nevada, big caucus day. wolf blitzer will be along. beginning at 6:00 eastern time. but before time, he's going to help us understand the dynamics of nevada and beyond. romney won the nevada caucuses back in '08 but what's different this time. does he really have an advantage in all of the electorate as it pertains to nevada this go round or has he alienated himself, particularly among the latino community, with his position on the dream act. we'll talk to wolf blitzer 4:00 eastern time. so you want to stick around. lots to talk about, lots to cover. >> and a lot to destress. you don't have to bring your stresses home. >> that's right. >> look forward to it. >> we'll have the candles burning and everything. >> and the super bowl is tomorrow. >> oh, yeah. >> it's a place to dance and
8:51 am
celebrate. it's become an nfl staple really. look at this. this guy can dance. he has a lot of people taking notice of his moves. he certainly hopes to be showing them off during the big game tomorrow. he knows how to salsa. >> and we saw madonna doing that earlier too, right?
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
let's take a look now what is happening cross country. in san diego, controversial video of sailors dressed in blue uniforms wrestling in an alleged hazing incident. in response to the allegations, u.s. navy officials discharged eight sailors from the uss bonham richard. one sailor claims they were just rough housing. >> well, i say it's horseplay and they say hazing. >> he also told affiliate kgtv the victim lied to investigators and added the navy rushed to judgment without having all the facts. kgtv reports the sailors have an opportunity to appeal, but are unsure whether any of them have pursued that course of action. >> 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.
8:55 am
>> an officer beating the odds in south carolina. after losing part of his leg in a motorcycle accident last february, keith soles earned a spot back on his s.w.a.t. team. what drove the hero to come back? >> the gratification of taking someone who's wanted for a violent felony and bringing them to justice, so there's always that aspect of it that's real rewarding. >> and a dramatic dog rescue caught on camera in rhode island. >> it kind of happened quick so you just, you know, try to do what you've got to do to get out there as quickly and safely as possible. >> brave firemen breached freezing waters for about 15 minutes to pull this lucky black lab out of the ice. he was about 30 yards offshore, and now back on dry land. lucky guy. want to take you live now to the u.n. where a vote is under way to help the strife and the chaos in syria going on now.
8:56 am
let's listen. >> mr. president, first and foremo foremost, may i express the congratulations on your assumption of the council for this month. similarly, we would like to express our appreciation for the efforts made by ambassador obusso and his colleagues during their presidency of the council last month. mr. president, i would like to express our great regret and disappointment because of the fact that the council has not been able to adopt the draft resolution we submitted three days ago.
8:57 am
we hope most sincerely that the fact that we were not able to adopt this draft resolution in the council would not be a pretext for any back -- more dangerous backsliding in the fraternal country of syria and an increase in the number of civilian casualties there. it should be recalled, mr. president, that when bengossen, who is the chairman of the arab syrian committee and secretary general of the arab league, when they made their presentations to the council, there was also a request made quite clearly and in an urgent manner to come to
8:58 am
the support in the council on a regional organization which has come up with an initiative which was bold, complete and integral based on virtue of dialogue and understanding and international understanding in order to reach a peaceful solution for a situation which is only getting worse with time. morocco on the basis of its responsibility as a member of the council and in close cooperation with other states in the council and nonmembers, especially arab countries, we have made continual efforts in order to reach a consensus which might enable the council to
8:59 am
speak with a single voice and this after about a year of this crisis in neighboring syria. morocco highly appreciates all members of the council who have submitted this draft with us for their reaction and here i am referring to the reaction of members of the council without exception, without exception regarding their proposals and we duly appreciate the understanding and flexibility reflected, as you know, in the draft resolution. with these efforts, we have worked together and we have endeavored