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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 4, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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another day of violence in syria. at least 90 people died today in clashes with government troops. that is just a day after 260 people were killed when syrian forces reportedly shelled the city of homes. the u.n. security council tried to pass a formal condemnation of the government an hour ago. that draft resolution failed. the russian and chinese ambassadors voted against it. we'll have angry american reaction from the united nations in one minute. we are watching nevada because in a few short hours, nevada will announce which republican they want to run against president obama in the fall. right now republicans are meeting in caucuses across the state. the latest polls give mitt romney a strong lead. our wolf blitzer is here and will join me in a few minutes to talk about the importance of today's decision. there will be a court-martial for the army private accused of leaking classified military documents to
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wikileaks. bradley manning is charged with handing over thousands of classified military documents. it's considered the biggest intelligence leak in american history. the army will put manning on trial for aiding the enemy and transmitting defense information. he could get life in prison. friends and colleagues of don cornelius are paying tribute to the founder of the ground breaking television show "soul train." they are making that tribute unfold today in harlem. cornelius was the legendary deep voice, host and founder of that show. al sharpton, aretha franklin and others paid tribute today. he died wednesday of a self-inflicted gun shot wound. at the capitol now police are removing tents. u.s. park police service officers are in hazmat suits taking away tents that contain
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camping gear. earlier police clashed with protestors and six people were arrested. a federal judge tuesday upheld the ban on camping in mcpherson square and another park a couple of blocks away from the white house. u.n. ambassadors from the you nated nations, britain, france and india all say they are furious at china and russia today because those two countries vetoed a draft resolution that would have strongly condemned the government of syria, and insisted countries' presidents step aside. richard roth is at the you nated nations. >> reporter: the u.n. ambassadors and others are deeply disappointed. i asked susan rice where the diplomacy broke down. >> at the 11th hour, russia tried to introduce amendments that would have gutted the text that were unacceptable to the other members of the council. the one silver lining in this is that 13 members of this council supported the resolution, made
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strong statements in its favor. countries that had originally not supported the resolution last time changed their position and voted in favor. >> reporter: take us into the back rooms, if you can. do you feel russia was stalling all along? they were presented a conciliatory front, sleeves rolled up. do you feel they intended to abstain or vote yet? >> i can't speak for russia. our ambassador was negotiating in good faith. i also think at the end of the day, the decisions were made in moscow and moscow decided it would rather stand with the people of syria than do the right thing. >> reporter: despite last minute talks in germany between u.s. secretary of state clinton and russian foreign minister, the russians still vetoed like they did in october along with china. we lost richard roth there. we'll try to re-establish
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connection with him a little bit later. president barack obama released a very strongly-worded statement today shortly before the u.n. security council vote. he urged to stop what he called the syrian leader's killing machine. he said, "any government that brutalizes and massacres its people does not deserve to govern." he added, the international community must work to protect the syrian people from this abhorrent brutality. a direct statement from the president. not enough to prevent china and russia from splitting with the security council on today's draft resolution. we are also watching the political race unfolding caucus style in nevada. we could learn soon which republican candidate nevadians want to face off against president obama in the fall. wolf blitzer will be hosting our political coverage this evening. maybe those results could start
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emerging as early as 8:00. >> right. some will close as early as 8:00 eastern time. clark county which is las vegas will close at 10:00 p.m. eastern. while start getting a flavor of what's going on. our special coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. eastern with the special "situation room." >> this is interesting, too. this might be the race that romney really can't afford to lose. >> it would be a huge upset if he were. he crushed ron paul, john mccain, mike huckabee all the candidates four years ago in nevada. by all accounts, if you believe these most recent polls in nevada, he will do very well tonight. it's tailor-made for him. about 1/3, 25% to 30% of the republican turnout tonight will be mormons. nevada has a large mormon population. four years ago he got 95% of the mormon turnout in nevada. he'll do well. he's got a base he begins with.
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he's going to do well across the board, presumably. this should be a huge night for mitt romney. if it isn't, he's in trouble. >> that bodes well in his favor in term of the mormon vote, but there is a significant latino vote there. he's ruffled a few feather s as to his position on the dream act. >> a lot of latinos in nevada are democrat. this is a closed caucus tonight. it's only registered republicans who will be able to show up. they'll have to make a decision, not just on immigration, which latinos are going to vote on. they'll vote on the economy, jobs and other issues like all americans. immigration will be an important issue. we'll see how he does with latinos. >> this is a state that leads in foreclosure rates and bankruptcies. the economy is a huge, huge issue. newt gingrich, perhaps he was feeling confident that he had the backing of big casino own
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tler by the tune of $10 million plus. won't that be influential for the electorate there? >> nevada has the highest unemployment rate in the country and highest foreclosure rate in the country, as well. the construction industry, all those big buildings has gone down over the past three or four years. a lot of people are unemployed. they are looking for jobs, jobs, jobs. sheldon adelson did give the pro newt gingri newt gingrich super pac at least $10 million. it was arguably that money that kept him alive in south carolina, didn't let his campaign collapse after iowa and north carolina. south carolina was a big win for newt gingrich. florida not so much. he's in it. he says he i not going anywhere. he is looking forward to super tuesday. february is not going to be a good month for newt gingrich. it will be a good month probably for mitt romney. 10 or 11 contests on march 6th,
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super tuesday, including several in southern states that should be more ferret tile ground for newt gingrich. >> there is even this tuesday coming up. we'll talk about what's at stake, missouri, minnesota, colorado and next week maine caucusing. there is a lot. >> we had good practice four years ago. the democratic primary and caucuses went until june. hillary clinton, barack obama. you didn't know until puerto rico came in in june. >> we are pacing ourselves. have patience. thanks, wolf. >> thanks. let's talk about after decades in germany, two u.s. bases are soon closing gary gates. why? cute, cuddly and joseph weight. talking about your house pets. why they are now going on a diet. nyquil (stuffy): hey, tylenol. you know we're kinda like twins. tylenol: we are?
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gop race. wolf blitzer is back with me. we are watching nevada where they are am doing
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this. >> news of the killing spreads, the resort town is gripped with fear. >> the whole thing wasn't making sense. >> our economic engine is tourists. we have millions of tourists that come here, particularly in the summertime. >> the longer the killer is out there the longer myrtle beach stands to lose. >> it has to be solved very quickly and rapidly. >> after 24 hours, the case is still stone cold.
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>> tomorrow sanjay talks with a gastromener obsessed with playing with foods. >> serving edible menus makes sense. every month 20 tons of paper are wasted. you just eat your menu that was made from organic local product, you could eliminate that paper waste. >> tune in to watch the "next list" or set your dvr 2:00 p.m. sunday. tune in tomorrow afternoon and we'll tell why you hundreds of alleged sex abuse victims are furious with the arch dioceses of milwaukee as the catholic church gets ready for a global conference on the priest sex abuse scandal and how to move forward. we'll talk to our vatican analyst john allen sunday 2:30 eastern time. this is an rc robotic claw.
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a look at our top stories now, including the fallout over the susan g. komen foundation pulling donations from planned parenthood. the charity reversed the decision, but some people are still upset. more on that in a moment. first, women take work stress home with them while men seem to leave it at the office. how come? that's according to the journal of health and social behavior. how can you avoid taking job-related stress home? every week we focus object ways to get a jump-start in the work force. author of "successful women think differently."
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nice book cover. valorie, why do women take work home more than men? >> there are a few things here. the biggest thing about the study, women feel more guilt. that causes more stress. part of that is women a lot of times we feel higher expectations about what we do at home. for a lot of women, when they have those work place intrusions at home they feel particularly guilty about not being with their kids. truthfully, it applies to single women as well as married women, mothers as well as those who don't have kids. >> it seems most people are probably taking the work home because we've got blackberries and computers where you can simply bring it home. is there a way to manage the volume of responsibilities and stress? >> yes. one of the first things we have to do is find ways to be more productive. one of the most fundamental changes that's happened because of the recession, companies figured out they don't need as many people to do the same job.
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a lot of people feel like they are doing two or three jobs. if you could be more productive and disciplined, for perfectionists, that might be able to find ways to know good enough is good enough and make sure you're not wasting time during the day. >> time during the day. really time manage. there are things you need to be doing at work to make sure you get it done at work so you're not carting it home. >> that's right. reduce those self-imposed deadlines. >> i remember we talked about you've got to impose deadlines to be more productive. >> if you're stressing yourself out about deadlines that aren't real, so you're completely stressed out, completely overwhelmed. when you have the opportunity to take a breath, i said i wanted to get this done by 5:00, but there are no real consequences to getting it done tomorrow at noon. you feed to ask yourself, is
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this a real deadline or self-imposed deadline when you get overly stressed about it. >> is there a way to cut a deal or compromise with your boss without looking like you are trying to shave your responsibilities or shirk your sponl responsibilities? >> evaluate how productive are you? if you're getting calls and e-mails at 8:00, 9:00, not talking about doctors that have to be on call. people that have jobs where it will be okay if we discuss this at 8:30 in the morning. there are off periods i need to have to take care of things at home so i can be fresh and productive during the day. >> you say set some limits. there have to be nonnegotiatables. >> if you're going to have a healthy and well-balanced life, there have got to be things that are not negotiatable.
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dinner time with your family. saturday afternoons is always for your kids. find those things you will not negotiate no matter what. >> get moving. >> that's right. exercise. 20 minutes of exercise will actually boost your mood for 4 hours. >> you'll sleep better. all that's good. like you said, take a dependent breath in the end. exhale. so much better now. thanks so much good. to see you. i bet you didn't know your pets need a plan, too. do you have pets? >> i've had them. they caused me stress. >> all right. maybe this might reduce stress for a lot of other pet owners out there who were stressed out because their pet's overweight. >> what do you think? should you eat less? get more exercise? what do you think? >> time to walk the dog.
1:25 pm
seriously. josh levs has information you need to know to get your pet in shape.
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we all love our pets. maybe too much. maybe too many treats. guilty. josh levs is here to talk about how we need to be treating our pooches and our kitty cats, maybe don't overfeed them. >> is there a super bowl commercial that deals with this. let's show everybody that quick. >> this is cute. ♪
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>> it starts with the dog wanting to get to a car and can't fit out the door. that's from volkswagen. this is a huge problem. they feel so much better once they are in shape. >> i know. that's the idea. there is a new report that looks at this in a serious way. it's actually very serious. it shows the majority of dogs and cats in homes in america are overweight or obese. >> majority? >> it's a growing problem. what's happening is they are coming out with serious illnesses and serious complications as a result. i went outside to the park. take a look. in is dodger, a mixed breed rescue dog. this is his owner kim stevens. talk about him. what's his weight right now? >> his weight is 82 pounds right now. he should be 62 pounds. >> that's a lot of extra weight. >> that's obese. >> how does this happen?
1:28 pm
how does this dog become so fat? >> too much food, not enough exercise. what do you think? should you eat less? get more exercise? we'll talk to a vet who is an expert at this and get advice. this is ernie ward, a veterinarian and head of the association for pet obesity prevention. he'll talk about what's going on with dodger here. >> this is a case where they are deceptively obese and overweight. he is a big dog, but he's carrying extra fat in his abdomen. it's the belly fat that is the most dangerous. that's the type of that the that secretes the harmful chemicals. the food we eat today is different than 40, 50 years ago. they have more calories in a smaller amount. exercise, let's walk dodger 30 minutes. that will burn off all that extra energy. the problem is output does not beat input when it comes to losing weight.
1:29 pm
you are not going to get in this type of shape if you just exercise every day. it has to be what you eat. >>. >> reporter: what about treats during the day? what is the right way to reward a pet? >> treats are calorie grenades. they blow up in excess weight. be careful. think about single-ingredient treats. crunchy vegetables like baby carrots, broccoli. >> diet is not about starvation or deprivation. i want both of you to commit to a 30-minute brisk walk per day. you'll see dodger lose weight and you'll be fitter, for sure. in the end, what do you think will be your motivation? what will motivate you to help him turn around? >> i need to turn myself around, too. we'll work together as a team. just because he is a really awesome dog. i don't want to lose him. i love you.
1:30 pm
>> reporter: that's how pet owners feel. you have a lot of questions. on facebook you can post questions and the veterinarian answering them on facebook. one in three homes have a dog, one in three homes have a cat. lots of people dealing with this problem. >> i love those pet poochies. >> they are so sweet and so cute. >> you inspired me. i'm going to walk the dog after we get off the air. we'll be right back. [ lane ] is your anti-wrinkle cream gone... but not your wrinkles? neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. its retinol formula visibly reduces wrinkles in just one week. why wait if you don't have to. neutrogena®.
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it's the first contest of this season in the west across nevada. gop voters are peting in caucuses. we have our people on the ground. joining me from las vegas, brianna keilar with the gingrich campaign. jim acosta following the romney campaign.
1:33 pm
let's begin with you, jim. what is that last-minute campaigning like? how is the polling looking so far? >> reporter: i think mitt romney feels like he has it in the bag here in nevada because look at what his schedule is showing us today. he's up in colorado sort of getting ready for those caucuses coming up on tuesday. the deck is stacked in his favor, if i could join the long list of people making gambling puns today. he has a built-in presence here. he won the caucus with 58% of the vote. it will be interesting to see if he match is that vote. a victory for mitt romney four years ago was the mormon vote. they made up 45%. he got 95% of that 25% of the vote. that's a big advantage that's already built in for mitt romney. what's happening out here in nevada today is a race for
1:34 pm
second place. it's going to be interesting to find out. does ron paul beat newt gingrich in this state? if he does, that is a major blow to the gingrich campaign and big boost for ron paul. it is good news for mitt romney. if ron paul finishes second and puts distance between mitt romney and newt gingrich, that is good news for mitt romney. >> i bet, brianna, newt gingrich is rolling the dice and hoping for a strong second at the very least. >> reporter: or you might be able to say perhaps, and i hesitate to say this too much, but perhaps he's folding a little bit, right? if you look at his schedule for the day, it is conspicuously sparse. he doesn't have anything on his public schedule today. two campaign events yesterday in las vegas. nothing today until he talks to the media tonight. at that point, caucus goers in
1:35 pm
nevada will have say the their peace. newt gingrich is doing well compared to ron paul. you can't say it's a foregone conclusion. polls don't always show what's going on in nevada with ron paul. he's had organization here that newt gingrich has not had. i think best-case scenario for newt gingrich is he is hoping he does come in second with a lot of conservative support. he is expected to get more support than mitt romney among voters that are tea-party identified. >> all four hoping they have luck on their side. brianna keilar and jim acosta joining us from vegas. we'll watch your coverage throughout the evening. after getting a lot of criticism, the susan g. komen foundation says it will continue to fund grants for planned parenthood. susan candiotti is in new york with details on this one. >> reporter: hi, fred. it may be some time before susan g. komen for the cure can cure the hard feelings that were
1:36 pm
generated this very week. the controversy arose when word got out that komen was pulling back breast cancer funding to planned parenthood. that is an organization that provides health care to women, and also performs abortions. after a huge uproar, komen reversed its decision. groups on the left and right are weighing in. national right to life, which opposes abortion is coming down hard on komen, urging its supporters to stop writing checks to the breast cancer group. >> people and women want to run in races and donate to cancer research organizations. they want to support the work they are doing, but they want to make sure their donations, their hard-earned money is not going to the nation's largest abortion provider planned parenthood. >> planned parenthood says grants for komen paid for breast cancer screenings, not abortions.
1:37 pm
there is another group called the breast cancer action group which fights misinformation about disease. it's been critical of komen, but in this case thinks komen did the right thing. >> i don't think komen's job is to make everyone happy. our job is to ensure women's health comes first. women's health needs to come before politics. it needs to come before religious pressure. >> reporter: komen's president denies it bowed to political pressure by pulling or restoring funding to planned parenthood. the question is how the komen organization will go forward. having alienated abortion rights supporters earlier this week and now making anti-abortion organizations unhappy. komen has been such a juggernaut in the breast cancer world, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for it and that well-known pink ribbon. >> it will be fascinating.
1:38 pm
thanks so much, susan candiotti. the older you get, the more fragile your bones may be. elizabeth cohen tells us one thing you can do to protect yourself -- next.
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1:40 pm
madonna graced stages around the globe in front of massive audiences more than 30 years now. she told anderson cooper she has butterflies over headlining the halftime show at tomorrow's super bowl.
1:41 pm
>> oh, my god. i'm so nervous. you have no idea. i have to put on the greatest show on earth in the middle of the greatest show on earth. i have eight minutes to set it up, seven minutes to take it down and 12 minutes to put on the greatest show on earth. that is a lot of pressure. >> maybe her anxiety is justified. some are predicting tomorrow's game will be the most watched ever. something tells me she'll probably nail it still. it has been years since the hit television slow "fame" debuted making us believer there is a singer/dancer inside us all. the tough-talking teacher played by debbie allen. she is still tough talking, directing, choreographing, acting. next week we talk face-to-face about a lot of things, including her new role on the tv show "grey's anatomy." her dance studio, and the future she sees in the performing arts. ♪ do you know where you're going to ♪
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i need dina ross to tell me. i do have her number in my cell phone. >> she knows everybody and everybody knows debbie allen. she will be talking about missing a best friend. opening up about one of her best dance students ever, pop icon michael jackson. a question for you. do you know how strong your bones are? one way to tell is with a bone density test. it's recommended for all women aged 65 and older. and for younger women with certain risk factors. elizabeth cohen has more in today's "health for her." >> reporter: until katie kelly sgot a bone density test in her early 50s, she didn't realize she had the beginnings of osteoporosis or thinning bones. >> i can't believe it. it came as a shock. >> reporter: especially since she's been doing the right things to keep her bones strong. >> regular weight-bearing exercise, taking adequate
1:43 pm
calcium and vitamin d can help you prevent bone loss. >> reporter: like many women, katie has certain risk factors that increase the odds her bones might fracture. >> being a petite thin woman is one, caucasian is another risk factor. >> reporter: as does a family history and menopause. >> we think when a woman goes into menopause, it's the drop in estrogen which allows the accelerated bone loss. >> reporter: this is what healthy bone looks like as opposed to a more fragile bone. katie will take medication to build up her bone and come back for another bone density test in two years. she'll up her amount of exercise to three to four days a week and continue taking her calcium and vitamin d. good advice to help women of all ages maintain healthy bones. with this week's help for her, i'm elizabeth cohen. january jobs report gave us a boost of good news with a drop in unemployment. what does that mean for the broader economy?
1:44 pm
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320 people died in the past 48 hours in homs. syrian troops bombed and shelled apartment buildings at random. some anti-government protests recorded the violence uploading the video to the internet. some streamed the footage live on the web. one activist in hchb oms identified as danny spoke to anderson cooper. >> these aren't animals lying here. these are human beings being bombed by mortar bombs. being bombed by tank shells. no one is doing anything about it. we are going to sit here and get killed. there is one message i want to get out. we are not going to stop. syrian people are not going to stop if they kill millions. we will remember that no one did anything about this. >> the violence triggered the u. in security council to hold an emergency session today trying to adopt a resolution condemning the syrian government. that resolution failed.
1:48 pm
the january jobs report showed a drop in unemployment, but what does that mean for the broader economy in the future? cnn's christine romans looks at the big picture. >> reporter: a very strong jobs report. businesses were ramping up their hiring in january and the unemployment rate drifted down. this is what it looks like for the year. for all of last year, some revisions are in and we know 1.82 million jobs were created last year. we know that the hiring starting this year was pretty broad based. you had professional and business services about 70,000 jobs created there. leisure and hospitality, manufacturing and health care. health care has been a steady performer for job creation for more than a year now. unemployment rate dipped to 8.3%. that is the lowest since the second month president barack obama was in office. you have the jobless rate
1:49 pm
spiking after he was in office, even before he was in office. got up to 10% and is drifting lower. lowest since february 2009. one thing that is important to note here is the drop in the unemployment rate for african-americans. a big drop. 13.6% is now the level there down from 15.8%. hispanics was mostly steady at 10.5% and whites 7.4%. economists are saying today they want to see more months of this kind of job creation. it's been difficult to sustain 200,000 plus jobs created every month. they would like to see that again and again to show the labor market is healing. remember, 8.3% that, is still an unemployment rate unacceptably high. still a lot of work to do. christine romans, cnn, new york. high water and heavy snow. coming up tonight, remembering a "soul train" legend.
1:50 pm
don cornelius, creator and host of one of television's long-time running dance shows. we'll speak with singer and dancer jodi watley. that's why it's listed first. get more whole grain than any other ingredient... just look for the white check.
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but when she got asthma, all i could do was worry ! specialists, lots of doctors, lots of advice...
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and my hands were full. i couldn't sort through it all. with unitedhealthcare, it's different. we have access to great specialists, and our pediatrician gets all the information. everyone works as a team. and i only need to talk to one person about her care. we're more than 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. turning ideas into innovations. >> reporter: you may not have heard of my next guest but we want into the deuce you to encore jane. he helps student entrepreneurs turn ideas into innovative businesses that tackle some of the world's most pressing
1:54 pm
issues. not issues you would normally associate with students. it's called the cairo society. it puts the most promising student entrepreneurs from around the world in contact with global business leaders. thanks for joining us. what do you think these group of students can do that hasn't already been tackled? >> this generation is not only more interconnected than any previous one, but they are able to look at problems from new angles and new ways. 40% of health diagnostics are incorrect today. education is not personalized to the individual. let's take the specific problems and take these students, put them in a room not only with their peers, but with leaders of today. we can take the wisdom of what's happening today and merge that with a new way of thinking. >> is it just the nature they don't look at things the same way? >> you're seeing 21-year-olds saying why are we treating cancer with this? take targeted approaches to individual cancer cells to identify what type of cancer
1:55 pm
they have? >> they are not invested in whatever system is not working efficiently. thank you for joining us. founder of the cairo society. let's talk weather now. finally, it feels like winter in some places. when it snows, it really snows, jacqui jeras, with us now oh, my goodness. colorado should be happy. >> they should. it's a lot at one time for anybody. this is record-breaking snow. denver, this is the greatest three-day total they had. they had a 4-hour record yesterday. more than a foot. it does take a little bit to clean up from this. they had to shut i-70 down for a while between denver and lyman because winds were so strong. >> colorado is ready.
1:56 pm
skiers delight here in pinecliffe, colorado, more than 50 inches. that was the biggest number i could find. the storm system is on the move at this hour. we'll continue to see heavy snow. nebraska has been one of the worst-hit places. lincoln, nebraska, just reporting more than a foot of snow. i just got a tweet from a mail carrier in lincoln, nebraska, that says, we didn't do it today. >> so much for the neither sleep nor snow. >> he said it's the first time in memory. >> we understand. >> everybody gets a snow day once in a while. we've got snow into western parts of pennsylvania. you can see the winter storm warning. it's constant greated today. as this storm system continues to move eastern, it will weaken with less cold air. it delivered a punch in terms of
1:57 pm
rain and heavy flooding. look at this video out of texas. five to seven inches of rain. dozens of roads are closed. still a flood threat today in parts of louisiana. we'll see rain that we need in parts of alabama and georgia and the carolinas. >> mixed bag there. thanks so much, jacqui. much more straight ahead with my colleague don lemon. after that at 6:00 eastern time, our special political coverage, a special edition of "the situation room. in "with wolf blitzer. i'm fredricka whitfield. see you later. -- captions by vitac -- cations are always a good idea ♪ priceline negoti - - no time. out quickly. you're miles from your destination. you'll need a hotel tonight we don't have time to bid you don't have to bid. at priceline you can choose from thousands of hotels on sale every day. save yourself... some money
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