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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 5, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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states and 815 billion in the economy. it didn't even exist when i was growing up came to define the worldwide web. obviously successful and i answer with one glorious word, facebook. thank you, my audience and thank you at home. it's a fascinating set. if you can't tell the truth as a candidate for president, how can the country expect you to lead? >> angry newt. he loses nevada, steals the spotlight and promises a change in tone and to press on to the convention. out of control. syria, egypt. the death toll rises. we take you inside the middle east clashes.
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>> this is a scroll that is 312 years old. >> king eddie. mega church pastor wrapped in a scroll and anointed king by what appears to be a rabbi. we talk about this unusual ceremony. so many remembering don cornelius with a woman who knew him well. jody wattly, famous singer and original soul train dancer pays tribute. right here, right now on cnn. hello, everyone. i'm don lemon. josh powell was once a suspect in his wife's disappearance. the crime claimed the lives of his two young children. they are believed to have killed the three of them. the medical examiner has not identified the body yet, but he said he set this up.
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he did it. powell was identified by utah police as the lone person of interest in susan cox powell. josh powell claimed the last time he saw her was december 9th, 2009. joining me now from the scene is from kiro television and pierce county television spokes person. first to you on the ground. let me ask you this story. what's happening at the house now? >> what's happening right now is securing the scene for the night. the investigators are leaving and arson investigators are leaving and they removed thes of joshua powell and return. the lights are set up in here and that was the home that went up in flame. we are told this. at about 12:13 this afternoon, a case worker and a contractor at
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the health services was dropping josh powell's son off for a regularly scheduled supervised visit. he is only allowed supervised visit. the kids got out and ran to the door and josh let them in and slammed the door shut and the case worker said she heard explosions and flame quickly engulfed the house and she smelled gasoline in the air and by the time firefighters came home, the home was engulfed in flame. joshua powell and his two sons were inside and all three died. this was an act of evil. they are calling it a murder suicide and saying josh powell set this up and rigged the house to explode and burn and that's what happened. the bodies have been taken to the medical examiner in tacoma and they will have autopsies to
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determine if there was another cause of death. did he use a method to kill them or they died from the fire itself. >> good reporting. i want to get to troy. you said you believed that the time that josh powell set this up. >> we are asking as a suspect that he killed both of the kids. there is no doubt about that. there was only three people in the house when this happened. we have to wait for the official confirmation, but we recovered all three bodies and believe they are josh powell and two kids. it is a double homicide and he planned it. he used accellerant because the house went up very, very fast. we have just now gotten to the point where they processed the scene and the origin and cause of the fire. >> what about reports of the
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e-mail? is it from josh powell? >> there was an e-mail that is circulated to family and friends of his stating that he couldn't live with what's going on and just a couple lines. we have not confirmed that it came from him, but we believe it is from him and it confirms what we saw here today that he intended to kill his two children and himself. >> besides the e-mail, he had a hearing last week and it is believed he may have been upset by the hearing? >> he had a hearing last week where he was ordered to do tests and he was trying to get custody of the kids and was not able to get custody and the judge determined that they would continue to live with susan's parents. that was the last court thing and this was a scheduled visit which happened before. the same lady what brought the
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kids here without a problem brought them here today and that's when he brought the boys to the house and locked her out and called 911 to get in. within minutes the house was on fire. this was done deliberately and intentionally and the plan was carried out quickly. >> i want to go back to kevin mccarthy and listen to the trouble. his father as well. are you hearing from neighbors and relatives? >> josh powell kept to himself and a home he moved to after he had to leave his father's house, he was not allowed to have the visits by himself. he had charges of possessing child porn ol rave and steven is on suicide watch. we talked about that and to talk
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to steven powell, he blamed the police for all of this and was placed under a suicide watch. i had contacted josh powell earlier this week and was at the custody hearing where he hoped to get his kids back. they found the porn on joshua powell's computer in 2009. they wanted to investigate what that was. he was ordered to undergo a lie detector and counseling and the next hearing was delayed until late july. when joshua powell left, he looked distraught and didn't say anything. since i first met him this summer, i had seen him over the months get distraught and he looks ten years older than in august or september. he had dark circles under his eyes and obviously distraught.
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then this happens here today. >> very sad. from our affiliate, kiro. many hoped that josh powell could shed light on what happened to his wife. holly gave me her take on the case. >> the saddest part is now we may know what happened fto the two young boys, but we will never know what happened to his wife. that's a sick mind. >> you believe he knew something about susan's disappearance. >> absolutely and i think because the children were getting older and more removed from the tragedy and it had been about two years, they were starting to verbalize and maybe he got scared of what the kids were saying now that they felt safe in grandma's house. >> the poor kids. this was a disturbed family. >> yes, absolutely. a lot of reports that josh powell's father arrested for
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child porn put the moves on susan and made sexual advances to her and stolen her underwear from her drawer. she reported this and said i'm not comfortable with this man. he makes me nervous. what we are seeing is a family that had disturbing patterns. now criminal behavior on both of them. and josh powell. >> the international story in syria. 43 people killed in violence and five of them children. most of them died in the city of holmes where hundreds died. opposition groups called for a two-day civil strike to put pressure on the government. that came after the un security council failed to halt the violence. an activist who goes by the name of danny said the resolution left the syrian people vulnerable. >> we didn't want the arab league. we wanted the un to take control
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and the un abandoned the syrian people. we have no one now. how are they going to defend him? they have the whole super countries from the un to pay what they want. >> they insist the crisis has been manufactured. tense standoffs come to an angry boil. protesters throwing rocks at police. police responding with tear gas. they popped up in cairo ever since last week's deadly soccer riot. the anger behind the clashes. the chaos regardless of who is to blame is on display where clashes continue. it's not clear how many of these mostly young men are dedicated revolutionaries are here for the adrenaline. slightly cooler heads and full throats try to convince the
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crowd to move back, singing the egyptian national anthem. chanting those who love egypt can destroy it. this is an attempt to try to end the protests which paralyzed the center of cairo. they linked and tried to stop the protesters from moving forward to getting towards the interior ministry. some watching and worried the violence was there. >> he's in the minority. they started this confrontation with us this man told me and opened fire. we have the right to defend ourselves. if they don't stop fighting, we won't return. the logic of street fighting doesn't allow for retreat.
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>> coming up tonight on cnn, mitt romney picked up another win in nevada. before the night was over, newt gingrich is already on the attack. we will take a look at where things stand now. you know when i grow up,
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we believe you're never done growing. i want to fall in love again. [ female announcer ] discover what's next in your life. get this free travel bag when you join at have more fiber than other leading brands. they're the better way to enjoy your fiber. the next presidential contest is tuesday in colorado and missouri. mitt romney gets the victory and newt gingrich is angry about his tactics. i spoke about it with the democratic strategist. >> mitt romney is the obvious
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choice by default. i think that's happening in the voting booth. people are going yeah, i guess i will vote for romney. all the issues are problems. they see him as a man they can't trust. not that that's not a problem, but he is the inevitable guy. >> now it's time for jail to come in. the obama camp has gone after mitt romney and never mentioning others. he has now won two battle ground states and is that what democrats want? >> if that's what we end up with, let's go. looking at mitt romney's campaign is like watching a remake of jekyll and hyde. one way before he decided to run for president. he was pro choice and pro gun control and pro health care reform. as soon as he drank that elixir
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to run for president, she anti-everything else. if we get mitt romney, we are salivating. the campaign they ran against kerry in 2004 will pale in comparison to 2012. >> newt gingrich did not hold back last night in the post caucus news conference that was very unusual. here's a taste of what he had to say with romney. >> i didn't have the neck nichls of those who were blatantly dishonest as a candidate for president. if you can't tell the truth that a charge has been made by mccain and fred thompson and huckabee, if you can't tell the truth as a candidate for president, how can the country expect to you lead? >> watching this, what are democrats thinking or his strategists as they are watching
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newt gingrich go after mitt romney this way? he is very negative against romney. >> the theme is newt gingrich really dislikes mitt romney. don't talk about newt gingrich at all and that means he will stay until the end of the race. if i were romney, i would keep quiet and continue to run the campaign. >> is gingrich running out of steam by doing this? is he focusing on the wrong person? romney was all obama, obama and gingrich is romney, romney. >> i don't think gingrich is interested in winning the
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presidency, but denying it to mitt romney. that's not just a reflection of his speech. that was just his huge i hate mitt romney tone to calling him a liar from start to finish. it wasn't presidential. he will have strong states in the south, but it doesn't add up to 1,144 delegates. what it can do is deny mitt romney that number and string it out and try to deny it to mitt romney. >> thank you very much. check with cnn tuesday evening for our political team here to bring you the latest result. our coverage begins at 6:00 eastern. the bishop wrapped in a tora and pronounced king. you have to see this video that has gone viral. they came to see us in florida... make that alabama... make that mississippi. the best part of the gulf is wherever you choose...
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lead paint poisoning affects one million children today.
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if you're pregnant or have young children and your home was built before 1978, you could be at risk. learn how to protect your family. to find your home's danger zones, the health effects, or just to find help, log on to two florida-based cruiseships sickened hundreds of people. nearly 500 passengers on the ruby princess and crown princess suffered from norro virus infections. it causes stomach aches, diarrhea and vomiting. >> how horrible it was to say they were sorry. >> it seemed a little overdone
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because they had to sterilize your hands as soon as you went in to eat. they wouldn't let you touch it. >> i doubt it and told you not to touch any surfaces. that left me hugging my wife. >> it spres easily and crews intenthed the ships. admitting new video may be offensive, but that was not his intention. a video shows him swabbed in a tora as self-proclaimed messer declares him king. >> bishop eddie long in suburban atlanta had 25,000 people attending his services and then
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he was sued for caressing young men this. video is unsettling because many said it misuses the torah. >> it's very offensive. a number of people said how offensive they find it for a few reasons. one is the reverence we show for the torah. it's not something to be used or utilize in some way and to pronounce some kind of coronation ceremony that doesn't really exist. it's deeply offensive. >> bishop long wrote a letter of apology and the ceremony was not my objection or intent to p participate. messer who directed the use of the torah apologized in the
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broadcast of his sermon on saturday. >> if you only watch the one 10 to 14-minute clip, you can walk away easily to say wow, who does he think he is? she proclaiming eddie long is king. i have already discussed this. we in no way are claiming for him to be a king. we are saying we served the king of kings and the lord of lords. >> i spoke with the cultural critic goldie taylor of the and she said eddie long should have known how the torah ritual would have been viewed. >> i think the idea that bishop long didn't know what he was getting into was laughable. as a theologian he should know this has no basis biblically and in jewish law. for this rabbi, he is not even formally recognized as a rabbi.
7:25 pm
to wrap a man in paper and claim she ab solved of all of the crimes that he committed on this community against children, i think that is most unfortunate. >> when you -- doesn't the video speak for itself? >> watched the extended version. i am a proud christian. a stirring and need hit so deep and it was utterly offensive that they would present a sermon that had no basis of scripture. >> let's talk human to human. if you are -- is this what jesus and the lord and christianity is about? this sort of ceremony and showmanship? that's the whole thing about bishop eddie long and mega churches that people have questions about. >> the question is not a showman.
7:26 pm
that's a problem. the second is that people of new birth itself. you have to ask what kind of influence and manipulation are they under? >> he performed it many times before the bishop. >> a horrific scene in washington state. two children and their father dead after an explosion levels their house. you can see what it did in the video. the most heart breaking part, police believe it may have been blown up on purpose. that's ahead. from centrum. it puts you in the center of everything that's good for you. its unique self-assessment tool helps identify the multivitamin and supplement combination that's right for you and your lifestyle. so visit new and take your personal assessment today.
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and they danced. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you. the new york giants. the new super bowl champions. for the second time in five years, they defeated the patriots for the nfl championship. these live pictures in indianapolis, everybody is excited kind of. more excited. new york and giants.
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eli manning was the mvp and 88 yard drive that capped the giants come back. congratulatio congratulations. the pentagon is investigating the death of a highest ranking soldier to die in afghanistan. he died friday in kabul province of natural causes. the 49-year-old general was based in texas and deployed to assist the nato training mission. police in pierce county, washington believe josh powell is responsible for an explosion in his home that claimed the lives of him and his two children. utah police previously identified powell as the lone person of interest in the disappearance of his wife, susan powell cox. the last time he said he saw his wife was in december of 2009 before he left for a camping trip. he was locked in a bitter custody battle with his wife's parents. just four days ago, a judge
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ruled against him deciding his two children would remain with their grandfather and ordering powell to undergo a psycho sexual evaluation. i am joined by ann bremner representing susan cox's family. my condolences because this must be difficult for and you for them at this time. what were you hearing from the family about josh powell's behavior? >> i represented the family in protection with susan's disappearance and they believed he was clearly a person of interest in the disappearance and they were opposed to him having any contact with him and the family. this devastating and horrific and unthinkable day is one where the family always had very real
7:32 pm
and very serious fears about josh powell. >> ms. bremner, do you believe josh powell is capable of such a crime? >> absolutely. i believe he was capable of killing his wife. we said that publicly for two years now and i believe he is capable of this, but no one could imagine anything as bad as this. setting himself and his kids on fire. it's beyond belief and beyond horrific and beyond thinkable. >> i spoke with a criminal defense attorney and she said she believed that this may have happened because the children were getting older and starting to give away secrets he didn't want them giving away. >> we heard that in the casey anthony case that caylee was old enough to talk about the life circumstances. i know that to be true in this case. as recently as christmas the boys were talking about mommy and the mine in utah and their
7:33 pm
father. the boys were talking about that, at least the older boy was to their grandparents. >> listen, if he is as you believe and law enforcement said he is responsible for this, do you think that is what happened to his wife is going to go with him to his grave or do you think it will be revealed? >> i firmly believe and i practiced law almost 30 years and i never have seen anything like this. i think that what we saw today tells the story. >> thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> we want to go to the big stories in the week ahead from the white house to wall street. we tell you what you need to know. we begin with the president's plans for the week. >> at the white house, the euro
7:34 pm
zone's third largest economy deals with the economic woes. president obama welcomes the prime minister to the white house and talks about a range of issues and in particular, what the italian government is doing to restore confidence. on tuesday president obama will host the second white house science fair, a chance to celebrate kids from across the country and push the initiative to make sure kids excel and earn degrees in the fields. >> i'm kate baldwin in washington, the house is expected to take up a bill to explicitly ban trading and thousands of executive branch employees. the senate passed a version with broad support last week and the senate is expected to vote on a plan to fund the federal aviation administration for four years. the house adopted the measure bringing to close months of negotiations and multiple short-term extensions. this could be a key week in the negotiations to extend the
7:35 pm
payroll tax cut for a full year as the house and senate committee tarveged with working out a deal inches closer and closer to the deadline. >> in new york, following friday's strong jobs, they are gearing up for a slew of earnings. we will hear from disney, bp, visa and sprint. there could be a massive foreclosure settlement. they have until monday to agree on a deal with the biggest banks that could be worth $25 billion. they will settle the scandal when we learned that the services company signed off without checking that all the people work was accurate. that's all ready and keep an eye on monday and all the business news of the week on cnn money. >> time for tomorrow's commute tonight and cnn's jackie. >> we are watching peculiar weather for the month of february in the week ahead. this disturbed area of weather
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coming off the coast of cuba heading towards florida tomorrow. that may have tropical elements to it. believe it or not, we could be talking about a subtropical storm and we will be watching that. the other unusual thing is the temperatures stay well above average. cold air intrusions and windy conditions across the northern tier. mild conditions across the south and look at the edge of your map. the big storm will be heading in the west coastful the san francisco area for monday night into tuesday. be prepared for that. tomorrow's commute tonight. starting out with city number five. boston, massachusetts. wind will be the issue. 30 mile per hour gusts expected in the afternoon hours. there may be delays at logan airport. chicago looking at windy conditions too. 20 mile per hour gusts and cloudy conditions making it difficult to shoot the approach.
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driving wise. for the most part you will be fine. omaha, nebraska after a nice dutching of snow, warm air is moving over the snow that means fog is developing. it's out there tonight and will be a slow commute. possible delays at the airport. looking better as we head after the 10:00 a.m. hour. city number two, indianapolis and something about a football game? volume will be a problem at indianapolis international airport and catchy fog through about 9:00. be aware of that. city number one. look at this beautiful picture for you tonight. can you recognize it? palm trees in the foreground. hazy and low clouds. the tropical disturbance and heavy showers and a few thunderstorms expected all through the day tomorrow. city number one for travel
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problems. >> i would not have recognized it. i only knew because of the wsvn. guess which one that is. next one. that one. >> is that nashville? >> look at that. the empire state building. giants blue. new york city. >> i have a small monitor, just so you know. >> when are they say we can't quite see that. i am not watching the big giants. congratulations and beautiful. thank you, jackie. good game. appreciate it. up next, one of the original soul train dancers joety wattly joins us. [ woman ] my husband, hank, was always fun.
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it'd be "thank you." you're welcome. hey, hank. [ male announcer ] life insurance you can use while you're still living. you are one lucky lady. mm-hmm. [ male announcer ] learn more from your state farm agent today. >> in 1971 don cornelius spent $400 to film soul train and became the voice that changed music in america. . >> his impact on america was much bigger than the music.
7:42 pm
jody watley's dance moves was a regular on the show. that's jody with all the dance moves. cornelius gave a number of them a big break. he hand picked watley to be a number of the group shall mar. we talked about the legacy of don cornelius. >> what are an incredible legacy. a great man. trend setter, pioneer, legend. so many of us needless to say are shock and saddened by his passing, but his legacy is incredible and will live on. >> you knew he had been sick, i'm sure. when you found out i'm sure it was unbelievable to you. what ran through your mind? >> well, the first thing, i was shocked and i had seen don last year.
7:43 pm
i sat on a panel with him at the grammy museum here celebrating the 40th anniversary of soul train and the thing i thought was i was happy to have the chance to thank him again. i was thanking him my whole career and to let him know how much we all appreciated him and the doors that he opened for us. >> did you know back then when you were a pip squeak dancing on soul train as one of the dancers, the impact of what you were doing with don cornelius of soul train on the world? everybody watched it, not just black folks. >> right. we all lived to be on soul train. it was our culture and that's where you found out what was rip and hot. when i moved to los angeles with my family, i'm from chicago,
7:44 pm
that was my guy. i said i'm going to get on soul train. to become one of the popular dancers on the show was great. all of us, we did it for free for the love of it. freestyle dancing. it was great and don made that happen as an artist, soul train was and probably will always be a place where you can go whether you were hot 100 and top 10 r, and b, soul train was there for black artists. i'm grateful to don for that as well. >> jody watley, thank you very much. we needed an extra cam for her hair. it was great seeing her. >> a knife at her throat, a woman tried to calm her attacker by reading from the bible. on my,
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>> after being slashed by a knife, a north carolina woman did not panic. she started reading bible verses. a man slashed her across the neck with a knife. >> he offered the car up with the money she had on her.
7:48 pm
she opened her bible and was reading verses to him. actually invited him to her church. >> an hour and a half later, the attacker apologized and left. her injuries left her with at least 20 staples in her neck. new recordings from the moments after the jfk assassination offered a rare glimpse into the confusion after the president's murder. first, a new year brings a new group of heroes. starting next week, we will introduce you to the class of 2o 12. anderson cooper speaks and is dedicated to the safety of women and babies. she was your choice for the 2011 hero of the year. >> did you think you had a
7:49 pm
chance of winning? >> 113,000 people got free medical care and medicine. >> what are does it feel like to start with one person and build the organization? >> i found that if huh a good idea and you do it with love, a lot of people want to help. >> it was a personal loss that got you involved in this. >> my sister died. she was pregnant and this was 21 years ago. >> her name was christine and i feel like she helps me. >> you you carry her with you? >> and her baby too. >> what impact do you think this will have? >> in the tsunami zone, that one is safe like the clinic in bali. >> you are hoping to rebuild the clinic. >> we are saving for years and did get a piece of land and we are ready to build. >> you have 250,000.
7:50 pm
>> yes. that goes a long way in indonesia. >> when you don't have money and support? >> some days i don't have money, but i don't have support. how are we going to pay the electric bill? there is an e-mail that said we are spending money. it's a miracle just like birth. >> i'm happy for you and the work you will do. thank you. >> one way you can do more is by telling us about making a difference. we can honor your nominee and as you have seen, that can have big results. go to nominate the 2012 cnn hero today.
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we have a rare and intrigue glimpse in one of the darkest days in american history. thanks to audio tapes hidden away for 50 years. brian todd reports. >> they were among the most gut wrenching hours, the chaos following john f. kennedy's assassination. everyone were scrambling for accurate information. audio tapes offered fascinating insight into the confusion and the government's response. listen to the phone call from white house's admiral george
7:54 pm
berkeley in dallas to leonard heaton on where to take the president's body. >> regards to the taking care of the remains of the president kennedy and we are planning on having the president's remains taken directly to walter reed. probablies in kennedy will also go out there. we will clear that later. >> oh, all right. >> it wasn't clarified. minutes earlier the secret service head called another official saying the remains should be taken to another military hospital. >> arrangements have been made for a helicopter for the bethesda naval medical center. >> the president was take tone bethesda. for decades they said his autopsy was incomplete, mishandle and part of a conspiracy. i listened to the tape. >> the government had no protocol for having an autopsy
7:55 pm
of the president. it was something no one thought would be necessary. they were unprepared. >> the tapes were discovered by the historical documents. they got them from chester clifton, a top aide to president kennedy and donated them to the archives. they were made by the communications agency and includes the radio traffic from the air force one. part of the recordings which are not new are riveting when lyndon johnson and his wife consoled president kennedy's mother. >> i wish to god there was something i could do and i wanted to tell you we were grieving with you. >> yes, well thank you very much. i know. i know jack loved you. >> mrs. kennedy. we feel like that. >> yes, all right. >> we are glad that the nation had your son as long as they
7:56 pm
did. >> yes, well thank you lady bird. goodbye. >> for leaves us wanting to hear more, but some of the recordings we may never hear. at least two hours of raw tape are still missing. cnn, washington. >> thanks, brian. coming up, the giants defeat the pit rio pit -- patriots. 21-17. it's getting going. the person who may have worked thehe me, gus what, it's madonna. more on that next.
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finally the most anticipated event of the year. in case you missed it, nbc on the nfl. >> the most anticipated event with madonna. it was a spectacular performance with pyrotechnics or fireworks, a marching band and a moving stage. cee lo green performed with madonna. a quick