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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 8, 2012 6:00am-8:00am PST

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not play a role when nancy brinr said it did not play a role? do you think she was telling the truth or lying? >> i think that does not matter. i think abortion is a highly -- >> that's a dodge of a question. >> it's not. this issue of pr and polite at thisization is not the issue. if they did not owe money to planned parenthood, the fact that they took it away does not deserve to be vilified. >> it's about breast cancer screening. don't get abortion into it. >> we end as we start, with a little arguing. i like it. let's get right to kyra let's get right to kyra phillips. -- captions by vitac -- thanks so much. the wild card wins. rick santorum working on a show string budget and a skeleton staff swept the three latest votes raising new questions about long-time front-runner mitt romney. the biggest shock, colorado. a state romney easily won just four years ago. then in missouri santorum won twice as many votes as romney.
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newt gingrich wasn't even on the ballot there. santorum cruised in his home state of minnesota. ron paul finishing second. santorum clearly seizing the momentum he desperately needs. >> ladies and gentlemen, i don't stand here to claim to be the conservative alternative to mitt romney, i stand here to be the conservative alternative to barack obama. >> well, cnn political editor paul steinhauser is live in washington. paul, what do you think, a game changer? >> reporter: wow. if you don't like the way the race for the republican nomination is going, wait. it keeps changing. mitt romney is still the front-runner but this is a big deal for rick santorum. what is he doing? he's going to be capitalizing and monopolizing, this hat trick of victories. he's down in texas today. that's where he heads. he's got some events. the real reason, he's going to want to raise some money, fundraising immediately off of this. take a listen to what he told soledad o'brien on cnn.
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>> we're doing very, very well raising money. i think last night we raised about a quarter of a million on line. we're doing well and we feel like going forward we're going to have the money we need to make the case we want to make. >> reporter: the case he wants to make, kyra, guess what, he, not gingrich, is the conservative alternative to mitt romney. last night's victories help him big time. >> what now? does the romney campaign have to start going after santorum in a much stronger way? >> reporter: you know, good question. even before last night's victories for santorum they started to downplay the results saying we weren't in missouri. it was a beauty contest. let's be honest, mitt romney went to minnesota. it was his first stop after his big victory in florida. he was in colorado the last two days. he hoped to have a big celebration. take a listen to what he said last night. this is very interesting. >> this is a clear choice. i'm the only person in this race, republican or democrat,
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who has never served a day of time in washington. in the world i come from, leadership is about starting a business, not trying to get a bill out of committee. >> reporter: so basically he spent his whole speech last night talking about obama. he said i'm the only one that didn't work in washington. ee spekt him to try to highlight that. rick santorum is a product of washington. he was in congress. i think you're going to hear more of that. will romney's campaign step it up against santorum as they did against gingrich after south carolina, stay tuned. they may, though may not. they're looking for delegates, the next contest. talking about delegates. here's where it stands. cnn was able to allocate some, some of the delegates from last night. this is our estimate right here. mitt romney still pretty far ahead of everybody else. santorum moving up from fourth place to third place. remember, look at that little number, 1144 delegates. that's what you need to clinch the nomination. kyra, we have a long way to go. >> we do. it keeps getting more and mur
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surprises, they keep getting thrown into the mix. thanks. here's what's next. on saturday we're going to learn the results of the maine caucuses. they're already underway. then a bit of a lull before the candidates take the stage in arizona for the cnn debate. the next week, february 28th, voters in arizona and michigan will cast their votes. much more throughout the day on rick santorum's triple win. for last night's full results and the latest political news go to our website, cnn now in syria it's a pledge to end the violence being shattered within hours. government forces are bombarding residential areas. now activists say they're storming homes, searching for rebel fighters. one opposition group says that troops killed three unarmed families. >> from yesterday to today i've
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seen so much, terrible bodies in the street. there are still some bodies that we can't move. they've been shot by snipers. we tried to move the bodies, you get shot by the same sniper that shot the first person. i've only got one hospital left. they've been bombarding us with rockets, mortar bombs, tank shells. they've been hitting us today with anti-air tanks. >> in washington patience is running out. u.n. ambassador susan rice says it's time for embattled president bashar al-assad to step down. barbara starr is at the pentagon. barbara, moving forward what's your take? is it going to be more diplomatic efforts or is the military option becoming more intense? >> reporter: well, look, kyra, publicly the administration is very clear. economic, diplomatic pressure on syria to get the assad regime to go. behind the scenes we have learned that the pentagon, the administration is now looking at military strategies, options,
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plans, whatever you want to call it. they are now sitting down and looking at what could they do. they don't want to wait for president obama to ask them, so they're going through this exercise of saying what capabilities do we have, what could we do, what would the risks be, what would the benefits be, would it make a difference? no one is going so far as to say much about the specifics. would it be humanitarian assistance? would it be something else? we are clearly now getting the first signals that the u.s. military and commanders are having a much closer look at the situation and what they might be able to provide if the president were to change his mind and call for some type of military option, kyra. >> okay. and a military campaign in syria, i was talking with general kimmitt yesterday, he said it would be extremely challenging. >> reporter: it would be very difficult. geography and the neighborhood would dictate a lot of this. the map tells you everything,
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doesn't it? iran, israel both in the neighborhood. both very sensitive to any changes in syria. a very heavy civilian population concentrated in so many places. how would you sort out civilians from regime forces? what about syrias chemical and biological weapons? are those secure? and a nightmare scenario to add on to everything else that's already a nightmare. what if the assad regime was to suddenly collapse and you had no power structure in syria? what kind of civil war? what kind of bloodshed would result? and what on earth would you do about that? this is a tough situation in any direction you look, kyra. >> barbara starr, we'll keep talking about this story obviously throughout the morning and throughout the afternoon. the world is paying close attention to everything that's taking place in syria. cnn's max foster has been following that for us out of london. the global reaction that yesterday and today still pretty
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intense. >> reporter: yeah, kyra. very much focused on why russia and china really blocked the u.n. on moving on syria. the implications for them. the comment real poly particular without realism. a russia aims to block anymore military interventions but none will be needed because assad's regime will eventually be overthrown. that will leave moscow mourning its lost influence in the region as well as the end of its lucrative military contracts thus putin's real poly particular has finally lost its most important attribute which is realism. the international herald tribune looks at china's perspective under the headline why beijing votes with moscow. in the eyes of the pragmatic chinese the assad regime is not worth a veto. china apparently decided it was better not to jeopardize relations with the russians and risk losing russian support when beijing might need it in the future. the national in the united arab
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emirates under the headline a great game in the middle east plays syria like a pawn. this is looking at the bigger picture. syria's conflict and the standoff over iran's nuclear program are unfolding against a back drop of intensified regional and global strategic rivalry marked by the reemergence of old powers and the emergence of new ones. all of which combines to create a middle east landscape less predictable and more turbulent than it's ever been. certainly seems that way. >> max foster following syria for us. thanks, max. back here in the states wall street beginning its day on a high. stocks open at the highest level since may 2008. christine romans joining us from new york. christine, stocks are just one part of the recovery. >> they certainly are. jobs are the other part of the recovery, housing too. quite frankly, ben bernanke, the fed chief, was a little bit concerned about housing and the job market. so many people are long-term unemployed. a new number we're zeroing in on.
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a labor turnover number that shows that there are 3.4 million job openings right now at the end of december in this country. 3.4 million job openings. that's the highest, kyra, we've had in about three, three and a half years. it shows you there are positions available out there. we also know from that same data from the labor department that we're holding on to our jobs for dear life. the rate at which people are quitting their jobs, they're leaving their jobs is still very, very low. so some of that, i don't know, churn we usually have in the labor market still isn't back, kyra. >> okay. christine, thanks. rick santorum gives the tea party lots of credit for his three-state sweep last night. one tea party leader says the movement is dead and gone. we're going to talk about that straight ahead. plus the 911 tapes from that deadly explosion at josh powell's home. hear the dramatic phone calls next.
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police in washington state have released chilling 911 tapes from that explosion at josh powell's home. powell who was a suspect in the 2009 disappearance of his wife killed himself and his two young sons on sunday. police say he took a hatchet to his kids, then he set the house on fire. now the heart stopping call from the social worker who had just dropped the children off. she calls 911 right after the explosion. take a listen. >> people are saying there's not somebody here but i was just
6:14 am
there and there is somebody here. there's two little boys in the house. they're five and seven. there's an adult than. he has supervised visitation and he blew up the house. >> the kids and the father were in the house? >> yeah. yes. he slammed the door in my face. so i kept knocking. i thought it was a mistake. i kept knocking and then i called 911. >> funeral services for powell's two sons, 7-year-old charlie and 5-year-old brayden will be held saturday. it's time to check stories happening cross-country now. san francisco supporters of same-sex marriage celebrate a victory. federal appeals court ruled california's prop 8 is unconstitutional. they'll fight on to the supreme court. in texas a car cash catches on fire. he said heavy smoke was under the hood before it ignited. firefighters were able to extinguish the flames. a texas boy is recovering
6:15 am
after being malled by a mountain lion. the family was on vacation in big ben national park when the lye on snuck up on the kid. he stabbed the lion and the lion ran away. rick santorum, the wild card, wins all three states. a burst of momentum and a shout out to the tea party movement. >> tonight was a victory for the voices of our party, conservatives and tea party people who are out there every single day in the vineyards building the conservative movement in this country, building the base of the republican party, and building a voice for freedom in this land. thank you. >> here's the question. the tea party people, is that the force in 2010? patricia murphy of "the daily beast" writes after months of wondering how the tea party would change the primary game, leaders inside the movement admit they never came in off the sidelines for the tea party movement, the 2012 presidential
6:16 am
primaries have been a bust. patricia, even one tea party leader i saw said to you, no, the movement is dead, but according to rick santorum, he's giving the tea party max street kred right here. >> absolutely. what the tea party has done is disburse itself among the other candidates who are not mitt romney. some of them are even supporting mitt romney. the problem they tell me is that none of these candidates have captured their imagination. they are not able to unleash the energy for themselves the way that obama was able to unleash the energy against him in 2010. so that we've seen a real dispersal. they have not organized themselves. the head of the tea party patriots have told me they probably won't endorse anybody. none of the candidates is good enough for them. they've taken themselves out of the game when gop elders asked how are they going to keep themselves from running the show. they say they're not running it. >> the tea party might not be defaming the can date but they might be defining the issues.
6:17 am
>> the reason i did this story is i looked at what happened in nevada and florida with romney winning huge pieces of the tea party movement. they told me, the people in the tea party movement, told me listen we're not picking the guy. we have already picked the issues. every single candidate is talking about fiscal responsibility. every candidate is talking about the constitution, which really was not a good -- you didn't hear a lot of talk about the constitution in 2008, 2004. it wasn't so cool to be all about the founding fathers. you can't get through a single stump speech without hearing about the founding fathers, deficits, the debt. the tea party movement absolutely has changed the conversation but they themselves say none of these candidates is doing what we want them to do. so we're not getting in it. >> let's take a listen to tea party leader dick army. >> we'll build a legislative law. we'll either be walling our republican president in or walling a democrat president out but we will -- our aim is to
6:18 am
make the legislative initiative come from the house and the senate, not wait upon the white house. >> all right. so is he saying, forget about the white house. let's just focus and go after congress? >> yeah. >> are you hearing that from other people as well? >> absolutely. they're saying they don't want to be tainted by any one of these gop nominees. they feel like rick santorum was all about earmarks when he was in office. they said that newt gingrich and mitt romney both were for the individual mandate and they were for t.a.r.p. so offensive to tea party members. what they want to do is focus on the local level. ohio tea party had a big victory a few months ago putting in a health care mandate that would free them from the health care mandate. they're looking at local elections. that's where they want to have their efforts focused. that's where they want to make a difference. they, themselves, say nobody at the national level is good enough for them so they're not getting in it. >> patricia murphy, thanks so much. >> thank you. straight ahead, we are
6:19 am
talking about americans borrowing rates at the highest amounts in a decade apparently. people are running up their plastic, taking out big loans. we'll take you live to the new york stock exchange. and kate middleton going solo. prince william is deployed. duchess of cambridge takes on her first official duty. we'll take you there. [ male announcer ] we know you don't wait until the end of the quarter to think about your money... ♪ that right now, you want to know where you are, and where you'd like to be. we know you'd like to see the same information your advisor does so you can get a deeper understanding of what's going on with your portfolio. we know all this because we asked you, and what we heard helped us create pnc wealth insight, a smarter way to work with your pnc advisor, so you can make better decisions and live achievement.
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while her hubby's away kate's stepping out. the duchess of cambridge is doing her first solo royal duty as prince william continues his deployment in the falklands. max foster on that story for us. give us the scoop, max. inside scoop. >> they're easing her in, that's
6:22 am
the inside scoop. her first solo outing. she has another one next week which will be much more media, much more access. tonight she's visiting the national portrait gallery. she's taken on the pat throw naming of that. we are allowed to film with her, only as she arrives and does a few hand shakes on the inside. then she goes in for a private view. so they're seeing how it goes on this first one and then we'll find out more next time. this is her first outing. the first chance for her to define herself really in her own right whilst her husband is away causing some controversy. >> they're getting ready to rock for the queen. >> yeah. that's something william is participating in. there's going to be a big concert on the monday. it will be a big event. we'll show you an animation of what it's going to look like. if you imagine last time in the golden june bill lee.
6:23 am
all the crowds were out in back. this is in front of buckingham palace. a spectacular stage. half a million people are due to be able to see that as an audience. the biggest gig, really, in british history. you have the likes of tom jones, paul mccart any, elton john. they're looking for big american performers to come in as well. they're working on that. william and harry involved. choosing "the artist"s for the lineup. we're getting a taste of their musical tastes as well. there will be a fantastic event. just to the right of that crowd, kyra, hopefully on the big day. >> we'll be following it with you for sure. max foster, thanks. spend, spend, spend, that is definitely the american way. things changed during the recession, but now they are turning around. people taking out loans to finance their purchases. alison kosik, tough time. we're talking about a lot of
6:24 am
borrowing. >> a lot of borrowing. you know what, borrowing, taking on debt. it's as american as apple pie. to stay in that spirit guess how much americans borrowed just in december? just in december americans borrowed $2.5 trillion. that's a lot of money. we did see this trend really shoot up through the roof in november. these are some of the biggest back to back gains we've seen in ten years. here's what's interesting when you look at this data. a good part of this borrowing is coming from people taking on student loans. that's a good thing. it shows that people are either going back to school or going to school. then of course you look at the tried and true borrowing that people are making. they're taking out car loans, credit card debt. that went up, too. this uptick in borrowing, it really caught our eye because borrowing, as you said, kyra, it really fell off a cliff during the recession. banks stopped lending. people defaulted on their loans. they didn't spend as much money. people may be borrowing more clearly because their incomes haven't been growing. there's a good part to this,
6:25 am
too, because the rebound is also seen as a sign of confidence. hey, it boosts the economy in the end. the old american way. taking on debt, kyra. >> just a few minutes away from the opening bell. what are you foreseeing? >> wall street's pretty optimistic this morning. you saw that yesterday. stocks rallied late in the session and it looks like stocks are going to be higher again in about five minutes when they open. look, everybody's hoping that greek leaders are going to be able to hammer out a deal to cut spending and these aren't easy cuts to make. you're lacking at job cuts, pay cuts in greece, pension reforms. all of these are politically unpopular moves, but greece has to accept them at this point if it wants to get its bailout of $170 billion. it needs that money to pay its bills next month. wall street's kind of sweet on it, optimistic that it's finally going to happen. we shall see. >> alison kosik, new york stock exchange. thanks. a syrian resident says they can't count the dead anymore. forces apparently ripping the
6:26 am
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checking top stories now. rick santorum's campaign getting a big boost today. last night he swept three gop presidential contests. minnesota, missouri, and colorado. all air bus a 380 super jumbo jets will be checked for possible cracks in their wings. the european safety agency ordered this, but the jets won't be grounded. seven airlines fly these planes worldwide. prosecutors in pennsylvania want former penn state coach jerry sandusky to stay indoors as part of his house arrest. he's cuesed of sexually abusing young boys over a 15 year
6:30 am
period. recently there's been complaints that sandusky has been watching school children from the back porch of his house. senator john mccain says the u.s. should give the rebels weapons in syria. the white house says it's sticking with sanctions for now. however, the pentagon is looking at military options. opposition groups say the syrian forces have killed nearly 50 people today in homs, including three entire families. a resident there even saying, we can't count the dead anymore. as for president bashir al-assad,'s refusing to step down despite pressure. >> your days are numbered and it is time and pastime for you to transfer power responsibly and peacefully. the longer you hang on, the more damage you do yourself, your family, your interests and, indeed, your country. >> and a heed hendy can tell us
6:31 am
more about a saz. he's a syrian activist and dissident. you were imprisoned and tortured by syrian authorities. i was reading about your story. what can you tell us about the brutality of this regime? >> the regime is very brutal. they don't act like they are the head of the state. they act like a move yeah. i was jailed five years ago. it was so brutal. now the brutality increased. a lot of people being killed in the prison. they are poking the eyes of prisoners inside the prison in syria. now when we are speaking a lot of cities are being shelled by assad forces. houses are being destroyed. there is no way to communicate to those people on the ground except when we talk to them on sat phone. >> what happened to you? describe how you were treated when you were in prison there. >> i was jailed five years ago because i founded a secular group in da mags cass
6:32 am
university. they put me in solitary confinement. it has no windows or toilet. very dark. they used all kind of torture. psychological torture. they told me you're going to stay here for two years. we're going to get your family here. we're going to rape your family. i was physically tortured. i had no access to my lawyer, no access to my family. my family thought i was dead or killed. they were looking for me at the morgues of the hospitals. it's unbelievable. this is five years ago, they were better. now the situation is really, really -- i mean, i have friends who lost their life. they were killed. they were sent to their families body parts. >> so let me ask you, if you could call the shots, if you could come face to face with president obama, what would you say? what would you tell him? and what would you tell military commanders? would you say, okay, sanks, humanitarian aid, arm the rebels, mr. president, or would you say to the military, you've got to respond? >> this is not enough. president obama, the secretary
6:33 am
of state are calling assad a dictator. we know that. that's why we protested against him. we need support for the army. there are a lot of defectors. they have no support. russia is supporting assad regime. russia is supplying weapons to the syrian army that is killing us. the defectors are left alone by themselves. they're using the weapons that they got from the army after they defected. they have nothing. they the have nothing else other than a normal weapon, individual weapons. we need them and i agree with senator mccain, there should be support for the rebels. there is no way to have assad stop the killing other than military intervention. he will not listen to people telling him to step down. nothing will stop the tanks from firing on people. if someone would come and stop the soldier that is firing on the people and killing the civilians in syria. >> is this in your eyes? will bashar al-assad be ousted? >> i think bashar al-assad should be ousted. there's nothing that would stop
6:34 am
him from killing the people. he will not oust himself. he would not step down by himself. it has been like almost a year and nothing has done. he's only blaming the things on experience and the united states, on europe, on the arabic countries. he is not doing any kind of reform. now while he promised the russian foreign minister to reform, his forces kill more than 50 people. we can't believe assad. we don't trust assad. what we need from the international community, not to do the double standard. they help the libyan people. why they not helping the syrian people. we are human beings just like the libyan, just like any other people on the earth. we are being killed by our own government and nobody is helping us. >> as you can see, it's definitely right there on the table, not only with our military commanders but also the president of the united states. we'll follow the story. we appreciate your personal perspective. nkts thank you. >> go to for
6:35 am
complete coverage of the crisis in syria. michelle obama like you've never seen her before. that's coming up after the break. >> so this looks like a pretty interesting space. what goes on in here? >> well, this is our lab, and really what happens here is we have interns that take things that we think might be in the magazine and they try to recreate them. they take the author's recipe in a sense and test it. we're like a test kitchen for makers. i don't want healthy skin for a day.
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it's a physical fit nes fit challenge. michelle obama and jimmy fallen.
6:39 am
okay, who's stronger? >> who do you think? who do you think? >> my guess it's the first lady. >> well, i'm going to have to show you a little video proof. the first lady has been making promotional appearances to talk about her let's move initiative. it's a program to get kids physically active. yeah, she challenged late night's jimmy fallen to a competition. let's take a full look at how all of this went down. >> well, jimmy, that was fun. thank you so much for coming to the white house and raising awareness for let's move. >> it was my pleasure. i think, you know, the most important thing for the kids to learn is that it's all about being active and having fun. it doesn't matter if you won or if you lost, you know? >> it matters. >> double or nothing. >> i know jimmy is a sports guy. he's probably pretty active himself, but i think, kyra, looking at him next to the first lady, most people are betting on mrs. obama.
6:40 am
no offense, jimmy, but that's just my take, kyra. >> jimmy kind of looks like jane fonda, don't you think? the tight spandex and the reboks with the leg warmers. >> that was kyra phillips that said that, jimmy. >> let's follow up on the super bowl shall shall we? what's the latest on madonna? >> also somebody who's in terrific shape. madonna now rolling out her world tour. that's going to keep her plenty active. the tour will kick off in israel on may 29th. take her to europe, australia, where, by the way, she hasn't performed in 20 years. she'll be playing here in the united states 26 cities in all in august and september. i bet she might add a couple of dates to that. there will be a show at yankee stadium which will be a huge blowout. we all know she's a terrific performer and smart business person. the tour will be made up close to 90 shows so far. billboard it makes the biggest show she's ever done. the last time she hit the road was in 2008.
6:41 am
she played 85 shows. according to billboard that tour closed $408 million. of course she's coming off her super bowl appearance. she's got a new album coming out in -- that's next month, march. kyra, we'll obviously have a lot of madonna news coming up. >> stay tuned. thanks. one of don cornelius's biggest regrets. a.j. reveals it in the next hour of "cnn newsroom." he used to call himself a historian. now it's thief. that's because he admits to stealing more than a million bucks worth of history. that story straight ahead. for t. helping millions of americans retire on their terms. when they want. where they want. doing what they want. ameriprise. the strength of a leader in retirement planning. the heart of 10,000 advisors working with you one-to-one. together for your future. ♪
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eating too much salt. 90% of us are guilty of it. the food that's responsible for most of our sodium intake might surprise you. it's bread. the cdc says that while bread may not contain a lot of salt, eating too much of it will push your sodium intake to unhealthy levels. well, it's given that when you go to war you're definitely going to have to defend yourself from the enemy, but for thousands of our men and women in uniform, they never expected their enemy would be their fellow soldier, marine, or sail lor. it's not only devastating but heart breaking to tell you that if you're a woman in the armed
6:45 am
forces, you are more likely to be raped by a co-worker than killed by the enemy. the number of cases is outrageous, and the department of defense now admits it has to be dealt with differently than it has in the past. congresswoman jackie spear has solutions, and she writes about this crisis on, the opinion page. congresswoman, it's so great to have you on. this is an issue that i feel very strongly about as well. and you know a lot of these victims who do come forward, they're ridiculed, they're threatened by their commanders. many of the men in the military say, see, this is why we don't need women in the military so they're scared to come forward. in your op ed piece you actually focus on one egregious case. tell us how our military failed army special list andrea newtslig. >> she was an mp. she was sexually a saultd. she reported it to her
6:46 am
commander. the commander chose not to do anything about it so she got the message, just suck it up. she then subsequently was sexually assaulted again, did not report it. the third time she was raped, and at first she did not report it but then when her -- one of her colleagues told her that there was a video of the rape that was being spread around, she then reported it. and what happened was a crime in and of itself. because the two that committed the crime who admitted to raping her were about to be removed from the war zone, the two commanders got together and said, you know, this would forestall any ability for the unit to move and leave the war zone so we're just not going to do anything about it. under the system, that's legal. >> that's what i want to ask you about is that i have some really great sources within the va and
6:47 am
they deal with women and men, by the way, that have been raped. and what is so astounding to me is how most of these cases never even reach the prosecution level. why is that? >> well, first of all, there's 19,000 sexual assaults or rapes a year. those are by dod's own statisti statistics. only 13% report. of that 13%, 90% of those victims who reported are involuntarily honorably discharged. so there's a real sense that if you report it, if you want a career in the military, you're going to be discharged. furthermore, because the power is all within the commander, your unit commander, who is judge and jury, makes the decision whether to prosecute, not prosecute, provide what is called non-judicial penalties, believe it or not. so you rape someone and you could be given, you know, five days on base. and that's your, quote, penalty
6:48 am
for having done such a violent act against another human being. you're right, men and women in the military are being raped. in fact, because there's so many more men in the military than women, there's 6,000 rapes of men a year. it crosses both genders, and it is a system that is raught with conflict of interest. it's an issue that the congress has known about for almost a quarter of a century and we're great at holding hearings and asking for task forces and reports, and then we create certain agencies within the department of defense that really have no authority and think that we've somehow fixed the problem. >> let me ask you about that. you say that dod cannot investigate itself, especially when it comes down to this. there's got to be a new office of oversight and response. tell me what you're doing right now and do you have hope that an outside organization will be brought in to investigate these cases and that d.o.d. will not do it within? >> so i have introduced hr 3435
6:49 am
which is a bill that makes the whole function of reporting rape something that's done outside of the commanding unit. so someone's raped. they go to this new office that's created that will have the authority to investigate, to prosecute, and to provide services to the victim. and so then you don't have the conflict of interest that's inherent in a system where the unit commander is concerned about, you know, his unit, how it's going reflect on him or her, if he's got a rape going on within his unit. so by taking it out of the chain of command, we then have an outside source that's doing it but still within the military. >> congresswoman, we will definitely follow your efforts. we're working on an in depth piece on this and we appreciate your support. you can see the full piece that she wrote about the rape epidemic in the u.s. military and her solutions.
6:50 am
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6:52 am
we're following lots of developments for you. let's check in with mark preston. >> what a stunning night last night in the race for the republican presidential nomination. rick santorum scored a political hat trick. i'll have more at the top of the hour. >> reporter: i'm ivan watson.syrian military is conducting an artillery assault on a residential neighborhood in the city of homs. activists tell us more than 50 have been killed in a single day. i'll have the latest in the
6:53 am
coming hour. >> reporter: and i'm breeann ma ma brianna dealer at the white house. the white house is working overtime to calm concerns over the catholic voters. i'll have details. >> thanks so much. also straight ahead, a vicious beating goes viral even before the cops can get involved. and now the fbi is investigating the case. o. hello. it's water from the drinking fountain at the mall. [ male announcer ] great tasting tap water can come from any faucet anywhere. the brita bottle with the filter inside. [♪...] >> announcer: with just a few details, an identity thief is able to change access to your bank accounts and make your money his money. [♪...] [whirring] you need lifelock, the only identity theft protection company that now monitors bank accounts for takeover fraud. [popping and spattering]
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it's the most comprehensive identity theft protection available. lifelock. call 1-800-lifelock or go to today.
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6:56 am
it's wednesday. and we're still talking about the super bowl and the gap between your teeth when you were a kid. >> no, that never happened. the secrets are to be kept secret. it wasn't just the talk still. they're singing, doing everything. the most watched tv show in history. giants got their big parade through new york and new jersey yesterday. they got the keys to the city and then andre brown led them in serenading fans with this song. >> what do you got? >> i got a ring. >> i got a ring. >> they got a ring. >> they got a ring. >> we got a ring. >> we got a ring. >> we got a ring! >> and guess what.
6:57 am
i got two. >> justin tuck, i got two. didn't work very much on the lyrics, but you get the point. and of course patriots fans still licking their wounds. the patriots expected tom braidky to come new. the giants get the safety before the intentional grounding. there's a big bet on that. and it will be company natured to charity. and more tomorrow. >> is that? >> that's it. >> you just got the big rap? >> i got the please be quiet immediately. >> i guess we can't talk about bradying until tomorrow. thanks so much, jeff. jeanne moos, take it away. >> reporter: why just play the car radio when you can play the car? ♪ i've been waiting for you
6:58 am
>> reporter: so unusual, weed a to make up a name for it. drive-by what? >> i guess it's drive-by rock and roll. >> reporter: rock and roll and over 1100 homemade instruments like glass jars and pipe. the group, okay go, has gone and done it again after making music videos on treadmills. and with a dozen leaping dogs. and with a goldberg contraption big enough to fill a warehouse. now okay go is going on the road. the lead singer says it took four months of prep and four days of shooting in the california desert on a two mile track in a car that deployed seven arms. >> if you're off by a little bit, you you rip the armses off. we broke dozens of those arms. >> reporter: his fellow band members turned levers to deploy the arms.
6:59 am
>> each piano, we had to tune the about the half of it down to one note so that no matter where you'd hit it, you'd get the same note. >> reporter: damian had to take a stunt driving course. and he says the ricky part wasn't driving fast, it was driving at the perfect speed. >> the guitar solo is about 42, which doesn't sound like much, but on the edge of a cliff with turns in it, it's scary. >> reporter: did he say guitar solo? ♪ >> the guitars were played with a fishing rod. >> reporter: 288 guitars with four of their six strings removed. chevrolet paid for the project and gave okay go total krae difference freedom we also the new chevy sonic. in which change, they got to use their material in a commercial that first aired in the super bowl. the car even ran over hoses that blew air in to tubas. to commemorate the video, ok go
7:00 am
is selling car air freshers with their faces on them. >> i think i might be new car smell. i hope i'm new car smell. >> reporter: new car smell with a top note of dusty guitar. je jeanne moos, cnn, new york. good morning. it's the to which the hour. thanks so much for joining us. republicans awake ton a reshaped presidential race. rick santorum working on a shoestring budget and a skeleton satisfy southwest the last lee votes. last night's trifecta suggests that his popularity is growing. his biggest win, colorado. a state that mitt romney easily won just four years ago. in minnesota and missouri, well,
7:01 am
santorum won even more decisi decisively. and the money followed. a quarter million dollars in online donations poured in last night and santorum says his campaign is building some mojo. >> even as we were pot doing particularly well in florida and nevada, we saw our contributions online just continue to go up. this last couple weeks have been frankly the best two weeks we've had of the campaign fund-raising wise. so it's not just those three states, but i believe conservatives are beginning to get it that we provide the best opportunity to beat president obama. >> mark preston with me. i'm going to give you major kudos. you said yesterday do not forget rick santorum. this is the wild card. he may pull off some surprises. did you have some insight? >> you know, here's the thing about santorum. i covered him in congress and he is somebody who is a fighter. you might not necessarily agree with his politics and you fight not like how he acts sometimes. but he is a fighter and you
7:02 am
wouldn't want someone like him in the foxhole. >> does this revive his campaign? >> absolutely does. mitt romney in many ways is still the frontrunner. he has the money and organization. as you accurately portrayed, rick santorum running on a shoestring budget. we will see an influx of money in the next 24 hours. you will start to see social conservatives perhaps very prominent social conservatives rally to his candidacy and rick santorum how can say he is the viable alternative to mitt romney. >> and you layout the lee states that he won. colorado, minnesota, missouri. do we care some does it matter? >> let's put it in golf terms. a birdie is a birdie is a birdie, right? when you get about in to the clubhouse and you look at the scorecard, you don't say, wow, i was in the woods but i got it out. bottom line is he won. he won three victories last
7:03 am
night. nobody can take that away from him. >> okay. we're keeping our eye on him. all these surprises keep coming in to the fold. thanks, mark. well, here's a look at where the other candidates are today. newt gingrich is in cleveland, ohio where the primary is nearly a month away. ohio a key battleground state in presidential locations. and then mitt romney campaigning right here in atlanta. he'll actually be attending a fund-raiser. paul steinhauser live in wall, so, paul, why don't we begin with mitt romney. he down played expectations in these states. city way ahead in delegates. but is this another chink in the armor? >> you're right. we saw it yesterday the romney campaign saying not that big a deal. missouri, it's a beauty contest they said. but mitt romney did go to minnesota. it was his first stop after his victory in florida and he spent the last two days in colorado. he was hoping for a big
7:04 am
celebration will this last night. didn't get it. i was talking to a romney adviser this morning and they're saying we will talk more about rick santorum now. maybe not to the degree they went after newt gingrich after rom if i's loss in south carolina, but it was telling in romney's speech, he didn't mention any other republican, but he did highlight that he was the only candidate on either party that has never never worked in washington. so they'll try to paint santorum as a washington insider, but for the romney campaign, yes, this is all about delegates. they're looking ahead. a bump in the road they say. but let's be honest, it hurt. >> newt gingrich definitely put all his eggs in the south carolina basket and he won, but has not had much success since then. what do you think he can do to rebound and can he? >> this is tough for him, as well. he is trying for say that i'm the conservative alternative to romney. last night that didn't help. but he plans to march ahead and look towards the super tuesday
7:05 am
contest, ten states including a number of southern states where he thinks he can do well and he says he'll go all the way to the convention. but another showing like tonight down the road is pot going to help him one bit. it is tough for him. and if it hurts his fund-raising, it gets even more difficult. >> paul, thanks so much. and much more throughout the day on rick santorum's triple win. for last night's full results, just go to cnn now syria and a pledge to end the violence shattered within hours. government forces bombarding residential areas and activists say that they're storming homes there, searching for rebel fighters. one opposition group even says troops killed three unarmed families. >> from yesterday to today, i've seen terrible bodies in the street and still body has we can't move, they've been shot by
7:06 am
snipers. if we try to move the body, you get shot by the same sniper a shot the first person. they have have been bombarding us with rockets, shells, hitting us with anti-air tanks. >>ed escalating violence seems to fly in the face of an assurance from syria's key ally, russia, had reported that syrian president assad promised to end the blood shed. now patience is running thin across the world and in particular washington. u.n. ambassador susan rice says it's time for assad to step down. >> your days are numbered and it is time and past time for you to transfer power responsibly and peacefully. the longer you you hang on, the more damage you do yourself, your family, your interests and indeed your country. >> ivan, any realistic hope for a diplomatic resolution here?
7:07 am
what's your take? >> the incredible thing is that while the russian foreign minister was meeting with assad yesterday, the artillery assault on this residential neighborhood was continuing. and the residents there that we spoke to, they said they were woken up at 5:00 a.m. with more of the artillery assault. the video we've seen coming out of that shows apartment blocks, houses being pounded by who are tar shells, but artillery. that is indiscriminate artillery fire in to densely populated residential communities with locals telling us that more than 50 people have been killed today alone. so do we think there could an negotiated settlement or an end to the conflict some it does not look like that. that is only one of several cities in syria where we are hearing reports of the syrian army using artillery against residential civilian communities in their offensive.
7:08 am
it does not look like any negotiated settlement or any way out of this is possible. i spoke with one activist in damascus, she said both supporters and opponents of the regime are getting guns themselves, arms themselves. she warned that a disaster is rapidly coming to this country. >> i've van watson there in turkey. thank you. the world is paying close attention to the crisis in sy a syria. max foster is following that. at times, we're able to connect with activists there in syria, so it's possible as we're talking that we may get connected to a phone call. so just a heads up. >> thank you. that's the important story really. in the meantime, we can look at the commentary really in the international press because they're trying to grapple 34r5urly with this decision by russia and china to block action at the united nations.
7:09 am
the moscow times, a russian paper, russia aims to block anymore military interventions, but none will be needed because it will eventually be overthrown. that will leave mots cow mourning it lost influence in the region as well as the end of its lucrative military contracts. thus putin's reality has lost realism. the harold tribune focusing on the china story, why beijing votes with moscow. china apparently decided it was better not jeopardize relations with russians and risk losing russian support when beijing might need it in the future. so an interesting perspective there. and the national and united arab emirates looking at the bigger picture here, great game in the middle east plays syria like a pawn. syria's conflict and the standoff over iran's nuclear
7:10 am
program are unfolding against a backdrop of intentional strategic rivalry. >> and max, as i told you, we did get one of the activists on the line out of homs. if you want to ask a question, feel free because you've been following the global reaction here. abu rami is on the phone. we appreciate you so much calling in. could you just describe the scene for us right now in homs? >> okay. i'm glad to have the opportunity to describe to what you we are facing here in homs city and in the area in general -- in particular, sorry. will city is under she willing for the fourth day in a row and no one knows nothing from else because the regime are cutting off the city and every kind of
7:11 am
connection. all of this kind of connection. the situation here, the explosions every five minutes we have at least three explosions. they are targeted, she willing m far distance, using many kind of weapons. they are -- we have more than 60 people killed. five children are infants. they were killed because -- the conditions of medical is so bad, too. yesterday they targeted the hospital and they killed three doctors of this hospital. so it is very difficult to rescue these people. we have limited supplies.
7:12 am
more than 100 wounded people. we can't rescue them or give them any necessary assistance. >> abu, let me ask you about some particulars. we've been reporting that syrian troops are storming a number of the homes there, pulling families out and killing them right on the spot. we've had reports that you just aren't able to count the dead anymore, there are so many dead bodies on the streets. and if indeed someone tries to go and rescue somebody that has been shot or injured, that they are shot in the process. can you confirm any of that and give me a sense for how bad it is right now to be living there and are you afraid to open your door? >> yes, yes. everything that you said is
7:13 am
correct i just wanted to make sure that the homs city are surrounded and each neighborhood inside the city are surrounded, too. so any person who is trying to go out and escape from this neighborhood, they may be shot or maybe die because of the explosions because of the bombings. yesterday two families tried to escape from their neighborhood. but they were waiting by the security and shot and they captured them and killed them by using the knives and machine guns to kill them. every person who try to go out from the area will be captured
7:14 am
or killed. >> abu, can i just ask and you question quickly about the -- homs is the opposition strong hold and there's an effort here to try to damage the on thats and weaken the opposition. how much is your position being weakened and are you actually getting any support, any arms from outside the country, what support are you getting? >> yes, okay. well, about the support, we have army in the area but this is no arm resistance. this shelling were from outside. they throw bombs in area from outside area. so the army is useless in this case. can't protect civilians from bombing. who can protect anyone from the bombs coming outside from the
7:15 am
skies. we don't know where these bombings are coming into this area. the people here are feeling so panicked. they don't know what to do. they are still in their home trying to hide in the baechlt or any area far from the explosion. >> has president assad addressed your people? >> sorry? >> abu, are you still with me? >> yes, i'm with you. >> you can tell me about about president assad has addressed you and the people? >> no, he just say that outside world that everything is okay and that he wants to try to make negotiation between the opposition. and we have him here a month ago go when he say to cnn that i am
7:16 am
not responsible of what's going on in syria. who is going to believe him and he is the leader of army in syria. he's responsible of every kind of violence against civilians here. every people who goes out to the streets is calling they love him, they were paid, they have money from regime. you have to look for homs city, all of the cities don't wants a sad oig to still continue in his rule. we need to call assad a criminal. we need the people here in homs in particular, they won't stop until assad be banished. >> abu rami calling in to us.
7:17 am
please keep us posted. and any details you may have, as you know, we have limited access. we've been banned from that area. so either's hard to confirm exactly what's happening in your country. all we are have are people like you calling in and activists like you posting video so we can get a firsthand look what is happening inside of syria. we'll continue to follow the crisis in syria for you. more here in the cnn news room. [ jody ] four course feast. man it's great. the guests love it. [ male announcer ] red lobster's four course seafood feast is back. get soup, salad, cheddar bay biscuits, dessert and choose one of 7 entrees. four courses for only $15. offer ends soon. i'm jody gonzalez, red lobster manager and i sea food differently.
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a vicious beating in broad daylight in atlanta. and it was all caught on video
7:20 am
and posted on the internet. now the victim is coming forward. what's the latest? >> today at noon eastern time, we will hear from the victim for the first time since this video surfaced. before we show this video, i just want to warn you at home, if you have children in the room, you may want to ask will them to leave. it is a very violent piece of video that we're going to show you. but this is the video that we're talking about. and police believe that this video was put up online on saturday. you see here several men, three men in the video, beating, kicking the vehicle i am here, the young man who went into the store. on the video, they throw a tire at him advertise and he walks away -- he gets away from this, but again, a very vicious beating that the men apparently uploaded on youtube wanting people to see what they did. and all the while laughing, making derogatory comments about the victim's sexual orientation. we also saw police yesterday and we have crime scene video that
7:21 am
police went back to the scene yesterday to look for evidence. again, this is several days after police believe that this beating happened, but they're looking for evidence. atlanta police is involved, also the fbi looking in to what happened. and they believe that the victim got away, but it took a long time to track him down. he has been in hiding basically since the video surfaced. >> let me clarify something because we'll talk about it after the break. it was posted on world star hip hop, not youtube. right? or you said youtube. is it on youtube, as well? >> no, it's world sar hip hstar hop, known for posting videos like this. >> fight videos. we've talked about this website before and you've been reading about this website. nothing really confirmed, but from the research that you've done, this is a website that has been gone after before with regard to lawsuits because of what it posts, is that right? >> it's a very contentious website and people monitor the
7:22 am
website. the reason police found out about the site is after the affiliates here in atlanta started covering the story, they found the video, they covered the story, aired the video. then police got involved. >> it's being investigated as a hate crime now. >> it could be. in fact this statement from the u.s. attorney sally yates, combatting gang activity is a priority and as potential civil rights violations are based on a person's sexual orientation. meaning that they are looking in to this and it could very well be a hate crime. >> racial slurs were heard as this young man was being beaten. >> yes. >> we'll talk more about this and why it is you're able to go on line and see video like this. how they get posted, we'll talk to a legal expert who says the answer isn't so simple when it comes to the question of can you have these videos taken off these websites and hold these
7:23 am
individuals accountable. so stay with us. ♪ my sunglasses. [ tires screech ] ♪ oh, it was the first time i fell in love ♪ ♪ the first time i felt my heart ♪ [ man ] people say i'm forgetful. [ horn honking ] ♪ ...all through the night [ man ] maybe that's why we go to so many memorable places. ♪ [ male announcer ] the subaru outback.
7:24 am
love the road you're on.
7:25 am
i want to stay with this story. a 30 second video clip of a brutal beating. a group of men ambushing and taking down a young man white shouting gay slurs. if you wanted to watch the video, it's easy. all you have to do is just click on it and there it is. uncensured. so what is a website's legal responsibility with videos like will? paul, is it always protecteded by the first amendment? >> i think a lot of people would be surprised by this, but, yes,
7:26 am
generally is protected by the first amendment. and what i find to be very disturbing about this video in particular is -- and this particular website that published it, almost looks like it's creating a competition by lawless people, by gangs, to post the most violent video because you'll get published on this particular website. and it strikes me that most people would think there must be something illegal about that. but the first amendment protects expression. and it protects publication of such video. and frankly in, the end, cnn how is published it. so if you had a law saying you couldn't publish this, all of the broadcast networks even the legitimate ones could be subject to government censorship. >> but you publish child porn, you're toast. these are beatings of innocent people, these are racial slurs. it's being investigated as a hate crime. this is -- why are you able to
7:27 am
publish a website and be able to put this on without any recourse? >> well, because the u.s. constitution which ensures premie of speech and free publication of even controversial ideas has been interpreted by the supreme court and by the way the last time they really made a decision in this area was 1964 involving publicly kag of a ku klux klan rally and a claim against an individual who spoke at that rally that he was inciting violence. and the court has said unless you can prove that the person involved in the publication and the person making the speech knew that what they were doing was going to cause imminent violence, there's no crime and you cannot be prosecuted. so in the case of the website here, they're going to say we're not trying to inspire violence. and as a matter of fact, our publication of this has given the police evidence to investigate. so they're going to say we're actually helping law enforcement. that would be a hard defense to get around.
7:28 am
and the other thought i would leave you with having watched your coverage of what's going on in syria, the syrian government would probably love to come in and say publication of those videos are in-smiring rebels to attack legitimate soldiers of the syrian government. and that's exactly the kind of suppression of free speech i think that we try avoid in the united states. >> you would wish there would be an ethical responsibility, though. i mean, youtube says it doesn't post graphic violence, disturbing footage or video that contains hate speech. at least that's out there and there's an effort to have a conscience when it comes to this. it will be interesting to see how this all unfolds. we'll keep talking about it. >> it's called journalistic ethics. >> paul, thanks. rick santorum had a sweep of
7:29 am
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7:31 am
political buzz. three questions, 30 seconds on the clock playing today, maria cardona, chris metzler, first question, rick santorum sweeping three primaries. what do you think, is it a game
7:32 am
changer? maria. >> i think it could be for santorum because clearly he did a lot better than anybody expected. he can raise a lot of money now. and now really he's got to prove that he can be the one to consolidate social conservatives. it's red herring for the whole republican party and especially mitt romney who got less votes than he did in 2008 by a third. and clearly it continues to indicate that he cannot only not consolidate social conservatives, but the more americans hear about him, the less they like about him. that's not a quality you like in a general election with your candidate. >> yes, it is a game changer for the three ms. money, mojo and momentum. so at this point from santorum's standpoint, he's got the mojo. he's trying to get the money and he's got some momentum. i think, though, what this shows relative to romney in particular is romney has not sealed the deal. look, romney has been running on
7:33 am
the fact that he is the inevitable candidate, that he has some biography and people have pretty much been saying march to the nomination. i think what this says is not so fast, mitt. and now to mention the fact that he's a very weak front-runner. >> chris moody. >> we have to look back to iowa when rick santorum was in my opinion cheated out of what you get out of winning iowa. you don't get any delegate votes from the caucuses there, but you do get the momentum and you do get the media push. rick santorum didn't get any of that, so this is a redo for him. he finally gets the media attention, he finally gets that momentum that can carry him on towards super tuesday. this also gives the anti-romney insurgency that perhaps now is embodied in rick santorum, the ability to have the money to go on through the doldrums of february. >> yesterday's prop 8 ruling,
7:34 am
does it give president obama a break by keeping it off the and i believe in a major debate? >> yes, what the ruling stopped short of doing is saying there's a federal constitutional right to same-sex marriage. had the ruling done that, then that would have been something for obama to then explain what his position is. but there's a larger issue here relative to the courts and how the courts will factor in to this election. i think you've got the supreme court of the united states deciding the health care law, you have the citizens united case. so i think in part what obama will do is he'll run against the courts and overreaching. >> i it actually think this decision puts all of these issues front and center. if a way that they didn't before. but i think the issue here is that these are not issues that americans are overly concerned about in the year when the economy and jobs is the major thing that independent voters which are the voters that both sides immediate to get in order
7:35 am
to win the white house are what they're worried about. independent voters are worried about jobs. we've had 22 months of private sector job creation. unemployment numbers are going in the right direction. those are the issue has americans will care about. >> chris moody. >> i don't think takes on which the table at all. it puts it back on the table. one thing a lot of people forget is that barack obama opposes gay marriage. this is something that people don't mention, that he stands with a lot of the republican presidential candidates right now in his opposition to this. i doubt you'll see him getting angry over the decision. he'll probably stay fairly quiet, but this also gives the republican nominees and the republicans in the house and senate an opportunity to wl lambaste the activist judges. so it gives them more to talk about rather than less. >> all right, guys. remember this gal? ♪ i got a crush on obama ♪
7:36 am
>> the obama girl. yes, she isn't sure, though that she's going to support president obama this time around because she said he never personally hanged her. but he is getting an endorsement from scarlett johansson. who is the woman one if she endorsesed obama that would put him over the top some>> i got to do a little eye rolling here for sister obama girl. oh, my god, a little self important there, sister. let's see. women. he's already got oprah in his corner, he has hillary clinton in his corner, betty white in his corner. so i think that maybe -- >> who else is there? >> right. i think maybe he needs my mother and all other latino mothers because i got to tell you, there's nothing like the network of latino mothers out there. >> what is it ricky martin says, you have to have the twinding.
7:37 am
>> exactly. >> what do you say, chris? >> there is only one woman on the face of this entire earth who can put obama over the top. ready? margaret hatcher. s hatcher. she's the only one who can do. >> chris is obsessed with margaret thatcher. this is the third time he's brought her up. >> i am. but barring that, you could get meryl streep who played thatcher. >> chris hoodimoody, what do yo think? >> the game changer is definitely not scarlett johansson. the entirety of hollywood supported him in 2008. so i think the best you can do is get them all back on board, hopefully they don't pull obama girls on him this time and show a lacking in their support. but i'm a little disappointed because i was going to say margaret thatcher, too. i agree completely. so let's make it american.
7:38 am
sarah palin. that will change it. >> all right. we shall continue. >> not going to happen. dwl thanks, guys. president obama may be ready to compromise on a controversial new rule requiring religious institutions to cover birth control in their health plans. let's get to breeann mai brianne at the white house. >> reporter: this is about insurance coverage for fda approved contraception. birth control pills, the morning after pill, intrauterine devices and about 2 1/2 weeks ago, the obama administration said employers must provide coverage for he's things. they exempted churches themselves, but what caused the firestorm is that religiously affiliated employers, we're talking hospitals, universities, charities, they must comply, although they get an have a year to do it, they would have not
7:39 am
this summer when most employers do, but they would have until most summer. but still this has left particularly catholic leaders irate. they say it's an issue of religious freedom and there's a big concern here at the white house that they're mobilizing some catholic voters who normally would support president obama in the midst of this firestorm, there's some softening language from the white house. listen to what jay carney said yesterday. >> there are ways to help resolve this issue that ensures that we provide that important preventive service, that health care coverage, to all women and in a way that also tries to allay some of the concerns. >> reporter: now, they're trying to find obviously some middle ground here. this is the new change. but there is a huge open question and that is what is the middle ground going to look like. we don't know at this point. but expect for to come to be here in the next few days maybe
7:40 am
because this is something that the white house really wants to move past. this has been brewing now for a couple of weeks. >> brianna keilar, thanks so much. what kind of person throws some attitude at the commander of all special ops forces? yells at him even? we'll tell you later. really expensive.ity systeme so to save money, we actually just adopted a rescue panther. i think i'm goin-... shhh! we find that we don't need to sleep that much. there's an easier way to save. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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7:43 am
cornelius had a secret regret. what was it? >> last night just after don cornelius's death was officially ruled a suicide, we had an interview with his son and i'll be playing it tonight. but tony really opened up sharing some amazing stories about his father. we talked about how the legendary don cornelius didn't realize the impact he had on people and how no one really saw the signs that he was so depressed that he was going to take his own life. and, yes, he did reveal a story about one of his dad's biggest professional regrets and that's that he passed on having madonna on soul train. he said he had no idea that she would be as big as she became and tony was surprised that might be could even miss that. but he did miss that. you can see the interview in its entirety tonight on "showbiz
7:44 am
tonight." and madonna did okay. don broke a lot of store, but i think madonna will be around for a while. >> we'll use some of the crips from your interview tomorrow. let's talk about the showdown between michelle obama and jimmy fallon. he gets access to the white house and it's all for a potato sack race. >> getting some exercise with the first lady. her let's move might be difference is about kids being physically active. and look at this competition that is going on. it involved a hula hoop contest, a tug of war, dodge ball and as you see a potato sack race in the white house. not so good, jimmy. when it was all over, the first lady has cleaned jimmy's clock. so of course being jimmy fallon, he tried to make the best of it.
7:45 am
>> jimmy, halves fun. thank you so much for coming to the white house and raising awareness for let's move. >> it was my pleasure. i think, you know, the most important thing for the kids to learn is that it's all about being active and having fun. doesn't matter if you won or if you you lost, you know. >> it matters. >> double or nothing! >> that hurts. and from my perspective, jimmy fallon against our first lady didn't have a chance. >> i can't get over the spandex. i'll have nightmares about that tonight. thank you so much. "showbiz tonight" 11:00 eastern on hln.
7:46 am
7:47 am
7:48 am
u.s. special operations forces are supposed to keep a low profile or no profile at all. and let's not forget they can sweep in and take out the most wanted men in the world like osama bin laden. but one retired general says hold on. the s.e.a.l.s are getting way too much attention now and he kind of yelled at the head s.e.a.l., the man who oversaw the raid. barbara starr with us. what happened? >> well, this was a seminar here in washington yesterday. anded a miles per hour ril william mccray sven who did
7:49 am
oversee and now is the head of all special operations, he was briefing the audience about what special operations are up to when he encountered a question from an elderly retired general, a man quite on in years, don't count him out yet, a man with plenty of opinions. have a listen. >> one of these days if you you keep publishing how you do this, the other guy's going to be there ready for you. and you're going to fly in and he's going to shoot down every damn helicopter and kill every one of your s.e.a.l.s. mark my words, get the hell out of the media. >> i take your point, sir. we don't ever want to get to the point that our techniques and procedures are open for everybody to take a look at so the next time we come in on a target we're exposed. >> admiral william mccraven, being lectured by a retired lieutenant general. but i want to tell you, this is
7:50 am
a guy with an extraordinary record, a veteran of world war ii, core re, a vietnam and special operator himself. he led the task force back in 1979 that tried and failed to rescue the iran hostages. this is a man who has tremendous fire in his belly still for what he believes is the right thing to do in his era. you did not get up and talk to the news media about what you were doing. william mccraven is living in a different world. he knows he has to talk about it, you but he was very differential to this older gentleman who has a very respected opinion still these days in many quarters. >> and there is so much that goes on behind the scenes with the navy s.e.a.l.s that we will never know. >> we think we see it. we see less than a fraction of it before. >> exactly. barbara, thanks. and you can read more on this story and others from our national security team at
7:51 am let's check out stories from across the country. he's busted for steele stealing historical documents. he pleaded guilty for taking thousands of documents including signed pieces from george washington, abraham lincoln, even in a poin a bompolian. a person infected with measles visited the super bowl village. there's now two confirmed cases of the disease mississippi state. and saginaw, michigan, the motorcycle stunt man, this opportunity went horribly wrong at the circus, says he will ride again. >> i really thought i was going to die at that point. i was myi flying through the ai.
7:52 am
>> he says the cable that he hit should have been removed by circus staff right before that opportunity. mitt romney may have lost flee contethree contest, but he didn't lose ground in the delegate count. [doors open] ♪[guitar music] [wolf howls] [doors lock] [wolf howling continues] one golden crown. come on frank how long have we known each other? go to e-trade. they got killer tools man. they'll help you nail a retirement plan that's fierce. two golden crowns. you realize the odds of winning are the same as being mauled by a polar bear and a regular bear in the same day?
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1:30, hillary clinton meets with haiti's prime minister at the state department he's ask asking for better aid distribution. obama attend as retreat at the home of the washington nationals basketball team. and tonight at 10:00, kelly roland honored and former head
7:55 am
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7:58 am
if you're just tuning in, you probably already know this. rick santorum winning the latest lee contests. but mitt romney lost no ground. paul steinhauser looking forward to that all-important delegate
7:59 am
count. >> this really illustrates how far we have to go. this is our cnn estimate. you can see right up on the top, this is just about an hour old now, mitt romney 115. newt gingrich 38. there's santorum, he was in last place. now he's just four delegates hishy of gingrich. but the real number 1144, that's the amount you need to clinch the nomination. nobody anywhere close it that. >> and ron paul, is he sort of the forgotten man in this race now? >> we have not been talking about ron paul. let's talk about ron paul. he's actually pretty happy with what happened last night. he had a second place finish in minnesota. and the congressman from texas says i'm in this for the delegates and here's what he said. >> we do have to remember the straw vote is one thing, but then that's one other thing called delegates.