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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 24, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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17-year-old, but he says it was in self defense. let's bring in cnn's joerng howell. he's in sanford, florida, the town where the shooting happened. with all of the momentum and the discussions going on around this case, what is happening there today? >> fredricka, surprisingly, a rather quiet day here in sanford, which is contrary to what we have seen earlier this week with so many rallies and protests. just the other day, we did see a one-hour prayer vigil here in sanford at allen ame church. we're also now starting to hear from george zimmerman's side of the story. his attorney is starting to speak. we asked him about one question, the question that has everyone talking, was this shooting racially motivated. >> absolutely not. george is friends with people in the african-american community. he was actually a mentor for a woman who has -- doesn't have a
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husband and he took in a mentorship program, he took the 14-year-old young african-american boy, would take him every other week, take the young boy and his wife had a 13-year-old daughter, and took them every otherther week for tr three hours, to go to the mall, to the science center, to play basketball, go to lunch, do things like that. during that period, i have spoken to the mother, who is an african-american woman. she doesn't believe he's raisest. he helped in a fund-raiser for one of the african-american churches in the area. >> he said he's only spoken with his client by phone. he says that george zimmerman is cooperating with this investigation and has spoken to police at least more than once. now, while zimmerman is still at this point not arrested, not charged with anything, one man, one florida man is in jail today, behind bars, for appar t
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apparently sending a threatening e-mail to police chief bill lee. the headline for that e-mail saying he's coming for you. threatening e-mail, threatening his family. he was arrested for sending that e-mail. with regards to this case, fredricka. >> okay, so meantime, george, what about george zimmerman? what is his attorney saying ahis whereabouts? is he in hiding, in hiding in the state of florida. has he left the state entirely? what? >> at this point, we believe he may be here. his attorney said that, and was very clear in saying he told his client to keep a low profile, to stay out of the public. he indicated that his client is aware he received several death threats. those threats are serious. he told him to stay out of the public light. >> george howl, thank you so much. >> florida is among 21 states with a stand your ground law. it allowed people to use deadly
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force if they feel threatened. they argued against the stand your ground bill before it passed in 2005. i spoke with gelber earlier, and he told me a case like the killing of trayvon martin was exactly what he feared. >> i don't think people do st e stupid or malicious things because of this law, but people who do stupid and malicious things have a defense they should not be entitled to because of this law. mr. zimmerman is going to have the ability to muddle up the waters in this because of the law, and he shouldn't have. he clearly did something wrong. he clearly, if that young man's life means anything, it means justice has to be done here. but he's going to be able to have a defense in this case or at least start one, and apparently, the detectives initially believed he had one because of the law. >> now that former governor jeb bush has weighed in and says this is not the intent of the law. he didn't appear based on all of the public accounts that george
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zimmerman was being pursued by trayvon martin but instead it was the other way around and this law may have been misused in this case. do you believe that that is enough for a real movement to try to repeal this law? and if so, what will it take? >> well, i think the stand your ground part of the law needs to be repealed. we didn't need the law. it was a solution in search of a problem, but obviously, this case, and others, by the way, it has been used 100 times in florida since 2005. i think a legislature, they're in session next week on a special session redistricting. they should stay there an extra day and repeal it. it made no sense to pass it, and it's giving defendants in cases a defense they should not be entitled to. and it devalues life because the truth is you ought to be able to -- you should be obliged to de-escalate a dangerous situation, deadly force shouldn't be your first resort, and it's allowed to be under
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this law. >> join cnn's don lemon at 7:00 tonight for a one-hour special on the trayvon martin killing, as the national outrage intensifies. one group in particular caught our attention, mothers. hear their unique perspective and the advice their give their children in hopes they don't end up dying young. you'll also hear from neighbors and friends of trayvon martin and the alleged shooter. 7:00 p.m. tonight. >> hundreds of demonstrators rallied against health care reform near the u.s. capitol building. on monday, the u.s. supreme court will hear arguments about whether the health care act is the constitutionling. they say it infringes upon their freedom. >> 14 years ago, who had the power to decide on your health care? do you want to decide about your health care?
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the problem is that the people who pay have the power. and we are not going to let the government take over our health care. >> and a man is in jail in sacramento, california, today after airport security caught him trying to board a plane with four loaded hand guns. harold waller reportedly had one pistol in a holster and three in his carry-on bag. police found more guns and ammunition in his parked car. he's held without bail and faces a rather long list of charges. and six children and two adults are dead after a fire swecht through a house in charleston, west virginia. all of the children were 8 years or younger. one adult managed to escape, and one child is on life support and not expected to live. the mayor of charleston confirmed there were no working smoke detectors in the home. way out in space, a crew of the international space station
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took emergency precautions today. they jumped into their escape capsule when a hunk of space junk got too lose for comfort. there was a slight chance it could have hit the space station. it didn't, it passed. all clear. >> it's a republican primary day in louisiana. polls show rick santorum with a double-digit lead. we're going live to louisiana next. hohow w arare e yoyou? wewe'r're e gogoining g toto h e inintetervrvieiew.w. jojohnhn, , whwhatat's's i it t lilikeke d e fufusisionon h hybybri? yoyou u cacan n rereadad e evet isis o opeperaratitingng b by ya bubuttttonon.. itit's's l likike e drdrivivin. whwhatat w wououldld b be e thtg fofor r yoyou u toto g gi? ththe e mimileles s peper r gag. whwhenen y youou'r're e ususeder cacar r upup o oncnce e a, ththenen s sududdedenlnly y one weweekeks,s, bebelilieveve e meme i it'tg didiffffererenencece g go. chocolate lemonade ?
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woman: what do you mean, homeowners insurance doesn't cover floods? [ heart rate increases ] man: a few inches of water caused all this? [ heart rate increases ] woman #2: but i don't even live near the water. what you don't know about flood insurance may shock you -- including the fact that a preferred risk policy starts as low as $129 a year. for an agent, call the number that appears on your screen. all right, some stories making news outside the united states now. renewed fighting eresults in the syrian city of homs. more than 40 people reported killed today in violence across
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the country. syrian army general who defected to the opposition says scattered rebel groups are now aligned under the so-called free syrian army. and pope benedict xvi is in mexico. this first full day to latin america. he met with the mexican president and will lead a mass tonight. he travels to cuba on monday. and then this boat is really far from home. a fishing boat that disappeared in last year's tsunami in japan turned up this weekend off the coast of british columbia. it took a year to drift nearly 5,000 miles. >> let's get you caught up on the political developments right now. gop leaders in louisiana are casting their votes in the primary. santorum is expected to win. let's go to joe johns in jefferson parish, louisiana. they're still voting there in
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louisiana, but santorum hit the campaign trail not in louisiana but in wisconsin today. he figures he's spent enough time there in louisiana, moving on to the next primary later on in the week? >> that's absolutely right, fred. he's in wisconsin, and mitt romney is actually out on the west coast in california, going to do some fund-raising there in the early part of the week. santorum decided he was going to go ahead, hit the road, went to pennsylvania for a while. now, in wisconsin, where the voting is scheduled right around the first week of april. and he was out there campaigning today. really hitting mitt romney very hard on a variety of issues, and also pulling out that now famous etch-a-sketch metaphor. listen to his sound bite from wisconsin today. >> today, you'll say he's against obamacare, and still defend romney care which is something i quite don't understand. today, he'll say he's for more drilling. and the reason is, well, who is
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he talking to? he's talking to conservatives. he wants your vote. but as we found out, when he's in front of a different audience in the fall, we'll take out the etch-a-sketch, shake it up a little bit, and we'll be -- oh, that's my daughter, sarah maria. there you go. that's my 14-year-old. she played vanna white in this little show here. so you take out the etch-a-sketch. my public policy isn't written on an etch-a-sketch. it's written on my heart because i'm a conservative. i don't just run as a conservative. >> you might have thought he had started focusing more on president obama after his campaign rolled out that web video called obamaville, which is sort of a twilight zone
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ripoff with some very scary images of what the campaign predicts america will look like if two years from now in the event president obama is re-elected. but it's clear rick santorum is continuing on both fronts hitting mitt romney as well as going after president obama. fred, back to you. >> okay. and you know, it doesn't appear as though santorum wants to let go of the etch-a-sketch schtick. it's getting a lot of mileage, isn't it? ? it is, i have to tell you when you look at some of the other people in the play, including president obama, newt gingrich, and others, they like that metaphor because they think it sort of clearly describes what one of the chief complaints is about mitt romney, if you will, and that is the notion that he does have the ability to try to change positions and change point of views very skillfully and seamlessly. so it's also called
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flip-flopping in politics, and they have all been trying to make that point. so the etch-a-sketch is sort of a useful metaphor. >> all right, joe johns, thanks so much. keep us post ed on the results coming out of louisiana. knl and you want to join us every sunday afternoon, 4:00 eastern time, when we dedicate an entire hour to the presidential contenders in their words. all those running for the white house. 2012. after the break, reclaiming your career. find out how you can earn money from your home. [ male announcer ] the cadillac cts sport sedan was designed with near-perfect weight balance from front to back... and back to front. ♪ giving you exceptional control from left to right...
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when u.s. service members get out of the military, they may want something more than a ni 9:00 to 5:00 job. this helps military members open their own businesses. >> i got out march 1st of this year. about three weeks ago. >> navy veteran wade franklin has plans. after seven years, deploying to japan, south asia, and afghanistan, the former officer is going into business for himself. >> one thing about the navy, they really taught me how to make good decisions and how to, you know, manage things. and i felt, hey, i think i want to take a chance on myself. >> franklin is opening a ups store, and this virginia neighborhood is one possible location. >> i know i don't have business experience, i don't understand the business world, that's a limititation, but with the
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franchise, they give you that support. >> ups waived the nearly $35,000 business fee for ten veterans, and franklin is one of them. he'll still have to spend thousands to get the store up and running so he's applying for a $170,000 loan. he found it through vetfran which helps returning veterans open franchises. they have helped 120 veterans go into business since the 1990s and wants to launch 170,000 to be franchise owners or employees by 2014. steve runs the program. >> the franchising industry is proven model, it's structured. it's very scalable. and one that lends itself well to veterans given the structure that they have to follow each and every day to be successful in the military. >> the hope is that efforts like these will help to bring down the unemployment rate for veterans. for post 9/11 vets, it's 7.6%.
1:18 pm
franklin is just beginning the process. and hopes to open shop by late summer. >> any advice for other veterans who might want to do what you're doing? >> execute a plan, and any military member should know how to do it whether they're taking the order or giving the order. >> so many moms and women are spending time online. why not make money while doing it? in our reclaim your career segment, the ren saunls of the tupperware moms. lily is a strategist and cofounder of exile alliance. good to so you. >> thank you. >> you have five ways for stay at home moms or dads to earn extra cash while browsing online. let's begin with blogging. how to make money doing that? >> that's right, women are so powerful online, and many of us don't even know it. there's actually 42 million women engaging in social media
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every week. why not make money while you're doing that. and blogging is a great way. the mommy blogger network has turned so important to big advertisers and people who are willing to pay money to get a share of the voice of moms that you could be one of the moms that is actually expressing digitally. you can go to sites like blogger word press and create your free space and start writing about things you love. there's different waying to make money. people ask, how can you make money by writing, right? there's affiliate marketing, paid posts, direct advertising. we probably need more time to explain what each of those are, but start by picking a topic, do it genuinely, have an authentic voice, and the more you accumulate people reading you, the more you get to value yourself as a blogger. some make from $100 -- >> i was going to say, what, really? >> right, change of career right
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now. $100 all the way to $10,000 weekly, just by writing. that's number one, and a way to get your voice heard. >> okay, and then you said you can search, shop, and review. is there a place in which you do that? >> that's right. this is the next generation of a loyalty program. imagine, you know, those little cards wes you when you go to the super market or when you travel and have a freak wntd flyer card. imagine a version of that digitally. there's a site called swagbucks and it's true to its name. you get swag bucks the more you do online. so as you're watching videos, as you're reading, reviewing, posting, sharing, shopping within this platform, you're accumulating points. it plays off of game mechanics and kind of what i like to call perkonomics, and you can make cash and earn some fun things
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along the way. >> and then you can get paid to surf and then get paid to tweet? >> that is my favorite because a lot of people may be saying, okay, blogging. that's too much work. perkonomics sounds complicated, but if you're surfing every day, checking e-mail, facebooking, checking stuff that people send us. do it in a platform that is going to pay you money. that's what peoplespring is all about. you can become a stringer, as they call the users, and it's like imagine multilevel mark marketi marketing. when you get paid and the people you referred and the people they refer also. it accumulate s up to you as a stringer that browses within this platform, and they share up to 70% of the advertiser revenue with you when you sign up. >> wow. >> the other one you mentioned -- >> i know. >> we might as well do it. that's a law. if you're already browsing,
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might as well get paid for it. the tweeting is fascinating. i myself learned this one recently. i think i'm going to sign up because if you are tweeting a lot, you can actually get your tweets sponsored. that's right, like an ebay for tweets. it's called you sign up and depending on how many people are following you, that increases the value of you, and you can get paid to tweet and post and promote other people's products and services, come is great. >> cool, and your handle is lilygill, so people can check you out on your tweet and ask you about how to become a virtual sales rep, too, because there are perks in that one, too. >> that's right. >> good to see you. appreciate the great ideas on making money. and not having to leave you own home. >> it's a big battle over bagels? josh levs has that for us? >> it really is, i know, right? it's got people up in arms. they're slamming consumer
1:23 pm
reports now. all because of decisions made by these bagel tasters. who has the nation's best bagel? >> who gets that job? bagel taster, sign me up. i'm a foodie. >> you are. you'll like this. new york, i'm going to break it down, the boiling bagel battle, just seconds away. >> take a bite of that.
1:24 pm
okay, there's quite the kroenchs brewing over bagels. some new yorkers are calling out the taste experts who dared to name the nation's best. josh levs here to explain. we were not on the list. we're quite critical of bagels. you and i were sitting here
1:25 pm
having the conversation, crewy, crunky, soft? >> we agree because we're based in headquarters in atlanta, but when we're up in new york city, we want to get the bagels up there. that's what people think, that new york has the best bagels. this is what happened. there's this controversy because of consumer reports, no joke, because what happened -- >> serious. >> the other day, i was working on this story about syria and iran and israel, and i tweeted about the bagels, and this is what people are talking about. consumer reports decided to daa study about who has the really good bagels, the best bagels. they said nothing comes quite up to the level of a great new york level, but these come close. they praised dunkin' donuts and lenders original and costco's kirkland signature. here is what happened. they put it out, their examination, and they had good things to say about the flavor, and this whole process in which
1:26 pm
these people tasted the bagels. now new york foodies are saying, what, are you crazy? how can you compare the store bought bagels to ours. and they called it a shu mere job and must be aimed at out of towners. so some people are upset. how dare you compare frozen bagels to our delicious bagels. >> i must say i was surprise said lender's is on the list. i was surprised. >> and now, lender's is in the news for another reason, because murray lender has just died at the age of eighty-one this week. we had a picture of him, i think. but so basically, the praise has been heaped on lender's bagels came at a good time for his company. best wishes to the family there, but i will tell you, everyone is talking about this. i have it on facebook and twitter. more people are talking to me about this bagel thing than
1:27 pm
almost all of the other stories. >> serious about our food. >> people care about this. >> big bagel battle. well, we'll have to check you out. stay on top. >> enjoy the bagels. >> thanks so much, josh. >> one nfl team's secret bounty program, shocked so many fans, it seems the new orleans saints aren't the only ones paying for the hits. we'll have new details on that. . at legalzoom we'll help you incorporate your business, file a patent, make a will and more. you can complete our online questions in minutes. then we'll prepare your legal documents and deliver them directly to you. so start your business, protect your family, launch your dreams. at, we put the law on your side. it's real milk full of calcium and vitamin d.
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a look at the top stories right now. a house fire early this morning kills eight people. six of them young children, after a family birthday party. it happened in charlestonering west verirerge virmg. one child survived and is in intensive care. >> hundreds of demonstrators rally against health care reform. on monday, the u.s. supreme court will hear arguments about whether the health care reform act is constitutional. the demonstrators insist the act is illegal and they say it infringes on their freedom. and several other rallies are being held across the country protesting the shooting death of trayvon martin. demonstrators are demanding police arrest george zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer who shot the 17-year-old unarmed. a grand jury is scheduled to convene in april. reports are emerging today that more nfl teams had so-called bounty programs.
1:31 pm
those programs gave players money to physically hurt members of the opposing team. it's a scandal that started with an investigation of the new orleans saints. here now is ed lavendera. >> big games. big hits. big scandal. nfl players rewarded not only for big plays but for intentionally trying to seriously injure their opponents. an nfl investigation recently found the new orleans saints under the leadership of former defensive coordinator gregg williams had a wide ranging bounty system in place from 2009 to just last year. sports illustrated's peter king has been following this story closely. >> do you think all of this is driven by gregg williams or was driven by gregg williams? >> i think gregg williams spurred a lot of it on, but i also think he had to have players on his defense who were
1:32 pm
very willing to cooperate. and very willing to let this culture exist. i mean, sean payton, the head coach, and mickey loomis, the general mampger, have admitted, and they're right. they lost institutional control of the defensive side of the ball. and so, you know, i think they're to blame. >> the saints' head hunting reached a fever pitch when one player, linebacker jonathan vilma bid $10,000 of his own money to take out brett favre in the 2010 nfc championship game against the minnesota vikings. >> is this far and above beyond anything you have heard of in the nfl? when it comes to the pay for performance? >> i have never heard of a team paying money, confirmed, to try to put a guy out of the game. >> while the saints' sweeping bounty system may be unheard of, former players we spoke to weren't shocked there was some
1:33 pm
sort of incentive program going on. was there a similar bounty program with the buffalo bills when you were there under gregg williams? >> what appears to be as a bounty program in new orleans is different from what i experienced in buffalo, in buffalo, we had a pay for play player driven performance technique. you know, we had a way to mote evaluate each other. we had a pot. you know, you get fined if you show up late for a meeting. fined if you have a mental error in a game or in practice. and the players put money into the pot. from that pot, you're also rewarded for positive play. for causing a fumble, for making an interception. >> we reached out to the bills about the assertion there was a player driven incentive program. they say it's sticking by a march 3rd statement in when they said we're unaware of any kind of bounty program occurring during williams' tenure as our
1:34 pm
coach. >> i keep hearing from a lot of people out there, what's the big deal? >> because the nfl players pride themselves on being such a fraternity. and when we get together on sunday, boy, we go at each other's throats, but we're all brothers. i don't know any other fraternity where somebody tries to knock out and break the leg of one of his brothers or do whatever to one of his brothers. it's just -- it's over the top. it's wrong. >> so wrong in the eyes of nfl commissioner roger goodell that he's dropped the hammer on the saints for their bounty system. suspending head coach sean payton for a year without pay. he also suspended saints general manager mickey loomis for eight games this coming season. but goodell saved the worst punishment for the man at the center of the bounty scandal, former saints defensive coordinator gregg williams. he's been suspended from the league indefinitely, effective
1:35 pm
immediately. >> tomorrow night, cnn presents investigates the program that paid cash rewards for hits that injured opponents, plus a look inside the culture of an nfl locker room. that's right here on cnn, 8:00 p.m. eastern time. all right, for middle aged women, knee pain is a comment complaint. you need to get to the root of the problem and find ways to treat it. elizabeth cohen has more in today's health for her. >> women with knee pain know how miserable and debilitating it can truly be. >> when women are younger, they get more tend nites or irritation issues around the knee. as they age, especially when they accumulation previous injuries, it may lead to arthritis and further changes. >> the american college of rheumtology says nearly two thirds of women 50 and older have some degree of knee pain.
1:36 pm
it may come and go or stick around. >> women are more at risk for arthritis than men are. when women go through menopause, we think it may have some effect on the cartilage of the knee. >> sometimes it's due to overuse injuri injuries. how do you know what the best treatment is? see your primary doctor to determine the cause. they may need to send you to a specialist. discuss anti-inflammatory medicines with your doctor. don't forget to use exercise. do xurs that strengthen the muscles around the knee. avoid high impact exercises. instead, focus on low impact ones, and keep in mind, weight is also a leading cause of knee pain. with this week's health for her, i'm elizabeth cohen. >> the much anticipated hunger games is playing right now in a theater near u. cast members sat down with cnn to discuss the film and talk about how this movie is different from the rest.
1:37 pm
>> twilight or harry potter, frenls, you're dealing with elements like magic and werewolves and vampires. our movie is real people. >> will hunger games be able to match twilight and harry potter's success. our movie reviewer weighs in next. we always hear about jobs leaving america. here's a chance to create jobs in america.
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one of the year's biggest films just hit the theaters. the hunger games grossed nearly $20 million in the first midnight screenings on thursday. by yesterday, it had raked in $68 million. i asked gray drake if the movie lived up to the hype. >> there's a reason that this movie has sparked the passion of the entire world. i mean, over fandango, this is the highest grossing first picture of a series that we have ever seen in all of our 12 years. >> oh, my gosh. >> i know. it's going to be gigantic. before it even opened, it had outsold the first twilight movie
1:41 pm
in presales. >> that's amazing. >> the reason is that this movie is everything that twilight can never be. the biggest central theme of this movie is about rebellion. it's about standing up for what you believe in and for expressing your genuine concern for your fellow human being. which is something that people are really hungry for right now, pun sort of intended. >> hunger games. let's take a bite out of that. let's watch. >> oh, my. okay, gray. krm starving. tell me more. >> oh, my gosh. it's such a great clip. jennifer lawrence is spectacular
1:42 pm
in this movie. not only because she has serious bow hunting skills. she looks great covered in dirt, and she really just carried this entire film on her back. there's something in this film for everyone. >> she's an overnight star. >> she really is. already an academy award nominee from "winter's bone." and she's deserving every bit of praise she's getting. there's something in this movie for everybody. unlike the other book adaptations we have seen like harry potter and twilight, those tend to be geared towards younger audiences. for this one, men are going to love it, women are going to love it, kids are going to love it, but i tell you what, if you're a parent, beware. >> stop me at the kids part, though, because i hear, and we just gave you the whole premise of it, the storyline of, you know, killing. i mean killing other kids. >> it's pretty violent, yes? too violent for kids to go to the movie.
1:43 pm
>> it's no joke. it's rating pg-13, only because tliz rr not a lot of blood. but as an adult, i was comple completely spellbound, i don't think i breathed the entire film. just because there's not gushing amounts of blood coming out, doesn't mean it's not incredibly intense to watch. if you're a parent, you should see this before letting your kids see it. >> steal yourself before you see hunger games. >> health care reform protesters on capitol hill today. and they're here to urge the supreme court to strike down president obama's signature legislation. we'll have more right after this. but first each week, cnn's dr. sanjay gupta profiled innovators from all walks of life. tomorrow, he talks to hugh hear, a double amputee who believes there's no such thing as disability, only bad technology.
1:44 pm
>> i'm just in love with -- enamored with the design of the human body. it's elegant, nature has often these very powerful principles, if captured in a technology, in a device, can be very, very extraordinary in their capacity to help people move again. so that's the basic thesis of our work. we steal from the cookie jar of nature. we apply that and build synthetic constructs for functionality. >> all right, tune in sunday, 2:00 eastern time for the next list. and then of course stay tuned for the cnn newsroom at 2:30 eastern time. ♪
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time for a cnn equals
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politics update. we'll keep an up date on the headlines. the republican presidential candidates are going head to head today in louisiana. the state is holding its primary right now. the latest polls show rick santorum with a double-dibblingt lead over romney and gingrich, and republics are calling for a repeal of president obama's health care law just two days before the supreme court is set to review challenges to several provisions. in the weekly gop address, mitch mcconnell said the law is exacerbating problems with medicare and pushes costs even higher. he said. and those supreme court arguments on health care are apparently a hot ticket. companies in washington are providing a line standing service for people who actually want to watch the debate but not stand in line for tickets. some stand-ins have been waitling outside the court since yesterday, more like sit-ins.
1:49 pm
tickets will be handed out on monday. and for the latest political news, you know where to go, >> new york says its new dna law is a model for the nation. we'll break it down after this. o get my profile out there. check me out. everybody says i've got a friendly disposition and they love my spinach dip. five foot ten... still doing a little exploring. but... my sign is sagittarius, i'm into spanish cheese, my hairline is receding but i'm getting a weave. getting a weave. there's an easier way to save. who wants some ronald tonight!? who wants some ronald tonight!? geico. fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more.
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we have much more in the newsroom straight udhead with my colleague, don lemon. >> i want to talk to you because you know the national out pm rage growing over the trayvon martin case in florida. one group in particular that got our attention was minority mothers. especially black moms who have to have the talk, they call the talk, with their sons. have you considered that? >> consider, we know that conversation is coming. ow boy is 7, but my husband and i all the time, well before he was 7, well before this case, have talked about, boy, when it is appropriate to have the conversation because it is a requirement, a prerequisite in households. >> listen to lynn barner who had the talk with her son, and then we'll talk after that. >> the best thing you can do that me and daddy think you should do is be very polite. very polite.
1:53 pm
and say, i'm visiting someone. tell them exactly what you're doing. >> she's a columnist with the seattle times. i spoke to her yesterday. we'll talk about that in this special. >> how old is her son? >> he's 11. >> yeah. >> yeah, sad, huh? >> yeah. >> but it's a reality, and also this law, fred, that we have been talking about, stand your ground, congressman john lewis, the john lewis, and i spoke about the law as well. listen. >> we should respect law, but this is a very bad law. and it should be repealed. >> why? >> the state of florida -- because it gives people a license. to be an executioner. to just get rid of someone. >> a license to kill. >> yes. and it should be repealed. >> license to be an executioner, he believes the stand your ground is. we'll have that at 7:00 tonight. neighbors, friends of both trayvon martin and the admitted shooter and communities leaders
1:54 pm
as well. you'll hear from them. extensive coverage next hour for you, fred, and then at 7:00 as well. our special report, killing of tre'vayvon martin, tonight, 7:0 p.m. eastern on cnn, and send in your comets, hash tag cnntrayvon. >> we look forward to that at 7:00. it's a discussion, and this is one that is inspired on so many new layers of the talk. the discussion in so many households across the country. so we look forward to this. >> i want to hear more about how you plan to do it with your son. >> we're still trying to work it out. it's a discussion we have all the time. certainly crossroads, and we're like, when? he's only 7, when it is too early? >> a check now of some of the other stories making news this hour before we get to don lemon. new york is the first all-crime dna state in the nation. what does that mean? governor andrew cuomo signed it
1:55 pm
into law. it allows investigators to collect dna samples in felony and misdemeanor crimes. and sugarland won't have to give depositions in the indiana fair roof collapse. seven people died just before sugarland was to perform wroorb. and finally, an update on march madness and your brackets. how are you doing? >> not saying. >> i'm out. kentucky, baylor, and kansas, are all one win away from the final four after wins last night. florida tips off against louisville in just a few moments. and bonnie schneider, are you into the bracket thing? >> i have to admit, not really. >> neither are we sdm. >> well, we know you are into the weather right now. what's going on? >> for sure.
1:56 pm
that's a given. we'll start off, unfortunately, fred, we have weather we're watching, thunderstorms working their way across virginia. we were talking about the storms in south carolina earlier this afternoon. now, virginia impacted. two tornado warnings in effect. this is in southwest section of the state. into areas here, storms getting close to producing a tornado. we haven't seen that indicated there. they're capable of that. that's true for areas near ferrum in virginia. these warnings will expire, 5:15, 5:30, but it's important to note there's a wider area here that includes virginia and north carolina in the center of the state, including raleigh, durham, and the triangle area. this will go to the evening hours as well as the thunderstorm watch you see that goes pretty far south, down to jacksonville, florida. and here is a look at strong, powerful storms rolling through south carolina and straight on into jacksonville. that's one area we're watching closely for severe weather. on the bigger picture, we're
1:57 pm
monitoring a specific storm. this one will bring substantial rain into the san francisco area. you can see on our map there that as we go through the next day or sore, we'll look at an inch to two inches of rain for san francisco. you have had such nice weather. that's all changing. get ready for a wet start to the end of the weekend and on into the early part of next week. >> sounds good, sort of. not for them, maybe, but great picture. thanks. that's going to do it for me. much more in the newsroom straight ahead with my colleague, don lemon. what ? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it ? hello ? hello ?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello ? ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense.
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