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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 27, 2012 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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law clerks and they are sure the law will not be struck down as unconstitutional according to clerks that work for the judges and trayvon martin reminds us we have a right to wear a hoodie where he want to without getting shot. >> we can't be forced to buy insurance. that's wrong. there you go. >> we'll leave it there. let's get to cnn's "newsroom" with carol costello. see everyone else back here at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> good morning to all of you. i'm carol costello. stories we're watching right now in the "newsroom." mitt romney probably won't be getting any endorsements from russia's president. not after this comment. >> this is to russia. this is without question our number one geopolitical foe. >> the russian president responded to that this morning responding to number one geopolitical foe. was it a cold war in here?
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news to dmitry medvedev with a new message for mitt romney. high winds drive a fire wild in the rockies. at least one person is dead. several more have lost their homes and danger is on the move. trayvon martin case. deeper the investigation goes, the more complicated it gets. there's only one truth but at least two conflicting witness stories about what happened. not a good time to be in the pink slime business. first the public recoils and then stores stop selling it and plant stops making it. today is the day there could be fireworks at the u.s. supreme court. two years in the making. the key and most controversial part of president obama's health care law put to the test. we begin with the russian president. he's not happy with republican presidential candidate mitt romney. he made that very clear this morning in south korea telling romney to "listen to reason when talking about russia." dmitry medvedev is apparently upset romney called russia our
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number one geopolitical foe. >> these are very unfortunate developments. if he's planning on doing more and suggests to russia that he has things he's willing to do with them and not willing to tell the american people, this is to russia. this is without question our number one geopolitical foe. >> romney talked russia after he talked about an moment between president obama and the russian president. the private conversation was particul picked up by an open microphone. >> brianna keilar, the russian president had more to say about mitt romney and it wasn't pretty. tell us exactly what he said. >> reporter: he sure did. he was really, i guess, you could say defending himself and defending russia and by doing so
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entering the fray of u.s. presidential politics all of the way from south korea from this nuclear security summit here. it was quite the smackdown that president medvedev gave. this is a translation of more of what he said. >> translator: as for ideological cliches, i have already spoken on the subject. i always get very cautious when i see a country resort to phrasings such as number one enemy. it's very reminiscent of hollywood in a certain period of history. i would advise two things to all presidential candidates. my first advice is to listen to reason when they formulate their positions. reason never harmed a presidential candidate. my other advice is to check their clocks from time to time. it is 2012 not the mid 1970s.
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no matter what party a candidate represents, he has to take the current state of affairs into account. that's the only way he could count on winning. >> reporter: now mitt romney did clarify his remarks about russia on cnn "the situation room." he said the worst threat to the u.s. would be a nuclear iran or a nuclear north korea but when it came to russia, he didn't really back down from what he said, carol. he said that russia fights every cause for the world's worst actors. for instance, syria. and now what you have is a political back and forth over this. the obama campaign jumping on this. the white house jumping on this. jay carney, white house press secretary before heading back to the u.s. with president obama questioned why romney would say this when you have north korea, iran, al qaeda and you have a relationship between president obama and president medvedev where they do sit down and even though they have areas of disagreement, they can see eye to eye on some things and they do certainly have a working
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relationship and privately some aides say a warm working relationship. >> we're trying to get a response from the romney camp. when we get that, we'll pass it along. brianna keilar, thank you, live from south korea. now to the everchanging case of trayvon martin. we're seeing new photographs of the teenagers and they are building a more complicated portrait of who he was. we'll have more on his parents' appearance on capitol hill today. first we're hearing two different stories this morning from neighbors about what went down that night. one says trayvon martin was an aggressor. another witness says it was the shooter that attacked martin. listen. >> the guy on the bottom who i believe had a red sweater on was yelling to me help, help. i told him to stop. i was calling 911. when i got upstairs and looked down, the person that was on top beating up the other guy was the one laying in the grass. i believe he was dead at that point. >> zimmerman was standing over
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the body with basically straddling the body with his hands on trayvon's back. and it didn't seem to me that he was trying to help him in any way. it didn't seem to me -- i didn't hear any struggle prior to the gunsh gunshot. i feel like it was trayvon martin crying out because the minute that the gunshot went off, the whining stopped. >> those conflicting accounts underscore the volatility and the passions of this tragedy. thousands continue to march demanding justice for trayvon martin. even as leaked police reports seem to paint the teenager in a different light. martin savidge is in sanford, florida. what are details of the police findings do we know? >> reporter: well, we don't know exactly other than that the police in sanford here will confirm that the article that came out yesterday in the orlando sentinel was an accurate
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depiction of what george zimmerman has told authorities. i also had a conversation with joe oliver. a very close friend of george zimmerman. i asked him the same thing. did the account in the paper match up with what george zimmerman has told him. he said, yes, it did. however, he said it stopped short. there was a part that was left out. i said what is the part that isn't said? he said that's the most critical part of all and that has to do with control of the weapon. here's sort of how joe oliver explained it to me. >> it came down to a life or death struggle between the two. i can't go into details into how the came into play, but it was not a part of this story until it was too late. george didn't have it out. george wasn't prowling, following trayvon with his weapon drawn. no one knew george had a weapon until he and trayvon came face
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to face. and the physical confrontation took place. >> reporter: now, i think if you read between the lines there, carol, the inference is that there was a struggle once the weapon came out for control and that it's been possible that it's been suggested by some that the gun could have gone off either by george zimmerman pulling the trigger or perhaps in the struggle or perhaps by even trayvon martin accidentally triggering it. this is why it's usual to everything. it's also why it hasn't come out in the police report. that part wasn't leaked. that's why the family of trayvon martin has these suspicions. why did it come out exactly one month later and especially when it seems to be so damning why did the police leak this portion but not other information? >> it's also interesting to note that, you know, you were talking to zimmerman's friend. he's giving you that account. people should take that for what
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they think it's worth. i mean, have you been able to talk to the police? are they talking to you about this at all, martin? >> reporter: no. the police have remained very tight lipped about it. they say if they find out who leaked the report, it didn't come from them officially, that person would be in a lot of trouble and probably be fired. the authorities have been very tight lipped. they say it's part of the investigation. they won't reveal anything and they have revealed very little. >> martin savidge reporting live in sanford, florida. trayvon martin's parents will be on capitol hill to attend a hearing on racial profiling and hate crimes. before that protesters will march to the white house demanding a federal investigation of the shooting. yesterday protesters took to the streets in cities coast to coast. in downtown detroit, civil rights leaders helped lead this rally. hundreds chanted his name and demanded justice. in pittsburgh, hundreds more gathered on the campus of
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carnegie university calling for the shooter to be prosecuted. we're looking at reports that trayvon martin had a number of brushes with trouble. h his family confirmed that. he was suspended from school at the time of his killing after marijuana residue was found in his book bag and the miami herald is reporting he earlier had been suspending for scrawling graffiti on lockers. that incident led to discovery of women's jewelry in his backpack along with what was described as a burglary tool. the family says this amounts to character assassination. at the bottom of the hour, we'll talk to jamal bryant who organized one of yesterday's rallies and whether the reputation of the slain teenager should be considered fair game. sunrise about 15 minutes ago in denver. authorities say daybreak will tell them a lot more about a towering wildfire that could be responsible for at least one death and for destroying several homes. these are live pictures. we just got these into cnn
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actually. high winds have been driving the fire. crews will track it again shortly. it was too dangerous to face flames overnight. rob marciano is here. are the winds dying down at all? >> they have for now. they were incredible yesterday. this blew up from 1,000 acre controlled burn to over 3,000 acres overnight and folks got a reverse 911 call. they had to evacuate. you see these pictures from our affiliate kmgh. this is on the front range of the colorado rockies. the homes that you are seeing are substantial to say the least. you see where the fire is burning right now. here's a look at what the winds are very light compared to what we saw yesterday which were things like this. over hurricane strength winds across red mountain pass. 79-mile-an-hour wind gust there. boysen, wyoming, 82 miles an hour.
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66-mile-an-hour wind gusts in golden. we will still see gusts potentially to 30 or 40 miles an hour near that fire but not until later on this afternoon once the sun gets cooking. the bulk of heavier winds will be north and east as the storms move to the north and east. 900 homes were evacuated. one fatality they think due to this fire. they have 450 more firefighters coming in there right now. 100 on scene. they hope to get air assets up right now before winds kick up later today. >> we'll check back with you later. still to come, pink slime. product will be harder to come by. several plants are stopping to grind it all out. plus a grant for gingrich if you want a picture with him, it's going to cost you. we'll tell you how much. the charge aggravated pimping. former international monetary fund chief dominique strauss-kahn caught up in another sex scandal.
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>> i don't have to tell you this. today the supreme court narrows it's focus on health care reform which may be the core of the important legal debate in year. today the court will look at significant questions about the power of government. can the obama care really force most americans to buy health insurance. the individual mandate is scheduled to take effect in 2014 and would carry a financial penalty for those who choose not to buy insurance. the case is being argued before the u.s. supreme court but the arguments go to the heart of washington. does congress really have constitutional right to make you
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buy a specific product, in in case health insurance. dana bash joins us live from capitol hill. dana, this is going to be a ground breaking decision no doubt about it. >> reporter: no doubt about it. today especially, carol, is huge. the arguments i heard some legal analysts say are the biggest ones since bush v. gore. opponents will argue that the united states congress, where i am right now, they don't have the ability to force people to buy things. they have the ability to regulate commerce but not force new commerce. meaning to buy health care. what they argue and they'll argue today, it's a slippery slope. if people are forced to buy health insurance, why aren't they forced to buy broccoli? that's healthy for you. on the other side, the united states government, the obama justice department, they are going to argue today that the individual mandate is crucial for universal health care for the public good and that people always are going to have to buy health care. it's not really forcing them to
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do something they wouldn't normally do. it's just something they say is going to be ultimately better economically. i can tell you, i remember, carol, when this was being debated very strongly here in the halls of congress, one of the main reasons why they put the individual mandate in was so that insurance companies could get millions and millions of new customers and that allows the insurance companies to kind of swallow the idea that they have to accept people with pre-existing conditions. it goes to the heart of the complexity of this massive, massive law. i want you to take a listen to what the chief justice of the united states, john roberts, said about this in the first proceedings yesterday. >> it's a command. a mandate is a command. if there's nothing behind the command, what happens if you don't follow the mandate and the answer is nothing, it seems very artificial to separate the punishment from the crime. >> reporter: now, not only is he
6:18 am
the chief justice but considered one of the swing votes, carol, how he's going to go ultimately in this decision. you can't separate the politics from this. look, we all know that the whole concept of what they call obama care really did help to spread the tea party movement. this is a huge, huge issue on the campaign trail and it is likely to be decided maybe shortly before the presidential election. you cannot get away from the politics in this. >> you're not kidding. the decision will come down sometime in june they say. dana bash reporting live from capitol hill today. sex, money and luxury hotels. dominique strauss-kahn is charged with aggravated pimping. we'll tell you what else the else the former international monetary fund chief is accused of. a closer look at the trayvon martin's case. martin's mother saying her son is being killed all over again. >> they killed my son and now they're trying to kill his
6:19 am
reputation. >> an investigation shows martin had gotten into trouble several times at school so should that have any bearing on the case? we'll take a closer look.
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this morning we're learning new details of the killing rampage that left 17 villagers dead in afghanistan. two senior u.s. officials telling cnn that robert bales slipped out of his military outpost not once but twice on the night of the killings. one source says investigators now believe that bales returned from his first trip and told fellow troops he just killed military aged afghan men. it's not clear if those
6:22 am
americans reported bales' claims. prostitution in france is not illegal but aggravated pimping is. a scandal allegation the former head of the international monetary fond dominique strauss-kahn may have been more than just a customer. let's head live to london to talk about this. max foster, can you explain to us what exactly aggravated pu d pimping is? >> it's a serious charge. pimping is illegal. prostitution is not. aggravated pimping meaning irregular and involved basis on which this pimping is concerned and pimping means facilitating a prostitution operation not just being a customer. very serious charge. the attorney back in attorney did admit that dsk was involved in sex parties but he wasn't aware that any of the women there were prostitutes. he firmly denies these charges,
6:23 am
carol. serious charges indeed. >> i know the french press's nicknamed this case the carlton affair. why is that? >> it's all based in a city where the allegation is there was a prostitution network based in luxury hotels there. one of them being the carlton. that's where the name comes from. also investigations taking place into whether or not corporate funds were used here. prostitution and the attorney denied this back in december. we' we're waiting for more statements. the idea of funds being used in prostitution in any way is an additional charge. >> what sentence would strauss-kahn face if convicted? >> it's just a warning at the moment. if he's convicted, it's 20 years in jail. it's a very, very serious charge. obviously his reputation is in some array already due to the
6:24 am
sex charges in new york, which went away eventually. obviously his career and now jail time looking to be a difficult situation right now. >> i would say it's ugly. max foster live in london. thank you. tired of wondering where's the beef in your pink meat? now the maker of the beef ingredient called pink slime is handing out pink slips. that's coming your way next. eve. plaque quickly starts to grow back. but new crest pro-health clinical plaque control toothpaste can help. it not only reduces plaque, it's also clinically proven to help plaque from coming back. plus, it works in these other areas dentists check most. new crest pro-health clinical plaque control toothpaste. life opens up when you do. [ female announcer ] at walgreens, buy two select crest oral-b products and get $2 register rewards. good on your next in-store purchase.
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the controversy over pink slime reaches a whole new level. one of the main producers of meat filler is suspending production. does that mean it's the end for this unpleasant product? >> reporter: not so sure if it's the end of the line for pink slime also known as finely textured beef but one thing is clear. it's right now not going to be
6:28 am
made. it it's suspended. it is suspending production at three plants. this meat filler is still being made at a south dakota plant. 600 workers will be affected. they will be paid for two months. not so sure how long production is going to be suspended. the fact remains demand isn't there after the media caught wind of this and made a big ruckus out of it. grocery stores followed that media attention. kroger and safeway said let's phase out the beef with pink slime. there goes demand for now. >> you got word of a new housing report. what does it say? >> reporter: it doesn't say great things. this is the kay shiller home index. prices fell 1% in january. prices are at levels we saw back in 2002. we haven't seen these prices in a decade. housing as you know has really been one of the economies
6:29 am
weakest spots. it's really the sticking point that's keeping this recovery from going full force ahead. overall when you look at the housing market, we're seeing improvement from year to year but it's slow. americans are nervous about it. we're getting another report in about a half hour on consumer confidence. that's expected to fall in part because housing prices continue to fall and stocks look like they'll get a slow start. so much for momentum from yesterday looking at a flat open in about 45 seconds. >> i think we're used to the roller coaster ride by now sadly. thank you. >> you got it. good morning to you. i'm carol costello. stories we're watching right now in the "newsroom." mitt romney's comments about russia stir up cold war memories. >> these are unfortunate developments and if he plans to do more and suggests to russia
6:30 am
that he has things he's willing to do with them and he's not willing to tell the american people, this is to russia, this is without question our number one geopolitical foe. >> that was news to the russian president. here's his response. >> translator: as for ideological cliches, i have already spoken on the subject. i always get very cautious when i see a country resort to phrasings such as number one enemy. it is very reminiscent of hollywood and a certain period of history. i would advise two things to all u.s. presidential candidates. including the person you just mentioned. my first advice is to listen to reason when they formulate their positions. reason never harmed a presidential candidate. my other advice is to check their clocks from time to time. it is 2012, not the mid 1970s. no matter what party a candidate represents, he has to take the current state of affairs into account. that's the only way he could count on winning.
6:31 am
>> that's the russian president speaking at a summit in south korea. president obama returns home tonight. today the key and most controversial part of president obama's health care law is put to the test. the u.s. supreme court will look at significant questions about the power of government. can the obama care really force most americans to buy health insurance? in the everchanging case of trayvon martin, we hear two different stories this morning from two neighbors about what went down that night in sanford, florida. one says martin was the aggressor. another witness says it was the shooter, george zimmerman, who attacked martin. listen. >> the guy on the bottom who i believed had a red sweater on was yelling to me, help, help. i told him to stop and i was calling 911. when i got upstairs and looked down, the person that was on top beating up the other guy was the one laying in the grass. i believe he was dead at that point. >> zimmerman was standing over the body with basically
6:32 am
straddling the body with his hands on trayvon's back. it didn't seem to me that he was trying to help him in any way. it didn't seem to me -- i didn't hear any struggle prior to the gunshot. i feel like it was trayvon martin that was crying out because the minute that the gunshot went off, the whining stopped. >> we're also learning more about trayvon martin's past. the miami herald is reporting it has obtained school police reports which show martin had been suspended from school on several occasions. once for graffiti. once for having a plastic bag with traces of marijuana. and also for tardiness and truancy. the family's lawyer says martin's trouble at school is irrelevant. here's what martin's mother had to say. >> the only comment that i have right now is that they killed my son and now they're trying to kill his reputation. >> we want to bring in reverend
6:33 am
jamal bryant. a pastor in baltimore that organized a rally yesterday in sanford. >> good morning to you. >> let's talk about this article in the miami herald. it was in the orlando paper too. they had some things in trayvon martin's past that weren't so complime complimentary. does that matter in this case? >> i think it doesn't. i think it's very disingenuous for it to be released at this time. nobody is talking about mr. zimmerman who had his record expunged from assaulting a police officer in 2005. the reality is when mr. trayvon martin was walking down the street, george zimmerman knew nothing about his record. nothing about him being suspended. trayvon's mother is adamantly correct. this is just a campaign to beat his reputation. >> we did bring up zimmerman's past as well. people on the other side of this issue says it's only fair to know as much about trayvon martin as possible.
6:34 am
some people might suggest that the things in his past might paint him as a more aggressive person. >> well, the reality is he was not aggressive with a bag of skittles and bottle of arizona iced tea. the fact that george zimmerman stalked him for two blocks and we're talking 30 days later and there's still no arrest. the culpable activity is by the officer on the seen who didn't test george zimmerman for alcohol and traces of drugs. we're outside of those. george zimmerman is up walking around and nobody tested him for drugs or alcohol and we're outside of the window of evidence. >> the other bit of information we have new this morning comes from george zimmerman's friend, martin savidge got this information for us. he was intimating there was some struggle over the gun. what do you make of that? >> i really question his character that he's showing up 30 days later.
6:35 am
if you were engaged in an altercation and if i was and one of my friends witnessed it and seemingly it looks like i'm getting ready to be defeated, why would i not intervene? for him to show up 30 days later saying he witnessed his friend and never intervened and never showed up until now 30 days later, leaves a tremendous shroud of questioning. i pray that immediately justice will happen for trayvon martin's family and an arrest will happen for george zimmerman imminently. >> the neighbors had different accounts of what happened that night too. do you think it's possible that we will know exactly what happened that night in sanford? >> it is my hope that it doesn't happen on cnn or in any media outlet. let every person who saw all of the testimonies of these neighbors and friends, let them all testify in court. let's watch it all on court tv. i think that george zimmerman needs to be prosecuted. we have enough body of evidence with the 911 tapes, with the dead body, own admission and the
6:36 am
police department saying that he was there. i think at this point we ought not have any more speculation or deliberation. we're having a trial before the trial. let's just go to trial. >> reverend bryant, thank you so much for being with us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. george zimmerman, the shooter, is not talking publicly but his friends are. here's what joe oliver, told martin savidge earlier. >> it came down to a life or death struggle between the two. i can't go into details on how the gun came into play but it was not a part of this story until it was too late. george didn't have it out. george wasn't prowling, following trayvon with his weapon drawn. no one knew george had a weapon until he and trayvon came face to face. the physical confrontation took
6:37 am
place. >> in other news, act like a thug die like one. new orleans police officer jason giroir admitted to posting that message on facebook referring to the controversial death of the florida teenager. the officer is suspended indefinitely without pay adding more fuel to the escalating fire of racial profiling. the superintendent says he's furious. >> to say that i'm angry is an understatement. i'm furious. by those statements has embarrassed this department with insensiti insensitive, armfharmful and offensive comments. >> a news conference is scheduled to discuss this incident. elimination night on "dancing with the stars." find out who is leading the pack and who could head home tonight. that's next in showbiz headlines. an oregon man goes from construction worker to crime fighter in search of a bank robber.
6:38 am
>> i noticed the gentleman that was coming out of the bank throwing his hat off and taking his shirt off. >> that was all it took for nick butler to spring into action. find out how he used his high school skills to chase down the suspect. labored breathing ] [ coughing continues ] [ gasping ] [ elevator bell dings, coughing continues ]
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elimination night on "dancing with the stars." what everyone wants to know is who will be the first to go? a.j. hammer is in new york. the stars performed last night. in your mind, who were the winners and losers? >> well, in my mind and according to the leaderboard we got to go with the numbers. the winners classical singer katrihryn jenkins and her partn. more importantly, jenkins really showed signs of becoming this show's breakout star of the
6:42 am
season. people are even saying she looks so good, she looks like she could be a professional dancer. now she had vowed to make last night's jive sexy promising to shake her naughty bits as she put it. the judges and fans all seemed to love it. people were on their feet. and then at the other end of the spectrum, we have the lovely martina and her partner finishing last in the scoring. observers say she has trouble getting her rhythm together and getting or og r getting choreography down. she could be off the show soon. i love that she's on the show. i hope she does make it through for a few more weeks. great competition this season. >> you know, if i were on that show, that's what i would be dancing like. i could never memorize steps. i couldn't even do step aerobics. on another topic -- >> i'm there with you. >> on another topic, more controversy between the
6:43 am
kardashians and peta. >> kim has been the target of the organization in the past because she does publicly wear fur. while her sister has been supportive of peta in the past, she wants no part of them or this whole thing. this is what she's saying. i've been a vocal supporter of peta for a long time but i've also been vocal about anti-bullying and what happened last thursday, the incident on the red carpet, was just that. i will continue to not wear fur but i will no longer support peta. peta responded saying she's just defending her sister and we know she has a good heart so we wish her well. we just wish she also had more influence on her sister. >> man. did she just discover that peta threw things on people who wear fur? they've been doing that for 20 years. >> it's interesting that had hit close to home for her and to be very clear, the woman who threw
6:44 am
the flour wasn't representing peta. it's just that peta has since come out and said if there's a legal battle here and if kim kardashian goes after her, we'll thereby to pay her legal fees. >> got you. thank you so much. a.j. will be back with us in the next hour with more showbiz headlines. coming up, will ashton kutcher return to the hit comedy "two and a half men". do you want your picture taken with newt gingrich? you'll have to pay. one month after a deadly avalanche, 911 calls tell the story to save victims. >> the victim is unconscious but he's breathing. >> skiers rush to the rescue after one of their friends are buried under a mountain of snow. hear more of those chilling calls coming up. the most spectacular experiences are happening here.
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6:48 am
help the campaign raise money. some campaigns make you travel all of the way to wall street to pay $2,500 for a photo with the candidate. we choose to do it differently and ask supporters for a nominal donation. go to their website and guess what? there's other stuff you can buy for a little bit of a fee. bumper stickers. caps. mugs. you name it. let's be honest and fair here. the gingrich campaign not the only campaign to do this. most of them have websites where you can buy things like that. now, what about odds for nomination? they are extremely, extremely long. we know that. mathematically he has a chance. he needs to win 83% of the remaining delegates up for grabs to clinch the nomination. that's according to our cnn estimates of where delegates stand. that's more than romney who needs 47%. ron paul has less delegates and needs 88%. what does newt gingrich say about this? he's definitely not backing down. listen to what he told wolf
6:49 am
blitzer yesterday on "the situation room." >> weakest front runner in modern times. if he can get to 1,144, he's the nominee. if he can't get to 1,144 by the 26th of june on the last primary, a wide open electronic convention for 60 days of talking among the american people and i think people generally believe i'm the person who could best debate barack obama and at that point if romney can't clinch it, i think it becomes pretty wide open. >> carol, that doesn't sound like a person ready to drop out. stay tuned, i guess. >> he sounds kind of delusional though. i'm sorry. i call it like i see him. charging $50 for a photograph of himself. i guess the last two reporters covering his campaign from two newspaper pulled out. the media isn't much interested in him anymore. come on. >> print reporters have dropped out. the networks cnn included still do cover gingrich to a degree. yes, we do. no doubt about it.
6:50 am
longest of odds. >> okay. thank you, paul. we appreciate it. an oregon father springs into action and helps police catch a bank robber. find out how his high school schools helped him become a hometown hero. that's after break.
6:51 am
6:52 am
checking stories cross country now. in colorado, more firefighters have been called in to find a fast-moving blaze near denver that killed one person. charred more than 3,000 acres since it started yesterday. other fires around the state destroyed several homes. police in washington state released the 911 calls from a deadly avalanche last month.
6:53 am
>> he's breathing, but we need to get him out of here. >> i have one body. we are still searching. there is more people above us involved in the avalanche. i know the victim. we were skiing, yes. >> about a dozen experienced skiers were on the mountain at the washington pass when that avalanche hit. three people were killed in the avalanche. a wilsonville, oregon, man is being called a hero after chasing down a robber. he spotted the man leaving wells fargo and sprung into action. >> i ran at him as fast as i could and just hit him. all he said is, ouch. his eyes got that big and then the cops, get down. >> he's still got it. he chased the suspect through traffic before catching him a half mile away. he is a former high school track star. we are following a lot of developments in the next hour.
6:54 am
let's check in first with martin savidge. >> the parents of trayvon martin are up in washington now. they are sitting in on a congressional hearing. new details about george zimmerman. in this particular case, the details talk about a life and death struggle for control of the gun. that story at the top of the hour. i'm dan lothian at the white house. da met medvedev jumps into the political fray. we are tracking that fire just southwest of denver, colorado, that exploded overnight. over 3,000 acres burned. 900 homes evacuated. fire danger still exists today. we'll go over where that is happening in the next hour. >> thanks to all of you. can your employer ask you for your facebook log-in and password? they can under most state laws. coming up, one man who gave up
6:55 am
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♪ [ wind whistles ] ...and the evenings are filled with familiar comforts. find your away. for a dealer and the rv that's right for you, visit i think we'll be talking about tim tebow to the end of time. he's a jet and everybody is saying the right things. >> he said he's excited. we joked about it three dozen times yesterday. you know he's trying to start
6:58 am
things right in new york. no tabloid fodder where 200 media press he showed up. he will be the backup quarterback. jets signed mark sanchez to a big contract extension. tebow down played any possibilities of a quarterback controversy. >> mark is very secure as a football player and as a person and who he is. i don't think he's going to let outsiders affect how he goes about his preparation or how he plays. i think i'm excited about my role here, too, and my opportunity and my opportunity to compete. >> leave it to the tabloids to turn it into something. this is the "new york post" headline, "i'm the man." mark sanchez says he's not worried about losing his starting job. you're talking more about the tebow news conference coming up because tim tebow i the man everyone follows in sports. you can't give people enough tim
6:59 am
tebow information. >> i'm beginning to think that way. >> kings and rockets. end of the third quarter. check out marcus camby. i'm running out of time and i'm going to chuck it. and it's good. heartbreaker was after the buzzer. it doesn't count. we'll appreciate it, nonetheless. rockets win anyway 113-106. who i about hockey? pavel dat datsyuk. saturday's the final four. one game is pitting families against each other. louisville and university of kentucky will battle on the court. fans will face off under the same roof. >> a house divided. >> a house divided is one ufl
7:00 am
fan and one kentucky fan, so you watch it in two different rooms. >> a lot of trash talk. >> one couple was asked if you would lose, would you root for your spouse's team monday night in the championship game. she said no way. >> i couldn't do that either. >> no love. >> thanks so much. goshg good morning to you. i'm carol costello. we are watching wildfires in colorado. they are on the move. at least one person is dead. other people lost their homes. firefighters hope the brutal winds will die down and stop feeding this inferno. mitt romney calls russia america's number one geopolitical foe. russian president basically saying, the cold war ended about 20 years ago. where have you been? and the government takes up the issue of texting and driving. we'll show you what happens when lizzie o'leary tries to text and
7:01 am
drive in a simulator. it isn't pretty. do you want your boss having full access to your facebook account? some employees are being asked to give up their passwords. is that legal? we'll take a closer look at that this morning. the russian president is not happy with republican presidential candidate mitt romney. he made that clear this morning in south korea, telling romney to, quote, listen to reason when you're talking about russia. dmitry medvedev is upset that romney called russia our number one geopolitical foe. >> these are very unfortunate developments. if he's planning on doing more and suggest to russia he has things he's willing to do with them, he's not willing to tell the american people, this is to russia, this is without question our number one geopolitical foe. >> romney talked about russia after wolf blitzer asked him about an oops moment between president obama and the russian president. an open microphone picked up
7:02 am
obama saying, this is my last election. after my election, i have more flexibility. dan lothian is following this from the white house. the russian president had more to say about mitt romney. it wasn't pretty. tell us exactly what he said. >> that's right. first of all, i should say when you cover these kinds of summits, sometimes the news isn't necessarily made in the official advance in the prepared comments. it's what happens behind the scenes. this is a case where the world got a chance to see behind the scenes in public. president medvedev did weigh into this back and forth, saying this kind of phrasing is reminiscent of hollywood. then he went on to offer some advice through a translator. >> translator: as for ideological cliches, i have already spoken on the subject. i always get very cautious when i see a country resort to
7:03 am
phrasings such as number one enemy. it is very reminiscent of hollywood in a certain period of history. i would advise two things to all u.s. presidential candidates, including the person you just mentioned. my first advice is to listen to reason when they formulate their positions. reason never harmed a presidential candidate. my other advice is to check their clocks from time to time. it's 2012 not the mid 1970s. no matter what party a candidate represents, he has to take the current state of affairs into account. that is the only way he could count on winning. >> reporter: mitt romney did not back away from his remarks. he did clarify a bit saying that the greatest threat that the world faces is a nuclear iran, a nuclear north korea, but then pointing out that he believes that russia aligns itself, in his words, with the world's worst actors. jay carney, white house spokesman before departing south korea said this kind is
7:04 am
inaccurate. the united states doesn't always see eye-to-eye with russia. they have worked together on a number of important issues. republicans jumped on this. the rnc shortly after the comments were made yesterday released a web ad,ing the narrative being what obama tells world leaders when he thinks you aren't listening. they are pointing out this is just an example of the president focused on his re-election campaign. >> i'm being cynically political. how do you suppose the obama camp will use the russian president the's comments? >> reporter: that will be interesting. we haven't seen them out out any web ads or anything like that. they are saying this kind of language just misses the mark. that mitt romney when he says this simply is just wrong. we haven't seen them take the approach. what we have seen from the rnc so far, but they have been pushing back. >> i guess we should underscore this isn't some political game.
7:05 am
russia does matter in international relations. the united states does need russia time and again. >> that's right. the white house has been defending the president's comments by, again, pointing out that the president was just reflecting the political realities. during this campaign election cycle, that it's difficult to get bipartisan support, especially on some of these thorny issues that involve nuclear security and russia. that's what the president was talking about, that it's really hard to sort of get everyone on the same page when it comes to this during an election year. >> dan lothian live at the white house for us. also this morning, we are keeping a close eye on the case of trayvon martin. the unarmed teenager shot to death by a community watch volunteer. less than two hours from now. city manager of sanford, florida, will meet with the media along with acting chief of police. we are looking at reports trayvon martin had several run-ins at school. at the time of his killing he
7:06 am
was suspended after marijuana residue was found in his book bag. "miami herald" reporting he had earlier been suspended for scrawling graffiti on lockers. the we are hearing two very different stories about what went down that fatal night. a leaked police report seems to paint the slain teenager as the aggressor. martin savidge is in sanford. you talked to one of zimmerman's closest friends. he offered an interesting theory. >> reporter: joe oliver is a friend. he believes this was not a racially motivated incident. he is quite strong in defending his friend george zimmerman. we started talking about this leaked police report that came out yesterday. we were telling you about. he made a point of saying to me, well, the report is accurate from the conversations he's had with george zimmerman about what
7:07 am
happened that terrible night with trayvon martin. he said it stops short. he said the part missing is the most crucial. that has to deal with the control of the gun. here is how he described it to me in an interview. >> it came down to a life or death struggle between the two. i can't go into details into how the gun came into play, being but it was not a part of this story until it was too late. >> zimmerman was standing over the body with basically straddling the body with his hands on trayvon's back. it didn't seem to me that he was trying to help him in any way. i didn't hear any struggle. prior to the gun shot. i feel like it was trayvon martin that was crying out because the minute the gun shot went off, the whining stopped.
7:08 am
>> reporter: that last woman was a woman who actually heard the scuffle that occurred the night of the shooting. didn't see the shooting, but came out seconds later to witness what she did. joe oliver did not witness anything. he is merely retelling what george zimmerman said. you get it here. this is the back and forth. these are the two sides. very different points of view. very different descriptions of the same event. >> it is interesting that the acting police chief is going to appear at the news conference. there has been some criticism of the police leaks to the orlando newspaper. the police department said we didn't leak the information, but it is accurate. that is what their investigation has found so far. the city manager here says once they identify who the person is
7:09 am
that leaked that information,ing there are going to be serious consequences. we may hear more on that in a short while. >> you'll be monitoring that news conference. martin savidge from sanford, florida. conflicting facts are fueling tensions across the country. still ahead, a candid conversation about mixed reactions this case is causing. also happening right now, landmark arguments getting under way at the u.s. supreme court. this is day two and the justices will narrow their focus on health care reforms in what may be the most important legal debate in years. today, they'll look at significant questions about the power of government. does congress really have the constitutional right to make you buy a specific product, in this case health insurance. dana bash is our senior congressional correspondent. she joins us from capitol hill. dana, this is a ground-breaking case. have the justices begun their arguments yet or hearing arguments, rather? >> reporter: not yet. obviously, here where i am in
7:10 am
congress, tension is palpable because this is congress' law that set this whole thing in motion. look at pictures from outside where i'm standing, more towards the supreme court. the opponents of this law have already gathered. they are beginning to chant. they're arguing that this is unconstitutional. particularly what the justices will be focused on today. this is the very important part, the individual mandate. the whole argument that opponents, 26 states have joined in this lawsuit say is that the individual mandate is not constitutional because congress cannot force people to buy things they wouldn't already buy. not just that, but be penalized. this law, on average, people would be penalized about $700 if they didn't get health insurance. on the other side of this, you're going to hear inside the courtroom from the justice department, obama officials say that they believe this is absolutely constitutional
7:11 am
because it is in the public's interest for everybody to have universal health care, and that the way congress had to craft this law, they had to make it an individual mandate. >> you're showing us pictures of the tea party patriots. michele bachmann will speak from around this site. this whole fight gave rise to the tea party. these people do not like the individual mandate. i'm not sure they care what the u.s. supreme court rules. >> exactly. there is no question about it. later today we'll see a massive rally where they are going to but in 50 buses are going to come in of people all across the country. it's called "hands off my health care" rally. they've been having these across the country. over 300 the past couple of years. this absolutely has spurred the whole concept of the tea party. did way back when a couple of years ago because it really got
7:12 am
into focus this whole feeling among the tea party activists that the united states government just has too much of a heavy hand on individual liberties and rights. health care really is the absolute illustration for these people on that issue. >> dana bash reporting live from capitol hill this morning. . >> we have continuing coverage including a look how this ruling will directly impact families across the country. for example, 3-year-old violet mcmahonies is living with epilepsy. her parents are worried they could be bankrupt if the supreme court overturns parts of the health care bill. are you worried about what the supreme court might do? >> very scared. i can't sleep scared. >> elizabeth cohen will tell us more about violet's story in about 30 minutes. sunrise just over an hour ago in denver. now authorities should be getting a better idea of what
7:13 am
they are up against. a towering wildfire could be responsible for at least one death and for destroying several homes. high winds blowing through the rockies had been driving this fire. rob marciano is here. some time passed since your last report. is it any better at all, these winds? >> the winds are better, but zero containment with this fire which was driven by a windstorm coming out of the rockies last night. the fire itself was just 1,000 acres. it was actually a controlled burn that blew out of control when these winds blew around last night. to give you an idea where this is, by the way the crow flies about 25 miles southwest of denver in the front range of the colorado rockies. you saw some of those pictures. certainly has nice homes that have been torched to the ground. these are the winds yesterday. 60 miles per hour in jeffreyton sounty. 82 mile-an-hour winds in wyoming. that storm that drove those
7:14 am
winds is moving up toward the north and east where high wind warnings have been posted. where that fire is burning today, they could still see winds 30 to maybe 40 miles per hour. right now the winds are calm. they've got about 100 firefighters on scene. another 400 out of the region today. plus they weren't able to get air up in the sky yesterday, one because of the wind. this blew out late afternoon, early evening last night. reverse 911 calls went out. this happened very quickly. one fatality right now. maybe as many as a dozen or more homes damaged or destroyed by this. by the sense, how fast it happened, we may be lucky if they can get this thing under wraps. >> you this, rob. texting while driving isn't the only thing keeping your eyes off the road. national transportation safety board is discussing ways to keep you from becoming a distractive driver. great shot.
7:15 am
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act like a thug, die like one. new orleans' police officer jason giroir posted that message on his facebook. it refers to the controversial death of trayvon martin. he is now suspended indefinitely without pay, adding more fuel to the escalating fire of concerns about racial profiling. his superintendent says he is furious. >> to say i'm angry is an understatement. i'm if you are yeas. giroir embarrassed this department with insensitive, harmful and offensive comments. >> the new orleans branch of the naacp scheduled a news conference an hour from now to discuss this facebook posting. trayvon martin's parents say
7:18 am
negative comments and new information about their son's troubled past are just attempts to distract people. >> even in death trayvon is gone. even in death they are still disrespecting my son and i feel that's a shame. >> monday, revelations the florida teenager was on suspension from school after marijuana residue was found in his book bag, of course, zimmerman knew nothing about trayvon martin's history that night. zimmerman supporters would probably say martin's background does matter. let's talk about that with author and pop culture critic kevin powell in new york. welcome. >> good morning. how are you? >> at first glance, these stories are slowly leaking out about trayvon martin's background. he has stuff that isn't so
7:19 am
complimentary. does it matter? >> no, it doesn't. trayvon is a typical american teenager. if we look at the last three presidents of the united states. obama, bush and clinton all admitted they engaged in some drug activity. that has nothing to do with trayvon martin being killed february 26 by george zimmerman. they are trying to smear his reputation to make it seem like he was a criminal. we find that unacceptable. >> some people might say it may show things in his background may show his state of mind that night. >> the reality is george zimmerman showed his state of mind where he saw trayvon martin as a criminal, called him suspicious, et cetera. i don't know how he can say a young man who wrote graffiti on the wall, which i did as a
7:20 am
teenager, is dangerous. >> there was the supposed burglary tool found in trayvon martin's backpack. >> ma'am, many of us engaged in behavior, but that doesn't justify you being murdered in cold blood while you have a bag of skittles and a can of iced tea in your hands. not only is trayvon martin being racially profiled, now there is an attempt to racially profile him while he is dead. >> there are conflicting accounts about what happened that night. one neighbor said martin was the aggressor. he saw him punching and beating zimmerman. joe oliver, mr. zimmerman's best friend, had this to say about what george zimmerman told him about that night. we'll discuss on the other side. >> it came down to a life or death struggle between the two. i can't go into details how the gun came into play, but it was
7:21 am
not a part of this story until it was too late. >> so it seems as if he's intimating there was some fight over this gun and that trayvon martin didn't see the gun until he got into some altercation with george zimmerman. what do you make of this? >> oliver was not there. the people i take seriously were the women who were witnesses of this thing and saw the aftermath to this shooting. of course joe oliver as a friend will say these things. someone is rolled out there to try to back up the story. they had a month and a couple of days to get the story together. they are doing everything they can to piece together and argument. the 911 tapes show this man was the aggressor. the 911 operator said don't follow him. we know what happened.
7:22 am
george zimmerman needs to be arrested, brought to the criminal justice system. not all these trangential things. he was killed in cold blood. distracted drivers can be hazardous to your health. national transportation safety board is looking for ways to help keep your eyes on the road. college is say they are hurting for cash. what are they doing to raise money? how about selling naming rights to the campus bathroom? [ female announcer ] here in california, our schools need help.
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the largest class size in the nation. 47th out of 50 in per-student funding. but right now, we can make history with a ballot measure to send every k-through-12 dollar straight to our schools. to every school and every child. not to sacramento. it's the only initiative that can say all that. check out our online calculator and find out how your school would benefit. visit today.
7:25 am
we've all done it, eat, text, check our e-mail, talk on the phone. program your gps for directions while driving. distracted drivers kill about 5,000 people every year. they injure thousands more. the national transportation safety board is trying to figure out a way to keep us from being a dangerous driver. liz o'leary joins us live from washington. >> a lot of states instituted bans and outlawed texting. >> reporter: one of the things that we got a chance to do over the past few days was go into the simulator at the university of iowa that gives you a chance to see what it's like to drive while you're distracted. we went in. you can see it there. that's the simulator. it gives the most realistic view of what it's like to actually be driving. they can throw a bunch of
7:26 am
distractions at you to find out exactly how long it takes for you to be distracted. bottom line is it's two seconds of looking away that causes you to lose contact with exactly what's going on on the road. two seconds is all it takes. a typical text message takes about four seconds. it's the most realistic and safe way to gather this data. today they are looking at a series of recommendations, how to get drivers more aware. the agency forbids people from using their government phones while traveling. the chairwoman said stopping cold turkey was like sobering up. >> i was one of those people that did a lot of business, kept up with my family. a lot of phone calls with my moms in the evenings. i did that on a hands-free device. i had to stop that. when i did, it was like getting
7:27 am
sober and being surrounded by drunk people on the road. i stopped talking on the phone and i saw everyone else who was talking and texting, and really not minding what they were doing. >> reporter: the federal government can't ban this, but they can withhold money from states. that way they can get states to change the laws. >> you can lizzie's first report tonight on "the situation room" at 4:00 p.m. eastern. it's 2012. we can't see supreme court hearings on television. it decides the most important cases in the nation. we'll talk about that with our political buzz panel. with chant. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first week... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking.
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7:31 am
a wildfire on the move in the dope ver area. heavy winds pushed the fire yesterday. hoping those winds will calm down today. we are expecting more news today in the trayvon martin case. in just about an hour, the city manager of sanford, florida, will meet with the media along with the acting chief of police. later, martin's parents will be on capitol hill for a hearing on racial profiling and hate crimes. landmark arguments under way at the u.s. supreme court. justices putting the centerpiece of barack obama's presidency under the constitutional microscope. today, they look at whether congress can make you buy a specific product, in this case, health insurance. political buzz is your rapid fire look at the best political topics of the day. three questions, 30 seconds on the clock. playing with us today, robert zimmerman, chris moody, political reporter with yahoo news and boris epstein is a
7:32 am
republican strategist and former aide to the palin campaign and opinion columnist for "u.s. news." >> he wins the title. >> if the supreme court has any concerns about looking biased going into the health law hearings, wouldn't televise these proceedings fix that? robert? >> i don't think it would fix as much as it would expose the supreme court. we saw them give corporate interests a blank check to buy their way in our democracy and other decisions that benefited corporations over consumers and polluters cleaning up our neighborhoods. perhaps the bright lights of tv might expose them. >> exactly what robert said is the reason why we cannot have tv cameras in the supreme court. first of all, those things super
7:33 am
pacs are being used by barack obama in the general election. the supreme court is a sacred institution. it cannot be affected by outside and political institutions. they have to make decisions based on the law alone. if you have tv cameras, a lot may freeze up and feel they have to perform for the cameras. more likely, an appearance will make c-span because it will be so boring. >> i don't think this would help in that specific question. every single facial expression, eyebrow twitch would be analyzed and dissected, even if it didn't mean anything. it's important to remember these hearings are not close press. media is allowed and they release and audio recording hours after it goes down. it's note like they are shrouded in secrecy here. >> i'm going to tweak the second question and surprise you all.
7:34 am
this just came out late this morning. it has to do with mitt romney. he said on wolf blitzer's show russia is our number one geopolitical foe. the russian president said romney shouldn't speak off the cuff, that he should listen to reason. has romney reignited a cold war of sorts? >> full disclosure, i was born in russia, came here when i was 11. from my point of view, no, he hasn't. was it the right thing to say? not. russia is not our number one foe. we have iran, north korea, a ton of problems beyond russia. russia is a country the united states should try to work together with but stay strong in front of. should romney say that? no. should barack obama say after this election hopefully i'll be free and do whatever you want to
7:35 am
do? no. >> robert. >> clearly, mitt romney's comment is stunning in its ignorance. that russia should be considered our number one political foe instead of a nuclear iran or al qaeda has a dangerous role in the world is a great concern to all of us, no the to mention al qaeda's role in the world. that is a great concern. of course, it's important to put in perspective likewise what president bush said. while president obama said, excuse me. there won't be domestic fallout to his comments, certainly our nato allies can play upon the missile defense shield. we are entitled to an explanation of what president obama said in front of a hot mike. >> there's been criticism of the republican candidates speaking fast and loose about foreign policy. they would do well to look back to what happened to barack obama when he took a lot of positions on the war and terrorism.
7:36 am
once elected to the presidency and had access to certain information, he completely changed quite a bit of the things he originally had said. he carried on a lot of the bush policies. these guys, the person who gets into the presidency, if it's mitt romney, he'll have quite a bit to learn once he gets there. he may go back on that. >> third question. 20 seconds each. it appears we are picking on mitt romney, but really not. mitt romney is to appear on jay leno what do you think romney should joke about, shamus, perhaps? >> i was wondering if if he was trying out material with wolf blitzer. that is a chief comment, that is beneath me. mitt romney should go with what he knows. talk about hair products and avoid public policy decisions. maybe he could reveal whether he was the man in the original commercial on electile
7:37 am
dysfunction. >> chris, polilease. >> i'm not going there. mitt romney is a funny guy. he was good on letterman a couple of months ago. what he needs to do if he wants to nail it is bring anne romney with him. everyone loves her. she does a great job. >> boris? >> i think he should bring rick santorum with him. the two of them would make a funny pair. rick could be the little whiny baby telling mitt, hey, hey, you're the worse and mitt could hit him over the head time and time again. in all seriousness, mitt romney could make a lot of jokes about hair products. i wouldn't talk about e.d. he could talk about his pals in nascar. there's a lot of material out there for him. >> thanks for playing today, we appreciate it. up next, a personal look how the supreme court's health care decision could impact a typical american family.
7:38 am
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u.s. supreme court about to hear arguments over so-called obama care. they are going to hear arguments for the individual mandate. tea party patriots are rallying. michele bachmann is speaking. let's listen. >> it will be two new entitlement programs that will cost over a trillion dollars. one lie after another was said
7:41 am
to pass this bill. we were told health care costs would drop dramatically. president obama said that every household in the you'd would save over $2,500. just the opposite has happened. health care costs have spiked. we know physicians are already planning to leave the profession. this doctor next to me juan torres told me two of the largest cardiologists' practices in orlando have already sold. investors business daily newspaper did an investigation. according to their survey said that 46% of physicians, when obama care is fully implemented, will leave the profession. why is that? it's because government is taking away not only from doctors, but from are individuals, the right to determine their health care and their future. you see, we are surrounded right
7:42 am
now by those who will benefit by socialism. we are surrounded by those who will benefit from the government telling you what you must do, but that's not what we believe. we believe that the constitution gives every american the right to determine their own future and their own liberty. >> we are going look away from this for a moment. as you know, there are two sides to obama care. people feel passionately on both sides. we'll tell but one family who waits in fear for the u.s. supreme court's ruling on the so-called obama care. cnn senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen has that side of the story. >> reporter: these nine supreme court justices will forever affect the life of 3-year-old violet mcmanis. her mother knows if the justices overturn health care reform,
7:43 am
violet will lose her insurance. >> reporter: tell me why it's scary for you? >> our daughter can die and there is nothing we can do about it. >> reporter: violet was born healthy. at 11 months old she had her first seizure. >> our daughter was completely blue in her crib and shaking. >> reporter: it was epilepsy. when seizures strike, she stops breathing as many as 30 times a day. she has three drugs and she has an alarm system and she has oxygen. this all gets expensive. she has health insurance through her dad matt's work. it's paid for her hair, including several long, expensive hospitalizations. that's why the family will be watching the supreme court decision so closely. if the court gets rid of health care reform, their insurance company could stop paying for
7:44 am
violet's care in as soon as two years. because she'll have heat her lifetime limit on benefits. if you could channel your thoughts and wishes to the supreme court justices, what would you tell them? >> if i could say anything to them, i would say just imagine having your daughter. it can happen to anyone. you never know. life changes. >> reporter: more than 100 million americans have these lifetime limits like violet does. if health care reform gets reversed by the court, those limits would likely come back again. >> tell us how the individual mandate plays into this family's drama. >> the individual mandate says nearly every american has to have health insurance. that brings money into the coffers. that helps insurance shall people like violet. her insurance company wanted to cut her off at the cap to save money. if you've more money coming in because of the individual mandate, you don't have to cut her off.
7:45 am
>> elizabeth cohen, thanks so much. applying for a job? don't be surprised if you're asked for your facebook password and log-in. it's legal for bosses to do that in most states. one move to stop that. [ male announcer ] if your kid can recognize your sneeze from a crowd... you're probably muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. love the air.
7:46 am
here's a chance to create jobs in america. oil sands projects, like kearl, and the keystone pipeline will provide secure and reliable energy to the united states. over the coming years, projects like these could create more than half a million jobs in the us alone. from the canadian border, through the mid west, to the gulf coast. benefiting hundreds of thousands of families throughout the country. this is just what our economy needs right now.
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7:48 am
ashton kutcher had big shoes to fill on "two and a half man." looks like he did it. a.j. hammer is in new york. a new deal being worked out? >> "tv guide" says cbs is working on a deal to keep him around next year. it's going to cost a lot of money to keep ashton kutcher on "two and a half man." he's already the highest paid guy on tv starring in a sitcom.
7:49 am
he's making about $700,000 an episode. huge money. speculation is he could be looking for a raise to those seven figures for next season. after ten seasons, the show is still a hit. while cbs apparently won't officially renew it until negotiations are settled. everyone publically seems to want ashton back next year. he replaced charlie sheen on the show. sheen was making about $1.25 million an episode. for his part, we have seen ashton publically talking about how much fun he's having on the show. if the money works, we could expect to see ashton kutcher back and making a whole lot of dough for doing it. >> and having more fun. a.j. hammer, thanks. want information everything breaking on the entertainment world? a.j. has it on "showbiz tonight." some colleges say they are hurting for cash. what are they doing to raise money? how about selling naming rights to their bathrooms? to their campus bathrooms.
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
another tough year ahead for school districts across the country. most schools just don't have enough money. allison is at the new york stock exchange. how bad is it? >> it's pretty bad. especially if you've got kids in public schools. this does hit home. listen to this, carol. more than 8-10 school districts say we don't have enough money. they expect the problem to just continue and maybe get even worse. isn't that great news right there? this information coming from the
7:53 am
american association of school administrators. what i discovered when i did this survey, it took time for the recession to hit schools financially. many towns across the country are just now reassessing their property taxes and because of the housing bust, what that means for these schools is that tax revenues are probably going to go down. at the same time you see states across this country continuing to cut back as they battle to balance their own budgets. so it's schools especially taking the brunt of this getting less money. >> how are they handling this crisis? >> of course, they are forced to make huge cuts. the biggest way of doing that, getting rid of their teachers. hundreds of thousands of teachers already lost their jobs because of the recession. adding to the problem, class sizes are growing and growing. what that does is delays improvements like getting new text books or updating computers. some schools say they are considering cancelling summer school all together. to a lesser degree, colleges are
7:54 am
dealing with their budget problems and getting darn creative. university of san diego says it install elliptical machines that generate power for you to work it out. reduces the energy bill. harvard sold the naming rights to a men's rest room for $100,000. wouldn't you love your name on the bathroom wall? i'm talking about for a donation, of course. fa fairfield university did away with trays. everybody has to carry food to the table because it cuts down on washing. how do you like those ideas? >> i don't. i wish they didn't have to do that. allison kosik, live at the new york stock exchange. you keep your facebook password to yourself but can't keep your boss from asking for your password.
7:55 am
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you may think your facebook log-in and password are personal. triteling that to your boss. mary snow spoke to one man who gave up that information for a job. >> reporter: imagine being on a job interview and an employer asking you for your facebook log-in and password. that's what robert collins said happened to him at the maryland department of corrections. after taking a leave of absence, he says he had to go through another vetting process in 2010 and was stunned when his
7:58 am
employer asked for his facebook password. collins says he complied because he feared for his job. >> i'm like, what exactly are you looking for? >> i'm looking through your messages, wall, pictures and post to make sure you're not flashing any gang signs or involved in any illegal activity. i was mortified. i just thought that crossed the line. >> reporter: collins since left that job, but his complaint to the aclu prompted change. maryland's department of corrections new policy states candidates will not be asked to share their log-in or password information. applicants are asked to log into facebook voluntarily as an interviewer looks over their shoulder. the department argues that kind of screening is useful for public safety in law enforcement jobs. c nfrp n legal contributor paul
7:59 am
callen. is this legal? >> as shocking as it is employers would ask you for this very personal thing, a facebook password, in most states it's absolutely legal. >> reporter: it's unclear how many employers are asking job applicants for passwords. it's facebook policy to prohibit anyone from soliciting the log-in information or accessing an account belonging to someone else. law makers in maryland are considering a bill to make it illegal for an employer to ask for passwords. a right to privacy in the work place act is on the table in illinois after a state law maker received complaints from constituents. >> you have individuals that are afraid to speak and say that the employers are asking for their password and their user name for fear of losing their job or for fear of not being hired. >> reporter: now there is word of a potential bill on a federal