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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 10, 2012 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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an athlete out there whether injured or high school or college you should study that hand not for what he did on the court but how he's conducted himself off the court when it comes to business. that's how you operate as a professional athlete. >> if you want to show your support for sergeant stein go on facebook and smear your boss and see the consequence of free speech. >> we're out of time. i'll see everybody back here tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. carol, good morning. >> good morning. i'm carol costello. stories we're watching right now we have a winner or three. the maryland mega mystery is solved. two teachers and a secretary, spent just 60 bucks in tickets are the big winners. fire threat from miami to maine. the brush fire situation now critical. mad in miami. oh, protests and outrage after the marlins hand gear said he
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respects fidel castro. ozzie guillen apologizing. >> making millionaires pay. it's called the buffet rule. the numbers may nod add up. a picture worth a billion dollars. you've seen the headline. facebook buys instantgram. this morning we'll tell you three things you don't know about the photo sharing company. and puffy face, pounds and plastic surgery, the rumors have sparked an internet guessing game. ashley judd coming out swinging. just within the last hour we learned more about the winning mega millions lottery ticket sold in maryland. lottery officials say the winners are, no not that mcdonald's lady but three public school employees. each will pocket $35 million after taxes. as you can see they want to
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remain anonymous. but they don't plan to retire. >> one of the win serious an elementary school teacher. another winner is a special education teacher. and the third winner provides administrative support, all in the public school system of maryland. again, one of them works two full time jobs. another has a part time job. and a third has two other part time jobs. all of them indicated that they would continue and the teachers said they all plan at this point in time to remain public school teachers. >> they can open their own school. athena jones is in baltimore. tell us more. >> reporter: well, as you may have seen in the picture that you showed of them hiding, this trio calls themselves the three amigos. one was a woman in her 20s, a man in his 40s and another woman in her 50s.
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as you mentioned they all work in the public school system here in maryland. that's something that lottery officials wanted to high light. they seemed to have been touched by this idea that these people all work in the school system together, came in and said they didn't want to quit their jobs. they remain committed to the kids in their classrooms. this is the first time the three of these people pulled their money together. they contributed $20 to buy 60 tickets. those other 59 tickets just won $1. that's okay since they have this other 35 million each. they plan to invest some of the money, buy homes. one person wants to take a backpacking trip to europe with her brother. another wants to pay for his children's college education. one woman mentioned touring the wine country in italy. so, some interesting times. we don't know their times but some people will try to pair all those things together. >> they southern like terrific
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people don't they. i have to bring up miss wilson. you remember her the mcdonald's worker, mother of seven she had this winning ticket but couldn't find it. does that mean she's completely out of picture now? >> yes, it does. we did ask the lottery director about any other supposed alleged winners and he said no one else -- these are the only three who won in maryland. they are splitting this huge jackpot. we know how much they are taking home. so everything else was -- that story is over. i should mention one thing that these three people who want to remain anonymous they are not interested in taking part in the publicity. some of it could do with the news we saw last week. they are very careful about making plans. they watched all the coverage and wanted to especially listen to what the financial advisors had to say. they had an interesting last week or so joke amongst themselves about the fact that they are the actual winners.
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while we don't know their names we know some things about them. >> i'm glad they will continue teaching. they sound like smart ladies. smart amigos. athena jones thanks so much. in washington more embarrassment and another casualty in that wasteful spending scandal at the gsa. david foley a deputy commissioner at the gsa which is supposed to safeguard how are you tax dollars are spent. today he's on administrative leave and the watchdog agency keeps taking hits as more employee videos surface mocking the importance of protecting your money. >> i think meetings are good to have in between breaks. >> oh, my gosh. it's the clown, cnn senior congressional correspondent dana bash is in washington. dana, all of these videos were they made during the work day? >> reporter: well it appears that way. certainly it was always assumed that that was the case. but, you know, what you just
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showed was part of about an hour that the administration sort of strategically released to some media outlets in clueding ours over the holiday weekend with the hope that want it gets buried. but they didn't release one specific clip of a video that we did get from the house republican oversight chairman darrell issa. he says this particular clip which the white house omitted does actually give evidence that some of these videos were actually made during the work day. listen to it. >> that was amazing. was there anybody in region seven that wasn't in that thing? [ laughter ] >> if they didn't work on friday, chances are they weren't in the video. [ laughter ] >> reporter: so, you know, on a friday it's generally a work day, at least certainly in this town. but look, carol, these videos are damaging to say the least. and it's not just the content of
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what we're hearing these people say, these government workers as you say appear to mock the idea of saving money, the idea of the president himself having a green job event. in fact one video says that he wants to have a press event so he can show a project. i mean, it's really over the top. and what's really remarkable is how much money they spent to do this. $820,000 at this lavish resort and there's going slew of hearings next week when congress returns. >> you'll be busy. dana bash, thanks so much. the 911 calls started coming in moments after a navy jet crash crashed into a virginia beach apartment complex friday. we're just now hearing some of them. seven people including two pilots were hurt. no one killed. listen to the caller talk about a pilot on her patio. >> the pilot's on your patio? >> yes. and nobody's here.
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and i've been calling and calling and there's no ambulance. >> is the pilot conscious? >> yes, so. last i saw him he was. >> okay. so he's no longer on your patio right now? >> he's still on my patio but they told me to evacuate, and there's other guys there helping him. my neighbors are there helping him. >> he's okay today. the navy has recovered the flight recorder from the jet. it might offer more clues about why it crashed. right now the navy blames mechanical failure. bone dry conditions are fueling brush fires in six states up and down the east coast. rob marciano is here. we're paying a price for a warm winter. >> and dry early spring. march warmest on record in the u.s. two lost homes in long island. fire getting close to a nuclear facility in brookhaven. this fire in milford, connecticut, burning yesterday. started at around 6:00.
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metro north had to suspend service. route 1, the busiest non-interstate in connecticut, some of those business-to be evacuated briefly. they did get this under control later on in the evening. scary times in milford. in new jersey, tabernacle, woodland areas seeing over 1,000 acres burned. firefighters who don't normally have to do this kind of work had to light backfires to protect homes. this is the second brush fire in less than a week. down across florida we told you about this yesterday before the northeastern fires broke out, the county line fire near jacksonville continues to burn as do some brush fires around volusia county. dense smoke coming out of that fire as winds don't whip in that direction. as we mentioned go to the graphics and show you some highlighted tidbits.
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warmest march on record and first three months of this year, are the warmest start for the u.s.. over 15,000 warm temperature records during the month of march. look at these winds yesterday. 60 mile-per-hour winds in high point, new jersey. sandy hook, new jersey seeing 54 mile-per-hour winds. that with the bone dry conditions caused the problems. we have conditions similar to yesterday, gusts 20 to 30 miles per hour from new york city to carolinas. red polygamy warnings posted. fire danger will be high in these areas. we have very, very low levels of humidity as well. that's an issue. we also have severe threat today. we saw some tornadoes yesterday and softball size hail out of western parts of oklahoma. this is a storm chaser track down this tornado which did some small damage but luckily in a fairly rural area, high liked areas include between the same spots in western oklahoma for severe weather and potentially northern parts of louisiana and southern arkansas. so severe weather and the fire
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threats continue in areas that really we don't typically talk about wildfires. >> we'll pray for rain but not in oklahoma. >> exactly. >> rob, thank you. this morning republican rick santorum is cancelling events but says it has nothing to do with his faltering presidential campaign. even says he wants to be at home to help his daughter settle in after her release from the hospital. 3-year-old bella suffers from a rare genetic condition. santorum says he'll stick to his afternoon campaign schedule. just a few minutes from now, president obama leaves the white house to hit the campaign trail. in between fundraisers in florida he'll stump for the buffet rule which will boost taxes on billionaires. it was named after buffet that long argued he shouldn't pay a lower rate. the measure would require millionaires to pay 30% of income in their taxes. one in four pay a tax rate of
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less than 10%. here's the catch. the numbers may not add up. according to the congressional research office most millionaires are taxed at a higher rate than the vast majority of all americans. also this morning a rare chance to see former president george w. bush. he just wrapped up speaking at an economic conference. he talked about ways to achieve and sustain 4% economic growth for the country. the george w. bush presidential center is hosting the conference which will look at ways tax policies can help reach that goal. so from presidents past and present to the candidates vying for the office the economy is a driving force of the campaigns. there's a mighty chasm separating the democrats from the republicans. cnn political editor paul steinhauser is in washington. let's talk about the buffet rule first. does this have any chance of passing and are most americans for it? >> you know, when it comes to that divide in congress it's probably a slim chance of
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passing. what do americans think? take a look. this is the most recent poll on the issue. yeah. you can see almost two-thirds favor that 30% tax rate for those making a million dollars or more a year. other polls over the last couple of months indicate the same thing that americans are okay with high income members, high income americans paying their fair share at least that's what the polls indicate. what about the obama white house and the obama re-election team? the president's speech today is only part of what's going on. you'll see vice president biden later this week in a campaign speech going to new hampshire, another battleground state pushing for the buffet rule. also you're seeing the obama re-election team going after mitt romney because republicans as well as romney who is the likely gop nominee are opposed to this buffet rule and they are trying to paint romney as a wealthy american who wants to protect his own kind. republicans as you can imagine, carol, they say just the opposite. the president raises taxes on
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the wealthy not a good idea to raise taxes on anybody in these economic times. >> still ahead, a cuban-american group threatens to boycott the miami marlins unless they fireman gear ozzie guillen. his i love if i gel castro comments start ad firestorm in south florida. students spring into action after their bus driver slumps behind the wheel. their amazing acts of bravery caught on video. you're watching newsroom. real estate in hong kong, and the optics industry in germany? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing.
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♪ ♪ one, two, three, four ♪ you say
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♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do donald trump's organization is ending a rule banning transgender competitors from the miss universe contest. the policy change comes after a 23-year-old canadian was banned from competing, organizers had
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learned she underwent sexual reassignment surgery four years ago. lawyer gloria allred treatened to sue trump's group. that rule change is being made in spite of not because of gloria allred's threat. ozzie guillen praises fidel introduces. in south florida it's something you just don't do. a cuban-american group says they are boycotting the marlins until they fire ozzie guillen. the miami dade chairman is calling him to resign. he told "time" magazine i respect fidel castro. you know why? a lot of people have wanted to kill fidel introduces for the last 60 years but that [ expletive ] is still there. listen to his comments from his time managing the white sox. >> it's my time.
6:18 am
my wife said you lie. i love you. you know why because when we play good they send the guy to this [ expletive ] and talk to them like a hero [ expletive ] i have to sit here and talk to you guys. >> spicy guy. john zarrella is covering the story in miami. he apologized for thinks fidel castro comment but is it enough? >> reporter: that's the big question here this morning. you know, the marlins certainly knew from those clips that you just played what they were getting when they hired ozzie guillen. but, you know, this is certainly unprecedented. the marlins have an off day today in philadelphia. he flew back last night. he's going to address the media and has asked that anybody in the community who wants to come to this news conference in about an hour from now can come in and ask him questions. here's a little bit of the
6:19 am
background. the marlins have a brand new stadium. they played one game in it. the stadium is built in the heart of miami's little havana on the site of the old orange bowl. the taxpayers in the city of miami and miami dade county predominantly latin american footed the bill for this stadium and the team is trying to build a whole new fan base from that community and what does ozzie guillen do? the manager was brought in to help build that fan base. he makes those remarks about i love fidel castro. i respect fidel castro in the "time" magazine article. of course it set off a firestorm here. in the community we've seen pictures of cuban-americans stomping on the pennant, the marlins flag. we've seen video of protests on the street. now granted these are very small protests. and as you mentioned calls for his resignation and it's been the talk of sports talk radio. we spent some time yesterday at
6:20 am
the dan levatar show. he's a miami herald columnist and has his own sports talk show, radio talk show and he's cuban-american. we talked to him about just how damaging this is. >> for this manager they traded draft picks and paid him millions of dollars specifically they wanted a famous latin voice and face and so to have a famous latin voice and face give voice to this is especially disappointing. >> reporter: he told me one of the things that's for understand here is that for the cuban-american community, fidel castro is their adolf hitler. and, you know, for ozzie guillen not to have understood this, he has a home here, he's lived here for a while, even when he was managing the white sox is one of the things that is for most people down here, you know, just shaking their head. you can't explain it.
6:21 am
>> what can he say to make them feel better? obviously saying i'm sorry didn't work. he's going to fly in. what does he say? i agree to sit down and have a tut tutorial with someone about fidel introduces. >> reporter: no one knows what he can say to refair damage. the question is do marlins take any action against him in order to try to salvage whatever they can out of this situation? does major league baseball take any action against him? you know, this is a long way from being over, even though the marlins would like to get it behind them for obvious reasons. as quickly as possible. i don't think that's happening. >> all right. i know you'll continue to follow this story. 10:30 eastern time sees supposed to hold that press conference. we'll be back. thank you. still ahead in the newsroom students race to save the bus driver and themselves after the driver slumps while behind the wheel. you can see their heroic actions
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caught on video. ashley judd's return to television in a new role with a new fuller looking face. crypts are not holding back their comments about the change and neither is ashley. we're back in two. greetings from the windy city of chicago. people here sure are friendly but some have had a hard time understanding my accent. so to make sure people get every word of the geico savings message i've been practicing how to talk like a true chicagoan. switching to geico could save you hundreds of dollars on car insurance...
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a frightening scene in washington state is caught on camera. a school bus driver passes out while driving a bus full of children and two students jump into action, stopping the bus, and providing medical aid to the driver. >> i was acting on instinct. it was all happening really quickly. >> i was doing chest compressions on his chest. >> that's terrific.
6:25 am
doctors say the bus driver suffered a heart attack. his current condition not known at this time. but he's hanging in there. now is your chance to talk back on one of the big stories of the day, the question for you this morning is a tax on millionaires a gimmick or necessary? the buffet rule by now you know what is it. if not here it is in a nutshell. it would double the taxes millionaires pay on income from the stock market. right now they pay about 15%. a lot less than the tax from a regular paycheck. the senate is expected to vote on the buffet rule on monday. one tax analyst says it has zero chance of passing. why even go there. >> every senator who votes on it will have to examine for himself or herself whether or not they want to vote for a bill that says millionaires and billionaires should not pay taxes on their income at a lower rate than middle class
6:26 am
americans, or vote against it. and they will have to explain to their constituents why they don't agree with that principle. >> the buffet rule is a key talking point in president obama's re-election campaign, you know the one against mitt romney who happens to pay that lower tax rate. but what mr. obama calls shared sacrifice house speaker john boehner calls a gimmick. congress estimates if the buffet rule becomes law it would raise $47 billion over the next decade a drop in the bucket with federal deficits of up to a trillion a year. still for some, 47 billion ain't chicken feed and the white house says it's an important first step to rear forming the tax code. so the talk back question for you, is a tax on millionaires a gimmick or necessary? i'll read your comments later this hour. instantgram has become instant gold. facebook snapped it up for a
6:27 am
billion dollars. not bad for a company barely two years old and with a staff you can fit into a couple of suvs. coming up three things you might not know about instantgram and how facebook might change it up. -one. -two.
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good morning. i'm carol costello. stories we're watching right now in the newsroom, opening bell ringing on wall street right now. u.s. stocks set to open slightly higher today as investors prepare to shift their focus to the latest round of corporate results. three public school employees in maryland have cashed in a winning ticket from that record mega millions drawing. each will pocket $35 million after taxes but will not retire from the school system. >> one of the winners is an elementary school teacher. another winner is a special education teacher. and the third winner provides
6:31 am
administrative support, all in the public school system of maryland. again, one of them works two full time jobs. another has a part time job. and a third has two other part time jobs. >> the winners say they each kicked in 20 bucks to buy the tickets. first time they ever pulled their money together. ine washington more embarrassment and another casualty in that wasteful spending scandal at the general services administration. david foley is a deputy commissioner at the gsa which is supposed to safeguard how are you tax dollars are spent. today he's on administrative leave and the watchdog agency keeps taking hits as we see more employee videos mocking the agency's efficiency. >> i think meetings are good to have in between breaks. >> congressional investigators still examining the lavish conference that the gsa hosted in las vegas in 2010.
6:32 am
in the meantime senate and house committees plan to hold hearings. they will start next week. and we're now hearing some of the 911 calls that came in moments after a navy jet crashed into a virginia beach apartment complex. seven people including the two pilots were hurt but no one was killed. listen to the caller talk about a pilot on her patio. >> the pilot's on your patio? >> yes. and nobody's here. i've been calling and calling and there's no ambulance. >> is the pilot conscious? >> yes rkyes, he is. last i saw him. >> he's no longer on your patio? >> he's on my patio. but they told me to evacuate. there's other nice there helping him. my neighbors are there helping him. >> the navy has recovered the flight recorder from the jet. it may off clues why it crashed. the navy blames mechanical failure. >> instantgram won the lottery when facebook bought it.
6:33 am
if you use instantgram to post your pics you know the score. this is a picture of me getting ready for today's newscast. here's an instantgram picture. it takes you back to the dark days of news gathering. facebook she would out billion dollars. significantgram is part of the facebook family. expect some changes. lauri, tell me three things i don't know about instantgram. >> reporter: three things. first of all this was facebook's biggest acquisition to date. they shelled out a billion dollars in a combination of cash and stock options. that's a lot of money to spend on a relatively small company. another fact that's interesting this company is very small. they have 13 employees at the time that they were bought for a billion dollars. we spoke to the founder about a year ago and there were four employees and 4 million areas. now they have 30 million users
6:34 am
and 13 employees. facebook thought that was interesting and they wanted to jump on that. another interesting fun fact about instantgram is it almost never was. before instantgram was a photo sharing service it was actually a company called bourbon and it was a check in location service. i spoke to the founder. what he said was he kept noticing people posting photos and posting and sharing photos on the service so decided to completely change the service from bourbon, called instantgram and make at it photo sharing service and that essentially as you can imagine that was a billion dollar decision that served him pretty well. >> you're not kidding. billion dollar company now or more. a lot of people worry that facebook will suck the life out it. so can we expect that? >> you know, any time facebook -- it's important to say any time facebook purchases a start up of some sort they have a track record of shutting it down. they have a track record of buying talent, buying great engineers and completely shutting down the service. but facebook made it very clear
6:35 am
that they are not going to do that to instantgram because instantgram has a big following. that being said it's important to note that instantgram although it was very popular and it makes your pictures look breath they weren't make being any money so they essentially sold without making any money. i spoke to an investor yesterday facebook will have to find a way to help them make money. so he said one day and maybe in the future you might begin to see some ads in your instantgram feed. i have a feeling that won't happen for a long time. i can only imagine people won't be happy about that to go along with a nice little filter. >> i expect to it happen next week. will facebook own your instantgram pictures? >> yeah. it's a company that's with facebook right now. so you look at how much data facebook is collecting on us. they've always collected so much information. this is only adding to the gold mine of data they will have about us. obviously a lot of users aren't happy about it. on the upside, facebook has some
6:36 am
great engineering. they have a ton of resources and instantgram only had 13 employees. so it could mean some cool futures. could mean annoying ads. only time will tell. >> as they say, unfortunately. thank you so much. live in new york for us. thanks. the white house is making its case for the buffet rule tax reform. the obama administration is working hard to ensure the wealthiest americans don't pay a lower income tax than the middle class. here's how it woshs. those making a seven figure salary or more would pay at least 30% of their income in taxes. less than 10% pay that now. so here's the problem. doesn't add up to a whole lot of money. a congressional research report shows the wealthiest americans already pay more taxes at a higher rate that the majority of americans. dan lothian at the white house. mr. obama is heading to florida to pitch this legislation. why so going to florida?
6:37 am
>> reporter: a couple of reasons. first of all, the president is there also to attend three fundraisers for his re-election campaign, expected to pull in about $2 million. also if you notice the president's travel schedule recently he's been heading to states that are battleground states, this one florida being a very important one. but the message from the president as you pointed out will to be put pressure on congress senate democrats will be taking up a similar measure next week although it's not expected to go very far but the president's message continues to be one that we've heard now for several months and that is that wealthy americans need to pay more than average americans when it comes to taxes and not as in the case of warren buffett's secretary paying more in taxes than he a billionaire has been paying. but the problem from critics they say is that the kind of revenue that you'll get from something like a buffet rule will not be that significant, will not eat into the deficit and in general will only
6:38 am
complicate the already complicated tax code. >> i think the figure is what it raises about $47 billion. >> reporter: right. >> which doesn't seem like a lot. on the other hand, the obama administration sort of painting this as well but it's a first step to tax reform, something that pretty much republicans and democrats agree needs to happen. >> reporter: that's right. and, you know, in an election year something like this can be very popular. you look at the most recent polling, six in ten americans like this idea of wealthy americans, those making more than a million dollars paying this 30% in taxes. so, you know, on that, from that standpoint americans seem to like it. what's important to watch what did in the ends in general think about this? many people care more about what's in their pockets. can they get a job? can they pay for their mortgages. that may be more important than being concerned about what the wealthy are paying. >> dan lothian, live in washington.
6:39 am
cnn money will break down the buffet rule at 10:15 eastern. we'll ask how much billionaires pay in taxes now. still ahead, actress ashley judd has more than a few words for the media and fans criticizing her face. find out what's got people talking and why she's fighting back. ♪ it's tax time, and with the hundreds i saved on my car insurance with progressive, i'm out here, giving a little tax relief. are you guys touring? we are. we're going to need some savings. oh, you certainly will. [ laughs ] forget tax season -- it's saving season. what do you do for a living, sir? i work at a green grocery. there's a little green for your grocery. thank you. absolutely. and as part of my saving stimulus package
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when ashley judd returned to television this year fans couldn't help but notice a change in the way she looks. her face they say looks fuller.
6:43 am
and fans are speculating about why. "showbiz tonight" a.j. hammer is here with details. this has turned into quite a drama. >> yeah, carol. the real drama here is that ashley judd is taking a stand against how women who are in the public eye are talked about. normally ashley judd doesn't pay any attention to what people say about her but she became upset recently after she was made aware of photos of her face with this puffy face commentary going on. they were posted online. media outlets speculated she had undergone plastic surgery. judd said these pictures were taken when she was ill and taking medications including steroids. so she's responded with an essay on the daily beast. titled ashley judd slaps media in the face for speculation over her puffy face. she talks about the commentary about what kind of procedures she's had, losing weight, losing
6:44 am
her looks. she could lose her husband. here's what she wrote. the conversation was pointedly nasty, gendered and misogynistic and embodies what all girls and women in our culture to a greater or lesser degree, endure every day. both outrageous and subtle. the assault on our body image the hyper sexualization of girls and women and subsequent degradation of women. unfortunately things aren't getting better. >> i read her essay and i found i want interesting. she says in there you can't compare me to what i was 20 years ago. i'm not going to look like that. nor do i really want to because, you know, you should change. you should age gracefully and become who you are. ate tough thing, a.j.. >> the comments that people make
6:45 am
send a terrible message. hopefully people will pay attention this time. i don't know if they will. >> we'll see. a.j. will be back with us in the next hour with more showbiz headlines. a "dancing with the stars" emergency. one celebrity had to be rushed to the hospital after her performance. also coming up the real housewiv housewives of osama bin laden. a look at their lives as they serve time under house arrest.
6:46 am
6:47 am
6:48 am
here's some pictures few people have seen. you see the ladies in the black burkas. those are osama bin laden's wives, made which dose by the u.s. raid in pakistan last year. you can see some kids running around too as their mothers pray. this video was shot within the last month two. the whiches to are under house arrest in islamabad for immigration violations. they will take their families back to yemen and saudi arabia next week. north korea says it's new rocket should be finished today and launched by monday. the north says the operation is for peaceful purpose. u.s. officials are not buying it. they believe the launch is a cover for a long range ballistic missile test. leon panetta spoke with south korean officials. both countries call the launch great provocation. stories worry we're work, on opinion marlins manager ozzie
6:49 am
guillen holds a news conference about why he told "time" magazine he loves fidel introduces. president obama pushes for the buffet rule making the wealthy pay 30% of their income in taxes. at 5:005:00 p.m. the other "titanic" memorial cruise sets sail from new york city. still to come this morning, he drives, he putt, he tweets. bubba watson doesn't let the masters championship go to his head. he's answering every single one of his tweets. more on that story ahead in sports. and the location your car is in, the moment you land. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. you're probably muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. love the air.
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we'll even throw in up to $600 when you open a new account or roll over an old 401(k). so who's in control now, mayans? . we asked you to talk back on one of the big stories of the
6:52 am
day. the talk back question is, is the tax on millionaires a gimmick or necessary? this from logan, i would just call it u.s. politics. how about making a rule that with any new tax hikes that pass, all that revenue goes into paying off the debt? >> obviously, letting them have all the tax breaks hasn't worked so far. let's try taxing them more and give it a shot. from steven, the government wastes $47 billion in a blink of an eye. more important is to save money, cut wasteful spending and then look to see what the true gap is. this from howard, it was bush's tax breaks that got us started in this deficit. i say, tax them until they bleed. please continue the conversation. thanks as always for your comments. we are following a lot of developments in the next hour. let's check in first with john zarrella. miami marlins manager, ozzie guillen, an unprecedented, flies
6:53 am
back to miami to apologize for his community for his i love fidel cra fidel castro. embarrassing videos to mock excess spending and the president himself are getting worse and worse. you are going to have to see these to believe it. i'm rob marciano at cnn severe weather center. we had just that across oklahoma, tornadoes, and the winds that fanned the flames of wildfires across jersey, connecticut and florida. we will talk about the threat today at the top of the hour. >> thanks to all of you. better times in detroit. the city is already seeing month are business start ups and expansions in the next hour. we are going to talk with the ceo of a high-tech company for the 2000 laid off yahoo! employees is, come on to detroit. we are hiring. ♪
6:54 am
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[ tom ] i wanna see that again. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] not everything powerful has to guzzle fuel. the 2012 e-class bluetec from mercedes-benz. ♪ i worked at the colorado springs mail processing plant for 22 years. we processed on a given day about a million pieces of mail. checks, newspapers, bills. a lot of people get their medications only through the mail. small businesses depend on this processing plant. they want to shut down 3000 post offices, cut 100,000 jobs. they're gonna be putting people out of work everywhere.
6:56 am
the american people depend on the postal service. ozzie guillen says a lot of whacky things but this time -- >> he does. it is in his dna to say some ridiculous things that make you say, what? this time, fans are not slugging it off. this morning, he is holding a news conference to apologize publicly for telling "time" magazine he loves fidel castro and said he respects him for surviving 60 years as cuban
6:57 am
dictator. they hit south florida like a bombshell. a cuban-american group says they are boycotting the marlins until they fire him. gee an is contrite. >> i feel sad and in a couple days, i have trouble in my stomach, not because of what i did but because i hurt a lot of people, especially for me. i want to get that thing over with. i told the marlins, i want to fly, as soon as i can, to miami and clear everything up. >> he just has to cry, jeff. he has to cry at the news conference. >> it is coming up in half an hour. we will have it right here on cnn. >> rangers last night, a big debut. the rangers laid out $107 million to bring out darvish to the u.s. gave up four runs. the rangers bailed him out. nelson cruz had a three-run home run. darvish and texas get the win
6:58 am
over the mariners, 11-5. giants' starter, barry zito finishes the colorado rockies with a four-hit shutout. that ends the longest streak in baseball history. 274 starts, going back not nearly nine years. he hasn't been very good during much of the time. back in 2007, zito signed a seven-year, $126 million contract. the giants thought they would keep sending him out hoping he will earn his money. yesterday, he earned it. bubba watson is a busy guy. fans love him. he will be on "david letterman" later this week. also, in demand he is home. he is a new father. he and his wife just adopted a baby boy. bubba tweeted, changed my first 2 diapers today, hashtag masters champ. he has been answering every tweet. someone says, hey, great job,
6:59 am
congratulations, he responds to every one of them. this is why fans were cheering for him. >> he picked up 100,000 followers and answers every tweet. >> he is trying to respond to every one. >> his thumb is going to fall off. he has that baby now. >> i think more time will be devoted to diapers coming up in the next few days. >> i think you are right. jeff, thank you. good morning to you, i am carol costello, just ahead in the "newsroom," shy, quiet, indifferent. you would not say miami marlins manager, ozzie guillen is anything like that. his latest comments have people reacting like this. in half an hour shall the marlins manager explains his, i respect fidel castro at a news conference. we will bring that to you live. whipping winds are fanning flames up and down the east coast leading to dangerous conditions like this.
7:00 am
wild fares a wildfires are raging. >> high winds delayed the start of a titanic memorial cruise. it is full steam ahead now. more embarrassment and another casualty in the wasteful spending. david foley is a deputy commission commissioner at the gsa. today he is on administrative leave and we are learning more about the growing cost of that conference. the agency's spending increased starting during president bush's tenure. eight years ago, the overall cost was about $95,000 when it was held in oregon and tripled two years later in oklahoma city and doubled in 2008 when new orleans was the host city and of course the big shindig in vegas that's getting all the attention now. the taxpayer cost, more than
7:01 am
$800,000. dana bash has nor. ♪ >> reporter: hoping to limit the political damage shall the obama administration handed out an hour's worth of new embarrassing gsa video over the holiday weekend. among this see it to believe it clips, government workers appearing to mock the president for his green jobs initiative. it is yet another submission for a video awards ceremony which cnn first reported on last week, a talent show at a lavish 2010 gsa convention in las vegas, which cost taxpayers over $800,000. house oversight chairman, darryl issa, says the administration con speckusly admitted a key part of this video, evidence gsa employees were making these videos during a tax-pair funded work day. >> that was amazing. was there anybody in region 7 that wasn't in that thing? >> if they didn't work on friday, the chances are they
7:02 am
weren't in the video. >> still, what the administration did release is damaging. in this video, a man dressed as an angry clown makes fun of government meetings. >> i think meetings are good to have in between breaks. >> in this one, government employees mimicking the movie office space appear to destroy government property. at the las vegas conference where the videos were played, listen to this brazen boasting. >> i think i pretty much promised to deliver and over-the-top, unforgettable, team-building experience. how did we do on that one? >> that's jeff neely, an acting gsa administrator for the pacific region. here he is on the event's red carpet. a make-belief red carpet. >> i am wearing all armani. i think what i would like people to take home is to dispense with the notion that what's done in
7:03 am
vegas stays in vegas and to really lead with what's done in vegas needs to be shared with everybody. >> what is this government employees talent? >> i have a talent for drinking margaritas. >> how is it the gsa gave you that talent? >> this is my commitment to our go-green initiative. >> dana bash joins us from -- it is just hard to watch, isn't it? it is like insane. what's the gsa's response to that. >> at this point, they are just basically hitting cut and paste every time a new video comes out. it is almost the exact same thing that we heard from the gsa when the first video came out. they reinforce the complete lack of judgment at the conference and the agency, quote, continues to be appalled by this behavior. >> we know congressional hearings are going to begin when? when will they begin and can we all listen? >> oh, yeah. they are going to begin on
7:04 am
monday, the first day that congress officially returns from its spring break. the house oversight chairman, darryl issa, already released his witness list. it is going to be a who's who of these videos. the guy you saw in the bow tie talking about the fact he was wearing armani, probably kidding about you still. he is a regional director for the gsa, among those who will be testifying. dave foley, who we learned yesterday has been placed on administrative leave. he was the one giving out the awards in the fake talent show in the first video we saw. as well as the inspector general. he did all of this investigating about 11 months ago. he really has the goods, so to speak, on all this. democrats are going to really push on the spending that you talked about at the beginning of this during the bush administration. >> it has already become political now. i am sure you will be in the hearings next week. you have a fun week next week. dana bash. >> a lot of anger in miami after
7:05 am
ozzie guillen praised fidel castro. in south florida, that is something you just don't do. cuban-american groups say they are boycotting the miami marlins until they fire guillen. the people dade commissioner is calling on him to resign. the skipper told him, i respect fidel castro. you know why? a lot of people have wanted to kill fidel castro for the last 60 years but that is still there. >> he already apologized for his comment. it seemed heartfelt to me. >> reporter: i think everybody thinks it certainly was heartfelt but will that be enough to satisfy the cuban-american community. there is one thing, the worst possible thing. certainly, it ranks up at the top of things you do not say or cannot say in miami is that you respect fidel castro or you love fidel castro. to put this all in perspective, the miami marlins moved to miami. they built a brand new stadium
7:06 am
on the site of the old orange bowl right in the heart of little ha vary nvana. they have gone out and are trying to rebuild the fan base. they wanted the latin-american fast base. the city of miami, miami-dade taxpayers, are the ones that shelled out the majority of the more than half a billion dollars for this new stadium. here is ozzie guillen basically dropping this hand grenade in the middle of the marlins effort to do all this. it has set off a firestorm. it has been the subject of talk radio for the past couple of days. he is being asked to be fired by many people in the community here. they are stomping on the marlins pennant in downtown miami in little havana. it has not gone well for the franchise that's only played one game in the new stadium so far. so a lot offense-mending to do.
7:07 am
carol? >> wow. didn't the marlins management know this about ozzie guillen? it is certainly not the first time he has said slg that upsso that upset people. >> reporter: clearly, this he knew who they were getting when they got ozzie guillen. here are a few of his past transgressions. in june of 2006, he calls a columnist a homosexual slur. he is find and took sensitivity training. in may, 2010, he calls an umpire an expletive. he is fined $7,000. in april, just last year, 2011, he is suspended for two games for tweeting during games. now, he is a big tweeter. we all know that but the fact is you cannot have any electronic devices by major league baseball rules in the dugout during a game. those are just three. the list goes on. but this one is really at the
7:08 am
top. one thing interesting, carol, he has never been apologetic in the past for anything he has said or done. in this case, he has been very contrite in asking, putting out the maya kulpas. we will see how it plays. >> he is flying back from philadelphia on an off day. we are going to go live to the marlins park to hear what ozzie guillen has to say. we expect his comments to come your way around 10:30 eastern. there are reports that the two suspects in the tulsa shooting spree have confessed. according to the tulsa world newspaper, 19-year-old jake england and 33-year-old alvin watts now admit to the series of attacks. four shootings left three people dead and two others wounded. they are being held on $9 million bond as prosecutors consider filing hate crime charges. all the victims were african-american. let's turn to sanford, florida. the site of the trayvon martin shooting. this morning, authorities say bullet holes were found in a
7:09 am
police car parked near the scene where the teenager died. martin savidge is in sanford. tell us more. >> reporter: carol, this is a police car that had been parked in front of the complex where trayvon martin was killed. it has been there for a couple of weeks. there is not a police officer in it. it was more like, you park the vehicle and it was a message to anyone in the neighborhood that the police presence was there. it is parked directly in front of an elementary school. the fact that sometime overnight, shots from fired, as many as six shots pumped into this vehicle. nobody was injured. the city is still working on their press release to give us further details. that is what has happened. we are already talking about a community that is very much jittery about waiting for the decision to come from the special prosecutor here. an event like that overnight is not going to help people's nerves in any way, shape, or form, carol. >> i bet not. we are also learning about a
7:10 am
website that george sdplzimmerm has started. he says, as a result of the incident and subsequent media coverage, i have been forced to leave my home, my school, my employer, my family and ultimately my entire life. this website's sole purpose is to ensure my supporters they are receiving my full attention without any intermediate dears. he is also stoasking for donati for his defense. >> reporter: early this morning, 5:00 a.m., you could see the numbers were jumping at a fairly good clip. that isn't the number of contributions, just numbers of eyes that are coming on the page. if they are getting any kind of numbers, there was a donation from texas for about $10,000. it came from a specific group. there are other groups that say
7:11 am
that the money has been poring in from places all over the world. it is doubtful we are going to get any specific tally. we will see, maybe. >> maybe. martin savidge reporting live from sanford florida. within the last couple of hours, we have learned more about those record megamillion lottery jackpot winners. there were 3 million tickets sold in illinois, kansas and maryland. no winning ticket claimed in illinois. in kansas, a winner came forward last week. just a couple of hours ago, the mystery was solved in maryland. one ticket shared by three winners, all public school employees. >> one of them works two full-time jobs. another has a part-time job and a third has two other part-time jobs. all of them indicated they would continue and the teachers said that they all plan at this point in time to remain public school teachers. >> so let's head to baltimore to
7:12 am
find out a little bit more about these lucky three amigos. afee na jones is in baltimore. what more do we know? >> they are calling themselves the three amigos. i believe we have a picture of the giant check they hid behind. they even have on gloves to make sure no one can see any identifying characteristics. they want to stay anonymous. they work together in the public school system. one was an elementary and one special education and one administration. they decided to pool their money together buying $60 worth of tickets. incidentally, those other 59 tickets, they won one more in addition to the nearly $35 million they will be taking home after taxes. all three said that they plan to invest some of the money and also buy homes. one talked about taking a tour of italian wine country. another going backpacking across europe with their brother. another paying for his children's education.
7:13 am
they all plan to work. that's one thing lottery officials kept bringing up. they seem proud about the fact that this cheerful, humble group came in. they said, we are going to keep working. we are too committed to our kids to stop working. a few nice details of three happy people here in maryland. we don't know their names but at least we know a little bit more about what they do. >> and we do know their friends and that they are going to share the jackpot winnings which brings me to myrrh landy wilson. she had the winning ticket and she couldn't find it but was not going to split the winners with her co-workers at mcdonald's. >> we will never know what caused her to make those statements. she is not the winner. we know that for sure from lottery officials. these three individuals are the only winners of that ticket in maryland. no one else did. these three people have been watching tv all last week. they went to a financial
7:14 am
planner. they have been talking to lawyers. they are trying to go about this the right way and to not be discovered. maybe some of that media attention from last week helped them make that decision. we were even told by lottery officials that they were kind of snuck in, because there had been people outside staking out the building in here. some little interesting details coming out, carol. >> athena jones, thanks so much. >> president obama heads to florida to push a bill named by warren buffet. more about that proposal and how it could impact you. >> wildfires scorching everything in its path. any relief in sight. we will have details coming up. c'mon dad! i'm here to unleash my inner cowboy. instead i got heartburn. [ horse neighs ] hold up partner. prilosec isn't for fast relief.
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george w. bush is hosting a conference on tax policies and improving economic growth. in a rare public appearance, mr. bush said raising taxes on small businesses would hurt the people creating jobs. president bush also wished the current tax policy wasn't called the bush tax cuts. >> if you raise taxes on the so-called rich, you are really raising taxes on the job creators. i wish they weren't called the bush tax cuts. they are somebody else's tax cuts, they are probably less likely to be raised. >> president obama has his own idea to rev up the economy. he is on his way to florida, a swing state, to push the buffet rule. many wealthy people pay less in federal taxes than the average american. remember when mr. obama said this. >> because of loopholes and
7:18 am
shelters in the tax code, a quarter of all millionaires pay lower tax rates than millions of middle class households. right now, warren buffet pays a lower tax rate than his secretary. >> democrats called the buffet rule fair and will push for a senate vote, rather, on monday. republicans call it a gimmick. who is right? >> let's ask cnn's money's jean sa hady. how are you? >> good. >> what do millionaires pay now? >> it depends on how they earn their income. if they make salaried income, they will pay 35%. their effective rate will be much higher than people have heard mitt romney or any other big investor's rate. some millionaires get most of their income from capital gains, dividends, tax-free bonds. it is those people for which
7:19 am
this buffet rule is targeted atowarding to the while house. where people can manipulate or structure their income and plan their tax toss lower their bill as much as possible by converting their income to capital gains. >> because they are taxed lesson those things. >> yes. >> go ahead. finish. >> a lot of millionaires. most millionaires pay a much higher effective rate than americans. it is a misnomer to say most millionaires pay less. there are 25% that pay less than 10% of people in the middle income groups. that's what president obama was referring to. that's the group he is trying to target. >> how would the buffet rule thank things? >> the bill the senate is going to vote on next week or the procedural vote they are going to take would say people that make more than $1 million should pay at least 30% of their income in federal taxes. they would assess how much those folks pay to income and payroll taxes. they would give them a break for
7:20 am
their charitable taxes. if not, you pay the difference. that's how that would work. the tax policy center estimates that about 35% of people in the million and up group would pay more taxes relative to what they do today under the buffet rule that the senate is considering next week. >> gotcha. jean, thanks for making it clear. we appreciate that. that's our talk about the question. we want to know your opinion on the buffett rule. is the tax on millionaires a gimmick or necessary? please comment at a bit of breaking news. we have been talking about ozzie guillen, the manager for the miami marlins. we know he told "time" magazine that he respected fidel castro. that caused a firestorm in miami. people were stomping on the pennants, the marlins pennants. they were calling on the miami marlins to fire ozzie guillen.
7:21 am
they have made a decision and decided to suspend ozzie guillen for five games. john zarrella is in miami. he will have more at the bottom of the hour. ozzie guillen is expected to hold a news conference at 10:30 eastern. we will bring that to you live as well. for right now, we know the miami marlins have suspended manager, ozzie guillen, for five games. on to other news now. carl roads rove's superpac is about to declare war on ads about president barack obama.
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
ozzie guillen, the manager of the miami marlins, now knows his fate. breaking news. let's head to miami and check in with john zarrella. what have the miami marlins decided? >> reporter: they have decided to suspend ozzie guillen, the new manager of the miami marlins, for five games. now, we will have to see. he is going to hold his news conference in about six or seven minutes at the stadium. we are going to have to see how this plays in the community. if it is enough. in the marlins statement, i am going to read a graph from it here. it says the marlins acknowledge the seriousness of the comments attributed to guillen. the pain and suffering caused by fidel castro cannot be minimized, especially in a community filled with victims of the dictatorship. so the marlins again going out
7:25 am
and at least acknowledging the fact that what guillen had said was clearly the wrong thing to say, particularly in miami, as many people in this community have said to me, that what people have to understand is that fidel castro is to the cuban community their adolf hitler. it is clear and simple as that. now, whether any more action is taken against ozzie guillen, whether major league baseball does anything, whether this satisfies the community, is still the question that has to be answered. carol? >> all right. john zarrella, we are going to break away. we know that ozzie guillen is expected to talk at the news conference in about five minutes. you can see the miami marlins organization getting ready for that news conference. when ozzie guillen enters and begins speaking, we will bring that to you live. we will take a break and be right back. it's very important to understand
7:26 am
how math and science kind of makes the world work. in high school, i had a physics teacher by the name of mr. davies. he made physics more than theoretical, he made it real for me. we built a guitar, we did things with electronics and mother boards. that's where the interest in engineering came from. so now, as an engineer, i have a career that speaks to that passion. thank you, mr. davies.
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a news conference called by ozzie guillen is scheduled to start any minute now. he created quite the uproar when saying, i respect fidel castro. the marlins suspended guillen for five games. we will bring you the conference live. in washington, more embarrassment and another casualty in the wasteful spending scandal. david foley is a deputy commissioner at the gsa, supposed to safeguard how your tax dollars are spent. today, he is on administrative leave. senate and house committees plan to hold hearings on the agency's spending next week. three public school employees have cashed in a winning ticket from the wiping record megamillions drawing. each will pocket about $35 million after taxes. they say they will not require from the school system. brush fires are burning across northeastern states are keeping
7:30 am
firefighters pretty darn busy. look at these amazing pictures. flames have popped up in several areas of florida, dry and windy weather, blamed for fueling these wildfires. rob marciano is here to tell us more about these. wildfires are burning from connecticut, maine, florida? >> as far as massachusetts. we had such an incredibly warm and at times dry winter into the first month of spring. that's created quite the problem. big prob lemgs lems in long isl. two homes have been there. we saw fire burning out there near brookhaven. in connecticut, a dramatic video. this fire broke out at 6:00 p.m. near milford, connecticut, near the metro north tracks where they had to suspend service. did some evacuations in some of the businesses along the post road there at route 1. new jersey, the tabernacle and woodland areas, they saw fires burning. this is like stuff you see out
7:31 am
west with big tall pine trees and flames 50-100 feet up there. firefighters not used to doing this kind of work. the sec major brush fire in jersey in less than a week. florida, fresh video. the county line near jacksonville and daytona beach, fires burning there ferociously. miami and dade county, a brush fire broke out near the turnpike, dense, black smoke creating some problems. this from the warm march. over 15,000 warm temperature records just for the month of march and then the winds yesterday, check out some of these numbers. 60-mile-an-hour winds at high point and sandy hook, new jersey. there are your warnings from the tri-state down to carolina. winds will continue, i think, through the week. there may be a renegade shower in some of these spots, especially in new england. other than that, still dry and still windy.
7:32 am
>> we are going to pray for rain. >> yes, ma'am. >> let's head back to miami where we are preparing to hold a news conference. ozzie guillen, the team's manager is expected to speak at any time. as we have been telling you, he has been suspended by the miami marlins for five games for telling "time" magazine he respected fidel castro. for something that made the community not so happy. it made them unbelievable angry. john zarrella is also in miami. tell us the community reaction, john. >> reporter: you have to understand a couple of things, carol. if you are from miami, it is the worst possible thing that he could have said. coupled with the fact that they have a brand new, more than half a billion dollar stadium paid for by taxpayer dollars from the city of miami and miami-dade county primarily. the stadium is built in the heart of miami's little havana neighborhood. the team was trying to rebuild or build a brand new fan base
7:33 am
out of this latin-american community. they brought in ozzie guillen. one of the main reasons they brought in this latin-american manager was to be the center piece, one of the center pieces of this rebuilding, of this attraction of the latin-american fan that they did not have when the stadium was 20 miles further north on the miami-dade/broward county line. this has been disastrous for the marlins as they set out on this whole new effort to again start basically with a new name, miami marlins, not florida marlins and with all these other new pieces in place. carol? >> well, the interesting thing too is ozzie guillen was in philadelphia, the miami marlins are on the road. they had an off day and he decided he had to come back to the city of miami to say something. even ozzie guillen who is known for saying outrageous things. he one time expressed support for hugo chavez in venezuela.
7:34 am
he is known for saying outrageous things. even he realized he might have gone a step too far. he decided to come back from philadelphia, which makes me believe he was talking to marlins management and they were discussing possible punishments all along. >> reporter: i don't think there is any question about that. the marlins knew they had to do something. it was not going to satisfy the community for them to put out a statement, any kind of statement, even saying, well, ozzie guillen was absolutely wrong. we understand the community. they had to do something punitive to ozzie guillen. for first time, you mentioned, he said things in the past. outrageous, many, many times but he never apologizes for anything. in this case, not only has he apologized a couple of times already. he has done what most sports writers have told me is pretty much unprecedented. he is flying back on a team's off day to apologize again to a community. now, the question is going to be
7:35 am
is this enough? the marlins certainly hope it will be enough to finally put the fires out and put this to bed but, you know, unfortunately, it is that phrase, we are going to have to wait and see. there is no other way to explain it. >> you had a list of some of the infractions that ozzie guillen was, for lack of a better term, guilty of in the past. can you run those by us again? >> yes. back in june of 2006, he calls a columnist a homosexual slur. he is find and took sensitivity training. in may of 2010, he calls an umpire an expletive. he is find $7,000. april of 2011, just last year, he is suspended for two games for tweeting during a game and again, it is against major league baseball rules to have any kind of electronic devices in the dugout, be it a cell phone, a blackberry, anything. so he is fined for that.
7:36 am
in none of those cases, in fact, in the one case, where he takes sensitivity training, he comes out afterwards. i have heard him quoted talking about how, i taught the guy who gave me the sensitivity training. i was teaching him some things. he never apologizes. >> unbelievable. apparently this thing is running late as they always are. it is a packed room in miami at this news conference. when ozzie guillen takes that podium, we will go back to miami and bring you his comments live. john zarrella, thanks for dancing with me. we will be back soon. we will take a break and be back with our political buzz panel. actually, we are going to do political buzz here. your rapid fire at the best political topic of the day. three questions, 30 seconds on the clock. playing with us today, robert zimmerman, dean obadal, and
7:37 am
chris metzler. he leans right. first question. welcome to all of you. >> good morning. >> i'm exhausted from the ozzie guillen thing. first question, "w" is back. he explained why he has been so quiet the last few years. >> when you get out of office, it is kind of a daunting feeling. you have served and given it your all and all of the sudden, you have got some years ahead of you. i have decided to stay out of the limelight. i had plenty of the limelight. i don't think it is good frankly for our country to undermine our president. i don't intend to do so. i do intend to remain involved in areas that i am interested in. >> one of the topics he is interested in is the economy. last hour, he spoke about ways to build it up. so guys when it comes to advice on the economy, do you turn to george bush? robert? >> well, you know, there is a keynesian economic theory that was used to summarize his speech
7:38 am
today. it is called chutzpah. are you kidding me? unless the democratic national committee flew him to give this address, i don't know anybody that wants to see george w. bush talk about the economy. you don't hear the republican presidential candidates ever quote george w. bush or talk about going back to the days of the bush administration. you have to be mindful they are doubling down on the bush economic theories of tax cuts for the top tier earners an paying for it with middle class cuts. >> chris? >> well, actually, i'm glad that wfrm "w" is back. we have missed him. >> speak for yourself, chris. >> to the question of the economy, yes, here is what you lean on him for, to understand that you don't use gimmicks in order to improve the economy. the problem with the bush economy was that he allowed the democrats to -- >> chris, i'm sorry. ozzie guillen finally entered the room in miami. let's listen.
7:39 am
>> buenos dia. [ speaking in spanish ] [ speaking in spanish ]
7:40 am
>> ozzie guillen is going to give his apology in spanish, probably for -- probably that's a smart thing to do. of course, you can't understand it unless you are lucky enough to speak spanish. we are going to have a translation. we are going to have someone listen to this and translate it for you. we are going to go to a break and we will be back with what he said. stick around. it was very delicious. could you please taste car insurance y? this one is much more expensive. ugh. it's really bad. let's see what you picked. oh, geico! over their competitor. you are a magician right? no., oh. you're not?, no., oh, well, give it a shot. i am so, so sorry. it was this close. the teacher that comes to mind for me is my high school math teacher, dr. gilmore.
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7:43 am
we are going to continue our political buzz segment. on the left, robert zimmerman, in the middle, dean abadala on the right, georgetown professor, chris metzler. ozzie guillen is still speaking spanish. we are getting it translated. >> on to the second question. pollsters like president obama but many do not approve of how he is handling their job. voters still generally vote for the person they like. how do republicans combat obama's like ability? >> if this is a question of substance over style, that's how we do this. what we have to do is, i think you are going to see governor romney coming out and portraying himself as he is, as the person who can ultimately fix the economy in the long-term and not just in short spurts.
7:44 am
all of this so-called lack of like ability is based on the fact that romney is rich. all you guys that hate the 1% so much, you want to be in the 1%. >> dean, i just want to say to the other question, carol, i miss george bush, like chris does. i am a comedian. i really miss that guy. getting back to this question, it is going to be tough president barack obama is this likeable mix between denzel washington and harry potter. he is a cool, black guy but a nerdy, geeky guy. this is usually the problem the democrats have with al gore, dukakis and john kerry. people didn't feel that warm about them. when logic and emotion collide, emotion wins every time. people like president obama. it is going to be very hard to overcome it. >> dems are hoping president obama is the boy who lived along the harley potter line that is.
7:45 am
i couldn't resist. robert? >> it is important to remember, with polling, like ability is your first step. if the public doesn't like you, doesn't relate to you, they are not going to build the trust and confidence to listen to your proposals about issues. i think president obama is more than like ability. there is a trust and polling reflects it in terms of speaking of for middle class and international affairs an the record he puts on the table. republicans can make this a very competitive race. ironically, republicans don't recognize that. democrats may be a bit too confident they can make it competitive by focusing on the economy and their positive agenda. >> 20 seconds each, third question, the fallout from the gsa vegas bash keeps falling out. we are seeing more videos from the infamous 2010 conference. watch this. >> i think my role is to make it as challenging environment for the others as i possibly can. it only makes them a better employee. ha, ha, ha.
7:46 am
>> okay. the angry clown was part of the $800,000 plus government tab. maybe he was cheaper than the happy one. i don't know. anyway, will cash for clowns be a political liability for the obama campaign? dean? >> it looks like a show from the adult swim network. that's amazing. i want to see more of the clown. i'm not kidding you. i hope we get more footage of it. they spent $800,000, the gsa, in vegas. i guess what happens in vegas gets paid for by gsa. if there is any connection if president obama is the guy in the clown suit, yes, it is a problem. barring that, it fades away. the economy is the number one issue. >> these videotapes are vile and disgraceful but the reason it is not going to be an issue in this campaign is because president obama has a credibility and trust factor that is going to supercede this. no one sees this as a reflection on the administration. it will be a partisan talking
7:47 am
point wechlt tried that with the $400 toilet seats that the pentagon bought. didn't work. won't work this time. >> chris? >> i actually think it is going to be a problem. it starts to erode that trust. the interesting thing for me is that they actually didn't need to spend all that money for a clown, a comedian, and a mind reader. all they had to do was go over to congress and ask them to do it for free. congress is made up of clowns, and comedians. >> ouch, ouch. >> thanks for playing today, robert, chris, and dean. sorry for the interruption. we are still translating ozzie guillen. i am sure you all will stick around for that. bringing jobs back to detroit by opening the city up to a whole new world. we will show you how a group of businessmen are turning the motor city towards technology. o. for more than 116 years, ameriprise financial has worked for their clients' futures. helping millions of americans retire on their terms.
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ozzie guillen suspended for five games because he said he respected fidel castro. he is now speaking. let's listen. >> that decision, they made, it is a pretty sad decision. it is very important for me to be with the club but that decision has been made. i respect that decision. i will take it, whatever they
7:51 am
want me to do and i cannot complain because right now, i am not in a position to complain or disagree with what they think about me. >> have you mended these fences with the cuban-american community? >> pardon me? >> can you mend this fence with the cuban-american community? >> what does amend mean? >> can you repair your relationship? >> it is not going to happen today. it is what will happen in the future. it is what is going to p ha in the future. i expect to be here for a long time. i live in miami. my family is in miami. i will do everything and i will do everything to try to make it better. i will help cuban community, latino community, like i always do. i hope i get better and people understand my situation but i am willing to do everything in my
7:52 am
power to help and believe and help this community like i always do. >> ozzie, when you look at this room and the people outside and you hear everything that's been said over the last few days over your comments, what is your reaction to that? >> very embarrassed. very embarrassed, very sad, because, in this room, when i sit in this room in the past, unfortunately, it was all good. it was opening day. everybody was happy. every question i was asked was very positive. now, i'm sitting here a few days later very embarrassed and very sad. it is a funny thing. i told, next time i am going to see this room with this many
7:53 am
people, it would be with next to me. unfortunately, it is not. i apologize to the peoples here. outside, whoever is looking at me, i am very, very sorry about the problem, about what happening. i will do everything to make it better. everything in my power to make it better. [ inaudible question ] >> i am not going to be paid for the five days. that's the last thing i think about right now. money to me right now is nothing. i think i can fix my problem with the community. that's more important to me than the suspension or the money. [ inaudible question ]
7:54 am
>> we are going to go to john zarrella, because he heard the top of this news conference when ozzie guillen was addressing reports and the miami community in spanish. what did he say, john? >> reporter: not a surprise that he would start in spanish, because that is the community that he certainly offended the most with his remarks. what he said was, that he, quote, betrayed the latin community and asked for forgiveness with my heart in my hand. he said that he apologized to all of america, not just people in the miami-cuban community, latin-american community but all of america. of course, we heard what he said then in english reiterating. as you and i both know, this is a different ozzie guillen than you have probably ever seen before. he was contrite. he answered questions respectfully that are being
7:55 am
asked of him. in many cases in the past, he would have fired back and not taken any of this. in this case, a very different ozzie guillen. carol? >> he said he is not being paid for these five days and not thinking about money. he wants people to believe him when he says he believes what he is getting in punishment from the miami marlins. he also said that he realized it will take a long time to repair the damage within the community. he also said he was embarrassed. you are right. ozzie guillen, i have never heard him say he is embarrassed about anything. >> reporter: no, no, absolutely not. clearly, he understands that there is a lot at stake here. he has got to rebuild the bridges with the miami cuban community in particular. he has got to start doing it immediately. i would not be surprised if you don't see him out in the public in little havana on quite a few occasions in the near future. carol? >> john zarrella, thanks so
7:56 am
much. we will take a break and be back with your talk-back responses after this. listerine cleans virtually your entire mouth. so take your oral health to a whole new level. listerine... power to your mouth. ♪ i can do anything ♪ i can do anything today ♪ i can go anywhere ♪ i can go anywhere today ♪ la la la la la la la [ male announcer ] dow solutions help millions of people by helping to make gluten free bread that doesn't taste gluten free. together, the elements of science and the human element can solve anything. solutionism. the new optimism. today is gonna be annt important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site.
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we asked you to talk back about one of the big stories of the day. the question today, are you for or against the buffett. it is more about principle tichlts nit is not a gimmick. from chris, when someone can
7:59 am
show me our government will not continue to spend more than it takes in, then i will agree to increase taxes on the rich. good luck. from will, if the oracle of omaha says drinking tea made from cow manure will make me a better investor, i am going to do it. ignoring his ideas is like saying they will get discount tickets for the marlins on fidel castro's birthday. stories we are working on at 2:55 eastern, president obama pushes for the so-called buffett rule. >> at 5:00 p.m. eastern, the other titanic will set sail. at 6:30, eleanor norton holmes holds a tray van marvin round table.