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tv   Piers Morgan Tonight  CNN  April 10, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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involved enough time to cool off. he's been dubbed the snack man on the internet. why is he eating chips out of a popcorn bag? whatever the answers it looks like the city has a nonviolent hero. thank you, snack man, it's always better to have tonight a trayvon martin blockbuster. >> we're withdrawing from mr. zimmerman. we've lost contact from him. he's gone on his own. i'm not sure what he's doing or who he's talking to. >> why george zimmerman's legal team quit his case and what happens now. i'll talk to trayvon's parents. the end of the race for rick santorum. >> while this presidential race for us is over for me, we will suspend our campaign effective today. we are not done fighting. >> now the real gloves are off. how will the obama-romney race go off? and my primetime exclusive
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with masters champion bubba watson. >> what goes through a golfer's mind when you're six inches away? other than don't -- >> exactly. i was going to be famous for missing or making it. >> game on. this is "piers morgan tonight." good evening. our big story tonight breaking news in the trayvon martin case. a special prosecutor has said she's prepared to hold a news conference in 72 hours. and lawyers saying they've lost contact with him and are dropping his case. could an arrest be coming soon? i'll talk to trayvon martin's parents. plus my exclusive with masters champion bubba watson. >> can you quite believe you're in the green jacket on cnn talking to the world about being
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masters champion? >> to my favorite person. >> obviously. >> yeah. >> but can you believe it? >> no. it's a dream i've never completed. it's a dream i've never finished. to be here, i guess now it's a dream come true. it's like heaven on earth. it's just a wild ride and hopefully this ride keeps going because it's fun right now. >> bubba watson. really uplifting and emotional interview with the masters champion. we begin tonight with the trayvon martin case. joining me now is sybrina fulton and tracy martin and their attorney benjamin crump. another difficult day for you. every day is bringing new twists and turns to this. what do you make and let me start with you, sybrina, perhaps. what do you make of the events today? the lawyers now apparently turning their backs on george zimmerman revealing as they did so that they don't really know
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where he is or what his state of mind is. >> that concerns us a great deal as parents that they don't know where he is. they should be close to him and in close contact with him and able to have communication. so it does bother us to know that they don't know where he is. >> tracy, we're being told angela corey who is the state attorney there is preparing a news conference in the next two or three days. do you get a sense of anxiety that this is all getting out of control? and that someone needs to take control of george zimmerman in particular very quickly? >> yeah. he definitely need to be contained. i think he needs to be in reach for his lawyers not to know where he at, that doesn't sit well with us. but for miss corey to come out and say she's going to make a
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decision in 72 hours, takes a little pressure off. it's definitely a lot of tension building up. just hoping for within the next 72 hours that the correct decision is made. >> ben crump, it's not necessarily going to be an announcement about an arrest. we don't know that yet. but are you encouraged by angela corey's statement just now sfl? >> the way it occurs, piers, however we have a lot of anxiety over the simple fact that nobody knows where the killer of trayvon martin is. that he is unaccounted for. that is a major concern because if the charges come forth like we believe and think rightfully should come from the special prosecutor, then the question is can they get him to be hold him accountable? he is a flight risk right now. we are concerned about that.
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>> sybrina, some strange erratic behavior by george zimmerman through a website. yesterday i revealed this on the show where he was quoting. he said i am attempting to respond so each and every one of my supporters personally. i thank you all and ask that you permit me the time to respond to all of you. thank you again. how do you feel as trayvon martin's mother seeing the man that killed your son thanking people over a website for the overwhelming support that he's receiving? >> i really haven't viewed the website. i know of the website from my attorney, but i haven't really viewed the website. i'm just really trying to stay focused on justice for trayvon. and i don't want things like that to distract me. things i don't pay attention to, that's one of them. >> do you feel as a family and again i'll put this to you
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sybrina, do you feel as a family that the sooner george zimmerman gets arrested, the better. not just for you and the process of justice but also for george zimmerman. >> i think it'll be a sense of relief on both ends. he will have a chance to have his day in court where he can plea for his self-defense if that's what he wants to use. but we just want him to be arrested so that he can come before a judge and jury. >> tracy, there's been endless speculation about this case. and i've spoken to you before about what we've known each step of the way. given all that you've seen now, all the evidence has been presented. everything that's been discussed and debated. is it possible knowing your son better than anybody, is it possible that trayvon could have instigated the altercation with george zimmerman and could have been potentially doing something to him that could have provoked him into thinking my life is in danger?
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>> first and foremost, piers, you have to understand the raising of trayvon. trayvon wasn't raised to be an aggressor as the lawyers who never met zimmerman are accusing trayvon of being an aggressor, the initiator. there's no doubt in my mind that trayvon was trying to get home. i mean, why would he approach an individual he didn't know? he don't know if this individual has a weapon on them. he don't know anything about this individual. so why would he approach him and attack him for no apparent reason? he never seen george zimmerman. he never heard of george zimmerman. so he had no reason to be the aggressor. trayvon -- i'm a firm believer in trayvon was being followed and provoked by george zimmerman. and i'm sure george zimmerman initiated contact.
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i'm just absolutely positively sure that trayvon didn't initiate contact. >> well, i hope we get to a position where we can have these facts properly debated. certainly seems of a legal process speeding up. and i think given the erratic behavior of george zimmerman in the last two days we've seen, the soober that happens the better for justice. thank you to sybrina fulton, tracy martin, ben crump. i appreciate your time to come on my show. we will continue to cover this case in the way we have been. thank you all very much. >> thank you. >> joining me now for more. let me start with you alan dershowitz. i've got to say when i watch the lawyers for zimmerman give their conference today, i find it distasteful bordering on
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shockingly unprofessional. i think that's why my interview with them got so fractious. they seem to be in this for self-serving purposes. what was your view as a lawyer of what went down today? >> well, i was very upset and very disturbed as a criminal defense lawyer and somebody who teaches professional responsibility to students. there's certain things a lawyer can do under the circumstances. a lawyer can simply say i am no longer representing this defendant but he can't explain why. he can't say the client rejected my advice. that's lawyer/client privileged communication. he can't say he may have an insanity defense. he can't say that -- the lawyers can't say we don't where he is. he may or may not be available. he can't say that he called the
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prosecution. all of these things are covered either by lawyer/client privilege or by the secrets that lawyers are supposed to keep of their clients. and there's just no reason why these lawyers should have appeared on television, held press conferences, and disclosed this information. all they had to do is quietly say we're no longer representing the defendant. our role in the case is over. >> debra mathis, i've always been struck from the start of this by how dignified trayvon martin's parents have been and continue to be. they're clear about their objective. simply to get the legal process in their eyes into a fair place. what do you think will happen if george zimmerman is never arrested? if there is no extension to the legal process? >> i don't know what may happen to his parents.
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other than the fact that they will have to live out their lives with this searing pain that not only did they lose their child suddenly, unexpectedly, cruelly, but there was no justice available to them as well. that is a wound that does not heal really. i can say that not having been through that, but i am a mother. and as mothers, we know about ache and heart ache and fear for our children. i don't know what the larger society may do. i shudder to think at how it may make us all feel. i would hope that peace would be maintained nonetheless. >> alan dershowitz, the state attorney is known to be a tough cookie. she's got a reputation for bringing many cases to trial. given her statement today, given the way this story has been developing, you'd be pretty amazed would you if this didn't
9:12 pm
at least lead to an arrest? >> i'd be surprised. i think that she will call for a prosecution. all you need to show for a prosecution is there's probable cause. but then florida has a strange statute. the defendant has a right to go in front of a judge. and if the judge finds that based on the statute he has a defense, the judge can give him what's called immunity. then it doesn't go to trial. and if it goes to trial, the jury has to convict beyond a reasonable doubt. so one possible outcome here is there may be an indictment but there may ultimately be an acquittal. that requires that zimmerman get a decent lawyer. his lawyers today, for example, say he may have been insane because he was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. now, if it was post-traumatic if it happened after the trauma, then he wasn't mentally ill at the time of the events at issue. moreover, you don't raise a defense like that without the
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permission of the client. so if he gets a good lawyer, he has a reasonable chance of being acquitted by a jury. but i think he'll be arrested and indicted. >> various defenders of his whether they are his lawyers, his former lawyers or just his friends is pretty sickening to hear. i don't understand, frankly, despite all the racial implications here, all the political involvement in here. i don't understand why as a country we can't just come together and at least say let's try this case and find out what happened. >> deborah, that's a good point. you have to leave it there. thank you for joining me. alan dershowitz, thank you for your legal point. when we come back, rick santorum drops out of the race leaving it to mitt romney. where does the campaign go now?
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9:17 pm
likely he could catch mitt romney. joining me now is the campaign manager. how are you feeling tonight as his campaign manager? >> holding my head high. i think everybody involved in the campaign feels pretty good. in the sense there was a lot that was accomplished. we in many ways led the republican party in this. as rick santorum said, winning 11 states, tying others, getting more counties than all other candidates combined is an impressive thing for a candidate with less money than the others. >> to win 11 states given where he was back in september with nobody giving him a prayer, it's been miraculous. these things soak the life out of any candidate and all the people around them, don't they? what was the moment for you guys when you realized the game albeit temporarily is up?
9:18 pm
>> you know, look. we're pretty good at being on the mystic. maybe some would say we were deceiving ourself. we weren't supposed to win many states. so we started to believe miracles could happen. there were three main factors this time. number one, we looked at the old math, the new math and we couldn't figure out how to get there on the delegate count. number two, we felt there was an appetite for the republicans to unify and take on barack obama. and frankly the senator's daughter being put into emergency room and spending three days in the hospital over easter was certainly a consideration for the santorum household. >> how is bella? she's back at home now, right? >> she is. she really is a miracle child. she beats the odds every single day. and she's really an inspiration for people.
9:19 pm
it was so great to see on the campaign trail, we'd go place to place and people would have signs that say i'm supporting bella's dad for president. and really an inspiration. >> she is. what happens now? presumably at some stage rick santorum having beaten mitt romney to a pulp with all he's got is going to have to turn around and say this guy should be president, right? >> well, absolutely. and you've got to understand. as hard as we tried and even some of the differences we have with mitt romney, certainly the differences with barack obama are much, much greater. one of the reasons the senator felt the need to suspend his campaign today is it's time to unify and get behind beating barack obama. too much is on the line. rick will be great at campaigning and great at helping that cause. >> does he hold any aspiration of a potential vp slot or is that pie in the sky really? >> look. i will say this. rick represents the conservative
9:20 pm
wing of the party and the tea party part of the party. and getting them excited about the fall campaign is going to be important. however, with that said, what rick has said publicly is he'll help however he can. if that would be helpful, he'd look at it. he was serious about being the republican nominee and right now his focus will be just on defeating barack obama. >> presumably, john, it's not the last we've heard of rick santorum and his presidential aspirations. there isn't a reason he couldn't campaign again next time around, right? >> well, i think he's not going to look past november. i think he feels there's a good chance for the republicans to beat president obama. i think he feels that that's a top priority and a need as well as to do well in the house and the senate for republicans. that's where he'll be focused. as you point out, he's young. we have a couple hundred thousand contributors and more activists.
9:21 pm
so i do believe he will be a force to help republican candidates all around the country this year. >> you came from nowhere, you guys. you took the political world by storm for a long time. i'm sorry you've had to suspend the campaign today. i wish you and the team that were behind senator santorum the best. please send my best to him and his wife. i'm sure knowing the pair of them, they are feeling much happier about the return of their daughter than they are feeling dismayed at the end of the campaign. >> without a doubt. and we certainly all got a lot of fun getting to know you, piers. we hope we'll still get invited back now that we're not quite as important as we were. >> i guarantee you you will be invited back. john, thanks for much. >> always a pleasure. you take care. >> i want to bring in my cnn colleague wolf blitzer. have we now seen real clarity? is this the end of the race? >> yes.
9:22 pm
the end of the republican race for all practical purposes. it's now romney versus obama. we've got seven months. it's going to be a fiercely fought contest. anyone who thinks they know who's going to win in november is wrong. because so much can happen. but the republican nominee is clearly going to be mitt romney. the democratic nominee obviously is president obama. so it's going to be a fun time for all of us who are covering politics to watch who's going to be the next president of the united states. >> how does it affect the way the primary is now played out? because newt gingrich and ron paul are both saying they'll stay in the race probably until the tampa convention. what does is that mean in reality? when we get to the next stage of primaries, how significant are they now in light of santorum pulling out? >> they're not very significant. it's all over for all practical purposes. they'll go through the motions. romney will pick up more and more delegates. he'll get to 1,144. so the coronation formally will happen at the end of august at
9:23 pm
the republican convention in tampa. but it's done. >> obama's campaign man said in a statement it's no surprise mitt romney was able to grind down on opponents under negative ads. but neither hi or special interest allies will be able to able to buy the presidency with negative attacks. that's a little rich by them? due to the ads. >> if you thought it was tough against the republican candidates themselves. just wait. this is going to be a brutal seven months with hundreds of millions of dollars spent on both sides. the republicans, they have a lot of money. they've got these super pacs that gillespie and rove have set up. those are going to be negative attack ads in the key battle ground states. about a dozen states going after president obama. and president obama, he's raising hundreds of millions of dollars himself.
9:24 pm
his pro-obama super pac not doing well. but they've raised a ton of money. if you own a tv station in one of these battle ground states like florida, ohio, pennsylvania, michigan, you're going to make a lot of money over the next seven months because the advertising revenue is going to flow in. >> certainly true. another person making money is masters champion bubba watson. you a golf fan? >> i'm not a huge player. i'm not a player at all but i watched the masters. he did great. he's a real colorful character. congratulate him on my behalf, piers. that one shot he did, that was really amazing. >> i urge you to stay on and watch. >> thanks, piers. coming up next is my primetime exclusive with the man of the moment, masters champion bubba watson. for more than 116 years, ameriprise financial has worked for their clients' futures. helping millions of americans retire on their terms.
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td ameritrade's investment consultants can help you build a plan that fits your life. we'll even throw in up to $600 when you open a new account or roll over an old 401(k). so who's in control now, mayans? bubba watson upgrading his wardrobe with a green masters jacket on sunday. he's never had a formal lesson in his life. now you'll hear from him. i'm joined by the masters champion himself. bubba watson. >> thanks for having me. >> what a moment for you. the green jacket. can i touch it? >> go ahead. >> how's it feel? >> it's nice. >> how's it really feel? to be bubba watson right now. >> it's overwhelming. people like yourself want to talk to me.
9:29 pm
for me to come to new york and do these interviews and meet you for the first time, it's a special time. it's fun. >> why have you given me the big exclusive interview? somebody has told me an unnerving reason wie. >> when you were on another show called america's got talent, you were a [ bleep ]. so i wanted to make fun of you like you made fun of anybody else. >> i heard that was the reason. that's the real reason? >> for sure. >> i don't care how we got you here. i'll take it. there's something very american about your story. there's very authentic about you. i entered the show saying you had three great dreams. to get the dukes of hazard car, and win the masters. you've done all three in the last months. >> it's been crazy. i took a tournament off that i normally don't take off. it got me to go to the auction where the general lee was.
9:30 pm
and somehow i could afford -- the bidding stopped so i could afford it. $110,000 for it. i bought it. have that baby at my house. >> why did you want that car so much? >> the tv show. >> "dukes of hazard." >> it was amazing. who doesn't want a car that's in the credits. it's crazy to say i own that. then to go through the adoption process. trying to keep it behind closed doors. while i was trying to perform on the golf course. a baby fell into our laps. we came back home with a baby after bay hill. had a week off. had to go to the masters and now talking to you. in three or four months, it's something. >> can you believe you're in the green jacket on cnn talking to the world about being masters champion? >> talking to my favorite person. >> obviously. >> yeah. but can you believe it?
9:31 pm
>> no. it's a dream -- like i said before, it's a dream i never completed. it's a dream i never finished. to be here i guess it's now a dream come true. it's like heaven on earth. i mean, it's just a wild ride. hopefully this ride keeps going. it's fun right now. it's exciting. >> what i loved about the way you did it, it was like a tin cup moment. you're in the trees. the second hole of the playoffs and it was like what's he going to do? is he going to play it safe? which way is bubba going to go? and every natural golf fan was just saying go for it. go for it. and you played this hook out. and it was probably -- it must have been the best shot of your life given the pressure, the stakes were so high, the difficulty of the shot and how it played out. was that the moment for you? >> no. i think the six inch putt to win was the big moment. but the shot was amazing. it was just set up perfect for me. i love to hook the ball.
9:32 pm
hooked it about 40 yards i've been telling everybody. it just worked out perfectly. i didn't see it. the crowd came rushing in on me. i ran to the ropes and asked my caddy where is it he said about 15 feet from the hole. i said wow. >> it was a massive risk, that shot. many golfers would have played safe rather than take a risk that could have blown them the masters. you've never come close to winning it before. what is it inside you that made you look down and say i'm going for this? >> i trust everything -- every ounce of my body, i trust it all. i trust in my abilities. i trust i can do it. that was the whole day. i just kept trusting i was doing the right thing. if it was meant to be, it was going to happen. somehow it happened. and i never had doubt i couldn't pull that shot off. >> the moment you had the six inch putt to win the masters, what goes through a golfer's
9:33 pm
mind when you're six inches away? other than don't come out. >> i was going to be famous for missing it or making it. i actually did a motion to tell the crowd to quiet down. i wanted to go through my routine. i looked at it. took my time. took deep breaths. did everything i was supposed to do and it went in. >> were you thinking of anybody in particular? i always wonder when you reach that kind of epicenter of a sporting career, what is going to be the greatest moment of your life, who you think of. what goes through your mind. or is it all focus on the shot? >> i definitely wasn't thinking about this show. if that's what you mean. >> you mean you weren't thinking of me when you won the masters? >> no. you know, i -- like i've always said, this is to honor my parents. to honor my late dad, honor my grandparents and all the people that got me where i am in my life. the friends, some golfers that stayed around. all my fans. twitter, facebook, all my fans
9:34 pm
across the world. it was all for them. they helped me. they helped me get to where i am. they helped me drive to where i am today. without their support and love, their encouragement, who knows where i'd be. especially my beautiful wife. it was special. >> it really was. and you were very emotional. you're emotional now. you're obviously an emotional guy. it must have meant so much. i was thinking about your story when you took that shot about your father, about your mother, about your wife, about your little baby. all of it. it's hard to imagine a more emotional moment for anyone than the one you went through there for all sorts of reasons. your wife came through a health scare. your father who was this great mentor to you lost his life a couple of years ago. and there you are with your mother standing there and hugging your mother on the 18th at augusta. it must have been an extraordinary moment. >> it was. growing up the way we grew up,
9:35 pm
money's not a big important thing to us. we didn't care about money or being famous, showing off or anything like that. so that moment just overwhelms you. you know? because it is, just from a mom, for my late dad, my grandparents, my new baby boy, my wife. it all comes together at once. >> let's take a short break. when we come back i want to talk about the early days when you practiced at a dirt track. practiced all the fancy hooks that win you the masters. also about your friendship with tiger woods who is a hero of yours. let's discuss that after the break.
9:36 pm
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bubba watson, a man not afraid to show his emotions. and who can blame him? the 2012 masters champion is with me now. we were talking about your father before the break. he served in vietnam. what did he give you in terms of values? how much of his son are you, do you think? >> the first thing that stands to mind is he told me i got two options. i can be a follower or a leader. and he said you don't want to follow. you want to be a leader. so that always sticks to me. so i play the game of golf my way. i do things my way. i don't let anybody influence me. except my wife sometimes. she influences me. but, you know, i do it my way. i don't let people tell me what to do or anything. i'm going to do it my way and do everything in my life my way. if it makes me happy and it's what i want to do, it's what i'm
9:40 pm
going to do. >> they say you've got a.d.d. is that true? >> what? i wasn't paying attention. sorry. >> attention deficit disorder. you're winding me up. but they say you've got this. what i like was the intensity on your face in those playoff holes, it was very marked. i said wow this guy's focused and intense. then i read about the a.d.d. i said how is this the same guy? how did you become so composed at such a pressurized moment if the rest of the time you're all over the place? >> i've recognized that. i had chances to struggle on sunday. so for me i'm not mad, i'm not angry of anything. i put my head down in between holes not trying to focus on anybody yelling at me supporting me cheering for me. i try to stay in the moment and talk to myself as i'm walking down the fareway in my head trying to get ready for what's facing me.
9:41 pm
so it looks like a stern face and i'm focused. that's what i have to do. i found that out that that's what i have to do. got to stay committed to each shot until the job's done. >> how important was tiger woods in all this? i read you and he had a good friendship that he had a series word with you about this. that you could win big titles. tell me about that. >> a few years ago when we were playing practice rounds together before his injury, we were playing practice rounds and i learned -- i learn by watching. watching him move shots, being a shot maker he is, hitting great curves, hitting three woods on certain holes. chipping and putting knowing it's a big deal in the game of golf. talking to him, he just showed me a lot of things. i learned a lot of things. and i've grown in the game of golf from that.
9:42 pm
and then he said aye got to take it more serious. you've got to take the game of golf more serious if you're going to perform and get a "w." and then so i took that to heart. i hired me a trainer. i try to work out more making sure to stay healthy, to do all the things to make the right move toward being a better golfer. and it made sense. i understood what he was talking about after i thought about it for a little while. obviously i've improved the last few years. >> and you outdrive him. >> of course. he's older though. >> you're obviously now experiencing celebrity probably for the first time in your career. when you see what happened to tiger and obviously it's great to see him back now, but he went through the up and down of celebrity. what lessons can you draw from that? >> well, i think you got to learn from every situation. the thing about tiger, he's in the media more than anybody else. the guy is number 200 in the world doesn't see the media much. we all have problems in our
9:43 pm
lives. we all have situations in our lives. obviously you don't want to use that as an example. a guy that i look up to, a guy that's changed the game of golf forever. a guy that can still grow the game of golf. hopefully you don't fall in the same situations. you can get out of the situations. you don't want to put yourself in situations that could harm you or your family. and the injuries he's had over the years you can't help you can't predict those. >> is he still the best you've seen? >> yes. i never got to see jack nicolas. i think mcilroy has the head you need to play good golf to compete in a good major. he could be the next. but tiger has set the bar so high. phil mickelson has won 40 times and tiger's almost doubled that. tiger's set the bar almost so high it's uncatchable. >> let's take a break. i want to talk to you about women in golf. the woman that's most important to you, your wife.
9:44 pm
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>> that was -- that was pretty good. i feel hot right now. ♪ >> bubba watson, what were you thinking? >> america's got talent. that's what it is. >> that is not going through the second round. that was featuring feature golfers. what were you doing there? >> well -- >> what was the thought process? >> golf is boring. so -- >> that is true. >> yeah. you know, we -- we felt like trying to help charities in a different way. so we got on the itunes, with got the song on itunes, and we tried to show our character off the course. because on the course it gets boring, it gets long. >> i think you're going to single-handedly revolutionize golf because you're not boring. a lot of them are. i have interviewed a lot of golfer, but a lot are dull. >> i have to win some.
9:49 pm
>> but let's talk women and golf because there's a big round about augusta not allowing female members. what is your view? you're the champion. >> in this day and age, i think i don't see why any reason why it could hurt. but they have rules, they can do that. there's places -- there's laws made up that we can't do certain things. it took a lot of security codes to get in here and get to this room. what are you all protecting? you know what i'm saying? it's something for your own organization to figure out. you know, y'all obviously didn't want bubba to come in here height away. i went through a lot of security. there's a lot of -- >> we didn't take any -- >> a lot of big men out there watching me. >> tell me about your wife. >> wait, what was your words on this? i want to hear your great speech. >> i think it's completely ridiculous. i think that the idea that in the modern age such a prestigious organization that the whole world is focused on, this amazing tournament doesn't allow women members is just like something out of the dark ages.
9:50 pm
just get over themselves. have a female member. what are they going to do? >> i know who's not going to be a member. you. >> i am banning myself. watching augusta, i banned myself. you can't ban me. i'll come back when you allow women. let's move on to your wife. >> they won't have you back. >> they won't care. they never heard of me. >> they probably don't watch your show. >> watch it! i started off liking you. >> the truth hurts sometimes. >> it can turn. your wife is 6'4" and she's a basketball champion. played in the olympics. played all over the place, actually. tell me about you met. >> we were at the university of georgia. she was hurt. she's a year older. she was hurt and rehabbing. i loved to play basketball. i was playing on the courts. hoofing around with it. the girl -- the girls team. played with at lo of them when they were off season. so we were running up and down the courts and she was rehabbing her knee.
9:51 pm
i started to talk to her, she blew me off. she could care less who i was. i looked ridiculous trying to play basketball. i overheard her talking to the women's assistant coach about golf. so i said, this is my in, i can talk to her. i said, hey, you want to play golf one day? she agreed somehow. and we went there and i told her who i was. told her what i did. i just turned pro, but i'll still finishing school. so i hit a couple good shots. so i guess i impressed her. bugged her for the next couple weeks. she said i don't want to hang out with you and i kept bugging her enough where she said she'd go on a date with me. she said, i'm going overseas, i don't want to be serious. i said, long distance relationship, it can work. we could talk throughout the -- you know on the phone, do all that stuff and then meet when you get back over here. so we did that for a while. and somehow i got -- it got more serious. and we're married with a kid now.
9:52 pm
>> she's a great love of your life? >> oh for sure. she's -- oh, she does amazing things to make me the person i am. the golfer that i am. she makes it all -- makes it all gel. you know, my craziness, my a.d.d. as you call it is everywhere. and she completes me. she makes it all work and gel together. she's the one that's serious about everything. i'm the jokester and she's my best friend. i mean, i talk to her about anything. that's not something i wouldn't leave out to her, unless i'm trying to surprise her. >> what did she say when you became the masters champion? >> she didn't say much. we talk for five minutes on the course there. she said i love you and i can't wait to see you. she said that it's going to be amazing for caleb to see these videos, how i talk about my son. >> i mean, it will be.
9:53 pm
when your little boy is old enough. >> when he's old enough to focus on tv. >> when you sit him down. this is dad winning the masters. >> he might ask who you are. [ laughter ] wait, i did that already. >> what a special moment that will be for you. >> no, it will be. you know, it will be some good father/son stuff. it will be something that you can only dream about and actually easter sunday the masters, we had him for a week, two weeks at that time and then he'll see the pictures and videos of him and see the masters champ. and realizes that his dad really cared for him and his mom really cared for him and prove our love to him. >> well, good for you. look, from my point of view, i like golf. i'm a bit scratchy but i have my moments. i think you're a breath of fresh air in a sport that can be quite dull.
9:54 pm
but you're a one off. i think the whole of america, the whole world was roaring you on in the masters. it was fantastic to see you win. having said that, i want to challenge you because we've got a little putting green down there. and it's going to be an only in america special. it's britain, the america, it's the ryder cup right here after the break. according to the signs, ford is having some sort of big tire event. i just want to confirm a w things with fiona. how would you describe the event? it's big. no,i mean in terms of savings how would you sum it up? big in your own words, with respect to selection, what would you say? big okay, let's talk rebates mike, they're big they're big get $100 rebate, plus the low price tire guarantee during the big tire event. so, in other words, we can agree that ford's tire event is a good size? big big
9:55 pm
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9:57 pm
9:58 pm
i'm here on bubba's bridge. we're going to hit a shot under the porch, over the roof, into the hot tub. let's see if i can do it. >> oh! yeah! whoo! >> a classic bubba watson trick shot. so he fancies, why shouldn't he? he's the master's champion. however, this not augusta. this is cnn and it's only in america special. my version of the ryder cup. bubba, you may be a master's champion, you haven't come up against the morganater. >> did you nickname that yourself? >> i did. so morganater is the master champion. five feet.
9:59 pm
>> about nine feet. >> nine feet, oh, could be out of your range. >> it could be. >> i'm going first. winner takes all. may the best man win. and i will. by the way, you're going right handed to give me a chance. >> that's fine. >> what do you think of my stance? >> what are you doing right now? >> don't you worry about me, mate. this is going in. okay. that didn't go very well. show me how it's done, master. >> there's no comments for that one. right handed. >> 300 million watching this worldwide. oh. >> i'm lucky. at least mine stayed on the grass. >> okay. come on. let's have these back. first one to sink one wins. we'll be here all night if we have to.