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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 21, 2012 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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they only think about themselves. we call volatility of the voters. >> reporter: volatility is the least you can say. according to opinion polls, one out of every two voters have changed their minds about who they support since the beginning of the day. gone are the days when nearly two-thirds said they liked president sarkozy. he tried to campaign at one point bombarded with booze and paper. the president ended up serving coffee to members of the presidential party. all part of the politics these days. if you want the votes, you have to put up with the voters. cnn, paris. "cnn newsroom" continues with rob marciano who is in for fredricka whitfield. i'll hand it off to you, sir. >> thank you, randi. we'll start you off with george zimmerman. he may be released any time now. a judge set $150,000 bond during a hearing that took an unexpected turn when zimmerman
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took the stand and apologized to trayvon martin's family. cnn martin savidge examining evidence from florida. when is he expected to be released and where is he likely to go? >> yeah, two very good questions right now we're trying to find answers to. we're standing outside the corrections facility where george zimmerman is being held. this the receiving point. this the way he went in. we're believing this the way he will come out. security is in the minds of the security conscious. if he comes out this door we'll have to wait and see. as to when, his attorney said it would take a couple of days to finance the bond and the way of monitoring george zimmerman while he's out and about. he's going to require electronic monitoring and other means by which the state of florida will remain in contact with him. that's going to take a while. where he will go, that's another big question mark. his attorney requested he be able to leave the state of florida. the judge that granted bond said
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that's a possibility if you can work out the monitoring aspect. we're back to that first question, when and how will it be handled. we'll have to wait and see. >> that's all you'll be looking for today. certainly back to yesterday, zimmerman took the stand. by taking the witness stand, it was the first time he's spoken out publicly. what's been the reaction to that. >> you know, what a dramatic moment that was, too. i don't think anybody anticipated george zimmerman was going to be up on the stand and giving testimony under oath, we should point out. that's when he issued the apology. the family of trayvon martin did not like that one bit. they felt it was sort of an emotional ambush for them. the attorney said they were, well, devastated as a result of hearing the words of george zimmerman. let's listen ourselves to that moment. >> i felt sorry they lost their child, yes. >> and so you told detectives you wanted them to convey that to the parents? >> i don't know if they were detectives or not.
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>> officers, i apologizes. >> i didn't know if they were going to convey it or not. i just made the statement. >> then you said you called them up and left a message to tell them that? >> no, sir. >> why did you wait 50 days to tell them, that is the parents. >> i don't understand the question, sir? >> why did you wait so long to tell mr. martin and the victim's mother -- the father and mother, why did you wait so long to tell them. >> i was told not to communicate with them. >> reporter: that was prosecutor doing the grilling of george zimmerman there. there were a lot of people afterwards that felt that really didn't make the state look too good. george zimmerman seemed to come across a little more human because of the apology and it and the state was jumping all over him for trying to apologize. >> you know, marty watching this yesterday it looked like the actual trial it me. during the bond hearing the defense questioned the state investigators. what were their strategy there?
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>> reporter: you know, a lot of people have made that comment. it did sound like a trial. there were objections, cross-examinations. that's what it was. it was the defense having an opportunity to go after the prosecution's case, the state's case here. they were specifically questioning the affidavit that was used to bring the charges against george zimmerman. the defense attorney here was very quickly trying to punch holes into the state's case. quite frankly many people believed he succeeded in doing that, that the state did not look very good in that hearing yesterday. >> all right. martin savidge, watching developments in the trayvon martin case. martin, we'll check back with you, thanks. our legal guys are going have a say on this, on the trayvon martin case. they have some definite opinions on how it will all turn out. they will join me live just ahead. for a third straight day new york police are excavating a manhattan basement hoping to find clues to a 1979 disappearance of 6-year-old etan
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patz. the basement once belonged to a carpenter who had contacts with patz before he vanished. the 65-year-old says he had nothing to do with the boy's disappearance. we'll have a live report from the search site at the bottom of the hour. unanimously approved a measure to expand an observer mission in syria. the vote will increase the number of unarmed observers to 300. cease-fire monitors began arriving in the besieged syrian capital of homs yesterday. they reportedly met with the town's government and activist. the opposition accuses the security forces of shelling homs for weeks. in bahrain, opposition protesters are accusing the government of cracking down on demonstrators just before the grand prix race. they say an activist died in the clash with security forces. the interior ministry says an investigation is under way. the grand prix car race is scheduled tomorrow.
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the crown. >> announcer: insists everything is under control and security measures are in place. three more secret service employees have stepped down over the prosecution scandal that has rocked the agency. so far six secret service members have lost their jobs and the agency says a total of 12 members are under investigation. secret service chief mark sullivan is under fire for the controversy but homeland security chairman peter king told wolf blitzer he's satisfied with sullivan's work so far. >> i mean, i've seen he's doing the right thing. he moved effectively, quickly right at the start and continued to do that. from all i know and have heard and seen, this is a very tough and thorough investigation. they are following every lead, pursuing every lead. so yes, he's -- the only way to judge him is how did he react when he first learned about it. from the moment he learned about it, he has moved swiftly and quickly and effectively. >> the secret service workers are facing allegations of partying with prostitutes in colombia before the president
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arrived for a summit. just ahead we'll take a closer look at the culture of the 150-year-old secret service agency. mitt romney is pushing forward to november. he took a sort of victory lap while speaking at the national committee gathering in arizona yesterday. romney split his message between a car for party unity and attacks on president obama and a word for his past and present republican rivals. >> let me also commend the people who had the courage to run for president on our side of the aisle. some still running, some have gotten out of the race. each contributed to the process. each campaigned in an aggressive and dynamic way to spread our message of conservatism and each is going to play a vital role in making sure we win in november. >> on monday romney will be campaigning in philadelphia with florida senator marco rubio. he's been mentioned as a possible running mate.
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before he makes that stop you can catch him on state of the union with candy craowley. presidential candidate newt gingrich doesn't have much of a chance but doesn't want to give up perks of the race. that includes secret service following him everywhere. it could cost taxpayers $40,000 a day. his campaign has come under attack. the total contribution to the super pac, $20 million so far. a need for speed. what a big appetite. fuel, nascar may not be known as the most environmentally friendly sport but it is taking steps to go green this weekend. i talk to nascar ceo next. great! at progressive, you can compare rates side by side, so you get the same coverage, often for less. wow! that is huge! [ disco playing ] and this is to remind you
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as people around the world observe earth day this weekend, nascar is revving up its efforts to go green. that's right. you heard me. the sport that has race cars that get about five miles to the gallon and goes through about 130 sets of tire per race is trying to lessen the sport's impact on the environment. here is an example. at tomorrow's sprint cup race in kansas every time you see a green flag drop insist will donate ten trees for those lost in joplin, missouri. i because the up with the ceo and asked about the ongoing effort to be more green. >> we're in our fourth year headed into the fifth year of doing a number of things we're quite proud of. we have a long way to go. switching to biofuel with ethanol was a big step for us.
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we've run 2 million with sunoco. our partners, we're now the largest recycler in sports. we're the only ones that has an entire facility powered by solar. not just that but powers much of the region. >> you mentioned solar powers. that's just odd. we have cool video. powers not only the pocono track but part of the surrounding community. i suppose each track seems to be wanting to do something different. the e-15 fuel, it took a while for you to go from leaded just to unleaded, now we're blending a little bit. what kind of advantages does the ethanol blend have? >> it burns less carbon emissions. start with that. it's home grown. i believe over time as standards
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come up or released from the government, it can be a much more potent fuel in terms of the mix of ethanol. 15 today. it will disapprove things and validate its effectiveness. >> what happened to the used oil, tires, wrecked cars? do they go into a landfill? >> no. that's part of what we've done, aluminum with coca-cola, partners at sprint. >> either way you burn a lot of gas. i read somewhere you're planting trees? >> i think we planted more trees than anybody else in sports in that area. we'll have the first battery
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powered car. ford is going to pace the field, the pace car in richmond coming up in a month or so. >> i assume the electronic pace car is somewhat symbolic unless you see somewhere in our lifetime powered by electric cars. do you see that or do we need to hear the hum of the engines themselves. >> we're an unbelievable validator of things, particularly in technology and energy of we run all kinds of different cars or divisions it's not inconceivable we'll have a big position in that. it's symbolic today but may be more impactful in the future. last year nascar said more than 12 million beverage containers recycled. i'm still trying to see the electric car. i'm a big environmentalist but i
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want to hear the roar. still to come, women are outpacing men as business owners. growing those businesses can be tricky. coming up, tips on how to be more successful.
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top stories just ahead including the trayvon martin case and possible release on bond of shooter george zimmerman. our legal guys have been watching all developments and have definite opinions how it will turn out. they will join us live in just a few minutes. women are making big strides in their own businesses but making the businesses grow can be a mine field. kristin romans spoke to an expert who fosters women
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entrepreneurs. >> women are starting businesses at a rate of what, two to one. >> absolutely. >> but growing the businesses is the hard part. a down economy and getting them from employing yourself to other people. haw do women get over the hump? >> i think they have to set goals for themselves. you can get started and be happy because you're making a living and not living by someone else's schedule. if you want to make money you've got to go beyond yourself. you've got to look at bringing other people into the business and making sure you have something people want to buy. not want to have, have to have. >> grow, how do you do that? >> first of all you have to see yourself as a ceo. you cannot do everything yourself. women do it at home. we do it because we have to. in our business we have got to get beyond that. we have to have people work with us and help us, people good at
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stuff we're not. >> outsource. >> outsource, hire, whatever you need to do. >> revenue for women-owned businesses? >> it is almost 80% of women-owned businesses are $50,000 a year in gross revenue or less. >> that means you're making a job for yourself. >> exactly. how do you go from it being your job to an enterprise. it's mentally thinking about yourself as a ceo, thinking about yourself as running an entity. not being a photographer, not being a baker. it is a different mind-set. an understanding that you really can take control. >> george zimmerman could be released on bail soon. our legal guys weigh in on the surprising developments at yesterday's bond hearing. that's next. in america, we believe in a future that is better than today. since 1894, ameriprise financial has been working hard
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the first and only one to help support a healthy metabolism. three smart ways to sweeten. same great taste. splenda® essentials™. a florida judge set bond for george zimmerman at $150,000 during friday's hearing. during the hearing zimmerman apologized to the family of trayvon martin, the unarmed teenager he shot on february 26th. what factors went into that judge's decision? let's bring in our legal guys avery friedman, civil rights attorney and law professor in cleveland and richard herman, new york criminal defense attorney and law professor joins us from las vegas. richard, we'll begin with you. how unusual was this bond or was it? >> well, it's very unusual, rob, when a defendant gets up on the witness stand in a bail or bond
9:21 am
hearing. however, in this instance with the carefully krafrted questions which were very limited, mr. zimmerman did himself extremely well yesterday. he was humanized. we learned -- we saw from the picture earlier that day, the blood on the back of his head. we learned that he mentored two young black children for the past two years. doesn't look like racism to me. he really came across as credible. he was not a flight risk. he was not a harm to society. when the judge took a peek at the prosecution's case, it was kind of putting bullet holes in it yesterday by the defense cross-examination of the lead investigator. rob, the lead investigator made some extremely damaging statements under oath, which will come back and haunt them when they sum up their case. >> richard, let's have avery remark. how big of a blow was that for zimmerman to take the stand and
9:22 am
did the prosecution not do a good job? >> it was a very dangerous thing to do. the fact is mark o'mara was going to get george zimmerman out of jail, it was necessary to put him on the stand. you know what, i'm in agreement in this part of it. i think zimmerman came across, he was humanized. he did say some things that made him look as if he's a good guy. the fact is, it's a one-way proceeding. i'm not impressed on what we've seen up to this point from the state's attorneys office. they could have done more. the question really was, your question, what were the factors. the bottom liven is flight risk, rob. flight risk. the fact is the judge -- i was thinking about 400, $500,000. $150,000 is quite a reasonable bond. there are obviously going to be important conditions in this thing. >> they are monitoring with ankle bracelets on him? >> they have to.
9:23 am
take a close look at zimmerman. take a look at that suit. they had that guy with a bulletproof vest on. it's very likely he's going to be outside the jurisdiction. so the gps, the monitor is an absolutely critical part of the condition of release. >> we'll -- >> hey, rob. listen to this, rob. the government was asking for a million dollars or no release. that's what the government, the prosecution asked for. $150,000 was granted by the court and that was deemed heavy in florida because even people charged with first degree get $75,000 bond. the $150 is $15,000 in cash only and the rest collateral. the lead investigator, rob, he did not know who began the physical altercation. >> no way he could no. >> no, he did not. he was cross examined specifically on that. who initiated the physical confrontation. he did not know.
9:24 am
he did not -- after the 911 call. >> we're going to have to -- >> the lead investigator. he's the lead investigator. >> guys, i want to get to the second topic. we're going to have months to go over this when the trial actually happens. i'll admit yesterday felt like a trial. i couldn't believe i was watching a bond hearing. let's talk about this handcuffed kindergarten, georgia police officer's decision to handcuff an unrule kindergarten. they claimed assault on the principal. they handcuffed a 6-year-old. avery, were the police out of line here? >> this is what happens when you down too many krispy kremes, rob. this is way out of line. a 6-year-old has no more capacity to formulate an intent to commit a crime. cops know that and school officials know that. this is stunning. what strikes me is that the school couldn't figure out this is a social services issue.
9:25 am
it's not law enforcement. they bring the cops in. they don't know any better. they take her to the station. you know what they give her? they give her some soda. >> maybe she was dehydrated. >> stunning. dehydrated, okay. >> we don't know how -- what kind of tantrum the 6-year-old was throwing. richard, what's the protocol for handcuffing a juvenile or in this case a small child. >> there you go. good. >> rob, i heard she was yelling don't tase me, bro. i heard that. i don't know. she threw a fit. she was going crazy. they had to try to subdue her and control her. it was for her protection that they put the handcuffs on her. they called her family several times. no one was home. what could they do. they took her, put her in a safe place to protect herself and others. she went crazy. come on. they had to control this young girl. i don't know what's going on there. i don't know what kind of mental issues exist but obviously some do. >> handcuffs, richard.
9:26 am
>> all the criminal charges were dropped. hey, look, had to subdue her for her own protection. all criminals charges were dropped and it was resolved. look, the school did what was best to protect her and the other children's best interest and the teachers. >> all right, guys. we have to leave it there. we'll be checking back with you. we've got two more interesting legal issues later in the hour that we'll talk to you about, a woman is suing johnny depp. we'll explore why. she's not too happy about the bodyguards and how they treated her at the concert. a renewed search meanwhile 33 years later for a 6-year-old toddler. the latest search for the 6-year-old in a manhattan basement. investigators are on the scene there and we'll take you there live. . that's why i take colace®. [ male announcer ] for occasional constipation associated with certain medical conditions, there's colace® capsules. colace® softens the stool and helps eliminate the need to strain.
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checking today's top stories, george zimmerman could get out of jail as early as today. yesterday a florida judge granted his release on $150,000 bond. that means his family needs to post $15,000 to get him out while he awaits trial for the killing of 17-year-old trayvon martin. zimmerman called it
9:30 am
self-defense. in a surprise move yesterday on the stand he apologized to martin's family. unanimously approved a measure to expand observer mission in syria. the vote will expand it to 300. cease-fire monitors began arriving in the city of homs today. they reportedly met with the town's governor and activists. they accused of shelling homs for weeks. bahrain opposition accusing government of clamping down on demonstrators just before the grand prix. the car race is scheduled to start tomorrow but the crown prince insists everything is under control and security measures are in place. and now it's a 33-year-old mystery capturing headlines around the world. 1979 disappearance of 6-year-old etan patz. for third straight day police in new york are digging up a basement hoping to find clues to the boy's disappearance. cnn's national correspondent susan candiotti is there now.
9:31 am
susan, a carpenter who used to work in that basement saw etan the day before he and. he's speaking out to his attorney and the family. what's the reaction. >> reporter: through his attorney, miller, who the family said was a good boy -- a good friend, rather, of little etan. he is saying through his lawyer he had nothing to do with the boy's disappearance and is terribly torn up about it. he issued through his attorney strong denials he had anything to do with the disappearance, and so did his daughter. listen. >> mr. miller has been cooperating with this investigation for over 30 years. he's continued to cooperate on multiple occasions. i'm going to assist him in capitaling to the fullest extent possible. >> the fbi has been here to investigate the case. he cooperated with them, went to the site. he doesn't have anything to do
9:32 am
with it. >> in fact, mr. miller is not being called a suspect by the fbi, nor has he been charged with the crime but they have been questioning him. law enforcement sources tell me he did say something odd during the course of that questioning, which is, what if they moved the body. rob. >> susan, it's been so long, 1979. why are they searching again 33 years later? >> well, in part it's because of what some of the information they had from mr. miller, went back and questioned him. we're told this initially began because they revised the case in 2010, the district attorney's office. they based this search on some old information and new information. mr. miller we're told is not the only person they have been talking with. there may have been others that led to them getting enough information to successfully get a search warrant to look in this this basement. they had to prove to a judge
9:33 am
they had enough information. it has been going on for days now. they are sifting through the dirt, looking for possible signs whether the earth is moved in any way up to 6 feet below the bottom of the building. the fbi says if there's any signs of the boys remains or personal effects, they will find it. rob. >> okay. susan candiotti live in manhattan. we'll be back with you. thanks, susan. well, a little cold front heading to the east coast. my friend and colleague reynolds wolf in the cnn "weather center" with more. >> what's happening, tough guy. let me show you something pretty interesting. any other time of the year -- not any other time of the year but august or september we might be down on the beach watching something interesting in the gulf of mexico. take a look at this. a little rotation south of new orleans. that low, if the water were warmer, it might be a named system. possibly at least a depression
9:34 am
that would bring heavy rainfall to parts of the gulf coast. sure neff that's what we can expect today, not that it's a tropical system, heavy rain from the i-10 corridor, even into parts of south florida including miami. right now a live image for you of miami. voile, the magic of modern technology shows the wind blowing right now. you see a few birds going by. breezy conditions there you can expect it farther south, even key west, the rain there for a good part of the day. parts of the northeast, rain can also be expected montreal, buffalo, cincinnati. it's not going to stay anchored to the ground. all driving eastward. before you know it by later in the afternoon boston, philadelphia, even richmond might be dealing with scattered showers. if you look at this scattered showers all but a certainty in parts of the twin cities. up to thunder bay, cold air, moisture, you got it. snow in the picture there. nothing too heavy but a touch of snowfall in april. what do you know. here is the area of low pressure
9:35 am
we'll follow. noontime today, watch it swing its way up the coast. again, like a nor'easter any other time of the year. we can expect heavy rainfall from new aarnewark, southward t philadelphia. rain piling up. same in the everglades. they are used to heavy water. san francisco, pier 39, 74 in denver, 67 in memphis by beale street, 76 atlanta, in boston 72 degrees. how about bo sox, 100 years fenway park. >> you were telling me what a fan you are of johnny depp, strikingly handsome man he is. >> is it john depp or justin bieber. i love them both. >> johnny depp has been around. he's known for making reynolds
9:36 am
and women swoon. a security team's rough treatment is making one woman sue up next.
9:37 am
tomorrow is earth day. let's talk environment. light bulb to led technology. updating lighting is an easy way to make you green. is it worth it? jeremy moorehead finds some answers. >> we're at frager's hardware, established in 1920, 11 blocks from the u.s. capital. i would call this energy efficient land. we have your traditional
9:38 am
incandesce incandescents. >> looking for light bulbs. >> light bulbs are a big factor in the store's success. put up to 100 or use a compact fluorescent, too. it's using gases to illuminate the gas. using roughly 20 or 21% of the wattage on a compact fluorescent than you are in a 60 watt soft white incandescent bulb. my house converted to all compact fluorescence. i have seen energy savings. it lowers your air conditioning bill because you're emitting less heat. an led bulb where you get two and a half to three times longer life than you do with cfl. bulb like this is in the $50 range. that's the cadillac. that should last 46 years. that's longer than i'm going to
9:39 am
be around. $1.81 to operate this light bulb. 65 watt costs you five to six times more. we're trying to reduce the consumption in the entire country. it's going to benefit us in the long run. >> there you go. change your light bulbs. for more green solutions in reach for you anderson your family tune into green solutions in focus today at 4:30 p.m. eastern time.
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9:41 am
a 52-year-old disabled woman claims johnny depp's bodyguard injured her. according to the lawsuit she had three separate altercations with the bodyguard all of which depp witnessed. the woman said she suffered severe injuries and hasn't been able to return to work. our legal guys back at it. avery friedman and richard her man. avery, we'll start with you. they are saying she was injured but also very, very drunk.
9:42 am
>> that's a fact question. in trial they will sort it out. the. >> is a doctor, clinical medicine. she's not screwing around. on a cain, busted elbow. she has witnesses. the bottom line on this case, i think the bodyguard was upset she was snapping pictures with her cell phone of johnny and got a little rambunctious. they are denying it. this the kind of case that could go to trial, number one. number two, could settle quietly. >> is she looking for celebrity money and is johnny depp in trouble just because he was looking her way. >> rob, johnny has nothing on you in the looks department. >> what a sweet thing to say. >> currying my favorite. >> as part of this, apparently she was scaring his children in
9:43 am
addition to her rant and raves because they said she was drunk or high. his security detail escorted her out. they did a little more than escort her because apparently as they were taking her out of the hallowed palladium, her clothes became undone and pants came down and tush up in the air for everyone to see. intentional affliction of emotional distress, assault and battery, false imprisonment and disabilities claim against the palladium because she had a disability and claimed the palladium was not favorable to people with disabilities. asafry said, this case will settle, rob. not going to trial. johnny is going to have to pay a few dollars. >> any guesses. >> how much? god only knows. it's going to be the insurance company. hollywood palladium, johnny's insurance will pay.
9:44 am
>> she was yelling don't tase me, bro. >> that's a popular theme this hour. all right. switching gears. do you believe in ghosts? a home rented out. these folks are paying $2200, i assume that's the same as their security deposit. they say there's paranormal activity. >> love this case. >> they said they heard strange voices felt sheets tugged. they have counter-sued saying the couple wants to break the lease because they can't pay the rent. landlord says he's been renting this house for 10 years, there's never been a problem, no ghosts, no nothing. avery, what do you think? >> well, they needed some evidence. who you going to call? there's an organization called new jersey paranormal investigators. they ain't afraid of no ghosts. what will happen they will testify. the court would never let that evidence in.
9:45 am
t the plaintiff i has going to tro prove a ghost forced him out. i think this is the valley of the shadow of death. he's finished and legally slimed. the case is over. >> richard, what do you think, have they got a case? >> who are you going to call, ghost busters? no. they are going to call their banker to pay. they are going to get hammered for rent, breach of lease and the costs, everything. they are going to get hammered here, rob. this is not a viable claim. it's not a viable reason to vacate the premises. i understand they are having financial issues. therefore that's maybe what's motivating them. if they could substantiate paranormal, they should write a book. >> one of the issues, he said somebody was holding his arm, he
9:46 am
said it was the ghost. it was the landlord looking for rent. that's what's going on here. >> so neither of you believe in ghosts, is that what i'm taking from this in what if they set up cameras -- >> call new jersey paranormal, paralegal, whatever they are. they are going to jump on the scene. apparently he's counting on them to prove the case. >> what if they set up cameras, is the judge going to say you can monkey with the videos. >> what? >> set up cameras and see if there's a ghost there. i'm sorry, i want to believe. i love those movies, i want to believe. >> you do? call dan aykroyd. >> avery friedman, richard herman, thanks for your input this weekend. >> good to see you. great job. >> president obama may have trouble winning over a center in his own party? find out which lawmaker might not cast his ballot for the president. that's next. their very first w. [ to the tune of "lullaby and good night" ] ♪ af-lac
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three american airlines unions are supporting a potential merger with us airways according to a document filed friday with the s.e.c. us airways still needs support of management directors and the parent company of amr. american airlines went into bankruptcy last year. the chairman of disney stepping down after the failure of epic adventure film "john carter." the box office recorded was abysmal. he stepped down after the loss. no successor has been named.
9:50 am
hot off the scene and political ticker, democratic senator joe manchin may buck his own party in the presidential election. the national journal quotes the west virginia lawmaker saying he may not vote for president obama in the fall. manchin says he'll base his decision how west virginians are faring in december. jeb bush has a message for romney. avoid a negative campaign. the republican nominee should offer a hopeful message that lifts people's spirits. republican senator orrin hatch is hoping to clinch the nomination at a convention. the six-term incumbent needs 60% of convention delegates to go to november's general election and avoid a primary battle in june. last thing you want when you go on vacation is to have your wallet stolen. an expert pick pocket gives you
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checking other news tv icon dick clark has been cremated. his publicist says plans for a memorial service have not been finalized.
9:54 am
clark suffered a heart attack while pat a santa monica hospital thursday. he was there for an outpatient procedure. he couldn't be revised. the l.a. coroner said heart failure led to the heart failure of breitbart. he had an enlarged heart as well as heart disease. he died last month at 43. rocker ted nugent agreed to a plea deal for killing and transporting a black bear in alaska. nugent agreed to a fine, probation and take part in public service. on thursday nugent was questioned and cleared by secret service over comments he made about president obama. the best way to protect your wallet and credit card when you go on vacation, think like a thief. an expert in pick pocketing gives us some tips on the go. pick pockets are everywhere
9:55 am
tourists are. bob should know. he calls himself a pick pocket artist. he travels the world watching pick pockets and studying techniques. >> the lacy thing in my mind he was going to grab my purse. >> never leave sight of your bag. >> as a stage pick pocket artist, he says it's simple. >> get the victim to be having their guard down one way or the other. >> women's handbags are an easy target. >> have it as high up into the armpit as possible. if you have a strap, it should go across the body. >> there are also travel wallets you can wear under your clothing and out of reach. >> they are not interested in the cash any longer. they simply want the credit cards. >> be aware in crowds like on trains. >> it's not an issue of being paranoid, it's simply reduce the options for the thief. >> don't let the pick pocket steal the fun when you're on the go.
9:56 am
george zimmerman's bail is set at $150,000 but he only needs a fraction of that to get out of jail. we'll tell you what could happen next. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. monarch of marketing analysis. with the ability to improve roi through seo
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das today's top stories, george zimmerman could get out of jail today. the judge ordered $150,000 bond, that means his family needs to post $15,000 to get him out for the killing of trayvon martin. in a surprise news at yesterday's bond hearing he took the stand and apologized to martin's family. u.n. security council unanimously approved a measure to expand observer missions in syria. the vote will increase the number of unarmed observers to 300. they began arriving in the city of homs. the opposition accused security forces of shelling homs for weeks now. a new york carpenter said he this no vofd involvement in the disappearance of etan patz.