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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 4, 2012 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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concern on the safety of nfl players, former players, great players like that. it's so unfortunate what we're learning and what has transpired with junior and putting the emphasis on trying to control the stuff and make football safer but more fun. these are guys who love the sport, who care a lot about the sport. and i think we've got to make it as safe as possible. >> genuine tragedy if the fact cte had something to do with his suicide. i want to remind everybody on monday, we've got a sneak peek at a new exhibit with graceland artifacts. 35 years since the king has passed away. that is it for us. have a great weekend, everybody. i'll see you back here on monday morning starting at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. let's get right to carol costello good morning. welcome to "newsroom." i'm carol costello. stories we're watching right now, the jobless numbers just out. basically nothing has changed, but political spin has already started. the indian community waiting
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for ashton kutcher to apologize, but so far nothing. the controversy rages on over that commercial. mountains of flowers and condolences for junior seau and his family will allow his brain to be studied for signs of concussions. it's the biggest full moon of the year and it's almost upon us. what makes this moon so super? and we begin this morning with breaking news out of china. the diplomatic quagmire may be over. according to the state department, quote, mr. chen has been offered a fellowship from an american university where he can be accompanied by his wife and two children. the chinese government has indicated that it will accept mr. chen's applications for appropriate travel documents. that means mr. chen will soon be on his way to the united states with his family, but then again, you never know with china. stan grant is live in beijing. stan, tell us what happens now. >> reporter: yeah, we've seen a
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lot of movement, haven't we, carol, on this, twists and turns every single hour it has seemed over the past week. the latest is that the chinese government have opened the door now for chen guangcheng to get a passport for himself and his family. the u.s. has said they would expedite any visa process so that he could travel to the united states and study there, perhaps even indefinitely on a student visa. there's also the possibility of work there, as you just mentioned, once he gets to the united states. now, there is still a very tense situation here diplomatically. we heard from hillary clinton just about an hour ago. she was saying that they are determined to do all they can to try to allow chen to have the sort of life that he's expressed that he'd like to have. they said at every stage the u.s. is working to meet chen's interest. and also to reflect u.s. values. china, though, while it's opening the door in one way is also playing hard ball. they are still demanding an apology from the united states about harboring chen at the u.s.
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embassy. they are also saying that the u.s. needs to do more in its actions to make sure that events like this don't continue to occur and possibly damage u.s./china relations. carol. >> stan grant reporting live from beijing this morning. we'll check back with you. also just minutes ago, we learned the nation's jobless rate fell from 8.2% to 8.1%. 115,000 jobs were created. that's still some pretty sluggish growth. not surprisingly, the presumptive republican nominee was quick to pounce on this latest sign of a lukewarm recovery. he appeared on fox news right after the jobs report was released. >> we should be seeing numbers in the 500,000 jobs created per month. this is way, way, way off from what should happen in a normal recovery. the reason that you're seeing the unemployment rate go down is because you have more people dropping out of the workforce than you have getting jobs. it's a terrible and very disappointing report this morning. clearly the american people are
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wondering why this recovery isn't happening faster, why it's taken years and years for the recovery to occur. and we seem to be slowing down, not speeding up. this is not progress. this is very, very disappointing. a lot of american people are having very hard times and this is not good news this morning. >> christine romans is our business guru. she's in new york. so, christine, is mr. romney right? >> he is right that more people dropped out of the labor market than got new jobs, net new jobs in the month. he is right on that. the fact check on that is pretty clear. you had about 350,000 people simply drop out of the labor market and 115,000 net new jobs created. let's take a look overall at what it likes like here. 115,000 jobs created, 8.1% up employment rate. don't get too excited about this drop, slight, slight drop in the unemployment rate because that is because those people dropped out of the labor market that we've been talking about. the numbers show, carol, that the labor force participation, the participation rate of people in the labor force, the lowest
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it's been since the early 1980s, carol. so that's really important here to watch. i want to move over quickly and show you some of the areas where we saw job creation. retail jobs, 29,000 jobs created there. remember last month i told you there was a big disappointment in retail? it reversed itself this month and now you had 29,000 jobs. wholesale and trade employment, here you had 7400 jobs here. professional an business services, carol, if you move up on my graphic, you can see 62,000 jobs were created there. and again, health care, we saw jobs created in health care. overall though, carol, 115,000 jobs, not enough to absorb new entrants into the labor market so that's why you use the word lukewarm, that's a perfect analysis of this jobs report. lukewarm, carol. >> christine romans reporting for us from new york. sometime today the family of junior seau will announce his funeral plans. it comes just a day after the coroner ruled seau's death a suicide with a single gunshot to the chest.
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the former football star had told friends that he wanted his brain to be studied to learn more about the damage caused by concussions. dr. sanjay gupta has been investigating this topic it seems like forever. sanjay, there are reports that seau's brain will be examined in boston. what will medical examiners look for first? >> this is a lab that's been in existence for some time although it's still relatively new science. they're looking for something known as cte, chronic traumatic encephalopathy. basically it's an amazing thing and i've seen this myself, carol. they're looking for plaques and tangles in the brain. those are things you typically see associated with alzheimer's disease, except they're looking for it in a 43-year-old man. same story, as you remember last year, you and i talked about dave duerson who also -- it's tough to talk about but killed himself in this rare way, shot himself in the chest and said he wanted his brain studied. in duerson's case they found evidence of what he had been concerned about. >> explain to us how damage in
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the pran could cause someone to commit suicide. >> i preface again by saying what we're talking about is brand new so this isn't even in the textbooks yet. they are arriving at this conclusion that these blows to the head, and not just concussions but also what are known as subconcussive blows, but the idea is they are accumulative. they add up and cause this damage. the clinical -- you know, when someone is living with the symptoms they have, there are three classic symptoms. memory loss, anger and depression. and so when you put those three things together, it's not necessarily a prescription to take their own life but we're hearing about it more and more. >> so if they determine there was damage to seau's brain, will this prove that once and for all that these injuries cause this outcome? >> i think if you were to ask the doctors there, they say probably we already know that now. that has essentially been
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determined. it's early still, as i mention ed, but 19 nfl players' brains have already been examined. 18 showed evidence of this. i saw it in a high school fool player. it can start early and manifest later in life. 18 out of 19, almost assuredly, these repeated blows to the head causes damage. don't miss your appointment with sanjay this weekend. it airs this weekend at 4:30 eastern on saturday. john edwards' trial resumes this morning with an interior designer retaking the stand. he was the condue it for hundreds of thousands of dollars of alleged cover-up money. he signed several checks made out to him by a donor. instead of cashing them, he handed the checks over to the family of edwards' aide, andrew young. huffman says he never took any of the money and testified neither he nor the donor knew
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the money was to be used to hide edwards' affair with his mistress. in just about an hour, former police sergeant drew peterson will be in a chicago area courtroom. remember him? it will be peterson's first such appearance in two years. he's the man accused of killing his third wife in 2004. he's also under investigation for the 2007 disappearance of wife number four, stacy peterson. today's hearing could assign a new judge to peterson's upcoming murder trial. in louisiana, a federal judge pushes back the first trial over the bp oil spill. it promises to be one of the biggest legal fights in u.s. history. a massive group of gulf coast interests from beach towels to condo owners are suing the oil giant for damages from the 2010 disaster. they refuse to accept final claims in the $20 billion settlement that bp has already shelled out. the liability trial, now set to begin in january. okay. let's talk about something that's going to hit you in the eye like a big pizza pie. >> that's amore. >> you got it.
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dean martin said it much better though, right? so cue the moon movies because the moon will be the star tonight. >> a full moon is happening happening -- ♪ >> harry! >> it's a full moon. >> beware of the moon. >> and stick to the road. >> the moon -- >> cue the howl. >> i know. the moon has many meanings in our culture, doesn't it? so the moon is really going to be -- it isn't a star because it's a planet but it will win
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the oscar tonight. >> and this entire weekend. as a matter of fact, hair on the back of my hand is starting to get thicker in response to it. not only is it a fair moon tomorrow night but it's what we call a super moon. what happens during the month, the orbit of the moon is not perfect so there are certain times of the month that it's closer to the earth than it is other times of the month. tomorrow it's as close as it gets during the month, during the entire year, as a matter of fact, and it also happens to be a full moon tomorrow night at 11:30. basically it's going to look even bigger by 10 or 15% and will be even brighter by about 20%. so your eyes don't deceive you. here's a couple of graphics. you'll see these pictures going -- by the way, snap them and tweet them to us or send them in. basically again, it's going to be a brighter moon tomorrow night and bigger. to break it down specifically, we're closer to the earth. it's about 221,000 miles up there and it will be about 16% brighter. but of course you need clear
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skies to see it. forget about that little outlier, right? i think the northeast -- basically the northeast corner and the southwest corner of the u.s. are pretty good bet that it will bow clear. other areas, it will be a little bit more soupy and that means kind of hit and miss. but the best time to see it all night long. but when the sun sets, it's right over the horizon, just look to the east and if you're an early bird when the sun is rising, just look to the west and the moon will be setting as well and it will look fantastic. >> i can't wait. thank you, rob. >> you got it. two republican foes who slammed each other in the primary season are coming together today. so how's this meeting going to go given mitt romney's drift from the right? plus a dream come true for investors and techies. facebook now one step closer to becoming a publicly traded company. want to buy? we'll tell you how much you'll have to fork over.
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just about 15 minutes past the hour, checking our top stories now. the nation's unemployment rate edged lower in april, dipping to 8.1% from 8.2% in march. i know, you're going, wow. 115,000 jobs were created last month. missing forecasts of 160,000 new jobs. retail and health care among the sectors adding jobs, while jobs were lost in the transportation and warehousing industries. the family of junior seau will allow researchers to study his brain. that's according to the "l.a. times" and "sports illustrated" which says the family want to know if damage from concussions
6:16 am
led the nfl star to take his life. he died from a gunshot wound to his chest. human rights activist chen guangcheng can apply to study abroad. he told u.s. lawmakers he and his family want to in to america. chen has been offered a fellowship from a u.s. university. now that mitt romney has fended off rivals on his right flank, like rick santorum, he can shift more to the middle. mitt in the middle. he kind of has to do that, that's where those crucial independent voters are. we're already seeing evidence of his voyage to the center on issues like immigration, student loans and the auto industry. remember this op-ed romney wrote for "the new york times" during the height of the auto crisis? he said let detroit go bankrupt and he caught a lot of flak for it given the auto industry's rebound. listen to what his top adviser is saying about that. >> the fact that these car companies are profitable today is because they got rid of those excess costs. their employee costs are lower.
6:17 am
that is not because of some check they got from government. that's because of the reorganization that was carried out under the protection of the bankruptcy law, which is what mitt romney advocated and it's eventually the course that barack obama followed. >> so we're beginning to see romney shift away from the extreme right, which is no big surprise because he can't go too far and alienate conservatives. jim acosta is with us now because mitt romney is going to meet with rick santorum today. mr. santorum is about to put mitt romney in a delicate spot. what will the two men talk about, jim? >> boy, i tell you, carol, they have kept this very under wraps. we've been trying to reach out to the romney campaign and the santorum campaign. come on, just give us the information, where are these guys meeting? give us a little bit of information. i've even tweeted out an offer to buy a sandwich to anybody who can get us a shot of these two men going into this undisclosed location in pittsburgh. i did talk to a santorum source
6:18 am
recently who said that one thing that rick santorum wants to hear from mitt romney at this meeting this morning, he wants an assurance from romney that he will go out and try to repeal the president's health care law once he gets into office or if he gets into office. he wants a promise on that. and so that will be one of the things that will be discussed. but, you know, there's a lot of fence mending that needs to go on. remember, mitt romney once referred to rick santorum as an economic lightweight during that primary battle. rick santorum once said about mitt romney that he would be the worst person to go up against president obama on the issue of health care reform. so i've got to think a little fence mending has got to be at the top of the agenda first. >> it won't be enough for the democrats. they are already capitalizing on the previous disagreements between the two men. >> that's right. earlier we had the dnc video -- excuse me, the obama re-election campaign video featuring newt gingrich. well, he's a new one featuring rick santorum.
6:19 am
>> if mitt romney is an economic heavyweight, we're in trouble, because he was 47th out of 50 in job creation in the state of massachusetts when he was governor. >> he never talks about his public sector career. he was governor of massachusetts and they were 47th out of 50 in job creation. >> as governor of massachusetts, he had a job creation record. it wasn't the worst, it was third from the worst. 47 out of 50. you hear him talk about, oh, i created jobs in the private sector. but he didn't do anything in massachusetts. >> he supported the folks on wall street and bailed out wall street. >> now, mitt romney for his part i will tell you he was on another channel earlier this morning saying that he does not expect an endorsement from rick santorum this morning. some of this bad blood that was going on during the primary battle. but the romney campaign has its own messaging offensive.
6:20 am
there's an op-ed out in the "cleveland plain dealer" this morning asking president obama where are the jobs, right in line with that jobless report that came out this morning. expect to hear the republican contender all day long talking about that unemployment report. a lot of people are saying it's very disappointing news. expect the romney campaign to go right after it all day long, carol. >> jim acosta reporting live for us from washington. later today president obama will talk more about student loans. he holds a round table discussion with a group of high school seniors and their parents outside of washington. later, he'll welcome the ncaa basketball champions to the white house. he is the nation's top law enforcement officer but now attorney general eric holder could face charges of contempt. we'll fill you in. plus ashton kutcher finds himself in the middle of another controversy, and it's all over his latest starring role. the potato chip ad some say are racist.
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now is your chance to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. the question for you this morning, will julia win the battle for women voters? oh, the war for women voters is raging. the obama's latest weapon, julia. julia is a cartoon figure created by the obama campaign for its website. the julia info graphic shows how one woman can be helped by government programs and the president's policies throughout her lifetime, beginning at 3 years old with headstart. in college with pell grants and affordable student loans.
6:24 am
covered under her parents' health plan with obama care. getting a small business administration loan for her web design company. then getting medicare and social security to retire. the julia timeline also describes how those benefits would be cut under a romney administration. well, wouldn't you know it, it didn't take long for conservatives to fire back, blasting cartoon julia for promoting a big government nanny state. dana tweeted i have no idea how i or other women survived this long without the government making all of our decisions for us. and julia is hot in the summer. who will fan her? the whole julia thing actually could back fire. as michael scherer says, why have a fictional julia, couldn't you find a real one? so the talk back question for you, will julia win the battle for women voters?
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our fastest way to return your car. just note your mileage and zap ! you're outta there ! we'll e-mail your receipt in a flash, too. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. 28 minutes past the hour, good morning to you. i'm carol costello. stories we're watching right now in the newsroom, the nation's unemployment rate dropped last month, dipping to 8.1% from 8.2% in march. 115,000 jobs were created in april. that's fewer new jobs than what economists had predicted. retail and health care are among the areas adding jobs, but the transportation and warehousing industries lost jobs. in the next hour, in just about 60 minutes or so, drew peterson will be in court in illinois for a hearing about his upcoming murder trial. the former police sergeant is accused of killing his third
6:29 am
wife in 2004. her death was originally ruled an accident, but the case was reopened after peterson's fourth wife, stacy, disappeared in 2007. peterson has pleaded not guilty. this massive sinkhole in someone's backyard in florida, they have finally stopped getting bigger. it forced the homeowners and some neighbors to move out. it's swallowed four trees. it may be caused by a drought in the area causing underground water levels to drop. it promises to be the biggest tech ipo on wall street, and now we're getting more details about facebook. allisison kosik is at the new y stock exchange with the numbers. >> reporter: hi, carol. so when facebook goes public in a couple of weeks, guess what their shares will be listed at, anywhere from $28 to $35. what that means is that facebook will be valued, meaning its worth, at at least $75 billion. that's huge. now, keep in mind that share price is not set in stone.
6:30 am
it could change quite a bit before the day it does step out onto the public stage of trading. it really depends on how their road show goes, which begins next week. that's when facebook executives go out and pitch the company to big investors and try to get investors to buy into these shares. now, a lot of interest once again could push the price higher. don't expect a final price until the day before, if not hours before that ipo makes its debut around may 18th. carol. >> i'm distracted by the guy in the hat rippinging the bell. >> yes. pretty color, isn't it? >> yes, very colorful. lots of character. let's talk about mark zuckerberg because he's going to be a very wealthy man. he is already. >> reporter: i know. you know, who cares. another couple billion here, couple billion there, add to it. yeah, zuckerberg is looking like he's going to sell 30 million facebook shares and earn more than $1 billion. but there's a big but here. most of the money he's going to make is going to pay taxes, going to the irs and state of
6:31 am
california to pay taxes. analysts say he's still going to net just under $150 million after taxes. but don't shed any tears for him, carol. take away that hanky. on paper he's still going to be a billionaire because mark zuckerberg's remaining shares will be worth almost $18 billion. he's one of the 50 richest people on the planet? he's only 27 years old. if you want to send him a birthday gift, he turns 28 on may 14th. what do you think you'd get for him? what do you get a guy who has everything? >> i don't know. i guess you just take him out to dinner but even that would not be enough. i don't know. alison kosik, thanks so much. indian americans are waiting for an apology from ashton kutcher but it ain't coming. they have reached their boiling point after seeing his latest ad. you've heard about this. some say it's racist because kutcher is in brown face portraying an indian character. so is it time to layoff the
6:32 am
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35 minutes past the hour. actor and comedian ashton kutcher probably thought it was just a great day at work after he filmed his late' ad for pop chips. if he did, boy, was he wrong. his impression of an indian man named raj got indian americans so upset they went on facebook and twitter and complained, calling the ad racist. and that eventually got the ad pulled with popchips issuing an apology to anyone it might have offended. but we were wondering, was this the final straw for indian americans? because we've seen the stereotypes joked about for decades, like on "the simpsons." >> i'd like to leave this store but for the next five minutes i'm going to party like it's on
6:36 am
sale for $19.99. >> and remember outsourced? the sitcom got cancelled because it was so offensive. even vice president joe biden made what some viewed as offensive comments about indians. >> in delaware, the largest growth in population is indian americans, moving from india. you cannot go to a 7-eleven or a dunkin donuts unless you have a slight indy yian accent. i'm not joking. joining me now, comedians dino and veter. what's with the jokes about indians? >> well, i mean there are a lot of jokes about us, and they always are stereo typical. i always get, like, for example, even in auditions, i always get called for the 7-eleven worker or the cab driver and that's about it.
6:37 am
i could be a cheerleader. people don't think of that. and i would be great at that. but, you know, i think it's -- people need to be a little more sensitive. i mean it is a joke. i don't think it was intended to be racist. >> you're talking about the ashton kutcher ad now, because a lot of people thought it was because he had brown face. i mean was that the thing that took it over the line? >> i think so. i think when a white guy does a brown face, i mean he should have known better than that in this day and age. a white guy can't get away with that. we can get away with more, but a white guy can't do that. you know, i think he's going to become very popular in baliwood because they love white guys in baliwood movies. >> the interesting thing in that ad, dean, was that ashton kutcher was also portraying a
6:38 am
guy with long dreadlocks but he had a white face. >> yeah, yeah. >> dean, go ahead. >> carol, i think that you can make fun of white people in our society and there's no backlash. that's life. you know, they're the majority race. i'm an arab american, we fight against this. popchips are getting all this free publicity. and i'm not getting into it, but they're all white so maybe there's a little racism going on in the chip color. why not a brown chip. at least an indian flavored chip. >> yes, exactly. >> seriously though, dean, we talked about this before via e-mail and you said the reason that ashton kutcher's joke in this ad kind of back fired was because it just was dumb. it wasn't smart. >> it's also buffoonish and it's too easy to imitate an indian guy. can you imagine if he put black face on and played a black man
6:39 am
or an asian guy with big buck tooth and doing those cliche asian accents. ashton kutcher has got to think when he's putting makeup on, perhaps there's something wrong. i don't think it's hateful or demonizing, i think it's just offensive and insensitive. there should be free chips for all brown people across america to make up for this. >> i agree. >> let me ask you this, vidur. have we become too sensitive, though? why can't we joke about it because every race has their stereotypes, right? and every race is joked about? >> i agree with you. i think we are becoming a little too sensitive, but i totally agree with dean that this was sort of like low brow humor. i looked at it and i wasn't laughing, and i'm the first one to say, okay, there are no limits as far as comedy is concerned, do anything you want to do. by the way, i was born in indyia, i grew up in india, and he did not look like a baliwood producer. they look like harvey weinstein,
6:40 am
okay? so he really did not look like a baliwood producer to me. this was like some gimmick and so stupidly over the top that it was ridiculous and that's why indians found it offensive. >> should ashton kutcher apologize, vidur? >> i think it's always worth an apology. i'm very forthcoming with apologies. i think ashton should apologize because it may have offended the sentiments of some people. as dean said, brown chips for everyone. popchips should apologize too. >> thank you for the interesting discussion and for making it funny too, we appreciate it. >> thanks, carol. >> thank you. house republicans have their eye on attorney general eric holder. why one congressman is considering contempt charges against the head of the justice department. ♪
6:41 am
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43 minutes past the hour. it's called fast and furious. the government's controversial weapons sting already sparked some heated clashes between the justice department and congress. well, now it could also lead to a contempt of congress charge for the attorney general, eric holder. dana bash tells us why. >> reporter: december, 2010. border patrol agent brian terry was shot dead on the mexican border. weapons found at the scene were traced back to an atf sting operation known as fast and furious. it allowed illegal guns to be
6:44 am
purchased in order to track them to senior drug cartel members. >> we don't get cooperation. >> reporter: gop house oversight chairman darrell issa has been tuesd tusseling with the justice department for months, demanding information about the program he says obama officials are withholding. now issa drafted a resolution holding attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress for failure to comply with a congressional subpoena, not cooperating with the house gop investigation. >> this should never have happened. >> reporter: issa primarily wants documents explaining the administration's about-face on the fast and furious operation. after agent terry' death, the justice department denied it was illegally allowing the flow of weapons to the members of the mexican drug rings, but ten months later an acknowledgement that the program was fundamentally flawed. house republicans want to know why the reversal and also want information about what senior justice department officials knew about the gun tracking operation. they say justice is stone
6:45 am
walling. >> we have sent thousands of pages of documents up to the hill. we'll look at the subpoenas. i'm sure we will comply with them. >> reporter: a senior justice official responded that they have sent 7600 documents to congress and points out holder has testified more than half a dozen times. a heated exchange earlier this year. >> how many more border patrol agents would have had to die as a part of operation fast and furious for you to take responsibility? >> i'm not claiming to be a perfect person or a perfect attorney general. i get up every day and try to do the best job that i can. >> reporter: in his lengthy memo supporting the contempt resolution, issa says the ill-sleevill ill-conceived fast and furious program allowed guns to walk out of gun stores into the hands of drug smugglers. he gives examples of administration officials held in contempt of congress, most recently in 2008 when the house voted to hold top bush aides in contempt for refusing to testify. in an effort to paint issa's
6:46 am
efforts as politically motivated, a democratic government source flagged this video showing back in 2008, issa and other gop lawmakers protested when the house voted to hold republican administration officials in contempt of congress. an issa raised responded these are completely different issues saying in 2008 bush officials claimed in the white house and claimed executive privilege. now issa is trying to get information from the justice department, a government agency, and congress has clear overnight authority. now, even though issa drafted this contempt resolution, he has no firm plans yet to hold a committee vote. his hope is this will pressure holder to give congressional republicans the documents they want. dana bash, cnn, washington. 46 minutes past the hour, time to check our top stories. a mixed report on the u.s. job market for the month of april. hiring slowed from a strong pace earlier this year. 115,000 jobs created. while the unemployment rate
6:47 am
dipped to 8.1% from 8.2% in march, it was likely because more workers dropped out of the labor force. the family of junior seau will allow researchers to study his brain. that's according to the "l.a. times" and "sports illustrated" who say the family wants to know if damage from concussions led the nfl star to take his life. seau died from a gunshot wound to the chest. more twists in a case for chinese activist chen guangcheng who has now been offered a fellowship at an american university. the state department making that announcement. china says chen can apply to study abra. -- abroad. just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. mmm-hmm. and just leave your phone in your purse. i don't want you texting, all right? daddy...ok! ok, here you go. be careful. thanks dad. call me -- but not while you're driving. ♪ [ dad ] we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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6:50 am
an interior designer who helped the john edwards' campaign get money from a wealthy donor will be back on the stand today. joe johns has more for you. >> reporter: interior designer brian huffman returns to the stand in the john edwards' trial. he's a very colorful character and has had a lot of people in the courtroom laughing, including even john edwards. huffman is also a very important witness because he's a close friends of of edwards' benefact bunny mellon and was the conduit of hundreds of thousands of dollars from under the table money from mellon to rielle hunter or the fixers trying to cover up the affair. huffman called the money arrangement a furniture business because ms. mellon would write big checks supposedly for furniture, chairs, tables a bookcase. he didn't cash the checks but passed them to andrew and sherry young. all very hush hush, he didn't take any money and it wasn't supposed to be for the edwards
6:51 am
presidential campaign. the parade of former edwards staffers continues here in greensbro, testimony from bodyman, john davis, who described a bizarre conversation he had with edwards' mistress rielle hunter. she saw him in detroit and announced she and john edwards were in love. but when he talked to edwards the former senator told him rielle hunter was crazy. wrapping up the second week of the trial, prosecutors charged edwards used illegal campaign money to cover up the affair, as the defense attorneys say the money wasn't for the campaign. joe johns, cnn, greensboro, north carolina. one of the big stories of the day the talkback question for you will julia win battle for women voters? from one julia to fake one, i will be voting for mitt, he's better than the one in the white
6:52 am
house making up women. this from tessa, i might not be julia but i have taken advantage of programs. without a pell grant i couldn't have finished college. without obamacare my son could be an adult without health insurance, but with serious medical insurance. >> what happens to julia when diagnosed with ms, loses her job, isn't wealthy enough to afford insurance? from paige, do they think we're that stupid? oh, wait, yes, they do, fictional julia is from the entitlement generation, give me a break. keep the conversation going, we're following a lot of developments in the next hour. stan? >> reporter: looking at the situation in china, the firestorm between the united states and china may be abating the blind activist chen guangcheng a step closer to his
6:53 am
dream of living in the united states. carol? i'm allison kosik, job growth slowed every month this year. the unemployment rate is not a good sign for the economy i'll explain next hour. i'm a.j. hammer. george clooney is inviting high rollers to his house for a dinner with president obama. might go down in the record books, i have details at the top of the hour. also in one hour a zoo gives back five exotic animals to an ohio farmer's widow, that is stirring a lot of controversy. the same farm where the owner let loose 50 other animals before shooting himself. live in the next hour, with an update. -- captions by vitac --
6:54 am
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6:56 am
. baseball's best closer probably out for the season. the yankees mariano rivera doing pre-game ritual shacking fly balls, when yhe went to the ground. he was taken to kansas city hospital where he has a torn acl. he was asked if the injury might end his career. >> at this point, i don't know. at this point, i don't know. what is going to happen is going
6:57 am
to happen, you know? from there, we'll see. >> rivera is baseball's all time saves leader with 608. bryce harper can make a rookie mistake. the nationals 19-year-old took second base on a wild throw. ouch. only problem he forgot to touch first base. he missed it. the left foot goes by the bag. the diamondbacks appealed. harper called out, he made for it later, a double down the left field line, the game winning hit. amazing. harper is 6 for 16, the nats lead the al east. dwyane wade fueled the comeback in the third quarter. he was hot. lebron james finished off the home team outscoring the knicks by himself. 87-70, they can sweep new york sunday. knicks have lost 13 straight playoff games. from tomorrow on, you can
6:58 am
call him dr. shaq. shaquille o'neal has a doctoral degree in education, he will be standing out among the other graduates. the former nba star is wearing a custom made size triple x large gown. he will during graduation. hey, what was your college dorm room like? bet it didn't have voice activated controls, disco ball and a button to turn it in a nightclub. sounds cool, right? officials at uc berkeley didn't think so. here is dan simon. >> i wanted to learn how to do it. >> reporter: derek lowe was a freshman uc berkeley, made his college dorm room his laboratory. it's a technology wonderland, automated curtains, motion sensors, and voice commands. >> i can be in my bed, i shout out sleep mode. >>. >> reporter: are a few of the
6:59 am
features, he spent three months creating. when he uploaded the video to youtube, he unofficially became recognized as having the coolest dorm room on the planet. >> what is your favorite thing about it? >> party mode. >> reporter: he showed us his party mode, spinning disco ball, lasers, strobe lights and techno music controlled from the laptop. here it is in all its glory. as you can imagine, it's attracted campus attention. berkeley housing authorities were concerned about electrical wiring modifications, but found no issues. nonetheless, derrick has been summoned to a campus hearing anyway to explain things. >> they say i had violations of resident hall policies, i broke a few rules, i modified a door, my room is a fire hazard, i'm disturbing my neighbors, but look around, everything is fine. no one is complaining. >> reporter: as derrick shows us
7:00 am
he used tape and clips to put the equipment in place and didn't drill holes. the whole system can be dismantled in a few minutes. his name is derek but there is a sign on the door that says brad. that is not anybody's name who lives here, it stands for berkeley ridiculously automated dorm. derrick bought a fog machine but hasn't used it for fear it will set off the fire alarm. with ten days left of school, that is probably a good call. dan simon, cnn, berkeley, california. i'm carol costello, stories we're watching. the woman at the center of the scandal that humiliated the secret service and now speaking out on tv for the first time. condolences for junior seau.
7:01 am
he's not the president but played him on the screen -- i guess he portrayed a man running for president, now the real command near chief. a huge boost with $40,000 ahead fund-raiser. the biggest full moon of the year, almost upon us, what makes the moon so super tonight? good morning. more details from the prostitute or as she calls herself, the high priced escort at the center of the secret service prostitution scandal. yes, this woman, dania suarez is talking on tv, the escort who got in an argument with one of the secret service agents in columbia after he refused to pay her. you know the story, happened before president obama arrived in columbia last month. here's ms. suarez on columbian tv frnl. >> neither my friends or i didn't know they were agents, you know, obama's agents or you
7:02 am
know, then we left and we went to this place to buy condoms, and then we went to the hotel. who went? my friend, she is not a friend, just acquaintance, and the agent who was with me and the other one and the four of us. and then my friend went with him because she liked him. no, i don't understand. because she liked him, it wasn't the same thing i was doing. >> okay, there you have it. miriam wells join us via skype. i thought her life was ruined but she seems happy. >> good morning, carol. she does, actually, she seems cheer full throughout the interview, she talks how the scandal has damaged her life. there is a bit of a contradiction there, lots of interesting stuff, she is giving more details of what happened between herself and the agent,
7:03 am
the behavior of the rest of the agents in the club. a few interesting things coming out. the most interesting is the behavior of the agents, 10 or 11 of them in the club, completely drunk, rowdy, drinking alcohol like water, she can't believe knowing now who they are that they were behaving this way. then the agent the specific one she went back with, she said in the club he was good looking, friendly, nice to her. she was having a great time with him, but the next morning when he woke up, when he was -- his character change and he said nasty things to her, apparently. >> that is when he threw her out of the room and called her the "b" word for lack of a better word to put it, right? >> that is what she said. she said in the club it was the transaction very clear despite the language difference. he said sex to her and she
7:04 am
understood obviously, she said baby, cash money, cash money, he said quanto in spanish, that is how much. she said $800, he repeated back $800. she said the next morning when they wake up she asked for the money and he said let's go with the "b" word and swore at her. she said he was different the next morning and was advised because she trusted him and thought he was a nice guy. >> just a final question, has she become like a celebrity in columbia? >> no, she hasn't. this is the first interview, they have a few networks, they have questions from different media around, this is the first time she has given an interview. there hasn't been that much talk since other -- what is going on
7:05 am
in the u.s. but no, she has been out of the media. also worth noting she confirms she did not know they were secret agents, she saw a military uniform in the room but didn't think anything of it he could be any sort of soldier and she thinks knowing what she knows now they were idiots to do what they did. >> i think she is on to something there in the mind of many people. marion wells, thank you for joining us live via skype. that secret service investigation still ongoing within the united states, not over yet. a deal has been struck that could diffuse the crisis over a chinese activist according to the state department. we got this in two hours ago. the statement says mr. chen has been offered a fellowship from an american university where he can be accompanied by his wife and two children. the chinese government has indicated that it will accept mr. chen's applications for appropriate travel documents. now that means chen and his
7:06 am
family should soon be on their way to the united states and means the obama administration may have wiggled free from an embarrassing diplomatic tussle. but you never know because it's china. stan grant is in beijing, what happens now? >> reporter: yeah, we wait to see exactly how this plays out. the door was open when the chinese said they could process a passport for chen, he could apply as any other citizen would. he's not just any other citizen, he's at the middle of the firestorm between china and the united states. u.s. would expedite a process of student visa and he has a place to go and study once he arrives in the united states. what prompted all this, chen of course who fled house arrest, holed up in the embassy for a week, left the embassy thinking a deal was done then, would allow him to stay in china, what he wanted to do, live safely and freely.
7:07 am
hours, everything change. his wife told him about threats, she was beaten up since the guards discovered he had fled. he realized there was no future for them in china, their lives were in danger, that is when he started to ramp up the case and go to the united states. this appears to be a face saving win-win situation for all, most notably mr. chen if he can leave the country and go to the united states. some time to play out but closer to his dream. >> i know you'll keep an eye on it stan, stan grant reporting live from beijing, china. sometime today the family of junior se seau will announce fu mans. he wanted his brain studied to learn more about concussions. dr. sanjay gupta has been investigating concussions and football players for years now. junior seau's brain will go do
7:08 am
the boston institute and what will they look for? >> this is hard to talk about, obviously, so recent, but they will look for evidence of what is known as plaques and tangles, people may have heard those terms associated with alzheimers, a very similar process, cte, chronic traumatic encephalo pathpathy. repeated blows to the head over and over again can cause this process, cte and cause it in at a young able, 43 year. >> can cause react in certain ways, anger and depression and could really like make you commit suicide? >> we don't know for sure because it's still such new science but yes, anger, depression, and memory loss. and cognitive problems. again, just so early in life. there was evidence i saw when i was doing one of my stories of this process in a 17-year-old's
7:09 am
brain. it starts early in life. it's hard to draw the link but you remember dave duerson last year, also committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest. it's hard to talk about it. he did it for the reason of saying i want my brain to be studied. didn't shoot himself in the head because he wanted his brain to be studied. the same thing possibly what happened here with junior seau. >> the nfl has taken steps to try to prevent these concussions from happening, have they done enough? >> there is a lawsuit filed yesterday, as you know, a lot of people saying they haven't done enough. the concern about trying to limit the number of head injuries and taking players out of games there have been improvements. players are tested in between the big hits but overall the concern is these players, the retired players, jamal on earlier, later on in life if they develop these problems,
7:10 am
what happens to them at that point? and when we say later in life with a football player that is in the 40s. very early in terms of their overall life span, hopefully. health care, how they get it treated, resours for them. >> dr. sanjay gupta, thank you. >> don't miss your appointment with sanjay gupta, tomorrow 4:30 eastern and sunday morning at as to the witness stand in the john edwards trial. he said he nor the donor knew the money would cover up the affair with rielle hunter. remember this guy? drew peterson, the former chicago area cop accused of killing his third wife under investigation in the disappearance of his fourth at the bottom of the hour, in 20 minutes, he's due in court. his first such appearance in two years. ted rollins is in joliet,
7:11 am
outside chicago, what kind of hearing is this? >> reporter: well, carol, it has been two years since drew peterson has been in a courtroom. what is going to happen today we're expecting relatively short. a status hearing on the heels of an appellate court hearing and decision which has cleared the way for the process to move again, has been held up for two years because the appellate court had to weigh in on hearsay evidence, that has been done. now we'll find out who is the judge in the case because the judge that was overseeing it retired and then we made get a trial date can expected that this trial will get underway in the fall. a lot of people in the community are very keen on this story and they have been watching every detail of it since drew peterson was arrested. former police officer in nearby bolingbrook, illinois. also a suspect in the
7:12 am
disappearance of his fourth wife. he's back in court we'll find out in half an hour likely who the judge will be and possibly a trial date. ted rollins reporting live from joliet, illinois this morning. how would you like to have dinner with george clooney. for a few bucks you can win the chance, the raffle outcome days away. a super moon will appear before our very eyes, and will happen this weekend much like it did when dean martin sang that fame us classic song. ♪ when the moon hits your eye like big pizza pie, that's amore ♪ >> i love dean martin. we're both paisanos, we love dean martin. >> it will be a bella luna, the
7:13 am
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. 15 minutes past the hour time to check top stories. mixed report on the jobs market for april. hiring slowed from a strong pace 115,000 jobs created. unemployment rate dipped to 8.1% from 8.2% in march was likely because more workers dropped out of the labor force. the family of june jor seau will allow researchers to study his brain. the family wants to know if damage from concussions led the nfl star to take his life. he died from a gunshot wound to the chest. more twists in the case for chinese activist chen guangcheng offered a fellowship at an american university. the state department making that
7:17 am
announcement, comes as china says chen can apply to study abroad. mitt romney and rick santorum spent months on the campaign trail hammering each other left and right, today they are singing a conservative kumbayah. this is their first face-to-face meeting since he suspended the campaign. he's not expecting an endorsement from santorum. they will try to get to know each other better and talk about issues close to san tore ram's heart. president obama will talk more about student loans, holds a round table discussion with high school seniors and parents at a high school outside washington. later the president will welcome the ncaa champs, university of kentucky mens basketball team to the white house. tomorrow the president will hold a rally at ohio state university. speaking of president obama
7:18 am
and reelection bid, will get a boost from a man who aspired to be commander in chief, at least on the big screen. >> help get an education, teach young people a trade and we're going to get them out of debt, where does that fail? >> that is all right, governor, if you do it, do it. >> wow, that sounds familiar, doesn't it? well, the oscar winning actor george clooney will host a fund-raiser for the president. there is a more profitable twist for the campaign. the campaign is holding a raffle for the dinner, a lot of supporters paid $3 to enter the raffle to have dinner with not only george clooney but the president. the winner will be announced soon. a.j. hammer joins us now. this could break records. >> the dinner has sold out. the event is on track to raise
7:19 am
twice the amount originally anticipated. they are now looking at a whopping $12 million and that would make it the biggest one-night presidential fund-raiser in history. 150 celebrities and executives have paid to dine with the president, that will happen may 10th. they raised $6 million. the big story is when all the money is counted there is a good chance less than half will come from the high rollers who paid $40,000 a plate. the rest of the campaign cash which could top six million dollars will likely come from the online contest. it's called obama, clooney and you. regular folks who want to enter were asked to give suggested donation of $3 to the campaign for the chance to win not only two tickets to the event, but air fair, but i don't want anybody rushing to their computer if you want to hang with clooney, the contest has ended. the wall street journal he has
7:20 am
declared fund-raiser a huge success. he was at the white house correspondents dinner, he told the paper "all i know it's the biggest fund-raiser to date" at that point they raised ten million and the amount is double anything been done before. >> we did reach out to the obama campaign, they would only tell us they are going to pay air fair for the lucky winner, and it was successful but they are not talking much about it. >> no, they're not. and the contest is going to be brought to a close by announcing the winner and the campaign is supposed to do that in the coming days, we don't have an exact moment when that will happen but to be clear the proceeds from the event are being spread around, obama victory fund will get some, that is a joint fund-raising committee for obama for america, and the and the democratic national committee will get a huge sum of
7:21 am
money. what it points out is george clooney, the great clooney can do anything. >> you're not kidding, wow. it's interesting how this campaign is developing as far as fundraising is concerned. a.j. hammer, thanks so much. remember the exotic animals that wreaked havoc on a small ohio town last fall? some of the same animals, the surviving five westbound lurnd to the owner's widow. will be returned. t on my journey across america,
7:22 am
i found new ways to tell people about saving money. this is bobby. say hello bobby. hello bobby. do you know you could save hundreds on car insurance over the phone, online or at your local geico office? tell us bobby, what would you do with all those savings? hire a better ventriloquist. your lips are moving. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
7:23 am
new numbers to share with you on the state of the economy. 115,000 jobs were added last
7:24 am
month. the unemployment rate fell a tiny bit. sounds good but i don't know you could sum it up this is lukewarm. but we'll let alison kosik tell you. good morning. >> that 150,000 doesn't cut it, just not good enough to dig the job market out of the hole it's in. you see how wall street feels, the dow down 114 points. wall street expected to see 1 160,000. look how the year has been going. slowed every month this year. january started strong, but has been falling ever since. and now we're at less than half that. and to add to this there are other signs lately the economy is slowing. gdp, economic growth, activity in the service sector, both of those have been showing down. also dozen countries in europe are back in recession, that trickles through to the jobs
7:25 am
market. >> i'll ask you this question, the unemployment rate fell to 8.1% which isn't so much but is that a glimmer of hope or should i shut up? >> i wouldn't tell you to shut up but you may not want to go overboard on that. that 8.1%, the unemployment rate falling is not about people finding work it's just the opposite. people are dropping out of the labor force and while some of that is normal, just normal retirement, a lot of that is because many people are frustrated they are not finding work and not looking for work anymore. less than 64% of people are working right now. these are people who are looking for work, that is less than 64% of people that is the lowest level since 1981. when fast times at ridgemont high wants big movie. problem with low participation rate it hits tax revenue. if you're not working you're not contributing. harder to fund social security.
7:26 am
it hits economic growth. i'll give you a silver lining, the silver lining to this slowing economy, oil prices below $100, we'll hopefully see that trickle through to the gas pump. >> gas prices have dropped. they are still too expensive but dropped. al i -- alison kosik. talk back on one of the big stories, the question will julia win the battle for women voters? the war for women voters is still raging, the obama campaign's latest weapon julia. not flesh and blood, a cartoon figure created by the obama campaign for the website. the julia info graphic shows how one woman can be helped by the president's programs. head start, pell grants, affordable student loans.
7:27 am
covered under parent's's health plant. getting medicare and social security to retire. the julia time lime describes how the benefits would be cut under a romney administration. wouldn't you know it, it didn't take long for conservatives to fire back blasting cartoon julia for promoting a big government nanny state. dana bush tweeted "i have no idea how i or other women survived this long without the government making all of our decisions for us, julia." it could backfire as michael shear of the new york times says, why have a fictional julia, couldn't you find a real one? the talkback question, will julia win the battle for women voters? i'll read comments later this hour.
7:28 am
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30 minutes past the hour. i'm carol costello. the nation's unemployment rate inched down last month fell to 8.1% from 8.2% in march. 115,000 jobs were created in april, that is fewer than economists predicted. retail and health care among the sectors that added jobs but transportation and warehousing industry those sectors lost jobs. drew peterson due in court in illinois for a hearing about his upcoming murder trial. the former police sergeant accused of killing his third
7:32 am
wife, kathleen savio in 2004. her death ruled an accident but the case was reopened after peterson's fourth wife, stacy, disappeared in 2007. peterson pleaded not guilty. this massive sink hole in someone's backyard in florida, may have stopped getting bigger. already forced homeowners and neighbors to move out and already swallowed four trees. might have been caused by a drought in the area causing underground water levels to drop. political buzz, rapid fire look at best political topics of the day. three questions, 30 seconds on the clock. playing radio host pete dominick. college professor, jason johnson, and crystal wright of conservative welcome to all of you. >> thank you. >> first question, the 2012 general election hasn't officially begun and already president obama and mitt romney
7:33 am
are slinging mud. listen. >> as governor, he outsourced state jobs to a call center in india. he still is pushing tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. just what you expect from a guy who had a swiss bank account. >> obama attack machine has started. spending millions to sling mud or oil at mitt romney. why? because in the five states where obama is attacking romney, gas prices are roughly doubled. >> okay, so things are only going to get worse. one study shows 70% of campaign ads between 2011 and april 22nd of this year were negative. apparently it works. we know they work, why do they work so well? jason? >> this is one of the things i write about in my book, the type of negative advertising you run. policy or character, character ads work great against an in couple been it reminds people why not to trust them. policy ads are against a
7:34 am
challenger. in the year like this, people don't hate mitt romney but don't love barack obama, you use negative ads, create a distance and that is how you win. they will always be effective many. >> crystal? >> there is no surprise, carol, negative ads have gone up the this president has no record to run on. he's presiding over one of the worst economy's in u.s. history. he's got to go negative to distort mitt romney's record and create a tail of fiction so that he can deindividual america, has class warfare, gender warfare, next will be race warfaire, we noe know he can't unite people on a great record. >> she doesn't give up. >> i won't! >> pete? >> these ads work because they allow candidates to criticize
7:35 am
their opponents as opposed to putting out ideas. the rise of the super pacs, they can separate themselves, i didn't say it that was the super pac. let's not act like these are the worst ads. i have some ads for you carol from the 1800 election, john adams versus thomas jefferson. jefferson's camp accused a hams of having hideous character neither the force and firmness of a man nor the gentleness and senseability of a woman. john adams called him a mean-spirited low-lived fellow the son of a half breed indian square sired by a mulatto father. >> getting on to the next question,mitt romney meeting with rick santorum in pittsburgh, first time they meet face-to-face, another frenemy.
7:36 am
"i don't think we have plans for an endorsement today." what will they talk about, crystal? >> mitt, i'm sorry for calling you the worst republican ever, but when i do endorse you, i won't be like newt gingrich and get a 23 minute ram welling speech how i can't wait return to the moon and great things and then not even dance around the edges, in supporting you, i will throw my full support behind you, mitt romney, because i also want to secure a job in your administration if you beat president obama that is what will happen. >> pete? >> i'll keep it short because i went long. i think rick santorum probably just saying hey, remember that time when you outspend me 10 to 1 and i won? he will probably look in mitt romney's eye, take a beat and profess his undying love for
7:37 am
him. >> so sweet. >> gave me chills. >> me too. >> jason? >> he's going to say mitt, thank you so much, i was on history's garbage heap before this campaign, no one knew who i was, i was celebrity fit club, because you're a weak republican nominee who can't galvanize your own base i have skyrocketed back to prominence i'm so happy. i don't care if i got a spot in the new administration i will be on the speaker's tour for the next 15 years. write me a check and take care of my campaign debt. chris christie getting an unusual request at a town hall meeting from a sixth grader named peter schwartz. >> i kind of need a note for school. >> you need a note for school? peter, please excuse peter from school today, he was with me.
7:38 am
>> that is so cute. a far better excuse than the dog ate my homework. if you are mitt romney does this make you want chris christie as your running mate even more, jason? >> obviously, this kid's teacher is a democrat who doesn't like christie, he needed an excuse. he is not going to be mitt romney's running mate, doesn't want a running mate who will outsign him he should go for bob mcdonnell in virginia. let christie write notes for kids, but not vp material, not for mitt romney. >> crystal? >> i hate to say this i'll dpree with jason on part of what he said. chris christie is not vp material for two reasons. we don't pick a vp on ability to give out hall passes and excuse notes to sixth graders, so they can get back in school and second, if chris christie wanted to be a vp pick, he would lose weight. we got no president since
7:39 am
president taft who was that big, you can't be -- wait a minute, you can't been one heart beat away from the presidency and be that large. he's got a biden you don't know what will come out of his mouth. >> pete? >> listen, chris christie, he cut so much funding from education, kids start wandering in town halls, this is what happens. but really, we had a very disgraceful thing happen when mitt romney's foreign policy advisor was pushed out because he was gay and mitt romney showed no backbone to back him up. when we see the video surface of chris christie defending a judge who happened to be muslim, his finest moment, that won't help him, either. >> thanks for joining us and playing today. it was interesting. >> thank you. >> two monkeys and two leopards
7:40 am
will return to their home this morning back at the farm where the owner released them and other animals in a small ohio town. later, millions of americans are looking for work but business owners can't fill openings. this is the other side of the story, how one employer tells us what you need to get a job with her. coffee doesn't have vitamins... unless you want it to. splenda® essentials™ no calorie sweetener with b vitamins, the first and only one to help support a healthy metabolism. three smart ways to sweeten. same great taste. splenda® essentials™.
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7:43 am
detroit, take a look at that. they had a lot of rain in the last few hours and as you can see it has caused problems. this is off i-75, the major highway through the area of michigan. you see the trucker standing on top of his rig, waiting to be rescued. rob marciano is here, there is no body of water near there, that is incredible. >> low-lying area, got five to six inches of rainfall in the last 12 hours and a lot of that coming in a small chunk, obviously, they have the swift water rescue teams out and about there, so it's surreal to see this off interstate 75, you have been on interstates where they have the on and off ramps, they dip down low, and that is where the water can certainly gather. that trucker -- standing on top on the cab of his truck, waiting for rescue, which is something you don't see every day. >> we'll stay with this, this is wdiv, shooting from the air, you can see the rescue crews are
7:44 am
putting the boat in the water on i-75, which is weird from the g get-go and make their way to the trucker. we were wondering a truck gets flooded out, he must have been getting off the highway and then it just flooded out the bottom carriage of his truck? the truck is high off the ground. >> this is a good five or six feet above the ground level now. i'm not sure what exit this is, there is probably a small body of water, a stream that overflooded, this is more than a big puddle for sure. flash flood warnings in effect for surrounding counties. the rain has lightened up, the sun hasn't broken through but the rain has lightened up. a wider shot you get the idea. any spot low-lying and looks like there might be i don't want to say farm land, not the most
7:45 am
urban scene. >> flint is not such a big city. we'll follow this, and when they get that boat in the water we'll go back to the video. >> there are other spots, weather graphics, there is other spots besides central michigan that will see potential for flooding. this is what happened last 24 hours you can see the red getting into flint michigan, and that estimates from four to six, seven or eight inches of rain in 24 hours. some of that includes chicago, they are saturated as well. with that saturation, you have potential problems as far as any additional rainfall that may be heading in these directions. on top of that, severe weather threat, carol it has been so warm and humid, obviously in atlanta, from the south from the gulf coast up to about chicago, over to philadelphia, the past several days in a soupy late june like air mass, that can
7:46 am
dump a lot of water in a hurry when you get a cluster of thunderstorms that moves over the area fairly slowly, that is what happened here across central michigan, dealing with flash flooding. >> can we get another shot of the trucker standing on top of his rig? that is incredible. he's doing the right thing, didn't go in the water you never know what is in the water, we'll take a break, we will be back as this rescue gets underway. ♪ ( whirring and crackling sounds ) man: assembly lines that fix themselves.
7:47 am
the most innovative companies are doing things they never could before, by building on the cisco intelligent network.
7:48 am
you're look at live pictures out of flint, michigan. this poor trucker, there is flooding off the highway, i-75 in flint, michigan, north of detroit.
7:49 am
four feet of water on the road. it appears the guy was getting off an exit ramp and ran into this. you see him standing on top of the rig waiting for help to come. we know firefighters have their rescue rafts out, putting the boats in the water. you will see them in a second. we're watching as the rescue get underway. if i'm that trucker, i'm thinking "they are taking their time" but they have to mind safety issues themselves. we'll follow this and move on to other news but back to it as the trucker gets rescued. nation's unemployment rate dipped to 8.1%, that is slightly lower than in march. 115,000 jobs were created, missing forecasts of 160,000 new job. retail in health care among the sectors adding jobs. but lost in the transportation and warehousing industries. >> 12.5 million americans looking for jobs. some employers are having we have the jobs, we can't find workers. all this week we have been looking at businesses that are
7:50 am
hiring but can't fill positions. today we're talking with kerry del phillips, the contact factory, in the second year of business, has ten workers and wants to bring on four new writers and an editor, welcome, kerry. >> hi, carol, thanks for having me. >> you're listening to the jobs report wasn't so great you're thinking but i have jobs, so what goes through your mind when you see the figures come out like that every month? >> i think it's a shame. i think that with some industry there are a lot of cut-backs with internet marketing and online jobs in general i see growth in that market and i see a lot of need for jobs. >> your company needs jobs, why can't you find enough workers? do people not know there are openings? >> i don't think that is as big a factor as you might think it would be. we get between 50-100 applicants
7:51 am
trying -- sending us cover letters and resumes on a weekly basis without an ad up. the biggest problem i have found is we're looking for a particular writer. ad writing, journalism, and some creative writing as well and all kind of rolled in to one. and there are lots of people who may have journalism experience but that doesn't necessarily translate well to the online world. there is a lot of people who have creative writing experience, but creative writing alone isn't enough. there are a lot of seo principles, search engine optimal principles with writing, i have found the skill level is lacking. >> i was reading we exchanged e-mails yesterday and i was noticing even the applicants you're getting, they can't write, which is depressing to
7:52 am
me. >> yes. i like to say that writing is a lot like singing and everyone thinks they can do it well but few can. if you have seen an audition of "american idol," there are a lot of william hungs in the writing world as well. >> a big proesh lem than just finding qualified workers. props a problem with the educational system as well, it should be a cinch to learn how to write. >> but it isn't. >> you learned that your whole life. >> right. we have people who apply for work with us who have creative writing degrees and enlish degrees and who have blatanter ors in their cover letter. and every word counts with our company. we're sending out press releases that are highly visible. one word can make a difference between when we get sued or our clients get sued or pr goes as planned. kind of a high-risk environment
7:53 am
where we end up hiring less than .25% of the applicants who apply with us. >> but you still want more, kerry diphillips, thank you for joining us. your company is in the pittsburgh area. if you want to apply,, find all the information. thanks for joining us. >> thank you, have a great day. you're welcome. back to flint, michigan, terrible flooding stranded a trucker on top of of his rig. the rescue is just getting underway, we'll take a break, we will be back on the other side to show you more.
7:54 am
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the rescue mission is underway. the trucker has been trapped on top of his truck, they had 12 inches of rain in the last couple hours. rescue workers attached the motor on the dinghy, as you can see, they have thrown him a life line, he's putting on a life vest. and i don't know how -- will he jump? we'll have to see. poor guy is trying to start the motor so they can get the heck out of there. the trucker did the exact right thing, because you don't want to go in the water during a flood because you don't know what is under the water and that could cause more injury to you.
7:57 am
you could get trapped under the water and drown. the trucker did the right thing. you see him climbing down, go, go, we have been hoping and praying for him for ten minutes now, in the life raft, safe and sound, don't know what will happen to the rig with you there is a lot of damage there. so, a successful rescue in flint, michigan, severe flooding parts of i-75 still closed down, flint, north of michigan, i'm carol costello, cnn newsroom with kira phillips continues after a quick break. -- captions by vitac -- ddle no more. try zyrtec®. it gives you powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because zyrtec® starts working at hour 1 on the first day you take it. claritin® doesn't start working until hour 3. zyrtec®. love the air.
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