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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 5, 2012 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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forward. >> reporter: that's the crux of the case whether he accepted illegal campaign money to cover up the affair or if the campaign didn't have anything to do with it. the prosecution expects to rest its case next week. joe johns, cnn, greensboro, north carolina. and "cnn newsroom" continues we fredricka whitfield. hello again. >> hello to you. the legal guys will join us to talk more about the obstacles in the john edwards trial. >> what a drama. >> it is. we're talking about the campaign trail for year this year, president barack obama holding his first official campaign rally in a critical battleground state of ohio. he narrowly won that state back in 2008 and now he's going on the offensive to keep it out of mitt romney's hands. cnn's jessica yellin live at the rally in columbus a pretty good crowd. what message from the president in what appears to be a mostly
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college crowd? >> reporter: yeah, mostly college. mixed crowd, fredricka, still not full but they have an hour to go. the message you'll hear is effectively the president preempting a tax on the economic conditions in the u.s. he expects the romney campaign is going to attack the unemployment rate and the president's stewardship on the economy, so you'll hear him talk about how hard the economy was hit before he got in office, what he inherited, and how he made things better, how much worse they could have been, in the president's view, and what he could do going forward. he'll also, because this is a manufacturing state, a big emphasis on how he believes the auto bailout made conditions better. that's a popular theme in ohio. then you'll also hear the broader messages you've heard him emphasize, a much more political speech.
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the first campaign -- official campaign rally to date. he's appearing as well with the first lady. so this crowd is excited, fredricka. >> so jessica, pretty excited crowd there. michelle obama will be leading things off very similar to how she was involved in the 2008 campaign, right? >> she's had a much more behind the scenes and less political presence as first lady. she's getting involved now attending many fundraisers. we're going to see her on the campaign trail increasingly in the next few months. she goes with the president from here to virginia next. we're going to see her on the campaign trail in the coming weeks and months, fredricka. she delivers a message that's even more clear in a way than the president does, more forcefully articulating what he has done sometimes than even the president does himself, fredricka. >> jessica yellin, thanks so much from columbus, ohio. we'll check back with you. later this hour, back to
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columbus to talk with obama's campaign press secretary. at 1:00 eastern time we'll have live coverage of the president's first official rally right there in columbus, ohio. mitt romney is slamming president obama over the new labor report that came out yesterday. unemployment is down to 8.1% but the economy only added 115,000 jobs last month. romney says that's no cause for celebration. >> the unemployment rate has dropped to 8.1%. normally that would be cause for celebration. in fact, anything over 8%, anything near 8%, anything over 4% is not cause for celebration. >> the republican presidential candidate says the country can't celebrate until unemployment is at 4%. another big story we're following today. the arraignment of five men accused of planning and carrying out the september 11th attacks. the alleged mastermind khalid sheikh mohammed is among them.
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all five accused terrorists are attending the hearing in person at the u.s. military bait in guantanamo, cuba, cbs's chris lawrence is there and joining us by phone. chris, what happened this morning? >> reporter: fred, there was a major disruption in court just in the last four minutes. one of the defendants, ramzi binalshibh said maybe you're not going to see us anymore. the judge tried to quiet him down saying this is not the place for that, this is not the time for that. binalshibh said the people at the camps are going to kill us. a major disruption. he allegedly helped the hijackers find the flight schools and get into the united states and also allegedly helped finance the entire 9/11
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operation. he was supposed to be one of the hijackers and he actually made a martyr video but he was denied a visa at the u.s. embassy in berlin so was not allowed to enter the united states. a major disruption in court in the last five minutes. >> while that disruption was taking place, what about khalid sheikh mohammed. what was his democratic, his response. >> the reason it was a shock, they have been disconnected all morning. we saw him for the first time in years. his beard is now red. it's long. he was wearing a turban an reading glasses. he and the others ignored the judge all morning, refused to answer questions. many could be seen flipping through the koran, holding prayer beds.
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ignoring everything said to them. >> what was to transpired during the hearing, the attorney spelling out the case before them, reiterating the charges, what? >> we haven't even gotten to that point yes, fred. there have been so many issues that cropped up, it's a circus atmosphere. one defense attorney brought a complaint the female prosecutors are dressed inappropriately, that the defendants have to avert their eyes to avoid committing a sin. from what we saw, the female prosecutors all this suits on. at least one had a skirt but it was still a suit. another one of the defendants was brought into the courtroom in shackles because apparently there was an incident as they were being brought to court. his attorney said he was being mistreated.
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there have been all these issues going on then you add to the fact the defendants refuse to speak or participate in any way, it's been a circus-like atmosphere in the courtroom. >> this is likely to take on how long today? >> it's supposed to take most of the day. but who knows. you have to feel for the families there. they are really hoping this would be the start, starting to bring closure some of the victims' families from the 9/11 attacks are here. but so far i don't think court has turned out quite that way. >> all right. chris lawrence, thanks so much. coming to us from guantanamo bay, cuba. we'll talk more about that later on with legal guys joining us as well. then want to show you live pictures right now, president barack obama who, along with his wife, michelle obama, in columbus at the airport arriving. this is the day where the president and first lady crisscross the state of ohio, as well as virginia, kind of
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officially beginning his campaign tour for 2012. we'll, of course, be taking his speech, his expected speech in the 1:00 hour live for you. meantime just a few shots there of all the folks who have turned out to see the first lady upon their arrival in columbus, ohio. more on that later. meantime, a top russian general has strong words of caution for the u.s. he says russia may consider a preemptive strike if the countries can't agree on a deal. plans for a missile defense shield in europe have reached a dead-end. moscow doesn't want to participate in the program unless they are certain it will be used against their own systems. but the obama administrations said it is directed toward countering missile threats from the middle east. fast horses and flashy hats. you know what i'm talking about. the kentucky derby. it's just hours away. take you to churchill downs for a preview. look at you and just see a policy.
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i'm back on the road safely. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing. just a bit. hln's joe carter at churchill downs with a look at the field. two questions for you. number one, where is your hat? number two, which horse is the odds on favorite? you can't be at the derby without a hat. >> i was caught in between -- i know. i was caught in between wearing a hat and not wearing a hat and i decided not to and now you're going to bust me. a lot of horses being talked about. it's a strong field. six to eight horses could contend for kentucky derby. if you're going to spend hard earned money your guess is as good as anybody's. this is a guy who has a new leaf
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on life. back in march at a race in dubai, guy suffered a heart attack, had to have three stints. he had gotten in the plane to come back to the states he wouldn't be with us today. this is the favorite. you've got several in the field, six to eight that could contend for today's kentucky derby, fredricka. >> my goodness, what about the weather? will it hold out, delay, change the case? >> right now beautiful, exactly what they want, nice and hot, humid. the track is a fasttrack. overnight thunderstorms, pretty heavy rain, about an inch of water this morning. they graded it outh a few races. right now considered a fasttrack. don't you for one second think any sort of thunderstorm is going to dampen spirits here. there's supposed to be 165,000 people show up. they are supposed to serve 120,000 mint juleps. of course, the hats are
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everywhere. everybody had a hat on but me. i asked people yesterday, what's the hats about? what does it mean? they said one rule when it comes to wearing a hat, there are no rules. just channel your inner southern bell. next year i'll try to channel my inner southern bell. >> there's still time before race time begins. we'll see you later today. the sun will be out, inspire you to get a little topper before the next time we see ow. >> good idea. >> thanks so much. joe carter, appreciate that. church hill downs. of course you wan to pay less at the pump. who doesn't. we know one way to actually do it. time to hit the road.
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why does the price you pay for gas depend on where you fill up. christine romans breaks it down in this week's smart is the new rich. >> reporter: quoting an average gas price in america is like quoting the average temperature. it's different depending where you live. >> we are 80 miles to empty. we're going to fill up this tank. half a tank in new york, half a tank in new jersey. you'll be able to see just how much taxes and where you live depends on where you pay for gas. >> eight gallons at $4.259 is $4 for half a tank of gas. now we go to new jersey and fill up the other half. so fill me up. regular, $3.73. i guess it will be about eight gallons. it cost just under $28 for the rest of the tank. the difference is the taxes.
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the government breaks down gas prices like this. taxes make up 12% of the gallon of gas. 6% is shipping and advertising. 6% is refining it. 76% is the cost of crude oil. high oil prices mean high gas prices. >> people see those numbers and can't understand how everyone reaching into their pocket is not making money. not everyone is making money with gas prices at $3.80. >> the big profits have been in exploration and production. if you look at multinational oil companies a lot out of retail and refining. >> reporter: the good news for you, the average gas price is below where it was a year ago. >> you'll see gas prices retreat into the season. normally they peak around fourth of july. i think they are peaking right now. >> reporter: here is that pesky average again. if you live in the northeast, refinery closures mean prices could stay high.
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every dollar in here is a dollar not spent on consumer goods or 529 college savings plan or retirement savings. that's why gas prices are the economic catindicator we love t hate. christine romans, cnn, clifton, new jersey. a new york maid wants her day in court. she's suing an international businessman she said tried to rape her. our legal guys standing by to talk more about this case. americans are always ready to work hard for a better future. since ameriprise financial was founded back in 1894, they've been committed to putting clients first. helping generations through tough times. good times. never taking a bailout. there when you need them. helping millions of americans over the centuries. the strength of a global financial leader. the heart of a one-to-one relationship.
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the man who admitted to masterminding the 9/11 attacks is in a military courtroom right now. khalid sheikh mohammed known as ksm and four other men are answering questions on their alleged role in the plot. that was the plan. there's already been drama. one shouted, "they are going to kill us." let's bring in our legal guys, avery friedman and richard herman. good to see you. i feel like it's been a long time. >> finally together. >> new orleans. >> hey, i was working. it was fun, though. >> okay. all right. back to clooed shaikh mohammkha. this disruption, enough to postpone or will they slide matters a bit. >> that's what's going on. this is sliding matters. this should be tried in a federal district court.
9:20 am
it's being tried in a military tribunal, brand-new experiment. as chris lawrence reported earlier to you, it's circus-like. this would never happen in a federal district court, fredricka. we're trying these people in military courts as if they are warriors. remember robert reed, the shoe boerm, when he was tried in a real federal court, the federal judge said after a conviction, you know what, you're no warrior, you're nothing more than a mere species of criminal. we're going to see this circus-like activity. i think it diminishes the constitution. i'm very upset it's moving forward in a military tribunal instead of court. >> do you think it's too much for the military tribunal to handle? >> fred, they are in uncharted waters. they are making up rules as they go on. we're comforted because the lead prosecutor says now it's fair. that gives us comfort. these guys, in my opinion, are
9:21 am
animals. they absolutely should suffer. if you're going to try them, they need to have a fair trial because this is the united states. this is not a fair trial in guantanamo. they can jump up and start praying and do everything else. it's going to continue on. there's going to be a verdict here and probably death sentence for all of them. >> then there will be appeals. >> i wondering barring further disruptions what is supposed to happen during this hearing? how would we see it played out? is this an issue of revealing what the evidence is, reading the charges, explaining the charges? what would, under best circumstances, be happening here, avery, at this hearing? >> they want as close to real federal court. the brigadier general, by the way on lawyer review with barack obama at harvard law school is
9:22 am
doing his best, will do the best of as richard said, these are madup rules. there's no reason. this was a political sell ou. congress screwed this up. it should be in a courtroom. as chris lawrence reported earlier it's going to be a continued circus-like atmosphere. very unfortunate. >> okay. let's move onto the dominic strauss-kahn case, at least when people thought domestically that case was over, the imf chief, the case between he and the hotel maid, now a bronx judge is saying her civil suit claiming dominique strauss-kahn assaulted her can proceed. richard, what gives here? >> well, he tried to get immunity based on his status. the problem is during the criminal proceedings he wanted to waive immunity because he wanted to show innocence, but now in the civil community he's trying to invoke it.
9:23 am
the statute he wants to invoke it on, he had no grounds. this is bronx, new york. this the jurisdiction that gives the highest personal injury awards in the state of new york. it's a lotto jurisdiction. they are just not going to like him. overseas. i don't know. how do you force oral sex. that's what she's going to claim happened here. if the jury buys it and there's a good chance they will he's going to get a telephone number against him on the verdict. >> avery, france is an extradition country with the u.s. as this proceeds, is this what we're going to see, that the request will be made, dominic strauss-kahn will have to make his way back to defend himself with the case or go as far as the u.s. extra dieting him? what will happen here potentially. >> there's not going to be a fight. dsk will be the defendant. the case will be tried in the bronx. the irony that was touched on,
9:24 am
there is a u.n. treaty, and it was passed in 1947. the difficulty is that we are not parties to it. it makes no sense to use that as a defense. it didn't work. the bronx judge called it a hail mary pass at best. now what's going to happen is all these other acts, even today a report of another investigation involving a hotel in washington, the w, where he brought other women in and was rough with them. i think dsk is in a world of trouble. the only way this thing is going to go away is if he comes up with the dough and there's going to be a private settlement. if not, this guy is in a world of trouble. >> oh, my goodness. >> fred, he's not in a world of tribble. it's a civil judgment, they are never going to be able to enforce or collect it. the good thing for dsk he's across from the greatest team, the yankees. he can go watch the yankees play. >> you love that new york.
9:25 am
>> oh, my goodness gracious, please. >> somebody potentially in a world of trouble, talking about the john edwards corruption trial. based on the testimony we've been hearing thus far you guys are going to be back in 20 minutes to talk about that, dramatic testimony, twists and turns. where is this going? we'll see you in a bit. and i know you're big fans. who is not a fan of his? he performed at a venue closes to his heart, talking about the new orleans jazzfest. i was there last week and i was working. i was curious about his ideas on this. ♪ ♪ i am so in love you >> that could have gone so wrong but maybe it didn't. you're going to hear what al green had to say about that.
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checking today's top stories, president obama's first official campaign event kicks off in less than an hour. it's a rally at ohio state university in columbus. ohio is a key battleground state. the obama campaign has opened 18
9:29 am
offices there. later this afternoon the president heads to virginia, another state up for grabs in november. in guantanamo bay, cuba, a major disruption during the arraignment of five alleged 911 terrorists. one of the defendants just shouted out, quote, they are going to kill us. the five charged men include the alleged mastermind of 9/11 khalid sheikh mohammed. if convicted, all five face the death penalty. protests turned violent in cairo today. one person killed and more than 300 people injured as demonstrators clashed with government forces. the protests broke out following deadly clashes earlier this week. demonstrators want the military government to move quicker toward civilian rule. speaking of the president earlier who is officially continuing his campaign today? remember when he sang one of al green's songs? i caught up with the legendary soul singer during the new
9:30 am
orleans jazzfest during its second and final weekend along with jimmy buffet, zach brown, neo-the list goes on. back to al green. i asked what he thought about president obama's rendition. >> reverend al green, fredricka here in new orleans. favorite spot to perform? >> one of my heartfelt spots? >> really? why? >> because it's so close to home. i'm a southern boy, so it's a really unique for me, yeah. ♪ >> we hear people already yelling, making requests. >> yeah, there's 130,000 folks. that's a lot of folks, a lot of requests. we'll try and do our best, you know. >> i imagine one of the requests has to be "let's stay together."
9:31 am
we know our president -- >> that's our national anthem. >> president obama gave his rendition. >> yeah. i said wow ♪ i so in love with you >> did he do well? >> he was good, though. i mean, honestly, he was good. he sounded great. >> so how flattering is that for you for the president of the united states to sing? >> i thought that was so unique. i never had that happen before. but when a president do it, then that's kind of -- that's kind of special. >> what kind of grade would you give him? >> hinge singing would be a b plus, but i don't want him to take my job. >> don't do it again. >> that's enough. >> you really have been called the first -- one of the first mega stars. >> yeah. >> and with that also comes
9:32 am
seemingly kind of a big responsibility. is that a big burden, too? >> i was supposed to be in the pulpit this morning. i had to call my junior pastor. he was telling me, well, what do you want me to do? i said, well, stay in the book of john and there you go. we have to go on with it. everybody says al is in new orleans, yea. you know, i don't know. >> thank you so much. it's so great to see you here in new orleans. >> thank you. >> the crowd awaits. >> thank you. we'll have fun. >> i know you will. >> god bless and god bless cnn. >> thank you so much. >> reverend al green, one and only. >> al green. today we go face-to-face with one of the masterminds behind the jazzfest, how ceo of thefest quint davis and the history of his staff pull this off every year. hundreds of thousands of fans all converging in one place every spring for great music, food, and fun, of course. all right.
9:33 am
a woman throws away a million dollar ticket. another woman finds it in the trash and claims the prize, but a judge rules finders keepers does not apply here. our legal guys back to weigh in on that case. that's why programs like... ...the mickelson exxonmobil teachers academy... ...and astronaut sally ride's science academy are helping our educators improve student success in math and science. let's shoot for the stars. let's invest in our teachers and inspire our students. let's solve this.
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another dramatic week of testimony in the john edwards corruption trial. some colorful details from a former adviser who said he warned edwards to stay away from rielle hunter. our legal guys are back. avery friedman and richard herman. all right, gentlemen. oh, my goodness, a roller coaster ride, emotional one.
9:36 am
hard to keep up with the details he said, she said. john edwards was really defiant about maintaining his relationship. how does this hurt or help the corruption trial? >> it hurts it, fred. i'm sorry. >> go ahead, richard, you first. >> go ahead, richard. >> okay. fred, i think john edwards is in real hot water during the trial. he should try to cut his losses and make a deal now. i think he's going to get convicted here. trials are about facts and the law and personalities, fred. he was not a nice guy. he had this fatal attraction situation going with this rielle hunter. he couldn't stop. his wife was dying of cancer. he was funneling money. listen, if he was not running for president, he would have gotten this money himself. the fact that he had all these different layers to hide this money, and the fact he was hiding it from the public to win an election is going to defy the
9:37 am
defense theory here that it was just personal to hide it from his wife. it wasn't to hide it from his wife. he wanted to win an election. he funneled this money to keep this woman quiet. he got exposed right now. >> more than that. >> i think a jury is going to hammer him. >> more than that. >> in what way, avery? >> last week i said i thought the government was in trouble. my oh, my, as the prosecutor put their case together. they actually put a lawyer on whose name is forger. how would you like to be a lawyer whose name is forger. he testified he had never met the interior decorator who funneled $725,000. the lawyer said that he was in an art gallery in new york where that meeting between huffman, the interior director and john edwards took place. john's credibility, john edwards' credibility is sinking. again, we're still in the prosecution's case but i am not nearly as optimistic about john
9:38 am
edwards chance for acquittal based on what we saw this week. >> back to that thought, then, richard. you said plea deal. you said think it's much more advisable at this juncture, even though trial has already begun, for he and his attorney to say plea deal, it would be that much more devastating, no? >> look, fred, he's looking at 30 years if he gets convicted here. i can't believe a judge would give him 30, but 20, 10 -- he's got to make a deal here. i'm not a fan of his but i don't want to see him get hit with 30 years. i don't think that's necessary. bunny said, through bunny she said she gave the money to make a president, fred. that's devastating testimony. >> part of the testimony, richard. part of the testimony. >> avery, you think that's part of changing the story?
9:39 am
at least reportedly bunny mellon had given this money to aid to cover up this relationship. now we're hearing testimony, no, that money was for campaign to make a president and that's a real conflict here. >> it is. that's where the testimony has come out. at the same time bunny mellon tributed over $6 million to an anti-poverty program created by john edwards. i mean, bunny mellon saw john edwards as the next john f. kennedy. she was into it. once he got that $400 air cut she flipped. that's where the money started flowing in. the argument is we don't want to hurt elizabeth edwards but i think the testimony that came out this week is really damaging to edwards. >> it's painful to watch. it is fascinating but painful. >> it is. you're exactly right. let's move on to another case because i know we'll talk
9:40 am
bouse john edwards again as it takes twists and turns. finders keepers, someone found in a trash can a winning ticket. this did happen. now she has to return it because the judge rules there is a rightful owner, the original owner who bought that ticket rightfully should have those winnings. this is very unusual, isn't it, richard? >> it's unbelievable, fred. through something away -- >> identifying claim on a ticket. >> if you throw something away, you divest yourself of that ownership. if someone goes in the garbage and takes it, it should be theirs. the judge is saying when the original purchaser of the ticket the machine said she was not a winner, so she threw it away, because it said she was not a winner. then it turned out the machine was wrong and she was a winner.
9:41 am
the judge is saying, rightfully -- the woman did not sustain her burden of proof to show that the original owner divested herself of ownership, because she was deceived by the machine. >> you like that? >> i'm fascinated. >> i don't know. i think the judge may have something -- may get a piece of this, i don't know. >> usually when you buy a ticket, there isn't anything on there you immediately state your name or most people don't write their name on it, et cetera. >> that's right. >> seems when you dispose of it, throw it away, hard to recover it and say that's the one i bought. how in the world were they able to establish that, avery, in court. >> i agree. i think the evidence is very difficult. one of the arguments by sharon jones who is the dumpster diver. that's what she does. she makes a living go around behind convenience stores and picking up old lottery tickets. she's saying look, it was thrown out. it was an interesting argument. it was the lottery commission
9:42 am
who screwed up says sharon duncan who bought the ticket. the judge used equity power saying, look it, a million dollars, sharon jones, you got $200,000. she blew $200 grand in one year and she's not going to be able to blow the rest. the case is on appeal. i think the court of appeals will agree with the lower court and say the original ticket buyer gets the $800. >> get the money back. that hurts. ouch, ouch, ouch. maybe give it back, i don't know. >> avery, richard, thanks so much. always good to see you. avery, i know you had a great time at the white house correspondence dinner. i hear you were quite dapper, i'm sorry i missed that. >> just a back-up boy. i heard you had a great time in new orleans. >> next time i'll look up your brother. >> cafe du monde for beignets? >> of course. as touristy as it is, i have to do it. part of the whole experience. >> you were working, though. >> working.
9:43 am
sweating. okay. see y'all. all right. don't forget to look up at the night sky tonight. it will be a sight you may never see again, or at least one you've never seen before. it's called a super moon. we'll explain why it is so super. some people wouldn't dream of going on vacation without their pets. there are some precautions you should take before you and your furry friend are on the go. ♪ >> it's a joyful reunion for tim samson and his two dogs ben and jack. they started their day in costa rica and just arrived in houston. >> so tell us why you decided to travel with your pets? >> they are my kids. they travel with me and go wherever i go. >> if your four-legged family member is going on the next trip, a visit with the vet should be the first stop.
9:44 am
dr. sorenson checked my dog astro. >> if you're going by car or air, you'd want a copy of their most recent medical records with their vaccination history, rabies history. >> sorenson suggests you take a photo of your pet in case you get separated. >> make sure they have an identification tag, contact information of where you'll be when you're on vacation. >> these precautions can make sure your furry friend comes home safe. >> they look healthy and happy. i don't think they minded the trip at all. >> the next time you are on the go. ♪ [ piano chords ]
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ochblgt you're going to want to look up at the sky. you can't miss it. it's extraordinary. tell us about the super moon. >> you're blown away by this. >> i love a full moon anyway. >> you're thrilled. the super moon, let's explain this for a moment. once a year the moon has an orbit that gets closer to earth than any other time of the year. for us tonight, this year, tonight is the night. cinco de mayo we can expect for each time zone at 11:30 the moon will be directly overhead if the weather cooperates.
9:48 am
if you look to the east and see it rising it will appear biggest, 14% bigger, 30% brighter and should be just beautiful. question is, who is going to have a better shot at seeing it. as you can imagine, wherever you have clear skies are the best bet. west, great basin, sierra nevada mountains should be just perfect for you away from the city lights should be great. however, in the great lakes a hodgepodge, nice to the east, west gets cloudy, northern plains, outer banks. not bad in parts of the northeast, mix of sun and clouds. same deal. moon and clouds, same deal in the southeast. keep your fingers crossed. >> at least on the east coast, look at it, 11:00 optimal hour. >> early in the evening when it starts rising should be nice. get cameras ready. >> thanks, reynolds. appreciate that. >> you bet. >> president obama, he's about to hold his first official campaign rally in ohio. what makes it official? >> you're going to get the
9:49 am
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president barack obama is about to hold his first official election campaign rally in the important swing state of ohio. then later on in the day onto virginia. joining me right now from columbus, ohio, 2012 campaign press secretary ben.
9:52 am
you've got a big crowd there at the campus of ohio state university. give me an idea, what is the president going to try to drive home at that rally? >> the title of the speech is moving america forward. he's going to talk about the journey the nation had been on. when the president took off we were losing 750,000 jobs a month, a severe crisis, auto industry on the brink. over the course of the last three years we've created more than 4 million private sector jobs, more than 2,000 in ohio. states like ohio are leading the recovery. after years of decline, the manufacturing sector is coming back because of investments this administration made. the pundits said no, other politicians ran for cover, the president gave rescues to the auto industry and gm is the number one automaker in the world. >> the president will take advantage of this forum and say these are the things i've done
9:53 am
that indicate progress and take a preemptive strike against the republican candidate who will likely say not enough has been done in the way of the economy. but ohio is really an interesting state because a lot of ohioans are saying economically we're struggling today as we were four years ago. you've got to convince that electorate there that he needs to find his way back in office. how does he do that. >> reporter: well, the unemployment rate is lore than it was when he took office. manufacturing jobs, the backbone of this state had been in decline since 1997. nationally we've created 500,000 manufacturing jobs. >> but ben, then why is, i guess, the gap so tight between obama and likely the republican nominee mitt romney when you look at recent polls, only two or three points behind him in
9:54 am
ohio alone. >> not everybody has had time yet to focus on the candidates records like you and i have. we'll have a discussion about the decisions that were mid over the next six, seven months. the fact is governor romney would have taken a different approach. he said we should let detroit go bankrupt when a million jobs on the line up and down the supply chain. in the corporate sector, a buyout specialist who bankrupted companies. as governor, declined twice in massachusetts and jobs slipped of we're going to put the president's record of create 4.2 million private sector job against governor romney's and i think ohioans will side with that president obama. ohio is leading right now. >> this is by design, no by chance moment the president would spend a significant amount of time yesterday in front of a college campus, talk about college loans, helping young people get out of debt, stay out
9:55 am
of debt but still get an education and he is back on a college campus in the swing state of ohio. is this an indicator the administration is saying one of the lynch pins to getting back in office is holding onto that youth vote. >> the president was out there yesterday ensuring the interest rate on student loans wouldn't double. until he enlisted the help of american people over the last few weeks republicans and mitt romney had no interest in doing that. he's doubled funding for college scholarships. in the romney budget you'd see scholarships cut by 10%. young people are critical. there are 20 million who couldn't vote last time who could decide if they turned out. the president kept his promises, end the war in iraq in a responsible way. >> i'm sorry, we're going to lose our satellite window, so i don't want to cut you -- i want
9:56 am
to cut you off before it does. ben labolt, campaign secretary in ohio. we'll return to ohio when the president gets to the rally to kick off the 2012 campaign. help for her, too thin and too young is no longer in when it comes to vogue magazine. the editors of vogue have made a pact to stop using models under the age of 16 or those who appear to have an eating disorder. condominium nasa chairman said, quote, vogue editors around the world want the magazines to reflect their commitment to the health of the models who appear on the pages and the well-being of their readers. end quote. the president and first lady are in ohio for the first official obama campaign re-election event of the rally in columns starting soon. we'll bring that to you live.
9:57 am
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