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tv   Early Start  CNN  May 7, 2012 2:00am-4:00am PDT

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sugar volt. a good name. >> it is sweet. love those. >> may become reality. >> i miss the concorde, too. those are great. thank you, jacqui jeras, appreciate it. it's been a long weekend with some great stuff on the show. thanks everybody for watching. i'm don lemon at the cnn headquarters in atlanta. good morning and welcome to "early start," i'm ashleigh banfield and look who's back. >> finally with a voice. at least semblance of a voice here. i'm zoraida sambolin. we are bringing you the news from "a" to "z." it's 5:00 a.m. in the east. let's get started. we begin with breaking news. a desperate plea to president obama from an american citizen kidnapped last year by al qaeda. the new video, the first evidence that 70-year-old warren weinstein is still alive. >> a murder mystery at churchill downs. a track worker's body found in a barn on the backside of the famous racetrack, just hours
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after the kentucky derby. this morning, the search for his killer. >> look, i am vice president of the united states of america. the president sets the policy. i am absolutely -- >> vice president joe biden giving us a couple of hints that the white house view of same-sex marriage could be evolving just as a key vote on the matter comes up in the battleground state. this is cnn breaking news. up first we begin with breaking news. a chilling video just released by al qaeda. on it, u.s. hostage warren weinstein, begs president obama to agree to his kidnappers' demands or else he will be killed. he was abducted last august in pakistan. the 70-year-old maryland executive has a bunch of health issues, including heart problems. here's part of the video militants posted online. >> i'd like to talk to president obama and ask and beg him that
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he please accept and respond to the demands of the mujahadin. if you accept the demands, i live. if you don't accept the demands, then i die. it's important you accept the demands and act quickly and don't delay. there will be no benefit in delay. it will just make things more difficult for me. but it is very important that you act quickly and i'm now waiting for your response. >> cnn foreign affairs reporter eli elise joins us. is this the first concrete evidence that he's still alive? >> it's the first proof of life. mr. weinstein was kidnapped in august. al zawahiri said basically if
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the u.s. meets the demands for mr. weinstein, releasing all al qaeda and taliban prisoners, stopping air strikes in yemen, somalia, afghanistan and pakistan, then he would be released. this is the first actual proof of life as they say of mr. weinstein. >> how do we know how current this video is? >> well, we really don't. we know it was taken sometime between december and now. because some of the demands that he refers to. but we really don't know. a lost times with these al qaeda videos, we really don know when they were taken. presumably if al qaeda wants to get some demands from the united states we would assume he's still alive. the state department, u.s. government is working with the pakistanis. the stack stannys have the lead on the investigation but so far, no other information about where he's being held, presumably somewhere in the tribal areas of pakistan. >> elise, is there any chance the u.s. will meet any of the demands? >> i don't think so, zoraida.
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basically the u.s. has a no negotiation policy with any kidnappers per se. and certainly not going to negotiate with terrorists. as we said, the pakistanis have the lead in the investigation and they would be trying to use their contacts in the tribal areas to try and see if they could get him released maybe for some kind of nominal fee. we've seen in other cases, for instance, other kidnappings that money has been paid, ransom has been paid but certainly the u.s. thinks that air strikes is a national security imperative and so of these prisoners that are in jail, certainly a threat to the united states. i don't see the u.s. really conceding to those demands. >> elise, labbott live in washington. thank you very much. this morning, authorities are still trying to solve a kentucky derby murder mystery. police in louisville, kentucky say the worker was found dead in a barn on the backside of churchill downs and was murdered. the body was discovered just
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hours after the derby ended. an autopsy set to be done later today on 48-year-old aden fabian perez, described as a guatemalan immigrant who works so a groomer. he was identified by his son, a 19-year-old who was also a track worker. investigators remain tight lipped about the discovery of two bodies in mississippi. they were found at the home of the man suspected of kidnapping a tennessee woman and her three daughters. joanne bing and the three girls ages 8, 12 and 14 were last seen april 27th. an amber alert has been issued for the missing girls. the fbi says 35-year-old adam maze is armed and dangerous. investigators believe he is -- cut his hair and may have also changed the appearance of the mother and the daughters. coming up later this morning on "early start," we'll talk with the fbi investigation in charge of the investigation into the appearance. we'll speak with aaron t. ford
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with the fbi's memphis division. france has a new president, socialist francois hollande. this could signal a change in the way france deals with the eurozone debt crisis. voters in greece also weary of austerity and steep cuts. no party coming close to a majority in sunday's election. it looks like a new coalition government will have to be formed in greece once again. the uncertainty has investors heading for the sidelines overseas, markets in france and germany down sharply overnight. it looks like u.s. markets are following suit here. the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 futures all pointing lower this morning, suggesting a sell-off at the opening bell. >> from wall street to your street, main street, everybody seems to be buzzing about facebook finally going public next friday. this morning, the company will kick off the old road show.
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that's when facebook's top management sets to meet with potential big buyers out there. the price range for the social media company right now is wavering between $28 and $35 a share. that gives facebook a value -- are you sitting down? up to $98 billion. here's just a portion of founder mark zuckerberg's message to the investors. >> i grew up with the internet. and i had -- when i was in middle school i was using search engines like google and yahoo!. i thought they were the most amazing thing. it was this complete symbol of the age in which we live where now you have access to all of this information. the thing that seemed like was missing was always just people. even from very early on when we were building this thing for one school, there was a concept of what it could turn into. we just weren't sure then we'd be the ones who did it. >> they really were. boy were they. they have 901 million users in just about every single country on the planet.
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the big question is is it the next apple or google or something more than that? the person with the answers, christine romans. you were talking about this for the last couple of weeks. >> it is the next facebook. facebook is facebook. it's a unique tech giant. that's what people who want to get into this ipo are buying into, this hype about a unique and game-changing tech company. facebook. as unique and game changing as it is, this weekend at its annual confab in omaha, the oracle of omaha, warren buffett. he said, no, i'm not going to buy facebook and here's why. >> we never buy a new offering. i can't recall in my life buying a new offering. the idea that something coming out on a monday that's being offered with significant commissions, all kinds of publicity, the seller electing the time to sell will be the best single investment i can make in the world among thousands of choices, that's
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mathematically impossible. we are not a buyer. >> his investment co-pilot he said not only would he buy it, he's not on it and they're not going to get on it. he has a problem with 15-year-olds putting their whole life online. he's not saying they're going to short it or move against it but they don't really get it and they don't want it. this is my advice to you. if these guys aren't going to buy the hype, you shouldn't buy the hype either. a lost you are e-mailing me or tweeting me and asking how do i set up a brokerage account so i can buy this on open? if it's the only stock you've ever bought you need to do more home work. we talk about the road show. this company is going around and talking to big investors and hedge funds and trying to get them to buy in at the ipo price. you're never going to get the ipo price at 28 to 35. you'll be buying it with the hype and the hoopla. you're going to be buying it higher than the big, rich and
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smart investors. >> how much higher. that's the big question. >> we don know. >> anywhere up it $150 a share or 10, 20, 30 more? >> it's irrelevant. the smart people, the people who are in and have the ins, the investment banks and people who have relationships with facebook, they're going to get that ipo price. regular people will get whatever it trades for. my advice to regular investors is just wait for a second. like warren buffett says, buying the ipo can be treacherous. the big investors, the big money play the ipo. >> next time around i'm going to ask you if the oracle said anything about not buying into apple. >> he doesn't buy things he doesn't understand. i'll find out where he stands on that one. >> that is brilliant. that is why he's the oracle. ten minutes past 5:00 on the east coast. vice president biden coming out in favorite of same-sex marriage. up next, why that has the white house scrambling this morning.
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welcome back. 14 minutes paragraph the hour with six months to go before the presidential election, it is too close to call. take a look the aa brand new politico/george washington university pole released in the last hour. mitt romney is leading president obama by a single point among likely voters. that is a statistical tie. the vice president stirring things up this weekend as well. listen to the comments he made about same-sex marriage on a sunday morning talk show. >> the president sets the policy. i am absolutely comfortable with
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the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women and heterosexual, men and women marrying, are entitled to the same exact rights, all the civil liberties. quite frankly i don't see much of a distinction. >> cnn political editor, paul steinhauser is live in washington. we have primaries tomorrow in indiana, west virginia and north carolina where a ballot initiative to ban same-sex marriage is getting a lot of attention as well as biden's comments. >> yes, biden's comments getting a lot of buzz, no doubt about that. it's consistent with what he said in the past. it goes much further on what the president has said. the white house point out the president is evolving when it comes to same-sex marriage. vice president's office and the white house putting out statements quickly saying the president and vice president are on the same page when it comes to same-sex couples should enjoy the same legal rights as all americans. this all comes before tuesday's
2:16 am
amendment 1, the controversial ballot measure in north carolina which would define marriage as between a man and a woman. in north carolina, same-sex marriages are already illegal. you've seen high profile people on both sides come out on this issue. if it does pass, it may could help him in a close contest in north carolina, zoraida. >> it would be interesting to see if he comes out about saying anything about same-sex marriage as well as a follow-up. >> another busy week, no doubt about that. we passed the six-month mark until the election. mitt romney is bracketing president obama. i was in ohio to cover the kickoff rally. where will mitt romney be today? ohio, ohio, ohio. then mitt romney goes to michigan on tuesday. another state where he would
2:17 am
like to put in play another state that obama won four years ago. as for the president himself, what's he doing this week? guess what, he'll be out west in washington state on thursday, including the one with george clooney. it will be at clooney's house. it could raise up to 10 million, maybe more. >> wow. all right. it sure is getting fun, paul. we're looking forward to chatting some more. thank you. >> thank you. 17 minutes past 5:00 in the morning. time to have a look at early reads, shall we? let's go with this one. it's being called a super viral story at this point. a star football recruit, now reconsidering his decision to pull out of ohio state university because of a sex offender. all right. the paper is called "the reading eagle." it's got the story. anzalone said he had no idea of the firestorm that would erupt
2:18 am
when his son, alex decommited from ohio state. all of this when he appeared with a known sex offender. he says he didn't know. he was convicted on child pornography in 2008. he's not associated with the university. anzalone's father says the buckeyes are now back in the picture. when i said there was something wrong with ohio state, i was talking about the recruiting visit, the visit. there's no reason we wouldn't consider the buckeyes. we love ohio state. i guess all is better or well in that world now? they didn't expect it to get so crazy but it got crazy. >> a bit confusing. >> yes. a 14-year-old busted for allegedly robbing more than 100 homes and making his getaway on a go-cart. >> a go-cart? >> yes, the new york daily news reporting on the so-called
2:19 am
go-cart bandit. he trolled back allies, kicked down doors and took off with television sets and other items. >> he looks like a toddler. >> he's a little tight. >> the child didn't have a member of any kind of guidance in his life. it's what led him to the life of crime on the streets. apparently he lost both of his parents. he's facing a bunch of charges, including burglary and theft. >> is this photo him or a stock photo? >> it's a file photo. while it looks adorable we don't have the surveillance. >> they didn't catch him. >> there's nothing on there. where do you put the stuff that you steal on a go-cart? >> keep your eye on another kid, the new kid on the block. he can speak three languages. >> so cute. >> he's not even poti trained. he is the youngest member of
2:20 am
mensah. his name is anthony -- this is a tough one to pronounce. he's 2 years old. this canadian toddler can write his own name, couldn't the to 1,000 and he can read zenss out of books he's never even seen before. he has an iq apparently of 154. >> oh, my goodness. >> that's just a few points shoe of albert einstein. 2 years old. >> and he's a cutie pie to boot. >> adorable. imagine speaking three languages. i wonder if he has a multilingual family or if they decided to enroll him in swahili and mandarin and french. look at the play toy he's sitting on. >> i'll expect we will hear a lot more about this. >> clearly he has parents that are expanding him to the world. get it, the world? here's something you need to
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24 minutes past 5:00 on the east coast. we're minding your business this morning. the u.s. markets closed down real sharp on friday. they may be clapping but the jobs report was really disappointing. >> the dow lost about 1.25%. the nasdaq down 2.25%. the s&p 500 down more than a 1.5%. >> i feel like that's ancient history. >> christine romans is talking about this. >> this is a rejection by voters in those countries of austerity.
2:25 am
we've been talking about living within your mean, countries that didn't live within their means for so long. they are really in trouble as they try to tighten the belt, in greece's case get bailouts. they said we don't know how this feels. greece's bailout is now in question. that has markets unserved. in france, you have nicolas sarkozy, the most american friendly in years, they called him sarko the american. he worked with angela merkel of germany as well as others. he had to rush from a meeting to his wife's bedside to have a baby and then rush back. his life has been consumed by europe's problems. the french people say we don like how this feels having to earn less money within work longer. he's out, too. now there's this question, what does this mean if there is a
2:26 am
crisis in spain, in italy? what will this new president of france be able to do, this new government in greece? how will they be able to contain any kind of crisis that perks up. in asia, worst day in three to six months. you have oil prices down, the dollar up. markets don like uncertainty. a say that all the time. a lot of uncertainty how europe gets their -- this country is growing. back in recession in 12 of the european countries. that can hurt the u.s. when europe slows, the eurozone is our biggest single destination for goods. >> you said the french were throwing the -- aren't they just doing one of these? come on. >> seriously, they have the same unemployment as we do. >> they thought they were at 8.2. >> you look at some of the other
2:27 am
countries in europe, they have unbelievable unemployment. in spain, for example, half of its young people are unemployed. half of its young people. that's the future. big questions in europe and now new governments in two of those countries, austerity is not something people like. so now we'll be talking in europe about how to growing with spend your way to growth. >> what is the one thing to know today? >> gas prices are going down. oil trieding at $97 a barrel. you'll see lower gas prices. you can start filling up again half a tank. you don't have to top it off. >> you know what i love, you ended on a positive note. i'm loving this. >> christine, thank you. 27 minutes past 5:00 on the east coast. coming up on "early start," death at the derby. a weird mystery. the investigation into that
2:28 am
murder at the famous churchill downs racetrack just hours after the derby. up next, how it happened and what's being done to fix the issue.
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2:30 am
welcome back to "early start," i'm zoraida sambolin. here's what's happening at half past the hour. al qaeda releasing a video of
2:31 am
u.s. hostage warren weinstein, begging president obama to agree to his kidnappers demands or else he will be killed. weinstein was abducted last august in pakistan. two bodies found in the home of a man suspected in the kidnapping have still not been publicly identified. the fbi is not saying much about the search for a missing mother from tennessee. and her three young daughters who disappeared more than a week ago now. and the facebook frenzy is building, from wall street to main street. everyone's buzzing about the social networking firm finally going public one week from friday. this morning, the company is kicking off its big road show with facebook's top management meeting with big potential investors. ashleigh? >> thanks, zoraida. 31 minutes past 5:00 on the east coast. an autopsy will be performed on the body of a man found murdered in a barn at churchill downs.
2:32 am
louisville said he had been in some kind of altercation prior to his death. the shocking discovery came just less than 12 hours after the kentucky derby actually wrapped up, the first leg of horse racing's famous triple crown. deb feyerick is live with me now. it's overshadowing with such a great story and this bizarre mystery. >> very bizarre. 165 people packed into churchill downs watching i'll have another win the kentucky derby. the excitement of the race lingering in the air, then this murder. louisville investigating what happened in one of the barn. it appears he got into some sort of a fight. big questions with who and why. police interviewing some of the 400 people that live and work behind the track. the area is described sas a 24-hour mini street with 48
2:33 am
barns, stables and apartments for trainers where they live and work. the man found not far from the barn, ashleigh used by saturday's kentucky derby winner. a big mystery coming to play at churchill downs. >> when the police are looking into it, do they think whoever did do it has something to do with the racetrack? >> this really defines that area. a police spokesman saying it is being investigated as a homicide but it's still early. police say it doesn't appear to be connected to the derby. still, they're interviewing everybody related to the derby. we'll have to see.the question why was he in that barn? it wasn't an area where it appears he was supposed to be. >> the tourists can't get access to that area. >> that area is so far behind the racetrack, it doesn't matter anyway. there's a museum there. the racetrack will be open. there's another race in just a couple of days. right now they have cordoned off
2:34 am
that area as a crime scene. >> keep on it, deb. nice to see you. >> you, too. an army captain dies while chatting with his wife on skype. how it all happened is still a big mystery. captain bruce clark was stationed in afghanistan. he was chatting with his wife last monday. she says during that session, he was, quote, suddenly knocked forward. she says she saw what looked like a bullet hole in a closet behind him. officials say they found no wounds on clark's body. they have ruled out suicide as a cause of death. they're waiting for autopsy and toxicology results there. an embarrassing security snafu for organizers of this summer's london olympics. the "sun" newspaper says it smuggled a fake bomb into the complex thatch is being built. a construction worker alerted the paper saying he was only searched when he her itted each morning but not the rest of the
2:35 am
day. so the paper gave him a fake device and he drove with it past security guards right into the site. if you're looking for a naul violent place to play, live and work, head to maine. maine has the lowest vial encrime rate in the country and the fewest police per capita. vermont and new hampshire round out the top three and, accord to the study, louisiana is the least peaceful state in the country with the highest murder rate, incarceration rate and police per capita. that's followed by tennessee and then nevada. octomom's house hits the auction block this morning. nadya suleman and her family have lived there since 2009. she filed for bankruptcy last week, one month after going on welfare to support herself and her 14 children. suleiman says she may star in a
2:36 am
importa por pornoographic video to support her and her family. >> i think we talked about this before. but it never gets old, zoraida. the super heroes of "the avengers," holy cow, do you know what they did over the weekend? smash 'em up, i'm not just talking about stuff in the movie. i'm talking box office records. coming up, how this compares to the other blowouts. i'll give you a hint, it ain't even close. olay says challenge that with an instrument that cleanses as effectively as what's sold by skin professionals for a whole lot less. olay pro x advanced cleansing system. olay pro x like splenda® essentials™ no calorie sweeteners. this bowl of strawberries is loaded with vitamin c. and now, b vitamins to boot.
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i think we should see other people. in fact, i'm already seeing your best friend, justin. ♪ i would've appreciated a proactive update on the status of our relationship. who do you think i am, tim? quicken loans? at quicken loans, we provide you with proactive updates on the status of your home loan. and our innovative online tools ensure that you're always in the loop. one more way quicken loans is engineered to amaze. good morning, new york city. lack at you. i love you. it's 52 degrees right now as the sun comes up over manhattan. a little bit of cloud in there. we'll head up to 64 degrees. if you're on your way here, hope to see you. >> that's good news. 39 minutes past the hour.
2:40 am
let's get you up to date. christine romans joins us. good morning. >> proof that warren weinstein is alive this morning. al qaeda releasing a video of the 70-year-old maryland man pleading with president obama to agree to his kidnappers' demands or else he'll be killed. weinstein was abducted last august in pakistan. back in december, al qaeda demanded all u.s. air strikes in afghanistan and pakistan end and all taliban and al qaeda prisoners be released around the world in exchange for his safe return. secretary of state hillary clinton turning up the heat on iran during her visit to india this morning. she's urging india to reduce the amount of oil and imports from iran in order to pressure that country to come clean about its nuclear ambitions. india could impose u.s. sanctions in june if it doesn't comply. 20-year-old codner surrendered to authorities in
2:41 am
orange county sunday. she joins ten others who could spend up to six years in prison if convicted in the beating death of drum major robert champion on a bus in november. two others are charged with misdemeanor hazing. did adolf hitler snort cocaine? that's what his medical records indicate. according to documents now for sale by alexander historical auctions of stamford, connecticut, hitler used cocaine to, quote, clear his sinuses and, quote, soothe his throat. records also show he had uncontrollable flatulance and received injections to enhance his libido. danish researchers say joggers live an average of six years longer than people who don't jog. a study of nearly 20,000 people for more than three decades found that jogging at a slow to moderate pace for just 1 to 2 1/2 hours a week adds 6.2
2:42 am
years to men's life spans and 5 1/2 years to women. zoraida who jogs, jogs, jogs. >> yes, yes, yes. you're going to live longer than me. >> they said in moderation, red wine in moderation. you don't have to run miles and miles and miles or marathons. >> can't couldn't the your miles on my track either. >> i love to run. thank you. now a quick check of today's weather. here is rob marciano. bring us some good news. well, the good news, the rain is going to get to new york city for a good day and a half, maybe two days and after that it will stick around a little bit. the tornado video of the day coming to you from eastern kansas, johnson county with this shot yesterday afternoon. one of six reports of tornadoes, a rope funnel touching down there. storm chasers caught up to it and severe weather threat will push farther to the east with a very clowe moving system. here's the threat area across arkansas, across the mississippi river valley in through
2:43 am
cincinnati and as far north as toledo, hey high later on today. threat for damaging winds, large hail and isolated tornadoes. there will be rainfall with that. the scenario that has seen a decent amount of rainfall doesn't really need it. flash flood watches and warnings posted, especially south of chicago. here's where the radar is right now. good pulse of moisture coming through last night. the rainfall expends all the way down to the south across parts of arkansas and missouri as well. st. louis to memphis, eventually over to nashville is where you'll see the moisture. also moisture in denver to the west. temperatures will be a good 20 to 25 degrees below average across parts of colorado today. 50 degrees, the high temperature in the mile high city. you should stay dry today. again, this is a slow-moving system. for all the people that have been dealing with the heat and summer-like humidity across the south and east, over the next couple of days, this canadian
2:44 am
air mass will make its way off to the east eventually. >> those canadian cool air masses. >> always bringing us good stuff this time of year. >> nice to see you this morning. >> my pleasure. we don't normally do weekend box office wrapups, truly we really don. today you've got yourself 200 million reasons why we have to do this story. the weekend box office was decimated by super heroes bat e battling evil-doers for the fate of the earth. take a look. >> you ready for another bout? >> what, you getting sleepy? >> oh, that's some sweet movie watching. in the real world, the super heroes of "the avengers" did not have to do much battling at all. the comic book movie redefined the meaning of blockbuster this
2:45 am
weekend, bringing in $200.3 million. that according to disney. the studio that released it. it is the biggest domestic opening weekend in box office history. and not just by a little bit, folks. by a lot a bit. it shattered last summer's record setter "harry potter and the deathly hallows part two." they say it is on track to rake in over a billion dollars globally. christopher farley joins me now. i did not expect to be doing this segment with you today. i did expect it was going to do well but i don't think you expected it would do this well. >> a lot of analysts were shocked about how well it performed. they've been flogging this movie for years. all the other features that led up to it, ironman, ironman ii, captain america.
2:46 am
the buzz was building. they released it internationally first so they got the whole globe excited about it before it landed in america. >> the global poll as i understand is somewhere around 441.5 million right now? >> yes, it's huge worldwide as well. also what i think attracted people to the film is the fact that it was good. cinema score was eight plus. >> was it good, great or awesome? >> it was awesome. we'll up the ante. it was awesome. they got a 94% plus rating on rotten tomatoes. usually these movies, people say don't go see it. here, the word of mouth was, why not, it's good. >> i keep getting drawn to these numbers. i remember titanic hit a billion dollars. >> it started small and kept growing and growing and growing. this film is starting big. it will likely do very well.
2:47 am
"titanic" wasn't released in 3-d right away. the 3-d screenings they charge a premium rate to moviegoers. >> up $441 million globally. if you add our american $200 million, that takes it to over $500 million already. >> exactly. >> one of the big things people talk about, christopher, this doesn't talk to the 'tweens, the women, the men, it applies across the board. it's a diverse audience. >> captain america has been around since the '40s, thor, the hulk have been around since the '60s. babiple boo ey p baby boomers, they grew up with these characters. >> you hinted at why this thing was the longest teasing rollout since 2004 or something crazy,
2:48 am
every single movie they rolled out they ended with a trailer for the next one. what if one of those movies in the chain stunk? >> if one of them really flubbed they would have been in trouble. that would have served as negative advertising. they all did pretty well. now they have a lot more -- they have even more superhero movies coming out next. i mean they're working on a sequel to thor, working on a sequel to ironman. they'll probably do another "avenge "avengers" movie. they teased it at the end of this film. >> what's your prediction for the billion dollar mark? how long is it going to take? >> not very well. there's more money coming to walt disney because of this film. it help to be good instead of just lucky. >> thanks for betting up early. zoraida? still to come on "early
2:49 am
start," disorder on court. an apparently confused fan finds her way on to the court during last night's lakers/nuggets playoff game. i hear soledad was there. hm-mm. you're watching "early start." . but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and they have six grams of sugars. with fifteen grams of protein to help manage hunger... look who's getting smart about her weight. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. made with only milk... cream... a touch of sugar... and pure natural flavors. coffee-mate natural bliss. from nestle. add your flavor naturally.
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2:52 am
i hear this is must reading. the steamy new novel, "50 shades of gray" is too hot for some libraries in florida. it's being pulled from the shelves in brevard county. administrators call did mommy porn and doesn't meet selection criteria. it details a sexual affair between a young woman and a billionaire businessman.
2:53 am
the "50 shades" books have so for sold more than 3 million copies. >> i wonder how many other books brevard county's library doesn't handle? this is for women and men alike. if you like nascar, even if you don't, danica patrick is something, something, isn't she? she got pay back after being squeezed out in talladega. patrick got behind sam hornish jr. and went and put him into the wall. off you go. bang. watch. here it comes. oh, man. what up? by the way, this was during the cooldown lap. it looks like she was going to get away with it, too. it won't be punishing patrick or hornish. i'm like, what? you'd consider punishing hornish for being slammed into the wall? she is cool as a cucumber.
2:54 am
>> yes, she is. >> here he comes. probably not too pleased. i'm sure his sponsors weren't too pleased either. a strange scene at sunday's lakers/nuggets game. a female fan walks on to the court just before halftime. >> she looks loaded. >> i have to see, folks. >> she definitely looks loaded. >> here's what happened. police arrested her immediately and charged her with trespassing. the woman reportedly has a history of causing trouble at nba games. she was allegedly banned from the pepsi center in the past for stalking former nuggets player kenyon martin. it was those first couple of steps out on to the court and dropping something that look like a sweater. that's what made me think there might have been beverages involved in this one. >> hard to say. >> look at her. >> whoa, then a little bit -- a little confused. stop play. off you go, lady.
2:55 am
luckily nobody hurt. >> oh, my goodness. >> what a nut. still ahead on "early start," six minutes before the hour, that facebook frenzy you've been hearing about is getting hot. the company is going public a week from friday. if you're looking to get in on this, our christine romans has something to say and you should probably hear it because it's great guidance. an american hostage kidnapped last year in pakistan is alive. al qaeda releasing a videotape of him pleading for his life. you're watching "early start." . [ sneezes ] [ male announcer ] you may be an allergy muddler. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. love the air. [ sneezes ] gives you a 50% annual bonus. and who doesn't want 50% more cash? ugh, the baby. huh! and then the baby bear said, "i want 50% more cash in my bed!" phhht!
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2:58 am
good morning to you and welcome to "early start," i'm ashleigh banfield. >> it's really nice to have you with us this morning.
2:59 am
i'm zoraida sambolin. we are bringing you the news from "a" to "z." it's 6:00 a.m. here in the east. we are following breaking news. new video surfaces of an american hostage kidnapped by al qaeda in pakistan. warren weinstein is begging president obama to agree to a list of kidnaper demands or he says he will be killed. >> look, i am vice president of the united states of america. the president sets the policy. i am -- >> vice president joe biden is hinting that the white house view of same-sex marriage could actually be evolving. all this has key vote comes in the matter in a battle ground state. selling social media. facebook founder mark zuckerberg hits the road to impress investors ahead of his company's highly anticipated initial public offering. this is cnn breaking news. >> we begin with breaking news this morning.
3:00 am
american hostage warr ren weinstein is alive. al qaeda releasing a video of the 70-year-old maryland man begging president obama to agree to his kidnappers' demand or else he'll be killed. weinstein was abducted last august in pakistan. here is part of the video that the militants just posted online. demands or he will be killed. he was abducted last august in pakistan and here is part of the video that the militants just posted online. >> i'd like to talk to president obama and ask and beg him that he please accept and respond to the demands of the mujahadin, and if you accept the demands, i live. if you don't accept the demands, then i die. it is important that you accept the demands and act quickly and don't delay. there will be no benefit in delay. it will make things more difficult for me. but it is very important that you act quickly. and i'm now wait iing for your
3:01 am
response. >> cnn foreign affairs reporter joining us with more on this story. elise lapin, not that we expect the white house to make a comment about this, but do we have a comment yet? >> not yet, ashleigh. if you recall, he was kidnapped in august and the al qaeda has accepted responsibility, but since then they say they are working with the pakistanis who have the lead on the investigation, but just now this video released of night, and no one is commenting yet. basically, at the same time, i mean, basically the question is, is the u.s. going to be relee g releasing ceding to the demands, but you won't have the white house negotiating with al quaid. the white house has a no negotiation policy to any
3:02 am
american who is kidnapped and certainly with terrorists and some of the demands that the u.s. were talking about is releasing all al qaeda and taliban prisoners and stopping airstrikes in afghanistan and pakistan and yemen and somalia, and these are things that the u.s. has set as a u.s. national security imperative so what the white house will be saying later and the pai imperative will be they are working with pakistani officials, but they will not be adhering to the demands. >> the list of demands is a complete recapitulation for everything that the country stands for on terror and it is ridiculous on the part of the hostage-takers, but do we have any idea what we are seeing is legit, because there was not a newspaper or anything with a bi-line that says that mr. weinstein is alive today?
3:03 am
>> well, we don't know. this prooff of life as we say, it comes with a date or a newspaper as we say, and we don't know when this video was taken. at the same time presumably if al qaeda was looking for the u.s. to make good p on some of the demands then they would want to keep him alive. he is saying that he was treated well. in fact, there has been a lot of concern about mr. weinstein's health, because he has a lot of medical problems, and he says in the video that she being tre-- s being treated well, and if he is being used as a chip by al quaid, then they want to keep him alive. if you remember years back when daniel pearl, the "wall street journal"ist who was k-- who wasy al quaid they had a different list of demands so what we have seen so far, we believe that mr. weinstein is alive, and of course, what happens in the next few days when the u.s. comes out to say that we will not
3:04 am
negotiate with terrorists, we have to see what his fate is going to be. we believe that the u.s. will be working with the pakistanis in the tribal areas where pakistan has contacts and perhaps get him releaseded that way, ashleigh. >> all right. we will certainly, our hearts go out the family of mr. weinstein. no matter what, it is good and bad news all around. elise, thank you. zoraida? >> well, from wall street to main street everybody is buzzing about facebook going public next friday. and the company is kicking off the road show, and that is when facebook's top management meet with the potential big buyers and now that the price range for the social media company is between $28 and $35 a share and giving facebook a value of up to $98 billion. >> wow. >> and now, here is a portion of mark zuckerberg's message into vestors. >> i grew up with the internet and i had, when i was in middle school i was using search engines like google and yahoo!
3:05 am
and i thought they were the most amazing thing. right. it was a complete symbol of the age in which we live in which now you have access to all of the information. the thing that seemed like was missing is always just people. even from the early on when we were building this thing for one school, there was a concept of what it could turn into it. we were not sure that we were the ones who would do it. >> well, they did. facebook has 901 million users and in just about every country as well, but is this really the next apple or google? christine romans is joining us live. that is what we are talking about, right? >> if we knew the answer to that question, we'd all be rich, right? this is what happens. they are on the road show now, and the company is going out to the big investors and that not us, the big investors, the mutual funds and the hedge funds and the big banks and the big funds to make a deal with them to buy big chunks of their stock. and then the day it goes public under fb on the nasdaq, all of
3:06 am
those investors will get the ipo price, and the rest of us, the little guys, you and i of the world will buy on the market after it presumably many people think goes up. so the big money gets the ipo price, and the little guy gets the seconds on the market. >> and you know, that is a big question, because everybody wants to know, can i get in on this and i was reading a little article here in new york magazine, and it likes to call itself the people's company and making an effort to be accessible to the everyman as they call it, and offering to etrade that serve the everyman and we will be paying $28 to $35 a share. >> yes, it is interesting to see what happens to the little guy. and the buzz is amazing, but you look at sort of the oracle of omaha, warren buffett is not buying it and charlie munger says i do not get it, and i will
3:07 am
not bet against it, but i won't buy it. it is interesting some of the big investors who are going to sit back and watch what happens, because yes, google went up and apple did over a period of years and years. >> that is what we are talking about, because people say, if it is a next apple, i want to get in early. >> if you want to buy apple, buy apple, and if you want facebook, buy facebook. and a lot of you say, how do i e buy it? and you don't have a brokerage account. you have to remember -- >> here is an opportunity. >> yes, an opportunity to learn about the company, and we will learn more and more about it, because now that it is public, we will see more of the books and find out more about how it makes money. my cautionary tale on ipos is that individual investors can get hurt on the investment after the hype, and you don't know what it is. if you don't balance the 401(k) but you want to put money into the stock, then balance that first and buy facebook in two
3:08 am
weeks. >> is this going to change the way we use facebook? >> i don't think so, but there could be more pressure from the ipo shareholders about privacy. so they could pressure the company on those fronts, but it will not change what you see or use facebook in the near term. >> and that is warren buffett's thought, it is something i'm not too keen on. >> the stock won't be higher in five years, so i won't buy it. >> and the investigators are tight lipped about the discovery of two bodies in mississippi. they were found in the home of a man suspected of kidnapping a woman and her daughters. joan joanne bain ages 3, 4, and 7 were reported missing and an amber alert was issued. police are looking for this man, and they believe he may have cut
3:09 am
his hair and changed the appearance of the mother and the the daughters. and we will speak to the fbi agent involved in the investigation into their disappearance. we will speak to special agent aaron t. ford at 6:30 eastern. france and greece in turmoil this morning and that could have an effect on us here moving the markets when the opening bell rings in less than an hour from now. france has a new president. he defeated nick lags sarolas sd he objects to austerity measures and it could signal a change in the way that france is dealing with cutbacks. and france is dealing with the ruling of the democracy party in yesterday's election with no party coming close to a majority and now a new coalition government will have to be formed in greece. and investors heading
3:10 am
overseas. it looks like right here in the u.s., the markets may follow suit looking at the arrows. dow and nasdaq and s&p 500 futures pointing lower this morning suggesting sell-off at the opening bell. keep your eyes and ears tuned. big honors tonight in washington for britain's prince harry. the prince will receive an award for distinguished humanitarian leadership from the atlanta council. prince harry who has served with british forces in afghanistan is being honored with his work for war veterans and current members of the military. the vice president of the united states telling a national television audience he is quote comfortable with same-sex marriage and up next why that is making some of his colleagues in the white house a little bit uncomfortable, and we will explain that. also ahead on "early start" the russians say yes, ma'amvet to
3:11 am
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3:14 am
just six months to go before the presidential election. can you feel it? the white house race is shaping up to be a battle and not sure about a barn burner, but a battle. look at the brand new george washington university political numbers released. li likely voters are 48 to 47% and that is a statistical tie, and it is plus or minus 3.1% in error rate. and listen to the comments that joe biden said about same-sex marriage on the sunday morning talk show circuit. >> the president sets the policy.
3:15 am
i am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women, and heterosexual men and women are entitled to the exact same rights and the civil rights and the civil liberties and quite frankly i don't see much of a distinction. >> giving props the "meet the press" because it is not the circuit he was on but those comments are making the circuit for sure. cnn's political editor paul steinhauser is in washington, d.c. and it was a big deal to hear that and we have primaries in west virginia and other states that were still going on as we have the romneyee, and talk about the same sex issue that the vice president brought up. >> well, here is the con troe trer si, he says he is comfortable on civil unions while the issue of same-sex
3:16 am
marriages are evolving, and the white house said that they are on the same page that all couples should have the same rights. referendum in north carolina is going to be voted on this week. but this is going to go further and prevent any future civil unions or domestic marriage issues. if it passes, it may help the president win in a battleground state he won four years ago, because it may wake up the left and those who favor same sex unions. ashleig ashleigh? >> well, that is maybe on the menu of all of the campaigning this week, but maybe not, and what do both of of the leaders plan to do, president obama and mitt romney this week? >> well, mitt romney is going to be in ohio, and that is where the president was this saturday and that is the kickoff event, and romney with a kickoff event and then on to michigan which is another state he would like to
3:17 am
carry on tuesday and then a speech on liberty university which is a evangelical school founded by the late jerry fallwell. and the president will have a thing of hanging out with george clooney, and his place out in l.a., and a fund r-raiser to rae up to $10 million for the president's re-election bid, and a brand new ad out this hour from the president's campaign. >> 2008, an economic meltdown. >> the worst financial collapse since the great depression. >> 4.1 million jobs lost. >> worst -- >> this ad of course is touting that the obama administration inherited bad economic times, and this is the theme from the obama re-election team here, ashleigh, and you will see it in the battleground states and of course, where else, but this week. >> and paul, i heard that on thursday, you were busy and
3:18 am
needed somebody to fill in on you covering the -- >> no, wi won't be there. >> okay. >> i can fill in on for you. >> okay. that is fine. >> and here is christine romans. >> al quaid releasinges g -- al releasing demands of a kidnapper who was abducted last august in pakistan, and if the u.s. does not meet the demands, they will kill him. and president putin is back in office again, but not everybody is happy about it. a demonstration? moscow over perceived fraud in the election turned violent. protesters tryied to split off from the approved venue, and hundreds of people were arrested and dozens endangered. and nascar driver danica
3:19 am
patrick got some payback. she is in number 7 car and got behind sam hornish, jr. n the 12 car and put him into the wall. this is was during the cooldown lap. looks like she got away with it, because nascar says it won't be punishing patrick or hornish. after being paralyzed from the neck down in a 2007 bike accident, 52-year-old man is continuing remarkable recovery with a bike ride. he is using a recumbent trike, and this is day three of the journey. last month in san diego he has covered more than 800 miles now, ladies, all of the way to texas. unbelievable. >> keep rolling. >> that video makes you feel good on a monday. thank you, christine. 19 minutes past 6:00 on the east coast and coming up on "early start" regime change and this time europe. why that matters to you. why it could spell financial
3:20 am
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fiction perhaps that ms. christine romans is making. >> reminding you that the u.s. business the markets closing down sharply friday after a disappointing jobs report came out. >> i heard mariachis and i didn't notice. >> fantastic. >> and the dow lost 1.25, and the nasdaq down 2.25 and the s&p down more than 1.50%. >> and christine is talking about the elections in france and greece and strange results and not unexpected results, but shaking it up. >> rejection of austerity and rejection of the fact that the people in the countries are going to have to tighten up the belt that the country has spent too much money, and you have a socialist president in france and sarko the american, and the friendly and debt-crisis guru sarkozy is out. in greece, you have all of the people thrown out who were
3:25 am
orchestrating a big bailout with the european central bank and all of the uncertainty is reverberating throughout the markets. ft. there is a problem with another european country and will they be able to mend the fences and stop the problem? maybe not. and close watching of the futures here in the u.s. stock futures are down 1.5% which is not so bad considering that europe has been thrown into turmoil by all of this, and it bears watching. you have the dollar up. oil down. that is good for you. oil down and watching these markets very, very closely here. >> and that is what we were talking about a while ago because you thought not a huge sell-off? >> i don't -- well, i will watch very closely to see what happens, but right now a half percent down for u.s. stocks is not as bad as you saw in other parts of the world. asian stocks soldoff and european stocks sold off and we will watch closely what the american stocks do. the american banks are more healthier nan the european banks. the u.s. is growing 2% here, and the u.s. unemployment 8.1% is
3:26 am
not as bads other parts of the europe, and when you look at the european unemployment rates greece is 22%, and spain is 24%. and look at the numbers. germany though 5.6%. so this is all about unemployment, people feeling bad about things in europe, and throwing out the incumbents. >> 21% in greece. >> oh, my. and somespain, the youth unemployment is 51% and the young people are the future of the country and half are out of work. and in our country, 20% are not in the labor market. >> and what if the austerity is not working, what do they want them to do? >> they want the economy to grow. they want the economy to grow. >> all right. >> and what is the one thing you need to know about your money today? >> one thing that you need to know is that gas prices are going down and oil is $97 a barrel and the trend is your friend on wall street in oil and gas prices, and you will feel it. you can only fill-up half a tank if you want, because it will be
3:27 am
che cheaper gh a couple of days. >> big hooray! thank you, christine. >> it means going to the gas station all of the time. >> and when gas prices go up, it is a political story and it is his fault or her fault, and when they go down, it is whew. >> and maybe president obama will start milking that, too, because the republicans were going to milk it beforehand. >> but with only 115,000 jobs created last month. >> good point. >> 26 minutes past the hour and still to come on "early start" silent treatment, and the investigators are keeping silent on the mother and three daughters reported missing a week ago. we have more on that when we come back. ♪ dave, i've downloaded a virus. yeah. ♪ dave, where are we on the new laptop? it's so slow! i'm calling dave. [ telephone rings ] [ male announcer ] in a small business,
3:28 am
technology is all you. that's why you've got us. at the staples pc savings event, for a limited time get up to $200 off select computers. staples. that was easy. for a limit♪ time get up to $200 off select computers. ♪ ♪ ♪
3:29 am
that should do it. enjoy your new shower. [ door opens, closes ]
3:30 am
welcome back to "early start." i'm ashleigh banfield and here is what is happening at half past the hour. al qaeda is releasing video of warren weinstein pleading with president obama to adhere to the kidnappers' demands or he will be killed he says. he was abducted last august in
3:31 am
pakistan. and vice president biden is stirring it up saying he is comfortable with same-sex marriage, and said so on "meet the pr thee press." and the white house is saying that the issue is evolving. and facebook getting some fever-building and the social networking firm going public one week from friday. this morning the company is kicking off the road show with facebook's top management team set to meet all of the potential investors out there, and we are talking a lot of money. zoraida? >> thank you, ashleigh. two bodies found at the residence of a man believed responsible for the disappearance of a mother and her three children. now the fbi is asking for your help. they are offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of this man, adam mayes who is described armed and dangerous. joanne bain and her 14-year-old
3:32 am
adrian and 12-year-old alexandra and 8-year-old ki leah have been missing for two weeks. they say that mayes may have cut his hair and done the same to the children as well. officials have yet to identify the two bodies at the home where mayes was reportedly staying. joining us by phone from memphis, tennessee, is aaron t. ford who is the head of the fbi memphis division. thank you for joining us this morning. what is very latest then investigation? >> the search is still ongoing. unfortunately, we don't have any new information at this time, but we are working day and night with our other federal and state and local law enforcement partners in the search for the victims in this matter and also adam mayes. >> we know that the two bodies were found in a mississippi house friday and is that mayes
3:33 am
house and any progress in identifying the bodies? >> that is a residence that he was known to reside at. as far as the bodies, we are awaiting for confirmation on that, on the bodies from the medical examiner hopefully some time today. >> has the father been unable to do that? >> well, yes. at this time, the bodies were removed from mississippi and brought back to memphis, so the father has not been able to identify the bodies at this time. >> agent ford, what led you to search that house? >> we searched that house based on information that we gathered during the investigation. mayes, as i said earlier, lived from time to time in mississippi, and so we had good information that led us to that area. >> and was there anything specifically that led you there
3:34 am
that you can tell us? >> no, not at this time. just know that we are working with the local law enforcement partners there, and with this whole group effort that we are undertaking with this investigation, it leads to a lot of information that is coming n. i want to continue to encourage the public to call into the tip line, and you know, as in many cases like this, a lot of the tips are not really relevant, u but all we need is one good relevant tip to leads us to the finding the victims in this matter. >> and i want to play something for you, and mayes' landlord spoke to the affiliate, and said na mayes had the bain girls over to the home, and actually believed that one of the daughters was his, so we could listen to this, and maybe you can explain it to me. >> he thought one was, but that is all they said that he thought that one was, but as far as actu actually knowing for sure he did. >> agent ford, do you know
3:35 am
anything about that and the relationship that he had with her? >> no. i don't have any information on that, but what i can say about adam mayes and the relationship of the family is that he was in a position of trust with the family. he was considered a family friend, so that information that you just played doesn't surprise me at all. >> so does it surprise you that there are some people who think that maybe she went against her will. was there something that was happening or some tension or anything that you can tell us between the two families? >> we don't have any information that there was tension between the two families but what i can tell you is adam mayes is charged with kidnapping so we don't take the position that she went willingly with him. >> and what is the husband saying right now about the relationship that you can share with us? >> what i can share is that they considered mayes a family friend
3:36 am
and a in a position of trust with the family. >> do you know if joanne bain and her daughters left volunt y voluntarily with mayes? >> no, we don't know have the exact information as to what happened from the house, and again, mayes is charged with kidnapping, and so that is an indication to us that she did not leave willingly with us. >> when do you believe you will have an i.d. from the bodies? >> we are hoping to hear from the medical examiner from memphis later today. >> agent ford, thank you so much for joining us this morning and we appreciate it. special agent in charge of the memphis division of the fbi. 36 minutes past 6:00 on the east coast and after george l d lindsey who was best known for the classic tv show character goober passed away in nashville. he was 83 years old. he played the good natured but not so bright gas station
3:37 am
attendant and he did so on the "andy griffin" show and "hee haw" and "canonball ii" and "take this job and shove it" and he voiced characters in the "ar ris cats" and "robinhood" as well. embarrassing snafu for organizers of this summer's london olympics. the "sun" newspaper says they smuggled a fake bomb into the complex being built there. here is how it went down. a construction worker alerted the newspaper saying he was searched once a day as he entered when he went in, but not searched for the rest of the day, so the newspaper decided to give him a fake device, and he drove right past security guards with that device right on into the site. so there's that. are you looking for a little bit of peace? you can move to new england, because according to the
3:38 am
institute of economics and peace, the most peaceful state of the union is maine. it has the lowest crime and fewest police. and vermont and new hampshire finishing in second and third place according to the category, louisiana is the least peaceful state in the country with the highest murder state, incarceration rate and also the highest police rate per capita. rounding out tennessee and nevada for those top three. those are the ones that you don't want to be in, nevada and tennessee. >> 38 minutes past the hour. the u.s. military working to solve a disturbing mystery. an army captain drops dead while chatting with his wife on skype. we will tell you what she says she saw. that is in a live report coming up. but first a quick check of the weather today with mr. rob marciano and good morning to you. >> good morning, guys. the late june-like heat continued yesterday with much of the record-breaking temperatu temperatures. in yazoo seeing 94 and jonesboro
3:39 am
94. this system will be bring heat and cold air after it and wit rainfall and threat of severe weather from toledo, ohio, down to parts of arkansas. that is the red zone there and behind it cool enough for snow in the higher elevations west of denver. 20 degrees below average there, and 50 for the high and 65 in chicago with rainfall, and 63 mostly dry in new york. that is a quick check on the weather. "early start" is coming right back. c [ male announcer ] this is lawn ranger -- eden prairie, minnesota. in here,
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3:43 am
haven't seen before when bruce clark was talking to his wife on skype when he fell dead. all of this is under investigation by the military, and his widow susan has put out a statement saying that captain clark was suddenly knocked forward and the closet behind him had a bullet hole in it, and
3:44 am
the other individuals include ing the members of the military who rushed to the home of captain clark's home agreed it was a bullet hole, and the skype link continued for two hours as captain clark's family and friends stayed tied in theater worked feverishly to send help. after two hours and many frantic phone calls by mrs. clark, two military personnel arrived in the room and appeared to check his pulse but could not revive him. right now, there are no bullet holes in the body with and no bullets fired in the room, and that is the preliminary investigation, but all of this is scrutinized and medical tests and toxicology and that sort of thing done by the military coroner and they hope to come up with some answers for the clark family. >> and barbara, one of the troubling details of this is that the captain's wife seemed to witness this, and then left
3:45 am
there sort of live on skype to desperately find some solution and just started making phone calls and watched it all play out after that? >> very tragic, but by all accounts, ashleigh, that is exa exactly what happened. he was serveling in an area in southern afghanistan, a place call called terrincote which is remote and not unfamiliar for phone calls to be made from afghanistan. so by all accounts, it took a long period of time to get to the right people by phone to make the phone calls to figure out how to get hope to him, but again, all of this, i can't emphasize enough, first reports, and it all remains under investigation, and remains to be determined really what did happen here. ashleigh? >> just a bizarre story, and our hearts go out to the clark family, and every other service member who has lost their lives. barbara starr, thank you so much from the pentagon this morning.
3:46 am
zoraida, back to you. >> and now joining us is soledad o'brien. >> well, feeling better and joining you on "early start." we will start with the plea from the hostage who is begging for his life on videotape just released from al qaeda and markets overseas rejecting aus ster ri measures which could spell turmoil. we will update you on what is happening there. >> and a chill spent down the spine of college fans everywhere. and straight from graceland what would have been elvis presley's 77th birthday, some rare artifacts that belonged to the king, himself, will be right here in the cnn studios. join us on the blog or join us on twitter, and we will see you right at the top of the the hour.
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welcome back. 49 minutes past the hour and we will get you up to date. christine romans? >> al qaeda is releasing a video of 70-year-old american hostage warren weinstein pleading with president obama to adhere to the kidnappers' demands, or he will be killed. he was abducted last august in pakistan. last december al qaeda ordered all air strikes end and al qaeda prisoners be released around the world in exchange for weinstein's safe return. two police officers are due in court today charge d in the death of a schizophrenic homeless man in the town of fullerton. the incident sparked outrage and protests and investigation as to whether the city officials tried to cover up the facts in that case. two high profile fugitives finally caught after being on the run for 12 years. u.s. marshals have arrested nelson and janet hallihan and
3:51 am
they have admitted to running a ponzi scheme in a tanning b business scam. the tv show "america's most wanted" aired the story friday and viewers called in tips and an arrest was made the next day. the couple plead d ged guilty t numerous charges including fraud, money laundering and conspiracy. for the first time in four decades japan is operating without any nuclear power. the seoul ole remaining nucleart shutdown. in the wake of the fukushima nuclear reactor di ssaster, the new plant has not been allowed back online. >> and a new record set in the box office. "the avengers" featured thor and the hulk and captain america and brought in over $200 million
3:52 am
which easily surpasses the $168 million opening weekend of harry potter film which was the previous recordholder. you can watch cnn at work by going to ladies? >> $200 million is big money. even if your standards of the business reporting, christine. now 52 minutes past the hour, and there someone on the court who should not have been on the court in the pepsi s center. you had the denver nuggets and the l.a. lakers and then that woman. what is this about? you will find out in a moment. a party?
3:53 am
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55 minutes past the hour,
3:56 am
and the steamy new novel "fifty shades of gray" is too hot for libraries in florida. it is pulled from the shelves in brevard county as administrators called it mommy porn and it does not meet criteria. the books have so far sold more than 3 million copies. i asked on facebook and twitter, have you read it? and annie writes, i'm honestly embarrassed to buy it and the bookstore is so small, and i am waiting for a friend to finish hers. >> i don't get it. have you red a ken folette book? they are full of steam and sizzle. >> and facebook, 95% loving it. >> still, banning books, i don't like to hear that. a strange scene at the lakers and the nuggets game, and someone who should not have been there is a female fan. >> what was she going to do? >> i said in the prior hour she
3:57 am
looks loaded, well, she does look loaded, but the police didn't think so. they charged her with trespassing an apparently a history of causing problems at games and nba games, too, and allegedly banned from the pepsi center in the past for stalking one of the former nuggets' players kenyon martin. again, they said she did not appear intoxicated, but appar t apparently disoriented and they called her mom. her mom came to pick her up. but at first blush when you stagger on to the court and drop something and then wander into the center court, yeah. >> during the game. >> i think that a lot of people during the game had the reaction i did that she looked loaded, but police said they didn't think she was. >> we have a new segment that we are launching today with christine romans about the best advice of people she interviews, and christine, you have interviewed fascinating people, and i can't wait to hear. >> i asked what is the best advice that you received and sat down with former white house
3:58 am
secretary vance jones and asked, what is the best nugget of advice that you ever got? >> well, listen, when you get there, you will see that there are two kinds of smart people. there are smart people who take very simple things that make them sound complicated to enrich themselves, and people who take very complicated things and make them sound simple to empower other people and i want you to be that kind of smart person when you come back. >> that is the advice from his father whent he went to yale. don't try to make something complicated and sound smart. conservative guys hate him, and why are you listening to van jones, but not politics, but that advice. >> isn't that called the k.i.s.s. principle, keep it simple, stupid. >> and a question for you, christine, what is the best advice that you have? >> two ears and one mouth, act appropriately. >> your grandmother? >> yes.
3:59 am
>> from iowa. >> yes. listen twice and talk once. >> we should do it everyday. okay. thank you, christine. that is the news from a to z and we are flat out of time. i'm ashleigh banfield. >> and i'm zoraida samb olin. now over to soledad o'brien. al qaeda is now releasing video of warren weinstein, and he is making a direct plea for the president. >> it is very important that you act quickly, and i'm now waiting for your response. some big political changes in europe, and they are affecting the financial markets. christine romans and ali velshi will join us to debate what the e elections will mean to the 401(k)s and a murder mystery happening at churchill downs as a man's body is discovered in the barns after the big race. and the big ipo facebook tour begins. we will talk about h


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