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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 7, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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all on display. three new exhibits, all at graceland pl awe of them opening up brand new side of elvis, one that even lisa marie made her gasp. a few of the items that grab e theed our attention. a wallet and a famous belt. >> he, too, had a picture of lisa marie in his wallet. we also see his bank americard with h his signature on it. also there's an insurance card in there. >> can we show everybody the belt. tell me about the belt, the big gold belt to the right of that wallet. >> this is our second of three new exhibits. and it's from elvis on tour. elvis would have worn this in this movie.
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>> i was a bit overcome. i don't even know how to explain it. how to caps liez your childhood, you know, in one room. i was a little overwhelmed. . >> another supporter of same sex marriage. joe biden was asked his stance on sunday. and boy did it set off a wave of comments on facebook and twitter. >> men marrying men, women marrying women and heterosexual men marrying women, all entitled to the same exact rights, all the civil rights and civil liberties. >> this morning, arnie duncan went further ena and expressed his support during an appearance on msnbc's "morning joe." have a look.
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>> do you believe that same sex men and women should be able to legally get married in the united states? >> oh, come on. you're going to start there? >> yes, i do. >> turns out, it was a good place to start, whoever was making that comment. jessica yellen joins me now from the white house. >> the obama campaign is saying no, it's not the official fogs. the president's position is evoling. what this is, ashleigh is where the kwhous is being intentionally vague on where the president stands on this issue and when he appears before gay
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and lesbian audiences, especially at fundraisers, there are words he uses and phrases he deploys that say things that he's said, for example, people should live in love as they choose and we have more to do on this struggle. leading many gay and lesbian supporters to believe in a second term he would support gay marriage. but nen public, he never publicly enforces that position. so any supporters can believe that he does not support gay marriage. a lot of murky waters here, one might argue deliberately left here, ashleigh. >> that was my question. is this, as some people would say, the president trying to have it both ways, keeping his tepid position for now, hopefully if he's going to make changes in his second term, yet sending out the surrogates to say things like joe biden said? or is it just joe biden doing what he does best and shooting from the hip?
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>> in this instance, i actually don't think it was deliberate. that they sent out surrogates to do that. but are they having it both ways? here's how i asked that question to jay carney in the breathing. doesn't he owe them or owe voters in general his direct response and just stop dancing around the issue. telling voter, will he or won't he support gay marriage? a second term? >> the president was asked this and said his personal views on this were evolving. the president does have, as you noted, significant support in the lgbt community, and that's because of his unparalleled record in support of lgbt rights. >> bottom line is, you hear what their position is, it's evolving. sometimes the president says i won't make news on this issue. finally, ashleigh, i just interviewed a spokesperson for a human rights campaign.
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and that person said he's confused about what the white house position is. so go figure. >> i'm trying to figure, but i am keeping a list. we're at it, we have al gore and vice president cheney coming out on this issue. bill clinton, billy graham. varying opinion, but i'm wondering how long it will be before we hear it from the top. keep at it. >> knock on the door. >> you're a smart one. thank you, work. so here's something, a terrorist linked to the bombing of the u.s.s. cole, killed in a drone attack. drones. drones, why so many drones? and did bin laden know something when he said it's killing us, folks, literally and figuratively. also prince harry being honored for his work with soldier. he's attending an event in washington. we want to take you live. there's a reason the flashbulbs go wild when a he's in town. ♪
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this was the year 2000, 11 months before 9/11. and this was the major terror attack. look in the middle, brings back bad memories for a lot of people. two suicide bombers plowed a bomb laiden boat into the side of the cole. that killed 17 american servicemen off the coast of yemen. and nearly 12 years later, one of the terror agents behind that attack is dead. and it appears that the united states nailed the attack. chris lawrence is at the pentagon.
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usual official confirming to us that cia drone strike talk him out in a lawless part of yemen. this was a man on the fbi's most wanted list with a $5 million bounty on his head. someone the u.s. has been very, very interested in getting. >> apologies. i thought you were going to a piece of sound there. we've been talking about drone strikes. ainge lot of people understand there. is this going to become another pakistanish problem?
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>> not really. it looks like the exact opposite. in have been 15 drone strikes this year. and the offensive is really starting to ramp up for several reasons. one is the president seems very commitmented to going after al qaeda and supportive of u.s. drone strikes. the cia got authorization to product drone strikes even if they're not sure of the target's identity. so it's given the u.s. more leeway to conduct some of these drone strikes. and when you look at what koubt terrorism officials say about the al qaeda group in yemen that it's the most direct threat to the united states that it's launched these attacks, like the christmas day bombing, attempted bombing a couple of years ago, you can see why there's so much focus on this part of the world right now.
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>> welcome back. if it's interesting or happening right now, you are act to sigh
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it. it's "rapid fire." so let's go. my life is in your hands, mr. president. that's a quote. it's what an american man abducted in pakistan says in a video in islamist websites. he's making an emotional plea to president obama saying if the president meets eight demands, really far-reaching demands being set out by al qaeda's leaders, he'll be released. and if the president does not meet those demands, he is going to die. u.s. army investigators saying there is no foul play, no gunshot wound in the death of a soldier who collapsed during a live skyession with his wife. she said her husband just literal literally lurched forward and she looked behind him and saw what looked to be a bullet hole in the closet lind him. military officials are saying
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there are no wounds on his body. also, tennessee investigators are looking for a missing mother and her three daughters and they place the grim task of identifying two bodies. they're not saying who those bodies are. they're saying a man named adam mace, take a close look at that wanted poster on your screen. they say mr. mace is, quote, responsible for the women's disappearance. he is on the loose. may's landlord said he told people he thought one of the three mitszing girls was his. >> he thought one was, but that's all he ever said, he thought that one was. but as far as actually knowing for sure, he didn't. >> california law enforcement paying tribute to fallen colleagues. law officers around the state holding a procession to the california peace officer's monument in sacramento. to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.
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and mitt romney makes a battleground cameo, hosting a town hall in ohio. awkward moment, you might say. here's how mr. romney reacted when someone asked him about a $1.5 million report that he took in foreign tax credits. take a peek. >> i'll look at it. i didn't think i paid any foreign income taxes, but isle be happy to take a look at it. >> it's tricky to remember every page of your tax return. give these guys a break. president obama also in ohio over the weekend to officially give the kick start to his re-election bid, too. lots of people turning out there. not a full house, but a fuller house. and just released "usa today" gallup poll showing about six months to go before election day, president obama and mitt romney, dead even in a dozen swing states. so buckle up.
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it's going to be a barn burner. >> i still believe in heros. >> oh, yeah. six super heroes better than one boy wizard. earning over $200, obliterating the last record let by the harry potter flick. "the avengers" is getting amazing word of mouth. already earned $642 million worldwide. more than $500 million worldwide. does it have legs to pass "titanic" and "avatar." kind of looks that way. >> today disney has to be over the moon about this is an understatement. >> i know you have a busy sched but please tell me you went to
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this movie. >> no, i when to the pirate movie because i have kids under three feet. >> there are so many people coming on air from critics to fans saying this was great, we loved it. i was a little skeptical. i'm not a fan of superhero movies. jam packed action from start to finish. this is not a short movie. it's quite long. when i sat down with the director after screening this movie, i said what was it? why was it so great? and he really said the biggest challenge was making it different, right? you've seen one super hero movie, you've seen them all. but the humor was really made this, what resonated with the audience. you tack about the numbers here. highest grossing 2k34esic debut of all time. smashing the box office record. more than $200 million. the film has made an estimated $642 million. we're talking worldwide. and ashleigh, analysts predict it's now on track to take more than $1 billion at the box
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office global by. what made it so successful, a loof factors. it's a 3d film. it's jam packed with a-listers like robert downey jr., scarlet johansson, samuel l. jackson. more than half of those who saw the movies shelled out the extra bucks toing watch it in 3d. a powerful start to hollywood's summer season. >> at some point, i will. not with the little ones. i don't think they can deal with all the fire and brimstone. but on a business level, is this the new model, sort of the new strategy for how to roll out a new block buster? start four years beforehand and lay out other movies that lead up to it? >> it just may be. in comparison to john carter, this, you have a familiarity. you have a line of characters that we can all relate to. the action-packed theme here,
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the merchandising which was phenomenal from fragrance now to toys, you name it. can every movie do this it's going to be hard but it's really raking in the dough right now. expect these numbers to go through the ceiling even more. >> our kids are way too much too much see this but they ask for ironman everything. they've clearly done something right. >> i have some extras here. i'll send you some. >> will you join me when we hit the $1 billion mark. maybe it will be next week. >> i can talk avengers all day long. you got it. >> thanks very much. good to see you. take care out there. >> so facebook, planning to sell stock to the public. how can you get your hands on part of the deal? turns out you can. our poppy harlow has the details you're going to want to hear. also a major league baseball pitcher, cancer survivor sitting next to him. and the tweet that brought them
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>> facebook stock goes on sale in 11 days. but they're making itch.s to hundreds of investors. value issing this company up to $98 billion. it's called the road show. and facebook leaders are going to boston, chicago, denver, and california. today the executives were here in new york. and that's where poppy harlow of cnn was.
12:25 pm
this is facebook. why do they even need the road show? >> it doesn't matter how popular a company is. every company that goes public has a road show. one of the investor that was inside told our reporter that the coo and also the founder took about 10 to 12 questions. there were some concerns from investors about their growth and being able to chart the growth on mobile. some questions about the big purchase of instagram for $1 billion. and mark zuckerberg said that's gong to be an ano, ma'am plea. people want to know what is their business model exactly. we know they make their money on advertising but how? that's something as a private company, you don't have to tell anyone. every company is going to have a road show. this one is just getting a lot more attention. >> did they give good answers? >> i don't know what the answers were because i wasn't inside the meeting.
12:26 pm
zuckerberg did say the instagram purchase was an anomaly. but they talk about how it's hard to chart their growth right now on mobile. some wary investors are concerned about that. what's also interesting is when you look at sage investors like warren buffett, i talked to them both this weekend in overwhelm ma, their annual meeting about facebook. this is one of the biggest ipos we've seen in a long time, what do they think about it. take a listen to their answer. >> i would not short facebook, i would not short google or a. they're fantastic companies. but in term of what they'll be worth five or ten years from now, i just don't know. >> are you on facebook? >> no. >> is. >> is facebook a company that berkshire or you would put your money in? >> well, the answer is i don't invest in what i don't understand. and i don't want to understand facebook. >> why? >> i don't want people putting
12:27 pm
all those personal stuff into a permanent record. >> nafs a great question, asking if he was on facebook. how many people in their 80s do you know are on facebook? not many, right? >> not many. >> great question. if you hear anybody who wants to talk about what was said in those meetings -- >> i went up to investors. they said thanks, no thanks. and they crossed the street. >> thank you. he's getting recognized for doing a really good thing. prince harry in washington. we are there, we'll tell you why and what he's doing. you heard wind storms, thunderstorms, how about sun storms. this is cool.
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and every sunday, cnn's dr. sanjay gupta talks to the up and coming inventors and inno va tors. here's a preview of what he's got on his next list. >> many, many businesses have approached me to put bees on their roofs. but i only work with those who embrace the concept of wanting to be greener, wanting to help the environment or raise awareness of the environment. and bees seem to be a very good way to do that. >> today, this is the first day in the garden. we're installing six beehives today. >> i had wanted to have bee on the roof and grow honey for years. then once the law was appealed i thought oh, my god, i don't know how. that's how andrew and i got connected. this is an rc robotic claw.
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>> welcome back. what an heirist gave john edwards. and predictions of a goom doomsday solar storm. i'm not kidding. it's time for "reporter roulette." we begin with prince harry in washington. he's there to receive a humanitarian award.
12:33 pm
lay it out for us. he's meeting with wounded warriors who took part in the wounded warriors event. this is the british ambassadors event. that, too, is all about prince harry's work in rehabilitating wounded veteran, trying to reintegrate them into civilian life when his service is done. he's doing a lot of work. he's gong to be honored for that tonight. also on behalf of his brother prince william who is not here. this is a very brief visit. we caught a glimpse of him earlier.
12:34 pm
his motorcade didn't stop to talk to us even though we flashed our cnn ids. he's going to come in tonight and be honored in this gala later on today. maybe part of the honor to rehabilitate his image as a playboy prince. he's training now as an apache helicopter pilot. he wants to go back for a second stint in afghanistan and doing a lot of work for wounded veterans. very serious events, but a brief stay in washington today for prince harry. >> a great scene behind you, too. watching the folks checking their guest list and making sure only official invitees go through the gates. what this heiress knew and when she knew it in the trial of former vice presidential candidate john edwards. he's accused of using campaign funds to hide his mistress. and their baby. cnn's joe johns is in greens
12:35 pm
borough, north carolina, joe? >> on the stand in the trial today, the new york attorney for edwards' wealthy benefactor rachel "bunny" melon. he was supposed to be a witness for the prosecution but dealt the government a big potential blow to its case by testifying in september 2007, mrs. melon called him to ask how to write a $175,000 check and that forger as her attorney asked her if she understood the check she was writing could not be used as a campaign donation and that mrs. melon said yes. that $175,000 check eventually went to the fixers who were trying to cover up edwards' relationship with his mistress rielle hunter. he also testified it was his understanding that edwards did not know and should not know about the payments being made on his behalf. a second potential problem for the prosecution was a ruling from the judge, keeping evidence out of the trial, suggesting et wards himself tried to get $3
12:36 pm
million from bunny mellon almost exactly a year ago. the last witness skauled to the stand before the afternoon break was the 2004 campaign manager for edwards' run for president. ashleigh? >> joe johns reporting for us. and next, a solar storm that could send the earth into darkness. really? it may not be the next summer blockbester. but it is after real life prediction. it looks cool to look at those pictures but it's a pain in the butt for us on earth. >> what happens if a massive solar storm comes directed right at earth. it's the same kind of scenario when we say a hurricane could hit memphis, tennessee. if we get one of these massive
12:37 pm
storms heading towards earth, we're talking global consequences here. each storm has different types of consequences, but let's talk about the big three issues. we have a graphic. power grids. that's one of the biggest concerns. there could be a complete glaps or blackouts of power grids. what happens in these storms, it brings additional electricity to the current systems and if the currents and the grids can't handle it, eventually transformers could be destroyed. so we're talking blackouts. not just for days, not just for weeks. maybe even years. imagine you live in l.a. the city goes dark. we rely on sewer systems to pump our gas. that is really a huge global impact there. our satellite systems and gpss, all of that could be gone and it will go out. measures can be taken to direct satellites into a different place so they're not right at that incoming solar storm, but
12:38 pm
if a catastrophic one happened there's not a lot we can do. it also has an impact on aviation. do you remember what happened ashleigh during the icelapped volcano and what that did to air space in europe? something like that could happen because of radio blackouts. >> there were hundreds of canceled flights, delayed nights. it was a real bummer. >> thanks for the pictures. they're fantastic. >> great to look at, just not nice to talk about. coming up, a bullied teenager said adults would not listen so he took matters into his own hands and see what's in his hands? yes. it's a stun gun. and he took it to school. so is he in trouble or not? find out in a moment. citi turns. so why exactly should that be of any interest to you? well, in that time there've been some good days. and some difficult ones. but, through it all, we've persevered, supporting some of the biggest ideas in modern history.
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visit a local office, or go to today. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? some call bullying in schools an epidemic, but for one young man in indianapolis it's personal. he says he was taunted and threatened for being openly gay. after complaining to school official, his mother gave him a stun gun to carry just in case things got rough. and guess what? that happened. an incident last month. now the school is threatening to expel young saying he violated school pl polcy by bringing weapon to school. in an interview, the principal of the high school says this,
12:42 pm
quote, if you wear female apparel then kids are kids and they're going to say whatever it is that they want to say. because you want to be dpimpbt and you choose to wear female apparel, it may happen. cnn legal analyst sunny hostin is on the case. it is a little difficult to hear that. i understand what the principal is saying. that's what kids would do. rightly or wrongly. >> but it's not about blaming the victim. >> but it is about asking the victim whether you can bring a stun gun to school. it's a weapon. >> that's right. it's clearly against school policy at any school. but the real issue is here is, is there a zero tolerance policy for bully at this school? are there procedures in place to deal with bullying. bullying to no avoil.eported the she didn't get anything that she needed.
12:43 pm
i think that really is the issue here. why did this child feel he had no recourse moop. >> now this school is on the hot seat but they haven't made a decision yet as to whether they're going to expel him or not. >> that's right. i don't have information as to what the decision will be. but suspect that there's no question in this case that perhaps essentially it's an epidemic.
12:44 pm
>> his mom and he sat down with cnn to give their side of the story. let's hear what they had to say. >> what's someone to do. z?
12:45 pm
>> all right, so let me just see if i have -- i had another case i wanted to ask you about. are we running low on time? >> we can do it tomorrow. >> we'll get back to you on it tomorrow. >> all right. >> i know you're working all night, too. >> that's right. >> okay, roy twitter pays off for a colorado rockies fan. see this picture? he gets to play catch with his favorite pitcher because the pitcher tweeted that he needed a buddy with a mitt. find out what happened in a moment.
12:46 pm
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>> every little boy's dream and a lot of girls and lot of big girls, too. to be able to play catch at a big league stadium with a big league pitcher. woody, i know this has to do with twitter, but how do you get hooked up with a pitcher to play catch. >> great being here. but what happened was i checked my twitter. i saw that he said do you want to come play catch. i said why not. i responded i'm downtown.
12:49 pm
he said come on down. hopped in a cab, the rest is history. >> how did you know it kwunt some kind of a hoax? >> well, i didn't know if he was serious or not. so i just put it out there and said, you know what's the worst that can happen? >> so when you got there, did you really think this thing was going to happen? did he greet you at the door and say come on, i'll give you a security pass and we'll go play catch on the fielded? >> well, i got there, went through the security checkpoints and eventually i was walking through the clubhouse and it was pretty crazy walking through the clubhouse. it was totally a dream come true. and then i ran into jeremy. really nice guy. and it was awesome. a. >> so you ear a cancer survivor. and you have one leg. did he know anything about this at the time he said come on and play catch with me? or was he surprised to see you show up and thrilled at the same time? >> yeah, yeah.
12:50 pm
it was a total surprise to him. he had no idea i was a amputee and a cancer survivor. and so then he asked about it. he said if you don't mind me asking, what happened to your leg. i explained the whole history of having cancer five times and the
12:51 pm
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12:54 pm
12:55 pm
perhaps you can give us an idea of why exactly the streets turned to violent as they did and why no one was really expecting this? >> my understanding is that he was shocked because of the amount of people on the streets. he was sure that a few thousand took part in the rally and demonstrations. but we had yesterday approximately 100,000. and that's why he made special
12:56 pm
demand. that's why the violation was huge and it has never happened for many, many years. >> it doesn't look brutal, but it does look vast, was it violent 1 violent? >> i was arrested yesterday and today without any explanation.
12:57 pm
once it hits 2 streets and nobody work on the street because police service, you mean, separated people from the road. nobody at all. nobody's on the street. >> let me ask you this. it seems unfair, mr. former deputy prime minister, does it seem to the russian people that this switching of roles between medvedev and vladimir putin, is it that they don't believe in their elections anymore. >> people are very tired around the country, because he ran the country for 12 years. and now he wants an additional. everybody knows that putin means corruption, putin means corruption, militarization.
12:58 pm
and one more point that the election happened in a very, very bad condition. it's the opposition in the least. it's fraud during the campaign with absence of real debate, censorship on tv and people don't trust that this is an honest election and this is a president, he was honestly elected. >> the former deputy russian prime minister we appreciate you taking the time to speak about this and we'll continue to watch the developments in your country and hopefully it will be peaceful if nothing else. let's bring in felicia taylor for the final numbers. we were expecting a mess so how did it turn out. >> overnight we had the results
12:59 pm
from the french election, so many traders are basically saying it was already priced into the marketplace. where there does continue to be uncertainty is in greece, they haven't been able to form any kind of coalition, so undoubtedly we're going to continue to see it unfold in the months and weeks to come. but one thing people were looking at is the debut of "the avengers avengers." both the nasdaq and the s&p are finishing on the up side. >> tell me that disney did not come to the rescue of the euro crisis. >> things looking a lot better than expected? tomorrow looking good too? >> what we